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On the ground in Denver

The paint is fresh at PUMA HQ.  We’re located right next to the Police Department so we shouldbe relatively safe.  There are cops EVERYWHERE.  It’slike a lice infestation.  On the way from the airport, we passed three bike medics.  That’s right, they have their equipment in paneers(sp) on the back ot their bikes.  Rill says she’s seen police on bikes too but she can’t quite take them seriously.

People are arriving as we speak.  Darragh’s mom is here.  DancesWithPumas is here.

MarylandPUMA, TruthIsGold and some of the documentary film crew.  Murphy is out getting some stuff from the rental store.  We’re setting up tables, getting the swag together and generally having a good time.  We’ve got Aretha Franklin on the laptop speakers.

Yeah! More later.
in the meantime, the Declaration has been updated:

153 Responses

  1. This is great..Keep safe…
    Give them Hillary

  2. We want first hand accounting of what that stage looks like in person.

  3. Keep the faith, be safe, and have a great time.

  4. Glad you there safely. You make us proud!

  5. So glad you all have made it safe and sound. And wow how lucky to have your own police force! And you didn’t even have to pay fro them! LOL!

    Can wait to see some pics and reports!

  6. Stay focused. Glad everyone is safe.

    Hillary’s and Our Debt is not paid after PUMA went on the air telling everyone we collected 6 to 10 million. She is now sitting holding the bag. Please find away to get this out there so that we can this handled.


  7. I don’t know if this has been reported here yet but there was a lawsuit filed against Obama I guess a day or so ago.

    It was filed by Philip J. Berg of PA. in the suit; Berg vs. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083
    To stay the nomination of Obama due to him not meeting the qualifications to run for Pres. That being he never was or is no longer considered a “natural born” citizen of the US.
    You can check out Deb’s video which highlights the claims here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SiNYt2Vj40

    And check out a copy of the suit here:
    http://www.obamacrimes.com/index.php/component/content/artic le/1-main/1-philip-j-berg-esq-files-federal-lawsuit-requesti ng-obama-be-removed-as-a-candidate-as-he-does-not-meet-the-q ualifications-for-president

  8. Lice infestation?

  9. Thanks for the update post…we may not be commenting but we are watching and checking in.

    About the lawsuit…this guy interviewed him last night.
    American Right

  10. RD, glad you made it in safely.

    And whoever mentioned boliche– now that sounds good. A Cuban style potaje would be nice too.

  11. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. Any chance of getting the guy on one of the radio shows? Would love to hear from the man himself!

  12. Am happy you had a safe journey and arrival . Since Joe Biden was chosen the DJs at my radio station have gone nuts “screaming at me” in caps about how he is the one responsible for THE RAVE ACT which is the legislature which allows the federal government to target music events .
    here is an excerpt from drugpolicy.org
    Dance, Music and Entertainment
    The War on Drugs has often been used to suppress music and lifestyles disliked by the political establishment. Local, state, and federal drug laws give the government enormous power and this power has been used to exert control over emerging subcultures. Jazz in the 1940s. Rock and roll in the 1960s. Heavy metal and rap in the 1980s. Electronic music and Hip Hop today.

    The RAVE Act which threatens to squash live music and free speech was passed in 2003 when it was tacked onto an unrelated child protection bill. In 2004 there were two additional pieces of legislation considered – the CLEAN-UP Act and the Ecstasy Awareness Act – that threatened to widen the laws to prosecute anyone who holds an event and fails to prevent illicit drug use.

    Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) forced the controversial legislation commonly known as the “RAVE” Act through both houses of Congress as an attachment to an unrelated child abduction bill. The “RAVE” Act, also referred to as the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act of 2003, was introduced as an addition to the Child Abduction Protect Act of 2003, widely recognized as the AMBER Alert bill (S151). The “RAVE” Act had not passed a single committee before being attached to the AMBER Alert bill. In addition, it was so controversial when it was introduced during the 107th Congress that two Senators withdrew their sponsorship.

