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Delegates: Waste No Time, Make a Switch

[I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair, Rodgers and Hammerstein]

How true are the words to this song when applied to our current “situation”!!! And how prescient are my old time heroes, Rodgers and Hammerstein in their 1949 broadway musical, South Pacific. Here’s a South Park-inspired version. This post was inspired by myiq2xu’s: http://myiq2xu.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/how-to-turn-win-into-whine/

The most difficult part about writing this was deciding which line to use as the title, because there are a plethora of appropriate choices. I began with the oh-so-eraser-friendly Denver ballot analogy: “rub him out of the roll call.” However, I carefully reconsidered in case it might be misconstrued in Soprano-like terms.

Read the lyrics and see for yourself. What a choice for l’il ole Libra me to have to make! I did it, but pick a line, any line in the song, and you’ve got a winner — I mean a winner about a loser. As for the two pinup men at the end: not up on these things and haven’t a clue — unless they’re the current or ex-boyfriends of the video producer. If they’re famous or sports stars, oops, sorry.

Personally, I’ve got the man I want to wash out of my hair clearly focused in my mind. Oh, no, guess not, he’s gone. Washed up and washed out! From my lips. . . .

I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair
from South Pacific by Rodgers and Hammerstein

I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair,
And send him on his way.

I’m gonna wave that man right outta my arms,
I’m gonna wave that man right outta my arms,
I’m gonna wave that man right outta my arms,
And send him on his way.

Don’t try to patch it up
Tear it up, tear it up!
Wash him out, dry him out,
Push him out, fly him out,
Cancel him and let him go!
Yea, sister!

I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair,
I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair,
And send him on his way.

If a man don’t understand you,
If you fly on separate beams,
Waste no time, make a change,
Ride that man right off your range.
Rub him out of the roll call
And drum him out of your dreams.

If you laugh at different comics,
If you root for different teams,
Waste no time, weep no more,
Show him what the door is for.
Rub him out of the roll call
And drum him out of your dreams.

You can’t light a fire when the woods are wet,
You can’t make a butterfly strong,
Hmm, hmm!
You can’t fix an egg when it ain’t quite good,
And you can’t fix a man when he’s wrong!
You can’t put back a petal when it falls from a flower,
Or sweeten up a fellow when he starts turnin’ sour
Oh no! Oh no!

If his eyes get dull and fishy,
When you look for glints and gleams,
Waste no time,
Make a switch,
Drop him in the nearest ditch!
Rub him out of the roll call,
And drum him out of your dreams
Oho! Oho!

I went and washed that man right outta my hair,
I went and washed that man right outta my hair,
I went and washed that man right outta my hair,
And sent him on his way.

She went and washed that man right outta her hair,
She went and washed that man right outta her hair,
She went and washed that man right outta her hair,
And sent him on his way!

And if you haven’t had enough, here’s a karaoke, slightly off-key version from Pequinito. Appropriate, ain’t it? Sing along, enjoy yourself. I hate to be redundant, but this wash bears repeating. In fact, my hair is so dirty from all this DNC, Nobama, Pelosi, Dean grime, that I’ll have to shampoo it twice in order to get it clean.

(cross-posted from Lady Boomer NYC)

193 Responses

  1. Hi LadyBoomer,
    It was good meeting you at the DC conf.

    Oh yes..

    “wash BO right out of my hair”


  2. obama live in raleigh if you can stomach it:


  3. so how dp I contact my Hillary Delegate?


  4. See my delegate is the mayor I work for the city so she is my boss technically-


  5. is conflucian say gonna be on tonight?

  6. Maddox is replacing Abrams starting Friday.

  7. I can’t speak for women, in that I possess one of those penis thingies, but Melissa McEwan has a post up that is a “must read” on sexism


  8. Cancel him and let him go!
    Yea, sister!

    Yea sisters (& brothers)!

  9. Maddow will be more rabid in her support of Obama then Abrams ever was. At least at times during the primaries he did offer her many salutes which was missing from the other fools. However, in reading the article, it is clear that Rachel will be forever beholden to Keith Overthetop as he is taking credit for this happening. He must wield a lot of clout over there since before I stopped watching KO he used to segue into the Abrams Show but then that came to an abrupt end.

    Just another reason to continue my boycott of MSNBC. I used to be a big fan of Rachel but no longer. You will never hear an objective criticism of Obama out of that quarter should he ever make it past the goalpost.

  10. Ugggg! I just need to get past this week.

    WE have a sense of entitlement???? Get me the barf bucket.

    John Dickerson at Slate Magazine writes:

    “As Leon Panetta, the former Clinton administration official asked by the Obama campaign to help with the reconciliation, put it to the Times of London: “There is a sense of entitlement that almost seems to be inbred. They are convinced Hillary is the one who should be assuming the mantle and it’s tough to crack that.”

    While I still think the group Clinton needs to convince won’t have the impact on Election Day some would suggest, they are enough of a concern that Obama has gone out of his way to accommodate Clinton by allowing her name to be put in for a roll-call vote. Whether or not the so-called PUMAs (“Party Unity, My Ass”) reconcile Clinton loyalty with pulling the lever for Obama, or at least keeping quiet, the reconciliation must be ratified as sincere—by the press, anyway—so that the Obama team can get back to putting forward its message.

    I’ve tried to avoid all poison by staying here, but this was forwarded to my inbox.

  11. One key issue for me in this election is the false accusations of r*cism made against the Clintons and Hillary’s supporters (which includes me)

    Certain conduct should disqualify someone from office. R*cism is one kind, falsely accusing someone of it is another.

  12. myiq2xu, thanks for the link re: sexism. It is not only Roe that is in danger.
    Obot bullies should not be rewarded and it is dangerous for women to do so.

