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Caucus Fraud: Coming soon to your convention

After all, what is a party convention but one giant caucus?  And what has Obama’s campaign been up to the last couple of months but figuring out new ways of intimidating, bullying, deceiving and poaching Hillary’s delegates?  This stuff is second nature to the Obama campaign by now.  After all, It worked so well during the primary season.

You can get a glimpse of the documentary through this extended trailer.

John Siegal of WeWillNotBeSilenced has been working on a documentary to expose how the game was rigged and who pays for the damage to the process.  Says John:

The information in the film is especially jarring for those who were not in caucus states, but it is information that our party must face. There is a reason why half of all Hillary voters are not currently willing to vote for Obama, and this is a big part of it.As I told my friend Rep. Lois Capps, whose son in law is Obama’s National Communications Director, it would be unfair and unethical to delegates, both pledged and super, to withhold this otherwise untold story prior to their floor votes in Denver. This is, oddly, also an opportunity for unity; if the Obama campaign stated that they played rough in a caucus system that should be abolished, it would heal a lot of wounds.

We will have copies of the DVD with us if you need one in Denver.


John Siegel
Executive Producer, We Will Not Be Silenced

You can get a glimpse of the documentary through this extended trailer.

This is not just playing dirty. This isn’t just ratf%&ing. The result of rushing the caucuses and overwhelming the precinct captains contributed to the invalidation of the votes for Hillary in the Big D and Swing States on Feb. 5, 2008. In other words, what they did in the caucuses cancelled out my vote in NJ. My state paid millions of dollars for a primary that was a sham and a waste of time. And all because the Obama campaign just couldn’t help themselves from exploiting the weaknesses in the caucus system that were absent in primary elections. Hey, guys, just because it *can* be done doesn’t mean it *should* be done.

I don’t know how they thought they could get away with it. I guess they thought we voters would just turn a blind eye because we would be so grateful to have a Democrat in the White House. But this Democrat is no better than a Rovian Republican.

But wait! There’s more. The convention is also gameable. There are all kinds of ambiguities in the Rules and Procedures for the Roll Call vote and Vice Presidential Nomination. A delegate has 10 minutes to challenge his state tally. But how will the tally be announced? Will it be by PA? Electronically? How does one file a challenge? Details, details. Unless we pin every single one of those suckers down, Barack Obama will figure out a way to exploit the loopholes and cheat 18 million voters out of their votes. Of course, he will have the DNCs help.

But don’t worry, Conflucians, we will have the final say in November. They can’t rig voting machines quite as well as Republicans.

358 Responses

  1. Hi, everyone, I’m not much of a poster, more of a lurker. But I saw the video on caucus fraud and can’t help but say how sickened and saddened I feel. It’s so upsetting so see how badly the sacredness of the vote has been desecrated. These are crimes; will someone pay?

  2. No, that’s true. Nobody can rig an election better than the Republicans. However, this group comes in a very close second, and the enablers at the DNC were just invaluble. This should be a fascinating general election watching the two groups go at one another, and as a FL voter, I’ll have a front row seat. (Actually, if I were the betting type, I’d bet on PA to be the site of voting problems this time)


  4. Breaking: Obama chooses Hillary as VP.

    Just kidding. Just got off the stepper and needed to bring everyone elses heart rate up.

  5. DO NOT DO THAT!!!!!

  6. I read somewhere yesterday Ohio is already being staked out with many rules changes and will once again be a target for voter disenfranchisement if Obama is the nominee…or McCain.

    Pretty sad when you can’t TRUST your party IF Obama is the eventual nominee!

  7. ok, my hearrate is starting to return to normal… 🙂

  8. gary – Monk and Psych in 14.5 minutes.

  9. Gary, when do you and Mawm set off on the Excellent Adventure?

  10. RD & Gary – much love to you on your trek to Denver, please know that since my delegates of my state are guilloutined – you carry me with you! Like all of us here that can;t make it. You are PUMA delegates!

    Awesome evidence! Not one but 2 documentaries!

  11. That video made me weep.

  12. gq,

    I listened to Rush L. today on the car radio (Hannity too). It’s actually the first time I have ever listen to Rush’s show. According to him, it was announced today that Obama never even considered Hillary for vp, never talked to her about it or even vetted her. According to Rush this was a huge mistake, and he can’t believe the Clinton’s will put up with being so disrespected.

  13. I watched the caucus fraud video earlier today. I am beyond disgusted…to outrage.

    I’m still not “over” 2000; but in a real way this is worse because it’s our own party f*cking us.

    No way will I get over this and fall in line, DemocRAT party. “I”, JUST SAY NO DEAL.

  14. Any way you can break that up and get it on YouTube? When I play, it doesn’t go past the first card.

  15. I just watched that video on the caucuses and my blood pressure is off the charts. How can this be tolerated or condoned? And yet, it came as no real surprise. They pulled it off and will do the same in November is not stopped now.

  16. lambert, I watched it from a link at Alegre’s. No problem.

  17. chatblu, on August 22nd, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    “(Actually, if I were the betting type, I’d bet on PA to be the site of voting problems this time)”

    I’m in PA. What makes you think so?

  18. BostonBoomer! Where are you in your trek? Are you safe & sound in IN?

    I read the same report that Hillary wasn’t even given the courtesy of being asked to be VP. I see it as a good thing. Hillary shouldn’t even be close to that devolving mess of crud & slime.

  19. heard the report about Hillary as well.. Did you all see Carville on CNN giving a shout out to PUMA? I think he said, not even considering her is going to give more ammunition to the PUMAs, something like that.

  20. Yeah, Pat. We knew there was some really bad sh*t going down, but the new video has all those interviews and details…like taking the elderly woman’s walker away from her. It would be unbelievable at any other time.

    PUMA HAKA! 👿

  21. Hi SM,

    I’m at my parents’ house in IN. I got here about 7PM. I definitely don’t want Hillary to be VP, but apparently there are some dems who are planning to make a stink about it. There is some guy in TX who is gathering signatures to put her name on the VP ballot at the convention. As far as I’m concerned, the more trouble the better. I hope there is a delegate walkout if the vote isn’t legit. I’m sick and tired of hearing the media say that everything is decided.

  22. Richardson was just on and had a rather bizarre facial tick with his left lip jacking up.

  23. When that woman spoke of the old lady who was told that if she was not voting for Obama to go away and she did, it broke my heart. I imagine her getting herself ready and apparently walking to the door that was shut in her face. How dare they? This is America! You cannot get away with this. Bullies and thugs staking themselves out to make something this egregious occur and for what? This piece of crap who cares only for himself? Treating people in that manner is abominable. I am really bent out of shape. That woman was somebody’s grandmother for God’s sake!

  24. Are you nuts for real? You really would have McSame rather than Obama. Another four years of Bush policies. Get a life!

  25. hey…somebody asked earlier, we’re leaving tomorrow morning around 9am I’ve got a million things to do, so I’ll report once we’re on the way. We have a big surprise for everyone 🙂 will have something to report probably around 3pm…..

  26. jim, you know sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t…I think Nietzsche said that

  27. How badly that you want something that allows you to submit yourself to the lowest tactics available to gain it. It speaks volumes of the person in whose name this has been done. You either know and approve, or if you don’t then your judgment is more than severely lacking. This must not stand.

  28. Agree, Pat, that was one of the worst. And as the interviewee said, this was Black men preventing an 80 yo Black woman from voting because she didn’t want to vote for BO. Think of all the years she would’ve been prevented from voting by White people…think of all the implications of that.

    I just want to scream.

  29. purplefinn: PA will be a close vote, as FL was in 2000 and OH in 2004. The Republican party just seems to turn up in those places, so I think it may be Pa’s turn.

  30. Boston: Whew! Glad you made it! You had some of us worry-warts, well, worrying about you!

    Pat: I can’t see this video until the morning. What you already said made my blood boil. My heart can’t take it after this hard week – I’ll see it in the morning.

    PUMAtize Denver!

  31. I’ve been b***hing about caucus fraud since February when WA state had both a caucus and a primary. Texas was the other state that had both a caucus and primary. These two states are PROOF that Obama gamed the caucus system.

    Those of us who experienced the caucus are eye witnesses to the length that the Obama thugs are willing to go to “win”.

    And I am certain that the Obama/soetoro delegates will be trained how to game the convention — because as mentioned in the article the convention is just one big caucus.

    Although I don’t want to fall into the “learned helplessness” trap — I am also a realist — the Obama thugs have poured millions into gaming the system.

    I hope that the patriots for Hillary can overcome the forces of evil — but after seeing how these Obama thugs operate I am a realist — and I will have to make wise use of my vote in November.

  32. Pat, that woman was someone’s grandmother, and the woman telling the incident marched with MLK for that woman’s right to vote.

    It literally makes me sick to my stomach. These bastards will pay for this. I swear to God, unless there is a true cleansing in the Democratic Party, and an admission of what they did, I will NEVER vote for a single Democrat again other than those who speak up. Never.

    And Obama and his Jack-booted thugs can ROT in HELL.

  33. jim: Go watch the video and then take a shower. Come back and let us know if you approve.

  34. I couldn’t possibly vote for either one. McCain has really stupid policy positions and Obama is unqualified and was handed the nomination by the DNC
    I’ve voted Democratic for thirty years, but I’ll probably stay home with a migraine this year.

  35. Jim, you might want to watch the video we’re discussing. Then come back here and tell us to get a life, k?

    Gary, I really wanted to add some more to your kitty. Is it too late?

  36. Michelle’s pastel, garishly over-busy, las Vegas game-show-like design for the stage for the Convention is a Howler of tackiness! I guess they expect everyone to show up with electric-blinking glittery shark Elvis suits so that they can show up against that spectacle of neon tastelessness!

  37. Pat: You state: You cannot get away with this.

    I know what you mean….but when you really think about it Obama did get away with it.

  38. Headline from today’s Rasmussen reports: “Electoral College Update: Obama Lead Narrows to 10 Votes”

    And they’re calling VA a swing state. Har.

  39. Hatsepsut, the poor thing tries to channel Jackie-O, but she always winds up as Tacky-O.

  40. I saw the convention stage this morning and my jaw was down to my chest. Garish! That is putting it mildly. If Michelle did design the stage than any comparison to Jackie O just flew out the window. Cher has better taste!

  41. jesus christ we knew it was bad, we knew it, but now we see.

  42. chatblu, Yikes! I’ll be watching. Yes, PA will probably will be close. There are plenty of new bitter people here though. Not just the ones Obama was referring to during the primaries. The ones the DNC created.