    The “RAVE” Act makes it easier for the federal government to prosecute innocent business owners for the drug offenses of their customers – even if they take steps to stop such activity. This is a threat to free speech and musical expression while placing at risk any hotel/motel owner, concert promoter, event organizer, nightclub owner or arena/stadium owner for the drug violations of third parties – real or alleged – regardless of whether or not the promoter and/or property owner made a good-faith effort to keep their event drug-free. It applies not only to electronic music parties, but any type of public gathering: theatrical productions, rock concerts, DJ nights at your local club or tavern, and political rallies. Moreover, it gives heightened powers and discretion to prosecutors who may use it to target events they personally don’t like, such as Hip-Hop events and gay and lesbian fundraisers

    and you can read the remainder here

    bo can very easily lose the youth vote , if he hasn’t already , the rave act is hugely unpopular among youth and music lovers and free speech lovers for that matter

    oopsies there goes the youth vote


    Please send Conflucians hugs to Darragh & PUMA family!!!

    Police close by is good.

    Godspeed & keep us posted!

  14. trist,
    Leave a comment at American Right and see if he can hook you up….he is really nice, the guy who writes the blog.

  15. RD, thanks for checking in and keeping us updated. Great (and reassuring) to hear you’ve arrived safe and sound.

    Send everyone our best. Wishing y’all (the Texas in me) an abundance of success, strength and unity. 😉 🙂


  16. RD-glad you’ve arrived safely! All the best, and have a great time!

  17. Woohoo! Stay safe and fight hard!

  18. Hey folks in Denver, Carol makes a really good point. If you can mention HIllary’s Debt to everyone maybe we can get it paid. Not everyone gave, I think I heard only about 100,000 people. Out of 18 million that is a sad state.

  19. 30yrdem,
    I’ll see if I can get Mr. Berg’s contact info, and pass it on to one of the radio hosts, unless someone else wants to do it?
    Since I think it would be best for the people who actually put the shows together to do this type of thing. As they have to make the arrangements.
    That is IF they would even want to interview him. I would like to hear him, but it’s not up to me. So……..

  20. Oh louis, louis, louis. we’re just a tiny band of hysterical females, it’s not like we can actually affect the outcome of an election or anything. So why so grumpy?

    Today you got your dream ticket, so go celebrate with your friends and family, none of which I’m assuming reside here.
    Please don’t deprive them of your company on our account.
    Have a nice day! 🙂

  21. i wish faye would get bigger so I could evacuate to Denver on FEMA, goddess knows they owe all of us Nawlins folks …

  22. Have fun in Denver! Just remember the sunblock – the sun is a lot more intense there.

    Can’t be there in person, so I thought I’d pass along some inspiration –

    P.H. Pearse’s poem (he was one of the Easter Uprising martyrs from the Irish rebellion)


    and for your listening pleasure, a little Lennon.

  23. RD: the police on bikes have the best butts, and are very buff. Just sayin…….

  24. Someone needs to zap the troll.

    Glad to read PUMAs are arriving safely. Give ’em hell!

    And I look forward to Fuzzybear’s meditation tonight.

  25. Yay RD! Stay safe and have fun with all the magnificent PUMAs!

  26. I have never understood the logic of a) we are a teeny tiny insignificant group of hysterical dead-enders b) if Obama loses it will be our fault.

    BOTH of those statements cannot be true at the same time.

  27. Hold onto your hats, because this is going to FREAK the bots. (But I LOVE IT!)

    mccain launching an ad targeted at clinton being jilted-
    No sooner had Barack Obama publicly announced his new running mate had John McCain’s campaign produced an attack ad asking: Why not Hillary?

    “Passed Over” will hit the airwaves at (you guessed it) 3 a.m. Sunday. The timing is a reference to Hillary Clinton’s national security ad during the Democratic primary and the same time the Obama campaign sent out its text message announcing Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden as the vice-presidential nominee.

    “She won millions of votes. But isn’t on his ticket. Why?” an announcer says in the 30-second spot.

    The answer? “For speaking the truth.”

    The ad, which has not yet been released, then ticks off a litany of criticism Clinton used against Obama in the prolonged primary, according to a transcript sent to reporters.

    “You never hear the specifics,” Clinton says.

    “On the Rezko scandal,” the voice says.

    “We still don’t have a lot of answers about Senator Obama,” Clinton says in footage from the primaries.

