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Delegates Mad As Hell: Scramble for Floor Vote

Clinton Delegates are pissed. The Clinton National Delegate Network, a grassroots movement of delegates is on the streets of Denver collecting signatures from Hillary delegates. This eleventh hour effort is being organized to ensure that delegates who were elected to represent the voters of each state can and will vote for the candidate they were pledged to.

The DNC and Nancy Pelosi, the Chairman of the Democratic Convention, are doing everything in their power to make sure that does not happen. With Obama’s flagging support, according to the polls, running neck and neck with McCain, they are very worried that Hillary will get the nomination if a roll call vote takes place on the convention floor. That is why they are making the delegates have a secret hotel vote, instead of the floor vote that’s been done since forever. The hotel vote will purportedly take place on Wednesday morning, August 27, 2008.

However, there is a DNC rule that says if 20% of a candidate’s delegates sign a petition for a roll call vote, it must happen. This means that Hillary needs 826 of her delegates to sign this petition. I visited their headquarters along with BettyJean, Pagan, Hill08, and BrendaLynn. As we set out on our mission, we got three signatures in less than one block. They headed for the Pepsi Center to collect more, and got about 40 in an hour, and I came back to Puma Headquarters to blog. Last word I got was there were over 400 signatures gathered.

Pagan reports that he talked to a delegate who originally supported Hillary. The delegate declined to sign or divulge the delegation he was from. He said he would vote the way his state party told him to vote and that Terry McAuliffe had instructed them in how to vote. When Pagan asked if he’d mind sharing what that way of voting would be, he also declined, and then just turned his head and refused to engage in the conversation anymore.

Delegates have reported to us that Obama supporters are stationed outside of each delegation’s room with clipboards, ready to make sure that once again, despite their best efforts to represent their constituents (approximately 12,225 voters per delegate in the case of primaries, and 2,110 in the case of caucuses), that Hillary delegates and voters are ROBBED of their democratic rights.

As recently as this afternoon, we knew that the hotel vote would take place in each delegation on Wednesday morning, and that Hillary would have a special luncheon with her delegates at 1pm. Rumor had it that she might release her delegates then.

However, we have an unconfirmed report coming from someone inside the Pepsi Center that Hillary Clinton will make a special announcement tonight during her speech. Although I’m ever the optimist, call me paranoid: Will she try to pre-empt this grassroots effort by releasing her delegates tonight?

I can’t even imagine the pressure she is under by party leadership. We even heard that President Clinton’s speech would not be televised live in prime time.

Oh my, is the DNC running scared or what? We need divine intervention. If you’re a praying person, give it your all.

Please Note: I don’t mean to cut in on LadyBoomer’s brilliant post but Sheri Tag says that NO WE WON’T will be on after Hillary’s speech.

[cross posted from Lady Boomer NYC]

635 Responses

  1. RD you are going to demand they re introduce the ERA in the next congress?

    Please say yes I have 8 neices and three nephews they need to grow up in a country where women are equal to men!

    Dont let them change one word from the original amendment proposal! Not one sylable or one letter!

    Its Carville Geraldine and Bill coming to the PUMA side!


  2. Is anyone taking pictures of Obama’s operatives doing these things? Please, someone tell me there is photographic evidence of this. Go to news people, tell them there’s a scoop to be had.

  3. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh!!! I feel helpless!!! I’m dying here!

  4. reprinting the great convention prayer PUMA HAKA!

    Creator Father Mother God/des

    Merciful Creator we have over these last few months implored your divine wisdom to provide us with strength and protection. You have answered our prayers we are safe and we are strong and we are ready. Our legions are descending on Denver in rank and formation to do your will.

    Creator unleash the sword of the almighty, sound the trumpets, let legions of Continental Principalities the spirit of Michael Slaying the Serpent the all those slumbering saints arise and go forth! The time has come the battle draws near join shield and present spear. Call forth the just and march to Denver the time has come.

    We come out to face the enemy tyranny, injustice, greed and fraud every vice that infects the body politic, we are patriots calling forth the spirits of Thomas
    Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams writers
    of the Declaration of Independence because they believed in the importance of the word and their word went forth and made a just nation! May our words go forth also and free the land!

    We call on you Creator to hear the litany of our adversary’s transgressions against the democratic process that we hold so dear. The shear multitude of sins against freedom shouts out like a testament against them.

    They have manipulated the assignment of delegates and the order of primaries; they have run fraudulent caucuses with intimidation and voter suppression, they have stripped whole delegations for a number of the several states and then reassigned them at will; and on May 31st 2008 they silenced the will of the people to ensure their preselected candidate was chosen.

    The souls of millions who have died for this land and for freedom cry out and will not be silenced. Their cry is an indictment against them. They demand justice for the blood they shed that it might not have been shed in vain. Here them Creator Father Mother God/des and answer their pleas. We their children, the children of democracy, demand judgment against the DNC and Obama of America.

    Send down your wrath upon the oppressors of the children yearning to breathe free air and install our champion Hillary as the true voice of justice. She has been a faithful servant and has as always kept her word allowing those her tormentors to jeer and make sport of her for their own purpose.

    If through their continued guile and cunning they should steal the prize so hard fought and won by our
    Hillary, give them no rest and let them find no place to continue their fraud. Reign down defeat on them like fire from the heavens. Give them no quarter and let them know they now are the hunted. Let them lament their misfortune that they should know they have been judged harshly for their turning away from their own principles for the sake of pride, power and greed.

    Their plans turn them to dust and at their great assembly make burst forth from the heavens a deluge like has not been seen since the time of Noah. For the land where they make their boast on is parched and dry. Let your thunder be a testament against them and the lighting a judgment on them.

    Creator give us justice for the land cries out for it and creation knows you are just. Do not let these usurpers prevail we your servants stand ready to do what is your call.


  5. GD it …I’m so frustrated that there will be NO news coverage… if there were any true journalists left the hijacking of this nomination would be the story of the century

  6. This is a nightmare.

  7. Bill was just on Fox!

  8. There’s BILLLLL!!!!!!!!!

  9. What did Bill say? I missed it!

  10. Oh, and %%##$ Donna Brazille.

  11. Oh, I see Bill.

  12. The party that would not want to cling tight to that man’s legacy is a party of FOOLS and COWARDS.

  13. He’s being shown entering the arena, in the audience, shaking a few hands, embracing folks like Sheila Jackson Lee.


  15. What did Bill say?

    The caption on Fox right now says: Clinton Expectd to Throw Full Support Behind Obama.

    It sounds like this announcement is going to go that way…

  16. WMCB, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:21 pm Said:
    The party that would not want to cling tight to that man’s legacy is a party of FOOLS and COWARDS

    Exactly! Just DUMB, all round!

  17. come on everybody please

    Creator Father Mother God/des

    I call down the ten plauges of Egypt on these usurpers of of our core democratic values….let that be your judgement against them. Turn rivers to blood send frogs boils lice locust darkness to cover the earth for three days let rain come down as fire strike down you judgement on their gods of greed arrogance and lies!

    In the Creators name for what they have done to our Hillary and our Party….


  18. Bill’s in the house!!

  19. I’m tellin ya – they WANT to lose…..or they are really that dumb.

  20. The poll numbers must be tanking each night for the Oborg. They are calling for desperate measures. Mark Warner was bumped to earlier because he wouldn’t attack McCain. This is a tranny hot mess.

  21. I’m NOT WATCHING!!
    I will ALWAYS Admire Sen. Clinton; but I can’t stand to see her “give in ” tonight of all nights”!
    If she “un-suspended”, even ONLY FOR the “roll-call”
    that would @ least HONOR ALL the SUMMER-LONG EFFORTS of her “300delegates”!
    When does Obama have to become “accountable” for
    his actions/in-actions??!!
    Bright spot today; I heard Donna Brazile was “WALKED-OUT-ON”!!
    GO PUMA’S!!!

  22. NO I cant watch some one tell me when it is over!


  23. Does anyone kinow who the AA guy is to the left of Bill?

    They were sharing some really good comments it looked like!

  24. rendell on CBS

  25. I’ve gotta watch. If for no other reason than to witness the Dems real last vestige of “leadership” make her delivery and ‘sign off’.

  26. tp/ny: what do you mean Donna B was “walked out on?” By who?

  27. totally sucking up to BO (pat can’t you do something with him?)

  28. An infrequent commenter, but I’m sitting here crying out of anger and frustration. I LOATHE THIS WHOLE FRIGGING UNDERHANDED NASTY TOTALITARIAN FARCE!!!!!

  29. God Bless Hillary Clinton and the America we all love and are willing to fight for with our vote!

    Hillary is going to shine bright tonight.

  30. indigogrrl: I actually think they are that dumb, and more importantly, they’re that arrogant. Mostly, I think it was the polling last year & earlier this year that showed Americans want a Democrat.

  31. CNN caption says HRC plans to urge her supporters to back BO

  32. Please remove Sven’s comment. Did you bring your candidate’s homophobia with you?

  33. clean up on aisle 3 please.

  34. Whoever is site monitor, please clean up the trolls. Their viciousness is no longer amusing.

  35. Sven, it’s called hyberbole to make a point. Get a grip.

  36. Wolfson just said that the best part of Warner’s speech was that it was brief. LOL!

    Well said Wolfy!


  37. Ben -hot tranny mess good analysis-


  38. This guy was really lucky to get the slot right before Hillary.

  39. Before tonight, nobody in that room except the other delegate ever heard of Montana.

  40. indigogrrl: Ed is getting on my last nerve and after an evening sitting through this sh*t it won’t take much.

  41. Hold tight everyone. Hillary will do what she has to do; we will do what we have to do!

  42. FOX News reporting that large crowd gathered outside arena chanting “John McCain” “John McCain”

  43. wigwag – would you hold my hand? 😦

  44. fuzzy, if you can’t watch, just turn the sound down. You can watch her classy face, and give her the ratings without having to hear her praise Bambi.

  45. Stopped on the road an hour ago to duck into a motel in which to watch this crazy delegation!

  46. Pat, just leave him at Carol’s house.

  47. I said it downstairs: I have my Hillary T-shirt on. I hope she doesn’t make me cry…

  48. Michael: LET MY PEOPLE VOTE!

    You are soooo channeling Moses! AMEN!

  49. My brother has a new pair of shoes.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  50. Hi everyone! I can’t survive this without you all. Lord, give me strength.

  51. Sven-you guttless coward I hope your are visited by 5 of those plagues-

    Your candidate will never occupy the oval office.

    Oh and you will vote for Hillary in 2012!


    leave his hateful post

  52. I miss Hillary so much, though I am nervous, I am looking forward to seeing her.

  53. FOX female reporter gets it. Says her supporters say it makes no difference whether Hill says delegates vote for Obama. It is their votes being represented, and THEY have the right to a full role call to represent those millions of voters in their states. Even Hillary has no right to take that from them.

  54. Awww, they just showed Ann Richards! What a wonderful lady.

  55. again, does anyone does anyone know who the AA guy is to Bill’s left? Just saw him again on CNN

  56. Donna is everywhere saying we’ll have closure, closure, closure. That sounds grim, doesn’t it?

    I am so disgusted listening to these people, some of whom are good Dems, bow down before this fraud.

  57. Don’t feed the trolls, just remove his spoor.

  58. You just know the Thomasons were hoping to create a film clip for the “presumptive nominee”, HRC. Ugh. What a waste this all is. (sigh)

  59. Please edit Sven, he is a real piss ant.

  60. wasnt george mcgovern sitting next to michelle?

