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Union Station protest at the MSNBC kiosk

Look for us on your evening news, Conflucians.  We got ourselves a posse and went down to Union Station in front of the MSNBC kiosk.  We protested and shouted slogans (in NPR-speak) and completely drowned out the Obamaphiles.

making noise at union station

making noise at union station

We had a lot of support from passersby.  I was very encouraged that there were many sympathetic people.  I don’t think the Obama people knew what hit them.  They’ve had such a free ride for so long.  No one challenged them. no one was skeptical.  They have been handled with kid gloves like pampered little brats.  But in the face of all of the people they’ve been calling stupid, old women, they seemed oddly subdued.

Chris Matthews made an appearance and stood there silently while some of us finally got a chance to tell him how we felt to his face.  The coward waited until we left before he came down from the stage to talk to the crowd.

We stayed for about 45 minutes and then marched away up 16th street, the media in hot pursuit.  They followed us to the Starbucks and hung around to interview.  There were dozens of photographers getting shots of beautiful Murphy with her strawberry blonde hair striding up the hill, eyes fixed in front of her.  She leaned over to me with a sly smile on her face and whispered, “I’m so damn glad we came to Denver.”

Update: We broke a site record!  Murphy is getting tons of wonderful comments at PUMAPac and some have even donated money.  Keep up the good work getting the word out.

374 Responses

  1. WONDERFUL////
    Get the message out that all democrats are not blinded by the one.



  2. go PUMAs go! I hope you let loose on Chris ‘tingly leg’ Mathews. What an ahole.

  3. Film at 11 I hope?

  4. What a great story, Riverdaughter and what a great ending with Murphy’s line! LOL

    I so wish I were there! But we all know we have the best of the best representing us in Denver! Great work PUMAs, you make us proud!

  5. WORK IT, GIRLZ!!!!

  6. met Riverdaughter today at PUMA headquarters and she is a gorgeous redhead…..Have met so many people and am thrilled to be in Denver….Go PUMA and Go Hillary!!!!!

  7. {{{Riverdaughter}}} {{{Murphy}}}

    I love you so much!! Thank you!

  8. It smells like a cat box in here. Can someone clean up after kitten please?

  9. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing to read here.

    (Edited for the Administrator’s pleasure)

  10. I was just in my town of Great Barrington, MA and a complete stranger came up to me. He pointed to my NObama sticker on my car and asked if I was “one of them”. He said it with such reverence that I knew what he meant as soon as he said it. I said yes and held up my PUMA bracelet. He said “Wow! I am so happy to meet you!” We then talked about Nobama and the PUMA movement. He was about 60 years old, Catholic and a Hillary supporter. He said he would not vote for Obama. I told him I would be voting for McCain if Hillary is not nominated. He thought that was the only way to save our country and send a message to the Dem party. I can’t be in Denver but it was amazing to be talking PUMA right here in the Bershires (Obamaland).

  11. Great work Riverdaughter!

  12. Kitten
    I might consider that a compliment for Chris Mathews and Chuck Todd. I see you are more concerned of what others think than standing up for what you believe.

    I am not there and cannot see. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is how this process proceeds and if there is any democracy left in the democratic party.

    The current polls regarding Obama is telling the truth. He is in deep shit and tanking. I am watching the convention now. No Hillary signs obviously allowed. Strange that two candidates with so few delegates separating them cannot voice their support for their candidate. I remember previous conventions. Everyone had their signs for their candidate.

  13. kitten –

  14. Luke Russert is on. Great, now we have to listen to his sh*t. Could they not have afforded braces for him? And, a decent haircut?

  15. Great work PUMAS!!!!! Thanks for standing strong for all of us!!!!!

  16. Go PUMAs!!!

    WE will be heard!!!!!!!

  17. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing to read here.

    (Edited for the Administrator’s pleasure)

  18. Hey Laura, at least there was one other PUMA in the Berkshires yesterday – at Tanglewood. And I had my bracelet on too!
    When they started Ode to Joy, I teared up and thought of HIllary’s campaign. What a girly thing to do 🙂

  19. Hooray! This is wonderful!

    Thank you guys soooooooo much

    kisses and hugs, Joanie

  20. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing to read here.

    (Edited for the Administrator’s pleasure)

  21. Kitten-
    Those insults will carry you far!!! Do you have anything intelligent to say? It sounds like you are grasping at straws!!!!

  22. Hey kitten – project much?

    Poor wittle bitter kitten hag.

  23. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing to read here.

    (Edited for the Administrator’s pleasure)

  24. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing to read here.

    (Edited for the Administrator’s pleasure)

  25. First time Republican voter here!

    Aren’t you PROUD Kitten?



  26. Charles; He already has my vote and I sent him a contribution as well. Kerry must go.

  27. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing to read here.

    (Edited for the Administrator’s pleasure)

  28. Wow. Kitten must either be really worried about us to just keep at it, or has to hurry up and get all the insults in before bedtime. Don’t forget to do all your homework!

  29. NObama ever!!! I believe in democracy!!!!
    PUMAS rule!!!!

  30. On Saturday I was talking to a republican,
    Someone with whom I do not usually talk politics . When a news clip about backtrack came on the tv. she said that many republicans are afraid for the country if backtrack gets into office,
    There is more oppostion to backtrack than we realize.



  31. I am really not in the moos to tolerate these assholes tonight. The only website I can pull up on my computer is MSNBC for live streaming. So now I am stuck listening to those two idiots pee all over themselves.

  32. Cindy- I agree! Seems like kitten is worried about us. Looks like they are listening now!

  33. Riverdaughter: I so wish I could walk that hill with you, Darragh and the other strong PUMAs carrying this message. It would give me so much pleasure to stand alongside all of you.

  34. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing to read here.

    (Edited for the Administrator’s pleasure)

  35. Hey kitten. Read it and weep!

    It’s true whether you like it or not!


  36. Whose in charge of cleaning the litter box? Get busy please!

  37. Kitten Kitten kitten-

    This is the last moment of joy for you Obama is not going to the white house sorry! we are focused united and number in the millions in the swing states you cannot over come us hear?

    Obama is so going down and I hav my handle on the flusher!

    kitten you are an idiot….now go if we are as insignificant as you say…it is illogical for you to be here.

    You are here out of fear the the big “o” is not going to bring it home fore you!