    “Senator Obama’s campaign has become increasingly negative,” Clinton says in another scene.

    The announcer closes by saying “The truth hurt. And Obama didn’t like it.”

    The ad is the latest sign that the presidential contest has grown increasingly personal. It’s also proof that the some times bitter battle between the two Democratic senators has provided useful fodder to the Republican opposition.

    Both Obama and McCain are fighting to win over the 18 million voters who chose Clinton during the primaries.

    Recent polls show her base of mostly white working-class women has not rallied behind the Illinois senator. McCain frequently praises the former first lady in an effort to woo her still undecided supporters.

    “Passed Over” could strike a chord since many Clinton fans are upset that she was not seriously considered as Obama’s running mate. While most people considered the “dream ticket” a long shot, the Obama-Biden ticket still struck a chord among supporters and delegates who had held out hope that Clinton would be chosen.
    http:/ /blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2008/08/23/new-mccain-ad-gets-more-personal/

  28. WMCB – OMG, the bots are going to FREAK OUT. They have always hysterically claimed that Hillary should have been helping Obama win from the very beginning, even when she was running against him!

    Hang on, ladies and gentlemen. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  29. WMCB: No doubt the Obot will blame Hillary for this, but IACF anyway, plus the Dems surely will use the words Repub primary opponents against McCain.

    At least, I think they’re smart…enough….to…do..that. Beginning to wonder.

  30. Pat Bucannah ……..Made a funny. “I can believe, they didn’t pick Hillary, put an ankle bracelet on Bill and do it. She got 18 million votes, what are they thinking.

  31. I hope the Obots do us a favor and drive Hillary out of the Democratic party.

    Then PUMA will be the first 3rd party to win the White House since before the Civil War

  32. According to Rasmussen, the choice of Biden has not been particularly well received; at least so far.

    39% Say Biden the Right Choice, Women Less Enthusiastic
    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    On the day that Barack Obama announced Joe Biden as his running mate, 39% of voters said he made the right choice. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 25% disagreed and another 35% are not sure.

    Women are notably less enthusiastic than men—33% of women say Biden was the right choice while 27% disagreed. Men, by a 46% to 24% margin, said that Obama made the right choice.

    Not surprisingly, Democrats were more supportive of Obama’s decision than anybody else—52% of those in his party agreed with his pick while 19% disagreed. However, just 43% of Democratic women said the presumptive nominee made the best pick while 23% disagreed.

    Overall, 32% said the selection of Biden made them more likely to vote for Obama and an identical percentage said it made them less likely to do so. Among unaffiliated voters, 25% are more likely to vote for Biden while 33% had the opposite view.

    Thirty-nine percent (39%) say Biden is ready to be President while 35% disagree.

  33. Pat Cadell has been going OFF on the Biden choice. He says that it seems likely that since Biden is close to Daley and it was a Daley decision.

  34. My answer to the freak out will be this quote from the article:

    McCain frequently praises the former first lady in an effort to woo her still undecided supporters.

    McCain is doing the thing that The One would not lift a finger or lower his precious self to do. REACH OUT, and GIVE HILLARY HER DUE. Obama could have done that. His big-assed bloated ego wouldn’t let him. Neither would his supporters. So don’t complain NOW if McCain does what YOU were too proud to do.

  35. Obama didn’t want me, it’s his fault I’m looking around…. no guilt at all anymore. I’m not going back to him, either.

  36. KB – really?

    Everything Obama touches seems to attract the stink of Chicago corruption.

  37. Scotland’s award-winning independent newspaper

    Excerpt: How real is the threat posed by the Clinton diehards? On the opening day of the event, timed to coincide with Michelle Obama’s opening address, hundreds of members of PUMA will meet in Cheesman Park in downtown Denver to “celebrate Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy.”

    The acronym officially stands for People United Means Action, but its informal meaning, expressed on affiliated blogs such as NotYourSweetie, OneOf18Million and NobamaNetwork, is Party Unity My Ass.

    One typical post rails that “there will be a lot of calls for Unity!’. But let us acknowledge what this really is. Unity’ is a weapon that the party is going to use against us.

