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Friday: It Takes a Village to Elect Obama

This is a new era of Hope! and Change!  And in this new age of enlightenment, we are all called upon to take responsibility for electing Barack Obama.  Indeed, this is the task that we have been waiting for.  It used to be that the candidate himself was the prime actor in his own ascension.  But now we have come to understand that it is the community that shares in his elevation to the highest office in the land.

It is the responsibility of the DNC to clear the field so he meets with as few obstacles as possible while he is on his historic journey.

It is the responsibility of the Rules and Bylaws committee to withhold and appropriate delegates from his opponents so that he achieves a sufficient number to be declared the “winner”.

It is the responsibility of his rival’s supporters to get behind him with all their hearts and souls, immediately relinquishing any resentment of how he “won” and any loyalty to their champion.

It is the responsibility of all Democrats to immediately drop what they are doing and defend him strenuously against any negative attacks, including “swiftboating” by Jerome Corsi. This is especially important for former Clinton supporters who need to shoulder their responsibilities and not foist them off on the Obamaphiles who have carried the weight thus far.

It is the responsibilities of the Clinton fundraisers to amply pad Obama’s warchest lest they be thought of as slacking off.

It is the responsibility of Clinton Democrats to be gracious and undemanding so that their presence is not an tiresome and irritating clanging gong that distracts the senior Obama contingent from their missionary zeal.

It is the responsibility of the Clinton delegates to be assimilated and stop resisting their role at the convention as rubber stamps.

It is the responsibility of the superdelegates to ignore their obligation to give the party the strongest nominee to go into the general election so they can be seen as cooperative team players.

It is the responsibility of John McCain and the Republicans to not paint Obama in a negative light and accuse him of out-of-touch elitism.

It is the responsibility of forum hosts to allow Barack Obama extra time in answering questions by letting him go second after he has an opportunity to review the answers of John McCain.

It is the responsibility of evangelical Christians and other audiences to immediately like him and stop making demands for clarity and other favors.

It is the responsibility of the news media to continue to promote him as the second coming of Jesus “tapdancing” Christ himself in order to destroy his rival.

But most importantly, it is Hillary Clinton’s responsibility to put all of her policy experience, political expertise, energy and professionalism at Barack Obama’s disposal and allow all of her accomplishments to be relevant only in reference to him, in order to shore up his abysmally sinking poll numbers and save his ass in November.  This is a task for which she is uniquely qualified since she would have been able to win the White House without much assistance at all.  This makes her obligation to him even stronger since she has the mojo that he lacks.  But it is her joy to become the plaster that holds his crumbling foundation in place.

And when her task is finished, she will modestly step back in to the shadows while she privately beams with pride at her creation.

It is what we all live for.

131 Responses

  1. And it s our responsibility to stay strong, remain focused, hold hands and walk through the darkness until we come to the light.

  2. Whoever referred earlier to Obama’s VP as “prom date” is correct.

    The media, with all their obsessive tingly reporting of Obama’s every eyebrow lift, are starting to remind me of one of those really boring mothers.

    You know, the one who thinks the whole world is just as interested in her little darling as she is, who cannot have a single conversation without regaling you with endless details of his prodigy, his cuteness, his stubbed toe, his bowel habits.

    Word to Wolf Blitzer on the veepstakes: Most of us are now bored with the breathless “who will be Junior’s prom date???” drama. Put the “first birthday, with cake on face!” pictures back in your wallet, you are embarrassing.

  3. You are good RD, really good. heh.

  4. WMCB: Er, I do that.

  5. RD:

    Your child is far more qualified to run this country than Obama is (except for the age thing)

  6. But..but..but….isn’t this adulation how it’s ALWAYS been done in the Democratic Party?

    I’m certain I recall Bill Clinton had litter-bearers for his convention, and tambourines.

    God, what am I saying, what have I done? Look over there, now Nancy and Howard are in a catfight over who gets to oil his body and be lead bearer.

  7. river, I do it with my grandbaby, but I DO have sense enough to realize when I’ve gone over the top, and sheepishly shut up. 🙂

  8. “SPOT-ON” as ALWAYS!!
    Diane did GREAT(& LOOKED MARVELOUS) on
    “HardBall” last night! That was the Chris Matthews I used to love to watch.
    I will be e-mailing him telling him so. Also I’m going to give “1” more PUSH to get Rockefeller Center, to ALLOW US to “gather” on their property on Mon. night.
    How GREAT would it have been to have the AMAZING
    Light Tribute in Denver run “IN TANDEM” with Hillary’s HOME STATE!! NY area PUMA’s will STILL GATHER;
    but it will be on own own communicated thru e-mails & word of mouth. FAR LESS GRAND than it coud have been. Last night I did a “TESTER” e-mail & it was’nt rejected it’s:
    **Also REMIND HIM HILLARY LOOKED TIRED BECAUSE SHE LOST HER CLOSE FRIEND the day before, and let’s not forget the Arkanas “SD” that was shot last week, also her friend. HOW IS IT WE KNOW

  9. No, it doesn’t like my comment….someone, please, rescue it (not that it is that meaningful…when are my comments meaningful anyway) and delete its clone.


