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Pumas Are Slammin’ In Denver: Don’t Give Up!

Hello All!

[This post is from our Sunday activities, and, gosh, it’s Monday already — in the wee small hours of the morning. I didn’t have a chance to post it before the party, so thought I would now. Think Sunday when you read it, and stay tuned for more updates from your dedicated Puma blogger crew.]

Pumas are slammin’ in Denver. I’m telling you, our presence is AMAZING! Puma Headquarters are a beehive of activity. At least 300 Pumas, including several delegates, have been here today. They’re making signs, attending events in protest. Riverdaughter, BettyJean, danceswithpumas, joanofart, and Pagan — are all live-blogging, so stay tuned.

The press dropped by. We were interviewed by CBS, ABC, the French press, Japanese press, and The National (an emerging newspaper from the Arab Emirates that acknowledges the existence of Israel, although their host country does not.)

I’ve met so many Pumas in the flesh whose names I’ve seen online all year. What a great group of dedicated and passionate Americans we are. People who have sacrificed money, opportunity, and many, many things to make sure that the ideals our of country are upheld. What a fantastic opportunity to solidify and build our relationships for now into the future.

There’s been so much activity that it’s taken me all day to write this update!

Tonight is the movie premiere of the “Audacity of Democracy,” by filmmakers Brad and Laurie Mays, which will be attended by Puma and Just Say No Deal members and covered by the press. This documentary shines a light on the caucus fraud perpetrated by the Obama campaign that has plagued this primary election process.

Tomorrow, Monday, is the Beautiful Protest/The Rise event in Cheesman Park 2-6 pm march, and 6-10 pm speakers, featuring Darragh Murphy, riverdaughter. I’ll even be taking a turn at the mic to say a bit about how and why I was motivated to hang in there for Hillary, why I’ve been compelled to keep going.

Sheri Tag will be broadcasting this week, Monday – Thursday at 7:00 pm MT, so be sure to listen and call in. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/no-we-wont. Call in number: 347-539-5420.

I’ll be posting some pics during the week and will be reporting on each day’s activities and goings on, so be sure to return for the latest.

Pumas, Just Say No Deal coalition members, know this: Our voice, our Democracy — live on through all of you. We have just begun to fight for our cause and our country. Know that you all are strong, our movement is strong.

“Don’t give up, cuz you have friends..

Don’t give up, you’re not beaten yet.

Don’t give up, I know you can make it good.

I know there’s a place where we belong.”

Don’t give up, you still have us.

Don’t give up, we don’t need much of anything.

’cause somewhere there’s a place we belong. . . .

When times get rough,

You can fall back on us.

Don’t give up, please don’t give up.

Don’t give up, ’cause you have friends.

Don’t give up, you’re not the only one.

Don’t give up, no reason to be ashamed.

Don’t give up, you still have us.

Dont give up, we’re proud of who you are.

Don’t give up, you know it’s never been easy.

Don’t give up, ’cause I believe there’s a place,

A place where we belong.”

“Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

105 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for keep us informed. I’m sending power vibes — good thoughts for all you PUMAs.

    Enjoy yourselves — I can feel the energy and hope in this message.

  2. That is one of my favorite all-time hits! Love it. Great choice!

  3. I wanted to share one of my posts on CL World politics. It’s not for the faint of heart, but I feel strongly about this. Hope I don’t get removed…..Oh, well…..here goes……(from a worker down in the sewers)……

    But, first, A resounding rendition of Obama’s new them song:

    Here’s my response to Obama’s supporters plea,

    “Hillary Supporters Come Home.”

    (In truth, we no longer have a home — we’ve been foreclosed on, just like all the poor dummies who believed what other money-lenders told them. It’s okay, though. Seems Obama’s money-lending ways are beginning to wear a little thin with the crowds. Maybe a populist uprising ISN’T too far in the future.)

    So, if by some outside chance, Hillary becomes the Dems nominee, are you willing to support her? I sincerely doubt that. It seems to me the Dems have chosen up sides and are heading for defeat. I know I haven’t heard anything about Obama that has made me change my mind about him. Quite the contrary — as a POC and a PUMA, He only infuriates me more with each move he makes. I have not forgotten the disgusting way Biden treated Anita Hill, a refined AA who testified against Clarence Thomas during his nomination hearings. His racism is well-documented.

    IMHO, barring some incredible revelation about Obama that even the Obama people can’t stomach — what that would be I can’t imagine, since they have denied everything negative about him so far – Obama’s people will never vote for anyone other than Obama.

    Additionally, even though Obama will not win, but will cause the loss of the Presidency to the Reps, Obama’s people will never admit that he is the reason for the loss. They will blame Hillary for the loss in a way that has never before been seen in American history. For a woman that they say is so powerless to change the direction of American politics, she sure seems to hold a lot of power in their eyes over Obama’s future.

