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Saturday: Leavin’ on a jet plane

Good Morning, Conflucians!  Everybody awake?  I’m headed to my local Starbucks for a Vivanno before I hit the road for the Philly airport.  I *think* it’s Philly.  Maybe its Newark.  That’s one of the great things about living in Central NJ.  You have the added excitement of ending up at the wrong airport. (peaking at E-Ticket, whew, it’s Philly)

Lucky me, I have a layover in Indianapolis.  But Wait!  Obama picked Joe Biden as his VP.  That means he might be making his announcement from Delaware.  Take a look at this picture of the two of them together and tell me whether they really want to resemble Bush/Cheney so closesly, er, except for the whole African-American thing:

Change! My Ass.

This was all about making sure the old, white guys continued to run the country.  (Cute.  They sent the text message at 3:00am probably because they aren’t quite done sticking it to Clinton.)  It all makes sense to me know, especially the part about them expecting all the women in the party to just fall in line.  The idea of letting Hillary run things must have just frosted their crockies.  Oh, plus all of the lobbyists must be high fivin’ each other.

Kos, I hate to say I told you so but this is exactly what I would predict would happen back when you threw me off.  Obama made a right turn and threw YOU off.  What you have here is Biden as the man behind the curtain, working with the old, white guys in Congress to party like it’s 1959.  Are you satisfied now?  What else can you expect from a candidate who has no discernable core principles, no CV to speak of and a complete and utter dependence on his congressional backers? Go back and take a look at that pic.  Who is in charge?  We gave up Hillary Clinton for Joe Biden???  Who couldn’t manage to eek out any delegates on his own?


The DNC has lost its mind.  Not only have they perpetrated fraud after fraud on the voters this year but they send me an email seeking my help in promoting this stupid meme that McCain doesn’t know how many houses he has.  Tell me they aren’t really this clueless.

It doesn’t matter how many houses McCain has.  It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know about all of them.  The point is, men who live in million dollar mansions (that they purchased with help from a convicted felon) have no right to point to the abundance of his opponent’s living arrangements.  Neither one of them knows what it’s like to live in a Philly row home or a trailer park or a modest three bedroom townhouse or a California ranch. Pursuing this line of attack is a waste of time and effort.

Oh, what do I care?

Who is running the DNC these days?  They are really amatuers.  Someone should keep them away from sharp objects.  They are a danger to themselves and others.

Well, I’m going to hop in the shower and finish stowing my stuff.  I always over pack.  With any luck, I’ll be in Denver by 4:00PM MT.  Er, that’s 6:00PM EST.  There probably won’t be much to report until then unless the Indianapolis airport is more sexy than I thought.  Stay tuned for Gary and Mawm’s great adventure and don’t forget to check out Murphy’s Schedule of Event’s on PUMAPac.

227 Responses

  1. Good morning, RD! Have a great trip. I can’t wait to get your take on events in Denver. Hey, is Jerelyn a PUMA now? She said she can’t vote for a ticket with Biden on it. That’s what happens when you thow your lot in with cheaters and thugs, huh?

  2. Good Morning, wife and I are checking the news on our computers and Ms. UpstateNY thinks, and I quote: “all this O crap is going to fall dead”

    I think Ms. Upstate is right.

    Jeralyn is going to be so happy, Biden, “the Old farty footie” (again, quoting my wife)

  3. BB, you are up early….I had to walk the dog, what is your excuse?

  4. Oh, and RD, stay safe.

  5. Godspeed to all the pumas going to Denver.
    May the road rise to meet you
    And the wind always be at your back.



  6. Was anyone else disgusted by how Obama was manipulating the media? Every time I turned on CNN last night they were all just waiting with baited breath to hear whom Obama would bless. I checked in occasionally to see if anything important was happening in the world (silly me) and got nothing but a lot of blather about the One. Finally I emailed them these lines from a song by James and Bobby Purify:

    “Pull them little strings and I’ll sing you a song, I’m your puppet
    Make me do right or make me do wrong, I’m your puppet”

    They did seem a lot like love sick adolescents hanging by the phone desperately hoping to hear from a crush. It was pathetic and made Obama seem like he was just playing games with all of us (which he was since he had already made his decision). And they were sooooo impressed by the silly text message saying how it was all about the future instead of recognizing it as the gimmick it is. (Somehow I think young people will not be impressed by this.)

    Now I wake up to find Obama went out of his way to insult Hillary by sending the text message at 3 am…..
    I hope this gives her the out she needs to stop having to work hard for him. And I hope everyone points out to the media how childish Obama is to make insult her and her supporters in such a gratuitous way. Already people at talkleft are saying this just may have lost him their vote.

  7. Hi UpstateNY,

    I’m always up by 6. I woke up a little early today because I’m so excited about Obama picking the worst possible candidate for VP–well, I guess maybe Kerry would have been worse.

  8. Oh my. There is going to be some serious outrage in liberal land today.

    Hope and change and Joe Biden?

    And all those who thought somehow, someway, in spite of all evidence to the contrary that Senator Clinton would be tapped for the VP spot and that would allow them to vote Democrat as they had always done. Now they will feel no remorse in not voting for a Democrat for president and many will feel justified in voting for a Republican. This bunch is not only clueless, they are stupidly clueless.

  9. CNN is already running clips of Biden attacking Obama for not being ready to be President.


  10. heh,BB, I don’t blame you, who wouldn’t be exicted?….oh wait, I just came from TL

    Did Biden really made the Indian-American (7eleven/DD) comment?


    All right, off to TM….what an exciting day

  11. Have fun gloating, UpstateNY. I see the U of Chi is going to release the records of Obama’s time working for Bill Ayres. That should be interesting.

  12. (Smacks forehead on keyboard)

  13. Have a great trip, RD! Represent us well.

    Biden. Ugh. Enough said.

    Still NO DEAL!

    Friggin’ idiots.

  14. jeff dear
    Why wait for next time? We’ve been called old hags already – and you’re recycling the freepers slogan from 2000: “Sore Loserman”- remember? it’s what protesting stolen elections has came to be labeled in this country.
    More pettiness: VP texing – a “3 AM call”

  15. poof?, where did the freeper go?

  16. Oops! Troll gone by the time I posted.
    Have a great trip, RD – awaiting good news from you and the gang!

  17. Looking forward to your take on the convention, riverdaughter. Be safe and have a wonderful time with all of the other democracy lovers that you meet.

  18. poof, into the dead zone of the spam filter.

  19. What a relief. Thank God! I was so worried Hillary would have to keep carrying his sorry ass. Not that it mattered- it would have pained me, but I STILL would have voted against bobo. Actually, Hillary as VP would have angered me more (If such a thing is possible) the thought of a competent, capable woman being subservient to such an obamination made me puke.

  20. So Oblameless is ready to “make” a 3 AM call. Wow! Now what was so urgent about this call? Obama urges I guess.

  21. Have a safe trip, Riverdaughter – am looking forward to the reports from Denver!

  22. @Jeff: This isn’t about Hillary or Barack. This is about us and the principles and policies we hold dear and need.

  23. poof again. What is all this talk about “if”…”when” is the operative word here.

  24. Jeff likes to use the phrase “you people.” Not good Jeff, not good. Ask your candidate why.

  25. Jeff,

    A big one for me is social security. I just wish one of the candidates weren’t a privatizer, but the both are. They both like Scalia too. The Democratic Party has destroyed itself. Don’t try to lecture us, Jeff. We’ve left the party. Run a long now and celebrate the VP choice The One has made.