  10. Yep! It’s Hillary’s job to shout “Yes He Can” when we all know “Yes He Can’t.”

    It sure takes a village to elect him, since all he’s ever done is show up, lie to people and preen into a camera.

    Good luck RD in Denver!

  11. Upstate: There is nothing in the moderation queue

  12. there isn’t?…..uh, oh…tinfoil time……”I see black choppers”…

  13. RD- With all these additional responsibilites we are shouldering no wonder we (I) am exhausted!!! I thought it was early onset old age!

    Your writing is outstanding of course! Too bad Obama embodies the worst of what I see in society today- a large segment of the population that wishes to take no responsibilty for themselves or their actions. It is always somebody else’s fault- society’s fault, my mother’s fault, my social environment- etc etc blah blah blah.

    Makes me just want to slap him and shout “GROW UP!!”

  14. Y’know they’ve unveiled the podium for the Convention.

    *celestial choirs sing*

    Gah, boredom ensues without the Clinton around.

  15. It takes everyone and their mother to prop up Obama, I swear. And he has that horrible habit of believing that if he has a surrogate campaign on his behalf to their particular base, then that group of voters will for him. He did that with Latinos in CA (“Let me just have some random Latino go out there and tell them to vote for me on Spanish language radio!”) and he’s doing that now with Clinton voters.

    He doesn’t understand that he himself has to campaign on his behalf. He just expects everyone else to do things for him and amazingly he’s had just that for his entire life and the man’s almost 50! Unreal. I’m surprised he doesn’t have us wipe his ass and apply some talcum powder while we’re at it.

  16. I am off to the Delaware beaches for a weeks vacation. I am so sorry to miss going to Denver, but if I can not be there at least I am glad that I do not have to watch it on TV. Please PUMas be careful. Be smart (I know you will). And bring home the Gold!!

  17. I saw this as a top Google headline: “At Rally, Finding Clinton’s Aid to Obama Too Tepid”
    New York Times

    Then I read your post, riverdaughter. Thank you!

    Poor, poor, poor Obama. So many agents helping him out, and still he falters. NPR this a.m. just had to play his (Obama’s) ad showing McCain to be “elitist and out of touch.” They also had to put in a plug for Obama’s health care proposal. This would be funnier, if it weren’t our country at stake.

  18. Davidson:

    There are some people who will buy a product simply because a celebrity endorses it.

    Then there PUMAs, who look at the product, and not the packaging.

    I will confess that celebrity endorsements can affect me though, I quit buying Snapple after Disgusting Pigboy endorsed it.

  19. Terriffic post! It would be amusing if it weren’t the God’s honest truth. Nothing short of rose petals being strewn in advance of his appearance to deliver the Sermon on the Mount has been spared. Oh wait, this happens Thursday night!

  20. Maybe all these Obots are the spawn of parents that let society raise their children.

  21. “I’m surprised he doesn’t have us wipe his ass and apply some talcum powder while we’re at it.”

    That reminds me of the bath scene at the beginning of “Coming to America”

    “The royal penis is clean, sire”

  22. myiq2xu: Yeah, but Obama depends on them like never before. And, to be honest, it’s downright insulting. He just assumes we’re blocks of robots who can be switched “on” to vote for him because one of his lackeys says so. It’s insane. And he gets so damn pissy if you scrutinize him or ask him to convince you (cue: Obama speaking about a light dawning on you and feeling compelled to vote for him).

    About celebrity endorsements: I know plenty of women my mother’s age who went batshit when Oprah endorsed Obama and now can’t stand either of them. Hee.

  23. It takes a village-that was a great concept. I think when Convention is over that I’ll have another listen to HRC’s autobiography.
    Haven’t bothered listening to BO’s yet-tho I have it on my computer. And now I think I never will.
    Hillary is so much more the better candidate-that’s why she was fried.

  24. Oh my do you have a way with words. Perfect.

    I wish Hill would stop campaigning for Obama. What has she gotten from it? He hasn’t even helped with her campaign debt.

  25. I love how that other woman on hardball last night described us as 40 something “pensioners”. Did I miss something, did they lower the age of retirement to 45? Woo Hoo!!! almost there!!!

  26. Good morning, RD!

    This is one of the best posts you have every written–and that is saying something.

    This is so true. The entire country–no world–is required to prop Obama up so he can achieve his personal goal of being the most powerful man in the world. The media already spent eight years propping up an incompetent POTUS. Before that, they spend eight years trying to tear down a competent one. Why wouldn’t they rather write/talk about a successful, inspiring presidency?

  27. You gotta seeeee the baaaaaaabyyyyy!

  28. Gary,

    I won’t even be able to afford to be a pensioner when I reach that age. I’m going to have to work till I drop. Erbe must be living in the 1950s or something. She also said we don’t support him because of race and because he is going to raise our taxes. WTF?!!