  38. Poor inelegant Kitten, sadly out of league with the fine minds here.

  39. Charles: O’Reilly sounds like a regular guy who is also getting zapped by the Kerry machine out here. But he is making him work a little since Kerry in the past has had little if any opposition. All we can do is vote in September and hope it carries some weight.

  40. MYiq? Are you at your new hobby again?

    RD, SM? Have you taken up “editing”?

  41. thanks for the house cleaning! that troll was interfering with my lurid old hag lesbian thoughts about our leaders and hillary.

    (and for a second there carol and pat forgot about ed)

  42. Well kitten, you seem to be pretty fucking worried about us sixty old hags since you won’t shut up.

  43. Charles, I think I finally got her in the permanent spam file. I’ve been trying to clear up the comments that stacked up while I was gone. We’ve really gotten slammed.

  44. Thanks for the cleanup on aisle 1!

  45. I was thinking about setting Pat and Kitten up for a wild weekend in the Poconos!

  46. Kitten isn’t really one of O’s Hos – he’s a Rover Lover, bought and paid for by Neo-cons, LTD. Starve him to death, PUMAS.

  47. SOD
    Love the song. It should be dedicated to all of backtracks supporters.
    Someday when you grow up and learn a little bit about life if your lucky you might grow into being a PUMA.



  48. This is amazing! Keep up the good work!

  49. I usually ignore the trolls, but I’m curious about the especially dumb one on the last thread. Said we’re like “bird flu or something…”

    Aside from the sheer illogic of this nonsensical remark, WTH is “like” bird flu? Is it swine flu? Or chicken pox? Being pigeon-toed?

  50. do I have to translate from obama troll into conflu english again…

    Kitten really is saying I am and unemployed 20 something goth girl who has spent the last 6 months gorging on snickers and razinettes and doritos…I do this to vill the void in my soul that Obama has put there.

    I am a hateful person for fun I drown puppies and drink the blood of babies. That is why I love Obama so much we are so alike.

    I cannot believe you guys wont give me what I want and vote for obama I will hold my breath until I turn blue and die. It will be all your’ and hillary’ fault!

    did I get it right kitten?


  51. indigogrrl,

    you are so funny!!!

  52. If I am not thinking about Ed, I am thinking about Carol. No wonder my house looks like Gray Gardens.

  53. bird flu —is like your chickens roosting …at home…or something like that

  54. fuzzy, you too!

  55. parentofed:

    Bird flu is what happens when BO shoots us the finger!

  56. Isn’t it time for Nasty Nancy to make her way to the podium? Please God, don’t tell me I missed her speech.

  57. (snickering)

  58. The more attention the PUMAs get, the more trolls will show up. If we really were insignificant they would ignore us.

  59. pat – with all due respect ….why dont you invite them both home with you! it may solve some of the logistical problems you two are experiencing…plus a nasty tale to tell in the old hags nursing home we’ll all be entering in a month or two

  60. bio film of MsP at convention

  61. You guys rock. Don’t give discouraged if the media minimizes or won’t give you your due. Word is spreading like wildfire that millions of us are saying NO DEAL. These idiots think that if it doesn’t exist in their little Beltway Bubble, it doesn’t exist in the rest of the country. They are DEAD wrong.

    Oh, and now I know why Tweety was so negative and grumpy on air today! Evidently a bunch of strong women told him just what they thought of him, poor peeved baby.

  62. I turned on CNN but I could only stomach 30 seconds of vapidity before changing the channel

    Should I watch pre-season football or “Princess Diaries?”

  63. Thank God she got rid of the unibrow she had as a youth!! The perpetual look of surprise with the new eyebrows are an improvement.

  64. Tweety called PUMAs “wackos.” Well, isn’t that rich.

  65. Charles – Great name – same as my son. I will definately support O’Reilly. I have no love for Kerry.

    I am all for post convention groups. There seem to be several of us from Massachusetts, yes?

  66. I was just in my town of Great Barrington, MA and a complete stranger came up to me.

    LAURA ARE YOU STILL HERE??? I’m so excited to read your post. I live in Hillsdale, NY and I’m in GB EVER DAY! I work in Sheffield, but get my coffee at Rubi’s. Holla! Let me know and we’ll find a way to connect.

    This is all incredibly exciting: I AM SO FRIGGIN PROUD OF OUR PUMAS IN DENVER!!!

    RD: What did you say to Tweety–I’m so curious?!

  67. Eh, we’re wackos who can vote, so there is that. Scares the bejeebus out of them.

  68. I hope you you sent a CHILL up his other leg!

  69. Is she chewing on her tongue or is she just in the middle of dinner?

  70. Laura: Yes

  71. Laura – does Litchfield Cty count?

  72. Were the three women holding the banner expressing opposition to Obama when Matthews went into the crowd (@5:45pm edt) PUMA’s?

  73. Nancy Pelosi speaking.

    What a tool!

  74. My Phd in Obama Troll speak is from the university of Nobama in urbana illinois-


  75. I’m gonna watch Deal or No Deal because at least there’s a chance someone will get something good out of the hour.

  76. I saw a floor person tapping a lady on the arm that was cheering for Hillary. They really are trying to make people go nuculear (that’s for Bush).


  77. I’m watching The Closer. Brenda Johnson for President!

  78. OMG! This is great! Tweety Bird! LOL I love it. Go you bitter people Go!Kudos to all of you. Wish I was there with you but all us bitter Pumas are with you in spirit.Rise Hillary Rise.

  79. “we stand for B0 for President of US” Pelosi

  80. My husband has c-span on- He said he can’t see nancy due to the shine from her hugh diamond earrings.

  81. I would vote for Princess Diaries, but it could turn out to be Obama’s convention notes on video.

  82. Nancy just said: “Republicans say Barack . . . . . Republicans say McCain is experienced……………”

    See, they can’t even say it with a straight face.

    Did Nancy support the war?

  83. Looks like there are some people here and there who are not paying attention or clapping as she speaks. Good for them.

  84. Oh, My God!

    Busiest day: 34,348 — Monday, August 25, 2008

    Can you believe it?

  85. Pelosi speaking at convention now. A HORRIBLE speech and a horrible presentation. Very lame; very little enthusiasm from crowd. BORING, too. Weird.

  86. Hi Carol – what channel are you watching?

  87. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m so INCREDIBLY proud!

    People are fed up. Go PUMA’s!!!

