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A Safe Refuge and Open Thread

In honor of Mawm and Gary’s PUMA Vacation:*

I want to add my welcome to our visitors. And share some of the ground rules.

The most important thing to know is that The Confluence is a refuge for PUMAs and Hillary supporters. It was created by Riverdaughter in the wake of the abuse we received at our former blog-homes. And the administrators of The Confluence have always kept that concept of A Refuge in mind when we review the comments posted to this site.

The rule (if there is one) is pretty simple. If it makes us (or our friends) uncomfortable or unhappy we delete it. Obama supporters: We’re not here to “Inform” you. Or “Help you understand.” We might keep your comment if it’s amusing or if we want to play with you for a while. But, if you bore us? You’re gone. Without a trace. And we won’t apologize.

I want to repeat my welcome to PUMAs near and far. I love this place that Riverdaughter made and I hope you come to love it too.

* Photos take in Kansas City, Kansas at midnight last night.  I just talked to Gary and the PUMA mobile is now a little west of Manhattan, KS.  They haven’t got a generator so they only have Internet access when they stop for breaks.

31 Responses

  1. Nicely said, KB. Especially the troll orientation advice.

  2. YAY!!! There are our PUMA Infantry CO-Commanders!!!!!

    Thank you for posting the picture, Katiebird! If you have more, please share!

    Welcome one and all – we are Democrats in exile.

    When Democracy comes back to the Democratic party, so will we.

    Until then, PUMA HAKA (h/t Carol Diamonds)

  3. Where was the pic taken? Did they get their generator problem fixed?

  4. Gary & Mawm: You guys must be utterly exhaused. Drive carefully & try to get some rest, if possible.

  5. Thanks for laying down the ground rules, KB. We have a lot of new visitors. They need to understand that we are not here to “educate” Obama supporters. We are here to take care of our own needs and work for our own goals. Guilt trips don’t work on us, and we’ve been screamed at so much that we’ve learned to ignore it. We know who we are and what we want and no one is going to tell us how to vote or which candidate we *have* to support.

  6. wow, katiebird, you tell em girl!

  7. KB: Thanks for saying what needed to be said.

    Oh, if anybody wants to know what’s being said in the media: Absolutely, Fracking Everything.
    They don’t know their a**es from their head in the ground. It’s all Spin and Rumor.

    AP has about 10 Dem stories up, all contradictory. [Nancy admits division says one, Dems looking to biggest victory since Watergate says another, etc].

  8. Wonderful photos! It’s so nice to see a clear picture of you, Katiebird. You look ferocious!

  9. Thanks, everyone.

    I’m off to my parent’s house for a while but, I’ll be back in a few hours. Have a great afternoon!

  10. Sweet pics!

  11. I get where katiebird is coming from, but I wouldn’t want anyone to get the idea that it’s a fortress around here and that one should think twice before posting. I’m a newbie, but I’ve found the posters here to be very open and engaging.


    Puma Growl!!


  13. Hate to hear about the generator. And with the big ole RV they can’t just pull surreptitiously into the parking lot of a hotel to grab hold of the wi-fi connection! 😮

  14. Along the way I hope you guys have fun and educate alot of the country.
    May the road rise to meet you
    And the wind always be at your back.



  15. Kittens, this is a refuge, and we must enforce some rules. You don’t know the muck and grime that comes in from Axelerod’s lair.

  16. oh JESUS, those are some ferocious pumas in those pictures!!! well, except they look kinda cute in the top one.

    safe travels, gary and mawm! use my donation wisely! i sent enough money to… get them about 20 miles. maybe 😉

  17. You guys be careful, and have a great time in Denver!

  18. You don’t know the muck and grime that comes in from Axelerod’s lair.

    Oh, I’ve had the vitriol flung in my face for fairly innocuous comments, I can’t even imagine what the bad stuff here looks like.

  19. Clarify, the vitriol flung by Obamabots.

  20. These photos are so fun!

  21. i HATE it when that happens! thanks for the reminder, though… i’m going on vacation next month, and i need to forewarn my card companies so they don’t think i and/or my card have been abducted.

  22. My heartfelt gratitude to you for making the time and effort to do this important work Thank you and Goddess watch over you.

  23. Loved the vignette and pics…

    RD is the first place I go every morning. Thanks goodness for the confluence – keeping me sane.

  24. Gary and Mawn, you got a generator. I believe if you’ve got a cigarette lighter, stop at any truckstop and buy an adaptor that will plug into it. You can use it for AC power for your laptop.

