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Wednesday: Signs of things to come?

This is Obama vs McCain Electoral College Map, Aug 20, 2008:

Electoral Votes: Obama 263, McCain 261

And here is a snapshot of the Electoral College Map from Aug. 20, 2004:

Kerry 301, Bush 213

Electoral Votes: Kerry 301, Bush 213

We all know how 2004 turned out.  It sure looked like a cake walk back then, didn’t it?  It looks like an uphill struggle today, especially when you consider that back on June 20, Obama was leading McCain 317 to 194.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

And fallen.

Get a clue, DNC.

Update: Ayayayay!  Pumaalliance says it’s worse than we think.  RealClearPolitics has a more chilling electoral college map of the latest polls and it ain’t pretty.  McCain leads Obama 274-264.  Oh, and then there was the little matter of the latest LATimes Poll released last night.  Yeah, yeah, it’s the LATimes but in *this* instance, its poll is not an outlier.  Obama leads McCain by a whisper,  45-43.

HELLLLOOO, DNC!  Obama is supposed to be cleaning the floor with McCain.  The Republicans are radioactive this year, remember?

Jeez!  Dean Democrats better wake up and smell the Starbucks.  If you don’t want to win the White House this year, get out of the way for the woman who does.

373 Responses

  1. My favorite point of that map: NY – weak Dem – B0 is less than 50% vote! And they didn’t even poll for the Greens – Cynthia McKinney has a VP from NY! That’s gonna be worth a few votes from Obama’s share too!
    I wasn’t looking forward to having to vote McCain, but it seems I am gonna have to.

  2. You know, it’s worse than it was yesterday. NY was dark blue yesterday and now it’s pale blue. I think he’s lost about 10 EV in the last 24 hours. He’s really going to tank when his VP is announced and it’s not Clinton.

  3. And, to make things more fun, he is announcing the VP from Chicago State Capitol – the place the Donner party started their ill fated journey. You know, the canibals…There’s an actual sign on the building about that

  4. Yeah, but the Donner party didn’t start off as cannibals. It just sort of “happened”.
    Then again, the Democrats do have a habit of eating their own after they lose…

  5. Ya’ know, there just wasn’t any reason to piss off West Virginia. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  6. Ball of flames!!!! = Democratic Party.

    Thankfully I got off at the Milky Way. I’m letting Hailey’s Comet hurdle toward oblivion with one less soul aboard.

  7. According to Real Clear Politics is is worse than that!


    (shameless plug)

    Obama 264 McCain 274

    (270 wins)


  8. Holy Hemiola! I’ve been asked to speak at the Beautiful Protest and Rise. Ack! Ack! Performance anxiety. What will I say?

  9. Get a clue or get some glue? It is all falling apart (no, not a “the sky is falling” moment, but it does not look that great, does it?)

    Performance anxiety…. over rated.

    Get to practice in an empty room with someone at the back…it is about projecting your voice, asked him/her to give you their brutal opinion, correct, and you will be fine.

  10. Be serious, RD. You can just open your mouth and let that magnificent brain do that heavy lifting. You perform all the time on the radio. Why are you there? Why do you care? What do you hope to gain? Thank everyone for coming, get off stage and take a shot of something yummy. Or you could take the shot first. Might help.

  11. Nothing new but why not?

    Obama Played by Chicago Rules
    @ WSJ


    Mr. Obama has never stood up against Chicago’s corruption problem because his donors and allies are Chicago’s corruption problem.

    Mr. Obama is not the reformer he now claims to be. The real man is the one they know in Chicago — the one who won his first election by depriving voters of a choice.

  12. You always sound confident and express yourself well on the radio RD. The words will come naturally because of your passion. Presentation software helps to get all the important points down and rehearse them but I am sure you will be fine!

  13. riverdaughter, on August 20th, 2008 at 7:35 am Said:
    Holy Hemiola! I’ve been asked to speak at the Beautiful Protest and Rise. Ack! Ack! Performance anxiety. What will I say?

    Good Morning Conflucians! RD, just close your eyes & let Hypergraphia guide you. I know that you’ll be inspiring as you do here on the Confluence.

    (sniffing) I’m so proud of our blog-momma! Wish I could be there!

  14. Off topic a bit but I just read that Rachel Maddow will be taking Dan Abram’s slot on MSNBC at 9pm. I truly believe that they couldn’t sink any lower.

  15. Regency: I just get the feeling that McCain is going to wipe the floor with Obama. Take a look at Obama’s newest technique. He’s claiming that McCain is out of touch with middle class Americans. Hello! McCain is out of touch? This from a man who said that small town Americans are bitter and that is why they are clinging to guns and religion? While he is setting up the Democratic National Convention to be a revival tent? Well that’s the pot calling the kettle, oh, nevermind, we won’t go there. JAY-sus. What a maroon. That little meme will never be seen again once McCain dispatches it.
    Ooo, I love this blip from one of a political media watchdog group:

    “If you can go quietly negative, that’s what he’s done; I think the perception is that he’s still running the positive campaign,” said Evan Tracey, president of the Campaign Media Analysis Group of TNS Media Intelligence, which monitors political advertising. “It’s a pretty smart, high-low, good cop/bad cop strategy.”

    Ahh, yes, Axlerod’s whole illusion is “perception management”. That is the most insidious thing about it.
    For the first time in my life, I am cheering on the Republican to make mincemeat of the bastard.

  16. Ha, I finally saw the non-hug on the news. hee.

  17. “For the first time in my life, I am cheering on the Republican to make mincemeat of the bastard.”

    Bad progressive, bad, bad, bad…

  18. Perception Management? LOL!

    So if Obama is in a statisitcal tie with McCain when he should be over the top by 10 points, it’s a half-full glass moment.

    I wish I could remember where I saw it , but it said that generally, Republicans do pull up in the last 2 months, while Dems consistently go down. If you have a healthy margin to absorb the decline pattern, then OK. We saw it with Gore, we saw it with Kerry. But Obama has no healthy margin. In fact he’s STUCK on the 40s and hasn’t come up.

    But we can throw these numbers in the O-bots faces, do great presentations, showing previous elections and how the trend is very much a fact in elections, and it won’t matter. I just hope that a handful of SDs with an ounce of conscience and pragmatism read these numbers and start a floor fight.

  19. I’m a bad, bad progressive, but a very good liberal.

  20. Regency, chapeau!

  21. Buenos Dias SM.

  22. Gerry Ferraro was on CBS just now and they were going over VP picks. She said she’d pick Biden but Hillary would be good.

  23. @ RD “What will I say?” Tap tap, is this thing on.

  24. ¡Buenos dias Upstate! I read somewhere that you’re moving? Wow – good luck with packing, hope your son is liking the move!

  25. Looking at the maps again, it would seem things are pretty much the same in New England (give or take), while the Great Lake’s region and the West Coast have gone bluer.

    Now, parts of the rust belt and most of the South do not bide well for the Ds.

    Not to worry, though, who needs OH or FL when you have the Dakotas “almost” within your reach.

    Can we have the mother of all caucuses for the GE?Those who cannot attend are obviously not energized/informed/relevant enough to count.

  26. D’OH! You’re not supposed to declare that you’re for McCain. I don’t want a Republican in the White House.
    Now, if McCain wants to switch parties…

  27. I forgot that Hillary’s family was Republican. Man.

  28. Oh, yeah! The Dakotas. The rapidly depopulaticing Dakotas. With their teeny, tiny electoral college votes. That are mostly Republican.
    I’m sure they’re lovely places to visit but honestly, how many campaign stops can they reasonably expect?

  29. Regency, yikes, damn those Brits!!!! Lies I tell you, lies…oh wait…

    SM, yeah we are finally moving this week end.

    Son is OK with it because he has been “helping” fix the place for the last few months and actually is quite excited about his new room. Grandma is moving too to the unit downstairs (she is 86) and she will have cable (CN and Nick), so he will be in heaven.

  30. I’ll say it again, for Axelrod’s conversation with the American public to work, you all need to suspend your disbelief…

    Victory in the Dakotas will be ours. Now go vote for O.

  31. Like Obama, I just want somebody to do the heavy work for me. I don’t want to ever say I voted for McCain so I am hoping good old Massachusetts shows McCain leading in the polls come November (if Hillary is not on the ticket) and I can very easily let others decide the outcome. If it is close, only then will I hold my nose yet another year and vote McCain. No Obama under any circumstances.

    But if things work out next week, I am ready and willing to work as hard as I can on her behalf which is what I have wanted all along. I won’t lift a finger for the Fraud.

  32. Well edge, what do you want? After all the old dude totally cheated during the Faith Forum.

  33. Downticket, Did you catch the last line of the article? Obama supporters can never resist the temptation to bash Hillary.

    I am beginning to think that most Obama supporters have tourette’s.

  34. John McCain takes substancial lead is up by 5%
    Democrats chose the weakest candidate AGAIN

  35. Did you guys read the article? The clinton supporters said that it shouldn’t be read as endorsement of McCain.

  36. No, seriously, I think Mc has consolidated his base after the Forum, while O has yet to do so.

    After the convention we will see the Ds’ numbers go up, as many of “those people” finally see reason.

  37. when we did that roll call here, if I remember correctly, there were only three states not represented and two of them were Dakotas. I think they might be mythical.

    this VP thing is being overplayed. I think the longer they draw it out the more people are going to realize they just don’t give a crap. the secrecy thing is Bush-like. we’ve been there and done that, didn’t work out so well.