  26. Safe travel and safe home.

    I am so proud of all of you.


  27. I told you he was a freeper.

  28. s/he=he

  29. Obama is unfit to be CIC.

  30. I’m a bit saddened today; because I like Biden. I went to college in Delaware & I always liked him. I feel silly since I made multiple calls( not @ 3:00am) to his office during the primarys. I would say to his staff, “Does a man like Biden want to spend the next 4yrs. cleaning up after Obama”. Well, I quess I got my answer!
    Is’nt it Biden’s son who helped him out with the “Larry S.” mess. Hopefully that will come out?

  31. We’re just Biden our time until we can restore the Democratic party….

  32. @Jeff: Members of the Free Republic forum. They have been around for quite some trime., PS: Is the way to court your vote by insulting you?

  33. The 3 AM text message is great for Repubs.
    Obama gets the 3 AM call and says hold on a minute guys – I’ll get back with ya in a sec – Gotta text my peeps to let em know what’s happening first.

  34. You guys, check out Sugar’s blog. Her headline and photo are priceless!


  35. I’m not gong to even lie. The reason Obama kept the media waiting so long, is probably because people, were turning him down. He probably spent half the day yesterday on Biden’s telephone trying to get him to say yes. Trust me. No one would pick someone who slammed him as vice, unless it was the last resort.

  36. All right, “value voters”….need to get moving here….I won’t have internet connection for a while at the new place…..

    Hasta la proxima.

  37. I’m just thrilled that HRC dodged that bullet. There was always the outside chance that BO would ask her to be VP and then we’d be in an uncomfortable place. I think Biden is the perfect choice…for a candidate who doesn’t want to win.

    Oh, by the way, it’s time to stick it to HRC again…
    ala CNN, “Clinton Has Been Told She’s Not The VP Pick” . You know, just because they can.


  38. “Yeah those wimmins are all illogical and emotional, but they’ll come around, they always do. Watch me skeer ’em!”

    “Roe V. Wade! Booga Booga! You got nowhere else to go!”

    *crickets and cackling laughter*

    “Why are they all pointing at my peepee while they laugh? I don’t understand…..”

  39. I like Biden too. But I do not feel sorry for him for having to work closely with Obama. Just desserts for Hillary and Bill hating!

  40. @Jeff: Most if not all of us are way past being emotional. I accept your apology. Problem is, I do not find that Sen. Obama really supports my values. He does not support the fourth amendment, is all over the map on the second, did a backflip on public financing and does not appear to be any more of a friend to Roe v, Wade than McCain. McCain atl least will tell you cleanly where he comes from. Obama is triangulating wildly. He has no real economic plan, has no real health care plan, and obfuscates at every opportunity. There are many unanswered questions about his past that he plans to keep that way.

  41. Hillary turned Obama down when he asked her on June 3rd. It was very arrogant of him to do that since his people were responsible for the lie that she was quiting that day. She never wanted to be VP.

    Thank you Obama for choosing Biden. This is a good day too bad Stephanie Tubbs-Jones is not here to celebrate with us.

  42. Dear Jeff,

    (“I realize some of you are still emotional and will come around. These are the people I direct my posts to.”)

    Thank you for feeling my pain..I just can’t get over how My Girl, Hillary, didn’t get the nod from the DNC. {{sobbing uncontrollably}} It’s like when I was dumped by my first true love, I just couldn’t get over it, the emotions were unbearable. Sleepless nights, constant think of “what if I’d only”s. Thank you Jeff, I feel so much better now. {{Using pajama sleeve to wipe snot}} Yes, now that I’ve had a good cry I think I can support Barack Obama and his VP pick, Joe Bi…..Joe Bid…Joe Bide……

    BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!! Psych suckaaaaa!!!!

    Are you kidding?!!1! Joe Biden? Joe Biden??!! So much material, so little time.

  43. OMG, Joe Biden, who made a fool of himself when he chaired the Judiciary committee during the Supreme Court nominations in the 1980s. He’s been in the Senate since Obama was 12 years old.

    If there was ever a chance that I could hold my nose and vote for The One, this ends it. There is no way I could vote for Biden.

  44. Jeff: B.O. not only FAILS to support my values, he’s a pathological, arrogant, neophyte, characterless, unaccomplished man with a major, major, Major chip on his shoulder, prepared to give us a faith-based government (the faith being black liberation theology) run by conspiracy theorists.

  45. Jeff, you are being ridiculous.

  46. elixir: LOL! Thank you for the humerous response to the same troll question we have gotten everyday since June and will get everyday from an Obama troll until November.

  47. Jeff: No, Roe v. is not insignificant. It has, however, become a control mechanism., As Roland Martin put it so eloquently: “Now all you ladies need to vote for Obama or you can’t have your abortions any more”. Sadly, Barack Obama has now decided that we are having them because we’re “blue”. Wonder why we’re not falling into line? Because we’re tired uf working our hearts out for whatever loser is backed by the dNC this cycle.

  48. What Is Being Said About The Obama/Biden Ticket

    AP: Barack Obama told everyone he wanted a running mate who will challenge his thinking, and now he’s got one. Joe Biden’s tendency to speak his own mind—and speak and speak—is entwined in his DNA

    Marc Ambinder: “This is a formidable ticket, and a risky ticket, and not a comfort zone choice for Obama…criticism will focus on Biden’s 1987 plagiarism bout, his support of credit card companies (he pushed the bankruptcy bill that Dems now hate), his comments
    about Obama, his racial obliviousness.”

    Joe Biden On Barack Obama Video

  49. McCain wasted no time. The first ad is already out. LMAO! Oh, this is priceless. What clueless idiots the Obama camp are.

  50. Can someone drop a house on Jeff? or “tighten up” his comments to make sense?

  51. of course they don’t mention the fact that he is responsible for Clarence Thomas being on the Supreme Court. Nobody better say another effing thing to me about women’s choices and Roe.

  52. Jeff won’t be bothering us anymore …mwaahahhahaa!

  53. see, jeff and all these other trolls think they can come comment here and not follow the rules…then they cry about censorship. RD asks for a valid email to post. If you don’t give one, you’re banned. sorry jeff. take your bs elsewhere, but chew on this….how can you argue the whole woman’s issues/abortion rights/SCOTUS argument when Biden trashed Anita Hill and gave us Clarence Thomas? Oh and did I mention he also had a hand in giving us Alberto Gonzalez? You’re all a bunch of hypocrites

  54. I know a little bit about Biden. Over the past 20 odd years, he and his office staff have been helpful to local historical preservation/environmental causes in my area. I thank him for that.

    But the guy just cannot stop talking. It’s a real problem. On the plus side he doesn’t need a teleprompter.

  55. I am so thankful that our Lady doesn’t have to run around behind obie and wipe his butt (and his nose, did you see him on TV putting the snot on his hand! Very presidential!!) oBiden is new, obiden is the new politics of washington, obiden is hope! Are you freaking kidding me……at least they can’t say OLD now when they talk about Mccain…..they can’t say anything about mccain voting for the war……..I’m going right now and donate more $$ to McCain our next POTUS!

    Oh and Jeff……you should go to Obie’s site and celebrate his Obiden pick….you are ridiculous!

  56. Thanks Gary

  57. If we ever needed any more evidence that Obama is the candidate of the DC insiders, this is it.

  58. and didn’t Obama just say something about how Clarence Thomas was the one judge he would remove from the SCOTUS? So why pick the man responsible for him?

