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[UPDATED] I left out Sugar! Thanks MABlue

313 Responses

  1. Also from Red State:

    Geez. She threw in the essentials for Obama. She knocked McCain. But the speech was littered with so many references to glass ceilings and women’s rights, I find it hard to believe she is really committed to Obama. And Michelle looked like she could kill Hillary the entire time.

    what did Michelle Obama say at the end? Her lips looked like “I hate that . . . .” Holy cow! (I kid. Her looks killed. Her lips didn’t move . . . much. It did look like she said “I hate” something)

  2. Michelle looked like she was getting an enema throughout the entire thing.

  3. Gag…CNN.

  4. Gergen says we are coming home…so I guess we will.

  5. Carly Fiorina makes some good points.

  6. katiebird, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:42 pm Said:

    Michelle looked like she was getting an enema throughout the entire thing.

    LOL! You just made me spew Dr Pepper on my keyboard!


  7. This was posted on the PUMA blog but it’s such a beautiful video and fitting for tonight. I love the song that accompanies the video. Hillary WILL be back when it’s all over in November.

  8. Sorry, here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne5rAfGy2ZU

  9. Oh, I’m sorry, IronMan — here’s a tissue.

  10. CNN just mentioned PUMAs

  11. Lynn Forester de Rothschild on Greta: she’s been a hold out. “Not everyone is fine. Some people will vote Democrat no matter what. Others are going to look at the experience, character issues, and do I feel comfortable with a candidate.”

    Now Greta is asking her if she’s on board now: “I am uncertain, and it is significant.” YEA LYNN!!!

    Hillary has done more for Obama than any candidate has EVER done. Yea, leave her the hell alone.

    Oooh: new information found out about BO’s relationship with Ayers coming up!

  12. Obots are having buyers remorse.

  13. Disenfran – Thank you so much for the beautiful video.

  14. The more I think about the speech, the more brilliant it was. She focused on policy and principle as always. They are criticizing her for not lovin’ her enough Obama, but that’s the point: IT’S ABOUT DEMOCRACY AND DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES NOT LOVEATHON CULT OF PERSONALITY FEST!

    She’s da bomb.

  15. I know there are those on here who have agendas and there are trolls that think we are all republicans, but I was always in this because I thought Hillary would be best for our country. I was watching Greta on Fox and she had on Carly Fiorina who said something that I thought was profound: Is party unity more important than what is best for our country?

    This whole unity thing is so tone deaf because it is emphasizing party over country. It’s not unity of Country. It’s unity of Democrats. That is the wrong message.

    I can’t vote for Barack because he is not what is best for our country.

  16. How does Gergen know what PUMAs are doing? If he means home to the Democratic Party, then he’s going to be surprised by this PUMA.

  17. Poor katiebird. As site monitor have you regretted your retirement?

  18. Are you guys listening to Murphy? She is awesome!

  19. bb: I am listening.

  20. Pat! No! But, it’s wild — I’ve been deleting 2 comments a minute for the last hour!

  21. It was one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard and delivered flawlessly. Hillary, I’ll keep on going.
    Bill flanked by the son of Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Mrs. Gwatney was so moving and a true State of the Union moment.
    What might have been. I wept through most of it.

    Can I have Hillary now?

  22. I’m listening too!

    She’s great! And did you know? I’ve MET Mawm!

  23. katiebird; Unbelievable! And they were really nasty today.

  24. Two comments a minute! They are really worried. As they should be.

  25. katiebird: I know, the pictures and video were wonderful. You are MUCH better looking than Joaniebone!

  26. Wow, MSNBC really is the Obama campaign HQ. It’s stunning. Rachel Maddow is pretty much cheerleading for him.

  27. Sugar does it again:

    Hillareeeee: We Will Keep Going…To Vote McCain!

    Awesome, awesome, awesome speech tonight! Thank GAWD Hillary didn’t pimp herself out for that long-legged Chicago mack daddy pimp. Scoop Mouth barely parted her lips during the whole speech she was so visibly disgusted with Hillary up on that big stage. The introductory video of Hillary was amazing and I couldn’t be more happy with her speech. The Democratic Party has screwed up! Big time. Obama should not be the nominee of this party and we PUMAs will prove it in a couple of months. Awesome speech. It seems the Lord Jesus heard my humble prayer earlier today

    Come on guys, give it up! The Sista got game.

  28. (snort)

    One of my favorite authors wrote about a family of sisters and each was more beautiful than all the others. It was like she was describing my sisters.

  29. Nobody does it better than Sugar!

  30. Mrs. Gwatney gave Bill the biggest hug and when she reached out her hand to Stephanie’s son…wow. The Clintons and their friends are just class acts.

  31. :Buchanan: ” this love that her people have for Hillary is not transferable, they love Hillary.” WHY WAS SHE NOT ON THIS TICKET!!
    She needed to be!! She put US before herself as all good mothers do, they put what their kids need before what they need, and Hillary did that tonight! She is the mother of the democrats!

  32. Ames -how/why do you think you are a mind reader?

  33. I’m sad that the reps are not putting it out there that the debt is still not paid after PUMA’s told people it was!


  34. ben: no Obama for me, ever. We’ll be voting or not voting differently, and I don’t begrude anyone his/her vote. I just don’t feel like putting up with trolls of any persuasion, and I don’t want anyone to take my plans for granted. Hillary is my gal, and I may have to temporarily put an x beside someone else, or whatever, but there’s no one in the same league with her, and I’m here for her.
    If a miracle doesn’t happen tomorrow, we won’t see the likes of her this year, or a few years. I’m so sad because this was the fit, the time for her & the USA to come together with her as POTUS. And women found out what the media & a lot of people think of us this year, and it just sucks.

  35. Angry Black Guy, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:04 am Said:

    its a pantsuit thing…you wouldn’t understand.


  36. Fox/Greta: Big developments re: Obama’s relationship with Ayers!

    Kurtz of National Review got into those records: talking about the Foundation they were both in.

    Don’t you think those records were scrubbed in the interim while he couldn’t get to them??

  37. FOX and AYERS

  38. MABlue, I updated the post to add Sugar. Thanks!

  39. I know the Republicans are exploiting us for political gain. But you know if were Romney or Huckabee it would be a different story. The well being of the country has to come before party unity.

  40. I’m in bed so carol you will have to keep me updated on whats happening on Fox. From what I saw earlier it just showed that they were at meetings and on committees together.

  41. FOX covering more on Ayers now.

  42. Fox: close working relationship on Annenberg Foundation between Obama and Ayers. Dismisses BO claim that he was “just some guy in the neighborhood.”

    Any suggestion that BO has not been straight with people about the closeness of their association?

    Kurtz: this was a very small Foundation. This was a Foundation being built from scratch by a very small group of people, and BO and Ayers were part of the core group, working very closely.

    uh oh Mr. Transparency–you have some ‘splainin to do.

  43. Thanks Fif.

  44. I don’t see how her speech changes anything, except to make it more clear what the party threw away, and the injustice of how they did it.

    The policy points were great — “I can’t wait to see President Obama sign a health care plan that covers every single American”,” gay rights” — but she doesn’t have the power to implement them. Obama does, and I don’t see him letting a bill like that come to his desk. As to gay rights, I’ll wait for his speech.

    My question remains: “And we get?” With Hillary, I know. With Obama, I don’t. Hope for the best, sure, but plan for the worst.

  45. ben, it’s also that party unity is not best for the party in this case. Putting a bunch of sexist, classless, clueless overaged frat boys who don’t have a damn clue what they’re doing in power doesn’t help the party or the country. If anything, it hastens the party’s demise. Right now, the party either has to come to grips with 2008, the fact that there are women, poor people, and all kinds of other people in this country and that yeah, they actually are human beings and they actually do matter, or they can continue to do this Republican lite, I’m here for the jobs, not the ideology, rebranding and cease to exist completely.

  46. On Greta, Kurtz of National Review
    Ayers and Obama had ‘close working relationship” and there are questions about where the money went for their foundation.

  47. Mablue – who won? I can’t look at the stadium this season.

  48. Kurtz makes the connection between Ayers giving Obama the position on the Board, and then he directed funds to Ayer’s educational programs and his “radical associates.”

    “The media hasn’t been paying attention to this, and it points in some bad directions. It’s already clear that this new information is worse.”

    What we’ve seen today looks really bad, and it reinforces some of our worst fears.

    Here we go folks…

    New info. coming up re: anger of Clinton supporters. Weee!

