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Tuesday: Happy Anniversary!

What was the role of The Press this year?

What was the role of The Press this year?

On this date in 1920, the United States granted women the right to vote.  They had been voting in several states before then.  In fact, I was surprised to find that my state, New Jersey, had given them this right in 1790.  A woman could vote as long as she was sufficiently wealthy or owned property in her own right.  But it seems that the idea that a politician might have to acommodate the demands of women was so distasteful that the right to vote was rescinded in NJ a couple of decades later.  The more things change…

The amendment to the constitution was introduced to Congress in 1918.  President Wilson lobbied for the bill throughout the next year until it passed out of Congress to be ratified by the states.  Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify the amendment 88 years ago.

It doesn’t seem like the battle is won though. What is your right if you are expected, intimidated, bullied, shamed and demanded to turn over your vote to the men you didn’t want?  What right is there when the woman you *did* want is treated no better than an early suffragette, insulted, demeaned, stripped of some of her victories and “left to the violence of the mob”.  Sylvia Pankhurst, a leader of the suffragist movement, wrote about the hostility she and others encountered in their struggle:

We were not afraid.

A small, hostile group had established itself by the plinth, prompted by the organisers of the disturbance, whom I recognised as old hands at such work; poor, shabby public house loafers, they shouted without pausing for breath till their red faces were purple. I continued in spite of them, by taking pains to speak clearly and not too fast. From the north the disturbers hurled at me roughly screwed balls of paper, filled with red and yellow ochre, which came flying across the lions’ backs and broke with a shower of colour on anyone they chanced to hit. The reporters on the plinth had drawn near me to listen; thus, inadvertently, they intercepted the missiles aimed at me, and were covered with red and yellow.

They sprang back to avoid a further volley, and Mrs. Drake’s twelve-year-old daughter, Ruby, received a deluge of red full in her eyes. Crying, she buried her face in her mother’s dress, while the “patriots” raised a cheer.

We were naive to think that the struggle ever ended.  What we have witnessed this year seems to have set back the clock for the rights of women by 40 years.  Not only have we seen that the political power we thought we had was vapor but our social advances have been threatened as well.  Last week’s executive order regarding Health and Human Services treatment of reproductive services for women puts at risk whether a woman will make reproductive decisions on her own or whether she will encounter a phalanx of individuals who will substitute their own moral judgment for hers.

The struggle continues.  As long as a woman does not get credit for her own accomplishments and for her own personhood, there will be no equality.  Today, we meet in Denver and will don our white and sashes to march and demand that the country give us Bread and Roses.

Update: NOW is a little late to the party.  Emil Jones feels free to call a delegate an “Uncle Tom” and only when it is almost too late does NOW remember its mission and take up the gauntlet in her defense.  If we don’t hold the DNC and the Obama campaign accountable immediately, we can expect more of this stuff in the years to come.  These are Obama’s friends.  These are the people who “made” him.  Their attitudes and behavior are his attitudes and behaviors and I will not believe otherwise until the candidate himself denounces and rejects Jones and Jesse Jackson Jr and every other disrespectful man who gave him a boost to the top.  The buck stops with Barack.  We are holding him to it.

99 Responses

  1. Clinton continues to get high marks for her conduct since quitting the race for the nomination on June 7, despite a great deal of reported behind-the-scenes intrigue over her speech at the convention and putting her name in nomination. Sixty percent (60%) of voters rate her conduct good or excellent, while only 10% characterize it as poor. Even 52% of Republicans give her good or excellent marks.
    Only 34% of African-American voters feel that way, however, and 23% rate her conduct as poor.

  2. “2” POINTS!
    For true unity Hillary needs to “Un-Suspend” TONIGHT!! That’s the ONLY PATH to a REAL Role Call!!
    IF NOT then:
    “John McCain PICK HILLARY AS “VP”!!