  88. Her earrings have to be that large. Her lobes are so large from the face lift!

  89. You are seriously one of the worst Speakers of the House!

  90. (Edited for the Administrator’s pleasure)

    This is really the funniest way to remove an obnoxious comment.

  91. MSNBC

  92. NP – the 1st woman speaker – and she hates any competition – did not want Hillary over her.

  93. “Cindy, on August 25th, 2008 at 8:12 pm Said:

    Eh, we’re wackos who can vote, so there is that.”

    And we actually do vote…unlike another demographic I won’t identify.

    Mountain Sage

  94. 1/2 FlVoter, I’m trying to watch “proud to be first woman speaker” that’s a quote–5 year old grandson said barack obama I must be dreaming—so now we take our voting advice from 5 year olds I’m screaming at TV again

  95. Carol- I just fell out laughing!! Good one!

  96. We should have started the drinking game tonight. How many times has she said Barack Obama in 10 minutes.

  97. MABlue, I stole the idea from someone. But I can’t remember who. It DOES please me.

  98. OK – I am too – just wanted to know where you saw the floor shot.

  99. “ethics reform only possible with leadership of B0”

    I have to go be sick before returning

  100. Is she drunk?

  101. Naughty Nancy Nazi…I just cannot watch…..what is she saying and does her botox look fresh? or did she find a new mortician…errrr ummm…beautician?


  102. Nancy and claire get their voting tips from the youngins!!

  103. You can watch it on your computer.

  104. Hi everyone! OMG, I am so so so excited by the incredible bravery and magnetism of our sister and brother PUMAs! GO GO GO – You are making history!

    PUMA POWER!!!!

  105. botox for days – more than Joan Rivers

  106. All she has said so far is Barack Obama about a million times.

  107. Thank God- She’s done! Next one up is????

  108. Did we have to pay for her hotel and air fare for this pathetic speech?

  109. I can’t stand Chris trying to pronounce French.

  110. Does Chris and KO have to play with each other under the desk while they are on TV? And, doesn’t that upset BO?

  111. PJ – Did she get his name right, or did she call him Barack America too?

  112. Next one up could be Giggling Claire.

  113. Both hotels, Carol – didn’t she have to move?

  114. Charles, mi hermano en nuestra causa: We’ll stay classy as best we can. There are men who define a woman’s “classiness” by how much masochism she’s willing to take, a la Tweety Matthews on MSNBC. You know that’s not us.

    We know where our salad fork goes and idolize Audrey Hepburn.

    But if we got to fight, we’ll fight with truth in one hand and courage in the other.

    Nunca perderémos el “porqué” estamos aquí. We will do you proud.

  115. Is anyone else watching Pelosi? Is it just me or is her speech barely lucid. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. And when she mentioned Obama, to me the response sounded tepid.

    This is the woman that we worked so hard to make Speaker of the House?


  116. The entire convention only cost us tax payers 66 million. They should have spent some on the stage design.

  117. Pat, I can’t wait for MO’s speech. Loved your snark with Nancy………………….

  118. Will the floor monitors allow applause during Hillary’s speech tomorrow night? And Bill’s on Wednesday?

    Great job, RD and all.

  119. Great post, RD. Thanks for keeping us posted. Wish I was there.

  120. Barf! She almost could not get that line out.

  121. Now we will find out that Barack Obama rowed out and saved all the Katrina victims.

  122. Margie Perez, jazz singer from NO speaking

  123. You guys are on fire tonight. I can’t wait to hear the editorial for MO’s speech. I refuse to even pass by a station with the Convention on. Closer then Saving Grace with lots of PUMA in between!

    I’m dying to hear what RD & Co. said to Tweety.

  124. I’m NOT WATCHING.

    I’ll watch Hillary & Bill – but that’s it. I’ve had enough of these vote-stealing DNC for 16 months.

  125. Here it comes…. same old line most to lose/most to gain..blah blah blah

  126. Ms P–with all that eye makeup no wonder she lost her place on teleprompter her lashes glued shut

  127. Now, fuzzy, be accurate. Nancy does NOT use a mortician or a beautician. She uses a taxidermist.

  128. Nancy said she knew the outcome going into the Convention. No Shit Sherlock – since you fixed the primary! If she says “freshness” I’m going to lose it. She can’t even pronounce his name.


  129. Does any rational person think Obama would have done a better job with Katrina than Bush?

  130. Phala I would loan you my vomit bucket but i am still using it….

    Pat do you have a spare vomit bucket for phala?


  131. “freshness”? Apt, since they are nominating a douche.

  132. Wow! She got that right!

  133. Hey Guys,

    Tonight is a special DNC Convention after party with review and discussion of the first day of the Democrat’s Convention in Denver!

    Special Guests: The Honorable Rev. David James Manning. Also Co-Founder of The Denver Group Marc Rubin!

    Topics: DNC Convention, Roll Call Vote, Clinton Vs. Obama,McCain Vs.Obama, Polls, Electoral Map, Etc!!!

    Join Me Tonight 11PM ET!!!

  134. Briana: LOVE YOUR VIDEO!!

    PUMA wins!

  135. Sorry Michael, I need mine on stand by tonight. My bile is working its way back up to daylight.

  136. She knows Bill was Pres!!

  137. Nancy being interviewed now by Ann Curry. She may have had a facelift (*as somene said above) – but I can see she’s had plenty of Botox – she lifts her eyebrows but nothing moves on forehead. All interviewers are asking is Clinton this, Clinton that. Yup- looks like this is Hill and Bill’s convention. That’s all I’ve heard about all afternoon. Now Chuck Schumer being interviewed – again – it’s all about Hillary!!!!!

  138. omg, I used to think I wanted a facelift, but 10 min of watching Nancy’s smile has cured me.

  139. Matt – just in case RiverDaughter doesn’t post it – email me at sm_puma@yahoo.com for the links.


  140. WMCB: lol

  141. “WMCB, on August 25th, 2008 at 8:30 pm Said:
    “freshness”? Apt, since they are nominating a douche.”

    Best comment ever.


    You guys are sharp as PUMA claws tonight!

  143. hahahahaha – Schumer!

  144. Pat Johnson, on August 25th, 2008 at 8:27 pm Said:
    Now we will find out that Barack Obama rowed out and saved all the Katrina victims.


