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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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The Newest DNC Twist to Screw Us Over

This is unconfirmed. I have only heard it second hand. Apparently, Delegates have been told that they must indicate their choice for President and Vice President in writing by 4:00pm Wednesday and turned over to their state chairman.

Now, what possible reason could there be for pressuring delegates to do this before the actual nomination and role call vote. Hmmmm, think, think, think….

Well, if you are planning to vote for Hillary, they can strong arm you and make your life miserable. And if you try to fake them out by *saying* you are going to vote for Obama, you will be assigned a bathroom monitor to make absolutely certain you don’t backslide. I can just imagine them chasing the hapless delegate around, waving the paper around, “You promised. You PROMISED!!!”, like persistent, bratty kids.

Your DNC at work. It wasn’t enough to rig the caucuses. They have to rig the convention as well. But isn’t it interesting that they feel they have to go to such lengths to keep Obama from being replaced by the more qualified candidate. The Superdelegates must be getting restless. Bwahahahahahahhhh!

(very crowded in here. Fun but wildly distracting. Just got a contingent of reinforcements from Pittsburgh. YEAH!!)

Update and clarification:
Still unconfirmed. Delegates have been calling us to say that their state chairmen have told them that their votes must be submitted in writing, some as early as 10am. The vote will be processed in the hotels. The votes will be final. The votes will tabulated before the roll call on the floor. In other words, it will be a sham roll call vote. Also, there is a report that a Hillary person infiltrated the Hillary delegates. This person was never onboard for Hillary who is misdirecting the delegates. This part is unclear to me but it appears the the delegates have been tampered with from the inside. The delegates that are affected are confused and demanding answers.

This is still unconfirmed. Will the networks follow up on this?

240 Responses

  1. Hi RD! So excited that you are holding down the fort and keeping us posted. Please be careful while you’re there.

    Re: the pre-vote. Is it any surprise? Have they done anything with fairness and transparency? That is why I do not trust them to do the right thing–they have shown no capacity for doing that this election cycle.

  2. It’s no wonder that when Heidi Li has called the DNC about how the roll call vote is going to be carried out she is only told that “we’re working on it”. More kabuki theater for Denver.

  3. They are scared. One B0 person once said “they need to avoid a scenario where she leads at any point”
    Meanwhile Pelosi reacts to Mccain’s ad

  4. What I am seeing this year is such a violation of the Democracy that so many people died for. Its treason.

    There is nothing democratic about it.



  6. Hi RD!

    Naoko (a Conflucian commenter who is a delegate) reported something similar… THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY!!

  7. Riverdaughter. This makes me sick. And someone on the other thread says the AP is claiming that Hillary will “release” her delegates on Wednesday.

    More, “why won’t that stupid bitch quit?”

    It’s never stopped.

  8. The DNC greeters at the airport are all carrying Obama/Biden signs.

    I wouldn’t hold out my hopes for a mutiny.

  9. Anti-war protests on Faux:

  10. Just got home. CNN reporting Hillary releasing her delgates on Wednesday.

  11. Treason, indeed!

    Benedict Arnold, Judas – We’ve seen them all……..What the country is witnessing – PUMAS in Denver and others, FIRSTHAND, is the coup d’etat – the year that the DNC sold their soul to Marxism/Communism/Tyrannical Takeover.

    Just look around at all the “O’s” in DNC decor. Brainwashing dictatorship at the helm is SFWomanHaterSelf-PromotingPelosi. Disgrace to Italian-Americans, Baltimore MD residents, the memory of her Mayor father. Killingdrilling, fun-in-the-sun DumbvacationingDems. The year that she banned C-Span from USA,Death of First Amendment.

    NaziPelosi/CowardMean/BoyzFromBrazile/ChicagoCombine/WeatherUnderground declared WAR on TRUE democracy in America.

    The peasants stormed the gate as Marie Antoinette states,”Let them eat cake.” The PUMAS storm the convention over the NWO agenda and say “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me (Death of Freedom as the USA knows it).” WE ARE WHO THEY WERE”NT EXPECTING.


  12. OverTheHill: I arrived in the Denver airport yesterday and I saw greeters but they were wearing generic orange T-Shirts. I didn’t see the Obama greeters.

  13. RD: here is some intel that may help:

    In our local paper we had a list of local Hillary delegates.

    Julia Fishelson: at large Wooster; wealthy older woman graduated from Vassar may have some loyalty to Hillary.

    Ruby Gilliam: at large Minerva: wants to vote for Hillary. In her 80s

    Kenny Holland: Akron
    Sandra Cleary: Wooster
    Frank Comunale: Akron; local politician. Would not expect him to remain loyal.
    Elaine Jaffe: Akron
    Wayne Jones: Akron, local party chair. SNAKE. He will flip to Obama.
    Robert Thompson: Canton

    Thomas Harmon, Louis Maholic, Robert Wise: Clinton alternates.

    Betty Sutton and Tim Ryan: Super Ds: you may have a chance with them. They both represent districts Hillary carried and were originally for her.

  14. God! Can’t someone in the DNC do SOMETHING to stop this?!?!?!
    Seriously I don’t know how much more of this I can take!!!

    I don’t know why but I was watching some of the coverage on MSNBC the Obama network with Matthews and crew, who mentioned the PUMA’s but went off on this ridiculous explination of why we’re “upset” and “holding out” and other nonsense. I sooooo desperately wanted to jump through the screen and slap the sh*t outta all of them!!!

    And what they’re STILL putting Hillary through. I just don’t know anymore….I wanna cry, I wanna scream, I want SOMEONE to care…I just want this over with!

    Sorry to be such a depressant, I just need to get this outta my system, before I go mad!

  15. Rendell goes off over Obama loving media coverage

    Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell was supposed to give “closing remarks” during this afternoon’s Shorenstein Center-sponsored panel discussion with all three Sunday show moderators — NBC’s Tom Brokaw, ABC’s George Stephanopoulous and CBS’s Bob Schieffer — but instead, he opened up a can of worms about bias in 2008 election coverage

    “Ladies and gentleman, the coverage of Barack Obama was embarrassing,” said Rendell, in the ballroom at Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel. “It was embarrassing.”
    Continue Reading:

  16. RD, your update is even more shocking than your post.

  17. o/t to katiebird — I’m really jealous that you’ll soon be meeting Gary & Mawm! Did you see the great offer for a place to park the PUMA RV from echinopsia? She posted at 3:12 AM in the Cocktail Lounge thread. Please make sure they know about it.

  18. The DNC has become the Politburo Party. This should not stand.

  19. RD, Do you mean that an Obama person infiltrated the Hillary delegates?

  20. “Rendell goes off over Obama loving media coverage”

    I red that article. Too little too late if you ask me. But at least he FINALLY said something about it!

  21. First the caucus irregularities and now they want to
    physically see the voting of the delegates? OMG, will these
    people stop at nothing to ‘coronate’ this man?!?

    I am so tired…

    If they insist on losing the election by making a mockery of
    the process than what more can we do, except sit back and


  22. SherryNC,

    I didn’t see it. But, Gary said they had something lined up. I’ll look for that post.

    Thanks! (watching clock….)

  23. Riverdaughter, when does the show start tonight? Should I post something?

  24. They want the numbers so they can arrange the roll call of states so that Hillary is never in the lead.

  25. Put Kucinich for VP – he’s the only one willing to pursue impeachment proceedings (interesting interview in NY Times Mag today) and I think that issue is part of what this manipulation is all about – though I can’t figure out why unless it’s very basic: $$$$$$$. Who is getting $$$$$$$???

  26. kb, thx again 😉

  27. Those were Ohio delegates.

  28. Thoughts on the Unscrupulous Delegates and SuperDelegates who “flip”:

    May as well be BHO himself caught on numerous occasions (videos confirm)”flipping off” Hillary Clinton.

