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When Democracy returns to the Democratic party, so will we. Until then, PUMA!

Hey my Conflucians!  Waiting for reports from RiverDaughter, who’s at Denver’s Cheesman Park “The Beautiful Protest and Rise 2008” (see flyer on the right hand column), followed by candlelight vigil and from our PUMAmobile Dynamic Duo, Gary and Mawm – stay tuned!  In the meantime, add your Conflucian snark by captioning these photos and read post below if you like:




PUMAs are having a BALL in Denver!  “WE are the one no was expecting,” as the lovely Darragh Murphy from PUMA PAc states.

Here’s a snippet from the New York Observer:

Clinton’s Wishes Don’t Spoil PUMA’s Fun –

In a flat, windswept part of Denver known, depending who you ask, as LODO, for lower downtown, or RINO, for River North, where the city’s yellow cab company once had their depot and where office and loft space now sit in the middle of parking lots and tall body-dumping grass, the PUMA women, and a smattering of PUMA men, held a premier of the anti-Obama movie, “The Audacity of Democracy.” Under pink and yellow neon lights at the sleek Fuel Café, the group’s organizers offered a respectable spread of sautéed spinach, prosciutto-wrapped dates, seasoned mushrooms, falafel, mushrooms and assorted salads, including one fattened with steak. The party had a cash bar, but it carried all sorts of top-shelf alcohol served by a handsome wait staff dressed seriously in culinary whites. A large contingent of foreign press, nearly outnumbering the Clinton loyalists, gave the proceedings an even greater air of sophistication.

A reporter from Le Monde interviewed Edwin Paytner, a round man who blogs as Texas Hill Country, for more than a half an hour. Two German reporters flanked Darragh Murphy, the founder of PumaPac, who has accused Obama supporters of killing bunnies as a scare tactic, scribbling her every word into notebooks. A glamorous Italian reporter talked sympathetically to a white-haired woman in a white Hillary t-shirt .

Taku Tsuchiya, a Japanese television reporter explained the intense international scrutiny.

“It’s interesting,” he said, “Because Obama’s popularity is declining right now and they might have something to do with it.”

And yes for those viewing – IT’S NOT about Senator Clinton, it’s about DEMOCRACY.  We’re not bitter dead-enders.  We are about ACTION.  We are the Democratic Base.  We make things happen in the USA, and we come in every color, size, gender, age, physical ability etc. etc. you can think of.    I wrote this yesterday, posting again because – well, it just says what I want to say:

I stand by my Floridian voter’s opinion:  

If a bank robber was caught stealing money and at their trial, they made a plea bargain to give most of the money back – it still doesn’t exculpate them from the crime they committed.  The robber should be punished regardless.  PUMA was formed to protest the DNC’s hijack of Democracy.  We want Democracy back in the Democratic Party, and you will not get our support and votes until our Democratic leaders start acting Democratically again. 

In Florida, our votes are used like toilet paper since 2000, and since the DNC’s leadership mostly ignores its voter base, they thought the best way they can win an election is by copying the Rove playbook.   How about counting our votes and LISTENING to your voters for a change?   Everytime they do listen, Democrats win the General election.  Had Ted Kennedy been the 1980 DNC candidate, Reagan would have never won nor started the Neo-Conservative movement.   I still resent that the Democratic leadership did not fight for Al Gore’s votes in 2000, had they fought like their Democratic voter base asked and pleaded them to, we would not have 8 years of the most destructive presidential administration in this country’s history. 

We put our trust in a party that we thought valued and represented Democracy and that would fight for our votes and for clean and transparent elections processes.   But since they won’t fight for Democracy, we will.

What happened on May 31st, 2008 was a crime against Democracy.  4 delegates and 600,000 votes were STOLEN in order to cushion Obama’s popular vote and delegate pile.   Had Obama won fair and square, if he had a popular vote lead (which Hillary does and Obama doesn’t)  and had won his delegates without the caucus fraud and DNC/RBC fiasco on May 31st, we’d be a united party. 

As far as I’m concerned, this changes nothing.  We still have an illegitimate candidate that won through illegitimate means.   And PUMA will continue to be a consciousness that lives in all of us here at this little corner of the blogosphere until Democracy is back in the Democratic Party


As Carol Diamonds says: PUMA HAKA!

¡Que viva los PUMAs!  (Long live PUMAs!)

129 Responses

  1. my Hillary looks radiant – I cant believe what this party did to her but look she still shines!

    I am moved to tears!


  2. Hear hear!!! It’s not about just Hillary, dammit! It’s what the DNC and Barack Obama did to Hillary, me and every other PUMA sibling who’s fed up with the bullshit.

  3. Doesn’t she look GORGEOUS, Fuzzy???


    “This ain’t my first time in the rodeo, fellas.”

  4. Eep, she wears yellow like any two men in a chorus line, but better.


    ” Patrick Fitzgerald has a press conference at 2pm?”