  61. who is this joker?

    I’m thinking in the back of my mind I’ve always known the democrats were just as full of sh*t as the repubs. I just never was willing to admit it.

  62. Fred: I, too, wondered. Could it be Stephanie’s son? I’m sure Hillary will give a tribute to her.

  63. Where is KB when you need her?

    I see there is some clown here has stuff that may contribute to her amusement.

  64. Ann Richards: “Poor George (Bush). He can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth!”

    Boy, is she sorely missed tonight.

    I am sure Hillary will mention Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Tim Gwatney in her speech.

  65. Awww, they just showed Ann Richards! What a wonderful lady.

    She’s dead!
    Ann Richards: 1933-2006

  66. Sven, did you wet yourself? You seem awfully cranky. I guess it must be those plummeting polls huh?

  67. please, shut up.

  68. Fred/parent, the guy next to Bill is Mervyn, Stephanie’s son.

  69. Fredster, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:32 pm Said:
    again, does anyone does anyone know who the AA guy is to Bill’s left? Just saw him again on CNN

    I don’t know could it be Stephanie Tubbs Jones son??

  70. yeah, stand up, people and stop snoozing!

  71. BIG DAWG!!

  72. indigogrrl, you bet! We’re all in this together. In unity there is strength.

  73. Think I just spotted Biden and Michelle greeting Jimmy Carter. (sigh) Pres. Carter … (sigh). I’ll just leave that be.

  74. Yes Sven we are crazy moonbats and there are only 60 of us in the whole wide world why waste your time here?

    Carry your sorry A$$ to John McCain.com!

    they are waiting for the Obama enlightenment!


  75. Is that speaker drunk? wow!

  76. Do not feel helpless. We ARE the news here. We have media all over the PUMA headquarters. Please, do not give up. You can call the DNC. You can call your superdelegates. You can call your state attorney general. You can spread the word to every person you know. DO NOT GIVE UP.
    Let them know how you feel.
    But no matte what happens, we will make the powers that be into the powers that were if we have not roll call to clearly and unambiguously decide the People’s Choice.

  77. Jeez, Fredster, no kidding!!! LOL They showed her speech from 1988 on CBS.

  78. oh, he was the governor of Montana?

  79. I guess we all know Montana know.

  80. the poster formerly known as nycblue, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:34 pm Said:
    Fred/parent, the guy next to Bill is Mervyn, Stephanie’s son.

    Thanks. Very heartening image, I must say.

  81. ok, here we go……the Kinks! cool


  83. okay. watching now.

    RD or KB, we need a cleanup please.

  84. I’m on mountain time out here, basic cable, watching on PBS, everything seems to be delayed for this time zone. What’s happening?

  85. It is so obvious who the rock star is. Wow, look at this tribute to Hillary!

  86. Awesome video! Awesome woman! She will be an awesome President!


  87. Oh come on, guys. Without the hate the change doesn’t feel so changey or the hope so hopey!

  88. My heart is just literally SINKING watching this piece. My word, what are they thinking?

  89. I totally love the HRC video. Great music, great work – so glad she had it done by her own production co.!!!!!

  90. Oh, this video is good.

    Goddamn party poobahs- you are FOOLS!!!!!!

  91. They’re showing Stephanie Tubbs Jones on this video! Making me cry.


  93. BITCH IS THE NEW BLACK!!!!!! I olve that lady, boy, oh, boy this is hard to watch.

  94. oh, I’m already tearing up, this is great

  95. I’m crying.

    So effing sad.

  96. the life blood of the Democratic Party……


  98. I wonder if she’ll have a moment of silence for S. Tubbs Jones.

  99. Thank You so much riverdaughter.

  100. I just heard Hillary say in the doc about her, I was taught I was born in a country where I could be everything I wanted to be.

    If they have forced her to bow on the Sufragettes Day. There will be HELL to pay. They have not see nothing yet, from me or any PUMA.

  101. I already know the message.


  102. It is unconscionable the the Superdelegates and DNC elites of the Democratic Party would choose to slap Hillary Clinton in the face to choose a LOSER!

    WE THE PEOPLE will NEVER forget!

  103. I’m going to cry.

  104. Great photos!

  105. My heart is being ripped in half…

  106. Here’s Chelsea!

  107. madamab: Mine too.

  108. “okay, so she didnt become an astronaut. But she did reach for the stars”

    chelsea clinton is formidable

  109. Love Chelsea!

  110. Oh, fuck, I am bawling

  111. I’m so fucking mad.

  112. Love your prayer/poetry michael P.

    Rise Hillary Rise.

    It’s showtime.

  113. Now you wanna talk about the Royal Family of the Democratic Party.

  114. Please, I don’t want a feel-good tribute of good-bye, I want her to be our nominee and us win

  115. Here’s Hillary and I’m crying!

  116. yay orange!

  117. Sven I wold not trust us we are PUMA’s and very dangerous-

    Tonight Hillary will do what she has to do and tomorrow and beyond we will do what we have to do!

    I have two shovels we need a hole 6 feet deep and three and a half feet wide and 7 feet long….

    Just big enough to bury the Obama for America campaign in by November 4th! Anyone want the other shovel to help me dig!


  118. Chelsea and Mom look fabulous!!! They are fabulous. We deserve this woman as president.

  119. Bill looks so proud!

  120. Can’t Joe Biden and MO even crack a smile? Geez!


  121. Hill looks awesome!

  122. I love the Hillary signs. I guess they were given permission to have them – assholes!!!!

  123. I wish I were there cheering for Hillary.

  124. She looks beautiful. The entire floor has Hillary signs!

  125. She is smiling, but she looks sad underneath…

  126. This is a fucking goddamned criminal shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Chelsea is adorable.

  128. I wonder what that song was?!

  129. Michelle and her brother don’t look happy. They are such awful people

  130. Is she radiant or what?


  132. I can’t listen to the song. It brings me back to the primaries.

  133. The heart of a PUMA! Bill is crying…

  134. Pat Johnson, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:43 pm Said:
    This is a fucking goddamned criminal shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yep, my heart is broken

  135. What is bill saying?!!!! Is he saying “I love you”?????!!!!!! He’s crying. I’m crying.

  136. It looked like Bill just mouthed “I love you,” several times. He had tears in his eyes.

  137. They won’t stop cheering for her!

  138. I’m way out in the sticks, listening in the car on a cricky cracky radio station… I can here the cheers from Denver all the way out here!

  139. ben: ditto

  140. Wow, that place is bedlam.

  141. “michael P Varvel, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:23 pm Said:

    come on everybody please

    Creator Father Mother God/des

    I call down the ten plauges of Egypt on these usurpers of of our core democratic values….let that be your judgement against them. Turn rivers to blood send frogs boils lice locust darkness to cover the earth for three days let rain come down as fire strike down you judgement on their gods of greed arrogance and lies!”

    It won’t take ten plagues to destroy the Dems elites who tried to destroy the Clintons. The gods punish hubris and their method of destruction is named Barak Obama. Hillary and Bill are doing the right thing to get as far away from this disaster as possible. The next two months are going to be a nightmare for the fools of the DNC. Our job begins after Nov 5.

  142. Do not give up. We have power that the DNC does not even realize.

  143. The Biggest Ovation of the week, right? By far.

  144. I’d like to wipe that smirk off Michelle’s face right now.

  145. That woman in the audience crying – now THAT was genuine. She’s gonna make me start.

  146. I’m crying, I am 48 year old, and I have never been that humiliated. We are being robbed !!!

  147. RD, We’re stronger everyday!

  148. I’m delurking to say that I feel like I felt when Al Gore conceded in the name of unifying the country in December 2000. Having been one of the Florida purged voters, I never felt so alone. I knew, however, that it was a Republican offense and that my party would never do that to me. I, now, know how wrong I was but I also know that I am not alone. This time there is PUMA to address and repair the debacle the Democratic Party has become. I cannot love HRC and WJC more than I do at this moment and their courage, as well as the support of PUMA, makes me able to continue fighting for our votes, our rights and our candidate. I never thought it would come to this but the drive to fix this remains undiminished. Thank you all.

  149. JDGI was me, btw…

    i see today being as bad as that Saturday in June.

  150. She’s just doing what she has to do. So will we!

  151. She could’ve left out that last bit. BARF

  152. Did you see Bill saying “I love you” over and over?

  153. I can’t stand this. I don’t know if I can listen.

  154. No, please, don’t let it be over. He hasn’t won, he hasn’t won, he hasn’t won…

  155. Well, that made B**CHFACED Michelle stand up – but no smile of course.

    God, that woman is such a @#)(*#&$)(*&#$)*&@$

  156. No we won’t!

  157. G’nite everyone.

    My convention is over.

  158. Notice Biden and Michelle are only clapping enthusiastically when she mentions Unity. Self-interest much?

  159. MIchelle is no First Lady. She has no class.

  160. chevalier: this is even worse than June….

  161. Michelle, please, do us all a favor and just have a seat. You’re not that good of an actress.

  162. Yea, you listen Michelle, you might learn something.

  163. Michelle’s watching every expression on Hillary’s face…

  164. Boy, oh, boy. She must be so exhausted and so over this. She has spent so much time working for this honor, won the votes and have to push him across the finish line.

  165. Oh Gawd, stop showing Michelle, please. Please. Please. Please.

  166. MIchelle is making no friends.

  167. Damn, the look on Michelle’s face is awful. She’d probably thinking that if she hadn’t married a stuttering corrupt idiot, she could have gone into politics herself. And she’s right, poor woman.

  168. Michelle looks scared.

  169. You haven’t worked this hard..to suffer through more failed leadership.

    The irony.

  170. No McCain – Good! That means Hillary!!!!

  171. Michele Obama displaying her stone face tonight. She looks like she is going to blow her top.

  172. Fuzzybear is determined –

    No Cookie for Obama or any of his Bots on November 4th!

    I now know what a rabid dawg feels like!


  173. Failed leadership? Guaranteed with Obama.

  174. Never. Never. Never.

  175. Hillary your the best, I love you. But I own my vote!

  176. No Way. No How. No McCain. Great stuff.

  177. You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    That’s the message I got. even this webpage is funny.

  178. Are you seing MO face? That bitch, She cannot stand having to listen to this. BUT SHE HAS TO.

  179. “#
    parentofed, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:42 pm Said:

    Please, I don’t want a feel-good tribute of good-bye, I want her to be our nominee and us win”

    2012..Don’t wish the ’08 election on Hillary it is fubar. Let the DNC and Obama get the rewards for what they have created.

  180. Obama does not deserve her. She is a thousand times the person he is.

  181. NoBama

  182. hmm, cheers for “Barack must be our president” not nearly so loud as the Hillary crowd…

  183. It ain’t gonna happen.

  184. She is appealing to the American people. Now is the time to get her back.

  185. She’s giving it her best shot. No one can say she did not try hard to drag his sorry ass across the finish line.

    This speech is highlighting how DUMB the party was to reject her.

  186. we can all hope that it comes down to our vote and the GE isn’t as rigged as the primaries

  187. I’m not even listening anymore. Michelle is so on edge fearing what Hillary would say.

  188. WTH is wrong with Michelle, she looks like a nutcase. She doesn’t deserve to be in the same room with a woman like Hillary Clinton.