  38. madamab — yes. It’s on FOX News now. I think Cadell is gone now.

  39. bottom line: joe biden doesn’t matter
    obama is still all teleprompter speeches, no substance

  40. Jeesh, everything it seems reaches back to the Chicago machine.

  41. WMCB – They told us they didn’t need us, now they’re yelling at us for taking them at their word.

    Gosh, no misogyny or disrespect there.

  42. katiebird, I’ve been saying for months that this all traces back to the Chicago Combine in ways we can’t even imagine. There are shadows in the background, everywhere you look.

    This guy is DANGEROUS for this country.

  43. WMCB – Logic is meaningless when speaking of BO supporters. I can promise a failed run by the selected one. There are PUMAs, Hillary supporters and independents. As BO has more exposure, the polls are dipping. And they will continue to plunge. Why? He is the least experienced candidate for POTUS ever. He is not a good speaker, he alienates people with his thoughtless comments, crude gestures and egotisical air. He does not have a clue as to how to campaign and he is being told it’s in the bag. Hah!

    Those who will not vote for him are growing each day – 18,000,000 ++ and he /they have no one to blame but themselves.

    The troll Louis Trish – typical BO supporter, typical comments. I am so glad Hillary is not to be burdened with VP selection. BO is not gonna make it and no amount of money can help. Sheer lunacy from the gitgo.

  44. Makes sense if you view it from a height of 30,000 feet. Obama was tanking. He failed the C in C test while on vacation. Bayh was the leading contender but they wanted someone with more foreign affairs chops. Hence, Biden. Send him on a “fact finding” mission to Georgia and voila, VP! If they had to fly in Father Christmas to assure this race they would. Daley to Biden=accept.

  45. I actually think Biden won’t matter. I think it’s going to come down to “God Damn America” — and Obama’s 20 years in that church. I just don’t see “America” voting for anyone who sat in that church.

    ESPECIALLY a guy who’s never held a full time job before this.

  46. This Hannity & Colmes show is REALLY interesting.

  47. hello all ! the boys (gch & mawm) are back on the road and I’ve had the great pleasure of their company today… love love love them…they are just as nice, witty and intelligent in person as they are here. travel safe boys!

  48. I think they are borderline personailty disorder .. they keep doing the I hate you ( because you didnt vote for me ; you voted for Hillary ) but dont leave me
    I cant live without you …..

    rant ……… its classic I hate you !!! dont leave me!!! borderline behavior, often found in the narcissist as well

  49. Riverdaughter, so glad to hear you have made it out there safe and sound. Please give everyone my best and warmest wishes for a safe and successful PUMA stay in Denver.

    I thought of you a little while ago while listening to a local Sat. nite folk show, because they played Eva Cassidy’s version of the Sting song, “Fields of Gold”. I remember you had the video on your site early on, perhaps after Hillary suspended. It was beautiful, and I felt very moved by it. From now on, I’ll think of you and Hillary when I hear that version.

    FYI – I tried to sing and strum along, but admit I welled up with tears, thinking of all the loss we’ve had lately, and people who were close to the Clintons who we’ve lost like Rep. Tubbs Jones and Mr. Gwatney. Tears are good – what is it they say, “A man who has no tears has no heart”; ditto for women.

    Stay safe, and enjoy your stay, too. Wish I could join you, but know we’re there in spirit.

  50. biden won’t really do any harm for Obama other than those ads. That ad with Obama’s chin in the air is really damning. And as always it’s going to be about Obama. Biden will have nothing to do with his electoral chances.

  51. WMBC, I don’t see why it’s not a bigger issue. I always thought that “Chicago” and “corruption” were totally linked in politics.

  52. Thank you for everything that you are doing for all of us. Please be safe….but get noticed!!!!!!

  53. indigogrrl,

    I envy you. What a fun way to spend a day! And I heard that pictures are coming soon??

  54. And women do not like Obama. He is that boyfriend who never called when he promised. The guy who never had the money to take you anywhere but always had it for whatever he wanted to do. The guy who never remembered a special occasion but sulked if you did not remember his. The guy who put the empty ice cream container back in the freezer and drank your last coke. The guy who made fun of your friends while “hitting” on your BFF. The guy who blamed his miserable performance on you. A regular sweetheart. We’ve met him many times.

