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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Attack of the Killer Chihuahuas

Oh Lordy!  The rabid killer chihuahuas of Obamanation are in an ankle-biting frenzy over how many houses John McCain and his wife own.

They seem to think they have found “THE ISSUE” that will carry Teh Precious to victory.  Once again they prove their lack of political instinct.

First of all, they have completely forgotten the old saying “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”  Guys?  You really don’t want to discuss the candidates’ real estate holdings.

Why?  Two words: “Tony Rezko”

Secondly, negative attacks don’t work unless they resonate with the target audience.  The target audience will be one or more of these: your base, their base, and/or undecideds.  Your goal should be to motivate your base, depress their base, and/or persuade undecideds to vote for your candidate

If this attack gets your base fired up, y’all need to switch to decaf.  This issue is another “big nothing burger.”  The McCains are rich, so what?  The Obamas are millionaires too.  Not only that, but this is the United States of America, where being rich is the ambition of 99% of the population.

This attack isn’t going to depress and demoralize the GOP base, nor is it likely to persuade any undecided voters, especially since it opens the door to the issue of Uh-bama’s relationship with slumlord Tony Rezko.

Do you guys ever learn anything?  Has an attack on a candidate’s financial status ever worked?  You guys went into an ankle-biting fauxrage over Hillary and Bill’s tax returns showing they made beau coup simolians since he left office, and the blue-collar and rural voters of West Virginia were soooo impressed they gave Hillary a 41 point victory.  Without the money issue, she might have won by 60 or 70 points!

What’s that you say?  This issue is just like when Poppy Bush was amazed at a supermarket checkout scanner?  Well, yes it is, but not why you think.

The reason they are the same is because that story is an urban legend!  IOW – a big nothing burger.


(Cross-posted at Klownhaus)

225 Responses

  1. Is the guy that financed the McCain family homes is jail?
    NO then what is the problem.
    I always thought it was evey guy’s dream to marry a weathy woman with a beer distributor.
    Backtrack’s campaign is jealous the McCain was smart enough to do that and keep the marriage going for years.



  2. heh

  3. LOL Helen!

    Great post, myiq. Yip yip yip yip….

  4. Is that Axelrod in front?

  5. catarina – Nah. No comb-over.

  6. Another brilliant attack by Obama! Can someone please go see the wizard and get this guy a brain! Yeah, this will surely win him the Presidency.

  7. “Eat the rich” approaches work well in a Dem primary, when appealing to Liberal Guilt (yes, it does exist.)

    It has NEVER worked in a general election against a Republican in America to paint being wealthy as unsavory. It raises the spectre of “Those Democrats have a problem with hard-working Americans getting ahead, and want to take all our money and create a socialist utopia, while they themselves are rich. Hypocrites.”

    Morons. This has never, EVER worked. I’ve seen this dog and pony show a hundred times over the years.

  8. This was one of the reasons, with Edwards, that I knew he would never ever win the presidency, despite the fact that I AGREED with much of what he said. You cannot take an “eat the rich” message to the general voting public. You can talk about doing more to help people, but you CANNOT paint rich as BAD.

    It does. not. work. in the US of A.

  9. WMCB – Um, YEAH. There is nothing wrong with being rich in America. It’s part of the American dream.

    This will be turned into just another instance of “Why do the Democrats hate America?”, edition 8,000,017.

  10. Most people really don’t care about this. Oh, sure, it’s funny that McCain doesn’t know how many condos his wife owns, probably because her investment company likely has real estate interests all over the place.

    Most men will end up envying McCain for having a beautiful wife who is a multimillionairess. Most women will be reminded their own husband can’t find anything in the house without their help! [snarkadoodledoo]

    In the end, it really just makes McCain look like he’s a man who doesn’t spend all that much time thinking about money, or counting his wealth, since he’s interested in something greater than himself.

    That’s the problem with Obama-bots. They’re unable to see a bigger picture, because all they can see is their Precious, The One, The Messiah.

  11. LMAO! I just watched a video of Jose Rivera, Congressman from the Bronx, talking about voting for Hillary at the convention. You HAVE to watch it all the way through, because the hand gesture is PRICELESS!!

  12. A poster named “naoko” left this touching message at the bottom of the last post:

    This post is so well written. You are a very good writer and your points are so well taken. I feel so demoralized about going to the Convention (I am a delegate for Hillary) because the DNC leadership assisted by Speaker Pelosi are beginning to find ways to circumvent the rules. We are now hearing that we will be voting in the hotels at our morning breakfast with the state delegation and not on the floor on Wednesday evening. Never before been done like this..
    The most glaring absence is any comment from Howard Dean about whether or not FL & MI will be seated with full votes; how any of the rules will be implemented. Seeing the demise of the political party I have worked for all my life is beyond sad.

    After watching two presidential elections be stolen by the Republicans, now to see my own party ’select’ not elect a nominee is extremely hurtful to one who trys to not become cynical. I know you are correct that we must continue to work, but Lord, I am getting so tired!
    Thanks for writing an excellent post.

    She was asked to bring her post up here, but so far has not done so.

  13. WMBC, you said it. Left Blogistan used to bemoan the stupidity of lunch-bunket Americans who bought into the American dream. That is, folks who thought that they too could become rich. You know who I’m speaking about: those dumb schmucks who went bowling for fun, who had (shudder) above-ground swimming pools. They vote Republican, against their own interests! And they eat fast food,

    Obama will straighten them out, if only they will stop being so stupid and listen.

