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Carville: If this party has a message they did a hell of a job hiding it

While we get news from Riverdaughter’s night at “The Beautiful Protest and Rise” and Gary & Mawm’s PUMAmobile adventures, here’s this:

UPDATE (h/t MadamaB!)  James Carville’s full quote per Jake Tapper/ABC News:

On CNN this evening, Clintonista James Carville voiced his displeasure with tonight’s proceedings as having no theme, no message.

“James Carville seems the least satisfied Democrat in here right now,” noted CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “What’s going on James?”

“Well if this party has a message it has done a hell of a job of hiding it tonight I promise you that,” Carville said.

“How do you mean?” asked the anchor. “You haven’t heard about Iraq? You haven’t heard about John McCain?”

“…George W. Bush, you haven’t heard any of this,” said Carville. “I mean we are a country that’s borderline recession, 85% 80% wrong track country, people, health care, energy, I haven’t heard anything about gas prices, I mean maybe we are going to look better Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but right now like I say we are playing hide the message pretty good.”

“David Gergen said this a short time ago, that in the first two hours what is the message?” said Cooper.

“And you know what? David didn’t get to where he was in life because he’s stupid  He was exactly right. I look at this and I am about to jump out of my chair…There’s no message coming out of here, there is no sense that the party has a sense of urgency, and we’ve only got four nights this is 25% of the whole thing.”

But, but James, it’s important for people to get to know the REAL Barack.  Besides, Democracy is so 90s. 

Dealmaking and drama lead up to Clinton speechBy SCOTT LINDLAW, Associated Press Writer

The Clinton and Obama camps agreed to limit Wednesday’s divisive nominating process for president, allowing some states to cast votes for both Obama and Clinton before ending the roll call in an acclamation for the Illinois senator.

In one scenario, Clinton herself would cut off the voting and urge the unanimous nomination of Obama, according to Democratic officials involved in the negotiations. They discussed the deal on condition of anonymity while final details were being worked out.

But some Clinton delegates said they were not interested in a compromise, raising the prospect of floor demonstrations that would underscore the split between Obama and Clinton Democrats.

“I don’t care what she says,” said Mary Boergers, a Maryland delegate who wants to cast a vote for Clinton.

“There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is Barack Obama‘s convention,” Clinton told reporters. And yet, she said, some of her delegates “feel an obligation to the people who sent them here” and would vote for her.

As part of the deal, Obama and Clinton activists teamed up and circulated three petitions on the convention floor Monday night — supporting Clinton, Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden. Each needed 300 signatures.

Clinton said she wouldn’t tell her backers how to vote, but she told them she would cast her own vote for Obama. “We were not all on the same side as Democrats, but we are now,” she said.

The lineup for the second day of the convention features 11 governors and prominent House and Senate leaders. The convention’s keynote address will be given by former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, a former supporter of Hillary Clinton‘s.

James, you didn’t get the memo?  The message is “destroy all things Clinton.”  So what if she won the popular vote with 18 million votes and was the candidate that won the most votes in primary history.  Hogwash!  She needs to go to the back of the line and make room for Gov. Mark Warner!  But what is the presumptive presumptuous Preciouzzz doing to smooth any differences?

Obama has taken the minimum public steps necessary to accommodate the Clintons, including giving them prime-time speaking spots. 

But he has taken few of the extra steps that Clinton allies say would have gone miles toward fostering goodwill.

He did not work hard to help her retire her $24 million campaign debt.

He did not make a high-profile statement repudiating any suggestion that Bill Clinton played “the race card” in the nomination contest — an allegation that the former president considers grossly unfair and that continues to infuriate him.

Just as significant, Obama has maintained a certain cool diffidence toward the former president. They spoke by phone last week. But for weeks before that, associates said, Clinton had heard nothing and did not even know when he would be speaking at the convention. The Obama campaign’s only communication was a form letter sent to all delegates.

Clinton loves to offer advice to fellow Democrats. But even in their conversations, Clinton friends say, Obama shows little deference or signs that he thinks Clinton, the only Democrat since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win two terms, has any special wisdom to offer.

“There is a lot Obama could have done to unify the party, and basically he hasn’t lifted a finger,” said one Democratic operative who is close to the Clinton team.

Do you think that the press is finally getting it? 

¡Que viva los PUMAs! (Long live PUMAs!)


135 Responses

  1. “There is a lot Obama could have done to unify the party, and basically he hasn’t lifted a finger,”

    I have a finger I would like to lift to Senator Obama.