  55. katie, that is what always made me crazy about O’s “purer than the driven snow, never touched those politics in my life” bullshit.

    NO ONE has the success he had in Chicago politics with absolutely pristine and clean hands. NO ONE. It is simply not possible. Even the good guys in Chicago have to play the game a LITTLE.

  56. PJ – Especially those of us over 30. We have enough experience to realize when a man is more in love with himself than he is with you. 🙂

  57. KB: Exactly! The day that first video was released on national tv is the day Obama should have resigned. When he didn’t it was the day, the DNC should have kicked his butt back to Chicago. Little did America know that Wright was just a trickle of the corruption and extremism surrounding Obama.

    The surface has barely been scratched.

    And I’m beginning to think like a conspiracy theorist. The Chicago/Illinois corruption is deep and wide, and they want AG Patrick Fitzgerald out of the way. We know what a president Obama would do on day one….

  58. The problem for Obamanation is they hyped the VP pick for two weeks, trying to create a “buzz”

    What they did was guarantee that no one could meet expectations.

  59. Pat – Eddy said, “Better make it clear you are not speaking of me!”

  60. madamab, yep. I feel so much better after telling Obama and the DNC:


  61. Should Obama get in the first thing all US attorneys must do is offer a letter of resignation to the new administration. Patrick Fitzgerald will be one of them out of the state of IL. Obama will surely receive that letter of resignation and more than likely, since Fitzgerald is a Repub, fail to reappoint. This saves any further investigations into Rezko, Blogovich, Daley. A win win which may have been the purpose of this “game” from the beginning.

  62. WMCB – LOL!

  63. Take care, be safe and have fun.

    Thank you for doing this!

    Wish I was there.

  64. indigogrrl: are you in WV?

  65. I finally realized one of the reasons I’ve felt so discouraged today with this choice. If it had been someone simply outrageous, with no experience, etc., I might have had more hope that the roll call would have been more favorable for Hillary. But, with Biden, whether I like him or not, he’s someone with experience and I’m afraid the delegates will not go against him, not to mention NObama. So, I’m feeling kinda sad tonight, but trying to visualize a miracle.

  66. Carol: &^&&^%%%$!!!!!!!!! )(L*&J^&%#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. nope Im in SW VA about 45 minutes from th NC border..and near Roanoke

  68. Lakota, know what you mean. The freight train is hard to stop, has been for some time now.

    But we do what we can, at least we stand up for what is right. Who knows, sometimes miracles do happen.

  69. Biden is of course praising Obama as a great unifier, but, Joe, show me, anything in his record, of him ever bring anybody together. The swill goes on.

  70. Picking Biden was an admission that Obama lacks experience.

  71. myiq – He hardly had a choice in the matter. It’s quite obvious that he has no experience. And “borrowing” someone else’s experience doesn’t cut it.

  72. oh, I dunno. He unified the Democratic Party against him – at least, a large portion of it!

  73. Hoorah! Hillary is free and clear of the stupid one!
    Come on PUMA!

  74. The Obamabots have reduced this choice to the following:
    “How wonderful, our Baby is going to have a Daddy after all!” Of course not one of them sees the irony in all of this. The guy at the top so inadequate that they have to choose an old white man to bolster the ticket. No, to them this is exciting beyond belief. Morons!

  75. Good luck you guys! Columbia, MD is with you in spirit.

  76. Looking at Biden, I just wish it was he who was the nominee if not Hillary. Everything is just backwards. We have two profoundly qualified people in Hillary and Biden and yet we nominate a community organizer who has had that wonderful experience of working in both state and federal govt?

  77. Indigogrll: do you get Roanoke television stations?

  78. “Macaca Biden.” Will refer to gross old man as such.

  79. ben: Exactly. It is if they hired the son of the company owner right out of high school and the others are stuck mentoring the idiot as he signs their paychecks and takes his 3 hour lunch. Chuckleheads.

  80. I’m not gonna bash Biden.

    I don’t agree with him on some things, but I had him ranked 4th on my preference list of declared candidates.

