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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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The “Big Tent” of PUMA

Our brave PUMA Commanders of the Rebel Alliance, Riverdaughter, Gary & Mawm, Darragh Murphy, Will Bower, Diane Mantouvalos, Piper in Pucci & many other wonderful PUMA/Just Say No Dealers are packing their bags and heading towards Denver to PUMAtize the Democratic Convention!  Please send them positive thoughts as they trek to Denver!  

Fuzzybear, if you have a FuzzyPrayer to share, please write one for our brave PUMAs while you save Gainsville from Fay’s watery wrath?  I know, I know, a SuperBear’s work is never done!

Today the mood’s been philosophical on the Confluence, and I wanted to write in response to some comments I’ve read in the NoObamasphere about PUMAs and our organized chaos (which is really proof we are a true grassroots movement.) In fact, we are the true remnants of Big Tent Democrats who formed the Big Tent of PUMAs.  I will not link them since its not the point of this post.  It’s out there, you’ve read them and we’ve commented here and there about it. 

What I do want to say is this:

We are “Democrats in Exile” (as Mother Riverdaughter states above at the green tab post).  We coalesced long before the RBC meeting on May 31st, 2008.  Like a nebulae cloud giving birth to a brilliant star, or like the Big Bang itself, PUMA formed.  From collapsing matter and energy that condensed to nothing and BANG!  There it is.  We didn’t know it when it happened, but after a couple of days, PUMA grew to massive proportions.

Some of us PUMAs are regular, everyday people that hold 9-5 jobs, some of us are “creative-classers,” some of us hold post-graduate degrees, some of us only graduated high school, some of us are retired, some of us are very wealthy, some of us are on fixed incomes.  Some of us are women, some of us are men, some of us are heterosexual, some of us are gay/lesbian, some of us are bisexual.  Some of us are black, white, green, brown, red, yellow, orange with purple polka-dotted, plaid people.  Etc., etc., etc. 

The Big Tent of Democrats – those that were not on the guest list for the remodeled VIP Lounge of Obama’s DNC, reunited under a common thought that Democracy was not allowed its due process during the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primaries.  Had it been, we’d be a Democratic Party that’s united and strong to defeat the Republicans in the November general election.  Instead, PUMA is united, which is the only reason for our fast ascent.  We are united by the promise of Democracy and that every person that votes should have their voice heard and counted. 

Now, there are a slight few in our movement that say some of us are too brash & loud, or too soft, or too militant.  Regardless of what your opinion is – PUMA IS HERE and we all are a part of it.  Like the human body, PUMA is comprised of many parts and we function very much in the same way.    Some PUMAs are parts of the brain that orchestrate action, some PUMAs are the hands and feet that make action possible, some of us are hidden internal organs that pump out energy and nutrients to keep everything alive and in motion.  Every part is vital, regardless if you are a scholar, PUMA prowler, protester, blogger, commenter, or lurker.  We all depend on one another.  Like the atom, PUMA is a bunch of electrons, neutrons, protons and dark matter/energy, bumping and colliding into one another to form something that’s bigger than what we ever thought possible.

Some PUMAs want to create a body that will last beyond the November election, while some PUMAs don’t see themselves participating beyond the Democratic Convention.  Regardless of what your conscience tells you to do – we MUST remain constant in our goal to bring Democracy back into the Democratic Party.  

Personally speaking, I see PUMA as a steadfast state of consciousness that wants Democracy back in the Democratic party.  It’s a virtual Think Tank where every Democrat that wants Democracy back in the Democratic Party can particpate and become active.  It’s an “un-Party” like Riverdaughter said in her PUMA manifesto. 

But whatever you decide to make of your personal PUMA consciousness, remember that we are re-building the Big Tent of Democrats that Obama, Dean, Pelosi and Brazile tore down.   Some of us are loud & brash in our ways (like me!), others are more intellectual and scholarly, but remember one thing:  we are parts of the same body.  We all want to bring Democracy back to the Democratic Party.  

Wish your PUMA brothers & sisters in Denver a safe & happy trip in the comments section. 

UPDATE: Spartacus Youtube, ehhh not quite the mood I wanted, so lets go with THIS:

UPDATE 2:  At the request of the fab Carol Diamonds, here’s a tribute for our 21st century cyber-patriots:

¡Que viva los PUMAs!

(Long live PUMAs!)

164 Responses

  1. Um, I think she might prefer “Sister Riverdaughter” in that prolly half of us are older than her.

  2. Be safe and happy!

  3. Be safe and happy.

  4. MYIQ – you smarty pants! My personal nickname for RD, is Mother Riverdaughter because she’s our blog mother. I hope she doesn’t mind that!

  5. Bravo SM!

    I for one am in it for the long haul. Because my Pumaness came about because of fundamental problems in the Democratic Party that are reflected in their choice of Obama, and amplified by him, but ultimately not caused by him. He’s the sympton, not the disease. So win or lose, Hillary in 2008 or not, the Party is broken and we have to fix it.