  6. sm, here ya go:


    McCain Endorsed by Latin Star Daddy Yankee

    August 25, 2008 12:47 PM

    ABC News’ Bret Hovell Reports: While making an appearance on Monday at the high school alma mater of his wife Cindy, John McCain received the endorsement of Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee.

    Daddy Yankee, whose real name is Ramon Ayala, is a Latin Grammy winner. He is known mostly for his song “Gasolina,” which, according to several translations of the Spanish lyrics and interpretations of the Spanish slang, is not particularly family-friendly, and has absolutely nothing to do with energy independence.

    As excited as the roughly 100 high school students were to see the 71-year-old presumptive Republican nominee, when Ayala walked into the room, most the young women in the room started shrieking. Ayala gave hugs and shook hands before making the endorsement official.

    “I’m here endorsing Senator McCain because I believe in his ideals and his proposals to lead this nation, you know?” Daddy Yankee said at Phoenix’s Central High School.

    McCain met with Daddy Yankee at his campaign headquarters on Aug. 2. At that time, Daddy Yankee said he didn’t know whether or not he was going to endorse McCain, but he has since come to a conclusion.

    The event at the high school was originally billed as a press conference by the campaign. In fact there was no give and take between the media and either McCain or Daddy Yankee. McCain has not spoken with reporters since Aug. 13.

    UPDATE: Daddy Yankee, however, did say hi to reporters on board McCain’s press plane soon after the event. He said that he met McCain two years ago after each was named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people “on earth.”

    “I was glad to meet him two years ago and since then we’ve been very cool,” Ayala said.

    He was asked if he thought McCain listened to his music, and said that he believed McCain’s daughter Meghan did.

    Ayala was also asked what his song “Gasolina” was about. With a smile and a laugh, he was right on message.

    “It’s about energy independence,” Ayala said.


  7. Barak Obama bubble bursts

    By Tim Blair

    DEPENDING on which opinion poll you read, US Presidential candidate Barack Obama is either tied with rival John McCain, leads by a tiny margin, or has been overtaken.

    This is confusing to many pundits, who don’t understand why a far-left, first-term Senator with dodgy mates, no policies, a profound humour deficit and a habit of committing astonishing gaffes isn’t in front by 20 points.

    After all, Obama isn’t exactly starved of press coverage.
    Continue Reading: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  8. Ooops Posted This On The Wrong Thread So AM Reposting Here:

    Sexism is alive and well in both political parties!!!

    If Obama and his Minions win, I believe women will be treated much worse. I worked in government and the political arena for over 30 years and I saw the likes of the Obama Machine/Thug tactics.

    Women were to stay in their place and Hillary broke that rule so she certainly had to be put back in her place (and so did all of Hillary’s supporters).

    They really believed we would fall in line…they said so.
    The MSM said over and over, Hillary supporters had no where else to go….they said we HAD to support NOBAMA.

    Yes, both parties have their issues…big ones when it comes to women having real power. Obama and the present DNC leadership in my mind (and experience) is much,,,much worse.

    I shared this thought in an earlier post:
    “No matter what THE outcome, the “Revolution” has begun, the lies are exposed and TRUTH shall prevail; we will take the Democrat party back….and

    with a lot of Hillary’s supporters voting McCain, the Republican Party will never be the same either.”

    If PUMA and those of us who have come together
    continue the “grass roots movement” that is needed
    to change BOTH parties and their suppression of real meaningful equality for women then what an AWESOME country this would be. Real DEMOCRACY for everyone. How’s that for WINNING!!!

    The NoBama Incorporated never dreamed they would unleash a Movement that may change both political parties forever.

    What those who started with the passage of the Constitutional Amendment giving Women The RIght To Vote 88 years ago…. we have the opportunity to finish.


    Hillary opened the door for us and it can not be closed….too many of Hillary’s supporters…MILLIONS OF US…have already walked through the door and picked up the baton.

    “During Times Of Universal Deceit Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act.”
    from Brit Blog

  9. Damn, I love it when SM gets all steamed up! You go girl!!!

  10. What ever those f-ers do, it can’t change the fact it’s Hillary’s time. She’s like a flower on a dung hill. They can slow her down, but they cannot stop her . She is leading this party right now, it will take awhile for everyone to catch on however . Knock ’em dead Hill!!

  11. fred: can’t stop laughing!

    edwardian: Man, that just blows, don’t it?!

  12. Captions
    Photo #1:

    Crap I lost my earing quick some one check up Howard Deans A$$!

    Photo # 2:

    They think they got me cornered I am very dangerous ***** when I am cornered. Just wait until 2012!


  13. Edwardian – wow. Also I forgot, his rival in the Reggaeton world, Don Omar, endorsed Obama, so that could also have something to do with that too.

    But thank you for the info!

    Any captions for Caroline Kennedy’s head holding photo?

    Ok, I’ll bite:

    PHOTO 1:

    F__K! What the hell did I get myself into?

