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Saturday tid-bits: PUMAmobile is off! Zogby, not happy. Macaca Biden/Preciouzz speak

Hugs & happy/safe travels to our Conflucian Denver-bound Pumas!

Our lovely blog-mother Riverdaughter (Sister RD for MYIQ 🙂 ) is having some lovely Pink PUMA cocktails at her layover in Indianapolis, PUMA-SF & Simofish are prowling to Denver with a 15-member PUMA Pack from the SF bay area and the Cat-wrangling Dynamic Duo, GaryChapelHill & Mawm, have started their PUMAmobile trek to Denver!  Thank you all who donated PUMAmobile juice to our brave RV riders.   PUMAmobile’s first stop is going to be at a familiar Conflucian’s place, and they will post photos of their journey along the way.  I have the honor and privilege to know some INSIDE details regarding our Infantry’s Co-Commanding vehicle.  Please check in later this afternoon/evening for their post!

Rainy days give me the urge to cook massive meals, so today I’m making Boliche, black beans and white rice.  Get a plate and serve yourselves!

In the meantime, here’s another great video from GeekLove:

Speaking of Super-Delegates, Obama-loving pollster, John Zogby of Zogby Polls has some sobering news to report:

Watch the polls go lower after “Macaca Moment” Biden stops taking his Wellbutirin.  I. can’t. WAIT to hear him  talk about his “clean and articulate” Bossman.  But I’m a happy camper our gal ain’t the VP pick.  Party time!

Speaking of laughs, here’s the “joke-writing themselves” moment from teh PRECIOUZZZ:

Obama says Joe Biden is ready to be presidentBy BETH FOUHY and CHRISTOPHER WILLS, Associated Press Writers

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is calling his running mate, Joe Biden, “a leader who is ready to step in and be president.”

Hey, somebody has to know what they heck their doing while Obama preens in the mirror all day.

 ¡Que viva los PUMAs! (long love PUMAs!)

145 Responses

  1. Sister SM! I love your posts. I’m so happy for all the PUMAs who are representing in Colorado.

    That GeekLove video was excellent. I actually gasped at the end when the Fox News woman said the SD’s should nominate Hillary. No wonder PUMAs are watching Fox!

    I wonder how many female (and male) Republicans would secretly cast their ballots for Our Girl if she pulled off a miracle next week – it seemed like that anchor would be one of them!

  2. He started to introduce Biden as the next President of the United States, but then caught it and corrected himself. The McCain campaign didn’t miss it, though. They issued a press statement pointing out that even Obama doesn’t think he’s qualified to be President before Obama and Biden finished their speeches.

  3. These developments definitely cuts PUMA loose to fight the best fight ever at the convention. Obama, Pelosi, Dean and Biden have certainly burned what sliver of bridge remained. The non-acknowledgement of PUMA and women voters in general is like the 3am text of Barack Obama. How juvenile! And what a champion Hillary is!

  4. The members of Capital Hill Forum may have an extra motel room in Denver. It has 2 queen beds. The members who were going are now unable to go and we are stuck with this room. If anyone is interested you can contact me through the email link at my blog.
    It’s my understanding that the motel is right off the interstate in a very safe area.

    Mountain Sage

  5. Georgiapeach – Holy smokes. Not only has Obama skipped the GE, he’s already gone to 2016, when Biden will be the second-oldest President evah!

    Mr. and Mr. Gaffe-tastic.

  6. Madamab- aw thanks! I’m always humbled and inspired by your writings – this was just a tidbit filler while our Denver bound PUMAs make it to their destinations.

    Laura Ingrahm is BIll O’Reilly female version, and even the most Neo-Con of Republicans must go on bended knee for Hillary. Because. She. Is. Indestructable.

    Did you see Mr. Zogby aka “Obama Numbers-man” have to admit that reality? I think it’s actually worse than he reports. Convention speech to make a difference? Sure, if you’re on the set of Deal or No Deal.

  7. Hey they are probably going nutz at the YTD…Biden is perfect for Obama it will bring the Hillacrats in mass…

    right so sure!

    I get to play Michelle Obama in Madamab’s next play!

