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NO WE WON’T tonight

UPDATED:  All Links Fixed!

Sheri is broadcasting tonight from Denver from the media loft. NOT WE WON’T starts at 8:00pm EST. Stay tuned….

149 Responses

  1. Kiki- love the poem -but my prayer tonight is calling fire and brimstone down on these usurpers.


    some one pitch a tent is Puma Revival Time!

  2. Listening!

  3. I second the fire and brimstone. I will not vote for these slime ever again.

    The Dems MIGHT get me back, eventually, if they go to a straight winner-take-all primary system like the Republicans. NO “weighting” of urban areas more than rural areas. NO arcane rules on assigning delegates, fiddling with it to give more voice to some groups than others. NO open primaries. I want to know my vote as a Democrat counts EXACTLY as it was cast.

    Honestly, the Republican primary system is more Democratic. Even if they nominate an asshole, one is pretty sure it’s because most of their voters WANTED that asshole.

  4. Oh gosh Katiebird – we posted the same thing!

  5. qued and ready remember I am caller 38!


  6. I think i’m hearing an old program.

  7. Me Too Ben!

  8. Go to the post BELOW this one – it has the right link.

  9. Calling on all Spirits of the Wind…drawing from the Native American Southwestern Colorado Anasazi tribes……Praying for Torrential Downpour on Thursday, August 28th……….

    May the Gods of the Native Americans bear wrath on the peoples who took their land…………….

    Just like we will bear wrath on the DNC for taking away our democratic party and turning it into the unDemocratic Party………….


  10. I fixed the links. And the image….

  11. Who is this man?

  12. Katiebird – I’ll delete my post below then – I post it 5 minutes before this one.

  13. Are there good comments? I’d hate to lose them..

  14. Strange, I see that the Michigan and Florida delegations have been restored to full strength, but I don’t see any outraged Obots screaming “TEH RULZ ARE THE RULZ!”

  15. muiq: that’s because while no one was looking, they secretly replaced all the Hillary delegates with Obot delegates. I’m calling it the Folgers Strategy.

  16. Sophie, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  17. Katiebird – just 3 comments – no problem. MadamaB said she’ll listen to later on.

  18. Oh, good. Thanks for checking on that.

  19. Charles, hasn’t AP reported this sort of thing in error before?

  20. Charles; Am I a little too obsessive or is there a reason for my underlying paranoia?

  21. Delegates being held hostage at the hotels to cast a private vote.

    NO VOTING in front of the press due to “security reasons” – BS!!!!

    It’s the HIJACK of Democracy AGAIN.

  22. I wonder if anyone will anyone be reminding Biden of this comment?

    BIDEN: I think that the only reason Clarence Thomas is on the Court is because he is black. I don’t believe he could have won had he been white. And the reason is, I think it was a cynical ploy by President Bush.


  23. SM: You just confirmed that it is not only me.

  24. How about telling everyone that Hillary’s Debt is not paid?

  25. Fuzzybear,
    I left you a comment on one of the earlier threads. Which cities of Iowa will you visit in September? Do you have a blog or an email id in which I can contact you?

  26. fuzzy – Hi!

  27. Fuzzybear is speaking now!

    Hear hear!!!

  28. Carol: Do you have anything planned for fundraisers this week.? Perhaps you might want to have a 24 hour give-a-thon right before she is supposedly releasing her delegates. Or maybe the 24 hours before her speech.

  29. Michael!

  30. SophieL – that’s fine. But, every interview she be letting people know the debt is not paid. We promised that and have not delivered!

  31. CNN already took the rap for scooping the VP announcement:

  32. I think Hillary told Obama to take a flying leap.

  33. Frankly, I think CNN took the bullet for that one to make it look like The Precious wasn’t sending it at 3 AM.

  34. PJ: LOL!

  35. CNN was the network who announced Biden’s son was being flown in. This was around 6pm. That’s when I knew.

  36. Anyone hear from gary and Mawm?

  37. Fuzzy! You were great. We totally enjoyed your comments and agreed with everything!

  38. Pat, yes. I just talked to them (both) they’re driving through Missouri on their way to KC. I’ll see them later.

  39. katiebird: Thank goodness, I was getting a little nervous.