  3. All Tied Up

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Barack Obama attracting 44% of the vote while John McCain also earns 44%. When “leaners” are included, it’s still tied with Obama at 46 McCain 46
    NO BOUNCE…AWWW Who would have thought no bounce for Barry hhmmmm?,,,, PUMA’s

  4. BringDownTheRegime: You are not allowed to criticize me or others on this site until you can explain what Barack Obama has done to *earn* your vote. Please write a 2 page essay, double spaced, and include clear examples of Senator Obama’s accomplishments.
    Take your time, we’ll wait.
    However, if your next comment isn’t in the form prescribed above, we will conclude that you have nothing much to say and you will be deposited in the spam dungeon.

  5. AMEN, Riverdaughter!

    It’s a shame and a sham that we still have to fight for our voices and votes to be counted.

    Bravo! Please know that you carry all of us with you when you march today.

  6. I love the video. It actually made me teary.

  7. So what’g going on in Denver, Riverdaughter?

  8. RD:

    OT I know (Happy 88th), but who were the three women holding the banner (2 of whom got to speak) that Matthews accosted at the end of Hardball yesterday?

    Do you know? Pumas?

  9. “Spam dungeon” sounds scary. Really really scary.

  10. That video is really moving. In our haste to move forward and manage our daily lives, we forget that these brave women put their reputations and lives on the line to give us our voice. Now, the DNC is trying to take that away again.


  11. WigWag: There are all kinds of events to “celebrate” this anniversay. Their are the Women’s caucuses and Women Count Forum where Hillary is expected to speak at lunch today. There is a march scheduled with 18MillionVoices and RiseHillaryRise. That starts at 11:15am. Heidi Li is having an even with The Denver Group at an undisclosed location. I am trying to snag an invite from Stuey from BitterPoliticz. (Really nice guy, a true feminist. I swear, we were only texting in the grass last night)

  12. gqm: It *is* scary. I have to don my hipwaders and neoprene gloves everytime I go down there. {{shivver}}

  13. Sounds great! Enjoy the festivities!

  14. JuliesS9164 – teary is hardly the word for me – I’ve gone through lots of tissues watching that and it’s not just the ragweed allergy. I had this tape of Judy Collins years ago and wore it to death, literally – the tape stretched out and eventually broke.

    I love the sound of spam dungeon and think that it’s the most appropriate place for those who show no respect to RD or the rest of us. Please use the WWOTW’s cackle as they are thrown into that pit. I really love the addition of the “edited by site monitors.” They are hilarious!

  15. They are not only their usual stupid selves they have become disgustingly vulgar in their attempts to intrude. Some of it is stomach turning.

  16. My car has flat tires.

    (edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  17. RD, I think that Bring Down’s essay deserves a big fat F.

  18. riverdaughter: What could be more exciting than meeting Hillary Clinton in Denver! The privilege you share will be felt by us all. Sounds like you are having the time and experience of your life out there.

  19. Hahaha! F for flat tires!

  20. My comments are disappearing

  21. Happy Birthday to Me! I love that my birthday is also on this anniversary!

    Can’t wait to see Hillary speak tonight!

  22. It freaks me out every time I am reminded that it was nineteen f*cking twenty before women got to vote.

  23. Best wished, Redstar.

  24. That should be “wishes”, Redstar but Happy Birthday again!

  25. Thanks, RD, for the reminder of all the women who came before us to fight for our rights. You join a long, proud line of women today who continue the good fight, no matter how difficult.

  26. In the video, there is a sign that says “Deeds, Not Words.” Seems precient today, doesn’t it.

    Just words….

  27. myiq,

    I got your comment out of the spam filter. Is that a new post at rumproast or the one from a couple of weeks ago?

  28. The video made me cry. I wonder how much big media celebration there will be of this historic day?


    On the bright side, the new Rasmussen today shows a negative bounce for Odrama. PUMA HAKA! 👿

    The Democratic National Convention has begun and the poll numbers are bouncing, but not in the direction that most people anticipated.

