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      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Stephanie and Hillary

Tonight, I received the following email message from Hillary:

Yesterday, we lost a colleague, a friend, an inspiration, and a champion for all of us. I am deeply saddened by the death of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones. She was my friend and my sister. She made me laugh, smile and fired up my spirit when I needed it most.

She had a light that shone for the world to see within her and a fighting spirit safely stowed behind her disarming smile. Stephanie had so much integrity and a fiery intelligence that enabled her to become a one-woman force for progress in our country.

Stephanie was a tireless worker, giving a voice to the voiceless and always combating injustice. Stephanie spent much of her life fighting for all Americans and to ensure that everyone had the most precious right – the right to vote.

All of us who were lucky enough to know her and love her can only strive to be as much like her as we can — to be as passionate, as loyal, as hard-charging, and as joyful every single day.

Stephanie was one of a kind, and we will miss our friend forever.

My family’s deepest condolences are with Stephanie’s son, Mervyn, her family, and her many loved ones, friends, supporters, and her beloved Ohioans. It is during this tough time that we look back and remember all the memories and blessings that Stephanie brought into our lives. If you have a thought, a story, a prayer, or condolences you would like to share, you can visit our website today so we can rejoice together in the friendship and love that we have for Stephanie. All the notes and memories we gather will be sent to her family on behalf of our extended family.

Send in your thoughts and memories about Stephanie

Thank you,


With that in mind, here is a lovely tribute to Stephanie Tubbs Jones by Geeklove:

68 Responses

  1. Beautiful.

    Who is singing?

  2. Sounds like Bette Midler

  3. Yes, it’s Bette from One True Thing. This is a repost from the last thread but more appropriate here:

    Well folks it all just seems unreal what we’ve been through these last few months. I just admired Stephanie so much. Having “married” into a political family mysefl I know what loyalty is all about and I know how fair weather your friends are in the political game. Only your truest friends will stick with you during the rough times. I’ve seen it first hand. Stephanie, we will miss you so much. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Geeklove for the video & RD for posting it.

  5. Just when I think it can’t hurt anymore, it does.

  6. Ben– so true.

    Yes, it is bette midler.

  7. Ben- You are absolutely right.

    Stephanie was a true advocate and an inspiration to all.
    Thanks for the video Geeklove.

  8. If you go to Talk Left you can see Obama’s description of his VP choice. It’s pretty obvious it’s Hillary. Just a warning.

  9. Stephanie was a true friend. Wish she had been mine.

  10. Just to remember the type of friend Stephanie Tubbs Jones was.

    At the end of February, when the entire Democratic elite and the media came down on Hillary, asking her pretty much to leave the country, members of the CBC began receiving threats to line up behind Obama or else, Stephanie went on The Roots (one of “our” sites) and penned a piece about her support for Hillary. Just read it :

    Committed: Why I’m Sticking With Hillary

    Every human being should be proud to have such a friend. Death, be not proud.

  11. mass – I don’t think it is Hillary. Why would she be pushing the roll call, still calling him her “opponent”, blah blah. Gerry said tonight that Hillary didn’t want it. I don’t think she does. She can’t fix his problems.

  12. That video is gorgeous.

    OT, but I have a question. If I already maxed out for Hillary’s campaign, am I able to help pay down her debt, or will it roll over to Bambi?

  13. WMCB: Hillary cannot give Barack your money. That is the be all and end all. It’s hers, but if you’re maxed out it won’t help. It’ll go straight to GE, which she’ll then ask to transfer to her 2012 campaign.

  14. Left my sympathies at the Cleveland Plain Dealer website. There were many already posted, most are simple and hearfelt.

    This O/T, but everyone is at this new post. The lawsuit filed by 20+ Clinton delegates against the Ky Dem Party is supposedly settled. The woman Obama supporter who replaced the male Clinton supporter due to DNC gender guidelines, State Rep Ruth Ann Palumbo says she has been certified to go to Denver, and will vote for Hillary IF her name is placed in nomination, then will vote for Obama since he is the presumtive nominee. She makes it clear that Obama is The One & this Hill vote stuff is a waste.

    Also, there was a question yesterday about replacement of a gay delegate; I said I hadn’t heard. Evidently I didn’t read the lawsuit very well, because that is true. However the KDP had agreed to send openly gay Clinton delegate Jeff Harney after all; that portion of the lawsuit was to ensure in writing his certification.