    Delegates and Superdelegates who are gutless, no scruples, no honor, no loyalty will experience karma-

    May they ALL LOSE their “positions” within the corrupt DNC, and may ALL SuperDelegates LOSE THEIR RESPECTIVE ELECTIONS.



    Let them all go down on the DNC Titanic – PUMAS, 18MillionVoices, JUSTSAYNODEAL, TOGETHER4US will be there for Hillary Rodham Clinton-just like Denver’s OwnUnsinkable Molly Brown.

  29. McCain-Whitman Buzz In Denver
    24 Aug 2008 03:12 pm
    A Democratic member of Congress throws out the following scenario:

    With Biden on board Obama’s train, McCain will find himself boxed in by events.

    He can’t choose Tim Pawlenty — a man with arguably fewer foreign policy credentials than Obama. He still doesn’t trust Mitt Romney, and he’s stung a little by the thought of a 15-houses-between-them ticket. (Doris Kearns Goodwin disagrees; she thinks Romney is now the obvious pick because of his debating skills.) He can’t choose Lieberman because he fears a pro-life revolt.

    So — he chooses Meg Whitman. eBay’s CEO. A former Romney fundraiser. McCain trusts her judgment on economic matters. (He told Rick Warren that she would be one of the three people whose advice he could not do without.) She’s pro-life. A good surrogate. And Biden wouldn’t dare be mean to a woman in a debate, right?

  30. The caucuses were game through fraud. The supedelegates chose the candidate. The MSM acted in concert. The DNC counts votes that have yet to be cast. The Obama campaign controls every aspect of this spectacle and we are being chided for having expressing a few giggles on this blog every now and then to break the harrowing chains of watching our party being hijacked and our votes consigned to the ash heap.

    Sorry if it “offends” every so often but without a break from these criminal pursuits we would all be joining trist in a mass breakout of screams.

  31. Denver’sOwnTitanic&UnsinkableHillary

    I agree. I’m not crazy about 4 MORE years of Repub rule, but I will be voting 4 John, and had planned to vote down ticket Dems through. But if NONE of them will stand up for what is right. Then they have to go!
    I will not give ANY Dem my vote until those who caused this are allowed it to happen are gone. PERIOD!

  32. I thought they have to call the roll in alphabetical order?

    er, no…guess they no longer have to do anything just because of historical procedures. Not now that they’re the Obamacrat Party.

    trist, your post at 6:21 perfectly expressed the way I’m feeling. Gawd, I feel sick.

  33. Reminds me of the Richard Gere movie Red Corner, where the Chinese judge announced when court convened that “this is the last day of the trial”.

    As my hubby says, “it’s good to know the answer.”

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to the US Open this week. Tennis anyone?

  34. I just heard on NBC News that the Democratic Ticket is SET. It happened yesterday according to Brian Williams.

    I told mister and he said, “wow! the convention happened? And I missed it?”


  35. Carol and Pat.
    You must have scared the sh– out of Eddie.
    He is finally standing up publicly to the media.



  36. The states can pass. They do that occasionally so that the home state of the nominee can put him or her over the top.

  37. trist – please take a few deep breaths – we can’t have you hyperventilating and passing out – we need every puma.

    nobnov: Give me Hillary or give me death!

  38. Gawd, these people are so d*mn shameless. They don’t even want the possibility of a chance that any of this could be fair.

    Their weakness is astonishing. How did people this weak and slimy get in positions of such power?

    Oh yes. Total, complete corruption.

    Where’s my vomit bucket?

  39. helen; We need more like him. Unfortunately, we needed them months ago but I will concede that Ed did say as much the same on Fox. Then KO made him “Worst Person in the World” the next night.

    After what rd just wrote regarding “pre votes” I am sick to my stomach. This is indicative of how elections take place in Cuba. Count ahead so you are never surprised by the outcome. Sickening.

  40. madamab: You can have it after we finish passing it back and forth. You were right, this smacks so much like Stalinism.

  41. Looking back in history – paging MyIQ – has there ever been such a travesty?

    I look at our brave Pumas, there in Colorado in their pretty brown ‘den’….standing up so fearlessly in the face of such an evil tide of corruption. I can only say at this point, from my heart, thank you.

  42. It’s a media event – not a democratic process.

    But, Pat, we are important – article in NY Times this morning about how the bloggers are entering the aciton – in some cases w/ quasi-journalist creds.

    The internet made him. It can take him down.

  43. I love Ed Rendell-just not that way.

  44. DNC continues committing the most heinous, egregious acts. And yet, I’m to be convinced they’re any better than the alternative?

  45. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the (banana) republic for which it stands…

  46. SweetieSue: You are staying on my good side!

  47. Whoa! Pat! I missed that! KO made Ed worst person? KO – such a supercilious a–hole

  48. The Corruption of the “New Democratic Party” and the snatching of democracy from the jaws of Lady Liberty makes a mockery out of the armies of soldiers who gave all for the freedoms we enjoy today.

    Brave Patriots in our nation’s history – From the Revolutionary War through WWI & WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and all points in-between. HOW DARE they UNDO the good of our brave men and women before us?


    NObama NOvember NOr August

  49. Still4Hill: He did. It is out there on YouTube somewhere. Pig that KO is!

  50. John – hahaha – really – banana-fanna-fo-fama- fee-fi-fomama NObama!

  51. Since when is a fair, open and above board roll call done on paper and counted in a back room with no “sunshine” public view as a real veracity check?

    This is an attempt to deliberately make sure the results are as BO expects not as they really are – and that is fraud.

    The American public, who will be watching the roll call on the TV and just take the results of what they see as hear as truth, needs to know about this…..and be made aware that most likley the roll call results will be rigged.

    How dare they? I’m done done done with this bunch of DNC SOBs. PUMA

  52. Not to be mean in anyway but the rumours about Whitman might preclude McCain from choosing her.

  53. Coming out of the convention it will be interesting to get the reactions from Hillary supporters of what actually went on behind the scenes. Got a feeling it is not a pretty sight.

  54. And, yes, I long for a day when all GLBT citizens can be out and proud and not stupid like Rachel Maddow.

  55. and his GF Rachel up and coming PT star! I need a beak – am on Fox – they actually know there are pumas who are not women

  56. Sweetie! I could not understand maddow’s venom about Hillary – what WAS that?

  57. We need more male PUMAs. I say this since this patriarchal society will only pay attention to a male voice as opposed to the millions of women who may definitely decide the outcome of this outrage.

  58. What good is party unity if the country goes to hell in a handbasket because of it? Just what exactly will there be to lead if we condone this corruption?

    I know that both Hillary and Bill are strong enough to withstand anything. They have proven that to us so many times more than anyone ever should have to. I know that if she tries to do anything but exactly what the DNC has told her to do that there will be hell to pay. But by God, someone needs to stand up to this.

    If not her, who? If not now, when?

  59. Still4Hill, yes, I’ll get myself calmed down.
    I think I will bypass watching anymore coverage of this farce for the rest of the day and just stick with the closing of the Olympics.

  60. But at least we have some out there on the msm – I saw Will on fox this morning.

  61. Still5Hill: Money and status and her own show. Playing along with the “guys” at MSNBC guaranteed all three.

  62. Pat
    This election has shown the the democratic values I believed in for 48 years and no longer valid.
    I taught my kids that voting was a right not a privilege and that they should vote in every election.
    I preached that too many people had fought and died tor this right and they had to honor those battles.
    I am sitting here crying my eyes out and I can not express my anger enough.
    The NEW democratic party has to be taken down and a REAL democratic party formed from the ashes.