  29. In the old country, it took a village to raise a child. Every parent took an interest in each child, whether that child was hers, or somebody elses. If a child fell down, an adult would comfort him. If a child was hungry, an adult would feed him. And if a child misbehaved, an adult would smack the child on the ass.


  30. You forgot one:

    It will be the responsibility of Hillary and all of her supporters to take the blame for The One’s failure to win in November.

  31. Well BB, maybe O can privatize ss and you will be just fine….

  32. bert: you betcha. Especially that.

  33. UpstateNY,

    No matter which of the presumptive candidates is elected, he will try to privatize ss. I may take mine when I’m 62 so I can hang onto it.

  34. Bert,

    No doubt it will still be our responsibility when he loses his Senate seat. Then it will be our fault when his next book tanks and he finally has to get a real job.

  35. RD,

    Beautifully written and expressed. I don’t understand where this bizarre view, held by so many Obamans, comes from. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I hope never to see it again. It’s creepy, cultish and smacks of gross immaturity on the part of the candidate and his followers.

    Come on, Hillary. You know what to do. Un-suspend, baybee! It takes a Village to undo the damage that Bush hath wrought. 🙂

  36. Have yall noticed how the MSM is so excited that Obama has attacked McCain on the “he doesn’t know how many houses he has”….

    and of course they either fail to mention McCain’s rebudle (sic) or if they do mention it, it is at the very end for like 5 seconds, alot of times, without the Rezko connection…

    Even NPR is guilty of this with their national news breaks…

    this, and other blatant examples of NPR’s bias, is why I did not donate during the Fall and Summer fund-raising drive….

    as I usually do…

  37. Well, I’d better hit the road. I’ll “talk” to you guys later. Maybe Obama will name his loser VP while I’m driving. {{yawn}}

  38. BB, have a good one, and drive carefully, specially when “the announcement” is made.

    The speech, the trip, the announcement…all so transcendental.

  39. gqmartinez, on August 22nd, 2008 at 8:48 am Said:
    You gotta seeeee the baaaaaaabyyyyy!

    LMAO! My son just phoned me a new pic of the grandbaby (18 months) making a face. Don’t tempt me, or I’ll post it! I will, I tell you!

  40. I do not intend to prop up Obama, but please let’s not support anything that slime Corsi does. He is a vicious slanderer and I have not intention of defending him. We really need to stick to principle and not resort to the kind of slime tactics that the right wing used against the Clintons. The end does not justify the means! I have always admired the fact that Bill did not attack his opponents personally or lie about them even though they did that about him. (Read “The Hunting of the President” to find out the lengths to which these evil people are willing to go, or rent the DVD. It is available online from Blockbuster.) In our rabbit hole world the right , and now Obama,portrays both Clintons as willing to do anything when they are the ones who scrupulously avoid these tactics.

    Besides, from a practical standpoint it is not smart to do this. Whenever someone with Corsi’s lack of credibility (he has claimed that oil is not a fossil fuel!!) attacks someone and the public catches on, it makes everything he says suspect, even those things that are true. And the media is going to make sure the public knows this guy is a big liar since they still love Obama, although I sense the bloom is beginning to fade on that rose.

  41. Oh, now it’s all becoming clear to me:

    Clinton is supposed to be Barry’s MOMMY.

  42. Ah, post the photo. Please.

  43. Clinton is supposed to be Barry’s MOMMY.

    Ha ha – That’s it. Hillary is supposed to throw on an apron and make PBJ’s for Obama.


  44. CNN just “unveiled” the podium in Denver. It looks like something out of Star Wars. Are they kidding? This is designed to “wow” the 20 somethings. I don’t expect them to have a backdrop resembling the stage at the Grand Old Opry but this looks ridiculous. All that money spent for this glitz is over the top. When they said spectacle they weren’t kidding. Four days of this crap brought to you by the DNC.

  45. Arabella,

    Don’t fprget the casserole she’s supposed to make and bring to Denver…


  46. Barack’s VP? Makes NO difference to me.

    I am going to be on pins and needles until the vote at the convention. After that—I don’t even want to think where I’ll be.

  47. Pat – The hightlight will be when Cheney wheezes onto the stage carry a light saver and says “Barry, I am your father.”


  48. Not just the casserole. Guess who gets to clean up after all the festivities, while the guys go watch a ballgame and unzip their pants and belch?

  49. ParkSlopeVoter – Heh. In return, Hillary gets a turn at the podium to say “He never calls.”


  50. I think Hillary is going through the motions in campaigning for O. After the conventions she can go on vacation, go back to the Senate, take another vacation. The Republican onslaught will begin and no one in Obama’s campaign will have time to do anything but be outraged. They will forget Hillary for a time while dodging Republican flung poo.

  51. who was supporting Corsi? I think the point was that he expects US to defend him against such swiftboating instead of doing it himself. Instead he blames us for NOT being vocally anti-Corsi. I think he’s a slime too, but its not MY job to point it out.