  145. Christ, now he is going to heal the country. Where was he when I had that knee accident a week or so ago? Unfair.

  146. WMCB,I’m going to remember that one. LOL

  147. katiebird, on August 25th, 2008 at 8:20 pm Said:
    Oh, My God!

    Busiest day: 34,348 — Monday, August 25, 2008

    Can you believe it?

    It’s the PUMA HAKA! (h/t Carol!)

  148. Yes Nancy had to move!

  149. I just received a phone call from the Obama camp! (Boston) “Hello, this is — Wollensky from the Barack Obama campaign. We are seeking donations this evening for the senator.”

    “Actually, I am voting for Senator McCain, but thank you.”

    “Do you happen to be a disillusioned Hillary Clinton supporter? (He actually said this!)

    “Why yes, I certainly am!”

    His friendly tone immediately changed. “Well then, I hope you’re proud to be voting for George Bush. Because that’s who you’re voting for. You’re destroying this country! Have a good night!” And he hung up on me!

    Normally, I would be offended, but I got quite a good giggle out of it. If this is the best script they can come up with, and if they’re that upset that there are so many “disillusioned Hillary supporters” out there, then we’re doing good work. Keep it up PUMAS!!

  150. At least Carter’s make up looks better than Pelosi’s

  151. If Nancy gets another facelift, she’ll have two moles on her cheeks

  152. Expect campaign ads with Nancy and Claire in a rowboat, modestly confessing how they had a problem not feeling fresh until he came along.

  153. sm77: I will e-mail you the links and preview of the show, it’s going to be good tonight.

    Thanks so much for the promotion!!!

  154. Good Carter is now there! Maybe they can have him look into the Election Fraud! Are they taking questions from the audience?


  155. This is his sister.

  156. WMCB: LOL!!! A Summer’s Eve moment with Obama.

    Or Massengil?

  157. Thank you –

    I felt alone until I started visiting here.

    What happened to my Democrat Party? Now it’s agree with us or shut up.

    P.S. I’m getting all my convention coverage right here because I can’t stand the Obama Love Fest in Denver, I think I’m gonna spew.

  158. Sheesh, Nancy was stupid. WTF?

  159. Revgrl: Thanks for sharing. Just one more notch for unity coming from The One and his minions.

  160. myiq2xu, on August 25th, 2008 at 8:34 pm Said:
    If Nancy gets another facelift, she’ll have two moles on her cheeks


  161. I think those are called dimples!

  162. Matt: Riverdaughter is hitting the streets of Denver tonight in PUMA action, in the meantime, we’ll cover her here.

  163. Sm77 – this one is better ..

    I was in a hurry .. lol .

  164. Revgrl: Way to go!!! They are scared sh!tless

  165. I’m so proud of all of you in Denver! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  166. Riverdaughter, thank you! Now, I understand Chris
    Matthews calling Puma “wackos” a little while ago…
    then he tried to backtrack on the reference.
    No can say that PUMAS, the Denver Group and all of
    the other organized groups and individuals who taken
    action and given their time, money and of themselves
    have not made a difference! Once again, thanks for
    being there…I can’t but, I’ll be checking in.

  167. Revgrl – Good for you! Aw, poor little Obaman. He knows he’s backed a losing ticket.

    It’s okay. By November, he’ll probably be voting McCain too.


  168. Carville on CNN made a great comment:

    “Clinton supporters are not some kind of subprime mortgage that you can bundle up and pass on to the next guy.

    Go James!

  169. His sister is pretty. She is having a real problem with the teleprompter.

  170. PUMAs are NOT whackos! Of course, everyone in history who has told the truth was marginalized.

  171. WigWag: I love James.

  172. BO is not going to like it that they are not listening to his sister!

  173. sm77: I figure Riverdaughter was busy taking on jerks like Chris Matthews! Thanks again for promoting my show Tonight!!

  174. Yes Carville! You tell it like it is!!! (Of course he framed it economically. Sooooooo smart.)

  175. The McCain campaign spent some serious money—there have been a number of his ads on CNN so far.

  176. Carol, LOL at Carter in Denver to investigate election fraud.

  177. Is this sister funding the poor brother in Africa?

  178. “Clinton supporters are not some kind of subprime mortgage that you can bundle up and pass on to the next guy.”

    I’ll try to remember that one.

  179. You all are so remarkable, brave and talented ! Each in your very own special way.

    Thanks for being here . If I am home , I am here – reading & passing YOU all on to other people .. then they come themselves .. Even your comments I pass on .. with you names – etc..

    PUMA rocks !

  180. Kool Aid…………Please………Nancy, so proud of the properious Clinton years……….Vote for Obama. ??? Kool Aid …….PLEASE.

  181. I really need my barf bag now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. OMG – Pat JJJ”S on.

  183. Jesse getting metaphorical Gaaaaahh

  184. I would soooooolove to be with you folks in Denver.

    Please tell Chris Matthews to go to hell for me too!

  185. Go, Carville! The man is one of the few with common sense. Like we’ve been saying, WE OWN OUR VOTE!

  186. Jesse Jackson Jr referring to President Johnson pushing for the voting rights act. Didn’t he call Hillary Clinton a racist for mentioning the same thing?

  187. Maybe we should be doing shots of Kool-Aid…

  188. He is going to cry any minute now!

  189. JJJ just played the race card.

  190. Thanks for the support, all. I can’t be in Denver, but I feel very connected to everyone and encouraged to do my own small local actions here. That’s what I call “unity”! The Obamabots should take a lesson from the PUMAs …

  191. Nope, it was going to be decided by the SDs

  192. It was decided in Washington DC on May 31st you moron!

  193. BRIANA – THAT VIDEO IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    F___K, the song, “try to use my name, that’s fatal!” then the PUMA charging against the HUGE grizzly bear, but the grizzly bear has nothing left but to back down.


    PLEASE KEEP DOING THESE videos! I’m going to use them in my next post here, is that ok?

  194. I boycott MSM, but I’d say the crowd is waiting for MEchelle. Partly to find out if she’s preggers, but mostly to see if the work of the personnel management team can hold her together long enough. Won’t be too long a speech, I’m bettin’ – otherwise she’ll shreik out something about Bill or how we don’t deserve The Precious Baby Daddy.

    All that steam has to go somewhere, that’s probably why she looks pregnant. She’s been holdin back anger; about to erupt.

