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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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A Special Edition of NO WE WON’T coming right up!

Sheri Tag is crankng up the bloggy radio to fill in for Darragh Murphy. Murphy has been going non-stop since she got here. It is incredibly busy here so we are going to fill you in as best we can. Tune into NO WE WON’T at 1:30PM EST, 11:30AM MT.

101 Responses

  1. Charles: LOL! I just saw the picture Jeralyn used for her article and OBiden look like a two headed monster:


    Run! Run for your lives! It’s the OBiden monster!

  2. Can someone please get me out of moderation?

  3. Charles: What I wanted to say just in case I’m not taken out of Cyber-Gitmo, is that Jeralyn used a picture that makes OBiden look like a two-headed monster.

  4. Charles, begging who? Their tiny readership??

  5. SM,

    I found your comment in the spam filter. It must have been the link.

  6. We also have to make sure on the down ticket races that the hijackers of democracy are defeated.
    Any obama supporter must be voted out of office.
    The unholy trio dean,brazille, and pelosi must be driven out of the real democratic party.
    It is like an infection took over the democratic party and all of it must be cleaned out.



  7. Thanks, BB!

  8. Riverdaughter (and other PUMAs) in the Boston Globe:
    Among them was a dissident Democratic blogger known as Riverdaughter. Her blog, The Confluence, is one of the most well-read and influential of the myriad Clinton blogs. One table actually gave her a round of applause when she came by and introduced herself; a woman cried out that she had quit smoking four years ago and was now addicted to “RD” in the morning.


  9. Helen,

    You’re right. It is an infection and we are the PUS that will drive it out.

    Party Unity Subversives!

    credit to SM and JJ Jr.

  10. Heroes:

    RIGHT ON, RD!!!

    Feighter�s group has taken no position in the general election and distances itself from the more radical PUMAs.

    Eh, doesn’t matter. We’re all working together.

  11. Oooooh, kewl! Can’t wait to listen….

  12. Like Lambert says at the Mighty Corrente Building: A sack of PUS waiting to burst.

    YEP, I’m a PUS and PROUD!

  13. RD is a “dissident” according to the Boston Globe. And they also call us “radical.” Sounds scary….


  14. Oh, and yay RD!!

    So, looks like Hillary does NOT plan to release her delegates AT ALL. They must vote their consciences.

    Quelle surprise – the media is lying AGAIN.

  15. I supported Hillary when she ran in Arizona, and I’m proud that she carried our state. While I still believe she would be a great candidate, the political reality seems to be increasingly that she will not be the nominee for the Presidency.

    Given this reality, I’m increasingly torn about how to vote this fall. I don’t want McCain to end up in office. I fear he would prolong the war, continue tax cuts to the rich, and damage women’s rights. I’m not happy with Obama, but he’s obviously better than McCain in these areas. If it really is Obama v McCain, I don’t want to cut off my nose to spite my face by voting for McCain, and not voting at all is just another vote for McCain. What do you all think?

  16. AZHS:

    I think you have to vote your conscience.

    I will be voting mine.

  17. There is nothing more pathetic than Jeralyn’s recent post. It out does anything BTD has written recently.

    She’s got no idea HOW she’ll vote but the SIGHT supports Obama/Biden? That’s absurd.

  18. Did some one finally put the trolls in a cage?

  19. AZHillarySupporter, I hope you will consider voting for one of the other candidates. The single principle behind all who are PUMA is the agreement that we will not vote for Obama.

  20. The “pretzelselization” of Jeralyn has been sad to watch. Unfortunately, there is no moral or realistic intelligent excuse for it. I only go there now to read what our posters here bravely post there.

  21. Dissident? hmmm, naybe refugee turned Resistance!

    Have you guys seen this new ad by the RNC –

    Obama complains about houses, meanwhile, his brother is living in a shack.

  22. I still cannot get over the “Hail Mary Ted Kennedy Pass” strategy. LOL!

    TEDDY is going to convince us??? OMG, please, I am going to pee myself from laughing at that! (We bitter old gun-clinging, religious, knitting, hard-working, shrewish harpy harridan white women have bladder issues.)

    I can hear Axelrod now: “It’s BRILLIANT! Women are such emotional saps, and the man is dying. Plus, it plays into the dreamy “reinstate Camelot” fairytale. Do it all soft-focus, if ya know what I mean. Bitches love that shit. They’ll eat it up. After all, these hags all watch Lifetime TV, right? BRILLIANT!”

    GAWD, in spite of the struggle and the pain and the seriousness of it all, I have never in my life had such fun watching a pile of strutting baboons so misunderstand and underestimate women.