  43. You PUMAs make me so sad. I’m not even a real Democrat, I’ve been an Independent for forever, and I can see that an Obama government has the potential to at least start reversing the damage the last eight years has wrought. I would have wholeheartedly supported Clinton had she won, but she didn’t. Have you really, truly, looked at McCain’s policy statements?? The prospect of a McCain government on both economic and foreign policy fronts SCARES me.

  44. Watch the video, Chelle. If we don;t have our votes, we have NOTHING. None of the rest will ever matter if WE DON’T HAVE OUR VOTES.

  45. They are banking on a 6 point “bump” after the convention. To me that spells “pimple”. If he does get 6 points it will only be making up the number he has lost. No big deal. But just wait until middle America sees what those 4 days will produce! Every hip-hop sweetie will be marching across the stage and when Thursday night comes along with the “speech” I see most of the country doing a collective jaw drop as well. Enough of the crap already!

  46. Convention stage is pretty bad isn’t it? it looks like the video music awards. it’s a great stage for Kanye West to perform (I am a big fan of Kanye) but does not seem to be a very tasteful set up for a party convention. IMHO.

  47. hey chelle,

    this must really make you fearful, you know the truth, the truth of how he stole it.

    Don’t feel sad for us, we’re empowered while you remain basically unconscious to the truth.

  48. Again, Chelle, go watch the video. We have been living with this crap for 6 months+. Go ye and get informed.

  49. Chelle: Your sadness does not bother me in the least. I am sadder for those people seen in the video who were denied even a modicum of decency. Go watch. It is a revelation. Then come back and tell me how much worse McCain is.

  50. Chelle: it makes me sad that people would support Obama.

  51. My God, the Democratic Convention for President of the United States of America is going to look like the Solid Gold Dancers.

  52. Really I often feel one of Barry’s object is wrecking the Dem party. That wrecking the party is not only a means , but one of the the ends .

  53. WMCB, i hear marilyn mccoo is hosting. Love her!!

  54. taggles: When you wipe the foam off your first brewski in Denver, think of me!

  55. Sheri, you’re really not going to Denver?

  56. I will be there! and pat, I shall do just that!

  57. oh, and ditto what cbn said.

  58. purplefinn: the embittered people of FL extend a hamd of friendship to the bitter folks of PA/

  59. SM are you out there??? check your email.

  60. taggles: XX00

  61. Ha! Marilyn Mccoo! That’s a blast from the past.

  62. I gotta say I’m really digging the chick that Monk is digging.

  63. Chelle, if dissent makes you sad, I can’t really help that. McCain is wrong on the issues, but the Democratic Congress will push back against him. Obama’s going to take our entire Democratic Party and push it in the wrong direction… to the right.

  64. OH! I thought you said on BTR that you couldn’t go, and just couldn’t imagine you not being there. Great!

    Will you be doing a show from Denver?

  65. The Fifth Dimension had a great sound! Up, Up and Away In His Beautiful Balloon!

  66. where’s the hell is chelle? did she leave the party?

  67. regency: Back to the ironing!!!!!

  68. Sherry: Alegre cannot go.

  69. someone over at CH said this and it made me laugh mao.

    After looking at the stage for the One, the poster says:

    where do simon, randy and paula sit?

  70. taggles; She is packing for Denver. Going to share a room with you. Your new BFF!

  71. the Democratic Convention for President of the United States of America is going to look like the Solid Gold Dancers

    Filling up my life with music… YES WE CAN!

  72. The 2008 Democratic convention will be the longest ceremony of political suttee/ suicide ever .

  73. where do simon, randy and paula sit?

    You got to love a good snark!

  74. Thanks, Pat. I must be confusing my BTR hosts. duh

  75. chelle is takin a chill right now. maybe he/she decided to enlighten her/himself and watch the truth.

    Pat that is heresy!

  76. I know but I am all for “unity”.

  77. chatblu, Thanks, and we’ll shake that hand. Florida and the Supreme Court Decision were my wake up call. What seems like a bad dream is really happening isn’t it. Thank you to all who value and stand up for democracy.

  78. I had a lengthy conversation about the caucuses in WA state with the chairman of my legislative district in WA. I told him that I felt the Obots used the “rushing” or “storming” technique to dominate our caucus with unregistered voters and with voters who did not live in our precinct. He was very quick to correct me. He said that did not happen. However, his reasoning was very disturbing. He said it did not happen because it was not necessary. He said that several months before the caucus he received specific instructions from “very high up” in the Democratic party, and then he said, “straight from the DNC” that there was to be no verification of voter eligibility in the caucus. None. No verification as to whether the voters were registered, nor whether they even lived in the precinct. He said that in all the years he had been involved in the process, he had never known the DNC to be so adamant about anything. He said that he was told that if he did not abide by this directive, he could lose his delegates to the convention.

    I guess I was supposed to feel bad that I accused the Obama campaign of a tactic that they didn’t even have to use in order to game the caucuses.

  79. Tag! Looking forward to your show from Denver!

    Pat: The only “unity” I’m interested in is PUMA unity.

  80. taggles: Please try to get on the site sometime during Monday night. I have a feeling some of us here are going to be eviserating Michelle from Hell at a rapid pace. Try to keep up.

  81. hey wmbc, watch this:

  82. I still have to say Hillary. Yup. How the hell else is he going to win? Just imagine how anti-climatic this would if it were not Hill. She’s been the shadow VP all summer. Who else has toured the country for him? It’s her. That’s my bet.

  83. taggles, I think that’s Biden in sequins on the far left, but I could be wrong.

  84. I am sticking with Biden. Flying his son in from the mideast is the big giveaway. Unless he comes home for weekends which I seriously doubt.

  85. did you see her on tv today masslib, i’m not too sure about the and did you see Carville. I heard he Carville actually said PUMA today on some cable tv interview.

  86. WMCB, on August 22nd, 2008 at 9:21 pm Said:
    My God, the Democratic Convention for President of the United States of America is going to look like the Solid Gold Dancers.

    LOL!!! Sad thing is I still remember the theme song…

    Solid… GOLD! Filling up my life with music….Solid… Gold!

    Of course, I can’t remember where I put my house keys.

  87. PUMA is all we have right now. And until I am hauled off to the gulag for reorientation, I am sticking with PUMA.

  88. purplefinn: Sadly, no, you are not dreaming.

  89. there are two sm’s here which calls into the show?

  90. Just watched the caucus video. Did not think I could be any more sickened this year by whole process, but I am. What will happen? Videos sent to MSM? Yeah, they will jump right on it……………….

  91. janicen, did you post about that before? I knew I’d read it, but couldn’t remember which state. Wish we could contact the dem party chairs from all the caucus states to see if they’ll confirm (or admit) the directive.

  92. taggles; She is one in the same. Goes by SM77 out of WordPress.

  93. TAW, they are busy ramping up a story at this very minute about how valiant he was in the caucus states.

  94. Second try —

    I just googled the Dem convention stage


    Here’s a photo to give you an idea of the mess — and it is a mess. It is all about Obama/soetoro — colors and design taken from his website.

    Too much use of magenta — not good color choices at all. Not unity but discordant and clashing.

    The middle part seems to be a huge interstate highway (the theme for under the bus???).

    It is awful. I work with colors and understand the psychology of colors — this is a nasty mess.

  95. go find mccains for comparison, you will be amazed.

  96. janicen, that is chilling. I’ve heard that from other people as well – that chairs were instructed to NOT check that the voters were legit.

    Jesus, if this were happening in a third world country, we’d be sending Jimmy Carter and team to oversee the elections.

  97. Northwest rain: Could we have the name of the designer? That person must be coming off a bad LSD trip. Ugh is right!

  98. The video needs to be seen by the Superdels. Only they can save the day now.

  99. LOL! It looks like the set of a game show.

  100. hey did you gals, sorry guys, notice that we aren ‘t all 60-90 year old biddies who won’t vote for the precious one. They have finally started breaking down the ages in the polls and low and behold, it’s women above the age of 34 who don’t want to vote for the One.

  101. I hear that the Republicans are chanting, “Little BO-peep has lost his veep, and doesn’t know where to find him…”.

  102. Chelle: Obama may have the more usual DNC policies ON PAPER, but think: how much of what happens is the direct result of whom the POTUS surrounds himself with. Well, the fact is Obama is comfortable with people who implicitly harbor antipathy toward America and, in many cases, sorry to say, toward whites. He saw and still sees nothing much wrong with the Wrights and Pfleger’s of this work–and thus they are the types he would be capable of appointing to crucial posts!! And they would encourage the same pathology in others—multiplied! Read Obama’s “Dreams of My Fathers” for his own description of his obsessions with race and victimization (really due to abandonment by his father). When someone speaks of years of consoling themselves by nursing a hatred of his mother’s race (the quote is there)–well, one may be able to empathize, but, I’m sorry, someone with such a chip on his shoulder is dangerous material for POTUS. His wife embodies the same attitude three-fold. That’s the danger, that’s the serious pathology—the man is lost (maybe in time he could have grown out of his distorted perceptions, but he insisted on running now)

  103. The only thing missing, and they still have time, is an enlarged shot of Obama’s face looking out from that patch of blue. Like that one eye on the dollar bill. Just the right touch.

  104. pat, it’s a pyramid scheme!

  105. riverdaughter, it’s the FAMILY FEUD! Who’s going to kiss that smarmy Richard Dawson??

    BTW, for those who are unaware, I was SaneSoutherner in a former incarnation on the Big Orange Cheeto.

  106. great balls o’fire, that’s ughleeeee

  107. chatblu, How are you surviving the weather in Florida.? Did you experience flooding?

  108. Oh, this is going to be so bad! You can feel it already.

  109. it looks like ed mcmahon will announce him,

    here’s Baracky! and O comes running out from behind stage!

  110. Hey, everyone! Wish I could join you in Denver, but my doings prevent it. PUMA colleagues who have met me can appreciate my antennae tuning into this news.

    Fox is reporting a lot of activity around Senator Joe Biden’s house, including a chartered jet to go from Chicago to New Castle, DE (private airport). I.e., he’s the likely Veep pick.

    Q. Is this part of Obama’s thank you gift to Joe having his son, Beau (Joseph Biden, Jr.), State of DE Attorney General, serve a Delaware arrest warrant in the District of Columbia to Larry Sinclair at the end of Larry’s briefing at the National Press Club in June?

    Why don’t we hear this on the MSM/Cable news network shows?