  40. They’re not going too fast and they’ve got a great map.

  41. Right!!!!!! You know????????

  42. katiebird; Are you guys going to get together?

  43. They are pushing for a melee on the floor with these tactics.

  44. Pat, I’ve talked to them twice today. And we’re planning to get together when they get to KC — 11ish. And I know about the map because they used it to follow my directions to our meeting place. And I asked about the speed (’cause I’m a mom and have to)


  45. National popular vote polls are worthless for predicting the outcome in November.

    If a Democrat wins big in blue states, but loses narrowly in the red and “swing” states, they win the popular vote but the Republican goes to live in the White House.

  46. katiebird; It doesn’t appear that they could crank up that thing because of the size.

  47. If we are so large, why is Hillary’s Debt not Paid!

  48. Carol, it’s really difficult to get people to spend money on a campaign that’s “over”. As much as people love her they don’t want to “waste” money.

  49. ben is on!

  50. In my case, it’s because I maxed out for her in the primary, and so I can’t help. I HATE it. I’d bet that’s true of many.

  51. The numbers should have not been wrongly reported. No one has taken responsibility for this. Hillary is holding the bag. Most don’t know it didn’t get taken care of as we were told differently.

    If they think it is a waste of money, then they should vote for Obama.

  52. If it was legal, I’d send it to someone else to give to Hillary.

  53. People in front of the media should be reporting this.

  54. You can bet your tush that if the Clinton’s were doing this it would be out there loud and clear.

  55. Is Sherri doing the hosting?

  56. Ben,

    You were great and very articulate as usual. I’m glad you called in.

  57. The host seemed really tired…seemed a bit jet lagged maybe. We didn’t connect well.

  58. Thank you BB. As I said, the host just seemed totally exhausted with the whole thing. And she had a whole lot of anger.

  59. ben: She is taggles who posts here and she typed in earlier today that she had just arrived in Denver.

  60. Anger? I didn’t hear it.

  61. I am bummed that I’m not in Denver. History is being made.

  62. Jet lag.

  63. Well I’m out of here for tonight. This whole thing is quite frustrating. I just worry that our people there are just fighting a losing battle. What was that battle during the Civil War that was just a disaster for the South? Or maybe they have met their Waterloo? But for them and all of us we need to do all we can do and then we can move on.

  64. It might be Ben. But we’ll always know that we did our best. And that we spoke up for a lot of people who couldn’t do it for themselves.

  65. ben:

    We may not win this battle, but we will win this war.

  66. Yeah, but state, did you read Heidi’s blog about the rules? The rules are NO rules, really.

  67. sophie – I wish I were in Denver too – but we’re making history right here! This is an archive – a huge archive.

  68. Hey Guys,

    My first Radio broadcast starts tonight 11PM ET
    Tonight’s Speacial Guest are the “Super Genius” brothers– John Villarreal[McCain Supporter] and Paul F. Villarreal[Hillary Supporter]. My guest Co-host will be the blogmaster of POC PUMA!

    Topics: Reaction to Obama’s VP Pick, Polls, Electoral Map, Delegation confusion, DNC and RNC Conventions 2008.

    Join Me Tonight at 11PM ET

  69. state – I wish you were there, too.

  70. thanks, matt – i’ll try to listen

  71. I don’t get it either – his “charisma” is lost on me. I couldn’t understand the endorsements he was getting and the reasons were so ephemeral. What is it?? I don’t get it!

    No substance – smoke and mirrors.

  72. http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/08/24/election.2008.poll/index.html

    cnn says dead heat in first post-biden announcement poll.

  73. Charlie – that’s what so many people say – follow the $$$$$. I believe N. Pelosi is completely bought.

  74. I swear to God, if any Democrat ever again tries to tell me that “progressives” are not just as sleazy if not sleazier than the right, I will spit in their face.