    If Obama is such a uniter, why can’t he unite the Democratic party? Better yet, why isn’t he even trying? It is NOT the duty of his opposition to unite the party behind him. Hillary is not his mother. She has no responsibility to help him win.

    After all the disgusting, sexist, misogynistic hate-filled things his supporters have said about her, I am actually a little angry with her for even doing as much as she has for him. Have her supporters EVER called him a little sand-nigger, a nigger, a black bastard? No. And you won’t catch us ever doing so.

    But his supporters — this forum being just one example — constantly refer to her and her supporters as bitches, cunts, harridans, shriveled-up old hags (as if the only people supporting a woman would be other women — what a load of stone-age, adolescent boy crap!)

    If he can’t even lower himself enough to offer a rousing show of strength behind him with the Democrats – AND control the evil, vile ruminations of his supporters with their undemocratic attitudes and actions — how do you expect him to win over the Republicans – OR, lead this fractious country out of its morass?

    Obama is a loser….plain and simple.

  4. What a great post and song choice, sending strength and protection to all Pumas ; doing a little rain dance for thursday 😉 , and Leela yes , he is a loser and will lose , that is why all the other losers are with him .

  5. Thanks, swanspirit. I join you spiritually in your rain dance – as part Comanche, part Blackfoot, and all woman, I understand my rain dance abilities are quite powerful.

    Good night, all. Peace and strength be with you wherever you are. After spending most of my blogging time down in the underworld’s sewers, it’s always nice to come home. Thank you, my powerful siblings, with all my heart. You make my soul sing.

  6. Constructive criticism for Sheri Tag’s show:

    Sunday 8/24 show:

    You had someone on (Mara?) who was giving hard information from the ground – specifics about how delegates were being misdirected and confused and how the Obama campaign doesn’t want floor votes due to “security concerns” but you cut her short to take several long, rambling, calls from people who had nothing new to say as well as two calls from a small child.

    I think it would be better and much more interesting to give air time to those PUMAs in Denver who are witnessing the machinations of the DNC and are prepared to speak about it rather than take small-talk calls from those who have not prepared their thoughts or calls from small children.

  7. Just looked at the last thread…. so the Obots will try to go after us in person – work, family, etc – for being PUMA’s? Wait till I tell my union rep – and the CT Atty General! Will we have to start wearing yellow stars of David?

    Don’t mess with a former prosecutor.


  8. Yeah, good luck with finding me in Oz, Obots.

    Thanks for the update, LadyBoomer. Wish I was there but it comforts me a little bit to know that I funded just a little bit of the Denver PUMA happenings.

    I, for one, will never give up and will never vote for Barack.

  9. Go PUMAs! I am with you in spirit!
    meanwhile, the VP pick brings Obama …a negative bump

  10. Leela, great post!

  11. Infotainment-I think you constructive critizism is a little harsh…I am very dismayed that you thought I had nothing to add to the conversation my friends here felt differently…

    I am sure that we will be getting plenty of “hard news” in the future but Sundays show has always had a call in comment element in it and I for on am glad that the format did not change.

    I will try to be more prepared in the future I am sorry you were so offended. I was up for two previous nights manning the switchboard at the power company while Tropical Storm Fay rolled through my town. There is alot of info on what “mara” said on the previous threads so it was not much “new on the ground info.” accept that we had a voice she was more of a second source confirmation.

    morning all Fuzzybeargville is up and ready for work

  12. I’m very excited and very proud with how the PUMA Pac has grown and conducted itself. From the very first breath of this bold and defiant group of people has the voice of people like me able to be heard. I will be checking constantly for the updates of PUMA/No Deal (and The Denver Group) activities in Denver, eager to hear the greatest and latest!

    Once again, thanks to all for what you do and please PLEASE keep on doing it!!!

  13. Good morning Lady B et al!

    In spirit, I believe with all my heart that all of us are with you in Denver, beautiful souls. Besides my prayers to keep you safe and all those who have made their home away from home at the PUMAS Headquarters., I’ll also like to send your way a Cherokee blessing that my mom framed for me a long time ago;

    May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly upon your house.

    May the great spirit bless all who enter there.

    May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows, and may the rainbow always touch your shoulder.


  14. I’ll be watching the blogs all week… and reporting to others here in Ohio. Working PUMAs who cannot spend alot of time on the internet. (Yes, there are MANY!)

    Please keep telling us what is happening, so we can rebutt the CNN/MSNBC lies (and point out the retractions.)

    Hold strong to our ideals, PUMA! You stand upon the shoulders of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul.

    May those PUMAs who are “back home” be the wind at your backs!

  15. Thank you LadyBoomer. We rode on th bus together to the RBC demonstration in Washington. The beat goes on… Thank you fo what you are all doing and accomplishing in Denver. I read every day but post infrequently. The Confluence keeps me strong and sane.