    Makes me think there really was more to the Larry Sinclair story. Or, in addition, there was more to the death of Donald Young, who called Sinclair about Obama last year, and deaths of two other Trinity United Church of Christ members.

    Do you all remember that account?

    Also, Biden voted for the Iraq War resolution, and called Barry well-spoken and “clean”. Presume he meant hygiene – what about Barry’s dirty campaign tactics through the primaries?

    Hannity & Colmes has an interview of Biden from last year where he says he would not take a Veep spot if offered. What a difference a year makes.

    How do you feel now that you know it’s not Hillary for Veep?

    Biden is known for quoting without attribution (’88 run for POTUS) and gaffes.

    They’re going to need a football stadium to hold those two egos.

  111. clean up in aisle 1…and I’m outa troll wipes.

  112. Please don’t delete the troll post. Please edit it to say “I am not yet potty-trained, but I’m trying vewy hard.”

  113. Awww … Chelle sweetie is sad and scared. Will it make you feel better, honey, if we all vote for Barky? Yes?

    To f’in bad, ‘cos we’re not.

  114. Since he has played so “coy” with the VP selection do you suppose he will play “peek a boo” before he comes out?

  115. SherryNC, Yes, I have posted this. If I hadn’t heard it myself, I’d probably not believe it. It was stunning that he felt he was correcting me in my assumption that the Obama campaign used a tactic to game the caucuses by telling me that they didn’t even have to do it!

  116. Hey everyone… am back ( whew) my computer has been in the shoppe for almost a week and is now returned to me with a brand new HD and “most” of my contents intact .. so while i am reinstalling all my apps I will be trying to catch up on my reading here, and am grateful for everyone for keeping up the good fight !

  117. Maybe it’s just me and I expected it to look like this, but it looks like a crown, an fugly crown, but a crown nonetheless.

  118. According to Huff Po the text message will go out tomorrow at 10am and they are predicting Biden. Kaine and Bayh are supposedly out.

  119. For Sm Pat acarol and I who must stay home to and for our brave warriors of the rebel alliance!

    Creator Father Mother God/des

    Tonight we pray for the wings of eagles and angels to lift up our leaders, the very breath of the creator to protect them as they enter the valley of the shadow of defeat. Give to those who travel the road Gary an Mawm the swift footed feet of the puma that they may arrive safely. To Riverdaughter and Princess and Piper and Diane and will and murphy give them safe passage through the air to destiny.

    Those who are going to Denver go not because it is easy but go because it is hard. Give them the committment to be strong. Give them the strength to move mountians.

    Tonight the stakes are high Creator, will truth and right win out or shall this land of the people for the people and by the people fall into complete corruption and despotism. We know that regardless of the outcome our vigilance will be required to ensure freedoms light is not extinguished for years to come.

    Creator bless our Hillary, may angels guard her wings extended and tallons bared. May contenental principality join with justice so that she may recieve strength to do what is necessary.

    Creator we know the odds, we are outnumbered and our advesary is cunning he has gamed the floor and we are to say the least the underdog-help us to in this fight be PUMA strong and PUMA proud.

    Like Joshua, we sound the trumpet and march round the gates blowing the victory call, let these wall to come tumbling down and the light of our righteous words be heard.

    we ask all in your name that we again bring your justice to this land.



  120. prolix: It resembles a psychodelic nightmare.

  121. I think the stage for the convention looks like an award stage for TV soap opera awards not a part of a democratic process , and yes its uhhhggglyyy

  122. An Ex-Puma – The FEC only tracks contributions of $250+.
    I myself made one contribution of that amount, and it was reported….but my numerous contributions of LESS than $250 were not.

  123. In Nevada we were told that it was illegal to verify voter eligibility.

  124. Pat,
    I like the “peek a boo” imagery. Think of the “Peek A Boo Barky” Puma from behind a rock photo on Uppity Woman’s site.

    At least Biden did give the reporters staked outside his home some donuts, bagels and coffee as he said, “I’m not your guy”.

    Also heard a few bouquets of flowers arrived at the Biden home today – more clues to the Veep selection.

    Unless they’re just using him as a decoy…(not)

  125. thanks gq.

    In a Primary, you go in to vote and they have a list of registered voters (on paper or computer) by precinct and you have to sign in, signature is verified, etc. Evidently, this doesn’t apply to a party-run caucus (though we know it was *supposed* to in TX, at least).

    The UNdemocratic party is criminal. That is all.

  126. gqmartinez, I think that’s the case, but how can caucuses be considered legitimate if voter registration isn’t even verified? I could have taken my 14 year old daughter along and she could have voted for Hillary. I swear, the caucus I attended had voters who did not look much older than 14.

  127. Great about the text message. Just great. Guess who has a connecting flight in Indianapolis tomorrow? Yep. Don’t know how I managed to screw that one up. I hope the airport doesn’t hold things up for the big announcment.

  128. Christ, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they had a way to stop planes in midflight for this breathtaking “announcement”.

  129. brit brit: Good one!

  130. Obama won’t choose Hillary because he was never meant to win. Picking her might actually boost his chances and Nancy and Howie aren’t really interested doing that. They are much more interested in Nancy being the queen bee with all her new found power. God forbid Hillary Clinton being over her.

    She really has to go!!! She iis evil, fake and she hates the american people . She is big time in bed with corporate power. Her anti-drilling thing is so big oil can continue to rape the public..If she cared one bit about having a real green anergy plan, she would have supported Clinton. She hates Clinton due to her queen bee syndrome. She is a disgrace!!!!!!!!!

  131. Our do-nothing Dem Congress did not want Hillary in the Whitehouse, because they would lose power and she would actually make them GET A SPINE and DO THEIR JOBS. Pelosi is chief among that group.

    Nancy is protecting her own little fiefdom at the expense of this country.

  132. KendallJ; While I do agree with your analysis regarding Nancy, I do think they expect to win. They have managed to game every system as well as the MSM to get what they want. They have an agenda and they can only achieve it by staging his nomination and election win. Too much money has gone into this sham “The Making of a President” to say they are uninterested in winning the whole enchillada. We are talking millions upon millions of dollars. Their aim was to remove Hillary but it was never to go down in defeat. They simply did not count on dissent within the ranks.

    As they have stated on numerous occasions: where else can we go?

  133. “we are the ones they didn’t expect”

    PUMA HAKA! 😈

  134. “we are the ones they didn’t expect”

    I love that!

  135. I just watched this and am stunned, i knew it was bad but wow, just wow. Thanks for posting RD.
    The AA civil rights activist about 20 minutes into the video had me crying.
    What in the world is going on?

  136. oy, looking at that stage, I’m thinking we might end up with three possible VP candidates on stage with Garry Moore hosting……..while Peggy Cass, Kitty Carlisle, Bill Cullen and Orson Bean try to guess which one will be the real VP choice.

    is this not the stupidest thing ever? in case you’re wondering if I’m referring to the coy little VP guessing game or the horrible stage set, the answer is both.

    we’re fighting a couple of wars with a couple more threatening, the economy is in the tank, people are losing their homes…..I could go on but y’all know all this. so why are we playing games and decorating like an MTV awards show?

    something has gone seriously wrong here…….

  137. kiki: Nahh, To Tell The Truth was actually a pretty classy show. No, this set looks like it came straight out of Gambit.

  138. Given that Biden said “I’m not your man”, I wonder….does that leave…..RICHARDSON? Could it be he? (He did, after all, recently try to fundraise for Hillary.)

  139. KiKi- AMEM!!!
    And, nobody talks about how much money is being squandered away for this show of power. Its horrible and pathetic…

  140. Some info for those who may not know…..Vodpod is a great tool for embedding videos on your sight or keeping all of your favorite videos in one place. Just go to vodpod.com. I love it as it makes posting videos to WordPress extremely easy.

    As for the Democratic stage, I think it looks like it was designed by Homer Simpson on drugs.

    Mountain Sage

  141. RD, lol, ok, I apologize for comparing To Tell The Truth to this crap.

    have a safe and wonderful trip! I so wish I could go. I will hold all of you in the light.

  142. Clinton owns her vote. I own mine. It’s called Democracy, not “follow the leader” or “Simon Says”.

  143. Psych is unbearably wonderful tonight. Talk about Ebony & Ivory working in perfect harmony.

  144. and Mountain Sage, the set up would have been similar for Clinton.

    I wish there was some objectivity but I understand the need to hate everything Obama right now. Vent away.

    After the convention, the Hillary supporters bent on attacking Obama will be in the minority. Hillary is going to give a wonderful and powerful speech which emphasizes her grace and character, and the only people looking at attack the democrats will be the republicans and you guys.

    If that’s the kind of company you want to be associated with you have my sympathies.

  145. Responding only hijacks the thread and encourages them. Don’t do it, my friends.

  146. Psych is one of the best shows on TV. No question.

  147. Pat: “I have a feeling some of us here are going to be eviserating Michelle from Hell at a rapid pace. Try to keep up.”

    Pat, if you are going to be verbally eviscerating Michelle, I might have to force myself to watch. I don’t want to miss your analysis. If we watch as a group, we can support each other through the horror.

  148. The worst part about that ugly stage? Obama won’t have to stand there and give his speech from it. Bill and Hillary will have to have that fugly pile of mess behind them, but not The One. Nope, he’ll be speaking from the stadium probably with some sort of screen behind him that will flash subliminal messages all night or at least until we all have that epiphany he told us about.

  149. Highly recommend Vicky Christina Barcelona!

    On another note, this whole game of chicken with the vp thing is completely tone deaf. the stage at the convention is a marketing failure. i’m completely at a loss.

  150. What’s with all the Obamabot trolls tonight? Did he do something embarrassing today?

  151. Watched the video with utter disgust for the hypocrisy of some Americans who send election watchdogs to third world countries to oversee the conduct of their elections and yet do not make any kind of protest against cheating in its own backyard. I gag whenever I make the mistake of listening to the pundits of CNN who can’t see the vile and corrupt conduct of Obama’s campaign. Hey, it’s not his color, it’s the rotteness of his campaign that makes him utterly unacceptable to be the president of the most powerful country in the world. If the kind of cheating exposed by witnesses in Texas is not condemned by the American people, then Americans have no business trying to promote democracy in the world.

  152. good point Cindy. Will he ever appear on that stage? This is like a joke at this point.

  153. Yep, we are the ones they didn’t expect, and now it is going to affect down ticket Dems.

  154. According to Politico, Hillary Clinton was not vetted, which I interpret to mean that she wasn’t considered.

  155. Hillary is going to give a wonderful and powerful speech which emphasizes her grace and character, and the only people looking at attack the democrats will be the republicans and you guys.

