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Scratching Post DNC Tuesday – Hillary speaks! 10 pm EST (estimated time) Plus DNC “Caption this moment”



Conflucians, Senator Hillary Clinton will speak tonight at the Democratic National Convention at 8pm EST.  Our first viable female candidate who won more votes than any candidate in our nation’s history, is being forced to relinquish her votes on the 88th anniversary for Women’s Suffrage.  We know that she’s going to ask us to unite, to come together as she’s graciously asked us to do since suspending her campaign on June 7th, 2008, but everyone who reads the Confluence knows that we cannot unite as we have in the past when the DNC stole votes and delegates, thrwarting the DNA of Democracy itself: our right to have our votes counted and cast as they were intended.   

Esteemed Senator Clinton, we acknowledge you are between a Mt. Everest of rocks and a hard place.  But we will march and fight until every vote is counted and reported, and when Democracy comes back to the Democratic Party, so will we.  Until then, PUMA!

While Riverdaughter, Mawm and Gary go with their PUMA packs to PUMA headquarters in downtown Denver or prowl in the PUMAmobile, Rico’s got his Pink PUMA & Mountain Lion Martini glasses chilling in ice, while Flo’s got her catcher’s mitt ready for unwelcome words.  If you didn’t have any dinner, we have Denver Bison (or Tofu) mini-burgers and fresh popcorn for all the action that’s going down in Denver.

Speaking of action, just like RiverDaughter said here, and BostonBoomer said belowPUMAs are the news story!  Here’s this little nugget from Rebecca Traister from Salon.com:  Rebecca’s not exactly a PUMA-friendly reporter, but at last she gives Tweety a good slap: 

Aug. 26, 2008 | DENVER — “This is where you see the civil war!” burbled Chris Matthews, experiencing near-asphyxiatory pleasure on an outdoor stage in the sweltering Denver heat, while behind him two competing groups, Obama supporters and the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) backers of Hillary Clinton, chanted “Obama! Obama!” and “Hillary! Hillary!” at each other. Matthews looked as though he might wet himself as a camera panned the crowd, and he declared, “We’re at ground zero!”

Talking to these women, I began to believe that the threat of PUMAs, or aggressive Hillary supporters who planned to take over the convention, was a full-blown myth. I couldn’t find any; I hadn’t seen any. I half suspected that they were the creation of a media anxious to gin up a story in which the villains were a bunch of grumpy old white chicks.

But that was before I left the confines of the official indoor events and stepped out into the wide world of public protest and freedom of expression. And before the news of Monday’s shifting policies on the roll call vote began to leak out, and before Hillary supporters lining the streets of downtown Denver heard convoluted versions of what was likely to happen.

“You mean Reverend Wrong,” Mar interrupted. “Look, I know about the race card. I know about race. I’m African-American. And it was Obama who played the race card, and it’s going to come back and bite Obama in the butt.” African-American supporters of Obama, in Mar’s view, “are proud. Yes, I understand that. But you want someone who can lead America, not because he’s African-American, or because she’s a certain gender, but because she can lead.” But what about the woman they wanted as America’s leader? Clinton has been leading her supporters, or trying to lead them, to vote for Obama. “We want Hillary,” said Novacek, with the fingers-in-her-ears insistence of an implacable toddler. “She can stand on her head and plead with us, and I still will not vote for him. I want her. She is best for the country.”  

Caption this DNC moment!  Add your Conflucian Savoire-Snark to these photos:





(Long live PUMAs!)

460 Responses

  1. Photo 1: VP vetting selection in progress

    Photo 2: 2012!

  2. Photo 2: 2012 (if not sooner) and 2018, 2024 and 2028.

  3. Photo 2: Oh and some guy.

  4. SM: Another winner PUMA sister! Got to give some thoughts to these pics.

  5. I’m very glad that we’re finally going to hear a speech by Hillary. She is a great person, a great leader, and a great American. She has been on the sidelines for too long.

  6. Hillary Clinton has her challenge tonight and we have ours. Hers is to convince the Democratic base that she fully supports Obama so that four years from now when she runs again the base won’t reject her.

    Our challenge is not to be dejected when she gives a full throated shout out for her supporters to come to Obama. She’s just doing what she has to do.

    We are sophisticated enough to understand it. She needs to do what she needs to do and we need to do what we need to do,

  7. I love the top one. She’s so beautiful.

  8. Pat, love you too!! Hang out & have a drink. Here, a CAUSMO

    RegencyG: Virgin Piña Colada

  9. thanks wigwag — that is exactly right.

  10. WigWag, I’m just going to listen. I’m not going to start judging her words before she even speaks them. She deserves that much, and more.

  11. WigWag: Thanks for the reminder and the compliment. Yes we are savvy enough – and patient enough. We understand.

  12. Exactly WigWag!!!! Good to see you here!

    Plural, isn’t that photo gorgeous??? I LOVE ME SOME HILLARY & CHELSEA.

  13. WigWag: Beautifully put!

  14. Pic #1: Has Michelle been on another spending spree!

    Pic #2: Mom, is that Dad up there choking Barack or is he just glad to see him?

  15. That’s so sweet. How anyone can miss the humanity in the Clintons is beyond me.

  16. sm77 -yes, beautuful – Hillary is beautiful inside and out – she glows

  17. James Carville is back.

    “Senator Clinton is going to set a beautiful table tonight. She’s use the best stem ware and the best china.”

    But on Thursday, it’s up to Senator Obama to cook the meal.

    I’m hoping they will show his feet.

  18. They just showed James feet, He has his PUMAs on!


  19. PHOTO 1 Caption:

    First guy: “Pelosi says we have to find one of these to fit Biden, and quick!

    Second Guy: “um…I don’t think this is going to fool those PUMAs.”

    First Guy: “just shut up and pick a color. I don’t want Donna on my ass.”

  20. I’ve decided not to watch this entire dog and pony show, and I won’t. However, I’ll make an exception for Hillary’s speech until she tell us Obama is the awesomest thing since cocktails.

    Please someone let us now when she comes on the stage.

  21. Obama flip flops (lies) about the roll call

    Obama camp mulls shortened roll call
    The Obama campaign is considering an abbreviated roll call Wednesday that would allow Democratic convention delegates in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s strongest states to support her — and is mulling a plan to let delegates vote by secret ballot, according to those familiar with the planning.

    The shortened roll call, which would avoid a time-consuming state-by-state canvass, would be quickly followed by a motion for all the delegates to nominate Barack Obama for president by acclamation or, under another scenario, secret balloting. The deal could be announced as early as Tuesday night, the Democratic sources said.

  22. Photo 1: DNC puppets unsuccessfully attempt to copy Hillary Clinton’s signature pantsuit look by buying them in bulk from Sears.

    Photo 2: The one and only Hillary Clinton taking care of business while Michelle and Nancy share botox and dieting advice backstage.

  23. Yeah, what’s taking so long? I thought 2m77 said this thing started at 8:00.

    Just like the DNC to push it back!

  24. Delegate from Maryland wants a vote, will be insulting to 18 million voters if it doesn’t happen. “If my party doesn’t act in a way I can support, than I have to evaluate where I fit. If the party leaves me………….”

  25. If Hillar was not speaking tonight I would not be watching this circus. Same with tomorrow, only for Bill would I tune in. This convention is one of the worst. No drama, no surprise, no justice. So scripted they must have toilet breaks factored in.

  26. My night is made.

    I saw James Carville


    I saw his PUMAs

    David Gergen; “right now the convention is drifting around. Precious hours are slipping by…They have to tighten this convention up if they hope to move the country.”

  27. Kali: She is scheduled for 10:30.

  28. It is difficult to fill the hours when all you have are people praising Obama. Ridiculous!

  29. Fred: That’s in direct violation of the Democratic Convention rules. Oh, for the love of fluck. There are no rules they’re just making ish up as they go along.

  30. Thanks Pat. You just saved me 2 hours of TV time.

  31. fred, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:11 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Obama flip flops (lies) about the roll call

    Obama camp mulls shortened roll call
    The Obama campaign is considering an abbreviated roll call Wednesday that would allow Democratic convention delegates in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s strongest states to support her — and is mulling a plan to let delegates vote by secret ballot, according to those familiar with the planning.

    The shortened roll call, which would avoid a time-consuming state-by-state canvass, would be quickly followed by a motion for all the delegates to nominate Barack Obama for president by acclamation or, under another scenario, secret balloting. The deal could be announced as early as Tuesday night, the Democratic sources said.

    Can some one fill Obama’s gawddam Adderall prescription? JEEZ!

  32. PAT: 10:30???

    I saw on CNN there’s a music act then Hillary. She can’t be on that late because Mark Warner is listed as the “Keynote.”

