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Normalizing Hillary: Connect the Vote Dots

Besides PUMAs, Just Say No Deal Coalition members, and those who have been paying close attention to the 2008 primary process, everyone in the US and some people abroad think that: Obama won the Democratic Primary; therefore, he secured the nomination; and he is being gracious by allowing Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination at the Democratic Convention.

In fact, the Obama and Clinton campaigns issued a joint statement on August 14, 2008 about it, and we have achieved a small victory. Or as Heidi Li Feldman puts it, we’re where we were in the first place. (Oh, forgive me: as Barbra WaWa might say: Were where we whah in the furst pwace.) The MSM is all over the story, asking if we disgruntled old ladies, gays, and republicrats are satisfied now? They claim that we’re just sore losers, and that we want Clinton’s name on the ballot because of her historic win as a woman. They’re touting it as symbolic. It’s not symbolic; it’s normal!

In fact, we are sore winners! Neither candidate won the requisite number of pledged delegates. Instead (rolling eyes, PUMAs repeating themselves, ad infinitum), Nancy Nine Percent Pelosi and Harry Reticent Reed pressured the Democratic Superdelegates to endorse a candidate prior to Denver. This act in turn defies their true purpose: to nominate the candidate who can win POTUS in November. In 2008, there are 855 Superdelegates with FL and MI according to Connect-the-Dots. CNN says it’s 825. Over 200 are uncommitted. Any SD can change their vote through the first ballot in Denver, no matter who they or their state or district endorsed.

Didn’t Hillary run on the assertion that she was the only Democratic candidate who could win the Electoral College in November? The virtual Nobama/McCain dead heat in the polls proves that she wasn’t lyin’, despite Obamamoneys-raised, European jaunts, and a vacay away from the barely investigative, mostly fawning MSM spotlight.

The Obama/DNC presumption is that it’s all a done deal. To dispel any doubts, Invesco Field/Mile High Stadium was booked as the site for what our movement, (and back in the day, Jesse Jackson) calls a coronation. Let’s be clear:

From CNN’s count, we see that neither candidate had the requisite 2,118 pledged delegates as of June 3 to clinch the nomination. Obama had 1763, Clinton had 1640, a 123 delegate lead for BO. It is difficult to find an accurate vote count that shows Hillary Clinton won the most popular votes of any primary candidate in history. Why? Real Clear Politics has Clinton at 18,046,007, Obama at 17,869,542, including MI and FL, with estimates for IA, NV, ME, and WA. There, Clinton nets +176,465 votes.

1. Why does popular vote matter when everyone keeps hammering on the delegate totals? Delegate counts are inconsistent, uneven reflections of the will of the voters, because they include caucuses. Caucuses represent far fewer voters than primaries, yet delegates selected in that process carry more weight.

Worse yet is the impact on the delegate count. While [as of 5/31/08] 2549 delegates earned in the primaries represent an average of 12,225 voters, in the caucuses each of the 515 delegates elected represents a mere 2,110 votes. Each caucus vote, then, is weighted 5.8 times greater than each primary vote when it comes to allocating delegates.

2. Why don’t PUMAs admit that Obama won more caucuses, which is why he won and Hillary lost, and stop changing the rules? In 2008, there are substantiated reports of caucus fraud. Please read Dr. Lynette Long’s research who concludes: “the Obama campaign willfully and intentionally defrauded the American public by systematically undermining the caucus process.”

3. If Obama now has enough delegates when SDs are included, why isn’t he simply the nominee? Superdelegates are party officials — both elected and un-elected. They can vote for whomever they wish at their Convention, regardless of their states’ vote, to make sure the most-electable Democrat becomes the nominee.

4. Why am I still writing about this, when Obama and Clinton agreed on 8/14/08 that Hillary’s name will be placed on the Convention ballot and up for a roll call vote? Because, it should have been automatic, as in every election since 1884. None of the other candidates came anywhere near Clinton, yet it’s a “negotiation”? Look at all these guys who were nominated, without even coming close to their opponents in delegate count. Courtesy of EdgeOfForever:

1972: Ted Kennedy – 12 votes on first ballot
Kennedy had no chance of winning, but his name was placed in nomination.

1976: Ted Kennedy – 1 vote on first ballot
Kennedy had no chance of winning, but his name was placed in nomination.

1980: Jimmy Carter – 1981 delegates
Ted Kennedy – 1225 delegates
Uncommitted – 122
Kennedy had no chance of winning, but his name was placed in nomination.

1984: Jesse Jackson – 465 votes
Jackson had no chance of winning, but his name was placed in nomination.

1988: Jesse Jackson – 1218 votes
Jackson had no chance of winning, but his name was placed in nomination.

2004: John Kerry: 2192.5 Pledged delegates
Howard Dean: 114.5 Pledged delegates
Dean had already dropped out, with no chance of winning, but his name was placed in nomination.