    Yeah-its like southern Decadance 1999-hey Gary Mawm what about a stop in NOLA for the party….take pictures and post them I am going to miss it again!

    For all the str8 people here Southern Decadance is a Gay Mardi Gras held Labor day weekend! naughty and quite fun!


  8. Fuzzy! I saw your prayer yesterday, thank you! YOu don’t know how many people you touch with your prayers!

    How was Gainsville & Fay?

    Are you going to Southern decadence?

  9. Sorry – FB, I just read you’re not going. Maybe next year!

  10. An editor at our local paper has written on their blog that the selection of Biden “sends a signal that Obama will not let sound bites get in the way of governing. He’ll rise above the “clean” comment. He’ll look past the gaffes and whatnot. This is new politics, in that sense.”

    LOL. That’s the best an Obama supporter can come up with? This is the same liberal editor who said if Hillary got the nomination he would not vote for her, but he’s willing to look past ‘whatnot’ on anything Obama does!

  11. That was Laura Ingraham? Heh – I’m so clueless. 😉

    Call me crazy, but I think she’s a secret Hillary fan, like a lot of Republican women. She is such a strong, unbeatable force…

  12. well back to seriousness- I hope a poll comes out tommorrow Obama-39% McCain 47%

    Predictions for Polls by Swing States


    Obama 38%
    McCain 51%


    Obama 39%
    McCain 52%


    Obama 42%
    MCCain 51%


    Obama 36%
    McCain 48%

    and just for fun….


    Obama 35%
    McCain 55%


    Obama 33%
    Mccain 54%


    Obama 41%
    Mccain 48%

    this is a big bounce for Obama/Biden 08?


  13. I don’t think any convention speach could possibly cause me to veiw him in a better light. I personally don’t believe his speaches are that good. He uses that preacher cadence and that reminds me of Elmer Gantry, oh crap! Now I’ve shown what a senior citizen I am! He’s a snake-oil salesman.

    Country before Party!!

  14. I am soo evil I ment to say this is the Obama/Biden Convention Bounce…

    SM77 thanks alot is was one of my more PUMA Prayers I was unsure how it would fly….


    Fuzzybeargville will be making a post Convention announcement that will surely motivate the troops after the convention if we are thwarted in denver…This announcement will surely send a tingle up Chris Mathews leg-but in a good way…

  15. moran the moron- you know we love Hillary and all real democrats…look at the stender link-

    be nice or else I will have to show you the door!


  16. GeorgiaPeach – PLEASE give us a run down on the speech. I’ve boycotted MSM TV news outlets, as many of us here.

    Jmac – OMG. W.O.R.M.ing the most insipid VP pick. Whatever. WAIT TILL Biden has a microphone & a couple of cocktails in him. I CAN’T WAIT!

  17. Oh, the flop sweat the trollies are exuding? What, oh What will happen if The One isn’t nominated? Will their pee-pees all shrink to nothing?

    Ooops! Too late!


  18. What moran meant to say before his CDS kicked in was:

    I am an Obama koolaid drinkin’ Hillary hating faux democrat that is angry because all the hot women and gay men support hillary and will not date my sorry Obama supportin’ self…I cnt get any because you Hillacrats have closed your ballot boxes to me…

    By the way Moran also says that anita Hill was a liar a racist white woman and got what she deserved…


    asks you to please edit Morans post to reflect the above I speek fluent Obat troll I gaurentee this is what his post translates too

  19. Fuzzy- if you have a special prayer or Fuzzy moment you want posted – EMAIL ME! You have it.

  20. Moran – we are DEMOCRATS. And you’re going to be shown the door.

  21. Actually Moran Moran-if you look a few threads back you can see Hillary gushing at simofish and SF puma agreeing her name should be put into nomination…she had the perfect forum to tell us PUMA’s to stop it but she demured in this case-sorry she is keeping her word-unlike Obama!

    Hillary loves us puma’s and she will say so on November 5th when….

    she is free at last free at last lord almighty she will be free at last!


  22. SM – Please delete the abusive, lying piece of shit posting (truthfully) as “moran.”

    Thanks ever so.

  23. ok sm pls release my post in moderation I used a forbidden word?


