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243 Responses

  1. James, if you ever want to divorce Mary, I’ll marry you!

  2. Love the Ragin’ Cajun!

  3. This literally just in: CNN.com
    Cafferty to Hillary, “You lost!”

    As usual he slammed the Clintons, called Hillary supporters Hillarybillies, and called PUMAs ”a humorless lot who cannot come to terms with the fact that the country didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be president. So they have been throwing a hissy fit ever since the primaries ended”.

    Cafferty is long over due for a colonic I think.


  4. Is that Anderson Cooper staring at the Pumas on James’ feet and wondering, “where do I get a pair of those?”

  5. Those look like nice new shoes 🙂

  6. Carville may be the Stealth PUMA.

  7. Heh heh! – I don’t think he’ll divorce Mary – the Uniter just brought them closer politically! They’ll finally vote for the same guy now!
    Meanwhile, Salon finds PUMAs not at all well behaved

  8. Wakonda: I think so … he’s just having to protect his livlihood, but I have no doubt that what mary hears it home is pure PUMA

  9. Someone needs to make a Carville bobblehead that’s wearing a PUMA t-shirt and those Puma shoes.

  10. CNN is fast loosing the little credibility they had remaining after the non-challenging war period. New 24/7 News venues are coming up from everywhere in the world and they broadcast in English. If they don’t soon correct the mokery they are making of journalism , with the new Internet/wireless/computer/tv all in one techno around the corner, they’ll be a thing of the past before Clinton 2012!!!

  11. CNN and the big media boyz are becoming to news as professional wrestling is to sports.

    People already are, and increasingly will, get their real “sports coverage” elsewhere.

  12. Note: they will still be watched for the entertainment value, much as pro wrestling is. The difference will be that no one will take it seriously.

  13. He is wearing a PUMA bracelet too.

  14. Funny, katiebird! Thanks for the chuckle. Love Serpent-head!

  15. they let us know exactly where their credibility was during the primary when the put Begala and Carville on hold and let Donna and Roland just blather on like the partisans they were

  16. This photo made my day! I love Carville!!!!

  17. OMG that is a PUMA bracelet on his wrist, dontcha’ll think?

  18. James Carville, you ROCK! You’ve always had more common sense, and a better understanding of the electorate, than all of the Georgetown Social Club put together.

  19. I repeat: There is NO WAY those shoes are an accident. And the “high-waters” to highlight them? The guy knows how to manage his messages-both subtle and unsubtle.

  20. I’ll bet htis is the 1st time he & his wife Mary M finally AGREE!!
    I can’t believe on Woman’s Suff. anni.
    Hillary is going to be the one to set it back??
    Any photos from the Denver lighting??

  21. I know what I’m going to do. I’m writing letters to every newpaper in a 3-state area, challenging govenors & our elected officials of KY, WV, OH to call out that idiot Cafferty on this hillbilly racist chant. I have had it with these people pretending to do “news” and our state Dems pretending we have to support Obama.

    Our Democratic elected officials can either defend ObamaCo in their racism charges or they can defend their constituents’ right to vote as they please without insults.

    Govenor Bashear, Lt Gov Mongiardo, Reps Chandler, Yarmuth et al, it’s past time to choose either defending the people of Kentucky or condoning hate against them.

  22. I agree, joanie. The Cajun is a sly old dog.

  23. Can someone tell me what Democrats are smoking because this is just 💡 ❓

    “I think immediately after this convention, you’ll see massive move by the Clinton supporters to Obama,” Carter said.


    In June they said Hillary’s supporters will come home. It is August 26 almost three months later and they are still singing the same song. McCain is doing well in the polls but Democrats want to remain in lalala land 🙄

  24. The next issue to address when this is over is the complete overhaul of both CNN and MSNBC by ridding themselves of these malicious talking heads. Objectivity, combined with thoughtful dialogue and discussion should be the norm. Continually allowing blowhards to spew venom into our face on a nightly continuum is the perfect setting for the loss of viewers.

  25. Yep, joanie and WMCB. No way he wore them by accident.

  26. I’m bursting with admiration for him right now.

    Hey, Is MYIQ okay? He just wrote a startling comment on the last thread.

  27. PLUS his posture…letting the PUMAs hang out there for all to see. Everyone else has their legs tucked up proper.

  28. I need me some new shoes. Gonna copy that fashion plate, James Carville.

    Seen the polls today? Rasmussen’s got McCain and Barky both at 44%, advantage to McCain when unaffiliated voters are counted.

  29. James Carville was on Good Morning America this morning, too. Never backed down when was interviewed by Diane Sawyer. He’s a great guy!! We’ll always love him!!

    As for Cafferty – usually, I like to wake up and get my day going a bit (west coast here) b4r I have to have my stomach start churning. I can’t understand why the network would allow his ugly mug to even show up. His comments are disgusting, add to the disunity, he berates a former President of the U.S., Bill, who was the best prez we ever had, and the list goes on.

  30. I have a Plan!

    I think PUMA’s in Denver should tell the foreign press EXACTLY what we are upset about. Give caucus fraud details, Dean and Brazile giving certain districts more power, show the caucus/primary numbers problem (little caucus gave Obama HUGE delegate advantages), Michigan and Florida (and the DNC committee’s vote to take from Hillary and give to not on ballot by choice Obama), Obama was never ‘vetted’ by the Media (and yet Hillary had every detail of her person examined daily!) telling the female candidate to drop out, link them to the MAD AS Hell youtube video, etc.

    Also, remind them that the United States of America would never allow this fraud to take place in a foreign country. We would be all over it.

    If flyers can be made with the negaitive “high lights” of this primary then they can be given to the foreign press.

    This must get out to the world!!!!!

  31. I know Riverdaughter is busy, but is any other blog covering what happened last night in Denver?

  32. Anne, I am buying some PUMA shoes this week. I’d love it to become a trend, and the press cover that Puma’s sales suddenly shot up!!!!

  33. I would imagine that the press has heard just these things from our PUMA reps on the ground, plus at the film screening. I hope so!

  34. Pacific Puma – “Also, remind them that the United States of America would never allow this fraud to take place in a foreign country. We would be all over it.”

    Yes! And this is even more blatant than ‘hanging chads’ of the last election. That they [CNN] have been able to publicly display their ‘blind eye’ amazes me on a daily basis.

  35. I will never stop loving or admiring Hillary Clinton. But I will never be swayed to vote for Obama under any circumstance. She was my beacon of hope. He represents everything I detest in another human being. There is no amount of urging that will make me change my mind.

  36. The video in the suffragette post made me sniffle a bit—but now looking at Carville’s feet made me scream with delight!

  37. I’ve always loved James. Maybe we should send Anderson and Wolf a pair of PUMAs as well?

  38. Great News

    I am waiting for news from D. the main blogger at Hillary-Meiilleur-choix-qu’Obama (the blog is bilingual and just above texas Darlin in the coalition list).

    She was debating an Obamot on France/24, the French CNN, broadcasting in English from Paris. She was doing it as a PUMA.

    We are going INTERNATIONAL….

  39. Maybe we should send PUMA store gift certs instead. They would send in a bomb squad to destroy a shoebox arriving at the network.

  40. Would Wolf be interested in the shoes? He’s pretty right-wing isn’t he?

    I do believe that we can send a pair to Lou Dobbs, and he would proudly put them on his desk and discuss what they are all about.