  14. Actually the caption of the second photo:

    Don’t f*ck with me fella’s this ain’t my first time at the rodeo!


  15. sorry SM i like mine better

  16. sm – I read about Don Omar’s BO endorsement. However, when it comes to US cachet, Yankee’s a much larger personality.

  17. Thank you SM, once again, for expressing what lies in our hearts and minds.

    And, yes, fuzzybeargville….wait until 2012. In fact, on that note, remember back in 2000 we thought we’d NEVER be able to wait 4 years, which then turned into 8? But we did it.::sigh:: do you ever wonder it you’ll ever be on the winning side again?

  18. Caption #1: What was I thinking? My kids told me to vote Obama and this is what I get?

    Caption #2: Is this the way to 2012?

  19. sm: I got one for photo 1, but it’s so mean that even I hesitated.

  20. Photo #1: “My God, what have I done?”

  21. I just wrote: “Thank you SM, once again, for expressing what lies in our hearts and minds”

    I hope no one takes that wrong…should I have written ‘lays”???

  22. Carolyn – Bravo!

    Pat: Ditto! I love reading your comments – they fuel everyone who reads them. You have a way to convey a point that is true to heart, like Fuzzy’s prayers, but with New Englander Grit. (you know I’m an Essex County born rebel too!)

  23. Aw, WTH!


    But, but, Uncle Teddy told me you were my daddy!

  24. Cate – STOP. We’re family here!

  25. I propose the first revolutionary act –

    re-introduce the ERA as the first matter of business of the new congress…After we defeat Obama they will be scared sh*tless and will probably give us anything we ask!

    We say Pass the ERA or you are out…no if ands or butts!


  26. SM: Off topic. I am going downtown tomorrow for lunch. Can I get away with a 5 lb pork roast using that recipe with the same amount of ingredients?

  27. Caption photo #1

    Oh noz! I feel my princesshood slipping away….

  28. michael P Varvel, on August 25th, 2008 at 6:58 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Actually the caption of the second photo:

    Don’t f*ck with me fella’s this ain’t my first time at the rodeo!


    Please take away my Diva card, I know, I omitted the F__K. But doesn’t Hillary’s photo just beam that?


  29. SM, when all this is over, you need to get your own blog, or your own radio show or better yet, your own television show. Your posts are so great and so entertaining that nothing on cable compares!

  30. by supporting barak Obama Caroline Kennedy proves she really isn’t smarter than a fifth grader!

    some one call Jeff Foxworthy….


  31. Pat: If you get a very good cut of pork tenderloin, then yeah, but I really recommend the beef “Boliche” – ask them, they’ll know.

  32. SM! What did I do????

  33. Chris Matthews just called PUMAS whackjobs.

    High praise, indeed.

    HA!!! He’s recanting now!! Love it!!

  34. I just flipped over to c-span to watch the convention coverage. I am a political junky and have in the past watched most of the gavel to gavel coverage. This year I find myself wanting to cry. T

  35. Hey all sorry about the last one…should not pick on the sister of John John!


  36. Cate – NOTHING! Say what you like. WE ARE FAMILY!

  37. Caroline caption: “Why did I listen to my kids? This nominee
    isn’t the reincarnation of any Kennedy. He sounded good on

  38. Phala – report if you can – I’m not watching it tonight – ONLY Hillary & Bill’s speech.

  39. Oh Hell Caroline proves she not even smarter than a “Tranny Hooker”!

    Some one call Larry the Cable Guy!


  40. Yeah, and Chuck Todd said we were like Ron Paul people.

  41. Well what does that mean? Your comment seems to be telling me to ‘stop’….stop what?

    And, this site is MY family, too. You have misunderstood me and I would PLEASE like you to go back and re-read my posts….both of them.

  42. The longer we keep strong the easier it is for Hillary to put on that smiling face. If the PUMAs weren’t there in Denver and weren’t here online she would have nothing to smile about.

  43. Hillary photo: She looks like the cat that ate the canary!

  44. sm – did you see the anti-choice comment at Leah’s church service?

    Democratic Convention Begins with Thunderous Denunciation of Abortion

    DENVER, August 24 /Christian Newswire/ — In its first “official event” of the 2008 Democratic Convention, Pentecostal preacher and Bishop Charles E. Blake of the Church of God in Christ, took to the pulpit of an Interfaith Gathering and unequivocally denounced abortion, saying God could not be pleased with millions of lives being ended by elective abortion.

    President of the pro-life National Clergy Council, Rev. Rob Schenck, who was present at the event, said, “This is an amazing development. Bishop Blake was crystal clear in condemning abortion. There was nothing subtle about it. He identified himself as a pro-life Democrat and blatantly challenged his party’s historic position on abortion. He also challenged Barack Obama to pursue his promise to reduce abortions and to ensure ‘viable’ alternatives. Just this one moment is a significant turn for the Democratic Party.”

