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Sunday: Working out the kinks in Denver

I just drove around Denver and Oh. My. Gawd. What a nightmare. It took me half an hour to go about 2 miles. The barriers are going up everywhere. I was using a GPS and the poor dear was busily recalculating every couple of blocks. There is a visible No More War presence downtown surrounded by an even more visible presence of cops. The city is on lock down and from what I hear, the residents are PO’d.

In the meantime, more of us have arrived overnight. Sheri Tag is here, chipper as ever. LadyBoomerNYC is lending us her calming presence. There is media on all of the networks. Diane is busily setting up interviews. I have been asked to give a short speech at The Beautiful Protest and Rise tomorrow evening. Things are picking up here.

Just one more note: Darragh Murphy is doing a fantastic job and her mother is here as well. They are pulling out all of the stops to get things done. We are resetting our watches for Mountain Time and we do not expect to have any more glitches.

The Credentials Committee is going to meet at 11:30am at the Colorado Center. Eastern? Mountain? See if you can catch it on CSPAN.

Hang in there, Conflucians. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Meanwhile, here is some very good news:

The grassroots petition that roared

When the Clinton and Obama campaigns announced last week that Senator Clinton’s name would be placed into nomination, a group of Clinton delegates cheered for a moment and went right back to work. With Hillary Clinton’s name “officially” on the ballot, the petition signatures were no longer technically needed. But this group of determined individuals pressed on.

“When we started this effort, it was the ONLY way for us to be able to vote in Denver to represent the people who elected us,” said a Clinton delegate from Texas. “We’re proud of what we did. We’re going to see it to the end. Just like our candidate – we don’t quit.”

According to DNC rules, a floor nomination petition needs a minimum of 300 signatures from voting delegates to be submitted. In July, a small but determined group of Clinton delegates and volunteers started reaching out to fellow delegates in true grassroots fashion – one by one – to collect the signatures. This proved to be slow going since Democratic Party officials would not provide contact lists for delegates. The 300 Delegate Petition group was born.

After national and international mainstream media attention, petitions started pouring in. When they received the requisite number of petitions, they once again took a breather and went back to work. DNC rules state that no more than 600 petitions can be submitted. They’re working on it.

“We’ve got well over 300 petitions now in hand,” explained Sue Castner, a Clinton delegate from Portland, OR. “Since we never consulted with Senator Clinton’s campaign, we don’t know if ‘the petition that wouldn’t die’ had anything to do with the two joint campaign announcements made last week. We will probably never know but it certainly made us feel good.”

Signatories include a governor or two, county Democratic party chairs, members of the diplomatic corps, and even some brave Obama delegates. The names of those who signed the petition will remain a mystery unless Senator Clinton decides to file the petition, in which case, their names will be a part of recorded history.

As a meager reward for those delegates who saw the nomination process as a path to party unity and signed this historic document, a numbered commemorative pin will distinguish them from fellow delegates. Rest assured, the green pin, featuring the number 300 with a pen, will be THE most coveted pin in Denver.

One more thing: CBS coming over for a cup of sugar at 2:30pm. We’ll let you know when you can expect to see us.

266 Responses

  1. Ah, the trolls. Classy as always.

    Great post, RD! It is so exciting to think of you all there!

  2. !! It’s great to hear from you, Riverdaughter. I’m watching the TV but, it’s a real thrill to get an on-the-scene report.

  3. yeah the leaders speak! and we are ready to go out unto the blogishere and carry the news of Obama’s defeat….in Denver or in November!


  4. Protest Obama’s discusting pandering to the religious right..

    “Things to be known about the Sunday Interfaith event are this:
    The DNC Interfaith planner was contacted and asked if a non-religous speaker could be included in the lineup among the Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims. This offer was either turned down or simply not replied to (I don’t have full details).
    Leah Daughtry, the DNC planner for this, was questioned about this and acted as though having non-theists at the event made no sense.
    This can be taken that the non-religious community has been snubbed.

    Plans for the Sunday demonstration:
    It starts as 2:00pm. I plan to get there at 1:15.
    Try to dress nice and plan to be respectful
    Prepare to hand out flyers and hold signs if you want to”


  5. Hey, guys

    Is sherri doing her show tonight at 8pm ET??
    Because I’m starting my show tonight, and I don’t want to run into her show at the same time.

  6. Matt: Please tell us more about your show and when and where we can tune in.

  7. wow a special pin for the 300 heh heh heh I hope the O-bats on the floor dont try antthing and Obama better not be waring one of those pins…He is going down!


  8. If anyone is in contact with Gary and Mawm please send me an email at katiebird@gmail.com

    I haven’t heard from them….

  9. Okay everyone, time to make some brunch. Have a wonderful day! PUMA POWER!!!

  10. Hey, as long as you are in Colorado, ya’ll should come down to Pueblo (120 miles south) and see the Colorado State Fair. I will be working at the DWR_Natural Resources Exhibit all day on Thursday. We have a fantastic Water Resources model. Got to get a plug in for the home town.

    Pueblo is much less hectic than Denver. And we have Rocky Ford cantaloupes.

  11. Oh, this is where everyone disappeared to! 🙂 I’m bringing my rant up from the last thread:

    You know, I am getting more and more pissed off at the constant attitude of both the media AND the Democratic leaders that Hillary needs to do more to convince her supporters to vote for Obama. WTF??

    I could sort of handle the Democratic talking heads urging “unity” on us, talking about OUR “responsibility” to “come around”, because it’s politics, and I understand that they gotta say what they gotta say. I could handle that IF, if for ONE, for ONE FREAKING MINUTE they would also make the OCCASIONAL mention of OBAMA’S responsibility!!


    Anyone hear any of them, EVER, make mention of the fact that OBAMA is going to have to reach out more, make more effort, that OBAMA is going to have to really take it on himself to try to earn our votes???!! EVER????!!! Anyone hear any of these Dem poobahs ONCE place one IOTA of responsibility on the shoulders of the man himself???


    Remember when it looked like Hillary was going to win, and the talk turned to HIS supporters? An endless parade of Democrats waxed eloquent on what HILLARY would have to do in that case. How SHE would have to find some way to win back the AA vote. How it would be such a tough job for HER to win over his supporters. God almighty, what a hard and difficult task that was going to be FOR HER.

    But now that the shoe is on the other foot, they think he has no task to accomplish whatsoever. Oh no. Not the Precious. Not his job to win them over.

    His role in this entire debacle is evidently to sit on a fucking beaded cushion and bellow at Hillary: WHERE”S MY HASSENPFEFFER?!! BRING ME MY HASSENPFEFFER!!!

  12. Pat Johnson: It’s on blog talk radio called “My Two Cents”. We all have a view, lol. As a African-American I fell very strongly for the first time about an election where too much corruption was going on in the Dem party.
    I have a couple of special guest: one a McCain supporter, and the other is a Hillary supporter, and both are brothers. A couple of other guest are to join me.

    It should be a fun conversation about the general election and Conventions.

    But, I don’t want jump into the same time slot with Sheri’s show. Anyone know if it’s still on for tonight at 8pm ET?

  13. I am happy to hear that the group kept on going, because I feared it the rug would be pulled from our feet again (her being on the ballot…it was symbolic…), just like they ‘cared’ about her supporters and their concerns. We have always known that Hillary and Obama had different policy positions. She stand by hers and we don’t know what the flip his are today, may be different tomorrow. She is the genuine deal.

    I am glad the server got fixed and hopefully the delegates in Denver and the media will take a look at how Obama got his delegates.

    There are now five videos, so you can get a good idea that is wasn’t an isolated case, it was rampant and it was organized.

    WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED 2008 (videos 1 – 5)

  14. I’m a local here, and if you need anything…please ping me. always willing to lend a hand to a Hillary supporter anyway I can.

  15. Will was just on Fox.

    He did a great job.

  16. Remember if we dont win in Denver we win! Thanks to Biden we have millions of angry Hillacrats out there and they have finally been told to pack sand by Obama for America!

    Madamab please tell me that McCain commercial that treated Hillary with such respect and dignity…

    I believe McCain would ask her to be his running mate if he thought she would/could accept…it prooves to me in a McCain administration Hillary not Obama will wield real power!

    Watch Out Nancy-if it is McCain in November Hillary is the HWIC in the next congress not you McCain will treat her with more respect than ol’ Backtrack would!


  17. RD, thank you to all of you there fighting for us to be heard. Please stay safe. I do worry. SHV, I am disgusted that they denied you a voice, but not surprised. Hope your protest makes waves.

  18. Pat Johnson: It’s on blog talk radio called “My Two Cents”. We all have a view, lol. As a African-American I fell very strongly for the first time about an election where too much corruption was going on in the Dem party.
    I have a couple of special guest: one a McCain supporter, and the other is a Hillary supporter, and both are brothers. A couple of other guest are to join me.

    It should be a fun conversation about the general election and Conventions.

    But, I don’t want jump into the same time slot with Sheri’s show. Anyone know if it’s still on for tonight at 8pm ET?

  19. At the grocery store I saw Janet Napolitano shilling for The One on CNN. I was forced to watch while standing in line. They are all such masters of spin. Let’s see: Barack isn’t a celebrity because he grew up poor and just finished paying off his student loans AND it takes a leader like The One to put someone on the ticket with him who has made jibes at him.

  20. Matt: Not sure because of the time difference out there. But I would love to be able to tune into your show. Your voice is much appreciated since you represent both youth and as well as being a member of the black community. You have so muc to offer as you are well informed and quite capable of getting your points across. Good luck!

  21. I am so sick of listening to the “raised by a single mother” theme. It is as false and annoying as the repeat of “my friends”. Both need to be retired once and for all.

  22. It’s so nice when I just don’t listen to it at all. Unfortunately, I was a captive audience in the check out line. Note to self: have IPOD ready this week.

  23. Pat, my sisters kids had a two-year gap between the time she divorced and the time she remarried their stepfather. None of them would go around bleating that they were “raised by a single mother”, because they WEREN’T.

    I was raised by a single mother. Obama’s specious claim is an insult to me and my mom who struggled so hard COMPLETELY alone.