    I wish it could have been fixed from the inside. If I thought that were possible, I would still be registered Democrat, and would still think of myself as a Democrat rather than as a PUMA.

    As folks have often said, this is not just about Hillary anymore. I love Clinton and passionately want to see her become POTUS. It may be that I would not have noticed had she not been in the race. But my opposition to the DNC is not because of my support for her. Rather, it was my support for her that opened my eyes to the disease in the party.

    So all our Denver-bound have my best thoughts and wishes — I’m shouting encouragement all the way! The avalanche starts with a single pebble. Be brave and be safe, PUMAs!

  6. MYIQ: I’ve been out all day – I must read the rabid Chihuahua post you did – be right back.

  7. I too am packing my bags today – heading to the airport tomorrow. I have my flip all ready and my apple under my arm !!!

    Best part of the trip is getting to meet everyone here from RD and Sheri Tag.

    There are 15 of us coming out from the East Bay Warriors !!! When we went to Medford Oregon to stump for HRC we were the Hilldogs — now we’ll be calling ourselves the Denver Puma Cats !!!!

    I CAN’T wait to meet everyone !!!!

  8. Estupendo, SM, estupendo.

  9. Excellent, SM, excellent!

  10. Simofish – PLEASe check in with us from time to time – if you have any photos/videos you want to post here, email me at sm_puma@yahoo.com. I’ll get them up ASAP, depending on the blog posting traffic here.

    Best of luck!

  11. Upstate & Pat – thank you! Love you always.

  12. Hey Pat! . 😉

  13. SM, even after the Convention?

  14. Someone who is going –please slip my name in your pocket so I can be a part of it all—

    the name is Lynn (of Los Gatos) and I am, indeed 76. Thanks.

    Have a great time–do good–carry the cause–wave the flag–
    come home inspired, even if angry! We will be lurking there.

  15. I see PUMA as a steadfast state of consciousness that wants Democracy back in the Democratic party. It’s a virtual Think Tank where every Democrat that wants Democracy back in the Democratic Party can particpate and become active.

    Well spoken. Long live PUMA.

    Blessings on our travellers.

  16. sm77 — will send some photo’s over – we had a meeting the other night at my house – I have a spreadsheet of activities — PUMA HQ is our FIRST stop and will be our base !! Our flip and apple are all about PUMA — RD, Darragh, Princess Prada — get first rights to all our film / photo’s etc !!!

  17. Stop it, Spirit, you got me all veklempt.

  18. Have fun, be safe, take photos, rally, demonstrate, knock some heads!



    (BO only raised $500k for Hillary in 2.5 months. She brought him millions. I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!)

  19. Upstate – it all depends on what you want. Remember PUMA is a mental and virtual state of mind. If you feel it in your heart to go beyond the convention, AMEN. If not, then ditto.

  20. 21 kazoo salute to our PUMAs in Denver!!!

  21. Spirit of 76, your spirit will be RIGHT THERE – please comment often & know that we are all united.

  22. I say….to the convention and beyond!

  23. Vaya con Dios! La Pumas del Mundo!

  24. we’re making them nervous…this from Begala:

    “There’s two camps in Hillary land — there’s the peacemakers and the PUMAs — Party Unity My Aunt Fannie,” Begala said. “They’re still not behind Obama. Some of them are stirring up a lot of trouble. I don’t like it. I’m a peace maker. This story empowers the PUMA crowd because they see this, and I do too, as sort of disrespecting Senator Clinton and breaking Senator Obama’s word.

    “It’s the one glitch in a beautiful process,” Begala also said.

    So we’re troublemakers because we stand up for ourselves. Go jump in a lake begala. Those peacemakers you’re talking about ARE pumas, and after this bullshit he’s gonna be lucky to win illinois. Are the supers watching?

  25. Leaving to see Hellboy II in our “second run” movie theater. See you all later.

  26. Dear everyone going to Denver, thank you thank you THANK YOU.





    You wanna see some MOVES MoveOn?

    You wanna see who wasn’t BOUGHT, ‘bots?

    Did someone ask us “Where you gonna GO?”


  27. If you carry my mom’s name in your pocket (Spiritof76) please carry mine as well! While she’s home on in Los Gatos wishing she were in Denver, I’ll be home with her grandchildren in NY wishing I were in Denver!

    Is there anyone who is collecting names and/or photos of those of us who cannot attend? It would be a powerful statement.

  28. somewhat OT — on TL they are saying both Carville and Begala talked about PUMAs in relation to not picking Hillary tonight, but I can’t find the vids on CNN (don’t they know I need instant access to anything PUMA!?!?!).

    Did anyone see and can say more about what they said specifically? Or even tell me which show they were on? I can at least look for late-night repeats (which they do of some shows).

  29. Kick ass and take names!

    On second thought, f*ck the names!

