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Convention Low Lights and Open Thread

This is the most boring convention ever. How much are they paying for the music?

Tune into NO WE WON’T now instead?

Meanwhile, Does our Presumptive Nominee live in a glass house?

And more convention alternatives….


And later join our friend Matt at My Two Cents, more BlogTalkRadio to fill in the low points of the Democratic Convention:

Tonight is a special DNC Convention after party with review and discussion of the first day of the Democrat’s Convention in Denver! Special Guests: The Honorable Rev. David James Manning. Also Co-Founder of The Denver Group Marc Rubin! Topics: DNC Convention, Roll Call Vote, Clinton Vs. Obama, McCain Vs.Obama, Polls, Electoral Map, Etc!!!

Join Me[Matt] and my guest co-host Phillip Tonight at 11PM ET!!!


650 Responses

  1. I had to bring this up from downstairs, because I am still laughing.

    ROTFLMAO!!! From another blog:

    What time is Tacky O scheduled to speak? I don’t want to miss THAT.

    if she comes out in a chanel suit and pillbox hat i’ll shit.

  2. Good ad!
    Waiting for Sheri’s show to come back….

  3. Katiebird: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check your email!

  4. LMAO! That’s why I don’t watch – don’t want to change my bodily habits

  5. Switched over to CSPAN2, much better coverage. No filler crap from O’s Hos. Just call-ins from Pro-Hillary, Pro-Obama supporters when nothing going on – which is MOST of the time.

    Is it true that there will be an unfettered roll-call vote? Any info on that?

  6. Did they just take healthcare away from Hillary?

  7. They have milked, the Kennedy cow once to many times for me. The Kennedy era is over. Teddy you………………..SUCK.

  8. wmcb,

    Now that’s funny! No Jackie O, she. Just Michelle O – Oh-how-I-Hate-Women-Being-By-My-Man!!!

    Just ask Oprah – Michelle threw her under the bus for getting too close to the O.

  9. I do have to give it to Ted Kennedy. He looks good! After what he has been through, I have to give him alot of credit.

  10. McCain’s ad team is brilliant! I know they have much to work with, but they are hitting the notes that PUMAs would if we had the budget. I can’t help but admire it. They are going to rocket upwards in the polls with these great ads.

    Meanwhile, the humorless “me-too” Obama ads are as clumsy-looking as those bored convention folks attempting to groove to the soul music.

    God, when did our conventions become so Republican? Duh. I guess when our party did.

  11. I am trying to listen to the radio show, but don’t hear anything. Anyone know why?

  12. SM Done and check your email too!!

  13. IS there a show? I thought I heard talking…

  14. God, when did our conventions become so Republican? Duh. I guess when our party did.

    Touche, Joanie!

  15. WigWag,

    No attempt to insult you and I can respect your opinion, but I beg to differ. After everything he’s done to damage the Clinton’s reputation and Carter’s ability to run an effective presidency, I will never forgive him.

    Karma is a B*tch – with wet hair.

  16. SOD: In the tribute video, Teddy said he was looking forward to chairing the healthcare committee under President Obama.

  17. That closing would have made more sense at a Hillary Rally.

  18. masslib, I saw in the CHAT room that Sherri is looking for a better Internet connection.

  19. Ted Kennedy ………youi piece of crap…..you vindictive, ass. You swill, pewing …….etc …..etc. Still the one MY ASS.

  20. Bad enough Obama plans to give it to Teddy, but yet another public SLAP IN THE FACE to Hill, to put in the video and air it at the convention.

    These bastards don’t learn.

  21. Kennedy gave a good speech, but we are halfway into the first night of the convention and Hillary Clinton’s name has not been mentioned once by any of the speakers,

    She won 18 million votes. Sje won the primary in almost every reliably Democratic State and not one speaker has mentioned her name yet,


  22. Meg Whitman of eBay is a genius at marketing and is a close McCain advisor. She may be part of the ad strategies.

  23. I have been listing, printing and handing out weekly updates for my neighborhood on all of Obama’s sins for the last two weeks. Most people like getting them. Some don’t. Still, it feels good to do something to fight the MSM bias.

  24. Been trying to be nice and not say anything, but…

    Where in god’s name did they find this band? The Republic of Where-Shitty-Wedding-Bands-Go-To-Die-istan?

  25. I know that I am not objective, but if there is anyone here who can be objective; does this convention look flat? Do the delegates seem lukewarm to anyone?

  26. Every slap in the face he gives to Hillary only strengthens my resolve to help defeat him.

  27. Does David Gergen even know what the f@ck he’s talking about?

  28. kid–ha!!!

  29. Show is back on!

  30. WigWag: Let’s put it this way. I enjoyed being in labor much more than this thing.

  31. No, your right on the money – very flat.

  32. Here comes Claire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. It’s flat. There is not enough silicon in the wide world to make this puppy stand up and be perky.

  34. Shut up donna. You can’t even say something nice about somone and sound nice.

  35. Pat Johnson, LOL!!!!!

  36. Flat! This couldn’t get any flatter unless they brought David Hasselhoff on to sing another song.

  37. sometimes ass-fat works where silcon doesn’t.

  38. “No we won’t” show

  39. joaniebone: I wouldn’t know.

  40. CNN interviewing John Kerry, That would be Barack Obama’s doppelgänger.

  41. All I would need to decide how I am voting in November would be to tune in this trainwreck.

  42. Much appreciated by those folks freezing their ass’s off.

  43. I used to be chin-less, but now………..

  44. It’s against my religion to watch MSNBC. Does anyone know if anything interesting is happening over there?

  45. Does anyone remember how utterly exciting it was when Bill Clinton came out during Gore’s convention? And then, Gore and Tipper!

    Heinz looks like a crazy person.

  46. Kid: hah, good one!

    Leela: O’s hos. Have to remember that.

    Since I pulled the cable plug, I’m just wondering if anyone has announced finding the Book of Obama at a Dead Sea Scroll site?

    We can’t let poor JJJ get any angrier.

  47. joaniebone: I just fell off the chair!!

  48. Carol: I know you’re not dissing my girl, Teresa.

  49. (Waking up from my nap)

    And I’ve got the photos to prove it….

  50. Was her pastor Rev. Wright?

  51. I declared on the other thread: “These attendees look as tho BO has already dug up the cemetaries!”

  52. Brazile is talking about the petition.

  53. katiebird; That last comment was really funny unless I have actually become braindead from watching this swill.

  54. Carol; That comment just sent me into the bathroom!

  55. Poor Teresa deserves better; I like her, she’s plenty smart. How could she know John would turn out this way?

  56. WMCB, (squinting)

    I’m really uncomfortable with that comment. It’s not our sort of thing….

  57. Who the hell are these people???

  58. She said the Obama campaign is coordinating the petition circulation!

  59. This guy must be the chicken he woke up with in the alley in NYC.

  60. Sorry, katie.

    Mods, please remove my previous comment if the consensus is it’s offensive. I thought it was funny, but then I have a sick sense of humor.

  61. Donna Brazille asked if there is unity. She says “Clinton folks and Obama folks are working hand in hand.”

    She’s a liar and she is a moron.

  62. WMCB: those are funny as heck, but you can’t fool us. You’re just trying to get out of falling asleep watching TV.

  63. WMCB, I’m no priss, but that comment is out of bounds.

    I know you didn’t mean it.

  64. WigWag: yeh, using their hands to push us over the cliff. Jeez, she should have been fired soooooo long ago.

    Mustn’t go on a Donna diatribe, musn’t go on a ….

  65. Did something happen to Tom Harkin?

  66. More like “fighting hand-to-hand”

    My money is on the Hillbots

  67. Three networks picking up coverage now.

  68. My tush has joined my brain in going numb.

  69. What’s up?

  70. Thanks, WMCB — I’ve deleted it.

  71. Jesus, this thing is a snore fest.

  72. Alright! “My Name Is Earl” is on now!

  73. I broke my pledge and turned on MSNBC for a moment. The level of stupidity of Olbermann and Matthews is just stunning to behold.

  74. Pat, who is Tom Harkin?

  75. regency: The last speaker who started his speech in sign language.

  76. Pat- is that a result of your cranial ass-fat transplant?

  77. “Barack Obama campaigned in Iowa just days before claiming the party’s presidential nomination, while his representatives worked with former rival Hillary Rodham Clinton’s camp on a deal to give her some votes in the roll call for the nomination — but to then quickly end the process in a show of unanimous acclamation for Obama.”

    Looks like it will be a sham of a roll call. We wouldn’t want democracy to overshadow the convention.

    Mountain Sage

  78. Repub Jim Leach is speaking

  79. Ed loves it!

  80. By the time it gets to MO I may need a transfusion.

  81. He sure has spent a lot of time with his hands on your head!

  82. parentofed,

    your last comment cracked me up!

  83. He refers to it as his “little ottoman”. Touching.

  84. Considering how Biden introdiced his wife, I’m amazed Kennedy ddin’t trot out his secretary and try to get big yuks by announcing “I didn’t hire her for her typing.”

    The Democratic Party, kicking it old school.

    Tom Harkin’s the Senator from Iowa who ran for President sometime.

  85. KO is trying to find out if Hillary will stop the roll call vote!

    Hillary, please stop causing Batman and Robin to Sh*t their diapers! What whining ass b*tches these 2 are!

  86. 2 hours and 8 minutes into prime time coverage and not one mention by any speaker of the candidate who secured the most votes.


  87. Are all 600+ members of congress scheduled to speak?

  88. Okay I was flipping between NFL and Closer/Grace and put it on Fox.

    Kee-rist! That looks like a bored bunch of folks there in Denver.

    I think I’ll go back to Saving Grace.

  89. Okay, I am going to try to stay classy now. (Charles, I try, I really try) It’s just that crude humour really seems to help evaporate my anger.

  90. CNN announced: Tomorrow night, Hillary Clinton gets her moment. Watch it here…
    WTF? Her moment?

  91. Seriously, now that’s seriously funny!

  92. This guy has been on so long I forgot who he is talking about. Hints?

  93. commenter (female) talking about Kennedy passing baton to obama. WHAT THE HELL ABOUT THE CLINTONS!!

  94. I am going to have to up the number of kegals I do daily with this crowd. I can’t hold my water!

  95. Anderson Cooper said the convention is seriously dry.

    Carville just said if the Democrats have a message I haven’t heard any of it tonight. He’s seriously criticizing Obama’s convention.

    He said I’m about to jump out of the chair I’m so mad!


