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The Scratching Post celebrates Bill Clinton’s birthday!

Rico, break out the Moet, it’s Bill Clinton’s 62nd birthday!


Here’s a reminder why the Big Dawg is one of the greatest presidents and global world leaders that ever lived:

(Raise your champagne glasses, please.)

Mr. President, may you live a happy, long life, may you continue to bring light and wisdom through your foundation, may we all remember your service to your country and to the world.   Thank you President Clinton, from this humble citizen.


Open thread & drinks & birthday cake on the house!

161 Responses

  1. A toast to Bill and his wife, Hillary, the future POTUS!

  2. Awwww…that’s lovely! Boy, Hillary and Bill look amazing. Maybe they know something we don’t!

    Happy Birthday, Bill. May you soon have a lot more to celebrate!


    SAVE OUR HILLARY so that she may SAVE US!

    Bill and Hill this one’s for you! Whooppeeeeeeeeeee!

    President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2009



  5. guys the obamabots are freaking out!!!!! I just went over to MyDD and there are 2 diaries on the rec list pushing Hillary as VP. They KNOW that the only ticket that can win is one with her on it. maybe given 2 more days they’ll realize she has to be on top.

  6. gary – She will be the President 2009

  7. Hillary is now the Savior! Wow, in 2 more days she will be running on water!

  8. Gary – they are delusional, whereas we are Crazy, Like a PUMA!

  9. Hi SM!!! Is that Judas Richardson in the picture with Bill and Hill? Couldn’t you have put him in a clown suit or something?

  10. They are so cute! They match! Best First Couple (Twice!) Ever!!!!

  11. Oh sm77! Thank you so much for this video. The disrespect shown for the Clinrtons throughout this campaign has angered me so much.

    Thanks for reminding us how much two compassionate, brilliant people can accomplish in such a short time.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. President, many more to you!


    I adore you *almost* as much as I adore your wife. Blessed be.

  13. Here’s hoping they’re out drinking a glass of wine somewhere with Chelsea and leaving this sordid mess behind them.

    Let BO sink under his own weight, says I.

  14. Hillary is a “Cougar” in that picture. She looks super good. Gives PUMA new meaning.


  15. I won’t vote for Hillary unless she is number one on the ticket….to be his VP is bullshit….She deserves to be the president and he deserves absolutely nothing!!!

  16. You know it has to be Karl Rove haka to keep promoting the fact that Hillary would be the best VP for The One. By doing that he further incites us and insults us when she doesn’t get it. Quite clever. What a strange turn of events…Hillary is now the savior.

  17. Has anybody seen this evening’s Politico article by John Harris (the editor), wherein he reports that Nader is predicting that Hillary will be Obama’s VP choice. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0808/12652.html.

    Karl Rove made the same prediction at some other time today. I think they’re onto something. Both Politico and Rove dearly love to scoop the big stories.

    What do we think?

  18. Sorry I was late to this post, but I was too busy blowing out the candles on my bday cake. Yup, I was born exactly 10 years after William Jefferson Clinton. Tipper Gore’s bday is today, too.

    Three guesses what I wished for 🙂

  19. ben, very clever. They blame us for being “rovian” and then fall for his ploy hook line and sinker…

  20. happy b-day to Bill, two states and tipper!!!

  21. SOD – oh, H*ll yeah. Bill for First Dude!

  22. It must say something that I am forever moved by watching this couple, either together or apart, and this film is illustrative of the emotion they engender. A man who reached for the brass ring and never let go and his lady, who almost managed to do the same. History will be kinder than we in measuring the greatness their efforts to make this a better place on earth and the beacon of what can be achieved.

    SM, thank you for this loving and lovely tribute. Your video selection could not have been better chosen. The tears keep flowing but the memories are oh so sweet.

  23. Bill is such a Big Red Bubba. Hot bubba. His tie matches his face, but that’s all right cuz he’s sexy. Hillary looks ultra–schmexy. My mom didn’t recognize her, but I’d know that smile and those cheeckbones anywhere.