  189. They showed Michelle Obama and I had to leave the room crying.

    She didn’t think she could vote for Hillary because of her “tone and policy”.

    I can’t vote for her husband.

  190. This is how to give a speech.

  191. Two woman-hating tickets to choose from. Cynthia McKinney is looking better every day.

  192. I haven’t seen her speak is so long, this is the best fix. Getting to see her speak so honestly and truly. I love this woman. We are blessed to have her as our candidate. I am honored to support her.

    “..painted with my name on it.”

    OMG, Bill is still crying !!!!!!

  193. Bill’s crying

  194. Hillary is the most inspiring speaker EVER.

    Are you listening, O-bots? This magnificent woman is what you have demonized for 18 months. You should be so f*cking ashamed of yourselves, but you have no hearts.

  195. She is so friggin amazing.


  196. Oooooh! Look at Big Dog’s face 😥

  197. Guys, any swing voter watching this is only going to be thinking “Why the hell didn’t the Democrats nominate HER!”

  198. I’d be so proud if I was Obama. Making my opponent drag me across the finish line.

  199. “ugsome, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:48 pm Said:
    You haven’t worked this hard..to suffer through more failed leadership.

    The irony.”

    LMAO. Touche.

  200. I’m thinking while she tells these beautiful stories that some Obamafile is vetting them to make sure they’re not made up. Remember that crap from the primaries?!!! Bastards!!!!

  201. Can someone get video of the faces of President Clinton and mo during the introduction of Senator Clinton.
    He looks so proud and she looks so pissed.
    Those faces right there show the difference in class, attitude and just plain good manners.



  202. I’m signing off. That too shall pass. We know what we have to do, and we will do it. Hello President MCain!

  203. I HATE THIS…Watching this brilliant woman have to concede to this fucking racebaiting halfwit!!!!

    I know she had to do it; but I pray to God that there aren’t dummies out there falling for it.

  204. Only HRC could make me laugh when I’m crying so hard…

  205. FOX keeps showing Michelle and she has the the sourest look on her face.

  206. H-I-L-L-A-R-Y you’re the best!

    We will remember in November!

    Just Say No Deal to The One!

  207. She’s extraordinary, and instead the Democrats picked a piece of crap

  208. No way, no how, NOBAMA

  209. OMG! I wrote The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit!

  210. “fif”
    I talked to someone who was @ the “woman’s luncheon” in Denver.
    She said:
    -**and when Donna Brazile got up to speak people
    My hasband says Hillary’s doing GREAT!!
    I can’t WATCH!!

  211. MIchelle sticking her tongue out.

  212. Stephanie Tubbs Jones was magnificent and brave!

  213. “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits”

  214. Nice shot of Michelle sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth and looking bored.

  215. SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTSUIT was Riverdaughter’s famous post on DailyKos.

    That right there was a shout out to PUMAs, folks.

  216. DId you all see how halfheartedly Biden and Michelle clapped for Gwatney?

    He did not swear allegiance to O. He was not good enough for them.

  217. That was a message to you Riverdaughter.

  218. This is what a PRESIDENT looks like

  219. I’m all verklempt. Talk among yourselves

  220. madamab, on August 26th, 2008 at 10:48 pm Said:
    No McCain – Good! That means Hillary!!!!

    I like your interpretion, madamab!

    Hillary dwarfs them all.

    Michelle may smile with her mouth but her eyes are shooting daggers.

  221. RD!!! Hillary shouted out to you!!!

    I’m swooning!!!

  222. No one is better than Hillary so why the HELL ISN’T SHE OUR NOMINEE???????

  223. “Supreme Court in a right wing headlock” no thanks to Joe Biden ushering Clarence Thomas onto the court.

    At least the conference isn’t irony-deficient.

  224. I DON’T THINK SHE’S USING A TELEPROMPTER!!!!! Watch her, she’s not using one – she can’t be. She’s amazing.

  225. Congratulations, RD!

  226. I nominate Michelle Obama for a Razzie award! we should really give Pia Zadora a break this year!


  227. I can’t take this.

  228. I know, I know! I am so touched. I don’t know what to say. She is the best president we ever deserved.

  229. Michelle and Joe B. couldn’t be more cold.

  230. do you think MO could at least fake a smile

  231. congrats RD!!!! you are making a huge difference!!!!!

  232. oooh she’s a poet too!

  233. My God, DNC, what are you doing in the bed with that loser, Barack Obama?

    Even Ray Charles can see that Hillary is the strongest candidate!

    Hillary is real and a winner!

  234. Seriously, there is something wrong with Michelle Obama. Normal people don’t act like that, especially normal wives of normal politicians.

  235. can we have Hillary back now?

  236. YES!!!! She dared mention teh gays on the convention floor!

    These dweebs don;t fucking deserve this woman.

  237. RD!! What a thrill.

    What a speech!

  238. “women’s rights and gay rights”

  239. Hillary is now enumerating her platform for her next Presidential run.

    Biden and Michelle look like they just bit into lemons.

  240. She is better than all the other speakers put together.

  241. Finally someone is talkig about issues instead of just pushing Barack Obama down our throats. I’m sorry Hillary didn’t just unsuspend. I respect her choice, but I’ll never vote for Obama.

  242. She should so be our President.

  243. Hillary may be SAYING she backs Obama, but she IS Presidential. That is the TRUE message.

  244. She is so good, she might sway people…she is so good.
    Not me, of course, but she is that good.

  245. OK, OK.

    She’s said what she had to. Can they release her unharmed now?

  246. Yes we were in it for all those people. Now there is no one left who will deliver for them.

  247. Bill is so proud.

  248. Sorry Hillary, I was in it for all the people you mentioned but Barack isn’t!

  249. Yes!!!! We were in it for the best president of the united states. There is only one gold standard. That is YOU, Hillary.
    Obama can’t hold a candle to you.

  250. With our help, Hillary will be POTUS in 2012!

    Let’s make it happen!

    It starts in November!

    America first!

    Hillary, God Bles you. We know what you have to do tonight. We still have your back and will never vote for Barack!

  251. MO’s problem is that she too is in over her head – doesn’t know how to be on camera, etc, cuz of zippo experience.

    ugh, this is making me so sad.

  252. I was in it because I thought my vote counted.

  253. Put a Democrat back into the White House – HILLARY!!!

  254. Oh, my dear, sweet Hillary, I was in it for all those people. And Barack Obama will not do Jack Shit for any of them

  255. Put a Democrat in the White House. Put Hillary in the White House.

  256. Hillary’s making this wonderful speech but, they keep cutting to Michelle’s sour face. And it’s all erased.

  257. I hope all those angry Obama supporters are listening closely and finally understanding who really kicks ass.

  258. We The People NEED Hillary Clinton as the Nominee and the next POTUS!

  259. SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTSUIT !!! OMG – RD – this is the HUGEst dog-whistle from her yet to PUMAs!!

    Btw, and this is trite: i read earlier that she was going to wear blue for unity (not something that stood out, because that would not blend in enough with the background for MO’s and BO’s comfort).

    If that’s true, I’m glad she wore an eye-popping yellow.

  260. I don’t want to belong to a political party too stupid to nominate this woman to be POTUS, and instead chooses that piece of nothing.

  261. Those windfall profits were voted for by BO, and against by McCain, and you know it.

  262. So sad, this is what we could have for the next 8 years.

  263. Oh, Hillary, stop lying about Barack now. There is no transferability, my friend.

  264. didn’t BO vote to give windfall profits to the oil companies when he voted for the Cheney energy bill?

  265. What the fu*k is wrong with the Dems???????

  266. That BO stuff, Hillary – “just words”.

  267. When and where did BO do those thinks?

  268. I can’t watch, but reading your comments here is making me angrier by the second. That fool will NEVER be my president.

  269. can we have Hillary, NOW!

  270. i absolutely loathe MO

  271. Will someone get bill an hanky?!!!!

  272. She is really on fire tonight.

  273. Shout out to Big Dawg!! 😀

  274. Michelle Obama looks the way she does because she is realizing that it should have been her to give a speech like this regarding her husband as President.

    Hillary has totally blown her out of the water.

  275. Michelle Obama=Bitch!

  276. She has to tell Obama what he stands for, and what he believes. He for sure doesn’t know.

  277. Is this this the part written by Axelrod?

  278. We did it before with President CLINTON and the Democrats!

    hahahahahahahaha. Oh that didn’t go over well at all with MO & Biden!

    Oh she’s doing WELL, she is. They can’t pin anything on her…yet the message is loud and clear!

  279. Why do Biden & Michelle look like they are so reluctant to clap for her. What is their fu**ing problem?

  280. Why does Hillary have to do this for him? Michelle is going to get such bad reviews for this? She is losing points every time the camera turns to her.

  281. Did someone freeze dry Michele Obama’s face into a permanent frown tonight?

  282. Her suit looks orange on my TV. It’s beautiful too.

  283. RD, please kick Cindy Brady’s vicious bitchy little ass to the curb.

  284. Woo-hoo! She is really fu^**ing with his message.


  286. I LOVE how she sticks it to the DNC and BO’s gang by citing Bill Clinton’s legacy.

  287. Get him on health care Hill, fight for us.

  288. Hey I still have that second shovel….when do we start digging the Obama Campaign’s grave!


    what is she saying I cant listen…

  289. Open your f*cking mouth and smile, BitchFace Michelle.

    OMG what a horrid, horrid woman.

  290. What class Hillary has. She is sticking in the knife so deep. She is making Michelle look soooo small.

  291. IronMan, it softens when Hillary mentions her or BO.

  292. She is so generous, praising Michelle and Biden.

    After the way they’ve treated her–she is just too good.

  293. Enough already. Hillary here’s the paper shredder.

    No she won’t.

  294. She’s amazing. She’s delivering the best speech she can.

  295. is Hillary the first to speak to the issues?

  296. edwardian, yes, well played.

    Joe will be supported by his wonderful wife Jill. Of course Jill’s doctorate might be a problem!

  297. Sorry but I can’t stand that scoop mouthed banshee. Sorry!

  298. Kill ’em with kindness Hillary!

    Miss Manners would be proud!

  299. They are eating out of Hillary’s hand!

  300. Michelle isn’t ready for primetime. She knows Hillary deserves this and she doesn’t know what to do.

  301. Can I say that I think Kbird deserves a round of applause for being such a superb administrator.

  302. Bitch!!

  303. She is doing the work for the ENTIRE PARTY tonight. She is making the entire case for the Democrats. This is such a travesty, I can’t stand it.

  304. Let that lying, cheating fool top this on Thursday!!!!!!

  305. Ugh. Can’t watch her supporting Barack, Mishelle& Biden. Her speech illustrates that she should be the candidate—Obama couldn’t speak so well about the issues.

  306. Trust me, Obama not McCain will privtize social security

  307. oh, holy crap, this woman is smart!

  308. HA! what was BO’s statistics on “equal pay for equal work” on his campaign staff?

  309. Michelle is looking so utterly classless with her expression.

  310. She is making Mark Warner look pathetic. And he was the keynote speaker.

  311. Hillary was first lady. She is schooled in charm.

  312. wonder if MO approves of Hillary’s “tone” now

  313. “They’re awfully hard to tell apart.”

    Not so sure about that. I do see a distinction. I’d rather claw my own eyes out than vote John McCain but he is not Bush.