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Barack Obama attracting 44% of the vote while John McCain also earns 44%. When “leaners” are included, it’s still tied with Obama at 46% and McCain at 46%. Yesterday, with leaners, Obama had a three-point advantage over McCain (see recent daily results). Tracking Polls are released at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time each day. Sign up for free daily e-mail update.

    Obama is supported by 78% of Democrats while McCain gets the vote from 85% of Republicans. The GOP hopeful also has a slight advantage among unaffiliated voters.

    Obama’s support has declined in each of the last three individual nights of polling. This may be either statistical noise or a reaction to the selection of Biden. If it’s the latter, it probably has less to do with Biden than Hillary Clinton. Forty-seven percent (47%) of Democratic women say Clinton should have been picked and 21% of them say they’ll vote for McCain.

  29. myIQ, I released something. I’ll look again.

  30. Not sure, it might be old.

  31. My question is whether they really are affiliated or not.

    Were they ever, if so, are they now?

  32. “Obama’s support has declined in each of the last three individual nights of polling. This may be either statistical noise or a reaction to the selection of Biden. If it’s the latter, it probably has less to do with Biden than Hillary Clinton.”

    Maybe people realized that the choice of Biden was a negation of all of Obama’s supposed message.

  33. Pat – Thanks!

  34. MyIQ, are they affiliated with sites listed at JustSayNoDeal?

  35. Seriously, guys, there are disreputable people who associate themselves with many movements. We reject their support and Darragh and her mother have been as vigilant as possible in asking people who may damage the movement’s reputation to leave. This includes people who we once associated with early on in the JustSayNoDeal coalition who are now wholeheartedly for McCain. But we can’t keep them all away. Unlike, Barack Obama, we don’t use these people as our surrogates to appeal to the baser instincts of potential supporters. We get rid of them whenever we can. Racism has no place in the PUMA movement.

  36. thx for this post, RD, you found the perfect video … love that song, reminds me of my rabble rouser days back in the 70s

  37. Riverdaughter (if you are still here), I am curious whether you and the other Denver PUMAs who are so busy with everything you are doing actully got to watch the convention.

    If you didn’t the first night was a joke!

  38. Stuey from BitterPoliticz. (Really nice guy, a true feminist. I swear, we were only texting in the grass last night)

    LOL RD! Shtuey is the best. I know him from the old TM days, and he is not only a “true feminist,” he is hilarious. You go girl!

  39. Happy Birthday RedStar!

  40. RD- that’s good. I don’t want our movement to be used by republicans. I frankly think the “Debra” ad with the Hillary delegate is a bit embarrassing. We shouldn’t be used.

  41. And they celebrate it by giving thr key note to an anti choice male and dedicating the night to…something else.
    meanwhile, McCain gets a bounce during Democratic convemtion

  42. McCain just widened his lead in FL. He now leads 47% to 43%.

    NOTE – Obama recenctly has spent MILLIONS in Florida trying to woo voters. What has McCain spent? Not one dime.


    The more people see of this bozo, the LESS they like him. Hillary was the opposite – she won over voters who initially disliked her, rather than driving them away. Which is exactly what we predicted, and exactly what we warned of.

  43. Are my posts showing up? I don’t know if myiq can see them?

  44. myiq: check your voodoo mail. NOW!!!

  45. Your update is absolutely correct for the future but to have gotten to this disempowered political clout State the existing women activist in NOW and NARAL co enabled the one issue nose ring ,I have no use for the groups they have been outdated and harmful to the women’s movement becuase of one issue wedgie.

    CNN Poll

    Sixty-six percent of Clinton supporters — registered Democrats who want Clinton as the nominee — are now backing Obama. That’s down from 75 percent in the end of June. Twenty-seven percent of them now say they’ll support McCain, up from 16 percent in late June.