2008: Barack Obama: 1766.5 Pledged delegates
Hillary Clinton: 1639.5 Pledged delegates

5. Who are the delegates, and why shouldn’t they just go along with the DNC’s choice, Barack Obama? Delegates are elected by their grassroots supporters to go to the Democratic convention as representatives of the total votes cast in their state’s districts. Although they each may represent thousands of HRC voters, they can just change their votes as if we, the US voters, are not even in the picture! According to CNN,

Pledged delegates are not actually bound to vote for the candidate. Consequently, candidates are allowed on a state-by-state basis to review lists of delegates who have pledged their support and can delete anyone whose support they consider unreliable.

Surprise you? This could account for the DNC’s treatment of Clinton delegate, Sacha Millstone, or even what happened in Florida right after June 3, when Obama’s campaign began replacing his elected delegates with their own. I’m still not getting how someone who represents your, or my, or anyone’s vote could be intimidated into changing it and have that be part of the deal. Our deal. You know, the one we get as citizens. The deal, the one true thing we’ve got in this country that our guys and all those Iraqis are supposedly dying for and about. That democracy one person one vote representative thing.

6. How can the DNC represent the will of the people, if the delegates are pressured to support Obama as if he is the nominee, and they are afraid to publicly declare otherwise? How can there be “unity” if Hillary Clinton is allowed to be booed unchecked at even one of his events? DNC chairs and party officials, and delegates are being intimidated and threatened to not cast THEIR votes for Hillary Clinton. These are not THEIR votes. These votes are OURS. The delegates are merely our proxies. If not us, who DO they represent? How is this representative government?

Whether you agree or disagree, please learn about the process. Watch this three-part series, Democrats ’08: CONNECT-THE-DOTS, with Host Leslie Stevens. The program is sponsored by The Educational Foundation for the Integrity of the Democratic Process, Asheville, North Carolina. Bloggers, please post it! Readers, email it to friends and family.

[Connect-the-Dots Part 1]

[Connect-the-Dots Part 2]

[Connect-the-Dots Part 3]

Have you connected the dots? That’s why we’re not satisfied. It’s about the process being fair and reflecting the will of the voters. And, you can help!!! Call or email your delegates or any that you know TODAY. Ask them to sign the 300 delegate petition to ensure that Hillary’s name is placed in nomination. This petition was created by and for delegates. Email: hrc300delegates@yahoo.com.

Still, we’re not ready to make nice. . . .

[160 Years and Still Waiting — Rise Hillary Rise by DemocracyDame]

h/t to DemocracyDame for “Connect-the-Dots” lead and her video above.

(cross-posted at Lady Boomer NYC)

136 Responses

  1. Welcome to the Confluence Lady Boomer NYC!!!

    Excellent piece! The DNC’s taken us through parade of losers again & again – we have a winner with Hillary and I pray that there’s a brave delegate that will start the floor fight, not just for Hillary, but for Democracy.

    Why is it that the Democrats NEVER listen to their voter base? Haven’t you noticed that? They NEVER listen to us, then complain whenever we lose.

  2. OT, Just saw BO on CNN speaking to a veteran’s group apparently explaining away some of his changes in position re military funding. He looks tired and someone needs to speak to the folks running the teleprompter. The font must be point 8 because he was straining his eyes and reciting the text like a chemistry textbook.

    Not an impressive moment.

    Now , back to reading this post. It looks like a prize winner!!

  3. Thank you, SM!!! Yes, this was to be our shoo-in year. Somehow we longtime Dems have remained in the Party, because we thought it was the Party that listened to the voice of the people. Perhaps that why many of us now feel so delusional!

    It’s obvious that no one at the DNC is listening. I think they actually don’t have that skill, nor the compassion to realize that they don’t. Hillary has it, which is why millions were attracted to her campaign. They felt heard!

  4. Fantastic and enlightening post, Lady Boomer. Thank you for the contribution here, at The Confluence.

  5. Wow, Lady Boomer! The video has the hair on my arms standing,

  6. Lady Boomer NYC: I just got through part 1 – this video is trruly a history lesson for those to young or not even born to remember.

    OK, now to part 2!

  7. YAY LADYBOOMER NYC!!!! so glad you are here!!!!Excellent read, from your lips to delegates ears….I can’t watch the video at work, so I’ll have to wait till I get home.

  8. Very instructive (especially for the British!) Thank you most kindly, Lady B.

  9. …………………………..Edward R. Murrow…………………………….

    An icon of the MEDIA is without a doubt is rolling over in his grave. The media has lost all awareness of wrong. To us known as SHAME.

  10. LadyBoomerNYC, nice article.

    Good to see you!

  11. Ha! The democratic leadership was so anxious to get their candidate nominated so he could fight McCain that they steamrolled the democratic process.