  314. she’s praising him while slamming him subtley

  315. Big Dawg is having such a good time.

  316. This IS a freakin keynote!

  317. OK Hillary . . . I’m ready to vote for YOU, because YOU, not
    Barack Obama will actually do these things.

  318. (blushing)

    Riverdaughter, it’s been the time of my life and a REAL honor to help you out.

    Did you know we broke 40,000 hits in the last 24 hours?

  319. Shoutout to Seneca Falls!

  320. Suffragist shout-out!

  321. Hey RD,

    What about me? I’m deleting the trolls as quickly as they can post.

  322. OldCoastie, exactly. Beautifully played.

  323. Maybe some day Chelsea will be president. But I’m too old, I’ll never see it.

    I will never see a woman in the White House in my lifetime

  324. Hillary hit a Grand Slam tonight.

    Obama is going to strike out!

    America wins!

  325. No matter whether HRC relases her delegates, this will have little consequence as to who receives their vote. The DNC Call to the Convention says delegates pledged to a Presidential candidate “shall in all good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them.” Even those delegates from vote binding states, that is, states that have enacted laws binding delegates to vote at the convention for the candidate to whom they are pledged; released from that pledge, will still be bound by the “good conscience” standard found in the DNC Call. (However, if there is no vote…)

  326. The same rights the DNC have had no trouble STEALING to prop up BO.

  327. Guys, let’s not sully this blog with nasty labels for Michelle Obama. Just enjoy this terrific wonderful lady.

  328. Obama NEEDS TO DROP-OUT!!

  329. Michelle, pay close attention: this is what a great leader WHO HAS EARNED IT looks like. She is now schooling Michelle too.

  330. This might be the best speech I’ve EVER heard.

  331. oh my goddess, she’s magic

  332. Keep going!!! Keep Going Hillary!!!


  334. Is she speaking to us? Is she telling us to KEEP GOING?

  335. “Keep going” Who is she saying this to????

  336. Hillary, we are going to keep going for you and America!!

    Just Say No to Obama!!

  337. I promise – we will KEEP GOING!

  338. and we’ll keep going — dammit


  339. OOOOOOH!
    We’re not big on quitting!

  340. Boy howdy, this is a presidential speech!!!! They’re lall on their feet!!!!!!!!!

    Go Hillary. She’s showing them what they won’t be getting for the next four months.

    What a speech!!!!!

  341. omigod, it is crystal clear that this woman has more brains & class in her little finger than MO & BO have in their whole bodies – together?

  342. Thanks to all at the Confluence you have kept many sane. Your hard work is appreciated so much more than you know.

  343. I think THAT was a coded speech.

  344. This is for PUMAS! Keep going!

  345. but no, we will not vote for BO.

  346. WigWag, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:04 pm Said:
    Maybe some day Chelsea will be president. But I’m too old, I’ll never see it.

    I will never see a woman in the White House in my lifetime

    As the momma’s boy of a really awesome lady…my heart aches for you.

    This was stolen from a brilliant woman.

  347. Oh Hillary…why are you doing this to us?

  348. This woman needs to be president. I love what she is saying, I believe what she is saying, and Barack Obama does NOT GIVE ONE SHIT about anything she is saying.

  349. After this, if Obama can’t get enough votes to win, I don’t see how Hillary can be blamed. I know they’ll figure out a way though….

  350. The press can’t wait to start a MO / bitch narrative….that she gives them the material makes it easier .
    Who in their right mind doesn’t smile at this time????

  351. I love you so much Hillary, but I do not believe that the fate of our nation will be in good hands with BO. I just do not believe that.

  352. I have no desire to label Michelle. But she is telegraphing her displeasure most ungraciously.

  353. THIS lady gives a great speech.

  354. KB – I can’t think of a better one.

    Why, why, WHY can’t we have her?!

    D*mn you, DNC, to the deepest depths of h*ll.

  355. No teleprompter. Amazing speech.

  356. “keep going”. “keep going”

    f***, i can’t type anymore. i can’t see my monitor.

    what could have been.

  357. No announcement!

  358. (shaking my head in absolute befuddlement) I don’t get the grand stupidity of the DNC at all.

  359. let’s see how they blame her very being the best speaker

  360. falling so far behind-

    MO has just realized that she will never serve tea in the east room-


  361. I am so deeply deeply heartbroken…it’s just not right.

  362. Great music. I have to find out what itis. “She can change the world…”

  363. Katie,

    What do you mean by a coded speech? Please spell it out.

  364. She did what she had to do. I’ll do what I have to do. What I have to do is not vote for Barack Obama.

  365. WOW. Hillary does not know what defeat is!

  366. I had to leave when Hillary started talking about “Barack Obama and change.” Sorry Hillary, I voted in the primary for you only because you were the only good choice. Obama lacked experience and integrity and Edwards already dropped out by then.
    Watching her speak about why she ran for president made me think that SHE should be the nominee. Hillary spoke more passionately than Obama ever could because she said those from the heart. I could see the fire in her eyes and the love for this country. I believe she meant every words, but I don’t think that Obama will do anything for that Marine or the mother with cancer. That’s where Hillary is mistaken. Electing Obama will be another 4 years of disastrous, incompetent leadership that will be followed by God knows how many more years of Republican control.

  367. Suck on that, Obamabots!

  368. she did what she had to do…now its time for us to do what we have to.

    Now Katie C is talking about the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit!

  369. OMG, they now are holding up “unity” signs on cue.

    Whoever scripted that is an idiot. It only makes it more obvious.

  370. I feel like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. My heart is breaking!

  371. stateofdisbelief, said:

    My heart has 18 million cracks in it right now.

    MINE, TOO!


    Your words are my words…we will prevail.


    I only wanted to hear her voice and see her face. The rest is useless.

  372. I have one thing to say to the DNC — YOU FOOLS!!!

    Never Obama!! Never!

  373. BB, I think (I insist on thinking) that she was telling us to keep going….

    But, she couldn’t say it.

  374. I didn’t hear her release her delegates, did you?

  375. This song will always give me goose bumps. I was so much emotionally involved in this candidate and this music was played after every speech, after she was asked to leave the country, er I mean the primary.

  376. ill take that other shovel

  377. delegates NOT released.

  378. “Did she praise him enough?” Are you kidding me? Please, how about he start EARNING some of that praise and respect.

  379. Hill, I’m totally with you. Except for the Obama part.

    How can it possibly be that she is not the presumptive nominee? How on this green earth could that be possible? Christ, I’m in tears.

  380. indi: so true! Somehow, they will make something wrong with her speech, her tone, her suit, or whatever.

    Stick it.

  381. no, I didn’t hear her release her delegates either.

  382. “#
    WigWag, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:04 pm Said:

    Maybe some day Chelsea will be president. But I’m too old, I’ll never see it.

    I will never see a woman in the White House in my lifetime”

    2012…Who ever wins in ’08 will be a one term President…Start working now for Hillary 2012.

  383. WOW!

    She will gain votes on the roll call… IF there is one.

  384. I am lifted by the rest of y’all. Thanks RD for this haven…


  386. OK, so there was no big announcement. RD — did you hear any more about that?

  387. KB – she was wearing PUMA orange. 🙂

  388. Two days for RD and Darragh to organize….after Michelle’s performance tonight, they must give this to Hillary.

  389. Guys, she gave it her all in this speech, and I predict that all it will have done is showcase what a freaking SUPERIOR person she is, and how they are nominating the WRONG one.

  390. Please, can someone tell me what reference to Riverdaughter? I was getting kleenex whenshe said something.

  391. That’s right, no announcement. We need a roll call vote more than ever!

  392. Damn…the only thing he can do is read bumperstickers off the teleprompter, and ever there he can’t compare to her.

  393. OHHH i didnt catch that. Michelle would be a great first lady but never said Barack would be a great president.



    She supports him because he is the Democratic nominee, but she did not offer a “wit more.”

    Mort somebody agrees. Are you guys hearing this on other channels. What is ABC, CNN etc. saying? Unreal. Is she supposed to lick his shoes?

  395. Now what about the mystery visitor that RD said was coming to PUMA HQ?

    And the announcement?

  396. She obviously belongs being the President. Can’t they see they’re making a grave mistake?

  397. They were smart to have her close out the night. No one could have followed that speech!

  398. Yeah, every time she criticized McCain, all I could think was, same as Obama. Think he’s going to deliver a brighter future for our kids? Create energy independence? Fight for any of us to have a better life? Puhleeze.

  399. And if the BO team get a boost and benefit from Hill’s speech will she be rightfully praised and credited for it? Yeah, right.

  400. Woman on Fox (don’t know her name):
    She made a very smart speech that carved out a place for herself in the political future, linking herself to the suffragettes.

  401. Michael and Riverdaughter:

    “RD you are going to demand they re introduce the ERA in the next congress? ” Fuzzybeargville

    Let’s make it happen!!! What better way to turn this whole cluster****mess around.

    There definitely could be a ground swell to get the ERA passed out of all of this.

    Let’s Do It!!! Passage of the ERA and
    HILLARY POTUS!! by 2012

    There are some great websites to check out:
    (1). ERA Campaign Network


    From the website:
    “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

    To the continuing great disadvantage of all American women, the United States Constitution still does not include a guarantee of equal rights on the basis of sex. The Equal Rights Amendment, if and when enacted, will provide that vital bedrock guarantee of full equality to female as well as male citizens.

    We are a network of organizations, groups, and individuals, all around the United States, working to achieve the addition of the ERA to the US Constitution – a matter of simple justice for all the citizens of the United States.

    The “3-state strategy,” developed during the 1990s, provides a very promising means for attaining that goal SOON, by achieving ratification in just three of the 15 remaining not-yet-ratified states*, and then ensuring that the Equal Rights Amendment is therefore added to the Constitution.

    This sparked the current vigorous and rapidly growing campaign to achieve the ERA.

    Many organizations and individuals, all around the country, are now working for the ERA. (The National Council of Women’s Organizations, NCWO, supports ratification of the ERA; its nearly 200 member organizations have a collective total of more than twelve million members.)

    *The 15 not-yet-ratified states are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

    2. http://www.equalrightsamendment.org/

    “The Equal Rights Amendment: Unfinished Business for the Constitution”

    DVD: $15, $12.50 each for two or more
    VHS: $12.50, $10 each for two or more
    Shipping/handling included

    The Alice Paul Institute, a not-for-profit corporation based in Mount Laurel, NJ, was established in 1984. The API’s principal goal is to enhance public awareness of the life and work of Alice Paul, author of the Equal Rights Amendment.

    To make a tax-deductible contribution in support of ERA education efforts, please send a check (payable to “API – ERA”) to:
    Alice Paul Institute
    128 Hooton Road
    Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

    Power To All PUMA’s

  402. Katie,

    She never said anything to praise Obama personally. She didn’t say he was ready or qualified or would be a good president. Basically, all she said is that she supports him because he is the Democratic nominee.


    Awesome – I cried like a baby.

    Michelle had the scowl of 1000 demons – except whenever they mentioned her hubbys name.

  404. “#
    fif, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:10 pm Said:

    indi: so true! Somehow, they will make something wrong with her speech, her tone, her suit, or whatever.

    Stick it.”

