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      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Junk, meet boot

WKJM and the Cheetopians want Barack Obama to “go negative” on John McCain (as if he has been running a positive campaign until now.)

According to Real Clear Politics, the Obama campaign released an ad linking McCain to Ralph Reed & Jack Abramoff.

Brian Rogers, spokesman for McCain’s campaign, responds:

“Barack Obama’s ad is ridiculous. Because of John McCain, corruption was exposed and people like Jack Abramoff went to jail.

However, if Barack Obama wants to have a discussion about truly questionable associations, let’s start with his relationship with the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, at whose home Obama’s political career was reportedly launched. Mr. Ayers was a leader of the Weather Underground, a terrorist group responsible for countless bombings against targets including the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and numerous police stations, courthouses and banks. In recent years, Mr. Ayers has stated, ’I don’t regret setting bombs… I feel we didn’t do enough.’

“The question now is, will Barack Obama immediately call on the University of Illinois to release all of the records they are currently withholding to shed further light on Senator Obama’s relationship with this unrepentant terrorist?”

Not only is Uh-bama the least qualified candidate for President in modern history, he’s up to his eyeballs in Chicago corruption and dubious associations.  Talk about the worst of both worlds!

Issue-based campaigns are where you contrast yourself from the other candidate based on your positions on important issues.  Character-based campaigns are where you talk about honesty, judgment and experience.

Character-based campaigns are usually called “negative” because you want to portray your opponent as bad (at least in comparison to yourself.)  These type of campaigns are easier (and cheaper) when the media helps by acting as an echo-chamber because they hate your opponent (and her husband.) 

They don’t work as well when the media defends your opponent because they think he’s a straight-talking maverick.  Unfortunately, Obamanation assumed the media would continue to fluff Him the way they did during the primaries.  Oops! 

But Teh Precious has to run a character-based campaign, because he already conceded the issues by running as a “post-partisan” with vague platitudes about “hope” and “change” and then veering hard to the right in June.

So Obamanation is using Rove’s playbook.

But McCain is using Rove.  Talk about a mismatch!

Turdblossom must be laughing his ass off.


Obamanation fires back this morning with an ad bashing McCain for being unsure of how many houses he and his wife own.

Karl Rove McCain’s campaign responds:

“Does a guy who made more than $4 million last year, just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii and bought his own million-dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to get into a debate about houses? Does a guy who worries about the price of arugula and thinks regular people “cling” to guns and religion in the face of economic hardship really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans? 

“The reality is that Barack Obama’s plans to raise taxes and opposition to producing more energy here at home as gas prices skyrocket show he’s completely out of touch with the concerns of average Americans.”

Wow!  That’s gonna leave a mark!

Bashing a Republican for having money is like criticizing a cat for having fur.  Has that line of attack ever worked?

But what do I know?  Go ahead guys, get down in the mud with the pigs.

Let me know how that works out for you!

(Cross-posted at Klownhaus)

301 Responses

  1. they’re absolutely right. He is completely out of touch. The very idea of trying to paint McCain as an elitist (whether or not he is) is just downright stupid. They might as well start bashing reagan too. what a bunch of maroons….

  2. Obama has so many character issues that running on the whole hopey-changey thing was/is ridiculous. If he continues to bash McCain on issues like this, he will start looking more ridiculous than ever.

    And about Fitzgerald not having everything put together until October with the Rezko mess. And if Obama is as deep in this as we all think he is, and Bayh or Sebelius are the change’ling’s choice, and something huge is released, we are stuck with dumb or dumber?

  3. that’s gonna leave a mark! ROTFLMFAO!!!

    That’s a sucker punch! Obama’s SUUUUUCH a chump and outta his league.

    Nice going Pelosi/Dean/Donkey Brazirre…and ur dumbass MOMMA!

  4. I’m sorry, is there another Hillary Clinton? Surely, this can’t be our Hillary!

    Thursday :: Aug 21, 2008
    The Veepstakes Game

    by Turkana

    Big Tent Democrat continues to believe that the best choice would be Hillary Clinton. I agree.

    My opinion: Take a flying leap up your fellow blogger’s a**! Our Hillary doesn’t need to clean up your Sh*t!


  5. Good afternoon folks! Anyone seen this article yet?

  6. Ah, a breath of fresh air. In comes Myiq with another gem.

    I’d like to hear what line of attack WOULD work for Obama? Not, much out there. Religion (Rev. Wright); corruption (Ayers/Rezko); out of Iraq (Check, done); economy (survey sez: McCain); abortion (well, where are we on that one today?); healthcare….healthcare. There’s an issue he hasn’t fuc*ed up tooo much. Maybe he can push healthcare and have Michael Moore campaign with him showing snipets of Sicko. Yeah, that would bring in those gun totin’, bible clutchin’ idjits.

  7. Of course, she is the best choice, that is the only way he can win. Every strategist out there agrees, but BO won’t ask and I am fine with that. The minute he doesn’t ask her, his ship is sunk.

  8. On the houses, I’m surprised McCain hasn’t said anything about at least he bought them with Cindy’s money, and not with Rezko’s.

  9. What will it take for the public to wake up and see this guy for what he is? Or have we slipped so far from our own moral moorings that it does not matter anymore? Complacency plays a role in what we have come to expect and furthers the lowering of the bar. Applauding a candidate because he has managed not to drool all over himself while speaking is not good enough.
    I am not looking for a saint in my candidate nor a wanton sinner, just someone who can easily explain the difference.

  10. hmmmm….imagine multi-millionaires owning more than one house…the very idea!! Was that ad the result of Barakula’s (called that cuz he is draining the life’s blood from the dem party) response to Carville’s advice? Once again, he falls flat on his face….please obama, I beg of you, give up, step back, let Hillary be the nominee for the good of the country!

    Now he has Daley as a problem and his remark about “it’s above my pay grade” coming back to take a big bite out of his “junk”. The GOP will NEVER run out of fodder to make obama look inept, weak, dumb, (pick an adjective)…


  11. myiq2xu , That photo is hilarious! That isn’t photoshopped is it?

  12. I guess, if you are used to using a cell phone, that wire can be confusing….

  13. Using the phone in that manner works out well if you don’t intend to listen to the other party, nor do you intend to say anything of value. Seems to me like he’s using it just fine.

  14. myiq2xu….thanks for an enlightening piece and for your objectivity. And thanks to Confluence for a place where you can speak your mind without fear of getting tossed!!

    You people rock…

  15. I’m still waiting for the ad over the $250k hard luck story. Surely it is in the works.

    I wish the media would look up the definition of “elistist” – it’s attitude not bank account!

    Idiots! So what’s new.


    Eddy is rich, but he is not an elitist! Counting Pat’s, Carol’s and Eddy’s 2 houses he has access to 4 houses that we know of (and no Regency – you do not count – get your butt to school)!

  16. BO pledged that he was not going to run a negative campaign. What a joke.

    I believe in the power of hope, but I do not believe in BO or his message of hope. He stands for nothing. He is his own worst enemy. It is hard for me to believe that so many people have their heads in the sand about this man.

  17. Actually John McCain may not even own all those properties with Cindy. John is not personally as wealthy as many might believe.

    He and Cindy have a prenup agreement. She, her children and his biological daughter from his first marriage own a majority stake of her beer distributorship business. The McCain’s do not share all of their combined assets. They file separate tax returns. Cindy is no bimbo. Her assets are protected.

    After reading wikipedia profiles on John and Cindy McCain I have come to realize that while they may have made mistakes in their lives, they are probably wiser for them. I respect real people who have experienced real hardships and disappointments and had to overcome them. There is more to John and Cindy McCain than meets the eye.

    Oh, if only Hillary were the Democratic nominee in 2008. We wouldn’t be playing defense right now.

  18. SophieL, on August 21st, 2008 at 1:48 pm Said:
    Using the phone in that manner works out well if you don’t intend to listen to the other party, nor do you intend to say anything of value. Seems to me like he’s using it just fine.



  19. sorry – the word is “elitist”. My repetitive use injury fingers hit the wrong keys occasionally.

  20. Pat, people are waking up to him. Look at his numbers, RCP reported that his favorability rating dropped almost 9 points.

  21. in this picture Barry has the phone UPSIDE DOWN!!!
    he is fake talking!