    Best First Couple Ever. Hottest too. I stand by it.

  24. Thank you for this great video! Such a pleasure to see! Best wishes to the Clintons!

    And one day….a similar video celebrating Hillary’s incredible eight years as President of the United States!

  25. two states: Happy Birthday to you as well!

  26. that’s not richardson in that photo…I think that’s the mayordomo or something

  27. Pie Hole, what I heard from Karl Re: Hillary as VP was more like a “should be”, than a “would be” – he believed it won’t happen.

    FYI – Don’t think it’s Richardson in the photo, because he’s much taller, doesn’t match, etc.

    Also, I sent a birthday greeting to Bill via the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation web site.

    Thanks, River Daughter, for the tribute.

  28. By the way, Feliz Cumpleanos two states & Tipper. You’re all awesome.

  29. regency: Go start your homework or something!!!

  30. Happy birthday, two states! I hope it was great, and I hope you get your wish! 🙂

  31. I remember after Clintons speech at the 2000 convention he, Hillary, and Chelsea made a final walk across the stage. It was such a perfect image.

  32. I won’t sully this peace & lurv thread with it, but I just posted the latest piece of trash from a SuperD on the last thread. Beware of “shock and awe” when reading it. The Rubicon is BEHIND you.

  33. Happy Birthday Bill. Thanks for a great video/tribute, brings back such fond memories.

  34. I still can’t believe Obama thinks he can just throw them under the bus.

    I don’t see the outrage dissipating anytime soon.

  35. fuzzy picked Hillary’s Cabinet and we have already been vetted!

    michael P Varvel, on August 19th, 2008 at 10:32 pm Said:
    In a suprize “unity event” Hillary announces her prospective running mate and cabinet if she had been the nominee:

    VP-Ed Rendell

    Sec Agriculture-Gov Vilsak
    Sec State-Madiline Albright
    Sec Defence-Wesley Clark
    Sec of Labor-SM77 (real hard worker)
    Sec of Energy- Mawm
    Sec of Health Welfare-garychappelhill
    Sec Of Education- Riverdaughter
    Sec Of Commerce-Princess wears Prada
    Sec of Interior-Fuzzybeargville
    Annty General-Bobby Kennedy Jr
    Sec Of Treasury-Carol Diamonds

    How is this fro a start?


    I’m adding Secretary of Best 2 term Democratic President – William Jefferson Clinton


  36. Pat: Class doesn’t start until the 25th. I could go do “or something” if you want, though that would probably require that I borrow Eddy for a bit. And I’d have to snatch Bill up for a bit–Hill probably won’t let go until after midnight though. Ah, well. Eddy will keep me occupied.

  37. Michael: Ah hem. Did you forget someone on this list? Initials PJ?????

  38. Sounds good to me, fuzzy!

    Honestly, though, unless Obama turns it down, he will be the VP. Sorry. Maybe his ego won’t let him accept it!

  39. I keep having this sinking feeling that it will be Hillary because, well, it’s the one thing I don’t want. Then I heard from my reporter friend in Virginia that it would be Kaine. But then I’m thinking he was given a false tip to lead us down the wrong path. If it was going to be Hillary, then it’s been decided for awhile and her speech at the convention will be the one of a VP candidate. Sometimes things are hidden in plain sight.

  40. Pat – “almost” – them’s fighting words!

  41. Regency: That response from Cobb was awful. And he seemed very proud to proclaim it by adding his Ph.D. to his name. A**hole that he is!

  42. Yes, the GOP will crush Obama and – as VP – our Hillary right along with him. BUT, with her at the top, McCain is toast. Of course they want to advance the Hillary for VP narrative – it effectively moves her out of position.

    Loved the video SM77 – brought the tears again – I swear I’ve cried over Bill, Hillary and Chelsea more than anyone could believe!

    One other thing, in regard to whether it is a good idea for Hillary to accept the nomination (oh please Goddess, give her the option)…but anyway, should she accept or decline, I have such unbelieveable respect for her intelligence I will trust her to make the right decision….to have weighed the odds and made the right choice. Then my support and heart are behind her 100%, no matter what.