  45. Just got an email from Senator Boxer. Thought you all might enjoy reading my response. Here’s to all of you in Denver! You are magnificent gods of justice! And, don’t worry, back here at home – WE GOT YOUR BACK, BABY!!!

    Dear Ms. Boxer,

    I am ashamed of you and every single female — and male — representative of the Democratic Party for not standing firmly against the illegal activities of Obama’s campaign. At one time, I could proudly boast that these were the dastardly deeds of the Republican party. But now, thanks to Obama and Co., my chest no longer swells with pride and gone is the lump in my throat knowing with patriotic certainty that the ultimate outcome of democracy would prevail. Now Democrats are no better than dirt. I would say more, but you are no longer worthy of my time.

    Please remove me from your subscription list. Your words grate against my wounded soul like just so much flotsam and jetsam grinding together on oceans of oil-slicked, corporate-backed cynicism. I have no use for you.

    I will NEVER VOTE FOR OBAMA — EVER — FOR ANYTHING. And, now, with that disgraceful anti-progressive sexist, Biden, as his running mate, my opinion of the Obama has fallen even lower — something I once believed would be impossible!

    I once believed in you, fought hard for you, helped you win your first election. No more! I will never again vote for you or any other Democrat. My money, my loyalty, my hard work will go to more deserving candidates, more honest political parties, more decent people.

    I am no longer a Democrat.

    I own my own vote. And no amount of arm twisting of poor Hillary Clinton by you and your political thugs will get me to vote for you or your candidate — EVER. Every attempt you make to accomplish your goals that steers away from honor and toward coercion only makes me feel more disgust and contempt for your position.

    Enjoy your party. If I have anything to say or do about it, it will be very short lived.

    Peace be with you in your struggles with your own conscience.

    P.S. I understand that Obama’s operatives are now threatening to damage the lives and families of those delegates who oppose him. Is this the level to which the DNC has fallen, using gangster-like tactics to get delegates to fall in line? I would think it would behoove you and the Democratic party to rein in your little adolescent monster. Truly, someone needs to tell Obama to lower his daily intake of rappers and their insidious ways to only a few hours a day and do his homework. His strong-arm tactics are truly unbecoming a man in his position.

    Perhaps “Oh, No, You Didn’t!” should now be our answering echo to his slogan. Modern urban vernacular may be all your little tyro appreciates.

  46. WigWag: you are too kind! Love you always!

  47. Chubby Girl theis chubby Bear says get lost-you are for Obama and I know it!

    This is our house and we can laugh if we want to!

  48. I dont watch any of this. Are they really talking about us on hardball?

  49. God! The Dem Party is HAPPY to get rid of the whck jobs! Go start your own WEIRDO party!!

  50. Varvel,

    you “house” is open to the public!! Deal!

  51. {{{Cate}}} dont ever stop ever ever ever your comment are great that is what she meant!


  52. Hillary’s elated that she’s not going to get her head chopped off like a Thanksgiving turkey in November–she’ll leave that honor for the BO/Biden ticket. That’s the smile of a woman who just escaped an impending disaster. Not even vetted–dammit that just burns me. Gold is your color, girl.

  53. You people are MENTALLY distrubed! Seek help! Man, I hope John McCain DOES get elected and all of you suffer from the bird flu or the like! Cull the herd!

  54. Thank you fuzzy…you’ve made my heart feel better.

  55. I guess we do nothing for Tweety’s leg senses. More’s the pity.

  56. Chubby – good luck in your corrupt party. When you finally realize that Barack doesn’t care about you, I hope you remember this day. Congratulations. Democracy will loose if your guy Obama wins.

  57. Eugene Robinson – “Her (MO) father dragged himself to work every day just to put food on the table.”

    Wow, is that extraordinary or what! I usually drove my car, took a bus, or walked.

    PUMA HAKA :evl:

  58. Cate, I took it as as meaning “stop worrying about your grammar (lies lays), we are all family!”

  59. OMG Chubby is a Yest to Democracy Christina Troll!!!

    They all called me Varvel over their hey CG4C say hey to CHristina at YTD for me tell her the invite for Organic Fair Trade Coffee and Vegan Cholat Chip Cookies at the second street bakery is still open!

    Chubby I would never go into you house and make a big poopie in the middle of your living room why do you do that in our house?


  60. Leela – WORK IT!!! I’ve read some comments of yours here and there – PLEASE COMMENT OFTEN. Many of us do read what commenters say. Confluence is a commenter community – thank you for being here!

  61. Ben,

    So far as I’ve seen only for a moment. He mentioned the “well dressed women” of PUMA were there, then he said something like: so what you do make of these whackjobs?

    Obviously someone scolded him in his earpiece because he came right back and “clarified” by saying that when he said “whackjobs” he was referring to people who were running around saying Obama was a Muslim and was not talking about PUMA or other citizens “expressing their freedom of speech.”