  16. michael P Varvel, on August 25th, 2008 at 6:47 am

    Michael: this was a criticism of the host’s moderation, not of the callers. Why not devote the show to what is going on in Denver and exposing the malfeasance?

  17. any updates on our boyz traveling puma style across the country??? hope they get there soon! and are safe.

  18. indigogrrl; Katiebird met with them last night and gary left a message around 2am that they had arrived at the campgrounds and will check in later. Like you, I am anxious t hear more.

    Got up early and turned on the news and had to quickly walk away. The Obama crapola for this week is all over the airwaves and it is just over the top as usual. After tuning into C-Span the callers sounded mostly like AAs, screaming and hollering about us defectors not wanting to get onboard and heave ho him over the finish line. Words like “babies” and Hillary spewing garbage were being hurled back again and I had to turn it off. One caller even suggested that he was “the most experienced of all the candidates”. Too much!

    The only pleasant thing I heard was that the polls have not given him any significant “bump” with Biden. Oh well!

  19. If Roland Martin’s puffy sit down with Michelle Obama is any indication of what her speech is going to be like, then I am profoundly unimpressed. I wish they would stop talking about ‘their story.” It’s a life dang it, not a story. That whole cute way of talking about yourself bugs the heck out of me.

  20. Thank you Lady Boomer!

  21. OOOPS!

    Obviously, prayers, blessings, and all my best thoughts are with ALL Pumas–not just those at Hqs. And, as Stray Yellar Dawg so well says, “May those [us] PUMAs who are ‘back home’ be the wind at your backs!”

    A little later on (though I have a pretty good inkling, need to see how the anemic bank acct. is doing before getting tangled on the dreaded red) I plan to send whatever I can to help our heroes in shinning armor (PUMobile?) get more gas to keep on trucking.

  22. Good morning Conflucians!

    Pat, I hear you. I did a little NPR listening in the car & they spoke of Hillary’s hold on her “supporters” even when the “impending” nomination is going to Obama.

    Sure, if you hold delegates hostage in their hotels and can’t get a floor vote due to Obama Camp’s “security” concerns.

    WHAT M-Fing security concerns? That delegates WON’t vote for him? That the Obama Diebold machines won’t further rig the election for him?

    Blech. Need more strong Cuban coffee.

  23. Grangatita – I’ll find out if we should put up a PUMAmobile Gas button – thanks for the love! I know they’re were a few people this weekend asking about that.

  24. Grangatita, on August 25th, 2008 at 7:19 am

    Thank you for sharing the Cherokee blessing that your mom framed for you. It is beautiful!

  25. “Laura”
    We’re “GATHERING in NYC” tonight to run in TANDEM with the DENVER event.
    If your interested we’ll figure out how to connect??!!
    I was on that bus too!

  26. The only interesting thing heard this morning is that Biden actively sought the VP slot and met with Obama as early as August 6th to make the pitch. Interesting. Since Joe only received 1% of the overall primary vote I guess he figured this was as close as he was ever to get. But the nomination did not provide the “bump” they expected. Too bad. McCain’s camp is rubbing their hands with glee since they have so much stuff on Biden to march out, beginning with the comment that he “would run with McCain if asked” which he said in 2005.

  27. Thank you, Lady Boomer for the update.
    Watching “Morning Joe” – some are now acknowledging problem with Obama winning the GE. Ya think?

  28. Excellent post Lady Boomer!

    A rain dance for Thursday night sounds like a great idea to me.

  29. taw46, I admire your fortitude. If I watch anything on MSNBC (even Morning Joe which is slightly better than most of their shows) I literally get sick to my stomach.

  30. Pat J.
    When was the Larry S’s news conference that Biden’s son HELPED out with. Biden was my Senator when I was in college & my 2nd choice . I quess I feel
    like the ex-Edwards supporters today!
    Keep the faith & @ “9:45 MT “LIGHT A CANDLE” for
    Hillary & AMERICA TONIGHT ; in “tandem” with:
    ***The Rise 2008-Denver event.
    Did Anyone Hear Biden is “Close-Friend’s” with
    Daley of Chicago!
    No matter WHERE THEY START ALL ROADS LEAD TO Chicago ie..Patty S.Doyle , need I say more??!!
    It’s TIME to CALL for Obama to “Withdraw” for the “GOOD of the PARTY”!!

  31. Thanks for the update, LadyBoomer, and KEEP IT UP! Press exposure is the key to exposing what is happening. I want millions of voters who have felt uncomfortable, but that they somehow had to vote for the O or be ostracized, to realize that they are not alone. They, too, can be inspired to say NO DEAL.