  96. When Donna talks about petitions, acclaimation, watch out……..something wicket, this way comes.

  97. That’s Claire’s son and his sisters, Heidi and Gretel.

  98. Okay 4th quarter and game tied Seattle/SD 10/10

  99. MSNBC What’s her face is having a fist fight with Pat.

  100. Please tell me those aren’t Claire McCaskill’s kids. This is pathetic.

  101. You got 4 nights theres no messagem no sense the party has a sense of urgency. They are blowing 25 percent of the convention.

    Donna Brazille sitting next to him is dying!

  102. I Loooooove Jimmy! Always have!

  103. Are you guys actually watching this thing? Good grief! Good for you.

    I watched Brenda Leigh Johnson, and now I’m watching the South Park kids wax poetic about who took the biggest cr*p.

    It’s freaking Shakespeare compared to the Convention, from the sound of things…:-)

  104. Gergen says the night needs to be rescued and that if it isn’t, viewers won’t come back.

    This is great!

  105. WigWag: I love James C!!

  106. bostonboomer,

    aren’t those the kids that talked her into supporting BO because he was so “cool”? Good, grief!

  107. And Gergen’s in the tank for Obama, so coming from him…

  108. Pat: You bet they’re all speaking. They think this is their reward for supporting Precious in return for overthrowing the will of the voters. They didn’t know he did the same deal to every other member of Congress.

  109. madamab: The Weather Channel has more drama than this.

  110. Heh heh heh. I love that the Hillaryites are pooping all over the Convention. They are P*O’ed!


    I think it’s awesome. Brianna, BEAUTIFUL JOB!

  112. Claire is on using the word “American” in every sentence.

  113. Are you guys listening to the stream? Obama’s putting Teddy in charge of health care reform.

  114. It pisses me off so much they have time for Jim Leach , a former GOP congressman and WJC basher extraordinaire to drone on, but no time Wes Clark or Charlie Rangel to speak. This is such an insult to the Clintons…whoes next? Paula Jones?
    My fury knows no bounds

  115. Ooooh, ooooh, PJ! Is it a cirrus cloud? A cumulus cloud? I’m dying of anticipation!

  116. Wes & Charlie been ‘buked and scorned

  117. liveblogging on iPhone from cheesman park – RD hit it out of the park, literally. So, so wish you all were here! Lots of photos & bid coming tho!

  118. I’m watching the South Park kids wax poetic about who took the biggest cr*p.

    It’s freaking Shakespeare compared to the Convention

    Madamab, don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  119. I just put my daughter to bed -I’m boycotting the DNC jerks who stole the election with voter fraud.

    Sorry – I can only take so much. I can’t watch them.

  120. I won’t be watching Hillary tomorrow because makes me wince each time she says “… elect Barack Obama president of the US”. It hurts.

    I will rely on the rest of you to give a blow by blow account of the good parts.

  121. Tom Harkin is a wimpy senator from Iowa who supported The One early on. It looks to me like the only people who are getting to speak are those who supported Obama. No one who supported Hillary will be allowed anywhere near the podium. I wonder if Charlie Rangel is beginning to regret urging Hillary to suspend her campaign?

  122. The crowd finally settled done. It’s because they blacked out from boredom!

  123. madamab: A tsunami! And not in a good way. Can you say boring? Uninspired? This is it.

  124. SophieL, it is statling that a loyal democrat such as James is on live TV saying the Democratic Convention sucks so far!

    You gotta watch it,

    Wolf Blitzer “Democrats have effectively wasted the first night of their convention.”


  125. Oh goody, Anderson C. assured us there won’t be any commercial breaks during Michelle’s sappy speech.

  126. YAY! Eleanor! Can’t wait to see the photos!

  127. Telegrams are coming in from all those speakers who were told to stay home. Jackson Sr., Rangel, Clark. They telegrams contain two words: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Still4Hill – Ummmm….isn’t he dying of cancer? No disrespect, but, that doesn’t send the best message…

  129. Anderson Cooper, as a TV show this convention is terrible. Brazille trying to resuce it and failing miserably.

    This makes me so happy!

  130. Donna Brazille, STFU. Please.

  131. “RD hit it out of the park, literally”

    Eleanor, Do tell!

  132. What does James expect, he thought there would be a message? “Uhhh uhhh ummmm” is a little nebulous.

  133. Michelle has to be next.

  134. madamab – I know! But he’s passing over Hillary even for that.

  135. Okay Ms. Claire – do the words McCain +10 mean anything to you?

  136. “Millions of viewers of at home really looking for something and they’re not getting it”

    James Carville
    August 25, 2008

  137. Boston Boomer: Charlie Rangel, one of the MOST HIGHEST – if not the HIGHEST congressmen who happens to be African-American will not have a televised speech.

    Just because he went for Hillary.

    It’s bullshit.

  138. No one who supported Hillary will be allowed anywhere near the podium.

    Of course not! This is the all B.O. convention. The Clintons are the vanquished (for now). But Donna, Barky, Dean and the others might want to check back on that after the election.

  139. Here’s the Michelle Obama video. Please pass out the air sickness bags immediately.

  140. It’s a massacre

  141. Is Michelle’s brother still introducing her? That could be entertaining. Based on the quotes I’ve read from him he’s an incredible boor.

  142. WigWag – we didn’t get it wither in the election,

    (ps: KEEP IT COMING!)

  143. THIS is disgusting. I DO NOT care about the Obama’s love story.

  144. We are seeing the death throes of the Dem party. I have often wondered what the party would be like without the Clintons. It isn’t pretty .

  145. For something interesting turn on MTV’s The Hills.

  146. WCMB — I just got the Jackie O reference (pill box hat) LMAO!! Oh dear. ..

  147. WigWag: Well, of course it’s dry, Anderson Cooper. The only thing that held all these speakers together is Clinton-hate, and that’s a no-no during the actual speeches on TV. Now, don’t worry, there will plenty of juicy hate flowing later tonight.

    Jeez, to think they tossed Aaron Brown for this dweeb.

  148. How’s this for a message?

    “If you can’t crap out the crap, it’s not really a crap.”

    — Randy Marsh, South Park

  149. No discussion of health care, no discussion of foreign policy, now discussion of tax policy, no discussion of Iraq, no discussion of deficits, no discussion of unemployment, no criticism of Bush.

    Right now they are regaling us with stories about how Michelle and Barack met.

    I could have planned a better convention than this.

    These folks are nuts!

  150. Saw Barky talking about MO (knew how to treat a woman ???) so flipped back to football/saving grace.

  151. I know SM, and Charlie Rangel is the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. He’s one powerful guy. I wouldn’t want to piss him off, but I guess BO thinks Nancy will take care of him. Good luck getting rid of Charlie R., Nancy.

  152. Did you catch in the video, when BO said MO told him he really knew how to treat a woman? Yeah, we got that early on……….

  153. Football, UsOpen, The Hills or Michelle Obama???? What to choose…

  154. This is the most pathetic convention I have ever seen.

  155. Katiebird — I agree. Why do we have to hear about the candidates’s spouse’s family and upbringing? Is there ANY precedent for this?

  156. Could someone please chew up Michelle’s speech first and THEN spit it into my mouth? It’s been said that I eat “just like a bird”!

  157. On the stream a woman just said they are “bitch-slapping” Hillary

  158. WigWag, where is Carville? CNN?

  159. Well that was the most gratuitous video.

  160. Michelle – First Lady? NONONO

  161. Does anyone in Denver remember the phrase that won for the Democrats the last time they won the presidency;

    It’s the economy stupid!

  162. Status quo as a platform — anyone hear anything different?

  163. TCM: Spellbound, G. Peck and Ingrid Bergman. Haven’t seen this one in awhile.

  164. Why are they talking about Obama’s love for Michelle?

    Four days of this?

    Now we know that they really want to lose.

  165. is the picture on crookandliars really the stage in Denver?? It looks more like a Las Vegas show.

    But from what i’ve been hearing from y’all, it’s not a good show.

  166. They are trying way too hard to amek Michell sound normal. Why the hard sell? Isn’t she already normal? Makes you wonder when you get the hard sell…

  167. does she look pregnant?

  168. Michelle Obama’s brother just complimented her for memorizing every episode of the Brady Bunch. (I’m not kidding)

    This is just laughable!

  169. Because she reminds him so much of Jackie O.

  170. sophie – she was his FIRST pod person – not normal

  171. hehe Fred…i was watching that, too.

  172. I hope it is required at BO camp for all of the stupid little clones to watch this sh*t!

  173. ben: She is not on yet.

  174. Ooo Ooo…I memorized every episode of the Brady Bunch AND the Partridge Family. Does that mean I get to be first lady?

  175. Every episode of the Brady Bunch, you say? That’s invaluable for a would-be first lady.

  176. We kept saying the Obamas only care about me, me, me, me, but oh, no, no, no the DNC wouldn’t listen.

  177. The newest form of torture at Gitmo is forcing inmates to watch the Democratic Convention.

    Mountain Sage

  178. I am so glad you guys are watching this for me. Truly, I have no stomach for it.

  179. switched to CNN, saw MO’s bro and flipped back to TCM

  180. WigWag – We are witnessing the triumph of mediocrity.

    George Bush has done his work well.

  181. Who cares????

  182. I just got an email from MO

  183. “when BO said MO told him he really knew how to treat a woman”

    All we need is John Stossel, his 70’s pron moustache, and maybe an animal print rug for 70’s Night to be complete. Stossel is a Republican, but then so is Obama.

  184. Her brother is talking about “beavers”. Is that really appropriate?

  185. Love fest?

    Hey DNC & OBAMA: GET A ROOM!!!

  186. joaniebone: Even we could not do this mess justice.

  187. “WigWag, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:32 pm Said:

    Michelle Obama’s brother just complimented her for memorizing every episode of the Brady Bunch. (I’m not kidding)”

    I guess for MO, Hillary is the new Marsha.

  188. #
    Pat Johnson, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:34 pm Said:

    Who cares????

    ’bout what?

  189. oh….for the love of god. confident but not cocky? team player? wont back down?

  190. MS – lol – worse than water-boarding

  191. Dammit, Mountain Sage. I’ve just spit coffee all over my screen.

  192. If all you want is an ice cream cone, Barack is your guy!

  193. didn’t Hillary say she would stand with us?