  195. PJ: Yup!

  196. Iilinois is America! (Jesse Jr.)

  197. Here is an ad (McCain) of a (expelled) Clinton delegate from WI.

  198. Illinois is America and so can you!

  199. What is this guy so angry about!!!!!!!!

  200. Nancy got her history right. Now Jesse gets his geography right. Impressive!

  201. Carol, on August 25th, 2008 at 8:45 pm Said:
    JJJ just played the race card.

    He’s a buffoon of the highest order.

  202. JJJ is interviewing for his Presidency in 2016.

  203. Thank you all for watching and reporting. I plan to watch nothing but Hill’s and Bill’s speeches.

    While we are waiting for the only two occasions worth tuning in for, would someone please explain to me the Obama camp’s rationale for saying we should get over the Sixites, and then trotting out all these Kennedys? I realize most of them are freshman, but still . . .

    American Women Rise
    No pain, no gain.

  204. He certainly does not have his father’s gifts.

  205. I’ve got a stake for him!

  206. The Nation of Islam

  207. Pat – that Obie Won Obama doesn’t really have the party in his pocket.

  208. Matt, if RD doesn’t promote your show, I’ll do it in a late night post.

    I have to keep in mind that she’s furiously posting every important Denver action – so please bear with us?

  209. Race card again (dreams deferred)

  210. A great leader!! That would be uhhhh – Hillary!

  211. MSNBC on tv is not showing JJJr’s speech.

  212. I need an aspirin right now.

  213. CNN is showing it

  214. There he goes with that mountain metaphor again -barf!

  215. Well that ended on a flat note…

  216. Pat – take two

  217. I have MSNBC on a feed on the computer.

  218. sophie – LOL

  219. Of course they are not showing the convention because it is only about the Opinionists.

  220. Pat: is that the O sister that was such a jerk to Hillary at a Pretend Unity For Soaking the Rich Donors Event right after Obama & His colluding media said he won?

  221. CNN, yes, but it’s interesting that MSNBC blacked him out for a discussion with Pat Buchanan and Norah Whatshername with their hair blowing.

  222. fif – I left for a few minutes but I’m back. I would love to meet in GB! I know where Rubi’s is. Pick a time? I start teaching Sept 2 but I’m pretty free now.

  223. Oh the frenzied crowd…

  224. Hi Revgrl–you crazy kid!

  225. Are Howard, Nancy and Donna boogeying along?

  226. There are more floor cops than participants.

    This is fucking scary!

    Going to The Closer in a minute.

    I will have to hear the great MO later!

  227. MO at 10.

  228. Go Go Go!!!!!!!!!!!! Video please!!!!!! Rabble Rouse!!!! Will they play Jesus Christ Superstar when he accepts his crown of thorns?

  229. Matt: deliver link – Riverdaughter’s speaking at the “Beautiful Protest and Rise” event..


  230. I hear Bruce is singing. Is he going to sing “The Rising?”

  231. Laura, how can you be teaching? You are supposed to be an old, withered, embittered hag of a pensioner. You are supposed to be a whackjob. You are supposed to be fringe, possibly dwelling in an estrogen-lined cave, where you huddle, terrified of your own uterus.

    You Big Boyz listening?

    Rise American Women

  232. Hey Laura! Can you do Wed. @ 11:45 a.m.? I have to meet someone Wed. at 1 in town, but we can at least meet and dish PUMA for a hour.

  233. DENo with Bin laden.

  234. I’m loving this – thanx PUMA!

  235. Hi fif! Tell Laura I say hello when you meet in GB!

  236. My candle is lit. And pretty soon so shall I be.

  237. Mag – Laura is only teaching in her “dimentiaed mind”.

  238. Someone should send Springsteen the caucus videos–I wonder how he’d feel if he knew about the abuse and intimidation. He would not be singing then…

  239. That crap music would already have driven me back to the hotel.

  240. Revgrl is a lifelong PUMA–I know from experience. She has PUMA in her blood.

  241. Can’t they tighten this thing up? That music is irritating.

  242. Yes, SM, please post the link to Matt’s show. I missed it last night.

  243. Hell Ya .. !! .. all youtubes are OURs… !

    someone who posts here had a good one also , maybe from the ‘not your sweetie blog ..

    not sure , don’t remember .. it was good also .. no music .. but still very good .. there was an ooops at the end as it did show a kill .. I had to ‘sorta ‘ not watch it and just ‘peek’ .. lol .. can’t stand that stuff .. LoL ..

  244. Jimmy Carter just said (PBS) that Obama will win Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

    Geez, Carter is more senile than McCain.

  245. LOL Magdalena!

  246. This is about as exciting as watching paint dry!

  247. Love the administrator’s discretion on those troll posts. lol!! 🙂

  248. Is this a convention or a rave?

  249. Is Big Dawg in attendance?

  250. Anyone know what time M.O. goes on?
    Why do you spoze the signs don’t say OBAMA but merely “change we can believe in”. I’m watching from NYC

  251. regency; Haven’t see him.

  252. Hat; 10pm for MO.

  253. I got Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway on the teebee.

    Much more beneficial to my digestion

  254. Pat Johnson – It’s a Democratic rave. They’re all dropping kool aid!

  255. Scoop mouth goes on at ten EST. (hat tip to Sugar for the name)

  256. I just want to thank all of my fellow PUMAs out there for fighting like mad and working so hard! Your commitment has been inspiring!

    Several times today, after reading the tripe the MSM calls “news”, I wanted to pick up my laptop at work and hurl it across the room at the nearest Obot. Such a relief to know I can always come back to my PUMAs for a dose of reality! 🙂

    (smooches all around)

  257. CNN has McGovern on camera. That’s appropriate. Obama should do just about as well as McGovern did.

  258. Boston: If matt sends me link, I’ll post – in the meantime, I’m waiting…..

  259. Pat: You have inspired me; I’m off to get some booze.

    As for Michelle, you think Precious is high maintenance with 300 advisors, how many people were on the MakeOver Michelle team? 400? 500? Oh, you think higher?…….

  260. This site is becoming an out patient ward for the dispossessed. Or those close to pulling feather out of the air.

  261. Michelle is a work in progress. The number is still out.

  262. Still, is that Sheri Tag’s show?

  263. Wolf Blitzer said that Jimmy Carter didn’t speak after the video tribute to him because Carter didn’t want to speak.

    Of course that’s bull. Carter didn’t speak because he called Israel an Apartheid state.

    David Gergen actually just said that so far this convention is boring and non substantive.