    They are on the wrong side of history. Their vitriolic misogyny will be remembered much as the humiliation of Jews by jeering Nazis, or the red-faced screaming of racists at black children on their way to school.

  13. The John Dickerson column is enough to destroy my appetite this evening. They have no idea of the sentiments that abound throughout this country. “Allowing her name” to be presented is just something that sticks in my craw. Who the hell do these people think they are? All this does is strengthen my resolve and I am sure I am not alone.

    I don’t care if McCain is caught wearing a diaper and false eyelashes in a daycare center, he would be a better choice than this grandiose moron any day.

  14. Rachel was good until she drank the kool-aid. That was the night of the NH primary.

    That night she coined the term “Tweety effect” to describe the backlash against the media that gave Hillary the win in that primary.

    Some time that night she drank the kool-aid, because the next morning she was praising Tweety and bashing Hillary along with the rest of the boyz.

    She got her reward on Earth today. I hope for her sake that God is more forgiving than I am.

  15. UPDATE on Non-Profit “Advocacy” Groups in NM: SOS Agrees with AG Gary King, NMYO Must Register as PAC


    This is important news as the money coming into these groups is unaccounted for. NMYO is actually The League of Youth Voters and operates a lot like ACORN. And you-know-who has deep ties to ACORN. (And has been nabbed by King with voter registration charges.)

    I thought Richardson might block this, but SOS Mary Herrera did her job. Richardson, by the way, has ties to the exec. director of NMYO Eli Lee, who is making big bucks, as it turns out…

  16. I guess when your overriding ambition and the smell of filthy lucre becomes the mainstay of your convictions then who are we to question. Rachel has sold out as easily as any other broadcaster who places themselves within the confines of the Obama camp.

    I find it most galling to say the least since I expected so much more from her.

  17. Rachel actually started out with more of a Republican agenda. She turned quickly.

  18. Assuming a woman (even a lesbian) will be a feminist is like assuming a black guy appointed to SCOTUS will care about civil rights.

  19. Rachel, as a Rhodes scholar with a Ph.D and making at least $250,000 a year fits neatly into the creative class that Obama has lured. But she is gay and I felt that she must feel some tension in defending his tepid stand for the LGBT community as she is one. Hard to defend her choice.

  20. Slobber Hardballs is carrying on about what is wrong with Hillary as VP if that is what BO needs to win! These people are insane!


  21. myiq2xu: Good point. Assumption has been our downfall. We assumed there would be a fair and balanced election primary, we assumed that our voices would be heard, we assumed that justice would prevail and look what we have as a result.

  22. Carol: I don’t know how you can watch this network. Even your reporting of what they are claiming is sending me over the edge!

  23. it’s easy to overlook lots of stuff when you’re rich. I on the other hand tried to sign mawm up to my health insurance at work today (as a private contractor he doesn’t have any). I was told that because we have no legal relationship they can’t extend coverage. The lady told me matter of factly that, you know, how would we know if you split up? And I’m thinking well, if I could GET MARRIED you would know, but I politely thanked her for her time. She told me to write a letter to their board and maybe they might consider it. How very generous of them. yeah, rachel maddow can go fuck off….

  24. gary – any news as to how many showed up today. I can’t image paying to see and hear this idiot!

  25. Pat: As I do with you, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer! Now, which category are you in……………………….?

  26. gary: Before marriage became legal in MA we had the Domestic Partner Law. All the applicant had to do was produce certain forms of paper. I did these all the time when I worked in HR. Obviously Domestic Partnerships have not been recognized in NC. Why am I not surprised?

  27. BO came off as “cool and cerebral” Saturday nite.

    Jesus – what show were they watching!

  28. Carol: For the time being, I will remain in the opposite camp for reasons we need not go into. For as long as the package remains in a hostage situation you will know in which camp I reside. Until then, don’t look for a Christmas card from MA.

  29. nope, no domestic partnerships here. carol, i’m not sure, but i know they ran out of tickeets

  30. “Cool” and “cerebral”, the new “stupid” and “unprepared”.

  31. Gary:

    If you guys make it to CA you can make an honest man out of Mawm

    I happen to be ordained by the Universal Life Church and would be happy to officiate.

  32. Carol, on August 19th, 2008 at 7:30 pm Said:
    BO came off as “cool and cerebral


    cool as in aloof, and cerebral as in shallow.

  33. thanks myiq, do you sell insurance too 🙂

  34. myiq2xu: Mawm is a most honest, passionate, and forthright person. Brilliant, creative, and fierce! I am a big fan of Mawm!

  35. BTW – The “full faith and credit” clause of the Constitution requires all 50 states to recognize a marriage legal in any state.

  36. pat, I just told mawm what you wrote (he’s watching monk) and you made him blush…and that’s not very easy.

  37. Auto, home or life?

  38. you know, myiq, I just thought about that. if that’s their only problem, then they should honor an out of state marriage license even if the state doesn’t…..Pat…get those wedding plans out, stat….

  39. Myiq: But it allows each state to decide HOW it recognizes marriage.

  40. gary: Tell him to calm down. You know my heart belongs elsewhere. Hey, maybe you guys could swing by Houston on your way back and pick him up for me!

  41. CA doesn’t have common-law marriage, but we recognize such a relationship if the people were “married” under the laws of of a state that does (like Arkansas) prior to moving here.

  42. Oh my God! Nader prediction:


  43. Las Colinas (Irving or Dallas)

  44. If a state “recognizes” marriage, and someone who was legally married in another state resides in that state then they have to recognize that marriage.

    Basic Con Law

  45. but we’re not talking about the state, we’re talking about a private insurance co. I’m surprised actually because it is run by the nc bar association, and I thought the lawyers were on our side.

