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Talk to the hand ’cause the DNC don’t understand

Talk to the hand cuz the face don't understand!

Despite Obama having an endorsement lead, the RBC/DNC and Obama campaign still have yet to give back those 4 Hillary delegates from Michigan, plus 600,000 “uncommitted” votes which violates the DNC’s rule of “Fair Reflection.”  If anyone has any news on the extra 4 MI delegates the RBC took from Hillary, please post it in the comments and I’ll update this post.

Here’s how AP is reporting it:

Dems give Michigan and Florida full voting rights

By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 7 minutes ago

DENVER – Democratic delegates from Michigan and Florida were awarded full voting rights at the national convention Sunday, despite holding early primaries against party rules.

The convention credentials committee voted unanimously to restore the voting privileges at the behest of Barack Obama, the party’s presumptive nominee for president. The states were initially stripped of delegates for holding primaries before Feb. 5. The party’s rules committee restored the delegates in May, but gave them only half votes.

Democrats hope the gesture will strengthen their standing in two important battleground states while ending a contentious chapter of the nominating process.

“The only way we will be successful is if we are unified as a party and all Democrats know we are full partners,” said Chris Edley Jr., a committee member from California who introduced the resolution to restore Florida’s votes.

The party’s move raises questions about whether it will be able to control its primary calendar in the future. A commission will work on the issue over the next two years.

Representatives from Florida and Michigan said they were penalized enough. None of the major candidates campaigned in the states before the primaries, and the delegates’ votes weren’t restored until after the nomination was decided.

“We realize that mistakes have been made, but we’re excited in Florida,” said Scott Maddox, a former Florida Democratic chairman and a member of the credentials committee. “We have suffered enough.”

Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan called Sunday’s vote “a victory for change in the system.”

Levin has been working to challenge the early voting status of Iowa and New Hampshire.

“We had the guts to take the system on, and we made progress this year,” he said.

Obama’s former Democratic rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, won both primaries. Obama’s name was not on the Michigan ballot and neither candidate campaigned in Florida.

Some of Clinton’s supporters were outraged that the delegates were not fully reinstated in May. They were also angry that Obama claimed some of the delegates won by Clinton in Michigan.

Obama clinched the Democratic nomination June 3 and he has been working to win over Clinton’s supporters ever since.

The credentials committee’s work is expected to win ratification by the whole convention Monday.

Florida has 211 delegates, including superdelegates, and Michigan has 157. Both states are expected to be battlegrounds in the November election.

Restoring their voting rights increases the total number of delegate votes at the convention to 4,419. It will take 2,210 delegates to win the nomination.

Obama ended the primaries with a 365-delegate lead over Clinton. Reinstating the Florida and Michigan delegates will not affect that lead because Obama has more endorsements from the states’ superdelegates.

I stand by my Floridian voter’s opinion:  

If a bank robber was caught stealing money and at their trial, they made a plea bargain to give most of the money back – it still doesn’t exculpate them from the crime they committed.  The robber should be punished regardless.  PUMA was formed to protest the DNC’s hijack of Democracy.  We want Democracy back in the Democratic Party, and you will not get our support and votes until our Democratic leaders start acting Democratically again. 

In Florida, our votes are used like toilet paper since 2000, and since the DNC’s leadership mostly ignores its voter base, they thought the best way they can win an election is by copying the Rove playbook.   How about counting our votes and LISTENING to your voters for a change?   Everytime they do listen, Democrats win the General election.  Had Ted Kennedy been the 1980 DNC candidate, Reagan would have never won nor started the Neo-Conservative movement.   I still resent that the Democratic leadership did not fight for Al Gore’s votes in 2000, had they fought like their Democratic voter base asked and pleaded them to, we would not have 8 years of the most destructive presidential administration in this country’s history. 

We put our trust in a party that we thought valued and represented Democracy and that would fight for our votes and for clean and transparent elections processes.   But since they won’t fight for Democracy, we will.

What happened on May 31st, 2008 was a crime against Democracy.  4 delegates and 600,000 votes were STOLEN in order to cushion Obama’s popular vote and delegate pile.   Had Obama won fair and square, if he had a popular vote lead (which Hillary does and Obama doesn’t)  and had won his delegates without the caucus fraud and DNC/RBC fiasco on May 31st, we’d be a united party. 

As far as I’m concerned, this changes nothing.  We still have an illegitimate candidate that won through illegitimate means.   And PUMA will continue to be a consciousness that lives in all of us here at this little corner of the blogosphere until Democracy is back in the Democratic Party.

As Carol Diamonds says: PUMA HAKA!

¡Que viva los PUMAs!  (Long live PUMAs!)

PS: Gary & Mawm updates coming soon!  PUMAMobile is somewhere near Kansas.

26 Responses

  1. AP is reporting Hillary releasing delegates on Wednesday.

  2. PUMA HAKA 👿

  3. DENVER — A man who tried to carry two hunting rifles and two pistols into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s downtown hotel remained in police custody Sunday.

    Pelosi and other guests briefly left the hotel during the Saturday incident but were never in danger, Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said.

    The man, Joseph Calanchini, 29, of Pinedale, Wyo., faces a charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon. Police officers at the Grand Hyatt hotel noticed him carrying a rifle-type case at the entrance and detained him.