  41. McCain could steal the show by picking a ‘FEMALE’ candidate and saying


    So, there is a flag on the MOON, and we don’t have UNIVERSAL HEALTH

  42. Those are classic Puma shoes too! …a reissue of the first pair! I had them! You can’t mistake what they are .

  43. McCain supporters threw a party for PUMAs in Denver.


    “You know what?” she said. “The one who should be throwing the party is Obama.”

    That is the most damning line in the entire article.

    Again, whether you like the way he is doing it or not, or question his reasons, at LEAST the McCain camp is making an effort and trying to win us over. While Obama snubs us again and again, digging in the knife with the Kennedy healthcare appointment made public at the convention, rigging the role call to deny Hillary her due respect even in LOSS, Leach speaking, etc.

    It is eeerily reminiscent of abuser behavior. “SMACK! Come back to me. SMACK! Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

  44. Heh. Heh. Heh. What a clever man he is.

    He needs to kick that wife of his to the curb, though. Yuck.

  45. I have Satellite Radio and listen to the Alex Bennett Show. Every now and then some idiot calls and tries to link PUMA’s to McCain. More or less the argument is they are a Republican front group.

    I was going to call in today, but could not get through. Alex mentioned some more McCain leaning sites, but not pumapac.org or this site. If folks called he would certainly give you air time. PUMA’s call in every now and then. The show runs 9-12 eastern and his number is 1-866-99-SIRIUS.

    I should also mention Lynn Samuels is on at 1 eastern, and she is very much a PUMA. Both of these shows are anti Obama from a left of center position.

  46. Great read in answer to Cafferty’s op-ed this morning over at No Quarter. I wish someone would send it to the monster himself.

  47. “#
    WMCB, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:45 am Said:

    Anne, I am buying some PUMA shoes this week. I’d love it to become a trend, and the press cover that Puma’s sales suddenly shot up!!!!”

    These are cute!!


  48. Were there 2 Dem conventions last night? Ky papers full of AP feeds of smiling Michelle bringing the crowd to its feet many times, uncontrolled sobbing for Teddy, as one represents the party’s past and the other, the future. Love and unity all around; well, except for this grim note of Teamsters James Hoffa. He says they have to educate us to put aside our racism. No words of how to accomplish that, hopefully they don’t mean reeducation camps. Probably just continue the insults and intimidation.

    Their lies of unity keep the party divided; their lie that only racists vote against Obama will cost them the election this Nov. The only question now is how many Dems will go down with Obama this fall.

  49. I wish I could see all of you on TV! but I don’t watch it, one small part of this whole thing was on the local news. First? Where is the pageantry! Utterly styleless!

    Ted K? — nothing like JFK of my childhood.
    Caroline K? — nothing like Jackie O.

    It resembled tastelessness writ large, probably cost bazillions and frankly our candidate wasn’t at the helm, so?

    Make the “new” Democratic Party dissolve in its own detritus.
    It deserves it, and perhaps as the huffypoo claimed Hillary in 2012?

    No UNITY. Never! The Dems have failed themselves.


    Go, Pumsters, GO!

  50. Carville is too damn smart for that to be a coincidence.

    While I was in France (and sorely missing the Confluence), whenever I saw a teenager or young adult wearing a Puma T or sneaks, I couldn’t help smiling. People must have thought I was off my meds.

  51. Someone should blow that picture up poster size and put t up in Puma Headquarters in Denver!

  52. @ Joaniebone @ 11:30:

    It sounds like he was busted somehow. His remark that he needs a new alias indicates that somehow his email is fuck#ed?

  53. WMCB, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:45 am Said:
    Anne, I am buying some PUMA shoes this week. I’d love it to become a trend, and the press cover that Puma’s sales suddenly shot up!!!!

    Already have 2 pairs…:)

  54. Carville has on Puma shoes???? LOL.

    And if Cafferty thinks this is a hissy fit, he aint’ seen nothing. I haven’t gotten close to hissy fit state yet.

    Mountain Sage

  55. Pacific PUMA… I like your plan.

    I am willing to do ANYTHING and speak to ANYONE to help get Hillary Clinton elected.

    And after tomorrow, if Hillary is not elected as the DEM candidate—I will go back to being focused on my own life, because i will not watch this joke of a general election and let it affect my blood pressure and my nerves, which it would.

  56. @ Elixir and @ joaniebone, in that thread we were giving suggestions for editing the troll posts.

    Maybe the “new alias” comment was one of those suggestions?

  57. off topic. there is a baeutiful video posted on Puma Pac named “The Call”. It is under an intro that says stunning video from clintonista.

    I tried to copy it but couldn’t …or don’t know how.

    Can anyone tell me how to copy it or get a link that I could send around?

  58. Stop pointing fingers, stop stressing what they’re against and stand for the party’s old values again, he says.

    “They make mistake after mistake after mistake because they’ve lost their self-respect. They don’t know who they are anymore. They’ve lost their identity,” he says. “They’re basically appealing to the public by saying, ‘Do you know how bad the Republicans are?’ People say they don’t think that much of the Democratic Party, but, ‘Do you know how bad the Republicans are?’ If you define yourself by the worst instead of the best you can be, there’s something wrong with your psychological makeup as a party.”

    Nader’s advise to Democrats.

  59. I hope Myiq was being snarky – here’s what RD wrote to joaniebone’s question of what happened to Myiq:

    riverdaughter, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:34 am Said:

    joanie: We are getting carpet bombing media attention. As the PUMAs left the msnbc kiosk, there were reporters running after us, scurrying ahead of us to take pictures, following us into the Starbucks. There was media from all over the country and the world. It was amazing. The convention may ignore us but the press acts like we’re the only game in town.

  60. BDTR–go to hell.

  61. oh c’mon James–no way is that a coincidence!

  62. Everyone says my hair is pretty.

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  63. Jack Cafferty is sick. He speaks of Hillary and Bill as if they were up for a parole hearing instead of the leaders they truly are.

  64. angry artist, OMG, that has me bawling, big time. “The Call” from clintonista.

  65. Yes, Cafferty is a nut. Why do you get upset about what he says. It is sound and fury signifying only that he is an idiot.

  66. The PUMAS are the only game in town. The only real thing in that town right now.

    Cafferty is so dried up e could be a mummy at this point. I can’t stand to watch any of these opinionators.

  67. Hmmmm….which one should we use for BDTR? I like the second one. Thanks WMCB!

    I’m typing with my Binky in my mouth. Cool.

    Strong women give me shrinkage, and that makes me sad.

    OMG, like, I want to be in Obama;s boy band sooooooo bad!

  68. So tired.

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  69. Cafferty, and others like him (Maddow, for ex.), must be sick. I mentioned this yesterday about JJJr. I can understand motivations like greed and power, but this rabid, irrational hatred has to be a symptom of some serious mental problems.

  70. There are “18 million cracks in the ceiling” matching 18 million broken hearts.

  71. Have you seen my new shoes?

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  72. I like stamps.

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  73. Thanks for the laugh. Glad to see we have P.U.M.A. at CNN.

  74. Is there a site monitor present today? Can’t say I am really in the mood for foolish insensitivity or the bleatings of idiots who serve no purpose.