  22. Hillary raised $2.5 million in July! HUZZAH!

  23. Barack Obama can pledge his bony ass off, he has lied, cheated and manipulated the system for months.

  24. AP pushing story of Biden as the sucker to go down with The One. Says political analysts [!?] think this will help O with his weakness in foreign policy experience and his reluctance to attack McCain.

    How does AP print this with a straight font, and not laugh? Guess folks aren’t buying the college trip to Pakistan experience bit. O folks still pretending he’s running clean, too principled to attack, but actually everyone now knows he is just flat-assed weak.

    It would take a herd of rampaging rhinos to out-fight McCain, The One hasn’t even got a pea-shooter. And I think McCain’s teen-aged daugher could take down Obama; think she’s smarter, too.

  25. Yes, let’s begrudge a 5 + POW his success, with years of service to his country, not to mention his grandfather’s service, his father’s service too… BAD MOVE! REALLY BAD MOVE! Every American wants to see success for a person like McCain, he needs to argue on policy position and his record (that thin file on the desk).

    Remember what Hillary’s supporters said: Give ’em Health Care Hillary. In other words…her record was her points, not simply ‘attacking’ people with talking points…which is pointless.

    The DNC missed the opportunity to stand by the BEST CANDIDATE WHO JUST HAPPENED TO BE A WOMAN!

  26. I hear Obama attacked McCain on Yucca Mountain today.

    Expect a counter-punch involving Exelon.

    Exelon is David Axelrod’s former employer, owner of Commonwealth Edison (formerly CEO’d by Bill Ayers’ father) and is involved with Yucca Mountain.

    It was also the company that lobbied Obama on the nuclear regulations he made bogus claims about getting passed.

  27. hmm….I wonder if his best bud Oprah knows how many houses she owns? or cars? or whatever. Oh and what about all those Kennedy’s? THEY aren’t filthy rich too are they? and his good friend John Kerry, isn’t he married to a billionaire heiress? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. STUPID people in glass houses should just STFU

    btw, just got the meaning of your title 🙂

  28. The way he holds the phone is the way Ed is forced into while calling for help. No wonder he cannot get out of there.

  29. NOoooooooo Hillary DON’T CLEAN UP THIS MESS!!
    Remeber Michele going on a RANT about how you could’nt clean up your own house??
    I don’t use this language ;but “**CK-THEM”!

  30. You don’t win campaigns by pointing out what some people have, you win them by pointing out what people don’t have (like health care)

  31. When I first got into this campaign mess, I told my mother there would be multitudes of people out there who would never be able to accept that the best man for this job, was a woman.

  32. I knew Obama would try the same tricks he used on Hillary, on McCain. Of course they didn’t work – McCain is allowed to fight back. Hillary wasn’t.

    His only line of attack was the economy, and he failed to make that a campaign issue. Instead, he tried to hit National Security right away. He has played right into McCain’s hands from the very beginning.

    Rookie mistake. He won’t recover.

  33. It is really beyond amusing when these two characters are fighting over who has more money then whom while the rest of us sit here attempting to figure out how many more ways we can stretch the budget before going belly up. A pox on both their houses!

    McCain can at least explain to some extent that he married into money. With Obama and A.C.O.R.N. plus Rezko one never knows. Bad idea to venture into that nest Obama. Opening doors you have nailed shut may not be where you want to go.

  34. We got a troll on: Hillary, She Can’t Win for Losing.

  35. Pat, I understand that one. Gas dropped here to $3.30 and I am filling up as soon as I leave here. May spend the extra I save on a gallon of milk.

  36. Is that picture for real?

  37. OK, I give, what does “junk, me boot” mean?

  38. I didn’t care that Kerry married a rich woman, and I don’t care that McCain married a rich woman. Smart move for an honest person in public service.

    But isn’t it hilarious that Obama is attacking McCain on something that the Repubs used against Kerry? We Dems protested that wasn’t fair, but I guess Obama isn’t playing fair. What I really think is that the whole thing is sexist. What’s wrong with marrying a rich woman?

  39. According to HuffPo (I know, I know) Obama has indicated that his VP choice does not have a big ego. Well this must cancel out Joe Biden since he never met a mic he could resist. I like Joe personally but he does have a tendency to bloviate.

    Frankly, I am getting sick to death of both candidates insisting on playing “Clue”. Make the announcement and get it out of the way and into the open! These are possible governing officials we are talking about here not third place runners-up on American Idol. This strategy may tickle the likes of Claire McCaskill’s teenager but it is too annoying for the rest of us grown-ups to consider.

  40. Whenever Hillary said anything even remotely critical of Obama she was accused of “kneecapping” him.

    Hell, they even bashed Bill for not praising Teh Precious highly enough.

  41. Re: the way Barky is holding the phone

    Will he make this same mistake at 3 AM?

  42. Junk, meet boot = that’s when someone’s boot impacts with someone else’s junk

  43. Ann:

    Look at the clock behind him

  44. If he does choose Biden get ready for a heavy dosage of Joe hitting all the Sunday morning talk shows and appearing all over the US discussing foreign policy. Then picture Obama sunning himself in the backyard while Joe does all the heavy lifting.

  45. Cindy McCain got her money the old fashioned way – she inherited it.

    My uncle said the “perfect 10” was a “7” who owned a liquor store.

    Cindy owns a beer distributorship.

  46. That Barky! What a card!

  47. naboo, yiu’re right. The phone is upside down. Wasn’t there a previous picture of himself on a bicycle with the helmet on backwards? It’s not a real good sign when someone needs help with activities of daily living.

  48. It’s not gonna be Biden.

    I’m betting on Bayh

  49. looks like sombody missed nappy time, Sen Reid, crybaby AND tattle tale:

    “I can’t stand John McCain,” Reid flatly told his hometown paper, the Las Vegas Review Journal in comments published Thursday. The Nevada Democrat also said he had recently expressed that sentiment to Democrat-turned Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman, an ardent supporter of McCain who has agreed to speak at the Republican convention early next month.

    “He (Lieberman) said ‘I know you feel that way,'” Reid also told the paper.

  50. US Hacker hacked in to discover Chinese Gold Medalist was underage. Maybe, we can hire that person to unearth BO’s BC.

  51. Can you get anymore hypocritical then Huff Po? Seriously. The front page and the top headline is basically making fun of McCain and the number of homes he owns. Someone step in if I am off base here, but didn’t Ariana obtain her millions in her divorce? If there is a distinction here on how money was thereby accumulated, please advise.

  52. They were baiting him and waiting for him to go negative. Now they get to beat him in the head with all his questionable associations. They just needed to perfect moment to unleash, because they couldn’t attack first.

  53. McCain and team are just sitting back and waiting for all of his ignorant glory!

    I think they are being very “gracious” – Nancy should approve.


  54. The DNC owns this mess lock, stock and barrel.

  55. Myiq, you are too good for us. Did you do the photo yurselv? BTW, who does the photo work over at Klownhaus?

  56. About Obama’s choice for VP – I think it will be either Jim Webb or Gov Schweitzer.

    Just my 2 cents.

  57. myiq2xu, on August 21st, 2008 at 2:12 pm Said:

    Hell, they even bashed Bill for not praising The Precious highly enough.

    While self-immolation probably wouldn’t be enough, anyway it isn’t considered “green” and BZero’s ego would never let him utter the words, “He’s on fire,” about someone else.

  58. Well It is official Gainesville is at Allert Level 1 – Fay is expected to go over us at 2 am – at 730 pm I am to report to our bunker at an undisclosed location to begin my duty of collecting the power outage info as it comes in. Any messages from the pumas to pass on to dick cheney I here hs is next door.

    I am also supposed to be “the caring voice on the other end of the line to people in distress” So I was sent home to get some rest till report time.

    Looks Like Obozo doesnt care if he wrecks the party and shatters it into 18 million little pieces! He has a job offer at Halibourton and another offer from Rove and associates.

    Can I have Hillary back?


  59. Arinna earned her millions by being a beard. nice work if you can get it….

  60. The best way to go negative is to counter-punch.

    Then the target has no standing to complain about it.

    Not that it would stop Uh-bama from whining.

  61. If Obama “secures” the nomination, as of August 29th the GOP will unleash an arsenal that will put shock and awe into a whole new category. And to think we could have easily avoided this.