  14. Yo quiero una casa grande! HA!

    I would also add that it is odd for Obama to criticize McCain for being rich when his best friends are Oprah, the Kennedy’s and John Kerry (who also happens to be married to a billionaire heiress).

  15. Psychodrew (sp?) at TM thinks we are part of the problem..

    “If you are a Hillary Clintonista, if you really believe in her and support her as I do, then you will stop making her go around the country and beg for your vote. It’s time to grow up, accept that she has been defeated, and let Hillary get back to work.

    If you keep holding out, demanding that Hillary work for your vote, you are part of the problem, not the solution.”

    Oh man…the guilt trips…the angst….

    I want O to work for my vote, not H.

  16. Absolutely, Gary and Arabella!!!

  17. Thanks for that link, WMCB – it was hilarious. That hand gesture is the same one Scalia used!

  18. Forgot to thank myiq for this brilliant comment. I’m standing up and cheering for you.

    Cross post this everywhere. It sums up the Stevensonian Democrat attitiude that is poison to our party. And our country too.


  19. Bingo:

    You cannot take an “eat the rich” message to the general voting public. You can talk about doing more to help people, but you CANNOT paint rich as BAD.

    I’d also emphasize that most of the 99% that IQ mentions are willing to work their tails off to get rich. Hell, most are willing to work their tails off just to get by with only a little comfort.

    The reason Hillary resonated so well with the working class is that she only said “I’ll give you a chance to make it yourself” as opposed to the guilt-driven “evil rich people” that you get from Edwards, ObamaCo, David Sirota, PB1.0, etc. Working class people don’t need a political savior–they are perfectly capable of saving themselves

  20. Upstate – Gawd, these people are craaaaazy.

    Obama wants my vote? It’s his job to convince me that he deserves it. As an American, it’s my most precious possession and I don’t just give it to anyone!

  21. madamab, psychodrew must not have been paying attention. We already said a long time ago there is nothing she can do to convince us to vote for him. but seriously, now they are blaming US for making her stump for him? jesus, he cannot be bothered to accept ANY responsibility.

  22. GQMartinez – yes, we are. All we need is a little help every once in a while. 🙂

  23. madamab, my virginity, not my vote, is my most precious p…oh wait,

  24. Gary – IACF!

  25. Arabela, they have it all wrong. I grew up in a poor family, and spent my LIFE around blue-collar folks.

    It is not some Pollyanna stupidity that makes them vote against their interests. You cannot ignore the deep streak of individualism that is the lifeblood of the American psyche. We are not a communal people, we are a collection of individualists. Our cultural heritage has shaped us, and is DIFFERENT from any other society. Psychologically, we are not Europeans, or Russians, or whatever.

    It’s not about the economics, really. Americans don’t like to be told they are needy. They don’t like to be told they can’t do it. And when you try to do that, it comes across as vaguely insulting, in some way they can’t define, but still respond negatively to.

    Bill Clinton managed to address economic concerns while being wholly in tune to those cultural underpinnings of middle-class Americans. Hillary did it well (better there toward the end of the primaries.) But most Democrats are TONE DEAF when it comes to this, so seek to blame it on lack of education, stupidity, racism, unconcern for the poor, whatever.

    I know these people. They are neither stupid nor uncaring. But if you don’t speak to their cultural underpinnings (which have NOTHING to do with sprinkling references to pick-up trucks into a speech, BTW), they leave with the feeling that you have NO fucking clue who they are. They might not be able to explain it or defend it logically, but they KNOW.

  26. Upstate – [giggle]

  27. I spent half my money on alcohol and sins of the flesh.

    The rest I just wasted.

  28. WMBC @ 328

    Yes. Yes to the infinite power.

  29. Again, the only thing about the silly house thinghie that bothers me is that the media surrogates are running with it – and yes, NBC last night mentioned Poppy’s scanner. Just like they ran with “Hillary want to give you a gas price break – the bitch!” – and to some it seemed to make sense (although she still won Texas)

  30. WMCB,
    The whole “voting against their econonics” meme is a canard. Poorer people vote for Dems (nominally in their economic interests) by large margins. The GOP has been for some time the Party of the wealthy. Even the super religious backbone of the GOP is the megachurch class, which is different from the more poor and urban church classes. The poor, while they do have an individualist streak, are more likely to accept the social contract framework.

  31. The Obots are mostly upper-middle class types who imagine that the lower class hates the rich.

    They might envy the rich, but they don’t hate them.

    I come from people that you could call “poor but proud”

    We didn’t have much, but we had enough, and we EARNED it.

    I never heard a member of my family begrudge anyone else what they had.

  32. To some degree, yes, gqmartinez. The poorest of the poor generally do vote Dem (though it’s a little more divided in poor rural areas as opposed to poor urban areas.). They are past the point of thinking about being insulted.

    But it’s that vast Middle America out there that swings elections, and you DO NOT get those votes by being as tone deaf to their heritage and culture as Democrats often are.

  33. Chihuahuas are very fickle!

    At slumber parties in junior high and high school one of girlfriend’s Chihuahua named “Chiquita” (and yes, she was constantly putting a banana sticker on him) would snuggle at my feet all night. At the crack of dawn, he would jump off the bed, stand at attack mode and bark in the highest pitch.

    I would be proud to have them defend Democracy against the BObots!

    PUMA & Chihuahua HAKA 👿

  34. Fox News declared BO is gathering so many phone numbers that he is dragging this on so he can alert everyone to vote in November.

    I hope the system crashes.