    Wiley said he didn’t know if the weapons were loaded.

    “The speaker was never in any danger and she appreciates the quick and professional response of the police,” said Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly.

  4. The new democratic voting rules are :
    The people can go to the polls vote for who thay want and we will give those votes to who we want.
    No so democratic is it.
    This so NOT what americans fought for over the years,
    This new democratic party has to be taken down and a real democratic party created out of the ashes.



  5. Obama ended the primaries with a 365-delegate lead over Clinton.

    Where did they come up with this number??

    It’s a completely moot point and the only reason Precious agreed to it is to try and bamboozle us for our votes.

    NO DEAL.

  6. Do the PUMA’s have any kind of security at the headquarters? I worry about our friends.

  7. New post by RD above!

  8. fif — they are right next to the police station, from what I understand, so that’s good. I worry too. Obama supporters have already threatened ‘blood in the streets’ plus riots since February, and the Invesco pump up the crowd cr*p makes the convention much more likely to be like the aftermath of a soccer match in Europe than any kind of convention I ever saw.

  9. Fif – from what I know, the PUMA HQ is right in from of a Denver Police Station.

  10. Carol – is that TRUE?????

    I must look for a link!


  11. I want to hear more about the FL and MI delegates.

    Mark “nose implanted in Obama’s backside” Karlin of Buzzflash had a huge headline chuckling about what a “mess” this all has been.

    Oh, yes, chuckle, vomit. A mess.

  12. Carol, AP has reported that pretty much every day since the end of May.

    It’s just more of that old, “When will that stupid bitch quit” sh¡t

  13. What the Democratic Party doesn’t understand is that they have absolutely NO credibility anymore on the “Count Every Vote” issue. God forbid If the GE comes down to another Bush/Gore scenario. All the RNC has to do is point to MI and FL and laugh out loud…..

  14. Hillary has no choice but to release her delegates. The DNC roll call is a sham. The restoring of voting privileges is a supreme act of hypocrisy. I hope the ridiculous ticket of NObama and NOBiden loses. That would be a change I can believe in.

  15. Blah Blah Blah — Nothing to see here.

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  16. Allright! Time for a 3rd GD party.

  17. Blah Blah Blah — Nothing to see here.

    (Edited by Site Moderator)

  18. WHY does Obama have the power to request the delegations be reinstated; why does this carry any more weight than anybody else at this point?


    Did they not even discuss the 55 delegates illegally awarded to Obama in Michigan where his name was not on the ballot?

    I am so angry right now, this is ridiculous. I am at a loss for words.
    Sarah at 6:30 p.m. seems to have a grasp on the only words I can manage:

    “EFF those effin bastards. I hate the Democratic Party.
    Eff them all.
    I’m not voting for any EFFin Democrat the rest of my life.
    Go to Hell you EFFin Effers.”

  19. You are right. Those are the only words left to say.“

  20. “Obama clinched the Democratic nomination June 3 and he has been working to win over Clinton’s supporters ever since.”

    he has? when? how? I must have missed that

  21. Did I miss the information on Riverdaughter’s interview by CBS?? pumapac.org talked about it and I’ve been hoping to find the information on when it will be broadcast.

    CNN just did a big numbers release….27% of Hillary supporters NOT voting Obama. Up from 16% NoObama at the Unity speech. PUMA is working!!!

  22. One of the biggest stumbling blocks PUMA faces is the collusion of the mass media with the DNC. The word has not gotten out that the caucuses were fraudulent. Word has not gotten out that 3% of the votes were manipulated by the Obama campaign and that that very same 3% chose 15% of the delegates to the convention. Word has not gotten out that high schoolers were bussed to the polls in Gary, IN to vote for Obama or that the Mayor of Gary, IN held back the count from Lakeshore County until the rest of the state had been tabulated so that he knew how many votes were needed to put Obama over the top (or better yet, close behind so that no one would be tempted to investigate). Word has not gotten out that it was Obama’s campaign that killed any chance for a revote in FL and MI. In fact, the list of what hasn’t gotten out is so long at this point it could fill volumes. We can only hope that at some point between the coronation and the general election, PUMA will be able to get this information out to the American public. Voters need all, not some, of the information or their vote is nothing more than a rubber stamp.

  23. She has to release them in a show of unity but they are free to vote for who they want. Under pressure of course.

  24. “Obama clinched the Democratic nomination June 3 and he has been working to win over Clinton’s supporters ever since.”

    he has? when? how? I must have missed that

    By leaning on Hillary to MAKE them.

  25. Yahoo news is so bad I’m glad Yahoo is failing. I’m glad NYTimes stock is failing too. They have been so dishonest this election.
    OK you like a candidate, or at least the corporations behind you do, so write favorable articles about him-but please don’t shove fairy tales down our throats.
    And trash his rival.

  26. […] And yes for those viewing – IT’S NOT about Senator Clinton, it’s about DEMOCRACY.  We’re not bitter dead-enders.  We are about ACTION.  We are the Democratic Base.  We make things happen in the USA, and we come in every color, size, gender, age, physical ability etc. etc. you can think of.    I wrote this yesterday, posting again because – well, it just says what I want to say: […]

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