  32. Toni: An article in the WaPo yesterday spelled out the charges against Biden’s other son (the one now in Iraq) along with Biden’s brother. Both are under investigation for lobbying irregularities. The other son is the one the claims are being made regarding the arrest of Sinclair. Have no idea of what that means other than the accusations he had him arrested right after that press conference.

  33. WigWag, yes, I feel nauseous whenver I turn to MSNBC. So I don’t do it that often. But I am also a believer in know your enemy, so I do sometimes tune in to Morning Joe, NEVER KO or Tweety (except when Diane was on the other night).

  34. Joe Biden……….your creditability is shot. Remember just a short time ago, Obama wasn’t ready to be president, and now your kissing his butt.

  35. I realize that everyone was getting settled in over the weekend. However, I second Infotainment’s suggestion about keeping the radio show more informative about what is happening on the ground in Denver and sharing info. For those of us not in Denver, we are relying on them for news and action items. I love hearing everybody, I do, but right now we should focus on Hillary and her delegates.

    Stay strong and keep the faith.

  36. LadyBoomerNYC,

    This is what I wanted to hear. I was pretty discouraged last night. I guess I just can’t understand why Hillary won’t let her supporters vote and have a real roll call process. Why does she feel the need to help the DNC shut her delegates down? Maybe it’s all a haka? I just wish I knew what is really going on behind the scenes.

    Anyway, I’m so excited to hear that the pumas are prowling and enthusiastic. Thank you so much for this update.

  37. Even the loathsome Rudy is smarter than the Dems:

    Appearing on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” former Mayor Rudy Giuliani ripped into Obama for choosing Biden, saying that picking Clinton would have been a “no-brainer.”

    “You almost have to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid her as the vice-presidential pick of the party. And it seems to me that, for whatever reason that hasn’t been explained, a choice was made out of weakness [rather] than strength.”
    When asked to explain, the former mayor replied: “Senator Obama had 51 percent of the Democratic vote. Senator Clinton had 50 percent of the Democratic vote. It’s kind of a no-brainer that that’s your ticket.”

    Bingo, Rudy, you loathesome toad. It’s not a case of waaah waaaah sour grapes, she didn’t get picked, it’s that he made it so obvious he was afraid to be outshined by her. It makes him look WEAK, and the public is going to see that very clearly.

  38. I felt discouraged by the radio show last night–definitely not fuzzy’s call though. I just wanted to hear more about what they are doing. However, I could tell that Sheri was very tired. I’m looking forward to the show tonight and I hope you call in again, fuzzybear. You have such a nice voice. You could easily do radio.

  39. Good morning Pumas. You are doing a great job and I believe that you are doing the most important job in Denver.
    I went to Hillary’s site this morning and unsubscribed.
    Poeple have worked so hard to try to “open” this convention . I certainly wanted to see every “pledged” delegte vote for Hillary. Anything or anyone who interferes with that process just is unacceptable to me.

    At this point I can hardly stand to turn on the news. I rely on the NO DEAL site for real information.
    I glanced at the Dad’s NYTimes this morning and I just don’t believe what I read. They have a poll that they did of Clinton delegates and who they will vote for etc.

    My hope is now for the future and for PUMAs to really bring change and exposure.

    We may need a new leader for that.

  40. McCain has another ad out courting Democrats:

  41. Rudy needs to go back to basic math class. 5! + 50 = 101. Besides, Obama has never been over 50% in any of the polls, has he? Other than that, Rudy is right. The Dems are choosing weakness over strength. They are born losers. We need to replace every single one of these clowns with real Democrats.

  42. Angry Artist,

    I still hope that Hillary has something up her sleeve and will come through for us, her supporters. But frankly, I think she is kidding herself if she thinks she will have another chance in 2012. It’s just not going to happen, IMHO. Her time is now and she should go for it. But it certainly appears that she is going to take the cautious route. I’m very disappointed.

    But it’s not about Hillary for me anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. Once we see what happens at the convention, we can decide what to do in the future. We obviously need to expose the undemocratic nature of the caucus process, and the documentaries will help there.

  43. Here’s a recap of MO speech before she gives it:

    1. We only had four forks growing up in my house.
    2. We understand your pain, we are just like you.
    3. We’ve had to overcome so many obstacles.
    4. I’m just a real person not an elitiest.
    5. We struggled with student loans and debt too.

    Fill in any blanks you might see!

    It’s going to be the same ole’ same ole’.

    Donna Brazile said BO can win if he let’s people know he’s just like them. They pay her for that?

  44. We need more information. I agree with grlpatriot,about the radio last night. I don’t like to be critical because I know everyone is doing their best, but it is vital that we can know what is going on on the ground so we can share it with the masses. The main stream media isn’t going to do it.

    This blog is great and doing it’s best to keep us up to date, but there is an information gap across the coalition imo.