  49. Oh, I am so jealous of you guys back home in the States. Hopefully, I can catch some of the speech on youtube.

    Sounds like Hillary did the usual: hit it out of the park.

    No Deal, Barry.

  50. Welcome Ben. I haven’t watched any MSM for so long, but Greta is safe, and they are talking about some bad BO news, so I’m game for that.

    Sigh…Hillary was stellar tonight. Absolutely stellar.

  51. “No way, no how, no McCain.”

    God, you trolls just keep getting lamer, and you’re competing with some developmentally disabled 7 year old with Mommy issues (incipient serial killer) in teh last thread. Do try harder.

  52. fif: hell, yes, they scrubbed the papers. That was the delay, and lo, they suddenly approved it.

  53. Greta: they’re talking about Bill’s comments today that were pure PUMA.

    Greta is reading many emails, her inbox is filled of Clinton supporters who are REFUSING TO VOTE BO! Estrich is saying she has the same inbox! Woo hoo!!

    Convention is still Obama vs. Clinton.

  54. The speech changes nothing. Hillary had all sorts of codewords in there to let her supporters know not to follow BO.


  55. Sugar is a HOOT! She doesn’t hold back. Love it! LOL!

  56. lambert – She just wrote his job description for the Presidency. If he gets it (that’s a big if) he won’t need her in the West Wing to feel her breathing down his neck. Let him slip up. Her plans for 2012 start right after Thanksgiving of this year and get put into action January 2010.

  57. have yo seen THIS CRAP?
    “Former President Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver Wednesday night will be broadcast on a five-second delay similar to that used to screen callers on talk radio programs, party officials confirmed today.

    The five-second delay, customarily used to censor callers who might use profanity or other unacceptable speech on a radio show, has never before been used in the broadcast of a speech by a former President of the United States, experts believe.”

  58. I lived in Hyde Park, Chicago during that same time and I never met Bill Ayers and it is a small community. My partner was a doctor at the university. I can see how one could end up at a cocktail party with this chap, but this is just an example of Obama having no core values. I don’t think he agrees with the guy but he was willing to use Ayers to get ahead. He is willing to lay down with any dog to get what he wants.

  59. Greta says the emails are literally pouring in, and women are saying they’ve never voted for a Republican in their lives and they will vote McCain.

    Estrich: HRC has tapped into this deep core in women–women who have been passed over for less experienced colleagues. She was SO GOOD tonight, that we are feeling, ‘we should have won this one.’

  60. fif – There is still the vote.

  61. sometimes we say more when we say very littel her is our meditation/prayer/affirmation:

    Creator Father Mother God/des

    Tonight Freedom Liberty Justice the very core of our belief system is suspended above us like the toss of a coin-for a moment air born and the whole world is holding its breath-It is as it has always been in your hands now!


    I hope you all approve


  62. {{Fuzzybear}}

    Thank you

  63. cdo, it is disgusting, but Bill is smart. The DNC doing that only highlights their fear, and makes Obama look like the coward he is.

    I’ll bet Bill hopes it’s a big story, what they are doing.

  64. Still: do you really think that Pelosi and Dean are going to allow ANY semblance of a free, fair vote? Absolutely no way. There will not be enough delegates with courage to do the right thing.

    I wonder though, watching that magnificent performance tonight, how many of them will toss and turn tonight.

  65. I’ll say this again:

    Michelle Obama had the scowl of 1000 demons inside of her. NOT a good look when the world is watching you.

    I’m too overwhelmed to listen to the radio & type. I’ll keep lurking more.

    My Hillary DID US PROUD!!!

    Now – pull up the popcorn – tomorrow is the day delegates get to “vote” and Thursday the Republican Machine starts


    The DNC will have not only buyer’s remorse, but will regret the day they F__CKED with the Democratic base, which is US.

  66. “He is willing to lay down with any dog to get what he wants.”

    And you know what that gets you. Long as Hillary doesn’t lie down with him – she won’t. Erase that image.

  67. How come NO ONE on TV talked about that scowl on Michelle’s face. It was extremely rude.

  68. cdo,

    That post you linked to is satire. Andy Borowitz is a humorist. I don’t blame you for believing it. I wouldn’t put anything past the DNC at this point.

  69. We always “approve” of your heartfelt efforts Fuzzy. Whatever you do is wonderful and loving–except when troll swatting 🙂

  70. Wow! Michael! Thank you.

  71. They should never have let her give this vote. Now she’s really rallied her supporters. BO doesn’t stand a chance. All we can think of is what might have and will eventually be.

  72. Thank you Fuzzybear. You are an amazing person.

  73. Obama’s 26 year old speech writer has got to be sweating bullets.

  74. Isn’t Andy Borowitz a humorist? I checked his archive and his last post was
    “Biden prepared 50,000 word acceptance speech”…. though that might not be a joke!


    And I love all of you and I love being a PUMA.

    YEAH M__Fers, I’m a PUMA!

  76. Sorry… that post re Andy Borowitz is regarding the 5 second delay on Bill’s speech.

  77. Fuzzy, lets us hope our Creator decides to let the coin fall heads up. *holds breath*

  78. The five-second delay, customarily used to censor callers who might use profanity or other unacceptable speech on a radio show, has never before been used in the broadcast of a speech by a former President of the United States, experts believe.”

    OMG–I can’t believe that. Do the insults ever stop? This is really unbelievable.

  79. SM,

    Amen, sister! We will make them regret this entire fiasco.

  80. The DNC will have not only buyer’s remorse, but will regret the day they F__CKED with the Democratic base, which is US.

    YES!! PUMA HAKA ! 👿

    The bastards that screwed over that magnificent woman I saw tonight to SELECT a egocentric, selfish, inexperienced empty suit will learn a HARD lesson in November.

  81. Kbird: Sugar calls her “scoop mouth” LOL!!!!

  82. That’s right! I forgot. But, that’s one of the reason’s I became a fan.

    She has a real way with words.

  83. She made people that want her even more angry tonight because we haven’t really seen her in a couple of months and this just reminded us of what a huge loss this could be!

    Super Delegates – I want to find a way to personally hold you responsible if you do not do the right thing.

    The last part of her speech told us to “keep going”!


    I have to go to bed. I am really upset and disgusted.

  84. cdo, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:19 am Said:
    have yo seen THIS CRAP?

    Hmmmmm. I smell a rat with this story. This is something that an Obamtron would put out just to rile us. Don’t buy into it until we know it’s verified.

  85. Fuzzybear, eloquence in simplicity and sincerity. thank you. from your lips (ours) to God/dess’s ear.

  86. By the way. I know the regulars here at the Confluence have given so much.. But I bet we have a lot more readers and lurkers than usual, so.. remember, Hillary can still use some $$$$ for her campaign debt. A certain other candidate hasn’t done a lot to graciously help out with that. 🙂

  87. Greta is going to show the 18 million march in Denver today!

  88. I think the Bill 5-second delay story is satire. I bought it too, at first.

  89. BostonBoomer, I had a call from a friend in NYC who’s on the fence with politics. Doesn’t like – hardly even votes, ever.

    But she’s my old friend and we talk from time to time. Last time we spoke, I told her about PUMA etc, but this person isn’t that involved as we are.

    She called me minutes after the speech and said: “Why isn’t she the candidate, OMG, I’m still crying over her words! WTF is wrong with these people? Is it too late? WTF, this is wrong!”

    I think Hillary’s speech has converted many yellow dogs into PUMAs.


  90. Fox is about to do a segment on a big rally held in Denver by Clinton supporters…

  91. Good night, Carol. I’m still in shock after seeing again what a magnificent President Hillary would be and how much we have lost. I know she will fight for us in the Senate, but I still want her to be President. Tomorrow is another day. We’ll keep fighting.

  92. We have TOTALLY hit the mainstream. Think about that: this all started after the RBC meeting and has completely exploded. Now, Riverdaughter and Murphy have reporters chasing them down the street. Tonight, I had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a few months. He really likes Hillary, but wants the Dems to win. He asked me hesitantly, not knowing my p.o.v: “So, do you think the Hillary supporters are going to vote for him?”



    You are right!

    Many Yellow Dogs are now PUMAs!!

    The Goddess of Democracy has arisen!

    Rise, Hillary, Rise!!!

  94. sorry all the threads going up so fast is the prayer simple enough for tonight-


  95. Hey guys – Andy Borowitz is a satirist. That’s not happening with Bill. 🙂

    He is a really good satirist, which means his stuff could easily be true.