  75. For angry artist, the stunning video from Clintonista, via pumapac.org:

  76. Has anyone heard from gary and mawm? I know, they are all busy in Denver, working hard for Democracy, but I want UPDATES dammit! (you guys know that was tongue-in cheek, right?)

    *being an impatient antsy ass*

  77. My brother bought some gum this morning.

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  78. Let’s try that again with just the link this time:

  79. jules: to me, Cafferty seems like a bitter man. I really think that he just has the “Can’t let a woman have authority.” problem. Maybe his Mom didn’t give him enough love. And since the beginning of the primary, I felt that he was in on the plan that Obama was going to get pushed through no matter what corruption and scamming it took—he always had a little joy in his eyes in addition to his bitter smirk.

  80. Pat Johnson, on August 26th, 2008 at 12:19 pm Said:
    Is there a site monitor present today? Can’t say I am really in the mood for foolish insensitivity or the bleatings of idiots who serve no purpose.


  81. Pat, If I had a dime for every “BO supporter” empty-headed babble, we could move his brother into Obama’s neighborhood and pay off Hill’s remaining “primary” debt, at the same time.

  82. I shall be in tears when Hillary speaks.
    Everything that has been shoved on her has been so wrong.

    My heart is broken too-she would have done so much good in the world. And now we’re stuck with Biden’s nuclear nightmare.

    Did anyone hear Matt’s 2cents radio show?-it was so good. You can download all the shows if you miss them.

  83. Sorry Guys, I went for a walk but, I’m back and trying to get caught up.

    send me the thread and the time of the comment if there’s something REALLY horrible. Because I could miss it.


    Let’s not clutter the threads too much giving them public attention.

  84. How about BDTR edit at 12:16 to read, using his own words:

    I am a blathering, blithering idiot.

  85. WMCB, your editing is effective and lol. Gitchi Migwetch (big thanks).

  86. I love the new moderating technique.

    Karolina: Yes, it could well be women with authority issues. Sad that so many are still afflicted by that illness.

  87. Nobama……OK ….i”m ignorant …what do I do with that info. when I put it into a google search….that does not work.

  88. Whatever happens from here on out, we have work to do regarding sexism in this country. And I am committed as never before.

  89. Great moments from BDTR. Sounds like someones got a boner for Bama:

    “Is it hot in here or is it just Michelle Obama? BAM! Saw her speak at the bloviation-fest last night. Woof. Hot AND delicious! “

  90. Katiebird-

    THANK YOU for posting this picture!!!

    Lori Starfelt left it in a comments section this AM at the Carvbille thread.


    This is no coincidence!

  91. Nobam

    I was able to clink on your link and open it, but I was unable to copy it and paste into an email . How do I do that?

  92. @BringdowntheRegime

    1. Women don’t do circle jerks.
    2. Barky is merely another and frankly more sinister iteration of the corporate fascists those in power have been trotting out for our perusal over the past few election cycles. See FISA, Barky’s donations from the for-profit “health care” industry, Biden, etc.

    Just sayin’.

  93. BDTR read the manual! I was waiting for the Roe card, and he delivered right on schedule! Woohoo!

    Got news for ya bucko. The days of we wimmins clutching our uteruses and cringing in subservience every time you scream “Scary SCOTUS! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!” are over.

    Dead. gone. Never to return. Get used to the new feminism, which does not give a rat’s ass whether you can protect our rights. We’ve decided we can protect our own.

  94. I just heard will bower on fox a lettle while ago. I think Puma need s to solidify a message for the media….cause they are kinda slow and prone to very short talking points.

    they keep asking why we won’t support Obama when His “platform” is basicall so similar to hers. I think they are missing the point.

    I think we need to be clear. Obama is unacceptable becase 1] inexperience bordering on imcompetence, 2} his past close associations with racist, anti semites and terrorists, 3} his pandering and flip flopping and $0 a vote for him would be a vote for fraud…..that he is an illegimate candidate.

    We need strong talking points for the media

  95. Looks like BDTR needs to visit here because they’re soooo very lonely over at their little blog. From the 51 posts put up since 3/20/08 (must be their birthday) there’s only been 3 posts. That’s 3 – three, trois, drei, III, 6-3, 2+1, “____ blind mice”. It’s a sad day for this lost lonely soul.

  96. Edit to prior comment: Only 3 COMMENTS, not posts.

  97. sorry for all the typos….I am in the middle of work…

  98. I love Carville – I think though we need to keep it on the hush. I’ve already gone to the PUMA retail store (the sports brand), and bought my PUMA gera to use as code.

    but if it gets all over natl news, then, our cover is blown.

  99. But BTDR is a card carrying member of the Kreative Klass.

  100. Fox News:

    Clinton’s speech is still being written.

    And though many pundits and commentators are likely to say Clinton must use Tuesday night’s speech to persuade her delegates – and the vast audience of Clinton loyalists watching at home — to back Obama, top Clinton officials have had enough of this kind of pre-speech pressure .

    The emerging consensus in Hillary’s camp is that Clinton can not be asked to solve Obama’s problem. They say it’s up to Obama to make the case for his economic policies and respond to persistent questions about his experience, toughness and vision.

    According to Clinton allies, no speech from Clinton or anyone else can do for Obama what he most needs to do for himself.


  101. Epicurious—agreed.

  102. Yes they throw our right to choose in our face on abortion but want to take away our right to vote for the person we want.

    It is our vote, Obama is NOT entitled to it just because we voted for Clinton.

  103. top Clinton officials have had enough of this kind of pre-speech pressure .

    I’ll endorse that.

    I would think she will talk about the condition of the country and the people and what needs to be done for both.

    And The Messiah can speak for himself.

  104. This literally just in: CNN.com
    Cafferty to Hillary, “You lost!”

    Fast frwd to the future…..Let’s say like November 5th 2008:

    PUMAS to Obamacrats

    “YOU LOST!”

  105. Carol: oh yeah! So glad to finally hear that! PUMA HAKA all the way !

  106. Cafferty preys on weak minds who need validation from tv gasbags.

    He’s best ignored.

  107. Gotta mention another idiot, Chuck Todd of MSNBC. When he talks about Obama, he keeps mentioning them as “we did this”, “we are doing this”. So he’s on the campaign? Its exactly like the embedded journalists covering the invasion of Iraq acting like they are soldiers too. This is disgusting. I can’t wait for Nov. 4. Today is a primary day in Florida. Its the first time in many years I will not be voting. When asked, I state that I can no longer support the DNC.

  108. Murphy has a triumphant post
    t folks.

    It will take a few days for this to become the main story but it is building big time:




    I just got off the phone with Radio Ireland — going on KGORadio in CA at 11am mountain time.

    The BBC later today.


    no one talks about racism anymore. No one is talking about “bitter crazy fringe holdouts.”



    Obama needs a 15 point bounce over McCain coming out of this — a 15 point bounce. Anything less is EXTREMELY OMINOUS.


  109. Nobama: Thanks for the video. It made me sad and then furious. I am not letting her go! I don’t know how it may be achieved but I BELIEVE in Hillary’s Inauguration in 2009. It’s such a strong gut feeling, I know it’s not just foolish hope.

  110. Carol: I hope Fox is right on this one. Hillary has done all she can do to prop up Obama; I’m afraid that soon she will look as weakened by intimidation and pressure as he does by his inexperience and whining. There’s no need for a woman to destroy herself and her own power by trying to save some self-destructive, abusing twit.