    The script had already been written..It was Hill’s job to pull the party together with this speech..but if the speech was too good she would make Biden and Obama look bad….yada,,yada

  405. Riverdaughter? Did someone say the show was starting right after this?

  406. the pundits are just mad she gave such a great speech… apparently, she is “disrespecting” BO by being wonderful and outstanding…


  407. Valhalla – She did a great job trying to fill that empty suit with some of her character, strength, integrity and commitment.

    But it’s still an empty suit.

  408. Ed Rendell on CNN

  409. Fred Barnes thinks the BO people will be disappointed in this and will complain. Oh, big surprise there.

  410. Tell Rachel to shut the F up.

  411. Kristol is a loathesome toad who likely has fungus.

  412. Sven, go F*ck yourself you little shithead, I am no mood for your pre-pubescent bullshit right now. Get the hell off our site you little fascist.

  413. I love the fact that she laid out Obama’s policy platform for him.

    “Keep going even when the dogs are after you” – she’s talking about herself. She’s wonderful.

  414. is she done yet….is it time to beat this faux Democrat into the dirt?


  415. OldCoastie, it’s always disrespectful for a woman to be smarter than a man.

  416. dems need to remove the phrase “get over it” from their freakin vocabularly.

  417. listening to NPR, they think Hillary did a lot to unite the party. They were listening carefully, someone might pick at this or that, but yeah, she brings catharsis.
    Seems she endorsed The One enough.

  418. Michelle looked very high schoolish like a mean girl.

  419. is that Ed? wow, Carol has a huge house!

  420. CNN:

  421. Rendell is really having a hard time not saying Hillary should be the nominee. He was obviously energized by her speech. What a speech it was!

  422. BB – You are right! But that is why she was able to stick (mostly) to the truth tonight.

  423. Join on the Air right NOW!!! “My Two Cents Radio”


  424. They just can’t stand it how good she is. She makes him look like a vapid child in comparison.

  425. please report on tv pundits for those of us out in the sticks with no tv (but the stars are beautiful!)

  426. Great speech Madame President, now can we get back to defeating Barack Obama?

  427. olbermann needs to STFU

  428. No way, no how, no Obama.

  429. CNN:

    Here’s a message from another “lady who had cancer:” FOBO!

  430. I’ll turn the teevee on tomorrow for Bill.

    Did anyone remember and hard campaigning Howard dean did for Kerry in 2004?

    The spectacular speech Bill Bradley gave for Al Gore in 2000?

    All the vanquished candidates who went on to passionately campaign for Bill Clinton in 1992?

    As you can see, Hillary Clinton is just doing what the vanquished candidate does, that’s why you see all the other 9 Republicans hit stomp for McCain.

  431. I will never forgive them for depriving our country of what would have been one of the best and brightest presidents ever, Hillary Rodham Clinton. And for what they did to Bill Clinton.


  432. Ah, it’s driving them crazy that she didn’t kill herself for Obama.

    But, I’m THRILLED.

  433. I can’t watch either. Am sitting in my kitchen reading all of your posts and crying.

    The only person who actually cared about the rest of us is being forced out and it is devastating. At least I can come here and not feel alone.

  434. It’s over. I hated it. We Americans could have had such a great Leader in Hillary. We’ve been robbed.

    Fox news says Hillary never said Obama would be a great president or said anything about his character or readiness to lead. She said the minimum.

    Thats true, but her speach for supporting him was better then he deserved.

  435. Gergen is saying how unselfish she is

  436. I’m still in awe! And still have tears! Incredible speech! What a woman!

  437. She really meant it. She wasn’t phoning it in at all. I’m crying.

    Something to think about…she’s certainly right about McCain.

  438. Quote on Fox:

    Michelle Obama: “Mrs. Clinton did a fantastic job.”

  439. Hillary loves America. When she said we should all have enough for food, etc., and taking care of our kids, and then have a little left over out of our paychecks. That really means something to me. Her heart is golden.

    Wow. what strength.

  440. WTF is Wolf Blitzer is on tonight? Dude just said that it was clear that MO and Biden were standing up and thrilled by what Hillary was saying tonight.

    Gergen on Hillary’s speech tonight: “I thought she was a class act. She defended her campaign. She did it all.”

    Media saying “Why did Obama pick Biden.”

    HILLARY is #1

    And so is America!

    Hillary ’08 or McCain ’08

  441. Well THANK YOU GERGEN. At least someone gives her her due.

  442. Hillary Rodham Clinton, by her presence, her bearing, her magnificent words, just reduced the presumptive nominee to the level of a rookie. All she must do is stand there and say, this is how it is done. Hillary, our Queen.

  443. Hey guys – Sheri Tag is on the air now!

  444. what I find so weird this election is usually a candidate that does even much less well than Hillary has a LOT of input on the party platform… Hillary’s issues have been snubbed repeatedly… I think tonight was all about getting her primary platform issues back out in front…

  445. kc – Don’t cry. See what she did? She wrote the job description. She’s the Boss.

  446. Hillary, you have done your part tonight with class, dignity, and grace. Now it is time for We The People to do ours!

    Say No to Barry O!

  447. Madamab—I didn’t know that PUMA’s color was orange? Is it just the color of the actual animal or what did you mean?

  448. Let’s have the delegates vote right now!

  449. OK, if you listen to the MSM they are almost all saying she did a good job. She convinced the Democrats that she’s a team player. Now we have to make sure that she gets to run again in 2012. You know, there’s only one way to do that…

  450. Most have us have already explained that we are not in this just for Hillary.

  451. I thought Michelle looked like she was getting an enema through most of the speech.

  452. OK, now I’m going to cry…

  453. Crowley just said Obama has to respond “in kind.” She also said that’s a tough order (words to that effect).

  454. are y’all watching this woman on CNN? she’s wonderful

  455. omg cnn put it on

  456. Her name is SENATOR Clinton, you nasty little viper Michelle!

  457. There is an extraordinary delegate speaking on CNN

  458. who is this woman — i love her

  459. After Thursday our next mission in life is to make it clear that we will not see him in the WH. Ever. It will be payback time.

  460. Do you see this woman on CNN crying? She will vote for Clinton.

  461. The woman on CNN is inspiring.

  462. Wow, lady on CNN, whoever you are, I love you.

  463. The difference couldn’t be more clear. Hillary is a world class figure and MO has all the charm of a junkyard dog. I’m sure the cable creeps will parse and criticise her every word (especially the ones she didn’t say about BO) but I am really proud of supporting her candidacy. She is always terrific and can always be counted on.

  464. katiebird; Is there a way of shutting down Sven please? Enough of his vulgarity.

  465. Why did I stop recording! Nuts! She’s wonderful!

  466. Hillary delegate on CNN speaking for all of us

  467. I don’t have access to a television and I couldn’t bring myself to watch it online because I know I’m just going to start crying. I will have to read the reviews and prepare myself to watch this magnificent woman’s speech tomorrow. It’s so wrong how the chance of having this woman be the best president in American history was stolen from all of us.

  468. There is a Clinton Delegate on CNN right now. She’s AA. She says Obama has 2 months to connect with her. She won’t vote McCain, but he is going to have to convince her. She’s crying.

  469. I want to hear your thoughts. I’m on the AIR!!! LIVE!


    Call-in 347-202-0443

  470. I love this woman…..I wish some Pumas would find her and give her a hug

  471. One thing to keep in mind all my wonderful PUMAS: Regardless of what happens, this great woman is a beacon to the world. She has risen to a completely different level and her influence and grace will have a ripple effect in history. We cannot see what is in the great scheme of things yet, but Hillary has been magnificent.

    CHARLES KRAUTHAUMER: “That was her best speech ever, and had the crowd in her hand. I’m not shocked that she would do the minimum for Obama, because the Clintons have always been about themselves. There was no poetry in it [then how could it be her best speech?]. Her speech was of somebody who is coming back [I like that part!!]. This is somebody who is saying, ‘I’m a presence.’ She tacked herself on to everything she said about Obama. He was almost an accessory to her. But as I say, what do you expect from the Clintons.”

    Now I remember why I never watch the MSM anymore. What a bunch of petty, jealous people.

    “She showed herself to be shockingly good in marshaling her own strengths. She looked really strong, and there were probably some people in the audience wondering if perhaps they picked the wrong candidate.”

    Well duh.

  472. Don’t cry, you awesome PUMAs. We just saw the first speech of 2012.

    And it was FABULOUS.


  473. She’s saying it all.

  474. Krauthamer: As a performer she’s really improved, and she’ll be ready next time.


  475. Just saw local TV coverage here in TX. And one of the women briefly interviewed (I forget her name – a beautiful sistah) said that they’re that those “Hillary” delegates who vote for Barack will be nominating the “second best. The first and best choice is Hillary.” THAT’s what I’m talking about – yeah!

  476. I hate the friggin MSM. I don’t care if the a**holes praise Hillary to the high heavens now. I’ll never forgive the media and the DNC for doing this to our country. Why didn’t we learn from Bush, why are we going to make the same mistake again. And don’t anybody be giving me a hard time if I go McCain. I want this corrupt party taken down.

  477. Wow woman on CNN was amazing… that was heartfelt…

  478. Did anyone just see that incredible Hillary delegate on CNN. The PUMAs need to find her. She was amazing.

  479. Eleanor -YES!! We can begin the campaign now.

  480. Clean up at 11:24 please.

  481. Well hopefully this will energize enough Democrats to pay off her remaining debt!

    Let’s make sure we don’t abandon her in that area.

    I got a letter in the mail today. It’s URGENT. Please help her.

  482. Oh damn, CNN is interviewing this African American female Clinton delegate, and they identfied her by name. I hope she has security.

  483. Sven go to hell since you came from their you do not need a road map!


  484. Satan: That’s fine – as long as we don’t all belong to Obama. He’s actually managed to become a step down from you.

  485. Hilary is like sunshine – she knows what’s wrong and she knows how to fix it and wants to fix it. She can’t help it but, after watching the operators of this charade, they are exposed as the pond scum they really are. I can’t tell you how much it made my flesh crawl to see flashs of MO her brother(they have to have a secret stach of lemons – no one could sustain the sourness without them), listen to the vapid talking heads and on and on. Scary, I will never be a Dem again. They represent everything I abhorr. They willingly and knowingly trampelled the best candidate we have had since her husband – WJC.

    With each nasty underhanded corrupt action this phony Dem party takes to insult the only hope American people have a decent government, my resolve hardens. This primary season started with meager stingy comments/actions taken by the “One” and they have continued to get progressively worse.

    My vote is mine and I vote against BO – I will never reward dishonesty, mediocrity and incompetance again.

    RD – who’s giving up? No one here will. Thank you for your efforts and for all the wonderful people here.

    We Shall Not be Overcome!!

  486. WigWag: what was her name?

  487. Please someone put her on You Tube so we can all see her on CNN!!!

  488. Pat, I’m trying..

  489. I just want to take a moment a delurk…

    A dear friend of mine is a PUMA and this has been a really hard week on her. Heck, I’m for McCain, and it’s been hard on me to watch Hillary go through what she has. I can’t imagine how hard it is for her, and each of you.

    Today she sent me a beautiful video celebrating Hillary, and it gave me goosebumps. I said to her then what I want to say to y’all now:

    I have to admit, I’ve grown to respect Hillary. Very few
    people, man or woman, could go through all the crap she’s gone through, all the way from her “Tammy Wynette” gaffe when Bill was running to the way she’s treated now, and still hold her head high. It takes a real classy person to not scream “OMG JUST STFU AND GO DIE, BARRY!” I know I would have done it by now.