  59. GCH: Two possibilities: He’s blissfully unaware of that part of history also, or he was hoping that we wouldn’t remember,

  60. The two biggest blabber mouths in DC are the Democratic ticket. The cartoons are drawing themselves. McCain needs to pick someone who speaks in monosyllables.
    OT, but pray for me. It is move in day for my freshman at college. She and 7500 for 3 days are dragging in more stuff than I knew she had crammed into her room.

  61. JOE BIDEN ..bwaahhaahhaahhaahhha I can’t stop laughing he is sooo boring , and I cannot help but think now the two appear together ..with the two of them together the roles appear to be reversed … JB looks like the presidential candidate with the kid vp in tow… I am sure Michelle is going to love that

  62. Biden also hit Obama over Kyle Lieberman:

    “I wonder why he wasn’t there to vote,” Biden said. “We all knew that this vote was coming up.”

  63. Escoffier, Obama/Biden is Blow Hard and Blow Harder.

    This is gonna be FUN!

  64. Biden is Klaghorn Leghorn without feathers.

  65. Arabella, I do think Biden is a decent man at heart, though with an ego the size of Montana. I don’t dislike him. But this was a STUPID choice for Obama.

  66. WMCB – Yes, Joe Biden is a decent man at heart.

    But he runs off at the mouth and has said some unfortunate things. Wasn’t he the one who made a crack about not being able to walk into a Dunkin Donuts without hearing an Indian accent?

    I’m not sure if he was.

  67. Arabella: Yes, that was joe.

  68. Yep, he was the one who make the Dunkin Donuts/7-11 crack.

  69. If anyone is interested in joining me trying to get our voices heard??!!
    Then e-mail Chicago area Tribune area reporter(who has been TRYING to warn the US about Obama) @:
    “jskass@tribune.com John Kass
    cc: howarddean@dnc.org I think?
    & any news org of your choice they all STINK.
    “I quess “we” JUST GOT the FINGER @ 3:00am”!
    Obama by his decision has done “2” things:
    1- Reminded us about how much like BUSH he is!
    2-Brought Larry ***clair into the news, since Biden’s son helped Obama out with this mess months ago.

  70. Obama needs to pray that McCain doesn’t pick a woman for VP.

  71. Arabella, hair plugs do look a little like feathers close up. I’ve seen a few and I like bald men much better.
    WMCB, the jokes just write themselves. Both of them can talk without breathing for seemingly forever.

  72. Has anybody seen recent poll numbers for PA? I hear that McCain has pulled ahead of Obama. (He’ll have to give “walking around money” in November, supposedly.)

    Also, Ohio is really close.

    I don’t think Biden will help Obama in either state.

  73. If McCain picks Palin, it’s over.

  74. We’ll at least Obama is consistent he STILL has poor judgment and oh boy the Press will love this Pick just think of the gaffe’s and I am sure Obama is thinking he can blame his upcoming loss on a Biden Blunder which their will be many of make not mistake. And who the heck believes this guy has reaches in Ohio and Pa and Catholics sooooo out of touch. Hillary not be vetted tells you about the man Obama small.

  75. This is a big relief. He brings absolutely nothing with him to the table that will be of any political benefit other than the media being able to wax on about what a big person Obama is for picking the man who called him clean and articulate.

  76. Riverdaughter and Gary and Maum….have a righteous good time at the convention! When I was a young teen I protested the 68 convention. Got tear gassed, chases by cops on horses, but all this time latter I remember it as one of the bravest things I ever did. Fight the good fight. I may not agree with you about everything, but I’m proud of your committment and eloquence and your courage!

  77. I think McCain should spoof the 3 am thing.

    “Obama finally decided to pick up the phone at 3 am. And he picked it up to call an old experienced Washington hand. Is this leadership we can count on?”

  78. A Bounce “for” Obama, but not the one he is expecting……..

    Senator Obama has at this moment lost 20% of Senator Clinton’s
    support, circa 5M and another 28% unsure…..

    A bounce will come to his campaign, but this will be in the form
    of further increases to the 5 million, who are not prepared to
    support Senator Obama, now that he has consigned Senator Clinton to the waste bin.
    A view from an Irish prospective……………….

    Senex, Ireland

  79. I give it a better than 50% chance that Biden will be replaced as a VP candidate within 72 hours.

  80. Senex – Where do you live? My father’s people are from Cou

  81. the dude on CNN who reads viewer emails just said most of them were negative about Biden and then read two of them. Then he had to dig up a pro-Biden email that was a couple of days old in order to provide balance. LOL.

  82. It seems pretty clear that Biden was chosen because of Russia’s invasion of Georgia.

    In a week or two, when there’s another crisis in another area — not foreign policy — will Obama ask for a do-over?

  83. Senex – Where do you live? My father’s people are from County Mayo. I’d love to visit Ireland again. Also, I love your name. Is it from Plautus? I still keep up with my latin.

  84. Dang it. I have a new laptop but I can’t get used to the keyboard. Sorry for the partial/duplicate posts.

    I’m going to pick up my brother from his group home and take him to my mother’s so that we can have our Saturday visit.

    I’ll check in later.

  85. Does this mean Joe “I’m Not The Guy” Biden lied? He fits right in with the current Democratic leadership and Obama’s thugs. Idiots!

  86. #
    Arabella Trefoil, 8:37
    I give it a better than 50% chance that Biden will be replaced as a VP candidate within 72 hours.

    I think Obama’s big mistake was that he didn’t hold an online contest to pick his VP Maybe he still can.

  87. Like I said before, they’re going to need the invesco Field-Denver Bronco Mile Hile Stadium to hold the two very large egos, Egobama and Biden, and might I add, have a place for all of their hot air to escape.

    All their hot air could impact local weather patterns, yet might actually help vertical mixing, if Denver has an air inversion/air pollution episode. Others may argue their hot air is the air pollution.

  88. Change……New blood……So, Obama pick some who has been screwing the country up for the pass 30 years. according to Obama.

  89. I was starting to worry that if Hillary was the VP choice I wouldn’t be able to vote against her. Now I don’t have to worry about that.

    I read somewhere that Biden was one of the co-authors of the bankruptcy bill — I’ll be more than happy to vote against him.

  90. Liberty Belle All their hot air could impact local weather patterns, yet might actually help vertical mixing, if Denver has an air inversion/air pollution episode. Others may argue their hot air is the air pollution.

    And all the hot air balloons in the area can turn off their burners
    that day and save energy… Obama’s first real policy!

  91. Good morning all. It is Saturday. The weather in my little towns is sunny and cool – IOW beautiful. Hillary is not the VP. That alone is reason enough for me to feel peaceful and contented. Right now I am feeling so good I don’t want to even think of …. who know who and what.

    Dear Conflucians, let’s give thanks for what is good and feel the peace this morning.

  92. Change the Iraqis Can Believe In? Why Obama–Biden Could Mean More of the Same (Or Maybe Something Worse)

    By Reidar Visser (www.historiae.org)

    23 August 2008

    In many ways, Barack Obama’s approach to Iraq is strikingly similar to that of the Bush administration and John McCain. In theory, the addition of Joe Biden to Obama’s ticket could change this, but over the last weeks and months there have been interesting moves by Biden to remove most traces of his “Iraq plans” from the public domain.