  24. McCain needn’t concern himself about widening the breech in the Dem Party. Hell, it is wide enough now that a Bridge to Nowhere couldn’t connect.

  25. Wonderful news about the 300 petition! And great to know you’re all there – be safe and tell all. Don’t mind the barriers: they are merely the unity pony sighs…

  26. I think in this day and age with all the unusual families and the divorce rate being so high a story of being raised by a single mom is not that compelling. If this were in the 30s or 40s maybe it would mean something but certainly one wouldn’t go around boasting about it.

  27. Okay, I have to post this here because I don’t want to get banned from TalkLeft.

    I said that the ignorance and misinformation about PUMA is stunning.

    BTD responded:

    “PUMAs have themselves to blame for the misinformation.
    They have behaved atrociously. you have every right to behave anyway you like, but you can not blame me for what you have allowed PUMA to come to mean.”



  28. Pat, you mean BO didn’t grow up on the “mean streets of Chicago”? (Heh) I’m just waiting for them to grow desperate enough to reinvent him into “the son of sharecropper”.

  29. The gap is already wide and getting wider, yet Biden said yesterday that Obama had “united the party like never before”. Huh?

  30. Biden meant to say “divided” the party.

  31. katie, you don’t think the obamathugs hurt gary & mawn, do you? they are so brave driving the puma haka mobile!

    hillary 08

  32. WMCB:

    If you think about it, that statement is technically true.

  33. Ben, I don’t have your discipline. I’ve always listened because I want to know what the enemy is thinking and saying. This morning the most enlightening comments were, “BZero has hired a prosecutor to prosecute his charges against McCain. He’s hired someone who can go out and sell his life’s story since it doesn’t resonate when he does it himself. He’s hired someone who can speak with authority on foreign relations. Blah, blah, blah…”

    It is the same old meme, BZero isn’t selling and he’s unqualified so someone else is needed to try and do it for him. Seems fitting when the second place finisher in the popular vote has looked to the fifth place finisher in Iowa to hire on to do what he can’t do himself.

  34. McCain is the only one to take aim at the growing legend of The Humble Beginnings of The Chosen, because the media just loves this lie, and won’t kick it down unless someone calls on it.

  35. It would be great if there was some video of the August 25th event that could be posted on You Tube so we could all watch. Is there any chance that C-SPAN might cover the event?

  36. I no longer waste my time at TL. They have completely lost sight from where they began. Denigrating your posters is intolerable!. Promoting different points of view used to be their objective while demanding civility from their readers. Yet they themselves have turned into what they had once espoused. They have become to take this stuff personally.

    I have deleted so many other once friendly blogs from my bookmarks and it saddens me. All this effort to control and manage for the sake of an empty suit is disheartening. They don’t know or care about PUMA because it does not fit into their worldview. As a lawyer, Jeralyn sure does not practice what she preaches by way of civil rights and the First Amendment. Sorry to say, she has become a sell out.

  37. Someone sent me an e mail last week that said Hillary was from the “elite” while Obama came from “near the bottom.”

    Such baloney.

  38. People like me count on people like you Prolix to get that information and post it here so we don’t have to watch the news. My mind is sooo made up at this point. It’s all nothing more than noise.

  39. plural: they surely meant morals and integrity. Perhaps you just misunderstood. heh

  40. parent, lol. Thanks!

  41. My prediction of Obama states-

    Hawaii 4
    Washington 11
    California 55
    Minnesota 10
    Wisconsin 10
    Illinois 12
    Maine 4
    Vermont 3
    Mass. 12
    Rhode Is 4
    Conn. 7
    New York 31
    New Jesrey 15
    Delaware 3
    Maryland 10
    Distof Col 3
    S TOTAL 194

    and that is it He will have these toss up states:

    Michigan 17
    Pa 21
    S TOTAL 38
    total 232

    I give everything else to John McCain-

    Electorial Votes for McCain 306

    see DNC boys and girls

    Hillary wins these states Obambi cannot win:

    Arkansas 6
    Ohio 20
    Florida 27
    Nevada 4
    New Mex 5
    Missouri 11
    West Vir 5
    Iowa 7
    HIL TOT: 317

    McCain 221

    Sorry DNC its the Map not the Math


  42. Listening to them praising the virtues and qualities of Obama is as annoying as listening to the Repubs sanctifying and sanitizing Reagan as a saint. I JUST CAN”T LISTEN! The propaganda machines continue to spin out these fantasies until I become braindead from fatigue. Insidious claptrap.

  43. SoD, tell your hubby it is a form of anger management, without the teevee at which to yell there is no telling what might be the focus of your articulation.

    Ben, I’ll take one for the team.

  44. I have to ask myself, what would the situation be vis-a-vis many of Hillary’s supporters had the Obama campaign, just days after she suspended, said lots of positive things, said her name would be put in nomination, worked with her people to pay off her debt.. ANYTHING other than “get over it” and unify.. on their terms. How stupid was that of them. They were afraid of what would happen if they moved away from their strategy of sticking it to Hillary and all her supporters every single chance they got? really childish and counterproductive IMHO

    Not that I’d support him anyway, it’s too late

  45. It’s just fascinating that McCain is the one that had to go after the MSM. The MSM is so totally in the tank for Obama, that McCain’s videos, letters, & criticisms of the “fawning media” have hit their mark. Instead of reflecting, they act like a wounded bull. They now have so much invested in Precious that that they won’t back down.

    McCain is smart, the public doesn’t trust the media worth a damn, so he comes off as the underdog, and someone fighting the assholes in the media. If he’s as smart as I think he is, his videos will begin to actually explore that, asking just why IS the media so in love with Obama?

  46. dg:

    It’s not about Hillary. Even though I would still be disappointed, I would still support a qualified Democrat for President.

    Obama is unqualified. Furthermore, his campaign tactics (such as playing the race card) disqualify him from holding the office.

    No amount of ass-kissing will change those facts.

  47. MyIq, at the risk of ass-kissing, I whole heartedly agree.

  48. PofE:

    Remember the RFK fauxrage?

    Obamanation and the Obamedia went postal, and the rest of the country yawned.

  49. Either Obama is a crook, or he is only covering for crooks. That’s a big reason he can’t be elected, the USA cannot easily survive another 4-8 years of massive corruption.

  50. sorry but there are a lot of McCain signs stretching from Bettendorf Iowa to Council Bluffs I will be in Iowa in mid september to take a pulse of the state….I will be there 2 weeks…

    I promise to ask more than 3 farmers about who they support….and mak a SWAG based on that.

    Sorry I will only be in the more Democratic Eastern part of the state…


  51. Stateof:

    glad SOMEONE is treating Hillary with respect for chrissake.

  52. dg, Obama would never have gotten me personally, but there were a LOT of fence-sitters that could have easily been swayed to support him if he and his supporters had made just a little effort.

    Apart from anything else, it was a really, REALLY stupid political move on their part.

    You still see it in the blogs. The bots spend very little time fighting McCain, because they are still fighting Hillary. I believe that IF she is confirmed finally out for good next week, they will be deflated and tepid. They just won’t be able to “get it up” for McCain in the outrage department the way they do for her.

    I predict that they will still spend about twice as much time and energy screaming about that nasty Hillary and her supporters hurting his chances as they do focusing on McCain. They will waste their resources. Because like their leader, they can’t put their egos aside to focus on their purported goal of winning.

  53. To paraphrase Biden’s comments about Rudy, every answer to the question, “Is Biden is a good choice,” is answered with,

    A noun, a verb and Scranton.

  54. McCain is smart, the public doesn’t trust the media worth a damn, so he comes off as the underdog, and someone fighting the assholes in the media.

    Spot on POE! Of course, the MSM remains oblivious to this fact. Something which may serve the McCain camp very well going into November. The MSM has force fed the public on steady diet of Obama and his speechifyin’. At this point, it’s beyond ‘fatigue’ – we’ve OD’ed off all things BO.

    There so busy assessing what number of HRC supporters will finally ‘fall in line’ that they’re overlooking the fact that many of BO’s earlier (younger) base has grown tepid in their enthusiasm for The One. His waffling did that.

  55. Myiq: it’s that stench again. The public may not know exactly where it’s coming from, but they smell it.

    The Democrats think that BushCo is proof that the public is stupid, that the public will tolerate anything, and that it’s easy to cover-up the lies of shit. But our country was in shock after 9/11 [they forget that Bush was becoming a joke until then], that the public believed we needed to give Bush the benefit of doubt, and patriotism during war is a powerful incentive. John Q Public has turned against Bush, and hates him for his betrayal.

    I think Americans now are on a higher alert to public corruption, and they will smell it from the Dem brand this year.

  56. SofD if the convention turns out bad for us we go on and deliver our fellow democrats a big defeat in November. We Must be Like Ghandi’s Millions…

    “A few hundred DNC members cannot control the destiny of the Democratic Party if 18 million members refuse to cooperate. Passive resistence is the answer- and casting your vote for anyone but Obama is Passive resistance”


  57. From another blog, it seems that Hillary has responded to McCain’s ad. I love it!

    lol, Hillarys responses to McCains ad, is hardly a ringing endorsement of Bambi.

    “Hillary Clinton’s support of Barack Obama is clear. She has said repeatedly that Barack Obama and she share a commitment to changing the direction of the country, getting us out of Iraq, and expanding access to health care. John McCain doesn’t. It’s interesting how those remarks didn’t make it into his ad.”

    interesting in what she didnt say.

  58. If Biden were such a great choice because “everybody” thinks he’s so experienced and wise, how come nobody voted for him in the first place?

  59. Stay Safe Riverdaughter. Will someone be recording your speech for posting here at the Confluence??

  60. Hey Guys,

    I know this is like my fifth time asking this:

    Is No-We-Won’t/Sheri’s show on at 8pm ET or is it for tomorrow? Need info ASAP!!!

  61. Yes, McCain needs to stay the underdog as long as he can. Because we have such fast moving news cycles he has to be very careful to not over saturate his own coverage and keep quietly needling at The One. He has to keep the narrative going.

  62. Instead of the outrage over his positions on FISA, a woman’ s right to choose, the possible establishment of a “private army” whatever in hell that means, the arrogance of a campaign that has insisted on inserting ra*ce into the campaign, and a myriad of other real concerns his candidacy exudes, they are focusing the attention on how much or how little Hillary does or does not do in his favor.