  62. klown o’IQ!——

    nice one!
    you know, the more I research McC, the better I like him.
    what a snakepit he’s in…
    he is a hero & regular guy & ?
    he file his income tax sep from “her” — he may have a lot of houses — but I don’t think he cares? He just wants to reform Washington and the corruption — and after what the Terminator just pulled here in CA?
    they are all F^&%*ed!
    I think McC is FAB! compared to the rest of it—I do!
    he is a HERO TOO!
    funny, a bunch of these porky dudes with ties to gambling and or Kerryfood are so “scared” of McC. Hmmmmmmm………!
    maybe McC is totally HONEST!
    and boy would that scare guess who?

  63. Michael: Just drop a live wire into the water and ask Cheney to pick it up. Nothing more.

  64. Teh google does my photo-work.

  65. It’s gonna be Evan Bayh.

  66. The suspense is killing me! <not

  67. Obama should be a test case in a social science observation, and not someone who holds peoples’ lives within his power. There is an article in a Chicago paper today about the Vanity Fair interview w/ his family. I can’t imagine that having siblings living in this kind of situation can leave a person with an unaffected consciousness.


    The Republicans know that he is a mess and they will not let him win, of course. As we know, that was the plan.

    Let’s get their GD plan blown out of the water and get Hillary in!

  68. It’s very possible McCain doesn’t know how many houses they own. It could be a case that he and Cindy own the main house in AZ and perhaps a holding company or something *owns* the other properties. Could be for tax reasons or something.

    Fuzzy: You ready for round 2 ?

  69. vbonnaire: Glad you can find some highpoints with McCain but for me he merely represents anyone but Obama. Can’t get that worked up over him since I believe that he too is as shady in most respects as Obama. The only difference is we have suspected this for years and he does possess a paper trail. I am just hoping I do not have to vote for him.

  70. Obama can’t go negative on McCain because Obama has more junk in his background than McCain.
    I don’t know what these Bots are thinking but they need to come up out of the fog.
    If Obama can’t hit hard on issues with McCain..what is he going to when he meets Putin…crawl into fetal position and whimper?

  71. Aren’t these folks, campaign directors and aides, supposed to vet every possible scenario? Aren’t they supposed to know that you can’t attack your opponent with a weapon that they can kill you with? It makes me wonder, once again, why the media crucified HRC with racism during the primaries when JM has carte blanche? I guess the answer is that the Corporate Owned Media set Barry up for a fall so McCain can get into office.

    If HRC were the candidate, would she have a solid line of attack on McCain? Yeah, I think so. She could force the argument to be about the issues – healthcare, social security, Iraq, national security, etc. – she’s strong on all issues. She could keep the discussion on that level, making it difficult for JM to bring it down to throwing mud.

  72. fuzzy – Hillary’s out there with you. If she flies over and you can grab her – tell her…………………oh hell, you know what to tell her. Show her the Cabinet we have set up for her. It’s a winner!


  73. My response to a request for a donation to O’s campaign:

    “Senator Obama has wasted millions of dollars on a bizarre little odyssey of self-aggrandizement, funding that could have been better spent on the needs of American citizens. It is impossible for me to support the thug tactics used in the caucuses by Obama supporters. It is impossible for me to support the race-baiting, sexism, propaganda and threats employed to enable the Obama candidacy.

    Do not send me any requests for funding. At this point it is clear to American voters that to support the Obama campaign is to throw good money after bad. ”

    I don’t care how many houses McCain or his wife own. How many millions have been wasted on Obama? And why?

  74. Check out the compilation of articles from the papers over at NQ. Good Stuff!

  75. XAX: They were baiting him and waiting for him to go negative. Now they get to beat him in the head with all his questionable associations. They just needed to perfect moment to unleash, because they couldn’t attack first.

    This is getting great! They put out the bait, and BO has chomped down on it, opening the door for every character assassination and association they can find on him. What a fool. He thinks that because it worked on Hillary, because she was too Party loyal to go all out on him, it will work on McCain. As sad as it is for the Dem Party, I am loving watching him get exactly what he deserves. McCain & Co. know how to hit back swift and hard. As my sister says, “Get out the popcorn and enjoy the show!”

    It also destroys the only thing that made him “different” (even if it was phony) re: the Hope/Change/New Politics message. What has he got now–hey, I’m the guy with no experience!?

  76. fif:

    No experience, no judgment, bad friends

  77. If I was gonna be in Denver next week, I’d be selling kazoos.

    Gary & Mawm: If you read this, find a novelty wholesaler on the way to Denver and invest in some kazoos!

    I would be selling dogwhistles at the GOP convention

  78. I just googled “novelty wholesale kazoo” and found them for $.10 each.

    I’d buy 1000, and sell them for $2 each

  79. # myiq2xu, on August 21st, 2008 at 2:52 pm Said:

    I just googled “novelty wholesale kazoo” and found them for $.10 each.

    I’d buy 1000, and sell them for $2 each

    Oh Lordy, they could rack up on those!!

  80. Real Flakey News:
    Obama to pardon Rezko and make him sec of Treasury…Rezko to give obama his 10% skim!

    Obama to name Bill Ayers to Sec of Defense…America’s might to be turnned against itself

    Obama to Name Obama for Sec of Health and Welfare because he has never seen a more giving woman than Michelle

    Obama to name Wexler as Attny General he know how to apply the roolz to my advantage

    Obama to Name Donna Brazile as press secratery I dont want to hav eto look at her face so the rest of america can do that for me.


  81. They could pay for their trip at least

  82. Hillary is in Florida I just hope she stays till after Obozo’s big Saturday annoucement….did I mis the Republican Convention?


  83. HAHAHAHA. I love this post because it exposes how completely idiotic and inexperienced the Messiah is. He will lose this game if he thinks he can win by painting McCain an elitist with bad judgment. HAHAHAHA. We all knew Wright, Ayers, and Rezko was a can of worms that would eventually be opened to destroy the Messiah. But what is funny is that the Messiah is helping KKKarl Rove. The GOP doesn’t even have to try hard to make the Messiah look like a fool.

  84. “Bashing a Republican for having money is like criticizing a cat for having fur. ”

    Or like criticizing me for being a harridan and a hellion. The point would be what?

    Mountain Sage

  85. Well all hitting the rack for a nap I am going to have a long night…..Fellow North Florida Pumas Keep safe Keep Dry


    Funny Hillary is putting some distance between herself and the impending VP disaster at Ground Zero in Chicago.

  86. Hey Bambi, who’s your daddy?

    McCain and the gang are going to put the cry-baby on the sidelines for good.

    Thank you so much, DNC and RBC. Thank you super-dumb delegates, thank you media-models. You have all worked together so beautifully so that the democratic party could actually put-up someone I detest more than Bush.

    If the democrats have any soul (collective, singular, plural, abbreviated, mythical, or imagined) they had better snap to and nominate Hillary.

    Without her, it is obviously McCain will be President.

    No Hillary for VP. No Hillary anywhere near the Fraud.

  87. Just thought I’d post this link to Chicagoans against BO, it’s on McCain’s houses, and has a good link to Rezko slum properties;

  88. Get some rest Fuzzy. Saw something on TWC that FL has activated the Nat’l Guard to rescue folks trapped by the high water.

  89. If that photo was shopped, its the best I’ve seen.

    McCain is pawing this guy like a tiger would a half-dead mouse. It could be sad if it wasn’t so satisfying.

    Am I a bad person for wishing suffering on Obama? Never before have I had a vengeance mentality, but now I want to see him thoroughly exposed and humiliated.

  90. Anyone want to take a look at the latest in Brit left-wing journalism. I believe that Andrew Stephen has close friends in the Clinton camp.

  91. Ditto Fuzzy!

    And remember, there’s no such thing as global warming!

  92. Stay safe and dry, FUZZY!

    LOVE, joanie

  93. BO told reporter “someone who will work carefully with him to shore up the economy”. Of course they think Hillary. I say Bloomberg. If it was Hillary, they wouldn’t be setting up for her to enbarrass him.



  94. He’s making the announcement in Indianapolis, Bayh’s stomping ground.

  95. Simo-sad thing is, it looks like him.

  96. funny story…mawm just called me, he’s at the RV mechanic waiting on the RV, there was another older couple in the waiting area and Cavuto was on TV (of course they have it on fox news). so mawm says, you know, he interviewed me, and so the woman looks at him and then says “OH, I know you!! you’re Party Unity My Ass!”…heh heh.. we are not going unnoticed…

  97. Blah blah blabbity-blah

  98. gary: cool story! I’m hoping Mawm gets on Jeopardy just so I can hear Alex Trebek say Party Unity My Ass.