  52. I made a new post about the real estate fauxrage.

    It’s called “Attack Chihuahuas”


  53. Hillary now has ALL the privileges of motherhood.

    My mother in law was Jewish. My own mother is Lithuanian. I know exactly what those privileges are.

    “So, I have to fly to denver with this casserole. Michelle can’t cook after all these years.”

  54. GCH:

    I am not supporting Corsi nor defending Obama.

    He’s on his own

  55. Michelle can’t cook? Jeez’, she gets me plenty steamed!


  56. After accusing Hillary of being Lucretia Borgia, they want her to bring a casserole?

    They were the ones who said if Hillary was VP that Uh-bama would need food tasters

  57. I was not planning on watching this mess next week but I think now I would be missing out on a laughfest. Starting Monday night when Michelle from Hell is introduced by her brother and followed by a string of speakers who more than likely will be half in the bag just to get up there and spout platitudes about The One should hold plenty of opportunities for “snark”.

    We should have nightly contests to determine the number of times Obama’s name is mentioned by each speaker. I think this is the primary qualification to give a speech from the podium. I should be blitzed within an hour. Awful.

    Typical speech: “Hey, the guy has done virtually nothing to be considered as a nominee but I was promised a new car so what the heck, he has my support!”

  58. myiq, I was responding to bernieO, I reread my comment and it IS a bit ambiguous. sorry bout that. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment.

  59. GCH;

    Are you guys mobile? If so, donde estan?

  60. BO on CBS:

    “I want somebody that can challenge my thinking.”

    RD – is Brooke available for consultations?


  61. The ACORN/CSI story is growing legs.

    It debuted at NQ, which didn’t help its credibility, kinda like Edwards getting caught with his hand in the nookie jar.

    Cannonfire has a post on it:


  62. And you know that they are going to drag out Oprah on one of those nights. That will be the night “the heavens will open” when these two stand side by side sucking all the air out of the room with their combined aura of “greatness”. O and O together again! The crowd will be on their feet, the noise deafening, the roof will blow off. This break in the action will provide much needed relief for the hapless Clinton delegates who up to that moment were getting the crap beaten out of them in the aisles by the Obamabots.

  63. we are leaving tomorrow morning. we have a surprise for everyone in Denver. We are having some custom work done to the RV 🙂

  64. “I want somebody that can challenge my thinking.”

    He has at least 18 million choices. No wonder it’s taking so long.

  65. Obama is so mundane.

  66. RD – is Brooke available for consultations?

    Carol, you can borrow my cat if Brooke refuses to do such a low-brow job.

  67. RD-Your post is so reflective of so many of 0’s supporters. They do think the Heavens should open every morning when they wake up and shower them with praise, money, their every wish in life. I’m so tired of “entitled” thinking.

    Hillary and only Hillary!

  68. Okay, according to perezhilton.com, Caroline Kennedy will be named Ambassador to England should Obama become president. So I guess she is out of the running for VP after all. Damn!

  69. What’s been on my mind that past few days w/ the memories of the cold war hitting hard due to the Georgian-Russian scuffle, in addition to all else, plus the clarity that Obama is going to lose the November election…is that right wing ultra-conservatives (including NAZIs) throughout history, unlike revolutionary government over-throws, have ALWAYS been VOTED into power in DEMOCRATIC SYSTEMS.

    The way they do this is through emotionally predatory measures—absolutely frightening people into voting for the toughest-talking, toughest acting, strongest men. It’s a ploy that has been working since the beginning of history, and yet has continued to work through this election. In our primaries Obama was presented as the rockstar, who was also tough next to Hillary’s brains. By November, McCain will make farina cereal out of Obama. And we will be right where we began this primary season.

    Unless Hillary is voted to be the Democratic candidate. McCain can’t be turned into a rockstar, and next to him Hillary’s true strength shines. She will win in November, if we get though this next few days successfully.

  70. Corsi’s allegations would have no effect if we all knew who Obama is…

    We don’t know…

    and of course Corsi has very little credibility, but that does not automatically negate everything he has written about Obama…

    I have to admit one thing, Corsi somehow realized the DNC and Democratic leadership would be foolish enough to nominate an unknown and under-qualified candidate like Obama…he was definitely right on that one…

  71. Oprah will be in Denver next week, fluffing Teh Precious on her show every day

  72. myiq are you serious? is she allowed to do that?

  73. Who even uses the word “pensioner”? Isn’t “retiree” the word all the hep cats are using these days?

  74. Bush need not worry; his legacy will live on for the next two generations. Starting with McCain should he win the WH, or by a equally egregious run by Obama should he win for the Dems. Side by side, they reflect the neocons to a certain extent and the can of worms pried open by Bush when he embarked on that ill fated invasion of Iraq will resonate long after we have slipped this mortal coil.