    I just don’t go to the Lex Herald Leader often anymore; it was a pretty good progressive newspaper that endorsed Obama, and has lost its way. It is not vicious, but headlines, story choices, everything is designed to help O. All about that friggin presumptive.

    Funny, but the headline there reads the housing attack by Obama as a positive hit by Obama. Can they really believe that? That was stupid of Obama, his supporters really are naive & desperate if they believe that. Or are the trying in vain to convince us?

  15. MABlue: I read her article and was very moved. I then continued down the page to the comment section. I should have stopped when the article ended. But her explanation said it all; she was special.

  16. Well, read that description and tell me he’s not talking about Hill. At least do yourself a favor and adjust to the fact that it may be.

  17. Pat Johnson:

    Reading the comments was a mistake. Stephanie wrote this article to stand up to the AA community. As I said, this was at the end of Feb when the whole establishment was asking Hillary to get the hell out and the likes of Jesse Jackson jr were bullying all prominent AA to support Obama.

    She was one tough lady and a true friend.

  18. masslib: The first part of the quote made me think of Hillary too. But then he said

    “I try to surround myself with people who are about getting the job done, and who are not about ego, self-aggrandisement, getting their names in the press, but our focus on what’s best for the American people,”

    This tells me it is someone low key. I don’t see him picking someone who will outshine him so obviously.

    In any case I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hill as VP, that to Obama’s …. ugh! The very thought makes me cringe.

  19. Correction: Hill as VP, that too Obama’s …
    ugh again!

  20. “I try to surround myself with people who are about getting the job done, and who are not about ego, self-aggrandisement, getting their names in the press, but our focus on what’s best for the American people,”

    Well, if it’s the person I suspected he might try to woo into the “veep” position — Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg — then that should get all the women folk on board The One’s mission for “change” and “unity”. (heh)

  21. MABlue- thanks for the link. I especially liked:

    “Many people do not understand what it means to truly support a candidate. It is more than a bumper sticker, or a yard sign, or even attending a campaign event. By supporting a candidate, you are making a commitment to that candidate. I made that commitment to Hillary to support her through thick and thin, not to be a fair-weather friend only to leave her when the going gets tough. . .

    In politics all you have is your word. And I have never been one to fold when the cards are not being played in my favor. True integrity is measured when the times get tough. There is no doubt that Hillary’s campaign is facing tough times, but I made a commitment to her, and I will support her all the way.”

    Regency, on August 21st, 2008 at 11:40 pm Said:
    Just when I think it can’t hurt anymore, it does.

    — it does.

  22. “I try to surround myself with people who are about getting the job done, and who are not about ego, self-aggrandisement, getting their names in the press, but our focus on what’s best for the American people,”

    This IS Hillary. Getting the job done, no ego, not about press(how the hell could she be?), focus on what is best for Americans…That’s Hillary.

  23. Masslib: How can I sign off & go to bed with that awful nightmare of Hillary as his VP staring at me with its big, ghastly eyes? Please, no, it just won’t be……..

  24. And don’t forget that Sheila Jackson Lee is taking hits in Texas too. I think they threatened to primary her as well. It is our responsibility as well to watch her back.

  25. What a moving, beautiful tribute to Rep. Tubbs Jones, Geeklove. Thank you.

    And thanks, RD, for posting Hillary’s heartfelt letter to a dear ‘friend’.

  26. Oh, yeah, my reproductive rights will be SO much safer with the “New and Improved!” Democratic Party, so the bots tell me. Sure they will.

    Pastor Who Opposes Abortion to Deliver DNC’s Closing Prayer

    By Krissah Williams @ WaPo
    Sen. Barack Obama’s team will continue its aggressive outreach to evangelical voters at the Democratic National Convention next week. Making a prime-time appearance Thursday night will be Joel C. Hunter, a Florida megachurch pastor who will deliver the convention’s closing prayer following Obama’s speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination.
    Hunter is a registered Republican, opposes abortion and, at one point, had been chosen to lead the Christian Coalition. He has not endorsed Obama and says he agreed to give the benediction because has was asked to do so. For years he has agitated for evangelicals to refuse to align themselves with any one political party and has been a part of the so-called new evangelical movement interested in getting away from traditional culture war flashpoints. …
    Hunter was initially brought into the Democratic conversation through discussions about the abortion language in the party platform organized by Third Way, a progressive group that is trying to find compromises on cultural issues. The group was in the background of tense negotiations between Hunter, evangelicals and pro-choice groups during the re-wording of the party platform that resulted in a strong affirmation of Roe vs. Wade and an addition of language that encourages a reduction in the number of abortions.
    Rachel Laser of Third Way said Hunter’s inclusion proves “the Democratic Party is open to faith in a new way.”
    Whether or not larger numbers of evangelical voters will join him in accepting the Democrats’ invitation is still unclear, Hunter said. But, he added, his presence in Denver shows the party’s recognition of “pro-life voices.”