  194. It’s not as bad watching it since I have all of you here to tell when they say stupid shit.

  195. Carol: ??

  196. Cindy – marsha marsha marsha!

  197. Oh brother! Craig is one of the worst speakers I’ve ever heard.

  198. Fredster: I was addressing the brother’s comments about himself.

  199. MO has Nancy’s earrings on.

  200. Memorized the Brady Bunch. Puhleeze.

    In the meantime, Cindy McCain is en route to Georgia to do some serious work with the UN World Food program, and meet with the Georgian president.

  201. every channel is panning this as the biggest yawn ever

  202. She has her tongue hanging out of the corners of her mouth.

  203. okie doke carol

  204. Michelle’s sweater, dowdy as it is, CLASHES with the background blue—how can they make that mistake?

  205. Personally, I’m hoping my fellow Conflucians can do the interpreting for me. I’m saving it for Hill & Bill.

    My PUMA 60-something year old Domincan mom who is a stanch Democrat, is watching her Telenovelas on Telemundo, because she made her mind up long time ago that she’s not voting for Obama.

  206. She’s speaking just like Oprah does when she is trying to speak in serious moments.

  207. You really can’t make this stuff up, can you?

  208. Her voice clashes with my nerves

  209. Sophie…they don’t get it.

  210. Can’t forgive the brother for being so nasty, anyway. See, he has to play nice here, but it’s soooo un-natural for him, like a kid wearing a tie & new suit to the funeral for Great Unca Paul.

  211. Is Reno 911 on?

  212. Why is she talking about her brother? I don’t get it. What is the point of this?

  213. Is ME-chelle wearing the pink faux-Chanel suit and the plastic giant pearls?

  214. sm – Tell me, is mom a “Decisiones” fan? Or more “Pasion de Gavilanes”?

  215. This is ridiculous!

  216. Futurama

    My Name is Earl is on TBS

  217. I wonder if the average viewer knows that Jim Leach was a House Impeachment manager?
    The insults to the Clintons have reached the pscyhedelic stage. Am I dropping acid?
    It’s as if the GOP decided to purge itself of all things Reagan.

  218. Dakinikat: Did you see the T.P. restaurant review of “The Country Club” ? 😆

    I was there plenty “during the day”, but nevah for the cuisine!!

  219. Oh no. It’s a sob story. Get out your handkerchiefs.

  220. I wonder if Michelle memorized every episode of Mr, Ed. After all that would make her a horses ass.

  221. myiq – watching Futurama too…:-)

  222. madamab: She is in very expensive off the shoulder sheath in green.

  223. Oregon State Beavers

    “me and Craig” – she went to Princeton and Harvard you know!

  224. 👿

  225. Sex in the City comes on after Earl

  226. She just said “funny name”. Do they really think we are amused?

  227. Okay, we get it, you’re devoted to your family because that’s the American Dream. And did I mention, we are sooooo normal.

  228. Hi, madamab: just stole a peek out of morbid curiosity. No pink suit tonight. A teal sweatery thing with a rather odd broach. The Closer was good tonight, wasn’t it?

  229. Michelle is telling us how much she loves her mom, her grandmother, her family. Look I’m sure they are great!

    But I love my family too, Can I be first lady?

  230. PJ – What a waste of money.

  231. He never had a full time job to my knowledge.

  232. glad I got Season 2 of That Girl just so I can look at the London fashions that came in that season, otherwise this would be a real loss.

  233. Looks like M.O. gives good teleprompter. 😳

  234. I am SO SICK of this just like you line – – why don’t we ever hear what he is going to do and how? – Oh – right – he’s not debating Hillary any more.

  235. “Your word is your bond. You do what you say you’re gonna do.” Like filibuster the FISA bill?

  236. I’m impressed—she got that whole contrived sentence out without tripping over the awkward syntax.

  237. aw .. sheesh .. the bs is flying now .. ..

    omg .. “his family & mine – just alike .. oh. sure.


    dems think the people are stupid .

  238. Barack worked to rebuild communities after the steel plants closed, I guess that would be before he befriended all the slum lords,

  239. Poe – where do you find That Girl???? I love that show. Remember the Inky Dinky?

  240. Miss Tina Knowles’ fashion show on HSN featuring Collen Lopez is more riveting television than the DNC Follies.

  241. Jules – It was great! Hubby and I were crying. That show is really fine.

  242. I’m sorry. I just can’t take hearing about the community organizing for the 1,000th time. I’m putting her on mute.

  243. This is so boring, I can’t believe it. It really is pathetic and you almost feel sorry for them all. THIS is supposed to be “getting to know” this empty suit? All the people in the audience aren’t even paying attention.

  244. All of her hand moments are the exact same as Wright’s. No JOKE.

  245. Barack has more to say than Ed! I am impressed.

  246. This is so rehearsed and so insincere and so not working.

  247. WigWag: o, you are so bad.

  248. sod – listening – nice of him

  249. Wasn’t it interesting that Ann Marie and Mary Richards ended up with the same man?

  250. When rhetoric is all you’ve got, you go with what you’ve got.

  251. There has been no discussion at all this entire night about what, exactly Democrats want to do for America. It has all been a big personality cult fest.

    Caroline: Let’s celebrate Me! And My life story!

    Teddy: Let’s celebrate ME! And my life STORY!

    Michelle: Lets celebrate ME! And my life STORY!

    Is this a political convention or a freaking LifeTime TV special???

  252. Don’t see any earrings.

  253. SweetieSue!, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    That’s a special insult for just for Party elders
    who know exactly who Jim Leach is and was….These people are such bastards .

  254. “All of her hand moments are the exact same as Wright’s. No JOKE”

    That’s where barack got the jabbing finger down gesture, too.

    20 years – no joke

  255. The floor cops have all be requested to go home. “Nothin’ here to worry about.”

    Well, some have been left to wake up those that are snoring.

  256. Wow…Michelle said “Hillary Clinton.”

  257. First Hillary Clinton mention,

    Huge cheer,

    To bad it came from such a bitch!

  258. She just dared to say Hillary Clinton.


  259. Yes, Annetoo, they really are-petty, cruel bastards.

  260. SweetieSue: checked it out from my public library, but I may have to buy it all for myself. They have Season 1, too. Cool, huh?


  261. I am totally unimpressed with this speech. It’s not only dull but it’s self absorbed.

  262. Very Huge Cheer

  263. WMCB, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    lol !

  264. Now for the litany of names and the applause. This should fill up 5 minutes worth of time.

  265. Wow…Michelle said “Hillary Clinton.”

    In a nice way?

  266. ohoh – she loves this country!! Lies!

  267. “I’m just like you” is the Obacode for “if you don’t vote for me you’re r#cist.” This is what passes for campaign strategy from the Great and Powerful Wuz.

  268. Yes Fred, she praised her for the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling

  269. She loves this country and they are on their feet. Easily pleased crowd.

  270. “She loves this country”

    This country has given her so much.

    Do you believe it?


    Just got a call from PUMA-SF, she’s heading to Cheesman Park now. San Fran PUMAs are all over Denver prowling!

  272. I wish there was a good Lifetime movie on like: A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story with Meredith Baxter.

  273. She gave up her job for community service at 300,000 a year. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  274. WMCB – YEAH!!!! That’s exactly, EXACTLY it.

    What the F*CK is wrong with them? It’s just so, so, narcissistic and disgusting.

  275. If she starts ranting about “whitey” I’ll watch, otherwise I’m sticking with Earl

  276. ben: A Burning Bed with Farrah!

  277. I’ve never watched Jewelry Television before…..I like it. they are selling Diamond Simulant Sterling Silver Ring. They say it’s “crunch time on sizes.” So call now.

  278. Pat .. I got into a ‘screeching match about that subject .. just last eve..

    ‘he has been running for pres forever .. even when he taught 3 classes ..

    From the University of Chicago ..

    From 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Barack Obama served as a professor in the Law School. He was a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year. Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as professors, although not full-time or tenure-track. The title of Senior Lecturer is distinct from the title of Lecturer, which signifies adjunct status. Like Obama, each of the Law School’s Senior Lecturers has high-demand careers in politics or public service, which prevent full-time teaching. Several times during his 12 years as a professor in the Law School, Obama was invited to join the faculty in a full-time tenure-track position, but he declined.


    I loved this one from the JP ..

    The audacity of resume-padding (or, why Obama makes things up)


  279. bucket please – people are CRYING!!??

  280. SweetieSue: Yeah, when Mary dated Ted Bissel, there was some kind of funny reference, he said something like he had been dating some girl for a long time but it was over. Can’t remember it exactly.

  281. WMCB, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    smartest comment of the night!

  282. No–he only cares if you supported Hilalry or him

  283. I feel like crying too.

  284. Okay, I’m now watching without sound. MO is channeling Oprah, without a doubt. Phonier than a three-dollar bill.

  285. How did the Hillary comment go over? Did the roof fall in?

  286. Her speech pattern includes the repetive word, “see” before every point she wants to make. Like we cannot on our own.

  287. edwardian, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:39 pm Said:
    sm – Tell me, is mom a “Decisiones” fan? Or more “Pasion de Gavilanes”?

    LOL! She’s now a 9-10pm watcher of the UMPTEENTH version of Doña Barbara with Edith González – BTW, it just started and she’s just enthralled by it.

  288. whitey tape tomorrow

  289. Barry doesn’t care if your gun loving, bible toting, red neck.

  290. “Cindy McCain is en route to Georgia to do some serious work with the UN World Food program, and meet with the Georgian president.”

    That woman needs to lean her place. We would never allow that in our party. Meeting with Presidents gives the girls ideas. Bad ideas.

  291. Here it goes

  292. She does that fake hand movement, face scowl thing that’s supposed to make it look like she just realized something and is sharing it with us as it comes to her. So contrived.

  293. People are now crying. They must have looked at their watches and noticed this shit is going on for another 8 minutes.

  294. all the crying…I’m becoming a Republican…I just cant take this. I have it without sound. Much better.

  295. Phony. Here come the tears from her. This time, I am really proud of my country.

  296. I think this says it all about what I’ve seen so far:

    “when ones perception of reality is fast spiralling inwards, one is in danger of disappearing up one’s own ass”

  297. Thanks for suffering through the Lifetime Movie version of democracy for the rest of us. On a good note:

    Guess who’s going to look and sound really presidential after this snooze-fest tomorrow night?

  298. Cindy McCain is en route to Georgia to do some serious work with the UN World Food program, and meet with the Georgian president.”

    That woman needs to lean her place. We would never allow that in our party. Meeting with Presidents gives the girls ideas. Bad ideas.

    But Georgia doesn’t have a prez, it has a guv. Is she going to Atlanta? g r o a n

  299. Sill4Hill – They’re crying because they want to go home!

  300. No pregnancy mention. I really thought it was coming but she faked me out!

  301. hey all that blog talk is a great show tonight!