  63. I know, Pat. Obama is a dictator wannabe, just like Bush!

    I’m telling you, this bunch of corrupt schmucks is way out of control. I am so hoping for a miracle…otherwise I don’t know how I’m going to get through the months until Obama’s landslide defeat.

  64. Yeah – trist – I’m switching to closing ceremonies in a bit, but will stay on here. – Fox is less maddening than msnbc anyhow – but I know how you feel. I get hives. Zyrtec can’t help.

  65. Imagine if the tables were turned and the Clintons were employing these tactics. The MSM would be breaking into regular programming all puffed up and seeing red with the latest “outrage”. This stuff is over the top but this last one of pre counting votes is sinister. Unless I am losing my mind altogether.

  66. OT, but this made me laugh.

    Dave Barry: The DNC’s on, let the drama begin:


  67. ” And Biden wouldn’t dare be mean to a woman in a debate, right? ”

    of course he would … look what he did to Hillary …. and his campaign went after Cindy already
    He has a streak of mysogyny a mile wide and thre miles long .. it is even longer than that yellow streak up his back ..

    and it is the Loser Party… that is the only psychological profile that fits… all of the losers, Biden included .. rejecting the true winners and taking over because they think they can win this time ..and absolutely everything they are doing is ensuring they will lose. Yes it is extremely immature and not on a conscious level all the time .

    Has anyone read HALF ASLEEP IN FROG PAJAMAS by TIM ROBBINS here is a quote from that book but it applies to bo & co and the DNC
    “At the Exasperation Olympics, this guy would win all the gold medals.”

  68. I’m watching Meet the Press (re-broadcast from this morning?) Anyway, Chuck Tod just went on and on about how Hillary has to give a really great speech to get the “undecideds” to come to Obama. As if it were her responsibility! And for the record, I’m not undecided. I know exactly who I want.

  69. helen – I know. I sometimes cry about all this too – especially when someone puts up a touching or infuriating video. I cry more out of ANGER than anything else.

  70. Banana Republic. Waiting for our electricity to be turned off the way Nazi Pelosi turned off the lights in the House, and the way she turned off our First Amendment right when she forbid live C-Span coverage of teh Republicans who stood their ground.

    Third World Country. Dictatorship. And we just thought the Bush Administration was an Oligarchy.



  71. Sophie – Todd will never shut up about her. I want to stuff an sock in his mouth!

  72. Still4Hill:
    I don’t know what Maddow’s problem is. My guess is that being an attack dog towards Hillary was the only way she could get a show on MSNBCDS. The world is full of women who got to the top by keeping other women down. The big boyz only let a few Aunt Tomasinas in and I think there’s a special place in Hades for them.

  73. Robin: Thank you for that link! I needed a laugh out loud belly laugh just about now and that provided the relief. Wonderful!

  74. Robin – Hahahahaha! From your link:

    But in the end, the focus of this convention will be on Barack Obama, who on Thursday night will receive the nomination in long-overdue recognition of a distinguished career of seeking the nomination. His goal, in his acceptance speech, will be to win over the undecided voters — the people who are unsure of what he really stands for, or who have received emailed rumors that he is a Muslim, or a socialist, or a vampire, or a lesbian. His goal will be to show, with no disrespect to the Muslim socialist vampire lesbian community, that he is a regular person just like you, except he has Vision and Leadership. After that, he will lay out his specific policies for building a brighter future. Then he will turn into a bat.

    That Dave Barry, he’s funny! 🙂

  75. 3rd world -I spent 10 years in Haiti (to escape Nixon). We cannot let this happen in the USA. NEVER! It reminds me of nazi germany. I can’t believe it!

  76. Exactly, I think we have been going under the misconception that nominating a president is democratic. It is not. At anytime the delegates can nominate any person they want. The primaries are all basically beauty contests on the presidential level. That is why courts will never get involved.

    Welcome to the democrat party.

  77. Pat, Maddow not only agreed to play along with the guys, she agreed to start wearing makeup and be more “feminine”. That told me all I needed to know about her sellout.

    Note: I love makeup. I think it’s grand. But Rachel NEVER had – She changed it to please the boys club.

  78. WMCB: I have seen Rachel in person on two separate occasions. She lives in the Berkshires with her partner and occasionally dines in Northampton. She is beautiful without make-up and comes across as very nice. I never spoke to her but from a distance her demeanor is ordinary. By that, not stuck on herself.

  79. Sweetie: “The world is full of women who got to the top by keeping other women down. ”

    Right – Pelosi would be another – i love that picture of her with Hill when Hill went back to DC after the primaries – you know the one? She has her hand around Hillary’s wrist like a handcuff and it looks like she’s telling her not to move.

    BTW – love andy & barney

  80. I was raised a nice quiet roman catholic that was quiet in church sat kneeled and stood as was instructed in the missal that I had been given. I followed along and hanging on to every word that the priest said as if it had been dipped in holy water and kissed by the almighty .

    This was my first relationship where I was the good christian following along and being anything but a heritic.

    The second time I did this was with my relationship to the Democratic Party. I did my partvoted and spouted the party line as if it had beed dipped in holy water and in this case kissed by the spirit of FDR.

    NO MORE!

    Enough is Enought! to night I shall release an Evangelical Call down that I hope will shake the very heavens of the Creator. I will Give a sermon against the thiefs that have stollen the Ack of the Convenant that has since the time of FDR bound all democrats together.

    Martin Luther, John Knox et all shall be proud. I will pour foor words demanding devine intervention and call down divine retribution.

    The mighty of the DNC shall quake with fear at our righteous indignation…so help me God/des!


  81. SweetieSue! –

    You are so right. Women who make their careers in the media hardly ever do so by upholding feminist values.

    I was so disappointed in Rachel when she drank the Kool-Aid. I used to LOVE listening to her on AAR before it became Air Obama.

  82. That’s it. If they are pre-counting votes to control the floor vote so that Hillary’s true support is not apparent, then I am DONE.

    I will be voting a straight Republican ticket, period. I want these bastards gone. All of them.

  83. I ADORE DAVE BARRY and he didnt let me down !!!!! OMG He is hillarious

    more from DAVE
    The Obama-Clinton tension is only one of the dramatic storylines developing in Denver. Another one is Obama’s choice of running mate. Following days of feverish media speculation over a list of names that at one point included the late Hubert Humphrey and a probably fictional congressperson named ”Chet Edwards,” Obama, in a bold move, went with the one name guaranteed to send an electric shock of electricity through the spinal cord of American politics: Joe Biden.

    This choice not only virtually locks up Delaware’s electoral vote (which it shares with Wyoming) but it also buttresses the Obama team with one of the Senate’s most vocal voices. Sen. Biden is scheduled to address the convention Wednesday night from 8:48 p.m. until dawn.

    Hahahahaha too funny ………. much needed humor Thank you DAVE

  84. Excerpt from that Dave Barry piece:

    “But in the end, the focus of this convention will be on Barack Obama, who on Thursday night will receive the nomination in long-overdue recognition of a distinguished career of seeking the nomination

    LOL! Sad that it’s every bit the honest truth.

  85. I was a diehard Dem for 37 years. I have become an Independent because of this election, when
    I realized the deciet , sexism, and shamelessness of the DNC.

    Now I say “Go to Hell you EFFin Democrats! You will never recieve my vote again! I will noty be taken for granted, lied to, and manipulated.”

    Now, that doesn’t mean I’m voting Republican. But the disgust I have for the Democrats is endless.


  86. Oh Fuzzybear – I LOVE YOU! That was amazing!

    [[wipes away tears]]

  87. Fuzzybear! Raised RC – that explains the great prayers. Call on all the saints and especially the folks who are waiting to be canonized. WE NEED A MIRACLE!! There are Americans who are beatified and just need a 3rd miracle, right?