    Full article at:


  93. Looks like i have to kiss Pelosi’s butt. She did predict,
    no Hillary, thank god.

  94. Exactly Katiebird. And he picks the senator who presided over the most sexist and demeaning senate hearing in history. Proud day for women.

  95. And then insults Hillary and her supporters by sending out his silly text message at 3 am.

  96. Obama would be the first president elected right out of Junior High.

  97. LMAO! I just read someone calling Biden “The Comb-Back Kid”. LMAO!

  98. Well I think they realize there is no way we are going to “get over it” and “come around” so they might as well dig the knife deeper just for giggles.

  99. Biden’s later memoirs of his time on Obama’s ticket: “The Nanny Diaries”

  100. Katiebird,

    I was thinking the same thing about the bankruptcy bill. I know Biden supported it, and Deleware is the home base of lots of credit card companies. Of course Obama voted against capping interest rates on credit cards at 30%. Now someone who simply misses a payment can have his interest rate jacked up to 40% or more.

  101. I’m so happy it’s not Evan Bayh and obviously that Virginia thing isn’t going to work out that well so Kaine was out. I’m assuming they think Joe will be the best attack dog against McCain.

  102. Oh, and then there’s this famous statement of Joe’s: “I would let the tax cuts for all of the middle class lapse.”

    I can see that one in an ad right now.

  103. Analysis: Biden pick shows lack of confidence
    DENVER (AP) — The candidate of change went with the status quo.

    In picking Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate, Barack Obama sought to shore up his weakness — inexperience in office and on foreign policy — rather than underscore his strength as a new-generation candidate defying political conventions.
    continue reading: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  104. fred, Biden was a defensive choice. And you never win playing defense.

  105. Mary Lou – Love you idea about using their hot air to fill the balloons! If we could just figure out how to channel their air into vehicle tires, we’d save gas mileage etc. – then Barry would really have any energy policy, wouldn’t he?

  106. ARE YOU LISTENING, SUPERDELEGATES??? This is a train wreck. Are you going to get some spine and do the right thing, or follow Dean and Pelosi over this cliff????

  107. If McCain picked Meg Whitman….WOW!!!

  108. By picking Joe Biden……doesn’t that just emphasize, Obama is lacking exp

  109. Evan Bayh would have made me cringe because that would have made a difference on some level. But Biden is Old Washington all the way. Can’t someone save these people from themselves?

  110. Meg Whitman would be a GREAT pick for McCain.

  111. @BernieO
    You forgot the part where all the little texters waiting patiently for their ring were mercilessly scooped by the media anyway – I heard CNN had it at 2, Politico has an article on him at 1:44AM

  112. Bayh is dull as dishwater, but I really like him a lot. I’m so glad he wasn’t VP – I would have hated that.

  113. edgeofforever, so Obama basically shafted and scammed his extra-special BFF’s just to get their cell numbers.


  114. From another blog, FWIW:

    one of my “sources” told me that Hillary told Obama not to ask her back whrn they had the “secret meeting”

    don’t know how true this was, but (s)he is a BIG Clinton bundler

  115. I really thought it would be Bayh because he was so close to Hillary. Biden must be there to serve one purpose: get under McCain’s skin.

  116. I am also fuming over the fact that in addition to not deigning to vet her for VP (even if just for respect and appearances sake), he made a point of saying she won’t be in his cabinet, either.

    McCain should come out at some point and say how well he and Hillary work together and he would be honored to have Senator Clinton in his Cabinet.

  117. Didn’t Biden only a couple of days ago say “I’m not the man” regarding the possible VP job? What could they have promised him (or threatened him with) to clean up after the worst, weakest, most unelectable candidate that the Democratic Party has ever shoved down the throats of its membership? I look at Joe and see that film clip at the debate standing by his words, “he’s not ready”.

    He should have stuck by his guns and stayed in the Senate. Main thing is that Hillary is free.

  118. [T]he likeliest attacks in Biden are all matters of public record, and often problems of his own making.

    Biden, who dropped out of the 1988 Democratic primary after he was accused of lifting sections of his stump speech about his humble origins from British Labour party leader Neil Kinnock, more recently took heat in 2006, when he said, “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

    This year, he managed to blow up his official announcement he was entering the race when he deemed Obama “the first mainstream African American [candidate] who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

    Reporters and opposition researchers are already salivating at the verbal grenades yet to be launched.

    More substantively, Biden supported the 2002 resolution that authorized the war in Iraq—a resolution that Obama opposed and, in the primaries at least, painted as “the most important foreign-policy decision in a generation.”

    Biden was on the wrong side of that thinking, by Obama’s lights. In 2002, he said that America had “no choice but to eliminate” Saddam Hussein.

    While preparing for his own run at the party’s nomination last year, he took several shots at Obama’s inexperience, warning that “If the Democrats think we’re going to be able to nominate someone who can win without that person being able to table unimpeachable credentials on national security and foreign policy, I think we’re making a tragic mistake.”

  119. Yes, Hillary is free at last.

    The Whitman idea is interesting because the last time we had a bad economy in an election folks turned to Ross Perot in HUGE numbers.

  120. RD – have a safe journey – you are doing the people’s work.

    It is now official – the media, BO’s supporters are all lunatics. I actually watched FIVE minutes of news coverage this morning on MSM – watched a Linda Douglass, campaign manager for BO – the MSNBC talking heads – they are saying Biden, with all his criticism and gaffes – IS THE PERFECT RUNNING MATE FOR THE FRAUD! You know why? Because the average voter loves that stuff – they are not paying attention to “every little word” said – Jeebus, they are all insane. They are smirking and laughing while saying all of this. Who knew, Biden – the man who has been the butt of so many jokes regarding his ego, loose lips, is now the perfect person to be second in command?????? AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!

    On one hand, I feel safer that this insane combo will never get the votes, on another hand, I don’t want McCain either, but I will take him over this charade.
    I am with Hallmark’s Maxine – this is the year we need to forego electing a president for four years – can’t hurt and maybe will help!

  121. If any of you need a nice, light diversion go see “Vicky Christina Barcelona.”

    McCain needs to throw a little Ross Perot into this race. People want something different. But they don’t want Obama. He’s clearly showing that he is not different. McCain can easily marginalize him with someone like Meg Whitman. Of course, it’s too bad the Rs are so hooked on social issues.

  122. RD–travel safely, and be careful. I think the Biden decision is a boon for bloggers everywhere, and is perfect for PUMAs. What better choice than someone gaffier than Pampers? Who will ever forget this Biden classic?

    This is going to be painful…or hilarious!

  123. What’s the surprise?

    One plagarist picks another.

  124. Jonathan Alter just said that Joe will bolster Obama’s “street creds”. Wonder if he’s as good with shots as Hillary??

  125. A gift from heaven to the McCain campaign.

  126. OBAMA BI nlaDEN

    just occurred to be in the shower, bet it’s already out there!

  127. Who is running the DNC these days? They are really amatuers.

    That’s what really struck me at the RBC meeting. Watching and listening to them I thought: THESE are the people making the decisions for the rest of us?!

  128. Fun with initials! The Dems are trying to nominate BOJB ’08!!

  129. No offense to our wonderful male PUMAS, but this picture of them makes the whole thing seem so completely:


  130. Now I wake up to find Obama went out of his way to insult Hillary by sending the text message at 3 am…- BernieO

    Yup, he messed up again…waking everyone up with news
    that we knew about at 9pm the night prior. BIG NEWS…stick
    it to Hillary!