  43. Bsotn – it’s from China Daily – it was actually her birthday in 2006 but I loved this photo. Caption doesn’t mention the man, but it’s not Judas Richardson.

    Rico, please, more champagne for everyone!

    THe video made me cry – Big Dawg’s the best president since FDR. You can see & feel his works in the lives of everyday people.


  44. Regency: You do know that you just declared war with your last comment? Big Dawg is yours, always has been but to bring in Ed is just asking for it.

  45. SM, thanks so much for a great video.

    the good old days……..and we could have them back!!

    two states, happy birthday!

  46. Carol: I wish to delete that word. It does not belong in the text.

  47. Pat – I couldn’t have said it better! The video is from the 2000 Democratic convention. Will he get the same respect as he duly deserves?

    What we have is a farce of ginormous proportions pretending to be a “party.” I PUMAtize them!

  48. SM: Have been thinking of you and Puma Cub all day. Glad that you guys are safe and snug and the storm blows out to sea soon.

  49. Nutter would be my pick. I love that man.

  50. Carol: I’m Sec. of Labor!!! ALL RIGHT!!

  51. There will always be a place at my table for Ed.

  52. Hey, Pat, I just complimented you and brought you into the administration on the last thread. Cut me some slack.

    That doesn’t mean I’m not borrowing Eddy, but you know, whatever. Big Dawg and Big Ed–rowrrrrr.

    That’s a whole lot of man.

  53. Well I did not get on the list of cabinets picks but don’t think for a minute that I am running around getting coffee and donuts for you people!

  54. Regency: I just read it. The truce is on officially.

  55. Pat, thanks! No school today, nothing but a little windier than normal & drizzle.

  56. Happy Birthday President Clinton!
    A donation to Hillary’s Debt will be made in YOUR HONOR!!
    I can’t believe how “EMOTIONAL” I stiil get when I see
    videos of them.
    Remind them if Obama wins/or loses the VOTE will HAUNT THEM FOREVER!!
    Make NO mistake about it ….THIS IS THEIR 2008 Iraq

  57. Fuzzy – I nominate PAT needs to be the Chief of Staff!

  58. can you imagine Bill and Michelle campaigning together as the candidates’ spouses??? Are they going to go to Children’s Hospitals and AIDS clinics together? That alone would put a kabash on the idea.

  59. These two people work together so well to make the world a better place.
    They are awe inspiring.
    They make people want to be better than they are and all they can become.
    We are so lucky to have them and should always look up to them.

    Happy Birthday Mr President.
    You picked a great companion for your life’s journey.

    Happy birthday two states and tipper gore.



  60. Hillary will be the nominee not the VP, I still believe!!!

  61. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that fantastic video. I cried, and got angry once again for what the party did to this man and his fantastic wife. After all of their hard work and sacrifice. Thanks for posting it.


  62. Michelle might now like the Big Dawg now but she’d love him about five minutes after she met him. He’s just so yum. How can’t you? He already needs agents specifcally to catch the g-strings being thrown his way at every event.

  63. Okay – I remember being soooooooooo happy that night! It all went to hell in a handbasket shortly afterwards!


    Give us Hillary or Give us Death!


    And can I say Hillary looks smashing in that picture?!

  65. Michelle is a royal pain in the ass. Anyone who can stoop to the level of branding either Clinton a ra*cist does not deserve the courtesy of being on the same stage as these two. He could never get my vote on just that one issue alone. No, make that the second issue; allowing poor and destitute women, children, the sick and the elderly, to freeze in a Chicago winter and live like animals is my first reason to withhold my vote. That alone told me all I need to know about candidate Obama.

  66. I remember voting for Bill in 1992. I was so excited, that night was fantastic. ahh memories. Happy Birthday to Bill!!!