  88. Dave Barry’s no Republican. Could he be a PUMA? Anyway, he’s damn funny.

  89. On November 5th it will be over. And has Michelle said “this is their only shot.”

  90. Dave isnt stupid either

    “”And after all that, she loses the nomination to a guy who has roughly the same amount of executive governmental experience as Hannah Montana. Hillary is like: “Are you KIDDING me?””

  91. The sound in my bedroom television went out! It has been on 24/7 for 14 months. I told those damn squatters to turn it off occasionally.

    Eddy said please stop making him out as a philanderer. His :heart: belongs to Carol Diamonds!

  92. ben: I wish I could be that sure.

  93. Dave Barry: He’s sooo funny. I love that remark – might even add the text to my blog after thursday.

  94. His hide belongs to PJ!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Voters Not Yet Backing Obama

    Barack Obama desperately needs the support of Bill and Hillary Clinton voters if he’s to win the presidential race in November — and so far he’s not getting it.

    That’s the view expressed by NBC News political director Chuck Todd during an appearance with host Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball” on Wednesday. Republican John McCain and Democrat Obama have “carved up” the partisan vote and “the vote that is left to get is a vote that loves Hillary Clinton,” Todd said.
    continue reading: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  96. Carol – you and those squatters. Tell them to unplug it and count to 45 slowly.

  97. I dont think those people now running the Democrats are really the Democrats they are a false front .. WE are the true Democrats here TRUE Democrats believe in one person one vote …and we beieve the democraic process should not deteriorate to lies decett and thuggery ….

  98. WTF???? They will not get away with this. Hillary stepped away and suspended because by removing herself as the target of all evil intent, Obama was forced to come forth and tarnish. Now the whole world knows that she is the one who must be the 44th President.

    There must be a way to stop this latest shenanigan.

  99. Well – Brauess we’re the “Old Democratic party” Or maybe the Traditional DP.

  100. I meant Brazile – can’t see these kys typing too fast

  101. I’m the same way Sarah. I was proud to be a volunteer for democratic candidates for the past 20 years. I’m just sick that my party has come to this. Sick. This is not the party of Bill Clinton, Lloyd Bentsen or my beloved Ann Richards. This perversion they call the democratic party now has seen its last vote from me.

  102. RD, is there anything we can do to help you guys? This is the worst! I really could puke.

    Fuzzy, I’m right there with you! Enough is enough!

  103. We PUMAs can control the fate of this election:

    November 5 Headline:

    Clinton Loyalists Deny Obama the White House.

    how sweet it will be!

  104. Brit Hume said that Obama needs to really make himself known to the voters. Christ on a cracker, he has been running for 18 months, is rammed into our faces 24/7, and his name pours off the lips of every pundit known to man, and he is urging him to “make himself known to the voters”!

    I know more than I wish, including his dirty socks habit, and unless he reveals the secret to life, I need not know anymore than this.

  105. you know – I don’t know that we can stop anything. This is moving like a freight train. But later, even before voting the rascals out, I think legal actions can happen. Not a lawyer, but I’m guessing.

  106. 1st – fuzzy just scared the beejeeeesussss out of me and I am Jewish.

    2nd – Maybe we should summon JC (Jimmy Carter) to monitor the elections for fraud…….I’m sure he has never seen this in a 3rd world country.

    3rd – Pat, Pat, Pat – or should I say hanibal – please leave Eddy’s hide alone.

    4th – they just showed part of the closing ceremony and it is incredible. I wonder what atrocious fraud they will be playing on us with this.


  107. I cant believe i just typed that above LOL, please excuse the typos I am just so carried away here …Maybe it is a good thing I am not in Denver
    I might end up in one of those cages they have prepared ….

  108. There is no legal action that can be taken. The party controls its nominating process No court will ever intervene.

  109. Cindy and Sarah – I totally agree! I’ve been voting Democratic ever since I turned 18, almost 23 years ago. I was sooooo happy when Bill won twice, and did such a wonderful job.

    I just can’t believe these utter fools have gotten control of my Party. They need to be thrown ON the bus and driven away!

  110. They are the LOSER PARTY we are the true…Democrats ….and Patriots

    PUMA POWER !!!

  111. I’m wondering what plans they have to rig the general election? The states The One is contesting are falling by the way side so we should know where to watch for the fraud.

  112. The closing ceremonies with the burst of fireworks? Borrowed from the Obama campaign to be repeated on Thursday night. All stops being pulled should you miss the point of next week.

  113. The only drama left is will he or will he not levitate. Aside from that, anticlimatic.

  114. Pat – I’m pretty sure the MSM and Cable will be climaxing.

  115. PJ – LOL! Will He walk on water too?

  116. i love the Passed Over ad. That one clip where Hillary is talking about how negative his campaign is: you can see the anger in her eyes. We must stay united and deny him the presidency.

  117. Carol, please tell me – what does haka mean? I think I saw it on a previous post but I’m old and I think I can’t remember – OMG

    Jimmy Carter cannot monitor elections here – he’s in the tank too – nothing fair & balanced about it –

    I’m done with the dems including all of the downstreamers – they’re drinking the kool aid with the rest and they can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned

    Faux news actually read part of an email I sent this morning – they had asked if Hillary could cause consternation at the convention – I wrote that I sure hoped so and that I would never vote for Obama – wrote more but they only took two sentences –

    After reading about the rigging – I just don’t know what to say or think – my mind is just overwhelmed with this BS – what the hell is in that kool aid – the majority of these Dems sound just like pod people – follow the script and don’t answer a question straight

  118. I remember earlier on when someone snapped a picture of a Che Guevara poster hanging on the wall of an Obama campaign office. It was poo pooed at the time as belonging to an idealistic campaign worker. Before it was snapped it was allowed to remain until after the picture was published. Makes you wonder when you see these tactics acting out.

  119. I’m sure the pollsters have been informed “if a woman answers the phone, disconnect”!


  120. haka – war dance prior to the battle!

  121. I hope the networks follow up on this too. Has anyone told them about it?

  122. I’m getting the same news from a Capital Hill member who is in Denver:

    “Obama is putting tight controls so Hillary vote is minimized. The actual vote will be into State Delegation heads in writing by the delegates by 4PM, with both the vote for VP and Pres done on Wed. – the TV vote is just a show. Obama will pay any Hillary pledged delegates room and cost of transport if they change their vote.”

    You can read about our CH member at Raising Kaine: http://www.raisingkaine.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=15503

    Mountain Sage

  123. Haka is a type of dance I think done in Africa or the South pacific that is used to keep enemies off guard. something like that.

  124. It doesn’t matter – nothing anyone can do – the rules are fluid

  125. Most disheartening of all is I don’t know who or what I am supposed to believe in anymore. Somehow my idealism was fractured along the way. Probably the reason we gravitate toward this site so frequently. We just need to reassure ourselves that we are not alone in the darkness.

  126. EFF those effin bastards. I hate the Democratic Party.
    Eff them all.
    I’m not voting for any EFFin Democrat the rest of my life.
    Go to Hell you EFFin Effers.

  127. ben – do we need drums?

  128. Pat: thanks for the words about “offend with our giggles.”

    I left to ponder what Charles, whom I very much respect, said about the PUMA image, especially since I’ve sometimes said a few curse words I didn’t hear in my church this morning, and since the Kid & I giggled about moonshine & stupid comedians last night
    I could say that we have far less garbage here than other political sites, or that we are a moderate site that walks a line between tolerating a few out-of-mainstream views and censorship. I could say that we’ve witnessed massive corruption, misogyny & hate on a scale that has left us shocked, angry, and depressed. Seldom speechless.