    If this is now classified as “objective reporting and analysis” then I qualify as a journalist! I can throw out opinion and propaganda with the best of them and call it “journalism” as long as I am awarded the same millions of dollars these boobs earn for doing the same.

  63. Let Ghandi be our model just as William Ayers is the Obat model for fighting us.

    For you see our candidate is the mahatma “great soul” of our party.

    there candidate is the Jidah of the party on Jidah’s plan for partition of british India-“let india be concerned with India…let Pakistan be concerned with Pakistan”

    see divisive figures exsist everywhere accept the Republican party


  64. The “GIDEON’S 300”! (Book of Judges 7: 7, 19-21)
    We shall overcome in Denver.
    I’m very glad we were able to gather the 300 delegate
    signatures for the petition to place Senator Clinton
    in nomination. God job PUMAs!

    Hillary Clinton ’08

  65. SOD: “Obama is a crook AND he is covering for crooks. The two are not mutually exclusive in my view.”

    I bow to your superior, and surely absolutely correct, perception of Obama.

  66. sorry that last was a snark!


    No Cookie for Obama in November

  67. myiq2xu,

    What is the problem that BTD has with PUMA? I get the feeling he has no idea who we are or what we are doing. I wonder if he is in a snit about Hillary not getting VP? I can’t believe he really ever thought it was possible.

  68. Go Your Own Way . . .


    Contact those supper delegates…that they want to keep the ‘voters’ from. Tell ’em that Hillary is winning and she isn’t even in the race! How is that for a fighter with her hands tied behind her back, but her message of ‘Serving the people of America’ is still resonating.

    Hillary will always be Americas Champion and will continue to fight for its people where ever she is…she is a humble servant of her country…SHE THE REAL DEAL! SHE IS THE BEST CANDIDATE THAT JUST HAPPENS TO BE A WOMAN!

  69. ben carlson: Yes, McCain needs to stay the underdog as long as he can. Because we have such fast moving news cycles he has to be very careful to not over saturate his own coverage and keep quietly needling at The One.

    What are chances that McCain will dominate MSM with “pop-political sensation” Barry-O about to give a “One Night Only” performance, crooning of all his greatest hits for tens of thousands at Mile High Stadium next week? Won’t take much for John’s camp to dial it back.

  70. Matt, afraid I don’t know.. if RD checks in she should know..

    I am a little baffled by the talking up Biden as a scrappy guy who fought his way up, etc. He does have a compelling biography but.. yet again I see pundits assuming that people will identify with a certain type of person based on their background, and that all it takes is that sort of symbolism to win their votes. Suddenly the working class voters Obama can’t win, are going to vote for him based on Joe Biden. I don’t believe this. I think it was a wise choice all things considered but still.

  71. One of the many, many, many [ad nauseam] DNC mistakes this year is that they are running against Bush in 2000, and especially, 2004. This is 2008, they are running against John McCain, and Obama is neither Gore nor Kerry. They lost those fights, they lost those years, they lost those candidates, and they cannot get over it.

    McCain will teach them who he is, and what year it is.

  72. We all know what the youth vote does when they are disenchanted?? they just don’t bother to show up oopsies

  73. dg,

    It’s fascinating that the Party no longer wants to use issues to get votes, isn’t it? But issues are what we voters actually care about. Especially those of us who are adults and have to support ourselves and our families.

  74. Joe Biden can put me to sleep in three sentences or less ….

  75. Our values need to be respected.

  76. The Obamanation will declare us domestic terrorist after the convention-

    A special committe to deal with us will be set up by the DNC-the chairman of the committee to be appointed by the Persumptive President Ellect Obama-that persons name is (drumroll please) William Ayers!


  77. All acceptance speeches are loaded with rhetoric and platitudes but the hope is that one sentence or slogan breaks through to forever be stamped as the motto of that candidate.

    JFK, ask not; LBJ, Great Society, WJC, the bridge to the 21st century, Reagan, morning in America. Watch for Obama’s slogan following: As your king I promise to………….

  78. Fun fact to know and tell: BZero and Ballistic represent the first time in 100 years where neither have military nor executive experience.

    Now that is change we have come to expect from the DNC.

  79. Pat: ‘…..I promise to be merciful of you heretics who refused to bow down to me….’

  80. I love Obama it is the best sick comedy like the stiffle and Ollie show after tom green show in the 90’s two sock puppets ha ha ha-oh its not a joke? this guy is really trying to be the big Chese? Oh you had me going there for a moment….

    Can I P-L-E-A-S-E have Hillary back!


  81. Pat: Isn’t that all we’ve been getting from Team Obama — hollow rhetoric cobbled together with pithy, vacuous slogans?

  82. Oh my maybe the freedom tower will be the new “tower of london” filled up with millions of PUMA’s and “other such rabble from under the bus”!


  83. I eagerly await obama for america to be sucked down into a quantum singularity! never to escape again!


  84. A murder may have been committed over this petition. On Aug. 13th, the head of the Arkansas delegation (where Sen. Clinton won by 44 points) was shot execution-style at the Dem. Party office in Little Rock and the police still have no motive. Evidently, Bill Gwatney had agreed to back the petition the day before he died. He was the only state party chair, I’m told, who signed on. Here’s a story that looks into what happened – especially the possibility that Karl Rove was involved. Arkansas is 4th in a convention roll-call vote and could have started a bandwagon effect for Clinton.


  85. well all the sun has finally shone its face and I am going to spend time with my neices at the brothers house-where the name Obama is never mentioned!

    see you all later!


  86. I propose a drinking game on the night of the heralded “acceptance” speech: So many shots for the mention of MLK; so many shots for the mention of JFK; so many shots for the mention of “single mother”; so many shots for the mention of “hope” and “change”; so many shots for the call to “unity”; so many shots for the mention of “we who we have been waiting for”. Down the hatch!

    Then to add to the excitement, how many camera shots of those in attendance: Oprah, Michelle, Scarlet, Donna B, Nancy, Howard, Clyburn, Jackson Jr, smiling, clapping, tearful.

    By the end of that memorable evening many of us will be on life support.

  87. Per Fox News the team who designed the DNC podium and setup etc with all those LCD screens, are the same who designed Prince’s halftime show at the Super Bowl. ROFLs..

    I loooooove Prince and that show was awesome, but is this really going to look serious and appropriate for the convention?

    Democratic Party Like a Rock Star.. totally dude!

  88. Acting how???

  89. My husband will not let me watch the MSM anymore.

  90. CSPAN – Rules Committee on now

  91. Pat dying to drink with you but not sure I can bear to watch.
    Thinking about the damned coronation speech makes me want to start right now.

    Did I read somewhere that you had a waiting list of New Englanders who wanted to get pied with you?

    How do I put my name on it?


  92. My friend from NC SISTERMOON .. who is a republican and who was going to vote for Hillary but will NOT EVER vote for bo said this to me this morning ………..

    if Jesus himself couldnt bring everyone together dont you think obama is above his paygrade??

    I share it with her love and permission

  93. Pat;
    “Historic” must be added to that list. Can’t wait for that.

  94. myiq2xu, on August 24th, 2008 at 1:13 pm Said:
    If Biden were such a great choice because “everybody” thinks he’s so experienced and wise, how come nobody voted for him in the first place?

    so very true.

  95. catarina; We can watch and listen from our computers since I am sure that most of the cable networks will be broadcasting live. I was going to boycott the entire week, even the Hillary speech since I know she will only shill on his behalf and there is so much of that I can take, but decided that this thing is going to be so over the top so why pass up the opportunity.

    So join me in the drinking game. There is nothing I like better than listening to rehashed rhetoric served up with meaningless slogans. It will be like State of the Union repeats but instead of Bush you get The One. Besides I hate to drink and cry alone and next week I am expecting to do both.

  96. parentofed: How did I miss that one? Thanks, it has been added.

  97. StateofD

    You’re not jaded-you’re absolutely right.

    Treating HRC respectfully is not coming from the goodness of Johnny Mac’s heart.

    It will suck in some voters.
    If they would have otherwise voted for Obama then McCain has helped my cause, which is to defeat the Obamafia in Nov.

    Is anyone watching the cred committee mtg?

  98. prolix

    Thankfully all the kind folks here at the confluence, this has become a lifesaver for me.

  99. Interesting, Mcain ads using Hillary for a wedge.

    Not sure how to feel about the ads.

    At first glance I was sort of pissed off by them too-shameless shilling!

    At second glance, all “wedging” aside-the ads are very respectful to Hillary and they may be rallying the Denver troops.
    And if it burns O’biden’s ass a bit, good.

    I may have to vote for the old “Pro Life” president.
    I abolsutely hate the DNC for putting me there.

  100. How bout the word His holiness Obama make the sign of the “O” !


  101. The two are not mutually exclusive in my view.

  102. You have to feel some pity for the personnel management team handling MEchelle for her speech:

    You love America, love America!
    White people [Yes, they’re PEOPLE] are your friends!
    No, you can’t wear your rhinestone ‘Damn, I’m Good necklace.
    Do you have a huge shoulder pad? Oh, just a chip..

  103. Pat,
    Just so happens I picked up a case of excellent Sicilian red wine. Very strong stuff, good medicine.
    What will you be drinking?

    Sorry, though-I can’t watch when MO speaks. I so despise her
    I’d have a seizure.

  104. Fuzzybear,
    Which cities in Iowa will you visit in Sept? Is there an email id I can mail you at?

  105. Fuzzy,
    Lynn Samuels on Sirius Left is a hoot.

  106. catarina: I have discovered that I can buy pre-mixed Causmos which are pretty good at that! And they come in pretty hefty sized bottles as well. The best part is that you don’t have to interrupt whatever it is you are doing to mix the ingredients! It is all done in advance. This way you need hardly rouse yourself except to pour! I keep a chilled martini glass in the freezer at all times. I am not a purist as you can tell. If the end result is the same, I can always be counted on to take the easy way.