  30. Our thought and prayers are with the Traveling Pumas!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  31. SM: Thank you for the awesome post. You always lift my spirits. I bought my own FLIP today so you’ll be getting lots of updates and reports.

    SimoFish: Travel safe and I will see you Monday night.

    Upstate: Are you still willing to share?

  32. Yeah, gary. They are worried.

    “The meek may inherit the earth, but they won’t keep it long.”

    Ruth Rendell


  33. wow, this is the most beautiful post I’ve read yet on the confluence and I’ve read some very powerful posts. thank you.

  34. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/

    go read….They are so screwed

  35. sorry haven’t read the post yet…i’ll be back later, just thought that was interesting.

  36. I loved this, too, Arabella:
    “I see PUMA as a steadfast state of consciousness that wants Democracy back in the Democratic party. It’s a virtual Think Tank where every Democrat that wants Democracy back in the Democratic Party can particpate and become active.”

    Not only do we aspire to be the “. . consciousness. . . ” of the Democratic Party but also the “conscience,” too, so that we remain committed to the principles of democracy. We have protested the Republicans’ disenfranchisement of voters and selling out our democracy to the highest bidder, and with disgust and disbelief we’ve seen the DNC morph into that which we have protested against.

    PUMAs are needed to keep reminding us what our democracy is really all about and to provide us with tools (activism), information, and inspiration to do that.

    Blessings upon all of you travellers—have a great time and stay strong and protected.

  37. NEW event, Special prayer for Hillary
    On August 26th, there is going to be a 7 AM Mass for Senator Hillary Clinton at Cathedral Immaculate Conception, a beautiful church in Downtown, Denver. (1530 Logan st.)


  38. Arabella Trefoil, on August 22nd, 2008 at 6:29 pm


    The same passage really resonated with me!

    and this from Valhalla, on August 22nd, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    “I love Clinton and passionately want to see her become POTUS. It may be that I would not have noticed had she not been in the race. But my opposition to the DNC is not because of my support for her. Rather, it was my support for her that opened my eyes to the disease in the party.”

    So true!

  39. I am making a sign on Sunday —

    Stand Back
    Drop the kool-aid

    The 2nd sign we’re making for Tuesday March –


    We love you !!!

    Then – we’ll get people to sign it — we’ll hold hit high while we march.

    Puma SF !!! Change the plane ticket and leave with us tomorrow !!!

  40. Stay safe and know that many PUMA’s across the country are with all of you in spirit.

    “Shake it Up”…

  41. PUMA’s – Stop short of the Spartacus approach!

    The PUMA HAKA 👿 is as far as you should take it.

  42. Carol Diamonds! Puma MoneyFundermaker Priestess Supreme!

    I took it out – I LOVE Spartacus but that one was too sad.

    Any suggestions are truly welcome!

  43. Que te via bien! Thanks to all of you in our growing PUMA community inside and outside of the blogosphere. Indeed we are all a part of the same body, and you all have captured by heart,and reinforced every single one of my progressive democratic values. OK ,back to lurking.
    Be safe, be well, and kick a*% in Denver!


  44. Ok star wars Return of the Jedi video update video!

  45. SimoFish: I tried to change to Saturday and Sunday but no go out of either SF or Oakland. Just have a blast, take care and be ready to have the times of our lives. I cannot wait!!

  46. I am so envious I am seeing green! Wish I was there with you guys! PUMA rulz!!!!!!!!

  47. Carol — I just want to say that every time I see that PUMA HAKA angry face it just perks me up.

  48. PUMA-SF!!! My sister! I told Simofish, any photos/videos you wnat poted here – please email them to me & I’ll post ASAP, depending on blog traffic.


  49. Arabella: A tribute to Ruth Rendell one of my favorite authors!

  50. I just love it when they put down PUMA when they have no freaken idea what we are about! Love Carville and Begala as a rule but they are way off base.

  51. Love you right back, SM. We’ll keep you busy with our videos but truly wish you could be there. When does the little one start school?

  52. Pat – YOU ARE ALREADY in Denver, in the hearts & minds of those who can make it there. You are present in your delegates, in the PUMAs who are going to be physically present. And we’ll be present on a cybernetic-alious level.

  53. Pass the cheese if anyone can hear my whine!

  54. I can’t believe Begala said this:

    “It’s the one glitch in a beautiful process”

    Just what is he smoking? Even if this hadn’t been the uber-f*ckup of the century of the DNC, VP selection is a ‘beautiful process’? What does that even mean?

  55. PUMA-SF: PUMA cub started school on Monday, then school cancelled Tues. because of the storm, now back on track again. I wish I was there too, but I can’t do it. Grandma PUMA is out of town & have no babysitter.

  56. Am a the Glitch Who Stold Christmas?

    If so, too bad.

  57. Valhalla; I have no idea but I have bought every book these two have written on the subject of taking the party back and to hear them now discount what sh*t has been perpetrated on us is just over the top. Pimping for Obama does not engender respect from those of us who see it differently. And as political consultants they know better!