    I had Obama 6th, behind Richardson.

    That was then. He’s several places behind Gravel now.

  81. hey everyone!!! we’re on the road again, just left roanoke. Indigogrrl set us up…can’t wait for you all to see the photos, SM is working on a post right now. We are definitely going to get noticed

  82. 10:02 comment. Sorry. Didn’t mean to call Biden
    “old.” Gross, yes.

  83. I wish I was there in that PUMA office. It sounds so fun! PUMAS be safe and keep us posted. I can’t wait to see all of the pics.

    Gary and Mawm are especially talented at documentation–can’t’ wait!

    The Obots will be blaming Hill for the “passed over” ad. “How dare she! Giving McCain ammo!”
    I can hear it now.

    McCain’s media team is brilliant–and on it– I have to say

  84. Biden voted for the AUMF, just like Hillary.

    I bet the whole AUMF thingie goes down the Obot memory hole now.

  85. my iq:
    Picking Biden was an admission that Obama lacks experience.

    Hoorah! Hillary is free and clear of the stupid one!

    You guys nailed the best news of the day.

  86. Biden seems to have a nice wife and family. And I liked him after Hillary. HOWEVER, it doesn’t matter what we think of HIM. This is about Obama. Biden will likely now go into the waste bin of history with Lloyd Bentsen, Jack Kemp, Sargent Shriver, and John Edwards.

  87. joanie:

    Bashing Hillary at this point isn’t just counter-productive, it’s suicidal.

    But they can’t help themselves.

  88. Biden also chaired the Judiciary Committee that held the Thomas/Hill hearings and did nothing to protect her from the Repub attacks. Thomas got through. Now a SC justice. So much for the Roe argument.

  89. Obama……..Has split the party. But, they won’t and can’t admit it. The great unifier has split the party. The party is split………..The party is split…….Look at fortress Denver.

  90. I remember what a champion of women’s rights (and human decency, the pursuit of truth) Biden was when Anita Hill was being demolished. Biden has no class.
    Calling Obama “clean” was really grotesque as well.
    I am very, very happy that O chose Biden. Now I can vote against two folks I find morally bankrupt at the same time. Sweet. I actually know people who were going to vote for O if Hillary was VP choice. I am so very pleased that Hillary will not be VP nom (cause I would have voted against her to rid us of O toot sweet; and, now my friends will not vote O either) happy. happy. happy.

  91. Thanks Indigogrrl! You are a major talent!

  92. I love (not really) the idea that the GOP wouldn’t have figured out that Uh-bama is inexperienced if Hillary hadn’t told them.

    That’s tied for dumb-ass with the idea that only a racist would call him arrogant and presumptuous.

  93. Just received this email:

    Dear Clinton Supporter,

    As a Texas DNC member I am an automatic delegate to Denver. I pledged to Hillary one month before the Texas Primary, and I shall vote for her on the roll call honoring this political commitment as I have done for 52 years of political activity.

    I have received over one thousand emails, letters and post cards from Hillary backers, and I am pleased at our shared commitment to her. However, some of these messages contained vicious attacks on Senator Obama which are inconsistent with Democratic success in November. The late, great Hubert H. Humphrey often warned us “not to poison the well from which we might drink.”

    Having cast my first vote for Adlai Stevenson in 1956 and for each Democratic nominee in every election since, it would be a good idea to review what is at stake this year and the disastrous impact of Democratic defections in prior Presidential elections.

    This time we know that McCain has promised to continue the Bush tax cuts for billionaires, millionaires, and large corporations with little or no relief for middle class and low-income taxpayers.

    We know that he will continue the War in Iraq even though American soldiers are dying and suffer life-altering injuries in an unnecessary war which cost 8 to 10 billion dollars a month.

    He is committed to appointing Supreme Court Justices like Scalia and Thomas. The best Justices are the oldest and one or two more Justices like Scalia and Thomas may well tip the balance to reverse Roe v. Wade and to declare the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional.

    In 1968 we narrowly lost to Nixon because disgruntled liberals refused to back Humphrey.

    In 1980 we lost because many disaffected Kennedy supporters refused to help Carter and we got Reagan.

