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If you’re not asleep, you might be up all night

And what’s going on in the PUMA blogs?

At By the Fault, our friend Charles Lemos wonders if there’s forgiveness for John Edwards. He shares Hillary’s calls for Unity and uncovers details about new trouble for Obama in Illinois.

Heidi’s talking about Faux Unity. I wonder what she means?

Polling and pundants at InsightAnalytical with a couple of ideas I haven’t heard before.

MountainSage exposes shams and videos galore.

And Sugar is watching the Convention. If I’d only known. ….

What do you read when you’re up all night?

[UPDATE] One More!

Light the Night celebration in NYC, by edgeoforever

Light the Night celebration in NYC, by edgeoforever

210 Responses

  1. The Confluence, duh!

  2. 🙂 I wanted to link to you — but you cross post here. Sad, isn’t it?

  3. What do you read when you’re up all night?

    I read The Confluence. There’s no where else I’d rather be.

  4. What happened between Pat and Maddow?

  5. Actually, I was thinking of a post at Klownhaus that says

    “What are doing here? I’m at home. Riverdaughter, Gary & Mawm are in Denver. Go over to The Confluence where the action is this week”

  6. masslib, I’ve got no idea. Who is Maddow? Our Pat?

  7. Pat Buchanon. Some sort of melt down according to Carol, I think.

  8. Maddow Soprano?

  9. Rachel Maddow.

  10. Katie, I think masslib’s referring to MessNBC’s Rachel Maddows and Pat Buchanan.

  11. MyIQ — No kidding with the action. Did you see my comment that we had over 32,000 visitors yesterday? And over 600 comments to that last post?

  12. Besides the Confluence, Sugar n’ Spice, and Heidi Li…

    Anglachel’s Journal – She’s second under the Blogroll. Excellent commentary not only on the 2008 election but on a variety of progressive values we all should hold dear.

    Tom In Paine – Hilarious stuff. Go visit now. He has a new post up: http://www.tominpaine.blogspot.com

    Don’t forget Hillaryis44. It was the first site I visited after turning off MSNBC in December/January. I still go to read their posts: http://www.hillaryis44.org

    French Hillary site: It’s in French and English. Great, great commentary daily. http://hillary.meilleur.choix.qu-obama.over-blog.com/

    Uppity Woman – Hilarious. Often posts on NoQuarter (www.noquarterusa.net). http://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com

    American PUMA in Italy – She’s back from vacation and has a new post on Edwards and Obama choosing Biden. http://americanpumainitaly.blogspot.com

  13. Besides the Confluence, Sugar n’ Spice, and Heidi Li…

    Anglachel’s Journal – She’s second under the Blogroll. Excellent commentary not only on the 2008 election but on a variety of progressive values we all should hold dear.

    Tom In Paine – Hilarious stuff. Go visit now. He has a new post up: http://www.tominpaine.blogspot.com

    Don’t forget Hillaryis44. It was the first site I visited after turning off MSNBC in December/January. I still go to read their posts: http://www.hillaryis44.org

    French Hillary site: It’s in French and English. Great, great commentary daily. http://www.hillary.meilleur.choix.qu-obama.over-blog.com/

    Uppity Woman – Hilarious. Often posts on NoQuarter (www.noquarterusa.net). http://www.uppitywoman08.wordpress.com

    American PUMA in Italy – She’s back from vacation and has a new post on Edwards and Obama choosing Biden. http://www.americanpumainitaly.blogspot.com

  14. Oh, and of course PUMA PAC: http://www.blog.pumapac.org/

  15. Anyone know how GaryCH and mawm are doing – have they arrived, are they safe??

  16. I read here and of course stay busy with trying to keep up my administrator duties at Capital Hill. With everyone being so emotionally distraught over what’s happening it can get just a bit hairy at CH sometimes.

    Oh, I also scour the Internet looking for videos. 🙂

    I think I’ve had enough excitement for one day. I hope you all get some sleep. We live on to fight another day.

    Mountain Sage

  17. Marc Rubin of Tom In Paine is speaking the truth on My Two Cents Radio show. Saying this is bigger than Obama or Clinton. It’s about who owns the Democratic Party.

  18. DisenfranchisedVoter — those are great links! Thanks. I actually meant to do a couple of them but forgot in my anxiety to get a glass of wine. (To avoid hurt feelings I won’t label the ones I meant to link)

    I hope you don’t mind if I steal a couple of them next time….

  19. Boo, I think they’re there. They were almost half way through Kansas last I talked to them at 2pm…

  20. I wish I’d been there for this: Mario Cuomo Nominates Bill Clinton Part 1

    Sadly, we’re back where we’re started but there’s no Bill Clinton this time, just a fake-ass Malcolm Luther Kennedy Bush

  21. Carol: Rachel sounds like typical Obot behavior. Clinton-hating, impatient, disrespectful, unable to tolerate dissent, require total obedience to Precious and his new way….

  22. Michelle Bernard – ” Hillary Clinton women likely to vote for BO based on what they saw here tonight.”

    Alert – we ain’t gettin’ over it just to shut you morons up! Even though it is an extremely appealing idea. But, there would have to be contracts in place and sanctions in place.

  23. They were attempting to move their chairs away from her. I hope they post it on the internet. She was clearly off of her meds.

  24. Oh man, Mario Cuomo gets it right in Mario Cuomo Nominates Bill Clinton Part 2. Oh he gets it. He gets it.

  25. What happened between Maddow & Buchanan???????

  26. Do Andrea and Chuck live at MSNBC?

  27. I need a bank of TVs for this because I can’t keep up with all the channel surfing. I missed Gerri Ferraro on Fox. Now I’m on Fox and I missed drama on MSNBC. Cripes!

  28. I may stay up all night, watching [again] the movie “Iron-Jawed Angels” about women fighting for Suffrage. And standing up to the Democratic Party.

    If it’s after midnight for you, this is the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the U.S. Our great grandma’s were tortured and beaten in jails for daring to claim they had a right to vote. But as of Aug. 26th, 1920, we had that right. So, tell me, why is it that after 88 years of full suffrage in this country, PUMAs are spending this Aug. 26th trying to get our votes counted??

    my pro-PUMA website shows ways that we are carrying on the suffrage struggle.


  29. I don’t agree with Buchanan on very much, but I respect him more than most conservatives.

    He says what he thinks, not what he thinks you want to hear.

    He doesn’t care if people agree with him or not, and he’s not afraid to say “The clothes have no emperor”

  30. Carol, on August 26th, 2008 at 12:36 am Said:

    Cindy McCain on the way to Georgia to help with the victims of the war on the same night MO is waxing mundane about her life.