    “The number of Clinton Democrats who say they would vote for McCain has gone up 11 points since June, enough to account for most, although not all, of the support McCain has gained in that time,” Holland said.

    WOW 11 points but we knew that …and it will not get better maybe a faux bump then Ayers, Wright, Wrong Button, Clyburn, Rezko and if NQ is correct birth and film on the wife that no make over will sooth

    And the biggy of course, no lipstick will change the fact that Obama is a novice whose inexperience for the Office of President is unacceptable.

    One fact is just so intrusive and obvious women are 54 percent of the electorate and there is not a women on either ticket ever and not now. And where were they, did they march on Washington and I missed it how about the media or the rampant violence against women just because they are women, this year we’ve seen a women beheaded in a park as she exercised, a successful class President with a bullet to the head shot down as she walked home why because she was a successful women and on and on. NOTHING, DEMS

  46. Jack Cafferty has a rant on CNN.com with regard to how the Obama people have bent over backwards to accommodate the Clintons, blah,blah, blah.

  47. Accusing old liberal Democrats like me of racism is especially ironic, since we are the formerly young movement that fought so hard for civil rights, whether in the streets or votes or letters, by speaking up against racism in our own communities and families. It is very galling to be treated this badly by our own party.

  48. RD:

    Check yours

  49. I’m leaving for work now.

  50. Jonathan Capehart from WaPo just said on MSNBC that it is up to Hillary to unite the party and underscore the need to elect Barack Obama when she delivers her speech tonight. This is incredible for many reasons but it is a strong suggestion that he cannot raise his boat alone. Why is it HER obligation to do anything other than salute and leave? Few pundits have pointed to the fact that she was virtually eviscerated by his campaign and supporters yet they now demand she prop up this sham with the threat that she “better get this right”?

    This is so appalling on all levels that you are left virtually speechless in response. Let him do his own lifting. I have never seen such hatred exhibited toward one candidate as I have in this primary. No matter what she says or does, her exit continues to engage the vilest of exaggerations. Enough!

  51. Jeebus Christ on a waffle cone. These bots are turning into a veritable caricature of every negative image ever leveled at Democrats.

    Obama supporter now implies that American soldiers are no different from a domestic terrorist.

    Tom Hayden, an anti-war activist who met Ayers in the 1960s and later was elected to the California Legislature, says Ayers’ past should be forgiven.

    “I have met and like John McCain, but he bombed, and presumably killed, many people in a war I opposed,” Hayden says. “If I can set all that aside, I would hope that Americans will accept” that Ayers has changed, too.


    I have never seen such political stupidity in all my life. Do they live in a bubble? Do they not KNOW how incendiary that claim is to the average American?

  52. WMCB, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:56 am

    McCain spent nothing but Hillary was recently in FL. This is a pattern. Whereever Hillary goes, once she leaves, McCain’s poll numbers go up. It happened in Nevada too.

  53. You are right on about the DNC & Obama.

    I’ve been trying to get Obots to understand, this is not just about Hillary. We must not allow the DNC and the media to dictate who our nominee will be. They have made a sham of this process and our party.

    Obots need to realize that the power mongers at the DNC can easily throw Obama under the bus in 4 years.

  54. Moderators, I think you need to stop being so nice with your editing. I think you need to step it up a notch, and have the trolls saying things like: “I am sitting here eating Cheetos and playing with my peepee.”

  55. WMCB @ 11:11


    I needed that!

  56. Re Jack Cafferty, I hope this post isn’t against site rules but….for some reason he gives me the impression that he’s got something going with a young Obama supporter and the more he blasts the Clintons, the more nookie he gets. It’s that desparate.

  57. WMCB, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:11 am Said:

    Hilarious! I like it….hope the moderators do, too!

  58. Trolls on previous blog.

  59. If Ayers has changed, why did he say that he didn’t regret the bombings and wish they had done more?

  60. I haven’t heard one word from the talking heads about this being the anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment. I guess some historical events are so much more important than others.