  23. I don’t like to say negative things about Jeralyn because I like her so much, but I’ll just say I think she got “hillaried” at the convention. To whit that big disclaimer at the bottom of her post about the commenters at her site.

  24. Maybe it’s the old lady meds or something in the Depends that is making us so ‘radical.’

  25. where did my post go? ok, repost:

    check out this new ad by RNC – Obama complains about houses and his brother lives in a shack:


  26. Clinton preaches unity at her first (not so unified) convention gig

    Excerpt: Asked why some of her supporters are still adamant they will not vote for Obama no matter how much she encourages them to do so, Clinton said: “I don’t know, I’m doing everything I can possibly do, and I think we have made a strong case.”

    Clinton gives a prime time convention speech Tuesday night, and the following day will gather her delegates together and publicly release them and urge them to support Obama.

    Many of those delegates, she said, will likely vote for him, but “others feel an obligation to the people who sent them here that they were elected to represent.”

  27. I have been having HUGE problems posting here from home. I am going to try now from work.

    Last night I was listening to Harry Shearer on NPR. He said that PUMAs were going to be the biggest story of the week in Denver. He got some of PUMA wrong and I wrote to him and encouraged him to look for PUMA and learn. I’m going to try to email him info re:the Cheeseman Park “Beautiful Protest and Rise” and urge him to speak to a PUMA to learn about us and to take it back to his program next weekend.

    I’m posting this now to see if the difficulty is due to my comcast server is the problem. AND of course to encourage everyone to go to NPR.org and look up Harry Shearer and maybe listen to his program from last night (after NoWeWon’t of course).

  28. Terry McAuliffe is on MSNBC–Bill Clinton is going to give the speeech he wants to give not what anyone tells him to say

  29. leslie: thanks for the info. As for Shearer, I don’t want to be the party of the week, I want to be the party of the year. It has to be a huge lesson & reform for the DNC.

  30. Charles –

    Certainly there are some who fall into that category. But the overwhelming number do not. It’s offensive suggestion of her part. She might as well called people racists. Racism is an irrational hatred.

    She really set off a firestorm. Bad move on her part. Piss poor, actually.

    Both she and BTD have jumped the shark. I want my money back and will never go back to that place.

  31. Jeralyn seems bitter.

  32. raised $6 million so far–good report out in 2 wks

  33. Shoot – I’m in moderation.

    Charles –

    Certainly there are some who fall into that category. But the overwhelming number do not. It’s offensive suggestion of her part. She might as well called people r*cists. R*cism is an irrational hatred.

    She really set off a firestorm. Bad move on her part. Piss poor, actually.

    Both she and BTD have jumped the shark. I want my money back and will never go back to that place.

  34. Facing an alleged threat of walkout from AAs & wealthy liberals, the DNC sneered at the very real threat of a walkout from seniors, women, blue collar workers, rurals, gays, Latinos, etc.

    To paraphrase Emma:

    DNC, choose your own level of discomfort

  35. pic on greta wire someone arrested–no id–from No We Won’t radio–want to make sure she is not a PUMA

  36. They assumed the seniors, women, etc. wouldn’t walk, that we would have to vote for whomever they chose.

    I keep rememebering Rahm Emanuel’s saying “they”ll just stick to their knitting.”

  37. “Jeralyn is accusing those who do not support Obama of

    irrational hate.

    Certainly there are some who fall into that category. But the overwhelming number do not. It’s offensive suggestion of her part. She might as well called people racists. Racism is an irrational hatred.

    She really set off a firestorm. Bad move on her part. Piss poor, actually.”

    Jeralyn’s ambivalence at this late stage of the process is sad. Saying that she doesn’t know how she will vote but suggests that Dems who vote for McCain have “irrational hatred” is really f***** up. I really respected her when she went against the tide in the “Duke” case, (I thought they were guilty as hell…wrong)…her current behavior makes no sense.

  38. plural, isn’t it amazing how oblivious these people are–don’t they have sisters, wives, mothers, who don’t “fall in line” a lot of us removed “obey” from our wedding vows YEARS ago

  39. Wow! I haven’t been called a radical since 1968.

  40. Charles: It may not last that long; there are rumors McCain will choose his VP Friday, the day Obama’s convention ends. That will end any bounce.

    yeah, so far, it’s not the Democratic Convention it’s the Obama/All Roads Lead to Chicago Convention

  41. I hate to say this, but I think Jerelyn is doing this because she doesn’t want to be ostrocized from blogosphere 1.0.