  67. Good night everyone – pleasant dreams of Our Girl accepting the nomination next week! It can still happen!

    And by the way fuzzy – I wanted to be in the Cabinet too. Maybe I can be Secretary of Playwriting! 🙂

  68. Someone go over to the Obots and Post that video! Let’s see them attempt to deny the obvious. I hate all of those paid traitors!

    GOD BLESS AMERICA and to Hell with the Traitors!

  69. Meileen -you’re welcome! Isn’t that video great?

    And to think that the current DNC trash the great US president since FDR. It’s sickening – BUT this video is a small clip of Bill Clinton’s legacy.

    To hear Nelson Mandela say what he said touched me deeply – and then for the OBama camp to accuse him of a racist is heinous.

    Bill, I’m with you & Hill all the way! Have another glass of champagne!

  70. Gary I remember that night, too. It was amazing. I also remember that day and every one I knew saying that they voted for Perot. Perot got 19% in Ohio.

  71. Cate & Kiki – did you have some champagne? It’s an open bar!

    I’m going to watch the video again!

  72. Good nigth, Madamab.

  73. I worked hard during that election to get Bill elected. One of my neighbors threw a great big bash the night of the inauguration! The booze was flowing that night let me tell ya!

  74. I just saw the Hillary administration as picked by Fuzzy and vetted Conflucians.

    I had to spit my cocktail on my new MacBook Pro. Thanks Fuzzy!

    This is really Hillary-us.

  75. Gary – my first vote was for Bill Clinton in 1992. I loved him then & still love him today. It was fantastic to see him win that night and sad to see him go after 2000.

  76. I totally don’t understand the democratic party. they were literally blessed with this family, and they don’t even appreciate them.

    is it jealousy? or just stupidity?

  77. Good night Madamab! Good luck tomorrow at your training!

  78. Biden may still be in the VP sweeps according to an article at HuffPo. I thought Michelle said no. Maybe Grandma has yet to weigh in.

  79. Kiki – JEALOUSY.

  80. It was truly awesome sm77. Don’t know where you got it, but what a great, great treat!

  81. I am sure the Clintons are no saints and they have done their dirt BUT Bill Clinton was an amazing president. To hear Nelson Mandela spoke so glowingly of Bill and his closeness to black people and causes speaks for itself. Nelson Mandela spent the majority of time on this earth living with, looking at and smelling a racism and racist, he knows racism and Bill Clinton aint it.

    That is why it sickens me that african americans would accept so easily Obama labelling bill clinton a racist.

    I will believe in Nelson Mandela’s (the man who said he will not trade one form of racism for another) judgement on who is racist over Obama’s (the man with close personal relationships with Rev. Wright and his kind) anyday of the week.

  82. I go with stupidity. You don’t diss the only guy in your party to win twice in the past 30 years. You have to be pretty stupid to do that. Jealousy, of course, but stupidity trumps.

  83. Happy Birthday fellow Leo Bill Clinton miss you in the White House- I want you back there by President Clinton’s side giving her the support she needs to achieve the greatness that her “creator given potential” has destined her to do.

    Dear Creator Father Mother God/dess

    Tonight I am going to be selfish tonight not for me but for these my friends many who I may never meet but whom I hold as dear to me as my closest neighbors and friends.

    I have never in my life seen such selfless dedication to duty as I have seen here in the midst of the PUMA Just Say No Deal Alliance. These individuals have dedicated their time talent and treasure and sacrificed for their beliefs that this great Democracy this enduring republic should not parish and descend into tyranny and complete despotism.

    I have seen them slandered and abused for their belief that our country deserves only the best and that that person is our Hillary R Clinton. I am unable to express the joy I felt when I first came here to this outpost of sanity. Here I found intellectual giants who only a few weeks before were just average Americans committed to Democratic victory in November.

    I could read in their words the disbelief in how the process of selecting the best qualified candidate was corrupted and manipulated against their candidate. When most bowed to the perceived inevitable these few who became the many did not back down. They stood up for what they knew as right, and with the dedication seen in Americans from generations before they set to the task of making the world right again.