  58. You guys I wish I were going to Denver with you all. Stay safe, and away from those electrical fenced cages. Remember Pumas do not do well in captivity! May the wishes of us all carry you through.

    And Carol, I too am disgusted and Furious that the Messiah has been in vacations while Hillary is slaving for him with no compensation to show for. How this pumpous ass can imagine we won’t rebel and forget is beyond me. I LOAAATH him and will fight until I see him bit the dirt.

  59. Valhalla – Begala is a “career” Democrat. He has to shill whatever the DNC tells him to say. Like Hillary, arms & legs are tied – but one thing is certain that he put us out there in a way that legitimizes our efforts.

  60. Good luck to all of you going to Denver!


  61. It seems there are two Democratic Parties. Which one shall prevail or which one will pull in the other? How can there be just one Party comprised of people who supported Obama and those of us who cannot. How do we ever fit in the Hillary Haters, and the Obama Haters into one party. Trust me there are people who believe they are true, long standing, Democrats that fit in both camps. We already lost the Democratic Party platform that some of us have come to expect. All this religious pandering is deeply troubling.

    Some of you may say you don’t hate Obama but are against the process that the DNC used to foist him on us as the Nominee. I don’t see how the Democratic Party, as we thought it was, will ever exist again. Something new will evolve from this. It will be hard work to take back our Democracy. I wonder if the American People are up to it.

  62. sm77 – This is one of my all time favorites!

  63. Please put it up sm77.



  64. SM: Are you guys okay with the storm now? Glad to hear Puma cub is back in school. You will be with us in spirit SM that is for sure.

    I’m heading home but will check in later.

    ¡Que viva los PUMAs!

  65. spiritof 76:

    Lynn..I have you on my trip…I live in San Mateo, Ca and will be going to denver tomorrow.

  66. I don’t hate Obama. I think he is unfit to be CIC. I am against voter disenfranchisement, and the DLC.

    Of course we will build a new party – one based on fairness and competence.

    There is no contradiction here, unless people like voter supression and bad public servants.

  67. Carol – your wish is my command! Refresh the page in a few minutes.

    PUMA-SF – all is good- water & a little wind in Tampa. East Coast of FL got it worse than we did.


  69. great post, sm! I think you did a very thorough job of covering the many ways we each experience our “PUMA-ness.”

    I, too, so wish I could be packing for Denver now. I did get an email from Maryland Puma today asking for my blog-name so she could put it on the 2 signs I bought. Looking forward to my 2 postcards, too!

    I know our sister and brother PUMAs will keep us totally informed of all they do, via blogs, pictures and videos. I’ll be glued to this monitor every evening.

    Godspeed to all who are Denver-bound! Be safe and check in with us often. We are so proud of you all!

  70. yo conflucians – ready to rumble!

    hi gch & mawm –
    alls going well… email you more soon!

  71. Obama/Bye

  72. PUMAs, godspeed in your travels to Denver and as you prowl there. You represent so many of us who cannot make it but will most certainly be with you in spirit.

  73. Arabella Trefoil, on August 22nd, 2008 at 7:19 pm Said:

    Of course we will build a new party – one based on fairness and competence.


    My first thought was – the League of Women Voters.

  74. Good evening, everyone. I usually just lurk in the background here, reading your discussions and appreciating your intelligence, critical thinking, and wit. But I’ve been puzzling over a scenario of late that I’d like to throw out here to you. It relates to the topic of the post, if only because it relates to a quality that Pumas seem to possess — the ability to think critically.

    I’m beginning to wonder if the democrats don’t want to win this election. Perhaps the country is in such bad shape (poverty, economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran?, oil, housing, etc., etc.) that they don’t want to have to take the first pass at cleaning up after Bush (this may not be a novel thought).

    So, perhaps the democrat powers-that-be got together and decided something like, “Well, we don’t want to win, but we also don’t want to be too obvious about it. Say! Let’s find an inexperienced but media-attractive man (it’s got to be a man because having a woman so close to becoming POTUS is too scary and we don’t want to take that risk) with a diverse background, who is narcissistic enough to think he’s qualified to be POTUS but who, even in losing – and we’ll make sure that he gets the nomination but then loses the election – will send a clear message to disadvantaged groups and youth that anything is possible in America. Everyone will love us and re-elect us. Oh, and of course it would be a good thing for the country.” Perhaps, after high-fives all around, someone in the group then said, “I know just the fellow.”

    Perhaps they thought that all they’d have to do would be to get their chosen safely past the convention and then they could back off; assuming that then his arrogance and inexperience would cause him to drop like a rock in the polls and lose the election.

    Perhaps what they didn’t count on was his behaving in such a way that the glamor began to fade well before the convention. Perhaps what they didn’t count on was Senator Clinton truly coming into her own and proving to so many people that she is the most experienced, best qualified candidate and that she could clean up the mess she would inherit. So, perhaps, they then realized that while they’d been able to count on novelty to carry their chosen one through the first primaries, they’d have to “fix” (or allow his minions to fix) the caucuses to keep him in the game and to pressure the super delegates to give him the nod.