    Uh, no. You’re missing the point . It’s not about Senator Obama anymore, it’s about the gamed process that assured Senator Obama got the nomination no matter what. So it doesn’t matter what kind of speech she gives the fact that she lost because of party leaders doesn’t change therefore the resistance to his nomination will not go away.

  156. It’s amazing to me (although it shouldn’t be, I know) that while all the networks are focused on VPstakes, like a dog following a spot of light on the floor, that they haven’t seemed to notice, and have not indicated the slightest irritation at, being strung along, manipulated and distracted. Is there any point at which they will start resent being treated like fools?

  157. Riverdaughter, fly safely doll. I’ll be praying for the protesters– can’t get out of my head images of those cages…

  158. Ben: Really? Cool, goes in the queue.

    BB: He’s still running, embarrassing enough I think.

  159. but the American citizens resent being treated like fools. And that is what is going to bite them in the end.

  160. ben, I think so too. It is his hubris that is going to be his downfall. Obama has bought his own glowing press, and that ego is getting bigger by the hour.

    He’ll overstep, and when the worm turns, it’s going to be swift and ugly.

  161. Watching this whole vp thing unfold, I’m more convinced this is a cult and he thinks he’s a cult leader. I know I’m preaching to the choir but it’s like he and Michelle are sitting in their mansion with Oprah just laughing at the press and the democratic party. How is this guy a Democrat? What has he EVER done for the democratic party?

  162. The documentary was compelling; even before watching it I had developed the dubious habit of referring to Obama’s caucus goons as Red Guards.

    Said it before and I’ll say it again:

    “What’s really important, as Joe Stalin notes,
    isn’t the voters but who counts the votes…”

  163. I just hope and pray it is Biden. Remember when he said that Obama wasn’t ready and the presidency is no place for on-the-job training? The Repubs can play that over and over till November.

  164. ben, I agree. It’s amazing.

  165. oh, there are trolls out this evening. they are pacing their floors waiting for their text on when to drink the kool ade.

  166. And what about when Biden called Obama “clean” and “articulate?” Another good sound bite. I hear it will be Nancy Pelosi’s boy Chet Edwards. Then the signs will read Obama/Edwards ’08. The low-info voters will think it’s John Edwards. LOL!

  167. Condescension and/or sympathy, what is it?

  168. Biden was very vocal about Obama’s inexperience more than once. The repubs will have a field day.

  169. My goodness, we’ve flushed the trolls out everywhere. Happy hunting, PUMAs! They’re all over the About Us, Invitation, and PUMA Power pages too. It’s making me smile. They always get so disturbed when they get nervous, and their little faces get so red and shiny, and they do flutter their little bottoms so.

    Sweetling darling trolls, no need to disturb yourselves! Be happy! Just dance with the one who brung ya! He’ll be the first to tell you you have no choice. Enjoy being kept in your place, my dear ones, enjoy your party! Oh dear, I mean what’s left of it.

    Kisses, kisses, sweetling trolls!

  170. How bout we not indulge the Borg and not speculate about VP. Because the only thing we care about is whether it is Hillary. And if it’s Hillary we will be so disappointed in her for taking it. And if it isn’t Hillary we will feel exactly the same way we’ve always thought about him.

  171. And what about the guys who keep getting unceremoniously voted off the island after dangling for 2.5 months? Do they get over it, too? Obama is great at making enemies, I think.

  172. kos: “In 2004, when the real Democrats who supported Howard Dean were defeated…”

    In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge somewhere?”

    That blog is a monument to his own ego. I doubt I’d be posting here if this blog were called the “Daily Riverdaughter” and our gracious hostess signed herself “Riv.”

  173. he’s a little prick in many ways I’m sure! they so misunderstand who we are.

  174. In our Texas precinct an Obama worker, not a voter in our precinct, already had the “caucus packet” before my wife and I, along with many others, had voted in the regular primary voting. Approx. 40 min. before ballot voting ended.

    Some said she had had it, sitting in the gym bleachers, since at least 4:00pm, polls closed 7:00pm.

    At caucus time 2 Obama T-shirt wearing supporters told us they had been designated captains by local Dem. officials, and took over the caucus. We were un-informed, perhaps our own fault, first caucus ever, and accepted their statement.

    However, we were not naive enough to accept the many machinations that followed, though they still managed to literally steal 8 votes.

    Their egegious acts, which came fast and furiously, are too numerous to mention here, but we laid them all out for our local Dem. Party, which did nothing.

    I, my wife, and others offered the local DP sworn depositions, to be executed by my attorney, but were told they had too many complaints to act upon, were overwhelmed, and could do nothing.

    Yet, they subsequently accepted a challenge by an Obama attorney and granted him relief in the form of 39 additional alternate delegates. Totally without merit, and in violation of rules, and rulings already handed down previously. They simply wanted to stop the grief, and make the Obama complaints go away.

    As far as I know, no complaints from HRC supporters were acted upon in any fashion.

    We the dumb-assed, naive voters, believing in fairness, what we thought was our Democratic party, Democracy , and the sanctification of our votes, were robbed, deceived, nullified, and denigrated.

    We are still willing to have my attorney present a sworn statement to anyone who could actually put it to use.

    Damn the Democratic party, Damn caucuses, and I will be Damned if I will ever vote for Obama, nor associate my self with those who do!

  175. This is what will upset me even more now what we know: the shills for the party will now come out in full force, using every opportunity at hand to promote Obama. People whom we like and admire, such as Begala and Carville for instance, will be pushing this candidate for all he is worth.

    What we have just witnessed on the video cannot be swept under the rug. Yet the sounds of the crickets are deafening. She makes a comment regarding Bobby Kennedy remaining in the race in his campaign and the pundits went wild. Yet this inference of caucus hijinks, coupled with all the other baggage he has accumulated, goes unchecked.
    How are we expected to react? Money laundering is another big blow up on the national scene. These charges need further examination.

    Who will speak to this? Who can we trust? The last line from that video illustrated a speech by Jefferson. Shouldn’t somebody be listening?

  176. amt, can you tell me if Axelrod pays on an hourly basis, or whether it’s piecerate? Is there an incentive system? Can you tell me where to send my resume? I really hope there’s a place for me in the Obama movement, especially given that I know how to spell.

  177. First Oboe was supposed to reveal VP choice on Wednesday – then Thursday – then Friday – now Saturday. I think they decided to string this out in order to control all of the news cycles up to the convention so PUMA and disunity stories would be buried.

  178. Dee, that’s certainly how it looks to me.

  179. As I told someone earlier today, I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he picked ME for his VP.

  180. Just a Thought: Good for you. Keep spreading the word, far and wide. We will take our party back, or leave permanently.

  181. Obots will learn that there are no free lunches in politics, at least not for long.
    Obama has not needed to make choices or hard decisions. He takes any approach, and the media/supporters approve. He represents nothing, so they read what they want.
    If he chooses a VP with little experience, the combo will be rightly criticized as risky.
    But if he chooses a VP with experience, he gets someone with baggage, and he has to defend it.
    Hillary, Bill, McCain – they all have experience, they’ve made hard decisions over many years. The Obots want a beautiful virgin, but the rest of America does not.

  182. “You guys are just a bunch of sore loosers (sic) and by the time you realise the implications of your actions, John McSame would have sold the supreme court to Rush lim. and his evil friends.”

    The thread is about vote theft, and I hardly think it’s evil to say “Stop thief”… as long as it’s being said to a thief.

  183. Why isn’t anybody listening to us? Why isn’t the media taking a closer look at the caucas fraud?? Why did the DNC turn their backs on the base of the democratic party???

  184. Dee, on August 22nd, 2008 at 11:15 pm Said:
    First Oboe was supposed to reveal VP choice on Wednesday – then Thursday – then Friday – now Saturday. I think they decided to string this out in order to control all of the news cycles up to the convention so PUMA and disunity stories would be buried.

    Maybe everyone he asks keeps on saying no. I wonder how long his list of candidates is.

  185. BB, first, glad you made it to your destination. I don’t comment that much but I do worry about all you giuys.

    and I have to agree with you about choosing a VP named Edwards. lol, I was joking with someone at work today that *Chet* or whatever his name is will miss his place in history, if indeed he was supposed to have one, because of his last name. oh well, sad…..

  186. Silly! They’re not listening to you because they’re too busy stealing the election!

    On another note, some users are experiencing buffer problems with the video — it goes 10 seconds and then resets.

    Where are the YouTubes? And a transcript?

  187. The comments about the DNC telling the various state parties not to check IDs – that is a violation of state law. Lets have a citizen’s arrest of Howard and Leah in Colorado.

  188. Lambert- your right. What was I thinking?? Stealing an election is time consuming.

  189. We have become inured to the lack of accountability. The last 8 years has proven that you can pretty much do what you want and not be made to suffer the consequences. Rove is a consultant on Fox yet he was instrumental in the Plame affair. Scooter will be fully pardoned by years end. Bush and Cheney will walk away richer than when they came into office. Rape accusations made against Blackwater staff have been dismissed and their contract renewed. The DOJ can be manipulated in favor of the ruling party and nothing is done. The former attorney general can sit in the front row of a hearing and lie through his teeth yet walk away unscathed.

    And we are expecting what here? Justice? No one is accountable, no one is to blame. Is it too much to expect a profile in courage? Someone with the ability to do so and say aloud, this is what has been done in your name? Maybe I am too idealistic and my expectations too high but I would rather hold tight than to fall into complacency which is where we are I am afraid. No one seems to care but us.

  190. Paraphrasing Prince Nuada in Hellboy II:

    “the D party will be a poorer place without “us”

  191. FYI – A Philly TV station confirmed that the Secret Service had been dispatched to take over security for Biden. His son, Beau* (the DE State Attorney General) was seen leaving Biden’s home with his family tonight – huge smile on his face as he drove away.

    You don’t have to wait for your text message from Barry tomorrow – I’m telling you: Joe Biden is Barry’s Veep pick.
    *Recall: The one who had a DE warrant for arrest of Larry Sinclair at the National Press Club in D.C. Anyone want to dispute this is part of a thank you present from Barry to Joe?

  192. I pulled the cable plug at my house, but the Kid has it here at her place, and tonight I saw Candy Crowley at CNN say to Larry King that Bill Clinton really hasn’t been vetted for a while. There are questions out there now, questions about his foundation, questions……I turned it off at that point.