  99. We must pay back the MEDIA in Denver. signs with a clear message…like. CNN…..MOST TRUSTED……MY ASS.–……..CNN= BIAS FOR OBAMA. MSNBC A DISGRACEFUL. AMERICA’S MEDIA CANNOT BE TRUSTED……..give it back to them, let the world know. out media is a CORRUPT.

  100. McCain fires back attacks Obama on Rezko

    Sen. John McCain’s campaign is fighting back against questions about his house holdings by opening a website focusing on past questions about Sen. Barack Obama’s dealings with controversial Chicago businesssman Tony Rezko.


  102. Calming down.

  103. Gary, I love it!

    As a celebrity spouse can you get your own reality show?

    I’m going to attempt to claim bragging rights on Mawm. Does cyberspace count as more or less than 6 degrees of separation?

    (Gush) “He’s responded to a few of my comments!”

  104. I am going to be honest, I am proud to be able to claim that I know each and every one of you. As for Gary, BB, Mawm, Katiebird and RD, I would probably be as proud to meet you as I would to meet Hillary.

  105. the woman looks at him and then says “OH, I know you!! you’re Party Unity My Ass!”

    That’s hilarious. Oh yes we are ma’am.

    Big J: thanks for your extremely patronizing remark. We didn’t ask for it, but since you insisted on intruding: if Obama had shown up, with his embarrassingly thin resume, and shown that he was honest, strong, commanding, and principled, we would have been happy to consider him. He has shown us none of these qualities, so his actions for the past year have done absolutely nothing to reassure anyone that he is in any way qualified for this overwhelming responsibility.

  106. CNN = Bullshit

  107. and p.s. Big J: what do you know about our “petty argument?” Apparently, nothing. Are civil rights, voting rights, the fundamental Democratic Party Charter–are these considered petty to you? You betray your ignorance. But, being an Obot, you’re probably long gone by now, because you usually bash and dash, cowardly like your candidate.

  108. Kim, thats really sweet and I agree.

  109. I am telling you — It’s the leadership of Princess Prada, Will, Riverdaughter, NO WE WON’T – then coupled with Crazy ED, Momma E and every single one of us — that’s going to cost barry the election —

  110. Goria Idiothead – “I think BO needs to take his time to re-introduce himself to the Hillary voters at the Convention. They need to know he is on the same side of the issues that she is>”

    Who are this stupid fuckheads!

    The only time I want to see BO again is when I am called to identify the “body” after McCain trounces him!


  111. oh — it also helps he’s an idiot with no experience

  112. “Cheetopians” Nice one.

  113. myiq2xu , That photo is hilarious! That isn’t photoshopped is it?

    Unfortunately, it is *is * photoshopped. check out snopesdot com for similarly photoshopped pix

    I hate having to set the record straight – but we got plenty of stuff w/out the photo to go on !

  114. Big J:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I edited your comment to tighten up your argument.

    It makes more sense now

  115. Re the houses.

    The issue is not money/wealth per se, but how much empathy/understanding McCain can possibly have with people who are struggling w/ mortgages when he can’t remember how many houses he has.

    it is akin to Poppy Bush getting hammered by Bill Clinton/DNC when he was amazed at a pair of crew socks he purchased being scanned. It was obvious that he had not seen a scanner.

    So who bought his socks for him? Does he know what real people do each day? etc.

    While it is stupid, it works

  116. I wonder how the Obots would feel if he picked Bloomberg. It’s not like he’s rich or anything.

  117. CNN is now making out, that McCain’s house’s is a BIG, big……..boo….boo…..will end his campaign. Obama got him now……according to CNN.

  118. It just gets better and better!

    Thanks BO for all of the laughs!

  119. Maybe we shouldn’t even engage the trolls. Most of them are young and dumb, with half of them being under the influence of kool-aid. Bless their hearts, someday they will be older and wiser and not so shitty.

  120. MyIq,

    Quite nicely done.

  121. I do not see Bloomberg being VP. Seriously, can you imagine him playing second fiddle to Obama?!

  122. Peter:

    That scanner story is an urban myth. Ask Bob Somerby at Daily Howler.

    Come back and visit us when you know what you are talking about!

  123. The anchors at the ‘Live Update Desk’ on Fox news this afternoon were just about openly laughing when they were reading this response to Obama:

    “Does a guy who made more than $4 million last year, just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii and bought his own million-dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to get into a debate about houses? Does a guy who worries about the price of arugula and thinks regular people “cling” to guns and religion in the face of economic hardship really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans?

  124. I was listening to Hannity and Rove on the way home from work. And you should have heard Rove eviscerating Obama for everything including staging campaign events in Springfield as if he were Lincoln or something. I think maybe the Ds feel they have an opening with McCain because Bush II was able to portray himself as a man of the people even though he was from the Bush family and it worked really well. Sooooo because the Obama campaign is obsessed with Bush and his campaigns they want to portray McCain as an out of touch rich guy. This will be there way of getting to working class voters. But if this is the best they have on McCain it certainly isn’t much.

  125. Great post! I love this part from the McCain camp:

    “Does a guy who made more than $4 million last year, just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii and bought his own million-dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to get into a debate about houses? Does a guy who worries about the price of arugula and thinks regular people “cling” to guns and religion in the face of economic hardship really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans? “

  126. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/phone.asp

    It is a funny picture, but it was debunked by a neutral party.

  127. Rove was going on about how Obama holds a grudge and that he is petty and small and thats why he won’t pick Hillary as VP. He said Obama has done everything he can to stick a finger in Hillary’s eye and pointed out the example of Patti Solis Doyle. Rove is really trying to keep us PUMAs worked up.

  128. May and I must have posted at the same time.

    I actually met John McCain once and he was very down to earth and respectable. When all the Repub candidates announced, he was the one I was most afraid of because I really felt like he could syphon off some Dem votes. Barack Obama made John McCain’s job much easier.

  129. Yes, “now and again” God gives us such a leader, Pelosi says.

  130. Blah blah blabbity-blah

    myiq, HA HA HA!

  131. Jeezs, they are all rich and out of touch with real people. I mean, come on, do you think any of them know that potatoes are a buck a pound now? Hell, Quayle couln’t even spell potatoes.

  132. Payback is a PUMA

  133. Ok so the scanner is a myth. My bad.

    It makes the point even better. A mythical sock/scanner incident was used to good effect against Bush Sr to make him look out of touch with everyday folks.

  134. joanie:

    Why delete when you can edit?

  135. Michelle from Hell and Backtrack are convinced that they are going to live in the WH. Our job, should we choose to take it, is to thwart them at every opportunity at our disposal.

  136. Nancy, I will kiss your butt, if your gurantee, Hillary will not be the VP, comes true. Gaaaaaaah.

  137. Anything for the cause.

  138. Peter:

    “Elite” does not equal “elitist”

    Obama and McCain are both rich.

    One millionaire bashing another for being rich doesn’t work.

    They tried it on Hillary, but the rural and blue-collar voters didn’t buy it.

    The upper-income “limosine liberals” bought it hook, line and sinker.

  139. McCain isn’t rich. His wife is, though. Now, the Clintons….they were dirt poor when they came to the White House. They didn’t even have a home of their own.

  140. McCain’s new ad, complete with Moses:

  141. Anybody else still hearing suggestions that Nobama might pick Caroline Kennedy as VP? I heard it again somewhere on cable news last night.

  142. Begala was on CNN pushing Biden. Why do they keep saying he has blue collar appeal? Just cause he’s Catholic? So is John Kerry. I swear they are so left field on this its funny. Since when does a long winded guy who just loves the sound of his own voice have blue collar appeal? Oh well, who cares. Just get it over with already.

  143. Cavuto finally said out loud today that he believes the PUMA/Just Say No Deal numbers are bigger than people think.

    Diane M (JSND) was on his program, and he gave her a very hard time, but she did a beautiful job of holding her own.

  144. peter anderson, on August 21st, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    This is where you are wrong Peter. Your guy can’t afford to go down this road because of his friendship with two slumlords. Rezko was/has been a friend of your guy for over 17 years. While his constituents were freezing for 5 weeks, your did nothing. Another of his slumlord friends whom he made sure got enough money, failed to provide good housing for her tenants. Lets not forget how he bought his house.

    Your guy shouldn’t have ran that ad about McCain’s houses. He has opened the door to things he doesn’t want the public to know and believe me, if they find out how he failed to protect his constituents, he is going down.