  107. I can not believe that the Democratic party threw out all its principles for the sake of Obama. Rules have been changed and broken all for the sake of Obama. If it was someone who had accomplished a lot in life I would understand. If he was someone who had sacrificed his life for someone else like McCain did I would understand. The Democratic party is divided because of one man. The Democratic super delegates are going to nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee knowing that he can’t win the election but because of the strongarming of Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean and the fear of what African Americans will do they are willing to take this risk. Is this man worth all the sacrificies being made on his behalf? The Democrats are going to nominate a guy who has never been vetted, a guy who constantly needs someone else to fight his battles for him. His closet is fully of many skeletons. McCain has made an ad about Rezko and connected it to the housing problems. Obama and Rezko have been friends for than 17 years. A 527 is making an ad about Ayers, a weather underground terrorist who has known Obama for more than 13 years. His wife is also a member of the weather underground.
    A pro-life group is asking that Obama apologize for calling them liars. They will be working hard on exposing Obama’s support for infanticide and his votes for partial-birth abortion.
    As though that wasn’t enough, there are his mentors: Rev. Wright, Frank Davis the communist, Pastor James Meeks and Father pfleger.

    http://barackbook.com is often being updated with information on Obama’s associates. Most of this is nothing new to us but it will be for the general public after the convention.

    Knowing all this, the superdelegates and the Democratic leaders are going to nominate this man. Their reasoning of Hillary has a lot of baggage is bullshit compared to Obama. Partial-birth abortion and his comment about how children are a punishment put in the same ad is going to loose him those evangelicals he is desperately seeking.

    I can not believe they are willing to risk it all for this man who is not worth it:shock:

  108. catarina….my bud!

    color me jaded, but anything with Rove’s initials on it (his protege’ is now Mac’s guy) makes me suspicious.

    Again, JMHO

  109. Downticket: Amen.

  110. {{waves to fuzzy}}

  111. miq & BB
    I had to leave TL because of BTD, but to an extent Jerlyn’s, blind adherence to the Democratic party as if something named Democratic was, by virtue of print magic, actually democratic. This in spite of their frequent analysis of the situation as being completely otherwise, that the DNC and party are corrupt and the primary a fraud. Since then I’ve often wondered how intelligent people can defend such an awesomely poor candidate who is where he is by dubious means. I can only conclude it is because they are attorneys, and words are equal to reality in the legal world. Yeah, the word alone makes it so. And the word “Republican” makes everything attached to it eeevill.
    But also, BTD knows his fave is going down, he is and always was deep in the Kool-Aid, and he has constantly spun his view of how Obama can win, how Hillary can help, etc. His tent is only big enough for the One.

  112. I don’t think Johnny Mac has any illusions about winning or affection by schmoozing us and talking nice about Hillary.

    I think his real goal is to provoke the angry chihuahuas of Obamanation into barking out more CDS filled rants about Hillary and PUMA

    It’s like watching Pavlov’s dogs. McCain says “Hillary” and the angry chihuahuas start foaming at the mouth.

  113. And to anyone in Denver–I used to live in Capitol Heights (east of Cheeseman Park). Denver traffic is so atrocious it is not that strange to take 2 hours to go a mile! And the layout of Denver is such that this convention and security is practically designed to cut out the middle nexus of local transportation. I bet the Denverites are p.o.’d, all right.

  114. bemused: Awww, turns out BTD is only a puppy tent

  115. parentofed,
    Love your take on the MO personal management presentation team! That “shoulder pad ” is in the way of her wearing her sexy red off the shoulder jobbie. Too bad they have nixed the rhinestones though.

  116. atypical: yeah, I bet they wouldn’t let her wear the leopard print bustier that says ‘for Baby Daddy’ either

  117. bemused, I have a couple of very moderate Republican friends, and when Bush stole the election, I KNEW that there were actually Republicans out there who thought it was shameful. I talked to a few.

    None of them spoke up. Why? Party Unity. “I hate that he did it, but it’s done, and we won, so don’t rock the boat because it might bring the party down.”

    I couldn’t understand it then, but I never thought I would see a day when Democrats did the EXACT SAME THING regarding the caucus fraud. Morally, it is no different. We have ragged on the Republicans for YEARS for their “the ends justifies the means” attitude toward voting irregularities, but our guys are doing the same thing.

    Jeralyn and the rest know damn well what happened was wrong, but won’t protest it publicly because it could make the Democrats lose, and gee a Democrat in power could do such GOOD for this country!

    You know what? I want Democratic policies and a Democratic president as much as anyone, but I DO NOT want it at the expense of Democracy itself. progressive and benign and helpful despotism is STILL despotism, just as much as conservative despotism is.

    They have become what they purported to despise.

  118. I wanna see Bill. Where is he?

  119. I hope Bill is home working on a blockbuster expose book of the sham that was this primary season. And I hope he makes a BILLION fucking dollars off of it.

  120. WMCB: They are interchangeable. The party labels represent the only difference of separation. Corporate America rules, make no mistake about it. The money they equally provide into the coffers of Dem or Repub is all that matters. As long as the cash keeps flowing, the voice of the pubic be damned. And Abramoff showed how easily that can be realized. This is becoming less of a democracy and more of a company takeover. The highest bidder walks away with the spoils.

  121. THEY truly know not what they say …..what a bunch of semi conscious conspirators we have in this demographic party
    and in the case of Nancy PULOSER I cannot believe she said this

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Biden offered “the full package.” She said he “has challenged the status quo. And he’s even criticized Senator Obama, so it’s a tribute to Senator Obama that he’s not just choosing a yes man but a person who will speak what he believes.”

    Can anyone say ” subliminal sexism” not so subliminal ???

  122. Bill is somewherein a cage doing an imitation of Hannibal Lector. He will only be released for his Wednesday night appearance where he will praise the wonders of Obama before release.

  123. myiq2xu, on August 24th, 2008 at 2:17 pm Said:
    I don’t think Johnny Mac has any illusions about winning or affection by schmoozing us and talking nice about Hillary.

    I think his real goal is to provoke the angry chihuahuas of Obamanation into barking out more CDS filled rants about Hillary and PUMA

    It’s like watching Pavlov’s dogs. McCain says “Hillary” and the angry chihuahuas start foaming at the mouth.

    Actually, I think it’s a bit of both.

    Yes, the GOP would love nothing more than to ensure longterm division within the DNC. As well as hardening support for and against HRC, that a 2012 run proves too jaded/”been there, done that”. However, if they manage to peel off enough of Hillary’s base in the process, come November, all the better.

  124. LOL @ Pat. So true.


    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 20, 2008 – Political supporters and women’s rights advocates will gather in San Francisco on Tuesday August 26th to commemorate the anniversary of Women’s Voting Rights and celebrate the campaign of Senator Clinton. The March will begin at 5 p.m. in front of the Ferry Building and end with a rally at the UN Plaza.

    The San Francisco event is one of several nationwide marches, sponsored by the 18 Million Voices / Rise Hillary Rise grassroots organization, to be held simultaneously with nineteen other cities around the country, and in conjunction with the main march at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado.

    The group hopes to unite those who campaigned and voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries as well as men and women who want to advance women’s equality by building a new movement in support of women’s rights and gender equality.

    Clinton ran an historical campaign that marked a milestone for women in politics. On June 7, 2008 Clinton suspended her campaign and remarked,

    “In the future, it will be unremarkable for a woman to win primary state victories, unremarkable to have a woman in a close race to be our nominee, unremarkable to think that a woman can be the president of the United States. And that is truly remarkable.”

    Mae Rose Tengsico, California State Organizer of the event, said, “We want to mark the 88th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote by honoring the milestone achievement of Hillary Clinton, who has gone further than any woman in campaigning for the Presidency.”

    The marchers also want to point out that those who stooped to using sexism during the primary campaign have instigated a stronger and more united effort to end discrimination based on gender.

    “We saw a great deal of misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton and her supporters by the media and others,” said Ms. Tengsico. “We want to make a statement that this has united women who want to work for changes in the political process. As Hillary said when she suspended her campaign: ‘There are no acceptable limits, and there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century.'”


    This nationwide march is sponsored by18 Million Voices / Rise Hillary

    Rise, a true grassroots movement to celebrate Senator Clinton’s historic achievements,
    and to advocate for Women’s Rights worldwide.

  126. parentofed,
    Life just isn’t fair. He gets to wear his superman underwear (even though she wanted him to wear the pink ones that say, Baby Mama luvs Baby Daddy.)

  127. HEY how many houses does Nancy Peloser have ?? I am just askin………….cause I am um curious …

  128. Okay, I’m headed to the dorm. Love ya, folks. Will check in later. Stay bitter!

  129. Love youuuuu too Regency 🙂 stay well HUGS

  130. Well CSpan covered some of the committee meetings but I either missed the credentials part or it never happened. They did have a motion to form the change commission re superDs among other things.

  131. WMCB, on August 24th, 2008 at 2:32 pm Said:
    I hope Bill is home working on a blockbuster expose book of the sham that was this primary season. And I hope he makes a BILLION fucking dollars off of it.

    I’ve been saying this since March. Barack Obama wants to be a FORMER President. He wants to see that golden tongue and gifted hand of his pull in the bucks that Bill Clinton does.

    To Obama, this election is all about HIM, and no one else. He has a very small circle of friends, and those people are of questionable intents and backgrounds.

    That Obama is not qualified means so much less to me than the obvious fact he does not have the interest of the people in this country at heart, he is destroying our beliefs by infusing religion so deeply into his platform, and OUR convention, and he has somehow partnered with the Democratic Party to achieve his current position by means that are contrary to democracy.

    myiq: BTD is as typical an Obama supporter as they get. He has a deaf ear to anything he doesn’t want to hear because he knows the facts say his candidate is a fraud.

  132. The Democratic Party has just released what will be the intro and theme song for the Denver Convention:

  133. WMCB, LOL. Very nicely done.

  134. I’ve been feeling especially pissed off since Biden was picked as VP. I didn’t want Clinton to run with Obama anyway but the fact that he is arrogant enough not to even talk to her about the possibility disgusts me.

    I cannot wait to see Obama and Biden crash and burn in November. I’ve decided that I will do whatever I can to get McCain elected since there is no other option in order to defeat Obama.