    RD, just speak from the heart. picture your audience naked. if all else fails, lead the ‘fish’ cheer. ha – that would be the only thing that got media coverage.

    Upstate, how exciting! you’ll finally be in your new home!

  38. riverdaughter, on August 20th, 2008 at 7:13 am Said:
    Ya’ know, there just wasn’t any reason to piss off West Virginia. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Totally agree Riverdaughter.

    I want to hear any kind of lucid explanation of why nearly all of WVa superd’s went for The One when Hillary won the state by 41 points (48, if you count the Edwards vote). This TOTALLY sticks in my craw. If I was a WVa voter I’d be screaming bloody murder 24/7.

    And VA will be deep red in November if O is the nominee, even though there are likely to be 1 or 2 Dem pick-ups of open congressional seats. Anyone who thinks VA is voting for The One understands NOTHING about this state. That includes the entire Kaine apparatus (largely imported; he’s a carpetbagger himself) and Dean’s DNC imports in Richmond and NoVA.

  39. Yes, the VP thing is being strung out too long.

    But The One had to do something to change the subject from his dismal performance Saturday night.

    He doesn’t do substance, so it has to be buzz about text messages.

  40. Even that hateful Karl Rove admitted that Hillary is ready to be president and that Obama is making an error in not choosing to run with her because the combined ticket would beat McCain!! He indicated that she has all the experience he lacks.

    So my question is: if she is so experienced why is he sitting at the top of the ticket? He also said that Biden would bring the foreign affairs question of experience to the table. Again, if he is so experienced why is Obama at the top of the ticket? Then he mentions that Bayh brings executive experience since he as twice governor of IN which will shore up questions in that area. Need I ask the question a third time? If this guy needs so much support “experience” wise what is he doing at the top of the ticket under any circumstances? This is not a beauty contest.

  41. Add to this mess the now little-mentioned fact that during the primaries Obama often did just slightly WORSE than he polled, come election day. Oy.

  42. “But The One had to do something to change the subject from his dismal performance Saturday night.”

    Si, that and all those pesky polls.

  43. Well, I MISSED the majority of Sen. Clinton’s call last night (grrrr!!!) but I got a summary from some people. More or less, she asked her supporters to support her at the convention, there will be a delegate room in Denver, there will be HRC “whips” in each state delegation, and of course she reiterates her support for Sen. O.

    Basically no news is good news (“release” was NEVER mentioned) and on to Denver!

  44. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones Rushed To Hospital
    please pray for her

  45. I dont pray but will be sending good thoughts her way.

  46. Pat J, I just spent fifteen minutes screaming that at the tv screen. If he needs 5 veeps to make up for what he lacks, why is he in top spot? America, wake up and smell the misfortune!

  47. I’m overdosing on schadenfreude…

    But I’m also even more angry than ever. The punditry and Oborg realize that The One is tanking, and what is their solution? Make Hillary Clinton the VP!

    Even though I doubt it would happen at this point, if she is asked, I hope she says no. People talk about how “historic” it would be for a woman to be the VP…. but I have some alternate desirable history — a woman who is publicly abused and vilified by male political establish stands up and says “NO MORE”.

    If the Democratic Party is finally beginning to realize that they made a mistake, and that they need Hillary Clinton to win, she should say ‘top of the ticket, or nothing’. I’m not going to be treated like crap by you people for two years, and then bail you out on YOUR terms a week before the convention when it finally dawns on you that you screwed up. I’ll bail you out, but it will be on MY terms.”

  48. Stephanie Tubbs was found unconscious behind the wheel of her car. I haven’t heard anything else since.

  49. captstufp
    the most important part of what she said: she will not release her delegates!

  50. Regency, the rage/hate needs to end.

    Fifteen minutes? How did Ed react?

  51. With all the pundits remarking on the VP candidate selection and underscoring the “support” he needs to qualify his lack of experience, it reminds me of someone putting on a pair of high heels for the first time. Wobbly.

  52. Upstate: He’s giving me a nice neck rub right now and running me a warm bubble bath. He reacted fairly well to my rage.

  53. Paul Lukasik: Or to put it more succinctly, f*ck you DNC!

  54. Today is the money day!

    Who knew Dean’s 50 state strategy would work so well for McCain! Congratulations DNC, Dean, Nancy, Brazil, MSNBC, ……………………………… The Gold Medal of Ignorance and Deceit.

  55. ” underscoring the “support” he needs to qualify his lack of experience, ”

    Not good, is it? Then again, remember the “gravitas” thing with GWB?

  56. Regency: Houston, we have a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. another Hillary SD, dina titus NOT attending the convention…

    God, does anyone want a part of these shenanigans. Next thing we know Bill’s gonna call in and say he has to wash his hair that day.

  58. Regency, heh. Some men are like that. You seem to have found your soul mate. Good for you!

    I guess Pat and Carol (and Joaniebone too?) couldn’t give him what he needed.

  59. Reg – stop pretending. While Eddy is fine with dropping you to your first day of college, he assures me anything else you think about him is totally inappropriate so please stop “this nonsense”.

  60. UpstateNY: *&^&^^%$!D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Pat, Carol, Regency (and others), calm down,

    I am sure Ed has enough love to share with all of you.

  62. I’m sorry Pat, but Upstate is right. Apparently, I’m the one he dotes on. It’s all right though since Big Dawg is my soulmate. He’ll be back for some love and affection while Hillary’s off campaigning for President in a month.

    (By the way, ya’ll should be glad I’m not going to Bryn Mawr after all. It’s right outside of Philadelphia. Only 15 minutes away from Eddy. No long-distance relationship there.)

  63. I hope I didn’t cross any line with the Ed thing.

    As my self imposed punishment, I will go pack some boxes now.

  64. Good news about the Hillary conference call last night. She still has to “support” BO. But I love the “whips” in each state delegation. I need to talk to some of the KS pledged delegates to get their impression.

    Riverdaughter, you’re very presence is all that is necessary. What you say is not as important as who you are. It’s about Hillary. Keep building her up. Keep reminding everyone about the historic nature of her candidacy. Keep her the subject of it all. You have literally thousands, maybe millions, standing beside you. You will be fabulous. You are fabulous!!!

  65. I just viewed that video of Hillary and Richardson and it reminded me of a scene from the movie, “National Lampoon Vacation”, where Cousin Eddie was trying to kiss Beverly D’Angelo good bye and she did all she could to get away from him without causing a scene. Hilarious! Hillary looked like Richardson had onion breath or something and couldn’t put enough distance between the two of them.

  66. The poll from the link seems gone…

    But is the 45-43 margin even statistically significant??? If it is, then they are actually tied (assuming a =/- of 2%)….

  67. paul lukasiak, Phila, PA,

    Right on the money! I don’t want Senator Clinton to be in anything that could be construed as subservient to Junior… Top of the ticket or nothin’!


  68. Bill Maher from Larry King last night. *bangs head on desk*

    MAHER: Yes. Look, I may change my mind tomorrow. I’ve been thinking this way a long time, but I swear to God. Not just because it’s bold and they need to show bold, but you know what? I think they need the Clinton ruthlessness onboard. I really do.

    I’m beginning to think Bill Clinton is still the only guy in that party who really knows how to do this, as far as talking to the American people, making the counter argument to the Republican arguments that, again, Obama just seems to be cozying up to their way of thinking. “Oil drilling? Yes sure. I’m for that. Wiretapping? Like that, too. Religious nut? I can get onboard there.” I’m telling you, I like this guy but…

    Oh, NOW you are waking up and smelling the coffee, Mr. Maher? After months of millions of us trying to TELL you to go with the winning team or the Dems would be TOAST? NOW you have a sudden epiphany that you have to connect with the middle-America voters and know how to WIN while championing DEMOCRATIC IDEALS with PRIDE?

    My God, the elitist “creative class” don’t have the common sense God gave a goat.

  69. WMCB: Exactly. And I remember when Bill had Ed Rendell on just before the PA primaries and was so rude to him because of his support for Hillary. He was smirking and interrupting and making fun. Now all of a sudden Obama seems to have wounded his Liberatarian sensibilities enough that he appears to be foundering in his support. We could have all told him that from Day 1 but he was gung ho for Obama and willing to trash Hillary. Oh well, as they say, the chickens do come home to roost.

  70. A lot of the pollings orgs do factor in cell phone users. That was an objection spoken to quite a while back.

  71. Maher, is just a big sexist pig. Have you seen the way he treats attractive women he has on the show. It doesn’t matter how accomplished they are, he always has to add in the sexual innuendo.

    He makes me sick.

  72. Good Morning. You guys need to stop quibbling over Eddy. He probably is not worth it.

  73. They call cell-phones. It is just a myth that they only call land lines.

  74. BREAKING!!!!

    BREAKING: Stephanie Tubbs Jones Rushed to Hospital


    Apparently last night before 10 pm….from her car to hospital….

  75. Upstate:

    Aren’t the Great Lakes on the West coast?

    According to the Obamanation map they’re in Oregon

  76. It makes me sad that no one quibbles over my boo like this.

  77. Maher is an idiot. There is no Clinton ruthlessness just political backbone. Hillary can stand firm and fight for the issues she believes. Barky is a coward and a wimp. He always gives in. He voted present 130 times!

  78. RD: It is only natural that you would speak! You have such a flair. Just speak what is in your heart…the rest will follow. You will be great. I can’t wait to meet and hear you in person.