  24. sorry my post of 4:25 pm-fuzzy

  25. Madamab just have SM replace his post with my correct translation- it would be much better


  26. SM, Moran must be shown the door! We are trying to enjoy Obama’s sinking poll numbers (and the fact,thank goodness that Hillary isn’t on the ticket)

  27. MadamaB: Your wish is my command. Had to step from the post, but I’m back.

    Boliche timer was going off & had to tend to dinner .

    BTW to all: Just spoke to Gary/Mawm. They reached their first destination, they’ll report soon!

  28. please release my funny but true translation of wht the CDS suffering moran said…i used athe “r” word sorry-


  29. Ah, moran–another unity ambassador.

  30. Fuzzy – done. WHAT ABOUT FAY, DAMMIT??? Gimme the report please?

  31. Oh, that’s awesome news, SM77! I’m so glad Gary and Mawm are safe!

    Fuzzy – I love your translation! You are really hooked into what passes for their brains…LOL

  32. same as above. report, thanks.

  33. SM77 I promise a good sunday night prayer before the comnvention starts-

    fuzzy has a great announcement for after the convention….hint-formation of an official committee to draft *******2012!

    I mean it folks if we dont win in Denver it is total D-I-V-O-R-C-E until after Noivember 5th.


  34. Ntoice how the trolls hit all at one certain time.

    Is that when you guys all punch the Axelrod-paid time clock?

  35. Moran must be a republican trying to incite further division. I don’t why he/she bothers..Obama is doing a good enough job of that without anyone’s help.

    The last RCP poll already has Obama loosing the electoral college map. Remember Hillary Clinton’s fateful words..It is the Map not the Math.

    We are going to get the president we deserve, not the one we need. They told her to get lost…so now we are stuck .

  36. Axelrod needs to pay more than three cents an hour. These trolls are simply dreadful.

  37. Fay is overstaying her welcome I am still getting flickering lights trees down and gusty winds I survived worked all last night till 7 am took a nap the woke up with Confluence Withdrawl Syndrome(CWS) the opposite of CDS!

    We have some persistant outages- and flooding but I am free form work the rest of this weekend


  38. Fuzzy: We’ve had lots of rain here in Tampa, not as much as our East coast brethern, gusty winds and drizzle, then a break, then TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR WITH 50 MILE WINDS, then lather, rinse, repeat.

  39. The O-borg loves whomever their Dear Leader tells them to. Oh no, it’s not a cult. Of course not. That’s why they think MBNA Biden is a great representative of the middle class.


  40. Well, jeez whiz, this just caps it for me. Joe is Catholic so naturally, regardless of how I do not agree with him and Obama, I am now rolling over and playing dead! That’s right, like all the 99% AA’s who are eagerly going along with this sideshow, going unchallenged in their monolithic bloc I might add, I too am going along with the person who shares the same religion! How easy is this? And so simple too!

    They must take the electorate for the biggest bunch of schmucks alive. And just for the record, if Obama/Biden does not prevail in either Denver or come November, I intend to riot in the streets! Mindless, perhaps, but this will only reinforce my sense of religious intolerance if Joe is not elected school monitor. You have been warned.

  41. @fuzzybear
    I doubt the B0 team expects a bounce out of this. hence, announcing it on a Saturday (news dump) right before the convention (other headlines covering it up)

  42. fuzzy: let me know if you’re coming to decadence …..

  43. November 5 Headline:


    Clinton Supporters Deny Obama the White House

  44. Ha!Ha! Pat! I love it! I will also riot as I will think it’s hunting season on Senators – and while I am not one, i know a few! 😉

  45. Pat: I have some Boliche in the oven for you.

    Obama is so narcissitic, that he probably picked Biden cause he said Obama’s soooooo “clean/articulate.” Sugar at Sugar N’Spice (check the blogroll) has an awesome post regarding the VP pick.

    Didn’t Obama’s daughters (who are GORGEOUS, yes Michelle & Barack make beautiful children, despite my dislike for their politics) say that Daddy had stinky feet? Doesn’t sound clean to me.