  33. What time is the “rollcall” scheduled for? I know they wish to abbreviate it so they can get on with more Obama adoration but I don’t want to miss this.

  34. My television hasn’t been turned on since Bill Moyers interviewed Jeremiah Wright. That represented the death of journalism to me.

    However, I’m going to watch Hillary’s speech tonight, and Bill’s tomorrow night and hope hope hope they don’t have to completely sell out their honor and US.

    I’ll have to leave the computer to go to the TV, so someone do please post when it’s time for her.

  35. Lanny Davis on with Bill O. Bill is eating him for dinner. Boy, Lanny has gone down hill.

    I actually feel bad for him.

  36. SM: I saw an earlier banner on CSpan but it may not have been wholly accurate.



  38. Here’s something:

    Hillary’s test run ignored Obama


    Hillary Clinton gave a preview of tonight’s speech for a group of supporters in Denver earlier today, and it didn’t feature Barack Obama — at all. Peter Nicholas covered the event for the LA Times, and reports that Hillary never asked her backers to support Obama, only urging their support for “all our nominees”. If that’s the strategy she takes tonight, the snub could be historic:


  39. Thank you to riverdaughter and everyone else in Denver, you are standing up to the media, this is really historic, I never would have believed back in June that something like this would happen.

  40. The plot thickens…

  41. This whole sham reminds me of that spoiled, stuck-up rich kid who can’t make friends on his own, so his parents have to bribe some random kids to show up for Jr’s party — make him feel special. Yet the kids don’t know him and don’t really care — just there for free food, games and toys.

  42. A PUMA needs to clarify with media.

    Would a PUMA that gets to talk to the media please make it clear that the PUMAS are not just angry women. I am a angry male 65+ years old. I do support Hillary, but just as important is that we must show the DNC/ONC that they cannot shove a candidate down or throats! We will not stand for it.

    All they talk about is angry poor losers and that needs clarified.

  43. Regency, very interesting.

  44. They should James Carville’s PUMAs again. It just cracks me up!

  45. I thought all the coverage of the Nazi “assassins” was pretty funny yesterday. A couple jerks come up with a half-baked plan to attack the One and the media acts like it’s the end of the world. It’s pretty clear that the guys were dummies and were never a threat.

  46. We want to hear Hillary and instead we are getting a parade of people who want to tell us their life stories. Just like Dr. Phil.

  47. Regency: I’ll be happy if Hillary doesn’t mention Obama at all in her speech but MAN, after Big Dawg sends out a coded message that he will vote for McCain and Hillary planning to deliver a great speech that won’t even mention bowing down to The One, the Obamabots are going to go bat sh*t crazy.

  48. Dale, i agree, but most PUMAs aren’t used to being interviewed and giving a practiced answer like politicians and I thinks most of these interviews are heavily editted before being shown

  49. The Carville Puma shoes story is all over the Internet and is infuriating the Obamabots. I just so love it!

    Mountain Sage

  50. Charles: Some of Hill’s aides (unnamed, take it or leave it) say that it isn’t her job to be the McCain attack dog tonight.

  51. PAT & WMCB: LOL at your captions~!

  52. Pic 1: “Which one of these matches Pelosi’s rose-colored glasses?”

    Pic 2: “Does that sign say PUMA HAKA?”

  53. Terry Mac said earlier today that it’t time for Obama to step up and do his own job. I think she will talk about the country and the people and what both need for the future.

    Which will likely include contrasting the present with how things were when we had a Democrat in the White House.

  54. I would like to elect the person who created the mute button for the Hall of Fame.

  55. Kali: I think they were CIA plants doing the DNC a favor so the US can sympathize with Obama. YES, I believe they are capable of that.

  56. OT, has anyone seen Joe Scarborough on MSNBC since his show this am? This am he said he was on for about 15 sec last night and “offended someone” then had a heated exchange with Shuster re: Iraq war. I had to crash after that since I had been up all night trying to get some things done and haven’t been able to catch up on all comments today

  57. Who wants to show me a pic of James Carville’s feet? I missed seeing ’em earlier.

  58. JulieS9164, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:26 pm Said:

    Pic 2: “Does that sign say PUMA HAKA?”

    Good one! hahahaha roflmao

  59. Pretty good plants then, sm77. Did you see the guy? Like that guy was ever a real threat. He looked like Borat:

  60. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past them.

  61. Is it just me, or is Gloria Borger dumb as a post?

  62. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi slapped down by Archbishop on radio show today because of remarks by Pelosi–Laura Ingram show discussing on Fox

  63. Phala; He got into a little pull and tug last night with KO and then this morning with David Shuster. He may be buying a bus ticket for home as we speak.

  64. Reg – ya think?? Wow. If she does that, though
    da -da-da-DAH!!

  65. While you guys are watching this yawner of a convention, with the “new and improve” Michelle, the return of the only “royal family”, the Kennedys, passing the torch to their chosen successors while the vile Clintons are desperately trying to steal it, I’m regaling myself with baseball.

    (Btw it’s 3-2 and the Yanks are not going into the postseason. BWAHAHAHAHA!)

  66. I think the CNN camera man must be a PUMA because he is focusing the camera on James’ feet every two minutes.

  67. JulieS9164, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:26 pm Said:

    Pic 2: “Does that sign say PUMA HAKA?”

    YES! That needs to be the official caption of the second photo 🙂

  68. McAuliffe on MSNBC

  69. Mountain Sage, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:25 pm Said:
    The Carville Puma shoes story is all over the Internet and is infuriating the Obamabots. I just so love it!

    Ha! I’ve noticed, too.

  70. Wow, Michelle Bernard just gave a fair description of Just Say No Deal. Said we believe Hillary could actually win this roll call. Said we are upset by how primary was run and that changes need to be made so this won’t happen again. I can’t believe it, she did not say anything bad about PUMAS (that I heard).

  71. WigWag: Gloria made my 10 best list of the idiot of the world about 2 weeks ago. She comes in at about #6.

  72. MA Blue, what inning?

  73. Julie wins for #2 – all other contestants can release their votes!

  74. Charles, you are wonderful!

  75. “WigWag: Gloria made my 10 best list of the idiot of the world about 2 weeks ago. She comes in at about #6.”

    So who’s #1

  76. Dale, the TV ‘bots may be talking about PUMA as losers/deadenders, but many of the print media people are actually beginning to show some respect! Check out heroesforhillary blog where PUMA news is being collected.

    I credit RD, Darragh, Will, Diane, Gary & Mawm and all the others who have been peaceful and dignified (besides being the best-informed group in the history of politics!) for the positive articles. They are ordinary citizens making an extraordinary impact on behalf of democracy. I’m so proud of them, and am totally humbled by their courage!

  77. Wig Wag those were my thoughts–we’re everywhere.

    McAuliffe saying he was going to Fox interview

  78. Wow, they really can’t stop slapping Hillary can they? I guess they are trying to make a point of her many different color of pantsuits. Disgusting pigs.

  79. WigWag: Jesse Jackson, Jr. Second, Donna Brazile.

  80. O’Reilly just showed clip of Joe Scarborough and now Lou Dobbs

  81. I hope Hillary says something about Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

  82. Wig Wag: I LOVE THE PUMA SHOES HAKA – go James Carville!

  83. Phala: O’Reilly must be loving this! What did he say?

  84. Fred: A phony roll call saves time?

    Oh, no, we can’t, just really can’t take the time from all this hot music & BS speech to do what we’re legally supposed to do here – do our duty & take a real ballot call for the little Democratic people sitting at home who actually sent us here.

    Say, is that Scarlett sitting over there with Oprah? Wonder if she’d do a talk at the coronation on Thursday?

  85. WigWag:

    6-2 5th inning. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The Dem ticket I don’t care about is having a terrible time at their own convention and I’m having tons of fun. What a day!

    This is too good.

  86. Charles: I have Rebecca’s piece above – you have more?

  87. Photo #1;

    I don’t KNOW!! He was in one of these a minute ago….

  88. If anyone thought that Monday’s show was bad, this one is worse. This convention will not deliver the “bump” they expect. This is a yawner.

  89. Cambell Brown needs to shutup.

  90. 1: Roger that. Teflon coated pantsuit ready to go!

    2: Do you see that… over there, ya. That is where we are storing Barak’s heavenly choirs of angels and magic wands.

  91. Regency – Look below for Katiebird’s Open thread this afternoon – PUMAs & Carville

  92. parent: That just get’s my last nerve–that the real thing they went there to do is considered a time-consuming formality and technicality where as these windbags filling up airtime is important?

  93. Senator Obama’s arrogance alone would put anyone off,

    voting for him, irrespective of Party issues.