    Perhaps what they also didn’t count on was not being able to convince Senator Clinton’s supporters to change their allegiance just because they told them to do so (alas, their own arrogance blinded them to the limits of their own power), thus putting their whole plan at risk. So, perhaps they then did the only thing that might possibly work: They sent Hillary out to do her credible darndest to save the day by campaigning for Obama (perhaps, too, they convinced him to go on vacation in an attempt to “take away the scissors” before he could do any more damage).

    Perhaps that is how we got to be where we are right now – and now they’re trying to choreograph the convention in order to force the ending they want to the story they’ve written.

    The story isn’t really a new one (except for the initiating reason). It’s just a version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

    Do you think that such a scenario possibly reflects what has gone on? It’s the only scenario that explains to me why Obama has been allowed simply to lie his way through all the controversies, without any apparent effort by the party to hold him accountable and force him to drop out.

    I’m hoping for an alternative ending though. I hope – and to those of you who have been actively working toward this ending I say, “Thank you so much” – that a majority of delegates and super delegates will see that “the emperor is wearing no clothes” and then do the right thing by taking the fight to the floor.

  75. I do not hate Obama. I may loathe and heartily disliked what he and his henchman have done in collaboration with the DNC, but I do not hate him. We are witnessing the undoing of the Dem Party as we have known it and this in itself is troubling. We have been branded, dismissed, discredited, disowned, disenfranchised, and distorted, but our true mission is to call into account what has transpired since this race began and to challenge the deck-stacking and gaming perpetrated upon us for the sake of an inexperienced candidate.

    I would like to believe that we would stand as strongly together had this happened to another candidate of Hillary’s background and experience. To right a wrong it must first be addressed. These PUMAs who are taking time out of their lives to travel to Denver are not frivolous. They speak on behalf of millions who share the same philosophy, that once you start down this slippery slope of betrayal, oblivion awaits.

    It is time to let the sunshine in. Morning has broken in Denver.

  76. Obama Bayh anagrammer’s paradise

    A, Oh ma Baby

    Ha, Ya Bomb

  77. Carol, although I can’t get Ed to marry you, I did post your request up top. Great tribute to our cyber-patriots!

  78. Pat Johnson, well said!

  79. Ah, come on, you all! I’m like a kid in a candy store. Click on the link, it’ll make you chuckle – I promise. The words are perfect! Then blare it from the speakers at the convention for me since I’m still not up and about…..come on, chin up. Remember what Susan B. said, “Failure is impossible!”

  80. sm77 — you know, after I wrote that I was beginning to wonder if both Carville and Begala weren’t secretly subtexting us a postive message. I mean they are both sort of superficially disagreeing with us but really agreeing that we have a legitimate point.

  81. PAT: I LOVE YOU! Dammit, can you write from the heart, or what!

  82. I beleive the party is so divided I don’t see it winning the elections but for a miracle where Hillary rise again. My heart ackes for her right now. I know, we women know Exactly what she is going through, slaving to save her job, when her work is worth a major promotion.

    But, I don’t know about you all, but I am not going anywhere….

    Either with the Dems or somewhere else, PUMAS are here to stay. Look at what we have accomplished in two months… We are just starting.

  83. I’m in till the end (of my life that is)—-As long as PUMA is around, and is what it is,

    I’M STAYING !!

  84. Leela: Thanks, John Lennon lives on!

  85. I’m in it for the long haul. And Leela, that youtube is perfect!

  86. Great Post Riverdaughter—and since this feels to be the time for a joyous send-off, I may dig up my “Superdelegate” lyrics, leaving out any that might be too spicy!

  87. Thanks! Great, huh! I’ve posted it all over the internet. I can’t stop playing the video. Friends, if I can beat stage III, metastatic cancer – and LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT – we can stop Obama! I’m with you in Denver – heart and soul!

    Go! Go! Go!

    We shall triumph in the end!

    (Don’t forget – PA has a lawsuit asking for an injunction of Obama’s nomination! Spread the news – why isn’t the MSM covering this. Create our own chaos. Sometimes just stopping the momentum is all a good cause needs to win!)

  88. Ha, Ya Bomb! Love it Arabella

    O a Ma Baby sounds like Obama talking… add in a few ers and ahhhs


  89. We who are remaining behind need a group hug. We are sisters to one another through cyberspace, mothers, daughters, friends. The positive need to connect soars through our veins. We may never meet but we already have. We are connected by an invisible chain of connection. We may never meet but we already have.

  90. ((((((hugs to all ma PUMA sisters and brothers)))))))

    We are going to make a difference, however long it takes. We will not be silenced.

  91. The mystery of the name for Gwen Stefani’s new baby has been solved! He has been named for a beach in CA, Zuma. Thank God it was not something stupid!

