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Superdelegates also work the oldest profession in the world

UPDATE:  Internet Radio Show Site:  www.plainsradio.com – Listener call in numbers:  888-447-0270   or   806-447-0270 – Will be guests on an internet radio show TONIGHT, Mon 8/18/08, 8pm-10pm Eastern Time.
* POCPUMA.com* NativeAmericansAgainstObama.com* PUMALatinos.com

Democracy, Schmocracy, turning tricks at the Convention is where the money’s at, especially if your john is Madame Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, video courtesy of Dr. Lynette Long & Geeklove:

Awww, don’t you feel for these SuperDelegates, though?  They really think Barack Obama is going to “Pretty Woman” them and drive off in a limo straight to the White House.  After they sold out their constituencies’ votes, SuperDelegates are certain that Obama’s going to marry them with DNC funds for down ticket elections.  Hey SuperSweeties, if you really think that Obama’s Chicago-based DNC will help you fund many of your November re-election campaigns, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.   PUMA Priestess Alegre at Alegre’s Corner has the scoop, plus ACTION ITEMS.  Democracy should not be replaced by “Quid-pro-quo-ocracy.”

Another action item: WIll Bower, PUMA Chieftan Supreme issued his PUMA Prowl at the suggestion of the fabulous Heidi Li Feldman from The Denver Group and Heidi Li’s Potpourri:

Yes, we’ve been told that Hillary’s name will be placed into nomination…but now we need to help make sure that that actually happens… and that it MATTERS !! 
First, we need to let Hillary know (in a heartfelt and respectful manner) that we want her to retain her delegates… and that we do *not* want her to discourage them from voting for her!: 
Next, we need to contact Phil McNamara (Director of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection) and (respectfully but firmly) “ask” that the delegate voting process be a *fair* and *legitimate* one!:
Finally, for more information on these matters, please read Heidi Li Feldman’s latest articles at: /http://heidilipotpourri.blogspot.com
For those staying put during the Demagogue, oops, I mean Democratic Convention, our PUMA Infantry Co-Commanding Cat-Wrangling duo, Gary & Mawm, still need help filling up the PUMAmobile!  Click on Gary & Mawm’s PUMAmobile below to donate to the G & M Excellent Adventure fuel fund – or click HERE
The next week is going to be filled with activity, every Just Say No Dealer is working furiously to PUMAtize Denver.  Please keep up with the PUMA Prowls at PUMAPac and Just Say No Deal.  
¡Que viva los PUMAs!
(Long live PUMAs!)

100 Responses

  1. Is that Gary and Mawm in the photo?

  2. I called “Gabby” Gifford and told her that these two life-long Democrats who are recently transplanted to her district in AZ will be voting for her Repug competitor (Tim Bee) if she does not honor her district’s vote for HRC.

    And this husband/wife PUMA team mean it!!!

  3. I worked hard to get Ron Klein elected last time, but this time I can’t vote for him, as a SuperD, I believe he is voting Obama and he voted in favor of FISA. What a disappointment he has been.

  4. I would be careful with that video as there are probably SD’s that received money that Clinton didn’t win their districts, but they endorsed her. That can work both ways.

  5. Carol’s right. That’s what got so many of her AA supporters in trouble, or her supporters from largely AA districts.

    At this late date, we have to be careful of trying to paint him with one brush only to end up tarring her as well.

  6. Heh, heh. I love that picture of the PumaMobile.

    Sent Hillary a note. Gotta go send Phil one.

    Cheers, all.

  7. Umm…Joe Sestak was a great Hillary supporter before she suspended. He was frequently on tv standing up to the talking heads on her behalf. Are we going to punish everyone who switched later, the same as she did? I’m not sure I’m comfortable tarring everyone when she is campaigning for him and urging everyone to support him. . That’s as far as I got so I don’t know if that was a mistake or if there are others who did the same.
    What do ya’ll think?

    Love the PUMAmobile- I so wish it was coming near me.

  8. The only people who should be targeted are those who endorsed him from the getgo in spite of their districts going for him, if we must target anyone.

    I for one just say go after the Downtickets Supers whose seats are at risk now.

  9. The money is only the start of It. Pelosi has incredible power and the members of Congress know that she will use it to make or break a career. Pelosi does what helps her and her view of what is ‘right’. Congressmen/women know that it is her way of the highway. I would love to see her dethroned, but Speakers usually stay in power for a long time. I can’t believe how excited I was to have her assume the role of Speaker.

  10. I’ve heard MoveOn is reconsidering its endorsement of Obama since they’re realizing he won’t win.

    Does anybody have more info?

    Or a contact address for MoveOn so we can tell them they’re right to reconsider??