    There is widespread dislike of him and it will show itself in


    This Democratic party will not be unified if he takes the nomination……

    Senex, Ireland

  94. Pat, O’reilly’s remarks essence was that everyone is biased except Fox

  95. Downticket, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:36 pm Said:
    I hope Hillary says something about Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

    I was thinking the same. I expect she will – so thoughtful and compassionate that way.

  96. The “captions” are really good! In fact, with the exception of the captions this evening would be taking up 4 hours of my life.

  97. You know, we need to do something to shut down the people who are misrepresenting PUMA in Denver. A bunch of McCain supporters are trying to hijack the movement and make it “Hillary Supporters for McCain.”

    Jerks on both sides…the Obamabots on the one hand, the McCain liars on the other. I might just watch Hillary’s speech and tune out the rest of the campaign.

  98. Four nights of this! Wakes don’t last this long.

  99. Senex – what are the odds over there – Matthews is always talking abut the Irish betting on this/

  100. Jeez, these reporters and pundits are really pissing me off. Since I got home this evening, Hillary needs to do this, Hillary needs to do that, blah, blah, blah.

    If (when?) Hillary was the nominee, she would go out and win her own votes, she would not whine that Obama was not helping her. He is such a baby.

  101. Photo 1: A Rainbow of Pantsuits
    Photo 2: “Look, a Pack of Pumas!”


    Photo 1: Camera color registration around Hillary’s wardrobe
    Photo 2: “Look, a Pack of Pumas!”

  102. taw – I know – that’s waht they all say and this is not her job – he needs to reach out of his pram.

  103. Shut up Roland

  104. I wish MacAuliffe would take it a step further and point out she’s not Obama’s mommy. She pointed out that he can’t win and why, and now it’s somehow her responsibility to fix all his defects? By what, magic? This is the first time I’ve ever seen another candidate held responsible for the nominee’s loss, except in a case where the other candidate was going around the country slamming him, which she’s not. The rules are different in the Misogyny Disenfrachisment Party.

  105. Have I missed Hillary? Oh, God, no!!!!

  106. Don’t worry Leela, she’s not on until later. I misunderstood the title to this post too.

  107. This “convention” is not doing him any good either. I can hear the sound of tv clickers seeking out anything else but this. The Jewelry Channel just doubled viewers this hour alone.

  108. sometimes at night I lie awake praying that I never ever have to listen to Roland again…..

  109. Almost 1 and 1/2 hours into prime time and nothing has happened at the convention yet. No mention of Bush, no mention of McCain, no mention of the economy, no mention of health care.

    I could have planned a better TV show than this.

    It really is unbelievable.

  110. jeez, you all have such great captions.

    Photo #2:
    Some guy named Jock Ewing, yelling that no one gives you power, you have to take it, Hillary, take it tonight!

  111. Seriously – Well said – and I wish msm would understand and say that.

  112. I am only sticking this out for fear of missing her. Otherwise, I would rather be scraping my corns (and anybody else who needs it) just to kill the boredom with this phony convention. It could not be more utterly useless.

  113. CNN: Fire Roland Martin now, and gain a modicum of respect.

  114. Charles – Drambuie shot for you!

    Everyone – Rico’s announcing an open bar for Pink PUMAs!

  115. Photo#2:

    …and then Oprah will be standing up there working the strings and he’ll….

  116. Hey, I’m glad it’s boring. The spotlight should be on Hillary anyway tonight.

    Although last night got better as the night went on. Pelosi kicked off the first two hours, which were a snoozefest whenever I tuned in. But Michelle Obama was surprisingly good. I kind of like her, even though her taste in men is obviously atrocious.

  117. SM: Please, a triple if you don’t mind.

  118. CNN said music act, then Hillary

    CSPAN says 10:30pm

    WTF is going on???

  119. Pat Johnson, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:45 pm Said:
    This “convention” is not doing him any good either. I can hear the sound of tv clickers seeking out anything else but this. The Jewelry Channel just doubled viewers this hour alone.

    Pat: That’s because this infomercial’s been saturating the airwaves since January.

  120. JulieS9164, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:26 pm Said:

    Pic 2: “Does that sign say PUMA HAKA?”

    Perfect! Hillary’s expression says “what could it mean?” and Chelsea (who just returned from Africa) KNOWS what it means! LOLOL

  121. Triple Drambuie & Pink PUMAs for Pat!

  122. What time is she supposed to speak?

    To be blunt, I really don’t want to see/hear all the b.s. before she speaks.

  123. SM: She follows Mark Warner who is making the keynote speech. So you have at least another 45 grueling minutes. I may hang myself in the meantime just to end it!!!

  124. I was just watching CNN. Campbell Brown actually asked if Hillary needs to apologize in her speech!! Jeffry Toobin said no at least. Carl Bernstein says Hillary can’t stand Obama and is really angry. Roland Martin says they love each other and get along great! The panel agrees that it’s Hillary’s responsibilty to unite the party and she has to do something really dramatic to force us to support Obama.

    These people are delusional.

  125. sm77: Who is the musical act? It’s not Jay-Z is it?

  126. Okay, House for now then guess just flip back and forth.


  127. They just brought on another Repub to speak for Obama! Holy Mother of God what sin have I committed in my lifetime that keeps coming back?

  128. Hillary is the last speaker, according to this:


  129. MABlue, I love you, but the FIFTH inning?

    Way too early to crow! 😉

  130. I couldn’t take CNN any longer. I’m actually watching O’Reilly. I can’t believe this is happening.

  131. Photo 1 “Quick, call Lands End. They didn’t ship the Persimmon and the Logan.”


  132. I hope the music is Springsteen singing The Rising.

  133. Rachel is heading to a breakdown. Tune in for it live!


  134. I was just watching CNN. Campbell Brown actually asked if Hillary needs to apologize in her speech!! Jeffry Toobin said no at least. Carl Bernstein says Hillary can’t stand Obama and is really angry. Roland Martin says they love each other and get along great! The panel agrees that it’s Hillary’s responsibilty to unite the party and she has to do something really dramatic to force us to support Obama.

    These people are delusional.

    So she has to go down on him in public?

    Guess I’ll watch the Tropical Update to see if Gustav is gonna wreck the remainder of my parish.

  135. Sometime after 10 pm eastern daylight time

  136. Don’t do it, bostonboomer. O’Reilly is even worse than Roland. Watch PBS.

  137. bb: Try it from my end. I have it on website streaming to avoid the windbags on cable. It’s even worse since those watching tv have the fortune of at least the Geico commercials. All I get is music and dancing in the aisles.

  138. Pat Buchanan – “Obama has no core, Hillary was the greatest thing.”

  139. I may have to marry Pat Buchanan.

  140. I thought Hillary was before Mark Warner? Isn’t the keynote the last address of the night?

  141. Good lord, apologize for what? If this freaking loser can’t stand up and take the “Leadership” of this manufactured, coreographed f*cking sham of a convention, how in the world is he gonna be president?

    I need a drink.

  142. Hillary needs to apologize for what?

    The oxygen she uses up by breathing?

    These people are sick.

  143. Yes bb, it is scary what we all have to resort to these days.

  144. Pat actually said this? Wow! KO will get rid of him quickly.

  145. I am not sad. I am furious, and I am proud as heck of Hillary.

  146. Eddy come home!

  147. Okay, during my down time over the last month or so, I missed what HAKA means – something along the line of (?) “Hillary Always Kicks Ass”?

  148. The train whistle just drowned out K.O. PERFECT!!

  149. Pat Buchanan is right. Too bad he wasn’t talking like that when the primary was still in full swing! Fair-weather scumbag.

  150. Charles: And I would love to work that spatula.

  151. I hate that train, but I love how it drowned out Olbermann!

  152. plural, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:52 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Hillary is the last speaker, according to this:


    HAVING A Gawddamn moment.

    You mean to TELL me, that all that HAKA about Hillary not being a “Keynote,” but given a “Prime-time” speaker title, to then leave her for last ANYWAY because they know she can get the ratings.




    This is so over the top disrespectful!

  153. I now and then pop in to the convention , staying for all of 5 seconds a time ( all I can stand) but I have to say when someone says Barack Obama and how great he is, you know they are lying. They do that close the eyes just before speaking his name before hand number….they are lying and their aren’t fooling anyone, not even themselves ,

  154. Kali: Pat B did stand up for her for months. He actually likes and admires her.

  155. Annetoo, you’re being too reasonable. Some people actually do believe that.

  156. PofE: i have no idea who the musical act is, I saw that “musical act” was before Hillary on CNN on the bottom scroll

  157. Mark Warner is in the previous hour.

    They are pushing Hillary as late as possible.

  158. I swear to god, if I hear one more moron say that she needs to apologize/work harder/grovel more I’m going to… well, it’s not going to be pretty. OR LADYLIKE!!!