    Then he does a victory lap in Europe, goes on vacation for a week in Hawaii, comes home and bombs a discussion on faith with McCain, and, poor baby, still looks tired.

    Yeah, my hearts breaking for him. Give the man a pillow.

  12. Hi LadyBoomer GREAT POST!
    We met @ the NYC/BBQ in July.
    I’m working on trying to find a location in NYC to hold a “LIGHT TRIBUTE” on Mon. the 25th inCONCERT” with Dr. Bleadso event. WISH ME LUCK!!

  13. Awesome post, Lady Boomer: I remember 1968 like it was yesterday. Conventions were truly conventions back then and not superficiall coronations. Gee, I hope I can score one of Michelle’s favorite oatmeal cookies. Hell, my first presidential vote went to McGovern. We could have used super delegates back then, too. It’s just too back they have all gone on the take.

  14. Ok, saw the Connect the dots video – it’s wonderful – thank you for posting it!

    The jist of video: As history has proven, the DNC’s going to nominate another loser because they refuse to listen to the Democratic Voter base. The End.

    Had Ted Kennedy won the nomination, we would’ve never had a Reagan or a Bush x 2 in the White House. And Jesse Jackson was right in fighting for his delegates & floor fight – I WANNA FLOOR FIGHT!!

    Also, the video touched on what I wrote about Superdelegates working the oldest profession. They are not doing their job, they are selling their SuperDelegate vote to the highest bidder. ENOUGH!

    This fight isn’t about Hillary anymore, this about reinstating transparent voting processes and let the MAJORITY of votes from the DEMOCRACTIC BASE determine the winner.

    Everytime the DNC goes against their voter base’s wishes – they lose. How many times will this make in the past 40 years? Out of 10 elections since 1968, only 2 winners, Carter & Clinton.

  15. If you want some tips on turning a “shoo-in” into shit, check this out:


  16. Off topic but, how are all of our Floridian Pumas doing? Fay seems to be the storm that won’t go away.

    I’ve tried calling a friend in West Palm Beach but can’t get her on either her cell or land line.

    Hope all of our Pumas are okay.

  17. Lady Boomer: Adding your essay to the Confluence is a privilege! The way the media has this is that he “graciously allowed” her to have her name submitted just because he is such a nice guy. The bastard!

  18. SM and Fuzzy seem to be doing okay since they have each been in touch during the day.

  19. The Primary system is corupt………So, they added the SUPER delegate to correct it……..making it absolutly, totally corrupt. And this will go on and on and on till the whole system is thrown out. The first thing to go should be ………….etc.

  20. Beyond excellent right through to the Dixie Chicks singing “not ready to make nice”…through the tears (again, I cry through every Hillary video these days!) I say thank you LadyBoomerNYC and Leslie Stevens for the concise, calm and yet forceful and dead-on videos and to you, LadyBoomer, for your concise and revealing diary.

    6 days….where’s my phone list.

  21. myiq2xu–they seem to have the formula down pat. It will truly be lather, rinse, and watch it all go down the drain. I can hardly watch this trainwreck anymore. I will be forced back into my media-free cave again soon.

  22. myiq2xu: Dead on as usual! Loved it.

  23. Mark Udall now on board to drill. Daily Kos is imploding.

  24. BO, Casey and Tornadoes from Fay all in Orlando – the perfect storm.

  25. PJ: Thanks for the info. Just now getting to read posts and such. I have some concerns with my friend in West Palm because she’s near Lake Okeechobee and they have a levee or dike near there that’s rated as terrible by the Corps. Last thing I saw they had around 6+ inches of rain in West Palm.

  26. Fredster – THANK YOU! All is fine in Tampa – the storm diverted east. Some blustery gusts of wind, schools were cancelled just in case & PUMA cub and I had a pig-out with homemade cheeseburgers & chips.

    Grandma PUMA is in Orlando and they are going to get a lot of water & wind, moreso than here in Tampa.

    Miami familia reports lots of water & wind gusts.

    Fuzzybear should be OK, he works at the power company & should have better info than I do.

    WigWAg & FL Voter are down in So. FL, so I hope they’re ok.

    And that is our FL PUMA Weather report. Thanks for tuning in!

  27. I remember when it was said that the super delegates should vote to reflect the will of the people….of course Kerry and Kennedy were excluded from that.

    Mountain Sage

  28. CAUCUS……..mob……mob rule……cliche….. bully others …..intimidate others……shame others……fraud…..etc

  29. How many times and ways has my Eddy told BO to f*ck off in his quest for VP and this is the kind of reporting we get from NYT:

    August 19, 2008, 1:11 pm
    Rendell’s Catharsis
    By Sarah Wheaton
    Edward Rendell, a swing-state governor who vociferously supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Pennsylvania’s primary, had been on some short lists as a potential running mate for Senator Barack Obama. At this point, he appears to have been cut in favor of Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Senators Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware and Evan Bayh of Indiana.