  145. Obama is nuts to go there! If I were McCain’s campaign advisor I would tell him to respond “At least I didn’t have to get a criminal to help me buy my houses.”
    As for out of touch, Michelle Obama told a group of working class women in Ohio that she and Obama struggle financially – all those expensive loans to Ivy League schools that they just had to attend (because public universities were beneath them?) and the expense of dance, music and sports for their girls – $10,000!!! This was in a effort to relate to these women. You can’t get more out of touch than that. McCain supporters should say at least Cindy understands that being able to spend this kind of money is a great privilege and beyond most people’s means.
    Here is an article from last February. Surely there is a video somewhere???
    I am surprised the Republicans have not pounced on that, especially now that McCain’s wealth is being raised. It’s his wife’s money so if I were he I would go after Obama’s wife for her high maintenance ways. Bet Michelle has never taken humanitarian aid into a war-torn country the way Cindy McCain did in Rwanda and Zaire. That took a lot of guts. Again, why aren’t the Republicans letting people know about this?? They are losing their touch.

  146. Barry is burnt toast — he has zero experience and McCain is thumping his ass.

    The WSJ was saying just this morning how the RNC will be all over Denver next week – ha, ha, ha !!!

    I f’ing love this shit.

  147. It’s interesting that the Obama campaign is going this route with McCain.

    I don’t really think people care if candidates are rich. Does it make some people jealous or bring out their resentment towards rich people? Sure, but for the most part, I don’t think people really begrudge politicians their wealth, so long as they believe that President is going to do their best to create a level playing field for them…I know my dad, who gets all of his news from the MSM, mentioned a few weeks back that it really bothered him when they went after Cindy McCain’s money because what did that have to do with whether or not McCain should be president?

    Hillary is also a good example of this. Even when her tax records and their $10 million dollar a year income came out, no one cared, she still kept winning working class voters. Why? Because voters got that she wanted to help them have better economic opportunities too.

    Personally, Cindy McCain is one of the things I like most about John McCain. She has done INCREDIBLE charity work abroad and she has put her money, her time, and her energy where her mouth is on this issue….

  148. Pat:
    Obama says he’s looking for a VP w/o a big ego? Guess he means as big as his, so that could be anyone and everyone.

    If it’s not Biden it’s Obama/Bayh/Byuh

  149. WOW. I was just over at Clinton Democrats and they have a post regarding attorney Jack Berg of Philadelphia plans to seek an injunction to stop Obama from being nominated, stating that he is not a natural born citizen and therefore is ineligible.

  150. myiq, i think you’ve discovered a new hobby. how fun to “edit” for relaxation and reward!

  151. Personally, I like Joe Biden. Which is one of the reasons I hope the veep choice is someone else. Biden’s been around for years and has a lot of solid foreign relations experience. If he ends up with the “O,” he’ll go down with the “O.”

    He might be long-winded, but Biden is truly knowledgeable and has devoted a lifetime to public service. Admirable in my mind. Wouldn’t want to see Biden or Rendell as veep choices because I wouldn’t want to see their public careers damaged; they’re too good and have years of service to give. And though I know it’s a popular meme, I would not want to see Hillary Clinton’s name on the ticket. Because I’d have to vote against it. And that would hurt.

    John Kerry would be an idiotic choice. He lost his own bid for very specific reasons and ran a lousy campaign.

    Should be interesting! But in the end, it doesn’t matter who Obama chooses. I won’t vote for the ticket. I’m one of the traitors, already thrown under the bus ;0).

  152. Well, all the cr*p that Rove spews wouldn’t have any traction if it weren’t all true.

    Usually, Rove’s tactic is to take the truth, twist it just enough to make it irretrievably damning, and spews.

    But on how Obama’s treated Hillary, no twist necessary.

  153. I love those McCain/Moses ads. They make me laugh out loud.

  154. The way you relate to people less well-off than yourself is to listen to their problems, not tell them about yours.

    Watch Bill and Hillary when they are campaigning.

    When they do talk, they tell the stories of other people they’ve listened to.

    Like Hillary did relating to the woman who died because she couldn’t afford to go to the local hospital because she owed them money.

    Of course Obamanation bashed her for that because she was given a few incorrect facts. (They didn’t GAF about the dead woman)

  155. I could give two hoots if it is Biden and he is Catholic. So am I but this does not automatically translate into my vote. Unlike a certain voting block who are supporting Obama because….well, just because…I have never bought into the theory that based on a mutual religion this is the primary reason for my support. This is just plain stupid and pandering.

    I like Joe for a variety of reasons but not because he is Catholic. The same for Kaine. If this were the litmus test I would have to give Hitler a pass based on the same premise.

    And I can attest that not too many Catholics are sitting around the tv, iPhone in hand, just waiting for the Catholic candidate to be announced. We are not sheeple.

  156. Those ads are just sooooo disdainful and dismissive. However, they capture exactly how I feel.

  157. O/T, but I get to meet Gary & Mawm! I get to meet Gary & Mawm!

  158. parentofed: It is kind of neat, isn’t it? Should be fun.

  159. “someone who will work carefully with him to shore up the economy”

    Is that kind of like someone to help Charlton Heston part the Red Sea in that video? Just curious.

  160. Has anyone ever seen a campaign that gives more ammunition to the other side than backtrack’s?
    The republicans do have to not buy the talking points to use against him.
    This fool gives them to the republicans,
    I still think that since he his hoarding all the money and down tickets dems are not getting financing It might go back to 2000 and have republican executive and legislative branchs.
    We can thank the dnc and the unholy trio for that.



  161. We are being asked to vote a celebrity here for president. The second tier is merely the prop to hold him up and make him appear presidential. Kind of an upside down election. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


    FROM WaPo:

    Obama, according to the polls, is still having trouble locking down the votes of Hillary Clinton’s primary-season supporters. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that only about half of self-identifying Clinton supporters backed Obama, while a fifth are backing John McCain and fully a quarter remain undecided.

    Some are interpreting this as evidence that Obama has a lingering problem with the Democratic base, and even speculating that he consequently might shock the world and pick Clinton as his running mate.

    Lost in this analysis, though, is a crucial fact: many of Clinton’s primary-season supporters are not necessarily loyal Democratic presidential election voters.

  163. Might Jack Reed of RI be the VP pick?
    He’s mature, military experience, focus on working class families… popular in his state
    anyone hear anything about this?
    I believe his choice will not be expected.

  164. one little comment by mccain and the media jumps all over it in its attempt to help barack. i seriously don’t get what their vested interest is in this guy.

  165. that McCain ad is hilarious. They’re smart to use the words & pics of him & his supporters, deflates the credence of their attacks. Of course, nothing can stop the whining.

    Jeez Louise, I whined less than this man does when I was in labor for 16 hours.

  166. Ben:

    Most of Hillary’s primary-season supporters were die-hard Democratic loyalists until recently.

  167. I stopped reading the article when they started talking about Kentucky. I agree the VP will be completely unexpected.

  168. Great clip of Hillary telling O’Reilly how great it is to be rich and therefore other people also deserve a chance. I like this clip because O’Reilly was talking about how she would tax him too much and Hillary says she won’t tax the middleclass and O’Reilly says he is a rich guy and Hillary says: “You know rich people, God bless us”:smile:

  169. POE:

    It will be a shame if the first woman to be a competitive candidate for a major-party Presidential nomination is beaten by a whiny bitch.

  170. So it was Clinton who was expanding the democratic base after all?

  171. Fox just reported that McCain’s Denver office received an envelope with white powder and a death threat.

  172. Was it only one year ago that we were so full of possibilities and expectations of seeing the first woman in US history assume the role of President of the United States? Has it only been a scant 12 months since we were so full of anticipation and excitement that we pledged our support to this woman based on the breadth of her experience and the range of her knowledge knowing she had what it took to carry out the heavy responsibility of being Commander in Chief?

    One year. Seems like a lifetime.

  173. Myiq: Love it!

  174. Oooh, Pat, is this Jeopardy? I know the question.

    ANSWER: One year. Seems like a lifetime.

    QUESTION: What Obama said upon completing his year in the Senate, and announced his POTUS run.

  175. Check out the post at NO Quarter.
    a backtrack advisor had an unauthorized meeting with the syrians.
    backtrack is undermining the national security of this country.



  176. POE:

    LOL, but I’ll do the jokes here!


  177. Joanie:

    The more I think about it, editing is far better than deleting.