    In 2000 we lost Al Gore and got Bush because disaffected liberals sat it out or voted for Nader.

    Given the tragic consequences of those elections, shooting ourselves in the foot again seems an affront to common sense. Hillary Clinton understands the consequences of a McCain Presidency and is already campaigning for Obama. Bill Clinton will campaign for Obama.

    If Hilary and Bill are strong enough and smart enough to overlook personal affronts and deep disappointment to do the right thing for America, the rest of us who helped her corral over 18 million votes have little or no excuse not to join in this crusade for a more just and enlightened government.

    My support of Hillary was more than lip service. I recruited 3 field organizers, made 13,000 “robo” calls to activist Democrats, sent 11,000 emails and 5,000 personal letters. My allies and I carried my home county with 62+ percent in the Presidential Primary and 55+ percent in the County convention for Hillary.

    As a committed Hillary supporter I ask you to join her and me to win the Presidency in November.

    Democratically Yours,

    Bob Slagle

  94. MYiq, that’s just it. they can’t help themselves. And they can’t see the insanity. McCain does though.

  95. Gary, I’m so excited about seeing you and Mawm. Do you know when you’ll get here? To Kansas City?

    Just imagine, I’ll see Joanie and Gary & Mawm all in the same week!

  96. Biden also called Alberto Gonzalez a “nice guy” all the while he sat there and lied and lied and lied before the committee. “I like you. I really do” said Biden. What the hell kind of leadership is this? When Alioto and Roberts came before the same committee Joe asked few questions but took the time allotted to talk and talk and talk. This is a member of congress and we ask why the approval rating is at 9%. These people could care less about us.

  97. katiebird: Should be fun!

  98. Geraldo just told Howard he was “pissed” that Hillary was not chosen nor vetted.

    I trust that Hillary told him no. Now, BO looks really bad but can’t take the humiliation to say she rejected him so we win on both accounts.


  99. Angelasmith……..Great.

  100. katie, if we drive straight through we should be there around lunchtime tomorrow, give or take a few hours. I’ll call you in the morning.

  101. HI Katie! I can’t believe I will see you so soon–its been at least two years.

    I asked if Gary and Mawm were coming through KC on I-70 on the way back–never heard, but if they did, I could catch their return trip!

  102. carol, you’re gonna love the pics of the RV!!!

  103. Fox showing the new McCain ad to be released 3 am.

    It is great.

  104. gary – I’m looking forward to it.

  105. Gary- you’re here- Going home the same route?

  106. joanie, we can’t think that far ahead 🙂 we’ll keep you updated.

  107. Whoever is doing McCain’s ads is earning his money. They come right out after any Obama attack and take no prisoners. Never thought I would hear myself rooting for the other side.

  108. indigogrrl: Yeah, I just call a guy from our guys, they are running late, and I will probably not see them on this end of the trip, maybe on the return.

    Told Gary we had Maker’s Mark & made chocolate chip cookies for them, but since they can’t make it, we’ll be hitting the booze & cookies real soon here.

    The important thing is, they’re safe & on their way to Denver.

  109. understood. y’all have a big job ahead.

  110. McCain has great ad people with so much ammunition!

  111. Gary, did you get the email with my phone number? I’m so excited.

    I live a ways off the highway. Should I find a place closer for us to meet for lunch?

  112. Hi gary and Mawm!!!

  113. booze and cookies! Puuurrrfect!

    Gin and tonics tonight for me:)

  114. joaniebone; Fasting ?

  115. I don’t think I can take this anymore, My own Party has decided that it needs Wall St. moola and the approval of Keith Olbermann and Carl Bernstein more than it needs to protect the Roosevelt/Johnson/Clinton legacy and actually help people!
    I’m a Clinton Democrat.

  116. Pat–yes. A “cleansing diet”.

    If I pickle myself for the next three days, I hope to look well preserved when Katie and the folks see me. My birthday’s coming up–don’t want to look a day over 55.

  117. state – I really like your site. Those 2 photos are hysterical on 2 levels – one makes me laugh hysterically, the second makes me cry hysterically.

    I will visit often. Good Job.