  45. Leela and Swanspirit: I will burn the sweetgrass and sage for Thursday’s raindance.
    Gitchi migwetch.

  46. I agree, it was frustrating last night wondering what was happening in Denver. You are right, media won’t tell us anything. I have no problem with the callers, just think we should have more information at beginning of program, then open up the lines.

  47. Bostonboomer
    I agree with you about everything except that Hillary has something up her sleeve. I believe that just like al gore, she lacks something that is needed..r…the courage to fight and not scheme for the “future”..
    I agree that her time is now, there is no reason to think that the DNC will “allow” her to win in four years if they defeated their best candidate for 2008.

    As MO. I hope she has her in the face, gressive eye stare thing going on….people don’t like it.
    But I will not be watching.

  48. But EVERYONE is doing a great job, so this is by no means a criticism of the show, just a suggestion to add more.

  49. I don’t know what the true story is about Hillary and her delegates.

    But I do know that enough delegates — including “pledged” delegates — have gone from her to Obama already that any roll call would not accurately represent what she won.

  50. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/aug/26/clinton-voters-buck-obamas-bid/

    PUMA on the front page of the Washington Times today

  51. I agree, I believe Hillary should flat out go for it. Democrats never go back to one who “lost” (in this case, had it stolen from her). Since they will blame her, I see no way they will give her any support for 2012. They would never admit they were wrong.

  52. angry artist – I just heard that according to a NY Times poll, 50% of Hillary’s delegates say they will vote for Obama when his name is called.

    If this is true, and Hillary’s delegates will not do their duty, what leverage does she have?

  53. This is not about 2012, it’s about getting as much done as possible for the people in the next years.

  54. Has Washington Times changed ownership? I thought it was owned by The Reverend Moon? And not reliably credible?

  55. The Washington Times is reliably anti-Democrat and will do whatever it can to elect any Republican.

  56. Plural – If Hillary runs again in 2012, she should do it as a member of a third party – perhaps PUMA, perhaps Working Families. If she is not selected as the nominee, she should wait till Obama loses, then repudiate the Dems entirely. I’ll bet a lot of sitting Dems would follow her lead, especially if other high-profile Dems like Bill and Wesley Clark join her.

  57. 50 percent of Hillary Delegates is a HUGE number. And I think it’s just the start.

    But, we’re not having an open convention this year. And with the gavel in N. Pelosi’s hand I don’t know how to turn things around.

  58. The third party option is not tenable or realistic.

    She will work from the Senate for the things she and we believe in, and needs to retain as much political clout as she can for that effort.

  59. plural, well it has interviews with Diane, and Will Bower. I don’t really care who owns it at this point. It is actually a good interview that is why I posted it.

  60. madamab: She has no leverage, that is the whole point. They have stripped and eviscerated her at every turn. Something is going on behind the scenes and I kind of wonder if it is not somehow associated with Bill. His legacy was trashed. He was labeled a racist. His “friends” in the black community defected. Other members of his presidency are either working in the Obama campaign or, like Richardson, abandoned ship. His wife was forsaken and he watched the DNC seize votes that were hers on May 31st.

    The talk this morning on C Span is that he is most “unhappy” with both the spot and the speech allocated to him at the convention. I think in time we will discover that it is Bill and not so much Hillary that this involves. Not that I blame him in the least but there it is.

  61. madamab
    How can you expect clinton delegates to vote for clinton when Clinton is out there saying that she is voting for Obama?

  62. madamab: She has no leverage, that is the whole point. They have stripped and eviscerated her at every turn. Something is going on behind the scenes and I kind of wonder if it is not somehow associated with Bill. His legacy was trashed. He was labeled a rac*ist. His “friends” in the black community defected. Other members of his presidency are either working in the Obama campaign or, like Richardson, abandoned ship. His wife was forsaken and he watched the DNC seize votes that were hers on May 31st.

    The talk this morning on C Span is that he is most “unhappy” with both the spot and the speech allocated to him at the convention. I think in time we will discover that it is Bill and not so much Hillary that this involves. Not that I blame him in the least but there it is.

  63. angryartist –

    I do not agree that HRC lacks the courage. I do believe that unlike all of us she is privy to most if not all of the information… she was probably well aware that this has been rigged for a long time and her actions of staying and fighting has helped expose that. I do not want her to commit hari-kari on a sword for us…. I want her to live to fight another day, take over her rightful place as the strongest dem leader in the senate and I will be right there at her side WHEN we go at it in 2012.

    can you imagine the national turmoil that would be created if she stood up and told the world about the corruption? do you actually believe that she could survive that politically or even physically?

    she has done enough. it’s OUR turn now. the PUMA movement must grow past the candidate and the 08 election to bring real reform to either the Dem party or the entire system.