    Great video…thanks for sharing it.

    Mountain Sage

  61. It was people like Ayers and Dohrn that helped undermine the work of the peace movement in the ’60s and ’70s.

  62. #
    bostonboomer, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:15 am Said:

    If Ayers has changed, why did he say that he didn’t regret the bombings and wish they had done more?

    With questions like that, you’ll make the Obots head spin and explode.

  63. As my mother always said, you are judged by the company you keep.

  64. Ah, but WMCB, I’m trying to amuse myself. Not make myself sick.


  65. Wakonda, hope mods get to it, and everyone PLEASE IGNORE.

    I will occasionally engage them if it’s one or two. But when axelrove’s drones get sent in a swarm, it is best to ignore them, or we end up doing nothing but responding to them, and derail the thread. Leave their comments alone – the clean-up crew will get to them eventually.

    Other mod edit suggestions:

    I’m typing with my Binky in my mouth. Cool.
    Strong women give me shrinkage, and that makes me sad.
    OMG, like, I want to be in Obama;s boy band sooooooo bad!

  66. That’s a beautiful video. *sniffle*

    When I was a kid, Mrs. Banks in the Mary Poppins movie was the first suffraggette I had ever heard of. Here’s a great video using her song (Sister Suffraggette).

  67. Chatblu – I don’t attention to the A-Holes like Cafferty anymore. He’s a loser. Yesterday, I flipped on CNN – there he was, running Bill Clinton into the ground right and left. I could hardly bear it I was so angry. Most importantly, it is the media themselves that only contribute to the disunity and then turn around and blame us.


    I am soooo fucked.

    I have to get a new alias and everything


  70. I would love for any PUMA to answer one simple question.

    Name one significant issue on which Hillary Clinton and John McCain agree. I am simply wondering how you can support a man that is the polar opposite of everything Hillary stands for.


  71. NOW never spoke up about Ludacris’s lyrics about HRC – calling her an irrelevant “B.” I have no use for NOW.
    This is a war. Have you seen the new Pew Research Poll?
    “WASHINGTON — Men and women agree that women are more honest, intelligent, compassionate, outgoing and creative, according to a survey out Monday. But men still get a significant edge as leaders — and from both sexes.

    The finding, in a survey commissioned by the Pew Research Center, may help to explain why Hillary Clinton isn’t making an acceptance speech this week and why acceptance of women as leaders in politics and business has been slow.

    Among men and women whom Pew surveyed, a large majority — 69 percent — thought that men and women made equally strong leaders. But only 6 percent said women made better leaders while 21 percent said men did. Men and women held those views almost equally.”

  72. Thanks for the post and the lovely video RD! I have a terrible feeling there will be little or no mention of this at the convention. 😦

  73. myiq! What happened???

  74. joanie: We are getting carpet bombing media attention. As the PUMAs left the msnbc kiosk, there were reporters running after us, scurrying ahead of us to take pictures, following us into the Starbucks. There was media from all over the country and the world. It was amazing. The convention may ignore us but the press acts like we’re the only game in town.

  75. I love all you do Riverdaughter and thank you!
    Please use the word “suffragist”, not “sufragette”. The patriarchy originally coined the word suffragette to be demeaning.

  76. I am so happy about that! I am so proud of you, RD!!! I hope you are equally proud.

    It is an honor to be part of this.

  77. Stevo — McCain and Hillary Clinton both voted against the Bush/Cheney energy bill, which Obama voted for.


  78. Once again, RD! NAILED!

    Gee, I guess we were too busy working, no? To see how sneaky the patriarchy is!

    Could it be that is why the sweeties among us want to CLAW a few things?


    be loud! Seneca Falls lives in Denver!
    the day I cast my vote for Hillary, I had a tear in my eye, and it was all about Seneca Falls — she had best not let us down, because?