  118. (snort) 55 — What are you trying to pull?

    (giggling wildly)

  119. I think we need to consider that this is not “our party” any longer. This party has been taken over by a faction whose desire is to turn it into something else. And I have no idea what that something else is supposed to look like but from what has been fashioned so far, I don’t much care for what I see.

    We are outcasts unless we adhere to the nominee and vote as instructed. Then back to the wilderness for us.

  120. I just saw a Comedy Central add for their coverage of the convention and they had a group of people on risers and one of them was WILL — they were PUMAs!! No explanation or anything. Just the promo for their convention coverage…

  121. Wall Street does not want BO.

    I have heard repeatedly that if he imposes the higher taxes on capital gains the Stock Market will crash, and we will head straight into a depression.


  122. Then he needs to name his Dept of Revenue candidate pronto! How about one of those guys from Enron who are shortly up for parole?

  123. My old party is currently undergoing renovations. It may come out looking something like the convention podium.

  124. kb, its always been my strategy to lower expectations.

  125. Will – Hillary’s Debt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. katiebird; And she has always met that strategy.

  127. New thread up, and the pics will make you grin a MILE WIDE.

  128. Joanie & Pat, PLEASE don’t put me in the middle of this!

  129. Pat, you’re right and I think I owe “crazy” old Ralph Nader an apology. Ralph, you’re right, there is no longer a dimes worth of difference between the two parties.
    And I’m someone whose Irish Grandfather had pictures of FDR and JFK on his mantel.

  130. Lakota in GA – Thanks for putting you finger on how and why I’ve felt discouraged today, too. You verbalized it well.

    Praying for a miracle, or a whole bunch of them, too.

  131. Hi All…I’m Back.

  132. I picture the McCain crew in a “war room” with charts of possible attacks on MCain and how to respond.

    “If they say ______, fire back with _________”

    They know what their weaknesses are, and they are two steps ahead of Axelrod.

    Somewhere, Turdblossom is laughing his ass off.

  133. The GOP and Rove mapped out their strategy last year.

    That’s when they said “We can’t beat Hillary. Let’s invest our money in helping a Democrat we can beat steal the nomination from her.”

  134. {{snort}}

  135. It’s always the question.

  136. Please refer to him by his proper name.

  137. I just don’t know what to do.

  138. myiq2xu…LOL!

  139. Today’s Courier Mail, a Brisbane newspaper down here in Oz, had a large story about how much Barry needs Clinton voters in order to win. It referred to us as Clintonistas and talked about how we are protesting at the convention. Didn’t mention the actual name PUMA but described us well.

  140. My daughter and I had dinner.

  141. good work keep up pumas.
    keep it up

  142. Pat J. This is going to feel like an eternity.

  143. I’m laughing and crying intermittently myself.

  144. It looks like US here at the Confluence…led by President Hillary Clinton.

  145. {{sigh}}

  146. myiq – That’s what I think – he’s an old dirty trickster – did his internship under Segretti circa Watergate

  147. Anyhow, first – glad to see the team made it safe and sound amd the PUMAmoblie looks great!

    Thanks, two states for the poem and video – though I hope nothing requiring police happens – this has such a 1968 flavor.

    wmcb put up an article with this:
    Both Obama and McCain are fighting to win over the 18 million voters who chose Clinton during the primaries.

    HAH! Obama? He told us to get over it. – Oh, well OK – I can fight about THAT!

  148. Clintonistas – Hillaristas – i’ve been calling us Hillaristas.
    Que viva Hillary!

  149. Nobama picks biden as his VP and TCM was celebrating Laurel and Hardy all Sat 8/23/08.

    Laurel and Hardy = Nobama and Biden

  150. This is history making. This is REAL grass roots democracy. This is what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they created this wonderful republic.I am so proud of you all – of all of us. PUMA-ON!!!!!

  151. Damn this is exciting!!!! VA PUMA

  152. Art meets Activisim=PUMAmobile
    Love it ,love you all.

  153. OMG!!! I can’t wait for McCain to be president so he can trample women’s rights, deep six the economy for working women, and wage endless war in the middle east! That would be SO much better than an Obama presidency!

    Go PUMA!!!

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