    3 AM…. BP= Biden (Babysitter President) …So, that you
    can sleep at night now that Russia has said the likely hood
    of a nuclear attack on Poland is 100% if missiles are
    placed there, we wanted you to know we have someone
    with 35 years experience in the senate. For the ‘wimmin folk’
    don’t worry about Roe vs. Wade, you know where Biden
    stands, he made sure Clarance Thomas got on the court!

    CHANGE brought to you by Washington insiders, the BIG
    BOYS that run things. Gee, Obama’s got ‘Same Ole Game’!

  131. Crybabies, accept your loss and move on. Bet you wont post this.

    Obama/Biden 08 and 12

  132. Yes, Mike, I am crying. I’ve been sobbing all night, cantchatell? BOJB ’08 is so gonna win. We’re doomed.

  133. Obama went out of his way to insult Hillary by sending the text message at 3 am…..

    Why was the 3 a.m. message more insulting to Hill, what am I missing? I knew he didn’t have the guts or wisdom to pick her, and I’m so relieved he didn’t. Still, it just makes him look like more of an a*s.

  134. Where’s my can of Troll-Begone?

  135. Oh…I just got it, never mind 🙂

  136. The thing about the 3 a.m. text is that it is basically admitting the fact that he is not ready:

    See? I picked someone WITH experience who CAN handle that 3 a.m. call, so you don’t have to worry now!

    But Biden is not at the top of the ticket nitwit, you are. Even standing next to him in this picture, it makes him look like he’s in high school. Next to McCain and Biden…please.

  137. Sorry Mike we are the majority, our candidate won, and our Democracy comes first. We’re not moving on.

  138. Maybe the Obama campaign might want to ratchet back the attacks on Senator McCain about all them houses and all.

    A. Obama should be trying to keep the subject of “houses” out of the discussion. Cause no matter how many houses Senator and Mrs. McCain own, they bought them, or rather her beer money most likely did without the help of a slumlord convicted felon.

    B. Obama’s spanking new VP choice, the change that’s been in Washington for over 30 years says that:

    “Rich folks are as patriotic as poor folks.”

  139. Are the Bots accusing us of being upset that he didn’t pick Hillary?

    LOL. They expose their stupidity again. We are RELIEVED, but hey, thanks for ridiculing anyone out there who was hoping for that, because this will give them the push they needed NOT to vote for Baby President WannaBE.

  140. Biden, like Obama, also voted for the new FISA bill. So much for 4th Amendment protections.

  141. McCain can’t pick Whitman–she has zero governmental experience. That’s like the Caroline Kennedy suggestion. The VP has to be ready to step in as CIC. Meg Whitman might be a great businesswoman, but that alone doesn’t qualify her.

  142. WMCB: When did BO say he wouldn’t put Hillary in his Cabinet? He actually felt the need to declare that?

  143. I think Bam Bam is scared of Russia so he called in Daddy Joe , I am convinced he is looking for a father …and now he has someone to emulate …. he is such a chameleon

  144. nicholas

    ( I )

  145. nicholas


  146. Mourning for Howard Dean?? now there is some judgement ….sorry but that is laughable I am personally in mourning for democracy in the so called democratic party .. and Nicholas thanks for the oversimplification and trivialisation of my deeply held and long considered values
    Support what party ?? the “demographic” party that told us they didnt need us??
    Silver people on the shoreline You dont need us

  147. My son and his girlfriend stayed over last night. I was up late so I knew about Biden. At 3:30 am, their text alarm went off announcing the VP pick..2 hours after I heard the news on FOX.


    It’s 3:00 AM. There’s a crisis somewhere in the world. Barack is in the White House. What will he do?
    Immediately text his 2,000,000 supporters and ask for their ideas. He will carefully weigh each and every one in order to make the most thoughtful and reasonable decision. That’s Change We Can Believe In.

    I’m BO and I approved this message.

  148. Making the “VP reveal” at 3:00 AM fits in with O’s spiteful and juvenile persona.
    He needs a “daddy” to balance that.

    I’m just glad Hillary is nowhere near this fiasco.

  149. I will respect your opinion, and so will the world, because we have no choice in the matter. I just wanted to speak my mind as you all have done. In the end, no one can tell you what to do… I had no intention of oversimplfying anyones beliefs. I apologise if anyone was offended.

  150. Great ad Suzanne!

    I heard McCain’s team put out an ad first thing this morning that showed Biden saying “BO is not ready to be president,” and another one of him praising McCain.

  151. Can’t say I gratified to know that the “good old boy” network is still alive and well! An unqualified rookie and a seasoned political hack, each coming well equipped with strong ties to misogyny, have left the pundits swooning all over themselves with rapture! Ladies, take heed and get back to your seats in the second row. We will let you know when we are ready for your vote. Until then, sit down and shut up!

  152. That was the whole thing about Perot. People wanted something different than govt experience.

  153. Jeez, Joe Biden was my distant second choice for POTUS after Hillary. I am sooooooooo glad she didn’t get the offer for the position. Of course, I don’t really know but, anyway, it isn’t her and she is free. Now Joe Biden can take up the heavy lifting for Obambi and Hillary can take a much needed vacation with Bill and Chelsea. Always liked Biden…..would like to know the real story as to why he accepted this ‘honor’. No longer think as much of him and,well, really can’t vote for him. PUMA Hillary or McCain

  154. I like Biden and he is a good Democrat. I don’t believe he campaigned for the job, but Obama was running out of people to ask, so Biden accepted. It does not alter the dynanics of the Obama campaign because they are on a path to lose. The only candidate that could have changed this to a winner was Hillary Clinton and he saw fit to insult her again. Not very smart. Hillary will have to play the good sport and continue her support and we will have another chance to elect her in 2012. The DNC will need to be cleaned out as well!

  155. Morning everyone! Have a safe trip, RD and all the other PUMAs!

    All I have to say is, thank GAWD it’s not Hillary.

    Not that I ever thought it would be, but at least now I don’t have to read the endless wishin’ and hopin’ from BTD and Alegre on this topic. I think Alegre is awesome and a heroine, but that was one thing that annoyed the sh*t out of me at her place. Why wish for something like that? It would be the very worst possible thing for the country and for Hillary, IMHO.

    On CNN this morning, they were talking about how Biden is reassuring in case something happens to Obama. I couldn’t believe it. They were talking about his assassination! Isn’t that topic verboten? (And as usual, they’ve skipped right over the Convention and the election. Obama is already President, you know!)

  156. So when Obama has that 3am call, all he knows to do is run to the old guy that actually has some experience. Then, why isn’t Biden heading that ticket.

    overjoyed it’s not Hillary, but They Just Don’t Get It.

  157. Oh, and according to the WaPo, this decision does not change the dynamics of the race at all.


  158. Yes, thank God it’s not Hillary. I’m baffled by those who can bring themselves to watch CNN. I heard on the radio that Harry Smith on CBS asked this question to Obambi: “The McCain ads against you frankly have been condescending, right?”

  159. What just happened? My understanding when all this started so many years ago it seems, is that Obama stood for “hope” and “change”, to rid Washington of its ties to special interests and was carrying this message from his status as an “outsider” and a “transcender” who could bring “unity” to the country with this message.

    Instead we have been treated to a heavy dose of Chicago politics, the co-opting of the DNC, the constant drumbeat of ra*ce baiting, the “my way or the highway” meme, the arrogance of a nominee out of his depth, and now the selection of a man who has been a Washington insider for over 30 years.