    GIVE ‘EM HELL, HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!

  159. I have watched every convention on television since 1960. I attended the 1982 Democratic Convention in New York City where Clinton was nominated.

    This is the worst convention I have ever seen.

  160. I am a fruitcake.

    (post edited to remove lies and distortions)

  161. You need to change the title of this post – Hillary Clinton’s speech is at 8:00PM Mountain Time, 9:00PM Central Time and 10:00PM Eastern Time. I was panicked for a minute, thinking I’d missed it, when I realised that you’d mixed your time zones up.

  162. Dude, they’re letting anybody and everybody speak before Hillary. Some laid-off textile worker is next. The hell? Seriously, I sympathize, but what the hell?

    Oh and from Dennis Miller:

    “Somehow the Dems have been able, in their infinite wisdom, to take the woman who won 18 million votes over the last year and make sure she isn’t the #1 or #2 on the ticket”

  163. This is torture! And all this bashing of Hillary and how much she needs to prop up and redeem herself is going to backfire big time.

  164. PAT & CAROL: BTW, Ed Rendell spoke earlier…:)

  165. They are pushing Hillary as late as possible.

    Ahhh…so it won’t be live on the networks. Bastards!!

  166. I like Pat. He is funny. After the Berlin speech and the celebrity ad, he said this: We have gone from saying who is this guy, to who does this guy think he is????

  167. I despise Dennis Miller but he is right.

  168. OK – I’ll give Dennis a 2nd chance.

  169. Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough (towards the end especially) have been Hillary’s biggest “red” allies.

  170. *F* ’em all. Never surrender.

  171. Hillary Clinton is the best qualified candidate to run against McCain.

    Post edited by administrator to remove lies and distortions.

  172. #
    Kali, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:56 pm Said:

    Pat Buchanan is right. Too bad he wasn’t talking like that when the primary was still in full swing! Fair-weather scumbag.

    Wha? He’s always said this stuff.

  173. SM: I saw him. He rushed through that speech as if his next meal was cooling off.

  174. taw – Pat is the straight-talk express

  175. Campbell Brown is just looking out for herself & hubby, GOP operative Dan Senor. They’re hoping Precious is the nominee, & look forward to good jobs with the McCain administration. With that Hillary as the nominee, hubby has to make a living by going on Rush & listening to sermons.

  176. Seth – it’s what the news said earlier today –

    CNN said musical act then Hillary

    C-Span is different

    The DNC can be changing things as they go along – maybe even pressured by the TV stations to leave Hillary after because EVERYONE is watching.


  177. Leela

    Haka is a Maori war dance. It demoralizes the enemy. It has also become popular in rugby. Like this:

  178. CSPAN covers the convention WITHOUT ALL THE CRAP…good to know when you’re about to blow!

  179. Kill me now. Kathleen Sebelius is on.

  180. masslib, has he really? A lot of Republican talking heads got on board the Hillary train after they thought she would “lose,” after Obama won a bunch of caucus states. That’s when Anne Coulter said she would support Hillary over McCain, for example. I think they just assumed Hillary couldn’t win and decided to take that position to bash McCain because they supported Romney. But I could be wrong.

    If there’s one thing I have learned in my years of watching politics, it’s that you can’t trust Republicans. Or their pundits. Not that the Dems are much better this year.

  181. Ugh. CNN. Ugh.

    Are those still PUMAs on Carville’s feet?

  182. OMG – Sebelius next???

  183. #
    Regency, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:01 pm Said:

    Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough (towards the end especially) have been Hillary’s biggest “red” allies.

    Actually, red, blue and purple.

  184. Yesterday Pat Buchanan said to Rachel Maddow: “You aren’t going to win anyone over if you call them “post rational”.
    She responded: ” I’m not trying to win anyone over. I’m trying to win an argument.”

    Win the argument lose the election…

  185. Breaking news: Just heard from a HRC delegate there’ll be a real roll call tomorrow. Apparently the lawyers got involved. Stay tuned.

  186. I have been asked to speak tomorrow night as they have run out of life stories.

  187. Kali, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:04 pm Said:

    masslib, has he really? A lot of Republican talking heads got on board the Hillary train after they thought she would “lose,” after Obama won a bunch of caucus states.

    Nope. Not Pat. He really wanted her to win WI even.

  188. Well there you go, masslib. “Towards the end.” That says it all. You can tell who the real Hillary supporters are by looking at who was for her from the start.

  189. WMCB – Ooooohhhhhhh! Never mind! (Can I still keep my anagram? ;-))

  190. Eleanor – FROM you mouth to God’s ears!

  191. Rendell on FOX “certain media outlets during the primary acted like Obama was the Messiah.”

    “The only fair network during the Primary was FOX.”


  192. Regency, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:59 pm Said:

    Oh and from Dennis Miller:
    “Somehow the Dems have been able, in their infinite wisdom, to take the woman who won 18 million votes over the last year and make sure she isn’t the #1 or #2 on the ticket”

    Oh how true. Oh how sad. No laughing from me.

  193. I meant Thursday of course

  194. I wish I had a dog to walk right about now.

  195. Pat was taking up for Hillary since NH. Joe always called her “his girlfriend”.

  196. Pat Johnson, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:06 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I have been asked to speak tomorrow night as they have run out of life stories.

    I’m more than sure that your life story is 20 to the google power more interesting than this parade of losers.

  197. Uh, not Pat Buchanon wrote an article back in late jan/early feb telling repubs, between she, McCain and Obama, she was the best bet. Either vote for her or stay home, essentially.

  198. LOL! Paraphrasing Dorothy Parker on another blog:

    I would love to be on a burning ship at midnite

    I woudl love to have my tonsils out with no novocaine

    I would love to watch and listen to fucking Stennie Hoyer at the dnc

  199. SM: You and me up there and a handful of recipes! Those delegates would be cheering us on just for breaking up this sludge.

  200. WMCB: lol

  201. Pat Johnson, YOU ARE FUNNY! Can I go on after you? I swear, I’ll slay them! (Literally!)

  202. Yes, I am sure a boring person.

    (post edited to remove rude comment)

  203. I am ready to kill myself now. After my 4 kids have taken everything that isn’t tied down, I leave you guys the rest. Enjoy!

  204. I never thought I’d say this [grab a-holt of me, Kid], but virtually the only people with any amount of honesty & news this primary have been Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough and Lou Dobbs. Fox has given us valuable time and attention, but it has been sporadic & sometimes critical. Okay, I have to admit that Hannity has been really fair to us. Buchanan/Scarborough & Hannity are conservatives, can’t pin Dobbs down, but all have been real journalists. My hat’s off to you all.

    now going for booze

  205. Obama is going to “light” up the country with new energy. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Oh right, getting elected without Hillary.

  206. POE, same here. My sister and I were in amazement that Pat and Joe were about the only ones left to watch. That is why I still tune in to Morning Joe, and I do channel surf the other shows looking for Pat.

  207. Pat: LOL!!!

  208. I can’t beleive the lameness of this convention. Carville was about ready to throw someone on stage to talk about the issues

  209. “How about the people that would of voted for Barack shouldn’t their votes be counted”

    Yeah, it’s sad day when people who don’t vote don’t have their votes counted. Counting votes of people who voted is not only unfair to people who didn’t, it’s super unfair to people who don’t even exist. What if my mom had had 11 more kids? Who speaks for them? What about fictional characters? What about embreyos?

  210. Claire McAssKill is on right now. eww.

  211. Pat – Did you forget? The sky will open, light will pour forth…I hope you are ready for the Rapture! Your PC will be unmanned (unwomanned).

  212. taw46: think Charles hit it right. Most of these folks are just talking heads, saying anything, trying to make some moolah, push their agenda or a company agenda. Know as much about politics as I do.

    Pat & Joe were politicians; they & Dobbs do some real analysis.

  213. Gee, Pat, didn’t you know? The sun rises and sets in Barack’s Crack!

  214. Pat will be here all week, folks. And don’t forget to tip your waiters.

  215. This is the 3rd time (Claire) in 2 nights – WTF??

  216. Seriously: Thanks for your last comment. I was just about to inser the morphine drip when I read it and burst out laughing!

  217. Linda C: think Carville has a low tolerance for both boredom & fools, and tonight he’s got to endure a double whammy

  218. Remember: I am the walrus.

    (post edited to remove lies and distortions.)

  219. parentofed (aka mom), it’s like Bizzaro world. It’s really sad when those nut jobs are the only people with any sense of reality in the media.

    Of course, it’s completely self-serving. Let’s not give them any awards for ethics in journalism.

  220. That line looks like the Superdome in Katrina – unfortunate shot.

  221. Hannity mentioned PUMA again in an interview with Claire McCaskill

  222. Okay, we know convention planner Leah Doughtry is a real nutcase, but surely even she couldn’t do all this on purpose.