  46. Obama Introduces The Next President Joe Biden (huh)
    video here http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  47. SM: I had a Puerto Rican co worker who every Friday left the office an brought me back a huge helping of rice, beans, and pork. It has a name which I can’t spell. The two of us would pig out every Friday and then top it off with macaroons. She transferred to another dept but on my last day of work she showed up with our special “Friday lunch treat” and it was so fine! I can smell supper from Florida right up here in MA! I loved my Maddie Figueroa!

  48. Received an e-mail from Harry Reid, all excited over the Obama/Biden announcement and asking for a donation. Don’t think so, Harry.

  49. I can see the bumper sticker-“Denver was A RIOT!”

    Ben I just posted on Bruces log went str8 to moderation suprize…

    I dont think it would be wise for Obama for Obama to admitt we cost them the election…it would mean there were mor that 58 of us….

    unless Obama lost by 56 votes then it would be ok!


  50. This site – is a front for the GOP.
    You Bush supporters have destroyed our country.

    Have we already been given credit? Impressive!

  51. Hey all, Piper here to say that I’m in Charlotte on my way to Denver. (Fuzzy–that beyoch Fay couldn’t keep me away!) I can’t wait to see Confucians at the PUMA Den.

  52. I just watched that Ayers ad. Wow. As someone who still puts his hand over his heart during the national anthem and sometimes gets a little tearful during God Bless America I have to find that association with Ayers the most troubling.

  53. Piper; Think of us!

  54. I now have an e-mail from Hillary, all “thrilled” about the Obama/Biden ticket and looking as well for a donation. Sorry, Hillary. No go.

  55. Piper – BE SAFE!!!

  56. Keep safe Piper! Have a great time in Denver!

    How come all these trolls say exactly the same thing? You’d almost think they were all getting their talking points from the same place!


  57. Bruce, on August 23rd, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Stop spreading your lies. No PUMA member has said that and Murphy wouldn’t use the words overthrow Biden.

    You chose Obama so deal with it. Own your candidate.

  58. Okay what Technocrat ment to say -this translating obat to confluence is getting old-:

    I hate Hillary! I hate the true Democrats! I am a sorry teenager who lives in his parents basement, and you guys are ruining it for me-I cannot get a date because all the hot people are anti-obama. I cant believe you wont let me get the big cookie on November 4th I am going to hold my breath until I turn blue.

    Mom dad will not let me borrow the car because I am irresponsible-My support of Obama proved it to mom and dad. Please some one save me from the koolaid!


  59. Piper, don’t forget your camera. if you get arrested, remember to take pictures:wink:

  60. I wonder what the Obama youth block of voters….think now.

  61. madamab: You cannot expect literal references, or even correct spelling from these non thinkers. Especially when they get their talking points from Chinese fortune cookies and text messages. “U guys suck big time” is all they’ve got.

  62. Hello Piper comment over at HH is so me aint it?


    be safe and dont dring the koolaid!


  63. Betcha a lot of those receiving the text message were scratching their heads. Joe who? Since to most of them history began about the time Janet Jackson exposed one her “girls” on tv.

  64. Pat – Springfield, MA has a big PuertoRican community. SO GLAD you got to eat some of that Latino Caribbean cooking. Today, I’m cooking a “pot roast” Cuban variety – Pot Roast with smoked sausage stuffing. Click on the “Boliche” link above at the post to see the recipe.

  65. Yawn.

    Smarter trolls, please. Oh, I guess that’s impossible. If they had any brains, they’d be supporting Hillary.

  66. Selected Biden for his vast experience.

    Does that mean, if eat the breakfast of champions, I’ll be a champion, WOW, is that Obama…..logic.

  67. Pat – Springfield, MA has a big PuertoRican community. SO GLAD you got to eat some of that Latino Caribbean cooking. Today, I’m cooking a “pot roast” Cuban variety – Pot Roast with smoked sausage stuffing. Click on the “Boliche” link above at the post to see the recipe.

  68. That is twice in one post we have been called scum. Guys, you need to get out your book of adjectives since this one has kind of run its course in the last few minutes.

  69. I guess “GOP scum” is the talking point of the day. I’d like to see their voting records. I’ll bet they’ve voted R a lot more times than I have!