  30. MS:

    Like Byrd and Rockefeller in WV?

    Hillary wins WV by 41 pts, they endorse Uh-bama

  31. On June 3, wasn’t it Sen. Clinton’s responsibility to her supporters, like me, to ask the obvious question: Why is Obama suddenly considered the presumed nominee with only 1763 pledged delegates? The press and media didn’t ask it, no other high-profile democrats asked it, even her supporters didn’t ask it. By not asking that question publicly on June 3, Sen. Clinton allowed that bogus claim to fester in the minds of the public for three months without challenge, so that now everyone thinks he IS the nominee. She must take some responsibility for that.

  32. Sorry. By “her supporters didn’t ask it”, I meant high-profile supporters like Rangel and Rendell.

  33. “My Eddie” was not about to climb aboard an express to nowhere. He would be the first to concede that he has been there, done that since he was trapped in Texas these last few months. Obviously he has not been living up to the term “fast Eddie” as he has been finding it difficult in locating the egress.

  34. MM:

    I recall Harold Ickes asking it, but the media were too busy celebrating Uh-bama’s “win” to pay attention.

  35. The party leadership pressured her to shut up. Rangel was a big help in that. The entire DNC was ready to make her look like a demon for pressing on.

  36. “…candidates are allowed on a state-by-state basis to review lists of delegates who have pledged their support and can delete anyone whose support they consider unreliable.”

    I fail to see how you can use this rule to change ANOTHER CANDIDATE’S pledged delegate. Only the candidate to whom they are pledged can change their own pledged delegate.

    I hope it’s true that, from my childhood “Cheaters Never Prosper”.

  37. PJ:

    I thought “fast Eddie” referred to something else.

  38. Lady Boomer — a most excellent post that reminds us that the “past is prologue.”

  39. I work with quite a few die-hard BO supporters, all of whom have stated that it is now their view that BO can NOT win unless Hillary is on the ticket with him.

    His ship is taking on water faster than the Titanic.

  40. myiq2xu: Bear with me. I can only “work” with what I have.

  41. The little berg in NC where Sen. Sam lived and the library is located is my home town. I was friends with his granddaughter and met him when I was in grade school. He was a character.

  42. Myiq:

    I remember Ickes publicly commenting about the RBC decision, in which he represented Sen Clinton, but not about Obama claiming the nomination. I might have missed it, though.


    Agreed; however, it seems to me that she owed it to her supporters to ask that question publicly, in spite of what Dean and Pelosi wanted. It was a reasonable question.

  43. Kim: But he carried around a copy of the US Constitution in his pocket at all times and never forgot what it represented. He was a character for anyone here who can remember the Watergate hearings but he sure was brilliant!

  44. Marks, She did. It was only when her own supporters in the DNC caved on her that she felt she didn;t have the support she needed. This wasn’t Dean and Pelosi. It was Rangel and Rendell.

  45. “Mike Marks”
    She HAD to STEP ASIDE for the MSM & the public FOCUS on Obama. As long as she was in; they WOULD’NT HAVE LOOKED @ HIM for What he REALLY IS!!

  46. On June 3, Hillary came out swinging in her speech after the primaries ended.

    Something happened that night to make her drop out — people say it was a phone call from Charlie Rangel. I have read that the Dem elders were infuriated by her refusal to conced that night. Whatever it was, it must have been something pretty strong, because she clearly had every intention of going to the convention.

  47. SM, glad you are okay. Fay landed in Naples, but when I was watching the WX Channel, saw the winds had increased after she came ashore! And now, the models are saying it will head out into the Atlantic maybe and then turn back west and then maybe the remnants will be heading here to AL! The forecasters were saying Fay would be with us for awhile!

  48. Remember, she did not concede after the last primaries. She said “There is no nominee until the votes are tallied”. I assumed she meant at the convention. Then all her turn coat supporters like Rangel pressured her to endorse the Obamanation.

    Now Rangel has not been invited to speak at the convention even though he did his duty for Obama.

  49. Thank you, one and all!

    myiq2xu: Your post up top has inspired me! I feel a South Pacific song coming and can’t hold back:

    “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair, I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair, and send him on his way! Get the picture? I’m gonna wave that man right outta my arms. . . .

    The words are purr-fect . . . Okay, here comes the post! Be sure to sing along.

  50. Good thoughts to the FL folks.

  51. It is up to the supers to guarantee that no amount of wheedling or coercion from the DNC and the Obama campaign will make them forgo their integrity and stand with the candidate who most closely reflects the will of the people. I will not be voting for a candidate “chosen” for me by the DNC.

  52. Well at the convention…….The first vote should be



  53. The day is not over until the last cow is in the barn. I intend to be watching as will a lot of other Americans who still hold the the tenets of democracy close to our hearts. And if the desired result should be lost among the hoopla, then a price will be exacted in November for those who deliberately created this unholy alliance.