    PUMA & Chihuahua HAKA 👿

  35. I’m a Texan and I have never heard of Chet Edwards!

  36. Didn’t Mrs. McCain’s family get rich from making beer?

    All I can say is, I’ve probably contributed to the payments on a few of those seven houses, given the amount of the stuff I’ve consumed over my lifetime. Beer is good. I don’t want to live in a world without beer. Especially in August in SoCal.

  37. But then again, I usually can’t remember the name of the Governor – he is so nondescript!

  38. In the end, it really just makes McCain look like he’s a man who doesn’t spend all that much time thinking about money, or counting his wealth, since he’s interested in something greater than himself.

    That’s exactly it. McCain has spent the entire length of their marriage commuting between DC and AZ, because his priority is public service. They are desperately making a mountain out of a mole hill–or should I say a condo out of a bunk house.

  39. The reason I picked chihuahuas is that an angry chihuahua acts like it’s the lord of creation but scares no one.

    Just like Obots.

  40. Not to mention, gq, that that whole meme making the rounds of the Leftist blogs only made it worse. When they would ask, aghast, “Why do these people vote against their own interests? It’s crazy!”

    What blue-collar voters heard was, “You people are so dumb, you can’t even ascertain what your own interests are. Here, let me magnanimously instruct you in what you need.”

    It’s REEKING patronization. There is no “disagreement” there that can be discussed between equals. There is no LISTENING to the poor uneducated rubes. There is only assumption and superiority.

  41. “I see stupid people; they’re everywhere; and they don’t even know they’re stupid.”

    LOL State! They are really starting to freak out 24/7 as the dream slips away…

  42. Mr. Obot dutifully twittered about it, right on schedule.

  43. This is the first time that I realized there was such a thing as a “liberal elitist.” I thought it was just typical rightwing BS.


  44. madamab, the right wing seizes on it and demonizes it beyond what it is in order to gain advantage. But that does not mean it does not exist.

  45. MyIq,

    While I didn’t have your reasoning behind it, I’ve said that BZero’s campaign reminds me of “chihuahuas in stretch wigs.” Now I have a reason for the visual.

  46. cc:

    The best beer I ever drank was in Socal.

    It was the first Monday of August 1989.

    I had spent all day at D-land with wife and kids. We were melting from the heat and tired. We went left the park for dinner, and ended up at some little Mexican restaurant a few blocks away.

    They had a happy-hour special 2-for-1 goblets of Michelob. That first one was ice cold nectar of the gods.

  47. WMCB, exactly. If the netroots spent more time with the working class, they’d understand them better and wouldn’t be so tone deaf and condescending. But I think a large part of it is the desire to be the beneficent overlord. Edwards gave off that vibe to me, as does Obama and most of PB1.0.

  48. WMCB – Yes, they are very good at demonizing anything and everything with the word “liberal” in it. We lefties never should have allowed it.

  49. Prolix:

    Whenever Obamanation fauxrages, I just picture a pack of self-important angry chihuahuas barking like crazy.

  50. This post is hilarious. I love it. Maybe Obama can carry a chihuahua named Kos around like Paris Hilton does.

    The Obots are like rabid chihuahuas. They’ve grabbed onto the McCain house nonstory like someone’s pant leg. The press is shaking ’em off because it’s so ridiculous (and just another transparent attempt at ageism).

  51. uh oh….so much for the 50 state strategy. And the fact that he is giving up on Florida….definite clue that Hill won’t be his running mate…Virginia….that’s just gravy. I thought that was going to be their big get this year. Doesn’t look good for Kaine either…

    Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has put the brakes on ads that were running in seven states carried by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election, FOX News has learned.

    Of the seven states — including Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota — Florida and Virginia are considered key battlegrounds this year. Obama’s decision to stop advertising in those states is raising eyebrows

  52. Sighting

    A couple of nights ago, a friend and I were out walking in our neighborhood and we spotted something new. We passed a house with a sign in a yard that read “Beware of the dog.” Behind the sign was a chihuahua barking furiously. We were very afraid 🙂

  53. Look at FDR and the New Deal.

    Roosevelt didn’t offer people charity, he offered them jobs via WPA and TVA

    People would rather earn money than live on charity.

  54. Don’t you all miss Hillary drinking beer and a shot? That’s our girl!


  55. Just say our GAL on CNN! She is BEAUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Dean, Donna, Nancy and oh yeah, Barky! That 58 state strategy is now down to 51. Wha’s Happenin’?


    PUMA & Chihuahua HAKA 👿

  56. gary, gary, gary, gary Stop channeling me!

  57. myiq – That is the entire philosophy behind the Clinton Foundation’s work in impoverished countries. It offers people micro-loans so that they can start their own businesses. Even as little as $25 can make a big difference.

    The Clintons get it.

  58. Just a friendly reminder that there is, or at least should be, a difference between dissident Democrats and Republicans.

    End of message.

  59. Madamab, our whole two-party system now has been so demonized on both sides, with so much emotional baggage attached to every other “buzz word”, that we can barely even communicate with each other any more, much less reach genuine practical compromises that we can trust are not a trick or a ploy of some kind.

    I used to think that only one side was responsible for that, but the truth is that both are.

  60. The thing that makes Hillary and Bill so great is they are real elites, but they don’t make you feel inferior.

    They LISTEN when you talk about your problems, and don’t tell you what you should do, they ask how they can help.

  61. Karl Rove just complimented Obama on using Karl Rove style tactics. LOL

  62. Collecting phone numbers, eh?

    Fantastic strategy. Brilliant.

    The same people who get a text message announcing who Obama’s VP pick are the same people who can’t keep appointments. Or like, show up.

    This is the “Somebody else will do it” generation.