  79. I’ll never be part of a poll, because I don’t answer the phone unless I know who it is.

    Even then it’s 50/50

  80. Just for the record: Bill Maher has had a steady flirtation with both Ariana Huffington and Ann Coulter. There was some fall out with Ann but he is pretty tight with Ariana. But he is a pig.

  81. obviously they are factored in… BO has always “over” polled in the primaries…so if they weren’t factored in that would have been the opposite.

  82. Bill did a lot more than flirt with Coultergeist

  83. RD
    Prepare, prepare, and prepare in front of your kids, just a short little piece, they’ll be happy to give you a little advice.
    That will be useful in case you dry up.
    However once you’re in front of the crowd, look at the first few faces and talk from your heart.
    It’s going to be a beautiful evening- wish I could be there!!!

  84. PJ, Carol, Reg – cant y’all just get along! there are plenty of guys to go around!

  85. of course … all the ones I know are gay (thank goddess!)

  86. IndigoGrrl: And there is “plenty of Ed” to go around too judging by his last tv appearance! However, I remain loyal.

  87. Bill Maher generally only dates AA women, he was dating superhead.

  88. Doesn’t anyone think it is disrespectful to the VP person when barky decides that just sending text messages is enough and not have a press conference. If Hillary is the VP, it will show more of his disrespect for her. Since she already turned him down once or twice, do you think this is a way to blackmail her? He can’t ask her in public so he just sends a text message. She can’t publically refuse because the media will call her a bad teamplayer. Please God, let it be anyone but Hillary. He can even choose Pelosi. Anyone but Hillary

  89. “There is no Clinton ruthlessness just political backbone.”

    Exactly. Plus, they know how to talk to voters without being condescending. It’s amazing how rare that is.

  90. The only man I want is tall and red. I’m just playing keep away with Eddy. He’s my straight gay boyfriend.

  91. I forgot, myiq, jogrfy, unlike some pols, is not my forte.

  92. I am advising Hillary to take the battery out of her cellphone for the next few days.

  93. Yep, I wanted to go to the convention also, but, that is the DAY, my son goes to the desert. I don’t think I will be worth anything that day and may be a little too emotional/pissed to be of any value other than to be thrown in the cattle cells they have set up for us.

  94. I think Barry might even lose MA if he is the nominee…

    does anyone else feel Wesley Clark will be the VP candidate…

  95. And how will the message to the VP go: “Hi this is Barack. Michelle has decided you’re it! See you in Denver. XX00”

    How untoward!!

  96. I was polled this morning by polling point online.

  97. I have a gut feeling its going to be Kaine…. speaking as a Virginian

  98. Pat – I already called Sprint and had the Clinton family account cancelled.

  99. My hunch it will be Bayh. yawn

  100. Carol, always one step ahead.

  101. DMC is really the DMP :Dog in a manger party.

    The Dog in the Manger is a fable attributed to Aesop, concerning a dog who one afternoon lay down to sleep in the manger. On being awoken, he ferociously kept the cattle in the farm from eating the hay on which he chose to sleep, even though he was unable to eat it himself, leading an ox to mutter the moral of the fable:

    People often begrudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves.


    PUMAs: Strong, yet graceful in repose.

  102. I wonder if Barry is asking his granny and Michelle for advice about VP right about now. Maybe he just wants some comfort food that he can stomach . . . probably a spinach salad with some “bitters” mixed in.

    Come to think of it, I can’t think of anyone he has actually asked for advice except the sycophant six of Dean, Pelosi, Brazille, Axlerod, Jeremiah and Louis.

  103. I for one think it will be Jesus–well, the Holy Spirit because Jesus and God didn’t get that text message. They’ve switched networks recently and they don’t take TheOne Mobile.

  104. Please read the article about the private event with Carly Fiorina carefully. I attended that gathering of Hillary supporters in Scranton. At no time did Hillary’s brother indicate support for McCain.

  105. DRII: He has already dropped in the polls here in MA. Wish I could be certain that he tanks completely since we are pretty much blue most of the time. Although we did elect Mitt.

  106. Scranton: Then you’d better believe the media is there to create drama where there is none. Fun for everyone. You’d better believe Hillary’s gonna have to hear about it though.

  107. Poor Hillary. They are either screaming “get out now” to ensure his nomination or silently hoping she “gets back in” to save his election. Talk about psychodrama. Her head must be spinning.

  108. The Air America Radio Obomadroids are showing a gap in their ranks. Used to be all positive for BO) all the time but today, The Young Turks had a guest on and they both were critical of him and even thought McCain might beat him

    Ah, I love the smell of O’bots melting in the morning.

  109. WMCB: yeah and notice how Bill Mahar also can’t seem to give Hillary credit where it’s due. Never a mention of Hillary in that statement. (later he says unless she is not the top of the ticket)

  110. @ Carol,

    Where’s the site to check on the money?!!!! Today’s money DAY!!!!!!!

  111. McCain is going to chose Romney. Then MA will go Repub.

  112. Hillary’s camp has to announce it. But today’s the day.

  113. @ Pat Johnson,

    I mentioned the other day a very ugly conversation with family members (BO supporters) who told me (and they know I’m an HRC supporter) they only want HRC as VP because she’ll save his sorry ass (my words). They had the gall to say that they don’t like HRC at all and they think she’s immoral (EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!) I’m still fumming.

  114. Romney was not well loved here in MA. Spent most of his 4 years as governor out of the state running for VP. Many of us were very happy to see the back of him. We then turned to Deval who when elected took a leave of absence to be with his wife who had a nervous breakdown shortly thereafter. So far he has been a washout. We sure pick them here!

  115. #
    riverdaughter, on August 20th, 2008 at 7:35 am Said:

    Holy Hemiola! I’ve been asked to speak at the Beautiful Protest and Rise. Ack! Ack! Performance anxiety. What will I say?

    Tell ’em the truth…its not looking good and WE ARE NOT COMING HOME UNTIL THEY COUNT THE VOTES! Tell ’em they can watch this video and we will give them a free straight coffee…sobering isn’t it!

    Last Chance Superdelegates, Please to Do The Right Thing

  116. I think for the time being we should not worry so much about that number. And do NOT hype it, by God. I have no idea what it’ll be. We don’t need more disappointment this close to endgame.

  117. Just a minute on PA. I think it will go red…..all my bitter, clingy firends/relatives are highly irritated re OBambi. Maybe I am hopeful also but don’t think BHO will carry PA. I don’t understand polling in all its’ complexity………..but, outside of Philly, there is little love for Obambi.

  118. Regency, I don’t think Andrea Mitchell would probably think that the Holy Spirit brings the kind of paradigmatic change to politics that O does.

    No, the HS would not result in multiple Ogasms among many Ds.

  119. I’m guessing McCain will pick Huckleberry

    It locks in the fundie vote, improves his conservative cred, and as veep Huckster won’t scare people.

    I’ve seen him on Colbert and like McCain he’s funny and personable in interviews.

    This campaign isn’t gonna be about issues anyway

  120. Hillary killed him in PA as well as MA. These are the big states she would have easily won. His is a struggle. Counting those small states, especially those traditionally red, is banking on a lot by the DNC. His inexperience in the end is what will bring him down. People are very anxious right now and I doubt they are willing to place a bet on someone who lacks the experience he exudes. Better McCain than the hope and change crap he has been spouting. They don’t fill up your gas tank.

  121. Check out MODO’s attempt at sarcasm in the NYT this morning. Entertaining!!!!!!!!!

  122. the obots are showing their true hypocritical, shallow, selves. on MyDD last night there was a diary on the rec list that pushed for Hillary as VP, even though the author thought she was ruthless, hateful, yada yada…but if it means he’ll win, they’re willing to accept that. They really have NO principles or integrity.

  123. “I’ve seen him on Colbert and like McCain he’s funny and personable in interviews.”

    Si, …and we both share a taste for possum stew, or was it squirrel? Who cares, I love snails, so there.

  124. I hope not, because if I fetl like NC might swing to Obama I was going to hold my nose and vote McCain…if huckleberry is on the ticket there is no way I could do it. I bet there are a lot of people like me….

  125. I’ve got a feeling McCain will go with Ridge or Pawlenty. Huckabee gives him little at this point. McCain can almost bank on the RRight to lean his way, especially after the Sat forum. He uttered all the right words they want to hear. He may be able to go “bold” as suggested with a pro choice Catholic which may signal Dem women to vote McCain. Just a guess.

  126. My gut feel is that he’s lost New York. Yes, it’s true.

  127. Jees, with the candidates running this year and their choices of VP we may all find ourselves in the voting booth holding a can of Febreeze!

  128. MyIQ, “McCain will pick Huckleberry”

    My husband would LOVE that. He wrote an amusing ditty about him just before he dropped out. He still sings it now and then but, if Huckleberry’s the VP nominee he’ll get to sing it everyday!

  129. I’m with you gary – its imperative that I be OK to vote for Macx here in VA… but Huckabee is a deal breaker for me (as well as most LGBTs)

  130. as is I’m hoping that by November it’ll be hopeless for BO and I don’t have to vote at all… 😦

  131. I must reiterate, big burning flaaaaammmes.

  132. If the Flag Dancer (Axelrove) is the “Perception Manager” of the campaign, he better start working his magic in New York.

    I’m telling you, the big story is that Obama has lost New York this week.