  135. New polls. McCain ahead of Obama in Nevada 7+ Colorado 1+ Arizona 6+ New Mexico 4+

    He now needs some real negative ads and Obama is down for good.

  136. It takes a deeply revengefu,l narcissistic, vindictive ba$tard to ignore someone with 18 million votes and throw away the Democratic Party and what should have been an easy walk into the White House .. but then that is just who he is …..

  137. WMCB—
    What you said! I bet that book is in good shape already and I’ll preorder it as soon as possible.
    Too right, the source of moral decline everywhere is letting the ends justify the means.

    That puppy ain’t housebroke, either, someone’s going to wake up unhappy.

  138. Both Jerlyn and BTD are frauds. Jerlyn set up a blog to fight ‘injustice’ in the legal system but its really all about her. She herself has never taken any risks on behalf of helping anyone. Her support of Obama is just to keep her blog status with the Democratic Party. BTD is a hypocrite and always has been.
    Lets not forget TL or the other blogs with Obama loses in November.

  139. Full voting rights just restored for MI and FL.

    Now, what ‘s the count?

  140. PUMA HAKA 👿

  141. Hillary added a quality of “sex” into the campaign and with her suspension that quality has denigrated into nothing more than frat boys in the locker room who have nothing to discuss other than their “stupendous plays” on the field. Even they get bored with each other after awhile. They need the added spice of a female to shore up their massive egos.

    “See how strong I am when I am beating the bi*ch back? Am I good or what?”

  142. Bingo, Pat.

  143. From the prescient mind of Tammy Faye Baker: “It ain’t over til it’s over”!

  144. Yay 300 delegates!!

    Riverdaughter – KEEP SAFE!!!!!!

  145. Amen Pat. Too bad they can’t beat all 18 MILLION OF US.

  146. Is there a way we can set up a conference call or skype? That would be a hoot!

  147. I read Larry Johnson’s comments over at NQ about the snafu last night with Murphy and was wondering if we will have any shows from Denver since he’s definitely hardened his attitude about Murph’s show.

    Will they be able to somehow still broadcast?

  148. SM,
    if you’re around there’s a nasty troll on your The Big Tent of Puma post. Maybe you should leave it on there just to show how vile these pieces of $hit are.

  149. OK Ga gal – thanks for letting me know!

  150. Re: Nancy Pelosi praising Biden and saying that he chose to run with BO even though he has previously criticized him. She forgets that Biden also said he’d be glad to run with or against McCain. He’s just an all-around guy. (An equal opportunity employee)

  151. Matt: Go on BLOG TALK RADIO, do a search for “NO WE WON’T”

    Sheri Tag’s show will show up.

    Her times may have changes because of the Mountain time, so try that and see.

  152. The trolls must be getting paid per comment.

    Why else do they keep crapping in the old threads?

  153. ALERT: Maybe this should be a post. Seating of FL/MI delegates:

    Credentials Committee seats full FL & MI delegations?


    Also Sunday, the party’s credentials committee voted to restore full voting rights to delegates from Michigan and Florida at the national convention this week, despite their holding early primaries against party rules. With his nomination assured, Obama sought a show of unity to shore up support in those two important states.The states had initially been stripped of all their delegates for holding primaries before Feb. 5. The party’s rules committee restored the delegates in May, but gave them only half votes.

  154. In response to MyIQ, @ 12:40

    I visit TL once in a while now but not like I once did. I no longer bother to comment. What’s the point? All too often the thread is full of comments by morons like Ennis and Brodie. What a waste of bandwidth.

    As for PuptentDemocrat, he’s so busy talking down to or banning anyone that doesn’t agree with him that he’s not worth bothering with anymore.

    The only threads of his I have any interest in are the ones about Georgis and Russia. From what I have read elsewhere he has a pretty good grasp on that.

    Otherwise, every time he says “pols will be pols” I just shrug and say to myself, “yeah and they always will be so long as we accept their bad behavior and enable it with our vote.”

  155. It may be just me, but I have a strong feeling that after Thursday night, when middle America gets a look at this hokey “American Idol” style convention, and following that ill gotten trip to Europe in the faux “presidential chair along with the airplane and trappings made to look like he already won something, the average American viewer and voter is going to tune out and turn off this “triumph”.

    Whatever “bump” he hopes to achieve, in my opinion, will evaporate quickly because no one appreciates having something crammed down their throats. And that is all this is. It may hold some appeal for the 20 somethings brought up in the age of MTV but there are many more of us who remember “where’s the beef?” The money spent and wasted on these events resonates as loudly as those who are bleating about McCain and the number of houses he can’t name.

    And the fact that he will not deliver the “speech” within the confines of the convention hall and prefers a venue more suited to his tastes is going to come back and backfire since if this is not a huge dose of ostentation I don’t know what is. What it actually says is, “I am too big to be confined”. Puke inducing.

  156. AP Obama Shill Headline:

    Democrats restore full Michigan, Florida Votes

    I can only quote from Shakespeare & the Christian Bible:

    Much Ado About Nothing
    What the Lord Giveth, the Lord Taketh Away

  157. Caroline Kennedy on Meet the Press said she thinks and hopes Obama’s selection of Biden is as good as her father’s selection of LBJ.

    Right. LBJ delivered Texas; Biden delivers Scranton and Delaware.

  158. Pat – there’s rain predicted to fall on Obama’s Invesco speech.

  159. NH, on August 24th, 2008 at 3:04 pm Said:

    I agree, NH. I think anyone who simply supports a candidate because he is a “media darling” is a jerk. BTD at TalkLeft supported Obama in the primaries mainly because of this reason. Instead of fighting for the first woman who has gone this far in a presidential campaign and who is more importantly the most qualified for the position is disgusting and it is not progressive or Democratic.

    I don’t know much about Jeralyn but I haven’t heard her do anything extroardinary outside of running her blog. She has repeatedly stated that she would not get on board if Obama picked Biden. I knew that she was lying because there she didn’t have the courage after Clinton suspended her campaign to go against Obama and I knew she wouldn’t have it when Obama picked Biden. Now let us watch her slowly change positions and say that Obama and Biden is still better than McCain. That is their only argument in this election and it is not good enough for me or probably millions of other Americans. It’s the reason why their strategy to paint McCain as Bush III did not stick. It’s because Obama is also another Bush III. There is no good option in this scenario.

    I can’t wait to see what these blogs will do after Obama loses the general election.

  160. Yes! Rain. Colorado needs rain.

    Jesse Jackson on Face the Nation – Obama could be the next MLK and unite the party and country with his speech at the convention.

    Right after he’s castrated for talking down to black people?

  161. sm77: Since the DNC is channeling Prince, maybe it will be Purple Rain

  162. Did the Credentials Comittee continue election fraud by taking the votes of the uncomitteed and giving them to Obama thus changing the outcome of MI and committing election fraud?

  163. Jmac: I have long suspected that Mrs Jesse Jackson has a lot of dirt on husband, esp cheating. She’s always stated her goal is keeping her family together, my guess is she’s holding Jesse’s balls and told him to bow down to JJ Jr & Precious or else.

  164. I don’t know what to think about that ad. I guess it is because the DNC can still nominate Hillary on Wednesday and so I don’t want to support McCain just yet.

    But it did point out Obama lack of character.

  165. Until this country gets over it’s Camelot obsession we are going to be stuck listening to this tripe on into infinity. I loved JFK but I was a kid. Johnson signed the civil rights law but his insistence on escalating the Vietnam conflict costs thousands more lives to be lost. These men did good things but they also were quite capable of making huge errors in judgment. To deify and continue to sanctify their legacies is ridiculous. The Kennedy family has sacrificed much but enough of the vapid comparisons.

  166. From Vogel’s post at Politico:

    Three times during his inaugural speech as Barack Obama’s vice presidential candidate Saturday, Biden butchered Obama’s name—in different ways.

    Biden called Obama “Barackal Bama” and “Barack Obaman,” as well as – perhaps most bizarre – “Barack America.”

    Wonder if they will have the equivalent of a “cuss jar” for every time he gets it wrong?

    The “Obaman” and “Barack America” sound like comic book characters — Professor Freud, your slip is showing.

  167. Oh oh, I am in moderation and I left my umbrella in the car!

  168. Obama is responsible for a coverup, and DNC and/or the press are resposible for not adequately vetting him.

    Contact your MSM to report on this story:


    Suit filed Thurs. in Fed. Court in Philadelphia – Obama constitutionally ineligible for presidency.

    The lawyer (Philip Berg) who filed the suit said this in an interview Friday:

    “Sen. Obama really owes it to everyone to confront this. He should threaten me. “Berg,” he should say, “here are the documents and, if you do not withdraw the suit, I will sue you.” Right now, he has no basis to sue me. If he does have the documents, he should show them, and I’ll walk away. I’ll withdraw the case. But, again, he must show me a certified vault copy of his birth certificate and must show me a certified copy of the oath of allegiance taken between the time he was 19 to 21 at a Consulate, U.S. Embassy or the like. If those documents can be presented, again, I’m out of here. But I don’t think he can, I don’t think he will, and I think it is a total disgrace on his part.”

    The Obama/campaign won’t produce these documents unless MSM publicizes. Send this link to your local paper/TV and ask when they’ll be reporting it. Also, let your superdelegates know about this and watch them distance themselves from Obama. (“we didn’t know . .”)

  169. prolix: As long as he does not refer to him as Bambi, Backtrack, or Osama he is ahead of the game.

  170. If you don’t know by now that the DNC is corrupt to the core, far more corrupt than the Republicans have dreamed of being, you just don’t want to know.

    If Hillary is not the nominee over this crook next week, I’ll change my party to Indy.

  171. I’m just afraid that the American voters will be taken in (again) with this extravaganza stadium event and not see the phony Hollywood of it., or every look any further than the show.
    And someone above said that the younguns will have lost interest in BO by Nov.. However they are always interested in money and “free” concert tickets. Then BO has his intimidation teams getting ready in every state and the machines already programmed to drop votes for anyone but him.( Why do you think he’s friends with Hagel?)
    Yes, I am pessimistic but plenty of evidence supports that sense . I’m afraid Diogenes is looking in vain with that Chicago crew.

