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When Obama Loses, Whose Fault Will It Be?

Obama Respects Hillary

Obama Respects Hillary

The Obama/DNC Conglomerate’s.

Not Hillary’s. Not McCain’s. Not the PUMAs’ (although some PUMAs wouldn’t mind taking credit for it!). No, Party Leaders and Obama himself must share the blame for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.

DNC PARTY LEADERS – You did the following, assuring that you would split the Party among racial, sexual and ideological lines:

  • Decided that Hillary and Bill Clinton must not be given another shot at the White House.
  • Ran an African-American against Hillary so that anyone who didn’t want to vote for him could be labeled racist, including the Clintons themselves.
  • Allowed the most vile and hateful sexism to be directed at Hillary and her supporters by Obama and his campaign.
  • Perpetrated anti-democratic election fraud by apportioning delegates to Obama in a state where he had removed himself from the ballot. Even worse, your “compromise” actually took delegates from Hillary and gave them to Obama. So much for the will of the people and the Democratic Party’s commitment to democracy.
  • Allowed Obama to move your operations to Chicago, even though he had not even won the nomination at the time – and still has not!
  • Forced Hillary to suspend her campaign and withdraw from the race despite the fact that she had just as much right to the nomination as Obama, if not much more, considering her overwhelming tally of blue-state and swing-state primary victories AND her popular vote victory (which in any other year, would have unquestionably won her the nomination).
  • Told Hillary’s voters to stay home in November, and that we were not welcome in the “New Democratic Party.”

BARACK OBAMA – you did the following, assuring the same result:

  • Perpetrated election fraud in the caucuses to gain your teeny delegate lead over Senator Clinton, thus allowing you to claim “victory” over her in the primary. (Two documentaries are coming out that will prove this allegation most conclusively.)
  • Accused Hillary and Bill of racism in order to get the support of a huge majority of the African-American community. This support gave you a firewall that was impossible for Hillary to overcome.
  • Used offensive language about Hillary’s supporters, calling them bitter, xenophobic and other nasty names.
  • Allowed your supporters to systematically ostracize, attack and defame Hillary’s voters, calling them every disgusting name they could think of.

How did the Obama/DNC Conglomerate expect us to react to these outrageous actions? Did they really think we would “just get over it,” as we watched our beloved Party turn into something completely un-democratic?

I don’t think they did, personally. I think it’s all on purpose, and that they fully expected to counter our revolt with registering millions of new voters. They truly want to reform the Democratic Party and make it more like the Republican Party, except with a lot more African-Americans in positions of power. They knew in order to do this, they’d have to break the Party in two.

The DNC Clings To Obama

The DNC Clings To Obama

Well, congratulations, Obama/DNC Conglomerate. You broke it, you own it. If you don’t nominate Hillary, you get your Precious. But at what cost? Four more years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a possible bombing of Iran, no improvement in the economy or the environment, and a billion dollars wasted on a failed election.

I hope four years of John McCain are worth it to you, because darlings, that’s all you’re going to get for your pathetic efforts.

Enjoy your dog-and-pony show on the gaudiest stage ever. We PUMAs will survive and thrive, no matter what you do. And after the election, we will be a strong and powerful force for democracy in a corrupt two-party system that has lost touch with its roots.


94 Responses

  1. Fox

  2. Great post !! and that list is expandable !!!

  3. Oh yes it is, swanspirit. Everyone should feel free to add their own outrages!

  4. What Nader has been saying for years about ” no difference” between the parties has now come true.

    I am getting comfortable with the idea of being INDEPENDENT.

  5. mad – Good summary.


  6. Dee – I know. It certainly wasn’t true in 2000, but now…the only difference is that the Republicans picked a winning candidate!!!

  7. DNC/Dean/Pelosi/Brazile/media/Obama—their fault.
    No guts, no morals, no vision. The real change is Hillary, a qualified woman. Any man, however incompetent, over any woman, however competent. This is still a male chauvinist country. Good for Hillary for showing us all who we are, good and bad.

  8. They will try and blame women – start building the firewall now. By the way:

    “Drop Dead Gorgeous: Sexism in the Democratic Party” Abigail Adams Radio Show Sunday the 24th at 10:00 am PST

    The Abigail Adams Show. 10:00AM [PST], Sunday, August 24, 2008

    on BlogTalkRadio.com

    The podcast is “Drop Dead Gorgeous.” This is Part 2 of the Run up to Women’s Equality Day at the DNC.

    Sexism has no place in the democratic nominees. Biden refers to his wife’s PhD as “a problem.” Barack calls women “sweetie” and more sexist remarks from the supposedly progressive liberal party.

    Make your list of what you have heard from the mouths of “liberals” and talk about why the democratic party has let us down. And think about how we are going to change it.

    Let’s talk.