    Not only that but are we now obliged to call these people “pro-life voices?” Meaning what exactly? That anyone who favors keeping abortions legal are anti-life? GMAFB.

  27. Don’t get me started on those megachurch charlatans!

  28. That video is exquisite. What a beautiful soul, and a well-lived life.

    masslib: do I need to go to TalkLeft and frighten myself? That quote cited can be interpreted many ways. “not into getting their names in the press” suggests it is someone who has NOT been in the press.

  29. Pat: What won’t Senator Obama do to curry favor for a vote — ANY vote will do.

  30. “not into getting their names in the press” is Obamaspeak for “won’t get in the way of my magnificent aura or outshine me in any way.

    No Hillary. She’s a supernova where the press is concerned.

  31. sod, our dear Hillary is one of the few fighting that thing tooth and nail.. Most of the Democrats are just yawning and winking, then going over to giggle over the VP pools.

  32. Via Talk Left: Sen. Barack Obama has made his VP choice. While he won’t say when he’s going to text it out, here’s how he describes him:

    Obama said he wanted somebody who is “prepared to be president” and who will be “a partner with me in strengthening this economy for the middle class and working families.”

    He said he was looking for not just a partner but a sparring partner. “I want somebody who’s independent, somebody who can push against my preconceived notions and challenge me so we have got a robust debate in the White House.”

    Jeralyn thinks the self-effacing references is Bayh. I think so too. There have been reports of his campaign setting up in IN for the announcement.

    Her post also says that the Obama campaign delayed the announcement by text today because they “think the McCain housing issue is gold, and they didn’t want to dilute the coverage.” They are so dumb. I watched Lou Dobbs tonight and they were making fun of it, especially Obama.

    Make your choice already. We don’t care that much about your prom date.

  33. Time for bed people. Thanks for all the laughs tonight.

  34. what a nightmare this whole election has been. the party hates her. the press. they love obama. the people will vote mccain. i prayed ofr a denver mirachle-but it aint happening. this election is crap

  35. Still saying Bloomberg!

  36. Carol: “Still saying Bloomberg!”

    Well he could certainly use Bloomy’s dough. ‘Cause he won’t be getting much support from longtime “D”s that have been kicked, dissed and maligned to the curb.

  37. I just hope Bloomie keeps his day job!

  38. My college roommate (who is guzzling kool-aid by now) sent me this link today –


    She asked me if I were one of them. Damned straight, I replied. Sigh. She used to be such a feminist.

  39. masslib, on August 22nd, 2008 at 12:40 am Said:


    What the hell do they want her to do? Backflips in excitement whenever she or anyone mentions his name?


  40. Anyone named Dahlia Lithwick should not be calling anyone else names! 😛

  41. Maybe she should bring pom poms when she speaks for Obama, and jump around more. And giggle fetchingly. . She’s just not cheerleadery enough, it seems.

  42. Maybe they’ll make her wear his letter sweater, so all can see that she’s “his gal”/ Try making calf-eyes at him, Hilary. Never mind all that sitting senator, self-respect stuff. Be a Jiggly girl.

  43. She can do a Nancy Reagan look when talking about Barky!

  44. Maybe Obama Girl can loan her some of her costumes and teach her to strut like a hooker.

  45. Wonderful tribute to Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Thank you for doing it. I thought she was incredible and unflappable when I saw her as the spokesperson after some of the primaries. She was truly impressive and an inspiration.

  46. OMG! It finally clicked with the letter sweater reference – Bambi is Conrad Birdie! And remember what happened to him on the Ed Sullivan show…..

  47. Made me cry – again.

    I posted that same statement by Stephanie, but I found it at her website without comments. Nice website. Even with a link to all her votes. That is the sign of an honest public servant.

    God bless you and keep you, Stephanie.

    Thanks for the beautiful video, geeklove.

  48. Do you think this is how the people of Israel talked about Golda Mier?

    Do you think this is how the people of England talked about Margarat Thatcher?