    First Lady Cindy. I like that.

  31. Andrea lives with Greenspan. Chuck lives in a van….down by the river.,

  32. Carol, on August 26th, 2008 at 12:25 am Said:

    Every time Pat said something about Hillary or about the pathetic Convention, she was extremely animated rolling her eyes, slapping down on the desk, speaking loudly, interrupting. Pat looked scared. She looked bi-polar – no joke intended.

  33. I caught the tail end of MO on abc. I missed ALL the drama too.

  34. myiq: Buchanan defended Hillary’s campaign against majority opposition all through the primaries. i was surprised, but he was a voice in the wilderness. Abrams also defended Hillary a lot and got whacked for it.

  35. Thanks, Carol. Well that’s how they acted during the primary coverage, too. I think it’s why they decided she’s a star and gave her a show. Poor Pat.

  36. Unlike most of the MSNBC “talent”, Buchanan could go to any of the other networks for a job. It seems like they weeded out any other interesting perspectives.

  37. I just paid a visit to an alternate reality called Balloon Juice. Here is the most recent comment:

    “Camera scans of the audience showed people, particularly women, nodding their heads during Michelle Obama’s speech. Clearly, she won a lot of people over. It was a nice touch that she specifically mentioned the anniversary of women winning the right to vote, and also that she specifically mentioned Hillary Clinton.

    I wonder if Clinton realizes that she has to reinforce Michelle Obama’s message, as well as deliver her “supporters” to Obama. If her speech degenerates into a “me-fest” the negative consequences may be incalculable.

    I was tempted to tell them those women were nodding off to sleep


  38. Buchanan also is one of the few who STRONGLY defended her against the misogyny. He said his wife and mother were livid, and he didn’t blame them. He was really disgusted by it, and made it clear, multiple times.

    I hate the man’s politics, but he won some respect from me for that.

  39. I wanna see Carville’s comments, has it gone up anywhere yet on Youtube? sounds like he is exactly right. at least someone spoke up.

    Wow I hate that backdrop with all the crazy lights, it seems like they couldn’t have done better to fall right into McCain’s “celebrity” attacks if they tried? I keep thinking.. it’s so lame.. I mean, the GOP is lame too, but they’re not trying to be cool, it’s worse if you look like you’re trying. It just looks to me like they spent a lot of money and a lot of time to put on a fabulous show because they care a lot about making themselves look good, and if that doesn’t make you out of touch with average Americans, what does? I mean if they looked like they put the effort into doing something in Congress to help the struggling middle class and working poor.. or even talked about it in a concrete, specific way..

    I was annoyed by some of Michelle’s speech – that she has to go up there and talk about being a daughter, a wife, a mother, as if that’s all it takes to get women’s votes.. and Barack showing up on the big screen to say something cute. So what? I don’t even identify with that, my family is more screwed up than Bill’s. What I care about is, where is Obama going to lead the country?

  40. Charles – look at carol’s 12:46

  41. Not an especially auspicious start to Rachel’s new career, is it? I agree, I don’t typically agree with Pat Buchanan, but he has earned more respect from me than the supposedly liberal Maddow.

    If it comes down to Maddow/Buchanan, I don’t know what MSNBO would do. They’ve already so many village idjits, can’t believe there’s room for Maddow.

  42. MyIQ, I always enjoy your balloon-juice stories.

    (waving) Hi Charles! I feel the same way about Buchanan. I’d never vote for him. But, I do listen when he talks.

  43. I WAAAAS going to sleep – but can’t.

    Ok, a glass of wine then.

    WOW – what a great previous thread! Read mnostly all the comments and LOLed through all of them.

    Tissue moments for Michelle Obama? How about counting our damn votes?

  44. Wait till you see this.

    This is the 2nd time I have heard his repulsive comments.

    PUMA’s I think we need to call for his firing!



  45. KB – thanks for the info. I loved the pics of you, Gary and mawm. I envy and delight hearing about the meet ups! Wonderful people!

  46. myiq: I only saw the tail end, but the kids were cute and in constant interuption mode. It was “normal” in a weird sort of way.

    They were shooting for the ‘awe, what a cute family’ reaction of the low information crowd. Being low information, I can say I wasn’t moved to want to vote for the guy, but the kids were cute.

  47. Oh man! I wish I could have seen the Maddow thing with Buchanan! Think maybe someone laced her kool-aid?

  48. myiq2xu, so after the gagging sentimentality we saw tonight, HILLARY is the one who needs to avoid a me-fest? And “deliver” her voters, because we do not have brains of our own?

    These people are nuts. Either that, or they are trying to play us in a very calculated way – “Get in line, or Hillary will be blamed for not bringing you over.”

    Sorry, asshats, but I do not respond well to bullies or hostage-takers. I OWN MY VOTE.

  49. Charles: Rameses’ worst curse was the one he brought upon himself. And Moses still got his people out of Egypt.

  50. The only reason I channel surf over to MSNBC is to look for Pat Buchanan. He took up for Hillary in the darkest days. I can’t believe I missed the dust up tonight. I, too, need a bank of TVs. Let me know if anyone finds this on YouTube.

  51. Can someone find and post the video from their exchanges?

    It was pretty psycho on Rachel’s part.

  52. oo, edgeoforever — I can’t resist adding a link….

  53. Carol quotes Michelle Bernard – ” Hillary Clinton women likely to vote for BO based on what they saw here tonight.”

    Good grief, how many times has she said this line, how many people have to say this crap, when it has been disproven over & over & over. WTH don’t they just tape this little piece of propaganda, and point to a picture of the Talking Head Pundit of the Moment? Save them tons of money, and we don’t care at all.

  54. “C’mon Hillary, now YOU have to insult your supporters to prove you’re serious! Everybody’s doing it, you have to, too!”

  55. WMCB:

    For Balloon Juice, that was pretty tame.

  56. Maddow v. Buchanan today: here I think.

  57. Paarentofed, I wasn’t going to vote for BO because I wasn’t aware he had kids. Now that I see he does, and they’re cute, and his wife wears sweaters, I’m in. He has a wife and daughters, just like the family in my Barbie Dream House.

  58. Carol -what a pr*ck – and it takes a LOT for me to use that word. Why am I having so much trouble understanding where that comes from? And then they expect Bill to be calm and go make a nice speech. Bill must be burning up.