  9. The Dem party has been taken over by Obama. Look at how he got to where he is today. Yes you have to go back to the beginning and look at who put him in power from the start.

    It is not the Dem party anymore, not the one we were a part of.

  10. Overnight the MSM turned Biden from a joke to a statesman.

  11. Looking and listening to the smirky, snot filled faces of both Jesse Jackson, Jr. (Hillary did not weep enough tears for Katrina victims) and Donna B (we don’t need you) today I saw the true faces of the “new Democratic party” forming right before my eyes. Mean spirited, exclusive, ra*ce baiting bigots with huge chips emanating from their shoulders and their big grudge filled mouths. This may be all about Barack but make no mistake, this is all about them as well.

    The total destruction and the elimination of the Clinton’s, no matter what it takes, is their suicidal aim.

  12. Sorry: Here is link to blogtalkradio


    P.S., thirty year dem., no, it’s not our party anymore. We are the rebels within and we’ll change it so it doesn’t happen to another woman running for pres.

  13. Biden’s wife’s Ph.D. is a problem, eh?

    I wonder how long it will take McCain’s ad team to make something out of that.

    Have you all seen this ad?

    Wow. McCain really wants our votes!

  14. Thanks for the post, MadamaB — it’s brilliant.

    The summer of the Presumptive Nominee has been sickening. It’s the biggest surprise of the entire campaign to me. That NOT just the super delegates caved in to it. But that most Bloggers did too. And for the weakest candidate imaginable.

  15. PJ – You are so, so right. These are classless, lying, un-democratic schmucks who are hoping to ride the Obama train to unearned power.

  16. I have been having a very spirited conversation with an old friend of mine. I have been telling her all about Obama – she’s been busy living her life, raising her kids. Amazing how many people are not into what’s going on.

    Glad to report I am winning the conversation. At least I think so.

  17. The one good thing to come out of this disaster of a promary is the reawakeining of Feminism. It reminds me of the tail end of the anti war and civil right movements when women realized that their turn was never comming unless they siezed the moment themselves.

  18. Don’t forget Texas. If ever there was proof that the caucus system is corrupt and doesn’t represent the voters, it was the primary/caucus in Texas. The party closed its eyes to the corruption and ignored the voters.

    Obama has followed Bush’s lead this entire election, including his pick of Biden, and my fear is this immature, arrogant male will squeak out a win and continue the Bush legacy of incompetence.

  19. Thanks, KB! I was absolutely shocked that the bloggers blew it so badly too. But if you go back and read some of their previous work with 20-20 hindsight, you can see where they were coming from.

    Look at this piece from Kos, for example. He wrote it in 2006! He didn’t say Obama’s name, but that’s clearly whose talking points he was spewing.

    And could the CDS be any more virulent?

  20. SimoFish: This is the problem we are up against. There really are people out there (unlike us if one can imagine!) who are not political junkies and have not witnessed that sickening video regarding caucus fraud. There are people who may not be as committed to either campaign but who may come away with the need to vote Obama after viewing the “dazzle” of the convention and being told over and over that come November we will all “unite”.

    People like us who live for this stuff, who see through the hype, who tend to separate the crap from the crapola, are not the majority. And I may not have been one myself so many years ago when I was raising kids, holding a job, car pooling all over hell and creation. It is our job to inform and cut through the sh*t and shinola being parceled out as party unity. No Obama, not a good thing.

  21. You cannot maintain coalition parties like the Democrats if you run campaigns that intentionally denigrate and alienate one or more of the groups that form the coalition.

    Obama’s campaign told us that we we’re not wanted or appreciated anymore, and that they wished we would go away.

    Well, as my grandma used to say, “Be careful what you wish for.”

  22. Indeed! Myiq, I left a comment on BTD’s thread. What a condescending f*ckwad. “PUMA means nothing.” Why do you think Hillary’s name is in nomination, you *ssh*le?

    Jesus Christ, he is such a j*ck*ss.

    Okay, enough swearing. RD has reported in from Denver on a new thread!!!

  23. If anyone is in contact with Gary and Mawm please send me an email at katiebird@gmail.com

    I haven’t heard from them….

  24. Just watched the Mccain Commercial madamab-holy smokes when has a republican used an image of another democrat in their commercial he ain’t courting us….he wants Hillary on his ticket or at least in his government!

    To bad that will not happen!


  25. Nah, fuzzybear – he’s used other Democrats too, saying good things about McCain.

    No WAY would Hillary be on his ticket. However, if he puts her in his cabinet, that would be quite amazing. Bill had a couple of Republicans in his Cabinet too.

  26. SweetieSue: I completely disagree with the “rewawakening of feminism” during this primary. Where exactly do you see this being played out? NARAL, who should certainly know better, came out in support of this moron with his wishy-washy commitment to abortion. Even after he sought out the leaders of the Religious Right who out and out do not support a woman’s right to choose.