    Since the press has been beating the drum as the hope and change chorus how does this selection square off what appears to be the complete refutation of what this campaign rode in on?

    For those who jumped onto this traveling sideshow it must be especially difficult to try and explain just what it was that gripped your support and then watch it dissolve into the same old, same old school of politics.

    Joe Biden? Why not Robert Byrd? Same difference if the experience, or lack thereof of the front runner, is the primary consideration. Good luck with that.

  160. I’m having fun cruising the blogs. There are some HILARIOUS comments this morning.

    For many of us it was like that magic moment when Geraldo opened the vault, except Biden jumped out in a second banana costume

    To quote Monty Python, “And there was great rejoicing. yaay.”

  161. SOD: Say the word!

  162. I’m watching Joe and Willy has just asked to watch the McCain ad. Willy can’t stand BO. I love his smirk!

    You go Willy!


  163. Choosing Biden, especially announcing it at 3 a.m., is a blatant admission:

    Obama is not ready to be CIC on his own.

    So why is here there? Change?

    Nope, Biden is an old Washington vet.


    Hope that he loses by a huge margin.

  164. “he” there, dang.

  165. Ha, Ben! I didn’t know who the pick was, so I turned on CNN. To show you how often I watch it, I didn’t even know which channel it was on! LOL

    PJ – The Obamans must be peeing their Cheeto-covered pants. I don’t know how you square Obama’s message with reality. That’s why they’re cult members. They’ll just say “Thank you sir, may I have another?” while Obama uses and abuses their naive trust and belief in him.

    The Obamaboyz will no doubt pretzel themselves once again to defend Obama’s choice. But then, they are staking their bloggy lives and reputations and traffic on their Messiah. Too bad they chose….poorly.

  166. I think Obama just threw black people under the bus … wasn’t Biden the first one they used the race card on after he said Obama was clean cut and well-spoken? Didn’t he violate the Obama handbook of code for undercover racists?

  167. It’s great to see that Hillary supporters are still standing up against the Dems. Although I’ve been mighty tempted to vote for McCain, I’ll be voting for McKinney (Green Party). But it’s wonderful to see that you folks haven’t given up the good fight. I supported the Dems all my life and now I wonder why. What a complete waste! Oh well, better late than never. Glad they showed their true colors loud and clear. Good luck! I’m rooting for you.

  168. Good Job – Chuck Todd played the race card. He of course is the one that started the race card in the beginning. Fire his fucking ass!

  169. Bill RIchardson must be ripping up his Obama wall to wall posters right about now.


    I’m so happy that Obama picked Biden. 2 out of touch, Rethuglican pandering elitist sexist azzholes.

    What a team!

  170. gxm, PUMAs are responding to this sham of a primary in many ways. Some may sit it out, some are voting Green, some are writing in, some may vote McCain.

    PUMA is not about what you choose to do with your vote in response to all this. It’s about refusing to roll over for a selected, not elected candidate who has sold most of the Democratic base down the river. It’s about taking a stand for a Democratic Party that is more than in name only, and letting them know that they do not own our votes, WE DO. If they want our votes in the future, they will have to earn them with something more than a “D” tacked onto their name.

  171. I love it!

    Biden will shore up his deficits in this, and that, and this, and that, and this, and that.

    Hey guys – How about just chosing Hillary and nothing will be need to be shored up!

  172. Yay for Chuck Todd! These idiots still haven’t figured out that it’s not the primary anymore, and race-guilting will get at best zero response in the general, and at worst backlash.

  173. its 3 am Who do you call ??

    Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

    I like him well enough he is” likeable enough ” but if i wanted him in office i would have voted for him the FIRST TIME

  174. Is his middle name Robinette? Wow!

    I like Biden too, but not as VP, and especially not Obama’s VP.

    Oh well, since Obama will be VP anyway, it really doesn’t matter who he selects, does it?


  175. WMCB: ” The Nanny Diaries”


    I’m thinking “Baby Daddy” might be an alternative.

  176. Something happened in that one hour meeting held between Hillary and Obama at Feinstein’s home. I am convinced that something went down there that actually made a difference in this outcome. Someday perhaps that will be revealed but as it is now, the press is treating Obama’s decision to “allow” a floor vote as a sign of his magnanimity. What a guy!

    They seem to be treating this “allowance” somewhat like the fretful parent promising the whiny kid “just 5 more minutes of tv” before packing him off to bed. No, no, no! Stop giving him credit for something that was rightfully hers to begin with you idiots! He is not a nice guy!

    This is what happens when you insist on pushing the least qualified candidate in history to lead your ticket. Selecting a guy who can “shore up his deficiencies” will take an army of others to carry the water. Get real.

  177. SOD – Rove hasn’t stopped laughing since he convinced Donna Brazile he was her best buddy.

  178. yes so now we have two candidates that middle names are off limits
    This is the weirdest , most off the wall most idiotic “campaign for the presidency ” I have ever witnessed . just by his campaign behavior alone I wouldnt trust bo to hold the phone for me much less the fate of this country for the next four to eight years .

  179. Hope Richardson is chewing on his fat knuckle right now, lamenting his leap into Obama’s camp and shrugging off a friendship which actually rewarded him for loyalty. Lanny Davis alluded to as much on Fox earlier. Oh well.

  180. Yep, RD — you nailed it. And the fool who threw you off his site so many moons ago? Not too smart.

    I like McC because he is a rebel. Who cares about his houses — and I’ll tell you something else too, he’s been working too hard to know how many houses he has! And, more houses DO NOT make a person happier, either. Believe me I know.

    I think McC likes a cabin in Arizona, likes to walk in nature like Teddy Roosevelt and frankly, doesn’t really give too much of a damn!
    Less is MORE! Less is LESS problems! (and property tax!)
    So, this whole deal about being a Dem all these years?
    they can SCR*W off ! It’s McC all the way — and RD—while you are in the airport see if you can see the new orange and green ads for camel cigs— you are going to see a big ORANGE word! CHANGE–done in font O’bama! — gee, does that mean that the tobacco people are behind him too?

    Hmmmmmm……… I just saw another one of those placards just yeaterday. Have fun RD and be careful not to get put into one of the protest cages, okay?

    your pal,
    PUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think McC should snag Hillary! for VP! & if he picks a pro-choice VP? He’s in!

  181. vbonnaire – What I am now waiting for is McCain’s VP choice. If Obama gets the nom, McCain’s choice will be very important to me. It will signal whose votes he wants.

    If he goes NeoCon (Lieberman) or TheoCon (Romney), he’s going after the base. If he goes Moderate (Tom Ridge), he’s going after PUMAs.

    I guess we’ll see what he does. My guess? He’ll roll it out a lot more efficiently than Obama did.

  182. Frankly, I do not like McCain or his policies. But I would sooner cast my vote for Tom Delay than ever vote for Obama. There are many reasons but today, after viewing that caucus fraud video, I am convinced more than ever that he and his henchmen are a detriment to this country and should never get near the Oval Office.

    Fair and square have joined the list of words, like objectivity for one, that have been retired this campaign season. They should never be used in the same sentence with the name Obama.