  59. I just gave myself shaken-head-syndrome nodding at everyones comments.

  60. POE:

    They never actually interview any actual Hillary women for those pieces, do they?

  61. S – Cindy McCain is Barbie.

  62. Oh, and the post is updated with a photo.

    (edgeoforever, I just linked to your photo is that OK?)

  63. Michelle’s speech reminded me of those bumper stickers that say inane things like: I love my wife or I love my kids or I love my husband, with big red heart for love. No doubt these people are sincere, and I don’t much care what people put on their cars, but my first thought is always: So? Who doesn’t?

  64. katiebird – screen spew with my iced tea.

  65. Sorry, Still4Hill — here’s a Kleenex…

  66. Myiq: They don’t know any actual Hillary women, do they?

  67. Y’all don’t even want to know what our pal Mandos had to say earlier this evening over at Corrente.


  68. Reg – that was part of it, but they went at it multiple times and Rachel got more berserk each time.

  69. Thanks Charles, I know the sound was a little faint so I’m glad you could hear it at all. It was a fun and interesting conversation.

    Do you have the new RNC ad up? I’m an idiot and should go to bed..

  70. My gods Rachel Maddow is “post-rational”. Who the hell? McCain is not devoted to overturning choice! He’s pro-life himself but that is not his focus. Are they kidding me with this? Who gave Rachel Maddow a show. That woman needs medication.

  71. POE:

    Besides their mothers? (who they never call)

  72. Carol: Check the “related” sidebar on that one. It might be there. I’m not watching anymore. That’s too much duplicity for one network for me.

  73. But the fact that Michelle taught him how to love means the world to me. Don’t rain on my parade. I bet they have a house with pink furniture, and he let her do the kitchen any way she wanted!!!!!

  74. Forgot to ask did they restore the full votes of the delegates or not?

  75. TalkLeft is getting comical.

    Jeralyn, BTD and TChris try so hard to spout the Obama Party line, and 99% of the comments disagree with them.

  76. katie – thanks for the kleenex –
    Reg – msnbc replaced Abrams w/ Maddow. She starts right after the RNCC. That video is typical of how she acted about Hillary throughout. Very crazy. I could not understand it.

  77. Hi Charles, I saw that ad earlier. I can’t believe how smart the ad team for McCain is. This is going to get the KoolAid drinkers CDS attacks going.

  78. myiq, was it corrente that brought attention to sirota’s old piece from before Girl Germs entered the race where he frothed at the mouth abou how much Obama sucks as a politician and candidate and juxtaposed it with sirota’s newer piece about how any opposition to Obama must be based on racism? “Sirota decries racism in…Sirota,” too funny. 🙂

  79. “But the fact that Michelle taught him how to love means the world to me.”

    katie – I need another kleenex.

  80. I’m lost. I don’t know where I belong.

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  81. Charles, Hillary and Biden pointing out Obama’s weaknesses doesn’t mean the RNC wouldn’t have spotted them if they didn’t. Just look at the stuff they never mentioned and it’s already starting to leak out…

    MyIQ, Talk Left is impossible. I don’t know HOW they monitor their comments. Totally random. At least here I SAY that if I don’t like it I delete it.

  82. Myiq: I saw Jeralyn’s gushy post about how GORGEOUS Caroline Kennedy looked and how she ran into Teresa Kerry.
    I guess you had to agree to sell your soul to get blogging credentials

  83. I think we’ve triggered the startle reflex. Ah well.

  84. riverdaughter, thank you for being in Denver. Thank you for your blog and for all you do.

  85. You have to watch it on full screen to see all of the eyes and facial expressions. Bizarre!

  86. JJM:

    I think the McCain team (i.e. Rove) has figured out a smart tactic.

    Say something nice about Hillary – Obots attack Hillary and Hillary supporters – Hillary supporters don’t vote for Obama.

  87. RD:

    Since when does Jeralyn discuss how women look?

    She used to be all about law and policy, not about fashion

  88. Myiq: very true about their mothers. When they said we have to move past the 60s, maybe they meant their mommies.

    WTH does Maddow get her panties in a wad over Roe v Wade? We know Rachel doesn’t take women’s rights seriously, or she’d support Hillary over the empty Precious. She’s gay, so it’s not likely she’s going to get pregnant accidentally…

  89. Post-rational my ass! Rachel dear go suck an egg.

    I made some choices as to who I preferred as the Dem nominee. That one dropped out (and good that Edwards did) and then I chose to support Hillary. Hillary did not lose fair and square. Her opponent gamed the system He falsely accused Hillary and Bill of racism. He showed her no respect as a fellow Senator nor as a human being. So, since I control my vote and I do not care to see the presumptive Dem. nominee win, I will vote for McCain and will not go along with the party. Maybe another time. This time-not so much.

    Besides, as Donna told us during the primaries you all didn’t need us anymore. So now that we aren’t going to play along after you shooed us away, now you get mad!! Rachel, you can’t have it both ways hon.

  90. Do you have my blanket?

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  91. I guess having “Jane” actually staying in your house would be a heck of a lot of pressure.

    The Talk Left experience is one of the reasons I think Obama is unelectable. I just wonder how many “Tepid” supporters will actually do what they claim they will?

  92. “WTH does Maddow get her panties in a wad over Roe v Wade? We know Rachel doesn’t take women’s rights seriously, or she’d support Hillary over the empty Precious. She’s gay, so it’s not likely she’s going to get pregnant accidentally…”

    POE – I know – that why she confuses me. Gunning for Hillary like that. Sheesh!

  93. Oh because they still think they can play the Roe card and get us to vote for them, POE. They think it’s their ace, and obviously they’ve got nothing else.

  94. (WAVING) Hi Riverdaughter! What have you heard since tonight’s session?

  95. I told you “edit” is more fun than “delete”

  96. Donna, Nancy, Rachel – the sisters from MacBeth

  97. MyIQ — I couldn’t remember who came up with the idea. I’ll credit you with it from now on. I LOVE it!

  98. I guess you had to agree to sell your soul to get blogging credentials.

    RD: Does Jeralyn get her credentials from Arianna? I know that Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake in the past has hooked up with Arianna for her Press Passes and I think that Jeralyn and Jane hang together.

    I used to hang out at FDL and thought that underneath their supposed neutrality they were Hillary supporters.

    These thoughts are my own but I always thought that they towed the Barrack party line on the blog because they were afraid of losing access because Arianna is so in the tank for Senator Obama.

    If you think that this is too speculative and mean please feel free to delete.

  99. whoo hooo…. Carol????