  264. Bonus for Kinkos for printing those Kenedy signs on such short notice!

  265. Anything about the protest in the media yet? At least Fox must be covering it, right?!?

  266. mcauliffe on Fox–we’ve always had a roll call vote

  267. Revgrl: They’re not just dropping the Kool-Aid. As someone once said, they’re snorting it dry from the package

  268. Booze alone will not do it. I need to take a long, hot bath, too, this Party is so dirty.

    Be back in a few.

  269. Kid, is that you? Your momma has drunk more online with PUMAs within the last 5 months than I have within the last 5 years all together!

  270. WigWag:

    That’s not fair. Uh-bama will finish closer to Dukakis

  271. John King said on CNN that McCain will release a new commercial targeting Clinton supporters tomorrow. He says they are going after Clinton supporters big time. Well. that’s more than Obama is doing.

  272. myiq2xu, I stand corrected!

  273. I think all these speakers are so robotic because Obama people wrote the speeches, instead of the speakers. No one is speaking from the heart, because paranoid O-team was too freaking scared of a mishap.

    These people are wooden because they have been threatened with god-knows-what if they deviate from the safe script. Seriously, they look totally uptight.

    Obama is more of a control freak than Bush, when it comes to a tightly controlled message and “catapulting the propaganda”.

  274. Tweety is really trying to rekindle the racist flames from SC.

  275. WMCB, you are right on the money in your assessment.

  276. The crowd is also robotic, not that happy, party feeling you normally see at conventions.

  277. Good lord, woman, drinking without me??!!

    Shocking! And not at all ladylike! 😉
    (i say as i enjoy a lovely glass of white wine – hey, I’m gearing up for the drinking game Thursday night during Oblahmas lecture)

  278. If paid to get into this event I would be demanding my money back pronto!

  279. CNN showing John Kerry, Kerry’s vote in 2004 should end up about twice as big as what Obama’s gonna get.

  280. The reason we are getting these empty tributes is that Obama has no record to lean on so he drags people out to say something…..anything.

  281. Everyone in the audience knows that this “Party” is going down in blist\ering flames come one fine day and they’re having a hard time not showing that.

  282. They’re still trying to play out John McCain’s houses. It has no legs…give it up.

  283. WMCB: Maybe they’re trying to make everyone else seem boring, so that the Precious speech seems more electric. Or it could just be the price they pay for selling their souls

  284. Good lord, there are “floor police” all around.

  285. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Caroline..

  286. The one good thing about this steaming live on the computer is I am spared the half time accounts from people like Gergen and Tweetie. All you get is the crap music in between speakers.

  287. Sweet Caroline? Is that to get the Jewish vote? (Neil Diamond)

  288. Kerry has on more makeup than NancY!

    We are waiting for Princess Caroline. That woman has all of the grace as a very ungraceful person.

  289. If you were one of the three Hillary supporters Chris Mathews inteviewed on his show, you need to get talking points. The three ladies holding the large Hillary sound made no sense when Mathews asked them why they were not supporting Obama, They went on about a 17 page document saying Obama was listed as a Muslim in Indonesia but would not tell Mathews the source of the document.. You might be better with the he cheated in the caucuses story.

  290. Did I hear that right? Susan Sarandon?

    “So I think he definitely has convinced people that he stands for change and for hope, and I can’t wait to see what he stands for.”

    Yeah, Susan, we can’t wait either, because it’s still a mystery.

  291. Here comes Caroline Kennedy on MSNBC. Bless her heart. Let’s see what she says – God love her; this is the most applauding I’ve heard yet and it still isn’t much. I simply cannot get over the lack of enthusiasm – this must really be pissing off the Great One.

  292. Is there a Clinton in attendance anywhere? Just one. It can even be the not-as-cute brother Roger.

  293. barf! Carolina K.: Obama and Kennedy are for fairness????

  294. Should McCain win this election, it will be either with direct or indirect assistance from us. We are a powerful voting bloc, and should be prepared to remind him when the time comes.

  295. Caroline Kennedy: “I’m here to pay tribute to two men who have changed America, Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy.”

    Ted Kennedy I get, but Obama has changed America? She must have done a couple of bong hits before hitting the stage.

  296. Pass the bucket, my own is overlflowing.

  297. They made her do it; how can they turn back now? God – this whole thing is nauseating.

  298. thanks Pat,
    I can well understand those who finding watching most of it too sickening…I only plan to watch M.O. , Clintons, and maybe B.O. if I’m able.

    Oy,maybe part of Kennedy although it will be obnoxious to the nth degree…
    How do we get the supers prepared to recognize “the time of truth”? Smart ones should recognize that threats from a variation of a party about to sink are meaningless!

    Oh Caroline—just because Uncle Ted felt he owed you for years of family trials and tribulations, murders, rapes, drunk irresponsibility…

  299. I’m a political junkie and I have never watched a convention gavel-to-gavel

    Most of it is boring and meaningess, and the bloviating gasbags make it torture.

    I’d rather be waterboarded with kool-aid

  300. SOD: Like I said last night, the cheating husband with the 21 year old just assumes no one else wants you. Heck, we didn’t even have to lose weight or get a new hairstyle to interest McCain.

    Kid: I’m only on the Scuppernong Blush, but you know how little it takes for me – I can get a buzz from communion wine.

  301. Caroline was too young to know what JFK meant. I remember JFK, and Barky, you’re no JFK!

  302. You cannot take away what Ted has done for the working class. Obama………………………….??????????????????

  303. ROTFLMAO!!! From another blog:

    What time is Tacky O scheduled to speak? I don’t want to miss THAT.

    if she comes out in a chanel suit and pillbox hat i’ll shit.


  304. I think Sean wilentz is throwing some salt on the cake just for the hell of it: He’s warning of the upcoming fraud.

    A Liberal’s Lament

    Barack Obama has chosen to deliver the most important speech of his young political career in a setting that suits his spectacular campaign in the presidential primaries. In front of 75,000 roaring, adoring Democrats at Invesco Field at Mile High stadium in Denver, he will give one of his uplifting arena-rock performances, while also evoking the spirits of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (on the 45th anniversary of the March on Washington) and John F. Kennedy (who moved his own acceptance speech in 1960 from the convention hall to the Los Angeles Coliseum).