    That way trolls don’t disappear, but they don’t disrupt threads either.

    Besides, the poor things are probably paid by Axelrod for each comment, and if we delete the comments, Obama doesn’t have to pay them.

    As liberals, we should side with labor, not management.

  178. Obama was the guy in the dorm on “moving in day” who stood in the doorway while you heaved and hauled the boxes in. Hillary was the one putting the sheets on the bed, unpacking the suitcase, and searching for the wall plugs so you could watch the game while you got settled.

    Obama was the guy who shrugged when asked for directions to the dining hall but Hillary had them all typed up for you.

    Obama was the guy who used up all the hot water while Hillary made your bed and made sure you had clean underwear.

    Obama cribbed, Hillary mentored. This is how I see them.

  179. BTW – for those of you who are interested, they photo-shopped the cord.

  180. I just wandered over to TL and BTD has a post up about Hillary as VP. Margery Eagon suggested the best thing about having Hillary as VP is that the Republicans would overplay their hand beating her up and all of us would jump the McCain ship or jump on to obama’s in defense of Hillary… well, something like that.

    Anyway, it’s worth a look and it certainly made me think about how that would feel – I sure hope he doesn’t have her lined up for VP!

  181. There was a law suit filled in Philadelphia today to keep the dnc from nominating backtrack for president.
    GO PHILLY//////



  182. Pat J. – spot on comments…

  183. PJ:

    Obama was the guy who borrowed your car and brought it back with an empty tank.

    Hillary was the one who came over to check on you when you were sick.

  184. The Republicans Are Ready To Rumble (New Explosive Ad)
    Know Enough?
    Check out The Ad

  185. Let me change that:

    Obama was the guy who borrowed your car to go on a date and brought it back with an empty tank.

    Hillary was the one who cancelled a date to stay with you when you were sick.

  186. Might Jack Reed of RI be the VP pick?

    Reed already decline the offer, along with a list of others.

    Robin: these kinds of stories will come out now–they threats and thuggery of Obots.

  187. The games have just begun:


  188. Oh, My… Obama is turning this weekend into a “Look -At -Me” event with a “now there are two of us” you’ll have to fight off, my VP has friends, you know!

    I can only hope Biden is not only not the VP pick but isn’t going to sacrifice himself running interference for Barry!

    BIG Mistake, Joe!


  189. Hill is engaged in one of the biggest poker games in history. She’s got 18 million PUMA chips stacked on the table. She and DNC are watching for each others “tells” and the DNC has already blinked.

  190. Annetoo:

    It’s not a game.

    Those “chips” are people.

  191. if Biden is asked, IMO he won’t be able to resist .
    He think he’ll get to be Cheney . Barry has gathered them in using their egos and it’s been so easy .

  192. “Might Jack Reed of RI be the VP pick?”

    Oh, God no, He’s my Senator. I’ve been writing convincing him to support Hillary!

    Blessing self!

  193. It has to be somebody willing to occupy a monk’s cell for the next 4 years, doing all the heavy work while Rezko’s BFF is occupied with photo ops in front of the presidential seal.

  194. Let me add:

    That’s probably what inhibits Hillary.

    She knows that what she does affects peoples lives and livelihoods.

    She needs to know we trust her, and we want her to go “all-in”

  195. Obama won’t pick a “mentor” veep, he’ll pick someone with less perceived stature than himself.

    Like Bayh

  196. “Lost in this analysis, though, is a crucial fact: many of Clinton’s primary-season supporters are not necessarily loyal Democratic presidential election voters.”

    I thought Independents all voted for BO?

  197. fred: O: that is not the Ayer I thought I knew.

    from the link provided by SophieL:

    Earlier this week, Maria Shriver gave some Clinton supporters a pep talk – comparing their broken hearts to how she felt when her uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, lost a Democratic primary campaign to incumbent President Jimmy Carter. “I held grudges from the 1980 campaign for way too long,” she said. “It didn’t serve me well or advance healing.”

    Thank you for the pep talk Dr. Phil.

  198. From Jon Martin’s blog over at Politico:

    But what this firefight today hints at is that McCain or his allies will soon pull a greater weapon out of the arsenal than Rezko or Bill Ayers, both of whom they’ve cited in the past.

    There are fish in barrels all over the world breathing a sigh of relief. This isn’t going to be pretty.

  199. jjmtacoma: Say, I’ll bet all the folks at TL also said that ObamCo would be there for Hill when she takes all that flak from McCain, too? No, I didn’t think so. They’ve just admitted that The One is a sorry-assed weak punk, and Hill should sacrifice herself as his shield. No, thanks, jerks, we have better plans for Hillary than that.

  200. Pat –

    Hillary is the one that brought the “smoke and carbon dioxide detector, installed the battery, plugged it in” and placed the escape ladder beside the window.

    (That was actually me when my son went to college. And, just recently when he moved to his new home in LA. Hillary and I have so much in common – mostly Eddy.)


  201. Something better than Ayers? Wow. I mean I know a lot of people think the Ayers thing is nothing. But, I think having him and his wife on film saying they don’t think they went far enough makes him a VERY dangerous friend.

    Now I’m wondering what we don’t know.

  202. Memo to Maria: One word: Chappaquidick is what did Uncle Teddy in. Don’t blame it on the delegates. He believed that he could just about get away with anything since he was a Kennedy and nothing would stand in his way. Also, many women deeply resented what he did to Joan Kennedy and the fact that he brought her back from seclusion to “stand by her man” did not go over very well with this crowd. So let’s get the facts straight before we go around lecturing other people on how they should handle disappointment. Teddy may hold a lifelong seat in the Senate thanks to the voters of MA, but his actions led to his defeat in 1980 and the blame is his alone.

  203. Upstate: Oh, screw Maria Shriver and the Oprah she rode in on. I don’t think these dumbass icons yet realize that they will be losing right along side The One. Some of us think their little celeb stars have lost a lot of luster this year.

  204. Pat:
    what was that bumper sticker? Free Joan Kennedy! Defeat Ted.

    something like that; Teddy looked like a real jerk, and Joan, who was fighting alcoholism, looked miserable.

  205. Hillary and I have so much in common – mostly Eddy.

    The bail bondsman who just sprung Casey is now on his way to Las Colinas. Hang in there Ed, hang in there!

  206. My favorite Ted Kennedy saying is:

    Here’s a man that doesn’t open the car door when he drops his date off …………… at the bottom of a river!”

  207. BernieO
    Remember Michelle’s comment:
    What a waste the REBATE CHECKS ARE(she did’nt realize her hubby was proposing more); all they’d buy was a “PAIR OF EARRINGS”!!

  208. fred:

    Thank you for the link to the new ad. I think they’ve effectively wrecked O’s political career.

  209. Please. No more Kennedy jokes.

  210. A pair of earrings? Really?

  211. tp/ny: is that an actual comment?

    if so….is up there with the $10K.

  212. Joan Kennedy was the real tragedy of this play. She was a fragile beauty and his playing around was never a secret in Washington circles. She had to swallow her tears over and over while he became an “icon”. As a result she sank into alcoholism, lost her children, her beauty faded, and she had to stand by while he reformed himself and remarried.

    Teddy may have done well in defending the little guy but mostly he was a pr*ck.

  213. Day after convention headline when Obama-Byah is official…..

    Today federal procecuters announced’that The Junior Senator of Illinois and Democratic Nominee for President, Barak Obama, will be indited on 17 charges of federal raccetteering and corruption in a $ 100 million dollar federal housing rehab scandal another 5 counts money laundering are still being considered.

    The Formal charges and Arrest took place today at Obama for America/DNC Headquarters. The senator and Candidate was quoted as sayinp…

    ” Ummm er ahhh errr let me talk at my supporter eerrr ummm by the way ummm errr ahh hope annn errumm change umm err I ummm err ahh innocent err ahhh r*cist ummmm errr!

    DNC Chairman Dean Speaker Pelosi and Superdelegate Donna Brazile wer all quoted as say that this is just another first for the Democratic party the first party to have a candidate for office run campaign while under indictement…Truely this is a great land.

    Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton could not be reached for comment at this time.


  214. I know, Pat. And talking seriously about Kennedy is OK. I just don’t feel comfortable with the jokes.

  215. KB: I hated Ayers & Weather Underground when they helped destroy the peaceful antiwar movement in the 60’s and I hate them now. They weren’t heroes to us then, although Nixon successfully threw radicals in with us, and they aren’t heroes to me now. I wish he & Bernadine were in jail for life; they’re just criminals & thugs, money & private schools doesn’t change that.