  111. Angry artist, maybe this will help:


  112. Jack Cafferty sounds like an amateur Fred Mertz. As for Chuck Todd, his wife is a member of the Obama staff. Need more?

  113. kinda interesting that McCain is getting the bounce from the DNC convention ….

    has that EVER happened before?

  114. Carol: You GOT to teach us how to do the Puma Haka thing. I love it

  115. WMCB, on August 26th, 2008 at 12:37 pm Said:

    lord gawd – thanks for that laugh! I really needed it on an otherwise bleak day…I laughed so loud the dog jumped and is now hiding!

  116. I couldn’t be happier for the success of PUMA and all the attention it is receiving. I wish I had been able to do more.

  117. I love the edits by the site administrator. Thanks for the laughs!

  118. My husband just came downstairs and said he read somewhere on the web that the CA Hillary delegates are staging a revolt. He can’t remember where he saw it (I know, I know) but has anyone else heard or read this?

  119. Carville’s shoes are no accident. It’s definitely a tribute to PUMAs. You go, James!

  120. I think I will look for some Pumas while I am out and about today.

  121. I’m chasing the dog around my shop saying”scotus!booga,booga, booga!”

    I’ve lost my sanity…. I too have become attracted to Ed.

    (tearing up my pink lesbo association card…returning the toaster oven)

  122. glennmcgahee: In 1966, I registered as a Democrat and voted faithfully for whomever the Party nominated. On May 31,2006, I watched the RBC, then downloaded a party change form and switched to Independent. When I went to the polls today, the pollworker whom I have knpen for years saw me walk in and said to the other person at the table “Democratic ballot”, and I said “Not any more. Independent, please. I want my vote to count”. Three people turned and smiled. PS It’s a lot fater to vote independent in Broward Co. Ballot’s about half the size.

  123. Any delegates pressured to vote for obama or better, bribed with convention expense reimbursement should release the info to news outlets.

  124. @plural, 12:46 PM

    “I would think she will talk about the condition of the country and the people and what needs to be done for both.

    “And The Messiah can speak for himself.”

    Well, he’s going to “speak for himself” after Hillary, same as at the debates. Look for a lot of “what that white bitch said.”

  125. GALLOP POLL: McCain takes the lead 46% to Obama’s 44%

    Obama wil lose and lose BIG!!!
    NO Biden bounce. Hillary said he was unelectable, and they still selected him. They have 24 hours to change their minds!!! It’s doubtful.

    Oh well. Hillary is 2012!!

  126. Love Carville! Look at that smile, too….PUMA ate the canary smile.

    Plus, did you all hear him last night??

    He said you can’t just package us up (Hillary supporters) and hand us over!

  127. IndigoGrrl: Get back in line. Way back. There is a lot of Ed there but not enough to go around!

  128. Karolina NYC, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:59 am Said:
    Pacific PUMA… I like your plan.

    Yes. I love Will, and he’s doing a great job of getting the general word out about us, but it’s time to get to the heart of our rejection of Obama. Why we find his campaign and most ardent supporters disturbing on so many levels. And why, although Hillary was initially the conduit, we life-long Dems felt the need to actually seek each other out and organize against him.

    FOX wants material for their “you report” project. Maybe R.D. or Murph can put a spot together and send it in.

  129. ok… I’ll send him home (sigh)

  130. WMCB, you make a great point. Obama’s attitude toward Hillary reveals a deep-seated mean streak. He is, simply, not a nice person. That anyone is fooled by him is truly mind boggling.

  131. Another thing…after Dean delivered that 2006 Dem victory with his 50 state strategy, Carville made some remarks I considered odd and snarky at the time. I chalked it off as some kind of jealousy, but now I would love to remember what it was he said. Obviously he knew more about Dean than he could come right out and say.

  132. GALLOP POLL: McCain takes the lead 46% to Obama’s 44%

    Obama wil lose and lose BIG!!!
    NO Biden bounce. Hillary said he was unelectable, and they still selected him. They have 24 hours to change their minds!!! It’s doubtful.

    Oh well. Hillary is 2012!!

  133. Marie Coco does it again:

    Clinton’s Thankless Job

    Hillary Clinton will be damned if she looks too methodically perfect, too much the purveyor of practiced routine and not enough the cheery personification of enthusiasm. She’ll also be damned if she’s too exuberant, too obviously raising her voice in unbridled exhortation for the team. She will either be deemed too cool or all-too-cagily warm.

    Clinton can’t win tonight. But then, she knows that.

    ( … )

    Clinton is a woman who knows how to lose — to lose any shred of privacy, to lose face, to lose any expectation of being treated with a modicum of respect by the talking heads in the media and, now, to lose a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination that she expected to win. As if to heap insult upon injury, the Obama campaign let it be known that it did not for a minute seriously consider Clinton as a vice presidential candidate, notwithstanding the 18 million votes she earned during the primaries and her demonstrated ability to win over white, working-class voters who remain cool to Obama and who are necessary for victory in the fall. A reference to those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, which the Obama forces conceded could appear in the party’s platform, would be just words.

    I think women are clearly the best political writers currently (Anglachel anyone?).
    Guys we need to up our game to catch up.

  134. Ann On,

    He’s already cribbing from Hillary this year and Bill in 1992, so I expect we’ll get more of it.

  135. Not exactly a glowing review by the Chicago Sun Times. Interesting read with lots of familiar names.



    The room is already paid for by Capital Hill sponsors and we haven’t been able to cancel it so it’s just sitting empty. It’s not a real high star motel but it’s ok and convenient to downtown Denver.

    You can can contact me via my blog or:


  137. katiebird, RD, if you’re around, check your emails

  138. I agree with Marie Cocco except for this:

    “presidential nomination that she expected to win”

    I don’t think she ever expected to win it. I think she knew exactly how hard it would be and what a big chance she was taking.

  139. I look forward to seeing Hillary once again and watch as her supporters cheer her on. But this will have a bittersweet ring to her final appearance as this should truly be her week, her night to shine, her nomination.

    The lady warrior took this campaign and showed the guts and tenacity needed to effort the “change” that has been touted as an empty slogan. Where this slogan will end will be on the ash heap of history but she would have made it an anthem. Having been denied the fairness of an equal playing field, she has steadfastly held on and carried herself with the posture of a queen. No more should be expected from her than what she has so far delivered.

    To those who insist that her loss was just, then her words and perseverance fall on deaf ears. But for those of us who came to believe so wholeheartedly in her message, the pain will be hard to accept.

    The death of a beautiful dream unfolds tonight and I will struggle to watch it end. But as I was walked with when she embarked on her first step, I will remain by her side to the end. Thank you Queen Hillary. You are the best!

  140. AP Headline:

    Madonna video disses McCain, campaign fires back

    I didn’t bother to open the article, because I can safely predict that the McCain campaign gratefully thanked Madonna. Is there anything more likely to push middle American leaners toward McCain that him being dissed by Obama-luvin’ Madonna?

    Oh, and another big shout-out to yet another sellout woman who’s big on women power. Yeh. Well, her own.

  141. IndigoGrrl, now I am laughing at the image of you chasing the dog with “boogaboogabooga! Scotus!”

    I think that finally, this years, the Dems have reached critical mass on that scare card. We are not walking uteruses. We are whole, complete people, with many concerns, not just choice.