  2. SM: Once again, a winner!

    They continue to treat the Clinton’s in much the same manner that they treat us: we hate you, we don’t want you, now get out. But don’t forget to support and vote of us in November!

  3. SM!!! What a great post!

    Darling – can you add a little more from James Carville’s comments? I think we need a link and some quotes!


  4. Actually, I have two fingers,

    The one I woudl like to lift to him now, and the one I will be lifting to press the lever when I vote in November.

    He won’t like either one.

  5. He’s never lifted a finger in his life to do anything, so he’s not likely to start now.

  6. The man has nothing to offer to lifting a finger or not will not change the outcome. I am looking for a leader not another Matt Foley “living in a trailer down by the river” motivational coach.

  7. The trolls are out in full force. Don’t worry SM I did not engage them. There are terrible posts at Action Alert: Save Debra and Did Obama Steal . . . Little cowards post after the thread is older.

    Thought someone might delete them, they are pretty bad.

  8. I’ll join you, WigWag.

  9. Dean’s feet don’t even touch the floor in the chair he is sitting in on Joe.

  10. Delphyne, the more the merrier!

  11. Below is a list of tonight’s speakers starting at 5pm. Where in God’s name will they be able to fit Hillary into this parade?

    5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Theme: Renewing America’s Promise; Prime-time speaker: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY; Keynote address: Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner; Featured speakers: Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, New York Gov. David Paterson, Iowa Gov. Chet Culver, Sen. Bob Casey Jr., D-PA, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT, former U.S. Transportation Secretary Federico Pena, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, House Democratic Caucus Chair Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Reps/ Nydia Velazquez, D-NY, Linda Sanchez, D-CA, Tammy Baldwin, D-WI, Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC, Mike Honda, D-CA, Xavier Becerra, D-CA, Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC, former Fairbanks, AK, Mayor Jim Whitaker, a Republican, California State Controller John Chiang, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, Change to Win’s Anna Burger, and AFL-CIO President John Sweeney; Checklist for Change Presentation by Women of the U.S. Senate: Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-MD, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA, Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-WA, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-LA, Sen. Blanche Lambert Lincoln, D-AK, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, Sen. Clair McCaskill, D-MO and Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-MI; American Voices Center Stage: Pauline Beck of Oakland,CA, Pamella Cash-Roper of Pittsboro, NC, David Gipp of Fort Yates, ND, Robin Golden of Wyoming, MI, and Katherine Marcano of Cedar Rapids, IA; Presentation of Colors: American GI Forum; Pledge of Allegiance: Koby Langley, Fort Meade, Maryland; National Anthem: Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir.

  12. Carville was absolutly correct,the night was a waste,watching the few “uneducated older whites” as the Hillary supporters are usually called ,along with the bama types,trying to keep the music going last night ,I can alreasy see the upcoming repub commercials,,”these are the types that want to take over” the Clintons have a golden opportunity to take back the party in the next two nights

  13. madamab: That’s all I got – it was from CNN last night.

    If I get a transcript, I’ll post.

    But it was a one comment blurb he gave of Michelle & Ted & Caroline and the Demo-fiasco-Convention.

  14. Someone posted this quote from Carville last night:

    “Clinton supporters are not some kind of subprime mortgage that you can bundle up and pass on to the next guy.”

    That’s brilliant. At least James understands.

  15. sm77, in case you missed it in the previous thread, this one’s for you:


    PS – there’s a troll post in the last thread that’s pretty ugly.

  16. Pat – I expect the Gong Show hook dragging Hillary off in mid-sentence.

  17. plural, that was my favorite quote of the night!

  18. I’ve tried to stay as far away from Denver news as possible; this is depressing me to no end.

    But the Clintons’ smart supporters and poltical whiz-kids, i.e. not just us but also people like Carville and McAuliffe have finally had enough:

    The Obama campaign would like the Clintons to acknowledge his win with some deference and grace.

    Tonight on NY1, a New York cable news channel, Clinton’s former campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe told the Obama team, “You’re nominated to be president. It’s your campaign. At some point, quit talking about the Clintons and move on.”


    watch the last 45 seconds of the video….blub.

  19. Did I miss something (such as 8 years of Clinton in the White House)? And, Ted and moral in the same sentence doesn’t pass the smell test for me.