  62. Bird Flu – is that Obama shooting us the finger?


  63. Dear, dear SM…you are so special to me as you gave us our name…I don’t post often as I don’t want to just fill up space – but, if I do post and it sounds weird, please give me a little slack. I am sitting her in my Puma t-shirt with my heart on my sleeve…please believe me, I don’t ever mean to offend.


  64. Great idea Michael…the ERA is still alive and well just like our Hillary. There is a website for it…check it out!!!
    It is very doable:-)

    Wow wouldn’t that be incredible JUSTICE…their sexism against Hillary and women would be used to get the ERA passed.

    And I agree they couldn’t stop us, the MSM would be terrified to attack us and the crap that was used to defeat the ERA years ago that…one big one was….

    Our daughters would be fighting in the military…this attack would not work…because women are there now.

    This could happen….it really could. Hillary you have opened all kind of doors….Let’s get the ERA passed as a tribute to Hillary!!

    Go PUMAs

  65. La La La…I can’t hear you!

    I’m sure you’ve witnessed it at least once in your life….a defiant 5 or 6 year old with fingers in his ears, la la laing and exclaiming that he can’t hear you. The Democratic Party, Obama and the DNC have decided to take that tact with the Hillary Supporters. They refused to hear us before the Rules committee took votes from Hillary Clinton and awarded them to Obama; they refused to hear us as they forced Hillary out of the race; and Obama refused to hear us when he selected a VP nominee.

    I have every idea that November 4 will be the day that the PUMA’s will ask the question…CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

    Mountain Sage

  66. Varvel – regarding the ERA… You might want to visit bitterpoliticz and read Shutey’s speech that he will be giving tonight at Chessman Park.

    He is a also a good feminist – and my friend.

  67. Amen. PUMA HAKA indeed.

    Still not voting for Obama, because Obama represents Dean, Brazile, Pelosi DISENFRANCHISEMENT of Democrats.

    Not. Gonna. Happen.

  68. Joe Scarborough and Obermann just went toe to toe

  69. Carol, on August 25th, 2008 at 7:22 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Eugene Robinson – “Her (MO) father dragged himself to work every day just to put food on the table.”

    Wow, is that extraordinary or what! I usually drove my car, took a bus, or walked.

    PUMA HAKA :evl:

    But don’t we all drag ourselves to work to support our families? The drama!

  70. Jeebus, Obama must be hurting for money!

    Now they’re hiring trolls who can’t spell.

  71. Chubby I have been there I know you well I bet what is your handle at YTD…oh and here if you poopie in the middle of our house you have to lick it up with your tounge!

    for clinton my A$$! you are an Obat trolls I can smell it from here or is that the little “Im not toilet trained” present you left get lickin’ before I stick you nose in it like a bad puppy-


  72. Cate, on August 25th, 2008 at 7:24 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Dear, dear SM…you are so special to me as you gave us our name…I don’t post often as I don’t want to just fill up space – but, if I do post and it sounds weird, please give me a little slack. I am sitting her in my Puma t-shirt with my heart on my sleeve…please believe me, I don’t ever mean to offend.


    Cate, understand, when I say we are family, it means that you are home! Feel comfy, walk in your socks and relax! We are sisters in the same cause!

  73. Caption #1
    You mean Hillary would have let me be Ambassador to England if I’d just asked her?

    Caption #2
    Senator Clinton, now that you’ve told Senator Obama to f*ck off, what are you going to do?
    I’m going to DisneyWorld!

  74. Oh, yeah. The party is glad to be rid of us. Uh. Huh. 30% of 18 Million comes to about 6 Million voters. Think about it.

    In a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll taken after Obama announced his VP pick, 27 percent of Hillary supporters say they’ll vote for McCain, up from 16 percent in late June.

    “The number of Clinton Democrats who say they would vote for McCain has gone up 11 points since June.”

    Yet another poll, the USA Today/Gallup, puts the number of Hillary supporters who will vote for McCain, someone other than Obama, or no one at all, at 30 percent.

    CNN poll: Post-Biden poll shows dead heat

    Poll: More than half of Clinton backers still not sold on Obama

  75. When it was down to the wire and they needed florida to sign on to the ERA what did the boys club do? Bring out Ol’ Anita Bryant and scare the bubba’s and bubbettes that ERA would ensure Gay Equality so florida did not ratify it-I apologize for my states short sightedness-

    not one of Florida’s better moments-

    ERA good for yesterday good for today!


  76. Yeah – what happened between KO and JOE?

  77. OMG!

    BTD at TL seems to finally be getting it!


  78. DNC video of Bo 2004 speech. He sure did get a lot of milage out of that speech.

    The documentary on B0 on CNN or the one on Fox reported that a friend had referred to him as a rock star because some people were following him on the street prior to his speech and he said “just wait til tomorrow–my speech is pretty good” I was nauseous. giving speeches is not the criteria for political service

    John Legend is performing now

  79. Fox showing ad from TX republican party showing BOs house and his 1/2 brother’s hut in Kenya

  80. {{{{dee}}}} love the way you comment welcome to the revolution!