    Other than Gerry Ferraro, did you see or hear any leading feminist step up to the plate and condemn the sexist attacks being leveled at Hillary night after night and delivered by male pundits and in some cases, female talking heads? If so, I must have missed it since what I heard was silence.

    How many female members of congress took to the air or the written page and stood behind Hillary? Women who themselves have been targets in the past of male chauvinism and whose voice may or may not have cut through the misogyny that was practiced daily against her. I do not remember any. And what little response was tepid at best.

    “Feminism” was another lost issue this time around. Those who could have spoken out did not. They begged the opportunity to turn their backs on a qualified sister who stood with them but when their turn came they faded into the shadows. Sorry, I do not see “feminism reawakening”. The time for that was “now” not when. This indifference has led to the possible nomination of an undeserving male candidate out of deference to an eminently qualified sister. The shame is with them as they slept.

  27. PJ – My dearest Muse,

    I completely disagree with you. The Party Leaders stood up and showed how sexist they were. So did the media.

    That does not mean that the people themselves did not awaken. A grass-roots feminist movement is being born even as we type.

    Now, go read RD’s latest, upstairs!

  28. Pat — I get to take my friends daughter with us on Tuesday — she’s skipping school. She’ll be a Puma cub by the end of the day !!

    We’re taking her kids to the Puma Den after we pick up the rental and a friend at the airport !!

    HILLARY 2008

    Did you guys hear – http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2008/0…more-personal/

  29. stateofdisbeilf – sorry didn’t see your post –

    OK – off to the airport then over to the Puma Den !!!

    Will take some video to post later in the day !!

  30. Madamab: I saw the ad – The comments were just goofy ‘get over it’ stuff… I just *had* to leave my own (awaiting moderation)…

    My comment:
    Wow! This was just low-hanging fruit for McCain.

    Don’t freak out – if this IS the truth, then what’s the big deal if people agree? If the “stupid little – don’t get over it women” can’t be pulled to vote for Repulicans with this ad… Aren’t you all better off without them?

    Also, if it is THIS EASY to get women to vote AGAINST their interests – just *think* (think hard) how EASY it would be to get the poor fools to vote FOR their interests!


  31. Does anyone have the link to todays electoral college matchup?

  32. Excellent post.

  33. **IF** Obama loses, I have no problem blaming the PUMAs. You gals have a serious case of not being able to see the forest through the trees, and if Obama loses because his own friends can’t recognize him – blinded as they are by hatred and anger – you’ll be the first I look to.

  34. I certainly wish McCain hadn’t used Hillary in the ad. It will only give more credence to the charge that Hillary will be at fault if Obama loses. We don’t accept that but other people will and it doesn’t help Hillary’s future in politics and it doesn’t help our cause.

    Mountain Sage

  35. It’s really depressing…

  36. 🙂

  37. “**IF** Obama loses, I have no problem blaming the PUMAs.”

    Dear Ames, if Obama loses, it’s his fault…he’s NOT QUALIFIED and the DNC’s fault for allowing this empty-suited motivational speaker THINK he has something to offer….GEEZ!

    I kind of like that you are giving us PUMAs so much power, though.

  38. Great post, Madamab

    In addition, I think that the old boy’s club at DNC put forth an African American because they knew that would cut into Hillary’s support from minorities. Even so, Hillary still won most of the popular votes. Obviously, they did not count on her strength with Democratic voters.

    I believe strongly that the DNC needs to be taught two lessons; they cannot get away with manipulating the voting process or disrespecting women.

    I will vomit if I read one more time that female Clinton supporters need to grow up and get over it. I am a 62-year-old RN with a PhD and I know exactly why I will not vote for BO in NOvember.

  39. Obama = bad for business and my employees.

    My dry cleaning business has sixteen hourly employees. I told them that I would immediately fire two employees if Obama was elected, to use their salaries to pay for the new taxes. And, no one was getting any more overtime. Now, I believe that I just got sixteen more votes for McCain!

  40. @Ames, 1:19 PM

    “You gals … ”

    KMA, little boy.

  41. I am so proud of all you PUMAs who have done such amazing work to get us this far – in sight of saving our party and our democracy itself.

    If, in the end, our girl loses we will have a consolation prize of being able to finally properly thank Joe Biden for the unforgettable Clarence Thomas hearings.
    What an ass he was and probably still is. Why they reopened that wound is beyond me.

    And Princess, you rock! Telling Tweety on Hardball that he was your inspiration for starting your site and getting PUMA rolling knocked the wind out of him!
    Bull’s eye.

  42. Ame’s bring it on.



    Ran an African-American against Hillary so that anyone who didn’t want to vote for him could be labeled racist, including the Clintons themselves.”