    “Michelle’s speech was a home run. Emotional, heartfelt, and very authentic. On a night where Ted Kennedy passed the Democratic Party’s moral baton, Michelle picked it up and ran with it — evoking RFK’s famous evocation of George Bernard Shaw (“Some men see things as they are…”) by talking about the world as it is vs the world as it should be.”

    These people are sick!

  20. “There is a lot Obama could have done to unify the party, and basically he hasn’t lifted a finger,”

    So can they finally stop saying, “What is Hillary going to do to unify the Party?”

    What a fraud.

  21. Julie – AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s fantastic! We need to post it on a permanent column part – I’ll ask Katiebird later about it!

  22. SM – Jake Tapper has a transcript. For you!!!

    Click here

  23. Carol – the American TV Joe & Jane Public see right through all that.

    Watch the polls go up maybe 1-2 percent – then CRASH!

  24. You cannot get anymore smarmy than the Huff Po piece. Mediocrity rising to the level of genius. For really smart people, Anglachel has another brilliant homerun posted on her blog. This is genius.

  25. Good morning SM!!!!!!

    Last night was a big nothing as far as I’m concerned. Why in the hell did Hillary agree to have a fake roll call vote? What’s the point of that? I love Hillary, but at this point I feel the same way the delegate quoted in the first story feels. Who cares what Hillary thinks. It’s not her party or Howard Dean’s party or Barack Obama’s party. We the people should have some right to decide who our candidate will be. I say it’s time for a floor fight.


  26. Do the Democrats really think all this “theater” is being bought by the voters? What a sham. At this point the Democrats are acting worse than Republicans. Why did we waste our time voting if the DNC had already annointed Obama as the successor to Ted Kennedy? (My memory fails me, was Ted Kennedy ever President? What torch did Ted Kennedy pass on to Obama because it sure wasn’t the Presidential one?) Obama and the DNC are their own worse enemies. Don’t blame the Clintons when he loses, blame Obama, the DNC and Obama supporters. John McCain doesn’t need to waste any money on ads, these bozos will take themselves down.

  27. Pat,

    Are you seriously telling me that Claire McCaskill is going to speak AGAIN tonight????!!!!


    I’m starting to get really really ANGRY!!!!!!!

  28. Ted Kennedy passed the Democratic Party’s moral baton

    Uh, with all due respect to Ted because he is ill, they are citing his MORAL AUTHORITY??? Yowza.

  29. The possums don’t understand that Obama is as cynical and contemptuous of them as he is of Clinton supporters. he’s stuck in his college years – some young guy with an education who knows better than everyone else.

    All this shaming and bullying!

  30. I just hate this whole sham. Anyone with any intelligence realizes that we are being treated like illiterate serfs were treated by the royalty and the nobility in the middle ages—and that type of social order doesn’t work for long.

    I watched part of Obama’s wife’s speech yesterday and was SO unimpressed. And Obama speaking—ugh. Insulting that a decade of flooding us with reality TV and half a century of a culture of rock music and rock concerts makes these political people think that they can script events like this to keep everyone in line so that they can grab and hold onto power.

    But guess what—so many of us are NOT braindead.

  31. Hey General, yea, they are really “competitive” right now with Obama’s numbers sinking by the day. And if you are stupid enough to ask what the Clintons have done for the Party, you need to get off the computer and read some damn history.

  32. Very nasty troll just showed up on the last thread

  33. Everyone is missing this HUGE insult to Bill Clinton last night (which is probably why Carville was not happy because there is no way he didn’t get the message). Republican “moderate” Jim Leach gave a speech!! This is the same Jim Leach who was a major player in the right wing conspiracy to bring down Bill Clinton. Leach used his Banking Committee chairmanship (make that abused) for THREE YEARS investigating the Mena airport hoax which accused Clinton of being involved with the smuggling of cocaine ! (This was particularly bizarre since the Mena cocaine smuggling was actually part of the Reagan/Bush Iran Contra scandal!)
    Leach spent thousands of hours working with Scaife’s Arkansas Project goons to help bring down Clinton, allowed numerous damaging leaks, but never even issued a final written report. His spokesman finally admitted there NEVER WAS ANY EVIDENCE AGAINST CLINTON.

    So don’t tell me this was just a show of bipartisanship and not a deliberate slap at Clinton!! Any party insider would get the message, even though the public won’t – and the media, which loves Leach, is not going to mention it.