  133. Florida: McCain Back Out Front 46% to 43%

    John McCain has recaptured the lead over Barack Obama in Florida, besting his Democratic opponent 46% to 43% in the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state.

  134. “if huckleberry is on the ticket there is no way I could do it. I bet there are a lot of people like me”

    More than Lieberman?

    Gary, I don’t think Obama is electable. We could all vote for him (most of us voted for Kerry, right?) and he’d still lose.

    So, I don’t think we have to vote for anyone we don’t want to. I’m not holding my nose for Obama and I’m not holding it for McCain either.

  135. Huckabee may be an amusing guest but he is a little too loony tunes for my taste. Anyone clinging to the bible that tightly and dismissing evolution is a kook. He needs a more mainstream choice for me to even consider a vote. It may just mean I stay home altogether because it will not push me back into Backtrack’s column either.

  136. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Barack Obama attracting 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 47% and McCain 46%.

  137. Did Micheal Moore really write an open letter asking Caroline Kennedy to be Obama’s VP?

  138. Lieberman wants desperately to be Secy of State or Defense. McCain knows he will turn off a lot of Dems that he seeks by placing Lieberman as VP. At least I hope he does.

  139. Pat – Casey is staying in jail today so you can leave and go back home.

  140. I predict that Obama’s first choice of VP candidate will have to withdraw. I forsee Eagleton II


  141. Here’s the problem Obama has winning independent voters:

    He’s run to the right, throwing away any distinction between the parties, and making the campaign about character rather than issues.

    So they run ads saying McCain and the GOP are scary boogeymen, and McCain goes on television and makes people laugh with warm, folksey schtick.

    Anyone recall Reagan’s “There you go again” comment that torpedoed Carter?

  142. twandx…

    If Air America was smart…(fat chance), they would put a rational progressive- meaning not an Obama worshipper in their line up…

    as most of us know, there is a huge pent up audience for such a radio show host…

    we have no where to go unless you have satelite radio or the couple of shows over the internet…

    I actually thought they would have replaced Randi Rhodes with a reasonable progressive…didn’t happen- who did they replace her with?

    Anyway several of the “PUMA” hosts are getting good and learning their craft well…

  143. I really despise Maureen Dowd. She is utterly loathesome. Her column today hits a new low. She needs someone to clear out the bile that is lodged in her throat.

  144. Carol: Any reason given?

  145. RD — for what to say — not much advice except I know when I first found The Confluence and your first couple of PUMA posts, I think you talked about if you thought you were alone, you’re not. (I’m at work so can’t take the time to check).

    What a wave of relief and joy washed over me when I realized that was true. So much of this campaign crap has been about making Clinton’s supporters feel like they are isolated and just have to put up with all this crap. It changed my life (sound dramatic but true) gave me somewhere to put my anger instead of actually turning it into bitterness and let me know that I wasn’t crazy, all the things that I thought were wrong really were wrong.

    I nkow not all PUMAs are female, but many are and others are in the same boat of having been in an ‘outside’ group who was made to feel CRAZY for feeling that they should have the same rights and respect as anyone else.

    So, that was totally disjointed, but Clinton also always made me feel profoundly un-crazy, like she created a community around her where we all belonged.

    So I’m throwing that in as a (very muddled) talking point suggestion!

  146. myiq2xu: Excellent analysis.

  147. Valhalla: Right on target!

  148. Good question. Since they are using this device to announce the VP choice I think they are using this as a ruse to gain more access to cellphone numbers they might not have otherwise.

  149. Man, one step ahead of me, RD. I was reviewing electoral maps on Monday for an upcoming post.

    The Washington Post has an interactive electoral map that you can do yourself. I tried it the other night, just going through and assigning states that I was certain about how they would fall, and then did the remaining 5 or 6 states on intuition. Guess what I came up with? 269 to 269, baby. Check it out: My Electoral Map. I couldn’t believe it.

  150. If “Likability” is a criteria for the Presidency, I believe a McCain/Huckabee ticket is unstoppable.

    And, hell — maybe it is.

  151. This just in from CNN:

    “”Clinton Strategy Working for McCain

    “John McCain’s attacks on Barack Obama on national security issues seem to be working: Polls show McCain has cut the Democrat’s lead in half … ‘The McCain team has been very open that they went to school on the Hillary Clinton campaign, that they learned from that,’ said CNN contributor David Gergen, a former counselor to three presidents.” And so on.

    Bad Hillary, teaching McCain all those dirty tricks!

  152. Huckabee is likeable, but I think he would be a deal breaker for many Dems who might otherwise consider McCain.

    He’s too far out on the right wing fringe to risk near the presidency.

  153. From an Illinois newspaper. I love this.

    If Barack Obama is elected president, our hapless governor will appoint himself as the replacement senator from Illinois.

    This will promote him from an Illinois embarrassment to a national embarrassment.

    To avoid this calamity, we all need to vote for John McCain.

    Robert Curtiss


  154. Annabellep — yikes!

  155. katie, I think you’re right, but if it came down to a week before the election and obama was within 5 pts of mccain here in NC, I would vote mccain. But if he had Huckabee on the ticket I just couldn’t do it. I think he is an extremist in sheep’s clothing.

  156. I cannot do a Huckabee nomination. Staying home may be the only option left.

  157. Good morning, all (It’s morning here, anyway 😉


    Huckleberry scares ME!
    What was the Reagan torpedo?

    Hi REG! Love those numbers!

  158. This campaign should have been about issues, not personalitiies.

    Hillary was the “issues” candidate.

  159. GCH: He’s a naked extremist, no wool.

  160. But, Plural – Is he enough to make people actually VOTE for Obama? Is Lieberman enough?

    If McCain runs ads about all of Obama’s dirty secrets will anyone want to vote for Obama? Is Huckabee THAT bad?

    I’m not planning to vote for McCain no matter what. I decided that I’m not holding my nose to vote and I mean it. Huckabee isn’t bad enough to make me overcome my dislike of Obama.

    Is he bad enough to make you vote for Obama?

  161. Plus, you guys haven’t heard mister’s song. It’s really cute.

  162. Hi Catarina! *waves*

    Sadly, it seems that Stephanie Tubbs-Jones is in a diabetic coma. I’m trying to get a link now.

    My heart really goes out to her and her family now.

  163. Catarina:

    Carter tried to paint Reagan as a dangerous extremist. After one attack during their debate, Reagan said “There you go again” claiming Carter was lying to people.

    Reagan came across as warm, funny and folksy instead of scary.

    Jimmy went back to Georgia, and Reagan went to Washington.

  164. Unless HIllary is the nominee, looks like this election will be a sweep for …. John McCain.

    I have made my peace about voting for McCain but I sure don’t want Hucklebee to be the VP. That development may make me rethink my vote to a write in.

  165. myiq2xu: This campaign was all about personalities since Obama had no record to fall back on. They made Hillary out as the Wicked Witch of the West and overlooked her policy positions for the sake of The Messiah. Now that it appears to be waning in the personality department they are stuck with defending their choice. He has nothing to offer outside of the glitz created around his candidacy and the public is no longer dazzled. We hate to say “we told you so” but we did.

  166. Delegate Alert:

    MA House Speaker, Salvatore DeMasi confirms that he will vote for Senator Hillary Clinton at the convention.

    Let’s keep track of delegates who confirm their support of HRC prior to the convention.

  167. McCain won’t go with Huckabee. It just doesn’t make sense.
    Not to mention Huckabee doesn’t have the hair.

  168. As if McCain wouldn’t have thought of attacking Obama on national security issues without that Bad Hillary showing him the way!


  169. McCain ain’t picking Rudy, no matter what the bloviating gasbags think.

  170. woohoo! go Sal D.
    It’s revenge against Deval Patrick!

  171. For the record: Sal DeMasi loathes Deval Patrick.

  172. The first time I spoke on national tv, in the 70’s, I was fired-up and full of my cause,and said all the things that needed to be said. In utter elation, I met with friends and colleagues later,and watched the rerun on the evening news. I watched, then I said,”oh my god, you couldn’t understand most of what I was saying.” I was speaking so fast. It didn’t seem it at the time, but nerves, and excitement got the best of me. I had done public meetings for a long time, but cameras and podiums and microphones are a different matter. YOur voice will carry because there will be a sound system, just speak slowly. If you want to practice anything, practice that, it is the biggest downfall to public speakers. Slowing it down also keeps you from committing another speaking sin, the Uh, err, um conundrum.

    Also, remember that the people there know who you are, and want to hear you. They want to show their respect for you, so enjoy that. It isn’t bad to be appreciated for doing good.

    I’m off to post another letter to the delegates at Together 4 Us. All the things that we have been waiting for have happened, save one. We still need one more dark corner of BO;s to be revealed. I am not sure that the Whitey tapes will suffice, but it is better than nothing. It will also be interesting to see how he spins his,”don’t pick on my racist, self-serving, white hating wife.” dialog.

  173. katie, there is no way I would vote for a ticket with Huckabee on it.

    Too fundie, too anti-evolution.

    An anti-science president just won’t cut it in the 21st century.

  174. FLVoter: Both Huckabee and Romney would be dealbreakers for me.

  175. The Latest on Stephanie Tubbs-Jones: here

    EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Fox News producer on Capitol Hill confirms through multiple sources that U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones remains unconscious Wednesday morning after driving off a road on Tuesday night

  176. The thing about Huckabee (besides his loathsome positions) is that he really DOES come across as a very nice, likeable guy. Watching him, even KNOWING how much I hate what he stands for, I found myself liking him as a person, thinking he sounded so reasonable and sane (I am talking human reaction here, nothing to do with his beliefs)….