    Tonight Creator I ask humbly that everything that is; happens according to your plan and I know we are part of your plan. For the hearts of men and women delegates in Denver, ask they not to be hardened towards our Hillary that they be open so they can see the path to righting the wrong and standing up for us. Make Denver the place where right met might and right won.

    As the inspired word said bear us up on eagle’s wings that a new dawn may shine on the daughter of your highly favored land and breath forth the word that justice has moved and our Hillary is again our champion. May the world may again see America as the lighted lamp beside the golden door.


  84. Diss the one who won twice, then diss the one who could win twice. There’s something stupid about that. There’s a lot stupid like that.

  85. Wow. Is that a photo from today? Hillary looks beautiful. I even wondered for a second if she got botox. I mean, she looks very refreshed and young.

    Obama’s arrogance has struck again. He’s just asking for trouble from the GOP and 527s:
    Obama: McCain ‘doesn’t know what he’s up against’: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080820/ap_on_el_pr/obama

  86. That video is so moving. To think that this man, who has cared so deeply about this country could be called a racist is beyond words. That alone was enough to make it impossible for me to support BO. Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s greatest leaders, speaks so beautifully, and with such love, about Bill regarding his work for minorities. Let’s see: who has more authority, Mandela or Jesse Jackson Jr.? He should be utterly ashamed of himself. These arrogant, overbearing punks disrespect the sacrifice and courage of people who have come before them and actually put their lives on the line for civil rights. I can’t stand it.

  87. I cannot believe I am saying this but: come on GOP 527s and release your stuff. Obama cannot, must not win.

  88. hey Fuzzy, looking over your cabinet, I notice you didn’t appoint anyone for FEMA chief. Pat’s raised 4 kids – I would imagine she’s had lots of emergency experience and could do a “heck of a job”. I would feel safe with her there.

  89. Amen, Fuzzy.

  90. good nioght all I may be in for a couple of bumpy nights


  91. stay safe Fuzz

  92. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL !!!! IS that photo from today? They both look
    fabulous !!!


    I have my fingers crossed for his Three Wishes 😉

  93. Breathe Easy, Fuzzy. Our prayers are with you.

  94. Right you are but does FEMA come under the Department of Homeland Security? Sec Of Homeland Security-abolished! and Fema becomes the new cabinet level position New Sec Of Federal Emergency Management Prepairedness and Response-Pat Johnson

    How is that for dismanteling Bush Inc!


  95. Does anyone here live in NYC? I’m still on the “Drinking Liberally” email list though the last event I attended was last summer.

    Markos from DailyKos will make a guest appearance at a Drinking Liberally event. Some of us should show up and ask him some tough questions.

    All events are at “The Tank” on the Upper East Side from 7pm-11pm. Markos will make an appearance on Thursday, September 4th. Anyone think they will attend. If PUMAs show up I might go for shits and giggles.


  96. thanks all! My computer’s acting up tonight, so I hope this comes through. You guys have kept me going through tough times…. and the tough times to come. But justice will prevail. Remember, we are a resilient nation which has been blessed with true public servants like Bill and Hillary, Franklin and Eleanor….

    Sweet dreams.

  97. Michael: But you know how much I hate to even clean my own house let alone the entire goddamn country! There aren’t enough raisinettes in the world to make me want to do that for God’s sake. Give me a desk I can hide my stiletto’s under and I won’t complain. Maybe Dept of Education. They haven’t been doing a very good job with the civics and geography curriculum to satisfy me.

  98. Fuzzy – I LOVE YOUR PRAYERS!!!! Thank you Creator, for someone like Fuzzybear.

  99. If you are behind 36% on the right experience to be President and 28% on the qualifications to be President (both from the LA Times/Bloomberg Poll) I really don’t think BZero could name Miley Cyrus as VP and pull it off even if they promised she wouldn’t come to hear Ludacris performing at the inaugural.