  42. Phala, yes, it is astonishing that they don’t appreciate the independence of women — and men, for that matter — and our ability to make up our own minds as to what is best for us and the country.

    But they didn’t expect anyone to vote for Hillary, either, and she got 18 million. Which they are desperately trying to discount, insult, and make invisible.

  43. I just talked to Gary. They had a couple of unexpected things slow them down. He and Mawm just drove through Manhattan, KS. So, they’re several hours (or more) away from Denver.

  44. Charles,

    I love that we are called dissidents and radicals. That’s what I am anyway, and I don’t deny it.

  45. going just on what has been said re: Jeralyn (haven’t read)

    Sounds like the desperate utterings of someone that deep down knows they are wrong. Her use of the word “irrational” is projection. I think she knows it is she that is irrational.

  46. Some superDs not going to the convention. Will vote by phone?
    From AP:
    EUGENE, Ore. (AP) – Gov. Ted Kulongoski, a strong backer of Sen. Hillary Clinton in Oregon’s Democratic presidential primary, says he will skip the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

    A spokesman said Friday the decision was made a few weeks ago. Kulongoski is a super delegate pledged to Clinton but Barack Obama won in Oregon in May.

  47. @ Phala,

    Who or what raised $6M?

  48. BB, I think you’re right. Remember Jane from Firedoglake is staying with her this week.

  49. chatblu: I made it past 1968, but I live in KY

    phala: hahaha. I always meant to learn knitting, too.

  50. I would love to see a final and full accounting of where delegates and superDs stood a/o yesterday. Between Obama switching delegates and superDs changing their support, I’m not sure where we stand. Also, are all superDs pledged? I think there are some still unpledged.

  51. Heh. I think at this point, whatever the delusional Bots call PUMAs (and I include Jeralyn and BTD in that category now) is a compliment to us.

    Consider the source.


  52. IT IS NOW OFFICIAL. The Obama people REALLY DO think he is the Messiah.

    I shit you not. You couldn’t make this up.

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), son of the one-time presidential contender, said Obama’s victory overwhelmed him.
    “I cried all night. I’m going to be crying for the next four years,” he said. “What Barack Obama has accomplished is the single most extraordinary event that has occurred in the 232 years of the nation’s political history. … The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance.

    Obama needs his own chapter in the Bible. Jesus Christ on a waffle cone. These people are fucking delusional.

  53. I cried all night. I’m going to be crying for the next four years,” he said.

    Me too.

  54. I’m thinking of sending some nice balls of yarn to Rahm Emanuel’s office.


  55. Bawack Uh-bama hasn’t accomplished anything yet.

  56. God bless Bill Clinton! At least SOMEONE will speak his mind, not follow the script.

    Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” – Thomas Jefferson.

  57. McAuliffe was asked how much of Hillary’s debt was paid. He did not give exact numbers but mentioned $6 million and said “good report” out in two weeks and that they would get the debt paid. He was on with Andrea Mitchell so may be able to find it online. Was trying to type and listen at same time since I missed him earlier in day.

    I found his remarks about Bill Clinton being a 2 term president not being told what he could speak about and Andrea Mitchell saying Pres Clinton was a guest was kind of entertaining

  58. Statements like JJJ’s are the ones that turn fence sitters with Obama into Puma’s. People don’t like to hear crap like that.

  59. oh. my. god.

    “The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance.”

    please. stop. i can’t take it anymore.

  60. another comment by McAuliffe he gave credit to support via internet in paying down debt

  61. KB – LOL! Me too!

    WMCB – Here’s another revolting quote from that article:

    Despite Obama’s singular position in American political history, his backers said his race would not be a focus in his campaign. He will stick to economic matters, foreign policy and other topics with broad appeal. Obama rarely describes himself as an African-American candidate. He will not start now, backers said.

    Yes, let me know when he stops blackmailing Hillary’s AA delegates, bashing McCain and blaming Hillary for all his problems, and starts campaigning on the issues.

    I just know it’s going to happen any day now.

  62. Phala – That’s great to know! So, of COURSE, Will Bower was telling the truth. Yeah!

  63. I think TL must have crashed, I can’t access the site.

  64. It’s been obvious for a while that JJ jr has some serious emotional problems, and that’s not something I would say in jest.

    Let’s face it, though, if this bunch of crooks & crazies get into the WH, we’ll all be doing a lot of crying. At least until the impeachment.

  65. Rarely, Huh? What was that about the dollar bill and looking different. He stays focused on race, he just hides it well.