  46. Why did I think Houston? Is that regency?

  47. reg lives in Houston

  48. I need to download my Mapquest directions from Denver to Las Colinas for them. Am even willing to throw in another $10.00 for gas to cover the detour.

  49. I told carol we wanted to stop by and interview her. Dallas isn’t that far out of the way….

  50. gary – go to http://www.salliemae.com

    All the plans are online, and you can apply online. You can buy relatively inexpensive to cover the basics or go full blown. That is how we purchased my son’s insurance.

  51. gary – come on down. It is actually pretty far.

    I am heading out now to go buy the winning MegaMillions so that all of us can go to Denver.


  52. gary: Consider it as a “two birds with one stone” drive by. In my parlance that is known as an interview/abduction.

  53. Gary, I am assuming you have read a copy of your insurance policy yourself. We have been given incorrect information on more than one occasion.

  54. Yeh, Gary. I thought the Mass wedding was on! I even bought a party dress, but no date yet though. (Ed’s gone, and no one is returning my calls)

    Seriously though-I can’t comprehend what it must be like to hear that bullshit and live with it. I’m so sorry.

  55. thanks

  56. Good Luck Carol

  57. phala, that’s probably a smart idea, I’ll make sure I do it.

  58. Carol:

    Save your money, I have the MM winner right here.

    The clerk promised me that this time he sold me the winner.

  59. Just got off the phone with a Hillary delegate, who had a conference call with the candidate this evening. Apparently she sounds *really* bad…no telling what she’s been threatened with, at this point.

    The message from this delegate is: FIGHT LIKE HELL. Don’t back down. Hillary cannot appear to be coordinating with PUMA forces, but it’s clear that we will not regain democracy without a real effort on this.

    I’m ordering my “don’t blame me” stuff here before my plane leaves for Denver:


  60. I don’t know if this has been talked about on here, but I got a tip from a friend who is a reporter in Virginia who said it is Kaine. Apparently, they are bringing people to the Capital there to talk about “succession” plans.

  61. report that Barack may not announce vp until Saturday in Springfield—they are just playing games with the media to change conversation from poll numbers

  62. Gary, where is your current link for donating to the trip? I have only been on here sporadically, but now have Credit Card in hand–where to go now?

  63. Phala – to use BO’s favorite word, other than race, “distraction”.

    Hillary may be upset over our debt. I wish she would release her numbers so we can finish it off if we have to.

  64. what are the latest poll numbers telling us?

  65. joanie that’s reallly sweet, but we raised about 1000 dollars, I wouldn’t feel right taking anymore..BUUUT …. I bet Pumapac would appreciate it 🙂

  66. ben – what a group of arrogant idiots the DNC and the BO supporters are. To some it up “LOSERS”!

  67. McCain story on Fox

  68. I donated to them already–the link was easier to find, and I get derailed easily these days. I’m glad you guys feel like you’re okay. Pumapac gets a few bucks more then….

    I can’t get to Denver, but will be flying to see Katiebird and my Dad the ancient PUMA to watch the convention from Kansas City next week. Katie and I are going to be eachothers support. I feel like I need anti-anxiety meds.

  69. that LA Times poll is awesome. Nader gets 4%. That would be enough to tip it. My source on Kaine is fairly reliable.

  70. Apparently she sounds *really* bad…no telling what she’s been threatened with, at this point.

    What do you mean she sounds really bad? What ‘s up with our Hill??? (Besides the obvious overthrow of the Dem Party.)

  71. Hey everyone! What a treat to read the newest contributor, LadyBoomerNYC! Great posts today, which I’ve been reading in my ten-minute breaks from my very intense job training. 🙂

    This is such an exciting week, and we’re hearing from a lot of folks that the tide is turning.

    Hillary is the only logical choice. Could an overturn be possible? I say H*LL YEAH!!!

    Hillary 08!

  72. yeah, joanie, I appreciate it, believe me, but all of you guys do so much already we just felt like we had to stop. I mean we raised 1000 in a couple hours!!! if we just left that donate button up, in a couple days you guys would donate enough to buy us gas from here to the moon. Thanks again to everyone!!!!

  73. I really need BO to get this VP thing over with! I need to know he won’t choose Hillary–for sure.

    I’ll enjoy the backlash against BO from people that actually wanted her in that role, and also be so relieved that she won’t be tainted by that stinkbomb.

  74. wow, he’s going to choose a pro life governor. take that NARAL. at this point I hope Roe v. Wade gets overturned…serve them all right.

  75. Hi madamab!

    Congratulations on your new job! I hope you’re right that the tide is turning. Could it happen?

  76. joaniebone – Hillary as VP was always such a joke. It was NEVER going to happen.

    Let’s see which Democratic dead-ender he’s going to pick. It really doesn’t matter, as whomever he picks will never be VP anyway.


  77. Indiana – McCain+4

    Isn’t that the state right next to Illinois, you know, the one Hillary won?

  78. ben, what LA Times poll?

    What does Kaine bring to Obama’s ticket? I know he’s from VA, but from what I hear, he’s not even that popular there. Also, he’s pro-life right? So that can help with the Catholic vote. Obama is BFF with him, so he’s no threat to BO’s authority. Obviously, the latter is his key reason for choosing him. But am I missing something? Most people don’t even know this guy, and he has very little experience, so he is not going to reassure people about BO being unprepared. I think it’s a really poor choice (which is fine with me).

  79. If McCain is +4 in Indiana, that number has gone up quite a bit recently. Of course, the Chicago machine will try to steal IN like they did with HRC.

