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Caption these photos & Open Thread

While waiting for PUMAmobile & Riverdaughter updates, I thought maybe we can have a little fun.  Please add your Conflucian snark to the following photos:

 Photo 1:


Photo 2:

For the more studious minded – please read:

DENVER – On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama said Sunday he hoped a week of political speechmaking would persuade reluctant middle-class voters to swing behind his bid for the White House, while Republicans sought to stir discontent among Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters.

Clinton was having none of it. Obama’s rival in a bruising battle for the nomination was expected to release her delegates at midweek in a unity gesture.

Obama, bidding to become the first black president, campaigned through swing-state Wisconsin, then flew home to Chicago to work on the acceptance speech he will deliver before 75,000 partisans on the convention’s closing night.

Previewing the week ahead, he said he hoped convention viewers would conclude, “He’s sort of like us. He comes from a middle-class background, went to school on scholarships. He and his wife had to figure out child care and how to start a college fund for their kids.'”

Clinton outpolled Obama among working-class voters in many states through the winter and spring, and Sen. John McCain and the Republicans have worked relentlessly in more recent weeks to depict the Illinois senator as an elitist who is out of touch with blue-collar concerns.

Ha!  MORE SPEECHMAKING is going to get that “reluctant” middle class to support Obama alright.  How many speeches are we going to hear?  Haven’t we heard enough Obama speeches? 

How about counting the votes and making sure each delegate gets to cast their vote on the convention floor without private “backroom dealing” hotel roll calls? How about putting Democracy back into the Democratic Party for a “change we can believe in?”

Also commenter “Matt” has a new Blog Talk Radio show “My Two Cents”:

Hey Guys,

My first Radio broadcast starts tonight 11PM ET
Tonight’s Speacial Guest are the “Super Genius” brothers– John Villarreal[McCain Supporter] and Paul F. Villarreal[Hillary Supporter]. My guest Co-host will be the blogmaster of POC PUMA!

Topics: Reaction to Obama’s VP Pick, Polls, Electoral Map, Delegation confusion, DNC and RNC Conventions 2008.

Join Me Tonight at 11PM ET

285 Responses

  1. TURN TO C-SPAN RIGHT NOW if you want to see a really interesting interview with Howard Dean. He takes questions from callers and the look of fear and horror on his face is worth the watch.

    It’s a repeat from the earlier event.

  2. I watched it earlier. Deer in the headlights.

  3. I’m watching it now. Thanks!

  4. The road to the future is through the West where Libertarians are just waiting for the Democratic message.

    THAT explains dumping the East Coast.

  5. You may not think so now but this is good! The anger coming off this blog is tenable. Now we take the anger and change it into to action. They have stolen our party, our candidate, and now our votes. This sirs will not do! Thousands and thousands of PUMAs bear witness and the answer is HELL NO! Keep it up PUMAs, let the anger flow! We will overcome!

  6. Howard Dean is a freaking ass!

  7. (in a daze)

    I think that four more speeches will do it. Well, maybe five. Yes, five more — no, six. Six more speeches and

    Nope. I can’t see it happening.


    Mr. Dean? You’re wrong about me, at least.

  8. “No state was left behind or will be left behind”

    What about no voter left behind? They can’t say that since Brazile pretty much ejected us.

  9. I can’t watch. I had to turn it off.

  10. I think he had a face painted on his b*tt, and that’s what he is talking through!

    He enthusiastically states “We might even get AZ” in the GE!!! Right!!!

    The really horrible question is yet to come…..

  11. So what are the callers on C-SPAN asking Sieg Hail Howard?

  12. katiebird: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  13. awesome cnn poll. i bet there is some tough decision making going on in the mccain camp tonight. Do they throw caution to the wind and go with Meg Whitman or play safe with Tim Pawlenty?

  14. Charles, “His comments just add fuel to the fire.”

    No kidding. I was watching that C-Span show and it worked me into a rage in just a couple of minutes!

    It was astonishing.

  15. Janet Napolitano thinks Arizona is in play too!

  16. Arizona has been voting for John McCain as their senator for 20 years. There is no way that McCain won’t win his own state.

  17. Our main weapon is surprise.

    Surprise and fear.
    Our two main weapons are surprise, fear, and a fanatical devotion to the pope.
    Our three main weapons….

  18. They don’t think McCain can carry Arizona? Seriously? I missed that statement, thank God.

  19. lol Still4!

  20. Caption for picture #1: Wait! Is that a PUMA lurking over there?

    Caption for picture #2: I solemnly swear to tell the truth, or at least a portion of the truth, or the truth as I see it. But don’t hold me to it since the rulz keep changing.

  21. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We, the 18 million who voted for Hillary Clinton, will control our country’s future. Our votes will decide the next president.

    It’s an awesome power. And WE are the ones WE’ve been waiting for!


  22. Fuzzy: you’ve got mail.

  23. Western Libertarians open the door to Democrats?

    Don’t Libertarians have their OWN party? Why did they have to ruin ours?

  24. ben: Amen!

  25. I’ve been listening to Dean as well (CSPAN radio). Now he wishes he’d spoken up about rampant sexism.. Once the damage is done. Wow, he’s really lost weight hasn’t he??

  26. Picture 2:

    “Heil Obama”

  27. ummm, a week of speechmaking, and I bet the best two will be from Hill & Bill.

  28. Dean: A Profile in Discourage

  29. If McCain didn’t carry AZ – there would have to be an investigation. Remember, Hillary and Stephanie Tubbs Jones worked on GE reform – too bad it was not primary reform, but that’s up to the parties, not Congress.