  92. SOD: I think you are correct. He is a total ass.

  93. I am catching up (busy editing a video – I am just learning)

    Pat Johnson — I am so bummed — YOU are one person I wanted to meet — now I learn sm77 won’t be there either — shameful.

    sm77 — bring Puma Cub – hitch a ride on the RV and call it a field trip – Puma Cub will never have this experience again.

    We have a 3 bedroom condo that can fit a few more people. We bought blow up beds over at REI – dirt cheap. We’ll eat cheap food – buy fruit – hit the grocery store.

    Perhaps we need to have a REUNION next year – around the same time for all who can not make Denver — we’ll take plenty of video for everyone !!!

  94. I never though I would be part of a group of such importance as the Pumas, because without blowing smoke up our A…, we are making history.
    It is because of the Pumas lead that many started to question the DNC choice. We are viral. We are the ones telling the others it’s OK to think for themselves, it;s OK to act on their gut instinct that something is off there.

    We are the Resistance!!!

  95. SOD & Pat J: My ears perked up when he said “you’re likable enough.”
    I’ve hated him since “periodically, when she’s feeling down.”

    The cries of Bill and Hillary are racists certainly didn’t help!

  96. This says it all:


  97. SimoFish: Don’t I wish! From a mild, but very persuasive utterance from SM way back on June 1st, 2008, PUMA was born. Who would have ever thought that this exclamation, along with your viral video, Murphy, Sheri Tag, Will Bower, Diane M, Heidi Li, Brad Mays and Lori, Riverdaughter, and a whole host of events and people would lead to this?

    The night SM typed in the epitet we all roared with laughter never in million years thinking of what was birthed that evening.

    Are they paying attention, you bet. Have we got them a little wound up, very much so. When you choose to tamper with something that we hold dear, watch out! He/she who does not speak truth to power is as culpable as those who weild it.

    Go get ’em, SimoFish! We will be right there in spirit.

  98. I wish a safe and productive trip to all of the PUMA members. I hope you all have a great time!

    Mountain Sage


    (The Time of Truth it Soon Approaches!)”
    Sung to the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    Lyrics by Hatshepsut

    SUPERDELEGATES -the time of truth it soon approaches!
    SUPERDELEGATES -to bar a true vote is atrocious!
    SUPERS need to vote their mind and never mind Pelosi’s!
    SUPERDELEGATES -the time of truth it soon approaches!


    There was a su-per-del-e-gate*, her name is D. Brazille,
    “If Supers pick the candidate, I’ll quit, I swear I will!!!”
    Yet fearing that Obama might just lose out to our Hill
    She broke the Rulz of Mama, that dishonest D. Brazille!!!

    SUPERDELEGATES -the time of truth it soon approaches!
    SUPERDELEGATES –without a true vote it’s atrocious!
    SUPERS please be vigilent: You know Obama poaches…..
    Obots might be vicious, but those PUMAs are ferocious!


    Supers must resist the charm, of that Obama mob,
    You must not let them twist your arm, remind them of your job:
    Vote-your-will**–& not that biased lot—you’ll be remembered for.
    Vote-for-Hill–she has the highest shot–to win November 4!!!

    SUPERDELEGATES -the time of truth it soon approaches!
    SUPERDELEGATES –without a true vote it’s atrocious!
    SUPERS need to do what’s right and fight off O’s hypnosis!
    Obots might be vicious, but those PUMAs are ferocious!

    *Have to use each of the 5 syllables
    **Have to rush together: Vote-your-will
    likewise for “vote-for-Hill”

    Feel free to vary as you choose—I have numerous other versions that are funny but perhaps too risque

  100. Pat — OK — just know — we shall meet each other some day !!! Know that !!

  101. ncoming text from Bambi to the also-rans: O HI NNCY SEZ I HV 2 PIK CHET. SRRY

  102. sm77 – I’m just playing with Eddy. He wants to marry me, but I told him I am waiting to see if he pulls it off for Hillary on Wednesday.

    He has promised he will.

    He has never let me down before.


  103. wonderful post at 7:27, Pat!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{PUMA Hugs for all!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  104. hatshepsut1988: Perfecto!

  105. Carol: Get ready! You have just gone tooooooooooooooo far!

  106. WCMB: Bet you are not far off.

  107. Simofish – I LOVE your thoughts & thank you, but I’m in Tampa FL – 2000 miles away. I wish I could, trust me, if I were just responsible for me alone, I’d already be there. But I can’t. Please keep me like Spirit of 76, in your pocket or next to your life sized Hillary stand up image in your living room!

  108. The media is getting PO’ed that BO is so juvenile with his announcement! Gee, it’s a shame no one told them.

    Okay Monk and Psych starts in 1 hour.

  109. SimoFish: Me too! (I am beginning to sound like Obama!) I have a Hillary doll that was given to me for Christmas that is sitting right here beside me and the computer. Please put my name in your pocket. Love to think I was there. And while you are at it, raise a glass to us when you see Puma-SF.