  302. That Asian lady didn’t look too happy.

  303. Isn’t she lovely?

  304. She strikes me as a great big phony. At least she didn’t announce a pregnancy.

  305. Anybody have any alka seltzer?

  306. Bet Tweetie is beyond help at this moment. Tears, tears, tears. Jesshh!

  307. okay, that song is a bit over the top

  308. I do say that oldest daugher is stunning. The little one just made a snatchy face like her mothers.

  309. Pat,

    Was her community service job the one where she designed the ad campaign to get poor black people to stop going to the emergency room for health care? Or was it the job in the mayor’s office where she was able to get the mansion she wanted taken off the list of historic sites so she could buy it with help from convicted felon Tony Rezko?

  310. SophieL: With the amount of money spent on the makeover, I suppose.

  311. F U Z Z Y!!! Where ya been?

  312. Big Brother on the TV screen

  313. Half the room is crying and the other half looks bored to tears.

  314. What the hell is this PROME night

  315. Who the hell planned this convention?

  316. Conflucians – Brianna is the one that created the Bear vs. Puma & PUMA WINS video above”

    Please give her a Conflucian hug!

  317. fuzzy was w/ Sheri

  318. hey all troll free tonight?

    fuzzybear tonight?

  319. Okay, I smell C E L E B R I T I E S.

  320. Oh no! Barack just called Michelle “sweetie.” I guess he calls all women that.

  321. AWK! He’s in Kansas City (barf)

  322. I hate this shit. Michelle Obama is a brilliant, shrewd woman. That she got played like this–what a waste of a woman.

  323. Leah Daughtry planned this convention

  324. I thought he said he was in Kansas City. Now it is St Louis.


  326. They planted the cryers. There will be fainters during BO’s turn.

    The vomiters were taken to the back.

  327. This convention is like a gigantic in joke for people who know each other a little two well. And it’s designed to leave everyone else out.

  328. My husband, an academic and possible hold-the-nose-and-vote-for-Oh-Oh, just made my evening:

    He was walking the halls of his college today and a female professor called to him across the hall:

    “That’s it, I’m staying home on November 4.”

    He was on his way to visit another female colleague. He got up to her office. She said the same thing:

    I can no longer do it. I can’t vote for this arrogant fraud. I’m saying home.”

    He went to visit his mother, a lifelong Reublican who was going to vote for Hillary, who told him she was now voting for McCain. She said she had just spoken to her two sisters-in-law, lifelong Democrats, who will now vote for McCain.

    Anecdotal? Of course. Indicative. Yes.

    None of these women are fringe, abnormal, or insane.

    I will repeat:

    Ignore women at your peril.

    Refuse to let women represent women (and men) at your peril.

    Suppress the aspirations of women at your peril.

    Brush women off your shoulder at your peril.

    Blather on about “change” that doesn’t include women at your peril.

    Insult, dismiss, disparage, bully, belittle women at your peril.

    Attempt to succeed without women at your peril.

    I will remember in November.

    Women will remember in November.

    Millions will remember in November.

  329. Cindy McCain doing charity work in Africa and now to Georgia (near Russia) and Michelle Obama can remember Brady Bunch Episodes.



  330. He ised the word sweetie but I guess it was okay. He was talking to his daughter.

    That’s right Barack, you can call your daughter sweetie, You can;t call adult women reporters sweetie

  331. ben carlson, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:49 pm Said:

    LOL! Don’t pull out those credit cards Ben!

  332. SweetieSue: Re Miss Tina & Colleen on HSN, did you read my post this morning? Last night these 2 were on HSN, and this AA woman calls in and says “Just think we may have a black president this fall and now we have Miss Tina.” omigod, I thought Colleen would pass out.

    Me, I’m a little tired of this identity politics stuff. Was it Madamab who said earlier that this primary is just because some people want to vote for a black man? There comes a time when voting for the best person has to take precedence. Do we have to vote in every statistical permutation? I don’t mind voting for Asian, Latino, Native American, Jew, Polish, anyone…..give me a qualified, experienced person we can reasonably trust. Note to DNC: that ain’t Precious.

  333. Everybody loves everybody!!!!!!

  334. The kids are screwing up Obama. He had to think and talk at the same time

  335. Does this remind anyone of Rudy Giuliani getting the “spontaneous” phone call from his wife while making a speech?

    Wolf thinks it was “touching.”

  336. She doesn’t look preggo to me…just like she’s put on a few pounds.

  337. ick.

  338. Eh-oh PO. Eh-oh Tinkie-Winkie.

  339. She spoke of Hillary – very nicely … and I had been almost ready to forgive her. And followed it up by a tribute to Joe Biden in the same breath.

    Must concede though that she looks very beautiful and elegant. She speaks well too.

    You know PUMAs I would actually like this woman if I did not remember that comment of hers about Hillary … if she cannot keep her own house … the one where she implied that when a married man cheats on his wife, it is the wife’s failure. A woman who has forgiven a cheating spouse does not deserve high office. When I remember that I want to slap her.

  340. Am I the only one that noticed that BO first said he was in St. Louis and then said he was in Kansas City?

  341. I guess Obama should be President because Michelle loves him.

    John King says James Clayburn was transfixed, No he wasn’t he was brain dead

  342. yeah pointing out:that there is no provision for replacing the nominee if they should withdraw after the convention in the DNC Rules-

    If a candidate withdraws or is forced out of the nomination after he has been nominated by his party or even dies there is no provision in the consitution for replacing lthem…it would be a mess.


  343. Wasn’t Rangel the guy who stabbed Hillary in the back and told her to quit because she hadn’t grovelled enough to the Precious? I mean, tough luck. Yeah, it’s disloyal of Obama not to reward his duplicity, but then again, tough luck on Rangel for trusting Obama to reward his backstabbing. And yes, I know Rangel was in a tough position, but I don’t care, trying to force her to quit went over the line imo.

  344. Gergen is getting drunker as the night goes on. Said MO rescued the evening. Also said she reached out to Hillary’s supporters.

  345. Help us figure out how to fix this party and elect Hillary.

  346. Magdalena – DAMN RIGHT SISTAH!

    Fear the righteous anger of women who have been told to sit down and shut up ONE TOO MANY TIMES!

    PofE – yes, that was me. (blush)

  347. Yes Gergen was doing bong hits during the Michelle Obama speech. That’s the only way to explain his idiotic comments.

  348. Feh, I know a lot of women like her. Women in the non-profit world that she occupies. They speak very well when they talk about themselves. I actually liked her better before this because now I think she is a great big phony.

  349. Hello all! I had to get away from the teevee.

    Coming here feels like sinking into the most confortable chair in the room.
    Thanks for the refuge!

  350. You know if this was Hill’s show, it would be all about how she’s going to help US…yeah, remember us??
    We are getting a look inside the DNC bubble. It’s awful

  351. taw: Nancy Pelosi’s in charge … does it suprise you that is hour after hour of nothing?

  352. anne – right about that

  353. I am just one big hunk of cynical blob! But frankly, this is just awful. With no significant resume or a background in anything, this is just 4 nights of garbage thrown up against the wall hoping something sticks. Waste of time,money, interest.

  354. magdelena, powerful post.

  355. CMT is showing “20 Greatest Redneck Moments”

    I watching to see how many of my relatives are on it.

  356. magdalena, I am hearing similar, from everywhere. We’ve had it with this kabuki dance.

  357. Jeffrey Toobin, CNN

    “We didn’t hear one word about why we should throw the bums out.”

    Here, here!

  358. I used to like Michelle Obama too, because she was smart and forceful. Then, I realized what a giant r*cist snob she is after hearing how she speaks to people about going out of their comfort zones and how America is ignorant and how electing Barack is the only thing America can do to prove it’s not r*cist.

    That was kind of a turnoff.

  359. Toobin’s criticizing the tone – not enuff anti-Bush

  360. Jeffrey Toobin is criticizing the failure to attack GW Bush. Toobin has been totally in the tank for Obama, but he’s not happy with tonight.

  361. Pat, that’s what Wolf, Anderson, David Gergen, and James Carville were saying … absolutely a buried message and no talk of what they can do for the average person…

    it’s all about ME ME ME … fat cats of the DNC

  362. Also said she reached out to Hillary’s supporters.

    How–by mentioning Hillary’s name? Too little too late *sweetie*.

    This whole night sounds like the effort to “introduce BO to America.” As if we haven’t seen enough of him for the past year. This is obviously their idea of helping the voters “get to know Barack.”

    I think the 527’s have a different plan for that.

  363. madamab – she flip-flops too – she hates America- she loves America
    my sister my daughter my sister my daughter – SLAP!

  364. madamab: absolutely.

  365. Yay, Jeffrey Toobin!

    In fact, we haven’t heard enough of that for the past 2 years, thanks to Nancy “No Impeachment!” Pelosi!

    Honestly, they think they’ve already won the GE. There is no need to win over the voters. They are simply taking four nights to congratulate themselves on their awesomeness.

  366. hey did they ever get the right color palettes for the convention food and proper organic suppliers?

  367. Her speech was a well rehearsed dramatic piece designed to show their “humanity” and how much they are like us. Only we do not hate the Clinton’s. They do.

  368. Watching that band afterwards and that music…i thought…the Dems have lost their minds. they are going down big time.

  369. new name for Matthew’s show: HAIRBALL

  370. Hi everyone. I just checked in to see if I had missed anything of interest. The Hubby wanted to watch something exciting so he turned on something about the Spartans on the History channel. I am boycotting all convention coverage as a part of my protest.

  371. I got that, too, Pat ; everyone announced he was in Kansas City; when he came on the screen, he said he was in Kansas City; THEN, he told his daughter he was at some nice people’s house in St. Louis!!!! Huh? Oh yeah, here’s another faux paux – I thought that this daughter asked what state he was in. HE replied “Kansas City”. Uh, that’s a city, not a state.

  372. well, tuesday is HIllary’s day … we’ll hear the real deal then

  373. Seriously, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:59 pm Said:

    Wasn’t Rangel the guy who stabbed Hillary in the back and told her to quit because she hadn’t grovelled enough to the Precious?….”

    yeah but you would think that would get him a spot in the BO love fest. But no, they wanted his spot for one of the GOP bastards who directed the impeachment of Bill Clinton! I’m not missing Rangel … I’m saying even when you goose step for them, you get shafted….because they are too busy shitting on Bill again to fit you in..