    There has to be method in this madness – is it all just designed to suck really, really bad so that Precious comes off as a big deal on Thursday?

  223. Do you suppose this is the way it’s always been, only this time we’re seeing it?

  224. And now for something completely different……

    Thought some of you all might enjoy another one of my posts from down in the sewers of the blogosphere (Hope & Change, Hope & Change, Hope & Change – my ears are still ringing from the chants):

    How in the 21st century with women outnumbering men, can we be so far behind in women’s rights?

    Women have always been their own worst nightmare – and their own best dreams. We are very far behind in women’s rights, and Hillary’s treatment by the left-wing Little-Boys’ (AND Girls’) Club is only the latest reminder.

    This whole fiasco has been a Neo-Cons’ fantasy – nominate a man who will not only lose, but will be the destructive force behind the irreparable tear in the fabric of the coalition that was the Democratic party.

    I have voted for Democrats for over 36 years, given thousands of dollars to their campaigns, spent countless hours working for their candidates – and, now, I will never vote for another Democrat again.

    I don’t trust them – and I don’t believe in them. So, thank you to all the Obama supporters for destroying what was once a great political party. I truly hope you enjoy ALL the fruits of your labors.

    A special thank you to all the young girls who are part of Obama’s “Women are B*tches” campaign. For you, nothing less than your full compliment of Karma will do.

    And, good luck with that – on this day of celebrating women’s accomplishments.

    For those who want the REAL story, here are links to Obama’s illegal activity:

    The Audacity of Democracy – Teaser
    Watch the videos, they are everywhere on youtube
    and the internet.

  225. New McCain ad just previewed on Fox. It quotes Hillary Clinton

    “Senator McCain has a life time of experience that he will bring to the White House and Barack Obama has a speech in 2002.”

  226. parentofed, there’s just no accounting for taste.

    Bless her heart.

  227. I have no doubt Hillary will be wonderful , and I will not vote for bo ….I already know in my heart that I will wait for 2012
    see ya I cant type and watch …
    Love to all

  228. Casey is a fucking light weight!


  229. You know that when Barky loses, the Obots will use those McCain ads to beat us and Hillary up….

  230. I said it before the stage and podium were designed by Bobby Trendy who “designed” for Anna Nicole Smith. I always admired his decorating her bedroom walls in pink shag.

  231. WigWag, Hannity’s only doing it because he thinks he can use it. Mark my words, if Hillary was getting ready to accept the nomination and BO was speaking later tonight, he’d be doing the same thing.

    Hannity is no friend of justice, and he’s no friend of Hillary’s. He’s just another scumbag who wants to turn us into McCain backers, and that’s not what Hillary’s supporters are about.

  232. WigWag, are you trolling for McCain or what? She did NOT approve that message. All these Republithugs don’t care about Hillary one bit, and McCain is the worst one.

  233. Finally – somebody said her name. (sigh)

  234. I would prefer none of them refer to her. Their hypocrisy is outstanding.

  235. Always the biggest cheer in the house: whenever anyone says:
    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  236. Kid; think that’s true of Hannity, but the trio of Buchanan, Scarborough & Dobbs have been around a long time, and I think their concerns & observations are genuine. I may not agree with their politics, but I do believe they have ethics.

    Heck, poor Pat even has to take his life in his hands to give a kind word about Hillary to goofy Obot Maddow. Now, that’s ethics!

  237. Pat, exactly. Clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right…

  238. There won’t be anybody left to divide.

  239. This guy is no Ann Richards!

  240. Can we not underestimate each other here? We all know what Sean Hannity’s after. We didn’t get here by falling off the turnip truck.

  241. Seriously, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:52 pm Said:
    MABlue, I love you, but the FIFTH inning?
    Way too early to crow!

    First of all, it’s never too early to make fun of the damned Yankees if you are a Red Sox. Secondly, it’s 7-3 bottom of the 7th.

    Should I remind you that you’re watching McCaskill on teevee? BWAHAHAHAHA!

  242. Pat, I swear, everytime you think the Obots have exhausted the universe’s capacity for stupidity, they discover a new universe to be stupid in.

  243. How ’bout impeaching them – before they start another war?

  244. Yeah, I may have been wrong about Pat Buchanan. Sorry if I did him an injustice.

    Honestly, he’s been wrong about so many things for so long that I just tune him out. And I don’t usually watch the CNN/MSNBC shows where he talks.

  245. These speakers could be making the most prolific of statements and they are so boring we would have missed it.

  246. What’s with the trolls? Why aren’t they watching the boob tube? It’s their party.

  247. Sharpton Warns Clintons: Be Nice to Obama This Week Or Else

  248. MA – cut it out – I can’t even look at the stadium without crying.

  249. Oh gee whiz…can I be one of us too?

  250. Kali, I’m just reporting what I heard.

  251. Casey – Barack Obama is one of us….

    He’s a PUMA?

  252. It’s only 9:30? I thought it was October already.

  253. There’s a Yankee game on during the convention? =:0

  254. Sharpton is a big braying ass.

  255. The lines outside to get in are long. They are carrying on about it. No body cared to get in for last nights snooze fest!

  256. Wasn’t this speaker on SNL?

  257. Kid: Well, I’ll never forgive Leah Doughtry for the gratuitous disrespect for the time slot of Hillary’s speech, and taking away the keynote from her. I mean, never forgive….

  258. I’m a Rex Sox fan, but, um…history indicates it is often too early. Like, until the game is over, and sometimes not even safe then (I know it’s the NEW Sox).

  259. New Gallup Poll : McCain leading Obama 46-44

  260. Hey SM,

    We need a new thread. This one is really long. Do you want to make a new cocktail thread?

  261. Al Sharpton can go take a flyin’ leap.

  262. I’m calling out Al. I want to meet him and Bo’s chicken in any alley, in any city.


  263. Actually, I didn’t lie: you *do* edit comments because you are too sensitive. It’s the truth. It’s okay, I know the truth hurts. I would never have said anything about your sad little group, but for the fact you edit criticism, you deserve facts smacked into your face.

    And it is a FACT that Hillary didn’t think caucus states mattered and thought they didn’t really count. That means you, Colorado!


  264. Red Sox are up in the 7th.

  265. Hi gang. I was out for dinner, expecting Hillary to speak at 10, and then checked on my iphone and it said here 8 and I rushed home thinking I missed her. Now, it’s Mark Warner and she hasn’t even spoken yet? WTF? Any news on when? I haven’t read the thread fully yet.

  266. Sharpton’s never said a smart word in his life.

  267. Seriously – and the game isn’t over

    WigWag They didn’t have Hillary in that poll – why not?

  268. Yankees haven’t done squat this century.

  269. I need a Margarita

  270. Good grief, these people are mind-numbing losers. I may have to go play with the cat.

  271. Oh yeah, and I will bring the Hickory Rub!

  272. Sharpton is a “ra*ce” baiter and makes his living off it. Nothing he loves more than finding ra*cism in everything. Tiwana Brawley is one he will never live down. Threats all the time.

  273. Peter – should have kept Torre – big error

  274. Hillary is going to speak pretty soon. C-Span says she’ll speak at 10:30 pm ET but they appear to to running ahead of time. Get ready now with the popcorn and be prepared.

  275. Pat – Tawana Brawley must be a grandmother by now –

  276. Ledbetter’s up! This lady is great. Discriminated against by sexists for years and fought for years to get what was rightfully hers. Tragic, though–to take her case all the way to the Supreme Court, only to get slapped down by Scalia and the rest of the scumbags.

  277. “WigWag They didn’t have Hillary in that poll – why not?”

    Excellent question!

  278. This idiot woman want equal rights for women’s pay. Like Hillary was not the candidate for to do. And he is such a champion of women’s rights. This is pathetic.

  279. Hey All,

    I’m sitting in the Puma Pac HQ waiting for Hillary’s speech. The Puma Mobile has arrived and all is good. I truly could not be happier. Murphy is awesome. Sheri is a champ and all the other Pumas are amazing. I wish you were all here.

  280. I see the pumas on Carville! Too funny!


  282. Casey was just talking about that moment last night when Bo was driving home his baby from the hospital, “it was soooo emotional for me.”

    Some floor cop was in the background yawning so large that they hooked an oxygen mask up to him.


  283. Dave Barry is doing his usual FABULOUS job of covering the convention. Read it – it will crack you up! Dave now has a thang going on with Schumer, since the butt contact.


  284. Told you Leah was nutty; if she had any sense, she would have told Sharpton to stay home & welcomed Wes with open arms.