  70. I’m cooking, cleaning, waiitng for Gary/Mawm’s update, babystitting trolls – SHEEZ!

    Cheating does not equal Democracy.

  71. “FORMER” Republicans = Arianna, Kos, Josh Marshall, John Aravosis

    They sure love the politics but don’t like the name brand.

  72. SM: What can I use in place of a Dutch Oven? I would assume this is not a crockpost recipe?

  73. I don’t get it. Is Obama admiting, he needs proping up, in certain area’s, admiting he is not ready.

  74. Wait, have a large pot that will hold a roast that size. I think I can do this with what I have. Just need to pick up a few things not in my pantry. Sounds delicious!

  75. Hillaryhatesyou
    You must be another republican antagonizer…oh well the more the merrier.

    McCain points? please…I wonder if you actually were a republican plant on DU or Orange Satan talking all of the republican trash against Hillary Clinton.

  76. Hillary-zila; I think what you are seeing is less him admitting he hasn’t got what it takes but the DNC stepping in and telling him he needs an elder statesman. Reports are saying that the decision to go with Biden was made sometime on Monday. He did so poorly addressing the Georgia crisis that I think the DNC took the reins. The pundits are saying he preferred to go with Bayh but Biden offered the experience piece in foreign affairs.

  77. Pat: I don’t have a Dutch Oven. Hell, I don’t even have a Dominican one.

    I’m using a big steel/aluminum pot, do the recipe, stick it in the stove for 2 hours at 500 degrees with LOTS of water (it should be surrounded with the broth/juice almost covering it entirely, then put it on the top stove for another 2 hours medium to high.

  78. SM: I can do this. Thanks!

  79. Hillary-Zilla: I’ve seen you around, I must say, LOVE your username! I may have a satire on a budget moment with that. Going back to your comment, total Freudian slip. Without a doubt.

  80. Obama is already a puppet of the DNC. After running on change, and youth. out with the old idea’s, and then come up with Biden…………etc.

  81. just got a request for money from the DNC- my response :

    You have got to be kidding? Can you say Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas, and Bankruptcy Reform Act….Puma Power!

    Micheal P Varvel

    short sweet to the point-


  82. They are creaming themselves with delight over at HuffPo. They now can breathe easier since the “bitch” is dead according to some. Now if she would just go away next week, their lives would be complete. What a cesspool that place is.

  83. TrueDemocrat: Then tell me why i keep getting fundraising requests from the DNC and misc. DNC supported groups and labelled a “loyal” democrat?

  84. A neighbor, an BO supporter, honestly believes Obama-Biden is a “dream ticket” and makes for “tough team to beat”? And he was dead serious. (((((hysterics)))) (shaking head)

  85. Pat: If you can’t stick the pot in the oven (I have a complete steel one for sticking in the oven) – just leave it on the stove as is for 4-5 hours. Go to your local bodega – sometimes, they may have a pot roast at their meat market section already seasonsed – all youi need to do is put in the pot & cook.

  86. Excuse the typo.

  87. Did you see where the Puma den is????
    Right in front of Denver Police HQ!!!
    LOL -Pumas have got it together all right!!!!!

  88. dakinikat: It they could manage to squeeze one more dime out of you they would gladly refer to you as “Princess Di”.

  89. hey Piper! Great Job with Tweety there, he was completely smitten!!!!!

  90. Edwardian: Biden, a “dream” ticket”?????

    Bwaahahhahahahaaaaa!!!! Biden has…. 3 delegates from the primaries? Edwards, I can understand. But Biden?????

  91. pat: i know, i get at least 2 a week … I keep saying, you want more of my money, get rid of Obama, the checkbook opens up again …

  92. PAT……….Your stepping on my come backs……PUMA’s do think alike. thanks.

  93. PJ – Hee hee hee! Soooo true. They don’t need the people, just the checks, remember! 😉

  94. I write it in pink florescent highlighter: NO money until NO obama! then I mail it back to them with as many heavy things as I can put in their pre postage paid envelope

  95. SM: Good idea. I am heading down that way next week for lunch with former coworkers and the hospital is located within that area. There are at least 6 markets along the route that cater to Latino goods. Thanks for the tip and I may save a few pennies on ingredients.