  30. State & Pat: LOL!!!

    Anyone else want to caption?

  31. Dean: A Profile in Discourage LOL

  32. God bless the 35% of Hillary supporters in that CNN poll.

  33. Caption #2

    Howard Dean: “Who’s an asshole; that would be me!”

  34. PHOTO 1: Uhhh….Alice? The mike’s over here.

  35. my:
    Picture 2:

    “Heil Obama”


  36. SM: I just spit my Mountain Dew all over the screen!

  37. Dean wishes he’d spoken up about sexism? did he really say that?

    that’s actually dumber than saying nothing, at this point.

  38. Picture i:
    You are getting very sleepy.
    Now repeat:
    Elect Barack Obama President of the USA!

  39. Caption for Dean: “Oooo, oooo teacher, I know the answer! The names of the 57 states are….”

  40. kiki: Not his fault. He said back a few weeks ago he never watched cable. Or read papers. Or listened to talk shows. The man must live in a cave.

  41. Picture 2:

    “When I snap my fingers, you will wake up and vote for Obama”

  42. wcmb – LOL – I KNOW he was one of those kids

  43. Caption # 1: “You are getting sleepy. Your eyes are getting heavy. When I snap my fingers once you will fall into a deep sleep. When I snap my fingers a second time you will awake thinking that Barack Obama is the Messiah!

  44. Sooooooooo, Bush’s mantra was “No Child Left Behind”, and now BO’s mantra is “No State Left Behind”?

    Speaking of Speeches, don’t they get it. If I hear Dean’s, Pelosi’s, Donna’s, Obama’s or any of the media’s voice again, I will be found stark raving mad and naked in the middle of a highway somewhere?

    I say, “Silence is Golden”. Just ask them to raise their hands for the roll call vote or pass notes to the front of the class………. I can’t take anymore.


  45. PHOTO 1:

    “Hey, don’t roll your eyes at me just because I voted for Hillary.”

  46. picture #1 bravo would have provided carmindy and nick.

    picture #2 who lost the presidential race for the dems…uh, that would be me.

  47. Oops, that should have been:

    Picture 1:

    “When I snap my fingers, you will wake up and vote for Obama”

  48. Carol: Another mouthful of Mountain Dew just hit the screen. And remember, I only clean on Fridays!

  49. The 24 hour news people have nothing else to do – why don’t they go to the puma den?

  50. 1 – when I snap my fingers, you will vote for Obama

    2 – I put my left arm out, and I shake it all about….

  51. Caption for photo #2:

    Be honest, who remembers to lift the seat? (See how proud others are of him?)

  52. Picture #1: Please God, don’t tell me that is Michelle marching my way!

  53. WigWag:


  54. dg, re dean’s weight loss, since they cut his wages because obama runs the dnc, he’s not been able to eat his usual waffles and fried chicken for breakfast.

  55. Charles, the registration thing worries me some. But, they’ve got to figure out how to fill out a ballot for each of those voters. Or get an unpleasant surprise when they cast their secret ballots.

  56. myiq2xu, exactly what I was thinking!

  57. Pat you mean that Jackie wannabe that I call Tacky-O?

  58. Pat: “Picture #1: Please God, don’t tell me that is Michelle marching my way!” lol, lol…..

  59. The polls should be more accurate come late October. And many have not factored in the Bradley effect which I am sure is out there by some percentage.

  60. Charles – your polls show EXACTLY the very trend Democrats have had for years. They start off with double digit margins in May-June, then once the GE starts, they go lower.

    Obama never even had a double digit leac against McCain, so it’s all downhill from here.

  61. re dean’s weight loss

    Because they banished him to a voter registration road trip and he’s been living in a van… down by the river.

  62. I’m changing my dogs name to Nobama.

  63. early voting in Ohio begins September 30

  64. Pat:

    The Bradley effect is a myth.

  65. Considering he may get a slight boost after the convention, it may not hold for very long since the Repubs go only days later. By then McCain will have a VP but events on the ground, or huge gaffes are going to decide this in the end. Policies and issues have all been dwarfed by the shoddy back and forth between these two losers.

  66. katiebird – you’ll scar him – nothing with that name in it.

  67. Photo #2

    So what if I called the Republican Party the “white” party, who else here have heard Michelle scream “whitey”?

  68. PHOTO 1: Ms Germond? It seems that you have a lice problem. Wait, I see one!

  69. Charles, I’m actually wondering if this year there will be horribly low voter turn-out. my experience in real life is that people aren’t too interested in McCain or Obama. I guess that could change as the election grows closer.

  70. myiq2xu: Please explain. It was part of a discussion today on one of the talk shows.

  71. Early voting in Chicago already started, but only in the cemetaries.

  72. State of Disbelief – make that drink a Drambiue shot for Charles.

  73. call him Pumapup

  74. Early voting in Ohio at the end of September? I wonder if there is anything PUMAs can do in an organized way to let our voices be heard in Ohio.

  75. Hannity said tonight that Hillary could have won.

  76. myiq2xu – They are actually just using the same death certificates they used when BO was elected to the Senate!

  77. Katiebird…if you are still here, we have a troll infestation on PUMA Power thread.

  78. “Early voting in Chicago already started, but only in the cemetaries”

    Which is why I am amazed and disheartened that Jimmy Carter tanked.

  79. did anyone see my caption at 10:45 ?

  80. how about:

    Pic 1:

    “O shlt,” I think that PUMA RV just pulled up.”

  81. Tom Bradley ran for governor here in Big Smoggy against George Deukmejian.

    Polls predicted that Bradley would narrowly win, but he narrowly lost.