    The nation needs a pragmatist to steer the course over the next 4-8 years. An unqualified media experiment or an old warrior are not the solutions to the mess Bush will leave behind. To embrace this notion is myopic. These problems will not be solved overnight and these two have the ability to make it worse.

    “Hope” and “change” will not solve the energy crisis, global warming, mideast outbreaks, terror threats, food shortages, immigation, falling markets, unemployment, outsourcing, universal healthcare, a staggering debt. Saber rattling will not ease tensions which are rapidly escalating as our weaknesses are on display.

    Hillary needs to step up to the plate now and go for broke.

  75. Oprah is on summer hiatus. Her show will not return until the first week of September. She has rented a home in Denver for the week of the convention. That says it all.

  76. SOD: I salute your daughter.

  77. BO & the DNC recognize that BO cannot win without Hillary paving his way or the support of women. They may force Hillary to campaign for him, but they will not get our votes. We will stand tall in NOvember.

  78. Trecy – Damn straight. We think for ourselves.

  79. Great post RD. It is so pathetically true. The NY Times piece about Hillary not being enthusiastic enough in her unqualified support for The One actually made me feel better. Good ole’ Hill, she’s out there doing her job, but she’s not lovin’ it–or faking it more than she has to. The Judas hug said it all. I wish they’d just leave her the hell alone though. It’s amazing that even with all of this reinforcement, he is struggling to stay even with McCain. What a loser.

  80. As much as I love and respect Hillary, here is where we part ways. I don’t care how much schmooze she throws out there, he is not getting, nor does he even remotely deserve, my vote. This guy is a danger to the very notion of democracy and that message must be delivered loud and clear come November. The stakes here are much too high to buy into this inexperienced fraud. He should not be rewarded for just showing up.

  81. I don’t know if this has been posted, but there’s an article that only a small dent has been placed in Sen. Clinton’s debt (not counting her personal debt, of course).


  82. I bet Teh Precious will rise up throw the stage floor at Invesco, or maybe be lowered from a helicopter-Deus ex Machina style. I am not watching whatever spectacle they have planned. Just thinking about it makes me want to barf.

  83. They may force Hillary to campaign for him, but they will not get our votes. We will stand tall in NOvember.

    The Tweety interview with Diane showed this last night. He couldn’t understand why Hillary’s “support” did not bring us all on board, and asked her about it at least twice. “So you mean, if Hillary gets up there on Tuesday and asks you all to vote for him, it still won’t make a difference?”

    They are really thick, these people.

  84. Joan LOL. I’m with you. I could care less what they do next week. I’ll come here to read all the snark, and hopefully someone will post Hillary and Bill. I have no interest in yet another BO promotional event. Just hearing someone speak positively about him makes me ill.

  85. Obama is copying a Bette Midler entrance for the night of the “big speech”. He will be lowered from rafters, sitting on a cloud, master of all he surveys. The crowd will gaze upward, their faces rapt in gratitude and longing. The One is here. The One has arrived. The One is amongst us. Bugles, horns, kazoos will be heard.

    Just typing and visualizing this is making me nauseaous.

  86. Hillary’s pragmatic, executive approach is most definitely needed at this time.

    The last two World Wars were fought at exactly these kinds of extremely problem-filled times. Wars make money. Money retains power.

    The only difference between the other 2 recent times of such world-wide troubles and our time today, is—weapons of MD. So no matter who wants to retain money and power—these wars cannot be.

    Neither presumptuous candidate has the skills plus intelligence to perceive and negotiate our world back to well-being. We need Hillary.

    I just hope and pray that she will release her suspension, and be open to taking the monumental job.

  87. “The One” is a fake!

  88. I shall listen here for the snark-certainly not giving MSM audience.
    two states- thx for the Anenberg link.

    Here’s another pleasant link re. Inesco fields:

  89. gqmartinez, on August 22nd, 2008 at 8:48 am Said:
    You gotta seeeee the baaaaaaabyyyyy!

    LOL! Thanks for that “Seinfeld” reference. I liken my reaction (to BO’s candidacy) to Kramer’s. 😉

  90. You must have read the same article I did about how Floridians were complaining that even though Hillary was out campaigning for the dude, she just wasn’t doing a good enough job of it. When have you read an entire article of people complaining that a politician’s heart just wasn’t in campaigning for the guy who had just trounced her in an election by smearing her as a racist.

    My best friend, Rex, thinks that The Audacity Of Democracy should be renamed, “It Takes A Pillage”. LOL

    Anyway, I had this dream last night that I was in Philadelphia and it was winter time. The city had handed out for free this paint/mortor which everyone had used to build their house. Now it was raining really, really hard and the mortor was not holding. People’s houses were falling apart. The city told everyone whose house was in danger to go stand out in the street and flag down these emergency vehicles for help. So the people of the city were now standing in the rain for help and the rain was pelting down. Some of the people were knee deep in swirling water. In protest, the people had donned tri-corner hats, and now the streets, house after house after house, were lined with citizens waving the tri-corner hats in the pouring rain.