  64. For Hillary it’s about getting things done that benefit the people. It’s not about her power or status, or the presidency specifically.

    It’s about the people and their lives, and what she as a public servant can do to benefit them.

    If either or both of the two major parties splinters and eventually something new forms, that’s a long term effort, and not something for her to do.

  65. Oh for chrissakes, Angry Artist, are you serious?

    Her delegates are pledged to vote for her. She has NOT RELEASED THEM. That’s their job. They are supposed to represent the people. If they can’t do that, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    Besides which, I have heard NOTHING from Hillary herself saying that she will vote for Obama. As far as I know, that’s as big a lie as all the stuff about her withdrawing and releasing her delegates.

    Plural – I disagree about the third-party option. We will have to see what happens in the election.

  66. Donna Brazile said BO can win if he let’s people know he’s just like them.

    But he’s not just like me! Not at all. Neither is Hillary. But one of these candidates has real progressive values and would fight for progressive policies. I’m weary of hearing about how BHO’s biography is a reason to vote for him. It’s not. His resume would be, if it showed he was qualified for the job, but IMHO he’s not. It sure didn’t take anything Hillary said to show me that, I figured it out pretty easy knowing he’s only been in the Senate 4 years, 2 of which he’s spent running for president.

  67. IndigoGrrl —

    I SAW the bus last night. Oh, and Gary & Mawm too!

    It was incredible — really more amazing than I imagined & I saw the photos that were posted a couple of days ago.

    We had a wonderful conversation and I’ll be posting more (with pictures) later — after I finish my coffee.

    But, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your work. Truly, you are a genius!

    Thank you so much.

  68. Indigo girl

    I don’t agree. I think Hillary should have suspended , but stated that she would wait until after the convention to endorse and support the nominee. she could have made it clear that he had not “clinched” the nomination.

    Certainly now, she could have stated publicly that the only way to “unite” the party would be to have a real roll call…to let the pledged delegates fulfill their duty to the voters…so that no one would feel that the process was anything but fair and just. Then, afterwards, she could have supported the nominee.

    Lieberman was re elected in Ct as an independent and he is not as popular in CT as Hillary is in NY. I live in NY and she does not need the DNC to get reelected here.

  69. Another reason for Bill to be unhappy about the theme “Securing America’s Future” .. Securing America is Wes Clark’s PAC and the subject he’d be perfectly suited to speak about. In fact using that specific theme and excluding Wes Clark (who was told there was no reason for him to show up at the convention) is.. sticking it to the Clintons and their allies one more time, basically.

    Petty beyond belief. What’s wrong with them?

  70. Anyway, I think some things are more important than one person;s future. I think a profile in courage would have been for Hillary to stand up up here and continue fighting. I think that is more important than her future as a Senator. I really do.

  71. We can only begin to imagine what Hillary is going through. I credit her courage alone for having to put on a brave face and graciously behaving in the manner she has. I would have to have 5 lbs of botox injected into my face to maintain a portion of the smile needed to get through the next 4 days if I were in her shoes.

    In fact, you would have a hard time distinguishing me from Nancy on that stage! It is Bill they are aiming to crush and as much of a fighter as we know her to be, I don’t think it is too pleasant to be on the Big Dawg’s bad side.

  72. Let’s take the NYT poll results with some skepticism. That hasn’t been an unbiased source in quite some time. An acquaintance of mine informed me that the 2 Hillary delegates in her family are still planning to cast their ballots for Hillary, and one of them will not switch unless Hillary instructs her to do so. That’s only a couple of drops in a huge pond of delegates, but it does give me some comfort.

    It is certainly discouraging to hear how the DNC/Obama camp are still plotting ways to keep Hillary’s delegate wins from being accurately represented at the convention. Their shameless behavior is abysmal.

  73. RE: IndigoGrrl…”she has done enough. it’s OUR turn now. the PUMA movement must grow past the candidate and the 08 election to bring real reform to either the Dem party or the entire system.”

    The onus before PUMA, et al., is bigger than the ’08 vote: Either the DNC examines and corrects itself so that it represents the all voters it claims, or those members who have seen what went on behind the curtain in the Kindom of OZ must declare independence. Meting out the form the latter takes is the real focus, since “correcting itself” does not appear to be a likely goal for the current O-DNC machine.

  74. Let’s hope their shameless behavior is what brings them down. It certainly does not deserve to be rewarded.

  75. Nice quote from Zogby in that Washington Times article:

    “He’s on the ropes,” said pollster John Zogby, but Mr. Obama could get the big bump he needs from the convention with a stirring speech like his keynote address at the 2004 convention that launched his political career onto a national trajectory.

    Another stirring speech! That’s the ticket! Surely he can ride the momentum of yet another stirring speech which will probably be all about his wonderful and exceptional life story.. all the way to November!