  96. I am sorry these guys (the DNC) are no longer worth the calories expended typing a reply longe than 20 words…

    I was just getting warmed up!


  97. Laurie – PUMAs need proof just in case trolls come along. Graceful & smart, even in repose (H/T Arabella!)

  98. Oh you guys are so quick….I ran to get my ‘whack a mole” bat and came back to find out ‘game over’

    [[[[ sigh ]]]]]

  99. Fuzzy

    I so agree with you. Hillary has always been so straight up that she would have addressed us directly in some way shape or forum, to let us know she did not agree with us.

  100. Pat – if you can, PLEASE support your local bodegas. These folks work 14-18 hours a day, small business owners doing their thing. I’m sure that you’ll be very welcome to support their business.

    I NEVER buy “supermarket” meat market items. You’ll always get a better deal & great cut at your local bodegas.

  101. Will the caucus frauds not come up in denver? Writing on iPhone in car

  102. TrueDemocrat,

    This site is a site that believes women, the working class, the elderly, GLBT community, Latinos, Native Americans and the poor all count.














  103. I just love this thing

  104. SM77 I am so having Arabella withdrawls…sigh….

    So is the Cheeto up on Mr change we should all bend over for?

    Sleazy Sleazy Sleazy!

    I told you conlfu members that reading the Huffpoop will make you go blind and hair grow on the palms of your hands!

    aviod it at all costs


  105. Bruce must’ve moved.

  106. Biden Tell Colmes He Would Turn Down VP If Offered Video

    They’ve Given The Republican All The Ammo They Need

  107. In moderation again. twice today ……watch out trolls.

  108. Linda…they told us to get lost too. I guess we’re in fine company under the bus here.

  109. KendallJ, I hesitate to use the term, but “dittos”

  110. Are you all ready for my latest play?

  111. Whenever a troll appears I think of that foot fungus commercial….I’m not sure why…

  112. Evan Bayh is a toddler peeing his Huggies pull-ups next to Biden’s “Centrism/Elitism.” But of course, the O-borg LOOOOOOOOVE it. Ha.


  113. Kendall I love your post you are a passionate woman I can tell-from this big gay bear-“you go girl”

    I love your words You get a hero of the alliance medal today…


  114. Obama to Biden: ” I’m desperate! Either they all say no or don’t answer the phone. I don’t care if you don’t fit my hope and change bullsh*t. That’s all it ever was. And incidentally, those hairplugs make you look so much younger. Even Michelle says so. Grandma even asked if she possibly dated you in high school. So please, I beg you on bended knee. Say yes!”

    Thus “history” was made.

  115. to the play to the play ist up!


  116. Cheers for Kendall!!

  117. so this guy Dave wrote the perfect song

  118. Dear Trolls,
    please do not worry about us.
    Obama and his campaign managers certainly aren’t, otherwise they would never have sent that 3am message.
    They have this election sewn up, and will use the massive data banks they have steadily been building up since 2004 to completely game the system in virtually all the States which have Dem governors.
    You don’t really think our votes count-do you?

    And by the way, ask yourselves why the Dem Nominating Convention is being held on the MLK anniversary this year? It is normally held in mid-July. This election was rigged from the start, and Biden was one of those behind it.

  119. Obama introduced Biden as our next POTUS. yep he did that:

    Here is the clip Obama introducing Biden :

    “Let Me Introduce to You the Next President…the Next Vice President…”

    Biden on the other hand got confused and refer to BO as “Barack America” and made an off-scripted joke about his wife having a PhD and how that was a bad thing.. (really weird…).

  120. what no play yet madamab you tease me?

    aaaah but I like it so


  121. Pat — that sounds entirely likely to me. Paul Lukasiak over on TL and Corrente has said much the same thing, which explains whole text message in the middle of a Sat. night thing, and Biden saying he’s not the guy thing.