  91. fif, Chris needs to be told “What part of ‘not a mindless lemming’ do you not understand?” That’s the bot’s gig, not mine. I don’t do blind allegiance.

    I own my vote. And I will not be bullied, frightened, shamed, cajoled, guilted, or otherwise coerced into giving it to anyone but whom I choose. My ideals are my own, and I need not prove my Democratic credentials to anyone. I am an old bitter white woman, and I care not a rat’s ass whether anyone calls me traitor.

    I am impervious to shaming, because I am secure enough in myself, and know who I am enough, to not have any desire whatsoever to be one of the kewl kids. The withdrawal of approval that I don’t seek anyway is no real biggie to me. Therefore, the threat of shunning and the approbation of the politically self-righteous makes me yawn. Bring it on (while I take a nap.)

    I own my vote.

  92. […] coolest new product on the market, and they  Just. Want. Him. The Obama Rules state that it is our duty to shut up and elect him. Icons like Jesse Jackson stress his blackness as a reason to support him.  Howard Dean is proud […]

  93. Oprah may be on “hiatus” but i’ll bet she is recording stuff for when she returns.

    There no longer is a “Fairness Doctrine” so she could bring Uh-bama on her show every day if she wanted to.

  94. The baby is “breathtaking”

  95. LMBO @ myiq2xu! Indeed.

  96. myiq –

    Oprah’s ratings tanked at the time of her involvement with Obama. Ellen is now kicking her ass big time. She’s not going to have him on hardly at all.

    White people don’t like obama – he only has a 30% favorability rating among white people.

    It takes a pillage, indeed!

  97. New post up…:-)

  98. What an incredible post. Is this post being sent out to papers? It is a fantastic piece of journalism and needs to be read by many….including Hillary.
    My local paper has a policy of printing all letters to the editor. I don’t know if they will print a letter with someone else’s letter included. Should I try?

    Are you sending this letter out to papers?

  99. Oh please, make it stop!

    Desi Obama’s New Race Cards

    By: Emil Guillermo, Aug 21, 2008
    Asian Week

    At his $8 million San Francisco fund-raiser on Aug. 17, Barack Obama proclaimed to South Indian high donors, “I’m a desi.”

    So who’s his running mate — Lucy? Nothing like a generational joke about a pioneering, very public mixed marriage couple (Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz who was not a desi but a Cubano) to get this week’s column started.

    B.O., an agent for change, has done a little Lucy-like (as in Australopithecus) digging from among the bones of ancient Democratic presidential aspirants to unearth the most hyped vice-presidential possibility thus far: Sen. Joe Biden. Now that the liberal Delaware dinosaur’s hair plugs look more natural, he’s ready for his close-up!

    Biden came on the scene 17 years ago as the chair of the Senate Judiciary committee presiding over the infamous Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. Biden could have been a bit harder on Thomas, Bush One’s affirmative action pick to the High Court. He certainly could have done more to prevent Hill from being a victim of a GOP race-card ploy.

    But now the senator finds himself as the front-runner to become Obama’s “white race card,” the person who could bridge white fears and multi-colored hopes.

    If Biden is the choice for second banana this weekend, view it as Obama’s level best at what I call “Clinton avoidance.”

    To win it all, Obama needs the appeal of his former rival Hillary Clinton or a reasonable facsimile — quick. His star is fading faster than the paint on an aging Nader Corvair. A new Reuters/Zogby poll showed John McCain taking a five-point lead among likely voters—46 percent to 41 percent. The McCain resurgence gives him the lead for the first time and wipes out a 7-point advantage Obama held in some polls back in July.

    But is it enough to make B.O. choose Hillary as his mate? Hmm, are there enough legs in the pantsuit?
    Enter Biden, with a set of Hillary-like traits. He’s strong in foreign policy and plays to blue-collar whites. And if you can forgive him for letting Thomas onto the Supreme Court, then he may be acceptable to most people of color.

    Obama may do anything he needs to win—except tap Hillary as his homegirl. Barring that, Biden appears to be a quick fix for what Obama needs: the best available male version of Hillary.

    A Biden pick might appease those 80-20 types, but it may not work for everyone. Believe it or not, there are still some die-hard Clinton loyalists among Asian Americans, hoping for a miracle at the Democratic convention next week in Denver.

    Perhaps that’s why the Asian American presence at the San Francisco fund-raiser last Sunday was a tad different. Obama played an Asian race card. But it wasn’t what you’d expect in the city that’s about 30 percent Chinese.

    At a time when unity among Asian Americans should be key, Obama differentiated South Asians and Pacific Islanders from the broader group and then told a South Asian crowd, “I am a desi.”

    Desi, of course, refers to South Asian immigrants, who were plentiful at the big Fairmont Hotel gathering.
    What was Obama doing? Showing us he’s Piyush “Bobby” Jindal’s evil twin?

