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    • The Left Wing “Shit Sandwich” Dilemma
      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Our View with Patsy and Sugar on NQR

Sorry I haven’t been around much today.  I just got back from my kazoo lesson.  I’m learning some Bach cantatas.  The kazoo looks like an easy instrument to master.  Oh sure, but if you want to be world class, you’ve got to put in hours of practice.

Anyway, Patsy and Sugar of Sugar ‘n’ Spice debut their new radio program tonight on NQR.  They’re calling it Our View.  Don’t miss it and give them a call. Our View starts tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

138 Responses

  1. How about arranging Pachelbel’s Canon in D for the kazoo? It’s one of my favorites.

  2. I love Sugar. I’ll definitely be listening.

    Oh, and you HAVE to watch this new McCain ad. It’s the sequel to the One ad. IT IS HILARIOUS. The best ad ever:

  3. It will be interesting to see how he holds up against the Republican machine. They won’t care if he calls them the r-word,

  4. Riverdaughter – YOU BEAT ME TO IT – had a post coming up with the info & a PUMA unity rant.’

    And then my slooooow laptop froze up – hand to reboot.

    PUMA minds think alike! Thank you for posting!

  5. Ha, Ha, Ha! That stupid remark about Hillary’s supporters ruining Obama’c soronation with kazoos was all we needed to put the finishing touch on our packing for Denver! Let’s see, 5 packable mix-and match outfits, comfortable yet stylish shoes so we can last the night, pajamas, underwear, curling iron, make-up, signs, resolve….and 1 kazoo and 5 to share.


  6. Kazoos are good, rd. Join your whiny, old, bitter compadres. Together we are:

    Fellow Underdog Clinton Kazoo-ers or FUCK!

  7. ufa- too funny.

  8. CNN at the convention will have the best position and I hope someone has a CNN = Bullshit sign.

  9. RD – Ah, the kazoo – just another skill you have now mastered, along with being the Mama PUMA of us all! Take that, Cheeto-covered, pimply, pasty, “creative class” Obamans!

  10. Disenfranchisedvoter, I laughed my ASS off at that new “Moses” ad! I want people at Obama’s speeches to start heckling with the God voice from the movie:


    I also love it because Obama has shown that he handles critique poorly, but he LOSES it at mockery. I think McCain’s team is smart – mock away!

  11. Add Gloria Borger to the all time list of idiots championing Obama. Tonight she pointed out that Obama did a good thing by bringing up the number of houses he owns since this will show how “out of touch” he is with middle America. What do they put in the cornflakes over there at CNN, the most trusted name in news?

  12. DV – That ad was WONDERFUL! Thanks for posting it!

    McCain’s ad shop is absolutely peerless.

  13. Tell me how can Obama select a VP and he hasn’t even been nominated………..Unless it is already fixed. That makes the nomination of Hillary a sick, sick joke. Tell me, are we being had.

  14. Hillary-zila: We are being had.

  15. Pat…….Thank you…..though no one on this blog, would admit it.

  16. Interesting…

    “HOUSTON (Reuters) – A slim majority of Americans, including more conservatives and Republicans than previously, want to keep religion out of politics, a survey released on Thursday found.

    The results come as Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain actively vie for the support of religious voters among others ahead of the November 4 presidential election.”

  17. Hi Patsy and Sugar! I’m listening! *waves madly*

  18. I am listening too.

  19. we had fun with kazoos today too.

    Obama Camp Cowers in Fear as Kazoos of Doom Sound

    there are some SCARY numbers in the fox poll. scary, but informative.

    Click to access 082108Poll1.pdf

    68 percent of obama’s supporters would still support him if he switched from pro-choice to pro-life.

    58 percent would still support him if he appointed judges like scalia.

    41% would still support him if he started a war with iran.

    what’s left? 30% would still support him if he strangled their grandmother in front of them? 25% would follow him off a cliff?

    i don’t know what these people are doing, but it sure ain’t politics. it’s out there in jim jones territory.

  20. Obama and mocking people is his thing and not the first time. I hope everybody takes notice how readily he does it. Just what we need in the white house.

  21. campskunk: Funny!

  22. campskunk…heh.

  23. Sugar does a number on Michelle on her blog.

  24. PLEASE listen to the show – I’m LOVIN’ Patsy & Sugar!

    Call in number – (347) 677-0792

  25. Ya estoy escuchando….

  26. campskunk: There is something seriously wrong with people who will blindly follow anyone regardless of whether or not they switch on major, fundamental Democratic principles. If Hillary Clinton became a gay bashing, pro-life, FISA voting, Scalia loving politician you can be DAMN SURE I’d help put her in check and I’d be the first to dump her ass. I would never be that stupid to support ANYONE, even the Clintons, if they did some of the sh*t Obama has done to his supporters since Clinton has suspended their campaign. There are some dumb ass people out there.

  27. Prolix, you here?

    Did you hear the speech Ben Chandler made? Listed nice progressive stuff, then said he’s working hard for Obama, thinks KY folks can overcome their biases. I’m going to send some letters to eds next week; Chandler drives me up the wall with this sh*t. He might as well be calling his fellow Kentuckians racists, since he acts as if that’s the only reason we won’t vote for the snake-oil covered con artist in that empty suit.