  110. They took 500 seats out of the Pepsi Center to accommodate the stage. Why am I not surprised Mr. I don’t need the people, I just need their checks!

  111. I so wish that I was packing to join you all in Denver. Thought I might be able to at least get there for part of the week to meet some of you, true patriots all, and add my voice to yours. THANK YOU for taking our voices to Denver. Say it LOUD, say it PROUD. Be safe, have fun. Give Hillary a hug from all of us.
    This is bigger than Hillary as POTUS, it is our democracy as others have said.

    OT, isn’t it interesting that Hillary has done more than any other opponent to help B0. In return he raises almost no money to retire her debt and doesn’t even discuss VP with her. Yeah, he has done so much to convince me to vote for him. NOT!!!!!! He looks smaller and smaller in comparison.

  112. I just contacted the bail bondsman who sprung Casey out of jail. He is on his way to Texas to retrieve Ed and place an ankle bracelet on Carol.

  113. Hapshepsut – LOVE IT!!! Sang it all the way through and it’s perfect! BTW, I love your username, Miss Hapshepsut was RULING Egypt like nobody’s business and doing it better than any male Pharaoh. Awesome.

    Carol DIamonds & Pat – Ed isn’t the marrying kind. He loves ’em & leaves ’em. I know that he gave you guys all shiny engagement solitaires, but he’s flip flopping on his commitment.

  114. Obama is a selfish, whiny, irritable, pouty, grudge holding, arrogant, belligerent, self serving, manipulative, underhanded, juvenile, lying, empty vessel. Other than that I just love him to bits!

  115. I think Ed already put an ankle bracelet on Carol.


    You say those aren’t exactly ankle bracelets? Oh.

    Oh. Never mind.

  116. Pat – I will accept that you left my name off of that last comment by accident as in “Obama and Carol ……….”

  117. One of those 500 seats belonged to Hillary so there was a method to their madness.

  118. NBC news report that BAyh and Kaine informed they are not VP

  119. Carol: Feel free to insert.

  120. I am telling you guys it is Biden. They are flying his son home from the mideast.

  121. PJ—welll said!!!!!

  122. Biden may be the only one left with enough ego to not know it’s political suicide.

  123. Obama did say it was someone who did not have an “ego”. This does not describe Joe Biden at all! I really cannot see these two teaming up but who knows. I am convinced they are all nuts.

  124. PJ–previous comment re: your B0 discription.

    I think he was told that Biden was best pick but he would have preferred someone else so “played” with the press all week and they made it clear who they thought would help him most

  125. “Judas” Bill Richardson is cursing the day he endorsed Obama.

    Please keep him away from any ropes or trees.

  126. It’s the girl, Sebillius, whoever she is???

  127. michelina: How do you know? Has anything been said?

  128. SM: I hope he has a hard time sleeping nights. He sold out old friends for the sake of this loser and wound up with nothing. Probably planning on a cabinet post. I plan to see he does not get that either.

  129. Guys, I’m signing off for the day. Bon Voyage to you all. Riverdaugther, god bless from Jerseeeee.

  130. bye FrenchNail

  131. Do all of you know what a triumphant day this really is?

    Hillary will be proving herself the Leader she is as she will have told him to take a flying fuck!

    All of those “crazy little hopey changey Hillary for VP people” will finally come to light. They will instantly turn on him like a rabid PUMA, Chihuahua!

    Viva la Hillary!

    President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2009

  132. Carol, if it’s not Hillary, then I truly believe that it’s because she told him privately early on “Don’t even ask, because there is no way in HELL, and you will be publicly embarrassed when I turn it down.”

  133. Great article, SM. I especially agree with Valhalla’s posting at 6:14pm. I will remain a PUMA. For me, also, it is no longer only about HIllary. I supported her from the beginning but the party is tarnished, despicable and has trashed her and all Dems seeking a great nominee. I cannot forgive them for all the misogyny and deceitful electoral practices. If BHO wins( Oh, please, let it not be so), I will become an Indie but I will hang on til then to see if this party can be rebuilt.

    Have a good, safe trip all PUMAs going to Denver.

  134. she did it with her usual class and strength. I hope after the convention,if she is not nominated, she just campaigns for selected downticket candidates who will then owe her with such a weak top ticket. Looking forward to hearing what Bill says after the election.

  135. I just pray it isn’t Hillary. I know, I know, but until the little immature twit announces it, I am going to continue to pray that he doesn’t demand that Hillary take the job.

    I wish I could go to Denver, so I hope that those of you who are making the trip will report back – often.