  216. POE “money & private schools doesn’t change that.”

    oh but, in our society it certainly does….

  217. parantofed: Oh, screw Maria Shriver and the Oprah she rode in on.

    (chuckling) Thanks for that. 🙂

  218. “parentofed” that is.

  219. POE “money & private schools doesn’t change that.”

    It actually just makes them worse. They knew there would be no consequences; they were just playing campus radical. Daddy could always bail them out and set them up with a cushy position for life.

  220. Upstate: Touche!
    But not to some of us; they’re thugs to me, not that they care. And Bush is a war criminal, as far as I’m concerned. Ayers/Dohrn, Bush are just different cuts of the same cloth.

  221. It wasn’t a joke. It is a fact. It was DWI Manslaughter in which he got off scott free.

  222. The Weathermen were a very scary radical group in its day. Now its leader basks in the admiration within academic circles and lives a very comfortable life. And he is sorry he did not do more at the time. A nice guy.

  223. Rose Kennedy was the real tragedy.

    No mother should have to bury 3 of her 4 sons.

  224. edwardian: I’ve got a good topic for friggin Oprah in her premiere show this September:

    Why won’t women in power, like Maria & me, support women politicians, even when those women are the best candidates?

  225. Teddy got off light on Chappaquidick.

    It cost him the Presidency, but he has managed to make it less important than the rest of his life’s work.

    I believe in redemption. Teddy has redeemed himself.

  226. Carol: think even Ted would go to jail in today’s culture. DUI deaths weren’t considered that bad “if you didn’t mean to hurt anyone” but MADD has changed that.

  227. The crazies are out in full force. Two of McCain’s campaign offices received packets of white substance in the mail today and several staffers had to go to the hospital as a precaution. They have yet to determine what was in the packets.

  228. myiq: “I believe in redemption. Teddy has redeemed himself.”

    Has Ayers as well, then?

  229. Teddy is not the issue, but hey when the great and mighty do fall-and spend the rest of their life making up for it-their work towards redemption can produce great things…Chappaquidick may have cost Teddy the white house but it may also have saved his soul.

    It is to bad someone had to die to show another what the value of a life of service to others ia rather than service to oneself. The real hero’s in Teddy’s story were Mary Jo and his then wife Joan as always it is the women who pay for their men’s spiritual failings.


  230. Pat that is terrible, I bet their is some Obat teenager out there who is laughing his A$$ off…to bad, in a few days he will realize when to SS officers knock on his door that he has ruined his life and most likely soiled is already dirty candidates campaign.

    Politics Chicago style strikes again!


  231. please release my comment form moderation-


  232. My 17 year old brother was killed by a drunk illegal alien on the wrong side of a divided freeway when I was 23. 2 sisters, age 13 and 16, and another boy, 17 were critically injured. One sister had her face torn off as she went through the windshield, the other has epilepsy. The boy had his spleen removed. They all had multiple breaks, cuts and spent over 6 weeks in the hospital.

    The perpetrator walked away unscathed and was deported. This was October 26, 1975.

    It’s been 33 years since anyone in my family knew how to be totally happy, and we don’t have all of their physical scars.

    I have no sympathy on this subject. Choices were made by those that had a choice, and others picked up the tab.

  233. Upstate:

    I don’t know, lets make his life an open book, then I will decide.

  234. Sorry to hear that Carol, I really am.

    Question: I do not know the details about TK…did he serve any time in prison?

  235. myiq: fair enough.

  236. Carol yes I agree My Douglas fought long and hard against his Alcoholism I the end he triumphed…and no one was killed but for the garce of God I go.

    I think that is why he was called home when he was it is because he had faced down his dragon and had his own redemption.


  237. Fuzzy, everything all right where you live?

  238. I’m so sorry, Carol.

    MADD did a huge service to this country. And they were mocked too when they started out. It used to be perfectly normal for people to drink and drive and “have one for the road”.

  239. Carol:

    My sympathies, but Teddy did what many of us have done, he got behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

    I drove drunk. far more than once, but once I got caught, I stopped.

    He didn’t try to hurt anyone, but he did.

    Nothing can make what he did right.

    But he can redeem his life, and he has.

  240. Carol- I am sorry too I have always supported the work of MADD. I guess that is why I have no tollerance for weakness…moral of physical, “I was drounk..” is nave a good excuse for me…and “I am acting in a bi-partisan way” is also a no winner in my book.

    selling your soul is selling your soul and lives are ruined dont make excuses.

    fuzzybeargville off to the bunker

  241. I love Lou Dobbs! He really enjoys his Obama moments. Laughing at the stupidity of him going after McCain’s homes and thus opening the door to his own skeletons.

  242. I am in gainesville with YTD’s Christina lots of rain and gust of wind (not very strong yet) the storm is supposed to pass over us @ 2 am I am off to the secure bunker that we use during these storms(its next to cheney’s LOL…Pat I will relay your message to Dick) I will be busy the next few days we could lose about 80% of our grid if the winds get up over 35 mph.

    In case any one did not know I work for the power company…Take care all and to the FLA pumas Good Luck and godspeed!


  243. The States of Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas will be forever linked.

  244. As a criminal defense attorney I learned most criminals aren’t evil.

    They are weak.

    True evil is rare.

  245. MyIQ: I’m a prosecutor. We are a diverse sort on here.

  246. I see absolutely NO FORCE whatsoever in the argument that Kennedy has “redeemed himself” after leaving Mary Jo to die in the sunken car. I’ve never understood why he didn’t even get a manslaughter conviction. This man had tons of time to get someone else capable of jumping in to save her. That’s the HEIGHT of irresponsibility and selfishness and simply not caring much about the life of a woman! I hope he has nightmares hearing her running out of air calling, pleading for him, anyone, to save her!

    Of course, his recent gratuitous insults of Hillary just adds to my antipathy for him.

  247. Good God. Some idiot on TM claims that McCain is lying, LYING I tell you! when he says that some of the houses he doesn’t even own, Cindy does. Why is McCain lying, according to this rube?

    First off, Cindy cannot own a home alone without him, unless they have the strangest marriage on the planet,

    LMAO! The moron evidently thinks that women can’t own property once married, and has never heard of a pre-nup (which I’m pretty sure the McCains have – Cindy is no dummy.)

  248. the bunker? Oy, take care.

    Redemption issues aside, I checked online and it would seem that Mr. Kennedy did not “serve” any time in jail. If someone knows otherwise, please let me know.

    Was this the norm back then or did his economic/social status allow for this?

  249. Sorry for the outburst! Drinking, Driving and making excuses for it just really sends me over the edge.

    (BTW, those were not my sisters, they were sisters that literally lived in a shack with their mother. My brother befriended them. He was in a new program at school his senior year where he went half day to high school and half day to junior college. A kind of pre-AP course situation. He was so excited to see the man on the moon and wanted to be an astronaut. My son looks so much like him. He was a boy scout almost finished with his Eagle Scout. My son wore his scarves and slides when he was in Scouts later.)

  250. Just saw Diane Matouvelous on Hardball – outstanding job. Told Chris Matthews about media sexism in the campaign, and told him flat out that we didn’t care what Hillary said or who his vice-prez would be, Plain and simple, we are not voting for him.

  251. WSJ/NBC just announced poll showing that only 52 % of HIllary supporters will vote for Obama, 17% will vote for McCain…

    also, CNN has a piece on Hillary’s debt … it’s still huge according to them?

    any one need links?

  252. Cindy has a pre nup, and I’m certain she and her company own real estate as investments that her husband doesn’t know about. Yes, together they are very wealthy people. However, she inherited that money from her father. She has every right to spend it as she wishes. And, frankly, Im certain he doesn’t get involved in her business affairs.

  253. Ben:

    A prosecutor first told that to me, and he was right.

    That doesn’t mean that criminals shouldn’t face the consequences of their actions.

  254. fuzzy – be careful. Once again, if Hillary clicks her ruby reds to head back to NY from Florida to declare “I’m made as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”, please signal to her that we love her and are behind her 100 %!

  255. When I worked as a medical librarian, I learned a given:

    When a drunk driver and his victims came into the ER, if anyone survives it will be the drunk driver. Lots of people have tried to find out why [sedated effect on driver, more relaxed body so less damage, etc], but all the medical people just feel like hell when that happens.