    Some pundits thought people lied to pollsters because they were embarrassed to admit they were rac*sts.

    Careful analysis showed the polls were in error.

  82. myiq2xu, on August 24th, 2008 at 10:46 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Early voting in Chicago already started, but only in the cemetaries.

    The morgue called, they wanted to know where do they put the Diebold machines, next to the freezers or the formaldehyde tank?

  83. sod, the Republicans will be watching like hawks, and will hit the press and slap him with lawsuits so fast his head will spin like a top then lift right off due to the aerodynamics of those dumbo ears.

  84. Cheers and best wishes to Michael Phelps and all the Olympians who participated. I would toast them but my glass is empty.

  85. yeah SOD, we are. but it always surprises me, at work for example, that people don’t even seem aware it’s an election year. it’s kind of unreal compared to the dynamic here.

  86. kiki – I think it will be very low for Obama. As for McCain, it depends on how much he kowtows to his base before the GE. If he picks a conservative pro-lifer, they’ll come out in droves the way they always do.

    Obama is a fad. His fans will have moved on to something else by November.

  87. indi, on August 24th, 2008 at 10:50 pm Said: Edit Comment
    how about:

    Pic 1:

    “O shlt,” I think that PUMA RV just pulled up.”


  88. Oh all I hope the heavens shake tonight and the ground beneath the DNC moves….because this is a real tent revival whip us up for the convention prayer:

    Creator Father Mother God/des

    Merciful Creator we have over these last few months implored your divine wisdom to provide us with strength and protection. You have answered our prayers we are safe and we are strong and we are ready. Our legions are descending on Denver in rank and formation to do your will.

    Creator unleash the sword of the almighty, sound the trumpets, let legions of Continental Principalities the spirit of Michael Slaying the Serpent the all those slumbering saints arise and go forth! The time has come the battle draws near join shield and present spear. Call forth the just and march to Denver the time has come.

    We come out to face the enemy tyranny, injustice, greed and fraud every vice that infects the body politic, we are patriots calling forth the spirits of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams writers of the Declaration of Independence because they believed in the importance of the word and their word went forth and made a just nation! May our words go forth also and free the land!

    We call on you Creator to hear the litany of our adversary’s transgressions against the democratic process that we hold so dear. The shear multitude of sins against freedom shouts out like a testament against them.

    They have manipulated the assignment of delegates and the order of primaries; they have run fraudulent caucuses with intimidation and voter suppression, they have stripped whole delegations for a number of the several states and then reassigned them at will; and on May 31st 2008 they silenced the will of the people to ensure their preselected candidate was chosen.

    The souls of millions who have died for this land and for freedom cry out and will not be silenced. Their cry is an indictment against them. They demand justice for the blood they shed that it might not have been shed in vain. Here them Creator Father Mother God/des and answer their pleas. We their children, the children of democracy, demand judgment against the DNC and Obama of America.

    Send down your wrath upon the oppressors of the children yearning to breathe free air and install our champion Hillary as the true voice of justice. She has been a faithful servant and has as always kept her word allowing those her tormentors to jeer and make sport of her for their own purpose.

    If through their continued guile and cunning they should steal the prize so hard fought and won by our Hillary, give them no rest and let them find no place to continue their fraud. Reign down defeat on them like fire from the heavens. Give them no quarter and let them know they now are the hunted. Let them lament their misfortune that they should know they have been judged harshly for their turning away from their own principles for the sake of pride, power and greed.

    Their plans turn them to dust and at their great assembly make burst forth from the heavens a deluge like has not been seen since the time of Noah. For the land where they make their boast on is parched and dry. Let your thunder be a testament against them and the lighting a judgment on them.
    Creator give us justice for the land cries out for it and creationknows you are just. Do not let these usurpers prevail we your servants stand ready to do what is your call.


    and it is 30 minutes early!

  89. Carol, LOL! Sometimes I think Dean wants so badly to be young and cool. Maybe he’s saying “Yo, am I a playah yet?”

  90. Pic 1: “Focus, honey, focus!”
    “Sorry. The stage is so garish that I’m temporarily blind.”

  91. sorry so long! but I wanted to make sure we were heard and understood!


  92. Charles:

    AA’s are about 10-12% of the population, but are disproportionately located in red states and major urban areas of blue states.

    In many states, no amount of AA turnout will affect the outcome.

  93. Holy cr*p, fuzzy!

    I hope I never get on your bad side, brother! 🙂

  94. Pat – same here about the Olympians.

    wmcb: Head spins like Regan in The Exorcist

    “The sow belongs to me!”

  95. They just don’t get it. The first time I read the Feminine Mystique I was a brand new brid and I never took it seriously. Five years and 4 kids later I thought she was talking about me.
    Age and wisdom have a habit of intersecting at about the same time.

  96. myiz2xu – Exactly. This whole “expand the map” cr*p was really an excuse for the Party to push Obama over Hillary, IMHO.

  97. fuzzy – If I weren’t already pulling for Hillary, I would seriously have to change my vote!

  98. FUZZYBEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If you ever start a church, I’ll be a member.


  99. Picture 2:

    “Howard Dean attempts to demonstrate how to “pimp-slap” a woman.”

  100. Caption #1: Dammit, hold still! I see ANOTHER one! and #2: That’s MISTER stupid asshole to you, pal!

  101. madamab, on August 24th, 2008 at 10:55 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Pic 1: “Focus, honey, focus!”
    “Sorry. The stage is so garish that I’m temporarily blind.”