  11. Totally agree. Pelosi is a mega disappointment and now we’re stuck with her. Her district needs to overthrow her. Please?

  12. #
    Carol, on August 18th, 2008 at 5:03 pm Said:

    I would be careful with that video as there are probably SD’s that received money that Clinton didn’t win their districts, but they endorsed her. That can work both ways.

    I agree. Many of Hillary’s SDs also went against their state/district. however she gave much less money to SDs in general. (I don’t remember the numbers but it was really much less)

  13. Wow. that is a powerful video. I live in Ron Klein’s district. We had a Republican representing us in congress for years. I donated money to Ron Klein’s campaign. Clinton won the distritct; Klein endorsed Obama. Ron Klein can go F*** himself.

    He won’t be getting any more money from me and he won’t be getting my vote ever again!

  14. CArol & LuckyAnn: Hi!

    If those Hillary SDs endorsed her anyways, it wasn’t because she dropped 10,000 reasons in their bank account.

  15. A great companion piece to this one would be one with comparing the amount given to each Super D by Hillary or BO and then stating who they endorsed.

  16. Wig Wag & FL Voter, keep safe with Trop Storm Fay!

    I was out running around for last minute items – but I think we should be ok here in Tampa.

  17. Regency – hey lil’ sis!!! Dr. Lynette Long has great info on that – please check out her site at the link on her name above.

  18. If you have not seen “The Obama Messiah…..” at NQ don’t miss the 2 videos – they are hysterical. Can hardly wait until McCain copies…………..

  19. SM – What up, lady? I’ll go check it out. Back in a bit.

  20. I agree Honora and Joan. I was excited about her and now find her insufferable. bleah.

  21. Good News! If you are arrested and taken to the Denver Gitmo, you will only have to stay there about 3 to 4 hours.

  22. I went to all the links. I sent all my emails. I feel good!

    Thanks for the great postings.

  23. What is missing with the video is that 16 of the SDs Pelosi gave money to, all endorsed barky when Hillary won their districts. There was an article about it on No Quarter.
    Did you also know that Pelosi’s pac only contributed 29% to women and 71% to men?


  24. About 25 years ago my husband and I took our own Orville Redenbacher popcorn into one of the Mann Theatres in Denver and he was arrested when they harassed him and he refused to leave…. 4 policemen carried him out and took him to a holding cell (he was charged with disturbing the peace)…
    Hope the local police use a bit more restraint at the convention!!!

  25. Regency – Dr. Long’s comin’ around. She did a great interview yesterday at No we Won’t with Sheri Tag.

    The more scholarly types have been at first, skeptical of us. Now they see that we means BIZNESS. So they’re comin’ round.

    I have nothing against Dr. Long because she’s provided solid evidence of the stolen election.

  26. Look up in the post. See the link.

  27. Downticket – yep, I read that there. It’s shameful and disgusting.

  28. Regency I thought the exact same thing about the increasingly negative PUMA movement comment and mentioned it to a couple of others. Although the Christina thing doesn’t seem like anything much it is on blog talk radio on a show.

  29. documentary on Fox News tonight at 8 pm Presidential Character and Conduct–B0 tonight McC tomorrow—goes into Rezko, etc from previews–reportedly “new” stuff–new to MSM

    ??? if HIllary releases her delegates and roll call is not open and honest will it be harder to prove that delegates were corrupted? I’m worried

  30. regency- thanks! will do now!

  31. I have a problem with the correlation of the negative PUMA comment with her talking to Christina. All Christina does IS badmouth us. I’d hate to think she’s taking her word for it.

  32. Phala: You can’t do anything about it, so I really wouldn’t lose a ton of sleep over it. Stick with contemplating what you can affect. Everything else is white noise.

  33. Sent my emails and was trying to cough up some dough for the boys, but the link is not working. Anybody know of another way for me to add to the gas money bucket?

  34. ahem I agree 100% with Regency. she’s badmouthing the PUMA movement and pretends to be something better and more ‘productive’ sorry, but I’m sure that GeekLove wouldn’t have produced her video after reading this crap. seems like the PUMAs are not good enough for her. but she’s still talking about meetings with mccain etc…but also meetings with the obama camp…oh and I highly doubt that Cynthia would say anything against PUMA…her site is a member of the JSND coalition (real dems usa)

  35. Meileen – click on the “HERE” by the PUMAmobile – if it doesn’t work, let me know.

    $750 is not enought for gas money from Chapel Hill to Denver. THANK YOU for donating!

  36. SM, big sis, can you take care of Angry Black Guy on the last thread?

  37. Reg – I can’t – I don’t have access to other folks’ threads.

    I can tell him off though.