    Give me one person who will show up at the polls and/or drive other people to the polls for 100 phone numbers.

  63. Rich in PA,

    I mean this in in nicest possible way.

    Fuck off.

  64. Robin, on August 22nd, 2008 at 4:08 pm Said:
    Karl Rove just complimented Obama on using Karl Rove style tactics. LOL

    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s seems Democrats are brilliant at “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.” Oy.

  65. If Barry keeps attacking McCain, I think John will gain more and more sympathy votes…

    its like a brash, spoiled teenager joking his grandfather…

  66. Fox

    Why is BO trailing McCain?

    Howard: BO on vacation for a week.

    Rove: He got more attention than McCain while he was on vacation.

    Hillary is still beating McCain – I was thinking she has been gone for 2.5 months.

    PUMA & Chihuahua HAKA 👿

  67. When referring to this nitwit pack it should always read “democrats” – in quotations, too. ‘Cause they don’t deserve the big “D”.

  68. Edwardian – I agree. Yet these losers, led by Reagan and Bush Republicans, look down their noses at people who have been Democrats for longer than they’ve been alive.

  69. Gary – That’s the best news EVER!!!! I was so sick of seeing Obama’s smug puss on my tv screen I was about to scream!!!

    Of course, he probably pulled the plug in NC and Georgia because he thinks we’re sure things. Whatever… as long as the nattering stops, I’m good.

  70. Remember, How Obama promised, he would never, ever go after McCain’s wife. Oops! Another promise, down the drain.

  71. I can’t help myself, Rove is riling us up, but for the life of me, I can’t fault a thing he’s saying. He just brought up the symbolic finger on the chin of hiring Patti S. Doyle as the presumptive Veep CofS.

  72. Hi Rich, always a pleasure.

  73. I’ve said for a while that a big chunk of the Big Orange Cheeto are closeted Reaganites.

  74. How swallow and juvenile, to mock someone on something as stupid as house’s. But, look who he preaching to. And he has the media to urge him on.

  75. The Patti Solis Doyle connection is another thing that makes me think it’s going to be Chet Edwards. She’s from here in San Antonio, he’s a Houston boy.

  76. WMCB – Closeted? Not even. All the Obaman prog-blogs are run by Reagan/Bush Republicans. They claim to have seen the light, but the way they treated Hillary during the primaries shows just how un-Democratic they really are.

  77. This post reminds me of the killer bunny

  78. Obama Stops Advertising in Red Battleground States
    Maybe hes seen the light he CANNOT win those states
    Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has put the brakes on ads that were running in seven states carried by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election, FOX News has learned.

    Of the seven states — including Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota — Florida and Virginia are considered key battlegrounds this year. Obama’s decision to stop advertising in those states is raising eyebrows.
    Continue reading http://countusout.wordpress.com/

    p.s. Barack it’s not to late to give up and let and Dem win the White House

  79. I think the Obama campaign’s biggest blunder was trying to link McCain to Abramoff. Barack shot himself in the foot with that one. He opened the door for McCain to hit him with his connection to William Ayers and a 527, AmericanIssuesProject.org, took the invitation. Obama will have no grounds to accuse McCain or Republicans of hitting below the belt when he started the associate accusations.

    If you haven’t seen it, the video is up on my blog.

    Mountain Sage

  80. You know, maybe if Obama stops advertising 24-7, his poll numbers might get better.

    My poor Obamabot stepmother. She is working for the Obama campaign in VA. She must be freaking out.


  81. I certainly don’t believe they are giving up on Virginia. I trust nothing coming from that campaign. And just because they stopped buying ads today doesn’t mean they won’t later. So I guess it all comes down to Ohio, PA, and MI. Lucky me.

  82. Can you believe they passed up the candidate who would win FL, OH, MI, and PA???? Totally absurd.

  83. He stopped buying ads because they are now going door to door with cash in hand to get the vote.

  84. Pat, he figured the money would be better spent just bussing a lot of Bots there to vote, rather than relying on the actual voters in those states.

  85. Does anyone know where Hillary is going to be tomorrow? Who was it that said that attacking a republican for Having money was like attacking a cat for having fur? Look what Team Obama has been doing for the lsst 2 1/2 months accacking PUMA…

    I am doing fine storm stuck over us going into work tonight 11 pm to 8 am.

    fove ya all Michael

  86. Who the heck is Chet Edwards and what could he possibly bring to the ticket? Just what we need: two candidates who people do not know. Can he really be that lame?

    BO said about his VP decision: This will show you how I make decisions: by consulting with different people and then considering.

    And this is what he’s come up wth after 2.5 months–Chet Whoever?

  87. In canvassing the deceased population of Chicago, it is determined that they too would be only too happy to cast their votes for Obama. Even the dead have rights.

  88. Let’s hope that those chihuahuas continue to act the way they’ve been doing–all the way to the convention. And if by chance Obama is really the nominee, then all the way to November.

  89. The betting is still Biden. Foreign policy, Catholic, scrappy, experienced. Take your pick.

  90. I thought that Obama said something about choosing someone who would challenge his preconceptions.

    My Gawd. Could he be more of a pompous, arrogant schmuck? IAAO – It’s All About Obama! I mean, most people would pick a VP for his/her qualifications. And by the way, I’m sure whomever he picks will be a slavish Bot. He is like Bush – uncomfortable among those who do not worship him.

  91. TM: “Pschodrew’s post is dead on. It pisses people off to hear the truth, especially the unhinged

    so many truth tellers, so little time….