  102. I think school is starting tomorrow here.

    Yikes, I am glad my baby cakes is grown and finished with school!

  103. righteous prayer, fuzzy.

    And to celebrate my new INDEPENDENCE from voting for anything with a “D” on it this year:

    The reckoning shall commence.

  104. But isn’t the key to polling is how the question is framed? When I took my stats course some years back (and I really hated this course) the impression I came away with was how they asked and interpreted the question.

  105. Howard Dean is a steaming pile of a turd with lips and, yes, when the lips are moving he is lying. As a matter of fact, the entire troup of “loyal fosterers” are lying.Can you imagine what their lives are like? Can you imagine how many of them are going to commit suicide when the fraud loses? It has been schemed for a long time and it is a “do or die” scheme because they know that we know… ha ha ha – so much of what I have read here tonight harkens back to the first Bu$h “election” – banana republic, treason, same ole’ same ole’ – except, it is now MY party doing the cheating, lying, scheming.

    I am even more enraged and more resolute that I will not stand for it. So, mister fraud will bear a great loss and slither back under his Chicago rock. And the rest of the gang – hmmm – hell has no greater fury than someone who has trusted another for eons to be what they claimed to be and then they go skizo, drive the train off the rails. That goes for any Dem who is just now waking up to this insidious coup d’etat and is not looking to be paid to vote for a fraud. To listen to the preposturous idea that “as soon as everyone gets to meet and “know” the regular BO they will just love him and ,of course, they will vote for him???? Are you frigging insane? We have been through the “selection” of Bu$hit” – been there, done that and it ain’t gonna happen again. WE ARE NOT RETHUGS AND WE PUT COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY.

    You would think they could not be so stupid, but they are. I would never vote for a/the fraud. He is so totally not presidential, not acceptable, should not even be a Senator. I will have to wait and see if I HAVE to vote for McCain – if so, I will, I have never voted for a Rethug – I have never been to a Rethug blog, blech. I will do what I have to to keep the fraud out of office and I will not be voting down ticket for any support of him – EVER.

  106. Poor Hillary – NBC just showed her out there today talking to farm workers in CA – Still working for him.

    They’re saying she’ll release her delegates after a party with them

    NO Hillary!

  107. Photo 1) Crap did that fuzzybeargville guy put a kick me sign on my back.?


    I should not have ordered the radish and arugula souflee! SOME ONE GET ME A TUMS!

    Photo 2) Sister mary Elephant may I go to the Lavarory I make big doodee in my pants


  108. I would encourage everyone to flip back to madamab’s “When Obama Loses…” thread and read the post at 10:00 by Wisewoman. You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

  109. Good night all! May fuzzy’s amazing prayer come true. Sweet PUMA dreams to everyone…

  110. Charles,
    Do you remember what happened in ’04? The Dems registered tons of voters in the last 6-9 months before the GE, but the GOP had been registering voters for four years at a lower monthly rate than the Dems. That’s why the GOP won convincingly in the pop vote. The other thing to consider is tha Obama almost always underperformed the pre election polls against Hillary.

  111. Pat Johnson, on August 24th, 2008 at 11:02 pm Said: Edit Comment
    But isn’t the key to polling is how the question is framed? When I took my stats course some years back (and I really hated this course) the impression I came away with was how they asked and interpreted the question.

    A good pollster will remove bias from their questions to garner the most honest response. But you can never guess/ tell how a person interprets it.

  112. Fuzzy – thanks for the prayer – very powerful.

  113. Michael-Awesome prayer!!!! AHO!

  114. SherryNC: Wow! Wisewoman indeed lives up to her moniker.

  115. there are a few wildcards including the unregistered AA vote. but that vote will only matter in certain states.

  116. SM: The question that always come to mind is: when did you stop beating your wife?

  117. So, what are Hillary delegates, going to do, when Obama gets 2200. on the first vote.

  118. SherryNC:
    Went there. Did that. Wow! That’s actually scary.

  119. Please will someone give me a link to the Dave Barry piece mentioned below.

  120. Charles, this might not mater but back in 1995 I worked on a campaign and we did allot of voter registration signed up about 1000-2000 new voters and when we did the post election analysis we found out only about 4-6% of those voters turned out. It was in a mostly minority and LGBT district in Pensacola FL.

    When I asked the party chairman about these results thay said that that is normal and new voter outreach generally yields few new bodies at the polls and not to be discouraged 4-6%. It turned our candidates victory into a landslide.


    I believe as I predicted in a previous thread:

    Obama 232
    McCain 306
    not a landslide but respectable

  121. The media isn’t going to do anything.

  122. TNT is running “Return of the King” and I just watched Teh Precious fall into the fires of Mt. Doom.


  123. PAt: Exactly!

  124. “So, what are Hillary delegates, going to do, when Obama gets 2200. on the first vote”

    Wasn’t Gwatney planning to walk out with the whole Arkansas delegation?

    Will they still? I wonder if any others had that plan.

  125. I love the “democratic” spirit on this blog. Please remove my post again. Just to show how worried you all are about a “democratic” process.

  126. Charles – that could happen, but Nixon lost a close one to a very eloquent and attractive JFK – I wonder what will happen in the debates?

  127. “How many speeches are we going to hear? Haven’t we heard enough Obama speeches?”

    Well, I don’t know about you, but no, I haven’t heard the one speech I would like to…his concession speech.

  128. The comparison to Nixon holds true. The difference is that Nixon had experience something this No Nothing lacks in spades. Those voting for Nixon could rely on his background at least. This guy, not so much. They share the hunger for power.