    To show just how unprincipled these guys who are taking over the party are, read this article about the “western strategy” being promoted by them:


    In a nutshell the plan is to abandon the poor, the working class, African Americans, universal health insurance, social justice, etc. in order to win the “knowledge workers” in western cities like Denver. Apparently Dean is all about this strategy which is why Denver was chosen for the convention.

    These guys will do anything to win, even destroy the Democratic Party and replace it with Republican Lite leaving the least among us with no one to fight for them. It’s immoral.

  34. fif,

    I know some people idolize the Kennedys but I am not originally from this country and I do not wear rose colored Kennedy glasses. I see them as human beings, flawed, just like everyone else. In the case of Ted Kennedy, yes it is sad about the cancer I sympathize with the heartbreak that he and his family will have to deal with now and in the future because cancer is a terrible disease, but there are things in his backgroud that should exempt him as the moral torch bearer for Democrats.

  35. Forgot to add that this explains why Obama is so dead set on destroying the Clintons and their legacy. It is in direct opposition to the new strategy. The Clintons always work for the lower classes.

  36. Good Morning all you Lovely PUMA’s!! Its a wonderful day today. I am praying that Hillary will rise above the fray tonight and shine bigger and brighter than she has ever has before. Last night when I was at work, I mentioned tonights speech and you could just feel tension amongst my co working Obama Supporters. Just mentioning democracy and Hillary in the same sentence just does something to them. I feel like some Obama supporters THRIVE by the insatiable need to hate. I cant help but wonder how, if possible can we get them to try and see our point of view respectively??

  37. When the trolls show up just turn up the dance music. That ought to do it! Worked well last night as they were dancing in the aisles to the endless musical selections broadcast throughout. Substance no, but Dick, I give that beat an 85 on the meter. I could dance all night!

  38. Here’s the new update above:

    UPDATE (h/t MadamaB!) James Carville’s full quote per Jake Tapper/ABC News:

    On CNN this evening, Clintonista James Carville voiced his displeasure with tonight’s proceedings as having no theme, no message.

    “James Carville seems the least satisfied Democrat in here right now,” noted CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “What’s going on James?”

    “Well if this party has a message it has done a hell of a job of hiding it tonight I promise you that,” Carville said.

    “How do you mean?” asked the anchor. “You haven’t heard about Iraq? You haven’t heard about John McCain?”

    “…George W. Bush, you haven’t heard any of this,” said Carville. “I mean we are a country that’s borderline recession, 85% 80% wrong track country, people, health care, energy, I haven’t heard anything about gas prices, I mean maybe we are going to look better Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but right now like I say we are playing hide the message pretty good.”

    “David Gergen said this a short time ago, that in the first two hours what is the message?” said Cooper.

    “And you know what? David didn’t get to where he was in life because he’s stupid He was exactly right. I look at this and I am about to jump out of my chair…There’s no message coming out of here, there is no sense that the party has a sense of urgency, and we’ve only got four nights this is 25% of the whole thing.”

    But, but James, it’s important for people to get to know the REAL Barack. Besides, Democracy is so 90s.

  39. Hey Conflucians,

    I’m deleting troll posts right now. I did it yesterday too. It’s hard to keep up, so just ignore them. I take them as a sign that we are having a powerful effect. Thanks for the heads up on the old threads.

    The first thing I saw in the NYT this morning was a piece about Hillary supporters with a couple of paragraphs on the PUMA protest of Tweety.

  40. Ha! Carville is wearing Pumas!!! Scroll down!

  41. I remember Jim Leach and that BS Mena investigation. What’s he doing speaking at a Democratic convention? Isn’t he a friend of Poppy Bush’s?

  42. Carville

  43. This whole election practices have been so dishonest no
    transparency, clandestine meetings behind closed doors,
    These things happen in African countries and Nazi Germany in
    1930/40 but in America of all places…it is unbelievable and 2008
    is a slur on the great history of the United States.
    Now we are going to have another charade with a fixed result.
    it would be more honest to all for the DNC to cancel it as they
    wanted to in case Obama got beaten.
    Whatever happens, if you read all the various sites there will be no
    unity and the Clinton supporters if more contempt is thrown on their
    faces will result in a blitzrieg against the DNC in November
    Country before Party will be the slogan ………………

    Good fortune, Senex Ireland

  44. Leech was this year’s version of Zell Miller. We are now into copying just about everything out of the Repub playbook.