  96. Hey you folks that are amzing (RD, Darragh, TOD), can you get that delegate that was interviewed after HRC’s speech? She was awesome; believe her name was Ann Pricemills, and it looked like her name tag had ‘Washington Official’ on it.

  97. SM,

    Wow, that’s amazing. It was really a magnificent speech. And Hillary looked so beautiful. She glows the way she does because she has really found herself, and found her voice, as she said in NH. She is speaking from the heart, and that is why she shines like that.

  98. The kossacks are morons. They think she wore the orange suit for them. Total idiots.

  99. Hillary’s speech unifies the Democrats – AGAINST OBAMA!


  100. Greta 18,000,000 voices

  101. I’ve often said:
    The Woods Foundation was’nt giving $$ for playground eqiptment!
    Greta has on a pro-Hill group!

  102. March is on Greta!

  103. masslib – Doesn’t that just tell you everything about them?

    They have the classic abuser mentality.

    “The more I beat her, the more she loves me!”

  104. Still4Hill, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:13 am Said:
    Mablue – who won? I can’t look at the stadium this season.

    We beat the damned Yankees 7-3. I want them completely of of the playoffs.

  105. Buchanan: ” this love that her people have for Hillary is not transferable, they love Hillary.”

    Duh. Funny how only conservative Pat Buchanon gets it.

  106. masslib – LOL – it was a perfect shade to compliment the light blue back ground

    JUST LIGHTING BOIZ, not kossack love.

  107. OMG, that woman had “PUMA” on her butt – literally!

  108. Go Greta! Lots of footage!

  109. Protester: “take 35 million votes and divide it by 50% and you get what you paid for.”

    Way to put it, girl!

  110. Greta: 18 Million Voices march

    They just showed a close up of a woman’s t-shirt hanging over her butt, it reads:

    PUMA! LOL!

    Ok friends, I’m beat from crying, raging, clapping, and laughing. Hillary has enriched our lives in so many ways. This story is LOOOONG from over.

  111. masslib, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:38 am Said:

    Buchanan: ” this love that her people have for Hillary is not transferable, they love Hillary.”

    God bless Pat.

  112. Boston – she called me sniffing/crying. No lie. If that moved my uninvolved Democrat friend who doesn’t vote as long as its a Democrat she doesn’t care – what did it do for millions across the nation?

  113. sm77, if anything else, she sealed her fate for 2012.

  114. Rachel is getting wild-eyed again.

  115. Geezum Pete! The trolls are infiltrating all the older posts. It’s disgusting!

  116. masslib – That’s my post for tomorrow. Each Convention night has a different theme.

    Last night’s was, “No We Won’t.”

    Tonight’s was, “Transferability.”

    I was watching Mark Warner brag about his record in VA and thinking, “Fine! You were a good governor. How does this transfer to Obama?”

    I can’t believe I agree with Pat Buchanan. Sigh.

  117. Oh, are the trolls leg-lifting and teddy-bear humping again? They are like dogs who can’t face the other dogs, but have to go pee everywhere they have been.

  118. If you see stuff in older threads please let me know if I don’t seem to be around send me an email (katiebird@gmail.com) with the Post Title and the time of the problem. I’ll see that and clean it.

    Where did you find the trolls?

  119. SM,

    Let’s face it. Other than Ted K., Hillary has been the only exciting thing that has happened yet. And did you hear what they said on No We Won’t? Obama is having to bribe people to come to his pathetic acceptance speech. I hope he was watching Hillary and feeling the fear in the pit of his stomach. If he skipped it, I bet he’ll be hearing about it anyway.

  120. JessinWisc, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:41 am Said:
    Hillary chided us–
    “Were you in this campaign just for me? Or were you in it for that young Marine and others like him? Were you in it for that mom struggling with cancer while raising her kids? Were you in it for that boy and his mom surviving on the minimum wage? Were you in it for all the people in this country who feel invisible?” Well, I think we’re in it for our country and our future, and you, Hillary, are the ONE who can lead us best. So until the nomination process–or if fate has it, until the general election–is officially over, a lot of us are holding out for you!


    I am that single mother who doesn’t have health insurance and it having one HELL of a time trying to make a living to put a roof over my daughter’s head.

    I take care of a sick elderly parent who, before she finally got her Medicare, I had to pay for $300+ a month on pills just to keep her alive.

    I’m in it for ME, my MOM and my KID.

    And Hillary’s in this for ME, my MOM and my KID.

  121. good night all I am committed and focused the Creator has spoken to me and the Father Mother God/des said-

    “To you all I have given everything that is good. All that you need is here. I have given it freely there is no debt to me. For know that I am love and you are and will always be my magum opus. Go now and make miracles happen it is and has always been inside of you.”

    We have work to do in the morning but for now rest my friends and dream the sweet dream of Zion-when we shall all make and live in Hillary’s world!


  122. Okay, good night, magnificent PUMAs! Fuzzy’s blessings on you all.


  123. Okay, I managed to watch the who speech with the volume high.

    Hillary was incredible. Amazing, presidential, let me show you how it’s done speech.

    The majority of people in that hall now know that the Democratic Party blew it.

    I repeat:

    My vote is my permission slip to power. It will not go to McCain. It will not go to Obama.

    I am withholding my vote for every woman in this country who has been stepped on, maligned, held back, disregarded, cheated against, laughed at, and forced to play a subservient role to a less worthy male.

    I am withholding my vote in honor of the many incredible women and men who support this site.

    I am withholding my vote until I again find a candidate worthy of it.

    I am withholding my vote to honor myself, my worth, my courage, and my dignity.

    See you in NOvember.

    Hillary 2012

    The White House Project

  124. Goodnight, Madamab — it was lovely watching the speech with you.


  125. MAblue – I’m a Yankee fan, but I couldn’t get into this season because I’m a bigger Hillary fan and I just cannot believe that stadium is ending. Thanks for the score. They won’t make the playoffs:
    1- Girardi
    2-I’m not watching ; )

  126. bostonboomer, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:45 am Said:

    Let’s face it. Other than Ted K., Hillary has been the only exciting thing that has happened yet. And did you hear what they said on No We Won’t? Obama is having to bribe people to come to his pathetic acceptance speech. I hope he was watching Hillary and feeling the fear in the pit of his stomach. If he skipped it, I bet he’ll be hearing about it anyway.

    Boston, he’s just going to do a “What Hillary Said” on Thrusday – and never live up to it.

    I thought her speech was a reminder of everything Obama has to do in order for her to step down. Like: I gave you this, now you have to do THIS in order for me to step away.

  127. SM, didn’t Michelle look like she was at her own funeral while she listened to it?

  128. The speech was amazing although I’m sure I missed a lot of nuances. I was live blogging on software I had about 5 minutes to figure out and I was trying to pick out just the most important points to relay…but they all were important.

    I think there are a lot of people with buyer’s remorse tonight.

    Mountain Sage

  129. Madekena -My roommate said basically the same thing, except she might write herself in – or Hillary if the vote won’t go to Obama.

  130. I did some heavy-duty praying, early this evening, for the election tomorrow to give us Hillary as Democratic candidate.

    I went outside to a huge clearing in the woods, frightened the resting 2 deer & 2 fawns away, and asked all the archangels by name, w/ their legions of angels, to help in immediately breaking through all blocks still keeping Hilary from being elected, for protection of her and everyone (PUMA, delegate, super-delegate, family, friend, fan) supporting her, and for getting her to the White House in the General Election, so that she is our 44th President of the United States.

    Any praying, candle lighting and/or meditating on this subject—tonight is the night to do it!

  131. What “Hillary’s Rally” is that woman on Greta talking about?

  132. Did anyone see Hilary Rosen on CNN? She totally screwed up and said that Hillary supporters should vote for John McCain. I couldn’t stop laughing. I never have liked her as a “supposed” supporter of Hillary.

  133. Greetings! I’ve been lurking here forever and probably should have posted before, but I here and now officially declare my sympathy with PUMAs everywhere. Right now I have to unlurk, if only to say that you have to frontpage the following video:

    It’s more moving than anything I could say about my feelings about this election. But I’ll probably get my words out at some point.

  134. I prayed as well. Karolina. Everyone send whatever positive energy is part of your belief system. This is not over.

  135. It was The Beautiful Protest and Rise (the girl said it was at Confluence Park) We’ve got a link to the video at the top of this thread.

  136. Welcome, Inky!

    Rise, lurkers!