  136. Does anyone remember when this new committee to advise changes to the system is supposed to meet? I thought I read that Stephanie Tubbs Jones was going to be part of that committee. Maybe they realize to get thinking voters back who value honesty and integrity, they have to make needed changes—-will wait and see and continue to work with all of you to leave this country in better shape for our children and grandchildren

    When are credentials and rules committees meeting? On C-span


  137. WMCB, on August 22nd, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    Indeed. He dreams of being Bambie’s Cheney

  138. Did Obama issue a press release on the passing of Stephanie Tubbs Jones?

  139. NH, on August 22nd, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    Yes and I have to say , for once he didn’t speak about himself ! lol! Pretty boiler plate though

  140. Okay, MSNBC says Obama camp saying the text will be tomorrow. Oops.

    That little ratfucker!!!! He fucking did this on purpose, the arrogant prick motherfucker!

    Sorry, guys, but I know damn well it was deliberate, and his arrogance knows NO bounds.

  141. Safe travels to all who are going to Denver! I wish I could be there, but I will be in spirit.

    Thank you for the wonderful post, sm77. I fall into the “lurker” category, and I am thankful for every person who puts what I’m feeling and thinking into words here. Pat Johnson, WMCB, myiq2xu, GCH, and so many others…your insight is fascinating, and I love to read your comments.

    I’m in this thing for the long haul.

  142. LIVE, from DENVER !!

    **THANK** you, SM… for *everything* !!

    And **THANK** you, too, Conflucians !!


  143. Cheer Up Everyone! The reason why the VP announcement keeps getting delayed is because Obambi is still trying to find a taker for the job.

  144. Will – please get it out there that Our Debt was misquoted and people need to get it paid!


  145. I am a lurker, and enjoy all the wonderful postings. I am a PUMA, in for the long haul. The democratic party is not the party, that I thought it was (no pun intended). I am now, an Independent. I don’t like, how the party is changing. The corruption is too deep.

  146. Hi birdgal. Glad you de-lurked. 🙂

  147. Will!!


    We love you & keep safe – you carry all of our voices & votes (since our delegates can’t/won’t do their job)!

    Godspeed & PUMAtize Denver!

  148. New thread is up.

  149. I’m so glad someone noticed my (goofy) lyrics—I’ll be listening for the refrain being loudly belted out by PUMAS in unison during the march in Denver!
    Hatshepsut (Pharoah)

  150. Golly, Ladies, do you really think this PUMA thing is Very Smart?

    I appreciate the power of grass roots in any national function, but I gotta say, from what I’ve read here in the last half hour, I fear for the results in November! It seems like somebody would ask you if any of you care whether a Democrat goes to the White House in January, 2009, OR NOT?! How common is the expression, “…if the Democrats don’t shoot themselves in the Foot, etc.?”

    Does anyone in PUMA ever ask themselves if this movement might be part of the Democratic Party “…shooting themselves in the Foot?” Do you realize that if your movement hadn’t been started, the assurance that “A” Democrat would go into the White House would be overwhelmingly strong? Forget his name! Forget his gender! Forget his color!



  151. Gender, color & name have nothing to do with why we are PUMAs.

    How about some simple arithmetic and counting our votes? That’s what we want. Nothing else.

  152. We are against a system that is corrupt and was gamed. And a party that took part and condoned it.

  153. Bricky sweetie, although we are hopping mad, we didn’t shoot anything in the foot.

    But Obama did.

    And Pelosi did.

    And Dean did.

    And Brazile did.

  154. Brick…..Thank you for admiting that we are going to stop Obama.

  155. Bricky is a typical Obot. He and his followers do not accept responsibility for anything,and never will. Hey Bricky,I bet you’ve gotta a cool HOPE T-shirt, and the really BIG poster in your dorm.

    Oy,they really don’t get it do they?

  156. Nope.

    Alas, they do not.

  157. kick butt and take no names. GO PUMA!!!! I am so mad I am seeing a color past red today finding out that Obama never considered Hillary. I did not want him to pick her but he should have given her the respect she deserved.

  158. Bricky we will stop Obama and teach the Democratic party that they can not exclude 17 million of us. We have voices and we will be heard one way or another until it is fixed and the wrongs are righted.

  159. Jason—Obama is McCain and Bush put together.

    Open your eyes, ears and mind—stop being in denial!

    You’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled!

  160. The perfect example of what has happened to the Democratic Party can be seen in the AT&T totebags being given to attendees. I received a progressive email from CREDO yesterday begging me to move my phone service. It showed all the Republican money that had been given by AT&T and its executives. No mention of the fact that they are the major sponsor of the Convention. Pitiful.

  161. I loved everything you said!
    you know what I think makes a PUMA a PUMA?

    it’s collective heart! —- starting with RD on down the line!

    brava! to you –beautifully expressed!

  162. To all you Puma’s out there. I am Inez Watson from
    Marietta,Georgia and I am A Proud Puma untill the end.
    We have a lot of work to do.Because I couldn’t make it to Denver I have taken on the job of emailing everyone that I can to vote for Hillary. To the ones that could make it to Denver god bless you and make them here us roar.Go Puma’s.
    Inez Watson

  163. You Puma’s are what remain of JFK’s value system, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. The current leadership of the party have the opposite values. Ponder this, perhaps you’ll realize “the party” has left you and JFK’s values.

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