    Crowley can’t be this stupid. Seriously, what kind of drugs or how much booze does a person have to consume to keep saying this garbage? Does money wipe out any concerns?

  193. 1/2 Flvoter wrote: “Why did the DNC turn their backs on the base of the democratic party???”

    A base is powerful. A base has heft and weight. A base is hard to control; it controls. How inconvenient. Now think Orwell. Think how much easier ruling is when you woo the lightweight, the weak-minded, or the merely naive, those susceptible to imagery and empty slogans. Corporate America and the media have raised and trained a generation and more of susceptibles. What’s the point of creating susceptibility if you don’t use it? And when you’ve reached critical mass, why not try to throw out the stubborn thinkers who stand in your way ?

  194. Pat: everything you said.

  195. Pat Johnson- You are always sooooo insightful!!! You know I don’t post too often, but just had to give you a big “RIGHT ON” with your last comment. And, I’m shaking my head up & down, you hit it right on the head.

  196. I had mispelled “vigilant” and “Brazile” in previously posting these lyrics.

    (The Time of Truth it Soon Approaches!)
    Sung to the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    Lyrics by Hatshepsut

    SUPERDELEGATES -the time of truth it soon approaches!
    SUPERDELEGATES -to bar a true vote is atrocious!
    SUPERS need to vote their mind and never mind Pelosi’s!
    SUPERDELEGATES -the time of truth it soon approaches!


    There was a su-per-del-e-gate*, her name is D. Brazile,
    “If Supers pick the candidate, I’ll quit, I swear I will!!!”
    Yet fearing that Obama might just lose out to our Hill
    She broke the Rulz of Mama, that dishonest D. Brazile!!!

    SUPERDELEGATES -the time of truth it soon approaches!
    SUPERDELEGATES –without a true vote it’s atrocious!
    SUPERS please be vigilant: You know Obama poaches…..
    Obots might be vicious, but those PUMAs are ferocious!


    Supers must resist the charm, of that Obama mob,
    You must not let them twist your arm, remind them of your job:
    Vote-your-will**–& not that biased lot—you’ll be remembered for.
    Vote-for-Hill–she has the highest shot–to win November 4!!!

    SUPERDELEGATES -the time of truth it soon approaches!
    SUPERDELEGATES –without a true vote it’s atrocious!
    SUPERS need to do what’s right and fight off O’s hypnosis!
    Obots might be vicious, but those PUMAs are ferocious!

    *Have to use each of the 5 syllables
    **Have to rush together: Vote-your-will
    likewise for “vote-for-Hill”

    Feel free to vary as you choose—I have numerous other versions that are funny but perhaps too risque

  197. Is AMT an Obama or Republican troll sent over to rile everybody up?

  198. well we won’t go silently into the night. We will stand up and fight for the principles that our country and party were founded on.
    I for one will remember in November.

  199. amt: We wouldn’t dream of deleting your comment. It is too stupid to be lost to history. Let it sit here for as long as it takes so everybody can see how dumb you really are.

  200. Sweetling troll, let me check with my fellow PUMAs: anyone here think Obama is the finest guy? Or even a fine guy? Or fine regardless of his gender?

  201. Obama is gonna win and u guyz can switch parties. You are not needed!

    oh good! that was the plan and I was afraid you’d be upset, but if you’re alright with it……it’s all good!

  202. hat: SUPERS need to vote their mind and never mind Pelosi’s!

    that line jumped out at me – I like it. thanks, good song!

  203. amt, if anyone would know about teenage girls it would be you.

  204. ABC News “Nightline” profiling Joe Biden now, just confirmed all the stuff the Philly station said.

    Welcome your new Veep candidate, Joe Biden, who said of Obama:

    “…is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy…”

  205. Jake Tapper said Biden as a running mate would be “high reward, and, high risk”.

  206. I’ve seen a couple of Restateupdate videos & disagree with their issues, but they did an hilarious video during the Dem primary. Bearded guy says Dems can’t make a decision. Other guy [Johnny?] says dryly while raising arm in tired manner, “Yes, but it’s such an Historic decision.”

    That’s the way this Obama VP is, yeah, he just overplays everything as if it’s the most important thing in the world, while we no longer care.

  207. Ooh Magdalena Obama is just sooooo dreamy isn’t he? LOL
    I’m gonna eat a gallon of ben & jerry’s cuz he doesn’t want me to vote for him
    I’ve been waiting by my phone all evening for his txt msg and NOTHING!

    AMT’s comment just cracks me up!

  208. Well, I was wrong. Hill was informed tonight she’s not his choice. Please, Hillary, STOP campaigning for this guy!

  209. Still checking with my fellow PUMAs: Does anyone here think Obama is at least a decent guy? How about a tolerable guy? How about sentient but otherwise unremarkable guy?

  210. amt…..thanks so much for your permission to switch parties. I’ve been waiting anxiously for your ok.

    It certainly sounds like Biden will be the VP pick. I’m a little surprised.

    Mountain Sage

  211. So we are going to nominate an empty suit with a VP who has 30 years experience. What happened to “hope” and “change”. Joe Biden has over 30 years in congress, not exactly a breath of fresh air. And electing Obama gets us what? No experience or qualifications but a VP candidate as a Washington insider. Is there something askew with this picture?

  212. My fellow PUMAs, can we at least give Obama credit for breathing? I think yes, I can give him credit for breathing. So then, it is like we haven’t been picked by a guy who breathes, is that correct?

  213. The only reason we can credit Obama for breathing is that he has yet to find someone capable of doing it for him.

  214. Biden?
    Oh, hell, Obama still is following Rove’s playbook.
    This is Bush [empty suit] /Cheney [serious experience]
    all over again.

  215. What exactly is the reward? He just makes Obama looks even less experienced. They both plagiarize like they breathe. Xerox/Carbon Copy ’08? That’s just sad.

  216. He doesn’t need someone to breathe for him; he just copies everybody else…

  217. @Magdalena:

    “A base is powerful. A base has heft and weight. A base is hard to control; it controls. How inconvenient. Now think Orwell. Think how much easier ruling is when you woo the lightweight, the weak-minded, or the merely naive, those susceptible to imagery and empty slogans. Corporate America and the media have raised and trained a generation and more of susceptibles. What’s the point of creating susceptibility if you don’t use it? And when you’ve reached critical mass, why not try to throw out the stubborn thinkers who stand in your way ?”

    That is such an astute comment, Magda! You have distilled into a paragraph the very essence of of kool-aid.

  218. I will just breathe a sigh of relief when it is announced and NOT Hillary!

    I still would hate to vote against a ticket with her name on it and particularly if she took a bad beating from the republicans after what happened in the primary. I just know I’d have to work hard to not feel like I was adding insult to injury.

  219. He didn’t even call her himself. A staffer did. Can she please fricken quit running around the country for this guy?

  220. Obama at the podium tomorrow: “I would like to introduce my babysitter, Joe Biden.”

  221. state: I am trying to let the fact that he is a jerk not clutter my thinking. The way Obamabots do.

    Oh my! It is so refreshing! My head feels so empty! So spacious! Wait, I need something sparkly to fill it!

    Oh, LOOK at the BEAUTIFUL Convention stage! Oh oh oh! Pretty pretty pretty! Clappy clappy clappy! Oh, I can’t wait for the balloons! Wait, I AM the balloon! Oh lucky lucky me, so empty and light!

  222. amt: Please, I beg of you, get a dictionary and keep it close. We are “losers” not loosers and you mean to say “worst” not worse. I am here to help. But next time you intrude with your foolishness, please don’t give us anymore reason to ridicule. You are handicapped enough to begin with dear.

  223. One thing for sure: some Repub oppo’s will lose jobs if it’s Biden. McCain & the Repubs know too much on Biden to require digging.

  224. Oh Magdalena, you are too funny!

  225. Pat, why are you talking to the freeper?

  226. Oh Pat, you are so very kind and helpful!

  227. Magda: 😆

  228. Upstate: I am. Just amusing myself. What else have I got left?

  229. Magdalena, I have no idea who he is. Obama is the scariest sort of pathology, because HE doesn’t know who he is. He’s a blank slate, trying to invent himself as he goes along. I know people like that, and they are fucking SCARY and capable of anything.

  230. I only have 2 strong opinions on The One’s VP:

    1. That it not be our Hillary
    2. That it won’t make me vote for him, no matter what

  231. Pat, stop “worring” about Obama. amt says it’s a waste of time.

  232. This looks like a continuation of the Bush/Cheney years all over again if he gets in. Oy, oy. oy!

  233. parentofed: thank you!

  234. Well, at least we know that Obama has compassion enough to hire the handicapped, Pat.

  235. Frankly, I’m relieved it isn’t Hillary. I don’t think I could’ve voted against her; so now I can NOT vote for BO with a clear conscience.

  236. I never had strong feelings about Biden one way or the other. He always appeared knowledgeable. He seems to have a sense of humor as he was the one who said that Rudy G knew three words; a noun, a verb, and 9/11. That cracked me up.

  237. Biden presided over the public witch-trial of Anita Hill that was the Clarence Thomas hearing. I will NEVER forgive him for that, and for allowing those Senators to abuse her the way they did. He was chair – he could’ve stopped it.

  238. I am just SO RELIEVED that it’s not Hillary! I feel as if a weight has been lifted!

  239. Oh no, midnight….I must run….see you all in the morning…THE TEXT MESSAGE ..must go.

    Buenas noches, “mis amigos y amigas”

  240. But if amt represents what we have come to expect from these Bots – stupid with facts, ranting, insulting, defiant, then what does it say about society as a whole. None of us feel compelled to run all over the blogosphere dropping insults and screaming at other posters.

    I used to try to counter with a plausible argument and after awhile I thought I had dropped into a wet teeshirt contest for all the drivel that was spewed back. I gave up. These people are like gnats. You shake one off and two other show up.

  241. nite Upstate

  242. WMCB: I forgot that. He did sit there and let them tear her apart.

  243. Yeah, Biden was funny in the debates (when he was permitted to speak)…in at least one, I thought he might be a leeetle bit drunk.

    He surely does have plenty of FP experience – I’m just not sure his ideas are good. He’s been a proponent of breaking up Iraq into 3 federations – Kurdistan in the north, Sunni’s central and Shia in the south, with Baghdad “neutral.”

  244. Biden presided over the public witch-trial of Anita Hill that was the Clarence Thomas hearing. I will NEVER forgive him for that, and for allowing those Senators to abuse her the way they did. He was chair – he could’ve stopped it.

    really? well, he sounds like the perfect running mate for Obama.