  129. Lisa, we are as democratic as the DNC. Ponder that for awhile.

  130. Lisa:

    We strongly defend your right to free speech.

    But this is private property.

    We don’t walk into your living room and start ranting and raving, do we?

  131. I wanted everyone to have a great big laugh before I sign off for the night!

    My Eddy told the MEDIA today what a biased group they were, especially MSNBC. This is one of the comments regarding the article:

    It’s obviously “in the eyes of the beholder.” I thought that Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory and Chuck Todd were extremely pro-Clinton. While Rachel Maddow was extremely measured, even she, at the end, allowed her Clinton support (she admitted to it in the final weeks)to show. Chris Matthews waffled back and forth–he loved Hillary in Pennsylvania. Yes, Keith was pro-Obama, but the rest were decidedly not.

    Posted By: elizabeth | August 24, 2008 at 04:16 PM ”

    elizabeth, you need some serious counseling, unless of course this is “opposite day”.


  132. Please – don’t engage the trolls. Axelrod pays them an extra dollar each time they engage one of us.

  133. gqmartinez Said:
    Obama almost always underperformed the pre election polls against Hillary.

    Did he? I seem to recall the pundits being repeatedly surprised that the undecideds were breaking for Hillary.

  134. Think about it: they barge in here uninvited and throw down the gauntlet and to what purpose? Snide and demeaning remarks would get them escorted out of any number of parties or homes but in they march. All swollen up with their righteous indignation hoping to achieve what pray tell? Astounding!

  135. My 2 captions:

    1. Just stay still while we put the Kool Aid implant in.

    2. Who’s the biggest idiot in the room?

  136. ‘If Clinton were running we would have seen a landslide”
    Charles, you’re gonna make me cry (again).

  137. Carol – THAT’S INSANE, MSNBC pro-Clinton? GE owns NBC and GE can’t wait to build all those Obama nuclear power plants.

    Good night Miss PUMA HAKA! See you tomorrow!

  138. just in time for the convention: the biden hits the fan.


    does anyone else think this is all starting to feel like a repeat of 1972?

  139. Gary just called! I’m on my way to meet them. I’ll check in when I get back!!!!!

  140. Lisa I am the only Obama troll translator here and what you really said is:

    Please I am so sorry we Obama-bats pissed you off and now you are going to revolt and our candidate will not get the cookie on november forth!

    Please Please vote for my vapid arrogant self serving gay hating woman hating blue collar hating candidate.

    Please he has a “D” after his name you have to vote for him please I am frightened he might lose I could not live with myself if the Messiah Obama is not chosen on November 4th.

    You better vote Obama or I will hold my breath until I turn blue and die! It will be all your fault!

    did I get it right? See you come into our house and make a poopie and we are not amused. It is fear you might lose that brings the bots here!


  141. wow, it’s like Nixon was the butterfly wings

  142. Pat, whenever I get the “But i have a RIGHT to free speech!” argument from rude people I usually tell them

    Yes. You have a right to free speech. And I have a right to take a crap. That does not mean, however, that I have a “right” to come drop turds in the middle of YOUR dinner table.

  143. YAY KATIEBIRD!!!!!!

    PUMAmobile in Kansas City!!

  144. sm: #4 & 5- right

    About Axelrod – he was um interviewed uh this morning and um speaks in the uh same patterns as UHbama.

  145. Obama off a tele-prompter is a noun a verb and a series uh uh uhs.

    Charles, that’s a great line for Biden to use against O……oh wait, never mind. they’re BFFs now.

  146. Charles thanks that campaign was a political high point in my life…The Gays and Minority’s got together in our district and beat a stealth republican it was great we had 59% of the vote opponent 35% the third candidate 9%. I learned all politics is local in that election. By the way the candidate was an African American Woman and a dear friend…whom I still have alot of respect for.


  147. Michael and Charles,
    I’m not sure if that 4-6% for new registrants actually voting will hold this time with the new AAs being signed up. They do want a black winner and Obama has promised them. The DNC and the MSM are making it their dream too..

  148. A caption for the second picture:

    “A pair of programmers test the ‘clap-on, clap-off’ function of the new Borg version 2.0.”

  149. state: Nixon’s The One!

  150. OMG! Both his brother AND son involved in this mess! How soon will Joe be announcing his withdrawal? How can they possibly attack McCain on the “homes” with this thing brewing out there. Good read.

  151. David Gergen just said on CNN that Bambi’s dip in the polls – which the panel agrees is due to Hillary’s supporters – doesn’t mean anything because we’ll come back to the fold. Then the panelists said that Hillary will be blamed if the convention’s not a success. AND that the kids too young to vote in 2004 will come out in droves in 2008 and the former McCain supporters are too old to vote now. (Not that death ever stopped anyone for voting in Chicago).

    Hubby summarized it beautifully today – the 2008 DNC convention is just like professional wrestling – 100% fixed.

  152. atypical, there are not that many states where there are enough AA’s to make a huge difference, even if every last one voted. It will help him, sure. But nothing like the impact in the primaries.

  153. what??? just ‘speechmaking?’

  154. “Obama off a tele-prompter is a noun a verb and a series uh uh uhs”

  155. My 2 capitions.

    1. vote Obama……vote Obama
    2. Hey, hey, hey, the fix is in.

  156. Guys, I urge you to scroll up and read the link supplied by london regarding the Biden family. Good read!

  157. Nixon reaches his decayed bony hand from the grave and snatches Victroy from the Democrats one more time….so I guess the “living challenged” are not all for Obama after all.


  158. state: I saw that Charlie Brown post. It’s right on target.