    What they did to her was wrong! And all of US KNOW IT!


  79. Well, Steve-O, they both agree that Hillary is a lot more qualified than Obama.

  80. stevo, take a hike. We owe you no explanations, and this is not a pro-McCain blog. Many are voting third party. Obama is the polar opposite in one area that trumps all others – he refused to allow a democratic voting process.

    Go tell axelrove you failed.

  81. Congrats RD! Thanks to you and to all of those fellow Democrats championing equality, and determined to settle for nothing less.

  82. To get the word “male” out of the Constitution cost the women of this country 52 years of pauseless campaign… During that time they were forced to conduct 56 campaigns of referenda to male voters, 480 campaigns to get legislatures to submit suffrage amendments to voters, 47 campaigns to get state constitutional conventions to write woman suffrage into state constitutions, 277 campaigns to get state party conventions to include woman suffrage planks, 30 campaigns to get presidential party conventions to adopt woman suffrage planks in party platforms and 19 campaigns with 19 successive Congresses.

    (Carrie Chapman Catt and Nettie Rogers Shuler, WOMAN SUFFRAGE AND POLITICS, New York, 1923, Chas. Scribners Sons, pg.107)

    Whenever I step into the voting booth, I offer up a silent thanks for Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, and my own suffragist great-grandmother.

    Happy anniversary


  83. I’m in moderation

  84. Stev-o -Don’t you realise how much the Obama camp CHEATED to get the nomination?
    Or did you think he was walking on water as God’s given tool???

  85. Today’s Washington Post:

    Clinton’s Thankless Job

    By Marie Cocco
    Tuesday, August 26, 2008; Page A13

    If there is a political job more fraught with peril than running to become the next commander in chief, surely it is being cast as cheerleader in chief.

    Hillary Clinton will be damned if she looks too methodically perfect, too much the purveyor of practiced routine and not enough the cheery personification of enthusiasm. She’ll also be damned if she’s too exuberant, too obviously raising her voice in unbridled exhortation for the team. She will either be deemed too cool or all-too-cagily warm.

    Clinton can’t win tonight. But then, she knows that.

    She is set to address the Democratic National Convention in Denver to give the valedictory address of her 2008 campaign — a race in which she went further than any woman in American history toward the elusive goal of electing a female president. But this speech is also meant to soothe her bruised supporters and get them to support Barack Obama, a man who — for not a few of them — has brazenly overtaken the more-qualified woman to grab the prize and, in so doing, has writ large the story of their own lives.

    Clinton is a woman who knows how to lose — to lose any shred of privacy, to lose face, to lose any expectation of being treated with a modicum of respect by the talking heads in the media and, now, to lose a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination that she expected to win. As if to heap insult upon injury, the Obama campaign let it be known that it did not for a minute seriously consider Clinton as a vice presidential candidate, notwithstanding the 18 million votes she earned during the primaries and her demonstrated ability to win over white, working-class voters who remain cool to Obama and who are necessary for victory in the fall. A reference to those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, which the Obama forces conceded could appear in the party’s platform, would be just words.

    In her 2003 memoir, “Living History,” this is how Clinton described her reaction to her earliest political loss, during her senior year in high school: “I ran for student government president against several boys and lost, which did not surprise me but still hurt, especially because one of my opponents told me I was ‘really stupid if I thought a girl could be elected president.’ As soon as the election was over, the winner asked me to head the Organizations Committee, which as far as I could tell was expected to do most of the work. I agreed.”

    The work of the next phase of Clinton’s career has been going on doggedly, and often with little notice, since she suspended her campaign on June 7. She’s been a campaign emissary for Obama to the Sheet Metal Workers union; to Hispanics and others in New Mexico and Nevada; to older women in South Florida who still haven’t quite accepted the loss of what for some of them may be their last chance to see a woman elected president. The speech Clinton made in departing from the race was, among Democratic activists, “probably the most seen, talked about, buzzed about speech of the campaign,” says Mike Lux, a consultant for Democratic interest groups and an Obama supporter. It went over well, even among Obama loyalists.