  49. Obama said he never attack McCain’s wife. Most of those house’s and properties are his wifes. Thats the way to go OBAMA attack McCain’s wife for being rich.

  50. Good night

  51. I can’t see Golda or Maggie doin’ backflips. 😯

  52. He won’t make Hillary wear the skirt will he? Or one of those track suits with “juicy” on the back of the pants.

    That’s a fun imagine. He’ll probably want one for Bill that says, “beefy” on the pants.

  53. Oh Regency! cringe Ewwww!!!

  54. Welcome to my world, Fredster. I live in this imagination everyday. This is what I get.

  55. Oh I don’t even want to go there!

    They should do it only if Barky wears shorts with those damned bird legs! 🙂

  56. wanna bet Bambi’s got an Elvis suit in his closet?

  57. ROTFLMAO!! Will he have a ‘nanner sandwich when he wears the suit?

  58. Maybe Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ death should be investigated. If she was a Hillary supporter, I would be suspicious especially since hearing certain people have been threatened.

  59. Has anyone heard from Gary and Mawm? I gave them my location if they came back from Denver via their southern route thru LA and AL.

    I’m sure they had a ton of things to do before the trip but hope to hear from them.

  60. Lovely video. Life is so unfair-the Beautiful die young.

  61. masslib: I don’t think that many people here share your enthusiasm for Hillary as VP. In fact, I can think of few things that are more depressing. It would be essentially the end of her political career for very little gain to Obama. I’m a little surprised by the constant advocacy of it in pro-Hillary blogs. It seems better suited at a pro-Obama blog where the users are starting to get really anxious.

  62. Someone from the right visited the orange cheeto and was surprised to find it so boring and devoid of content. A lone commentator put the finger on the real reason

  63. GMorning….boy, I see all the fun took place once I went to bed….

    Moving homage, GL

    Also, from Carol (I believe):

    ” The Committee will conduct a series of meetings which will be open to the public and will allow for Democrats from all across the state to share their Primary/caucus experience. If for some reason you are not able to attend any of these hearings, you are encouraged to submit written testimony by e-mailing it to the Committee at testimony@txdemocrats.org.”

    Interesting how the ability to attend the caucauses was not a concern for party officials back when…..

    Oh and we seem to have a droll-troll infestation in previous threads…..

  64. Stephanie Tubbs Jones would have been a truly wonderful first black candidate for president or vice president. Like the lady who came before her, Shirley Chisholm, their service to the United States has outshown the “historic black candidate” Barack Obama’s and has convinced me it wasn’t ever about finding the “right ” black candidate but the right gender for a black candidate. And Senator Clinton wouldn’t be having trouble picking the “right” vice president because she wouldn’t have to worry about being “shown up” by her choice.

    And it was a very callous statement by Robin Shaffer when said she was worried and that she” feared that the senator she respected and admired for being tough and experienced had not done all that she could to unify Florida’s fractured Democratic Party while campaigning here on Thursday for her former opponent.”

    Not only is that Obama’s job to persuade us voters that he meets our criteria for a candidate but it isn’t, as Shaffer seems to believe it is, Senator Clinton’s job to “win” it for him. Ms. Shaffer should have had the understanding or the empathy or sympathy to acknowledge that Senator Clinton had just lost two friends, one to murder and one to illness in two weeks and I doubt any of us could muster up much empathy to campaign for ourselves at that point; let alone enthusiasm for the man who took her victory by (to be kind) less than ethical means. This election isn’t about Obama, it’s about democracy and rubberstamping a candidate doesn’t come under that heading. No one should be criticizing Senator Clinton for not doing enough; she’s done more than enough.

  65. I dont believe that NYT article
    I dont believe true Hillary supporters would criticize her for not being a strong supporter of obama. Those people interviewed are lying, they were not Hill’s voters. they were just included because they fit the narrative the NYT wants to push.

  66. Jonas8 you’re right. it’s the old GOP plot – since calling C-Span on the dem line and calling themselves “life time democrats” before starting to praise Bush. NYT is consumed with CDS. It’s no more credible than B0’s paid bloggers anymore – and with MoDo’s fantasies – the writing level is not much different either.

  67. Not only did Joe Biden put Clarence Thomas on the
    SCOTUS, saying then, “It’s the president’s Supreme Court”. ( What an idiot.) Now I read that Biden blocked investigations into Jeff Gannon’s many overnight stays at the White House?

    We could have been done with Bush six years ago if he’d allowed that investigation! He’s way past “idiot”.
    OB: NFW

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