  25. Whoo-Hoo Gary and Mawm! Please be sure to tell us how many folks you get asking about the “PUMA-mobile”. I’ll bet it brings lots of attention and questions.

    On another note, have any of you seen the story about the roll call “deal” at the convention? The story has been ‘cleaned up’ since it was first posted this morning. I’ve noted the changes here:

    “Democratic officials involved in the negotiations said Monday the plan calls for a state-by-state vote for the presidential nomination Wednesday night, with [some]delegates casting their ballots for Clinton (or Obama). (‘some’ was deleted from the original story and ‘or Obama’ was added.

    “But the voting would be cut off after several states, the officials said, perhaps ending with New York, when (Clinton herself) would call for unanimous nomination of Obama by acclamation from the convention floor. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity while the deal was being finalized.” (‘Clinton herself’ was added to the later version of the story).

    So now she’s got to call for a “unanimous nomination” too? Geez, these guys just don’t stop. I truly wish Hillary would just walk out. F*ck them.

  26. Wonderful pics….:-)

    Again thankyou for your courageous presence at the Coronation….especially thankyou for representing the TRUTH in the nest of lies…..for taking a stand for those who were disenfranchised in Texas and in all the Caucus States…thank you for challenging the Web of deception that is being spun in order to install THE ONE as POTUS.

    Thank you for making sure that we have a voice there in Denver and that we are NOT silenced….(and never will be):-)

    Also, in HONOR of all of those wonderful, courageous Women (and Men too) who stood for Women’s Sufferage….88 years ago and who also would not be Silenced no matter what was thrown at them…..

    Thank You!!!
    Blessings and Protection From The Angels On Your Journey…Go Puma!!!!

  27. Katiebird is adorable! Love the puma growls.

  28. i havent given up hope for a miracle
    love this site
    thanks for posting the rules made me laugh
    about te obots
    if you are fummy or we just want to play with you for awile
    otherwise you are gone
    so cute put them in their place

  29. “During Times Of Universal Deceit Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act.”
    from Brit Blog

    I contend that, Pumas are Revolutionaries; I am still praying for a Revolution at the Convention…if anyone can make it happen PUMAS can.

    No matter what THE outcome, the “Revolution” has begun, the lies are exposed and TRUTH shall prevail; we will take the Democrat party back….and

    with a lot of Hillary’s supporters voting McCain, the Republican Party will never be the same either.

    Hillary has started a REVOLUTION…a demand for accoutability in government, for integrity, for fair treatment AND EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW FOR ALL people (women, ALL people of color, gays, older folks, young folks, poor folks, the disenfrachised, working class folk, the middle class, children, the 47 million without health care), everyone who believes in REAL democracy where your VOTE IS COUNTED…Hillary has started a REVOLUTION and we are the Truth Tellers!!!

  30. Sexism is alive and well in both political parties!!!

    If Obama and his Minions win, I believe women will be treated much worse. I worked in government and the political arena for over 30 years and I saw the likes of the Obama Machine/Thug tactics.

    Women were to stay in their place and Hillary broke that rule so she certainly had to be put back in her place (and so did all of Hillary’s supporters).

    They really believed we would fall in line…they said so.
    The MSM said over and over, Hillary supporters had no where else to go….they said we HAD to support NOBAMA.

    Yes, both parties have their issues…big ones when it comes to women having real power. Obama and the present DNC leadership in my mind (and experience) is much,,,much worse.

    I shared this thought in an earlier post:
    “No matter what THE outcome, the “Revolution” has begun, the lies are exposed and TRUTH shall prevail; we will take the Democrat party back….and

    with a lot of Hillary’s supporters voting McCain, the Republican Party will never be the same either.”

    If PUMA and those of us who have come together
    continue the “grass roots movement” that is needed
    to chance BOTH parties and their suppression of real meaningful equality for women then what an AWESOME country this would be. Real DEMOCRACY for everyone. How’s that for WINNING!!!

    The NoBama Incorporated never dreamed they would unleash a Movement that may change both political parties forever.

    What those who started with the passage of the Constitutional Amendment giving Women The RIght To Vote 88 years ago…. we have the opportunity to finish.


    Hillary opened the door for us and it can not be closed….too many of Hillary’s supporters…MILLIONS OF US…have already walked through the door and picked up the baton.

    “During Times Of Universal Deceit Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act.”
    from Brit Blog

  31. We might keep your comment if it’s amusing or if we want to play with you for a while. But, if you bore us? You’re gone. Without a trace. And we won’t apologize…..

    This is MY kinda place!!!!

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