  137. Katiebird: The only image I have in my mind is “the scowl of 1000 demons.”

    She was just projecting so much contempt and hate through her eyes, and her mouth was all scrounged up like pouty “scoop mouth” like Sugar said.

    She’ looked like she wanted to kick ass and take names.

    AWFUL, and not Presidential Wife material – at. all.

  138. Karolina,

    I will be meditating on that as I fall asleep tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.

  139. Pray to Santa Evita – believe me I have seen her work miracles and I think she loves Hillary. It’s not a coincidence that there were Argentines at the PUMA Den – they KNOW what Hillary has – they recognize it.


    Inky, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:53 am:


    Thanks, Inky!

  141. katiebird – in that case that woman was kind of weird – did I hear her say there were “only 20 people there”? And she had some nasty remarks for Hillary.

  142. Thank you INKY!!

  143. She did? What did she say?

  144. KB – I can’t post and I can’t open Delegates Mad AS Hell… What did I do?

  145. Boo, I don’t know. (poking around) I’ll be back…

  146. I cried during her speech. It was so powerful to see her speak again. The tears were that of anger that the DNC F&$%ed us out of one of the greatest leaders of our time.

  147. She has lived a life dedicated to those whose voice needed to be heard.

    I wish that she would have used it this eveing for all of us who want to be heard.

  148. Boo, there are over 600 comments on that post. And there was a real lag when it opened. Could you try again and just let it wait a moment or more?

    (let me know if that works)

    Also, what is your posting problem? Did you do something different to get this to post?

  149. Thank you, Inky, for the link. I sat and cried as I watched that. I wish they would plaster that all over CNN all day tomorrow.

  150. THANK YOU INKY!!!

    That video MUST GO GLOBAL!!

    I’m crying from watching that – she said EVERYTHING I believe and feel.

    HILLARY WAS ROBBED and we are going to reward an inexperienced mack daddy long legs (h/t to Sugar)??


  151. Bill O is talking about “The Messiah Mode” – “The Chosen One” – Oh – this was earlier -before the speech. Still – I didn’t see that channel then – I need a bank of TVs.

  152. Hillary spoke of equal pay for women:
    backtrack pays his female campaign workers less then the male workers.
    McCain pays his female campaign workers the same or more than the male workers.

    Hillary spoke of veteran affairs:
    backtrack can not visit the wounded veterans and active duty wounded with out the press.
    McCain visits the wounded often and quietly.

    Hillary spoke of energy problems and solutions:
    backtrack voted for chaneys energy bill.
    McCain and Hillary voted against it.

    Senator Clinton did her part speaking on behalf of a democratic candidate.
    backtrack failed every test.

    If not Hillary than McCain for the good of the country.



  153. Inky, thank you for the link!

  154. I am still not in bed! But before I go, I found the link for the delegate on CNN. This should be posted on it’s own–she’s very powerful.

    Comment by May | 2008-08-26 23:34:40

    This is a link to a Hillary delegate who was interviewed on CNN. She is very passionate and seems to put into words so well the heartache of Hillary’s supporters. She says she will vote for Hillary

  155. cdo….that was great because it would be just like them to censor…(which they have been doing with Bill Clinton-race card playing all the time)

    Me thinks the humorist is telling the truth…LOL

    The Obama Thought Police would love to do that to Bill and worse to us…Let’s make sure NOBAMA in 08

  156. NIght everybody. Bill tomorrow. And the vote? Damn – classes start. I tech until7:30 and won’t be home till after 8 – maybe it won’t matter if it plays like tonight.

  157. Thanks, Inky, for the link, and welcome!

    Love that delegate. Think it was awesome how she represented for all the world to see just how many of US feel gipped (?) this year.

  158. KB – thank you so much – it still does not work. I will keep trying. – Don’t waste any more time. Not that important. I was posting, hm, sometimes I put out a lot of kinetic energy when I am deeply involved with something and it causes malfunctions. Geesh – I want to read thoses comments so bad.

    Your time is too important for this.

  159. polo, my guess is you will be doing plenty of soul searching early November.

  160. Hilary Rosen said, “This was a message from Hillary Clinton that basically said, ‘I am not your therapist. I am a Democrat. And so, not matter what you’re doing, you need to get it together and vote for John McCain if you care about …blah, blah. She really did say “John McCain.” Oooops!

  161. katiebird – just saw your question: I don’t remember exactly what she said, but she seemed to be accusing Hillary of tolerating the sexism in the primary. Also, if she was at 18,000,000 voices, she didn’t know the name of it – called it “Hillary’s Rally” – as if Hillary organized it. I think she was an agent provocateur.

  162. Ok, I just read Hill said this at a press conference. Is it true? If so, hysterical:

    “Remember, 18 million people voted for me, 18 million people, give or take, voted for Barack,”

  163. PJ, the Freudian slips just fascinate me. They happen all the time in Obama’s vicinity. Obama even introduced Biden as “the next President.” My sense is that subliminally many people, including Obama, himself, KNOW he is not prepared for the highest office in the land.

    I for one know it with full consciousness.

    I will remember in NOvember.

  164. Really, good night. I’m overwhelmed and overtired.

  165. It was heartbreaking to watch this brilliant woman, the best candidate to come along in my lifetime, forced to give a speech in support of another, far less qualified, frighteningly inexperienced man. It’s a tragedy that it has come to this and there is only the Democratic Party to blame.

  166. What a fool B.O. was not to make Hill VP, and how lucky for us…for it would have meant Obama winning for certain!

  167. Well, since you want lurkers to rise, here is another one. I’ve been following many, many blogs since before Iowa. I am a young male currently going to college and during the convention, I’ve heard students not realize it was going on, I’ve heard students saying “Obama just doesn’t seem as great as he once was.”
    Just want to let you know, you have allies of all ages and genders here. I hope for the best for Hillary Clinton.
    If not Hillary 2008, then Hillary 2012!

  168. justsaynotobo:


    Like you, I will just say no.

  169. fif…your video with Ann Price Mills is so moving…she is a woman of color who is incredibly articulate in her support and love for Hillary and her reasoning for why Hillary should be POTUS.

    Ann Price Mills spoke form her heart on CNN and for those who also heard her explain why she thought Obama was not as qualified as Hillary there will be a big doubt created about him.

    Amazingly, CNN put this interview on and you could tell the Interviewer was even touched by Mills and her passionate plea for what Hillary would have done as POTUS.

    Thank God for PUMAs…this would be so heart breaking without you and I am so grateful to be here.

    PUMAs are the Best!!!

  170. How amazing that the DNC handed the Clintons a pile of absolute rotten sh*t, and they turned it into a golden moment. All 3 Clintons just glowed, and looked so proud of each other. I loved that, you can’t always predict what others will do to you, but you can control how you deal with it. Great message, eases the pain a tiny bit.

  171. I agree with those of you who believe that this speech only shows all of us even more what we lost this time around because of the DNC and the media whores and the CDS of the Obamabots.

    I’m also sure that a lot of women are even more angry after Hillary’s wonderful speech. Why? Because we are tired of seeing extraordinary women throughout history play the second fiddle to a less qualified man. It is what Hillary is being made to do right now and she’s doing a wonderful job being the trooper that she is for the Democratic Party.

    But any woman who has faced discrimination or any man who saw their mother or sister or wife face discrimination because they were passed over for a less qualified man must feel the same reaction right now that they felt when they were robbed of that job or promotion or seeing a woman do something great that would’ve made the world a better place to live in.

    Big Tent Democrat on TalkLeft believes that Hillary’s speech will make Obama the next president. If he does win, he will have Hillary to thank. But I think this speech just cements Hillary’s power within the Democratic Party while exposing Obama as a fraud who didn’t deserve the nomination.

  172. Paradoxtim, thanks! It’s great to see you above the surface!

  173. BTD is dead wrong, and you are right, disenfrnachisedvoter

  174. Michael the prayers for Hillary and for us is perfect. Thankyou!!

  175. Thanks for the de-lurk and encouraging words, Paradoxim

  176. If You Miss Ann Price Mills Hillary delegate on Cnn We Have The Video Up

  177. BTD has believed for a long time that Obama will be the victor, and that’s why he supports him. Me, I don’t always go for who I think will win, I go for who the best candidate is. We know who that is, and it ain’t Obama. Hillary just proved it tonight.

  178. For all you late-nighters, if you can, get on over to YouTube and watch and then comment on the CNN interview tonight with Ann Price Mills, a Hillary delegate. Show that delegate some love. The link is in several posts above this one.