    Please tell us about the Rachel Pat melee on MSNbc…

  100. I love the editing of the troll posts.

  101. That’s the thing, Fredster. You can’t treat one candidate worse than any candidate has ever been treated by her own party and then turn around and demand our votes. If we were going to play that way, we might as well have a bunch of t-shirts made up “Moron” “Co-Dependent Enabler” “Handmaiden” “I Hate Myself” etc.

  102. We’re not ready for this one….

    (Edited to explain why the Site Administrator deleted this comment)

  103. Fredster: Post-rational? Low-information? Lower-class? Why do these people have to work so hard for synonyms of “dumb”? Here, I own a thesaurus, take it, please.

  104. Scary Smart Anglachel has a new post up

  105. Not up all night – gotta get up @ 6. Night all.

  106. Who in the hell is Ted Kennedy, to say, pass the torch to the next generation. !!! What, the Clintons are out. !!!
    The Clinton’s are dead meat……….Ted Kennedy, a vindictive, loser, and the reason, the Democrats can’t win the white house.

  107. Scary Smart, indeed.

    And It’s like she was in the car for my conversation with my mother. Which went on for two hours as I explained each unacceptable thing about Barack Obama and she counter (as best she could)

    My parents and I generally agree on political things but Mom is willing to vote for Barack. Dad and I aren’t.

  108. anglachel’s new post is killer. Go read. Now.

  109. POE and Seriously: They haven’t figured that out yet and that’s what will cost them the election.

    You see it’s like this: You (DNC, Brazile, Obie supporters etc.) have told me you don’t need me in *your* party. Okay. Now, I’m not going to be left out in the cold so I’ll go find some other place to play. But, I’m taking either the ball or the bat with me. If that hinders your ability to win your game, you should have thought of that ahead of time. You may have started this shit, but by God we’ll finish it!

  110. Wow, that Maddow clip. So we’re “post-rational” and Schumer says we’re “outliers.”

    The beatings will continue until morale improves!!!

  111. We’re not ready for this one….

    (Edited to explain why the Site Administrator deleted this comment)

    Sorry, I thought it might be interesting.

  112. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez from CA deserves a PUMA medal—that woman speaks her mind and clearly stated yesterday to the MSM that Hillary Clinton is the best candidate….


    Thank you Edgeofforever!

    Ok, now I’m really going to bed. Thank you all for a wonderful, successful day/night!

    Much love & blessings to our Conflucian Denver PUMAs, please wish them well tomorrow!

    ¡QUE VIVA LOS PUMAS! Good night!

  114. Priceless Maddow quote: “I’m not trying to win them over, I’m trying to win an argument.”


  115. dg, that is the perfect summation of the party’s approach to unity, and to Hillary’s voters.

    The beatings will continue until morale improves!!!

  116. It seems to me the gist of most of Anglachel’s posts is that the Democratic leadership and progressive bloggers are focused on theory and image instead of the wonky nuts and bolts of policy.

    IOW – They are the stereotypical “pointy-headed liberals” that conservatives have been making fun of for decades.

  117. talked to my die-hard Repub brother. Since I’ve been a die-hard Dem for so long, we rarely speak politics. He had seen my Hill sign, etc, and we talked a couple of minutes on our lack of enthusiasm for Precious. He is retired military, and can’t imagine anyone in the military voting for O, swears he scares them to death by his ignorance. He worries about an Obama POTUS

    I told him Repubs had to shoulder some blame if O is elected, since their Clinton hate & negatives worked against her in the Dem primary. He had none of it. He said Repubs are going to go after any Dem, said that was their job. Said it was the job of the Dems to find the best candidate, and someone who can deal with the Repub attack. Said Hill was tough, he respected her, but not O. What could I say? He’s right, they did their job, we didn’t do ours.

  118. I watched a little of the convention tonight. Did anyone else know that from 1968 Ted Kennedy carried the mantel of the American people up to this point and is just now bestowing it upon the One? Did anyone else notice that a film clip of Teddy taken eons ago of him spouting that health care was a requirement for all Americans(sorry I can’t give complete verbatim qoute) North, South, East and West and he gave the same qoute tonight. Did anyone perceive any activity prompted by Ted Kennedy to produce any such thing as universal healthcare for American citizens from 1968 to 2008? Did anyone else hear Sen Kerry state three months ago that universal healthcare was a dead issue?

    Did anyone else hear the short elipitical interview with the snippy Caroline Kennedy-Schoshy(sp) after the convention closed regarding her input as to VP selection? Who knew Caroline was a closet bitch? Did anyone hear Caroline Kennedy during a supposed interview with the sappy Soledad and Michelle while Caroline treated Soledad as a racism for asking any questions of her?

    I guess what I am getting at is I never knew how the remaining Kennedy’s perceived themselves as carrying the mantel of America’s love of Kennedy and I do not agree with their perception. Way back when Ted first issued his full blind support for BO and his utter disgust of all things Hillary, I wrote to him and actually asked him if he had lost his mind. This was months before we heard about a brain tumor. This was in early March. I do not apologize for what I wrote to him. I was a teenager when JFK, Martin Luther King, RFK came into office and public view. I supported their views and believe as I do now in the equality of all people. I have read every book written on the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King. I wish no one harm; on the other hand, I will not allow harm to be done in anyone’s name to my country because a certain family feels they are owed a choice. Back in March it felt like Teddy was trying to be blacker than WJC – doesn’t that sound brutish of me…..to think that Teddy could be so shallow, to think that he would put his ego, his family honor before the good of this country.

    Sorry for such a long rambling post – I have been working more than usual and not able to get online and get my fix from here.

  119. Tuesday night will be hard. Good night, all.

  120. What blows my mind is that the pundits keep saying we’ll come around contrary to what data shows. Polling shows that they are losing MORE or us to him as time goes on, not less.

  121. FDL peaked when they live-blogged the Scooter Libby trial.

    They did an excellent job, far better than the old media.

    But success seems to have gone to their heads.

    They were part of the big blogs that didn’t actively bash Hillary so much, but didn’t call bullshit on things like the RFK fauxrage either.

    Truth is non-partisan

  122. If they’re focued on image, they’re even more divorced from reality than I thought, they’re horrible at it. Maybe they should start focusing on being condescending and offensive, let’s give them a goal they can achieve easily.

  123. Regency:

    Most pundits (but not all) say what they are paid to say.

    That’s how they can sit there and spout off things that are completely contrary to reality.

  124. (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)


    KB you are on a roll. I didn’t know you could make the previous version even funnier, but you did it. Brava!

    you are having your finest blogging day today.