    As a Dem in exile for a dozen years I have my bones to pick w/ the DNC and most Democratic leaders mostly centering on unresponsiveness to everyday folks.

    I believe the DNC to be capable of all sorts of stupidity.

    As such, I would dearly love to see the evidence of the sort of conspiracy and plotting implied by the above statement.

    Where might I find that, madamab?

  44. Obama is still campaigning against Sen. Clinton. Therein lies his problem. He can’t win the GE by campaigning against someone who isn’t running.
    The lose will be his to bear.

  45. Great post-the finger photo says it all….

  46. BANG, BOOM, ZING!!!

    What a post! MadamaB, Amen X1000!

  47. Definitely the DNC is responsible for violating the rights of Florida voters. But I have one question. I had posted on the archiebiden forum and this post was deleted so I will repeat it here. I don’t understand the drive to vote for McCain in this forum. A lot of the posts talk about the constitution, etc so why not go third party – if Hillary’s choice becomes exhausted. If McCain gets elected the draft will become a real issue and I have a son. I can not vote for anyone who survives on war or wants to start another one. I certainly can not take that risk with my 16 year old son and I would be appalled if my fellow Americans would either. Roe vs. Wade reversal could also be a real issue. If these stances are the same as Hillary’s, then, I apparently made the wrong decision in voting for her in the first place – but I know that is not the case. The Republican party and McCain use strong pro life stance and war in the same sentence. They do not mix. Not to mention the Republican party has bankrupted our nation and has interfered with personal freedoms. Please tell me how McCain’s stance on the issues is anywhere near Hillary’s? I will not vote McCain nor do I believe any Hillary supporter would, and the agenda of McCain is one that I will not take that chance with my son’s future. If you happen to delete this post, I have my answer – you are using the DNC’s injustice to Hillary as an excuse to try to get people to vote for McCain. If that is the case – I’m out of here. If not, then I just want to say, any women in America better damn well be concerned with the welfare of our young people – our future. In my book – McCain is not listed on any page.

  48. It seems a few of Obama’s more unseemly relationships are getting airtime. Someone FINALLY brought up the Ayers/Dorn Weather Underground connection.

    If, I should say WHEN O loses, it will be because Americans won’t vote for someone closely tied to an admitted domestic terrorist who tried to overthrow the American government.

  49. Pat , I think that SweetieSue! was probably talking about the reawaking of feminism on this blog and some others, and among PUMAs.

    It’s a grassroots thing. Today’s so-called feminist leadership is for sh*t. They have been woven into the corporate mindset.

    I’m even more angry now than I was in 1968. My feminist reawakening came on Feb 2, sitting at the kitchen table late at night and thinking, that’s it. I’ve had it. F*uck you all.

    After a while I hit the computer, got on a blog (thank you, blogster, sorry I’ve forgotten whose blog) and found a link to Robin Morgan’s just published piece called “Goodby to all that #2. (# 1 was, of course, in 1969 I think.

    Here’s a link. Chelsea sent this to her e-mail link a few months ago.


  50. Jilted – you us all wrong.

    We DON’T WANT nor ENDORSE McCain.

    WE want Democracy back in the Democratic Party.

  51. The DNC has placed Clinton Democrats in a terrible situation: Do we support the takeover of the Democratic Party by Howard Dean and his cronies or do we support the Republican candidate? A McCain presidency will last 4 years. But the transformation of the Democratic Party into a powerful cabal that no longer represents working class Americans would be permanent.

  52. When Obama loses the nomination this week it will be because:

    1. Obama was not honest about his birth, his citizenship, etc., and

    2. The DNC never vetted him on this information.

    Contact your local TV/newspapers to report this story:


    Suit filed Thurs. in Fed. Court in Philadelphia – Obama constitutionally ineligible for presidency.

    The lawyer (Philip Berg) who filed the suit said this in an interview Friday:

    “Sen. Obama really owes it to everyone to confront this. He should threaten me. “Berg,” he should say, “here are the documents and, if you do not withdraw the suit, I will sue you.” Right now, he has no basis to sue me. If he does have the documents, he should show them, and I’ll walk away. I’ll withdraw the case. But, again, he must show me a certified vault copy of his birth certificate and must show me a certified copy of the oath of allegiance taken between the time he was 19 to 21 at a Consulate, U.S. Embassy or the like. If those documents can be presented, again, I’m out of here. But I don’t think he can, I don’t think he will, and I think it is a total disgrace on his part.”

    But the Obama/campaign won’t produce these documents unless the MSM publicizes. Send this link to your local paper/TV and ask when they’ll be reporting it.

    Another cover-up exposed!

  53. I caught this in an AP release from a “Clinton delegate”:

    Susan Castner, a Clinton delegate from Portland, Ore., said she sees some of Clinton’s qualities in Biden. She likes his experience, especially on foreign policy.