  179. Paradoxtim,

    Welcome. It’s sad really, because maybe Obama could have been a better candidate if he had been willing to wait. He could have been VP under Hillary and then run in 8 years. But he listened to people like Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Tom Daschle who wanted to get rid of the Clintons. Now even if Obama is elected (unlikely) he will be a miserable failure. More likely, he will lose 49 states like McGovern and Mondale, and then lose his Senate seat.

  180. Thanks a lot! I probably should have surfaced much sooner…
    -Also, I’ve noticed very few Obama bumper stickers here.
    -No one really talks about him either…it’s just odd, you hear about colleges all over being completely for him, but not here…

  181. What is Greta’s email address? Want to add my name to the list.

    Hillary just gets better and better! The best candidate of my
    lifetime v. the worst (and the most unethical and unqualified).

    I’ll never forget the first-hand report of what BO “did” for his constituents, the
    one who weren’t the Rezkos and Ayers who were funneled taxpayers monies for
    BO’s own gain. These black women, politically connected, but afraid, and
    part of the non-yuppie Hyde Park South Side said:

    “Obama was in a position to do good, but he did not.”

    The Invesco coronation with the Vegas stage and the screaming Bots
    will backfire big time. This puppet of Dean, Pelosi, and Brazile
    is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  182. DV,

    You are so right. BTD has a very big blind spot. I give him credit for writing about the sexism and misogyny, but he is wrong about Obama. He can’t win.

  183. I appreciate the support everyone! The best thing Obama can do right now is just to concede now and in eight years, he may just be a good candidate….(after Hillary gets the country straightened out…) Everyone wins…but no, he was fooled and tricked and now greed has wrapped around him, he just wants more and more…He’ll see in NOvember…what the nation really wanted.

  184. Magdalena,

    I will remember too. I don’t think anyone is really going to listen to us until NOvember.

  185. You said it Disinfranchised Voter….we saw what was taken and Hillary shown like the LIGHT that she is!!!

    This is not over and much good will come from this…I can feel it for sure.

    We just need to keep going like she said at the end of her speech…that was for us…keep going…no matter what and Victory will be ours!!!

    There are so many incredible, talented people in the PUMA movement and we have been brought together for a PURPOSE…this is no accident….:-)
    Blessings2PUMAs everywhere!!

  186. CB: I emailed Greta at ontherecord@foxnews.com.

  187. I think MEchelle’s discomfort came from the realization that
    Hillary is THE real candidate. The winner.

    BO doesn’t hold a candle to her.
    He is the one the media has sold, even more than it sold Bush over
    Gore, Bush over Kerry, and the Iraq War. Even with all of the props,
    he can’t seal the deal.

    Americans are not as dumb (esp. women) as the corporate-consolidated
    media would like to believe.

  188. Karolina said it first but I just wanna reiterate, If you believe in prayer, this is the night to raise the floor of the heavens with your pleas. She showed her mettle tonight. That is a President. Barack Obama is not a President for the times we are living in. We just saw the woman who is. Pray, meditate, manifest. Let the delegates come to their senses as the rest of the country seems to be.

    It’s time for a new day in America. Please let it be bright.

  189. My guess is, for every “unity” Democrat gained tonight, Obama lost two women.

    We’re through with the subservience, my friends.

    NObama. NOMcCain. NOvember.

  190. CB, you have touched on another reason why I will never vote for Obama.

    I will not vote for someone the corporate media has pushed so blatantly and relentlessly. If they want him that badly, there is something TERRIBLY wrong with him.

  191. I kept thinking during the speech how much healthier the country would be if we would be listening to Hillary for the next for years. Loved the delegate CNN interviewed.

  192. CB: People say Michelle is smart, but I really don’t think so, and I don’t think she’s smart enough to figure out that Hillary really did win. I think she is being handled.

    But the Obama and the DNC were outclassed tonight in every sense of the word. They have to know it, too.

  193. I agree with you Magdalena — women know when they’ve been dissed and when they have a real role model

  194. Watched the delegate video, and saw the Obots standing in the background, jumping around. Maybe I’m a little sensitive right now, but I thought they looked like teen morons. They didn’t even seem to know where they were, or what they were there for. Just Hi Bambi, look it’s me, I’m on TV, like some 11 year-old boy at a baseball game. Are these sillies delegates?

  195. I like BTD too, but I will never again support whatever candidate has a D beside their name. Just because they’re a D doesn’t mean they’re a decent person. He supported Obama only because he thought he could win. That’s not good enough for me anymore.

  196. The ONLY part of tonite’s DNC convention that I watched was that fantastic video provided by Inky. Thanks for bringing that here. I still cannot bring myself to turn on the teevee and watch Hillary have her nose rubbed in any more shit. No can do. I may never watch MSM again. That delegate may come to the conclusion I’ve come to. She stated BO had 2 more months to win her. More like 2 more months to throw more Democrats like her under the bus.

  197. parentofed, somthing is bothering me about the CNN video: who was that guy standing next to Ann? As soon as she started talking about Obama’s “resume” (or lack thereof), he immediately cut her off and set “Let’s go.” I have the feeling I know exactly what he was. What do you think?

  198. I’ve heard on another blog that FOX interviewed some young Obama supporters at the convention. The results were predictable. Not a single one could name ONE accomplishment.
    I almost think they should raise the voting age lol
    or at least a test in which you know the issues before you vote…

  199. Magdalena: let me go back & check; I mostly focused on Ann, and then the silly Obots vying for attention.

  200. I agree with you parentofed. I almost wouldn’t be surprised to see even Axlerod on TV sometime (with glazed eyes) not being able to answer questions but just saying “oh-bah-ma, oh-bah-ma.”

  201. Hi, another lurker here. You guys are as magnificent as the lady you support, and it’s sites like this that have helped me maintain my sanity these past months.
    That being said, I will fight like hell to get the disease that is Dean and Pelosi and Brazile out of the Democratic Party, and if that means a vote for John McCain, so be it. There is nothing more frightening to me than the thought of an Obama Presidency with a Pelosi and Reid led Congress. There would be no checks and balances, only lies and hidden agendas the likes of which this country has never seen. Voting for John McCain is really not going to be that difficult, and always in the back of my mind will be the thoughts of Clinton 2012.

  202. Irlandese–I loved Hillary’s speech, but I did turn the sound down when she got near saying BO’s name

  203. Ahoy sagesgram!
    Lurkers coming out in full-force today!
    People are waking up, I only hope the SUPERDELEGATES DO THE SAME!

  204. Charles, I had been bawling my eyes out watching Hillary and had just gotten my eyes in focus when she came on and I lost it again. She spoke so eloquently for all of us. I feel she will be heard over and over again.

    I so wanted to be in Denver but I feel blessed that I have been able to share such a moving experience with all of us on this site!!!!!

    Have you heard anything about the new petition passed around today to make sure there was a full roll call vote. I heard the necessary signatures were obtained but there is still some technicality.

  205. Paradoxtim, I can name three of Obama’s recent accomplishments:

    He supported spying on ordinary Americans.

    He set abortion-rights- and mental-health-advocacy back decades by suggesting moody women don’t deserve control over their own bodies.

    He’s vowed to continue and expand Bush’s faith-based initiatives, thereby further undermining the separation of church and state.

    Anybody want to add to the list?

  206. Welcome sagesgram!

    Rise, everyone!

  207. Sadly, we really don’t have time to wait for someday. But we’ll do what’s hard because it is right, damn the criticism.

  208. He voted for FISA

    He voted for Cheney’s Energy Bill

    He invited a just lovely homophobe on tour with him and handed him a mike

    He has been silent on the latest birth-control pill issue.

    Shall I go on?

  209. I’m just not rational about this thing anymore. I’ve pissed off all of my neighbors by putting a new Hillary sticker on the back of my vehicle. I fear turning on the teevee because I can’t help howling at it–further annoying the ‘bot neighbors. I CRIED this morning at work just thinking about how much humiliation the DNC has heaped on this woman, and how she was going to go on that stage and have to be the good little girl who got in line. I’m so fucking outraged I’m in tears.

  210. Magdalena: You’re right; I had noticed it when I watched, but then pushed it back out. It’s very obvious, isn’t it? He must be the state delegation head or some official, because she immediately stopped.

    That is very disturbing. He let her talk about not voting McCain, and strong Dem, but as soon as she searched for that word to describe his lack of experience, it was over. Suzanne knew it was over, too, wham, just like that. He is a big old Obot. Jeez, what these AA women who support Hillary must go through, I cannot imagine the intimidation from these thugs.