  142. OMG!

    Look at those shoes…they’re brand spanking new!!!

    The laces alone will blind you!!

    I’ve been scratched behind my ears and I’m purrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!

  143. I saw that yesterday. Madonna was a Hillary supporter during the primary. Guess she decided to ‘fall in line’ and “unite” the party. Heh.

  144. sometimes I need to get back at the dog yaknow? she’s using way too many of my cellphone minutes …. and rolls her eyes at me alot.

  145. Rachel Maddow is quite post-rational herself. When asked about the split in the party, she said that the party was becoming more populist and therefore rejecting the Clintons. That is quite the delusional spin, but I guess MSNBC has discovered that no position, no matter how extreme and ridiculous, is beyond the pale for them.

  146. James & Mary Matalin Carville have young children that will need financial support for quite a few years. He just knows the money will dry up for the DNC when Precious takes us down with his Ego Trip to the Flaming End of the Road. Carville’s just looking at the future to make some college dough. I like smartness in a man.

  147. For someone who has a difficult time posing with her legs together, and always from the crotch up, why would we seriously entertain anything coming out of Madonna’s mouth?

  148. Hi Bruce. The answer to your question is no. The people who hate women are the ones don’t believe a woman can think for herself and use bully tactics to keep them in line. People a lot like… you!

  149. Pat: damn, I wish I’d said that!

  150. Michelle quoted Alinsky in her “We’re so normal” speech. If this gets coverage, it could be damaging. Was it a sly shout-out to the win-by-any-means Chicago cadre?

    From another blog, someone noticed:

    Figures. Michelle Obama Quotes Lines From “Rules For Radicals” In Her DNC Convention Speech

    Michelle Obama quotes lines some radical Far Left book in her DNC Convention speech.

    What to make of Michelle Obama’s use the terms, “The world as it is” and “The world as it should be?” From whence do they originate? Try Chapter 2 of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals. In last night’s speech, Michelle Obama said something that peeked my curiousity. She said:

    “Barack stood up that day,” talking about a visit to Chicago neighborhoods, “and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about “The world as it is” and “The world as it should be…”

    And, “All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do – that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

    Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals:

    “The means-and-ends moralists, constantly obsessed with the ethics of the means used by the Have-Nots against the Haves, should search themselves as to their real political position. In fact, they are passive — but real — allies of the Haves…The most unethical of all means is the non-use of any means… The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be.”

  151. Barack, Michelle, Biden, all liberal “borrowers” of other people’s lines. Not an original among the 3.

  152. Is that supposed to be an original thought, the world as it is and the world as it should be?

    It seems to me as old as humanity.

  153. WMCB, thank you for having read and remembered Saul Alinsky for the rest of us. ” … The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be.”

    And now Michelle calls for us all to start dreaming.

  154. Madonna’s is the one who wanted to have Dennis Rodman’s baby. But even he was smart enough to reject her. Still, I could see how she would think he would make a great father figure…. her judgment is truly something to behold

  155. plural, the point is that it tags her as an Alinskyite, who believed and taught that yes, the ends DO justify the means.

    So when Michelle refers to her husband as an “ethical man”, she is not lying. They believe that any means to achieve a “noble” goal, such as lying cheating thuggery and backstabbing, IS in truth ETHICAL.

  156. Katiebird: shoot bruce out the troll cannon, please

  157. Somebody mop up Brucie at 1:34, or have some sort of fun with him…

  158. my guess is he could seriously use a bit of fun..

  159. Wasn’t there a suggestion at one time that Hillary was involved with Alinsky?

    I think this whole convention is one big exercise in plagiarism.

  160. The Foreign Press is reporting the FBI arrested yesterday in Denver burbs 3 persons suspecting of plotting to shut down O during his convention speech. Did anyone heard about this? I bet that made Biden’s day

  161. home late for lunch-James carville? is that the hidden PUMA?

  162. parentofed: The carvilles just moved back down here to LA, they live uptown now

  163. Obama’ future: I predict that Obama will be the O J Simpson of the political world in time. Instead of riding around crouched down in the back of a Bronco he will be crouched down in the back of a black limo with one of the ass-kissing mainstream media personalities driving and repeating…I still love you Bombo, I still love you Bombo…

  164. Anyone listening to Darragh on KGO radio?

  165. Howard Dean doing his best to screw things up for Democrats by comparing the GOP to Slobodan Milosevic

  166. They’re putting anti-PUMA callers on that are harrassing her.

  167. She’s holding her own really well.

  168. Yes, FrenchNail, the White Nationalists got busted yesterday, thank god.

  169. “The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be.”

    Or the promise-filled-fantasy-world on which Obama built his campaign.

    I wonder how Saul likes the “Haves” using his book for their political gain.

  170. Hillary did a thesis on him, but turned down a job with one of his organizations after college. She admired many of his ideas, but parted ways with him on methods and the idea that no change can happen from working within government – only from outside agitation.

  171. bruce: most of us feel that our ovaries will not be held hostage to a person of no experience and no substance who was placed in the position in is in now, not by winning, but by twisting a process set up to put the results of gamed and undemocratic caucuses over primaries …

    SCOTUS has enough antichoice votes now to be dead, it will simply go back to the states and will find ways of getting women to the states that will help them. Hard enough to find providers now any way so that network is set up now.

    I will not be told i’m a republican, I hate women, or I’m a rove plant, just because I find Obama singularly unimpressive. He’s held a series of part time jobs and has no accomplishments in any of them. His judgement about people (Ayers, Rezko, Wright) seems extremely poor. I’d rather put up with four years of McCain, then have another 4 years of a president that needs training wheels –he’s just another version of Bush.

  172. One more under the bus, Obama Godfather’s speech scrubbed from convention website as punishment for hurling insults at Clinton delegate.

  173. frankly, my biggest concern is living in New Orleans and watching Hurricane Gustav right now … so Bruce, go do a circle jerk with the rest of your kooaid drinking, parent’s basement dwelling, idiOts.

    that good enuf catarina?

  174. Hillary I believe wrote about Alinsky in her college thesis? As a historical study not to advocate his methods.. sorry no time to research but I think the NYT did an article about it. I expect that line Michelle Obama used is a very commonplace phrase that could be found in Alinsky’s writings as well & it’s just people trying to make hay out of it. Just for intellectual honesty’s sake that’s how I see it, though I am a little aggravated by the Obamas telling me yet again what “just won’t do.” I don’t like that.

    As I recall the last I heard it Barack was telling us that the same old Washington politics “just won’t do.” And then he ran a campaign funded by the same big fundraisers and promoted by the same Dem party elites and based on tearing down opponents with negativity. Meet the New Politics, same as the Old Politics.

  175. The days of we wimmins clutching our uteruses and cringing in subservience every time you scream “Scary SCOTUS! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!” are over.

    WMCB, I love you.

  176. Hey y’all, just passing through the site and getting a feel for what this is all about. I’ll probably not stay longer than today, but would urge you all to develop thicker skins or at least a better (i.e., less childish) means for editing “troll” comments.

    Given that there’s no real contra-ideas on this site, no real discourse pro vs anti unity (at least in the latest threads) it’s hard for a newcomer to take away more from this site than a simple echo chamber of “we’re anti-Obama and pro-Hillary” message.