  100. PAT = Chief of Staff!

  101. DisenfranchisedVoter: That sounds like fun. Wish I lived closer to NYC.

  102. Nite Nite. I have to go to sleep. I might get a text message to head to headquarters of the BO Party.

    (Oh yeah, only Hillary has my email address. Oh well, if she needs me to start packing up the DNC for it’s move back to DC tonight, I will gladly go! See the rest of you there.)


  103. SM: Chief of Staff sounds good. Only I don’t wish to make an appearance much before 9, 10:30am at the earliest.

  104. After watching that video to think that the liliputins in charge of the new democratic party would try to attack a giant is sickening.
    May their souls rot in hell.
    sm77 thank you for reminding us of what we could have and what we should fight for.



  105. I love the “PUMAS,BUBBAS, AND THOSE PEOPLE RULE” motto. It’s all about us!

  106. Nite Carol.

  107. Miley Cyrus turned down the VP slot. She says she would like to extend her career not shorcircuit it. Makes sense.

  108. nite Carol.

  109. OMG, Hillary looks like Bill’s trophy wife!

  110. Don’t know the name of the Jonas Bros., but they did visit the WH yesterday, maybe they are being vetted?

  111. prolix: No, they were there to give input into the social security policy. Experts.

  112. Thanks Pat
    pumas,bubbas, and those people are the ones that the government us supposed to represent.
    For some reason the new democratic party forgot that.
    The Clinton Family never did forget what this country is about.


  113. LOL — good one.

    Forgot to ask, how was the picnic Sunday — was everyone graced with a PJ Famous Jello Pie?

  114. i forgot to post


  115. Carol,

    That’s Ferdinand the FISA cat — four ears to hear you better.

  116. Prolix: I did tossed salad and yellow beans. We had a great time as usual. And nobody at the picnic likes Obama which was even better!

  117. Stay away from MyDD.
    They threw out a TON of Clinton supporters.
    Do NOT help their ratings!

  118. Goatsandmonkeys: They just did it tonight?

  119. I haven’t bothered with MyDD since Alegre left. They are ridiculous over there.




  121. Pat: That is the kind of company that makes for an enjoyable evening.

    The last month I’ve been dealing with parent issues and spending lots of time with lots older folks — they are great fun and they aren’t having any of this Obama thing. As much as they don’t think he’s old enough, they go on and on about MO. Some of the theories are hysterical.

  122. A joyous Happy Birthday, President Clinton, and many more to come!

  123. prolix: I can imagine. My Mom had the greatest wit! She could always make me laugh. When she was alive and her “girlfriends” came to visit it was always a hoot to hear them talk! We often overlook that though a body ages that humor bone keeps getting sharper!

  124. Obama says McCain doesn’t know what he’s up against? snicker, snicker. What’s The One going to do, stick Michelle in front of himself when JM picks a fight?

  125. Watching a replay of Maher on King Tut and he just said, “BZero is trying my patience…” He is saying he needs HRC.

  126. I watched Larry King earlier. It appeared that some of Maher’s earlier enthusiasm for Obama has dissipated a little since he went on hiatus. He was beating the drum there for awhile.

  127. Oh jeebus, that video brought the tears all over again. Bless you, bless you, Bill and Hillary – you’re the finest this country has to offer. And if there’s any fairness out there anywhere, Hillary WILL be our president come 2012.

  128. I’m gonna be really UN PC for a second and say Hillary can win in November without the AA vote. A poster at BP, drummajor, pointed out that she won the pop vote without them in the primary and she can do that in the GE. They’re mostly concentrated in red states in the South which we pretty fairly aren’t taking. As long as she holds on to her base and picks up any significant percentage from McCain, which as RD has pointed out, she will, she can sweep this election.

    Now that I’m done with that. A big, sloppy kiss for my Big “D” Democrat. (smooooooooch)

  129. Regency: Get busy with those dishes!!

  130. I remember sitting on the couch crying that day. I even remember that it was a Saturday. It was pretty awful and I was just as angry at Bill for letting them have the opportunity to catch him in this mess.