  54. Lady Boomer, superb article. Now tell me how this works: I called a local district level delegate pledged to Hillary to ask that he sign the petition. He said Hillary released all her delegates on a conference call a week 1/2-2 weeks ago. He says he will vote for her ***if she asks him to*** but there is nothing he can do until then. He sees the possible voting for Hillary as –a catharsis, although he didn’t use that word. He is going for the unity thing against mccain etc.etc. My state went overwhelmingly for Obama.

  55. Cate: They’re shocked at DK over Mark Udall’s change of position? Then they’re even bigger dumba**es than I thought. I have no pol knowledge or savvy at all, but I’ve known for weeks we’ll be off-shore drilling in this country.

  56. Pat, I remember Watergate and the Ervin Committee, that was probably the beginning of FISA. Sen. Sam would not like FISA now.

  57. Marla, what state are you in?

  58. Pat they took money, they have no ethics.

  59. Someone at TL says a Q poll shows Uh-bama is only getting 63% of Hillary supporters.

    I guess we’re not the only ones who aren’t ready to make nioce.

  60. FISA originated out of the Church Committee Report

  61. Mawm, Tpt/ny, Plural:

    Good points all. Thanks.

  62. Yeah over a kid named Pyle?

  63. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Church Committee Report headed by Frank Church was because of CIA spying on the citizenry which was never their function in the first place but was brought to as a result of the Watergate Hearings?

  64. Sen. Sam did not live to see it made into law, that was around ’78. He died in 74, I think.

  65. There was some report by a kid named Pyle, I think and I also thought it was brought as a result of Watergate.

  66. Love the Connect the Dots series. Have seen it before (I thought here) and saved the links because it was so informative. But always good to see it again.

    Tried to make these same points to my local newspaper after June 3 primaries ended, but they totally snubbed me. They endorsed Obama, and by god, were not going to publish any dissent.

  67. Per email, letters, and in-person, I defended Kerry against Swiftboat ads, I defended Kerry against the botched joke, I defended Gore against the FL vote, I defended Dean against the scream, I defended Nancy against wearing head scarf into the mosque, I defended Edwards against the haircut, etc.

    How can I defend Obama against vote-stealing?
    How can I defend Obama against the curses of Wright during a sermon in church?
    How can I defend Obama against using the race card?
    How can I defend Obama against the hate and misogyny against Hillary?
    How can I defend Obama against his inexperience?

    I can’t and I won’t, and there will be so much, much more about this man that is indefensible.

  68. P.S.:

    Lady Boomer,

    I’d like to forward your piece around to some friends and family. Can anyone tell me how to forward this page, or if that’s not possible, do you mind if I copy it into a file to forward.

    Will check back for your reply later. Right now I smell my lunch burning. Gotta go.

  69. Church Committee also dealt with FBI domesic spying, Hoover’s secret blackmail files, and COINTELPRO

  70. Gomer Pyle?

  71. Fredster: Dade, Browrad, and Palm Beach Counties came through the storm with minimal damage to property, but lots of flooding and power/phone interruptions. Thanks for asking. Florida PUMAS drying off in the sunshne now.

  72. Myiq: I think his name was Christopher Pyle and he made it know that the government was spying on demonstrators and protestors.

    I remember finding an excuse to sit on Sen. Sam’s porch just so I could listen to him talk. I was in awe. But it made me know I could not be my parent’s daughter and vote republican.

    Until now. . .

  73. Here’s Wiki on Pyle:

    Christopher H. Pyle learned while in the U.S. Army in the 1960s that “Army intelligence had 1,500 plainclothes agents watching every demonstration of 20 people or more throughout the United States” [1] [2]. His disclosure of the Army’s spying in January 1970 began the era we now call Watergate in this sense: Senator Sam Ervin, who led the Watergate investigation, got his start investigating the Army’s spying, and Pyle worked as an investigator for Ervin’s Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights; Ervin’s further investigations, together with the Church Committee inquiries, lead to the founding of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Pyle consulted for three Congressional committees.

  74. I just heard on fox that Hillary has called an emergency meeting of her delegates. What’s that about????

  75. We keep being told that she released them. Guess she hasn’t, but I pray she isn’t about to do just that.

  76. OT :
    I just got called the r-word on a site where I challenged an Obots hate filled vitupoeration against HRC. This is the first time in my life that I have been called that and it is so upsetting.

    I will never,never support that man – look at what he has wrought.

  77. Kim,

    I hope it is just the opposite…that she is asking them to vote as pledged on the first ballot. I really think Hillary risks losing some of her supporters in the future if she does not see this thru. Also, why wouldn’t she want history to record all the delegates that she won?

  78. Political campaigns are not sporting events, and voters are not mere spectators.

    We have a vested interest in the outcome. Our votes belong to us, not to the candidates.