  81. Fox just showed clip of BC speech 1994–“this is about putting power back in your hands——–this is about putting people first”

    Thank you, Bill we have tried to learn our lessons well

  82. I am an Independent right now, but after seeing the crap on CNN, I am ready to become a Republican. Maybe I’m just reacting because I can’t feel anger at the moment, but the conversation w/ Brazile, and all…I never want to have anything to do with these people again. If Wednesday ends with Obama elected into the Democratic candidacy, I will turn off the TV, and walk away from this fucking party and never look back. I can’t believe what a thuggish spirit is present in everybody involved in this convention. Geesus.

  83. Oh goody – Kanye West just sang. He and BO have a lot in common.

  84. Great post! This is NOT about Hillary.

    For me, this is about abusing women and taking women for granted. I am NOT the DNC’s long suffering woman nor BO’s sweetie.

    The DNC made a big mistake when they pitted two groups that have never had a shot at the presidency before against each other. What they believed is that women would fall in line. But not this time! I believe that women need to stand up and be counted. Women will not be abused and taken for granted again. And I applaud all the men that are standing with us. If we fold now, they will never take us seriously!

    NObama NOvember! Never

  85. Smokin’ Joe Scarbie former Congressman from the 1st congressional district -Pensacola-Fort Waltonbeac- Panama City-aslo known as “pretty boy joe” and “rockin joe” his family owns the junior miss padgent system…


    Oberman doesnt stand a chance!

  86. Thunderstorms for Denver – it’s working fuzzy!

    Bring Hail, Toads, …………………..

  87. Phala in NC, on August 25th, 2008 at 7:35 pm Said:
    Fox showing ad from TX republican party showing BOs house and his 1/2 brother’s hut in Kenya

    The GOP’s handiwork on downticket Dems here in Texas are gonna be merciless, I just know it.

  88. Love Leela Savage’s Letter to Barbara Boxer. Leela, you go girl!!!

    When I lived in California (worked for the City of San Jose); I voted for Boxer when Bill won POTUS. She really owes so much to the Clintons, but she certainly didn’t waste anytime jumping on the NoBama bandwagon and apparently was denying the MSM sexism spew fest when she was interviewed.

    I was very disappointed in her…but the Thug Party Of NoBama must have been threatening people with “explusion,” particularly those who were so strongly backing Hillary.

    I would love to know what they told Boxer would happen to her if she didn’t conform and drink BHO Koolaid.

    Hopefully she will struggle with her own conscience and help us get the Dem Party back from the lying Thugs.

  89. caption photo #1: What the hell did Uncle Teddy talk me into?

    photo #2: “Heh, heh, I can kick ass with one hand tied behind my back.”

  90. Tracy, I am not the Democrats electoral Booty Call. No more.

  91. Fuzzy! The Rain Dance is workng!!!

    Carol – PUMA HAKA is in effect!

  92. Carol – Fuzzy needs to channel his Inner Moses.


  93. Thanks, SM, for your kind words and encouragement. I’m still recovering from chemo brain, but that doesn’t stop me from speaking out for justice. I wanted to go to Denver and help, but not to be – SOOO – I’ll just pick up some of the slack on the web. Love you, siblings. You make my heart sing!!!


    (Here’s my suggestion, let’s form The American Party and incorporate all the discontented, disillusioned and democracy-loving left-overs from both major parties – we will be greater than both of them put together! It’s been done before – and worked!)

  94. I am going to reprint my prayer tonight it as a good one I just came this close to calling down the ten plagues of Egypt down on those DNC jacka$$e$-

    do not mess with perfection right…

    Bruce sweetie go back to your pittiful blog you gutless coward-Dr Varvel will not renew your Enzyte nor your Viagra perscription!


  95. Caption for Picture #1:

    Oh my GOD!! When I endorsed BO I thought I was endorsing Bo Derek who loves animals, not this scrawny effete, elitest who hates old women.

  96. SOD, didn’t catch it all but Scarborough was talking about the closeness of race now and evidently Obermann said something about getting a shovel and started talking about a poll of LIKELY voters that showed B0 ahead and Scarborough very thoroughly put him in his place by stating that McCain doesn’t think he is ahead but with the right/wrong track at 80+% that to be this close puts him in the race and then said something about “do you want me to get another shovel” I wish I had caught it all.

  97. I turn on PBS and who pops up but Howard. He is maintaining that Hillary is crazy about Obama and we will all come home in November since unity is what we all want.

    He then took a handful of Excedrin and passed out.

  98. A report from Headquarters – I just got off the phone with a friend who is at PUMA central. They are trying to get everyone out early and headed to the Park.

    Police/PUMA heard a rumor that Recreate68 has plans for an event to try and shut their street down tonight. Meanwhile, the sheriff’ and police department have filled the street with equipment and officers in riot gear.