  131. Pat J: No worries, Eddy’s handling it just fine. Did you know he likes to do his chores au naturel?

  132. Regency: Okay, that’s it. The truce is off! And I wish to speak with your mother while we are at it.

  133. A very happy and blessed 62nd, President Clinton. May family, love, wisdom and fantastic health continue keeping you in good stead, friend. 🙂

  134. Pat J: I was just keeping him warm until you came to pick him up. I mean, I can deal with loneliness now that Bill is spending his evening with the distinguished Sen. from New York, but it’s hard you know. Have pity on a girl.

    Ehem, my mother is the reason I am the way I am. It was she who taught me that Bill Clinton looked a whole lot like a “tall glass of meow.”

  135. Regency: **&^$##@!!!!!! (*))(*&&^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Pat J: *FedExs you Eddy* Okay, now I’m scared. New get between a lady and her man. You should hope I wrote the right address on the box. I might accidently ship him to Carol.

  137. Thank you for this video. As I remember the wonderful years we had with this remarkable man leading us, I look at the 7 1/2 years since then and all that we have lost. I am not willing to lose that much more in the next 4. THAT is why I’m a PUMA!

  138. LMBO @ Regency and Pat – you two’ve GOT to take this show on the road! Love it. LOL!

  139. […] to Riverdaughter for posting this stunning […]

  140. As usual, I come late to the party!! SM, that video was just what I needed before heading off toLaLa land!!
    What an inspiring piece! Once again SM you dun good…real good!!

  141. Happy Birthday President Clinton, I truly hope you and Chelsea and Hillary are having a quiet get together without a lot of hoopla, and how much we love and admire all that you and your family have sacrificed your whole lives, in the service to this country!!

  142. I’ll drink to that!

  143. I was over on Puma and there was a call that Hillary put out to fellow Hill. supporters…no one knows what it was about ..but was a big alert…any ideas?

  144. must be an early night …where is everyone? Sm..where are you?

  145. happy birthday President Clinton!!!

    that’s a wonderful video. def brought tears to my eyes.

  146. OK, in your best Marilyn Monroe voice, sing with me:

    Hap-py birth-day to … you
    Hap-py birth-day to … you
    Hap-py birth-day, Mis-ter Pres-i-dent
    Hap-py birth-day to …. yoooou.

  147. The video also made me cry. Reminded me how sad I felt the day he made his goodbye speech at the hangar before making his departure. The dynamic duo will be back. Count on it.

    No, for a laugh. This was my favorite line from Ozero’s speech to the vets:

    “One of the things that we have to change in this country is the idea that people can’t disagree without challenging each other’s character and patriotism.”

    But call them racists seems to be A-OK.

  148. Geez, it’s getting late and my fingers are dropping letters like crazy. Make that …. Now, for a laugh…. and …. Callings them racist…..

    Goodnight, all. It’s obviously time for me to turn it.

  149. Long live Big Dog!

  150. Jim Clyburn- I hope you never forget the day you called this great former president now running his foundation out of Harlem a racist. Happy Birthday and many more to President Clinton.

  151. That’s a great picture of Hillary.

  152. Mighty fellows of the Corrente Building, good morning!

    Lambert – PLEASE WATCH THE video – it’s from the 2000 Democractic convention.

  153. I’m late to this party, but —

    Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton

    Long life and happiness to you!

  154. Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton
    And may the stars still shine brightly on your dreams.

  155. Happy B’Day Big Dawg!!!

    The proudest day of my political life was when I got to cast my vote to RE-ELECT you, the greatest president of my lifetime and one of the finest men ever to hold that office.

    This will only be topped by the day I cast the same vote for your spectacular wife.


    The Happy-Dancing (and Singing) Opossum

    p.s. And Bill you can have me as roadkill anytime!!

  156. There’s something we can agree on. When Clinton was president, you could be certain that he was the smartest and most humane participant in any discussion, and that he understood what you could and couldn’t do with and from the presidency.

  157. Beautiful video!

  158. […] The Scratching Post celebrates Bill Clinton’s birthday! Rico, break out the Moet, it’s Bill Clinton’s 62nd birthday! […]

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