    UNTIL…. In the midst of all that folksy likeability, something weird happens with his EYES. He says something, and just for a split second it’s like the batshit crazy peeks out of those eyes for just a flash. Then it’s gone, “poof!” and the really nice likeable guy is there again. It is one of the creepiest things ever!

    Does anyone else get what I’m talking about, or have noticed this phenomenon?

  177. Plural — I’m not campaigning for a McCain/Huckabee ticket. I’m not voting for McCain no matter who he picks for VP.

    My question was — Is Huckabee a bad enough VP to make you vote for Obama?

  178. chatblu

    Romney is harmless when he’s not building multi-million dollar skyscraper monuments that throw shadows across his neighbors’ yards..

    and come on, the white house would look so nice redecorated with all those nice life-sized portraits of the grandkids that Ann totes around!

  179. Katie, there’s a third option: I can choose not to vote.

  180. You guys do realize that we could all actually vote for Obama and he’d still lose in a landslide?

    My question isn’t so much about our personal deal-breakers as America’s

    WMCB — I get exactly what you’re talking about. But does that moment of Bat-Shit-Crazy equal Obama’s weaknesses? For most voters?

  181. chatblue

    I can tolerate Romney, I think? Anything I should know about Romney?

  182. WMCB: I have seen it and it is usually when he is trying to make a point.

  183. Plural, I know — that’s more than likely what I’ll do. I’m considering Nadar. But I don’t know….

  184. katiebird, I will not vote for Obama, period. Huckabee on Johnny Mac’s ticket will likely make me go Green. I may go McCain if he picks a sane VP.

  185. KB: I am going Nader, I think, unless SC starts to look like it is going Obama and then I may have to vote McCain.

  186. I didn’t vote in either election in the 1970s, so I’ve done it before.

    The prospect of Ronald Reagan, that old cowboy actor, in the presidency, made me vote in 1980 — lotta good that did 🙂

  187. “He’s run to the right, throwing away any distinction between the parties, and making the campaign about character rather than issues.”

    Agree with you on both counts.

    H was as far to the “right” as I was willing to vote this electoral cycle.

  188. on the polls…what about the fact that I take it they’re missing people without landlines? Have they thought of a way to pick up on the younger vote using cell numbers?

  189. FL Voter

    Romney was for choice before he was against it.

    Ann Romney as first lady…hmmmm…women’s rights set back a century….

    He’s a financial mastermind with really good hair. His ambition
    is pretty intense.
    In short, he’s a prick (can I say that here?)
    VP would be a springboard for a presidential run.

  190. hatsheput, it’s not just younger voters. Myself and both my sisters, all in our 40’s and 50’s, do not even have a landline. Ever since internet cable came along, there is no need – internet was the only reason many of us kept a landline for years.

    LOTS of voters, not just the young, are cell-phone only.

  191. I live in Big Smoggy, so I don’t need to worry about whether I should hold my nose (and lose my lunch) to vote for McCain.

    If California is “in play” then Obama is going down in flames already.

    I hope RD is right and I get to vote for a Democrat this November.

  192. RCP has Obama down in a major way.

    On the heels of the LAT/Bloomberg survey showing Obama dropping 10 points since June comes another piece of bad news from Reuters/Zogby. Their new poll, conducted Thursday through Saturday (August 14-17), shows McCain taking the lead away from Obama – a 12-point turnaround from last month when Obama led by 7:

    McCain 46 (+6 vs. last poll July 9-13)
    Obama 41 (-6)

    Overall, Obama’s lead in the RCP National Average is down to 1.9 points.

  193. caterina: I couldn’t have put it better.
    FL Voter: What she said, plus Bain Capital took a lot of jobs offshore. That’s all I could think of as he campaigned in Michigan, telling those poor people that he had a plan for them. What a sleazy weasel.

  194. Oh, katiebird!

    Mister’s song? Please share.

  195. Upstate:

    The bloviating gasbags point out that Hillary and Obama have similar voting records.

    But I firmly believe that Hillary is more liberal than her record, while Obama has no ideology other than Obama.

  196. @ Kim,

    Thanks for that snipet. On top of other missteps, I think Obama’s HI vacation was a big mistake. He lost sooo much ground. Romney is a politician that made his vacation work for, politically. While on vacation he and his sons (I think he has about 5) saved someone who was drowning in a lake. I was always suspicious of that story.

  197. Obama was Hillary’s protege. Obama’s ideology then was whatever Hillary told him it should be.

    He’d asked her to mentor him then stabbed her in the back. He took her nomination then tossed her presidency into the river.

  198. Sure Hillary and Obama may have similar voting records if you factor in that he has only about 300 days in the Senate and was probably required to vote no more that 10 friggin times!!!!!!! And let’s not forget that she has only been there 8 friggin years!!!!
    These pundits are braindead!

  199. RCP has an interesting story about Emil Jones, BO’s mentor, attempting to install his son in his senate seat. The son has no education, other than high school , but this is how it is done in Chicago.

  200. chatblu

    I would have had a much easier time voting for Mitt (for Pres) than I will for McCain. YUCK.

  201. I personally do not see McCain picking up much steam by naming Huckabee. His appeal is strictly among other like minded voters who oppose gay rights, evolution, stem cell research, fundamentalism, and let’s not forget commonsense. He gains little if anything with that selection.

  202. Laurie; Thanks, I just lost my breakfast with that link! Please God, make this end!

  203. Regency: didn’t he do that to Alice Palmer too?

  204. It won’t be Huckabee. McCain’s gotta balance keeping the unfaithful of the base happy with keeping US happy. We’re his ticket to this election.

  205. What will these nice people do with all their Obamafashion
    when he gets his ass handed to him in Nov…no I mean
    when Hillary gets the nom next week.

    “Bloviating gasbags” lololol

  206. Regency: Absolutely.

  207. Regency:

    McCain’s ticket to winning this election is Obama

  208. Pat, I agree. I think McCain has to be careful not to overtly piss off the religious right, but I don’t think he needs to cater to them with Huckabee. Not at this point. So long as he at least appears to somewhat toe the line, and doesn’t go out of his way to alienate them, they will grudgingly vote for him over Obama.

  209. CBN, yup.

  210. Hey guys those maps are WRONG. They only show 50 states… O has at least 7 more up his sleeves. Remember, he is running in the 57 or more united states of America!!! And that how Barry Soetoro will win the elections, Voila… US + Kenya + England + indonesia + Canada + Pakistan. Hummm I wonder what else.

  211. These poll numbers confirm our “delusions” don’t they? Suddenly, “experience” is vitally important to Americans. Well, duh. Also, McCain is now ahead on the issue of the economy, which is a huge indicator. At NOQ there was another poll reference: McCain is now up +5 in Ohio.

    I wish this VP nonsense would end. Just pick someone already. Anyone but Hillary that is. I don’t want her beautiful self anywhere near him. How can anyone think Hillary was “ruthless and hateful?” Show when when/where, because she dared to make him look foolish in the debates? She was too kind, if anything.

    It’s sad, but also makes me feel less crazy that the poll numbers are starting to reflect what we have been saying all along.

  212. I know the Party leaders are made of crazy, but this guy is radioactive–let’s get rid of him and get the lady that pretty much everyone agrees can kick McCain’s ass. Why is there even discussion of her in the #2 spot? It’s beyond sense.

  213. No way is McCain picking Huckabee. Conservatives are already coming on board, he doesn’t need to lean that far right. His campaign even talked to several states about their regulations for putting a “non-Republican” on the ticket, indicating he is seriously considering Lieberman.

  214. NQ has a good post on “Where’s Bo’s Bro?

    His youngest brother lives on $1 per month in a hut in an African slum.

    I guess BO should have brought him over to the South Side of Chicago to live in one of his slums.

  215. Would someone please tell Pelosi that the expiration date on Bo’s “freshness” has passed?


  216. I don’t think Obama is going to pick someone until after convention, because he has a good chance of losing the nomination.

    Also, this is just to keep himself in the news.

  217. Fif: That’s a distraction tactic. It was too blatant and they’ve been craftier than that. It’s all slight of hand. My money’s on Palin or Pawlenty.

  218. Would someone please tell Pelosi that the expiration date on Bo’s “freshness” has passed?

    Right now, he is like that milk that is still maybe sort of okay, so you can’t decide if it’s okay for just today, or whether to go ahead and toss it out.

    That milk never gets better. It’s already been as fresh as it was ever going to get.

  219. Romney sounds like a typical. I have to laugh, because he sounds a little like Obama, except for the financial mastermind. (I think that Obama would have no problem appointing pro-life judges if it would help him politically).

  220. MO wants Sebelius because it will be a slap at Hillary.

    MO has CDS

  221. CBN: He has to pick his Veep at the convention because that’s where the vp is nominated.

    SOD: Ick and that’s all I got.

  222. The Dems detest Lieberman. Putting him on the ticket would be another deal breaker in seeking the crossover votes McCain needs. He needs to stay mainline in order to attract those voters (us?). Placing either Lieberman or Huckabee on the ticket is just fodder for the Obama campaign. Ridge or Pawlenty buys him some breathing room in pursuit of unhappy Dems and wavering Indies. I think Lieberman is destined for Secy of State or Defense. This may placate the Jewish vote without alienating everybody else he must attract. Neither candidate has much of a lead that they can afford to take too large of a leap.