  76. If she is not in the Senate, she can’t accomplish anything in policy.

    She could I guess go to a think tank and write papers that nobody reads, but that’s not her style. She’s a doer, not a talker, and wants concrete results.

  77. jules – I agree, and thank you. It’s also very discouraging that none of the news is even remotely reliable at this point. I just can’t believe how bad the media is.

    Plus, the delegates might have been lying to the pollsters. 👿


  78. dg: We will all be dizzy from listening to the number of times he says, “me, me, I, I.” This is all about him, make no mistake about it. Razzle, dazzle, fizzle.

  79. declare independence….I agree. I will be an independent after O gets the nod.

    Hillary is squandering the support of 18 million votes……some she will never see again.

  80. Yes, I am sick and tired of hearing DNC and pundits, “he just needs to let them know who he is”, “once they know him, they will vote for him”, blah, blah blah.

  81. Pat: I agree that the DNC’s actions should not be rewarded. If things do not go as we hope this week, we need to approach the GE in very strategic terms.

    madamab: The media’s lack of objectivity and professional is reprehensible. Good point about lying to pollsters!

  82. Hillary has plenty of courage. No one could doubt that after what she went through during the primaries. I will continue to support her no matter what she decides to do. If she stays in the Senate and fights the good fight, so be it. It’s not about Hillary for me anymore.

    Nevertheless, I think Hillary should have fought on over the summer and right up to the convention. If she truly believes that Obama cannot win, that would have been the best option, IMHO. Once she suspended her campaign, it was inevitable that delegates would wimp out. But she apparently felt she couldn’t do that for some reason. Maybe Pat is right and she saw that Obama and the DNC would stop at nothing to take her down and trash Bill’s legacy.

    Once Hillary suspended her campaign, I knew that she had done what she could, as Indigogrrl said. We have to fight for what we believe in. To me Obama is no better than GW Bush, and might be worse, because the spineless Dems in Congress won’t resist his efforts to privatize social security, bring religion into government, and reduce reproductive rights.

    Madamab, you are so right that Hillary’s delegates have their own responsibilities. And it appears that many of them (50%?) are still hanging in. I would like to see them stage a protest and walkout from the convention floor. Something must be done to prevent this joke of a coronation.

  83. angry artist: Let’s see it through to the end. It is only right that we started this journey with her so the least we can do for ourselves, and for her as well, is to walk to the finish line in unity.

    As it is, most of us are already 90% out the door. Few of us will ever return to the Dem Party as it is. The only hope of renewing what once was is to beat them at their own game. For them to win in November ensures that PUMA is a done deal. They will never allow a seat at the table.

    A loss is something else. Coalitions will have to be formed. The ride is not over yet. We need to hold fast.

  84. Lou Dobbs slammed the MSM pretty hard yesterday for their outright O’Biased coverage. He gave a special call-out to MSNBC, NYT and WP for being especially tilted. It lifted my spirits to hear that.

  85. Wakonda-Ikwe: I have gotten to like Lou. He just smiles and smirks whenever Obama’s name comes up. He really has no use for him.

    By the way, how does your name translate? It has a pretty sound in pronunciation.

  86. Another thing heard on CNN Convention coverage: The reason the polls show the rise in MCCain’s numbers is because the pollsters make their calls on Friday nights–when all the young voters are out “doing other things”, and whose opinions, if they were polled mid-week, would reflect a more truthful measure of the support O has amongst voters. Yeah, right.

  87. Exactly, Pat. We have all found each other. The power belongs to the people. No politician can have any power unless people give it to them. All we have to do is look at how Obama is tanking in the polls no matter what the DNC and the media do to prop him up. He has no chance to win a fair election. Unless he really stages a coup and becomes dictator, he is going to go down in flames in November.

  88. Pat Johnson: “Wakonda” — Great Spirit “Ikwe” — woman

    Not suggesting that I am she, but nodding to the feminine She, which is intended to honor ‘our girl HRC’.

  89. bb: I wish to keep that hope alive! A major defeat on the back of a corrupt DNC. As the kids say: Too sweet!!

  90. Great comments Indigogirl.

    Senator Clinton is my senator. I love her and agree that preserving herself to fight another day is very important.

    PUMA will have to carry the mantle and force the gender bias issue so that the DNC and party leaders cannot get away with the sexism and election rigging in 2012. We need to spend the next 4 years reforming the primary system and exposing and shaming the democratic establishment for their misogyny.

    I’m right on it with so many other PUMAS like all who post here. Hillary will servive and their sexist attitudes is exactly why they will blame Hillary for Obama’s failures. They always need a woman to blame. We need to be there in November when he looses and fight the sexist claims that his loss is Hillary’s fault. We need to make clear to the world that Obama’s loss is because of his own inadequacies, and the Party’s own election rigging and misogyny.