    “It really kind of humanizes Barack Obama,” Castner said. “He has this air of perfection, and Joe Biden is more down to earth.”

    There you have it – Biden was picked to give the Messiah a more human appeal, otherwise He is too “perfect”.

    Where is my bucking farf bag…………

    With friends like Susan, who needs enemies?

  54. Pat Johnson,

    I share your sentement. and was quite disgusted w/ several women senators who didn’t stand-up during the misogynistic onslot, but than came out after to tell women that they must vote for Obama or we will lose Roe v. Wade. I lost a lot of respect for Barbara Boxer over her role in it. She was all over T.V. just hours after Clinton suspended her campaign fear mongering women to support Obama. But when asked about the sexism on morning joe, she refused to acknowledge it. It was unbelieveable!! I was actually in shock!!

    The women’s movement will have to swell from grass roots up. Working American women have to be the ones to stand-up. Hillary was brave and put herself out there to fight for us and to advance us. She told us that she saw us and she challenged us to defy those who want to keep us invisable. I refuse to give up on femisism, because NARAL endorsed Obama. I would hate to think that Hillary Clinton’s run and the abuse she took was in vain. That’s why we need to organize women and hold the democratic party leaders accountable. We need to fight for our daughters. Mine is nine years old and I can’t imagine giving up on her future. I want her to be treated equally and fairly, with equal respect, as well as enjoying the right to choose.


    And, their are women writing about the sexism. Carolyn Maloney, a congresswomen here in New York, wrote the book “Rumors of our progress have been greatly exagerated”. The book highlights the primary and the misogyny in the media. Its very good and I highly recommend it.

    We feminist bloggers are also writing all the time and we are making a difference. Obama is sinking in the polls and the DNC are well aware that he and the party are experiencing a woman problem. They will have to address it if he loses the election because of it!!!Blaming Hillary won’t fix it and they will continue to hemmorage women voters until they start treating us better.




    Obama, just might have 99 problems, but millions of “bitches” will prove to be the worst of ’em.

    I refuse to submit to the notion that feminism and the dream of gender equality is a dead letter.

    We are the ones who have to standup!!!

  55. Kennedy
    Jackson Jr
    To me Obama is a opportunist nothing more
    And they should all be ran out of town

  56. When Obama loses, he should blame Donna B. for telling us old folks to get out of her party. After November, I will have voted for the Democratic presidential candidate every election since 1964, except for ’80 and ’08 – 2 years when I found both major candidates unacceptable and voted third party. So, Ms. Brazile, it’s your party, and you can cry if you want to.

  57. Dem Party needlessly in a misguided power grab and now the Party appears just as a corrupt rancid amoral ran by a collection of creepy fringe whacko’s as the Republicans

  58. http://londonamerican01.blogspot.com/2008/08/stupid-party.html

    If there were any doubt, then nominating Biden for the VP slot officially confirms it: the Democratic Party has morphed over the past three months into the Stupid Party. The only saving grace is that Biden, a one-man gaffe machine, will provide some light entertainment as Obama drags the Party down to yet another electoral defeat.

  59. Pat, I see Feminism reawakening here for instance and, of course, you don’t have to be a woman to be a feminist.

  60. The fact that we need to set the DNC straight is flawed – too much damage already done. No die hard two party person here. I will be voting Libertarian and will never look back. I suggest disgruntled
    voters check it out – we could make a real difference if we picked
    neither party.

  61. The Obama and Company don’t get it and when Obama looses (and he will), the Obama supporters have NOONE to blame but themselves…..they need to look in the mirror and they will see who defeated Nobama.

    Obots are doing this to themselves by totally disrespecting and just blowing off millions of Hillary’s supporters and not even seriously CONSIDERING Hillary for VP!!!!

    She won the Primary and gets the brush off….like Obama did when he brushed his shoulders….like he was brushing so much dust off his shoulders. Now Hillary is suppose to deliver us to him…well HELL NO!!

    The Obots really believe BHO can win this Election without us; (they think they can because I am sure that they plan more dirty tricks….Donna B. didn’t hang out with Karl Rove for nothing). What Obots don’t understand is that there is a day of reckoning.

    The day of reckoning starts big time this week in Denver….WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED….GO PUMAS:-)

  62. Andy, that would be the DNC Rules committee & the Super Delegates for staking the nomination in favor of an unelectable candidate.

    I’m guessing that virtually everyone here voted for Kerry four years ago. WE aren’t Obama’s problem. We’re just the tip of the iceberg. The guy’s NOT going to win.

    You want to win? Support a Nominee with a job history rather than a 47 year old man with the resume of a 30 year old.

  63. Libertarian is just another word for right wing-don’t go there and if Obama loses it will be because he’s a poor candidate and the DNC gamed the nomination for him so don’t even start.