  45. One of the main problems I have with Michelle Obama is that I sense an underlying anger that she desparately tries to hide in her speeches. When Michelle Obama speaks she seems to be on the verge of losing her composure and just letting the anger out. I find it funny that she believes America is a mean country, when it is actually the opposite, America thinks that Michelle Obama is mean.

  46. Sorry for the time it takes for me to fix & update. I have the world’s slowest laptop and she doesn’t have Universal Healthcare.

    Boston, HI! As Bob Somerby says, a big nothing-burger. I WANT A FLOOR FIGHT!!!!!!!!

    Pat – you rock.

  47. LORI!!!!!!!!

    May I post that picture>??????


    Carville in PUMAS!!

  48. I just gave my blood pressure a break and watched The Closer and Saving Grace. And while I adore the Closer I don’t usually watch Saving Grace. Anything where people think that God is obsessed with them and follows them around gives me the creeps.

    I’ll look online for Carville’s remarks. He’s always good for some down home homilies that strike at the heart of a problem.

    Seems Terry Mcauliffe has had about enough of the “Clinton needs to win this election for Obama b.s. too.”

  49. Carville is sitting next to Donna Brazile, who looks like she’s sucking on a lemon the whole time he’s speaking.

  50. A shoutout for Terry on this one, too:

    “Tonight on NY1, a New York cable news channel, Clinton’s former campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe told the Obama team, “You’re nominated to be president. It’s your campaign. At some point, quit talking about the Clintons and move on.” “

  51. I have always liked Teddy. Watching him gave me an eerie feeling. About a month ago I watched this long movie on Hitler. After he achieved power he marched Hindenburg around the country. The Teddy seemed to serve a similar function for Obama.

    It also turns out Wednesday Obama is going to have Bill make the “commander in chief” argument for him.


  52. Kenosha – the link is updated above – Jake Tapper has video too

  53. Yes, Senex,
    Country before party and character before contempt.

  54. kenoshaMarge I just posted a link, a few posts above

  55. Carville is so wrong! Of course there was a message coming out of this convention: Obama is going to save the world, unite the party, bring peace to all nations, heal our wounds, educate everybody, and provide for all our needs, for heavens sake!

    He is a wonderful father and has served his 300 days or so in the Senate, his sister looks up to him, he was raised by a single parent, and he bought his wife an ice cream cone on their first date. If James is too close minded to understand and absorb this message I am sorry for him. And how could he overlook the musical messages that blasted us out of our seats? Jeesshh, James, we were watching the same convention?

  56. LOL! The trolls smell desperate today.

  57. FlVoter

    i’m in the same situation. all what i know about ted is that he is an alcoholic. i found out now about the lake incident. and his legacy will end with his endorsement of BO.

  58. Wow, I never fully realized to what extent Obama’s arrogance and idiocy rule his thinking. If he had made any sincere efforts at all in the last 3 months to reconcile and unify the party, he would have won many people over. Anything he does is too late now.

  59. What a low class of “Unity Ambassadors” we get here. I have said it before, this site deserves better ones.

    The amount of name calling and “Unity Ambassadors” visiting this site does illustrate the real problem Obama and the DNC has this year. This is why Obama will lose. Unfortunately, if the Obama campaign keeps this up, they will take down all the downticket Dems with them.

  60. What torch did Ted Kennedy pass on to Obama because it sure wasn’t the Presidential one?

    Maybe it’s the torch he took up when he snubbed Jimmy Carter at the 1980 convention.

  61. Lori, I love it!!!!!

    Senex, thanks for getting it. Please tell everyone you know that not all Americans are loonies, some of us see this whole thing for exactly what it is: a coup d’etat of our party BY our party.

  62. Ahhh, a night of magic!
    What ocurred to me last night is that, even more than the manueverings of Axelrod, Dean and Reid, the core motivation of the DNC’s maliciousness toward HRC during the primaries and convention may have had a lot to do with restoring “family honor” to the Kennedy’s, who do not appear willing to cede their claim as “America’s Family”. I give the Kennedy’s their due for having championed so many causes that have improved the lives of Americans. However, I do think that the notion of “Camelot” was wrong, and should not be regarded as something the country needs. We have Hollywood for that job.

  63. the Gr8 Communicator

    sorry, ted kennedy and his car rides were not on the citizenship test. i promise u to Ketch up. sieg Heinz

  64. Is there a site monitor on duty here?

  65. Michelle Obama does have an image problem. The DNC and Obama realize it. That is why she has been “watching the kids” for over a month. They tried to rehabilitate her image on “The View” but that did not work. I suspect that she will be “watching the kids” for most of the GE campaign.