    This is a grab for money and power, nothing more, and the Lefty blogs have been complicit because they have greedy starry eyes over being big PLAYAHS in the new fiefdom. They want to be the new Beltway Boys, and screw true Democracy if they can get their piece of the pie.

  75. They crashed the gate, but they did it with thuggery and slime, then forgot what they were there for and started looting the place.

  76. Despicable. Thuggery. Strong-arm tactics. And Hillary is a hostage -so is Bill. Outrageous.

  77. Me, too, sod.

  78. Charles,

    It’s great to see you.

  79. Did anybody see the post on What Suddenly with tactics for the floor. It was quite good – nothing really disruptive. Mostly just deceptive and quiet – like wearing an obama sweatshirt over your Hillary T. And then turning your back to the cameras (silently) so they’d see the logo. Popping baloons – well – that’s a little like kazoos.

  80. I cannot believe that this sham of a vote for Street Thug and HairPlug is being orchestrated this way.

    I’d give my last nickel to see Bill come up to the podium, tell them to fuck off, and walk away.

  81. Can you guys hear the show? I had it one earlier, but now I’m getting nothing.

  82. I too would have great difficulty containing myself on that floor.

  83. wmcb – Bill has seemed so on the verge of this so many times since early June. I wish we could just beam Bill and Hillary into a brand new party and be done with it.

  84. Bill should wag his middle finger this time! I can’t wait until January 2009 when he has promised to start talking. waiting…..

  85. Tonight’s Speacial Guest are the “Super Genius” brothers– John Villarreal[McCain Supporter] and Paul F. Villarreal[Hillary Supporter].

    More Special guests will drop by!!!!Topics: Reaction to Obama’s VP Pick, Polls, Electoral Map, DNC and RNC Conventions 2008.

    Join me Tonight at 11PM ET


  86. Thanks, SOD. So I guess we really don’t know anything new? I wish I knew if there are any plans for disruption on the floor. I’ve had it with this crap.

  87. state:
    “Hey DNC…I got yer catharsis right here!”


  88. holy crap, I got an email from Joe Biden:

    “This is no ordinary time, and this is no ordinary election. I plan to do everything I can to help Barack take back the White House.

    I don’t need to tell you that John McCain will just bring us another four years of the same. You can’t change America when you supported George Bush’s policies 95% of the time.

    Barack has the vision and the courage to bring real change to Washington. But even he can’t do this alone.”

    yikes. ok, first, who gave Joe Biden my email address? and second, lol at the ‘change’ talk from the 30 year bureaucrat. yeah, uh huh, joe’s all about change, has been for 30 years

  89. Bill should conveniently brush some lint off his shoulders as he steps down from giving his speech.

  90. or he could start with bette davis’ great line: “What a dump!” lol

  91. kiki, I already sent my reply to that email. I reply to ALL of my money begging emails from the party, because I am on all the lists. I use their return envelopes for snail mail to reply, as well.

    Dear Senator Biden,

    I am terribly disappointed that you decided to fall in line behind a man we both know is completely and utterly unfit to be president. I am sorry that you saw fit to endorse the thuggery and caucus intimidation that was the untold truth of this sham of a primary. After almost 25 years of voting for Democrats, I sadly will be casting my vote for John McCain this November, and possibly voting a straight Republican ticket.

    I own my vote. I will be heard.

  92. wmcb – hahahaha – lint -obama dust.

    Kiki – I got an email from him too – haven’t opened it yet – might have a virus.

  93. When will the tape of the live show be available?

    Mountain Sage

  94. wmcb – can we use your letter? It’s great!

    About the “vision” part – aarrgghh! Visions – he has delusions.

  95. I don’t expect PUMA to win in Denver, but they are fighting an essential battle.

    If the convention were allowed to be an uncontested coronation of Teh Precious, the fraudulent way he was chosen to be the nominee would never see the light of day.

    When he goes down in flames in November it will not be our fault. It will be the fault of those who pushed an empty suit on the party.

  96. WCMB, they can’t be both progressive and use these techniques. They are political operatives. But if that is really progressive, then I’m happy to use liberal again.