    I’m so sorry about your loss, Carol.

  256. ben, my husband has a little house in Italy that I could never touch, even were we to divorce. It’s been in his family for generations, and even in a community property state, you only split what was accumulated during the marriage, not prior. And that’s with no prenup!

    The sheer unthinking ignorance of the “defenses” the bots are scrambling for is keeping me highly amused today. 🙂

  257. Why didn’t someone tell us Diane was on?

  258. Thanks everyone. I really didn’t mean to go off on a tangent.

    The injustice of this campaign has touched a lot of nerves on a lot of levels.

    Back to Hillary!

  259. WMCB:

    “Community property is any property acquired during the marriage by the effort, skill or industry of either spouse.”

    “Separate property is any property acquired by one spouse prior to marriage or after separation, or during the marriage by gift, bequest, divise or descent.”

    That’s law school barf.

  260. Again, wait until McCain works up the $250k hard luck story.

  261. McCain doesn’t spend time at the locations. BO is reaching for straws! Someone got a match?

  262. Has anyone noticed that those numbers of Hillary supporters that will not support Barky increase after Hillary campaigns for him. that number was at 75 and now it is at 52. The polls showed Barky winning Nevada before Hillary’s fundraiser there for him and after she left, McCain was winning by 3+

  263. My son’s friends’ parents divorced Senior Year of High School. Dad inherited nice antiques during the marriage from his parents. They were probably in the $60k dad, $40k mother range of income.

    Dad moved out his antiques which was most of their furniture, including the bedroom furniture his son had used for over 10 years.

    It wasn’t pretty.

  264. Obama is talking about houses and crooked associates…say what?! Obama the republican’s strategy is to attacks the OPPONENT’S strongest points not their weakest. Obama you drew first blood…

  265. Downticket: (snickers) My, my Hillary, what have you created?

  266. Okay, now that I have cheered everyone up, I am heading to the store for some diet coke, skittles and winning Mega Millions ticket.

  267. Carol:

    No tequila?

  268. It’s interesting you all are bringing up MADD. I was just thinking yesterday (MADD being in the news again as it fights university presidents who want to lower the drinking age), that if we are successful early PUMA history will one day read very much like early MADD history: a group of people, mainly women, being laughed at, who ultimately change the terms of a debate, and then the culture.

    And then I realized: we should use MADD, its history, and its strategies as a textbook. We should locate/recruit MADD PUMAs, and work together.

    A thought for those in PUMA leadership.



  269. On the other thread…..someone said. Britt HUME SAID. Hillary supporters will deceide the election. !!!

  270. Fresh off of the presses:

    I believe BO is going to need a transfusion soon!

  271. Hillary-zila – WE ALREADY HAVE!

  272. I actually found this post humorous in all the right ways. “like bashing a cat for having fur.” Well, of course! Obama is not just inexperienced, now he is just a plain fool. The anti-people-with-money crowd is already in his hip pocket. Much of the rest of the world actually aspires to have what John McCain lucked into by marrying Cindy. And not a one of us wouldn’t like to wake up and find out that our spouse is secretly wealthy! McCain is living our aspirations, as is, honestly, Obama. But good for McCain: he doesn’t feel guilty for doing well. This is beginning to be funny to watch. Who wants to bet that Obama actually LOSES poll points after the unseemly coronation at Invesco Field?

  273. MADD PUMAs, that’s great!

    Reminds me of a joke:

    MADD = Mathematicians Against Drunk Deriving

    Don’t drink and derive.


  274. Chris Matthews admitted that the Clinton supporters were the key to winning the election.

  275. Chris Matthews needs meds. The man is intolerable.

  276. I’d to repost this from a newcomer from the Invitation page who said she just found us:

    “This is one working woman who’s pretty angry – and when momma’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

    You said it, Joanelle.



  277. Pat, that made his grudging admission all the more musical.

  278. Cavuto……admits Puma/Justsaynodeal…..much larger then he though……..Britt Hume…..Mathews
    saying Hillary supporters…….are the key. What has happened. one guess

  279. Maggie:

    Momma don’t get dressed up for nothing

  280. I heard that Brit Hume said it on FOX as well – Hillary’s voters will decide this election.

    PUMA ROAR!!!!!!! 👿

  281. I like how McCain is fighting back, and Obama’s poll numbers are going to drop like a lead balloon. As for bumper stickers, I saw this one about a year ago: “I’d rather hunt with Dick Cheney than ride with Ted Kennedy.”

  282. I look forward to Chris Matthews’ tearful apology to BO for his part in helping him lose the election.

  283. Diane did not hesitate to tell Chris Matthews what she thought of the media’s role in the gender bias of the primaries. He replied something to the effect that he examines his comscience regularly.

  284. I would agree. That property purchased with her inheritance and can be tied directly to that inheritance is hers. I think Kerry could claim interest in Teresa’s Beacon Hill home because it was in both their names. But her farm near Pittsburgh was all hers. I also heard that he signed a pre nup before he married her. That is a common practice.

  285. Conscience? Please, he doesn’t even have a soul.

  286. I hope it’s not just me…..but is…….CNN and the Obama campaign coordinating this …….House, bullshit. Isn’t this ilegal.

  287. This made me cry, a video sent by NOW. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones reading a poem in honor of Rosa Parks.

    It’s called “And The Women Gathered.” Video to the right.


  288. New Hampshire: Obama’s Big Lead Now Down To A Virtual Tie

    The presidential race in New Hampshire is now a toss-up. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state finds that Barack Obama’s once-double-digit lead over John McCain is down to a statistically insignificant one-point lead, 43% to 42%.

  289. This is just to obvious.

  290. isn’t there a radio show on tonight that MAblue was talking about??

  291. I’m guessing Matthews examines his conscience frequently if it’s in the vicinity of his tingly leg.

    Matthews, Cafferty and Dowd are making me ashamed of being half-Irish. Thank God for Darragh Murphy.

  292. baha, there is a hilarious video on youtube making fun of the Democrats stupid choices this year and Obama’s VP pick:

  293. Carol, that new McCain ad hits hard.

    As for housing, all I know is, Obama just had a big one dropped on him. Has anyone seen him; maybe he can’t raise his head up yet?

    Sarah: I hate that friggin weasel!

  294. Fox News about to show new Ayres ad!

  295. For what it’s worth Downticket, I have been a democrat in exile since 1996.

    Obama is not my guy.

    The reshaping, remaking or destruction of the democratic party and what it has been for at least a generation is my thing

  296. myiq

    Of course one rich guy condemning another rich guy for being rich is ridiculous.

    It is accusing a wealthy guy of being out of touch due to his wealth that can be an effective weapon a la Poppy Bush and the scanner ( and again, that the scanner story is a myth makes its use by democrats in ’92 against Poppy all the funnier).

  297. Actually, I did a little research a few weeks back on TK and the Chappa-can’t-spell-it incident. Ted and Mary Jo were headed out for a romantic tryst when he apparently took a turn too fast and drove the car into a ferry slip. He got himself out of the car, swam across a slough to his hotel, changed his clothes, tried to set up a phony alibi by engaging a hotel employ in conversation, and then didn’t report the accident for more than 10 hours (and only then after the car had already been found). The ME determined that Mary Jo did not die on impact, but in fact, drowned. I believe they found her body in the back of the car with her face smashed up against the window like she was trying to find the last pocket of air.

    Ol’ Ted got off with a minimal fine (low thousands), minimal probation, and a sealed record.

    I’ve got no use for the gutless scoundrel, not even before he called the Clinton’s a racist.

  298. Wow, Obama really is playing out of his league now, isn’t he?

    I must say I’m really impressed with whoever is on the McCain team. I expected the usual dour, flag-beating, Republican stale stew…But no!! The ads I’ve seen are hilarious — I don’t recall any candidate (especially a Repug!!) having ads that are so dang funny. The two “The One” ads are a scream…And McCain team’s quickfire responses, like this one about the houses, are just breathtaking. Pointed, funny, and spot-on, easy to understand…they remind me of Howard Dean way back when in the good old days (too bad he decided to use his power for not-good instead of good)…Big kudos to whoever he hired. Obama is learning the difference between having an election handed to you and having to actually work for one.

  299. Carolyn Mann – thanks. I agree.

  300. Hi from New York And thanks for the web site. It was just the thing I had been looking for. It has helped me no end. Thanks again

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