  80. Serves them right, screws a lot of people it doesn’t serve.

  81. didn’t somebody post the RCP electoral map today. McCain is winning for the first time:

    mcain 274, obama 264


  82. joaniebone – It’s already happening! Are you kidding? My hubby has noticed a huge change in the tone of the blogosphere. Just as RD said this morning, a lot of bloggers are afraid to appear foolish, but they know what we know. How could they not?

    Thanks so much. I think this is a good company and it will offer me a lot of flexibility in terms of my work schedule. It feels weird to be back in the corporate world after about 2 months of not working at all! But the money is most welcome. 🙂

  83. I think he is going to pick kaine because he’s his biggest fan. its all about ego. no thought whatsoever to winning.

  84. McCain – chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, up the hill, up the hill, up the hill,…………………………………..all the way to the White House. The little engine that could. Hillary on the tracks is the only thing that could have stopped him.

    Oh Well, I like the letter R – my son’s name starts with a R as in Republican White House. Cindy will be a beautiful, lovely first lady.


  85. madamab, you’re right, the tone of the trolls has even changed. They’re saying now “even if she did get the nomination, his supporters would do the same thing you all are doing” so they’re conceding she could get the nomination!

  86. Joaniebone quotes Dickerson column at Slate: “As Leon Panetta….. put it to the Times of London: “There is a sense of entitlement that almost seems to be inbred.”

    Inbred? Is that code for dumb racist hillbilly? Or maybe not, since the Obots have freely and frequently used those terms this primary. The insult boundaries are gone.

  87. Gary – That’s amazing!

    Aren’t we all shocked that Obama is not winning VA, GA, SC, or any of the other “swing states” he claimed he was going to turn blue?

    I didn’t think so.

    Gotta go – I’ll try to check in later. PUMAS ROCK 4-EVER!

    Hillary 08!

  88. Apparently Hillary just sounds – bad. Flat inflection, zero hopefulness, you can bet she’s just mouthing talking points at this juncture.

    God only knows what the fanatics have threatened her with, to get us all to shut up. Starting with a primary challenger whenever her term’s up, to be sure.

  89. why gary, yes I did.

    What a contrast McCain’s bio vs. BO doesn’t know how he wound up in the alley with no known associates and a “white” house mate!

  90. When I take a moment to let it sink in, I can’t believe all that has happened the few short months of PUMA’s existence. T

    Tis last hard push really feels like transitional labor–no wonder I’m screaming for drugs. It’ll be a big, hard painful push, but imagine the reward.

  91. joaniebone: I have started my own fund to get Ed back here. The button is at the top of the thread. Do you think it would be too tacky asking Carol to keep track of the contributions?

  92. Damn – McCain is handsomeeeeeeeeeeee!

  93. Pat-Hussy!

  94. Looks like Carol has a wandering eye…….

  95. God only knows what the fanatics have threatened her with, to get us all to shut up. Starting with a primary challenger whenever her term’s up, to be sure.

    They absolutely did. The night of the last primary when she delivered that speech, she was still on fire. She said she was going to listen to what her supporters had to say and asked us all to write in, and she was going to “talk to party leaders.” That’s when Rangel turned on her and the screeching for her to GET OUT became hysterical! They barely let her wait until Saturday to deliver her suspension speech. Other candidates have waited months before endorsing their opponents. It was sickening, and she hasn’t been the same since…but we know Hillary. She will RISE RISE RISE.

  96. Pat, if you remember correctly, I stated I actually left the back door ajar for 3 nights and didn’t know about it. If Eddy wanted to leave he would have been gone. I love his smile. He will be beeming so large next week when Hillary wins!

  97. joaniebone: It is part of her appeal. That wandering eye coupled with her “blond hair” can be appealing to some who are suffering the same affliction.

  98. Times/Bloomberg poll Obama loses 12% points
    Experience a key John McCain advantage in new L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll

    When last we had a L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll to peruse, the result that stood out (aside from Barack Obama’s 12-percentage point lead over John McCain in a head-to-head match-up) was what we termed the “passion gap” — a marked difference in enthusiasm levels that favored the Democrat in the June survey.

    The new, just-released poll not only shows the race between the two dramatically tightening — into a virtual dead heat

  99. Leaving to go get rich!

  100. I am saddened that Hillary feels so down. She has kept up her spirits through all this sludge. Maybe she expected to be tapped for VP and she was informed otherwise today. Probably by a text message. Like some guy who hasn’t the nerve to tell you it is over to your face. I wish I knew how to cheer her up.

  101. How funny. I used to dance to “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair” way back when I still had rhythm. And now I’ve got the darn song stuck in my head and can’t get rid of it.

    I also saw the teaser about Hillary making emergency calls to delegates, but haven’t heard anything more. How much more can they threaten her with, and how much more can she be expected to do? I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m spoiling for a fight. So if the word is to “fight like hell,” I’m in. I just hope her delegates are willing to do the same thing.

  102. Are you saying “BO broke up with Hillary on an electronic post-it”?

  103. Carolyn Mann: And you will be there to make that happen. We have her back but we also have her spirit. She is just too good to be let down this way.

  104. Carol; No, just being facetious. Only I wouldn’t put it past the twit.

  105. I see you have the poll posted from the LA Times. The Nader numbers are very telling. Some of them have to be Hillary people. Cindy will make a lovely and appropriate first lady in the best traditions of Betty Ford! Kaine worships Obama and this Virginia connection has been going on from the beginning.

  106. texasdemocrat // August 19, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    Hillary talked mostly about the platform, she says she liked how it came out.

    There will be a ‘real roll-call vote’ with a paper trail. They do expect bho to win. But they did not release the delegates.

    There will be Clinton whips to keep us informed on the floor, two from each state. We will all meet on Wednesday at 1pm with HRC.