  97. gq, I have given up calling myself progressive. I am a PROUD old-school FDR dyed-in-the-wool, classic LIBERAL

  98. gq – They are not progressive. They are fascisti!! Brown shirts.

  99. still4hill, feel free to borrow anything you want from my posts ANY time.

  100. Thanks wmcb – we share and it distributes the talent and we all don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel.

  101. I’ve totally stopped self-identifying as a progressive. I never did get that into it, I always liked being a liberal. the fact that the right wing spat out the word only added to its allure.

  102. I like that WMCB. maybe I’ll pull the Biden email out of the virtual trashcan and reply.

  103. kiki, I reclaimed my “Liberal” title thanks to Wes Clark, who defended that word with such passion and honor on Maher’s show. That clip can still make me cry.

  104. Stephanopoulos: No Roll Call Vote for Clinton?

    “The whole idea of a roll call vote could be in flux at this point,” Stephanopoulos told ABC’s Charles Gibson on World News Sunday night.

    “The Clinton people here, they’ve said they wanted catharsis, they wanted that roll call, but they may not get it,” Stephanopoulos said, describing the decision as one being discussed at the highest levels of Clinton’s camp. “They don’t want to be blamed for any trouble at this convention.”

  105. Wes Clark – also under the bus

  106. There is not going to be a bounce. He announced Biden on a weekend – wonder if it will affect the market tomorrow.

  107. Yeah, they were going to do a roll call vote, but in the past two days were SHITTING THEIR OBAMAMAN UNDEROOS at the thought that the delegates might actually vote their Democratic conscience.

    So now they’re in “lockdown the delegates and threaten Hillary with political oblivion if she balks” mode.

  108. ok, I wrote back to Joe:

    Are you joking? The Obama campaign may have totally gamed the primaries, but there’s no way they’re gonna get away with it in the GE. That’s republican territory. Dems may have just as much malice in their hearts, but they lack the skills necessary.

    I noticed the email goers to info@obama.com or something like that. will I end up on a no fly list now?

  109. I keep hearing that South Park song in my head: Blame Canada except it’s Blame Hillary

  110. Still4Hill, one poll has come out so far that is completely post-Biden . Odrama lost another 5% of Hill’s voters. (SO FAR)

  111. wmcb – Odrama LOL – that’s what he IS doing – theater. minus another 5% – way to go Hill People!

  112. sod –LOL, that’s short and to the point!

  113. state – don’t hold back – tell him what you really think!

  114. I normally lurk, but speaking for myself only to michael P Varvel

    but my prayer tonight is calling fire and brimstone down

    Maybe repeatedly wishing pain and suffering on others of the fire and brimstone variety gives you a buzz, but I don’t find this sort of lather any more appealing coming from a PUMA than I did hearing over the top anger from Wright or Pfleger. There aren’t enough w’s in ewwww.

    One of the many reasons I hold Barack Obama in utter contempt is the disrespect he’s shown to Dems who value having a buffer between matters of politics and religion.

    Sometimes I fear we’re all going mad.

  115. SOD, why aren’t you at the convention? you certainly sound like you know your way around a convention. I really wish you were there.

  116. Motherlode is back and she expresses her feelings about Biden. I agree with her but I WILL vote for McCain. Sorry, but I am close to doing almost ANYTHING to defeat Obama/Biden.


  117. s, sorry was hijacked I will be in the Dubuque area from September 11th-19th fuzzybeargville@yahoo.com

  118. Sorry, I checked. CNN poll out today, and it was another 9% he lost of Hill’s voters since June, not 5%.

    June was 25% NOBAMA
    Today was 34% NOBAMA

  119. There is an old old old joke .There is even a book that uses the punch line for the title of an Irish Sex Manual but it isnt a very good book .
    … the joke goes what is Irish ( you can substiture Scottish Norwegian etc ) foreplay ,..and the title of the book and the punch line is of course

    given all the hoopla and speechifying and fireworks and ireworks and backdrops ,and the obvious foregone conclusion and outcome of this Demographic Nannygoat Convolution … I am just going to consider all this irrelevant ; but for the actions of the PUMAS ; brace myself regarding these party stealing demagogues and their silly coronation ,and vote NOBAMA in November; because I will remember all this justification to make something fraudulent look legal .
    I will brace myself now ,continue to support PUMA and remember in Novemeber , and my voice will be heard .