  64. I only approve of Abortion in the case of Rape or Incest or the health of the Mother or malformity of the baby.

    I believe in Birth Control other than Abortion.

    Wrap up and you won’t have a problem.

  65. Oh for Christ’s sake, Andy, be a man and comment on an open thread. You are such a fucking coward.


    You’re gone.

  66. Kendell,
    Actually I believe that what happend to Hillary in this Primary HAS reignited in a much more powerful way …..”feminism and the dream of gender equality.”

    Obama (and his Minions) with all of their misogynistic and sexist behavior (now exposed) have ignited a fire that they can not put out. That fire is burning brightly in Denver Today. Women (and wonderful men) who will not tolerate this terrible sexist treatment of women are in the streets Today!!!

    I marched for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) with my five year old son (he turned out to be a pretty good Feminist – he is supporting Hillary) back in the day. In my opinion, we still have work to do to reach equality for women AND THE DREAM IS NOT DEAD. The good news is that the lie that “women had made it” is now exposed as an illusion.

    What I see is that Hillary blazed a path AND she was attacked for being a woman daring to run for POTUS. Even with all that that they threw at her, SHE WON….she actually did win the popular vote as a woman running for nomination (by a major party) for President!! I have no doubt that she would have won the Election in November (she would have beat McCain hands down).

    Back when we were fighting for the passage of the ERA, over thirty years ago, we never dreamed we would get this close (we wanted to believe it was possible but we hardly had any women in elected office at the time). HILLARY DID IT!!!

    The Facist/Thugs in the DNC have attempted to snatch away and crush her victory and they are trying to ignore us by pretending that we don’t count. They believe we will fall in line like “all good women do.” After all they say, “where else do we have to go but to Obama?”

    Well, I say this to them; THEY AND OBAMA CAN GO TO HELL!!!

    I love and respect Hillary and I understand WHAT she has to do. But I declare, THAT the Facists at the DNC and NObama will NEVER GET MY VOTE!!!

    We have come together and that is the true BLESSING in all of this…nothing will now be the same. The fire is re-ignited and it is burning in Denver and on all of our computer screens.

    Here’s To The Fabulous Pumas In Denver and Here’s To Each and Everyone of YOU!!!
    The Fire Of Equality Is Burning Bright!!!
    How wonderful is that???? I’d say it’s AWESOME!!!

  67. Bill – nobody has won OR lost – yet! If you look at the top of the home page, however, you see (another) ad hoc plane to control the roll call vote.
    Clinton folks know about conspiracies. Bill was targeted and Hillary said so, and all you folks jumped all over her – but she was right.
    Nobody died when (Bill) Clinton lied.
    For some unfathomable reason, there is in our party a resistance to impeaching Bush who caused blood to be shed for a sham. The resistance comes from the same quarter as the engineering of the vote and caucuses.
    You sound nice, but don’t be naive. Don’t trust the party leadership.

  68. Sorry – I shouldn’t have said “you folks” – just folks.

    Ad hoc plan – not plane. bad typist.

  69. Sigh. Do all the trolls just cut and paste from each other?

    When an Obama supporter actually addresses the multitude of issues raised in my post, rather than babbling nonsense, then I will respond. Otherwise, they’re out.

  70. Bill, on August 24th, 2008 at 6:02 pm Said:
    “She has asked all of her supporters to support Obama. If you respect Hillary so much, why don’t you follow her lead? Do any of you understand why McCain wants your votes? He couldn’t care less about you, your issues, hopes or dreams. He wants your votes so he can bomb the crap out of Iran.”

    Bill, Bill, Bill. You have been quaffing too much Obama Kool-Aid. I love Hillary. I wholeheartedly support her. But I don’t blindly follow her like the unthinking Obots follow “The One.”

    MY vote is MY vote and it will NOT go to Obama.

    Bambi lost my vote MONTHS ago when he admitted that he hadn’t held a single meeting of the Senate subcommittee that oversees NATO because he was “too busy running for President”.

    Just a few miles from my home are an Air Force Base, an Army Base and a Navy Base. Almost every day I see C-140’s and troop transport helicpoters flying overhead. I know that onboard these aircraft are soldiers who have been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some have been to Iraq more than once and are now headed to Afghanistan. Why? Because BO couldn’t find time to even TRY to get more NATO forces on the ground in Afghanistan. So our guys are heading off on their 3rd, 4th, and 5th tours.

    In case you missed it Bill, here are the first 2 paragraphs of a story out this morning from the AP:

    “Taliban insurgents once derided as a ragtag rabble unable to match U.S. troops have transformed into a fighting force – one advanced enough to mount massive conventional attacks and claim American lives at a record pace.