    I watched Hillary tonight and it broke my heart in a million pieces. I cried right along with all of you. I think every woman watching did, regardless of her party affiliation. From a McCain supporter, I just want y’all to know you guys have my support as well.

    And I know my friend is reading (or maybe posting) here. Just want to tell her I love her and if she wants to cry, I’m right here for her.

    God bless you all. Stay strong.

  490. Chris Wallace : I want to be a naysayer here on the floor. I think Hillary Clinton was being very generous. If she wasn’t saying the specific words people wanted her to say, I think in this Convention she talked about how Obama will improve the lives of middle class people who are hurting right now, including health care, climate issues, equal pay etc.

    Hume: “It was a policy endorsement, not a personal endorsement.”

    Well, I’ll agree with that. Why should she endorse him personally–he’s a coward, a liar, and a weakling.

  491. I didn’t get her name or her state. She’s in the first ad for 2012.

  492. Riverdaughter just reposted the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit don’t miss it.

  493. There is a Clinton delegate, Ann Price Mills I think they said, being interviewed on the floor by CNN. She’s crying, sad and disappointed that the DNC and everyone else will not recognize that Clinton should have been the one. Stating that Clinton just delivered “a Presidential speech”. She says she wont vote for McCain and Obama has two months to prove to her that he is worthy of her vote.

    She said she was sent there as a delegate to cast a vote for Clinton, and that is what she is still going to do, despite Clintons speech calling for Unity.

  494. Tappanga: thank you so much. That is really beautiful and gracious of you.

  495. Man, what an awesome speech! Afterwards I just shouted at the TV “Take that B*tch!”

  496. ***Attention***

    Just a few minutes ago, CNN inteviewed a Hillary Clinton delegate…an African-American woman…and OMG…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…someone post a video of that interview on this blog and on You Tube for ALL the world, and especially the Superdelegates. to see!

    Did you all see that interview just now on CNN with the Hillary Clinton delegate?

    She spoke from the heart as to why Hillary is the best candidate for POTUS! It was so moving and so genuine!


  497. Thank you Tappanga. It means more than you’ll ever know.

  498. Carville: “this is a major league fastball unlike anything we saw at this convention”

  499. Please someone post that Clinton delegate who spoke on CNN on You Tube.

    We need that woman!

  500. Who is this Gloria Borger? Calling Hillary a loser? A LOSER? Was that the speech of a loser?

  501. Fuzzy: let’s stomp all over Sven!!! I don’t like him messin’ with you!

  502. So glad you are all hear and looking forward to reading your comments once I can see through the tears. Hope my typing is good enough to avoid typs

  503. Carville, “this is a bad night for the Hilary haters in the press!”

  504. Yes we are crazy: CRAZY FOR DEMOCRACY!!!!!

  505. fif…

    Bill made a comment to someone in an interview…without using names,

    “If you agree with someone 100% on positions, but you don’t believe they can deliver on any of them; and you agree with someone else 50% of the time, but you believe they can deliver on the other 50% — who would you vote for?”

  506. Pandora, yep, I saw that interview on CNN!

    What a strong endorsement for Hillary Clinton!

    That lady told it like it is and clearly, she is not moved by The One’s BS!

    Everyone needs to see that video of the Hillary delegate ASAP-especially those Superdelegates and the DNC elite that are driving our party over the cliff!

  507. Wow!

    From the droolingly retarded Andrew Sullivan:

    To my mind, it was an average performance, not a slashing attack on the Bush-Cheney record, nor a rousing rallying cry for Obama, nor a very insightful analysis of the country’s problems. There was virtually nothing about foreign policy. She did what she had to do, tell her voters to back Obama. But she gave nothing more.

    You can’t win if you are a Clinton.

  508. Campbell, please, just shut up.

  509. I know Phala, I sobbed through the whole speech, now I’m back on blog duty!

  510. They’re trying to say he was referring to Obama and McCain.

  511. Wow! Compelling argument.

  512. Hillary personifies what a President should be. Her speech delivery is superb. I had to turn off the TV when she started praising Oblahma. I bet Meechele squirmed in her seat during the entire speech. Very forced smile coming from her and Biden. Well, I own my vote and come Nov. this Democrat is voting for McCain.

  513. Don’t EVER expect Andrew Sullivan to say something fair about Hillary. He is really a poisonous, nasty sub-human.

  514. four more years blah blah blah change blah blah blah obama

  515. We HAVE to help Hillary raise money. Nownownownow.

  516. Andrew Sullivan is just a nothing. Harriet Miers writing kissy-poo to Bush, same thing, different party,

  517. I don’t have the capability of posting a vid, but if anyone wants to look up the CNN Clinton delegate who just spoke, she is Anne Price Mills from Washington’s 9th CD.

  518. Carly Fiorina is now saying that McCain has women in senior positions in all of his working situations: his Senate cabinet, his campaign, his advisors, and his cabinet will also have many women. He also pays them equally.

  519. Luna – thank you – we have to remember her name. She was perfect.

  520. Hillary, I appreciate what you said and am floored by how you said it, but Nobama is still not getting my vote. When someone robs you, you don’t say, “Here, you missed this other pocket.”

  521. Carville: “this is a major league fastball unlike anything we saw at this convention”

    Exactly James–you stealthy PUMA you.

  522. Ok I am so ready to announce: but I must wait till after the roll call…

    My heart is breaking from what all you said….first I lost my political ginger rogers-Ann Richards-2006

    Then My Donna Brazile Replacement on the RBC Stephany Tubbs-Jones

    My Hillary she is so radiant she is my longing and my need – what can I say my heart is breaking!

    I am so sad but I am not helpless…IT IS RETRIBUTION time!


  523. Hill A REE!

  524. fif, I don’t know. I wish I did.

  525. The media lied to us this whole year, and shoved hate down our throats. The DNC lied and commited fraud this whole year, and shoved hate, and now unity down our throats. We’re not that stupid, and we have a job to make sure this cabal is tossed out, and that fraud never becomes POTUS. We’ll have slighly different paths, but the desired result is the same.

  526. Jeebus! Kept watching as they cut to M.O.

    My God! She looked like she had just got done sucking on a big,





    No damned class or graciousness in her. She telegraphed all her emotions.

  527. this is breaking my heart!

  528. Only a real narcissistic piece of grap could sit through this abomination and have the guts to walk out in PUBLIC and not immediately resign.

    If you didn’t see the interview with the Hillary supporter on CNN right after, please someone post asap.

    It was riveting and made you sick.


    If there is a GOD that LOVES AMERICA, he will rectify this!

  529. She did fumble one line, though…
    The chant is: No way, No how, NoBama.

  530. Folks, I couldn’t listen, had to turn the volume low. As I did so, a friend in Texas called me in tears, heartbroken. She will not vote come November 4. Period.

    I may try to watch the speech with the volume higher when it runs on tape delay here. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to get through it.

    This woman is amazing. She surpasses Obama, McCain, and very probably her own husband.

    America, DNC, all you women who voted for Obama, you blew it. You know it now.

    See you in NOvember.


  531. Hillary, I appreciate what you said and am floored by how you said it, but Nobama is still not getting my vote. When someone robs you, you don’t say, “Here, you missed this other pocket.”</blockquote?

    Perfect Sophie!

  532. Hillary save us please!!!!

  533. I am going to need XANAX.

  534. #Svenhargensen, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:36 pm Said:

    Boo fucking hoo

    Go pound sand up ass cocksucker.

  535. chelsea is so beautiful and her daddy is so proud

  536. Brian Williams: If not Hillary Clinton, who? If not now, when?

  537. Someone needs to clean the litter box…

  538. Damn corrupt media. We had to listen to THE RULZ for months, and haven’t heard a frigging word from them about that this week. We had to listen to THE MATH for months, and haven’t heard a frigging word from them about that this week.

    It was all a frigging, frigging lie, and we know it, and they know it, but they are too corrupt to admit it, and the DNC is too corrupt to admit it, and even Obama supporters are too ? to admit it.

  539. My heart has 18 million cracks in it right now.

  540. Fredster, I’m not a Michelle hater, but the looks on her face were AWFUL. I can’t say I’m surprised, Obama has no basic political common sense so why should Michelle be any different, but Lord. Amateur hour once again.

  541. I am sick of these imbeciles. “Oh, if she had only done this at the beginning of her campaign blah blah.”

    God DAMN YOU FOOLS! Is this about a fucking campaign or the god damn world?


  542. Terry with Greta now.

  543. You’re still my hero!

  544. That makes me sick!

  545. I want to Hear everybody’s thought on the AIR–My Two Cents Radio!!!


    Call-in 347-202-0443

  546. 👿

  547. Oh man, I would love for somebody to confront H. Clinton on camera about how Obama underpays his female staff. I know the Obots would probably try and harm her physically, but it would be priceless. Oh please!

  548. We’ll count on you in the Senate to protect. 🙂

  549. PUMA HQ on CNN right now!!!

  550. Seriously: It’s not a personal like or dislike, the Obamas are simply not ready to serve at this level, either of them. I don’t know if they have staggering ambition, or someone persuaded them that they are ready, but they are not, either professionally or emotionally. You almost have to pity them, they just have no idea what they’re doing. Other people keep making them over, telling them who to be & what to do. Our country will suffer so much if they go to the WH.

  551. did the Unity ambassador hear Senator Clinton remind us of the importance of WE THE PEOPLE!

  552. Sven you are giving the swedes a bad name!

    Attention Attention this comes straight from Obama for America:

    Mr Axelrod has noticed a huge uptick of Clinton Supporters checking and registering on the John McCain Blogs It is Unacceptable! All Obama online supporters must report Immediately to JohnMcCain.com and start tell these wayward democrats it is time to come home You are required to Go to JohnMcain.com Now! We Must Make the republicans Pay for Stealing our Democratic Base…Repeat all Obama supporters in the blogsphere go to JohnMcCain.com now! The PUMAS no longer Matter the real problem is the Hillary Supporters overwelming JohnMccain.com!


  553. Yeah!

  554. parentofed: I wish I could be as generous as you but these two are schemers, nothing less.

  555. I’m bawling…I can’t take it.

  556. God bless Hillary!

  557. Hey, fuzzybear, thanks for the idea. I might just click on McCain’s website to increase their hits tonight. Just to f*** with the BO campaign a bit.

  558. Fuzzybear, I hope you are providing one “heck” of a meditation tonight before the delegates vote their consciences after this (words escape me) powerful speech. Thank you in advance

  559. Congrats for the shout out RD

  560. Pat: I strongly agree with you, I was trying to be nice, since we may have lots of new lurkers here tonight.

    I cannot tolerate either one of them at all, and that includes her brother, his sister, and their advisors. I will do anything short of physical violence to stop this man, and his Chicago Cabal, from being elected. The thought is just terrifying.

  561. Hillary, I love ya and that speach had me in tears. But I will not forgive and I will not forget what the media and the Obama campaign did to you and to all the women and oppressed you speak for. My vote is my own. No more money for the DNC, DCCC, DSC or any candidate that supported Obama in the primary. I am done until the cheating leaders that did this are gone. My vote is my own. I will vote for experience. I will vote for McCain.

  562. The last thing we need is an emotional post menapausal biiatch running for president.

  563. We could have all these things!

  564. Pat Buchanan is making mincemeat of MSNBC. He loves Hillary. He said “you can’t transfer her supporters like a commodity.” He knows she will be the best President!