    I also throw in the gang of 12 Governors & other prominent Dems uprising from last week. (incl. your beloved). Democrats like Ed et al just do not call out a presumptuous nominee like that publicly, unless they are getting desperate. How prescient of him to refuse the VP offer, he knew this was a train wreck waiting to happen. Also, Obama’s fundraising is nowhere near on track to raise the half billion they were predicting(!), so a lot of SDs who were promised the moula back in May are peeking in their empty pocketbooks and wondering what the hell they’re going to do.

    The Republicans must be partying like it’s 1999. Or 2099. Whatever. Last year at this time they were demoralized, dispirited and infighting. Even they didn’t believe the Democrats would again pick the one guy likely to actually lose the No-Lose election. But they did.

    Sigh, as much as I love all the PUMAs, some days I wish we didn’t have to exist.

  122. Kendall – AMEN!!!

    MadamaB: Go for it!!!

  123. Pat

    Not to worry.. I’m a cradle Catholic.

  124. SM,

    I watched part of the Biden speech. He certainly is one hell of a blowhard, isn’t he? I love your nickname for him “macaca moment” biden. It’s inevitable that he will have one. LOL! While Biden was speaking, Obama sat unsmiling with his hand on his forehead, looking like he just sucked on a lemon. He did not look happy. This disaster just keeps growing and growing.

  125. Done! I hope you enjoy. Fuzzy – you’ve got a lot of lines in this one! 😉

  126. sm 77……….finally get it…….Proped up

  127. Boston – he is SUCH Mr. Macaca – I’m…just…DYING…for his Wellbutirin-loss moment. How’s Indiana?

    We must read MadamaB’s new post!

  128. Run along


    Do what your told. and spin it, like it’s your idea. .

  130. SM: You are such a gift. You “bossman” line still has me laughing. I just ate but you know I can’t resist your Boliche. Sorry you had to play bouncer tonight but we are irrisistable. You know I just can’t say Obama-Biden without cracking up.

  131. Safe Travels Piper!!

  132. Can’t wait to listen to Murphy tomorrow morning-should be fun.
    Does anyone else think that Hill has a chance?
    I think she does, he’s alienated more than half the Party…

  133. PUMA-SF: Sister PUMA!!! I gave you & Simo props in the post -I have to recognize!

    I still have Boliche left overs! Here, have a plate.

  134. Biden……….Biden…….hell, why not just pick…McCain.

  135. Laurie, if the Supers would have done their job the right way,Hillary long ago woulda been the nominee.

    In the meantime, pop some popcorn and watch the Democratic Party jump off the cliff.

  136. In just 80 some days…….How many …..Biden moments to you thing will happen. Any bets.

  137. SM: Yes, I saw and appreciated it very much. Damn girl you are a good cook. I wish I could stay here with you all night but I have to leave town for a wedding now. Will check in with you later. Stay safe all.

  138. So, any bets on how long Biden will stay in the bat cave?

  139. Thank you FuzzyBear,

    I think that the Clintonistas/PUMAS are really growing and will prove a to be a force for reform. I’ve never seen a candidate who is not the presumptive nominee be expected to do so much for her opponant. Its rediculous. She owes him nothing!!!!!!

    This unpresidented expectation in and of itself is sexist!!!! What man would be asked to be so humble and submissive!!!! It infuriates me!!! Its all about putting her in “her place” and having her publically submit to it . They will do anything to humiliate her!!!

  140. Kendall

    Now tell us how you really feel…. :0

  141. 👿

  142. let ‘er rip madamab

  143. Pat J. {{waves}}

  144. I think these assholes just don’t get it. Yesterday I saw a couple of clips of a reporter hounding Hillary Clinton, claiming that she wasn’t doing enough to unite the party. The reporter stated that Clinton was not anthusiastic enough in her recent campaign rallies for Obama, She stuck up for herself to the reporter, but made no mention that her very good freind and political ally had just passed away only a day or so before. Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, passed away on Tuesday. I’m Sure Hillary Clinton is mourning her death.

    But reguardless of this, the democratic party leaders are so out of touch that they don’t realize that everytime they force Hillary to shill for Obama, American women see it as an insult, like the good old boys are sending her to go get them coffee. It turns my stomach everytime she shills for him!!!

    WHAT IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!

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