    ABOUT LYNETTE LONG: Let’s not get that involved please – she’s got goods that help us expose the stolen election. Yeah, she m ay think we’re too loud and brash – so what? I personally don’t care, as long as she’s on our side fighting our fight, we are cool.

  38. SM – If you say so.

  39. Reg – and I feel the same way, but what we are trying to achieve is bigger than “she don’t like us” stuff.

    We are many activists, bloggers, general everyday Democrats that have the same goal in common.

    Maybe you should write her at her blog & see what she says.

  40. SM – Nope, it’s fine with me. I’ve gotten used to siding with people who don’t like me. It’s not a problem.

    By the way, Brian Williams seemingly has news on the McCain “cheating” scandal.

  41. does fuzzy beargville need to drop a house on him? Regency?


  42. Fuzzy, if SM hasn’t already feel free to drop a house on our friend last thread. Other than that, don’t worry about it. But thank you, Fuzz.

  43. Lets stop pussy footing around with Hillary. She doesn’t need the party, is she stupid or what ??? The party is trying to destroy her and Bill. She owes the party nothing, start a new Independent Democrats Party. Remind her. You said you will stand up for us.

    DO IT.

  44. Sorry all lost my PSA on FAY!

    will try again:

    besure to have a working flashlight or 2 and batteries Have a 3 day supply of potable water and fill you tub for flushing water if it holds water (mine does not) also non-perishable food for 3 days.

    Report to the florida sec of state’s office any price gouging on items like gasoline and ice and such.

    Remember if your power goes out during the storm your utility will probably not begin with restoration for at least 48 hours as your utility assess the damage to the grid.

    Priorities in restoration inclued water and wastewater treatment plants, EMT-Law enforcement assets, Hospitals and Governemt command and control centers, and grocery stores and public shelters.

    This list is in no particular order except the restoration of water and treatmet facilities is number one becuse water is a life vital service and waste treatment is a health concern.

    Remember being on the same circuit as any of these priorities could speed up you power restoration.

    Do not assume that Utility trucks working in your neighborhood are working on your circuit. Also do not engage in conversation with unility workers this slows down the restoration process and they only have information about their assigned job.

    The best source of information is the customer service number or the no power phone number.

    PUMA Proud PUMA Prepaired!


  45. Fuzzybeargville is on the same circuit as the police station and 2 grocery stores-I look for vital assets when I go house and apartment hunting….


  46. cheating like in extramarital affair with lobbist or the fauxrage over the cone of silence?

    It would seem like the latest troll meme is that PUMAs are increasingly angry, edgy….

    Remind me again how the adage goes…you attract more flies with honey….

  47. lobbyist=lobbist

  48. Hello everyone! Boy, did I miss you all today. I’m just addicted!

    Unfortunately/fortunately, I’m in training for my new job this week, so I’m going to have to stay away during the day for the most part. I am happy to be at this firm, though – they are really good and well-organized.

    I’ve been doing that PUMA Prowl on my own for two weeks! I’m so happy to hear that Will organized this great action. Hillary is the one that needs to get on board with us now. We opened the door – all she has to do is walk through it!


  49. oh man, I am in moderation.

  50. FUZZY!!!!

    Wish you luck & safety during Fay. KEEP SAFE PLEASE! Can’t live without some Fuzz.

  51. Some idiot on hireheels said next wednesday Hillary Clinton will except the VP slot with Barak Obama-I will ask for my money back!

    I will not vote for an Obama/Clinton Ticket I will feel as if I have been sold out and probably never vote again.

    Does anyone feel that shift is taking place?


  52. Socorro, auxilio, ayuda (I sound like Dora and Boots)

  53. Guys and Gals – stay focused! Hillary and Bill know what they are doing! They know he can’t win.

    Look how far we have gotten. She is doing her job, we have HER BACK – REMEMBER!


  54. UpstateNY – Hi!

    What is it with this “cone of silence” ?? What does that even mean? I’ve seen it referred to MSNBC Andrea Mitchell but WTF is a “cone of silence?”

    I like my cones with vanilla & spinkles, but silence?

  55. madamab: CONGRATS on the new job!!!!


  56. I ask cause I do not see any shift by the Clinton group or the Obama group to put her on the ticket but if you wanted to kneecap us that would be the way to do it!


  57. SM, I think it is a reference to some detective commedy. Get Smart?

    It was used during the Faith Forum to indicate that both candidates would have no knowledge of the questions ahead of time. Sound proof room, I think.

  58. Carol, on August 18th, 2008 at 7:07 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Guys and Gals – stay focused! Hillary and Bill know what they are doing! They know he can’t win.

    Look how far we have gotten. She is doing her job, we have HER BACK – REMEMBER!



    Back, front, sides, top & bottom, in and out. COVERED.