    That tends to be how Clinton does things. The public Clinton doesn’t usually show hints of the private pain that burns inside.

    The same cannot be said of some of her supporters, who can be expected to stage at least a few demonstrations of their fury at the outcome of the race and at what they perceive as repeated displays of disrespect that Obama has shown their hero. It is not lost on them that in selecting Joe Biden as his running mate, Obama chose a Washington insider who voted in favor of the Iraq war — two of the sustained attacks on Clinton that Obama used to devastating effect during the primaries.

    The television cameras will linger on angry and tearful Clinton delegates in the convention crowd. The commentators will no doubt take this as a demonstration of disunity — and not a few will, of course, blame Clinton.

    But it is usually the job of the party nominee to build unity once a vanquished rival has conceded and made the right gestures. Unless the loser happens to be a woman. Then it’s just like high school, and she must do the work.



  86. Oops! Didn’t mean to bold the entire text.

  87. myiq: I LOVE your alias. What did you do?

  88. edwardian: the sufferage video makes me proud but that news article breaks my heart. The truth of those words …

    I think the worst part is the complete and utter lack of shame. I would be embarassed to push the crap we are seeing pass as journalism.

  89. How about a Confluence Bread and Roses celebration tonight? I’ve got some bread rising in the kitchen, and I’m off to get some roses. I might even break out the silver. Wine…. the celebration needs wine.

  90. riverdaughter, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:34 am Said:
    joanie: We are getting carpet bombing media attention. As the PUMAs left the msnbc kiosk, there were reporters running after us, scurrying ahead of us to take pictures, following us into the Starbucks. There was media from all over the country and the world. It was amazing. The convention may ignore us but the press acts like we’re the only game in town.

    KEEP IT UP, THEY FEED ON CONFLICT, that’s their goal, that’s why Axelrod a former editor won the cable wars through with poor Obama bad Peoples

  91. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=h-wmAeqDSKw Some of the lyrics I found inspiring and apt to how committed we all are to righting the wrongs and seeing real, tru Democracy prevail.

    I won’t let my spirit fail me, I won’t let my spirit go
    until I get to my destination, I’m gonna take it slow
    because I’m takin’ it
    step by step …

  92. “C’mon [PUMAs], got to keep movin’!” 🙂

  93. Edwardian, thanks for the video and the others on this thread. I am on my way out to do some essential errands with tears in my eyes.

    RD and those in Denver, thank you so much for being there in Denver representing us all. I am dressing in white today to represent my solidarity with you and those who came before and worked to give us the vote. I am soooooo proud to be working with all of you to continue the work. It has been so obvious this year that more needs to be done. Perhaps we needed to be reminded, and I will consider it the good to come from the evil we all witnessed in this election. There is an old saying I believe that “a woman’s work is never done” and I recognize that we are joined with enlightened men and I give you full credit too. I am proud to be in your ranks as we move forward working for a better future for ourselves and our daughters and sons.

  94. Samantha’s mom, Bread and Roses celebration tonight. I’m in

  95. Gallup Daily: No Bounce for Obama in Post-Biden Tracking
    McCain creeps ahead, 46% to 44%


  96. Count me in too!

  97. Hi Charles,
    I went out grocery shopping and it takes me about an hour to catch up on the comments after a break. I THINK I’m caught up but, please let me know when you see anything inappropriate. An email with the name of the post and the time of the comment is best to make SURE I see it. (katiebird@gmail.com)

  98. thank goodness someone in the media wrote a column that ‘gets it.’

  99. So, you defenders of Democracy remove any comments that are less than laudatory to your cause?

    If John McCain is elected POTUS, you will succeeded in defeating everything for which Hillary Clinton stands!

    Can you be this shortsighted?

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