  159. WMCB: Your response to the trolls: Tasteless but succinct!!!!!

  160. 1.You are getting drowsy…when I count to 10, you’ll be an Obot
    2. I can’t top RD’s “talk to the hand”

  161. David Gergen is a fool. They just prop these gasbags up and let ’em roll out whatever thoughts come into their heads.

  162. Photo #1 — Obama technicians shown removing the information feed link implants prior to convention start.

  163. If Clinton were running we would have seen a landslide and we will see many Senate races decided by landslides.

    Hmm. If some races are indeed set to be landslides will that affect voter turnout? (I’m thinking about Virginia.)

    Wow, the GOP got that opposition research re: the Bidens/lobbyists into the news really fast.

  164. Florida will not flip for Obama unfortunately Prop 2 will ensure the Pro McCain Evangelicals will be out in force! and the I-4 coridor is hot for Obambi? Not so much!


  165. well, gosh, Biden’s got a scandal – here’s the wapo link to the story:


  166. SOD: The charges must be pretty big is he got him shipped over to Iraq for God’s sake!

  167. Elizabeth thought Andrea Mitchell was pro-Clinton????

    Elizabeth, please, get some help immediately. It must be mad cow disease or something.

  168. In the panhandle big military country no matter what anyone says Obama votes will be as few as bible salesmen in mecca!


  169. Now they are saying that he didn’t get a bump with Biden because “people are not familiar with him”.

    Help me lord. I am tearing my clothes off now, screaming on the way out to the nearest highway!

    When gary & Mawm drive through, ask them not to hit me with the PUMA HAKA 👿 RV!

    Good Night, and Good Luck!

  170. Photo #1 – “this won’t hurt a bit…I’m only going to insert this needle holding the programming chip about 4 inches in…now stay still…”

  171. how weird that there’s all this publicity about Biden being one of only two senators who are not millionaires……and then it turns out his kid is paid millions as a lobbyist? sound like a certain kid who grew up to be president (and decider guy too!)

  172. It will be up to McCain to stop us from coming around. Is he going to try and earn our vote? Do the opposite of what Obama did?

    Since I won’t be watching the convention, how will I know if the Clintons make it a success? OHHHH..the talking heads.

  173. Hubby summarized it beautifully today – the 2008 DNC convention is just like professional wrestling – 100% fixed.

    Now we know who designed the podium and backdrop. None other than Vince McMahon.

  174. sod, great job on the training manual! LOL!

  175. Ben, I won’t be able to watch either, except at night. so I will depend on the talking heads as well. they’ve never let me down yet!

  176. The Biden Affair: And he was VETTED? The vettors and just as incompetent as Uhbama

  177. Help me lord. I am tearing my clothes off now, screaming on the way out to the nearest highway!

    A sight for sore eyes.

  178. So the DNC did a really good job of vetting Biden also?

    Where can we go to file suit against Caroline, Eric, and the other shitheads for incompetency?


  179. Take this to the bank. I’ll owe you a Cosmo if I’m wrong.

  180. what affair?

  181. No time for vetting. So desperate they dragged him out of the shower for this slot.

  182. The fact that it hit the Washington Post makes it NEWS!

  183. kiki – thanks

    That Affair

  184. vested – lol

  185. actually what axelfraud ment to say is not that “Biden has been Vetted”….but that Biden has been to the Vet for a shampoo and flea dip oh and a rabies shot…


  186. Like The Teapot Dome Affair

  187. Picture 2: “You put your right hand in you put your right hand out, you put your right hand in, and you shake it all about..”

  188. Carol, grab one of those christmas trees and hang on until the feeling passes

    see – there was a reason for leaving them up!

  189. my apoligies to dog owners every where….


  190. Picture 2: “You put your right hand in you put your right hand out, you put your right hand in, and you shake it all about..”

    No. You OTHER right hand.

  191. Edge – that was my post below where you saw that – I thought it’s such a funny photo, let’s open the floor to captions.

  192. Charles, I saw above that some talking head said it would be Hillary’s fault if the party doesn’t unite. what kind of madness is this?

    I ain’t coming around either. but it’s hardly Hillary’s fault. she tried.

  193. What CNN poll were ya’ll referring to earlier?

  194. state: a sight to behold, I’m sure.

  195. charles it is so nice to have you back among us! I really missed you…

    You should have been here a week ago I desided to be a troll at the Obama site “Yes to Democracy” it was very educational-I was accused of stealing my own identity and also accused of appearing on Kathy Griffins “my life on the ‘D’ List” IBR segment…none of which was true-big darn on the second accusation-always wanted to go to San Francisco.


  196. Charles, they think we will come around, because we have always come around, right?

    “Pssst! DNC! This time, sweetie, I decided not to fake it.”

  197. CAPTION for photo 2:

    “I’m a little Deaniac, short and stout, here is my handle…here is my sp… uh, where’s my G_damn spout!??? It’s Hillary fault! She took my spout!!!!”

  198. Huff Po (I know, I know) has a list of speakers set for tomorrow night: Nasty Nancy, Michelle from Hell, Giggling Claire, Jesse Jackson, Jr. along with Michelle’s brother Craig. A cast of my all time faves. The Huff Po front page is in its glory! The garish stage and podium are featured. Blindingly so. This is a can’t miss evening. I am just waiting for the night (now this is a tease) Oprah sashays out on stage. Wild!

  199. kiki: all the talking heads have been saying that since before she suspended.
    If an earthquake hits in Iceland, at this point, they’ll blame Hillary.