    They were extremely careful with their words, they gave us no big news, no big hope.
    But they did NOT break our hearts.

    So it goes on to Denver!

  107. The way I see it, God owes us one. If we had to put up with 8 years of Bush/Cheney, who some insisted was by God’s will, then God owes us one. We have lived through one moron who considered himself God’s BFF. I cannot tolerate the thought of another who considers himself God’s equal. Again, as I see it God owes us one.

  108. Congratulations Lady Boomer NYC on your two posts.

    Oh that Nader! (sorry if already reported).


  109. Those poll numbers have to be disturbing to the DNC money people, but they don’t care. This was all about appeasing a certain base of the party. A person shouldn’t be dropping like a rock going into the convention. Months ago a McCain campaign guy had a segment on the McCain web site about where they needed to be at this time and throughout the summer. What’s odd is that what he said has actually happened. They wanted to be 3 points behind. It’s better than that.

  110. My comment may have been a duplicate. sorry.

    Do not see it/them, so maybe I am in moderation…oh man.

  111. Just in case it/them got lost.

    Congratulations Lady Boomer NYC!

  112. If we had to put up with 8 years of Bush/Cheney, who some insisted was by God’s will, then God owes us one. We have lived through one moron who considered himself God’s BFF. I cannot tolerate the thought of another who considers himself God’s equal. Again, as I see it God owes us one.

    Didn’t you hear? Nancy confirmed that BO is a “blessing from God.”

  113. Regency,

    I sincerely hope that your source is spot on and that Hillary and her delegates will stage a real floor fight.

    As to Nader, he does speak the truth, even if I don’t always like what he has to say. My daughter said today the she and her husband plan to vote for Nader. They can’t bring themselves to punch the hole for McCain. Maybe he’ll end up acting the spoiler for The One in the same way he did for Gore.

  114. Then God apparently is not humanity’s biggest fan.

  115. Gary Mawm-We have domestic partnership here in little old gainesville if you work for the city or gainesville regional utilities the city issues domestic partner registrations for residents….If you guys could only learn to bleed blue and orange and say “GO GATORS!”
    you two could feel almost equal.


  116. I think McCain in Florida is up by 10 pts over the big “O”….I am still hoping Obama/McCaskill or Obama/Kerry….Or Silibeus or Dean?

    I have been a very good boy Creator answer my prayers!


  117. The LA Times poll — I was looking at the actual numbers, and what the articles doesn’t say is that the numbers they are reporting include ‘leaners’. Fairly high numbers of people (both sides) say they might change their minds, AND the undecideds w/o leaners is pretty high (I don’t have it handy right now but I think it was 12-15%). Which is about double, iirc, what it was at this point in 2004.

    Those leaner/undecideds are not going to go to Obama. They are people who are deciding whether they can hold their nose and vote for McCain, or vote 3rd party. With the tremendous positive coverage of Obama, how could people be undecided about voting for him? At this point, if you haven’t drunk the KA, you’re not going to.

  118. GO GATORS!!!

    I’m in Jax and my daughters are Gator alum.–alot of us half people Floridians here.

    The day of his nom. speech is my sister’s birhtday (she will be putting the big hex on the O man.

    Looks like we have a hurricane headed our way-not much of one, but this is the weirdest track I have ever seen.

  119. Lady Boomer, welcome and thank you! couple of good posts!

    y’all, why do I keep hearing Biden? is that a distraction?

  120. It’s not Biden. He said so hours ago, “I’m not the guy.”

  121. I am watching Larry King (bill Maher is on, that’s the reason). He just said he is disapointed by Obama and he want Hillary on the ticket!! Not on top mind you.

    But still his reasoning is that HE NEEDS HER. He wants the Clinton Back because they know how to win the elections.

    You think Bill??? DUH

    So my question is: If you agree that your favorite (quote: he (Obama) is testing my patience) is not going to win the elections without Hillary’s help why would you mind putting a looser on top of the ticket, or for that matter on the ticket at all?

    Or is it that another 50ish white guy has no squam to demand from an overqualified woman to help promote an underqualified man?

    NO DEAL…

  122. Hi Everyone,

    I just hope there will be a floor fight. I hope it gets really nasty if Hillary doesn’t get a fair shot. God, I’m so sick and tired of BO! I can’t imagine what it will be like if he wins POTUS. I guess I’ll get rid of my TV, because I don’t want to ever see that man again as long as I live.

    Today I heard him on the radio talking to the VFW, and he was just shouting out the words. That is not eloquence. The guy isn’t even a good speaker. How low have we sunk when someone like BO is considered a good speaker?

  123. I went to get my hair done today, and I told my hairdresser that I can’t stand Obama and I’ll never vote for him. I knew he voted for Hillary in the primary. He said he feels the same way. I told him she is going to be on the ballot in Denver and I hope and pray she still wins the nomination. He got all excited at the idea. He had no clue all this was going on.

    I’ve honestly reached the point where I think I could vote for McCain if I have to. I will do anything to stop BO from becoming POTUS.

  124. FrenchNail, it happens all the time in the real world. The woman gets passed over for the job in favor of some cocksure worthless inexperienced man, then when he starts BOMBING in his new role, she is supposed to prop him up and help him out.

    I hope like heel that even if Obama offered the VP, Hillary tells him to eat shit and die.

  125. Kiki—I think all of these dropped names are distractions or just to hype it and keep his name in the news. Boy would I like to know what Axelrod promised the media for this non stop attention.
    And, yes, great posts !!

  126. If Hillary is VP candidate and they lose, she’ll never get another chance. I doubt if she will anyway, but why should she risk being on a losing ticket?

  127. If all of these people are coming out for Hillary, think of what all of the ones in the closet must be thinking, “please God let the lights go out during the roll call so that we can tell the truth without being outed!”