    But, what I’ll say is that this is RD’s site. If she wants me to leave, or be more erudite, or nicer or whatever, I will. I hope if I’m offensive, a regular calls me out. But, mostly, I’ll say that we’ve been outcasts this whole primary. We’re the lepers of the political year, deemed worthy only of contempt or ridicule, and we’ve formed a community of serious discussion & occasional silliness.

    I hope we PUMAs continue to be ourselves, and not worry SO hard about our image that we become self-conscious.
    Thank you for listening. There, wasn’t that nice?

  129. I am know channeling the great oratator Williams Jennings Bryant-I shall not be crucified on Obama’s “Cross of Gold”!

    In me am filled with righteous anger and I will pour it out like a bitter libation on the DNC and Obama for America…They shall drink and weep!

    Our Hillary shall Rise Resplendent Like Justice moved by Primal Love that shall tear open the Gates of Opression -setting all the captives free! She shall Triumph and in the end all here enemies and rivals shall stare ath the true Goddes of freedom!

    Enough is Enough!


  130. I know – Pat – I depend on you guys to keep me sane – otherwise I shout at he TV

  131. Ahah – thank you – as soon as I saw the words – I remembered – how pathetic is that

    democracyfirst – the networks will not follow up or report on anything that is contrary to the big biz that own them – there is no journalism in this country anymore – only news readers – investigative journalists are a dying breed and not being replaced – they cause too much work – coverups, etc. ya know

  132. Am I the only one sick of the whole “Bill and Hillary Clinton” voters? While President Clinton continues to enjoy/appreciate a wealth of Democratic (and Indie) support, this primary was Senator Clinton’s, and hers alone. She EARNED those primary and “battleground state” victories, by making a believer out of each and every one of those 18 million voters.

    So enough of the back-handed blabber. Hillary’s the most qualified candidate to have emerged this election cycle on either side of the aisle, BAR NONE!

  133. Sarah – you are making me laugh! So angry, yet polite. You go, girl! 🙂

    Maybe PUMA does need to become a third party. I just CAN’T vote Republican. They are horrendous and corrupt too.

  134. If there’s a silver lining. Should Obama win in November and screws up in office, that’ll be the end of the Obamacrat Party. And hopefully the hostile takeover of the DNC by the “New Democrats”.

  135. Edwardian – me too – sick of them making it seem like her triumph were some kind of machine-manipulated victories.

    That happened – but it was on the other side. Her victories were her own.
    Que viva Hillary!

  136. swanspirit and edwardian: My favorite part of the Dave Barry piece was that Hillary was annoyed that she had lost the nomination to someone woth all the administrative experience of Hannah Montana.

  137. There is NO silver lining which includes a BO presidency.

  138. Edwardian – YES! I voted for Bill, but that’s not why I wanted Hillary. She is, in my mind, even smarter and more liberal than her husband! And, she is supremely confident AND competent.

  139. I was hoping for a hostile takeover within the next 48 hours or so. No need to wait 4 years.

  140. comments about Rachel reminded me of a poem a friend recently sent me. it’s by Australian feminist Dale Spender:

    “Feminism has fought no wars.
    It has killed no opponents.
    It has set up no concentration camps,
    starved no enemies, practiced no cruelties.
    Its battles have been for education, for the vote,
    for better working conditions …
    for safety on the streets, for child care, for social welfare…
    for rape crisis clinics, women’s refuges, reforms in the laws.
    If someone says, “Oh, I’m not a feminist!”, I ask,
    “Why? What’s your problem?”

  141. I’ve gotta see that Barry piece – I need a good laugh.

  142. mad – 8 little words regarding voting Republican against the Democrats –

    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008


    If they get away with this there will never be an end to the corruption and no changes.

  143. madamab: Chelsea said that her mother would be a better president than her father.

  144. Is anyone reminded of Lord of the Flies?

    At lease we know that if all else fails, in November, the British “Navy Officer” in the form of John McCain arrives on the “nearly destroyed island littered with death” and chastises the youthful thugs before bringing them home and saving what’s left of their pathetic lives.

  145. Ben carlson asked:
    I’m wondering what plans they have to rig the general election?

    Look to the influx of voter registrations particularly expats and college students. With the Chicago machine on the task, I wouldn’ be surprised it none of these people exist or if they vote both absentee and in their home states.

  146. chat – Chelsea’s FATHER said her mother would be a better preseident than her father – and he said it when he was elected the first time. This was a long time coming – that’s why we’re all so pixxed off.

  147. Meg Whitman’s name is beginning to be floated on the internet as the VP.

  148. doctorate: more like Animal farm to me

    All democrats are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

  149. Mark B: I would even hate to entertain that happening. Installing this gang of tyrants is treading in some very iffy waters. In four years we may not have to even consider a third party, or an overhaul of the current DNC. We may all be either in or out of whatever they deem pertinent to their aims. They are managing very nicely at this point to rid themselves of people like us who do not officially fall in line. But who knows where this could lead.

    We may find that the only way to secure employment is to show an Obama card. Sound crazy? Rove already instituted this with the DOJ and the firing of those US atty’s who refused to go along. Remember the contractors hired to restore Iraq? All that was necessary was to admit you were a Bushie and you were rewarded.

    Looking for a small business loan, a bank loan, a visa, maybe you need to prove you are one of them. Farfetched? The ground work was being paved by the Bushies. Why would anyone doubt that this could not happen again?

    If they can steal an election they area capable of anything you can even dream up. Next time we may not even bother to have one since the supers did the selection for us in the end. Paranoid? Perhaps, but this primary has shown the capabilities inherent in a system unchallenged.

  150. This year I’m voting for McCain, where it will really hurt the Democrats. And for other Republicans. Half my family now are Republicans as are my extended family. My sister is Republican now. I’ve been told I should quit the party for some time now. I’m the only Democrat holdout.

  151. Of course they would be asking all applicants to the justice department: When did you come to Obama?

  152. Madamab: I too am having a hard time bringing myself to voting for John McCain. So far, I jsut can’t do it. Funny, because I would prefer him to win over Nobama, but I don’t want to pull the trigger myself. My current plan is to vote down ticket only. It will largely depend on how much he pisses me off between now and then.

  153. Pat – that’s more of the Nazi stuff – or Stalinist soviet – very scary stuff.

  154. well, wait a minute – if the dems are planning to rig the general election…..that’s the one the repubs rig – they’ve got dibs, I thought. this could actualy be funny, in a macabre sort of way. kind of like spy vs spy.

  155. ben – don’t you mean “for”?

  156. chatblu – YES!

    Carol – Give me time. I don’t think McCain has a prayer of winning my state anyway (NY). I’m leaning towards staying home or voting third-party.

    Still4Hill – I’ve felt that way for a long time.

  157. carol that was dirty!

    Meg Whitman could be the Ross Perot of 2008 without the crazy.

  158. SophieL – just watch closely this week. I am sure by Thursday we will all be demanding our early voting ballots. I personally want to be the first cross over in my precinct.


  159. At this point, I would’ve think twice about pulling the lever for Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan if BO is the alternative. Yep, that’s just how bad it is.

  160. Meg Whitman could be the Ross Perot of 2008 without all the bad stuff that came with him.

  161. NEW POST UP:

    No We Won’t Radio LIVE FROM DENVER – 8pm est

  162. madam: Wow! great minds! Or maybe it’s just SO OBVIOUS. Why doesn’t anybody SEE it but PUMAs????

  163. Still4Hill: The seeds are already there. I am not projecting what has not already taken place under Bush. The FISA bill is another way of control. What purpose did they have in pretending to announce this VP nomination through cellphones? To gain access to more names and numbers not already at their disposal.

    I know it sounds Orwellian but Rove has already visited this playground and begun the game. Do you trust these people to not do otherwise?

  164. Kiki- love the poem -but my prayer tonight is calling fire and brimstone down on these usurpers.


    some one pitch a tent is Puma Revival Time!