  200. Nasty Nancy, Michelle from Hell, Giggling Claire, Jesse Jackson, Jr. along with Michelle’s brother Craig.

    God, what a nightmare! The only one missing is Donna B!

  201. sm77, Hillary never took his spout. It just shrank to a little ol’ pea in the presence of that strong woman.

  202. “Charles, they think we will come around, because we have always come around, right?”

    Actually, we are around – we don’t have to come anywhere. We’re here – we’re “around.”

  203. Donna B is backstage keeping a firm eye on Hillary.

  204. charles
    All I can say is those silly Probama Homophobes! Playing the gay card against me threatening to tell my mother I was gay -really like she doesnt know-her only wish is I find someone in my life she loves it when my partner comes over and fixes thing around the house.


  205. Charles – I KNEW you’d be a powerforce to Just Say No Deal!

  206. That is what leads me to believe they did not take the time to vet him. That WaPo article is dated as of today. After Obama flunked the foreign relations test on Georgia they scrambled.

  207. Gloria on CNN is discussing how Hillary could really be “gagnanimous” by just going ahead and “going down on BO” to let us know she “really endorses” him.

  208. “Donna B is backstage keeping a firm eye on Hillary.”

    I’ll bet she is! I wondeer if she hates Hillary because she’s been slapped?

  209. I thought donna would be up in the CNN booth giving interviews and telling stories about those crazy undesided SD days back in may before she came to Obama…


  210. Hillary said it herself: They are obsessed with her.

  211. sod – and Lil Wayne

  212. Celebrity judges selected to participate are Vanilla Ice, Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, and Scarlett Johanssen.”

    I just swallowed a cherry pit reading this!

  213. Just remember my November 4th prediction”

    Obama 232
    McCain 306


  214. Better a “cherry pit” than what they are asking Hillary to swallow!

  215. fuzzy – Hillary will be on the ticket as the Nominee!

  216. OMG!!! Too funny!

  217. Millivanilli-it takes a plagerist to know one and they understand the 101 uses of a teleprompter….

    goodnight all-

    for those who havent read tonights prayer and get fired up!

  218. They wanted Halle Berry but she was too busy “licking the paperclips off the floor”.

  219. Pat ???????????

  220. Bill Maher is on w/ Larry King – gaaaahhhh – before this election, I used to like him.

  221. Thanks fuzzy – we are counting on you big time!

  222. Carol: Only Ed can administer the Heimlich. And hurry, time is of the essence here.

  223. Ok Carol I hope my prayer has the right amount of HAKA in it!


    then its:

    Clinton 316
    MCcain 222

  224. sod – did you read that wisewoman post about the Lil Wayne lyrics?

  225. If posing questions and pointing out deficiencies in a candidate requires them to do a little soul searching then their support was pretty weak to begin with. I would have loved to have been there!

  226. From the NY Times article “Anxious Party Wants to Show Strong Obama”:

    The Obama campaign is leaving little to chance. It has created a rapid response team — led by Craig Smith, a former top operative in the Clinton world — to head out to the convention floor at the first sign of any trouble from Clinton supporters.

    What are they going to do? Muzzle them? Taser them? Drag them off the floor? Offer them money?

  227. YES fuzzy -stay safe!

  228. That’s abusive – that theme of abuse. They beat our Hillary up and I want revenge.

  229. Biden didn’t care who took him for VP. He said at one time that he’d run either with or against McCain. He’s an equal opportunity player.

  230. Do read this:


    In a nutshell, nobody (not the DNC; not the press) nobody vetted Obama, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Looks like he’s not eligible — let’s all say “CoverUP” (by Obama) and “incompetence (to say the least) by DNC.

  231. Photo #1 — Quick the wax is melting !

    Photo #2 — Fresh Kool-aide .. Wow !

    That was fun !

    Go PUMAs !!

  232. Charles, they should be thankful that they have someone paying attention so they don’t have to. seriously.

  233. Oh Man – if I hear “trouble from Clinton supporters” once more! Since when is demonstrating ffor your candidate at the convention redefined as “trouble/” It will be trouble if they MAKE it trouble.

  234. The Obama campaign is leaving little to chance. It has created a rapid response team — led by Craig Smith, a former top operative in the Clinton world — to head out to the convention floor at the first sign of any trouble from Clinton supporters.

    And who comprise the rapid response team? The Nation of Islam? This is so ridiculous. Let the cameras beam right in.

  235. Photo # 2:

    And th-th-th-th-that’s fraud folks!

  236. Isn’t it a hate crime to target a specific group of people?

    Since we have all been identified as bitter, old, stupid, xenophobic, r*cist, clingy, gun and bible toting Republicans, doesn’t that qualify under some statue?


  237. Ask Ed. He seems to know everything.

  238. Ames – you’re up past your bedtime, sweetie. Go to bed.

  239. Is it true? In BlogTalkRadio a guest said that next week the O Camp will start personal attacks on PUMAs and ID’d bloggers? Naming them and posting personal information?!? This is the second wave of suppression to come…the guest said that complaints will be filed to ‘youtube’ and other organizations about these people. I imagine they will contact employers? OMG!

    I am starting a legal defense fund with my dimes and pennies…we are not rich folks and we all need to pull together.

    This just keeps getting worse and worse!

  240. WV: Holy Cr*p! This is unbelievable!

  241. Nixon – responsible for:
    1) Watergate
    2) McGovern — as a result of Watergate
    3) Superdelegates – as a result of McGovern
    4) Obama – as a result of Superdelegates
    5) McCain presidency – as a result of Obama

  242. Charles – sounds like a party I went to a few days ago. I try to keep my mouth shut but but if you ask me, I’m going to speak my mind.