  99. CG4C-or what ever you are called over at YTD…Poopie is the word I used on my three year old neice when you start acting better than a 3 year old I will say to you…

    If you keep taking a SH*T in our house we are gonna drop a house on you!

    CG4O now in the words of Glenda the good witch of the North…

    “Be gone you have no powers here and take you little candidate too…”


  100. Caption to Picture #2:

    Hillary Clinton, clearly disappointed about having been totally out-shined by Michele Obama’s powerful speech, goes to FINALLY officially release her delegates to Barack Obama.

  101. hey could someone go and take out the kitten in the new post

    what a sick fuckhead

  102. There’s a very nasty troll in the lastest thread from Riverdaughter.

  103. Chubby, only one comment – we don’t feed the trolls, around here – so, keep posting and your new handle will be “Skeleton Girl for Obama.”

    Dumbsh*t anti-democratic piece of illiterate holla back girl. You must be very lonely if you can’t find someone to post to who agrees with you about The One on the eve of his coronation. But, please, keep on insulting us. I hear that works really well in achieving your stated goal of unity!

  104. Sorry all Bruce seems like that guy in the polyester liesure suit with big faux gold chains and to much old spice on…his hair slicked by vitalis and a thick unibrow…he comes over to you and lispers into your ear…”hey whats your sign baby?”


  105. fuzzy or sm –could someone please wipe out the troll on the new thread?

  106. Indigo – I don’t have access to other threads except the ones I write. CLEAN UP TIME! (ugh!)

  107. “very nasty troll” is redundant

  108. Leela, I’ve had several family members who have fought the battle with cancer. I feel that all those fighting that battle are family and it is one of my reasons for feeling so strongly about universal health care. I will keep you in my thoughts and am grateful for your thoughts and time posting here

  109. michael P Varvel, on August 25th, 2008 at 7:43 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I am going to reprint my prayer tonight it as a good one I just came this close to calling down the ten plagues of Egypt down on those DNC jacka$$e$-

    do not mess with perfection right…

    Bruce sweetie go back to your pittiful blog you gutless coward-Dr Varvel will not renew your Enzyte nor your Viagra perscription!


    “Rameses, LET MY PEOPLE Voooooote!!!!!!”””

  110. LOL!!

  111. Oh barf, Tweety talking about the passing of the torch from the Kennedys to the Clintons to the Obamas.

  112. You are so right Michael…..in what you said….they brought out Anita to scare people and it did work:

    “When it was down to the wire and they needed florida to sign on to the ERA what did the boys club do? Bring out Ol’ Anita Bryant and scare the bubba’s and bubbettes that ERA would ensure Gay Equality so florida did not ratify it-I apologize for my states short sightedness-

    not one of Florida’s better moments-

    ERA good for yesterday good for today!

  113. Leela Savage, on August 25th, 2008 at 7:43 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Thanks, SM, for your kind words and encouragement. I’m still recovering from chemo brain, but that doesn’t stop me from speaking out for justice. I wanted to go to Denver and help, but not to be – SOOO – I’ll just pick up some of the slack on the web. Love you, siblings. You make my heart sing!!!


    WOW. You are a testament of LIFE and DETERMINATION.

    Look at all the people you’ve touched in your little grains of thoughts you’ve spread on this blog.

    BE WELL & TAKE CARE OF YOU ALWAYS. I’ll be praying for you, as many here will.

    I admire your strength & courage, please know that your thoughts are welcome, anytime!

  114. Ed Rendell’s been taking a beating to for saying Hill’s planning to run again.

  115. CG 4 C — Don’t worry.

  116. Caption #1 — oh no….he said I was supposed to make sure Biden was “VETTED” — I only checked if he was “VESTED!”

  117. You are so right Michael…..in what you said in your post….they brought out Anita to scare people and it did work:

    “When it was down to the wire and they needed florida to sign on to the ERA what did
    the boys club do? Bring out Ol’ Anita Bryant and scare the bubba’s and bubbettes that ERA would ensure Gay Equality so florida did not ratify it-I apologize for my states short sightedness-

    not one of Florida’s better moments-

    ERA good for yesterday good for today!”

    [Sorry, I don’t know how to put quotes in those nice little boxes….I am still a nubie.]

    No need to apologize…..we fought the good fight back then.

    There are ERA soldiers who have kept the embers burning and now we can fan the flames again.

    This ones for you HIllary….pass the ERA and get Hillary for POTUS by 2012.

    PUMAs Rule!!!

  118. Caption #2 — Well I’m out of here…

  119. I admire everyone here, and welcome Trecy. Right on!

    NObama in NOvember.

    I am NOT electoral booty call.

    I am a woman and you can no longer ignore me, call me sweetie, expect me to fall in line, take me for granted.

    Fail to represent me, and you do so at your peril.

    Treat women candidates as less deserving than their male counterparts, deserve what you get.

    This poll-cat ain’t going to the polls.