  66. the Gr8 Communicator

    how about some human rights vs.

    1. FISA
    2. more grants to churches
    3. shadow civilian army

    that’s your candidate. start cleaning your computer.

  67. Sorry – slooow computer acting up-


    Axelrod gives them a dollar and a doggie biscuit each time they engage a Conflucian. The Unity Ambassadors get paid to troll – remember that.

    SO IGNORE THEM until clean up crew arrives. Thank you!

  68. Gotta go, lovely PUMAs. Have a great day! I hope we have some excitement tonight when Hillary speaks. You know she will talk about principles and not about herself. If only Obama had one-tenth of her class and grace, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in today.

  69. The funniest thing about some pervasive forms of stupid is that everybody can’t keep a lid on it.

  70. these Unity ambassadors get paid so well and yet they don’t seem to make any sense at all. Just like their lord and master.

  71. My sister likes flowers.

    (edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  72. And the “UAs” smell bad too.

  73. My car has flat tires.

    (edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  74. Just more r@ cism accusations. Same old same old. I really wish they would try something new!

  75. The insults keep on a coming. Clinton Dems report Bill will be on a 5 second delay when he speaks….those bastards!


  76. That’s a joke, right?

  77. Bernie O—What you wrote at 9:46 & 9:47, when looking at this campaign and conference, makes absolute sense and is so correct. Also, it broke my heart that many AAs were so naive and allowed themselves to be used by Obama when it was clear to many of us that he cared about them as much as he cared about the rest of the public—NOT.

    FL voter—this has been a conference of putting the Kennedy’s back in place as the Democratic royalty. Ted et al. have been jealous and pissed off for over a decade that the Clintons, despite all of the horrible garbage thrown at them, had won the royal family position in many people’s eyes. To me this just shows that Kennedy is actually an elitist who wants to be seen as helping the “little people”. He knows putting Obama in there is not helping the “forgotten man/woman”, but all he really cares about is his own clan’s power.

  78. I mean “joke”.

  79. ..and Ted cares about the Kennedy legacy.

  80. Karolina – you know what? I’m saying it:

    WTF Camelot has to do with all the problems we are facing!?

    I respect Camelot/Kennedys, but GIMME A BREAK ALREADY!

    Carville’s right! They are living in la-la land!

    WE ARE SUFFERING and they want to relive Camelot? And my vote got halved & used as toilet paper because the Kennedys want a Camelot revival?
    Do a Lifetime movie and stop playing people’s lives!

  81. Is Carville wearing a PUMA bracelet

  82. THEY want dreams. They want us to be dreamers with closed eyes rather than voters with eyes [and minds] wide open.

  83. Downticket – He’s wearing PUMA sneakers!

  84. This convention is turning into a funeral procession. With the passing days, we’re getting closer and closer to the general election, a k a, the interrment.

  85. Funeral. Yes!!!! Spot on, Regency!

  86. Wakonda- They dream while our civil rights as voters get trampled on.

  87. I hope they realize there’s no bounce left. Baby Bop’s got his VP. There’s nothing left to pick him up short of John McCain having a heart attack. Even then, Ralpha Nader might actually win a few states this time around. The People around the nation are sending out a whopping DO NOT WANT!!!!11!! to the Baby Jeezus.

  88. Gotta go vote today (in Hillsborough there’s a small election), plus visit a client – be back in a couple of hours.

  89. Regency – amen!

    The Death of Democracy.

  90. Karolina in NYC,

    Being an immigrant, all I can say is that I just will never understand all this Ted Kennedy worship. To me he is a Senator who has done good and bad things. He is a human being that has made mistakes, some very serious. No person should be worshiped. He is a politician like the rest of the politicians. It was a touching tribute to him, but let’s not forget that the Kennedy last name does not mean he is a “Democratic god.” Maybe because my family history is not from this country, I am able to see him as a human being and not a god.

  91. The milk is sour.

    (edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  92. Praise be, Site Administrator.

  93. freshhhhhhhhhh

    a new add from the mccain camp


  94. If you have ever lived under maonarchy, you would–or should be able to understand whay it’s better NOT to have royalty in a country. That’s what our constitution gives us….a country for the people, by the people, and not For and By The Kennedy’s.