  565. That Clinton Delegate was great! Except she said Obama has two months to win her over. If anything seeing what a powerful classy, competent, candidate we lost has hardened me even more AGAINST mr empty suit (if that could be possible!) there is no winning over for me- EVER. I want nothing but defeat for these thugs!

  566. She’s so great

  567. Bill Cliton was crying because without power it will be more difficult for him to get blow jobs from staffers.

    On the other he will soon be free to move to hollywood and dump the old bag, once Billy is gone Hillary’s career will be toast unless she re-marries some other power obessed nutcase.

  568. I confess I tuned in but just couldn’t watch. I had to shut it off. When I heard Hillary say, “We need Barack Obama…” I felt like I was watching someone I love commit suicide. Then they kept showing that truly awful MEchelle sitting there with that horrid smirk on her toady face. I cringe every time I think of her representing this country.

    I am determined to make sure that those two poseurs, BO and MO. will never see the inside of the White House except on a tour.

  569. do you think my last worked?


  570. parentofed: “not ready professionally or emotionally”

    Amen. They are already an embarassment to the Dems and it will only get worse.

  571. That’s unbelievable

  572. Her shout out to RD!!!! OMG!

  573. are there people booing???

  574. 👿

  575. What difference does it make who we vote for? Obama can’t win due to his own arrogance and hubris.

    My focus, as of tonight, is HILLARY 2012. I’m gonna get really serious about helping her pay down her debt.

    Oh, and I’m gonna work for folks like Bruce Lunsford, who might beat Mitch McConnell, and outfits like Womencount PAC, which is going to help fix what went wrong this year.

    I should feel awful. But I feel GREAT! We picked the right candidate, PUMAS! Life is long and we are TOUGH! and so is HILLARY!


    E.A. from T.N. 🙂

  576. please someone stop the trolls they are reallly pissing me off tobad we cannt post their home addressas and phone numbers and credit card info-wait maybe we can!

    Trolls watch out you may find a charge for 50,000 Hillary2012 bumperstickers

    You trolls are sick-and you are really helping you candidate win on November 4th….

    besides Axelrod wants you all to go to John McCain.com



  578. July, like Obama you’re a wimp and a coward. You come here after people have moved onto another thread because you can’t make rational arguments with other people rather than bringing up Clinton’s affair. Go ahead and diss the Clintons. They’ll still be around long after Obama loses the general election.

  579. How many people are in that audience?

  580. A couple of scuzzy trolls up above, please clean up when you can. They are obviously upset and emasculated by Hillary’s power.

  581. Where are the bouncers???


  583. People people Hillary and obama has almost the same views why vote for mccain who uses hillary clinton like a piece of meat?

  584. Look at Chelsea!!!

  585. Scott, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:06 am Said:
    People people Hillary and mccain has almost the same views why vote for obama who uses hillary clinton like a piece of meat?

  586. Why cant we have Obama in 08 and Hillary in 12? Why must be give bush 4 more years?

  587. Can we have Hillary PLEASE?????????????

  588. sometimes we say more when we say very littel her is our meditation/prayer/affirmation:

    Creator Father Mother God/des

    Tonight Freedom Liberty Justice the very core of our belief system is suspended above us like the toss of a coin-for a moment air born and the whole world is holding its breath-It is as it has always been in your hands now!


    I hope you all approve


  589. Hillary and Bill and Chelsea ARE THE ROLYALTY OF THE PARTY. NOW AND FOREVER!!!

    I think she revv’d up the crowd. That should change all their minds!

  590. jake you’re an idiot.

    If they’re so bad, why did Clinton WIN TWO TERMS?

    You’re an IDIOT.

    obama’s a race baiting empty suited crook.

    I’d like to know how michelle can get up and lie about her not taking a corporate job, when her income went from 120,000 to over 300,000 over night.


  591. Robinson from MSNBO is BEGGING – HOPING -PRAYING the Clintons campaign for useless. Hillary is done with your precious jerk!- she did what she had to do. It’s over- let him and Me-Chelle carry their own sorry asses. I hope Hillary goes on a well deserved vacation

  592. A lot of wall street support just moved behind McCain, initially wall street crooks were one of Hillary’s biggest supportors.

    It will be hard for Obama given the amount of money wall street and Saudi Arabia can generate for McCain now that they can no longer support Hilary and the Clinton’s criminal machine.

  593. It is so comforting to be among such great people…who can see the things I can see and give me the peace of knowing I’M NOT LOSING MY MIND

  594. We owe all those who went to Denver, representing us at the same time, for doing all they have. The difference they have made is immeasurable.

  595. scott as I said if your kid steals the keys and your car goes out drinks a 12 pack and totals it but no one is killed…..

    Do you reward the thief with a brand new car?

    No Scott you take them out behind the barn you tell them you are glad they is still alive, that this is going to hurt you more than it hurts them and you beat the sh*t out of them. If they give you lip you beat the shit out of them again until you bereak their defiant anti-social spitit.

    Dot Period the end!


  596. The day we never see another Clinton or Bush lying and spinning for power is the day America has finnaly moved into the new century.

  597. Scott: “People people Hillary and obama has almost the same views”

    Having the same views, and having the capability to act on those views and carry out those views, are two entirely different things. ‘Nuff said.

  598. The day we never see another obama or Bush lying and spinning for power in chicago and texas is the day America has finnaly moved into the new century.

    Guess ya gotta get rid of those damn Daleys first though.

    how about that Biden, voting for the Iraq Resolution just like that Hillary?

    Man, please…You’re funny.


  599. kjmontana – I felt exactly the same way when I heard poor Hillary have to humiliate herself. I stormed out the room yelling “Hillary, you’re too good for them”, tore up hubby’s Time magazine cover of BO – who I now refer to as “f**kface”, and switched on the DIY network.

    Beware – we’re not gonna “come around”.

  600. what about my prayer tonight folks keep saying it make it a pro hillary mantra we may gain favor by it….


  601. Don’t know if anyone caught that great delegate’s name. It was ‘Ann Pricemills’. I think her pass said Washington, not sure. She is someone we should cajole into getting on radio.

    What do you think?

  602. Oh boy! The “paid bloggers”/college kids/bTards/stealth Republicans/date rapists are here!

  603. I did some heavy-duty praying, early this evening, for the election tomorrow to give us Hillary as Democratic candidate.

    I went outside to a clearing, frightened the resting 2 deer & 2 fawns away and asked all the archangels by name, w/ their legions of angels, to help in immediately breaking through all blocks still keeping Hilary from being elected, for protection of her and everyone (PUMA, delegate, super-delegate, family, friend, fan) supporting her, and for getting her to the White House in the General Election, so that she is our 44th President of the United States.

  604. To all the trolls:

    It will truly be a pleasure to watch Barack Obama get his sorry ass handed to him by John McCain. It will be a greater pleasure still to see President McCain ask Hillary to be in his Cabinet, perhaps as his his Secretary of State. BUT it will be my greatest pleasure to see Hillary Clinton become President in 2012.

  605. What does this mean? That there will be a real roll call or not? I am so confused. And pissed.

  606. I know she was telling us to “KEEP GOING”. Hillary knows that we PUMAS have her back. She knows we are POWERFUL. She knows WE LOVE HER. She also knows that WE WILL DEFEAT barack obama in November. She told US to keep going.

    If obama and the dnc stop the roll call tomorrow as they are threatening to do, WE must take over and
    elect PRESIDENT JOHN MCCAIN. Even if you don’t like Mccain, let’s all vote for him anyway. That is the only way we will keep those nasty obamas and all their hoodlum pals OUT of the White House.

    Let’s get ready to ROAR! Let’s all join hands, PUMAS. We have got a big job ahead of us.

    Hillary Clinton 08 or John Mccain 08

    BUT NO WAY, NO HOW, HELL NO obama.

  607. July, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:57 pm Said:
    Bill Cliton was crying because without power it will be more difficult for him to get blow jobs from staffers.

    Oh please. Your envy and jealousy is so transparent . Bill can get any woman he wants, power or no, just because he’s Bill: a real man who loves women instead of hating them.

  608. John, on August 27th, 2008 at 12:12 am Said:
    A lot of wall street support just moved behind McCain, initially wall street crooks were one of Hillary’s biggest supportors.

    It will be hard for Obama given the amount of money wall street and Saudi Arabia can generate for McCain now that they can no longer support Hilary and the Clinton’s criminal machine

    Sorry, no. If you actually do some research, you’ll find that all the top Wall Street firms back Obama.
    And I guess you forgot that the Clintons were investigated for 7 years and found to be squeaky-clean…or are you just that ignorant?

  609. @ “Mark” and “Jake”

    You both are prime examples of why abortions should be allowed retroactively.

  610. …but you are so confused I doubt you can even read your OWN mind, let alone that of anyone else.

    (And by the way, way to be a good Obamabot and regurgitate phoney right-wing talking points.)

  611. Breathtaking speech, delivered forcefully, graciously, without a glitch, and also without having to resort to a teleprompter—at the same time, so sad to watch. What a shitty, shitty mess that the sages of the Dem Party have managed to produce with their latest inanity; hope that all of them screwy “party elders” get a massive case of Montezuma’s revenge and can’t leave their regal bathrooms until they learn to listen to the will of the people once and for all!

    Anyway, as the cameras rolled, to me the faces of many of the attendees seemed to be not only in awe but also sad and probably questioning the obvious. Yeah, why in hell Hillary had to be urging people to vote for BO instead of making a highly deserved acceptance speech? Aaargh!

    Thank goodness for the bright notes that Hillary cleverly inserted here and there—my favorite was KEEP GOING! I think also that Hillary’s eyes twinkled when she mentioned the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit and, as apparently did others, it made me think that this was her way to say that she’s a PUMA, too. Congrats RD!

    I agree with all who’ve voiced the catchy ditty: NO WAY, NO HOW, NO obama.

    P.S. Don’t feed the trolls. There’s nothing they hate more than to be ignored.

  612. John, um, Mccain has a p—-. Yeah, it’s more shri&eled than Obama’s, but it still sanctifies. You know how Obama is the cleanest pol in the Chicago machine because when Rezko hands him the cash he makes it pure? Well, same for McCain. What, you look at him and get mad thinking about that filthy hole under his skirt? Dude…he’s not wearing a skirt, you’re so confused.

    Please stop undermining O’s message and costing him cash. John wants to apologize to O’s biggest supporters. He was confused, but he knows better now than to be dissing our friends because a crazy world calls them criminals. The REAL criminals are the dirty filthy uncl$an, the c—-, the h0s, the bitch*s. All money’s good, and if you see any, just give it to O, he’ll do an, um, purification ritual on it, and then give it right back to you. Hey Saudis–you want some st0nings? Give us some cash, we’re all coming from the same fundamental (no pun intended) place.

  613. Nobody can give the election to McCain. We have this thing called voting (no Donna! No Howie! Put the blackjacks away, it’s just a word, nobody’s actually doing it, relax!) People choose a candidate and vote for that candidate. Okay I’m sorry, I’m upsetting Donna. In the BAD country and BAD system we have, we allow these subhuman scumbags we call “Americans” to vote for whoever they think is best, instead of being a righteous country where we crack heads and let Donna pick the winner in a smokefilled backroom. And in this sick, evil country, when the Dems pick a crap candidate who’s Bush’s doppelganger, people have teh allfire nerve to vote against him.