  28. LMAO – they are speculating about Biden as VP. McCain needs to run a “clean and articulate” ad, just to mock the hypocritical choice. Yeah, but the CLINTONS are the ones who are racists???

    Hard to explain if you’re listening, but it’s HILARIOUS!

  29. I’m listening, SM. I’m a big fan of Sista Soldier. I love this woman.

  30. This is what they count on Disenfranchised.

  31. Puma-SF: She sure is.

  32. AMEN, Patsy!!! Since Clinton left the race, there is no more in depth discussion of ISSUES. It’s all who has more houses and crap.

  33. I loved her line about Aston Kutcher.

  34. “Nancy Pelosi needs to shut up”….heh.

  35. Matthew is only 18.

  36. Hi PUMA-SF!!

    I’m listening on the phone – my laptop needs to be buried.

    Lovin’ Patsy & Sugar! Matthew is on now.

  37. A fantastic Shakespearian adaptation: “Bill Clinton as Marc Anthony”
    If only Bill could read this!

  38. SM: You may end up getting on.

  39. Patsy and Sugar and the guy calling in…love you all…tell it like it is…

  40. Buena suerte SM!!!

  41. SM is on!

  42. yeah…..sm

  43. I love my, SM.

  44. mi SM, Puma-SF!!!!

  45. Hello, friends.

    I am sorry for my less than diplomatic outburst yesterday in the thread about Stephanie Tubbs Jones’s death.

  46. share?

  47. Palomino: Welcome back. We missed you. And we need your voice. Stay with us.

  48. Hi SM,

    It was good to hear you. I made it to a motel with internet access just in time to hear the show.

  49. bb: Are you driving alone? I am worried.

  50. Hi Pat,

    I sent you good vibes as a drove by Springfield on the Mass. Pike (waving)

  51. All right, SF….maybe we should ask SM first, yes?

    Palomino, we have your number….;) curious about your name….

  52. Palomino, sometimes when there is hurt we don’t respond at our best. We’ve all done it. No worries.

  53. Pat,

    I’ve done this many times. Don’t worry. I’m on the luxury road–I-90. I will be in Indiana tomorrow afternoon.

  54. bb: Take care. Driving alone for such a distance makes me nervous for you.

  55. Hi Palomino,

    Don’t feel bad. We all have time when we get emotional. You’re a Conflucian, we love you.

  56. Thanks, Pat. But I’m really fine. I’ll keep checking in though.

  57. bb: XX00

  58. Thanks, Pat and Upstate {{hugs}}.

    Regarding my name, apparently it just surged from my unconscious. I promise it has nothing to do with the Unity Pony, nor anything to do with what I understand is an old SNL skit in which the “safe” word is “Palomino!”

  59. I knew Obama was nuts to bring up McCain’s gaffe about how many houses he owns. I called this earlier today.

    If it were me I just would have said something like “John McCain has never got help from a criminal to buy an mansion.” But this ad makes the point, too.

  60. SM: You are terriffic!

  61. BB! It’s great to see you. How were the sights?

  62. SM: thanks for urging Sugar/Patsy to move to WordPress. I visit them every other day or so & love them, and would visit more, except that it takes so long to load.

  63. Hi KB!! No sights yet. Just driving down the highway for hours and hours. I didn’t even get started until around noon. But I’m about halfway there.

  64. I love my “new” car, though. It’s like a dream come true. The one I was driving before was a 1993.

  65. Did she just say that Al Sharpton is speaking at the convention?

  66. Hey, guys.

    This is Matthew. I was just on with patsy and sugar.
    Iam loving their show. They had me laughing my a$$ off. They are very witty, and on point with everything!!!

  67. Wow, campskunk! We used to make fun of freepers…

  68. Boston – LOVE YOU & BE CAREFUL!!!!

    Pat – PLEASE CALL IN!!! Sugar & Patsy are awesome .

  69. Matt: We heard you! You are so good!

  70. Geraldine Ferraro was just on Hannity. Alan Colmes wouldn’t let her get a word in edgewise, but she did say that she puts her country before her party. Yay Geraldine!

  71. Hi Matthew,

    You sounded great!

  72. Wow, the Sugar & Spice radio show is really good.

    Making a point now that is not helpful to the AA community to vote for Obama just because he’s black. Only they’re saying it a hell of lot smarter & funnier than what I’m saying.

    Saying the vote should be based on character, etc not just color. I agree; I want a woman for president, but there are a hell of a lot of women I wouldn’t support for a second.

  73. Alan Colmes is a moron.

  74. parentofed: If this were Nancy Pelosi I would be so out of here!

  75. Sugar is a riot!

  76. Pat, yeah, about as much as good ole dumber-than-dirt Claire

  77. If Claire is the VP we can depend on her daughter to give advice just like Obama depends on Grandma. <snark

  78. jeez, I think Sugar/Spice could host a regular radio or tv show; they are just great.