  172. Pat, politics aside, bombastic Biden is going to be fun — he can’t help himself.

  173. EMJ; I admire your motives, but the MSM is dead to me.

    And I would send a message
    to find out if she’s talked
    But the post office has been stolen
    and the mailbox is lost.

  174. GAgal, on August 24th, 2008 at 3:19 pm Said:
    if you’re around there’s a nasty troll on your The Big Tent of Puma post. Maybe you should leave it on there just to show how vile these pieces of $hit are.

    They have done this constantly, on all pro-Hill blogs since the beginning. They remind me of dogs who won’t come close when another mean dog is actually THERE, but feel the need to go around afterwards pissing everywhere the other dog was.

    I refer to that classic bot behavior of going into old abandoned threads as ” “stuffed-animal humping and leg-lifting”.

  175. Here’s a link to The Denver Post’s DNC photo gallery of “protest photos”. So far there are no posted photos.


  176. I don’t really understand the intentional jabs to women by the Obama camp. (Biden doctorate remark)

    All I can think is the Obama camp is trying to appeal to the misogynistic vote.

  177. Chicago Sun-Times:

    Obama friend Rezko to be sentenced one week before election

  178. atypical: I don’t think American voters have been taken in yet by the O extravaganza. The media including fauxprogressives, young people looking for an identity group, and faddish liberal elites have been taken in by him, but not the American public.

  179. SOD: That’s just “folksy Joe” getting down with us little guys. He is really one of us! A 40 year “career politician” who is all about change. Take no notice of those years when he had his head so far up Repubs butts he couldn’t see daylight. Pay no attention to the fact that he talks more than your Aunt Emma so that you would need a crowbar to drive a wedge into the conversation. Joe is the right guy to lead this nation into the “hope” and “change” reform we have been waiting for.

    We now have “the expert” and The One” to lead us onward! An bloviating loudmouth and an inexperienced nominee. Be still my beating heart!

  180. RD & CO! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RD! look at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is living History! I wish I watched TV, damn. I have like 2 chennels so maybe it will be on the news but know my thoughts are totally with you and all of you be careful okay, you be careful of those cages….I hope somebody takes pictures of that.

    Oh RD. I think you should seriously be in POLITICS. I MEAN THAT.

    You have more backbone, don’t get me started!

    sending everyone of you fab PUMAS all the confetti in the world. and RD somebody from a place in here called HOT AIR linked to my blog, to something I cross posted from you, once about PUMA — they are streaming in behind the scenes and now will come to the CONFLUENCE!



  181. Jmac,
    I don’t know about DE but do you really think Biden can pull- in Scranton? Seriously, isn’t HRC’s niece married to the Mayor of Scranton. I think that’s what they were saying when they said that McCain was meeting with Hill’s brother and his family.

  182. parentofed, I agree, the public is not taken in. The one thing that the Left never can seem to get through their heads is that everyone does not blog. The Left is utterly myopic to that cold hard fact, repeatedly.

    They often base their assessment of where the race lies by the amount of support/opposition they see online. Idiots. Millions upon millions of Americans never utter one word, whether online or otherwise, about their political choices. They just go vote.

  183. I watch Fox news for about 5 minutes today when the interview was looking around town for some Hillary swag. He couldn’t find any except 2 (and I mean 2) T shirts. One had Hillary’s face and Obama 08 and the other was Bros b4 Hoes. He ran into Will who said its all about Obama.

    I then turned on MSNBC for 2 minutes. The show was advertised as The Candidates: John McCain. The next hour was supposed to be Obama. But when I turned it on it was all about Obama?? LOL. Then I saw a commercial for PBS that claimed they were the last ‘independent’ news station and I laughed again. These people think we’re idiots.

    I sure hope America shows them in November. If the American people select Obama (and I still say voter fraud is going to be rampant), I just don’t know what I’ll do.

  184. atypical: I was joking. Some say he was brought on board to help take Pennsylvania, so I’ll give him Scranton and Delaware.

  185. cbn, on August 24th, 2008 at 3:45 pm Said:

    I don’t really understand the intentional jabs to women by the Obama camp. (Biden doctorate remark)

    All I can think is the Obama camp is trying to appeal to the misogynistic vote.


    Are they so used to talking to “old boys clubs” that they don’t realize there are other people out here?

  186. I wonder how they are going to handle Chris Matthews with his leg tingling this week. He gets so overexcited that tingle may work its way up to his whatsis and completely knock him off his chair. Then what? Hours and hours of KO?

  187. I’m only a throd of the way through the comments, but I had to respond..
    PJ said:
    I propose a drinking game on the night of the heralded “acceptance” speech:
    I am sooooo in. I’d planned on getting tanked anyway. Now I have a civic duty.

  188. Fredster – what happened? Does it have anything to do with Murphy starting the show 15 minutes late? I wouldn’t blame her for that

  189. http://pumaalliance.wordpress.com/2008/08/24/now-they-restore-the-delegates/

    What happens to Obamas stolen delegates in Michigan?

    Does anyone know?

  190. Pat: Ah, but you forget the lovely Rachel; she’s there to calm down the boys and bring in thuh wimmin. Heck, maybe they’ll have Rachel do a 1-minute documentary on Hillary, and how important she was to this campaign. After all, if ObamaCo couldn’t get the base of frat boys & bimbos fired up with Hillary-hate, his campaign would have been so flat. Yeh, that’d be nice. Rachel won’t mind, after all, bet she makes 100K for that minute’s work.

    See? Lesbians can be whores, too.

  191. Rachel has been one of my biggest letdowns this primary season. I credited her with more sense not so much because she is a woman but because she is so damned smart. Watching her evolve into one of “them” was most disheartening.

  192. Obama goes Postal ! Geez you don’t see the MSM reporting this stuff.


  193. Charles, I regularly go to your site, and agree with your statement.

    But my comment about Rachel Maddow stands. The MSM is corrupt when it comes to Obama.

  194. Ref. State of Disbelief……….
    Sadly Senator Obama and the DNC have consigned Senator Clinton
    to the waste bin. She was informed by a Staffer of Obama in the first
    place that she would not be his V.P. He certainly lacks manners as
    well as everything else. She is now a mere puppet on a string being
    used purely as a vote catcher………………..for Obama.
    Her real supporters want a corrupt DNC which has corrupted the
    Democratic party itself removed in November so that Senator and
    others can start to rebuild and restore the Democratic party to its former principles and glory.
    This is the hope of many loyal party members and like it or not
    the only way to achieve this now is with the assistance of John
    McCain and his party.
    It really has now come down to “Country before Party”
    A view from an Irish prospective.

    Good fortune.. Senex, Ireland

  195. My friends in FL and MI are not going to buy it. When the full FL delegation of carefully placed Obamaphiles votes, it is only going to DRIVE HOME the point that the delegate count is completely out of proportion to how the actual voters of FL voted.

    “We’ll give you back your delegates, so long as they all vote for Obama” is in no way a solution, and the FL Democratic voters are not stupid, and they can add.


    You are one of the best out there and it’s an honor to have you visit here & comment from time to time.

    We try to not engage in salacious rumor-mongering here. We like to argue and/or expose facts & opinions without the tabloidy aspect. But people are going to talk anyways, no matter what we do.

    Love your blog always and thank you again for sticking up for us!!!!

  197. NH, that footage is very obviously a voice-over.

  198. We may be spread across America but our ears, our eyes and our hearts are with you in Denver.
    People Power — PUMA
    In Denver or in November.
    Representatives are elected to represent ‘we the people’.
    Hillary won the working class vote, the big states, the crucial states, the latinos, the popular vote and now we are hoping she will win in Denver.

  199. cspan showed the dnc rules committee vote on looking into making the primaries/nomination more democratic. imagine that. during the convention they actually seem to acknowledge that there was a problem? well, i have only become energized by obama choosing biden “as the next president” and having the phone call go out at 3 a.m. i’ll never forget the finger he gave to sen. cllinton.

    best of luck, fun and interesting times to all of you in denver. i was so tempted to be there. do good deeds in our names and know we support you in making the dem party relevent and democratic. one person, one vote!

  200. Women have always been an easy target for some men. It’s the bully instinct in them.

  201. hello there Senex, Ireland 🙂

  202. NH – if you read the blog the blogger admits the tape is a spoof.

  203. Did you catch this crack from Joe?


    Here’s what Biden had said in his debut as the presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee:

    “Ladies and gentlemen, my wife, Jill, who you’ll meet soon, is drop-dead gorgeous. My wife, Jill, who you’ll meet soon, she also has her doctorate degree, which is a problem. But all kidding aside. . . . ”

    Pelosi, who had spent much of the lunch depicting an America in dire straits after eight years of a Republican administration, didn’t miss a beat: “Lighten up,” she said. “We’ve got a planet to save.”

    She added that if Biden found his wife beautiful, “That’s A-OK.”

    Joe, try uttering the racist equivalent about, say, MO and see how far that gets you. Nancy, thanks a whole lot for selling out women, you self-hating quisling.

  204. Charles, I’m thrilled to see you here. Thank you VERY much for your kind and supportive thoughts. I share your concerns about how PUMA is viewed. But, the nature of the effort (?) means it’s pretty uncontrolled.

    Maybe we should all visit PUMA sites more often and take part in the comments. I probably don’t do as much of that as I should — as you know from how rarely I make comments even at your site! Still if we got around a little more maybe there would be more continuity in the message?

    I don’t know about the other administrators but, I routinely delete messages about that lawsuit. I don’t even care about the guys past — we’re not getting involved with that whole citizenship argument here.

    Our comments do get pretty loose — especially in the evenings. They become pretty frivolous social conversations. I don’t know that it’s a bad thing. But I see your concern (I read a comment at TL yesterday morning that was dismissive of our comments.)

    I personally enjoy our commenters and would hate to discourage the fun times.

    We do have an important role in this election. And it’s important that we all keep our eye on the ball.

  205. My heart goes out to our courageous Hillary, she had to contend with the loss of a dear friend in STJ this week. I hope she knows our thoughts and prayers are with her.