  120. WMCB – Street Thug and Hair Plug

    Very funny.

  121. Thanks, cay. I agree.

  122. “Hmmm….If I kick in the window..it breaks. uhhhh…maybe I’ll just kick harder and see if it goes back together.”

    Right. Somebody here last night? I don’t remember – the days are blending (oh-oh) compared the DNC/Obamabot behavior to that of abusers. It’s like some kind of mass psychosis.

  123. Is praying for rain bad? I’m hoping for thunder and lighting bolts. Colorado needs rain. It’s not personal.

  124. well, apparently a tornado just blew through south of denver

  125. “Demographic Nannygoat Convolution”


  126. Nancygoat = Judas goat

  127. God i wish I were there!


  129. You may not think so now but this is good! The anger coming off this blog is tenable. Now we take the anger and change it n to action. They have stolen our party, our candidate, and now our votes. This sirs will not do! Thousands and thousands of PUMA bear witness and the answer is HELL NO! Keep it up PUMAs, let the anger flow! We will overcome!

  130. TURN TO C-SPAN RIGHT NOW if you want to see a really interesting interview with Howard Dean. He takes questions from callers and the look of fear and horror on his face is worth the watch.

    It’s a repeat from the earlier event.

  131. New post up!

  132. SoD: Sorry, but at this point I’d pay big bucks to see that fire and brimstone rain on “O”s parade. My ability to remain calm and collected has passed its expiration date.

    Not calm, not collected here. Absolute fury is more what I feel about this farce of an election. But having looked into this abyss, I don’t choose to have it look back into me.

  133. I’m going to see if CafePress will make up some bumper stickers.

  134. with a faux logo of course

  135. seek help, you need it.

  136. It’s clear this is being planned.

  137. Will someone please give me a link to the Dave Barry column as mentioned downstairs.
    I need some laughs.

  138. Oh dear…

  139. How the heck did they even get where they are????

  140. kiki —

    I would love to be there!

  141. Swanspirit:
    “Demographic Nannygoat Convolution”

    —ROFLMAO!! good one!

  142. Mac needs to play the new Joe Biden commercial over and over and over.

  143. Is Richardson in the streets of Denver self-flagelating yet for allowing himself to be used as such a tool?

  144. Tell every delegate about this:


    In a nutshell, nobody (not the DNC; not the press) nobody vetted Obama, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. He’s apparently not a citizen, committed purgery in completing his Ill. bar application, etc.

    any delegates who indicate they will be voting for Hillary will be promptly summoned to my (Dean’s) quarters and soundly spanked with my bare hand!”

  146. Experience counts!

    Dick Nixon ’60.
    The upstart senator from Mass doesn’t have what it takes!

    Dick Cheney ’08.
    The upstart senator from Ill doesn’t have what it takes.

  147. Question –
    If Obama can’t show that he has the ability to negotiate successfully, or resolve his differences with Sen Clinton, how is he going to be able to negotiate with world leaders like the Pres of Iran, Kim jung Ill, of Korea, the Middle East situation, etc.??
    If he can’t even show that he’s big enough to reach out to mediate the situation (which HE caused – NOT Sen Clinton) with Sen Clinton, where’s his evidence that he can meet with, and resolve disagreements with “World Leaders?”

    The evidence is – he can’t even solve disagreements within his own Party – which he supposedly Leads!! Are we REALLY READY to put this guy in the most powerful Position in the World??

    Please pose this question/issue to ANYONE on either “Political” side.

  148. I’m sooo excited that all you want McCain for president! That is sooo awesome because he is totally for womens rights and all that other stuff too! Really, I’m so proud that your making a stand! I hear Cindy McCain is pro-Hillary too. Wow, the future would look so bright with you people navigating the deomocrat. One word to you all of you: backlash. enjoy it…

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