    The U.S. military suffered its 101st death of the year in Afghanistan last week when Sgt. 1st Class David J. Todd Jr., a 36-year-old from Marrero, La., died of gunfire wounds while helping train Afghan police in the northwest. The total number of U.S. dead last year – 111 – was a record itself and is likely to be surpassed.”

    Bill, I will NEVER vote for Obama. So Get Over It. And kiss my PUMA ass on your way out the door.

  71. Jilted – A lot of us are voting third party or staying home. The only thing we’re saying is that we own our votes. We DO NOT endorse McCain. We are Democrats and Independents, not Republicans.

    Our goal is to bring democracy back to the Democratic Party. We will do that any way we possibly can.

  72. Great post. Thank you!!!!

  73. After voting for 45 years I have never seen a person (Hillary ) treated with such utter disrespect . My Grandparents would roll over in the grave if they could see what I am about to do. That is to step outside of the boundary’s of the Democratic Party. I am embarrassed to call myself a Democrat after how my life long party has acted this campaign. I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR THAT PUPPET BARACK OBAMA.

    If not Hillary in 2008 then John.

  74. madamab– I’m not 100% sure what makes me a troll. But, if you want me to respond to your post, here’s a question.

    What offensive language did Barack Obama use against Hillary and her supporters?

    And I’m not sure what to make of the accusation that the DNC ran an African-American against Hillary. At the start of the campaign, it was Hillary who enjoyed the most support from DNC superdelegates. Obama was the underdog for the whole campaign.

    The nomination was Hillary’s to lose, and she got out-campaigned. I have nothing against her, nor any of you. All I want is to prevent four more years of a pathetic economy and foreign policy.

    And, kjmontana, I live near an Air Force base as well, and you’re right. Our troops shouldn’t be on their fifth tour. Barack’s plan will not let that happen.

  75. Who will actually be at fault? Howard Dean & co.
    Who will be blamed? The Clintons & us.

  76. Bill. I am an AA female Hillary supporter. Let me try to penetrate your ignorant veil. Now if you read carefully and think I can rest my case. Obama had won IA, lost NH, lost Nevada, and was desperate to win SC, otherwise his candidacy would have been in jeopardy because he risked being out of the race if he could not win a state with such a large black, democratic majority. At that point Hillary lead in the SC poll and had 65% black support. He had to pry those votes from her hands and he had a limited amount of time to do it. As a result he put into action his revolting racial strategy to rile up black people so they would vote against Hillary. Do you actually think the Clintons would under those favorable circumstances come to SC and conspire to make black people angry with race baiting talk and then expect them to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton?
    Obama wrote memos to the media (Tim Russett confrontd him with his campaign memo after the SC debate) saying the Clintons were playing racial politics regarding the following statements:
    1. Bill’s “Fairy tale” comment: Comment referred to Obama’s statements about the Iraq war in that Obama left out that he also said he did not know how he would have voted on the resolution had he been in the senate. Comment was said to be racially charged and referred to Obama’s campaign instead of his Iraq storyline. It’s well documented but as usual the media lied and did not show all of the quotation.
    2. Bill’s “Roll of the Dice” comment: He did not say that, Charlie Rose did. I watched the whole interview. Bill actually refused to agree with Charlie’s comment and rephrased his own response. Media lied and attributed comment as racial and did claim Bill said it.
    3. Bill saying in response to a reporter comments at 10:00 AM in front of a breakfast place before 99% of people had voted that yes Jessie Jackson won the SC primary and he named others Jessie won. Media cut out the context of the comment and said these comments were made after Obama had won the SC primary and Bill was trying to make Obama “the black candidate” by playing on his race. Without success, a black congressman, (Meeks) who was with Bill all day and night in SC tried to refute the story to the media.
    4. Hillary saying that in addtion to Dr. King it took presidential leadership (President Johnson) to ensure that Dr. King’s dream was realized by law. Media claimed she was demeaning Dr. King and by inference Obama.
    Now these are the so-called racist people due to these comments that were spinned by the Obama campagn to the media for his own benefit.
    Now you must understand that Obama fed these lies to the media. The proof is when Tim Russet confronted him at the next debate after SC. At first Obama tried to deny it but Tim said while “waving the five page memo in his face” something to the effect that: Sen Obama are you denying that you and your staff sent this 5 page memo to all the media outlets describing these things? Obama said something like well in a campaign we all are not proud of some things that are done. TRANSLATION: THE MEDIA MADE A FOOL OUT OF YOU ALL AND BLACKS ACROSS THE COUNTRY BY FEEDING LIES TO THE PUBLIC. So, yes I do personally detest Obama for dishonoring the civil rights work that I (marched with King in MS during college years) and many others did, therefore I will never vote for him.
    When Obama gives his “acceptance speech” at the convention on the anniversity of the civil rights struggle instead of Dr. King smilling at him, as a minister first, he will be siobbing in disappointment as I will.