  211. Irlandese, sounds like a pretty rational response to me.

  212. Obama’s accomplishments?–think of the all the first time ever republican voters Obama created — that’s major accomplishment!

  213. Welcome Paradoxtim:

    So glad you joined us. If you haven’t checked out these web-sites about the voter fraud during the Caucuses during the Primary, please take some time to look at this and perhaps share this information with your friends.

    Our very democracy is at stake and we need young informed folks like you to be aware and educate others.

    The voter fraud was rampent in the Caucuses; the Democrat Party needs to change how the candidate for POTUS is selected and do away with the Caucuses.

    With the Caucus structure there is too much opportunity to scam the process and disenfranchise voters and commit fraud.

    Please check these web-sites out:




    Also, there is a really good website created by a young man in Chicago about Obama and his activities there; you might want to check that one out too


    The website has some pretty profound information.

    Thanks for being here; hope to see you around again.
    Also, PUMAs have a great sense of humor so you will have fun here too!!

  214. Sagesgram and Paradoxtim,

    I was a lurker too – for a long time. I think you’re right… We are coming out!

  215. Hurray! Let’s get some pro life judges on the supreme court!
    Hurray! Back to the hangers ladies!

  216. Whatsuddenly, well he DID say he was going to bring Red Americans and Blue Americans together. I just don’t think he meant in opposition to him.

  217. He said nothing when his supporters started “race-baiting”

    He said nothing when SOLID PROOF of caucus fraud turned up.

    He said nothing when the media was sexist, in every way, shape, and form. (curse you Olbermann)

    In fact, he said nothing a good deal of the time when he should have voted…

  218. glad you all are awake — wish I were in Denver!

  219. When they coached MO on how to behave like a gracious lady, they forgot to tell her she has to keep up the performance whenever there’s a camera around, because you just never know when it’ll be pointed in your direction. Envy inside does not a pretty outside make.

  220. That’s what I thought, parentofed.

    Everybody, have a look at that video again. Imagine what Hillary supporters are going through there.

    Get mad, then take heart:

    Suppression never works. It always backfires. It strengthens the will of the suppressed. It proves to the person being silenced that s/he is right about the forces that seek to silence. It results in action, the exact opposite action the silencers intend.

    Many, many people will walk away from that convention stunned by what their party has come to.

    And they will remember in NOvember.

  221. good one WMCB — he does do a nice job at the unity thing

  222. Paradoxtim, on August 27th, 2008 at 1:54 am Said:

    You sound as angry as I feel.

  223. In response to DavidJ
    -You realize that even the Obama camp admitted that the whole “overturning Roe v Wade” would be impossible?

    -It would involve not just Roe v Wade, but about a good 30 years of other legislature that solidified it…not to mention Congress wouldn’t allow someone that radical…

  224. One of Uppity Woman’s posts has a comment on the significance of the orange pantsuit. Seems that’s the color the Ukrainian revolutionaries would wear to protest the rigged selection/ not election process they were forced to endure. Ya thinkd Bill and Hillary Clinton would be smart enough to make a statement like this? Hell yes!! And it would fly right over that idiot’s head. The most incredibly classy version of flipping BO the bird we’ll ever see!

  225. sagesgram– I noticed those grimaces, too, on the face of MO

  226. Does anyone know Price’s state? I didn’t see it up at CNN.

  227. Ooooo, davidj, I am clutching my uterus and cringing in subservience like any good Pavlovian Democratic bitch should!

    Scary SCOTUS! Boogboogabooga! Ding ding! There’s that bell.

    I had never even considered that! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Now I will SURELY vote for Obama, since you have reminded me that I am merely a walking uterus, rather than a whole entire person with many concerns, rights, and issues I’d like to see addressed!

    Thank you so much!

  228. wtf. I decide to read analysis from the MSM and the first thing I see is this piece of garbage from the AP on the front page of yahoo news:

  229. PofEd: Washington State

  230. davidj…..we will not loose the right to choose!!!
    It won’t happen…too many people (men and women) support a woman’s right to choose.

    There would be a revolt if they try it and a women’s right to choose will be reinstated if the SC manages to overturn it.

    Also, the SC ruling would not overturn State Law and abortion is legal in all 50 States last time I checked.

    They would just re-re-re-energized women and then all kinds of things might happen,,,like we might get the ERA passed. Wouldn’g that be a blow to the “good-old-boys.”

    That threat is not going to work…since many of us fought the good fight back in the day and we are not afraid to do it again!!

  231. WMCB: Be careful know you’d better know if Barack thinks you’re just feeling blue he’ll deny you and abortion anyway.

  232. Oh yes, I’m fuming!
    I’ve bottled up my emotions for a while now. How can anyone, let alone a junior senator, even attempt to take on one of the greatest politicians of our time?

    I just don’t understand why anyone would say no to “Clinton prosperity”

    In fact, I have decided to become a political science major because of this primary fiasco…

  233. Attention, all readers:

    Roe v. Wade will not be overturned if McCain is elected. Why?

    It would remove a tension that galvanizes the Republican base.

    Roe v. Wade will not be strengthened if Obama is elected. Why?

    It would remove a tension that galvanizes the Democratic base.

    Proof: We are about to conlude eight years of Republican rule. A conservative majority rules the Supreme Court.

    And Roe stands.

    Do not let men (and women) attempt to frighten you and keep you in line by making you afraid of your own body.

    Never let anyone use a freedom to enslave, silence, or cage you.

    Never let anyone silence you with this Bogey-man issue.

    No one can terrify me, a woman, with the very powers I myself control.

    I own my body. I own my vote.

    Get used to it.

  234. parentofed, on August 27th, 2008 at 1:57 am Said:
    Does anyone know Price’s state? I didn’t see it up at CNN.


    I believe it’s TX.

  235. Also, why the f*@$ is Michelle looking like she wants to go up on stage and strangle Hillary Clinton? Damn, hasn’t Clinton done enough for her arrogant husband?

  236. Thanks, Reg. Washington State, hmm? That video is just creepy now, this black woman, fighting back tears and giving this heartfelt speech, and this black man standing very close, and so obviously in control.

    These Obama people are thugs, and they have taken control of our party. Just as surely as the neo-cons and far-right thugs took control of the Republican party several years ago. Where is middle America?

  237. The delegate was from Washington State.

  238. Add to the list that Bama turned down public financing, which he
    pretended he was going to take, while
    McCain accepted it. When Bama has to be out selling his beautiful
    image for more money (and he had to outspend Hill 3-and 4-to-1
    to lose), McCain can be out meeting voters.

    Obama calculates everything, even THE SPEECH was a calculation.
    It wasn’t recorded except after it was deemed prescient. Then Axelrod
    recreated it in a video studio. Obama wasn’t talking any risk. He was speaking at
    a Hyde Park rally (similar to speaking in Berkeley). He wasn’t running
    for U.S. Senate as he claimed to be, except I guess he is always
    running for the next office. Had the war gone swimmingly, the
    speech could have been forgotten. It wasn’t mentioned in the paper.

    As it was, this is the reason that we are supposed to vote for
    his for president. HIs superior judgment! (Or rather his and Axelrod’s
    ability to manipulate.)

    Obama was able to run for U.S. Senate without opposition. His Dem.
    and Republican opponents had their sealed divorce records
    revealed. Why doesn’t the media find out who did this? If so, we
    can more easily follow the money.

  239. Let them try David. Hell, let them do it. Let there be a fucking revolution if they do.

    Let’s just stop this sick Kabuki play that has had women batted around and bullied by BOTH political parties for years, and let’s just FUCKING THROW DOWN, shall we?

  240. Somebody ought nominate a Democrat who supports women’s rights steadfastly.

    Like I said, my friends, pray like someone has let slip the dogs of war.

  241. Freudian “SLIP” worth “GETTING” is from:
    Chris Matthews called Hillary the NEXT PRESIDENT,
    then did a BIG Ooops!!

  242. 1-2 years for a lawsuit, do you think it’s only going to take one or two more years for someone to drop dead? If McCain wins, he’s only getting 4 years…that lawsuit will be dropped when Hillary is in the white house…

  243. Abortion has been used as a wedge issue to keep Democratic women in line for the last I don’t know how many years, and the sad thing is, if the Obama talking points are any indication, the Obama camp just doesn’t yet realize it isn’t working anymore.