    For your enjoyment,

    Party: Independent Reply #5

    Date: Aug. 19, 2008 – 7:06 PM EST


    Based on what we have seen thus far from the Democrats and Obama it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he chose AL FRANKEN. After all this Democrat Party primary has being nothing but a circus and choosing Franken, well they need a clown in the tent to keep us laughing.


  128. BB: “The guy isn’t even a good speaker. How low have we sunk when someone like BO is considered a good speaker?”

    He delivers lines from teleprompters like a pro, so what is your problem..

    Hi BB, always glad to “see” you.

  129. We NEED Hillary NOW! That video LadyboomerNYC put up on the last thread made me cry–the one withe the Dixie Chicks song. God I miss Hillary so much! It was exciting when she was in the news. BO and McCain are both boring as hell!

  130. “BO and McCain are both boring as hell!”


    OK, that is it for me…GNight.

  131. BO and company are mortified she can still pull this off. Hillary’s expecting absolutely nothing. Bill is up to something–on his birthday no less. And Super Ds are finally learning the ways of Barack Obama–being dissed and dismissed. Strange Days at Democratic High.

  132. I loved the way this local story of Obama coming to Raleigh starts out:

    Raleigh, N.C. — Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama wants to double scientific research and develop ways to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil.

    heh heh…they demoted him from presumptive nominee to presumptive candidate


  133. Hi UpstateNY! It’s good to see you too. I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for days. My car died and I had to buy a “new” one (2005 Chevy Impala). I spent the almost the entire day today the insurance agency and the registry of motor vehicles. Ugh!! I just got paid, and now I’m completely broke! Oh well, at least I have wheels.

    I’m going out to Indiana to visit my folks on Thursday. I don’t know if I can face watching the convention. I need you guys as my support group if I do. I wish I could have a puma pal with me like Katiebird, Joaniebone, and their dad will. My mom loves Hillary, but she won’t even believe me when I tell her that BO told Wes Clark not to come to the convention. She listens to her BO-loving friends too much.

  134. Carol bad girl do you want me to give Ed the key to those fuzzy handcuffs so he can escape bact to pat!

    Hey KiKi how you doing I am on allert level II still we have a real bad day planed for thursday and friday time to batten down the hatches….

    Darn I may miss the convention! on TV that is! If I were a hacker I would hack Michelle Obama as the VP on the text message.


  135. Night, Upstate. Sleep well.

  136. You have to think that the Obamabots have the general election planned out just like the primaries. That is probably why he is going towards Kaine. Virginia is part of the master plan. But unfortunately for them there are no caucuses and it’s winner takes all baby except for Maine and Nebraska.

  137. BB..I love your beauty parlor story.

  138. This day in 2004
    Kerry 301 Bush 213
    (now it’s B0 264, McCain 274)

  139. Carol,

    At least if he named Al Franken as VP we could have a few laughs. And if you ask me, Franken is better qualified than Obama is.

  140. WMCB: you bet I know all about that patern. I am of the generation who followed the Anita Hill hearings live!!!

    Bill Maher just asked again “Where is my Champion?” implying Obama is not anymore…. The wind is turning.

    And yes I hoooope Hillary will turn him down if asked. The VP spot would do nothing for her she could not do for herself in the Senate.

    Anyway Meeee Chelle will never allow it. Thanks God. Idiots are Idiots.

  141. Eddy is going no where fuzzy.

  142. The Anita Hill hearings: I will always believe there will be a special place in hell for the men on that panel: Specter, Simpson, Deconcini et. al. Those were sad days.

  143. This pretty much sums it up:


    Can we have Hillary Back NOW!


  144. Thank you Lady Boomer NYC for these posts and videos. Felt like singing along!

    Biden was quoted today telling reporters camped outside his home in Wilmington “I’m not the guy”, i.e., Veep choice, or doesn’t expect to be tapped, saying he’ll be home on Saturday when VP to be introduced.

    Karl Rove was on Hannity & Colmes tonight, and said in terms of the best pick for Obama, he didn’t like any of the 4 on the short list. Instead, he said Hillary would be his best pick for VP, for the main reason: “She could be President”. Also help with Obama’s problem with women voters, swing states, etc.

    I agree with GaryChapelHill that Obama will probably go for Kaine, especially since hearing that Michele told Barry to go with one he felt most comfortable haning with, etc. Given that Barry probably has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), Tim Kaine makes sense. Believe I’d like that ticket, too, because then we can say we have two of the least qualified candidates running for POTUS and VP in modern history.

    Also, how would the delegates and Super Delegates respond to Obama-Kaine? Enthusiastically, because they’re real winners in November?

    (Just heard: Hannity also acknowledged CDS – Clinton Derangement Syndrome, how he likes to go after the Clintons.)

    Blessings to everyone, and Happy Birthday Bill Clinton!

  145. You know if you have to tell people your are patriotic, when you are running for president, and if you have to tell them you are tough you have a problem:

    RALEIGH, N.C. – A combative Barack Obama said Tuesday that Republican John McCain “doesn‘t know what he‘s up against” in this election and challenged his rival to stop questioning his character and patriotism.

    “Our job in this election is not just ‘win,‘ although I‘m a big believer in winning,” Obama said during the rally. “I don‘t intend to lose this election. John McCain doesn‘t know what he‘s up against.”

    His remarks carried forward a theme of feisty campaigning he debuted earlier in the day.

    McCain supported the Iraq invasion and was an early champion of the surge.

    “Let me be clear: I will let no one question my love of this country,” Obama said to applause.

  146. Regency:

    As usual a woman’s career, ambitions, sense of accomplishment is expendible.