    It’s inhuman, it;s beyond evil, and it’s the Clintons’ fault for um, I’m not sure, I guess not kidnapping everyone in America, typing them up, getting absentee ballots for them and filling them out for BO, but other than that, yet. It’s not Obama’s fault, I mean, asking Bush to do anything is kind of a lost cause, it is what is. All’s not lost, though. Howie and Donna are working on vote supression techniques, and the rest of us can use arguments like, “Having an inexperienced, nitwitted arrogant jackass worked out pretty damn well before, i thought! We don’t need to miss him, we can have a do-over!” and “Doesn’t the thought of a smart, competent President make you feel bad about yourself? hey, you can’t name the Presdient of Burkina Faso, why hold Obama to a higher standard? How much do YOU know about monetary policy, smart guy?” and hope for the best. keep the faith!

  614. That speech showed who should be president. Hillary knows what it takes to be a winner. Pelosi, Brazile et al are idiots not to see that it is on THEIR hands that they perverted the democratic process and shoved Obama down our throat, and they are continuing to pervert the process by intimidating delegates and demanding votes in writing before the roll call. Have they no confidence in their candidate? Obviously they haven’t since the beginning or they wouldn’t have interjected themselves into the campaign so early. Obama amassed an early delegate lead through caucus fraud and went into a freefall after the Wright, Ayers, “bitter” stuff with Hillary winning the next 9 of 14 primaries. Obama has done nothing to reach out to Hillary supporters and arrogantly expects Hilary to deliver them to him. No way, no how, NOBAMA–and that is one Pelosi and Brazile’s hands–not Clinton’s.

  615. Can anyone confirm whether what ABC NEWS is reporting is true?? (WTH?)
    They write:

    ” Last week the once rival Democratic camps agreed to place Clinton’s name into nomination in order to mollify her supporters, still bitter after a divisive five-month long primary battle.
    But as the convention got underway, party leaders aborted that plan in an attempt to avoid any televised public displays of disunity during the roll call.

    The first 30 minutes of Wednesday’s convention program will be devoted to nominating and seconding speeches for Obama and Clinton. After a roll call begins, the Obama and Clinton camps have agreed that the roll call will halt at some point and the convention will move to nominate Obama by acclamation. ”


  616. Rod:
    That’s been the rumor floating around…PUMA radio talked about it again….they can’t afford to have an open and fair process…and they know it.
    Obama would loose.

  617. Tonight Hillary spoke and,

    My 13 year old daughter cried,

    My 70 year old republican mother cried,

    I, a Democrat, cried and

    We were unified in one purpose.

    To fight the Obama nation. No how, no way, no Obama.

  618. To all the nasty board trolls. You need to buy a magnifying glass, and mail it to Obama campaign HQ’s with a note asking Obama to use it to find his balls. Maybe, if he can find them, he won’t have to ask Hillary to win the election for him, and you can find other people to harass.

  619. Hillary transcended all that was done to her and she shown like a million watt LIGHT!!!

    As Hillary inspired us to do; we will go on no matter what. The people that she brought together are still united and change is on it’s way but I don’t think it is the kind of change Obama has in mind. Obama and his minions are going down…no way he will be POTUS now.

    When I heard Hillary in her speech…say :
    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant Suit,” I knew it was something special and then reading here tonight I see that it was a very deep connection with her and RD…it was Hillary’s way of saying keep going..I know what you are doing and then she followed it with Harriet Tubman Davis…”Don’t Give Up.”

    There is a lot of good that will come from this…
    sometimes there is darkness before the light and
    we have a Million Watt Light Leading The Way –
    Hillary Rodham Clinton POTUS 2012 (or before)
    Thank YOU and Blessings2YouRiverdaughter

  620. Amidst all of the rudeness and name-calling in these responses, there is still a basic truth that shines through: tthe DNC does not have an official nominee until the vote is taken…. why is that so difficult to understand?

    The DNC wants a flock of sheep – that’s not what our Founders inspired us to be, as a country. A full roll call vote should be the basis of any convention; otherwise, how can it be called “democracy” ? I’m a union member, and I know there is a time to put one’s own interest aside for the good of a larger purpose. that time will come for me in this race, too; but NOT unless there is a roll call vote on the floor first!

  621. obama supporters just dont get it.

    they can hardly write one single thing about the “ONE” that is positive. all they have for ammunition is attacking HIllary and what they have been told she is about.

    you foolish obama supporters need to look at this objectively and stop trying to get us to believe your over hyped subjective opinions.

    this is no longer about Hillary but about the CORRUPT democratic leadership deciding who the public gets to vote for.

  622. Hey I am all for illuminati sociopaths lusting for power, just not as president.

    Perhaps the Clintons could move to Paraguya and exercise power over the poor natives there.

    I understand it is the in place for that now.

  623. Here’s what I don’t understand: If there *were* a roll-call vote, as, yes, there should be, isn’t it certain that Obama would win the majority of the votes? Even if all of Clinton’s pledged delegates were to keep to their pledges and vote for her?

    We’re talking about this making a travesty of the democratic process, but it looks to me like only a minor travesty. Denying a roll-call vote — for the sake of stagecraft, really — is a terrible *symbol* of putting political appearance above propriety, but it’s not affecting the outcome of the convention. The roll-call vote, were it to happen, would itself be mostly just symbolic.

    I agree that it’s a shame Clinton’s delegates aren’t going to get a chance to publicly vote for her — a shame that the nation won’t get to see such a potent symbol of progress — but to call it disenfranchisement doesn’t seem quite accurate. The vote will happen, only privately, right?

    This article’s claims that Pelosi et al. are afraid a roll-call vote could actually throw the nomination to Clinton is fairly silly, no? Especially if this implies that the establishment Dems would do anything in their power to keep Clinton from becoming president. If Clinton had won a larger number of pledged delegates than Obama, Pelosi and the others in charge of the party would sure as hell be supporting her 100%.

    (and of course not all of Obama’s supporters would be happy about it, and of course some would be complaining of certain unfairnesses, and that would be fine. So I’m not sure exactly why I’m complaining about the complaining here. I guess I’m just not comfortable with the level of vitriol that’s going on in making these arguments. And I guess I’m worried that if enough of this vitriol is out there, McCain and the Republicans could profit from it. And I think most of us Clinton supporters can agree that a McCain presidency would most likely be disastrous for our nation. Ignore that last line if I’ve taken things too far.)

  624. Here’s what I don’t understand: If there *were* a roll-call vote, as, yes, there should be, isn’t it certain that Obama would win the majority of the votes? Even if all of Clinton’s pledged delegates were to keep to their pledges and vote for her?

    We’re talking about this making a travesty of the democratic process, but it looks to me like only a minor travesty. Denying a roll-call vote — for the sake of stagecraft, really — is a terrible *symbol* of putting political appearance above propriety, but it’s not affecting the outcome of the convention. The roll-call vote, were it to happen, would itself be mostly just symbolic.

    I agree that it’s a shame Clinton’s delegates aren’t going to get a chance to publicly vote for her — a shame that the nation won’t get to see such a potent symbol of progress — but to call it disenfranchisement doesn’t seem quite accurate. The vote will happen, only privately, right?

    This article’s claims that Pelosi et al. are afraid a roll-call vote could actually throw the nomination to Clinton is fairly silly, no? Especially if this implies that the establishment Dems would do anything in their power to keep Clinton from becoming president. If Clinton had won a larger number of pledged delegates than Obama, Pelosi and the others in charge of the party would sure as hell be supporting her 100%.

    (and of course not all of Obama’s supporters would be happy about it, and of course some would be complaining of certain unfairnesses, and that would be fine. So I’m not sure exactly why I’m complaining about the complaining here. I guess I’m just not comfortable with the level of vitriol that’s going on in making these arguments. And I guess I’m worried that if enough of this vitriol is out there, McCain and the Republicans could profit from it. And I think most of us Clinton supporters can agree that a McCain presidency would most likely be disastrous for our nation. Ignore that last line if I’ve taken things too far.)

  625. (oops. sorry about the double post. I was trying to update my website info and messed up. Delete the first one and this?)

  626. Hillary’s speech was one of the greatest I’ve ever heard. I have tremendous respect for her and do not believe she was lying; pressured into saying things she did not want to, etc. She is such a model to me and she helped me to focus on the stakes involved.

    As a feminist who saw the possibility of an amazing woman president, I felt crushed by this lost opportunity, but I also know McCain’s voting record on issues of concern to women is terrible. (Please research it.) And the Supreme Court nominiation(s) will bring more dangers than losing abortion rights. The speaker last night who lost the right to her equal wages after years of sex discrimination from that Supreme Court decision (Lily Ledbetter?) had a powerful message there.

    I think we all do what we need to do and I completely respect those who refrain from voting, vote for a third party candidate and/or work to reform the Democratic Party-but not those who vote for McCain-unless you sincerely believe in his positions-which are diametrically opposed to Hillary’s

    And whatever we think of Obama, calling his wife a b**tch is not where we as women want to go. That is shameful. I am still angry at McCain for laughing when the man at one of his forums asked “how do we beat the b**tch”-meaning Hillary.

    I have appreciated reading many of the messages on this site-the civil ones-it has certainly been a difficult process. for all of us. As for me, I’m going to vote for Obama and, if the opportunity presents itself, work for Hillary in 2012 or 2016..

  627. Well now the real work begins…. Hillary did what she had to do and now WE will do what WE have to do
    and that is elect John Mccain. We will elect John Mccain as the next POTUS for a number of reasons.

    1) Because he will be a better president then the chosen “ONE”.

    2) We also need to PUNISH the DNC for what they did to Senator Clinton and all of us, her supporters.

    3) Just because WE CAN!

    John Mccain 2008….. Hillary Clinton 2012

  628. Dear Candoo: You said, “1) Because he will be a better president then the chosen ‘ONE’.”

    Please explain this opinion of yours.

    As for your items 2 and 3, they reveal your childish immaturity. Only someone who is emotionally stunted would take such action out of sheer spitefulness.

    I thought Hillary’s speech last night was wonderful. She is a talented speaker and did a marvelous job, she was very moving.

    Sadly for her, the PUMAs here lack her dignity, class, and graciousness. Reading the majority of the posts here, you sound like scary stalker-types what with all the fawning adoration that’s expressed. She’s a woman to be admired and respected, yes, but too many of you sound like you want to fuck her.

    And if you’re not professing your undying love for your candidate, you’re stooping to personal attacks on the Obamas and anyone who supports them. And if that’s not enough, when anyone disagrees with you, you label them a troll and delete most of their posts.

    Do you have anything of substance to say? Anything to show that Hillary Clinton inspires people of intelligence who are capable of thoughtful debate? Who understand the issues at stake and are focussed on them rather than abandoning all common sense in the name of the cult of the HRC personality? I know she does, but one would never know it by reading the majority of pro-Hillary posts on this website. You really should know that your behavior is not reflecting well on the Clintons or the people who support her.

  629. And in the end, all they proved was that talk is cheap.


  630. thank for this post

  631. […] Grandma Pelosi in to lecture and intimidate the delegates. Make them vote in secret at their hotel rooms, instead of in public at the Convention so that the result can be manipulated. During the roll […]

  632. okay – i just wanted to be the 639th comment….

    very impressive!!!!!!!!

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