  245. feel the same. My party has been stolen by thugs that have no respect for democracy.

    Pat- you make me laugh. I will force myself to watch Monday just so I can enjoy the comments even more.

    Safe journey to all traveling PUMAS

  246. ABG….and your point is what? The stage is ugly no matter who the nominee is. Ugly is ugly.

    And thanks, but I don’t need your permission to vent. I’d rather be associated with most Republicans than Obama’s thug friends.

  247. masslib: how do you know that they informed Hillary tonight that she is not VP (thank God) and how they did it?

    Ok peeps, what’s the down side to Biden–let me have it? I was worried he’d pick Biden, because it can actually help him with the gravitas issue. Tell me otherwise, please.

    At least Hillary is far far away from him. That would have been hell.

  248. He caved to the black community and the Bush 1 Admin too. They pushed through this man with a one vote margin who had been accused of loving porn and sexually harassing his aide. When Thomas expounded with the “high tech lynching” charge it was more or less over.

  249. Pat: so Biden has already been worked over on race-baiting and fits right in with Obama?

  250. An uncharacteristic serious moment.

    To update Edmund Burke’s quote, “”All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.”

    This is why the Puma movement is such an anomaly in this day of the next, best barcalounger where dinner is just five minutes away and we can log into work while watching American Idol texting for the kid who has whitened his teeth with Chernobyl treatments and has the “most evah radest” hair.

    What we once thought unthinkable — stealing an election is but the first egregious step in the triumph of all that is evil to a democracy and to the party I once called my own.

    The Puma movement and this video is the vanguard of protecting what soldiers have fought and are fighting for, what millions worldwide strive for and what is the least we should expect from the charlatans who have the gall to call themselves leaders of the Democratic Party.

    This video will embolden our expectations to never be silenced by those who would flourish by denying our rights. I can’t envision anything more important for the world to see. My thanks to those who produced this video and who are doing what is necessary to stand up to this evil.

  251. WMCB, on August 23rd, 2008 at 12:01 am Said:
    Biden presided over the public witch-trial of Anita Hill that was the Clarence Thomas hearing. I will NEVER forgive him for that, and for allowing those Senators to abuse her the way they did. He was chair – he could’ve stopped it.


    I agree. And he caved when Thomas used the race card.

  252. This, of course, is insidious: we’ve spent all this time debating VP’s & everyone will be all over Biden right before the convention. But Obama hasn’t won a friggin thing. No convention vote, no win of pledged delegates. And the media just plays right along with, just like all year. He has no right to choose a VP, he just grabbed one.

  253. Biden has a large ego, so they’ll need the Denver Bronco’s stadium to hold the ticket’s two large egos after all, unless…

    By some miracle, Hillary is the nominee.

    Biden shoots off, and sometimes says some incredibly foolish things. Dropped out of the ’88 race for quoting without attribution. Otherwise, he voted for the Iraq War resolution – go figure. Guess the war, Barry’s great claim to good “judgement”, doesn’t matter so much anymore.

    Delaware has less than 1 million pop., and may have gone for Obama in Nov. anyway, given relative high AA pop. Barry won the primary in Feb. I.e., state doesn’t count for much in terms of Electoral swing states.

    I believe Barry picked him to be his attack dog, too.

  254. fif, let’s start with the fact that there are tons of clips of Biden praising McCain to the heavens, and saying he’d make a GREAT vice president – back in 2004 Biden was the main dude trying to get McCain to run as Kerry’s VP.

    Then there is his “clean and articulate” remark, which the Republicans are already spinning as a Macaca moment.

    Then there is his really crappy support of the bankruptcy bill.

    Then there is his huge ego, and his tendency to shoot off at the mouth.

    Then there is the fact that he’s been around since Nixon, and they don;t GET any more “Washington Establishment” than he.

    Then there’s the fact that it looks like Obama needs a grizzled old babysitter, and it is very obvious to any moron that that’s he picked him to make up for his OWN lack of experience…

    The material that McCain could hit this with is endless.

  255. Great & Disturbing Video!
    I had trouble getting pat the breaks in the tape; any suggestions??
    ** Bill NEVER HAS TO REVEIL his Library Donations
    UNTIL BUSH “41” DOES!!

  256. WMCB: I agree. I am relieved it is not Hillary. But:

    As a woman, I realize that what I am probably going to witness, yet again, is a slate of four men come November.

    It has been thirty years since Ferraro.

    It has been fifty years since the birth of the modern women’s movement.

    It is 2008, and the two parties that run this country are neither willing to elect or select a woman to serve as President or Vice President.

    The men who make these VP decisions continue to ignore women–despite the prepared and capable women available.

    Dear women and men reading this: Enough.



    I will stay home in November for many reasons. One of these is that I will not pull the lever for anyone who ignores me not just as a voter, but as a woman. Not anymore. Never again. Period.

    I believe the women of this country, regardless of party affiliation, need to stand up and say no.

    No, you cannot count on me.

    No, I am not your good little girl.

    No, you can’t ignore me and expect me to reward you.

    No, you can’t fool me.

    No, there has been no change.

    No, I will not be quiet.

    No, I will not behave.

    No, I am not nothing.

    No, I will not vote for you.

    I plan to talk to every woman I know about this over the next two months.

    I will actively encourage both women and men to stay home on November 4, not only in protest of one inexperienced and one addled candidate, but in representation of Hillary Clinton, and of all the fine women who continue to this day to be overlooked for the highest positions of leadership in this country.

    Wake up, women of America. Wake up, and by not standing in line to be counted by the boys, do something better:


  257. Biden did not stand his ground in the Thomas hearings. The big thing about his nomination to the SC was that he was inexperienced and that he was black. He was chosen to succeed Thurgood Marshall who was the first black justice ont the court. The thinking at that time was that Thomas was chosen simply because of his race and the joke was that when nominated Bush Sr. said that he was “the most qualified”. He wasn’t.

    Then they somehow found Anita Hill who had served as his aide years prior. She had made charges that he had sexually harassed her. She too was black. The press went wild and a hearing was convened. Biden was the chairman. He allowed the Repub senators to rake her over the coals, even to the point of making false accusations against her and suggesting she was mentally ill. Meanwhile, because the black community was up in arms over this situation and what they felt was a slam at a black man, he was sent over for a Senate vote for confirmation. The vote was 51 to 49 and he squeaked in. Since then he has remained more or less silent at SC hearings. He votes solidly with the Repubs.

  258. My first thought on the vp being JB .. is that it was his son who arrested Larry Sinclair .. soooo they just wanted someone that they knew would play dirty enough

  259. Press is saying Biden has ties in Pennsylvania. Born there. B0 doesn’t want to lose PA and OH. Anyone from PA? Biden is said to be popular there “the third PA Senator.”

  260. Biden voted for the war resolution. Let’s see how the Cheetos spin this one. Hillary was vilified so let’s see how this squares with their outrage. When Biden ran in 1988 he was caught by the press with giving the same speech that had been delivered by a British candidate, Neil Kinnoch, only a few years before in his own election. Biden delivered it word for word without attribution. The press went wild and Biden dropped out. Just another dip into the plagarism pool that Obama used with Deval’s speeches. Cut from the same cloth?

  261. Biden was born in Scranton.

  262. Magdalena-I hear you! I, too, am relieved it’s not Hillary, but the sadness is there as well. What if McCain chooses Rice? The first African-American woman as VP! It’s all so surreal.

  263. Lakota, I am pulling for McCain to nominate a woman. It would suggest a long overdue paradigm shift–one we would have thought a “hope and change” candidate would have brought about. But McCain won’t do it. Why?

    The women’s vote doesn’t matter.

    Women don’t support other women.

    Women do as they are told.

    Women have nowhere to go.

    Not this woman.

    I am the revolution I have been waiting for.

  264. Wonderful comment, Magdalena. Just say no!!

  265. Relief!!!! To NOT vote for Hillary would have been so difficult but cannot support B0.

    Someone earlier mentioned Biden’s son having a warrant for arrest of Larry Sinclair????? What’s the scoop? I googled the name but couldn’t tell if it was a legitimate story or one of those “red herrings”

  266. Magdalena, that was a beautiful comment. Thank you.

  267. beautiful, magdalena.

  268. Phala: I talked to my aunt in Pittsburgh and my mom in Harrisburg today. They both told me that they do not want Obama as the nominee. They both voted for Clinton but were open to Obama as recently as last month. No more. And they said that they couldn’t think of anyone in their social circles that would vote for him either.
    Biden has a great deal of experience but I think when the PA Dems hear that Obama did not choose Clinton, it is only going to get worse for his poll numbers. Biden reminds me of a salesman and the most notable thing about him is the plagiarism accusation from when he ran for president himself.
    I think Obama just lost PA tonight.

  269. Thrilled that it is not Hillary! Biden is everything that the blogger boyz attacked Hillary for–voted for the Iraq War resolution and has been around Washington
    forever. Hillary is relatively fresh by comparison. He is a male. Won’t add much excitement to anything.

  270. Thank you Magdalena. The boys club may still be in control but they have given rise to a movement that will accomplish more than even we can imagine tonight. We have found each other and will continue to inspire and strengthen each other until the needed change is accomplished.

  271. Are we sure it isn’t Hillary? I hope we are not getting played.

  272. RD, thank you. That was the reassurance I needed to hear.

  273. I’m with you Magdalena. How boring and predictable that we end up with 4 men to choose from again, especially in light of the fact that the best candidate available is a woman. It’s a disgrace, and I’m really weary of the patriarchy.

  274. I just spent last night in Johnstown Pa and my friends ARE NOT voting for Senator Obama. It doesn’t matter who the VP is. All of their friends aren’t voting for him either.

    I had to inform my Dad that Hillary had to fight to get her name on the Ballot. It stunned and upset him. Both of my parents are hard core Dems. They were both looking forward to voting for Senator Clinton and were sucking it up to vote for Senator Obama. Wait until they see that caucus video tomorrow. They’re gonna sh*t.

  275. I wonder if all of Obama’s bff’s are going to be mad tomorrow morning when their extra special text (because they are his BFF!) is old news?

  276. Robin, I don’t think Obama has the power to dispatch the Secret Service to Biden’s house for protection.

  277. CNN is announcing that it is biden

  278. I left a comment on CNN
    CNN confirms: Obama names Biden as Dem VP
    Posted: 12:45 AM ET
    (CNN) — Sen. Barack Obama has selected Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his running mate on the Democratic ticket for the White House, two Democratic sources told CNN.