  206. BFD FL and MI have their delegates restored.

  207. Oh, AND — I think BTD is full of it. He knows very well that PUMA is just the tip of Obama’s problems with Hillary supporters. He can poo-poo PUMA all day long. But, you notice he’s VERY aware of Obama’s problems with us.

    I’m not sure why (with that knowledge) he’s so dismissive of us.

  208. Are you really going to allow YRM’s 1:40 PM comment, which has no place in civilized discourse, to stand?

  209. Charles, I am finding it impossible to register at your site. I have the same problem at Heidi Li’s.
    Not that I comment often-but sometimes i like to comment…

  210. # DownListen, on August 24th, 2008 at 4:00 pm Said:

    Fredster – what happened? Does it have anything to do with Murphy starting the show 15 minutes late? I wouldn’t blame her for that

    Yep that’s what it’s about. He’s updated the post about it but i don’t think he’s giving in. I hope they have some place besides NQR they can do the show from. ❓

  211. Where did you guys see the rain forcast for Denver?

  212. Laurie – I have the same problem! I read Charles EVERYDAY yet I still can’t get a comment to post. I still love you Charles!

  213. Is the Pope Catholic?

  214. Pelosi said “lighten up…if he wants to call his wife beautiful, then let him!”

  215. Fredster-they have “No We Won’t” at blogradio.
    No Quarter also removed Pagan and Betty Jean after 5 or 6 shows-I don’t know why. They were very good together.

  216. Charles, you are spot on with your comment and critique. My personal opinion is that The Confluence and your blog are the two that, as far as I’m concerned, have the most well thought out posts.

    Glad to see you back posting here also. 🙂

  217. Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing to see here.

    (edited by moderator)

  218. SCruz, on August 24th, 2008 at 4:15 pm Said:

    cspan showed the dnc rules committee vote on looking into making the primaries/nomination more democratic. imagine that. during the convention they actually seem to acknowledge that there was a problem?


    Thank you. I want to know more about this. I told the DNC that I would change my voter registration to Independent, if they didn’t act on changing the primary at the convention. Not holding my breath, but hoping anyway.

  219. WMCB


  220. The weather in Denver is so changeable–it can be -10 in the evening and +50 the next day–there can be sun, snow, and sun again in the same day–and in summer there is always an excellent chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

  221. Wow…PUMAS magnificent work happening in Denver is just so powerful, the PUMAS are truely a force to contend with.

    There may be a miracle HERE and Hillary IS SOOOO worth fighting for….she doesn’t ever give up in what she believes in (even if she and Bill have to say they support The Precious). I have more thoughts on that issue a few paragraphs down….

    WMCB and others too have seen the viciousness of how the NoBama OTP, the “Obama Thought Police” attack anyone who speaks well of the Clintons, the majority of Obamaphiles just won’t stop.

    In an earlier post, WMCB said it so well….”You still see it in the blogs. The bots spend very little time fighting McCain, because they are still fighting Hillary.”

    I agree, the Obamabots don’t get it and when Obama looses (and he will), the Obama supporters have NOONE to blame but themselves…..they need to look in the mirror and they will see who defeated Nobama….Obots are doing this to themselves by totally disrespecting and just blowing off millions of Hillary’s supporters!!!!

    The Obots really believe BHO can win this Election without us; (they think they can because I am sure that they plan more dirty tricks….Donna B. didn’t hang out with Karl Rove for nothing). What Obots don’t understand is that there is a day of reckoning.

    Now back to the issue of Hillary and Bill being in the position of “making nice with Obama.”
    If they did not say “the Precious One” is okay, I believe that they would be absolutely crucified by the DNC Thugs.

    It breaks my heart to see this happen, but having worked in government (local City government, not State or federal) for fifteen years (ten of those years in Northern California); I understand the situation Hillary and Bill are in now because politics tends to be a Team Sport. If you don’t go along with the Team then you get ejected.

    Many “free thinkers” like THE PUMAS have a problem with this rigid approach to the political process…no one owns our votes (and therefore we don’t always go along with the party line and we are going to have a definite serious problem with the NEW DNC/THUG FACIST Party)!!!!

    WE are playing by the “Rules” but the “Obama Thought Police” (who operate by the premise that if you don’t go along with the Obama gameplan you will be crushed – a.k.a. all those under the bus) DO NOT OPERATE BY THE RULES (although they pretend to).

    The ObamaNation practice a kind of organized facism…..check out how Howard Dean, Donna B. Axelrod, et al took over the DNC and they ARE NOT PLAYING BY THE RULES except the ones they make up along the way.

    Of course when you call them on this manipulative behavior, they just declare their innocence with great moral outrage and attack you for speaking the truth.

    Obama is saying this in his speeches now…”How DARE [anyone] challenge his patriotism…”

    I want to know from NoBama, how patriotic is it to try and destroy Democracy and the Democratic Process (bu using the playbook of Chicago Thugery Politics…BHO didn’t train there for nothing) in our Country by rigging the Primary Election and committing Fraud resulting in voter suppression in the Primary Cacuses and cheating your way to the Nomination, Obama?

    Yes, I call that REAL PATRIOTISM…in NoBAMAS “Brave New World.” The kind of Patriotism that You Can Believe IN!!!

    Now, the DNC Thugs control (with an iron fist) but they don’t know quite what to do with PUMA and others who would not neatly fall in line and drink the Koolaid.

    They really underestimated the reaction and rebellion that they are dealing with as a result of their total abuse, corruption and blatent co-option of the leadership in the DNC.

    There are a few brave souls who have spoken out in the DNC but many that don’t like what’s going on are keeping their heads down (least they be de-capitated, cast out, stripped of their positions (and added to the road kill under the bus).

    This week, however, at the Convention they are going to be confronted by those who will standup to their Thugery.

    WE CAN WIN, but we must understand the level of ruthlessness that we are dealing with…..the folks that control the DNC care nothing for what is
    moral, ethical or legal….for them the MEANS totally justifies the ENDS.

    Like all good Facists, the DNC Thugs know that bullying, manipulation, intimidation has worked for them. They combined strong armed tactics with buying people off…such as the thousands of dollars given to SuperDelagates by various NoBama connected PACS (in order to buy their votes).

    These underhanded tactics worked in the Primary (with certain corruptable SuperDelagates). The strong armed tactics were unleashed in the Caucuses where Obama and Company committed outright FRAUD and STOLE THE ELECTION!!

    I am sure NoBama/DNC Thugs were suprised that their despicable tactics were documented. Make no mistake, they are counting on squashing the truth (another facist tactic) with more manipulation, intimidation, threats and with the assistance of their MSM sellouts.

    The new DNC of Manipulation Deceit and Thuggery (created by Howard Dean and Donna B.) will not hesitate to use all of their dirty tricks to keep Hillary from getting the Nomination.

    What really amazed me was how they declared “The Chosen One” the winner over and over before the end of the Primary…the MSM pushed it…they beat us over the head with it and therefore, it became ipso facto THE TRUTH….”The Precious” is the Nominee.

    “The Precious” never won the Primary, the DNC and the Obama Thugs committed Fraud….so the unvarnished truth is this:

    Obama/DNC New Democrat Committe of Thugs will not suddendly “Play By The Rules.” The words ethical and fair, open elections are not in their vocabulary or their playbook.

    The DNC Thugs want to turn the USA into a Third World Democracy where the most unethical, vicious unqualified candidates win the day.

    In their world, the most important qualities to be nominated by the NEW (Fascist) DNC (with their new improved voting base – per Donna B.) is that the Candidate MUST:

    (1). HAVE no ethics or principles;
    (2). Do anything to gain (and keep) POWER and WEALTH;
    (3). and, BE WILLING to join others in trampling on the US Constitution and the rights of the people to have a free and fair election.

    Therefore, we have “THE CHOSEN ONE”….BHO (he was made for the part). Why, arn’t we thrilled to accept “the Chosen One,” like they are? We should be grateful that they have found him for us….don’t we see…HE Is The One. (This is insane…or maybe I will wake up from this nightmare and find out Hillary is the Nominee…since she actually won the Primary).

    Back to reality, the Clinton Campaign knows for sure what happened in the Caucuses; as we know they filed legal protests that were totally ignored by the “new improved” DNC and the (pathetically in the bag) for NoBAMA MSM . They know the Nomination was stolen by the DNC/NoBama Thugs.

    To fight on for everything that Hillary and Bill Clinton and WE believe in they must TRANSCEND this debacle of a Primary in order to take back the DNC and win the NOMINATION.

    I am praying for a Hillary Victory at the DNC Convention; but I do not underestimate the willingness of the Obama minions to trapple on Democracy and the citizens of this Country to get what they want… which is most of all….Obama as POTUS…
    and then what???
    We don’t know for sure, but if you read between the lines and see what their tactics are, it ain’t pretty!!!

    Right now though, the IMPORTANT TASK at hand is to get Hillary the Nomination for POTUS that SHE WON in the first place. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!

    GO PUMAS, YOUR the BEST!!!! and….:-)

    Blessings to ALL of YOU and particularly BLESSINGS to OUR COURAGEOUS PUMAS in DENVER!!!

  222. pumapac has some very cheering live news!!!!

    “The ravishing red-headed Riverdaughter is being interviewed in an upstairs room somewhere.”….

    “We’ve adopted Erika from the Abu Dabi newspaper. ABC, the AP, CBS, French Radio, and the Casper Wyoming News are all here.

    Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Massachusetts, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Missouri are IN THE HOUSE!”

  223. {{sigh}}

  224. It must be something to be there.

  225. Hi everyone, I am in Denver! at Puma pac hq. Having a grand time.

    Lots to do that’s for sure!

    Oh! Pat Johnson, I slugged back a couple for ya on the plane to denver and thought about you!

  226. PS don’t forget to listen in to No We Won’t 8pm eastern!

  227. taggles: Are you broadcasting tonight?

  228. yes! Pat!!

  229. I’ll be listening in! Go PUMAs!!!!

  230. OMG, I am so sorry. I didn’t catch that the video “Obama goes Postal’ was a spoof and phone or I never would have posted it her.

    I apologize.