    Maybe the troll posts are rather vulgar, but the editing technique seems to be more in line with a 5 y.o.’s reactionary plans.

    As for the point of this blog/movement, can someone simply respond to my question: Short of a Hillary nomination, what all do you expect to achieve with the PUMA movement?

  177. dannynono

    we the pumas are going to put democracy back into the democratic party…or form our own party

    either way we are not going to be led by the nose by any political party ever again

  178. Obama on Fox at a townhall saying how the average family’s income went UP when Bill Clinton was president. Oh, NOW they want to say good things about the 90’s? What? I thought that was the Politics of the Past and Obama’s New Politics was all about moving beyond those battles and creating the New Post-Partisan Democratic Party that compromised away our principles for the sake of playing nice with Republicans.

  179. Wakonda-lkwe: I hate when “fringe elements” are “arrested”. I see right throught it. For me, it’s about creating an atmosphere of “this man is a target” and then “we did our best, but we cannot arrested them all”. The last thing we need is this to turn utterly undemocratic and to martyrize their Messaih.

  180. …and for the record

    PUMAs will not be voting for Barack Obama for any reason..

    so if that makes us a “pro Hillary” site whatever…

    there are a thousands reasons to not vote for him…she being only one

  181. dannynono, on August 26th, 2008 at 2:02 pm Said:

    I’m sure someone more eloquent will respond, but as a frequent lurker, this is the deal:

    1)There were shenanigans involved in this Democratic primary; from Howard Dean’s signing on of his web gurus to Obama’s campaign from day one (conflict of interest anyone?)
    2)Obama’s willing gleeful use of race baiting to attract more votes. This is a fact; this is not up for negotiation, it’s been recorded in the public domain. Yes, I have links/evidence. Unless you were dead (or watching only MSNBC and CNN) you should know this.

    3)PUMA, IMHO exists to not let those people who are perpetrating fraud (vote allocations based on EXIT POLLS?!?!?), winning a state Primary, but losing because of caucuses held a few weeks later?!??) Hillary winning every major state at the END of the Primary? get away with it.

  182. FrenchNail, I thought you were referring to the trio whose assasination plans were foiled.

  183. Howard Dean is such an asshole!!!! If the Democratic party looked like America, than 52% of the democratic seats in congress would be female and Clinton would be the moninee. The only opened doors in the democratic party are for black men. According to Howie, if the party resembles society, black men would make up closer to 25% of society.

  184. YES Carville! We can count on you to tell it like it is.

    Yes to all Dems at the Convention who have a spine.

    Proud PUMA

  185. To the tune of Lucy in the Sky – inspired by the news that ticket holders at the stadium have to seat there since 2 PM

  186. Alegre is reporting that there is going to be a closed door roll call vote at the hotel.


  187. Howard Dean’s signing on of his web gurus to Obama’s campaign from day one

    i heard firsthand that over at Dean’s DNC the prevailing sentiment is/was primarily negative about the Democratic Party, in the sense of all those who weren’t Deaniac allies. they probably want Obama as their ticket to pushing out all the Clintonistas

  188. Pat, Carol, Indigogrrl, and whoever else—

    I finally saw Ed yesterday on TV and I have to say….I don’t get it?

    I mean he’s an okay guy, but there are so many nice men. Why just share one and not enjoy other ones whenever he’s busy. I’ve always found that the monogomy is a drag if it’s not a two-way street. 😉

  189. A new plan_

    After careful intelligence by Obama for America on ellection day an Obama-bot will be assigned to each puma-jsnd-hillary supporter they will escort their assigned wayward democrat tothe polls “for their own protection” accompany them to the voting booth and “assist” the puma-jsnd-hillary supporter make the correct choice then once the task has been completed…they will assist the the puma-jsnd-hillary supporter in taking their last breath!

    then we will surely have a true obamanation!


  190. errrrr… KarolinaNYC… just for the record

    the only politician this pink kinked lady finds attractive is Ms. HRC herself.

    I was jus messin’ with Pat!

  191. I think I saw this back in February but it didn’t mean the same thing then as it does now…

    Carville & Dean 50 State disagreement AND MORE!

    There are some interesting conclusions about the positioning of Dean/Obama/Clinton. There are also some references to comments of Carville being tagged to Clinton – I guess some things just never change.

    The insight of this article given the events since February are interesting. I think “interesting” might not be the word I am looking for…

  192. sorry channelling swifts “a modest proposal” again gotta go!


  193. Fox News has reported that they are in possession of the Annenberg Challenge files from the University of Illinois. They have 32 boxes of papers and have started sorting through them. So far there are reports of meetings between Ayers and Obama.

    I’ll keep the story updated on my blog.

    Mountain Sage

  194. What was Kerry’s “convention bump”? Anyone remember? I’m thinking it was 10% ish, but could be wrong.

    I want to start a betting game on how many points below Kerry’s this one will be.

  195. dannynono: What do PUMAs want to achieve?
    Democracy; Try to grasp the concept.
    Oh BTW,It’s the Obot contingency and the DNC leadership that need the “thicker skins” in addition to crash helmuts, when the precious one goes down in a landslide defeat.
    Thanks for passing through though.

  196. There really should be an online therapy center for the damned trolls.
    They come here because they know they need help, but frankly, who has time?

  197. WMCB: My prediction is 5 points below Kerry’s bump (what ever it was). It is my understsnding that Kerry lead Bush by 17 points going into Nov.,but I could be wrong.

  198. As for the point of this blog/movement, can someone simply respond to my question: Short of a Hillary nomination, what all do you expect to achieve with the PUMA movement?

    Well, we intend to take back this country one vote at a time, that’s what. We intend to hold the leaders of the DNC accountable for subverting and manipulating the process to produce a nominee of their choosing, voters be damned.

    I personally hope to work for the long-term goal of eliminating the caucus system and having every state hold a binding primary.

    Thanks for asking.

  199. Yah IndigoGrrl—I didn’t really think that tearing up your card was going to change your interests. I was messing w/ you, as well as the others…

  200. WMCB at 2:26

    I’m betting there is no convention bump. I’m betting on a convention slump. Obama took far too many curtain calls already. The people are weary.

  201. Karolina NYC: The attraction is like trying to understand the Lyle Lovett/Julia Roberts marriage. Hard to decipher. As for indigogrrl, she was just a minute short of a breakdown while talking to the dog. She reverted back in no time. Ed is just one big teddy bear, kind of like Hoss Cartwright, John Goodman, or Kevin James. And then again, some of us suffer from delusions anyway.

  202. plural – Hillary was taking a big risk. Most people hate her for her Iraq vote and then the 16 year character assassination which caused most of her high negatives.

  203. To keep expectations in check, they are now saying that Obama can probably expect a 3-4 point “bump” in the polls. Apparently Biden did not do much for him so far in that regard.

  204. IndigoGrrl: good luck. Not trying to be snide, but both of those goals are rather challenging given the amount of money involved wrt our current political system.

    oh, and i characterized (perhaps mistakenly) this site as pro-hillary given the the vast majority of candidate shout-outs on this site are simply pro-hillary.

    destardi: thanks for the low-down.

    silverlakemom: “Democracy; Try to grasp the concept.” I’m not trying to be rude to you all and I expect the same treatment.