    Obama’s most ardent admirers, who include much of the political press and practically all of the liberal intelligentsia, will almost certainly report and analyze the event as a mammoth historical occasion, and quite possibly praise the speech as one of the greatest political orations ever. But will Obama, amid the pulsating theatrics, also attempt the less glamorous and more difficult task of explaining specifically where he wants to move the country, and how he proposes to move it, above and beyond reciting his policy positions? History, as well as recent public-opinion polls, suggests that he badly needs to do so. As a lifelong Democrat who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton during the primaries, I would like to see him succeed in fulfilling his promise.

    I don’t know if his colleagues are still speaking to him.

  305. New Open Thread Posted.

  306. Myiq said:
    I’d rather be waterboarded with kool-aid

    We are.

  307. Revgrl wrote: It’s a Democratic rave. They’re all dropping kool aid!

    Those folks are too old for a rave. It’s the electric koolaid acid test 40 years too late. Is Ken Kesey in the house? The party is just about to come down from a very bad trip. They thought they had a winner and a bottomless ATM and instead they have a weak, defenseless candidate who is about to get slimed, swiftboated, and go on to lose 56 of the 57 states.

  308. MyIQ, When I was a kid it was required watching in our house. Gavel To Gavel and worse.

    My favorite bits were the debates between Gore Vidal and Bill Buckley and the comedy routines of Bob & Ray.

  309. Not only does Caroline speak nonsense, but this is a little too self-serving for the Kennedy Clan to suit me.

  310. MAblue: Great post – thank you!

  311. Pat, u are listening streaming live? Can u post a link for me?

  312. I don’t get why Teddy went for Obama

  313. myiq, we grew up in a very weird house.

  314. Showing a video tribute to Ted Kennedy. Look I’ve always liked what Kennedy stood for. He’s fought the good fight and I pay that he beats his illness.

    But these video tributes are so narccistic. Are working class voters really interested in seeing Ted Kennedy on his 10 million sail boat off of Cape Cod?

  315. Jeez, of all times for me to be this busy!

    Just scrolled down and am quite thrilled at all the new names here. Love knowing the electorate if finally waking up.

    ROAR PUMAs, ROAR!!!!!

  316. “a little too self-serving for the Kennedy Clan to suit me.”

    parentofed-Thank you. These ego-fests are astounding.

    Love to have you and kid here!

  317. fif – Wednesday at 11:45, I’ll be there wearing my PUMA shirt!

    I had to mute the TV when Caroline started her canned speech.

  318. I think that Caroline will be a primary opponent to Hillary Clinton in NY one day.

  319. Standing ovation; crowds is wild for Ted.

  320. Pat – Hillary will be leaving for the Oval Office at that point

  321. Not to be a wet blanket but they could allow Kennedy signs on the floor but none for Hillary.

  322. This is great seeing riverdaughter and the rest of the PUMAs in Denver. The VP selection was Obama’s last chance to get me on board. He blew it by not picking Hillary. Now I can’t stand to even watch the convention, but it’s great to hear things from ya’ll.

  323. Awww, Joanie, you’re so Sweet. And I mean that.

  324. Sorry Teddy. No can do.

  325. Pat: ” I think that Caroline will be a primary opponent to Hillary Clinton in NY one day.”

    Of course. That explains a lot.

  326. Teddy – optimism in a bottle!

  327. close the book

  328. high principle! caucus fraud!

  329. Here come the comparisons!

  330. zoom to the moon Obama

  331. yes we can – under Hillary

  332. He’s stronger than I expected

  333. Chris is about to cry!

  334. Poor Teddy does not look well.

  335. what is with these people and this music, BORING

  336. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again:

    Liberals love & respect Teddy, but America does not. Passing important legislation does not make up for the life of a young woman without serving a day in jail, slamming back an almost-certain rape charge for a nephew, being drunk half the time, cynically using a reconciliation with a separated alcoholic & fragile wife just to further his career, etc.

    I’m glad he reformed, I’m glad he’s happy, I appreciate what he’s done, but the USA doesn’t love him, forgive him, or trust him. I don’t care what Caroline says.


  337. Four nights of this???????????????

  338. Wolf reporting lots of tears in the convention center. Yeah, they know MO is up next.

  339. Where is prolix? I want to dance!

  340. Did anyone ask Teddy how many many houses they own?

  341. law46: they’re crying out of Fear, then.

  342. Playing “Still the One” for Ted; it was moving; now the action livens up. BUT, it’s’ easy to see that they are trying to connect “Kennedy/Obama” as in John and Bobby. It makes me sick to to compare BO to to John, Bobby or Ted for that matter. This will probably be his last convention.

  343. I swear these attendees look as tho BO has already dug up the cemetaries!

  344. Oh My God – Kerry talking now saying in no uncertain terms that BO is THE comparison to JFK. I don’t think I can watch much more until tomorrow night when Hillary comes on. Anyone know what time she speaks?

  345. Gergen saying Teddys’ speech broadened and softened the tension between the 2 camps, and is a healing force. NOT !!!

  346. After Bill’s speech, most people are leaving Denver.

  347. bloggers are going to rip Michelle’s speech into tiny pieces….

  348. Thrilled thrilled thrilled that PUMA’s are out in force in Denver! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Oh man, I can’t imagine the joy of telling Tweety to his face what you thin of him! Freakin’ awesome!


  349. candle lighting @ 9:45 mountain time

  350. McCain needs to send a signal–an ad would do and could be quite clever–that recognizes how the attitude toward Clinton by B.O. and the rulers of the DNC is so like what successful, highly qualified, brave, brilliant and persevering women are routinely nd unustly shown. Pushed aside for the neophyte, new male on the block who calls them “sweetie” , offers to kiss them (in this case, if they’ll vote for him) and exploits their solid and authentic accomplishments and knowledge to fly past, the more deserving ones are left in the dust, and told they should sacrifice their personal ambitions for the teacm, or the man…. Letting “us” know he can see and feel what’s so unfair and self-destructive about casting aside the more qualified woman …not even bothering to seriously compute which candidate is more likely to win the GE…calling the vote for her this week”symbolic” etc. etc. would draw us to him, assuming he meant it…

  351. Remember Jackie was pregnant with John when JFK was elected, so I guess in order for Michelle to be the second coming of Jackie, she had to get pregnant, too.

  352. There was a su-per-del-e-gate her name is D. Brazile:
    “If SUPERS pick the candidate, I’ll quit, I SWEAR I WILL!”
    But fearing Mr. Zero couldn’t win against our Hill,
    She broke the ROOLZ of mama, that dishonest CHEAT Brazile!”