  231. Oops, thats phoney!

  232. katiebird, on August 24th, 2008 at 4:29 pm Said:
    Oh, AND — I think BTD is full of it. He knows very well that PUMA is just the tip of Obama’s problems with Hillary supporters. He can poo-poo PUMA all day long. But, you notice he’s VERY aware of Obama’s problems with us.

    I’m not sure why (with that knowledge) he’s so dismissive of us.


    He seems to think he has only two choices: dismissive or acknowledge the strength. He either doesn’t listen because he doesn’t want to know the depth of the group, or because he is afraid the threads will feel comfortable talking about the cause they stand for and gain more support. Jeralyn will not allow anything that in anyway could be misconstrued as support for the PUMA.

  233. Well hello there Ireland!

  234. taggles, send me the details and I’ll post the info:


  235. nothing surprises me anymore about the depths they will sink to to deny a fair and democratic nomination. They have learned tricks that Stalin would be proud of and done them in broad daylight calling it unity.

  236. I’ll be listening too, thx taggles.
    Matt was wondering when you’ll be on-he’s doing a show too, called “my 2 cents” on Blogradio, didn’t want to coincide with yours.

  237. http://www.politico.com/blogs/michaelcalderone/

    My boyfriend, Ed Rendell, has redeemed himself. This is great.

  238. How many people is Ed dating, anyway?

  239. You definitely get the feeling that everything is “just words.”

  240. Just to reiterate from downstairs, when I said that I was heartend by the reawakening of Feminism, I meant at this site and in PUMA specifically.
    Hope that clarifies what I meant.

  241. KB have you heard from them??

  242. Downticket;

    McCain leads Obama only +6 in Arizon? Wow. Seems to me he should be way ahead since that’s his home state!

    What is Obama’s lead over McCain in IL I wonder.

  243. Women Power and Politics

    August: How Do Women Bring about Democracy?

    “When democracy is in danger, or nowhere to be seen, women stand up and speak out. Often at great risk to their lives, women refuse to accept that corrupt and unjust societies are acceptable. Join us this month as we explore women’s roles in creating and protecting the democratic process.”

    Enough to make you cry because that it is exactly what is going on in the United States of America and our own press won’t cover it! :o(

    RD…you are a true heroine…don’t give up!

  244. I will admit to donning the tinfoil hat every once in a while.

  245. I talked to Gary a few hours ago. They’ll be in KC in another few hours!

  246. purplefin, evidently everything that has been broadcast on cspan is available there. so have fun watching it. it is inspriring to see people who “got it” and who got up and eloquently stated the issues they found to be problematic and worth visiting.

    Howie Dean is on now and several people called in re the clinton’s being called racists, hillary not being supported when slammed, and other issues we all hold dear. he had to answer them, live, on tv and it is available. it is disgusting to hear adult human beings just “thrilled” with this and that thing that happens. when is the last time you heard a guy being thrilled at something….just not a word that is widely used in normal conversation…unless you are a politician.

  247. Hello, everyone! Thank you, Riverdaughter for your tireless work! Count on me here in Socal to be thinking of you all in Denver this week.

  248. SCruz, thanks!

  249. Charles — your advice is excellent. But I disagree about BTD — first when asked to back up his statement that we ALL have Obama derangement syndrome, he didn’t. Also, it’s not proof but the way he talks about PUMA, and has always talked about it, indicates to me that he’s spent very very little time here or at pumapac, or any PUMA site. I don’t think he wants to, actually, becaues it might hamper his ability to throw out flatly insulting statements like today.

    TL is very different from most Obama/netrootz kids sites in many ways. I still comment there for a number of reasons. One is that I really appreciate a lot of the other commenters, and I hate to leave them alone to be overrun by bots. But as the polls have looked worse for Obama, both BTD and Jeralyn have become more fractious and arbitrary. Some of it is misdirected at PUMA. It’s a different degree, though not of a different type, than the bots who show up here with their truly hateful ‘unity’ comments.

    Also, PUMA is effective. The more effective we are, the more this sort of thing from across the spectrum, will be directed at us. You don’t see Obots swarming Ron Paul’s site and demanding his supporters bow down to The One, do you?

    Finally, a lot of people have been limited or deleted from TL lately, not based on any sort of principled reasons, but because they disagree with one of the moderators. I think that’s their other frustration with PUMA — there is no principled objection to us. There is only the objection based on strategy.

    But your advice about how we conduct ourselves is extremely valuable. Sometimes it’s so comfortable and homey here that it’s easy to forget that the comments are open to the world. And goodness knows there are plenty of folks out there willing to twist innocent words into smears (fairy tale, anyone?), we should be careful.

  250. it is disgusting to hear adult human beings just “thrilled” with this and that thing that happens. when is the last time you heard a guy being thrilled at something….just not a word that is widely used in normal conversation…unless you are a politician.
    You make a good point, SCruz, Sounds a lot like Bush’s constant use of “fabulous” or Chris Matthews having ” a tingle down his leg!” What adult talks like that? Pretty soon we’ll all have to sign the Obama is Aweeeeesome pledge.

  251. I just found out that my beloved eighty two year old Aunt is no PUMA, in fact, she refers to Barack Obama as her “sweetheart.” She even castigated Bill Clinton for making “racist remarks” in the South during the primary. When I asked her to quote them, she said “I can’t remember them now.” I said maybe that was because he never made any.
    I told her exactly how I felt but was reallly shocked to hear that she and her husband had boarded the Uh-nity Train.
    Keith Olbermann has spread his poison far and wide if my savvy Aunt believes that Bill Clinton made racist remarks.

  252. katiebird, cleanup @4:46 please?


  253. Matthews has a real ax to grind about Hillary. A little while ago I switched for a minute over there and he interviewed 1 Hillary woman, 2 McCain, 1 independent, and a bunch of people were Obamistas – maybe 10. When he counted at the end, he left the Hillary woman out (actually I cut in late there might have been one/some b4 her. Just a blind spot -it’s like his head blocks her and everything about her.

  254. Thanks, katiebird!

  255. stateof disbelief;

    I also read SusanUnPC’s post about McCain’s Hillary ad and disagree with her assessment.

    I think it’s great he is speaking truth to power and showing how badly she is being treated by her own; questioning her loyalty is the latest one: if Hillary doesn’t do such and so then she’s not what I thought she was blah blah blah. Besides the fact the media is having hissy fits about her not towing the line hard enough for their candidate.

    Of course she doesn’t want the VP slot. This was meant to piss off off Obama and Biden and that’s a good thing.

  256. Sherry,

    🙂 anytime!

  257. Sent at 3:59 PDT, I just got an email from Joe Biden asking me to support and send money. Suppose it’s a test to see if PUMAs bought the delegate reinstatement?

  258. […] Sunday: Working out the kinks in Denver I just drove around Denver and Oh. My. Gawd. What a nightmare. It took me half an hour to go about 2 miles. The […] […]

  259. ~quote~”a floor nomination petition needs a minimum of 300 signatures from voting delegates to be submitted”~end quote~

    Better file the petition now or it’s a mock vote.

  260. Usually I get ignored when I post, so I don’t expect anyone to acknowledge this but I can’t help telling you about an absolutely wonderful movie showing in 1/2 hour (11:00 pm Central) on TCM called “The Best Man” with Henry Fonda, and Cliff Robertson. It is about the power struggle and a national convention to win the nomination. The struggle is between an older honest politician, and a younger unscrupulous politician. There are some awesome quotes that would work wonderfully for PUMA’s.

    Sorry to interrupt, and if you can’t watch it tonight, you could get it through Netflix.

    And, I just wanted to say, that I hope PUMA does their own 3rd party after the convention. You are my lifeline, and I couldn’t stand to see you go away

  261. I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to all the PUMAs and bloggers that make up this site. I thought I was alone, but you proved I wasn’t.

    Please don’t stop after the convention.

    You have a made a difference to so many lives with your dedication to Hillary.

    Imagine how Hillary is now aware that so many people know she was cheated. People in every walk of life, who watched and listened as she was abused by the MSM, DNC, and Obama campaign.

    As women were denigrated, and laughed at in the MSM.

    The Obamabots are going to lose. The american people saw what happened to Hillary, and wondered why. They waited to see if Obama would put her on the ticket because it was the correct and moral thing to do to please the constituency. It might have made a little bit of sense out of the mess of the primaries.

    But he didn’t. History will record it as the biggest single mistake of his run for presidency. Ignoring 18 million votes of the core democratic party to follow a few polls, and try to win a few independent voters. I suppose it never occurred to the Obama campaign that the Independent voters were mostly Hillary supporters waiting to see who he picked for VP.

  262. jennie, thanks for the movie tip. sounds like the thing to watch this upcoming fri. : (

    I think this site’s posters have been pretty darn exemplary in their comments and behavior. i read for a while and then when i realized what a high class, intelligent group of people are here, i decided to jump in and see if it felt comfy. it does.

    can we all work toward making the nominating process and primaries more democratic? can we force this? if anyone knows who/what part of the dnc organization to email, can you post the link?

    tomorrow’s monday…the games will soon begin. i wish i didn’t have to work, although much will be available on tv. once again, if anyone has missed the recommendation, watch some of the programs on cspan…they’ve been really good.

  263. scruz,
    Thanks for the reply. I watched the movie, and one of my favorite quotes was when the big wig ex-president is deciding who to back he says to the younger candidate who just threatened him:

    “It’s not your underhanded tactics that I don’t approve of, it is your stupidity in implementing them that bothers me”

    Probably not a totally accurate quote, but it has all the relevant points.

    Overall, I have been stunned by the stupidity, and openly, disrespectful way that the Obama campaign stomps on all the rules and still expects the American public to vote for him. How many times can you get away with hiding the evidence that a different candidate really won the nomination?

  264. If Obama gets the nom, the media will be poking mikes in our faces asking what we’re going to do next.

    Better have some signs “Resign, Obama!” ready!

    Let’s keep up the momentum. Never let them see us slack!

  265. Hillary rokz and rols, bitches!!!!!!!!

    I don’t like Obama cuz he’s a nasty muslem blak man. I know that crazy psycho bitches that don’t even give a fuck about Hillary will understand my predicament.

  266. Cool site mate, keep up the good work.. 🙂

    Thank for article.


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