    Filed under: Joe Biden

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    swanspirit August 23rd, 2008 12:55 am ET
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    HO HUM boring and predictable yaaawwwnnnnnnnn

    lets see if it gets past moderation

  279. The freepers have already dubbed the ticket Osama bin Biden.

  280. this is the comment I left:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE GONNA LOSE SO BAD!!!!!

  281. From Red State:

    Jake Tapper is reporting now that the secret service is sending personnel to begin protection of Joe Biden.

    As I told you guys earlier, it is Joe.

    No, we don’t deserve this, but by God the Lord is smiling on us.


    So Republicans are happy.

  282. They are sooo happy on the Republican blogs. Ecstatic. They were really scared he was going to cave to pressure and pick Hillary.

  283. GARY you are Hillarrrious …. but seriously
    …Biden puts me to sleep ….

    and to whomever made the coment about four men again you are correct … more boredom nothing new here nothing happening here folks keep moving right along til Hillary in 2012 😉

  284. The beauty part in this is their two huge egos.
    Biden thinks he’ will ” teach ” Barry …this will be fun…thank god it’s not Hill

  285. ohh and so much for the bo “tight veil of secrecy ” and unleakable campaign oopsies to you bosama bin biden and the absolute relief i am feeling that Hillary is not the choice is palapable though my entire body

    bye bye obama and do his biddin biden

  286. Yeah, about the TEN MINUTES in which to challenge a state’s delegate selection. Like, that’s about enough time to tie my shoe, not enough to process and discuss and organize myself to protest (hopefully the Hillary delegates are better at this than I am, but c’mon! )10 minutes to correct an error so serious it affects the blah blah blah, democracy is so boring.

  287. This is who Obama picked (from david povdin )

    Clarence Thomas sits on the Supreme Court because Joe Biden is a coward. As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Biden allowed Republicans to hijack the Thomas confirmation hearings. He watched passively while the nominee’s perjury was overshadowed by vicious right wing attacks upon Dr. Anita Hill. Witnesses who were prepared to substantiate Hill’s allegations of professional misconduct against Thomas were not summoned because Biden’s top priority was mollifying his reactionary colleagues.

    Biden became enraged during the Thomas hearings, but his hostility was not directed toward the Republicans who smeared an honorable woman or at the judicial nominee who lied under oath. Instead, the senator furiously denounced civil rights groups and women’s organizations that claimed they had convinced him to derail the nomination. “Joe Biden is not in anyone’s pocket!” he thundered.

    The would-be Democratic presidential nominee may not be in the pocket of the Democratic base, but he is definitely in the pocket of Corporate America. Biden co-sponsored legislation to change bankruptcy law so that it increasingly benefits big business at the expense of consumers. He voted against limiting predatory lending practices and against protecting citizens victimized by identity theft. The senator also endorsed Paul Wolfowitz for the presidency of the World Bank, a position from which Wolfowitz will coercively transfer Third World resources to multinational conglomerates.

    A self-described “national security Democrat who favors a muscular foreign policy”, Biden has referred to Ronald Reagan’s 1982 Evil Empire speech as a model of internationalist wisdom. Biden justified his vote to authorize conquering Iraq by citing Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. The senator also warned of the link between Hussein and al Qaida. When these pretenses were debunked, Biden dismissed the relevance of the lies and effusively praised George W. Bush for defying anti-war critics.

    That will reallly win back the women…..

  288. Just a word before going to sleep : I had completely forgotten about Biden chairing the Hill hearings. That is sealing it for me, Biden is not guilty by association, He is a A..hole of exactly the same cloth as O. Remember: Birds of the same feather….and who alike goes alike.

    They deserve each other and will be united in defeat….

  289. Though I was dreading Hill as VP, I didn’t realise just how tense I was about it until a few minutes ago…
    I can exhale again! Praise the Lord! lol!

  290. So they whine about the SCOTUS and then he pics the guy that gave us the most conservative judge on the court….

  291. I liked Biden ; Oh well!
    I thought when he was the only one nice to Hillary during the “Snubbing @ the St of the Union”; he would have endorsed her.

  292. Me too ANNETOO I can sleep well tonight knowing Hillary wont be on the losing ticket 😉

  293. The Republicans are licking their chops. There’s a reason Biden kept losing whenever he ran for president.

  294. I just watched the documentary trailer. I hope that a copy of the film on DVD was sent out to every delgate and superdelegate(?) Is there any other plan for distribution before the convention gets into full swing?

    A woman at the gym where I workout had told me that the government in Gary, Indiana was planning to bus people from Gary into (conservative, white, Republican) Crown Point and I sent word to the Hillary camp the day before the primary election. I was thrilled to find out on the evening of the election day that Indiana went to Hillary anyway.

  295. swanspirit, on August 23rd, 2008 at 1:14 am

    It’s like watch a near miss.on a train track ! …whew that was close!! . I like she will not have to spend every waking hour “fixing ” Barry the unfixable. He’s Biden ‘s baby now .

  296. Hillary did not run as a feminism, she ran on her merits, experience, character, strength and courage. When you consider that she still is running ahead of McCain in polls and that a high percent of D’s will not vote for BO period, you realize there is something sinister afoot. The party ‘leaders” did this. Why? There is a lot of conjecture out there, so many people with so many evil needs – corporate greed, Pelosi with her queen bee “problem”, members of Congress who want to continue on with graft, this is really quite clear.
    They have certainly not tried to cover up what they are doing. But, for sure, they are not interested in government for and by the people.

    If they wanted to win the election and have a fair and balanced leader, we would most certainly been “allowed” Hillary to be elected. I have lots of questions, am aware of a lot of evil deeds, but still am wondering why? It’s not a very savory sight and smells nasty even from my distance.

    I just know that we need to stop it now – stop whatever we can NOW and work on getting back to a government for and by the people. PUMA and other similar groups have an enormous task ahead. It just seems it is imperative for us to keep fighting and expose every little detail of this fraudulent “primary” and “selection” by our own party.

    The convention stage sure is grotesque – to capture the essense of this year’s crop of loyal supports of the fraud? Seems like something out of the Pin ball wizard…. I like some things new and different…. grotesque and tacky , not so much. I am glad they have relieved many loyal Clinton Dems from having to participate in this sham. I wish Hillary and Bill did not have to be there, but, probably they will shine no matter what and, once again, make BO look like shite compared to sunshine.

  297. Yep, they are HAPPY!

    From freerepublic, the extreme right wing blog…
    Could this be God’s early Christmas gift to us before November ?

    YES!!!! Thank god it wasn’t Hillary!!! That would’ve been a togh ticket to beat imho…

    ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!!! Biden is beatable on the ticket…Hillary would have been tough. WHEW>>> this is great news!

  298. Johnin – That’s what I was thinking and then some talking head on MSNBC whose face was familiar but I didn’t get his name said he only ran once. ONCE!! 3 times, I think, that I remember – but he always lost out early – 3%, 4%, 5%.

    This is a LOSER ticket – cannot beat McCain.

  299. … but I knew when the other state holding its election on the same day (was it South Carolina or West Virginia?) went to Obama by a massive spurt of Obama votes within the last hour of the day—voter fraud had most probably not been controlled there.

  300. Yeah, I suspect the Repubs are having a good laugh. Quite apart from Biden’s propensity for gaffes, there’s this…


  301. If those jerks still have the gall to be trashing Bill to the press (bringing up his library, his foundation, his “baggage”), then I hope the Big Dawg will do his speech and then he and Hillary LEAVE for a 3 month vacation!

    Good Lord, they are CONTINUING to be nasty to the Clintons, then whine for them to go campaign for him!

    Big Dawg, PLEASE – tell them to eat shit and die next time they ask.

  302. Now here is a small hobgoblin of inconsistency, just last Saturday night BZero said Clarence Thomas was a justice he would not nominate to the Supreme Court. One week later he picks as his veep the man who made Thomas possible on the Supreme Court.

  303. who’s this guy on Fox phone? Called Biden “the adult” on the ticket …seriously, not facetiously. LOL

  304. I fell asleep and woke to the good news!

    Welcome all of the PUMAS!

    Remember – we take it to the floor on Wednesday!

    Super Delegates Do the Will of the People!

    President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2009


  305. Still4Hill, he ran in 1987 and had a plagiarism scandal. Some Republican, I forget which, commented– “87 years ago, or as Joe Biden would say, four score and seven years ago…”

    One of the great one liners in campaign history.

  306. Welcome to all of the NEW PUMAS!


  307. One word Hillary –



  308. my advice to Biden: Don’t quit your day job

  309. kos: “this has been the Obama campaign’s finest operation thus far.”

    Or as the Joe Biden of 1987 could have put it: “Surely, this was their finest hour…”

  310. Wow. I didn’t know Biden is the VP that will never be!

    That leaves Hillary open to release her suspended campaign and get voted into candidacy. Woweeeeee!

  311. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” -Joe Biden

  312. anybody remember this?

  313. Dammit! I misplaced my quiz.

    MABlue, on August 23rd, 2008 at 1:35 am Said:

    “I like you! You’re the real deal”.
    Guess who said that to whom and why?
    Prices coming.

  314. WMCB, on August 23rd, 2008 at 1:40 am Said:

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” -Joe Biden

    OMG—you’ve GOT to be kidding!

  315. gary – go to sleep! You are driving all day tomorrow.

  316. yes maam! night everyone!

  317. Obama-Biden = Hillary 2012 (and maybe even Hillary ’08)

    Please God, let it be!!

    Hillary or Mccain in 2008!!

    When I heard the news about the choice being Biden, I spit my pepsi all over the placem was laughing so hard! LOL!


  318. Someone needs to post a Fund-Raiser and let’s get this thing going!


  319. These people are so brave for coming forward and willing to tell America what happened. I salute you and I am so humbled that people are genuine, brave and care about their country.

    Please let us know when the CD’s will be available to order so we can spread the word about what happened in this last election.

  320. karolina, yes, he said that. See the youtube upthread, where he waxed humorous over Indians and Asians in 7-11’s.

  321. Good night all. Stay safe Gary and Mawn. Thank you for all you are doing to take our msg to Denver. Can’t wait to read your posts. Next best thing to being there.

    RD, if you are still with us. Travel safe and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this site where we can share ourselves so freely.

  322. Yes, ‘CHANGE’ brought to you by the sixth longest serving Senator, who is on a tutoring mission with Obama since his European vacation didn’t impress the folks back home.