  374. SOD: I don’t forget either of them. But neither can make me as angry as the one I mentioned. How can one woman do this to another?

    In fact without that comment, right now I would actually wish this woman played on our side, I would be ready to respect her. May be someday she will remember that comment of hers and cringe with shame. May be she already does.

  375. sorry I am not trans fixed by Ms O I am staring at her and going over my grocery list!


    I am sure Donna B wants to jump her in some naughty way! since she has again been rebuffed by Oprah

  376. I think we must therefore rename the proceedings:

    The MEdocratic Convention.

  377. WigWag: Well, Clyburn knows Precious will help cover-up his nepotism in regards to all those earmarks, and even help him do more to help those poor black families in the Deep South – who just all happen to be his own!

  378. Still4Hill – LOL!

    Thanks for the giggle!

  379. Nothing about helping others…just about what a great family they are. That just doesn’t play well in this country any more. We are too cynical.

  380. It’s demeaning to Hillary to have Michelle talk about her.

  381. “In fact, we haven’t heard enough of that for the past 2 years, thanks to Nancy “No Impeachment!” Pelosi!”
    New ticket:
    Clinton/Kucinich (guts to impeach – deserves reward)

  382. Magdalena, great comment and anecdote-thanks.
    parentofed, I did see that this AM and believe me-gaffes aside-Tina and Colleen are a whole lot more entertaining than the convention.
    I loved That Girl. She was my ideal. Do you remember that last season when Marlo Thomas went totally braless for all thirteen episodes. I knew there was a revolution brewing! Now, if I can only remember what inky dinky meant. Was that the password that Ann and Donald had when the necking was getting too hot and heavy and veering towards petting?

  383. By the way, lots of new names showing up in the blog sites.

  384. Chris Wallace is saying the same thing as Toobin. He says the American people want to know about America’s future, not the Obama’s past. He says that was Obama’s criticism of Clinton.

  385. A stirring speech by Michell? C’mon Wolf! Or did it get good while I was in the bathroom?

  386. If I had to shell out a couple of thousand dollars to go to Denver as a delegate and be part of this mess I would be sorely disappointed. And I got a feeling that tonight is the highlight of the whole four dreary days. How many people are going to be dragged onstage and tell of of he wonder of Barack?

  387. Wolf – stirring speech?

  388. All right everyone, thanks for watching so I didn’t have to. Hugs, kisses and Fuzzybear blessings to you all. May tomorrow be a brighter day!

  389. The only thing more boring that this convention was the PBS coverage of this convention. PBS coverage is so flat, so dull and so insipid it is hard to believe.

    If anything David Brooks and Mark Shields are even dumber than the cable TV crowd.

  390. C Anderson is looking at Wolf like he’s on the bong

  391. When M.O. suddenly blurted out “people like Hillary Clinton!”…and then “that’s why I love my country” …it was flat-out embarassing!

  392. cookie: PUMA sites?

  393. Pat: that ‘See’ preamble sounds just like Bush, doesn’t it? We’re too stupid to understand [no Ivy League education for us] so they have to treat us like idiots.

  394. Do they give these Opinionators Female Hormones right before they go on?

  395. Billy Ray Cyrus and the Achy-Breaky Heart came in at #17

    Hee Haw was #19

    That’s just not right!

  396. I meant Anderson C –

  397. Here’s the thing: RD said it so profoundly a few months ago…America does not want a ‘teachable moment’ on Race. And that is what the D party is insisting on giving America. And that is why they will lose. They are comfortable in who they are.

  398. Don’t worry, folks. You’re bored now with MO at the Convention – just wait for that “Whitey” video to come out.

  399. It’s demeaning to Hillary to have Michelle talk about her.

    It’s just so obviously calculate: Get MO to say something about Hillary to win over all those bitter, angry, deadenders.

    ok, now I’ve completely changed my mind, and all that silly corruption is no biggie.

  400. calculateD, erggg.

  401. Note to Jeffrey Toobin: We haven’t heard one word about why we should vote for this bum, either. Hope, change, hope, change.

  402. “I simply cannot understand why people who planned this convention let it go on for hour after hour with nothing substantive going on.”

    “I think they did a very poor job tonight.”

    David Gergen
    August 25, 2008

  403. SweetieSue: I’ll listen for Inky-Dinky. I so well remember how revolutionary That Girl was when it came on. Even when I was dressing dirty hippie with old Air Force jacket & jeans, I still loved Marlo Thomas. Still do.

  404. Bill and Hillary were probably back in their rooms talking to one another like Carol and I do. ^&%^^^$$##!!!!!!!!! *(()(&*^)!*&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. State: Here we go again, disrespecting the most successful Dem president in 40 years. Yea, those horrible Clinton years when we were peaceful and prosperous. Run away from THAT as fast as we can!

  406. Donna Brazile is having a stoke every time Toobin or Gergen criticizes the convention.

  407. How can people with no substance plan anything substantive? David Gergen is asking more than they can give.

  408. This convention is so like…..cant say it ladies are present but I can say that its so bad a hand would probably reject the merchandice!


  409. Haha! It’s almost tempting to watch CNN just to see Donna squirm, but I can’t stand to look at her. Thanks for the updates.

  410. CNN has this women Hillary Rosen on.

    She seems like the biggest air head on a network of air heads.

  411. If my anecdotal evidence above is any indication, the Biden pick and the Convention have finally pushed a great many Democrats, and a great many women of both parties, to what can simply and purely be described as an epiphany:

    My Party, and the political processes of this country, do not represent me.

    Listen up, Big Boyz, and I will make it simple for you:

    No represention, no polling station.

    PUMA Power
    Woman Power
    Voter Power

  412. I was just thinking how apropos these lines were from the movie, V is for Vendetta:

    Guy Fawkes (speaking about the corruption of his movement to allow more freedom from government coercion — by insiders — while he takes over the government-controlled airwaves, urging his fellow citizens to rise up against tyranny and oppression):

    “Remember, remember the 5th of November, the gun powder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot.”

    How fitting that Obama will receive what he deserves on Nov. 5, this year.

  413. Any fence sitter tonight most definitely left the “Undecided” column watching this circus. Put them down for McCain before the next pollster calls. And if I hear “single mother” once more I am going to lose it.

  414. Patrick Kennedy’s tie is cockeyed. I think he tried to hang himself.

  415. It’s not a political convention

    It’s a fashion show

  416. Sheri: Does Kansas City make 59 states or 63?

  417. Wait, I take it back, Hillary Rosen isn’t the biggest CNN moron, Gloria Borger is.

  418. Wasn’t it scary to hear Ed Rollins say that Michelle is an asset, not a liability? To whom?? Scary words from a Republican strategist.

  419. we’re just having one more example of why the democratic party can’t win elections or get anything substantive done

  420. After this snooze fest ,it’s gonna be sweet when the joint is electrified by Hill . I have no idea what the Dems actually plan for this country…. They didn’t let us know, I don’t think their thinking got that far. but I have alot of Hallmark moments from the splintered wind mills of their minds .


  421. dang its busy in here to busy for just 60 people in the PUMA movement-

    sophie the good part of michelle’s speach was when your toilet flushing drowned out her voice-

    thats what wolf was talking ablout


  422. WigWag: Gloria has already made my top ten list of idiots. Hillary Rosen I am surprised at. She used to work for Hillary Clinton and at one time was a strong supporter. Now she has gone over to the dark side. Anybody have a take on KO and Tweetie? How are they spinning this?

  423. Come on, WigWag. Don’t you think Donna B. beats them all in the moron department?

  424. When I think of every courtesy, every sign of respect and every kindness shown to the whole Kennedy clan by the Clintons, I could scream. Remember when Bill called out the Navy to find JFK Jr and his wife and sister in law? And how he was criticized for using the US Navy for a family matter?
    The Kennedy family is just like the Bush family: loyalty is a one way street to them.

  425. You guys are too funny. LOL

  426. Donna is on my list too. She dropped from first place to second because Jesse Jackson Jr. made Number One today all by himself.

  427. WigWag: Mark Shields on PBS only shows signs of life when the Clintons can be mentioned, then he goes stark raving manic. GRRRRR, he’s on my s*it list, for sure!

  428. I have not tuned in KO or Tweety for months. Like most Americans, I watch FOX, because I want to see what Joe Average is seeing.

    KO and Tweety will have ZERO effect on any swing voters or moderates, regardless of how they spin anything. Those people don’t watch them.

  429. So did MO win “Miss Congeniality?”

  430. my potential BF is lurking out their watching us-hi there handsome sebringbubba!

    FYI guys he is just lurking and not voting Obama too

    what more can I ask?


  431. What did JJJ do today?

  432. C’mon, Donna just is trying to make a buck, she knows who writes the checks.

  433. Let me guess-the CNN drama queen is Jack Cafferty?

  434. “If this party has a message, it’s done a helluva job hiding it tonight.” James Carville, according to FOX News.

  435. Annetoo wrote “I have no idea what the Dems actually plan for this country…. They didn’t let us know, I don’t think their thinking got that far.”

    Sound familiar anyone? How about this:

    No exit strategy. Only a flawed takeover strategy.

    Anne is right.

    It has long been noted that Republicans are not interested in governing, only in winning.

    Now we can proudly say: Democrats Too.

  436. For anyone who can stomach the trip over there, please go to Huff Po. They are ecstatic. The front page is incredible. Makes you wonder if we were all tuned into the same thing.

  437. Hi sebringbubba! You have a winner there in fuzzy. He’s good people. 🙂

  438. Be warned, do not go to MSNBC. Do not, do not. Michelle Bernard is saying MO speech was a cathartic moment for all women, the one we have been waiting for! She is still going on, I have to leave. Ugh.

  439. my honey is haveing trouble reading our blog says keeps getting error msg and shutting down?

    what you think his problem is…


    pat be nice and carol too he is a younger cuddly version of ed rendell with a shaved head and a beard!

  440. SOD: Who uttered that fateful remark at CNN?

  441. Fuzzy, speaking only for myself–I am no lady. Pat has called me a tramp.

  442. SweetieSue, I saw Cafferty when I flipped on earlier today. (and I mean flipped – that’s the most I could do all day – get bits and pieces; flip off) Cafferty was berating Bill Clinton, just running him up one side and down the other – he’s such as AHole; he’s one I cannot stomach to even look at!

  443. Seriously: JJJ also said this nomination of Oblahma is the MOST significant political event in the 232-year history of the US. Seriously, he said that.