  147. Hi Ben!

    I keep telling you guys. BO will not carry MA. Hillary won the primary here by 15 points even with all the honchos supporting BO. He dropped like a stone in the most recent poll. I also see that McCain is now leading IN by 6 points. He is going to be another McGovern/Mondale 49 state loser.

  148. Ben: Sad days indeed. She got sacrified big time. But it nonetheless started a new era. Still there is noway I am ready to sacrify Hillary to have a new era of women in politics. I want her NOW and on top of the ticket.

    Bill Maher just pretty much said people are going to vote for MC (and having the reps win).

  149. Anita got some of the same treatment as Hillary has gotten and Thomas turned around his nomination by playing the race card (“high-tech lynching”)

  150. Carol…I love that post about the PUMA mind games.

  151. Damn, an election lost 3 months early. Sad and shameful. Not my fault. It’s all Hillary’s fault for not being the bitch they thought she was.

  152. where did that winky emoticon come from?? I intended a )

  153. Absolutely, Robin. And what happens when the race card is played..Democrats run like scared little boys.

  154. McCain’s 90 + year old mother could mop the floor with him. I could do it with all 4 limbs tied behind me (I have been practicing this technique with Eddy).

    BO if you are threatening McCain with your unsavory “characters” you call “not the ‘terrorist, thug, felon……’ I knew”, that doesn’t go over too well even if you are going to bring a gun. (Although, I wish you would, we need to have a billistics test done on it.)


  155. BB – yeah, but that still leaves BO winning 9.

  156. Sammie // August 19, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Is anyone watching Hannity and Colmes? They were just discussing his votes on the born alive legislation and Bob Beckel practically had a nervous breakdown and started verbally attacking Sean and basically accusing him of trying to smear 61 (saying stuff like, your trying to say he wants to kill babies, that’s outrageous, I expected better from you, shame on you …. blah, blah, blah). Beckel’s behavior did not reflect well on him or the Democratic Party.

    I think Beckel didn’t want to allow Sean the chance to clearly communicate about how 61 has misled people with respect to his votes on the legislation (that he would have voted for it if it had contained the same language as the federal law).

  157. Wait for the Ad about Obama Foreign Mulsim SIBLINGS. Followed by the Birth Certificate/Dual citizenship swiftboat! Black and Mulsim, That a Super Race card.

  158. FYI – Hannity & Colmes agree Hillary would be the best VP choice for Obama, but like Karl, say it won’t happen.

    Agree, tt would make the most sense, but as we know, many of us don’t want to vote for Barry even if Hillary was his pick. Believe Michele has veto power over anyone he selects.

    Praying for all PUMAs, and a few well-timed, well-placed miracles.

  159. Reg – the BO camp has already admitted he lied. He evidentally went over to the Christian Broadcast Network after Saddleback Saturday nite and called the those reporting on this vote “liars” and they called him on it.

    This idiot just keeps on lying.

  160. McCain isn’t going to take him out completely before the convention because he wants to win. He can’t beat Hillary. God I love that woman!

  161. Why are all his surrogates crazy? They’re like unhinged as they twist their li’l minds and suspend disbelief their souls to make sense out of the shit he says and does.

    Oh, just off-hand, if Hillary were to announce a VP for the sheer novelty of the thing, I’d want it to Bobby Kennedy, Jr.

  162. I could respect Bobby Jr. or Kathleen.

  163. The guy has more holes in his past than Swiss cheese. Four years at Columbia and he cannot give any of the addresses where he lived? And nobody remembers him being there…

    But he went to Pakistan and lived with Pakistanians…
    A week ago there was a post on Noquarter hinting at Obama being or having been CIA… I thought it was far fetch than, but now….


  164. Obama confirms hillary not VP, sort of.

    Barack Obama let slip a small detail about his yet-to-be-named running mate at his Raleigh town hall today when he referred to the veep as a “he.”

    The candidate and his staff have not given any hints as to who he will name – or even who he is considering and the timing of the announcement, which many believe will occur in the coming days. So when Obama said “he” instead of the less revealing “he or she,” eyebrows rose in the press file as reporters wondered what that comment meant for Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and former rival Senator Hillary Clinton’s chances to fill the bottom of the ticket.

    “By the way, my VP also will be a member of the Executive Branch — he won’t be one of these 4th branches of government where he thinks he’s above the law,” Obama said after saying he would not hand over policy to the veep.

  165. He was looking for Osama.

  166. Does anyone really care who it is as long as it isn’t our Hillary?

  167. Exactly. Who is this guy? We’ll probably be told he was one of the first children adopted by Angelina and Brad a long time ago and the reason they cannot locate his birth certificate is that they can’t figure out what country they picked him up from.

    Bill Maher did not sound as strong about The One as he did before his show went on hiatus. Hmmmmmmmm.

  168. Clinton/Nutter, that IS a brilliant ticket. I met Nutter at the opening of Clinton headquarters in Philly back in March. Impressive. That’s a solid guy.

  169. Regency, that’s a good question – what is in that Kool-aid anyway? Wish some reputable psychologist, psychiatrists would blog and explain the whole MSM surrogate mess, and the mass psychology effect of Barry on them. Perhaps historians know better than shrinks, especially those versed in fascist regime take-overs, like the Nazi party in the 1930s.

    Like your idea of Hillary announcing a VP, and RFK, Jr. would bring a certain poetic justice, too, after all she went through during the primary. RFK really was her hero.

  170. bb: If you are still here I miss you. And madamab. Although I am glad you guys are working and making some much needed money, I really miss you guys!

  171. NEW POST!

    Scratching post celebrates Big Dawg’s B-day!

    Moet & Chandon Open Bar !