  95. Carville’s pissed me off plenty in recent time but I think he just redeemed himself.

  96. Audacity: Thanks for the new Mc-ad link. It is another strong statement.

  97. the mccain media/add campaign is brilliant.

    they don’t give BO a moment to relax. they attack daily

    and from our own experience, from march till june we know already how the BO campaign and especially Bo acts on the defense end

  98. I’m going to mow the lawn.

    (edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  99. OT-sorry

    Regency, are you cutting class??


  100. bye, sauer!
    so good of you to pop in!

  101. I think that the Unity Ambassadors are now using comedy, because that comment is extremely funny!

  102. Catarina, just so happens that I’m leaving now, See ya’ll in about 3 hours!

  103. Anyone watching the news on Israel’s campaign season? Apparently, the DNC seems concerned only with watching its own prescious specatukular while the chess pieces in the Middle East keep moving. And McCain’s recent ad directs the focus to [all of] that, while the Denver Dems huzzah over O and The Teddy.

  104. Wakonda-Ikwe

    i lived under communism and i know 2 things

    1. FISA
    2. shadow civilian army (kgb and such)

    these 2 r more dangerous than roe vs. wade

  105. Audacity,

    That 5-second delay post is satire by Andy Borowitz. I admit I almost took it seriously too, but it’s meant to be humor.

  106. Audacity: You, more than the rest of us, know exactly what is at stake. Thank you for your excellent posts. Sorry that I missed your previous post that succinctly enumerated the issues.

  107. SM 77, at 10:27 am: Hear, hear! The thing is, I was a baby during “Camelot”, but from the little I remember and the history that I have studied about it, the best time in the USA during my lifetime were the 8 Clinton years in the 90’s. That is why the kennedy’s and so many other power-hungry Dems are incredibly jealous of the Clintons.

    FL Voter: Maybe I am so aware of the this because I was raised by immigrant—the Ted Kennedy (and the others in the family) had MANY flaws, yes.

    I found it amusing that the entire Clinton Presidency was spent by the people in congress trying to prove that the Clintons were flawed, until they FINALLY caught Bill doing what basically 95% of all politicians have been doing since the beginning of time. And still those damn Clintons did not shut up and sit down. Hmmmph.

  108. audacity,

    My family also lived under communism (dictatorship) and escaped it in 1967.

  109. The Left – personally speaking, I admire Michelle Obama very much and I really think she has more qualifications to run for office than her husband has and ever will have.

    Our problem is with Democracy not being present in the Democratic Party.

    We do not endorse Republicans. We want Democracy back in the Democratic Party.

    (Ok, now I really have to run, BE BACK SOON!)

  110. I am blogger verklempt. So impressed by of all the PUMAs online, and humbled to be part of the clan.

  111. bostonboomer,

    sorry for that. i copy/paste from a pro PUMA site without reading the content. the way that the convention is going, i won’t be surprised if it is the truth.


    that was my first answer to u. i got it. i escaped in 1986.

  112. Audacity: YES! Roe vs. Wade right now is a way to distract people (women) from the fact that our civil rights are slowly being fazed out. It is not important at all right now± if we don’t have freedom of speech and an open government (which we already don’t exactly have) we’ll lose all of the other freedoms.

  113. The Left,

    You can face discrimination and r@ cism and not embrace anger. Instead channel your anger and do something positive. Any time I have been faced with discrimination, I have done something about it. Anger does not accomplish anything. It may initially motivate you, but you have to let it go if you want to fix the problem.

    If she becomes First Lady, MIchelle needs to let it go and work on fixing the problem. If she keeps the “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” mentality, this country will end up blind and toothless. She needs to lead by example. R@ cism is a problem, but anger is not the solution.

  114. What a coup it would be if MSM knew some of the PUMA family stories that demonstrate what the PUMA viewpoint is all about. Why always the singular focus on HRC when our concern is so much more than that?

  115. Not sure if this has already been discussed, but former Pres. Jimmy Carter was on today’s Good Morning America. Was it just me or could he not even be bothered hiding his disdain for the Clintons? I must say I found it terribly petty and disappointing for venerated statesman whose humanitarian diligence I’ve long admired.

  116. BernieO, on August 26th, 2008 at 9:46 am

    BernieO Thanks for that post. I made note last night of Jim Leach speaking and the huge insult it was to Bill. A former GOP congressman and WJC political enemy extraordinaire gets to drone on, but there no time Wes Clark or Charlie Rangel to speak? This is a direct and dirty insult to the Clintons. The party elders understand it as such, and have no problem with it.
    They are rat bastards . Who’s next? Paula Jones?