  205. This is what I say to those who attack PUMA and those trying to shame us for standing up for TRUTH and for HILLARY.

    Quoted from Susan B. Anthony, Woman’s Rights Activist and Honorary PUMA

    “Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world’s estimation, and publicly and privately, in season and out, avow their sympathy with despised and persecuted ideas and their advocates, and bear the consequences.”


    ” Failure is impossible”!!!!!!

    There will be little or no convention bump…Obama and his Minions are going

    GO PUMAs!!!

  206. “Where’s the bump?” replaces “Where’s the beef?”!

  207. … and for the record:

    1. I do totally agree that the Democratic nomination process was completely mishandled. Although whether it’s due to negligence vs. an anti-Clinton bias seems debatable.

    2. I’m totally in support of the goals stated by JulieS9164, IndigoGrrl and such, but am still (could change) unwilling to vote 3rd party this time around (sorry) when my 2000 vote helped to lead to our current admin.

  208. To dannynono:

    We are REAL people not fronts for anyone or anything and Obama brought this on himself.

    If you haven’t already and you really want to know how Obama won the Primary (as you said in your post that it was ‘mishandled’) then check out this web site
    (It is way deeper then ‘mishandled’):

    If you really want to know the truth then be willing to watch these disenfrachised voters…every day people, black. white, hispanic, young, and older folks who wanted to vote for Hillary but were prevented due to voter fraud.

    These are courageous citizens speaking who are willing to go on film and talk about how their votes were stolen through thuggery, lies and deception. Maybe you have already seen this…but if not it is worth the time.

    Obama DID NOT WIN THE PRIMARY; he stole the election by committing voter fraud in the Caucus states. We want Democracy back…this is not a third world country.

    If you don’t want to watch the Trailor for this film then read the meticulous documentation on this site: http://www.lynettelong.com/caucusfraud/
    Dr. Lynette Long documents the criminal activity and successful criminal tactics used to steal the Democrat Party Primary Election.

    It is my hope that some investigative reporters will also research and tell this story so that the American people can judge for themselves. Also, my bigger hope is that folks will share this story with everyone they meet.

    We are concerned citizens of this wonderful Country and we will fight to protect the Democratic Process. This my friend is way bigger then Hillary Clinton winning or loosing the Primary.

    We will not be silenced by the insults hurreled at us and we will not shut up, go away and fall in line…many of us marched in the streets for Civil Rights and stood up to the abuse of power before. Again, Obama and his Campaign Organization have no one to blame for this uprising of voters but themselves.

    Voter fraud, suppressing votes, voter intimidation may be a means to an end that worked for Obama in the Democratic Party Primary but these tactics and manipulation will not work in the General Election and Obama will be defeated in November.

    Thomas Jefferson said that…”All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for good people of conscious to remain silent.”

    The tactics of a tyrant do not work in the USA (for very long and we want to keep it that way). Democracy will prevail in the US because there are too many people of conscious who will NOT BE SILENCED!!

  209. Nobama

    thank you! Gotit!

  210. All of you PUMAs will have the blood on your hands of our soldiers dying in McCain’s next war or of poor women tearing themselves to death with coat hangers in back alleys when abortion is banned in numerous states when Roe is overturned. You are not real Democrats or progressives and I’m sure your actions sicken Hillary, since they contradict the very causes of her life. In the years to come, may you personally feel in your own family the negative effects of McCain’s administration.

  211. Are you guys crazy?
    You are seriously voting for McCain and the Republicans? You are seriously going to throw away all the things we have fought so hard against? Roe V. Wade, the enviroment, the War?
    You are going to make us ALL pay because Hillary did not win!!!!
    SHAME ON YOU !!!
    Just look at the difference between Michelle and Cindy, yeah lets all go bake to baking cookies and standing by our men! Is that what you want?!!!!!

  212. CarlyinNJ: Thanks for the links!

  213. Cindy is a PILOT and she also helps children all over the world, “Virginia.” You are no doubt a male Obamatron in a dress.

    Get your facts straight before you start dissing a woman you obviously know nothing about.

  214. angry artist: Is your last comment in response to my question? If so, gotit!

  215. The trolls are out in force today to honor the Suppression of Women Day in their BACKLASH against Suffrage.

    Tom, you moron, as if you care…ever hear of the Morning After Pill?

    Why don’t you hold that coat hanger in one hand while you get busy with the other and DREAM about any woman letting you close enough to warrant risking a pregnancy.

  216. Pat, no amount of Extenze-ive coverage is gonna help Obama with his TINY BUMP problem.

  217. Name calling and personal attacks are part of the strategy of the Obama Mind Control Police. It doesn’t work….it only makes us more determined.

    When Obama looses in November (and he will), look in the mirror, Virginia and Tom you will have NOONE to blame but yourself.

    Thug Tactics don’t work here!!
    Like I said your desire to SILENCE us only fans the flames of revolt against OBOMINATION!!!
    Maybe instead of “Obama Camp” and your adoption of thug tactics you should ask for training in something like “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

    After Obama looses in November you may really want to think about that as an option.

  218. Pat, your moving tribute to our Lady Warrior speaks to me, I will also struggle to watch this close, especially tonight.

    Here again is a tribute to the battle:

    Lord of the Democrats

  219. This is great news:

    Fox News has reported that they are in possession of the Annenberg Challenge files from the University of Illinois. They have 32 boxes of papers and have started sorting through them. So far there are reports of meetings between Ayers and Obama.

    I’ll keep the story updated on my blog.

    Mountain Sage


    Remember: Annenberg is also connect to FactCheck – the one place that has “seen, held” (and photoshopped??) BO’s COLB. Still waiting to hear about the Berg case in PA from the MSM, but I guess we’ll have to let the Republicans break that story next week — with all it’s fascinating implications, such as, since BO wasn’t even a US citizen when he was 20 maybe that means he never registered for Selective Service?? The veterans and those serving in Iraq will love that – NOT.

  220. Not that I agree with Tom or Virginia, but of the alternative choices PUMA is promoting for the general election is McCain one of those choices?

  221. Danynono:

    PUMA is not promoting McCain….Puma is made up of many many people with many viewpoints. We respect each other and although we may not all agree we honor the fact that each of us will deal with this assault against democracy in different ways.

    Some folks will vote for McCain some never will do that. ALL PUMAs will choose their own path.

  222. You go girls!
    Vote for McCain, get the draft reinstated, I am sick and tired of my kids deploying to Iraq every year so I am glad you are ready to share the burden!

  223. Where’s the BUMP???????

  224. Seems like a SLUMP….

  225. One other point….PUMA is truely a grass roots movement; we will go on!!

  226. Tom, Virginia, et al, for the umpteenth time: Shut the F*** Up.

    Reality check: Republicans have been in the White House for 20 of the last 28 years. Women’s rights (which you only seem to care about when it came be used as a cattle prod to keep women in line) that “we’ve” fought so hard for have been gained for the most part while a Republican was in the oval office. And why do you let GW off so easy? Iraq was his terrible folly. It’s absurd and just plain pathetic that you would even TRY to shift the blame to folks who don’t support Obama.

    If you really believed in women’s rights then you would RESPECT that women can think for themselves and shouldn’t be harassed just because they don’t agree with you. You people are just a bunch of narrow minded bullies.