  165. sm77 -thanks

  166. fuzzy – I am tied down (thanks Eddy), so let her rip!


  167. Pat – I thought that too about the cell phones – and I heard somebody this morning on fox imply that but he didn’t mention FISA.
    Obama has a huge collection of numbers.

  168. The young people do not understand that



    We WON”T be blackmailed with threats of overturning Roe v Wade.

    The way I see it – if that’s what happens – I blame the young people for not listening to the truth about loving freedom….to be able to see the REAL FLOWER CHILD – HILLARY, Mother of CHELSEA (Morning). We KNOW the REAL DEAL. HILLARY is The One……

    Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme…..

    ………feeling like we are invisible to Big Media, like…..

    ……………………the Sounds of Silence…………………..

    They say we need a Revolution, hey hey, you know……

  169. Charles: I appreciate everything you’ve said here today but…the PUMA party line (if there is one) is that we are a loose affiliation of may different people with one thing in common: Nobama. Each PUMA cannot be responsible for every thing someone says in the name of PUMA. For all we know, some of the most horrendous “PUMA” posts may be Obot Hackers looking to marginalize us. I’m not saying there aren’t PUMAs who’ve gotten a little hot under the collar, just making an observation.

  170. I have brought up a third party many times and was told today it will never happen (not here). The reason I brought it up again today is because it was reported that Ed Rendell said Hillary definitely plans on running again.

    The thing is, I have been hoping for a viable third party based on democratic principles and populated with courageous representatives of the people.

    It started the day that so many Dems gave Bush the power to attack Iraq (it took me a long time to even forgive Hillary). My wish for a third party grew when this Democratic majority Congress was all bluster and no action. They have been a do nothing Congress that failed on every level to protect and help the people who trusted them.

    And now this weak, blustery, do nothing Democratic Party has become corrupt. It has been broken for a long time. What choice do we have? Who represents us? I agree that is why we come here and other democratic blogs – we have no where to turn.

    Maybe a third party won’t happen but if Hillary ever has a chance to run again, I believe it would have to be as a third party nominee. This Democratic Party will never let it happen – I think we have all the evidence of that we need.
    And I would be very surprised if Hillary sees this as the Democratic Party she so loved.

  171. Carol: Not a day goes by……#$#$$@##!!!!!!!!

  172. Edwardian – Paris Hilton has a better energy plan than Obama. No problem voting for her.


    Charles – Personally, I think BTD needs to shut his uninformed mouth. How dare he spout all that nonsense about PUMA. It is quite easy to find out what the goals of our movement are.

    Conversely, is BTD responsible for the behavior of all the Obama supporters in the world? Because that means he is responsible for death threats and election fraud. Or doesn’t he find that behavior “atrocious?”

    He should be ashamed of himself. I’m so sorry I ever donated a dime to that wretched site.

  173. ……………………the Sounds of Silence…………………..

    Not only one of my favorite S&G tunes, but one of my all-time favorite songs. Haunting.

  174. The Dems MIGHT get me back, eventually, if they go to a straight winner-take-all primary system like the Republicans. NO “weighting” of urban areas more than rural areas. NO arcane rules on assigning delegates, fiddling with it to give more voice to some groups than others. NO open primaries. I want to know my vote as a Democrat counts EXACTLY as it was cast.

    Honestly, the Republican primary system is more Democratic. Even if they nominate an asshole, one is pretty sure it’s because most of their voters WANTED that asshole.

  175. Charles, I wrote a little about that on my post from Friday, The Big Tent of PUMA, here’s a link if you’d like to read it:


    Yes, we differ in our goals & longevity in this protest, a lot of us have varying styles in our methodical madness, but we need to stick together in order to accomplish our goal: Putting Democracy back into the Democratic Party.

  176. Also they call people (not me0. One of my colleagues got a call at home (had been for Hill but tanked in June). Finally agreed to donate $25 and asked for Hillary as VP. The guy snorted. But I can’t believe she gave a stranger calling her a credit card number! And she is a university professor! Stoopid!

  177. Time to cook dinner – have a great night, everyone!

  178. I am still fuming.


    This f***ing party is nothing but a mafia-type operation run by a bunch of CRAZY “Dr. Strangeloves.” What a perversion.

    We must FIGHT!!!!!

  179. I think McCain can win NY. He runs ads with Rev. Wright and also another with Ayers. Then about Obama’s inexperience and another of him insulting Hillary.

  180. OK I know I suggested a RAIN DANCE but WHO did the TORNADO DANCE??? cmon now fess up ..

    DENVER — A tornado warning remains in effect until 5:30 p.m. for central Arapahoe, East central Douglas and Northwestern Elbert counties.

    At 4:49 p.m. National Weather Service doppler radar indicated a possible weak tornado in open rangeland in southwest Arapahoe County near county roads 137 and 42.

    This thunderstorm was a Part of a line of severe thunderstorms producing funnel clouds
    Sending protestion and safety to al Pumas , friends and family

  181. I attended a caucus that wasn’t rigged. Just one witness for the other side of this argument.

  182. Beautifully stated parentofed.

  183. […] Defeat From the Jaws of Victory Posted on August 24, 2008 by Dan (Fitness) I am hoping this is a desperate and vicious lie.   If it is, its damning proof that the puma crowd, riverdaughter […]

  184. Night for awhile – going to the radio show

  185. I am certain that there is massive amounts of harassment being done to those delegates. The death of the Arkansas Democratic Party leader and oddly syncronystic natural death of Hillary’s best friend, can’t be reassuring to the delegates that there are boundaries as to just how far the harassment will go.

  186. Charles, it’s great to see you here! You were missed.

    I agree with some comments on some PUMA affiliated blogs. I pretty much stick to this one, yours, TalkLeft (of course they are not PUMA but Clinton-friendly), and occasionally check a few others. No Quarter goes over the top, some solid writing, but some irresponsible rumor-mongering and baseless charges. I don’t like some of the things they post and have posted comments from time to time giving them a piece of my mind.

  187. Carol, on August 24th, 2008 at 7:15 pm Said:

    2nd – Maybe we should summon JC (Jimmy Carter) to monitor the elections for fraud…….I’m sure he has never seen this in a 3rd world country.


    Oh, Carol…..

    I really hate to have to tell you:


    It broke my heart to find out.

    It’s very hard (at 70+) to find out one of the few people
    I admired for years is nothing but a TRAITOR to
    all the beliefs I thought you shared with him.

    Hugs, love and blessings


  188. This is so utterly disgusting news about the delegate votes. Although nothing can apparently be done about it, I do hope some brave soul can get to a newz correspondent (if they have any real ones?) and gives them a heads up about this.

  189. Pat,

    I keep hearing that garbage about how Obama has to “introduce himself” to voters. For Pete’s sake, he was in 22 debates during the primaries. He could have had town hall meetings with McCain. His problem is that there is no substance to him. That’s why no one knows him. There’s nothing there. Why in the hell can’t the media talking heads see that? Is it because they are shallow too?

  190. BB, no kidding — we’re SICK of him.

  191. Breeze,

    I felt that way when I found out about George McGovern switching sides. My first vote went to him, and now I regret it.

  192. KB,

    Sick sick sick. I’m sick to death of that man. I was sick of him in January. I can remember writing a comment at DK that I wished he would go away and never come back ever. Those where the days when you could get away with that. Now that the authoritarian rulers have taken charge, we no longer have freedom of speech or the right to a secret ballot apparently.

  193. Bama-booms – no ballons? gotta have ballons!

  194. bb: He makes me sick if I haven’t said it for the 100th time!

  195. I heard that Hillary delegates who vote for Bo are promised paid expenses in Denver

  196. edgeoforever, did you hear that from a credible source?