  117. it is NO ACCIDENT that Carville is wearing PUMAs. No way.

  118. General Zod, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:07 am Said:
    The Clintons get 2 nights so I don’t understand what all of the fuss is about.

    One is our only two-term president in nearly a half century and the other “Clinton” won more than 18 million votes, in her own right. So the fact that each has been scheduled to address the primetime convention and delegates isn’t exactly an anomaly. Though considering the shams that have played out thus far, in this “democratic” party, I’m no longer surprised by anything.

  119. edwardian, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:10 am

    Carter has hated the Clintons for years. He was particularly awful during the primary. In May he said
    “oh they will just take it from her after June 3rd” like he was talking about an annoying bug . Only rabid Clinton hate could get Carter and Ted on the same side

  120. I’m sleepy. Can I take a nap?

    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  121. What is wrong with you Su Jay? What have the Clintons done? I am so tired of you Obama supporters. It is all Obama’s fault. He “won” but he continues to insult Hillary and her supporters and why is he asking Hillary to campaign for him. if you hate the Clintons so much why don’t you just write Barack and tell him to stop asking Hillary and Bill Clinton to campaign for him. When will your Obama take responsibility for his nomination?
    It is him that continues to make this about the Clintons. If he concentrated more on McCain and not Hillary he might do better in the polls. McCain is his opponent.

    PS. Not everyone likes Obama. GET USED TO IT!

  122. I just sneezed. Want to look?
    (Edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  123. Martha Evans, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:21 am Said:
    I’m sleepy. Can I take a nap?

    no, but u can wipe General Zod’s snot

  124. Downticket,

    And not everyone likes the Clintons but most of the Democrats who dislike the Clintons still voted for them in 92 and 96. It’s about party unity which you should try instead of being so divisive. The Clintons have this feeling of entitlement which drives me nuts. It was Hillary’s race to lose and she couldn’t beat a freshman senator from Illinois. Democracy is a wonderful thing especially when the candidates follow the rules instead of trying to make them up as the race goes on. Hillary lost fair and square so I don’t understand why her supporters still think she deserves the nomination. The people voted. It’s time to focus on McCain.

  125. “The Clintons have this feeling of entitlement which drives me nuts”

    This is hysterically rich coming from an Obama supporter. When exactly is he expected to do some of the heavy lifting? Or will it just be more displacement of blame on everyone else but himself?

  126. Downticket, on August 26th, 2008 at 11:22 am Said:

    It is him that continues to make this about the Clintons. If he concentrated more on McCain and not Hillary he might do better in the polls. McCain is his opponent.

    True, But obama can’t stop rejecting the mother. In age , Hill is barely able to be his mother, but she is close enough. . Obama rejects the TWP mother because his father did. He seeks to heal his own rejection by his father, by becoming the rejecting male. He needs to reject the mother so badly, he will not let the Clintons help him. That’s why Hill always says ” I’ll do what I am asked to.” She knows how hard it would be for Barry to ask . Hill asking for for respect. But Obama cannot give it. His respect , such as he has, is reserved for older father types. .That’s why Biden should not have been such a surprise. Obama always goes for the older , father type…

  127. General Zod: The internet is a big place. If you want an open debate, please, feel free to invite one at your own blog. We know exactly what the Obama POV is and we simply do not wish to engage in a battle of wits with unarmed individuals. It would be inhumane.
    Now take your little propaganda asses elsewhere. We are under no obligation to spread that manure around here. You wouldn’t be convincing anyone here. (see reference to your unarmed status above)

  128. no, it’s a private site

    sit down dinner

    no free buffet

  129. I’m back!

    Grandma PUMA & I voted in the Hillsborough County Judge elections, then visited a client.

    Well, some droppings are laying around. Be back!

  130. Riverdaughter, thanks for the “New and Humorous” Spaminator technique, LOL!

  131. Here’s the Hillary I supported, can’t wait for her speech tonight.


  132. What time is Hillary’s speech tonight? Anyone know?

  133. I love the Clintons and I love James Carville. These three people are the real democratic party. Not the puff piece Obama. Do not forget to vote out those democrats who stabbed us and the Clintons in the back. It is our duty to take back our party.





    This year the United States’ two main political parties are running nominees for president. The two political parties are:

    The Republican Party,
    and the
    “I Can’t Believe It’s Not the Republican Party!


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