    Folks, I’m going to bed, have to up at 6-ish am and it’s 12am EST here.

    Love you guys & remember, Axelrod give a dollar to trolls who engage Conflucians. Just ignore them.

  243. sm Thanks for the reminder. I’m off, too – also must be up at 6.

    Night all – pray that everybody stays safe.

  244. fif


  245. Nite Nite!


  246. SM77

    LOL! It’s NIXON’s fault!

  247. I wonder what the Obama team considers “trouble” on the convention floor. This whole sham of an election is disgusting.

  248. Nite Nite, I still have lots of work to do and a long night to go…

    Nite, Nite…big hugs and love to you all. 🙂

  249. My guess is that anyone that they will try a wide sweep…scaring folks and intimidating them. I think it won’t work it will only get the ‘church ladies’ and the bowling menz groups chatting off line and we know that travels faster than the internet!

    Nite Nite…

  250. I’ve been calling this the Watergate election for months.

  251. A new line for PUMAs (if asked about concerns in Denver):

    “We hope there’s no trouble from Obama supporters. There was too much of that in the caucuses and primaries”

  252. fuzzy…another great visual. reminds me of those Halloween crypt banks with the hand that reach out to snatch the coin.

  253. Pat, I read that article too.

  254. Some of the Capital Hill members have met up with Conflucians in Denver and it sounds like they are having a great time. We are getting the same reports about the roll call being a sham.

    Mountain Sage

  255. I’ve made no secret at all in my little ‘burg about how I feel about BO and I promote PUMA every chance I get. I think it’s just FABULOUS if they want to start ID’ing us. Bring it on, brownshirts. Hell, I’ll make a list of everything they MISSED if need be. My employer? That would be me. My landlord is a Republican and is THRILLED that BO didn’t even consider HRC. I am in hell, pure hell.

  256. Let’s see…less than 48 hours after the much-awaited decision…

  257. thanks WMCB…

  258. Vetted???? I thought we were to see if he was “Vested”?? — Caroline Kennedy

  259. OMG!! Stop!!! I’m waking my hubby up because of the convulsions!

  260. You guys are all on a roll tonight. I am shaking from laughing so hard!

  261. kiki…

    remember the discussion upthread. We figured it out.

  262. Obama has Wayne on his iPod? LOL. I actually like his music myself but it’s mostly.. not socially responsible in any way (he did do a good song attacking Bush after Katrina) so a little surprising if he’d say he listened to that.

    What are they going to do? Muzzle them? Taser them?

    🙂 Don’t taze me, O!

  263. Celebrity judges selected to participate are Vanilla Ice, Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, and Scarlett Johanssen.”

  264. sorry Pat….need a Heimlich?

  265. Still — yeah…little Wayne, an iPod favorite

  266. nite fuzzy…I’m turning in too.

    It’s midnight in this neck of the woods and I hate to be awake when I turn into a werewolf.

  267. Pat stop!!! really must go to sleep now!! 🙂

    Nite all.

  268. still — yes

  269. Just now getting back to read posts.

    Caption for photo 1: Alexis Herrmann:
    “Christ! They made me show up here drunk! The last time I was this wasted was May 31st!”

  270. What the hell are they going to “out” about me? Bring it on. My life is an open book, and always has been. I’ll talk yer ear off about ALL my personal business.

    If any of them want to come to my house, now, they’d better be forewarned about my dog, my gun, and my hubby with a military sharpshooting medal. He can hit a target at 500 yards with only a 45 sidearm. I’m not as good as he is, but I’ve killed a lot of rattlesnakes.

  271. dg, on August 25th, 2008 at 12:59 am Said:

    Don’t taze me, O!

    LOL. Good caption for pic #2

  272. I am sitting here thinking about this bastardized new version of the democratic party and different words keep coming to my mind.
    “These are the times that try men’s souls”
    “We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor”.
    We have to do what ever possible and legal to stop this travesty.
    Every so called democrat that caused this has to be voted out of office starting with this election and again in the next one.
    We can never forget or forgive and it must never happen again.



  273. Just got back from a visit with Gary and Mawm. It was wonderful! I’ve got photos. And I’ll post about it in the morning!

    Xxoo (snoring)

  274. Greetings to PUMAS and good vibes to the PUMAs in Denver!

    I am not voting for the woman-hating ticket. No way!

  275. katie, and everyone, we made it to the campground. we are recharging batteries (our generator is down, so we don’t have electricity on the road) Will have a report tomorrow about our meeting with the wonderful Katiebird (with video). What a treat to finally meet!!!! well, more tomorrow, I need to catch some zzz’s….night everyone.

  276. So, SHE has to release her delegates, but HE doesn’t???

    What a load of crap!

  277. Look at the theme of the speech the Big Dawg has to give on Wednesday.

    One flashpoint is the assigned speech topic for former president Bill Clinton, who is scheduled to speak Wednesday night, when the convention theme is “Securing America’s Future.” The night’s speakers will argue that Obama would be a more effective commander in chief than his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).

    I don’t think that even a professional bullshit artist could carry that one. And if the speech flops they’ll blame Bill.

  278. Link to article:


  279. I think the “new democrats” should be called the New Brazilian Democrats

    (no offense to people who live in Brazile nor the waxing technique).

  280. Caption 1: Who let those people in and what the hell does “PUMA HAKA” mean?

    Caption 2: I pledge alliegence to the flag of the United States of Obama…

  281. When I snap my fingers you will come out of your trance and never rember the name OBAMA photo1

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