  66. I hate to say this, but I think Jerelyn is doing this because she doesn’t want to be ostrocized from blogosphere 1.0.

    Agreed. As much as the blogosphere complains about the official Washington “Village”, it’s ironic that they seem to be laying out their own little groupthink burg.

  67. SOD, yes – but I can’t always do something about it.

    KB – can you lend SOD a hand and take her comment out of moderation?

  68. JJJ’s remarks are as offensive as Bo’s regarding guns and bibles.

    I won’t trust the polls in NC but will be carefully considering what needs to be done by me with my vote to STOP this insanity

  69. Katiebird and Madamab,

    I think it’s very sad that BTD and Jerelyn have thrown in their lot with the likes of Markos, Josh Marshall, etc. In the end, their “social standing” in the blogosphere is more important to them than their own beliefs and the truth of what is happening to the Democratic Party. They are both now associated with the accusations against Hillary that they supposedly deplored, like Markos’ silly darkening of the skin rumor and the racism slurs against Bill and Hillary.

  70. Taylor Marsh has done the same thing. They all want to be able to hang out with the “rich and famous” in Denver.

  71. I’m so sorry about what Jeralyn said. I quit their site at the end of the primary, but I liked her and BTD. Until that time, I found their website civil and intelligent.

  72. This just posted on Yahoo: Nedra Pickler of AP says Hillary and Barack have reached agreement on roll call procedure. Roll call will be allowed–probably through NY state–at which point Hillary will ask for unanimous acclimation for Obama as the candidate.

    In other words, faux roll call. If this is true, and I wouldn’t doubt it, it’s all up to the delegates now. Those in states with first vote mandatory must not give in to unanimous acclimation. PUMAs in Denver: time to work on this with delegates.

  73. So this is the Biden bounce? 3 points, w/in MOE.


  74. “The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance.”

    Nooooo (holding hands over ears)!!!

  75. grayslady, I think that’s more HAKA. And until it’s actually happened it’s rumor not news. AP has been reporting this stuff for nearly a year now.

  76. madamab, I did get the impression from McAuliffe’s remarks that there is debt left but they dont’ want it to be the story–wish we had accurate numbers–I could scrape together a little more but am waiting to see what needs to be done post convention-do you know when the deadline is for her to pay the primary debt?

  77. Bill Clinton being a 2 term president not being told what he could speak about

    Heh. Yes indeed.

  78. I know we have people of a lot of different faiths, agnostics & atheists here. Despite my occasional cursing or weirdness, or maybe because of it, I am a devout Christian [currently Presbyterian]. I find these comments of JJ jr as offensive and un-Christian as the words of Rev Wright, and as offensive as the words of Phelps, Robertson, Dobson, & Falwell.

  79. katiebird, I agree and it makes me angry that I can’t trust any media except what is “vetted” here

  80. katiebird–Agree that with traditional media everything is just rumor until it happens; however, this does sound like just the sort of thing O-team would ask Hillary to do in order to promote “unity”.

  81. Oh, OK! I’ll take a look. 🙂

  82. SOD: agreed, Terry just rocks!

  83. Yes, I love Terry.

  84. Kittens, I think Left Blogistan has been coopted by dreams of being the new Beltway Boys, and wielding that much influence (even if they think it’s for good ends, somehow?) They have been stifling dissent every bit as much as the worst of the ratfuckers in the Village ever did.

    Just like the old press corps, they went from “I will be give voice to the people” to “I will tell the people what they ought to think”, and never batted an eye.

    They crashed the gate, then ENTIRELY forgot what they came for and started looting the place and protecting their own various political turfs.

  85. @WMCB: Here’s what I replied to your post about JJ Jr on the previous thread:

    Forget under the bus! Apparently there’s not enough room up Obama’s ass for all these sycophants! 😛

    And of course JJ Jr. will want to run for Obie’s Senate seat if Obie wins the prezidency! 😉

  86. Erm, typo. “I will give voice”, not “I will be give voice”.

  87. Fredster, I figured it out two days ago. The strategy is that if they burrow far enough up his ass, they will eventually FIND that elusive spine.

  88. 2 (count ’em) TWO new posts!

  89. http://www.sboe.state.nc.us/

    Phala – go here and look at the top of the page. We have more Democrats than Repunlicans now, but we also have a hell of a lot of Unaffiliateds. This election really could go either way in NC.

  90. SOD,

    Will I do? I did what you requested anyway.


  92. They crashed the gate, then ENTIRELY forgot what they came for and started looting the place and protecting their own various political turfs.