  197. This whole process has been a sham. Personally, I’m done with the Dems until the grownups [with some sense of honor and integrity] take back the party.

    Never thought I’d say this but my mind is firm now, even before the veep announcement: I will vote for McCain and pray that he wins!

    The insulting fiasco makes me literally sick. I still own my vote in the same way millions of others do. And Obama will not get it, period.

  198. YOU’VE BEEN DISCOVERED! Hannity just mentioned “The Pumas” and said he saw some of them – “I was lurking in the background”, Sean said.

    Pumas were lumped in with those not happy with the ticket.

    Now if he would just show some footage of the incredible Pumamobile…

  199. bostonboomer, on August 24th, 2008 at 8:16 pm Said:

    I keep hearing that garbage about how Obama has to “introduce himself” to voters.

    I believe that was the excuse made after his crushing defeat in WV and Kentucky. After he and his surrogates were done dismissing those voters as uneducated, backwoods, hillbilly racists of course.

  200. […] off South – Local & State – Macon Man arrested with weapons at Pelosi hotel – USATODAY.com The Newest DNC Twist to Screw Us Over The Confluence The Confluence http://a1135.g.akamai.net/f/1135/182…gecock_Podcast HILLARY’S HELLIONS – New […]

  201. Yes!

    Check out this at hire heels. By 4pm Wed. they may be begging people to vote for Hillary!


  202. The first time I ever cast a vote was for George McGovern. I was so sick and disapointed that he switched to BO after all that Hillary and Bill did for him in his campaign registering voters in Texas.

    This primary is just a bunch of sexist men and some stupid women cheating and manipulating and changing the rules to ensure that the most electable and qualified woman with all the right answers and workable ideas is gone forever along with her extremely popular and brilliant husband.

    I could care less who Barky’s running mate is, I am done with the Democratic party and will be voting McCain this November.I will also vote against any candidate in my district that supported the fraud and can’t wait to do it.

    We have to clean house in the party and they must be defeated so we can reclaim it and take it back to it’s FDR and Truman roots.

    I can’t wait to see them implode with their messiah and hope that it will be a massive landslide eclipsing McGovern’s failed run.

    I want it placed in the history books forever and I want BO to slither back to Chicago never to be heard from again. God I am so sick of him.

    I thought I hated Bush but that is nothing like the way I feel about this creep.I will never be able to survive 4 years looking at his pompous mug and listening to his stuttering voice and preachifying speeches. He just can not win, he must lose.


  203. “I’m wondering what plans they have to rig the general election? ”

    They don’t have to “rig” the general election–the Republicans have called the shots all along, first through media manipulation and second through crossover voting in the primaries and caucuses where it was allowed.

    We’ve been played. The Rove-Norquist dream of permanent Republican control, at least of the White House, will likely come true.

  204. Voting for McCain because you are pissed off at the DNC is exactly what the GOP wants. That’s why they rigged the process legally to make Obama the Democratic nominee.

    The Republicans will win the White House in a McGovern-style landslide in a year which should have heavily favored the Democrats.

    And our country will continue in its downhill slide to third worldom.

  205. Someone needs to find out if Obama delegates have to turn in their votes by 10 o’clock and can’t change their vote. It would be a very important legal point if the Obama delegates were treated differently than the Clinton delegates.

    This isn’t a fair and honest party convention and it has no Constitutional authority behind it. There should be some way of declaring what is happening illegal. We the People need a Constitutional lawyer with the guts to take on Obama. Those of you who are there take care, I worry that some of those “young men” who verbally and physically assaulted female voters during the caucuses were attached to the Nation of Islam.

  206. “I thought I hated Bush but that is nothing like the way I feel about this creep.”

    That just triggered eggs-ZACTLY how I feel: very similar to the abso-effing-lootly betrayed way I felt when I heard about all the pedophilia of Catholic priests and the condoning of it by church elders. From forth grade in my perochiol school, I knew the church wasn’t perfect, but NOTHING compared to the recent corruption. EFF ’em all!!

  207. I really do believe the Obama campaign discounted the Hillary Clinton supporters under the mistaken assumption that they were mostly women – and therefore discountable.


  208. Will someone give me a link to the Dave Barry piece?

  209. atypical,
    the link is from Robin @ 6:54

  210. […] Politics: More DNC Shenanigans? and New Gallup Poll! According to The Confluence, there are unconfirmed reports of more DNC shenanigans happening in Denver with the pledged […]

  211. First, I am not an “official” PUMA. I was, however, an ardent Hillary supporter until the day she suspended her campaign. On the day she asked me to turn over my support to Obama, I went instead to McCain’s web site and made my first donation. I also familiarized myself with his platform, and his stance on issues that matter to me, so that I would not be “selling my soul” when I voted for him.

    Unlike many of you, I held out no hope that Hillary would end up the Dem nominee this month. I’ve read far too much about BHO’s Chicago tactics to harbor the hope that you did. Even so, all of you need to know how admired you are on other web sites (I comment often on SavagePolitics…) You made history by jointly protesting against the sham the Dem party has become, and you kept a lot of “unofficial” PUMAS going. (Just because we didn’t join your group doesn’t mean we haven’t felt the same despair and sense of betrayal.)

    Just wanted you PUMAS to know that many others feel as you do, even if we’re not as vocal:) We are voting Republican right down the line (unless there’s a Dem candidate in future elections who hasn’t sold his or her own soul) and for sure we have been tracking the delegates who first supported Hillary, and then turned against her. (My state governor, Gregoire, is one of them – guess who I am NOT voting for?)

    We unofficial PUMAS may be in the background, but we are just as ardent and determined to put a stop to what can only be called a fascist government.

    My motto for the next four years is Rise, Hillary, Rise. I am 55 years old, and I can bide my time if she can. I do not expect to see such a shining candidate again in my lifetime. At least not until she resurfaces in 2012:)

    Getting as long-winded as Biden here:) Thank you, PUMAS, and know that you are NOT alone in your endeavors. We continue to fight the good fight over at SavagePolitics, trying to reach as many people as we can before November 4.

  212. I think it is interesting how many superdelegates and endorsements Obama won because he wontonly courted them as potential VP choice. Now that he has selected his VP, they might support Hillary, along with their constitutents.

  213. Do read this:


    In a nutshell, nobody (not the DNC; not the press) nobody vetted Obama, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

  214. What Mc Cain should do, and quickly, is run an ad that begins as his latest, “why isn’t she on the ticket?” but then to bring out the real reasons and in so doing—this is the MOST important part—recognize that a huge base of Democrats has been given the shaft in this primary…..recognize the accomplished women and how they’ve been bullied in a way that a male candidate never would be….Bottom line: If shows he ‘gets it”, I think many who are on the fence will go over to his (McCain’s) side….
    traveling…hard to write, but glad to be able to keep up by reading your posts and hearing your vibrancy….

  215. they may be hillary delagtes but they represent the people that put them there hillary . under no circumstance should they change there votes .
    we made the ones in san antonio take an oath that under no circumstance will they vote for anyone but hillary.

  216. hillary might aslo be planing a suprise & make sure they vote for the people that put them there.

  217. The problem is that in American politics there is no real alternation of power.
    There is at a Presidential level, but those Senators too often stay there for life. Many like Pelosi get their kids elected too. This is entrenched power, which is so used to backroom manipulating, that they don’t find anything unethical about it.
    What worries me about Pelosi is that she is also planning to censor the internet, which she considers out of hand. (when I find that article again I’ll post it)

  218. Why do people just want to wake up a little bit, but not all the way? Aware people with empowered thinking are leaving the two major parties in droves.

    The Democrats and Republicans both put party ahead of country.

    They both have very closed processes that do not allow outsiders or real reformers to have a chance (Sorry Barack supporters – he is not real change)

    They both bar, ban, and deprive other parties any opportunity to challenge their vice-grip on power.