  92. To me, Biden may be a safe choice in the foreign policy experience but he has a tendency to shoot his mouth off and goes off message quite often. Does Obama want to spend the better part of the election having to explain and defend? Hard to believe.

  93. Could he be more of a pompous, arrogant schmuck?

    I keep thinking he can’t be, but then he never fails to exceed my expectations.

  94. fif: Never say die with this guy.

  95. Upstate: What truth would that be that they’re pedaling today?

  96. Is this not fun people, their are friends of mine who are convinced it will be Hillary for VP? I will come tto love obama, drink the Koolaid it is sweet on the tounge and bitter in the belly, he will be the change I have been waiting for, let go of the Hillary , she has been subdued and so shall you….

    Nope Not buying it Obats….no cookie for you in november!


  97. For the Nasty Nancy and Obanaut crowd, there is nothing quite so tantilizing as a symbolic choice like having a Veep candidate who is GWB’s representative.

  98. As C of Chief will he be announcing his war intentions through cellphones? Hi, Brck here, gng 2 war n e mnte. C U!

  99. I’m from Houston, and I can only remember hearing and seeing Chet Edwards’ name briefly, during the March 4th primary cycle. Well, guess I’ll have to trust Obama to make the [W]right decision.

  100. Did Edwards fill Tom Delay’s seat? They said he represents a heavily Repub district.

  101. Pat: Stop! I beg you! I’m gonna wee myself a small typhoon in sec. LOL!

  102. edwardian, I am in San Antonio, and keep up with Texas politics pretty well. Never heard of him.

  103. So, it’s Fri. afternoon…where’s the big announcement? Trying to milk it for another day Bawack?

  104. No Pat, I believe that district is held by Nick Lampson.

  105. According to wiki, they tried to gerrymander Edwards out of his district during redistricting. He was in the 11th and it turned into the 17th or vice versa. He’s been in the House since 1990.

  106. Next Under The Obama Bus:




  107. PJ – LOL!

  108. fif, basically that true Hillary Clintonistas need to accept her defeat and fall in line, so she can get back to work on important issues, instead of wasting her time trying to garner their support for O.

    Otherwise you are part of the unhinged fringe.

  109. You do realize that all of this suspense is mainly people (including media) waiting to see if he picked Hillary? It wouldn’t have half the drama if the country knew for sure it wasn’t her – no one would care.

    Poor Bawack. Even in this, he is overshadowed by her. It’s all about Hillary, even months after she suspended.

  110. BMC – Unions are special interests! Ignorance is strength! War is Peace!

    Sorry, got a bit carried away there…;-)

  111. You wait, there is going to be some brainless nitwit out there who gets the text message and believes he is the first to hear. These morons have no idea they are being played. And no, not for a minute is it Hillary.

    As far as Chet Edwards, he may as well be the Unknown Comic for all his name means to me.
    (for those of you too young to remember, the Unknown Comic would appear as a guest on the Gong Show wearing a paper bag over his head)

  112. Courtesy wikipedia (for what it’s worth):


    Chet Edwards
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Chet Edwards


    Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
    from Texas’s 17th district
    Assumed office
    January 3, 2005
    Preceded by Charlie Stenholm


    Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
    from Texas’s 11th district
    In office
    January 3, 1991 – January 3, 2005
    Preceded by Marvin Leath
    Succeeded by Mike Conaway


    Member of the Texas Senate
    from the 9th district
    In office
    1983 – 1990
    Preceded by Dee Travis
    Succeeded by David Sibley


    Born November 24, 1951 (1951-11-24) (age 56)
    Corpus Christi, Texas
    Political party Democratic
    Spouse Lea Ann Edwards
    Residence Waco, Texas
    Alma mater Texas A&M University
    Harvard Business School
    Profession real estate agent, communications executive
    Religion Southern Baptist[1]
    Website edwards.house.gov

    Thomas Chester “Chet” Edwards (born November 24, 1951) is Democratic Party member of the United States House of Representatives from the 17th District of Texas, based about Waco, Edwards represented Texas’s 11th District from 1991 to 2005 and has since been elected in the 17th District. The district includes the town of Crawford[2], the home of U.S. President George W. Bush’s Prairie Chapel Ranch. He has also recently been suggested as a possible running mate for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. [3]

    Early years

    A Waco resident, Edwards was born in Corpus Christi. He graduated magna cum laude[4] from Texas A&M University in 1974, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics. One of his professors was future U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator Phil Gramm. Upon graduation, he received the Earl Rudder Award, which is given to two outstanding seniors.[5] After graduation, he worked as an aide to Congressman Olin E. Teague for three years.[5]

    When Teague announced his retirement in 1978, Edwards ran in the Democratic primary to succeed him. He lost by only 115 votes to his former professor, Phil Gramm, who switched to Republican affiliation in 1983.[6]

    In 1981, Edwards earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. He then went to work for the Trammell Crow Company as a commercial real estate agent. Later, Edwards purchased several rural radio stations in South Texas.[7]

    Political career

    Texas Senate

    Edwards was elected to the Texas Senate in 1983, and served until 1990, representing District 9.[7] In the Texas Senate, Edwards was a member of the Senate Education Committee, and helped reduce class sizes in public schools. He was named by Texas Monthly as one of the “Ten Outstanding Legislators” during his tenure.[5]

    U.S. House


    Edwards was elected to the U.S. House in 1990 with 54 percent of the vote, defeating Republican Hugh Shine. He was re-elected in 1992 with 67 percent of the vote, defeating Republican James Broyles. He defeated Broyles again in 1994 with 59 percent of the vote.[8]