  223. PJ:

    Some Dems hate Lieberman, but not all.

    Picking Holy Joe could put NY and FL in the GOP column too.

  224. Pat J: Obama can’t even afford to run, much less leap.

  225. “The bloviating gasbags point out that Hillary and Obama have similar voting records.”

    That “may” be, but as an Atheist, I will not vote for someone who panders at the Saddleback Faith Forum. Define marriage? WTF were those answers? New paradigm indeed.

  226. Hey, if you are looking for the bottom of the barrel, look no further than the Obamabots! If it is politically incorrect or just plain hideous, they’re your guys! How low can you go? No need to ask; these crazies are only too happy to show you the way.

  227. NY is already heading to GOP territory without a veep. And FL is there!

    The question is, what’s left to turn blue?

  228. Regency: Me. Holding my breath while waiting for the supers to get off their tushies and turn this thing into a win.

  229. California – which could be flipped if McCain picks a hispanic as veep

  230. the similar voting records barky and Hillary have are on Iraq. I can’t remember where I saw the differences in their voting records but there are there and plenty. Do not believe this similar voting record meme. It is a lie

  231. “The question is, what’s left to turn blue?”

    I see the Dakotas turning completely blue once the Federation Headquarters moves to SF.

  232. myiq2xu: But with Lieberman always at his side it almost guarantees he will take a large chunk of that vote so why waste the effort on a VP slot. He may be just sitting back and waiting to see who The One chooses before he nails his pick.

  233. DT: of course it is. Most things used to discourage dissent from him to her was a lie. I’m used to it.

    Pat J: Eddy says stop! You’re hot and everything and he’s no racist, but he does not go for blue girls.

  234. poor barack. i think he’s running out of people to steal from. I wonder if he’ll turn out in drag to pretend he’s really a woman. who’s left to pretend to be? Ronald McDonald? Mickey Mouse? Who will American buy.
    What shiny penny is left? Poor, poor Obama.

  235. On obama’s run to the right to grab up indies: I think he (or his handlers) made the mistake of thinking that demographic was “religious” and “green” when really, they are mostly NOT “religious” at least from a voter perspective – the ones I know are more into civil liberties and lower taxes.

    He seems to be trying to posture to the most extreme right and left at the same time… leaving out the regular folks who aren’t into making bible-thumping rules for all Americans and just want to be able to eat and live with a roof over their heads for the work they do.

  236. Okay, does Obama know he is running for POTUS? I just read an article where he asks McCain to “lay off his character”. He does know that when you read for President, you are supposed to be a open book and that means nothing is off limits. So, how many things are off the table for discussion now with BO?

  237. michael moore wants obama to pick caroline kennedy….I thought you guys were joking abou that


  238. Veep will be Biden, I think we all know that.

  239. In moderation! Do you Tanqueray?

    DT: of course it is. Most things used to discourage dissent from him to her was a lie. I’m used to it.

    Pat J: Eddy says stop! You’re hot and everything and he’s no r^cist, but he does not go for blue girls.

  240. I hope everyone saw Lou Dobbs yesterday, joking and mocking the news media for being in the tank for Obama. And saying Obama still can’t get over the 50% mark.

  241. Biden doesn’t seem to think it’ll be him but what do I know?

  242. http://www.suntimes.com/news/marin/1116348,CST-EDT-carol20.article

    We do not need Chicago style politics in the White House.Children accept the things they learn from their parents are the norm.OB has learned from both his political and spiritual mentors that the tactics of Chicago are the ways of the world. SCARY

  243. OK, I include a url, AYUDA/HELP

  244. Biden for VP? Double eeww! Go for it Bobo. I’d like to see Biden go away as well. I guess obama wants to break some more rules and step outside washington politics by having the first ever VP nom (Biden) debate
    Pres nom (McCain). I’m sure the media would back Obama up on the brilliant idea.
    Please get Obama out of here, already. We need Hillary to help our country and our people. No more time wasted on this posing fool.

  245. We will see the light.

  246. CBN, I wouldn’t pay much attention to that. Breaking News usually isn’t where this whole thing is concerned. It’s pretty much always just a distraction.

  247. It is cold and dark in the moderation chamber….

  248. Have not yet had time to read this morning’s post and comments, and this is undoubtedly off-point, but it looks like we may have lost an important delegate and Hillary supporter. The local paper is reporting today that Dianne Feinstein, chair of the California delegation, has broken her ankle and will not be attending the convention. I think he may have endorsed O, but need to look that up. More TK…..

  249. Seven years of bad luck?

  250. Oops, accidently deleted some important info on that last message. Art Torres is now going to chair the California delegation. Going now to look up who he endorsed.

  251. Not to worry, Howard Dean had this whole 50 (57?) state strategy in place. Only to execute the victory it probably would have been wiser to choose a WINNING candidate as opposed to the one he helped select.

  252. HoDean couldn’t pick a winner if he was paid to do it–ah, wait…


    Now that is a sign, we need to see in Denver.

  254. FL voter

    still around?

    It pains me to stick up for Mitt but he is nothing like Obama.

    Mitt is a smart guy who has done plenty-by the time he was in his 20’s he’d seen and done more than Bobo has done in his entire community organizing life.

    In the event that he changes his name to Romriguez and gets the VP nod you may want to check out the following Globe article:


  255. Just came from TM and saw the O ad there.

    When I lived in KC, MO my wife and I used to joke that we could tell wether an ad was for a R or a D by the lack/presence of minorities in it….umhhhh.





  257. I find it hard to believe that they could replace a male delegate in KY simply because he is gay. That is total and complete discrimination that should not be tolerated. But for the Obama campaign to replace Hillary delegates for the sake of The One, that I can easily digest. The whole thing has been rigged from the outset in his favor so nothing surprises me there. The immediate goal is to get the black guy in, screw the rank and file.

  258. Obama’s Springfield event will coincide with the annual Old Capitol Blues & Barbeque music and food event…

    Once again, a big crowd, not for the reasons stated.

  259. The list I have from DNCC, dated 8/11/08, shoes Art Torres as still uncommitted. But it also shows Dennis Cardoza as uncommitted, and I know he has come out for Obama because he told me so in a response to my letter to him. Hmmm, not sure if this bodes well or ill, but don’t have a good feeling about losing Lady Di.

  260. Heaven help us if the SDs don’t get a clue…..VERY SOON….like by next week? Holy Moly. This election was the ours for the taking. What a bunch of fools. Fools, fools, fools.

  261. Don’t worry Vickie, the DNC knows exactly what they are doing.

  262. Where is the best place to find contact information for superdelegates? I’ve got Parents and Aunts begging me for the list

  263. Michael Moore is an idealist who clearly still to this day doesn’t know how to win an election at all. He tends to pick losers or idealists who are too liberal for this country. For some reason, some progressives still believe that Obama is “very liberal” who is an activist for change and hope in politics.

    People like Moore do nothing but harm the Democratic Party. I agree with most of his viewpoints but the way in which he puts them across is a total turnoff to our moderate nation.

    Caroline Kennedy would be a deal breaker for many moderates and Americans who consider experience important in electing a president. That is part of the reason why Obama is dropping in the polls: his lack of experience. Michael Moore is living in fantasy land. Obama absolutely needs a seasoned politician with experience in order to win. Michael Moore should have written an open letter APOLOGIZING to Hillary for attacking her during the primaries and ask her to be VP. Even though I wouldn’t want this to happen since I will not vote for him even if Hillary is his VP, if you are an Obamabot, Hillary is Obama’s only way of winning this election. I can’t believe some of them are so filled with Clinton hatred that they still can’t acknowledge this fact.

  264. I wish you could be there too. Good luck with your college bound child, I know it is an exciting time, my grandson is starting on Tuesday as well. Unfortuneatly I will miss him. I fly in on Friday and he leaves tonight. Thank you so much for the offer. I have been trying to figure out how to get some money for food, etc, as I know most of them do not have much money. I would appreciate any help we can get. You can email me at geemail. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  265. Michael Moore serves a useful purpose as a muckraker.

    As a politcal advisor, not so much.

    He endorsed Nader over Gore, and defended that pick after Bush was selected as President.

  266. I am totally through with the Michael Moores, Mahers, Air America, etc no matter what. They can’t stop insulting Hillary, even when they need her. I wouldn’t watch Maher again if he had a nude Brad Pitt on his show. Really.

    As for Huckabee, I think the McCain campaign is smarter than that.

  267. That Nader….

  268. He endorsed Nader over Gore, and defended that pick after Bush was selected as President.

    There are some things that are just unforgivable.

  269. This is going be a BIG media event. You need Big pictures of OBERMAN, MATHEWS. BLIZER, CAFFERTY. ADREA, ,etc….. labeled ……IN THE TANK.


  270. I completley agree, Plural, Gore loosing that election is unforgivable.

    289 comments (half of them mine). New thread?

  271. Ewww, wouldn’t recommend that RD imagine me naked. I have a chronic case of Old Body Syndrome.

    Also, would be disappointed in Hill’s brother if he didn’t vote McCain after the way O and camp trashed his sister and brother-in-law.

    OK, going back to reading now.

  272. A comment from a BO supporter:

    This is getting recklessly immature… this marketing game is starting to feel “Britney Hilton esque”

    Obama is hurting himself and making his choice feel more self serving than national serving.