  285. Oh and how could I forget, Riverdaughter is my home girl.

  286. I’m a Sox fan, but I miss Torre. This rivalry is headed in the wrong direction with Manny gone, Posada hurt etc.

  287. When do we get to start drinking?

  288. Puma-SF: Wish we were there with you! Sounds as if you all are making history. This convention is mind boggling awful!

  289. Are you calling Ledbetter an idiot? She’s a hero. Obviously Hillary would be the better candidate for women, but that’s no reason to attack an innocent bystander.

  290. SophieL: You mean you haven’t begun? God, what a slacker!

  291. OMG! Who chose this music?

  292. Puma-SF: We wish we were there, too. Then we wouldn’t have to watch the crappiest convention EVAH. And I’ve pretty much seen them all, back to the early 60s.

  293. We’re dancing in the aisles again! Whoopee!

  294. After watching FOX for the last hour, the bottom line is that regardless of their motivation, the coverage on FOX has been more objective and honest than the covereage on MSNBC or CNN. It is even more objective than the coverage on PBS.

    Mark Warner on the stage

  295. Mark Warner is on. Hillary is after him…are you ready?

  296. Thank God, the keynote speaker at last. She will come on after this. Hope he is not another windbag.

  297. pat: I was gonna stay sober for Hillary, but I don’t think I could take much more of this without medicinal assistance.

  298. #
    Pat Johnson, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:37 pm Said:

    This idiot woman want equal rights for women’s pay. Like Hillary was not the candidate for to do. And he is such a champion of women’s rights. This is pathetic.

    Um, Pat, I think Ledbetter supported Hill. They have worked together on the fair pay act.

  299. Wow, I never realized Mark Warner was so dopey looking.

  300. Thanks, Charles. And by the way, I love your site. I look at it almost every day.

  301. Warner – outHUSTLE??? Show your cards much?

  302. Exactly. Ledbetter’s only here because the Democrats supported her and Republicans did not…and because Republican Supreme Court appointees wrongfully denied her rights. She was never for BO.

  303. masslib: I retract, sorry.

  304. Sheesh, what a snooze fest. I am getting up to get myself a drink, but it is such a weird and humble drink that I won’t confess to what it is.

  305. And Ledbetter is the plaintiff in the famous case, ledbetter v. goodyear, where the SC decided because she didn’t accuse her company of pay discrimination in the first 24 months, she could only sue for the last two years of employment, which makes no sense because you don’t usually see the evidence of pay discrimination until the culmination of several years.

  306. For those who don’t know, Mark Warner is a multi millionaire who made all his money bidding on cell phone frequencies when the technology was first being developed. He then sold those frequencies to the big telecons at a huge profit.

  307. PLEASE tell me when Hillary’s on???

    TV & computer in 2 different rooms!

  308. Anybody wanna see my bio?

  309. sm77 Send Barry your cell phone # and he’ll text you.

  310. WTF? I thought Hillary was following Warner, but CSPAN just flashed up Deval Patrick is next and then Sweitzer(sp?) and THEN Hillary.

  311. Fox – Rudy and the new Obama ad about Ayers in a moment.

  312. Next is Deval Patrick ..

  313. I could get drunk AND sober back up before Hillary goes on.

  314. Carol – I’ll bet it’s explosive!

  315. Still4Hill: I’m too buzzed to fight back with you.

  316. Why do the Democrats continue to talk about what the country needs? I thought Pelosi fixed everything over the last 2 years?

  317. Maybe Deval Patrick is going to deliver Obama’s speech tonight as a test.

  318. Oh, Deval is going to be much better than Warner. He’s the guy BO copies.

  319. Briana, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:45 pm Said:
    Next is Deval Patrick ..

    oh the first guy to use the “just words” speech…and said it better!!

  320. This is rich! What a line of bull:

    “In my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much,” she said. “See, that’s why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service, working to empower young people to volunteer in their communities.”

    But she omitted the fact that she later went on to a high-paying job at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she worked in community and external affairs. In March 2005, she was promoted to vice president for community and external affairs, and her salary jumped from $121,910 to $316,962, which included a one-time bonus. In 2006, her salary was $273,618, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Ms. Obama’s promotion came two months after her husband became a senator, but campaign aides said that she’d been offered the promotion and turned it down before that.

  321. DEVAL PATRICK then ???


  322. Well, at least we know the purpose of the music; it’s to make the audience dance & keep awake.

  323. I’m glad that our Senators managed to refrain from groping ledbetter during her remarks, yelling for her to fetch the coffee, or drowning her out with a rousing rendition of “Dirt off theShoulder.” They showed remarkable restraint there.

  324. This from Joe Trippi:

    « Catch me all week with CBS News in DenverDay 2 from Denver »
    More Clinton Angst At Convention Than I Expected
    After being here in Denver all day yesterday, last night and today, I am running into far more Clinton supporters who are upset or have some angst about Barack Obama than I thought I would. To be clear I am not talking about the Clinton Campaign. I am talking about Clinton Delegates and supporters. Some are upset that she isn’t on the ticket. Others are still convinced that Obama can not win. I had thought Obama would have accomplished more towards healing these wounds by now. Perhaps after tomorrow night, with Hillary Clinton’s speech, we will see these delegates soften and move in stronger fashion to Obama’s corner. But right now, it looks like a lot more work needs to be done over the next 4 days to heal the divisions in the party and leave Denver unified. These next four days are more important than I had thought.

  325. She turned down a job at her same hospital that would have increased her salary $150K. She would have to be nuts!

  326. brief update: LadyBoomerNYC was in the right places at the right times today. She has a couple of posts coming up. We are trying to load the speech Hillary gave at the Women Count event today. She also has some news about the delegate petition. Finally, we have an unconfirmed report from inside the Pepsi Center that Hillary is going to make an important announcement tonight.
    Stay tuned….

  327. Mark Warner is making me


    Wake me up when Hillary arrives!

  328. sm77, Not even! There’s a speaker after Deval Patrick, and THEN Hillary.

  329. This is big fun we are all sitting on the floor and booing and jeering and having a blast. I can’t imagine what will happen when Hillary comes on. Wow, there are a lot of media in here.

  330. ben: Every word coming out of the Obama’s mouths are nothing but lies.

  331. IronMan – you’re lucky he’s putting you to sleep; it’s better than getting annoyed by him. “Barack Obama believes in a fair shot for all Americans.”

    “Yeah, unless they are Hillary Clinton,” I caught myself saying back to my computer screen.

  332. Maybe Leah can find some rent-a-cop in the parking lot willing to speak before Hillary.

    ANYTHING to diltute the audience of that Bit*h who tried to beat poor Bambi.

  333. Puma-SF: Keep live-blogging the scene at PUMA HQ, please!

  334. Actually, then Chelsea, then Hillary . . . Chelsea gets a shot at this.

  335. Pat…you always read my posts. Thank you.

  336. Puma-SF: Don’t make us envious! We are all hanging on here by the grace of God and a few libations. Example: they are having a ball in Gitmo compared to this.

  337. Jmac, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:48 pm Said:
    This from Joe Trippi:

    ….. These next four days are more important than I had thought.

    He needs to buy a clue. But when do these guys even see regular people anyway? oh and four days won’t do it .

  338. Count on Hillary being on at 7:30 Pacific time. There are a couple more fillers left to go.

  339. What is he talking about?

  340. Jmac: can’t anyone there speak a complete sentence of truth? What, is BS the official language there?

  341. “Finally, we have an unconfirmed report from inside the Pepsi Center that Hillary is going to make an important announcement tonight.”

    That sounds ominous, Riverdaughter.

  342. McCain is up on Gallup during the Obamagasm on teevee? Wow!

    To quote the always funny Rev Manning: “Obama is dropping in the polls like a lead rock in a glass of Kool-Aid”


  343. I smell popcorn…

  344. OMG! “We are all in this together”? I never, ever signed up for this.

  345. Look, I like Mark Warner. He was a smart, great Governor. He will be an outstanding Senator.

    But watching him speak is like watching paint dry.

  346. I’m putting on my Hillary T-Shirt now.

  347. OMG…..Obama treated Judas well.

  348. PUMA-SF!!!

    We love you!!

    Keep checking in with us!!!

  349. Funny how many shoutouts they’re giving to Scranton, huh?

  350. Fuck you…Richardson.

  351. So tell me, has Patti Solis Doyle, Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff, started work yet? Or was that to make people think the VP would be Hill…or was it a big FU…I’m guessing the latter

  352. Gotta get WV in there – so not Obama territory.

  353. jeez, will they get on with this? I only have 6 more bottles of wine in the house; may have to send hubby to the liquor store.