  244. WMCB, let’s just fucking THROW DOWN, goddamn straight!

    Wake up, women of America.

  245. As for SCOTUS, if McCains wins, he’d be smart to appoint Hillary to the Court. The Dems will surely control Congress, and they could hardly refuse to approve, the Repubs lose their biggest threat, and Hillary goes down in history in a different way. I think enough Repubs could be convinced this would be in their best interest, long-term. Not a likely scenario, or one that I especially want but a heh, heh.

  246. if the Obama talking points are any indication, the Obama camp just doesn’t yet realize it isn’t working anymore.

    sagesgram WINS! Isn’t it fun? Doesn’t it feel good to be empowered?

  247. I stated earlier this evening on another site–When will somebody in this race have a big enough pair of testicles to pick a VP with a pair of ovaries??? DAMMIT!! If these assholes want my vote, they’d better start representing me AND my ovaries and quit shunting me off to the back ( and underneath) of the fucking bus!!! Okay–end of rant. I need to chill. Online retail therapy to follow.

  248. Kick it, ‘gram!

  249. Anglachel has a new post up on Hillary’s speech

  250. I have limited time to blog each night and usually post over at camille’s site, but I spend a lot of lurking here 🙂
    Hillary was magnificent ! I was almost afraid to watch it, but I came away more energized than ever. She was grace and power. Hillary made that vindictive, arrogant, unqualified, flip flopping, empty little fraud look tiny tiny tiny.
    I’m too tired to write with eloquence, but my heart is full. Thank you Hillary Clinton – I can”t wait to call you Madame President.

    And MO, I hope your molars hurt from gritting your teeth tonight.


  251. “I’ve heard on another blog that FOX interviewed some young Obama supporters at the convention. The results were predictable. Not a single one could name ONE accomplishment…”

    Well, it’s certainly an accomplishment, howbeit a dubious one, to brainwash that many kids so thoroughly.

  252. Hillary quoting Harriet Tubman and the analogy of the underground railroad speaks volumes to PUMAS.
    Rise Hillary Rise

  253. My point exactly, Irlandese. Enough with the Parade of Testicles. It’s been nearly 250 years of said same.

    Capable women lean against the walls watching these lame-ass guys get the nod year after year. And get the nod from women, too.

    NOpe. NO more. NOvember.

    A shout out to all the great men on this site. We know who you are, and we know you’re with us.

  254. Regency, on August 27th, 2008 at 2:03 am Said:
    The delegate was from Washington State.


    Thanks. I could have swore they said TX.

  255. WMCB: I do feel empowered, but I will say that thanks to the internet and sites like this, that empowerment is magnified a hundred fold, as I realize there are so many people out there just like me.

  256. I said my piece to the little wanking angry troll who is so terrified of his big shiny pony turning into a pile of crap that he is wetting his He-man underoos, so I’m done.


    Guys, I am in a FABULOUS mood at the moment. Hillary has changed this country and this party , and that change will grow – didja know that? She woke the sleeping giantess.

  257. davidj–BO is the new coporate fascist! Not bowing to the Clintons and all their contributions to the Democratic Party over the years shows a marked lack of…intelligence and loyalty. You’ll miss that when all of us non-Stepford Wife Dems leave and NEVER COME BACK. Bow to that.

  258. “She woke the sleeping giantess.”

    I agree. And I’m off to bed too.

    You late-nighters and West Coasters, heed Hillary’s call:



  259. davidj, on August 27th, 2008 at 1:52 am Said:

    It is long past time that women are controlled by Roe v Wade. Abortion affects a small percetage of the female population and women have let themselves be held hostage over it long enough.

    IF it is ever overturned it will be up to a new generation to fight the battle. Obama is not qualified to be president and if the people who support him were ignorant enough not to see it they can’t come crying now to people smart enough to know what a danger he would be to this country and therefore will not give him the keys.

  260. LOL! I love it Irlandes.


  261. Ben:
    My “agenda” was to see Hillary become POTUS and then when I saw what happened to her….there is no possible way to support the Democrat Party as it is now constituted….like parentofed says….
    “the Obama Thugs have taken over the Party” with the help of Axelrod, Dean, Donna B. et al….and I think for the lot of them it is all about power and money.

    MiddleAmerica is us…so in order to turn this debacle around we need to fight on…like Hillary said…her message to us…fight on!!!

    Democracy is at stake here…Country before Party…and
    PUMAs are the catalysts
    the keepers of the flame!!!

  262. get on over to YouTube and watch and then comment on the CNN interview tonight with Ann Price Mills, a Hillary delegate. Show that delegate some love.

    Madgalena: What you said. I left some love but the a$$hats are really out in force.

  263. If they short the roll call I’m praying some Clinton delegates walk out! I will kiss their feet if they do!

  264. Yeah it’s time for me to sleep, I have a ton of classes tomorrow…erm…today…
    I’ll try to post often if possible!
    Thanks once again for all your support!

  265. Oh, wah, we will be replaced. Then they can fight for Choice and we can say our feet hurt. Save your pettyiness will you? It’s been a long night and I’ve got to read the Iliad for class.

  266. What do we think Bill will do?

  267. We, in this case being me, think that Bill will do what he is great at doing: Moving hearts and making them flutter, making everyone remember how good it felt to be a Democrat. And getting in some nice sharp jabs for which he will have no apology. The Big Dawg may go down but he never goes easy.

  268. Bill’s speech will be on x-seconds delay just in case he
    doesn’t praise BO in every sentence, or has a slip of the tongue.
    What a bunch of crap this convention is (other than the Clintons).

    Registering as an Independent as soon as BO is crowned at the
    big Hitler rally.

  269. Obama has rung a bell of deceit and dishonor and disloyalty that simply cannot be unrung.

  270. david, do me a favor, name one way in which BO is truly progressive. Okay, he hates bitches, and that’s like the height of Dem fauxgressivism. But other than that?

  271. Found a WA mag that recently discussed the Clinton supporters, and how some will go Obama, but it quoted Ann as saying she didn’t know & she was upset by it all. Then it quoted a Victor Collymore, an unpledged add-on delegate from Bellevue who was distinctly unsympathetic. Said loyalty to a candidate was “problematic” and pretty much, just get over it, you emotional dumb bi*ch. Not saying he was the one standing next to Ann & said that, but it looks as though she has been dealing with some a**holes from home.

    Thugs. Power. That’s all this Democratic Party is about right now.

  272. I hope you’re right, because this Obama crap is really getting old. I hope there’ll be zingers aplenty.

  273. Good night, night owls.

  274. CB
    That story was a satire piece
    I believed it too, even the last line…
    Sad how people do believe it…

  275. Regency, on August 27th, 2008 at 2:20 am Said:
    Oh, wah, we will be replaced. Then they can fight for Choice and we can say our feet hurt. Save your pettyiness will you? It’s been a long night and I’ve got to read the Iliad for class.


  276. “Alito and Roberts got through.”

    That’s a really good point. The Democrats let Alito and Roberts on the Court without a whimper, which just goes to show that they’re the ones we can trust to protect Roe. The spineless women hating Republican enablers of 06 are about to rise up! I feel it! All the more so since teh Great Progressive is alla bout reaching out to Republicans, which gies to show how much he’ll fight them.

  277. adios for tonight

  278. Seriously, on August 27th, 2008 at 2:36 am :

    From what I see the DC Dems don’t fight anyone, but the Clintons and their own voter base. I’d like to see Nancy bark half as much to Bush, they way she does to us. Be nice for a change.

  279. Ann Mills Price

    This brave lady will need a bodyguard!

  280. So answer me this, regarding Obama’s faux-White House temple podium thing for his great stadium speech.. How can this not be a horrendous, terrible, awful, bad idea that has the GOP just gleeful before it even happens? Isn’t this going to be the faux Presidential seal times 100??

  281. Rove is coming all over himself. A decade of steady Hillary-hatred coming to roost as the DNC et al take a big dump on the Clintons and give it to McCain. Every ‘bot out there is responsible for this trainwreck. They played right into his hands. Now I have to sit back and watch people like BO and MO shit on the Clintons, while the Roves of the world are bwahaha-ing while Hillary (and ALL women) takes it up the wazoo again? No more say I. Good men, like Bill and all the male PUMA’s here–we thank you, but we have GOT to take it from here. Seriously, sisters, we cannot let this one go.

  282. dg: Times 10000 is closer.

    Big ball of Barck-shaped flames.