    It’s not people’s impatience…it’s the sense that Obama’s people don’t realize he is not the center of the universe (and I am the biggest Obama supporter out there) but everyone knows that Biden is the right choice for the country…as 90% of the public seems to be really supportive of that.

    Yet now we have kaine acting coy for his own career moves, Bayh tryibng to ignore and continue using this repair all the mistakes he made over the past 7 years, PUMA whackos reinforcingtheir whackoness, to hillary’s detriment, and his own message getting screwwwed by his campaign’s need to play up the celebrity hype for “marketing purposes” of a choice that should be cut and dry when you really look at “who will be the most effective VP?”

    this is looking more and more like a decision based on who is best for Obama…rather than who is best for the country.

    Their guy is starting to give them a bad taste in their mouth, of course, I am just a “Puma Whacko”.

  273. Does everybody have as much “crap” in their houses as we do?

    Really, no one needs all that stuff…

  274. So, because Obama could win the election if held today (accoding to the first map showing electoral votes), he should be worried because he is not ahead of McCain by atleast 10 points or more in both the polls and electoral votes, because when Gore and Kerry lost, they were way ahead at this point in time.

    I think I get it.

    This means when BO loses in Nov, he’ll lose by an even larger margin than both Kerry and Gore.


  275. Where’s a link on the Kentucky thing, Pat? I’m on the border and may be able to stir some shit.

    Loving reading all this from you people today.

    Just a thought on Obama’s Hawaii vacation: Of course he had to when he did. He’s gotta make sure his birth certificate forgery has been shored up a bit, since various forensic document analysts have been able to prove the first one he had done was bought for 50 cents at Woolworths.

    Can’t wait to see you all at Cheesman Park on Monday! I’ll be wearing one of TN Guerrilla Women’s “Don’t Blame Me” shirts:


    If you order now and pick premium ship, you can still get one in time!


  277. Don’t miss this great chance to give it back to the stinking media for picking sides and not reporting the facts.

  278. Ripley: The only way Obama would win today is if it was thrown to th electoral college because nobody hit the requisite 270.

  279. Also If things get better, Michael Moore movies would not have the same impact. He has a vested interest in things being fucked up ….in a Bush 3

  280. Sorry, the House of Representatives.

  281. catarina, on August 20th, 2008 at 11:43 am Said: “It pains me to stick up for Mitt but he is nothing like Obama.”

    I like Romney now. Scared me at first because of the Mormon religion, but that now pales in comparison (or equals in weirdeness) the Obama Black Liberation “religion”. Can’t beleive America is just ignoring Rev Wright’s shenanigans but the Repubs could not tolerate Mormons.

    However I would really like to see Olympia Snow on the McCain ticket. She seems to be a pretty decent person – for a Repub.

  282. More news, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones suffered an aneurysm last night.

  283. Now that’s worthy of a bumper sticker:

    If you don’t want to win the White House this year, get out of the way for the woman who does.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Representative Tubbs-Jones.

  284. Regency: 😳 Thanks, I guess all the talk on the ‘breaking news’ that they were going to announce threw me off.

    The only good thing about those kinds of articles is that they are explicit in their sexism.

  285. I am starting to be like “Mikey” in the commercial.

    I don’t like my party anymore.

    I don’t like the candidate they “chose” for me.

    I don’t like the media at all anymore.

    Most of the friends I had prior to this election are bots, now, so I am short quite a few friends.

    I can’t stand my present government.

    Shit, maybe I am bitter.

  286. Rip

    Mitt and his nine wives would do a fine job of running the country.
    Just kidding 😉
    The Mormon stuff is a bit weird and clannish. I lived near the Romneys and was one of the poor commoners who had to look at that damned monument every day. I still drive past it frequently.
    I think Mitt would make a fine president, but not as fine as HRC!

    Now, who is having naked Brad Pitt on their show??
    Damn, could use a little eye candy right about now.

  287. About Biden – I took off from work and watched every minute of the Clarence Thomas Senate confirmation hearings. Biden (as chair of the committee) orchestrated the circus that turned into a public flogging of Anita Hill.

    I am afraid that if I ever met him I would spit on him. I cannot purge my hatred of that bastard.

  288. Regency – thanks for the update on Stephanie Tubbs Jones. I just googled her and this is from Wiki – I almost fainted. When I read the article, it said she was on life support – I was unable to get through to the site that was quoted, though.

    Stephanie Tubbs Jones – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Stephanie Tubbs Jones (born September 10, 1949) (died August 20, 2008) was a Democratic politician who served as a member of the United States House of …
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephanie_Tubbs_Jones – 57k – Cached – Similar pages

  289. All good thoughts go out to Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. A wonderful warm classy woman.

  290. Mawm: I agree with you on the Standard Speaker article. They always have to insult Hillary, they always have to be so friggin condescending.

    “Poor Hillary,” she said. “You can pick you friends, but you can’t pick your family.”

    Why would her brother support Obama, whose campaign called Hillary, her family & her supporters every kind of lies & filth? And then accused Hillary, who handled Obama with kid gloves, of running a dirty campaign. This wasn’t politics, this was just crazy hate used as a campaign strategy. If it had been my sister, I’d probably be facing a restraining order. Voting for McCain is tame by comparison.

  291. Sorry – that cool icon should not be there. I gues it was the parentheses??

  292. Well, the DNC is so corrupt looking to me, and they shafted Hillary and Bill Clinton and? For the way they have acted towards all of us, LOYAL DEMS all these years?

    McCain will win by a landslide and they will have to learn a lesson.
    McC though, he is very close to the way that Hillary is! And at least he can put the military in order. He is a Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt was a GREAT REFORMER in 1912. The women split the party then because it was so corrupt! Just like now! The Platform of the New Progressive Party was FAB! Funny, it was the era of the Robber Baron just like NOW —

    Ok back to the analysis of narcissism and the hollow egg —
    Hillary is just quiet. Imagine the abuse that has been hurled at her.
    God. That poster in the post below is great, RD & Co.

    No, we are the ones they weren’t expecting.

  293. Democrats never had a choice. It was fixed from the begining. It was all a sham. you are a joke, you stupid morons.

  294. She’s not dead!

  295. Missouri – McCain +10

    Very good BO – McCain up 4 points in one day!


  296. Looks like Wiki corrected themselves regarding STJ.

  297. Looks like it. I had to Google her to be sure. That would break my heart. Just goes to show how unreliable Wiki is. It can be changed at a second’s notice.

  298. My fear is even if McCain wins by a landslide but the DNC crowd will STILL be in office…or even more Barry infected , if that’s possible. If losing stopped these people, Donna would not be there now ! I believe 1976 was the last winning campaign she was around .
    Why would losing purge them?? AAAGGHH

    My prayers and thoughts with STJ. She is so great.
    I hope she get well soon

  299. F \_/ CCCCCK! Seriously?! MIssouri’s up 10 points for McCain?!

    It’s all over, folks. Think I hear the opera singer warming up.

    (Was bandying this stat around for a while earlier this year: Three states have voted for the winner in every Presidential since 1960: MO, OH and my home state of TN. BO’s down in all three and by double digits in two of the three.)

  300. This is very sad you guys. The latest on Stephanie Tubbs Jones, our heroic champion for Hillary:

    Latest from the online Cleveland Plain Dealer:

    U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ condition has stabilized after she suffered an aneurysm, her office said Wednesday.

    “At the present time Rep. Tubbs Jones condition has stabilized and she is receiving the best care available,” Nicole Williams said.

    People at the hospital had a grim outlook, however. Cleveland Councilman Roosevelt Coats sobbed and said Tubbs Jones was unconscious, and that her friends were preparing for the worst.

    Tubbs Jones was driving in Cleveland Heights Tuesday evening when she suffered the aneurysm. She was rushed to Huron Road Hospital, where she is being treated.

  301. oh god, I told my husband this morning , ” she’s on life-support .” …. the news lock down last night made me think that. We can’t spare Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

  302. Here’s a pretty good article: ‘Pay Grade” Unartful Dodge.

  303. We all agreed she would be a good VP for our Hillary. Hillary is going to be very sad that she is losing such good friends.

  304. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,406742,00.html

    Stephanie Tubbs Jones is currently in the hospital after suffering a very serious aneurysm. Hopefully, everyone’s thoughts will be with her.

  305. Russia has warned of possible attack on Poland based on Missile Deal with US.

    Well, maybe if we ask BO to start thinking of a strategy now to prevent WWIII he will have time to work his way through all of the ummms, aaaaaaahhhhhsssssss, ……….. before he comes to the conclusion that it is above “his pay grade.”

    What the fuck is the matter with the DNC? I think we should be able to bring incompetency charges against them!

    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008

  306. CNN Poll

    BO 45%
    McCain 44%
    Unsure 11%

    I am certainly not unsure where those “unsure 11%” are actually going to do.

  307. From Zobgy:

    “There is no doubt the campaign to discredit Obama is paying off for McCain right now,” pollster John Zogby said. “This is a significant ebb for Obama.”

    McCain now has a 9-point edge, 49 percent to 40 percent, over Obama on the critical question of who would be the best manager of the economy — an issue nearly half of voters said was their top concern in the November 4 presidential election.

  308. I’m just popping in from work, so I can’t stay long…apologies if this has already been shared:

    Search for “Lieberman” and read the sentence. Looks like a Freudian slip to me.

    Missed you all.