  77. Bill,
    BO has a plan????? For what, rigging caucuses? Gaming the convention votes?

    He certainly doesn’t have a plan with regard to any sort of foreign policy. That would require foreign policy experience. Which even he knows he doesn’t have. Except for that stint in a madrassa in Indonesia when he was a child. Does that count?

  78. Sorry for the long comments. As an AA I can not adequately explain my utter contempt for Obama.

  79. Madamab, i know for a fact that you certainly do not need my help in defending anything against anyone.

    However, just in case you are interested these links confirm all you say about the AA aspect and racism as a theme.

    Please check them out if you will. The Kerry sample chapter is a bit lengthy, but well worht the read, as it totally delineates the racism meme. The Obama section tells how they selected Obama in 2004, with the Senate as just a stop-over.



    Please check them out. The entire site is very telling.

  80. Bill. I forgot a few other racial digs Obama pulled.

    Take note of this: To cheers, at a rally in Atlanta, Obama referenced the rapper Lil Wayne as follows: “maybe you are the next Lil Wayne, but probably not, in which case you need to stay in school”. Now he could have used any rapper but he chose Lil Wayne. Why? May be the following lyrics explains why and why the young rap loving crowd laughed and cheered so wildly:

    “I get on top
    She drop it like its hot
    And when I’m on the bottom
    She be Hillary Rodham”


  81. Bill. I will continue to look for a reply to my post, otherwise disappear.

  82. I think it’s funny to see all the Obots whining about how they’ll never forgive us for Obama’s loss. Yeah, that hurts.

  83. Wisewoman: <<>>>

    Please post often and make ’em as long as you like.

  84. Wisewomen- Great comment, please don’t go away, we need your voice…

  85. Just found out the DNC is going to give Florida and Michigan their full delegate vote instead of 1/2. Hillary is releasing her delegates to Obama. Wow, thanks DNC. I am so honored you changed your
    mind. ….. I guess I have to change my name to grateful from jilted. Not. If those votes had been counted at the time, as they should have been, who does the DNC think would be giving an acceptance speech at this convention? Personally, I do not know how Hillary has kept her grace.

  86. I can only imagine what Hillary’s feelings are at this time, but I would think all she wants to do is get through this farce of a convention. I am surprised that she has any skin left at all because most of it has been flayed off by the DNC, the Obama campaign and the media. Obama’s online supporters are rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth extremists who are sounding like brainwashed fanatics. They don’t really know what they are saying, but they are spouting phrases they have become programmed to say. They can’t argue because they have no points to argue; they can’t give statistics because the statistics they have been given are flawed. They can’t quote their “leader” because he has said nothing memorable. So they are left to their own devices, such as double-speak and accusations. It’s so sad to watch people who were once intelligent, thinking individuals sink to this all-time low. On November 5th, they will be wandering the streets in zombie-like trances mumbling “Hope … Change … Hope … Change …”

  87. Okay, talk to me, people.

    Are you guys still promising to vote for McCain? I ask because of the Saddleback forum, with McCain’s “pro-life president, pro-life administration, pro-life judges” answer. After supporting Clinton and decrying the sexism in media coverage, how does that fevour get reconciled with an anti-choice candidate?

  88. Ella,
    I don’t think anyone here has “promised” to vote for McCain. I think everyone here has *promised* to do what’s best for our country and for democracy.

  89. Look at my posts. The answer is “NO”. Living in Florida –
    I am finally fed up with the manipulation of FL voters for what – the 3rd time? It was a Florida Congress who agreed to have both primaries on the same day – a cost effective move by our legislators – we must have a balanced budget here – unlike Washington. I believe the Draft will be reinstated under a Republican Presidency. My husband is a Veteran and served in Desert Storm when Bill Clinton was in office – I won’t even go into how I felt about that war except to say: “Hanging politics of the previous Republican Administration was responsible for our Forced Action”. Clinton bombed the hell out of them for 30 days and everyone went home. I voted for Hillary because she demanded a “time line” from the Pentagon even before she stated she was running. I think the DNC is an embarrassment and Howard Dean should be fired and blown out of a cannon next to the Liberty Bell in PA. What will I do now? It’s safe to say, I’m NOT VOTING FOR MCCAIN.

  90. Wow, I must have been really tired – watching too much news last night. It was Bush who was President during Desert Storm. Sorry…
    Damn – I always get those bombing time lines confused. My husband was in from the 1980-1996 so I think Clinton did a bombing too.
    Bombs away for everyone.

  91. Hilliary will be to blame, not McCane.

  92. Wah! My candidate didn’t get chosen in the primary! I’m going to take my toys and go home!

    I wonder what all you would think this went the other way?

    Nice plan. It’ll be like 2000 powered by menopause.

  93. Nice and usefull post, thanks, this is one for my bookmarks!

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