  354. Dunder-Mifflin paid for the tote bags.

  355. riverdaughter, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:48 pm Said: Edit Comment
    brief update: LadyBoomerNYC was in the right places at the right times today. She has a couple of posts coming up. We are trying to load the speech Hillary gave at the Women Count event today. She also has some news about the delegate petition. Finally, we have an unconfirmed report from inside the Pepsi Center that Hillary is going to make an important announcement tonight.
    Stay tuned….

    Thank you RD!!!!!

    We hope it’s a good announcement!

  356. I am sorry I could not watch “my girl” speak and plead for me to do something for her that I know is not in her best interest. I know it, you know, and deep down in her very big forgiving heart she knows it too.

    At dinner I was a very good boy until my obama-bot friend said something about the Puma’s. He called us post rational like it was some kind of breakfast cereal. I responded post racial post misoginistic and post democratic-

    He said these ladies better watch out or Roe V Wade will fall I told him Roe V Wade could fall right now reguardless who is president Obama or McCain then I told him about Obama saying a woman should consult her preacher and husband before she should deside about what she should do with her body.

    He refused to believe that Obambi said that. I then called down the encylipedia brittanica of Obambi sins on him and told him go ahead call them irrational these women I know them and thay are not buying what “the one:” is selling!

    Fortunately desert arrived and the table quited down….I could have used a few of you at the table tonight.

    He said we need to get over it. then ate his seven layer chocolat brownie(like it was awaffle).


  357. This is classic. Keep Richardson talking.

  358. Judas thinks it was “really close” on the VP choice, he almost got it.

    Of course, he also says people like Michelle Obama. LOL! and Hannity calls him on it!

  359. Lordy, I’ve been reading your comments from last night about how boring this Convention is, and I just rushed home to hear Hillary, but of course they have pushed her aside again. So, I’m listening to Warner, and now I know what you’re talking about: he’s dull dull dull.

  360. update: We have an unconfirmed report that a rather well known person is about to come to PUMA. We ARE the news in Denver.

  361. Stopped listening about 45 minutes ago. I look up every now and then – Warner is still on. Love when they pan the convention floor – looks like many are about to doze off.

    Wow. Another wise choice Obama made with this key note speaker. If this is any indication, this ordeal should be over by mid-September.

  362. Good…Bill is still mad at Richardson.
    Would you give speeches with a terrorist?

    Change? Bringing people together?

  363. what announcement?


  364. fif- He’s a computer geek –

  365. It looks like a really bad party and you can’t wait for your ride so you can get home already and take a bath.

  366. Fuzzy – she hasn’t come on yet – they are leaving her for last….AFTER THE HAKA of “she’s not a keynote speaker.”

    Keynote was Warner who was about an hour ago.


  367. So far, after several minutes into Warner’s speech, I can’t remember a damn thing the man has said, other than something about the Chinese and gold medals. WTF?

    Warner’s speech blows BIG TIME!

    Seriously, is this the best the DNC could do? LOL!

    Bring on Hillary!!

    Oh I am so proud that I live in a country where I won my own vote and can shout it form the mountain top on election day for America!

    Hillary or McCain in 2008=Putting America First and Hillary in 2012

  368. Could it be Geraldine????

    Do tell the rumor River!

  369. parentofed: I am looking forward to meeting the dawn here on the east coast!

  370. What kind of BS music is this?? LMAO!!

  371. HIgh definition flat screen…really shows how bad everyone’s skin is.

  372. Cripes – ANOTHER speaker before Hillary???

  373. The “keynote” sounded flat to me!


  374. I like Strickland. He told Obama to buzz off for VP and he stood with Hillary.

  375. Ted Strickland? WTF is going on?

  376. riverdaughter, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:58 pm Said: Edit Comment
    update: We have an unconfirmed report that a rather well known person is about to come to PUMA. We ARE the news in Denver.



    You’re killing us with the suspense!

  377. The minutes are flying by like hours.

  378. Know what? She’s usually late – she might be causing them to kill time – This is about Stephanie TJ – yes!

  379. Jesus what a snot-head that Rebecca “writer” person was.

  380. I heart Geraldine Ferraro. She spoke the truth!

  381. Yup, boring as dirt. Hillary’s going to blow the roof off after a lead-up like this. She would have anyway, but the contrast is going to be even more amazing.

  382. I’m so glad you are having a cocktail party because the wine is flowing, the beer is cold, dinner is out front. People are coming in, we are having a big party. The new suffragist movement is born tonight.
    We are all together, no matter what happens.

  383. MO looks angry, again.


  384. Maybe Hillary will visit PUMA headquarters before giving her speech.

  385. I cannot stand the suspense either! I am either lost in sonombulism or jerked awake by a suprise announcement. My cardiovascular system can’t keep up.

  386. I’m boycotting the convention. So, Warner fell flat? I’m disappointed. He’s the only Dem I’ll be voting for this fall.

  387. MO always looks angry.

  388. Should have told my friend “John” you ladies have waited 88 years for the ERA and so what is 4 years to get the correct nominee for president? not even an eyeblink-


  389. Yeah, fuck you Richardson is right and who the fuck was that Warner dude. I haven’t seen Sheri or RD for awhile but Murphy’s momma is a gem and she is running the show. More and more people are coming in and man is it hot.

  390. Okay, what kinds of drugs are you guys doing to stay awake?

  391. Riverdaughter: IS IT BILL CLINTON!!????

    OMG. I’m having juicy info withdrawls. Give us the fix when you can!

  392. Swan song? These people are morons.

  393. Man, listening to Mark Warner, I got this tingly sensation that moved all the way up my leg.

  394. why are they wearing life preservers in the audience?

  395. Yes she did IronMan. Again, no sound on as I just can’t listen to these freaks, but visual records do tell it all. Wonder what she was going off about to Biden??

  396. Why are they talking over Strickland? Is he unimportant because he supported Hillary?

  397. I’m watching PBS and one analyst just said Warner was “unimaginative and banal.”

  398. Arabella, you just made me laugh out loud!

  399. gxm: Warner is probably okay but it is just one more useless speech piled onto another. After two days it becomes monotonous.

  400. Don;t worry, WigWag, it’s probably just a rumor. What could she announce?

  401. Henry, Your foot fell asleep. shake it a bit and the tingly feeling will go away.

  402. Arabella Trefoil, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:01 pm Said: Edit Comment
    The minutes are flying by like hours.

    And flying like lead balloons.


  403. I’m glad to see y’all – I just got home from work, where I really have no one to talk to about this stuff

  404. These flesh tone microphones look like big moles on the Fox News Team.

  405. Check out ladyboomernyc, she has a new post up about Clinton delegates fighting for a roll call vote.

  406. Pat: hmmm, I do have that Maker’s Mark we bought for Gary/Mawm. It’s an easy buzz, and we’re going to need it, one way or another.

  407. Just in time, kiki. She’s got to speak eventually!

  408. Y’know, the “Past vs. The Future” meme is ageism code. And it isn’t just aimed against McCain. It’s against us.

  409. parentofed: Pass it over.

  410. New THREAD!!

  411. New thread up!

  412. Warner is much loved here in Virginia. As governor, he cleaned up the budget mess left behind by Republicans. He’s running for Senate and he’s the only Dem who’ll get my vote. He’d make a great running mate for Hillary in 2012. 🙂

  413. Arabella, it’s like being on a cross country flight that just won’t end.

  414. Eddy is doing everything he can to keep me awake!

    I told him to wake me when Chelsea shows up.


  415. Rachel is going nuts again, because Warner did not go after Repubs. Now she is saying bar is higher for Hillary.

  416. RD you are going to demand they re introduce the ERA in the next congress?

    Please say yes I have 8 neices and three nephews they need to grow up in a country where women are equal to men!

    Dont let them change one word from the original amendment proposal! Not one sylable or one letter!

    Its Carville Geraldine and Bill coming to the PUMA side!


  417. IronMan,

    That’s just MO’s normal expression. She was probably just inviting Biden over for Thanksgiving Turkey after they lose.

  418. Okay, moving to new thread

  419. Seriously: That she hates this convention as much as we do.

  420. I lived in VA when Mark Warner was governor. I remember thinking he was kinda sexy but now I think maybe it was just because he was really rich 🙂

  421. Dale…you are so right.
    We are fighting for DEMOCRACY…what happened to Hillary and Bill and all other unwanted Democrats not willing to bend the knee to Obama is a portend of what awaits us if the POWER HUNGRY OBAMA COALITION GET’S ELECTED.

    We are in deep doodoo if that day comes….I am not confused about why Obama supports wiretapping and gestapo tactics.

    The media needs to know about the voter fraud that occured in the Primary, SEE:





    for all the hidious facts about Obama’s Campaign voter suppression, thugery and stealing votes, voter intimidation and plain old fruad…all the facts are there.