  125. Just watched Nightline. They had quite a bit of coverage of PUMA/Just Say No Deal/Clinton protesters.

  126. RD at 1:21 said it all… thank you once again.

  127. The only thing I can recall Teddy Kennedy doing in the recent past was going along with Dubya on No Child Left Behind and then getting pissed when he found out Bush screwed him.

  128. The beatings will continue until morale improves!!!

    It’s true. in my real life I know a few Hillary die hards and a LOT of Obama fans (guess you could say I am one of those ‘creative class’ people and in a major city, so no surprise) and I have been shouted down and heard enough mean-spirited crap from them.. told the issues I care about don’t matter and belittling Hillary with petty character attacks. I left a stack of mail in the break room at work that someone found and returned to me, with a sealed Obama for America contribution envelope in it.. I am grateful I only wrote NO DEAL on the card inside and didn’t write it on the outside of the envelope too because that would have caused me some trouble for sure.

    So I have to keep this stuff to myself on a daily basis.. they just get so post-rational on me. Then I turn on the news and it’s all “outliers” “dead enders” etc. and hardly anyone can argue back, which I would do by saying this: “Obama and his supporters don’t want our votes.” Maybe there are a lot of people like me.

    Anglachel is right on. That’s why we get embarrassing stuff like Kerry hunting trips and Michelle mentioning the Brady Bunch. People aren’t stupid. When I see stuff like that from the party, it tells me the party thinks we are stupid, and it’s an extra turn-off to know you’re being condescended to. That’s why we lose elections.. Bill and Hillary Clinton, people like Carville, they don’t think we’re stupid.

    I think maybe 2/3 of “progressive” bloggers simply picked a team and are playing fantasy “Crossfire.”

  129. According to the beyond irrational MSNBC blurb, Obama has the support of 80% Dems, while Kerry had support of 89% Dems… MSNBC claims to know how to win an argument, but they seem to overlook the fact that Kerry LOST the GE. And not everyone votes based on Roe v Wade. MSM needs to wise up that Baby Boomers are more likely to be reaching for HRT than a morning-after pill. Nobama is no friend to pro-choice voters, in any case.

  130. dg, I know a lot of creative class people too, and I find it hilarious that they can’t come up with a single rational reason to vote for Obama. They’re smart people, and if he’s so wonderful, what’s the problem? It’s realy mind blowing, they’ll contradict themselves, they’ll acknowledge that he’s not a very good Senator but then say they just don’t care. You have to hear it to believe it. Of course, when all else fails, they’ll blame Clinton. Obama is a machine politician who plays dirty? Great, that’s just what we need, we’ll out Republican the Republicans. Clinton praises Obama–that’s bad! She’s evil!

  131. think obama will win.

  132. dg:

    I am an opinionated liberal and a political junkie. As the saying goes, “I have the right to remain silent, but not the ability.”

    I have argued politics with people to the left, right, and off the map.

    But until this year I have never seen the kind of venom and hatred I saw coming from Obama supporters. The Republicans were far more civil during the height of the CDS-fueled Clinton “scandals”

  133. dg, I know a lot of creative class people too, and I find it hilarious that they can’t come up with a single rational reason to vote for Obama. They’re smart people, and if he’s so wonderful, what’s the problem? It’s really mind blowing, they’ll contradict themselves, they’ll acknowledge that he’s not a very good S—— but then say they just don’t care. You have to hear it to believe it. Of course, when all else fails, they’ll blame Clinton. Obama is a m——- politician who plays d—–? Great, that’s just what we need, we’ll out R——– the R———. Clinton praises Obama–that’s bad! She’s e—-!

  134. (Sorry if my last post is incomprehensible, it got thrown into mod and I wasn’t sure what the trigger was )

  135. I think Spammy the moderator gets bored sometimes and grabs a comment just for fun.

  136. I tried to pick words that might be spat out angrily by Obots. 🙂

  137. myiq — in 2000 a close colleague of mine was nuts for McCain. He worked on the campaign every spare moment he had, and always, always tried to convert me.

    It didn’t work, because I can’t vote for anyone who’s not pro-choice. But the thing is, he didn’t try to convert me by bullying me, or calling me stupid (or ‘post-rational’), or telling me I ‘owed’ McCain my vote. He tried to do it by appealing to me on the issues. (sort of a hard sell since I’m hardcore liberal). But he appealed to my intellect, with discussion and not a baseball bat to the head.

    I for one, can’t wait to see all these talking heads explode in November. Yes, I know, they’ll claim IACF. But I don’t care, 18 million people didn’t listen to them all through the primaries, and that number’s only growing.

  138. Myiq – But until this year I have never seen the kind of venom and hatred I saw coming from Obama supporters. The Republicans were far more civil during the height of the CDS-fueled Clinton “scandals

    This is the only year voters actually fear mentioning who they really want to vote for except on a blog or in a large group for safety. Brought to you by your own party renowned for selecting losers – apparently addicted to the habit..

    Anglachel’s post is spot on. Thanks for the tip.

  139. I have never seen the kind of venom and hatred I saw coming from Obama supporters.

    Yeah. There’s a deep rooted misogyny in our culture that is a big part of it. Also building a campaign as a movement/cult of personality.. all the “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” stuff. Talking up that this year absolutely is a defining moment in our nation’s history and only Obama is the Man for the Moment. I want no part of that, I don’t care who’s leading it. I find it exclusionary, undemocratic and.. as we’ve seen.. poisonous. Because now those of us who aren’t the ones we’ve been waiting for, are just dead-enders, outliers, and not even worth bothering to listen to and treat with civility. It is all completely contrary to my values on every level.

  140. It’s the same thing they did with the Nad– voters. Instead of saying hey, you are obviously disgruntled with the political system, let’s see if we can’t work together, it’s like, a——-! You cost us the election! You o$e us! Get on board, now, or else! The concept of I own my vote and you need to work to get it doesn’t register. (Of course, now many Na— voters are on the Obama train and some of the worse offenders of this behavior, but still.)

    I mean, common sense dictates, hey, let’s look at who wins elections and who loses elections, and let’s look at their approach. Unfortunately, our party is run by these fr– b0ys and forme- Re(*&licans who don’t care about anything except their own personal power and find most people disg^&ting or i-adequate in some way.

  141. dg — I know exactly what you’re experiencing — it’s why I started blogging —


    I think you Obama supporters should continue to spew your hate-filled garbage about the Clintons and women in general. Insulting the very people whose votes you need will definitely work to bring in those badly needed votes – 1/2 of 18 million. But, then, I understand Donna Brazile and the rest of you don’t think you need women anyway.