  183. Jonathon Alter said what???? I thought Obama was the one with the street creds?

  184. WMCB, that’s exactly how I feel. Never again will I vote for a candidate just because there’s a D by his or her name. The only Dem I’m currently supporting is Mark Warner… and I’m hoping he doesn’t disappoint me with his keynote address. I think it’s wonderful that Hillary supporters are refusing to be silenced and are going to the convention. I’m behind them 100%. She was a great candidate and has not deserved such shabby treatment from the party she’s served so well. However, I was relieved (miffed and relieved) that she wasn’t the VP pick. And I’m getting a good chuckle over the Biden choice.

  185. Someone (Cavuto?) got it right when they dubbed the Dem team “O’Biden”.

  186. Just got back from getting some food. Noticed My first comment was erased. I wasn’t mean, or derogatory. Guess this says a lot about your org. Censor those who dissagree with you.

  187. Biden: yet another stupid choice. No one wanted him for president and no one will want him for VP. This was the last straw for me – it’s McCain in November.

  188. nicholas – get over yourself. We are a PUMA blog. We have heard it all before and we don’t care.

    If you don’t like the way we treat you, please go elsewhere.

  189. nicholas: Lesson learned: never go out for lunch.

  190. Isn’t that the hand you all are claiming to be delt?

  191. Nicholas, which is worse: bumping the occasional post off a message board or silencing the voice of HALF of your voter base? IIRC, there has never been a closer primary than this past Democratic primary and the Dems have, for all intents, told half their voter base to **** off. That’s not only censorship, it’s downright stupid. MOO, of course.

  192. It appears to be here too.

  193. gxm, exactly. We are the big tent. Some of us are very far left, some are centrists, some left-moderates, some concerned with GLBT issues, some with feminist issues, etc. But the thing we agree on is the message that the day is OVER when the DNC can assume our votes are AUTOMATIC. They are not. No more.

  194. nicholas – Yes, and we went elsewhere and established our own places where our points of view were welcomed.

    You are welcome to do the same.

  195. Just pointing out Hypocracy

  196. gxm, let me add: PUMA is not about telling anyone who to vote for. PUMA is about telling you that YOU OWN YOUR VOTE.

  197. Help me out with this: In 2008 we had a Repub candidate with little or no experience who selected an old hand politician who we determined later was actually “running the show”. Junior had no idea what he was doing, but Cheney the veteran pol propped up the prop so to speak.

    Fast forward to 2008: we have a candidate with little or no experience who selected an old hand politician to prop up this years “prop”. See any difference? What are we voting for here, President or Vice President? If it is the latter, than let’s put Biden at the TOP of the ticket for a “change” and “hope” that Obama is not another Cheney.

    Makes as much sense as what we are witnessing so far.

  198. just not the right to an opposing opinion…

  199. I hope you folks are plying along at home

  200. If it’s an answer you don’t agree with are you going to erase it?

  201. ”Neither one of them knows what it’s like to live in a Philly row home or a trailer park or a modest three bedroom townhouse or a California ranch. Pursuing this line of attack is a waste of time and effort.”

    Would not agree with this Riverdaughter. McCain, of whom I am not entirely uncritical, spent 5 years in a POW hellhole.

  202. nicholas: Go away and find your scratching post elsewhere. You comments are unwelcome and frankly stupid.

  203. nicholas, I also have the right to take a crap. But I don’t necessarily have a right to do it in the middle of your dinner table.

    Go drop your turds somewhere else.

  204. ok.

  205. oooh — he’s running from the building without answering the questions…

    probably couldn’t answer ’em anyway

  206. RD has a new post up – it’s a doozy!

  207. “Silence is golden to the man who could not hear”.

  208. You told me to shut up… see comments above.

  209. Godspeed Riverdaughter!

    I apologize in advance for the length of this, but my college roommate from OKC wanted to know why I was a PUMA. So I replied in a very long e-mail. Here’s some of it. Do any of you agree?

    “I vote in CT, which is also supposed to be safely Dem in November. But I have my doubts and think that the polls underestimate the strength of the GOP and the so-called Bradley factor here, since the state overwhelmingly re-elected our moderate GOP gov Jodi Rell and Lieberman in 2006. Also consider the gold coast’s (Greenwich, etc) fear of raised taxes and the fact that Chris Shays, their congressman, was the only GOP congressman left in New England after 2006. So I’ve made up my mind to exploit it by voting for McCain. If I’m wrong, it won’t matter. If I’m right, my vote will have contributed to Bambi’s justly-deserved defeat. I keep thinking of Dewey v. Truman – you never know.

    “And I voted for Anderson in 1980 and Reagan in 1984. So this isn’t the first time for me.

    “And thanks to Chuck Schumer (who also went to Harvard law but doesn’t have to flaunt it since he’s the real deal instead of an empty suit), we’ll have a safe Dem majority in the Senate. Should have and could have been the magic “60” if the DNC didn’t go broke and let Bambi take over the cash register. Add that to the House, and you have divided government. I predict lots and lots of ticket-splitting this year.

    “Yes, McCain can nominate justices. But no one seems to remember that he was a founding member of the Gang of 14. And I’m convinced that Roe v. Wade for the Dems is like the Second amendment is to the GOP. Great fundraising tools, but the country accepts upholding both of them. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, it’ll become a state issue – like gay rights/ marriage. Which, frankly, is where it should have been in the first place. So using Roe v. Wade as a reason why I have to vote Dem for Prez no matter what won’t work with me. That dog don’t hunt.

    “OK, that’s strategy. Now, emotion. I just hate the guy. I also hated Mondale for the way he treated Gary Hart, but nothing like the way I hate Bambi. I turn the sound off (and so does my husband, when I’m around) when he’s on TV. He’s been doing that with Bush for 8 years. But he hasn’t also stormed out of the room muttering “f**kface”. I’ve never called anyone that – ever – till now.

    “Why? I guess it’s cumulative. I just know for a moral certainty that there’s no way that I’ll be “won over”. And I blame the DNC’s and SuperDelegates for being, frankly, bought off by Bambi’s fund-raising prowess. Which, in fact, stems from George Soros and the hedge fund boys – who we challenge on a daily basis at work – and their desire to (1) kill Hillary and (2) put in a weak two-faced opportunist who won’t try to regulate them. They succeeded in killing Hillary – till 2012.

    “One of the reasons I love my job is that, in my own small way, I try to dispense justice and ensure that bad behavior does not get rewarded. I’ve turned into quite a moralist! Money bought Bambi – willingly, since he’s a weasely little ass-kisser. Corporate America – and especially the deregulated media that it now controls – threw its money to defeat Hillary, who was a real financial threat to them. Now they’re safe. If Bambi wins, their puppet will spend the next four years fundraising so it’s unlikely that he’ll bite the hand that fed him. If McCain wins, there is a hope that as a one-termer, he’ll try to make the country fairer. He may have a limited opportunity to do so with a Dem congress. Would that actually happen? 50/50, I’d say.

    “Finally, Bambi is just not qualified. Having spent most of my life in the afore-mentioned coporate America, my #1 pet peeve was incompetent bosses. And I had many. I’ve struggled to find something – something – that he’s done besides being a fund-raising machine for the Daleys, and now the DNC. Geez, we had a bag-man in NY (Alfonso D’Amato) but at least he was also known as pot-hole Allie since he instantly responded to constituent needs. I thought that Connecticut politics were corrupt but Chicago is a real eye-opener! Add Bill Ayers and his lovely wife Bernadette, Tony Rezko and that wackadoo Rev Wright to the mix and it makes me very, very scared to have this guy’s finger on the button. What a weakling! Vacationing in Hawaii while Georgia burned – he makes Jimmy Carter look like Stalin. And don’t try to sell me on Joe Biden giving him foreign policy heft – Bambi’s too arrogant to listen to anyone, so poor Biden will be left muttering to himself in his office, cutting ribbons and attending funerals.

