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    William on Pop culture sensations
    Beata on It’s All Biden’s F…
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      Everyone remember the Panama papers? A leak of bank records showing that the ultra-rich are hiding massive wealth, tax-free and often breaking the law to do so? A rather weak set of laws designed to allow tax avoidance by rich people, at that. Found out the other day that the reporter who broke the Panama Papers story was killed by a car bomb. Coincidence, n […]
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What’s going on?

There are PUMAs coming in and it’s getting packed!  There are coolers of cold water and soda, packets of sunscreen, colorful T-shirts.  We’re heading down to Union Park pretty soon and we’ll end up in Cheesman park later this afternoon.  In the meantime, it’s time we let the DNC know how we feel about the party not following its own rules.  Give Howie a call at the Loew’s Hotel in Denver.  Here’s the number: (303)782-9300.  Also, call your state’s attorney general and tell him or her that the taxpayers spend millions of dollars on a primary and have expended this courtesy to the Democratic Party.  If the DNC isn’t going to follow its own rules about honoring the voters and the primary results, the state should stop extending this courtesy.  Tell your friends, spread the word and shout out to Howard Dean:


I thought I’d show you what is going on right now.  Check it out:

Piper in Pucci is "wallowing"

Piper in Pucci is "wallowing"

17 Responses

  1. Hey everyone wish you were here !!! We’re having fun – it’s crazy but we miss you !!

    Please be our eyes and ears with what’s happening on TV.

    Harriet Christensen just walked in !! She’s a pistol.


  2. Hi GUYS!

    I recently received this email from a senior salon.com editor who wants to interview PUMAs and JustSayNoDeal people..

    I know several people from this blog are in Denver.. can someone PLEASE pass this info to them so that they will interview with salon.com And those that want to call this editor and talk to her about why we are PUMAs… that would be great.. I am not in Denver but will be calling later today… THANK YOU!

    this is the email:
    write for Salon about women in politics and media, and am in Denver working on a story about the various kinds of Hillary supporters who are here. Any chance you’re in town? I’d love to speak to you. I can be reached at this email or 917-576-7299.
    Thanks and all best,

    Rebecca Traister
    Senior Writer

  3. I sooooooo wish I could be there. MSNBC just showed a poll with LESS than 50% of Hillary supporters supporting O and 30% not voting for B0 (not sure if it was for McCain) and rest unsure of B0. That is the smallest number I have seen of Hillary supporters supporting B0

  4. USA/Gallup poll I think

  5. Rebecca Traister from Salon called us bitter old hags not too long ago.

    RD: Good luck out there at Cheesman Park – we will light our candles here!

  6. tomorrow 3pm Terry McAuliffe on MSNBC about Hillary’s speech

    I know this may be off topic but am trying to do opp research while listening/reading reports from Denver.

  7. sm, thank you for slogan re: democracry earlier. I WANT a t-shirt. It so well expressed what I had to say to a super delegate at the register to vote demonstration for Dean. Thank you

  8. Glad to hear that Harriett is there. She will add to the fun.

    Stay safe and have fun at Chessman. Over 40 years ago I used to walk my dog (and boyfriend) in that park every Sunday.

  9. You guys are doing a great thing, thank you. I will light a candle tonight on my front porch thinking of you in Cheeseman Park. Simofish, we will pass on any info we can that comes across the wire.

  10. I almost feel like I am there. Almost.

  11. Simofish!!!

    Hey Puma Infrantry Seargant! Godspeed & KEEP SAFE!

    Please send hugs to the SF crew & PUMA-SF!

  12. reminder please for time for candle light EST.

  13. thanks guys… a few people have called her.. and told her why they are PUMAs and TOLD HER OFF for calling “bitter hags”

    lots of fun!

  14. ssmith – PLEASE TELL HER the when Democracy comes back to Democratic Party, so will we. The election’s rigged and we know it!

  15. I have tried to find Coward Dean to leave him a message to let the delegates VOTE, and so far the hotels say he is not checked in.

    Conclusion? He’s HIDING.

    So! I wrote to our pal DONNA B.

    I laughed that Coward Dean was HIDING and that Obama is off-message because the STORY is PUMA and that they must really be regretting they thought they could win without us. And that they FAILED at UNITY.

    Her response????

    “Is your coward ass here? If so, go walk up to Dean or shut your nasty trap. ”

    Can you FEEL the LOVE?

    No, Donna, I’m not there, but it’s not because my ass is cowardly. I’ve stood my ground alone in person many a time. I stood and turned my back on John Kerry at a keynote address he made…did not budge as security barrelled down on me. A Viet Nam vet stood up, came to my side, and warded them off.

    I walked up to Joe Scarborough and told him off during his coverage of the DNC in Boston. Hmmm…a VN vet came alongside me and joined me as well.

    I also held a lone protest of Obambi when he came to Boston and was surrounded by young thugs who called me names and pressed around me and ripped up my sign. Wow…yet again, a VN vet came to my side and warded the young thugs off.

    Apparently, there are men who have SERVED our country all among us, and they defend the right for people to speak. A principle you, Obama, and the young thugs you inspire are completely at odds with.

    I didn’t know or calculate that I would be so protected, however. I stood each time alone, and I told our dear sister Donna that if she wanted to buy me a plane ticket I could be in Denver in a few hours.

    She’s not stepped up. I guess we know whose ass is cowardly.

  16. More fun!

    Write and taunt Donna B!

    Spread the LOVE!


  17. “Her response????

    “Is your coward ass here? If so, go walk up to Dean or shut your nasty trap. ”

    Can you FEEL the LOVE?”

    Thanks for that post Zee. It was enjoyable to says the least.

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