    The Little Village That Could.

    It’s disheartening to see those who I thought were good liberal exhibit the “dear leader” tendencies of the right.

  93. Many religious AAs from Gary, Indiana were believing that Obama’s candidacy was signifying the return of Christ, and were rejoicing that “the ones on the bottom are going to be on top”. I guess those were the kinds of things AAs were saying wherever JJJr. was having discussions?

    (Many non-racist, semi-religious white people in NW Indiana joked to me that Obama seemed like the “Anti-Christ.”)

  94. #WMCB, on August 25th, 2008 at 3:00 pm Said:

    Fredster, I figured it out two days ago. The strategy is that if they burrow far enough up his ass, they will eventually FIND that elusive spine.

    Or Michelle’s hand up there firmly controlling the puppet-stick thing that moves his head and mouth! 😆

  95. julieS, thanks. read a link someone posted earlier about irregularities in vote reporting for NC primary and am concerned
    it was a link to http://www.rense.com/general81/obthr.htm
    I am not familiar with the site

  96. If there’s a clip of that JJ, Jr. comment, I predict that we’ll be seeing it in a McCain ad any day now!

    These people really need to shut their mouths. McCain’s camp is churning out ads like crazy right now that are going to be very effective.

  97. No We Won’t radio was great today; Sheri kept it moving very well. It was interesting when that delegate said they would be voting on paper in their rooms and turning them in; later the vote will just be “for show”. Since it is all supposed to be open to view, he said he hoped he would be able to pull up his name later and verify his vote. Yes, I hope that can be done, also — not like that open meeting when they took an extra long lunch and they really made the decisions, not exactly open and aboveboard.

    And, there you go, that is why I say I shall never, nevah vote for Obama. when they concluded the forming of the new government, Franklin was asked what kind of government had they fashioned, he replied, something like, a republic, if you can keep it! Well I want to keep it and that is why I stand with the Pumas Everything about this past primary was so wrong; all of you know all the reasons, so I won’t elaborate. Riverdaughter remarked on the radio that we would not disband after the convention, because there are still so many things that must be done. I feel that if the Democratic party has changed into the Obamacratic party, we must start a whole new party. Republic stems from the public — the people, not the party elites are supposed to cast the deciding votes. That is why we register to vote, that is why we listen to all those boring speeches, talk it over with family and friends, make our decisions, stand in line to vote, and then in some states, return later to stay late and caucus.

    Now I would not mind all of that, if I did not feel that someone had already stolen my vote!!! No, I would vote for a rattlesnake before I will help the democrats destroy my country! They have already stolen my vote; why should I go cast another one for them. Everyone needs to check carefully the rules for their own state. Please other Texans correct me if I am wrong. I understand that in Texas, you can only write in Hillary if she has registered again for the general election, being registered for the primary does not work and I believe if you voted downticket dems, they would give it to Obama, thinking that would be your intention. If I cannot write her in, I will try for Nader, if that does not work, I will look at other names that might work, and lastly I will vote McCain as my last option. I am an Independent, but there really is no democratic party to inspire my loyalty anymore.

    I own my vote, I am not bitter, but I am defiant! I believe it is necessary to defend my country. It has been said, that if America was ever destroyed, it would probably be from within. It is not about Hillary, she just happened to be the motivation. It is not about race; I could not give a fig what color you are on the outside. It is about my country!

  98. Phala – while I do think there was a much wider margin of victory than I personally had expected, I don’t think NC can be compared to Indiana. I think that the sudden change in numbers came as a result of all those early voting returns being tabulated. The early voting turnout was massive, especially here in Charlotte. There was also an error in that piece – nobody had to change their affiliation to vote in the Democratic Primary. Republicans could vote in the Democratic Primary if they wanted to, all they had to do was ask for the Democratic ballot. That’s one thing about NC that really bugs me. In NY I had to be a Democrat if I wanted to vote in the Democratic Primary since it was a closed ballot. NC is an open primary state.

  99. Why aren’t the MSM picking up on the lawsuit against Obama? I heard that he was served by federal marshalls today – can anyone verify?

    I went to “contact us” at NPR and sent this:

    When will NPR take up this story?



    A lawsuit filed in federal court and Aug. 21 and Obama served by a federal marshal today – and nary a peep from NPR?? It’s been 4 days – plenty of time for campaign to provide documentation refuting the claims — starts to look like they’re true. Yet nothing on your website or on All Things Considered?

    I’ve been a listener and a member for more than 30 years, and I always thought I could count on you to tell the tough stories. Why nothing on this one?

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