    The RV folks please post any Hillary ‘wavers’ on the road to let us know the temp on how America is feeling about losing the BEST CANDIDATE THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE A WOMAN!

  323. Hysterical at TL

    They have posted:

    The Thrill is Gone
    Bye Bye American Pie

  324. By the way, guys be very careful that the campaign isn’t being crafty with us. Yeah, yeah, call me a concern troll, but they would OWN. THE. NIGHT. if they pulled the wool over that many publications. We’d never hear the end of it. So, be glad but reserve judgment. I know about the Secret Service and everything, but still, crafty asshole…You know what I mean.

  325. 1 comment:

    Biden is another sharpshooter in a circular fire squad!

    It is always fun to have the last laugh!

    I am laughing my self to sleep now!


  326. Comment from TL:

    Delaware is now a sure thing!


  327. Fineman is comparing the match to Bush/Cheney!

  328. There was a very long line to get into our caucus in Minneapolis. Check-in volunteers at the door would look up a voter’s name on a pre-printed list, then the voter would sign next to the name.

    My neighbor recalls: “The crowd at the table was so deep and people were pushing. Nobody seemed to be checking any sort of ID or making sure each person had just one ballot.”

    The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported the next day that some precincts ran out of sign-in sheets.

    The caucus room had an entrance door and an exit door. Once checked into the caucus room, would-be voters milled around, ballot in hand, looking confused, because the ballot box was back outside in the hallway they had just come from, on a table next to the exit door. When I saw this I made a point of standing at the exit door, directing people toward the ballot box so they could vote. The box itself was a rough cardboard carton with an opening in the top. It was not lockable and did not seem to be closely monitored.

    The overwhelmed volunteers ran out of official ballots early on, so people were voting on scraps of paper. My neighbor recalls: “I saw ballots on the floor, and more than one person picking up several ballots each. I saw at least one person who was at the table leaning over a pile of ballots, writing on each of them with a pen. And I saw more than one person put multiple pieces of paper in the ballot box.”

    The precinct chair took care to appoint equal numbers of self-identified Obama and Clinton supporters to count the votes and observe the counters at work. We tallied the votes in a far corner of the hallway. The ballots I counted were heavily in favor of Obama. I believe the tallying process was transparent.

    My neighbor recalls: “I complained to the people at the check-in table, and they said helplessly that they’d run out of ballots and there was nothing they could do. I complained to one of the people running the meeting at the podium about what I’d seen, and she said it didn’t matter because the votes had already been counted and Obama had won by a large margin, and besides, I was out of order.”

    The published result for Minneapolis was 76% Obama, 23% Clinton.

    “I tried talking to some other people too,” my neighbor recalls, “and they said, ‘Why do you even care? Obama won. Get over it’.”

  329. WMCB: What a lunatic! Joe, can you say “lacking basic social skills”?

    BTW, I really enjoyed reading your hostage-uterus rant this morning in madamab’s thread. My feelings exactly!

    Phoenix: Wow. These stories make me so angry….and its important to tell them because, as someone said in some thread from this morning (I think that it was PJ)—anger motivates to action.

  330. The week before the caucus, a poll released by Minnesota Public Radio and the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute showed Clinton with a slight lead, within the margin of error, over Obama, the Star Tribune reported on February 2.

    The statewide caucus vote was 66% Obama, 32% Clinton.

  331. Thanks, Karolina. This Phoenix tends to be a night bird!

  332. Oh this is about to get fun!

    First off, Biden’s “clean and articulate” comments are going to come back and haunt him if they try to yet again spin someone ordering a tunafish sandwich into racism or some other bs a la the RFK nonsense. Second, from Neil Kinnock to “a toothless waitress asked me why I’m so strong when kerry’s s weak,” God’s gift to the credit card companies is a walking gaffe machone with a head as swelled as Barack W’s.

  333. I had hoped against hope that Sen. Clinton would not be asked, and if asked would refuse.

    I am relieved that she will not be a part of this fiasco, and relieved that I will not have to vote against a ticket that included her.

    She is wheat, all the rest are chaff. The excellent writers, and commenters, on this site have been able to separate the proverbial two all along. Still are.

    No one Obama could have picked would have changed my mind. He is the problem, no running mate can fix that.

    Again, very relieved it is not HRC being tasked to try to do the impossible.

  334. Oh thank GOD that HRC didn’t get the call for veep (like Obama was really going to do that). Now she can sit back and watch the train wreck that’s coming in November.

  335. This video should be delivered, by hand if necessary, to every one of the delegates at the convention. It should be delivered to every news organization there to cover the convention — or at the very least to all those who will be broadcasting from there. We absolutely must find a way to get this information out prior to the roll call. Any ideas?

  336. hey why hasnt the press picked this up? oh I forgot they lie now too and back having our votes stolen!

  337. Okay, I just got back from walking my rescued puppy and I heard Biden was the VP choice…..Whoo, boy!

    Anyone else remember how badly he treated Anita Hill at the Clarence Thomas SCOTUS hearings? I couldn’t stop watching. He made me want to reach through the television screen and rip his throat out with my bare hands.

    So………..doesn’t it make sense that sexist Obama would choose sexist Biden for a running mate? Why not see how hard they can run, now?! As the Reps are already saying, Obama=Osama, Biden=Bin Laden, run ’em both together and what do you get? Obama bin Biden, the Sexist twins! I guess you could say that “Obama bin Biden his time waiting for just the right good-ole-boy to join him!”



    ….OGLETREE: (Senator Biden) doesn’t understand that by sitting back and taking no position that he has encouraged the victimization of Anita Hill. She has civil rights and civil liberties, too. She wasn’t applying for a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. She was not coming forward with an agenda to change the landscape of America.

    And so for him to say that he didn’t help her because he didn’t want to be like the other side, to me, is to acknowledge that he has neglected to do his duties. He was the chairman. He was supposed to ask tough questions. He was supposed to get to the bottom of issues….And the bottom line is that Anita Hill was pilloried from beginning to end without any protection from anybody in that process….

    What the senator did regrettably was to bend over in the wrong direction, and I think he did a great disservice in the sense of civil rights by being so tolerant of the lack of responsiveness on the part of one party and being so intolerant of efforts on the other side to bring out issues that may have shed light on (Thomas’ character)…..

  338. That’ll make great post election analysis, ABG. “Don’t you understand? The dregs of American scum have no power.. That’s why we ignored them when we weren’t insulting or disenfrachising them. They’ll vote for even a minimally qualified Dem? Well, F^&* that. They should have been lining up for the privilege of voting for our Bush. We deserved it, they owe us, and screw their stupid demands like being able to locate Russia on a map!”

    It’s a real mystery why the Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight is going to get crushed.

  339. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve hated Biden ever since. He was the committee director and he left her there to twist in the wind. Fucking wimp!

  340. Never mind the fact that, because of his weakness and inability to control the committee’s direction, we now have Justice Clarence Thomas – THE most conservative idiot EVER on the SCOTUS! THANK YOU, SENATOR BIDEN!

    I know I’m rambling, but right now I feel like spitting fire at the entire Democratic party.

  341. I am relieved that Obama did not pick Hillary. It makes me feel better about what I need to do after the convention.

  342. Well, if you wanna be even more offended, CNN has confirmed that the text message was sent at 3 a.m. Enjoy, friends. This may be our nominee.

  343. I may have said this before on this blog, but is the Democratic establishment TRYING to lose this presidential election because they fear the next Depression is coming during the next presidential term, and so they want a member of the pachyderm party in the White House to take the lion’s share of the blame?

  344. Prolix
    “To update Edmund Burke’s quote, “”All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.””
    Our motto

  345. its great to see this on the main page……keep up the good work.


  346. The transparency of our election system in this country is highly suspect at this point. It’s not about one Democratic candidate against another. It’s both parties and their duopoly on a political system that does not really listen to the people anymore.

    Empowering ourselves means seeing through the phony divisions and demanding real change – as opposed to just the appearance.

    I’m hopeful as more and more people wake up to the Democrats and Republicans. If we keep on doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep on getting what we’re getting.

    Be inspired!


  347. Thanks for posting our film here. It was a labor of love. As an American, my heart has been soooo broken by the Obama Campaign’s theft of the nomination and the DNC’s support of it. I have literally prayed every night that this mess would get straightened out. Oh well. We are trying. We have sent emails to delegates and superdelegates and are dealing with the press. The site has had thousands of hits and was only made public two nights ago. Mypartners, John Siegel and Gigi Gaston are on their way to Denver with hundreds of dvds to distribute and we will be looking to screen the film in Denver as well. Keep in mind what we have has been thrown up there in two months, since this all started being reported. We will also have more of it by October. Everyone keep up the good fight. I know this is a hard, emotional election for many people. I will never reward Obama for this vile behavior with a vote. Never. My friends and family will be voting for McCain.

  348. What if Barack wins regardless of all these mudslinging going on here…would you guys shut up? The republican are having a swell day watching the disunity in our party and i bet they are funding some of these so called “Hillary supporters” who would have voted for McCain anyways. See u guys in Denver!

  349. Nancy;I know an English tutor you might want to get in touch with.You are way out of your league here.GO back to your video games and face book: your kool-aide is getting warm.
    PUMAize Denver!

  350. http://wewillnotbesilenced2008.com/video/index.htm

    The server exceeded its bandwith, please notify the folks so they can fix the problem or upload to youtube.

  351. […] Caucus Fraud: Coming soon to your convention (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) After all, what is a party convention but one giant caucus? And what has Obama’s campaign been up to the last couple of months but figuring out new ways of intimidating, bullying, deceiving and poaching Hillary’s delegates? This stuff is second nature to the Obama campaign by now. After all, It worked so well during the primary season. John Siegal of WeWillNotBeSilenced said they will have copies of the DVD if anyone needs one in Denver.—Caro […]

  352. Yes we had soooo many hits and went viral and the site crashed. It’s back up now. Please go watch. And we will have it Youtubed as well.

  353. Nancy,

    Obama’s not going to win. And none of this has to do with being Republican, although I bet they are laughing their azzes off about Biden.

  354. The primary states were also rigged. Let’s not forget that.

  355. Well instead of us complaining that Obama is taking the stage….here is an idea if you want Hillary in the White House! Write her name in on the ballot come November…they have to count it!!!

    Another noteI could use some traffic on this site…see if you can help me out. Since Bush has been in office it has been tough for small business. http://www.stentcard.com

    Your business would be Greatly appreciated!

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