  309. People are getting pissed off with the Mickey Mouse VP notification BS!

  310. 8) 😉

  311. Carol, on August 20th, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    carol more and more I’m thinking they are want to lose…and that is indeed what the DNC is after. Otherwise it makes no sense .
    The ” pay grade.” comment is an insult on many levels . Is that what Barry will say to any problem??
    Well for once Barry is right…it’s ALL above his pay grade !!

  312. 10 points in MO? So that is why the O campaign is now making ads targeted exclusively to suburban/exurban audiences…

  313. I’m getting pissed off that so many scary things are happening at once.

    This is not okay.

  314. carol, is this cnn’s “poll of polls ” (average of recent polls) or their own poll?

  315. As for the Ky delegate being replaced because he’s gay, I really haven’t heard that. Does anyone have a link?
    The only thing I can think of is that a Louisville newsman yesterday predicted that a Republican will win the seat of retiring state senator and openly gay Ernesto Scorsone. But most of us don’t believe the Repub will win that seat, it’s in Lexington and the Dem candidate Kathy Stein is popular.

  316. Their own poll.

  317. I never found Mickey Mouse particularly endearing….I will not vote for him.

  318. Fox News

  319. UpstateNY – is that because he is black? You r*cist!

  320. Carol, Fox News? What does Ed think of that?

  321. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 0) 😉 🙂 ‘) !) @) #) $) %) ^) &) *) ()

  322. Sorry guys. I’ll stop now.

    Carol, how do you do the Haka smiley?

  323. Fox is going to do a run down on the poll and EC map. Eddy loves anything I love.

  324. WMCB,

    I get what you’re talking about re: Huckleberry. I get the same reaction when he speaks — find myself liking him (mostly his sense of humor), even though I abhor his politics. But I think he shot himself in the foot at that conservative forum they all addressed a while back with his “Obama ducking gun fire” gaffe. It revealed that he’s kind of a loose cannon, with a crazy look in his eyes and a shoe stuck in his mouth. McCain doesn’t need that. Have also heard he’s distrusted by Repubs on tax issues.

    For all of you holding your nose at the thought of McCain, remember that Kerry wanted to put him on the Dem ticket just four years ago. I get a little queasy at the thought of voting for a Repub, period. But McCain is one of the better ones, if it comes to that.

  325. could you people please stop being entertaining…
    I am unable to work. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    (did I just see Ed streak by?????)

  326. colon evil colon with no spaces inbetween

  327. The KY delegate wasn’t replaced because he was gay. he was replaced because he is a man. They thought they needed more women representatives so they decided to replace some delegates. The amazing thing is that they replaced a Hillary delegate with a barky delegate. They just couldn’t find a female Hillary delegate 🙄

  328. I got a donation letter from the Obama campaign yesterday. This morning I took out a black sharpie pen and wrote “Hillary or McCain” and various other pleasantries like “Say Hi to Uncle Jeremiah” all over it.

    Then I got some fake money from a board game and wrote some of the ‘Best of Obama’ on each bill, i.e., “That’s not the Tony Rezko I knew”, “I never heard anything controversial in my church”, “For the first time in my life I’m really proud of my country”. On the last bill I wrote “No Hillary, No $$$” I’ll mail it back in their postage paid envelope today. It was fun. Made my day.

  329. “The amazing thing is that they replaced a Hillary delegate with a barky delegate.”

    I don’t think Howard or Donna will mind, why should you?

  330. McCain +9 in EC and wins.

    Somebody dust off Clinton and bring her out of storage!

    Oh Yeah, She is Ready on DAY ONE!


    And McCain hasn’t even started on him yet!

    GOD BLESS AMERICA (Did you hear that BO?)

  331. If a gay delegate was replaced, it was supposed to be because they had too many lgbt delegates and needed to balance it with a straight or no lgbt delegate–another Clinton delegate.

  332. Make the deal Barkey! Give Hillary the Nod for President, and we will let you slink back to the slums of Chicago!


  333. Light some candles for the congresswoman

  334. DownTicket: Is that the issue people were discussing? The other day we discussed the 3 Ky male Clinton delegates stepping down due to gender guidelines, but one was replaced by an Obama supporter, resulting in a lawsuit by 20 Clinton supporters. I assumed this was something different.

  335. Does anyone know Senator Tim Johnson from North Dakota? Since when are brain aneurysms this common? He has apparently suffered one as well.

  336. Russia just said they will respond not diplomatically to the Missile Deal.

    DNC you dumb shits get Hillary in there now!

  337. Please don’t tell me that he is also a Hillary superdelegate

  338. What Carol said!

  339. DisenfranchisedVoter: “Caroline Kennedy would be a deal breaker for many moderates and Americans who consider experience important in electing a president.”

    DV – I think such a choice would have more to do with that “Kennedy” legacy. Being the daughter of JFK and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Not to mention, the perception would be to portray Caroline as a intelligent, professional working mom WHO WON’T POSE A SERIOUS THREAT TO MISTER “57 STATES” manufactured stature as someone who is anything but inept.

  340. DT: I don’t even know. I’m afraid to ask at this point.

  341. Most everyone perished in Spain Crash.

  342. Carol, “McCain +9 in EC and wins.”

    “East” Carolina?

  343. I read that, Carol. Today my family was flying to Norway, so I checked…it seems the flight that crashed was headed to the Canary Islands….


  344. Electorial College

  345. Darn, I thought you had found one of the missing states…


  346. I’ve known people who survived brain aneurysms. The problem is the bleeding into the brain and pressure.

    Doctors can use shunts to relieve pressure and extra fluids by IV as long as the patient’s heart can handle the extra volume. I’m not a doctor.

    I just have known a couple people who had aneurysms and both were critical and both survived. The youngish guy did very well and my grandmother – not so well. My grandmother also had heart problems so the fluid volume needed to protect her brain could not be reached. She had severe limitations and had to live in a nursing home after.

  347. #
    UpstateNY, on August 20th, 2008 at 1:31 pm Said:

    Carol, “McCain +9 in EC and wins.”

    “East” Carolina?

    maybe in the electoral college?

  348. We needed Tubbs’ vibrance.

  349. You are right, luckyann, thanks. Carol just comfirmed what an ignoramus I am….(my wife keeps reminding me, but….)

  350. I feel so crushed by the news on Stephanie Tubbs Jones. She was always so gracious and had a wonderful smile. The news does not look good.

  351. PUMA HAKA 👿

  352. Saddened to hear about Stephanie Tubbs Jones, she’s in my prayers.

  353. thanks carol! that was fun!

  354. kjmontana, on August 20th, 2008 at 1:17 pm
    ….and various other pleasantries like “Say Hi to Uncle Jeremiah” ….That’s not the Tony Rezko I knew”, ….all over it.,,,,,

    You gave me my first laugh of the day. Thank you!

  355. I love Nancy Pelosi……..why…..because she has guranteed us Hillary will not be the VP.

  356. Carol, I actually have flown on that very flight….it is always a packed one, tourists going to the Canaries…My thoughts are with all of them and their families…

  357. RD,

    Regarding speech — Recipe cards will simple bullet points to keep you on track – your passion will guide you from there.

    Good luck ! Glad you are speaking !!! wish I could be there to see it ..

  358. No doctor, but the crisis is when the blood vessel actually ruptures, and that hemorrhage is usually deadly. That rupture is usually preceded by a bleed that is tipped off by sudden low blood pressure, and many individuals survive that if medical intervention occurs quickly enough, although they may have some effects for life.

    A ruptured aneurysm even in a hospital setting is often fatal. Unfortunately, I suspect Stephanie suffered a ruptured aneurysm and was unconscious for a time before she received help. That prognosis is very grim, they are probably keeping her barely alive by massive transfusions.

  359. Oh no…
    pray for her


  360. we lost her…

  361. Fox is now confirming that Jones has died.

  362. WTF is going on!!!

  363. Tubb Jones died!

  364. Horrific news. My prayers are with her family.

  365. Terrible news about Tubb Jones. Prayers for her family.

    First Gwatney, now her. Tough!!!!

  366. http://londonamerican01.blogspot.com/2008/08/free-falling.html

    is obama man enough to do what he must to stop the free-fall and win in november?


    Neo-Con McCain’s foreign policy adviser, Neo-Marxist Scheunemann, is notorious for his role in successfully provoking the War against Iraq; and his failure to provoke total war against Iran, and his failure to defeat Russia in Ab-khazia and S. Os-setia. The illegal and un-patriotic Neo-Con Bush Iraq War sacrificed over a trillion dollars and the priceless lives of more than 4,000 young patriotic volunteers, for the sole benefit of the World condemned Judeofascist Israeli land robbers.

    When Obama discovered that Scheunemann had been paid nearly $300,000 by Saak-ash-vili to provoke bellicose American opposition to Russia, in collusive support of Georgia’s bloody military offensive against ethnic Russian Georgians, he exposed this conflict of interest as motivating McCain’s insane outbursts of bellicose treasonous deception, “John McCain’s top foreign policy adviser lobbied for, and has a vested interest in, the Republic of Georgia and McCain has mirrored the position advocated by the government.”

    That Neo-Con Bush now demands a billion dollars from Congress, to compensate Saak-ash-vili for starting his utterly disastrous war, suggests that this was part of the crooked deal. Tragically, these high crimes might get the Georgians a billion dollars in exchange for Ab-khazia and S. Os-setia, and burden the Americans with greater debt and inflation.

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