  172. PJ – I miss you too, lady! Come up and celebrate Bill’s birthday with SM’s lovely post! 🙂

  173. I love Nutter, but I want him to keep helping at that level, but you’d best believe I’d back him as a worthy candidate–not even just as a “black” candidate, though that would make me mighty proud.

  174. Yep, I got the same impression from Bill Maher. He knows O is a spinless looser, but cannot call him on it yet. We need a miracle like a postponment of the Convention by a week or 2. We’re nearly there….

    BTW, I thought the SD were not voting with secret ballots.

  175. McCain’s 90 + year old mother could mop the floor with him. I could do it with all 4 limbs tied behind me (I have been practicing this technique with Eddy).

    A technique he picked up in Massachusetts. We only bring it out for special occasions.

  176. Did everyone see this response from a super delegate to a HRC supporter: (posted by Ricki Lieberman in the EW)

    I do not how you got my email but don’t ever email me again! She did not win the primary and I intend on backing our presumptive candidate.
    It’s because of emails like this that I will never put a Clinton back in office. I will vote for McCain first!
    Fuck You.
    William Jelani Cobb, Ph.D.

  177. Hi Pat,

    I’m still here. I miss you too. Actually some nights lately, I’ve been reading the comments, but too tired to write anything.

    I’m not working now though. I’m going to go out to Indiana to visit my parents on Thurs., but I will be on-line. I need to be with Conflucians during the nightmare of the Dem Convention. I want to know exactly what the pumas are doing in Denver too. I hope there will be lots of blog talk radio to keep us informed.

  178. Pat,

    What about Ed as Hillary’s VP? He’s got plenty of personality. If he helps her get the nomination, I’ll forgive him for the HOUND nonsense.

  179. Did I read it right, Did he said FY! and did he mentionned in writting that he would vote MC rather than Hillary?

    Isn’t it exactly the mirror image of the Hillary delegate who got stripped from her credentials?

    I say this is an Action item. Let that A,,Hole strip from his status.

    Regency forwards this to Heidi. This is too good.

  180. I’ve honestly reached the point where I think I could vote for McCain if I have to. I will do anything to stop BO from becoming POTUS.

    Me, too. I’ve only voted Republican once in my life – I was living in D.C. and just couldn’t pull the lever for Marion Barry – and I keep vacillating between just staying home or voting for McCain or for McKinney.

    At this moment it’s probably McKinney, but I still need to find out what happens to write-in votes in my state (TN).

  181. Regency and BB – Come upstairs!

    (Um, Regency, holy shit! What was that person thinking?!)

  182. In a suprize “unity event” Hillary announces her prospective running mate and cabinet if she had been the nominee:

    VP-Ed Rendell

    Sec Agriculture-Gov Vilsak
    Sec State-Madiline Albright
    Sec Defence-Wesley Clark
    Sec of Labor-SM77 (real hard worker)
    Sec of Energy- Mawm
    Sec of Health Welfare-garychappelhill
    Sec Of Education- Riverdaughter
    Sec Of Commerce-Princess wears Prada
    Sec of Interior-Fuzzybeargville
    Annty General-Bobby Kennedy Jr
    Sec Of Treasury-Carol Diamonds

    How is this fro a start?


  183. Well win or lose PUMA’s will rule the world!

    oh-mawm has so much energy
    gand -gary has done such a good job at protecting us from the trolls here he has helped us all maintain our mental health and welfare

  184. Michael: Don’t I deserve to be in that cabinet somewhere?

  185. Pat for Press Secretary! Or Communications Director!

    Pat Johnson=CJ Cregg+Toby Zeigler+Sam Seaborn

  186. Hello. As usual, I’m the last one to leave the party! Actually, I was taking care of Puma business for a bit, and just now have gotten caught up w/ reading the comments in this thread — some great ones, btw.

    Thank you for the hearty welcome Liberty Belle, Gary, Mawm, kc, kiki, madamab, upstate, anyone I missed, and all. I’ll see you all at Bill’s celebration in a minute.

    For those of you who said you can’t bear to watch the Denver proceedings, be sure to stay connected via PUMA media. We Pumas will be having our own coverage via blogtalkradio shows and frequent live-blogging updates from Denver.

  187. Pat can be Sec of HOMELAND SECURITY!

    Just finished priming my student for the dissertation defense on bias and objectivity tomorrow.

  188. hatshepsut1988: No, no, no! I hate cleaning my own cave let alone clean up the country! I want a desk job where I can hide my shoes under. I refuse to settle for anything less.

    You must really get a kick out of teaching, just to watch those ideas and questions take hold. I envy that.

  189. I’m gonna be really UN PC for a second and say Hillary can win in November without the AA vote. A poster at BP, drummajor, pointed out that she won the pop vote without them in the primary and she can do that in the GE. They’re mostly concentrated in red states in the South which we pretty fairly aren’t taking. As long as she holds on to her base and picks up any significant percentage from McCain, which as RD has pointed out, she will, she can sweep this election.

  190. Regency: That is a good point. She did win without AA votes since they essentially went to him. Some GOP women were won over by her as well during the primaries. Both McCain and Obama hold soft leads in their respective parties. She could attract those wavering ones and pick up some indies along the way. Fingers crossed.

  191. Another great line from South Pacific that is pertinent for us PUMAS:

    If you never have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true? ~Oscar Hammerstein

  192. HI ALL!:)

    Well, I started out making a video for a send off for the PUMA and Just Say NO Deal gang LOL and it ended up being both a send off and a Thank you to the groups I am a member of and appreciate!!!

    I have fought most of the battles through the prowls and on youtube where it can get really thick! LOL to say the least!

    As I worked on the video it just all came together the way it did to include everyone!

    So, many many thanks! and enjoy your video!
    wildflowersandi on youtube

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