    HOWARD DEAN, PALOSI AND BRAZIL will all have to be replaced. Hillary will rise after Obama is defeated and hopefully the democratic party will move to a much better place.

    Hopefully, they will learn that their gender bias against their largest constituancy will be their undoing, and refrain from it in 2012.


    VIVA LA HILLARY!!!!!!!!

  91. Pat Johnson
    I am in it to the end with the PUMA movement.

    I grew to love and admire Hillary as I watched her campaign and take hits that would have driven me to seek therapy.
    I am just very sad that she has chosen this course. Maybe she is so much more brilliant than me and has some long term goal I am too obtuse to understand.

    However, my gut instinct now tells me that she has pulled an “Al Gore” .

    We will fight on or there will be no democracy left here.

    As a fourth generation Jewish American, I have been watching very carefully. I see seeds of fascism in suppressed votes, etc. I was horrified to see poliical O adds with a giant cross behind him.

    I believe vehemently in the separation of church and state. My family came here in the 1880’s BECAUSE the USA offered equality to people of all religious faiths. My father and uncles distinquished themselves in the military during WW2 and I have a nephew serving now as an Army intelligence officer (an oxymoron I know). So anything that hints at separating American down religious line is abhorent to me.

  92. Hillary has no control over her supporters…..why doesn’t the media get it…….because, they can blame her and not Obama

  93. Hil-zila: Tha’s how the koolaid works!

  94. The problem is after 18 months we DO KNOW who he is and we don’t want him.

  95. This whole election confab seems like I’m watching an update of the POD PEOPLE, and the DNCs are the aliens.

  96. KendallJ, I agree. It is about gender, and making sure a woman doesn’t get to be president.

  97. HEY………All you fantastic PUNDITS………you predicted………They will come around, they always do……………Oops……..and it’s getting worst.

  98. I accepted Hillary wouldn’t be our nominee in June. Although, I held on to a glimmer of hope for a game changer of some sort, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. So be it.
    I can’t possibly fathom what Hillary is going thru, and will make no judgments. I know I could have never dealt with the savagery she took, and continues to take from the MSM and the DNC. My biggest fear was her taking VP; it’s bad enough seeing her campaign for the dog shit on my shoe that is Obama, but for her to haul his revolting, putrid persona over the finish line would have been a horror of horrors. I keep hoping someone will stand up and say what happened was wrong, it was unfair and unjust. A qualified competent candidate was crucified and cheated, so that an incompetent, undeserving, opportunistic, manipulative candidate could be propped. But no one will. Such is life. The path is now clear to do my part in making sure payback be a bitch. I will be voting against this fraud and against all who stood by him. I don’t care if the polls in November show McCain with a 10 pt lead- I will still vote McCain and for every opponent of those who backed Obama. I will not stand by passively and let what happened go unchecked and just hope for the best, I must do my part. I’m counting on enough of us ruthless PUMA’s out there to make a difference.

  99. KendallJ, I agree. It is about gender, and making sure a woman doesn’t get to be president.

    I agree also.

  100. Denise W YES!

  101. I accepted Hillary wouldn’t be our nominee in June.

    I am curious why would you have accepted that?

  102. I wanted to get this in early today. I tried to post a comment on CNN today regarding the women from Wisconsin that made the ad for McCain . This CNN article went up at 9:30 AM eastern standard time and about 9:40 AM central standard time CNN had closed the comments. There was not a single comment allowed. I thought I was the first, but when I tried to place my comments, it was declared closed. I wanted to make a statement to the effect, that it was not only a Clinton thing , but also the treatment of women by the media and the Obams surrogates and supporters, going unchallenged by the DNC and the rape ( I know firsthand as I live in Texas) of the Clinton campaign by the caucus states.

  103. The rules committee meeting re Michigan and Florida left no doubt the DNC has CHOSEN their candidate. It all coalesced on that day, I mean –most of us knew the fix was in, the MSM made it obvious and all supposedly “undeclared” DNC members were practically shouting Obama!(Momma Brazille, Nazi Nancy anyone?) but to bear witness to what occurred. To see Hillary being stripped of delegates, to see the pettiness of Obama and his thugs, knowing the fix was in, insist on stealing Hillary’s delegates.
    Like George Carlin said “behind every cynic is a disillusioned idealist” -I resigned myself that day to continue fighting, but prepare and accept the inevitable. I made peace that day with what my decision would be.

  104. I guess I am the type to fight until the end. (didn’t want to say ‘bitter’ end lol)

  105. To those people doing the raindances.
    It is supposed to rain in Colorado not California.
    I am in Hemet Ca and under a clear sky it is pouring rain. We do need the rain but I thought it was supposed to rain on the backtrack parade not my roof.
    Thank you.
    We will take down this bastardized version of the democratic party in November.



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