    Since the 1990s, the 11th District trended more and more Republican. Edwards was able to hold onto his seat, though with increasingly narrow margins.[9] In 1996, he was re-elected with 57 percent of the vote against Republican Jay Mathis. He won in 1998 without any Republican opponent. In 2000 he won with 55 percent of the vote; in 2002, he won with 52 percent of the vote.[8]

    In the controversial 2003 Texas redistricting, Edwards’ district was renumbered as the 17th District, and the U.S. Army post Fort Hood was removed from the district. His district absorbed College Station, home of Texas A&M, a longtime bastion of conservatism. It also absorbed several heavily Republican Fort Worth suburbs. Despite the redistricting, Edwards defeated conservative State Representative Arlene Wohlgemuth in November 2004 by 9,260 votes, or approximately a 3.8% margin. By comparison, Republican incumbent President George W. Bush won the 17th with 70 percent of the vote. Edwards and Lloyd Doggett were the only Democrats targeted by the redistricting effort who retained their seats. As a result of the redistricting, Edwards is one of two Democrats to represent a significant portion of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, along with Eddie Bernice Johnson.

    Edwards voted in favor of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.[10]

    In 2006, Edwards ran for reelection against Republican Van Taylor, a former Marine Corps reservist and Iraq War veteran, and was re-elected with 58% of the vote to Taylor’s 40%.[11]

    In November 2008, Republican Rob Curnock, a Waco video business owner, will face Edwards in the general election.[12]

    He voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and supports a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.[13]


    Currently, Edwards is a member of the House Budget and Appropriations Committees. He is one of only six House members to serve on both the Budget and Appropriations committees. He is also the chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction. As the only Texan to chair an Appropriations subcommittee, it can be argued that Edwards is the most influential Texan in the House. Appropriations subcommittee chairmen are often known as “Cardinals” because of their control of the budget.

  113. Does it really matter? The person who goes with him immediately drops in esteem for associating himself with this fraud.

  114. Upstate, here’s a NOVEL thought: Why doesn’t Obama get off his OWN ass to try to win over her voters?

    Naaah, that’d be hard, and, like, work, and he might needs him a little vacation after.

  115. Weird news – fake anthrax threat at McCain’s Colorado office….what is going on with these people who are attacking candidates’ campaigns?!

  116. Considering how Barry and Nancy are I would think he would likely pick someone who voted for the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. They are such self loathing liberals.

  117. Otherwise you are part of the unhinged fringe.

    Proud card carrying member.

    Pat, I’d vote for the Unknown Comic before I’d vote for Ohbummer. At least he’d make me laugh.

  118. Well, time to leave work where I’ve been lurking here instead of actually working…the addiction continues.

    Catch up with ya’ll later when we might know THE REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG NEWS!!

    I’m going to put my phone on vibrate.

  119. I read the resume. So what exactly does he bring to the table other than a drawl? If some of the members of this blog from Texas barely heard of him, it can’t be for the Texas electoral vote. Chet Who will be on almost everyone’s lips.

  120. Chet wants an anti-gay marriage amendment, huh? But…but…Obama LOVES teh gays, he does he does!

    If it’s him, just watch. The cheetoheads will spin it as a good thing to pick a homophobe.

    Now all you queers just STFU and join hands and fall in line! “Kumbayah, my Lord…Kumbayah….”

  121. Caroline said: “daddy picked a Texan who owned radio stations. so how ’bout it?”

  122. A list of performers expected to attend or perform at the DNC next week. This should go over big with the over 50 crowd.


  123. Pat,

    He’s one of Nasty Nancy’s fav raves — does he need anything more?

  124. ben: You may have hit it on the head. I never thought of that.

  125. Didn’t take much…but he isn’t Lyndon Johnson and he won’t bring him Texas.

  126. I am a LIBERAL. No one ever consider me as a progressive again.

  127. Ok I am being told Hillary is flying to springfield tonnight is that true? Or Obat wishing?


  128. That would fit. He does seem to have delusions of channeling JFK, so he needs his very own LBJ.

  129. I am going with Biden since he seems to be heavily favored anyway. But they will need to put him on a short leash. He can definitely overshadow Obama. Oh wait, I think I can too!

  130. Chet wants an anti-gay marriage amendment, huh?

    You are kidding RIGHT?

  131. Amen, Pat! I am a dyed-in-the-wool, classic, time-honored LIBERAL in the tradition of FDR.

    Why the hell did any of us ever relinquish that proud title?

  132. No. salt, not kidding. He publicly favors it.

  133. Kaine refused to investigate voter registration fraud, saying they were isolated incidents (80 or 90 of them). A Dem gov in a red state can do a lot for BO.

  134. My daughter has a very biting wit. When my son and his wife from Boston were expecting their first baby, they picked out the names of either Caroline or Jacqueline. My daughter in law is a staunch Dem and loves the Kennedy’s. My daughter pulled me aside and said: “You’re the mother. It is up to you to tell them Camelot is dead!”

    They went with Caroline.

  135. myiq2xu

    i just looked at the photo laughing so hard oh my god it’s so true….lordy ahhh.

  136. Michael: I have not seen anything to suggest Hillary is flying to Chicago. Nancy on the other hand is going to Denver by broom.

  137. Look if it is Chet Edwards-they dont have to reprint all those “pre-Scandal” Obama/Edwards signs bumper stickers and buttons money is tight at Obama for America and am million saved is a million earned!


  138. #
    Pat Johnson, on August 22nd, 2008 at 4:44 pm Said:

    In canvassing the deceased population of Chicago, it is determined that they too would be only too happy to cast their votes for Obama. Even the dead have rights.