  79. Or is she telling him she is VP choice? The Nation is saying it has to be Hillary or Biden, because of Georgia.

  80. chatblu, thanks for the info. Lines down could be the reason I can’t get hold of Cathy. I always worry too about spin-up tornadoes. Being from the nola area we know about ‘canes but FL topography a bit different, but still an all, a cane is a cane is a cane!

    Did any of you see the (sorry for the guy but…) idiot who was out in Ft. Lauderdale with the kite/parachute thingie and got caught up by the wind? Slammed him into a bldg! Sorry, but that was idiotic! 🙄

  81. Fredster:

    Darwin Award contestant

  82. Haven’t some of her “pledged” delegates already announced they will vote for Obama?

    She would want the vote to reflect what she really won.

  83. PUMAs going to the convention were just mentioned on CNN. Showed HiredHeels.com on the screen behind the reporter.

  84. I hate to speculate as to why they are meeting, hate to even think about it.

    Pat, hows Amy?

  85. edit: HireHeels.com

  86. The vipers are fanging each other. Steve Soto at LC:

    Kerry at least lost his race in August, after the convention, whereas Obama lost this race in June and July, because he had a Sally Field-esque “You like me” moment over and over again.

    Steve was a Hillary basher, now he sees the light

  87. Hello everyone, I am sorry I have time only to read and not to comment much, life is crazy, work is hard. Can someone please begin removing the trolls that are infesting the “About Us” and the “Invitation to Democrats in Exile” tabs? They know they get their butts kicked on the live threads, so they hang out there. And BTW, I am SICK SICK SICK, as a PUMA and as a woman, of being beaten over the head with Roe v. Wade. For the last time, for all the dim-wits out there:

    1. Roe v .Wade will not be overturned. Period.

    2. It will not be overturned because the permanent tension it provides serves to keep voters of both parties–and particularly women voters–in line. Proof: We already have a conservative, anti-choice majority on the Supreme Court. We are winding up eight years of Republican rule. Roe stands.

    3. Not all voters, and not all women, are stupid.

    4. You may not use a woman’s freedom to enslave women (and men).

    5. You will find it impossible to use a woman’s freedom to enslave women (and men).

    6. I will let no one use my freedom to enslave me. Period.

  88. Magdalena, absolutely. My question to the Dem party is: if you care so much about this issue, why haven’t you created any legislation that would protect the right instead of relying on whether one person may hold a swing vote to overturn it in the Supreme court?

    The answer is exactly as you stated. They wish to use it to keep you in your place, voting Dem.

    What disgusting animals these Democrats have become.

  89. I hope those other 8 states have a lot of delegates coming out of them:

    Florida: McCain Back Out Front 46% to 43%

    Louisiana: McCain Maintains Big Lead in Bayou State

  90. Hi Mawm. I don’t comment much these days but I read all posts, and am so pleased about your RV adventure. Godspeed.

    I find the troll-tactic of hiding out on the rarely visited threads very Obama-esque, don’t you? Afraid of live debate, of the fray.

    Thanks to you and everyone here for keeping the Confluence flowing.

  91. #
    myiq2xu, on August 19th, 2008 at 4:57 pm Said:


    Darwin Award contestant

    myiq…exactly! WFOR in Miami caught it on tape!


  92. Turns out Solzhenitsyn never told the “cross in the dirt” story, so McCain couldn’t have plagiarized it from him.


  93. #
    myiq2xu, on August 19th, 2008 at 4:57 pm Said:


    Darwin Award contestant

    myiq, exactly! TV from Miami got it on tape:


  94. fredster: kite-sailing idiot in ICU, but condition stabilizing. Some tornardo reports, but none in WPB. Levee at Lake O dismal but apparently holding. We are on borrowed time with that,

  95. Biden: ‘I’m not the guy’ Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 5:02 PM by Domenico Montanaro
    Filed Under: 2008, Obama
    From NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli
    As Delaware Sen. Joe Biden left his home a few minutes ago, golf clubs in tow, he was asked where he was going to be on Saturday.

    Biden replied, “Here” and pointed down to his driveway.

    As he pulled out of the driveway in the driver’s seat of his car he then said to the press gathered near his gate, “You guys have better things to do. I’m not the guy.”

  96. #
    myiq2xu, on August 19th, 2008 at 4:57 pm Said:


    Darwin Award contestant

    myiq: Exactly! A Miami tv station got it on tape. having trouble getting the link to go in here but it’s: http://cbs4.com

  97. chat I keep trying to post the link to WFOR in Miami, they have tape of the idiot, but can’t get it to post. (am I in moderation?)

    Lake O…I keep telling Cathy she needs flood insurance because of that potential disaster!!!

  98. I think the VP pick will be Ludacris.

  99. fredster: Everyone in FL needs flood insurarance., I carry it, and I’m not in a flood zone.