    Good luck with that. And peace be with you, Siblings, wherever you may be.

    BTW: I have a new slogan for the Democrat’s after today, “B*tches, We Don’t Need No Stinking B*tches!”

    I’m sure you’ll all agree its a real winner.

  143. I still can’t believe that the Democrats are going to nominate such an inexperienced man.

    Hillary and the rest of the democrats are quiet. They are all willing to give up everything for this do for nothing man. people are loosing their homes and the Democrats are choosing a man who doesn’t care. Superdelegates are listening to Nancy Pelosi who has done everything Bush has asked her. She has a 4% rating. The congress has a 9% rating and yet these people decide to choose Obama. He has no accomplishments but none of them are willing to admit that. Gerry was right. If Obama wasn’t black some of these people would go along with this. They are afraid to do what is right so instead they are nominating an inexperienced, unqualified who is unelectable. They have broken rules for him but who cares. He has had 2 and 1/2 months to unite his party. He has failed but yet you hear them talk about how they can do it in 70 days:smile:
    Right now everyone knows who Obama is. They are just missing the details. More stories are coming out about him and none of it is good but yet Democrats are going to elect him because they are spineless.

    I just can’t believe what is happening. This is crazy. EVERYONE of these politicians is afraid to do the right thing. They are all condoning corruption. Hillary and Bill Clinton are going along with this. Obama is not worth this honor. He failed his constituents. He did nothing for them. It is all lies. He has never accomplished anything except steal credit for other people’s ideas. I can’t believe what is happening. He has no core values which fits perfectly with the new Democratic party since it is trying to imitate the Republican party.

  144. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve seen this misogynistic attitude brewing within the party for years – Kennedy, Biden – they’re just the ones more evident right now. Scratch the surface and all you can see for miles and miles are thinly-veiled, woman-hating attitudes. I’m through with them all.

    Oh, yeah, I will grieve this year for awhile. Then I’ll move on. If I can beat cancer, I can beat women-hating politicians and bloggers. And it’s getting mighty close to movin’ time, IMHO.

  145. Downticket,

    You are absolutely right on the money. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  146. One of my friends asked me what I thought of Biden today & I replied, “Oh, Plugs?” She didn’t think it was funny!!!

    God, do these bots suffer from head up arse? No sense of humor!

  147. Leela, I’m suggesting, “No chicks period, bitches!” It’ll go nicely with the “No Fat Chicks” tees I’m sure the Obots already have.

  148. it is hard for me to believe what has happened during this primary. A candidate who is 47 years old but has never accomplished anything. How will history view the first black person to win his party’s nomination? What effect will this have on African Americans in politics when everyone finally sees the real Obama? How is this going to affect the Democrats in the future? They are all spineless and have nominated a man they know is not good enough to do the job. The truth of what happened this primary season will be revealed one day. The things that the DNC and Obama campaign have done to ensure his nomination can’t be hidden for so long. After November, people in his campaign will start talking.

  149. I don’t think it will affect African Americans in politics, it’s not their fault. The point of this whole exercise was to get rid of the Clinton and get rid of the woman. Yes, Obama was a bonus in a way since some men who wouldn’t vote for a woman could pretend to themselves that they’re not haters (“hey, I voted for the Black guy!”) and thus feel really justified and self righteous that she must deserve the irrational degree of animus they felt toward her, but to the Democratic Establishment, this has been all about her, not him. They’d have been just as happy with any other candidate provided he had the right shaped genetalia and an acceptable last name.

  150. If that is the case, then I ask, why are Hillary and Bill Clinton still in this party? They clearly don’t like them and seeing what the DNC leadership has done to help nominate Obama, I don’t understand why someone would stay with a party that doesn’t like her. Hillary has done a lot for Democrats but still they treated her like dirt. She helped elect most of these fools.

  151. Seriously misplaced party loyalty? She seems to be loyal almost to a fault, or as Bill put it, no matter what, she’s a sticker. And he would know.

    If I were the Clintons, I would use the DNC stage to endorse McCain, lol

  152. Also, I suspect she’s used to it. There was an article about her first days in the Senate and how the misogynistic frat boy fools on our side were prepared not to like her because they thought she’d be cold and conniving or whatever, and she had to reassure them she’s nice by bringing them coffee(!!!!). She’s been around sexist a——- politicians a long time, she knows the drill.

  153. Off topic since I don’t know how to make this a topic of its own. I’m not endorsing McCain but I suggest a petition be written to make Obama do a public apology for Madonna’s ‘Hitler’ slam against war hero McCain (preferably during convention week).

    Or petition for Obama to make Modonna do a public apology for her Hitler slam against war hero McCain. After all, Madonna is an Obama supporter and Obama doesn’t preach that kind of disrespect.

    Anyone think this is a good idea?

    from the:


    John McCain’s campaign hit back at Madonna after the pop diva kicked off her world tour with a concert that bracketed the US presidential candidate with Adolf Hitler.

    “Madonna’s swipe at McCain came during a performance of ‘Get Stupid’, when McCain’s image was flashed up alongside images of Hitler and Mugabe.

    Towards the end of the song, pictures of John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi and Barack Obama appeared. “The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive.” McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds said.

  154. Obama doesnn’t do apologies. Have you seen him apologize for anything? He won’t.

  155. Uh Mark B, you might want to seek another blog wherein you would get support for your petition to Obama. It won’t happen here.

  156. Seriously, that is funny!

  157. He won’t even apologize for things he does, good luck getting him to apologize for someone else.

  158. Okay, I posted this elsewhere and I’m posting it here, too. If I’m way off base, please, somebody tell me so. If not, I’m willing to f/u on it.

    Who is following up on the Berg lawsuit? Lots of questions, help needed here? Directions? Let’s at least TRY and get Obama to step down.

    I have researched this for almost a year. It has legs. Willing to help. Murphy – is this worthy of our time right now? Court documents have been handed to Dean as of Monday, TRO a no-go, but courts appear to be moving ahead on this – asking HI for Certified documents – What do you think?

    I don’t want to interfere with your plans, but if there is anything to this Hillary could have a real chance right now.

  159. I can tell you the right-wing blogosphere is drooling at the chance to f/u on it after the nomination is over. They consider it part of Operation Chaos.

  160. What is Women’s Equality Day?

    At the behest of Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY), in 1971 the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as “Women’s Equality Day.”