    I think that’s part of the Fair Reflection that the DNC used in Michigan.

  139. It’s Biden.

  140. ZOMG!

    The “Shrinkage” Seinfeld is on TBS right now.

    One of the funniest evah!

  141. Guys – he is still trying to channel JFK. A Texan for VP -LBJ.

    I was born here 57years ago – never heard of Chet, or Shit, or Shiola Edwards.

  142. PJ:

    Who cares?

  143. Nancy is already in Denver. Fox interviewed her right after they announced our Stephanie was gone. Fox didn’t ask – She didn’t say a word about it.

  144. Pat does Nazi Nancy’s Broom have a “pink” princess phone?


  145. How tall is this guy? If he’s shorter than Obama, that’s all that matters.

  146. Omg, Pat, did he really pick Biden? I’ve been out of touch all day. Is it true or speculation? Better hurry, laptop battery about to die.

  147. If it’s Chet, we need bumper stickers with the “O” logo, that say

    “Chet/Shinola 08”

  148. Pat it is Biden rumor has it Nancy sent him a special gift addition of her book(pamplet) titled “my greatest thoughts-renumerations of a woman, a broom,and a pink princess phone”


  149. Wolfson – Hillary was not vetted.

    I can hardly wait for him to make the announcement. The pollsters will have have drop like lead. All of those Hillary supporters that held to the “I will vote for him anyway if she is on the ticket” will finally come full circle.

    Hannity on the Radio is having a great time. He says BO can’t make up his mind. He has never made a serious decision, a million dollar decision, a decision that he couldn’t take back – the VP decision will be hard to do a flipflop on Monday. Even Hannity says he’s a full for not taking Hillary. I say he made our lives easy. NO OBAMA ever.

    PUMA & Chihuahua HAKA 👿

  150. I don’t give a sh!t how many homes McCain and wife have. How many homes do Kerry and Theresa have? Does anyone care? How many of McCain and his wife’s residences are owned solely by her ? Could be that only the AZ house is in their joint names.

  151. Carville – BO has not had a conversation or counsel with Hillary about VP.


  152. Obama muses: In a restaurant? In a hot air baloon? Do I go down on one knee? How do I find out his ring size?

    Watch WE TV, Obama.

  153. The Hillary not being vetted could be a ruse, no?

  154. Hello, Nancy? How do I get the ring inside the fortune cookie?

  155. Carville just said the NYT article this morning strengthened the hand of the PUMA faction.

    I love your shiney bald head Carville.


  156. I”m thinking 6 30 at the moment everyone is leaving for the high school football games.

  157. Where are you guys seeing that it’s Biden? I just checked CNN – nothing yet. 🙂

  158. Check this out folks….very interesting….


    Can this be true?

  159. Obama talks to Nancy seeking advice.

    “In a horse carriage in Central Park?

    Yeah, I know it will fake out the media because Hillary lives in New York, but Mr. X is allergic to horses.

    How about Niagara Falls. Oh, right. that’s in New York State too.”

  160. Ha! Carville is great. He is a sly old dog, for all his faults.

  161. What are you watching Carol?

  162. Glad you guys are safe on the ground in Denver! PUMA POWER!

  163. My guess is Carol is watching Fox.

  164. Arabella – Obama is getting his tips from Oxygen.


  165. Q. Does anyone have the latest on this lawsuit filed by Philip J. Berg against Barack Obama (and his many aliases) and the DNC in Philadelphia? Can anyone post a diary on this, too? Appreciate anyone who can fill us in on the status. Don’t see anything on the Philly TV station sites yet.

    Click to access 001_ObamaMemSupportTRO082108.pdf

  166. CNN – they are about to interview the Bro that lives on $1 per month. Hannity told everyone he would send $1k of his own money to BO’s Bro since BO was too cheap.

  167. OMG-Hillary slips up..refers to Obama as her “Opponent” (sic) in Wexlers district West Palm Beach-a subliminal message to PUMA’s the the “B*tch is Back?” yeah I think that the worm is beginning to turn? what say you all?


  168. Darn, Carol, I was so wrong…CNN it was.

  169. madamab – Ha ha!

  170. Too funny about Hannity’s offer! Lord, they have not even BEGUN to attack this sham. It’s a-gonna be ugly, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.

  171. Thanks 🙂

  172. She mispoke! She meant “old proponent” not “oponent.”

  173. fuzzy: “what say you all?”


  174. Hannity – It will be Romney.

    Now BO’s clock is cleaned for sure!

  175. How is my arabella tonight I am wind blown and wet going int work and just had dinner do you know how the family is in JAX?


  176. seems of late Hillary canrt stop reffering to the big “o” as her adversary or words to that effect -poor ol’ Barry he cannt shake the good witch of the north Glenda!
    Rise Hillary Rise!


  177. I’m doing fine, micheal. So far as I know, my father-in-law is OK. How bad is it, weather-wise?


  178. Hey they brought it up on Hardball the lovely Diane of Hire Heels was being interviewed by Chris Matthews he mentioned it her he brought it up as a “fruedian slip or is she planning something?


  179. McCain – Tennessee +24
    Ohio +4

    Hillary on CNN in just a minute!

  180. good arrabella just got up worked 8-8 last night and also working 11pm to 7 am this weekend- yeah

    I was planning a Disney trip! Darn well next weekend I am in Jacksonville -goddess willing and the crek dont rise!


  181. fuzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  182. Obama, launches a shallow, juvenile attack against Cindy McCain, because she is rich.