  79. Thanks Palomino.

    Hi Pat, SM, kbird, BB et al…group hug?

  80. Replace Oprah on ABC with Sugar and Patsy!

  81. Upstate: Let’s do it!

  82. Patsy: YOU AIN’T SEEN NUTHIN YET! Love it!

  83. Pat, normally kbird initiates it…I don’t know how to do it….

  84. Pat: Thanks, I try to let people know if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination next week, blacks will NOT protest. That is foolish, people are struggling, they don’t have time for that, plus Obama ain’t all that!

    BB: Thank You! It’s good to speak about the nonsense that this party is allowing to happen!

  85. This guy is really articulate, good for him.

  86. Truthteller.

  87. I WANT CREDIT . The idea just came to me that a highly effective, and utterly honest, response by McCain on the houses business might go like this: Why would someone in a famility with considerable wealth be slogging away, year after year, making the modest salary of a U.S. Senator? This just accentuates his commitment to service of country, as he would otherwise not be working so hard for so modest a salary.

    The Obama’s by contrast, are grasping, grabbing….

  88. katiebird: ♥

    Upstate is asking for a group hug. Would you initiate please?

  89. Matt: We are one, black, white, brown, yellow green. Only colors in the Crayola box.

  90. Pretty please kbird…we could use it….


    ¡Abrazos para ti y tu familia siempre!

  92. Gracias SM….ahhhh the love…..

  93. Great show!

  94. Woohoo! Sugar and Patsy were great!

  95. Show just came to an end…

  96. UpstateNY: Thank you!

    SM: Can we share you?

  97. Our Denver Sojourners must be packing tonight.

  98. OK — Ready?

  99. Hi UpstateNY! A group hug sounds good to me.

    Thanks SM!

  100. Ready!

  101. Yes SM, PSF and I were fighting over you…we are nice though, not like that that Pat and Carol thingey…

  102. DV – thanks for the new ad! It had Kain goof – if he’s VP – he is cooked before the texting begins! And Pelosi’s idiocy! Perfect

  103. {{{Group Hug}}}


  104. Crap! Nooooo! Am I too late to hear the program? Crap, again!

  105. ready

  106. Like that? I thought about naming names but was afraid I’d accidentally leave someone out….

  107. I love those little hearts!

  108. Oh and I learned a funny way to swear and get through the filter. If anyone is interested.

  109. Thanks katiebird! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  110. Yeah, I love group hugs.

  111. ohhh, look at the nice hearts…. Thanks SM and kbird and the rest of the Confluence nation.

    Now I can get ready to go to bed.

    Hasta maNana. Be good….

  112. Love to hear it!

  113. That was sweet, KB. How do you make the hearts?

  114. nite Upstate

  115. G’night, Upstate.

  116. Hearts = & hearts ; With no spaces be sure to begin with the ampersand and end with the semicolon.

    And you can replace the i in sh¡t with an upside-down exclamation point:

    sh & i e x c l ; t

    Take out all spaces and as always begin with the ampersand and end with the semicolon.

  117. katiebird: There is just no end to your genius no matter what joaniebone has said!

  118. nodding

    Pat, I’ve always been advanced for my age in swearing.

  119. KB,

    You’re brilliant! You too, Pat!

  120. McCain is really getting to Obama. Let’s get all this Rezko and Ayers stuff out in the open, Barack.

  121. katiebird; You do your parents proud! Some may invent the cure for disease. Others go into high tech. But you have found the key to swearing online through code!

  122. Well, I couldn’t get the Group Hold explanation to work. (sniff)

  123. Groug hug. You guys are the sweetest and the best. I’m glad to be back in your good graces.

  124. I think all sorts of weird codes could be used as letter substitutes too.

  125. Palomino ♥

    I’m happy I missed whatever it was.

  126. I have my own code for replying to Carol when Ed becomes part of the post. &&^%#%%$@!!!!!!!! She is able to read between the lines since we are all practicing speaking another language at Obama’s urging.

  127. (squinting)

    That looks good too, Pat.

  128. yay, it worked!

    Loved the Patsy & Sugar show! They were absolutely fantastic!

    ♥ ♥

  129. Hey, it worked! Thanks KB.

  130. (grinning) Don’t they look good?

  131. Great show. Sugar and Patsy were razor-sharp. I listened to most of it until Mr. Obot started making himself unpleasant and I had to vacate the house for my sanity.

  132. Mr. Obot (my spouse) is all up in arms about the McCain houses gaffe. Hello, upper-echelon Republicans have money, so tell me something we don’t know– where is the traction in that? What a zombie.

  133. ♥ This is fun. What a great week this has been, HRC is nominated with a roll call vote; BO is struggling in the polls; McCAin coming on strong; delegates sticking with HRC; delegates moving back to HRC. Yup, a good week.

    Isn’t tomorrow the day when the Credentials Committee decides whether they’ll seating all the FL and MI delegates?

  134. Let me try that again…♥

  135. […] the new brand: the Oborg.(courtesy of campskunk’s comment at the Confluence) According to the new Fox […]

  136. […] h/t to Not Your Sweetie and the Confluence […]

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