    The date was selected to commemorate the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote. This was the culmination of a massive, peaceful civil rights movement by women that had its formal beginnings in 1848 at the world’s first women’s rights convention, in Seneca Falls, New York.

    The observance of Women’s Equality Day not only commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, but also calls attention to women’s continuing efforts toward full equality. Workplaces, libraries, organizations, and public facilities now participate with Women’s Equality Day programs, displays, video showings, or other activities.

  161. In a supremely ironic aspect, today is the ANNIVERSARY of WOMEN gaining the right to VOTE.

    When will they bother to count our votes, I wonder?

  162. Clinton’s Thankless Job

    In her 2003 memoir, “Living History,” this is how Clinton described her reaction to her earliest political loss, during her senior year in high school: “I ran for student government president against several boys and lost, which did not surprise me but still hurt, especially because one of my opponents told me I was ‘really stupid if I thought a girl could be elected president.’ As soon as the election was over, the winner asked me to head the Organizations Committee, which as far as I could tell was expected to do most of the work. I agreed.”

    The work of the next phase of Clinton’s career has been going on doggedly, and often with little notice, since she suspended her campaign on June 7. She’s been a campaign emissary for Obama to the Sheet Metal Workers union; to Hispanics and others in New Mexico and Nevada; to older women in South Florida who still haven’t quite accepted the loss of what for some of them may be their last chance to see a woman elected president. The speech Clinton made in departing from the race was, among Democratic activists, “probably the most seen, talked about, buzzed about speech of the campaign,” says Mike Lux, a consultant for Democratic interest groups and an Obama supporter. It went over well, even among Obama loyalists.

    That tends to be how Clinton does things. The public Clinton doesn’t usually show hints of the private pain that burns inside.


  163. Getting the right to vote was one gigantic step forward that women worked hard and long to achieve. Today is a day to celebrate. I can’t wait to hear Hillary.

    But our struggle for women’s equality is faaaaaar from over. This past Democratic primary is another proof of that. I guess it is OK that women can vote as long as women vote the way THEY want. If not, well, we are being childish, bitter, sore losers.

  164. As a follow up to comments last night, Joe Scarborough said this am just after 6:30 said that he had been on last night for about 15 sec but he had upset someone—that everyone on MSNBC gave everything an A+++++ but that he flipped over to CNN and Carville had said the Dems wasted 25% of their convention. Interesting comments I thought

  165. I have my doubts about Hillary in 2012. The Democratic establishment will never let Hillary win. They will plan another coup next time. They hate the Clintons. I also think Hillary might not want to run again. The republicans will also have other candidates. If McCain chooses a woman for VP now, Hillary would find it difficult to run against her. The media will play the age card against her. If Obama looses, the republicans can run a black candidate which will also be hard for Hillary. I think this was Hillary’s chance. She had so many plans to help everyone. It hurts just to think about it. All that research and work. So many people would have benefited from it regardless of age, race, gender and class. I don’t think the Democrats realize what they have done. what a wasted opportunity. Four years is a long time. A lot can happen and there are so many people that need help right now but who cares as long as the first black candidate is nominated. It is not a bad thing except that Obama isn’t worth that honor.

  166. I so wish the superdelegates weren’t so weak. Do the right thing for everyone. Hillary has the best plans to help EVERYONE

  167. There may not be a viable democratic party in 2012.
    Unless they throw out the unholy trio and the spineless whimps there is no real reason for the party to exist.
    I just saw part of the mo speech and cried.
    That the democrats deprived the country of the best for a racist anti american know nothing selfish no class couple is sickening.



  168. Downticket, on August 26th, 2008 at 6:45 am

    Wow! Totally agree. With your screen name as well!

  169. Fox News just had a poll.
    41% said MO did good
    58% said no good.



  170. morning all gotta do the work thing today but good comments-

    It is official Michelle Obama did endorse her husdand last night (yawn) it is good to know I thought she might have to “think about it”

    Lets keep working today but looking to the future only a few days before I reveal my big plan carol we are so going to be introuble!


    and to pull this stunt in the middle of Obambi’s campaign-Heh heh heh-

    I call it “operation over it all” or Operation white flag!

  171. Scarborough taking on Shuster on Morning Joe

  172. I sincerely think that McCain won’t be that bad. He is likeable and his ads are funny. He is a war hero. He fought for his country. He is patriotic. I know he has flip flopped on some of his positions but unlike Obama, I think if he is president, he will revert to his old positions. The difference between McCain and Obama is that McCain does have core values whereas Obama doesn’t. Obama has never fought for anything. he doesn’t believe in anything. He has no political backbone. He voted present 130 times so you really can’t trust that when elected he would revert to his old stances on issues. Obama is more of an opportunist. Some people believe he is for income redistribution but the truth is he isn’t. He does care about people. His wife’s hospital sends the poor people away by telling them to go to local health centres. Why don’t they just treat them? The interesting fact is that most of them are African Americans. It is the same with the constituents he neglected during those 5 weeks in winter without heat. Most of them African Americans too. This is what angers me most. He doesn’t care about African Americans like people think. I told my sister this and she defended him by saying it was Rezko who did it not Obama. I gave her more examples but she didn’t want to hear the truth.

  173. michael P Varvel,

    “Lets keep working today but looking to the future only a few days before I reveal my big plan carol we are so going to be introuble!”


    OK, I’m biting, and looking forward to it. I can wait patiently. Sure. 🙄

  174. Have a wonderful day, fuzzybear. Looking forward to hearing your plans

  175. michael P Varvel, sorry if I was too snide. Your plans do interest me.

  176. Great remember we can use “learned helplessness” against Obama for America and the Obamanation!

    We can turn all the Obama plans on their head and then they will be the authors of their own defeat!

    purllfinn its ok welcome aboard the sedition train!

    off to work-

  177. This was indeed their price for taking part in this abomination. But not the animus behind the coup. That came from an RNC basement and found other people with a chip on the shoulder – Donna, Dean, then Nancy – and eventually Ted.
    meanwhile, we got 600!

  178. :*( This is all so depressing.

  179. I’m off to work myself. I’ll be back here tonight for Hillary’s speech, wearing my Hillary T-shirt. I am so glad The Confluence is here. God bless you all.

  180. Ed Rendell’s comments are very telling.

  181. {{sigh}}

  182. purllfinn its ok welcome aboard the sedition train!

    off to work-


    It’s good to be here!