    All in the supposedly freest country on Earth.

    I’m an optimist, though. I see more people figuring the system out every day. It won’t be this election cycle, but one soon when Americans give both parties the heave hoe and find parties that represent their interests.

  219. Hatshepsut1988:

    Check out the McCain website….they actually put your ideas into an ad! Watch “Debra” and then *keep watching* and another ad will appear featuring our Gal taking on Precious.


  220. […] Democracy – there has been a lot of talk of a last-minute HIllary coup at the convention. I’m not saying that would be a good or a bad thing. I’m just saying it’s not going to happen. […]

  221. Want to get really pissed . . . take a look at this latest video and the comments that follow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KnQDXpQq9U&eurl=http://hillarynme.wordpress.com/?p=412&preview=true

    And, they wonder why Obama is tied 47% with McCain!!!!!!!!!

  222. This is getting better every hour. What new twist will they come up with next?
    May be the need for a Constitutional Lawyer is necessary! If this turns into war, could they go to McCain for an opinion?


    1. Contrary to what Obamabots say …
    Obama and Hillary were in a dead heat,
    when the DNC pressured Hillary into not
    only conceding, but campaigning for Obama.
    2. Obama is once again in a dead heat, but now
    with McCain, even though Obamabots act like
    Obama has already won (like they did in the
    primaries against Hillary). So, this means that
    half of the Democrats, and all the Republicans
    (3/4 of America) dIdn’t want Obama. Plus, he
    didn’t even win the popular vote, and refused a
    revote in Michigan and Florida.
    3. Obama has the thinnest resume in politics, and
    he won state legislature and Senator by
    disqualifications of his opponents, not by earned
    experience, or votes.
    4. Obama’s one claim to fame is being a community
    organizer, where he boasts of registering voters.
    Then he took their votes away from them, by
    disqualifying his opponents on technicalities, prior
    to the election.
    5. Obama’s mentor of 20 years, was an anti-American
    racist … not to mention other unsavory associations.
    6. Obama is simply buying the election, since he’s
    good at fund raising … hardly a qualification to be
    President of the United States.
    7. The media never vetted Obama, and they are
    giving him a free ride, plus more than twice the
    print and air time as McCain, as they did against
    8. 90% of blacks are voting for Obama, because he is
    black, while the campaign gained ground by
    accusing most opponents of racism.
    9. Obamabots were, and are extremely nasty and sarcastic
    towards Hillary supporters, as well as McCain supporters.
    10. Pumas should be applauded for putting country before party …
    especially a party that did not represent them, and a party
    which highjacked the nomination for Obama.
    11. Obama added insult to injury, when he didn’t even consider
    Hillary for V.P. … nor did he even call her … even though she
    got 18 million votes in the primary.
    12. Obama and the DNC are now holding a gun to the heads of
    Hillary and Bill Clinton, giving them an ultimatum … either support
    Obama, or kiss your future in the DNC and politics goodbye.

    P.S. Michelle Obama subjected her two young children to anti-American racists … Jeremiah Wright, Farrakahn, Pfleiger, and others
    at the black liberation Trinity church in Chicago, for several years. Is this who you want for first lady … I don’t think so !!

  224. I am just so happy to have gotten to this site by reading Taylor Marsh.My husband is so angry he will not even watch tv–naturally he is a Bill and Hill supporter.As a member of the Democratic party in MI and a Hillary delegate(1/2) I cannot even vote for the downticket that jumped from Hillary to Obama within seconds of the superdupers stepping in to carry Obama over the top.It is not true that all young people are voting for Obama unles my children and randchildren are aliens from outerspace.My grandson in Iraq was so disgusted with hearing the name Obama he is voting for Mccain.He said”I told you so grama the Democrats were no better than the Democrats.He was right.I hope this group strengthens in the coming months–I recruited my neighbors yesterday to the anti-Obamas.

  225. sorry meant the republicans—and I forgot to mention Donna Brazill—the cheater.

  226. I have been a Republican since 18 and I have to say that I am absolutely disgusted with what happened to Hillary Clinton.

    I’ve always admired Hillary for her strength and intelligence. I would not have been disappointed if she became the next POTUS. I know Hillary loves her Country and will defend this Country in an intelligent and diplomatic manner.

    I thought the Republicans were getting out of control until I’ve read some of what is happening on the “other side.” It is disgraceful the way the Party leaders believe all citizens should just fall in line and vote for the Party chosen, just because they tell us to.

    PUMAs, all I can say is good luck at the Convention and please stay away from those tazers, it is going to take all “unhappy” republicans and democrats alike to make a difference in the way candidates are elected in the future.

  227. I am all for freedom of speech and your right to dissent. Having said that, I am a 56 year old woman and I am at loss of how any woman who believes in equal pay for equal work, and a woman’s right to choose, could even think of voting for John McCain or abstaining from voting at all. John McCain has a terrible voting record on these issues and if you didn’t watch the speech he tried to sneak in during the Democratic Primary where he stated what type of judges he would appoint. Then you need to read all about it. He will dramatically change the face of the Supreme Court. This alone should make you vote for Barack Obama. I would vote for the aflac duck if he were the nominee. So protest all you want this week, but please, please, please vote for Barack Obama for President.

    Thank You

  228. With the over $ 800,000 payment to Acorn and all the voter fraud that took place during the primaries and caucuses, this comes as no surprise.

  229. If you have not visited the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama site, I urge you to do so.


  230. If Obama gets the nom, the media will be poking mikes in our faces asking what we’re going to do next.

    Better have some signs “Resign, Obama!” ready!

    Let’s keep up the momentum. Never let them see us slack!

  231. I supported Jimmy Carter when he ran. I was a Dem as was my father. My father believed the Dem Party was for the Poor. I don’t believe either Party is for the poor. Just for theirselves. I’ve voted for both parties & been let down when they go back on their promises every time!
    I became a Independant then found out when I moved to Florida that I could not VOTE. In America? What?!!!
    I want real change VOTE ALL THEM OUT!

  232. You people are simply disgusting, spinning up of the wall controversies to nurse your hurting pride. Democracy comes from the Greek “demos”–the mob– and thus it is entirely democratic that the winner of the popular vote becomes the nominee. Oh, and by the way, Dave Berry up there is making fun of people like you. Seriously. The joke is about the people who won’t let Obama collect the rewards for a job well done and all the absurd accusations be cast at him. Look, what politician is not in the business to be elected; is it the man who is called the vampire or the man calling the man the vampire who is the idiot? Think about it and you will see the joke is on the ridiculous fools who make up organizations like yours and the predjudiced assholes who care about things like sex, sexual preference, skin color, etc. like you people.

  233. I’m sorry, but none of this makes a bit of difference to me anymore. All candidates will continue the war. All candidates are CFR: Biden, Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary…All candidates are corporate-owned up to their eye-balls. The Democratic Party is dead, gone, kaput. For the first time in my life, I won’t vote for any of these people. They stand for nothing.

  234. It’s done every convention. It’s for deciding the order of the states for roll call, so that one state or other can be the state that puts the candidate over the top. Like, so Illinois can be the state that puts its favorite son over the top, or New York putting Hillary over the top.

    There’s no conspiracy afoot.

  235. Yeah, thats right only Hilldog voters like us can support our candidate in an undemocratical way cuz we are hippos for crites

  236. Hillary ran a poor campaign and lost because of it. GET OVER IT.

  237. […] to The Confluence, there are unconfirmed reports of more DNC shenanigans happening in Denver with the pledged […]

  238. […] voting delegates either before or at the 2008 Democratic Convention (see here, here, and here), Obama as community activist, Obama’s Chief Strategist David Axelrod playing the […]

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