  444. Howard Wolfson is on Fox right now talking about how great tonight was and how unified everyone is getting. The interviewer quote Carville to him and he wasn’t happy.

  445. Michael: Then he is all yours since I am not attracted to bald heads and beards. Now joaniebone, on the other hand…….

  446. The one we have been waiting for speaks TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!

  447. Dear friends at The Confluence,

    We do not see eye to eye on the future of progressivism, the democratic party, or the 2008 presidential race. I am not posting this to change your minds, your opinions, or your beliefs. The idea that I could do so is laughable at best. Indeed, I have little hope that my comment will stand, at least in its present form, for very long.

    I am writing to disagree, humbly & at your mercy, that this convention is the most boring ever. I remember every convention and every campaign since ’88 and this is by far one of the only conventions that’s captured my imagination in a major way.

    I was a Gravel supporter in the primaries, I am an Obama supporter now because I’m one of the few hard leftists that chooses to play by two party rules FOR THE TIME BEING. I have much respect for Hillary and those who voted for her.

    I’ve read this site for months now, because I believe that those I disagree with have more to tell me about myself and my beliefs than my allies. I will be honest and say I posted here one time before under a different name out of mild anger (it was a response that made a small point to distract from a larger one this site made). I am, for myself, sorry for that.

    Yet I stand by my judgment that tonight was the first night of any convention in my adult memory that captured my imagination.

    I fully expect MANY of you to disagree with me, and I encourage all of you to do so. I do this not in the hope that it will let my post stand, but because I firmly believe that I am NOT alone in this country or this world. That many opinions make a difference. In fact I am greatful for your site (and others, including friends that I am currently on the worst of terms with), for providing an intelligent forum that keeps me and my views honest.

    And yet tonight was the first of all dem conventions since ’88 that brought tears to my eyes and made me more committed than ever to put Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.

    My apologies to those my views offend. My trust that my honesty will allow this post to stand. My thanks for the work you do, even when I find it disagreeable.

  448. This Clinton voter will be coldly logical when passing by Obama on the ballot.

  449. SweetieSue!, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:26 pm Said:
    Let me guess-the CNN drama queen is Jack Cafferty?


  450. taw46, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:27 pm Said:

    Be warned, do not go to MSNBC. Do not, do not. Michelle Bernard is saying MO speech was a cathartic moment for all women, the one we have been waiting for! She is still going on, I have to leave. Ugh.

    Well, that’s the BO camp spin. I’m sure this was the memo they sent around. I didn’t even watch the speech. I could care a less what MO has to say. I’ve heard enough from her to last me a life time.

  451. I keep it simple. All they need is a head.

  452. I love the Ragin Cajun! He says it like it is! And he does it with the same sour look on his face that matches his words.

  453. tears? for what?

  454. I think WMCB is right; this was the night of ME.

    Remember our recent post of The Muppets with Beaker & all? Prescient, I must say.

  455. See, Michael? When you lower your standard to that extent you can never be disappointed.

  456. Annetoo and James Carville are right. The Obamacons apparently have no concrete plans to solve the trememdous (and mounting) problems of our country.
    Apparently we’re all going to hold hands through a four year hootenanny and -puff-all our problems will just blow away.

  457. Rove “missed opportunity.”

  458. Hey lady, I’m psyched your imagination was captured, but what’s your point? For the record, Gravel can’t stand Obama. Said he was the coldest candidate running. Had no warmth at all.

  459. John from NC,

    Hey, aren’t you Elizabeth’s cousin from Pride and Prejudice?

  460. For the last time, for all the synaptically-challenged pundits and others:

    I am a woman. I am a human being. I possess both emotion and intellect. Both reject Obama. Both reject McCain.

    Is it all right for Michelle Obama to possess emotion? But not me?

    Is it all right to attribute intellect to Obama supporters? But not to me?

    Is it all right to impugn my freedom of conscience, my freedom to vote using all of my faculties to their fullest capabilities, by labeling me as merely overwrought?


  461. The Obamabots will be spinning this like a wheel, promising that the bestest speech ever to come in the history of the world and the written word, since Moses brought forth the tablets, since hieroglypics were script, will be delivered on Thursday night in Invesco Field. Yes indeedy!

  462. Masslib, taw46: Bernard is a huge conservative Republican. Funny how the Obots talk about our Repub ties, when they have been lapping up the Bernard spiel for months.

  463. Magdalena, on August 25th, 2008 at 11:34 pm


  464. Ben,

    If you were referring to my post, and I assume you were, I meant tears for my party, my country, where we’ve been and where I hope we’re going. For me, as an individual who is not associated with any group outside of small donations to the Gravel, Kucinich, and Obama campaigns, that has never happened at a Dem Convention until tonight. Not when Obamam spoke in 04, not when Teddy invoked the “dream will never die bit” in ’80, not when Clinton gained the nomination in ’92. I fully accept that I am in a distinct minority, maybe even singularity here. Indeed I am thankful for that fact.

  465. Magdalena, you are topping yourself tonight with every post!!

  466. It is amazing how many AA Republicans have been entranced by the Obama campaign/

  467. John from NC (lately from Boston…sigh), on August 25th, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    I’m thinking the body of this post was written weeks ago for release tonight . Or is this a joke?? I can’t tell

    Yet I stand by my judgment that tonight was the first night of any convention in my adult memory that captured my imagination.

    well if that’s true it’s cause you had to imagine what the Dems plan to do….we were not told.

    Newsflash: Barry being black is not enough. And it seems that’s all you got. . We have to hear what he plans to do Understand?


  468. Sadly, due to my father’s death in ’95, I have no politicians in my family. I wish I did, we have some stellar members.

  469. Seriously, there’s something not quite right about the staging of this. It’s too cute by half. It looks like a space ship. And when they put her on those screens to the left and right side of her head it looked like music video of some sort. Hillary and Bill will have to save them tomorrow.

  470. Yes, that is right. Bernard is a Republican. And that is one thing that has irritated the hell out of me the last few months, that MSNBC always had her on pushing Obama.

  471. Well, good, I’m glad JJJ is so happy, he’ll have this to hold on to during the McCain Administration.

  472. Annetoo,

    I dig it. You may not, and probably should not believe me, but I do.

  473. John, you have the right to your opinion, and I respect it… but I dissent.

    Tonight was not about the ordinary american trying to pay for their electric bill, keep their job, stop their sons and daughters from going to iraq, and fill up the cars they need to get to jobs where they are working harder while getting no raises…

    This was about the elites in the DNC getting in front of a microphone and being self-congratulatory to the point, I feel I need a shower. Not only that, but if any of the my speakers tonight show up at my door, I would hide the lubricant, the dildos, and the vibrators for fear they’d wear them out …

    but then again, three years of katrina, my life and my perspective may be a little different than some one up there in new england …

  474. Ben,

    I can see why someone might be reduced to tears by that spectacle tonight. Especially a person who thought Barack Obama had a chance to become POTUS. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as embarassing as that telechat he had with his kids. That was sad.

    If I weren’t already resigned to another 4 years of Republican rule, I might have broken down in wrenching sobs. But I could see the writing on the wall in January. I’m no longer “emotional” about the fact that we won’t have a Democrat in the WH. It may never happen again if these clowns stay in charge.

    Poor John in NC. He’s been reading this site for months and staying silent. And now he chooses us to share his joy in Obama with. Why? Doesn’t he have any friends?

  475. Annetoo, when I said I dig it – I meant your criticism of my thoughts. For the record.

  476. Well, I happened to love Bill Clinton. He had a great message, “It’s the economy, stupid”. Pretty much said it all. You seem like a typical anti-Clinton. Supported Gravel, Kucinich and…Obama. Gee, one of those things is not like the other. I could have gotten behind Gravel or Kucinich. At least they were for universal health care.

  477. Rachel has had a break down on MSNBC. She is making faces and eyes.

  478. dakinikat,

    John is in North Carolina, not New England. We like Hillary up here.

  479. John: It brought tears to my eyes too as I sat here watching the demise of democracy in full view of the nation while a selected nominee, with little to no experience, was being pumped up forf the sake of the votes. So my tears may have matched yours in some respect but the reasons are vastly different.

    If you truly believe this man is the answer to what this country needs then I urge you to reeducate yourself about who and what he is.

  480. little late chiming in, but i had to ask my husband what he thought of MO’s speech — he said it was good, but he didn’t say it with much enthusiasm<<< he does not get my frustration with the party. but anyway, am i that blinded by all this mess??? i thought her speech was poor as to content and delivery. it seemed contrived. i know she can speak, but she’s more of a fighter, i guess — she does not pull off this “come together ” stuff well. maybe because her heart is not in it?? i’m surprised. i thought she’d be better. the earlier brady bunch reference — OMG, what was that???

  481. well, john, you should have tears for your party….but you can hold off on the tears for your country because the majority of the country aren’t guilt ridden liberals like you are. you will be crying for yourself come november 5th when Hillary supporters deny your chosen one the White House.

  482. John, We’ve had a GREAT visit and I appreciate your attention but, don’t bother to make any more comments.

    I’m just not that interested beyond what you’ve already said.

  483. I’m done and done, don’t worry.

  484. Well, what moved you, John? If you get any less specific, Obama will hire you.

  485. John it is sad to here you still support this evil man and his corrupt backers he is not a gravel eleftist and in the end will never achieve th whitehouse.

    I am sorry you do not see the venial arrogant elitist I have seen in Barak Obama who to quote or paraphrase time rice-he is the greatest social climber since cindarella’s wicked two step sisters!

    I respectfully disagree that I could never suport a ma who was nominated by a corrupt bunch at the DNC not only that he partisipated in corrupting the process and the caucuses…

    To support Obama is to support the disenfranchisement of 18 million voters I expect that rom the repugs but not my own party.

    sorry John we will not support obama and he will never be president in 2009 he is unqualified and unprepaired he will be a bigger disaster for the democratic party than Jimmy Carter was it is sad but true. A vot for obama will ensure the religious right returns in 2012 and burries us for 20 years….


  486. John, now you’re becoming an embarrassment. I really didn’t need to know your results on the Myers-Briggs or the fact that they match Obama’s (Good God, has Obama spread that around too?). Run along now, John. You’re not amusing anymore, just sad.

  487. The CEO of BlogTalk Radio called into Sherri’s show.

  488. Folks, I could show you letters to the eds of my local & regional newspapers where Republicans have taken me to task for years for always tearing down their party, always acting as though Democrats have all the answers.

    Watching this primary, watching this fraud, and watching this convention of phony staged nothing, I can only say it is no wonder this nation doesn’t trust us, and we don’t deserve to win this fall.