  100. Having the trolls post elsewhere is like having their very own litter box. Besides, they seem to like talking to themselves. Reminds them they need to take their meds.

    Kim: Amy apparently has been holed up in her apartment for the last 30 days but she did manage to make one appearance. She threw a lit cigarette at a photographer then pushed a poor woman who was trying to steer her away from the scene. After that she punched another “fan” who tried to help. All this from perezhilton.com. Just Amy being Amy I guess.

  101. We need to check on the whereabouts of the families of the potential VP nominees. If they are among the missing the chances are good that the only way the person will accept is to ensure they are returned. Since I don’t believe anyone of them come onboard this sinking ship without a great deal of “persuasion”.

  102. chat, speaking as ones who were underinsured I know what you mean. Had a chance prior to Katrina to up ours but the agent kept saying “You’ve never flooded in that area have you?” No, sez I, not even standing water on the street. Once the house is repaired I’m getting the max I can on it.

  103. An issue is just coming to light that will hurt The One big time; his vote in the Illinois senate regarding the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Obama voted against the act 6 years ago and has lied repeatedly about it. His last denial was just after the Saddleback Faith Forum.

    There are two good articles about this. The first is at No Quarter:

    and here:


  104. Kim, I’m in Mississippi.

  105. kjmontana, nurse who testified before B0s committee is going to be on Hannity this week–so much for cross over votes

  106. Isn’t the people’s choice suppose to represent the most territory?


  107. Carolyn Mann: Yes, please circulate!!! I think you can just cut and paste the text and the video links are accessible on YouTube by double clicking on them here.

    To Maria who wrote: I called a local district level delegate pledged to Hillary to ask that he sign the petition. He said Hillary released all her delegates on a conference call a week 1/2-2 weeks ago.

    I have no idea, but I imagine if this happened it would have leaked wider than that.

  108. Steve Soto TLC

    “Sorry, but that’s how I feel. I’m bored by the Obama hype and see nothing now in his candidacy other than the fact he isn’t McCain. The Supreme Court is enough to make us vote for him, but my feeling now is that Obama lost this race already, and it isn’t the fault of bloggers (who he disdains and doesn’t need), but rather himself and all the fawning Democratic Party lackeys who fell in behind him as he led them over the cliff.”

    I believe Stevey must have been reading my comparisons of BO to the PIED PIPER! We did try to tell you so – sometimes some bitter, ignorant, clingy, hillbillies do know best!

    Now Stevey direct your arm to stand behind the candidate that can and will win this election. A real man admits his mistakes and stands up to do the right thing however painful………… Shoot, we welcome you to the right side of the issues and won’t even gloot.

    Welcome Onboard! We have an election to win, the world is depending on us.


  109. As of this morning she had not released her delegates. However, there was another conference call today. I am hoping it didn’t happen but I am waiting to hear.

  110. Don’t know if this has been posted, but a quote from a NYT article:

    Mr. Obama has run for the last 18 months as the candidate of hope. Yet party leaders — while enthusiastic about Mr. Obama and his state-by-state campaign operations — say he must do more to convince the many undecided Democrats and independents that he would address their financial anxieties rather than run, by and large, as an agent of change — given that change, they note, is not an issue.

    “I particularly hope he strengthens his economic message — even Senator Obama can speak more clearly and specifically about the kitchen-table, bread-and-butter issues like high energy costs,” said Gov. Ted Strickland of
    Ohio. “It’s fine to tell people about hope and change, but you have to have plenty of concrete, pragmatic ideas that bring hope and change to life.”

    Or, in the blunter words of Gov. Phil Bredesen, Democrat of Tennessee: “Instead of giving big speeches at big stadiums, he needs to give straight-up 10-word answers to people at Wal-Mart about how he would improve their lives.”

  111. Thanks, Lady Boomer NYC. I’ll call another delegate here and see what they have to say.

  112. LadyBoomer, I’m a delegate and I can tell that did not happen. But there is a conference call tonight…

  113. BO going to now use “STREET MONEY” in Pennsylvania.

  114. capt, please keep us informed about the call

  115. Carol: sounds as though Biden isn’t going to be the VP pick, and doesn’t mind.

    I’m with Mawm, so let’s do a Draft Ludacris movement.

  116. Why would she give up her delegates now that she has a roll call vote? It doesn’t make sense.

  117. Carol: well, do we know where Chelsea is? Is she safe?

  118. Is there anyway to stop the register and vote today on an absentee ballot in Ohio? I think that is how barky intends on winning Ohio. Why should someone register and vote the same day?

  119. downticket: I don’t understand what your talking about.

    What register and vote TODAY in OHIO are you talking about

  120. LEAVE CHELSEA ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Downticket: Yes, when I read about the register/vote in the same day, state officials said they were going to work out the kinks to prevent illegal activity. Why didn’t they work out the kinks beforehand, have a long waiting period so it doesn’t affect this year, and allow lots of public input. This is like Bush, approve some chemical in the air without testing it, but wait to see if it kills people.