  183. Here’s the thing:

    The opening night of a 4 day convention to “nominate” Barack Obama, while being described by some pundits as a little “flat”, was no accident or a misjudgment in its presentation.

    What we saw last night was as good as it can get by any means. The “selected” candidate is running on empty. With a paper thin resume, next to zero experience in either legislative or administrative background, a mere 300 days or less in the US Senate, and a questionable work record of employment, he has scant material going forward to rely on as a legitimate reason to be courting the favor of voters. Thus we witness a steady parade of surrogates whose sole function is to add some meat to those bones.

    Last night was illustrative of the emptiness of his qualifications to become the Commander in Chief. The nation has been treated to the soar and reach of his oratorical skills. But what else is there? Beyond a handful of speakers who have spent less than an hour in his company as he campaigned across the country, informing us of the reason they chose him above all others, the air slowly began to escape out of that balloon. Four days of this? Come on!

    The expectation and the anticipation of each Clinton ascending that stage to speak is palpable. They each bring their own experience and passion to the house. Their speeches are being framed as the highlight of their respective slots. The highlight of each day set aside for more blather about this selected nominee so totally lacking in depth.

    If what we are being forced to witness is the display of the future of our once beloved Democratic Party, then I feel no compunction to walk away. The emptiness of this convention is in direct correlation to the emptiness of this candidate. Three more days of shoring up this excuse of a nominee won’t change the outcome. As the pundits like to say, it is what is. Unfortunately what it is is not what I signed on for.

  184. hey all we are having a faux cruise convention at camille’s. it is kick ass… it is sometimes called the CONvention, BlueCon 08 or the UnDemocratic Convention. there have been some great speeches and pictures from the event. check out bitterpoliticz blog if you are interested. it is awesome it is a hoot and you will laugh your butt off 🙂

  185. Joe tore Shister a new one this morning. Anyone who knows how, please post the video.

    Joe also po’ed Matthews last night. Please post it also.

    Joe doesn’t have a problem telling them what a bunch of morons they are.

    Welcome to President McCain!

  186. I turned it on just as the segment ended. Then Joe wanted a hug from Shuster. Can you summarize what happened?

  187. Hillary needs to open with “You people are full of sh*t, I’m taking over this convention. Bring it on. I’m not afraid to have a real floor vote. Let’s see who is standing at the end.”

    Go for it Hillary. We will respect you more after we do now. And that’s pretty much!


  188. All the other years when the democrats lost it was not because they trashed the people who vote democratic.
    This year that have insulted at least 80% of the party.
    People are leaving and becoming independent and will probably never go back to the democratic party.
    They will not be able to get enough new voters to replace the loyal democrats that they drove out of the party.
    The democratic defeated themselves this year.
    They did a better job than the republicans could have ever thought of doing.
    I will never forget or forgive.



  189. Pat Johnson, on August 26th, 2008 at 8:36 am

    Well said!

    I was a bit sickened by all of the adulation last night, and I only listened to a very small part of it. The convention speakers don’t understand that the point of electing a leader is to benefit the country. It’s not “all about them.”

  190. I missed the first few seconds but, Shister was spouting off about leaving Iraq because they want us out. Well, Joe got really condescending telling him okay let’s get out if they want us out. Of course Maliki will be dead in 15 minutes, ………….. He was telling him to shut the f*ck up about Iraq. We are not there because we don’t have anything better to do. Real people with real lives, families and business’ have paid the price. Shister said “your party” and Joe went off on him about “what party is your party”. Shister said he was an independent. Joe laughed and said yeah you’re all independents. Joe got really belligerent and Shister smarted off and turned to the Boston dude with a condescending remark.

    We need the video.

  191. It is voting day here in Florida. So, I get up to vote thinking with all those new voters that Obama is registering, the polls may be crowded. I get to the polls at 8:15 AM and guess what? I am only the second person there. Additionally my polling site has two precints and the other precint has had only 4 voters there.

  192. I caught Carville for a few minutes on CNN. He appeared downright disgusted. Said basically what I did upthread,that they have wasted one quarter of the convention time on nothing but fluff. Said that they should be attacking McCain and Bush which he believes Hillary will do tonight.

  193. MO has the same body mechanics as Wright!

    She needs never to speak the name of “Hillary Clinton”.


  194. Okay someone has been slipping Jonathan Capehart the kool-aid!

    Johnny – step away from the kool-aid!

  195. Joe going after MIKA

  196. “Barack Hussein Obama didn’t release his race on his Harvard application so how do we know he got into Harvard via affirmative action.”

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm……………………. I’m pretty sure when my son went to off to college, everything about myself and my son’s father was disclosed – education, addresses, income, employment ……………………….

    These pundits are so full of sh*t.

  197. Open roll call vote on the floor.
    No delegate intimidation.
    Hillary, no sexism, please don’t allow them to push you to the side.

    We love you all in Denver.

  198. NEW POST!

  199. Barack was a legacy admission to Harvard.


  200. Trolls are crapping in old threads again (what else is new? )

    Other than getting paid by Axelrod per comment, what is their goal in doing that?

    Any ideas?

  201. The trolls are out in full force. Don’t worry SM I did not engage them. There are terrible posts at Action Alert: Save Debra and Did Obama Steal . . . Little cowards post after the thread is older.

    Thought someone might delete them, they are pretty bad.

  202. I’m quite surprised that M.O. was so vapid and bland last night, rather than rehearsing the powerful successes that brought them to this point…..rousing the crowd, pointing up Obama’s missions, etc. They must have insisted on this tepid presentation which only greatly strengthens the move to recognize Clinton as the most qualified.

    Did anyone else find it especially bizarre that M.O. was listing the people who perform day-to-day tasks—those who clean the streets…and right after, said “people like Hillary Clinton”?
    I listened to it twice and had the same impression—she was listed with the street sweepers…

  203. My car has flat tires.

    (edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  204. MyIQ – which threads? I’m trying to keep up….

  205. “Towards the end of the song, pictures of John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi and Barack Obama appeared. “The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive.” McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds said.”

    Yeah, these comparisons are soooo unfair, because they remind people of just how unaccomplished BO is. Funny that if a Hillary supporter juxtaposed these images, he/she would be accused of inciting BO to kick the bucket. Gandhi?? Puh-lease. BO has shown no morals, so no need for moral resolve.

  206. My separatist movement has flat tires.

    Because it’s not about policy. Because experience matters; policy doesn’t. Dick Cheney/Limbaugh ’08.

    (edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  207. Hillary 2016! Chelsea 2024!

    Go Democrats! Go policy!

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