    We must get the TRUTH about OBAMA and COMPANY out to the MEDIA (at least those that will be true to what journalism is suppose to do-inform the public). We need to tell everyone we know about what is really at stake here.

    All the beautiful words being spoken at the Convention about caring for the poor, the disadvantaged, those that have been victims and those hurt by the economy…etc., etc., are just that ….words. With Obama at the helm, Democracy will be part of the old past way of doing things.

    Obama is for Obama and the rest of us will be so much collatoral damage in his VISION to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

    Obama will loose in November, and Dale you are so correct…we must get the truth out!!! I’m really glad to hear men like yourself speak up and get “really mad.”
    Thanks for your post.
    Go PUMA’s

    Just between us PUMA’S, I am one of those angry “old” women (59) that they need to be afraid of; cause I am getting my Puma shoes out and will be working hard to defeat Obama:-)

  422. Rachel is not the boss of Hillary.

  423. Carol: Here we go……^%^^%^$%##@!!!!!!!!!! )(L:*&&^%!!!!!!

  424. [From Riverdaughter]
    Finally, we have an unconfirmed report from inside the Pepsi Center that Hillary is going to make an important announcement tonight.

    On no…what does THAT mean? I’m afraid to watch/listen.

  425. I’ve been reading blogs. The PUMAS are in Denver. They are everywhere with their Hillary t-shirts and buttons on.

    She says she is supporting and backing Obama. She has gone on the road for him. But, as one BHO backer said, “she is saying support with air quotes.” Whatever. After all of these months – there is one thing I have learned about Hillary. She is faithful. And, he knows it and is using it against her.

    What has he done in return for the her? Nothing. He has not addressed his own people and told them to cool it with the “zealot” comments. He hangs the retirement of her debt over her head. I wish I were a wealthy person. I would pay the damn thing off.

    Video Clip The Green Mile “He used their love against them.”

  426. Warner’s speech was in la la land, like most of the Obamabots!

  427. People can say whatever they want. America is fascinated with Hillary Clinton. I just perused some radio stations and the anticipation is palpable.

    I’m not turning my teevee on before 10.30pm. Nobody is gonna trick me into watching this macabre spectacle. Now excuse while take the Yankees out the the playoffs. (7 to 3, bottom of the 8th)

  428. Photo #1 (pantsuit photo) Obama looks to choose pantsuit to wear in attempt to get Hillary voters.

  429. “#
    Seriously, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:05 pm Said:

    Don;t worry, WigWag, it’s probably just a rumor. What could she announce?”

    What additional humiliation these frat boys throw at Hillary, she will look good. It is no longer her fight, it is ours now. She has put up with vicious personal attacks for thirty years and still done more than Obama and his
    worthless supporters will do, ever.

  430. kiki, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:09 pm Said:
    I lived in VA when Mark Warner was governor. I remember thinking he was kinda sexy but now I think maybe it was just because he was really rich

    LOL. No wonder I’ve never been found to be sexy.

  431. We are not on drugs. Just being here is stimulation enough. No, the person is not Bill Clinton, though if he shows up, we have a beer with his name on it.
    By the way, someone sent the most beautiful arrangement of flowers for Murphy’s desk. It must have cost several hundred dollars. The sender? Anonymous.

  432. Bro and MO are in the audience. They will probably be shooting gang signs.

  433. Reaching out…..HA……After Ted Kennedy’s speech, he was there nominate Obama and bury Hillary. You call passing the GREAT (ha) Kennedy torch on to Obama is reach out.

  434. IronMan, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:11 pm Said:
    Warner’s speech was in la la land, like most of the Obamabots!

    LOL! Yeah, CBS’s Bob Schieffer just called him on it — “not enough red meat”. To which Mark looked and responded like there he had some chip implanted just before he arrived. Land of the livin’, honestly.

  435. PS – Thank you for the wonderful updates and photos. They really raise my spirits!

  436. MO get ready!

    3 real Ladies are about to take the stage!


  437. “she is saying support with air quotes.”

    I am so sick of these assholes. They’re lucky she’s not saying it with a quick kick to the junk, which is what he deserves.

  438. I am ready. I have my Hillary shirt on!

  439. Hills up next..10 minutes from now

  440. There is a new article up.

  441. Gays & Lesbians are 6% of this year’s delegates!!

  442. Sophie – they should be 10% (same as in the general population) They give dollars in double proportion to the party. At least until this year.

    After the sexual discrimination lawsuit against the DNC and Dean plud removal of the help desk becomes more common knowledge the money flow will slow way down. As it should – they want our checks not our issues.

  443. I’d like to thrwart you, you crazy bitch.

  444. Any minute now Hillary will be on..
    7;30 Pacific &
    10:30 Eastern..

  445. Michael and Riverdaughter:

    “RD you are going to demand they re introduce the ERA in the next congress? ” Fuzzybeargville

    Let’s make it happen!!! What better way to turn this whole cluster****mess around.

    There definitely could be a ground swell to get the ERA passed out of all of this.

    Let’s Do It!!! Passage of the ERA and
    HILLARY POTUS!! by 2012

    There are some great websites to check out:
    (1). ERA Campaign Network


    From the website:
    “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

    To the continuing great disadvantage of all American women, the United States Constitution still does not include a guarantee of equal rights on the basis of sex. The Equal Rights Amendment, if and when enacted, will provide that vital bedrock guarantee of full equality to female as well as male citizens.

    We are a network of organizations, groups, and individuals, all around the United States, working to achieve the addition of the ERA to the US Constitution – a matter of simple justice for all the citizens of the United States.

    The “3-state strategy,” developed during the 1990s, provides a very promising means for attaining that goal SOON, by achieving ratification in just three of the 15 remaining not-yet-ratified states*, and then ensuring that the Equal Rights Amendment is therefore added to the Constitution.

    This sparked the current vigorous and rapidly growing campaign to achieve the ERA.

    Many organizations and individuals, all around the country, are now working for the ERA. (The National Council of Women’s Organizations, NCWO, supports ratification of the ERA; its nearly 200 member organizations have a collective total of more than twelve million members.)

    *The 15 not-yet-ratified states are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

    2. http://www.equalrightsamendment.org/

    “The Equal Rights Amendment: Unfinished Business for the Constitution”

    DVD: $15, $12.50 each for two or more
    VHS: $12.50, $10 each for two or more
    Shipping/handling included

    The Alice Paul Institute, a not-for-profit corporation based in Mount Laurel, NJ, was established in 1984. The API’s principal goal is to enhance public awareness of the life and work of Alice Paul, author of the Equal Rights Amendment.

    To make a tax-deductible contribution in support of ERA education efforts, please send a check (payable to “API – ERA”) to:
    Alice Paul Institute
    128 Hooton Road
    Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

    Power To All PUMA’s

  446. go to http://wwwcspan.com to watch via computer


  447. I hope she’s not going to announce that she releases her delegates.

  448. She on now! The have a short recess.

  449. Listening To The Convention…They are so on
    NObama KOOOLAID…
    Hillary’s up next I think!!!


  451. Thank you…Hillary…soooo wonderful!!!

  452. She is so much better then NoBAMA…he can’t even touch her little finger….
    Go Hillary!!!

  453. That’s the loudest the crowd has been so far

  454. Haillaree….lookin good

  455. The crowd is going nuts..they love Hillary..

  456. Here we go..it’s a coronation for Brack

  457. Good evening dear people of The Confluence. I came to share my sorrows with you.

  458. Good evening kiki…pour yourself something cold and refreshing… kick back and prepare for more pain

  459. Funny…no one talking about what their beloved Hillary actually said…quite funny indeed.

  460. Candoo: You said, “1) Because he will be a better president then the chosen ‘ONE’.”

    Please explain this opinion of yours.

    As for your items 2 and 3, they reveal your childish immaturity. Only someone who is emotionally stunted would take such action out of sheer spitefulness.

    I thought Hillary’s speech last night was wonderful. She is a talented speaker and did a marvelous job, she was very moving.

    Sadly for her, the PUMAs here lack her dignity, class, and graciousness. Reading the majority of the posts here, you sound like scary stalker-types what with all the fawning adoration that’s expressed. She’s a woman to be admired and respected, yes, but too many of you sound like you want to fuck her.

    And if you’re not professing your undying love for your candidate, you’re stooping to personal attacks on the Obamas and anyone who supports them. And if that’s not enough, when anyone disagrees with you, you label them a troll and delete most of their posts.

    Do you have anything of substance to say? Anything to show that Hillary Clinton inspires people of intelligence who are capable of thoughtful debate? Who understand the issues at stake and are focussed on them rather than abandoning all common sense in the name of the cult of the HRC personality? I know she does, but one would never know it by reading the majority of pro-Hillary posts on this website. You really should know that your behavior is not reflecting well on the Clintons or the people who support her.

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