    That the South Asians and Pacific Islanders got special treatment possibly is the work of San Francisco DA Kamala Harris, of South Asian descent herself, and a key B.O. point person. The more obvious reason is that South Asians are writing out campaign checks with zeal.

    Hey, you want me to say “I’m a desi?” That will be $2,300, please!

    Why else would Obama shine a light on the South Asian and Pacific Islanders from the bulk in our group—Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Southeast Asian?

    The South Asian community has grown to more than 3 million in the U.S. Last month Democrats tapped key South Asian capitalists like Yahoo’s Dilawar Syed to milk it.

    That’s great. But if Obama’s goal is to instill a sense of unity, it would have been to group us all together as Democrats have in the past, so that the diversity within the broader APIA moniker could shine (Obama did hold an APIA fund-raiser in July in D.C.; but when he comes to the most Asian city in the nation, South Asians are highlighted?)

    What will he say before a group of Chinese who remain on the fence right up to the convention? Or to Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese,et al? Will he lead them in a Bollywood rendition of “God Bless America”?

    In campaign mode, Obama just appears to be too glib and chameleon-like for his own good (you didn’t see many direct answers during that “purpose-filled” interview with Rick Warren the other day). And when B.O.’s in fund-raising mode, he’s incorrigible, saying anything for a buck, shunning public financing so that he can raise and spend donations at an historic rate. This is the candidate of change? Or the candidate of calculated ambition?

    The convention in Denver is billed as “Americans coming together for change.” B.O. will get his chance to convince us again why he’s the one who can redirect us to a new path toward peace and prosperity. His dipping poll numbers set him up well for an oratorical lift. Will he deliver? Will it sustain him to November? We shall see.


  100. Ah, let’s not forget that Hillary is expected to bring the vaunted Clinton “ruthlessness” to work for The One. Here, Hillary, just turn on that “ruthlessness” thing you are sleazy enough to do, and let Little BO win without getting his hands dirty.

    It’s not bad enough that they use Hillary, they always have to insult her [and us] while they do it.

  101. Great Post, RD-

    Obama certainly needs a mommy…a graphic came to mind while reading all the great analogies here:

    Obama in a pink pajama, zip up suit. with the feet in them. The one we put our kidz in during the winter months. And perhaps a cutie pacifier, so Obambi doesn’t cry for mama to hold him while she’s voting for Hillary..

    Everyone be SAFE in Denver.. and have some fun while you’re there..

  102. I’m just reading this morning’s comments now and though this goes back a few hours (so I will quote it) I just have to repeat it all:

    Davidson, on August 22nd, 2008 at 8:22 am Said:
    It takes everyone and their mother to prop up Obama, I swear. And he has that horrible habit of believing that if he has a surrogate campaign on his behalf to their particular base, then that group of voters will for him. He did that with Latinos in CA (”Let me just have some random Latino go out there and tell them to vote for me on Spanish language radio!” and he’s doing that now with Clinton voters.

    He doesn’t understand that he himself has to campaign on his behalf. He just expects everyone else to do things for him and amazingly he’s had just that for his entire life and the man’s almost 50! Unreal. I’m surprised he doesn’t have us wipe his ass and apply some talcum powder while we’re at it.

    Oh Davidson, I know! OMG! You said it. It just blows my mind every day. It’s just incredible. Incredible! If it was me, it would be a horrible nightmare to find myself somehow running for President and being totally unprepared and unqualified in every way. It would be like one of those dreams where you suddenly discover you are naked and on stage. It would be like watching a Ben Stiller movie with it’s painful brand of humiliation comedy. But I keep reminding myself that he will probably never experience that perception at all. He is completely insulated from that kind of awareness.

    Anyway, a new day and still this sucky sucky candidate of great suckitude.

  103. […] writes with delicious satire : it takes a village to elect Obama “It is the responsibility of his rival’s supporters to get behind him with all their hearts […]

  104. I only see two objectives for me: (1) support the nomination of Hillary at the convention; and failing that (2) do my best to make sure Obama loses in November. If that means voting for McCain, then SO BE IT! I find that it helps keep my blood pressure in check because every bit of information that comes out daily about Obama only makes me more resolute in those two objectives of mine.

  105. RD this is a great post painting a pellucid picture of what is mainly murky insanity.

  106. So, in other words, if we all pull together and pull our weight, Obama becomes President and then all we have to do is pull his weight over the next 4 years.
    Actually, I haven’t studied business, but doesn’t this follow some kind of corporate model? MBA’s out there? Just for my own information.

  107. rd – may I have a copy of the river image on your header????
    I swear I am only up to GOOD with the image …no mischief.

  108. “It is the responsibility … ” of everyone to shore up the narcissist’s grandiose fantasy of himself.

  109. The NYT’s article “At Rally, Finding Clinton’s Aid to Obama Too Tepid” is abusive and demeaning. It reminds me of the dynamics of an abusive relationship where the abuser keeps telling the abused woman: “It is all you fault that you are getting this abuse.”