  489. It captured your imagination?

    Imagination = make believe = fairy tale

  490. Oh gosh, I thought John was Joan. Sorry for the confusion.

  491. bostonboomer: Whew, good to know the cauldron of democracy is still alive and well

  492. Did anyone see how Obama called a woman fiesty? Jesus, he just doesn’t stop. Michelle isn’t much of a teacher, apparently.

  493. I can’t watch but I’m curious…

  494. Greta’s on.

  495. Dudes,

    What up wit John from NC. That boy aint right!

  496. John’s style is a bit unctuous and florid for my taste.

  497. “Well, what moved you, John? If you get any less specific, Obama will hire you.”

    Seriously, I am ROTFLMAO.

  498. Captured his imagination? I was letting mine roam wild I was so bored.

  499. If I recall, Myers and Briggs were two housewives in Minnesota who came up with this cockamamie personality quiz and, now, our careers hinge on them.

  500. something tells me john = angry black man

  501. I’m writing test cases for software. I figured that would be more exciting than the travelling road show. Maybe I’ll put on some Emerson Lake & Palmer, “Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends…”

  502. was he on ecstasy?

  503. they spent way way way time talking about themselves…

    way way way little amount of time talking about the life of working class americans …

    that’s just my opinion

  504. If I was John McCain, after watching this tonight, I would go on vacation and when I return, voila, Hello Mr. President!!

  505. We had to dig up Kennedy’s tonight. But, thank God the Clinton’s are gone forever.

    I would like to shove Chuck Todd’s face into a cream pie. (Don’t ask me who’s???????)

  506. If Obama were an ENFP, he would be concerned about the feelings of others.

  507. dakinikat,


  508. Did Chuck Todd say something like that?

  509. I hope Hillary gets at least as much time as Claire’s kids.

  510. “John” is a paid Obamablogger whose job it is to hit the blogs after speeches, debates and now each night of the convention to pimp Obama

    They show up to gush about how wonderful Teh Precious is.

  511. Why do I keep hearing John speak in the voice of Eeyore in my head?

    I’m glad you were mournfully touched, john, but I want some damn solutions, and I want my VOTE COUNTED. The Dems are offering neither of those two requirements this year.

    Geez, and I thought it was we wimmins who were supposed to vote for who made us the most verklempt. Looks like we are the steely-eyed pragmatists of the party.

  512. The convention tonight, and the Obama campaign in general, is just like a really bad movie that plays the sappiest violin when the lover gets sick, or plays the light, hopeful music when the new girl bounces into the picture. We’re too dumb to just watch & listen and have our own thoughts & feelings, they have to tell us how to feel. Pulling those strings. Ugh.

  513. Same time, same place tomorrow night? G’night all.

  514. Greta just said that getting “all the Hillary Clinton people” into the unity tent is “like herding cats” !!!!! Yes!! PUMAs!!! But she didn’t say puma.

  515. They were just going on and on and on and on and on about 2 more nights and we are rid of them forever.

    By the way, Sweetie – thanks for pissing me off more by reminding me that the Clinton’s searched high and low for John John. This is what is expected from a bunch of elitist creeps.

  516. Pat,

    Don’t hold your breath. Wolf B. has already told us that Hillary will get “her moment.” I have a feeling that might be the literal truth. I don’t think the Obama can stand to share the spotlight with her. It was also reported that Bill isn’t happy with his role. I hope he get up there and speaks his mind.

  517. They tried to stake everything on the “McCain owns a lot of houses!!!!!” thing. Yes, okay, he’s rich, but wearing a sweater doesn’t make you not rich, it just makes you the people who think we’re too stupid to know any better and who used Republican talking points against the universal health care coverage plans we poor schlubs need. So your point would be?

  518. Tomorrow night is supposed to be about 15 governors speaking. If they start now there may be time for her to get squeezed in between the Geico commercial and a movie trailer. Move along, Hillary, there are plenty others behind you who need to slobber over Obama’s great achievements.

  519. The Obama convention reminds me of Kenny G music too.

  520. hello everyone

  521. “Looks like we [women] are the steely-eyed pragmatists of the party.”

    Damn straight, WMCB.

  522. hey fuzzy 😉

  523. Chuck Todd also said that after GE, what will remember will be Ted’s speech and Obama’s, that all of the Clinton drama will be gone. However, he said, if BO does not win the GE, what we will remember is Tuesday night. So yes, already blaming Hillary.

  524. Bubba, Are you fuzzy’s friend? Welcome!!!!!

  525. How many times have we seen a variation of this:

    “I have been lurking here for months, I want to say ‘blah blah blah,’ goodbye”

    They always say they agree with us “but . . .” then they take a crap.

  526. Yeah Teddy ask how many homes McCain has as you sail around in your multi-million dollar sail boat bought with illegal imports.

  527. bubbabear: Do you know Fuzzy?

  528. Hey….where are the fainting ladies????

    Oh yeah…that will be Thursday at Invesco field.

    “make some room….give her some room…want some water?”

  529. Sending WHOLE BOX of seltzer Still4Hill’s way

  530. “John” is a paid Obamablogger whose job it is to hit the blogs after speeches, debates and now each night of the convention to pimp Obama”

    But his comments were so detailed and specific, they felt worlds away from canned spam and incipid talking points.

  531. i know fuzzy personally, thank you

  532. It’s time to start boycotting MSNBC’s products. I actually stopped my Scott’s Lawn Service in June. We need a list.

    Someone – get a list. We will see who they think they are dealing with – all 50 of us.


  533. dakinikat: John = angry black man. Gosh, I was thinkin’ the same thing. Something like “this is the first time I’ve been proud fo my country, er, convention.”

  534. Matt’s show is great! Pastor Manning is fascinating. Marc Rubin of Tom in Paine and the Denver Group is up next. Thanks for the linky.

  535. We may remember Ted’s speech but only because it may be his last one delivered to another convention. But Obama’s speech will be yet another rhetoric filled monologue mixed in with his “life story”. I could probably throw it together in an hour or two and still have time to vacuum. Since he has basically done nothing and achieved less, and I have heard the bio ad infinitum, should be a cinch.

  536. Yes Pat, I can see the big hook coming out to drag Hillary off the stage.

  537. Ooops – that’s “for my country” not “fo”. It’s late

  538. Bill doesn’t need to tell them off. He only needs to speak compassionately about the dire needs of the average citizen in this economy and shame these selfish creeps by his mighty example. It shouls (and will) be Hill and Bill that give substance to this convention, leaving BO with nothin to say in his acceptance speech but “me too”–if he’s lucky enough to get that far.

  539. When does Jerry come out with the little kid in the wheelchair?

  540. heh, heh. Only one thing I truly look forward to; no, not Hillary speaking,because no matter what, that will hurt as much as feel good.

    No, I look forward to the tension & fear that Obama & the Obots will endure while Bill speaks. I know he will be nice, and not hurt Hillary, but he ain’t speaking empty platitudes for Precious, either.

  541. Pat: let’s hope they’ve finally ALL agreed on the “bio” … there’s so many versions of it now, my head spins

  542. My husband ,who incidentally last voted for a republican to throw Carter out, just looked at me and said ” the democratic party sucks”.He is a lifelong midwesterner and is pulling the republican lever. Just says it is incredible the party is forcing this unqualified guy down all out throats.

  543. Seriously,

    I particularly admired the way “John” outlined Obama’s positions on the issues that ordinary Americans worry about.

    Actually the only person I saw tonight who talked about those issues was Ted Kennedy. For some reason he is laboring under the illusion that Obama will actually try to do something about health care and other issues that Ted cares about.

  544. im voting for mccain, and im a democrat

  545. lets be nice I dont want john to think we are the same as YTD! and christina’s crowd….benefit of the doubt

    I guess he may be a case study in learned helplessness…hugh?

    high sebring bubba you back in?


  546. Aha! I knew Michelle’s speech was a calculated move to undo her “first time I’m proud of America” comment. I just went to yahoo.com and saw the picture of Michelle with the headline: “‘I love this country'”
    Anything for votes, right?

  547. They have decided Hillary has to give her “statement” from a tape recorder. They don’t want her to out shine any of these idiots.

  548. I really noticed it when Uh-bama gave his “Greatest Speech on Race EVAH”

    I was a regular at Balloon Juice back then. Even before the speech was over there were cookie cutter comments being posted about how wonderful the speech was.

    At least two different (supposedly) commenters claimed to have been moved to tears just from reading a transcript!

    I watched the speech. It was a typical Obama nothing-burger.

  549. thats my honey bubbabear-we are not al mccainites but you made carols day-


  550. Personally I would he happy to see them each give a 5 minute speech and get off. They each have a powerful way of delivery and I do not want one word said by either of them that will tip the election in Obama’s direction. A simple hello, thanks a lot, good bye, will be enough to satisfy me. They do not need to prop of this fool anymore than necessary.

  551. “S” — don’t forget her “I’d like to claw Bill Clinton’s eyes out” and “I’d have to think about whether I’d vote for Hillary if she was the nominee” statements.

  552. Carol:

    I figured they would have MO read Hillary’s speech for her.

  553. Hillary and Bill are going to be some of the very, very, very few speakers at this convention talking about real progressive and Democratic values, and talking specifics how the Democrats can lead the country and how it’s going to impact the lives of real people.. instead of going up there and talking about themselves.

  554. taw46: What I’ll remember, no matter who wins or loses, is what crooks the Dems were, and what d*ckheads the media, including Chuckie, were this year. Oh, yeah, baby, I ain’t never forgetting this.

  555. Dora, it is a stupid move to push this “I Love America” stuff from Michelle. All it does is remind people of her previous statements/attitudes. When you are constantly in denial mode, then you attract more attention to the very thing you are denying.

  556. Pat:

    The Gettysburg Address was something like 3 minutes long.

    Give them 2 minutes each

  557. Acting Coach: Look Michelle, you have to say “and that is why I LOVE this country”. You have to. Just suck it up and spit it out and all the nasty things you said about it will be forgotten!

    Media: Michelle just said she loves this country. My God, what a patriot!

  558. “She noted that he was talking up war in Afghanistan lately and had supported legislation that gave telecommunications companies immunity for helping the government spy on people after saying he wouldn’t support that. “Are you going to set an agenda of change or one of compromise” with Republicans? she demanded.

    Replied Obama: “You’re feisty and I like that, but you’re wrong. Let me tell you why you’re wrong.”