  353. I really appreciate Terry -[[[ sigh ]]]]]

  354. troll alert

  355. claire coming up

  356. So when will MSM pick up this story about Obama not being eligible? (That pesky Constitution!!)



    The lawsuit was filed in federal court on Aug. 21 and the DNC was served by a federal marshal today – and nary a peep from MSM?? It’s been 4 days – plenty of time for campaign to provide documentation refuting the claims — IF they’re not true.

    If you read Heidi Li on what happens if a candidate becomes “unavailable,” that’s what this is about. Since it looks like may not even be a citizen (never took oath of allegiance to US after being an Indonesian citizen in his 20s), he’ll be withdrawing soon.

    Go to your favorite MSM website – at “contact us” – ask when they’ll report on this.

  357. GO RD! & CO!

    I just watched the convention MO speaking. Very quiet in there I thought.

    No thanks, and she had ULTRA nerve to mention Hillary’s name, after all that has happened. It’s McC all the way, for this Dem. For what they did this year, Ugh, I have lost ANY faith I had in the party I trusted with every vote I ever cast. No More. Ever, till that Party is REFORMED!

    Have fun RD and all you PUMAS!

  358. Guys, I had a mamogram today, and the x ray technician was a PUMA! We’re every where!

    By the way, Riverdaughter, do you and Murphy have a secret pact to call each other beautiful on your web sites? If so, you can call me beautiful too…I can use the compliment. ; )

  359. Rebecca Traister wrote about the MSNBC protest in Salon. Here.

    My response

    Hey RD. Let me know if you need a ride tomorrow.

  360. Wonderful letter you wrote in response to Traister’s diatribe….her peice at Salon was so condenscending and arrogant….it’s amazing that women allow themselves to be used to so diminish real power for women

    I loved all of your letter and especially this part:

    “It isn’t even about Hillary anymore. It isn’t about who won or lost. It’s not even about the outcome of this convention – because we know that the railroading isn’t going to stop until this weak and illegitimate candidate is safely nominated, and not before the fact that more Democrats voted for the OTHER candidate is thoroughly buried. We want what Clinton’s delegates want – a fair, free, open and honest convention with recognition of the more than half of the party that voted for Hillary Clinton. But we aren’t allowed in the convention hall. We have to take our message to the streets.

    This is about how the “game” was played. It’s about how the DNC abandoned its base, its ideals, its traditional issues, to corruptly install a selected candidate who wants to remake the party to suit himself and his spineless enablers – Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Brazile, Kerry, Daschle. These are the people who have allowed the current administration to run roughshod over the Constitution and get away with seven years of destroying this country. And you think we should just sit on our asses and let them keep doing it? That we should be ladylike and just accept it?

    Why do we have the vote – why did our great-grandmothers create embarrassing scenes 100 years ago – if all we are allowed to do is sit by and watch this enormous injustice?

    PUMA HQ is at 1325 Delaware Street. It’s about three blocks from downtown, right across from the police station. Why don’t you stop by and do a real interview?”

    Also, in reading the other responses to Traister’s commentary…many want to dismiss and minimize what the PUMA movement is….wow are they in for a suprise.

    You beautifully refuted Traister’s callous and
    contemptuous depiction of what this “protest” is about …our GrandMothers and GreatGrandMothers would be proud!!

  361. A great new one by kenosha Marge!!!!

    Pooped on by the Party (Fall in Line? I Ain’t Gonna Do That…)

    Being so consistently pooped on by my party has now made me a dedicated Party Pooper.

    I know that now that I have acknowledged that I am a deadender, a racist, a low-information voter and that worst of slurs, an old woman, admitting to being a Party Pooper seems almost admirable. Isn’t it fun being an older woman? They get to hit you with a twofer. A. You are old=ageism and B. You are a woman= sexism. Black women can get hit with a threefer. Aren’t they the lucky ones?

    I know it is my duty as a Democrat to sit down, shut up and show up to vote for whatever candidate the powers that be want me to choose. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

    I know it is my duty as a Democrat to ignore the bad behavior of my party and go into total outrage mode at the very thought of bad behavior by the Republican Party. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

    I know it shouldn’t upset me that the party has chosen Joe Biden to be VP. I’m just supposed to forget, as so many women appear to have done, his despicable behavior vis-a-vis the Clarence Thomas hearings and Anita Hill. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.



  362. I know it is my duty as a Democrat to sit down, shut up and show up to vote for whatever candidate the powers that be want me to choose. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

    The “powers that be” are your fellow Democrats who put Obama over the top. The Clintons had every opportunity to win this thing (hell, I voted for her in the NY primary) but they blew it due to their hubris and lousy campaign advisors.

    This party unity nonsense falls flat in the face of the fact that Hillary refused her party’s request to take her name off the ballot in Michigan.

    I’m a 58-year-old woman who actively participated in the feminist movement in the 60s and 70s, and I firmly believe that competent women should be represented commensurate with their numbers. But I won’t play the fool and put a Republican in the White House.

    You come across as a bunch of spoiled, whiny, childish women. It would be nice if you stopped thinking with your vaginas and started using your brains.

  363. PUMAs ?!? More like PUSSIES! I think your kind are better served by the Republican party. What a bunch of sore losers. Thank God school is back in session, and you can all go back to Kindergarten now. People like you are a black eye on the Democratic party. You DESERVE McCain. My greatest hope is that if we get four more years of the same, you all have to file for bankruptcy and foreclosure like so many other Americans. You should be ASHAMED of yourselves!

  364. I eat flies.

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  365. Do you want to see my bracelet?

    (Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

  366. You ladies rock! We are there with you in spirit!!!

  367. […] So for all the Conflucians that remember our reports from the convention, this should look familiar: […]

  368. Belated THANK YOU, Hillary Pumas!

    You’re the REAL Democrats in this hill of beans….

    Celebrating Chris Matthews and Olbermann’s media misogyny check-out!

    South of Alaska

  369. Jesse Jackson in Iowa said:

    “it’s the natural reminder with O.J. Simpson…Barack knocking down a white woman!”

    Jesse should have been fired back then by Obama form his job as co-chair of his Campaign! Pretty disgusting!

  370. […] So for all the Conflucians that remember our reports from the convention, this should look familiar: […]

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