  122. Ft. Lauderdale PUMA reporting in. Wet, but ready for duty!

    And the electricity just came back on.


  123. Is it me or give this country never settle the same old issues – Abortion, Drinking Age, Death Penalty, Bigotry.

    I’m exhausted.

  124. Yeah WigWag! Grab a towel, we’ve been slimed all day!

  125. Something is changing my comments. I cannot be making all of these mistakes when I am keying.

  126. From Melissa at Shakes:

    This oft-wielded cudgel to silence FWs who cry foul at sexism expressed by political allies is wrong for the following reason, which I cannot state any more succinctly than this: When someone engages in divisive behavior, any resulting division is their responsibility.

    FW = feminist/womanist

  127. Lady Boomer NYC called two other people (one the secy of the democratic party executive committee in my county) and both said no, they have heard nothing. The secy said two Hillary delegates are going to Denver from here (one a state congresswoman) and both will vote for Hillary. He said the vote in Denver will be held to honor the extraordinary work Hillary did and the outstanding goals she reached. Then on to to the general election. Puma-SF may have more information after that conference call today.

  128. Maddox is replacing Abrams starting Friday.

  129. peachy // August 19, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Over at clinton forum, a friend of a delegate from FL, said it will be a pre-convention call, twith her delegates, not an emergency like Fox reported.

  130. Hope I’m not too late to say that this was an exceptional post. Informative, yes, it is. All people should read and view this. Thanks so much. Enjoyed it immensely.

  131. Lady Boomer,

    Thanks for the go-ahead. Will be copying and pasting before this message posts.

  132. Lady Boomer,

    Was able to copy the text but won’t let me copy the vids. I have the links to the Connect the Dots stuff, though, and will look up a link to 160 years on YouTube. Great piece. Hope it will convince a couple of my jump on the bandwagon friends. (Their intentions are good, but they are ill-informed.)

  133. “Didn’t Hillary run on the assertion that she was the only Democratic candidate who could win the Electoral College in November?”

    Right: Obama – Change you can re-count on. Excellent stats on past roll calls, LB. Thanks for the ammunition! Aside from the folks who think Obama won, there are those who know he hasn’t but feel the engineered outcome is so foregone that there is nothing that can be done. Your info can help me get some of my despairing friends out of their blue funks at onto their keyboards.

  134. Obama will Never get all of Hillary Voters, He will only get only 25% to 1/3 of Hillary Voter,

    Obama will not even get half of Hillary Voter
    By Paul Valenzuela – Aug 20th, 2008 at 3:51 am EDT

    It saddens me all my life as a democrat, it going to be the first time ever I am going to have to Vote Republican,I did vote for Hillary,

    We all know Obama is not going to cut it as President of the united states.

    He has to many problems, Rezkl the slum lord, Rev wright, Micheal Obama,

    One of the His own campaign guy who was looking for the His VP ,, who was caught up in

    Country Wide Loan scandale and Then resigned, Obama is not a Rock star, but he is a Elitise

    He a full flip floper, back and fouth,, on every issue there is,, and yet so many are voting for him

    Obama Never won a debate, not one, The Media Baby him, He has No agenda and took and adopted all Hillary agenda even Cnn has reported how he adapted all of Hillary Health care and other issues,

    Why does Obama never took deal with hard question and when he is really given, a hard question.

    All Barack Obama does is Stammer like a stuttering fool, He can not deal with hard question.

    Now the Obama Camp are blamming the Reverand for the questions in southen california.

    At the lake forest california town meeting,

    This is so typical of the Obama Camp, just like how how he screwed all the other to get in office,

    The man is an empty suit, He a crook, I am a registered Democrat, who only voted for Democrat until now, So many democrat are not going to vote at all for barack Obama, there going to vote at all, I do not believe in throwing my vote away, so like many other Democrats, I am going to vote for McCain, I do believe who would be better,

    I wish barack Luck he going to need it , like

    this blog,, a copy being sent out everywhere,

    Soon as the Obama camp sees this blog the will remove it like so many others,

    You think the Mob, where bad, the Obama camp are so much worst,

    I can not wait to see Obama screw up on the debates ,, he going to blame everyone for a bad debate because he a stuttering fool.

  135. If you take a second look at the delegate numbers for the losing Dem candidates placed in nomination at previous conventions, there is a large discrepancy between the chosen nominee and the challengers.
    The reason Obama and the DNC don’t want Sen. Clinton on the ballot is because her delegate count is so close to Obama’s that it wouldn’t take many votes to put her over the top. That is a chance they don’t want to take.

  136. […] Obama (a man who very possibility has lied to the Illinois Supreme Court) over Clinton (a women who actually won the primary popular vote) all while McCain fixes to be a worse president than Bush? Not likely. On the contrary, the time […]

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