    Rise up, American women:

    No pain? No gain.

  120. CarlyinNJ, sm77, and all other PUMAS,

    Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m overwhelmed.


    You have millions behind you, supporting everything you do! Even though most of the time we may just lurk, believe me you are bringing hope and elation to all of us for your action.

    You are all A CLASS ACT!!! Go PUMAS! Make ’em think!


  121. Senator Boxer’s e-mail appeared in my in my inbox as well. I thought of posting a reply, but then I remembered the words of my Grandmother, “It isn’t the pain and it isn’t the woe that they do not know and do not understand. It’s coming to know that they cannot know and cannot understand.” Perhaps in this case it is that they do not want to know or understand. The worst nightmare for the party thugs at this point is that we do know and understand what they have and are doing to this country. Somewhere along the line the party poobahs and the Obama campaign, using the very little grey matter that they have, seriously misjudged the party base. It will be their fatal mistake in marginalizing us to a lot of uneducated, low information, etc., etc. they have created a monster for themselves that will not bend, will not knuckle under to intimidation and will not vote for Barack Obama, who should be headed for the Big House, not the White House. Pumas have power and we must use it to see that he returns to Illinois with his audacious tail tucked firmly between his legs.

  122. Just read that Leela Savage is being healed from having cancer!!!

    Also, have friends who made it and are still here today….lots of healing love and prayers sent your way Sister Leela.

    Have a friend (he was diagnosed at 35). He didn’t have insurance, battled the bureauocrats and got him help…it was a knock down, drag out fight all the way but we won…he got treatment and he is cancer free.
    He is a staunch Hillary supporter too.

    Leela…Healing Light Surrounds You….Be Blessed and thank you for your inspiration!!

  123. According to Jesse Jackson Jr we need to vote for Obama for the sake of our children. I guess if you don’t support Obama, you don’t love your children.

  124. On PBS Jimmy Carter just said that Obama will win in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

    Geez, Carter is even more senile than McCain.

  125. By the way – terry mcauliffe stated that there won’t be a full roll call – New York will be unanimous acclimation for precious – another slap in the face for hillary –
    screw em all –

    noway nobama november

  126. Hey Beth…after NoBama goes down in flames in November; it would be great to unseat him in the Senate and like you said:

    “he returns to Illinois with his audacious tail tucked firmly between his legs.”

    NoBama never really won and election, fair and square….he committed fraud to get the POTUS nomination and he needs to go back to Chicago and live in one of his buddy Rezko’s highrise condos….

    How can a man who allowed the families (most probably single mother households) that lived in his District in Chicago suffer in Rezko’s (his $$$$ buddy)slums with NO heat in the Chicago winter SAY THAT HE CARES ABOUT POOR FOLKS?????

    He knew this was going on…NoBama helped Rezko get tens of millions of dollars to rehab these buildings; instead Rezko pocketed the $$$$ and OBAMA knew…he knew (how could he not know; he is oblivious to everything and a absolutely a twisted liar).

    Then when NoBama got caught, first he said Rezko only gave him maybe $20,000 then he finally had to admit it was more then $250,000…and then icing on the cake…he donated the money to charity.

    What charities??? He wouldn’t have done any donating if he had not gotten caught….slim…slim…and more slim.

    What about those babies and children that shivered in the freezing Chicago cold…did he bother to invite them to come over to his million dollar mansion to stay warm, did he demand that Rezko get heat into those buildings (the ones that were to be rehabed with taxpayer money – your money and my money) …did he and Michelle care??? Or were these poor folks to be sacrificed for the higher purpose… the MEANS ALWAYS JUSTIFIES THE ENDS IN OBAMA’S BRAVE NEW WORLD?

    Check out this blog site…there are a whole lot of people in Chicago who don’t like NObama (you might already of seen it; but if not it is a really really good site):


    The site is called “chicago against obama” and it really documents alot of NoBama’s Chicago scam
    (when he first got started on the road to “Public Dis-Service).

    NoBama…we are going to send you back to Chicago to serve the poor like you promised!!!

    PUMAs RULE….Blessings to you ALL!!!

  127. CarlyinNJ,

    Anyone who has ever seen the hideous warehouses in which poor African Americans live on the South Side of Chicago has to dispise Obama and his cabal of theives. Isn’t Obama dispicable to claim racism when he exploits the poor African Americans, while shouting racism evertime he is questioned by an opponent. I am origionally from Bergan county albeit some years ago by the way.

  128. I just wanted to thank you all for making the trip and doing what you are doing. I wish I could have gone,but the fact is that you are doing what needs to be done, and we thank you for it. I know you will be subjected to insults and intimidation at some point while you are there. Just remember what we always told our marchers…make sure they throw the first punch and that the cops see it.

    Seriously, take care, be careful, and remember that there are so many more of us disaffected, bitter, racist, old white women back here cheering you on.

  129. HEY! I am in shape… round is a shape!!!

    WTF, round?

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