    “Should I go on? I probably could – and probably will. But I pale in comparison with the bloggers on my favorite site, the Confluence. A brainy bunch – and no, we’re not all menopausal nut-jobs. Here’s the link.”

  210. Hello Conflucians–I’ve been lurking here for a month or more and am just now posting to tell you all how much I enjoy your site. Having a place to drop in daily to find solace and support for the demise of my beloved Democratic party gives me hope that, if the party cannot be saved, then a new and stronger party can rise out of its ashes.

    I’m also a “Boston boomer” (although wouldn’t even try to hold a candle to your very own poster of the same name) and I’ve voted for every Democratic presidential candidate since 1972 (“Don’t blame me, I’m from Massachusetts”). Not this year. I can’t bring myself to vote for McCain, but I’ll either leave the top of the ballot blank or write in Hillary.

    W/R/T the VP pick, Biden won’t bring any additional votes to Obama, electoral or popular. I, too, am very glad Hillary was not the choice. Having spent 30 years in law/business seeing smart, competent, experienced women having to carry the water of their young, glib, mediocre male bosses, the thought of Hillary reporting to that neophyte makes me gag. Let’s see if old man Biden has the stomach to clean up after Obambi when he soils himself.

    Did anyone hear the female news reader on CNN early this morning inadvertently refer to the new Dem ticket as “O’Biden”? Some slip of the tongue, huh?

    Speaking of CNN, John King reported the Biden news just after 12:30 this morning and the NYT had it as its banner headline just before I went to bed at 1:00 AM. So much for the overblown text message hype. If I’d divulged my cell number to the Obama camp, I’d be seriously PO’ed (or maybe BO’ed?).

    To RD and all of you attending the convention: Godspeed and fight the good fight. I’ll be with you in spirit.

  211. Neil, there is a new thread up top, and most folks have gone there. I really wish you’d repost this up there. It’s beautiful.

    Power to the People.

  212. Rd Great post. You are sooooooo right! The old boy Democratic club have their GWB.

    He will be the puppet of the male Democrat establishment. I knew that was the case as soon as I learned the Teddy boy was pushing BO to run for president. Nobody would vote for them, so they found an empty suit to run on false promises. This is one old woman who will not vote for the male establishment everagain. NObama NOvember!

  213. absolutely it was Joe Bidens son that had Larry Sinclair arrested they wanted someone that would not only go along with the low down dirty underhanded politics , but someone who would and could help … and I dont even have a tinfoil hat to know that….of course I am not saying a tinfoil hat might be nice 🙂

  214. “Obama went out of his way to insult Hillary by sending the text message at 3 am…..
    Why was the 3 a.m. message more insulting to Hill, what am I missing? I knew he didn’t have the guts or wisdom to pick her, and I’m so relieved he didn’t. Still, it just makes him look like more of an a*s”

    You PUMA folks are really paranoid. I wonder. Do you all have to look under the bed and close the closet door before you can go to sleep?

    Jesus. You’re pathetic.

    Funny, but pathetic.



    Biden ADVISED Kerry to pick McCain as VP ON DEM TICKET..IN 2004

    MSNBC – McCain urged to join Kerry ticket


    McCain urged to join Kerry ticket
    Biden says a joint ticket would help heal ‘vicious rift’ dividing U.S.

    Updated: 8:48 p.m. ET May 16, 2004

    WASHINGTON – Sen. Joseph Biden, a senior Democrat, on Sunday urged Republican Sen. John McCain to run for vice president with the Democratic hopeful, Sen. John Kerry, in order to heal the “vicious rift” dividing America.

    McCain, of Arizona, “categorically” ruled out standing with Kerry, but Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he had no second choice.

    “I’m sticking with McCain,” Biden said.

    “I think John McCain would be a great candidate for vice president,” Biden, from Delaware, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” where the two senators appeared together to take questions on Iraq and other subjects.


    Sens. John McCain and Joe Biden on ‘Meet the Press’

    “Do I think it’s going to happen? No,” he said. “But I think it is a reflection of the desire of this country and the desire of people in both parties to want to see this God-awful, vicious rift that exists in the nation healed, and John and John could go a long way to heal in that rift.”

    McCain, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee and in line to take over the Senate Armed Services panel in two years, endorsed Biden’s call for bridging the political gap between Democrats and Republicans.

    “There’s too much partisanship in America, and there’s too much partisanship in the Senate,” he said. “And we’re not doing our job as our constituents expect us to do.”

    “I will always take anyone’s phone calls,” McCain said of any call he might get from Kerry, a fellow decorated Vietnam War veteran. “But I will not, I categorically will not do it.”

    Kerry said Wednesday that McCain, a frequent critic of President Bush, would be his first choice to replace Donald Rumsfeld, the secretary of defense now wrestling with the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

    “I have any number of people that I would make secretary of Defense, beginning with our good friend John McCain,” Kerry said last week.

    But on “Meet the Press” Sunday, McCain also indicated he was not interested in becoming secretary of defense in the event of a Kerry victory in November.

  216. Thanks WMCB. Will do.

    Story of my life–a day late and a dollar short! :>)

  217. Hi Nell – join the club 🙂

  218. RD, please stay safe!

    “Kos, I hate to say I told you so but this is exactly what I would predict would happen back when you threw me off. Obama made a right turn and threw YOU off.”

    I really think what Obama did is the Democratic version of the old Nixon strategy: run to the hard left for the primaries, then “to the center” for the general election.

  219. […] 2: I was right, the PUMAs took the timing as a slap to the face: Cute. They sent the text message at 3:00am probably because they aren’t quite done sticking it […]

  220. Uh…now the Hillary supporters are saying they’re relieved eventhough Hillary said she would accept the VP slot.

    Hillary also said that her supporters should support Obama. So what is REALLY going on here?


  221. Is it me, or is there a serious troll infestation today?

  222. Why is it that when someone disagrees, they are “trolls”?
    Again….what is really behind all of this nonsense?

  223. OK< John, let me answer you directly. I am personally relieved that HRC was not selected because any defeat would become her fault. Now BHO can stand or fall on his own merits, or lack thereof as the case may be. I appreciate HRC’s support of BHO. She is a good democrat. My vote is my vote, and I will make up my mind. What will not convince me is nuanced insults (e.g. “this nonsense”), veiled threatening references to Roe v. Wade, or demands to fall in line. I am a Democrat, and we do not “just fall in line”.

  224. John,

    I did not want Hillary to be VP, because it would be the same old story women face in this country everyday. A woman working hard in the background getting no recognition while the male gets ahead. Now BO can have his “father figure” help him out.

    And I also own my own vote & it will not go to BO. He stands for nothing and we had enough of that with GWB. I will either write in Hillary or vote for Nader

  225. John;Maybe you can answer the 4 questions on the above thread.Maybe instead of looking *behind* for something ,you could look at what’s directly in front of your face.MaybeI don’t give a flying f*#k if you disagree with the PUMA movement,our votes belong to us! Now go back to your joy stick and kool-aide,you are waaaay out of your league.
    PUMAS kick butt in Denver

  226. Wha’ chu talking ’bout, RD?

    That’s Willis and Mr. Drummond in Illinois.

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