  559. so everybody this is my garychapelhill to mawm


  560. Charles, that is exactly what they will do. And, they will all pretend that they always knew he had problems, they were never in the tank for BO.

  561. Charles, I hope that is true, and that we won’t have to create our new home from scratch with a third party. But I am prepared.

    It is Hillary that would draw in both sides. I am still amazed by how many Republicans I know would have voted for Hillary–many men too!

  562. Well if they are looking to cast blame they need look no further than the likes of Donna B and JJjr. These two chuckleheads and their insipid and incindiary statements alone are enough to throw most people into the other column.

  563. Hi sebring bubba!

  564. “current of history that meets this new tide of hope” – MO playing the race card.

  565. id like to vote for hillary….

  566. Seriously: “You’re feisty and I like that…” Good gawd amighty, has he done anything but watch old John Wayne movies for the last 10 years?

  567. Awww! fuzzy, you and bubba stop it. You are making me all smiley and warm-feeling. 🙂 Much happiness to you.

  568. Bubbabear, Nice to meet you 🙂

  569. anyway all I was wondering if you would like to tell me how you all feel about the big “o” tonight any one ready for koolaid-or is the unity pony really dead?

    Pat carol parent and miq? joanie?


    still not drinking the koolaid

  570. bubbabear: Glad that Michael has a new friend. He is a really nice, gentle, sweet, caring, sensitive, and funny person. But I always call him Michael since that is the name his Mom gave him.

  571. Going to bed now, just want to send a big hug out to ya’ll, too many of you to name (hi Pat!), but I count each of you as friends. Thank you for helping me stay sane. A special shout out to our Denver PUMA contingent. You gals and guys rock. To the sympathetic lurkers, a shout out to you too. Spread the word. Invite people here. You are sane. You are real. You are powerful.


  572. Fuzzy, I will break my promise to Charles to stay classy if I describe my feelings about Obama.

  573. Michael: You know what we think of Obama. Moron.

  574. ive been a “friend” for a long while….this is the first time i logged into this site

    nice to meet you joanie….and everyone

  575. fuzzy – I am happy for you.

    I have left the barn door open for 3 months and I can’t get the damn pony out of there!

  576. Bedtime for me too! Goodnight all!

  577. Put it this way: If we were on a desert island and he was Gilligan I would have drowned him.

  578. Bill upstaged the “royal” family

  579. Think the one[s] who said this is about

    Digging up Kennedys and burying Clintons

    is on the mark. But this ego-driven power grab will not well serve our country.

  580. Juan Williams on FOX : “This is a 50/50 race right now and both sides will be looking for the independents. White suburban women will decide this election.”

  581. My poor Ed is suspended from hooks down there.

  582. OMG Chris and the race card. He has just stuck it down his pants.

  583. bubba pat is our proud mother of a gay son she is our pflag mom here I love her and we may oneday hit the road with a politcal comedy show!

    Well I can dream of course we will need carol diamonds to cook the books for us and take the door charge-eddie can card everyone!


  584. Carol, what did he say?

  585. state – you are trying to kill me.

  586. They just can’t stand it fif. He was the greatest president of our generation.

  587. The south, Confederacy, and ……………………..

  588. Tom In Paine’s Marc Rubin is on My Two Cents Radio!

  589. SOD: highly appropriate. Tonight was all canned.

    Okay, okay, I’m sorry. It’s late…..

  590. Carol, what did he SAY??

  591. some one already is on a political comedy tour…..that would be obama

  592. yes I bett naught nancy pelosi cant wait to get her claws into eddie boy…she and mccaskiller both are licking ther chops over him!


  593. yes Carol?? What did he say? That we already haven’t heard this year?

  594. I really like everyone of the McCain representatives. They don’t look like the Obama thugs and shisters.


  595. when do the dancing poodles and clown car arrive? Should I stay up and wait????

  596. parentofed, for the hipster all the kids can relate to, it’s like he’s stuck in a time warp with all the other old dinosaurs who want to go back in time.

  597. WMCB, on August 26th, 2008 at 12:14 am Said:
    Juan Williams on FOX : “This is a 50/50 race right now and both sides will be looking for the independents. White suburban women will decide this election.”

    WMCB: That means McCain is going to win. White suburban women WILL NOT vote en masse for Obama. People can come up with whatever reasons they want to explain why Middle America will not vote for Obama but it just will not happen and that is the reality of the situation.

  598. Just the same.

    The best of the night was the Rachel meltdown and fist fight with Pat.

  599. Pat Carol I dont think there is enough eddie to share between the 4 of you!


  600. I am off to bed. I am running low on snark. Nice to meet you bubbabear.

  601. Hi all! I’m trying to catch up on this thread…

    Sorry I missed all the speachifying action – couldn’t be helped… Monday night football.

  602. Yikes! I just posted a new thread — but there were only 500 posts when I started….

    Now there are over 600. What a night!

  603. What happened between Pat and Maddow?

  604. Good night Pat. I’m sorry I was gone so long. I wanted to talk on that fresh clean post….

  605. I am launching Hillary’s Fund Raising Site tomorrow. Why wait for the rush!


  606. Newsflash MSM, Soccer Moms decided this thing and they have decided that they’d like to see another mom taking care of their country.

  607. Seriously: haven’t heard Alley Oop in years.

  608. bubba bear is ight the obama show is right funny comedy ….to bad it is monty python!

    oops dated myself again!


  609. Michael: Just for the record, he is mine. Someone “borrowed” him for awhile and let the date stamp elapse. He is being held against his will and every day, without fail, someone rubs it in. gary and Mawm have been instructed to bring him back when they stop there on their way back.

  610. 🙂 thanks pat

  611. I did not see Rachel. What were we fighting about?

  612. Every time Pat said something about Hillary or about the pathetic Convention, she was extremely animated rolling her eyes, slapping down on the desk, speaking loudly, interrupting. Pat looked scared. She looked bi-polar – no joke intended.

  613. mike, dating yourself? what’s up with that?

  614. carol after the convention I have a big job for you! It will really piss off Obma for America and it will probably get us in big trouble with dean and brazile and pelosi too!


  615. katiebird; You are such a sweetie pie. Loved the video and pictures. Sure made me wish I had found a spot on that RV and toodled along with them.

  616. I’m in.

  617. It will be a new fund that looks to the future after these guys steal this convention from the real winner Hillary!


    I have such a hard time keeping a secret!

  618. Eddy has free will. He is not an overdue Library book. I don’t need to return him anywhere.

    Pat – “get over it”.

  619. When you said Pat I thought you meant me. Buchanan, now I got it. Having stayed away from the sewer that is MSNBC I forgot about Pat B.

  620. Anybody wanna see what a real nomination and a real future president lookslike? See: Mario Cuomo nominates Bill Clinton

  621. the monty python quip-see most obama supporters have never seen monty python!


  622. calling honey to say nite nite !


  623. Reading all the comments here, I picked a good week to join Net flix.
    I can not watch this abortion.



  624. Tommorow the band will begin by playing Kumbaya

  625. Cindy McCain on the way to Georgia to help with the victims of the war on the same night MO is waxing mundane about her life.

    First Lady Cindy. I like that.

  626. Chris still talking race. The man cannot quit.

  627. Thank you all for helping me throught the night! I couldn’t watch!

    Best wishes, dear Michael, with your new friend!

    Love to all of you!

  628. I refer you to the Meyers-Briggs personality test.

    Yeah. It’s weird, but BHO and I are both ENFP personalities. It’s just one of those sad things I guess…

  629. Carol, please post the Cindy McCain comment on the new thread? That’s a good story and I’d hate to lose it.

  630. (Waving)

    New Post!

  631. How’s everybody at the PUMA HQ in Denver holding up? Hope your energy is high. Loving light and recharges are being sent your way from all of us back home.


  632. nite fuzzy 🙂

  633. what is the link for Matt’s show.

  634. Unity pony can now be found as first ingredient on a can of ALPO dog food.

  635. carol????

  636. Carol — what happend with Rachel and pat (B?)

  637. Here’s an interesting read for all you late nighters…


  638. We know. Hillary was rising as everyone else running for Prez was waning. She was shining like a bright star…
    That’s what’s missing— the rightful nominee…when something is taken as it was–stolen in broad daylight–nothing can make it right…—we know…
    imagine how exciting this convention would be if Hill were the nominee…

  639. The LA Times has this up on their site:


    Boy, it just doesn’t matter – whatever is wrong will be blamed on the Clintons. I bet that HRC didn’t realize she had that much power over all of us! Of course, we are such low-lifes that we will do whatever we are told; stop being petty old hags – start falling into line – begin playing nice – stop causing trouble for that nice man – we must show party unity. This article just makes my blood boil and all I want to do is find a barf bag. BLEECCCCKKKKK!

  640. Hope all twenty of you are enjoying your time in Denver. The fact that you are woefully underfuned and undermanned (one van to Denver despite the promise of many buses) tells me that you have not attracted any money from the RNC so you have not made it to “swiftboat” status. And, of course, Hillary wants nothing to do with you.
    The Clintons are good democrats and will do what the party–and nation–requires to rid us of the dangerous Republican regime that you seem to find so harmless that we can suffer them for four more years just to punish the DNC. Watch tonight and see.

  641. I just sneezed. Want to look?

    (edited to make the comment more amusing to the Site Administrator)

  642. hahaha

    Well, administrator, maybe no one read it cause you finally “got it”.

  643. has this site been hacked? Many comments are missing and threads broken.

    By the way how can we write in votes with the new machines?

  644. Actually. Joanete, your administrator removed my answer to “snot boy” as being too witty, so you are actually not getting the whole picture. Surprise.

  645. no, no, much of the threads I’d been reading seem to be gone

  646. I think it may be due to your administrator having a “heavy hand”. Ask her to put back my comment . It was not profane (like what I responded to) but only witty.

  647. I think Hillary made some very good points tonight. If we care about Roe v. Wade, if we care about whose nominated to the Supreme Court, if we care about our children, if we care about Women’s Rights, we have to unite behind Barack Obama and the Democrats. I understand the pain of losing Hillary as our first President; I have a 9 year old daughter and I so wanted her to have a woman President. But that doesn’t mean throwing the baby out with the bath water. I think even PUMA’s have to come to understand that McCain is the same as Bush, that we’ll lose all the rights we’ve fought so hard for as woman if we allow 4 more years of Republican rule. I know I couldn’t sleep at night if I helped elect Bush’s 3rd term through McCain. PLEASE stop and think with your head; sometimes it needs to overrule the heart.

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