  283. I was just asking myself, are these reports of Bill and other Clinton allies (Terry Mac for one) leaving Denver before the big speech.. strategic plans for them to avoid being associated with the ridiculous spectacle.

  284. Yes, dg, it is going to be mocked and sooo tacky. But since Bambi is so fond of dragging religion and the Bible into the Democratic Party, I thought I’d offer up a verse this evening in the spirit of “unity”.

    Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18

  285. Annetoo, of all the dumb Obot arguments, I think that one’s my favorite. Hey, it’s not enough to have a Dem Congress, because they’ll roll over to Mccain like they did to Bush. But if we have useless Democrats in Congress and a useless Democrat as President, OMG! Like, magic will happen! Spines will grow, DINOs will become liberal, and we can trust them to do the right thing–and all it taxes is the uselessness critical mass.

    It’s like back when they said we couldn’t do anything in the minority, but if we got a majority–watch out! No more dry powder!

  286. whatever happened to the petition????

  287. To Irlandese:
    What is it you have in mind? Perhaps an ouster of the morons who created this mess in the Dem Party??

  288. dg:
    Obama and the Moron Brigade try to use symbolism as a unconscious mind control thing…
    the seal did back fire.

    They don’t get it; this isn’t Nazi Germany and NoBama isn’t the Furher, not yet anyway!!

    BYW: There is no accident that he went to Germany first to do the Bradenburg Symbolism Thing; but when that didn’t work he stood in front of the Nazi Phallic Symbol and then went to Israel.
    These folks need some psychoanalysis big time…but they don’t need to conrol POTUS..Scary Thought!!

  289. Okay. LOL

  290. TL – there is evidence that Obama knew Ayers longer than he had said. Ayers ads are being run in PA, OH. Do you really think people are going to vote for a man who is friends with an unrepentant terrorist. He is seen as a radical and it is going to get worse once Frank Davis is added to the picture. His numbers are going down. He is going to loose

  291. TL, you can call me whatever you want, that doesn’t make it true. Sorry.

  292. No Carly–let the Dem Party have this plate of cold crap they’ve cooked up. Let the silver lining be the emergence of the long-awaited 3rd party. Seriously–why cannot PUMA become that 3rd party? All the makings are there. Super-intelligent active political people who want their party to be ACCOUNTABLE and honest. We can make this happen. If women like Darragh and Riverdaughter and Uppity and Heidi Li, etc., can foment this kind of dissent that has spread like WILDFIRE, why can’t we just keep going with it??? Dammit–it’s time!

  293. TL:
    Turn off the race baiting…guilt trip stuff….I worked for equality for folks my entire life.

    Don’t drag Hillary into this you, Hillary and her supporters (us) were treated like we didn’t matter.

    So now many of us are NOT going to vote for OBAMA;
    no matter how many insults you throw at us.

    Check this web site out…it’s about the voter fraud your candidate Obama committed to illegally steal the Primary:


    People know the Truth…Obama will loose because he doesn’t deserve to be POTUS!!!
    NOWAY****NOHOW**** NOBAMAino8
    PUMAs in 08

  294. # TL, on August 27th, 2008 at 3:08 am Said:

    Hillary gave a great speech and it was believable. She really made it look like she wants Obama to win. Barack will win by a landslide!

    Oh yeah, for all of you saying you’re still voting for McSame, you either were never real democrats in the first place or you just can’t bring your selves to vote for a black man and that’s sad…Barack will be our next president with out your vote and thank God for that…

    Clinton: ‘No way, no how, no McCain’


  295. I agree…this movement could create the emergence of a third party…why not???
    It certainly would be more of a DEMOCRACY!!

  296. I talk to/at people all the live long day. I’m seeing too many that are tired of the right/left fringe running their respective parties. A party of accountable, transparent, true Americans who not only support but DEMAND the right to dissent? What is there not to love about this?? A party that is a true representation of ALL Americans? How could that not succeed?

  297. Texan4Hillary:
    It looks like they are going to ignore the Petition; just like they ignored and changed the rest of the rules.
    They are terrified…a role call vote for real…Hillary would win!!!
    SO they have to manipulate the process…although they are still under a lot of pressure to do the right thing and follow their own rules.
    A MIRACLE could still happen!!

    On Puma Radio..they were asking anyone who knew delegates to tell them to push for the “REAL” rules to be followed not this phoney crap.

    So fellowPUMAs and Texan4Hillary, if you know a Delegate give them a call and ask them to do the right thing. A full role call vote with Hillary’s name in Nomination!!

  298. You’re right, TL. I love the fact that Bush is an inexperienced, know-nothing pathologically arrogant and unqualified idiot. But since I don’t feel that same love for Bush Jr, I know now I’m a racist.

    *sighs* I wish we had this conversation before. Woe is me!

  299. Troll clean up needed for “davidj” and “TL”.

  300. Irlandese:
    It could suceed; and PUMA could be the beginning….with enough people behind the idea.
    Count me in.
    PUMA08 The Beginning of A New Political Party

  301. Night All…Blessings and Luv2All PUMAs

  302. TL, you came over here and said those of us who won’t vote for Obama, if we’re not fake Dems, the reason is that we “won’t vote for a black man.” Have you no decency? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  303. You’re right, TL. I love the fact that Bush is an inexperienced, know-nothing pathologically arrogant and unqualified idiot. But since I don’t feel that same love for Bush Jr, I know now I’m a r%cist.

    *sighs* I wish we had this conversation before. Woe is me! Why didn’t someone explain it? I should have known when I was against Obama’s disenfrachisment. When Bush did it, I thought “AWESOME!!!!!” but Obama just left me cold….

  304. I mean…Obama’s rejection of the FISA courts just felt…different from Bush’s rejection of the FISA courts that I embrace wholeheartedly. Oh, you might say wiretapping is wiretapping, but I told myself, no, it’s really not the same. My Georgie’s wiretapping is so much better than that…other man.

    And it’s only now that I’m facing up to why I told myself that *sobs*

  305. If women are 51% of this country, then why in the HELL aren’t we pulling away from the male-based power pyramid and just putting together our own party? Call me naive, but my prayer on this eve is that all that call themselves PUMA’s can take this place we’ve made for ourselves and turn it into real political power. With the brilliant posters that reside not only here, but at all the other PUMA sites, there is the potential for huge change. I KNOW I am ready for “REAL” hope and change–but I’m not going to find it at the GOP or the DNC.

  306. davidj, on August 27th, 2008 at 2:02 am Said:
    “Alito and Roberts got through. With Scalia and Thomas already there, that leaves one necessary vote, and a lawsuit which could reach the supreme court in a 1-2 years.”

    And guess who was voting FOR Roberts before someone told him it was not a good idea? That’s right – OBAMBI. He thought Roberts was a GOOD choice.

    Oh, and who was it that was instrumental in getting Clarence Thomas onto the Supreme Court? That would be none other than JOE BIDEN who chaired the Thomas confirmation hearings

    Obama/Biden is the WORST thing that could happen for women in this county.

    So if you want a smack down on this issue – bring it on! We “old, bitter hags” have already fought this fight. Your arguement is nothing more than a gnat on a flies ass…. just like your candidate.

  307. I’d like to encourage you all to check out Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party candidate. She’ll be getting my vote.

    If voting Green means a McCain victory, so be it. At least I will have voted my conscience and my principals, and I will have sent a message to the Party I supported for 20 years.

  308. It seems that there are many that can’t sleep tonight—lurking, reading old threads, leaving comments.

    I am ridden with a distracting mixture of anticipation and dread. I feel the fear and worry and anger and frustration of many delegates who still don’t know what they are going to do. I pray that God will ease all of their concerns, protect them all, and guide and help them to do the right thing for the country and the world.

  309. My heart is sad, but I realize that women cannot just roll over and get over it.

    Our votes have been taken for granted by the Dems since forever and a day.

    Pumas who are also middle-aged working class women and come in all demographics, are in the worst economic category of all.

    Not voting McCaine, nor BO.

  310. I’m trying to remember, was Kennedy as gracious during the 1980 convention to Carter? Hah!

  311. Cynthia McKinney sounds like a good compromise for my vote.

    Who woulda thought we would be saying all this when this began over a year ago? Ugh.

  312. Look, I am going to stay home, no way BO, no way McCain but I will vote green but

    Hillary had code words to let you know not to do what she said?

    Where do I get the decoder ring?

  313. KJ Montana –

    Biden worked very hard against confirming Thomas, and Obama voted against confirming Roberts. You’ve got your facts wrong.

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