  183. Obama to announce that he has never been constipated-major coverage on MSNBC to follow-special on the spot coverage of obama’s stool to be done by Kieth Obeman chris matthews to interview stool on hardball!

    My this is the kind of stuff that makes news today!
    (satire for slow starters/Christina you listening?)


  184. McCain already answered Obama with a new Rezko Ad besides a new “The One” ad (Obama body surfing; Pelosi “G’ blessed us w/OB, etc). Here they are:

    On Rezko ( McCain’s answer to Obama’s questions about McCain’s homes)

    A new “The One” :

  185. It deflects attention from Obie-none -fee-yokey’s Kenyan roots-he will send his half-brother a $ 30.00 per month stipend now in kenya that is a kings ransom….

    What a tool!


  186. Hillary just dissed him. She “never said she wanted the job”.

  187. True enough, she said something to the effect that she would do what was asked of her….

  188. OMG camera’s on Midway Airport, Biden’s, Bayh’s, Kaine’s house.

    The media should be tracking Hillary. She will be the President.

  189. Blah blah blabbity-blah

  190. Ignorant Troll (is that redundant) Alert!

    nearly – please stick with us as Republicans and Racists. And, work harder – you too could succeed in life also and not be so bitter!

  191. LOL, why delete when you can edit?

  192. Ignorant Troll (is that redundant) Alert!

    nearly – please stick with us as Republicans and Racists. And, work harder – you too could succeed in life also and not be so bitter!

  193. Ignorant Troll (is that redundant) Alert!

    nearly – please stick with us as Republicans and R*cists. And, work harder – you too could succeed in life also and not be so bitter!

  194. I love it! I favor editing to make them say “I am a huge tool” and things of that sort.

  195. OMG camera’s on Midway Airport, Biden’s, Bayh’s, Kaine’s house.

    What is this, Publishers’ Clearing House? Does the lucky winner get a bunch of balloons and one of those big fake checks?

    “Oh my gawd I don”t believe it!”


  196. Fox – Money

  197. Arabella, remember when O and H had the secret meeting and O “tricked” his media entourage?

    As God is their witness…… it is not going to happen again.

  198. LOL@ Arabella!

  199. Carol? Fox-Money ?? Name of a program?

  200. THE DNC is BROKE and that’s why their not advertising in the NO WIN states—no brainer

    ALSO: Why wouldn’t you stop running the ads in the STATES YOU KNOW YOU HAVE IN THE BAG

    Woman’s opinion>>>

  201. They just said coming up camps mad about money!

  202. What nearly meant to say was:

    I hate Barak Obama! I hate Barak Obama! he is worthless inexperienced I was so wrong about him. I prefer Hillary Can we have her back she is the only one who can win!

    I am rejecting the koolaid! Please give me Hillary…I am a messed up teenager mom wont let me have the car and I cnt get on the good P*rn sites-or order a beer in this country…

    please nearly tell us how you really feel!


  203. Or did Carol mean “Romney”?

  204. Obama has said over and over he’s not about politics as usual. I think he will pick a Republican. (since he’s a closeted one himself)

  205. They are flying Biden’s son back from Iraq now.

  206. Ok, gotcha. lol

  207. I’ll bet they’ll make the announcement in motel Poconos in a heart-shaped bath tub. With Ed as the desk clerk.

  208. sorry but nearly is very immature and needs to stop reading the huffpoop!


  209. Eddy doesn’t do Poconos!

  210. Pat and Arabella are on a roll. Love it.

  211. fuzzybear – My husband just talked to his dad. No electricity but “plenty of booze and food.” His neighbors have come to visit so he’s not alone at least.

  212. Good. They are going to make them prove the age of the Chinese Gymnists.

  213. SM has a new post.

  214. Eddy doesn’t do Poconos!

    Sure he does. It’s good for tourism.

  215. For those in FL or with friends and relatives over there. I hope everything is all right.

  216. MS Ethel Schwartz is relieved she was worried about her sublet in brooklyn-

    Now she does not have to leave her neighboorhod for the VP mansion @ the naval observatory…she has enough dusting…she is very honored to have been considered for the position of Baraks VP…

    She hopes this will stopp Donna Brazile from pestering her lovely daughter who is a bus driver in Far rockaway-she was not looking forward to the planning of another non-kosher lesbian committment ceremony-besides her daughter and Judith have built a lovely life in rockaway and donna doesnt understand committment


    from my story a few threads back

  217. I’m LOVING the “chihuahua” metaphor for Obots. Loud, nervous, jumpy annoying crappers that make such a big deal over nothing.

    Kudos MYIQ!

  218. I am fine in Gville gotta go to work at 11pm tonight-what fun the winds and rain continue-but hey it took Barak off the MSM for the last few days~!


    Barak 45%
    McCain 44%

    Hillary 49%
    Can we have Hillary back?


  219. Good. They are going to make them prove the age of the Chinese Gymnists.

    Kos has posted pdf’s of the birth certificates, but Texas Darlin’ says they’re fake.

  220. The International Committee is now asking them to prove it.

  221. Sorry Guys, the video, is all about HIM, nothing more,

    Nothing about this country, their problems, or solutions.

    It’s and MTV video at best, and that’s where it belongs.

    comedy central has to have a FIELD DAY with this.,

    PUKE ALERT !!!!

  222. Spread the word: Chihuahuas are evil.

    The dogs too.

  223. I cry, I laugh. I cry, I laugh. This one made me laugh.

    PUMAs getting it done one a daily bases.

  224. “I like you! You’re the real deal”.

    Guess who said that to whom and why?

    Prices coming.

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