  110. We can gag.

    RD & CO! Something I read yesterday to give hope…McC –doesn’t know how many houses he has — I don’t think he cares! His wife put most of them in her name? He just has his own salary! How do you like that? So honorable! He’s married to someone very rich, and none of it is his? I really think he means to reform the corruption RD.

    If I were Hillary? I’d get away from HIM. After what he did to her, and all of us. Sick.

  111. ps: I was totally laughing at that title! before I gagged!

    hugs, RD & CO!

  112. indigogrrl: go for it. I’m sure you’re completely innocent.

  113. Karl Rove did his job.
    He protected GWB’s legacy.
    He got donna brazille to run the most unqualified candidate in history and do her best to dismantle the democratic party.
    He should be so proud and the idiot dnc should hang their heads in shame.



  114. Trecy: very perceptive observation. I second that.

  115. errrrrrrr – RD ‘scuse my ig-know- rance but when I right click to copy it or go to page source I cant gets me the picture…

  116. Helen,

    A very astute summary of what has gone down!

  117. it is my responsiblity to love riverperson’s article…

    and i take that job very seriously….

  118. This blog articulation was a hoot. Very well done!

  119. The NYT’s article “At Rally, Finding Clinton’s Aid to Obama Too Tepid” is abusive and demeaning. It reminds me of the dynamics of an abusive relationship where the abuser keeps telling the abused woman: “It is all you fault that you are getting this abuse.”

    You said a mouthful! It’s misogyny embedded in the culture.

  120. speaking of abusive:

    this post containing the Declarations of Sentiments of the new Misogynistic Democratic Party and DNC remind me of how wives were treated by husbands 150+ years ago, and what Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were fighting against:.

    iron his shirt, and if he abuses you, then deal with it silently and always pretend like everything’s fine for the sake of the family, and you can never get divorced, so don’t even think about being uppity.

  121. Thought you all might enjoy my proposed theme song for Obama during the convention…….

    The Beatles – I’m A Loser

    Copyright – 1964 EMI Records Ltd.

    The song’s refrain sings, “I’m a loser, and I’ve lost someone who’s near to me. I’m a loser, and I’m not what I appear to be.” The lyrics appear to be about a man who lost a girl; however Lennon later suggested that he constantly felt like a loser in life. Lennon would later compose self-oriented songs without using love as a metaphor.

    (Hmmmm – sounds like Obama to me!)


    I’m a loser
    I’m a loser
    And I’m not what I appear to be

    Of all the love I have won or have lost
    there is one love I should never have crossed
    She was a girl in a million, my friend
    I should have known she would win in the end

    I’m a loser
    And I lost someone who’s near to me
    I’m a loser
    And I’m not what I appear to be

    Although I laugh and I act like a clown
    Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown
    My tears are falling like rain from the sky
    Is it for her or myself that I cry

    I’m a loser
    And I lost someone who’s near to me
    I’m a loser
    And I’m not what I appear to be

    What have I done to deserve such a fate
    I realize I have left it too late
    And so it’s true, pride comes before a fall
    I’m telling you so that you won’t lose all

    I’m a loser
    And I lost someone who’s near to me
    I’m a loser
    And I’m not what I appear to be

  122. You must be kidding me!! Obama has changed and redefined the way politics and politicians are viewed. He is actually competent! That’s more than what Bush or McCain are! He’s a winner, he’s gone so far. Vote for Obama! Visit WHYOBAMA08.ORG!

  123. G Green,

    you really are green. Get some experience under your belt, then come back and talk.

  124. http://dummidumbwit.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/pee-wee-and-gilbert-gottfried-on-mccains-vp-shortlist/

    Reagan thought Lennon was a commie until public opinion polls told him otherwise, then he let him in Flip flopper!!! But he’d have still been alive in England but Lennon wanted in an so we lost him…. Lighten up?

  125. G Green,

    The 2 party system has failed. We are being led around by the nose. Defend “your guy” at all cost. Vote based on disdain for what the other party represents based on media sound bites designed specifically for the purpose of playing on emotions. Party allegiance = blind allegiance. The republican party does not represent conservatives (look a the approval ratings) and the democratic party enjoys the loyal following of all the lunatic fringe who will absolutely pee their pants at even the slightest nod in thier direction. The obvious, never discussed problem is that there is no way to please the disparate groups of malcontents that comprise the democratic party.

  126. Obama just lost.
    NOHillary NOBambi/Obysmal Liberal for McCain 2008
    You gotta be pretty stupid to think you can win inspite of 4.5 million Hillary voters vowing to vote McCain.
    I’ll be one of them.
    For 40 years I’ve been a yellow dog liberal voting straight democratic. I’ll be voting for McCain.

  127. […] As for Hillary Clinton, I’ve heard that the party is going to ask her to help them even more because although she was not good enough to be the nominee and although she wasn’t likeable enough to be the VP, her presence on the campaign trail is absolutely vital for Obama’s success.  Remember, it takes a village to elect Obama. […]

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