    If your candidate doesn’t win it’s because, yet again, the Dems have put together a weak ticket.

  227. To Hillary;

    I have never voted Republican before in a Presidential Election and this time I WILL vote for McCain.

    I am much more worried about the threat to Democracy if Obama wins.

    I marched to end the draft (back in the day); and I will do it again if it comes to that…..

    and I am very sorry that your children are being redeployed in Iraq…I honor their service to our Country.

    I was opposed to the war in Iraq when it started and I still am. I believe that McCain will bring the Iraq War to and end and will do it much faster then Obama.

    Of course, Hillary would have done it even better. In my opinion, Obama does not have the experience or ability to deal with the Iraq War. Biden will not be much help to him because for one, I don’t think Obama will listen.

    The DNC took democracy out of the Primary and gave us a candidate who was not elected by the majority of the American people.

    Check out this site which will show you how the Caucuses were handled and how democracy was totally subverted:


    After you watch, “We Will Not Be Silenced,” if you do, I ask you this question:
    Is that what democracy is becoming in America?

    Democracy carried out by thuggery, voter intimidation and fraud.

    I believe our soldiers are fighting, suffering terrible injuries and dying for REAL democracy and the protection of our democratic freedoms.

    To vote for Obama to me would be an insult to our soldiers and their sacrifice.

    This is not an easy decision, but we must stand up to tyranny wherever and whenever it exists. If it exists in our own house then we must not support it. I can not support Obama because he has (in my mind) shown himself to be willing to go to any means for the ends.
    Obama has used tactics of voter fraud to gain the nomination.

    Thus, Obama lost my vote.

  228. CarlyinNJ: I’ve been watching the video link and yes it’s very compelling but I’m not swayed to change my vote – yet – and even if swayed to pull my vote I would not ever vote for McCain. The man would’ve had my vote back in 2000, but due to his own party’s corrupt pulling of strings – Bush ended up with the nomination and so Nader ended up with my vote.

    Is there corruption in the Dem’s house – perhaps yes, but does that mean there’s that the Repub’s house is corruption free – hardly.

    I respect your decision to cast your vote elsewhere, but given the Republican platform vs the Democratic (or even simply Hillary’s) platform, I really cannot fathom the logic of switching it to McCain. Perhaps he’ll manage to run back to the middle and hold off on some of his far-right promises, but that’s also not a bet I’m willing to make as the father of a 16 y.o. son and 14 y.o. daughter.

  229. Very concerned that the fix is in and they might not allow a roll call vote. The TV talk is about an early vote off the floor by each delegation. And then have the report approved by the convention. Remember Pelosi is the chairperson. If they attempt nominate Obama in this manner, I truly believe that the American people, both Democrat, Republican and Independent, will deal such a blow to Democratic candidates in the General election, that the Democrats will lose their majories in the general election. This is based on the fact that Americans’ believe in fair play and anything dishonest like stealing an election by gaming the rules is stealing!

  230. dannynono and “hillary” —trolls in new dresses — nice try but it’s Dems who support the draft dodos, and danny….your boy will be FIRST because Obama has long advocated MANDATORY SERVICE for teens.

    I hope you like your new indoctrinated kids. Moron.

  231. Jessie, sadly, the fix has been in for a long time, and no, they are not allowing a vote.

  232. McCain up by 2 points and Obama is still sinking.
    Gallup poll.
    URGENT-especially for computer toting travelers.
    Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash and you will not be able to fix it! it’ll burn your hard drive. DELETE them immediately.

  233. Charlie Wilson — he of “Charlie Wilson’s War” fame — rallied a midday gathering of Texans Monday with a call to end the war in Iraq. The former Texas congressman said the U.S. should have kept its focus on Afghanistan and never gone into Iraq. Wilson knows something about Afghanistan. The book and movie is about his advertures arming the mujahedin against the Soviet Union.

    The speech got a good response, but Wilson flubbed one line in his call for new leadership.

    “We should be led by Osama bin Laden,” he said, then quickly corrected himself. “I mean Obama and Biden.”

  234. Zee: just because I’m not walking in lock-step with this group doesn’t mean I’m walking in lock-step with Obama or any other group. Calling someone names and denigrating them rather than answering their questions is pure troll action, so you better look in the mirror before calling me a troll again.

    PS Zee, you say: “Obama has long advocated MANDATORY SERVICE for teens.”

    50 hrs of Americorp (created by Bill Clinton) volunteering for HS students and 100 hrs for college students is not quite the same as an all caps “MANDATORY SERVICE”.

  235. Has anyone ever thought that from day one we are being hoodwinked by the republicans? Since the beginning of the primaries the GOP has been employing the: DIVIDE AND CONQUER STRATEGY!

    They knew the democrats had two dynamic candidates. They also knew that the only way to defeat the democrats was to divide them. So what did they start doing? They pretended to be supporters of Obama or Clinton and began attacking the opposite group on blogs and elsewhere. It started this family fight and they just sat back and watched us shed blood. It is the oldest trick in the book and what’s jacked up is that it is working.

    If McCain gets in the white house, we will have to explain to our children’s children why they don’t have healthcare, decent education, or college savings. The only answer would be that in 2008 we let the GOP divide us and as a result the Democrats loss and lended the country to 8 or more years of more jacked up policies,

    Does any of you really think that if McCain is elected and Hillary runs in 4 years that we won’t have the same problem? Think again. The only thing that will happen is that the other half of the party will still be bitter and will either not vote or vote republican out of spite. The war could go on for many years and the country will have suffered 12+ years of a failing economy because of bitterness.

    May God protect us all because we’re in serious trouble.

  236. children grow up …. there are bigger issuses at hand


  238. Hmmm, it looks like Democrats in general have been “thrown under the bus” by the DNC.
    They don’t care two figs about us at all – “votes? what votes? we’ll just make ’em up.”

  239. Denise, that’s how we got Kerry as a candidate last time.
    Ah, I see the fine hand of Karl Rove in this mix.

  240. B Matthews, if McCain chooses a woman, it would seem as if he is pandering. Just go with Romney and he will be good. Romney can handle Biden just fine.

  241. I myself was a Clinton supporter, and am a strong women with her own ideals. I think this idea of standing up for Clinton is ridiculous, she is not longer an option. If we end up with McCain in office, there will be no one to blame but ourselves. So wise up and support Democrat, before we find ourselves in an incompromising situation.

  242. paveyp, on August 27th, 2008 at 5:37 pm Said:
    Romney can handle Biden just fine.

    What are you smoking? Yes, if the contest is to determine who uses more Brillcream, but beyond that Romney is a puppet – and not a smart one at that. Just another Repub that’s turned his back on his own beliefs in order to suck the RNC teat.

    As if the RNC and DNC are actually different. That’s the irony hear that no on observes: There might be some subtle differences in McCain or Obama (and yes Hillary), and those differences might come out as actual policy (for better or worse) but for the most part the major issues facing us are still going to handled in ways that benefit corporations and not individuals.

    Yes, as you all have noticed (finally) the parties themselves have their own best interests at heart, and since the only way to influence that interest is with greenbacks – lots and lots of them (corporate quantities please) – then the only option you have to make any point is by your vote. On Nov 4 don’t stay at home, but go vote. Don’t vote for either McCain or Obama, either write in Hillary (or whoever) or vote 3rd party.

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