  59. Cone of silence was from the old spy sit-com Get Smart…and it is a bad term because on the show they did not work…unless you were in them! You had to yell so loud that everyone heard what you were taling about except the guy in the cone of silence next to you!

    I was quite funny when I heard this term!


  60. Thanks, SM! Great post. Que viva los pumas!

    Time for dinner – will check in later. Keep on keepin’ on everyone! The momentum is ON OUR SIDE.

    And you know, this never would have happened if Hillary hadn’t suspended. I have faith that if she keeps hearing how we’ve got her back, she just might put country over Party and take the nomination she earned so convincingly!

  61. Sorry about the doubt guys I am still PUMA Strong!


  62. Obama not catching on in Oklahoma
    OKLAHOMA CITY – Even Democratic officials concede Republican John McCain will beat Democrat Barack Obama in the presidential race in Oklahoma. But the question is whether Obama will do better than John Kerry’s dismal showing four years ago when he got just 35% of the vote in the state. State Democratic Party Chairman Ivan Holmes says the vote may surprise people.

  63. Oh, this is going to get good. On ABC News tonight, the Obama Campaign said “they’ve been too nice to McCain, and they are going to ‘step it up.'” LOL! Obambi is going to take on John McCain the war hero? MAC is going to chew him up and spit him out!

  64. Somebody do a body count. How many states does that make now?

  65. Didn’t the Obama camp say they were gonna “step it up” after the Philly debate with Hillary? Ugh. That just means more race card.

  66. Remember if obama chooses Hillary as VP it is a second sign of weakness on the part of the big “o”!After b”allowing” (read being puma’d into putting) her name on the ballot it would show that he was too weak to run in the GE it would be an admission of failure by Obama for Obama! Also Puma/JSND has let the DeaNC know that its Clinton /obama or nothing!

    Is your candidate so weak that he has to have Hillary on the ticket to win in the GE? Why then should Obama be put on the top of the ticket in the GE? If he is so weak he needs Hillary to win Obama should be on the bottom of the ticket.

    Logic suggests that the DNC knows this and the SD’s know that such a bottom heavy ticket leaves Obama open to alot of real bad adds in the GE courtesy of the Republican machine!


  67. sm77

    I hope Tampa escapes a Fay hit. So far here not any action from Fay, just sporadic rain and a little wind.


    I am also in Ron Klein’s district, but even if he was a SuperD for Clinton I would still not be able to vote for him because of FISA. I kinda like my Constitutional rights in tact.

  68. SM, I hope you’ve battened down the hatches. Fay is headed your way!

    We already have alot of rain in Ft. Lauderdale.

    Stay safe!

  69. Obama has been drinking his own koolaid!
    Obama to sweep all states by getting at least 25% of the popular vote! Obama for America believes that it would be a major victroy to get at least 25% of the vote in every state! of course in the Obamafied stat(s?) he believes he will ensure that McCain does not over the 25% number….

    this piece of fantasy brought to you by the new Post ceral -Count Obama Kookoo Poofs-


  70. Wig Wag is it windy yet? Ocala was perdicted to get a directhit we ar on the perifery up here in gville


  71. I think they meant to use the old beauty pageant term: Isolation Booth… not the Get Smart term…cone of silence.

  72. FL & Wig, yep battening hatches – my PUMA cub started school today and now schools cancelled for tomorrow. My family in Miami say that school was supposed to start today but no schol until Wed.

    Thanks guys & hope all is well with you down in So. FL. Fuzzy, you too up in G-ville!

    Reg: LOL!

  73. McCain was headed to the church — in a motorcade supervised by the Secret Service — when Warren’s interview with Obama began. Upon arriving at the church, he was taken to a so-called “green room” to await his turn.

    God-O-Meter Editor Dan Gilgoff asked Warren (who is much in demand after his turn as candidate inquisitor) about assertions by Obama backers that McCain got the heads-up, meaning he wouldn’t have to think as fast on his feet as his rival.

    “They’re dead wrong. That’s just sour grapes…” Warren responds.

    Gilgoff presses the matter, saying: “A source at the debate tells me that McCain had access to some communications devices in the few minutes before he went on stage with you and that there was a monitor in his green room, in violation of the debate rules.”

    Responds Warren: “That’s absolutely a lie, absolutely a lie. That room was totally free, with no monitors — a flat out lie.”

  74. Must BO and his people always attack when they fail? BO gave a weak show, like he always does when he’s not making a speech. The man is incapable of thinking on his feet.

    Be safe all in Florida. I’m just east of Tampa but still ready.

  75. 1/2 – yes, they must. its all they’ve got.

  76. Wind is only light so far. I live right on the water so I am a little nervous. But hopefully it won’t be too bad. They told us there was no reason to evacuate where I live. Hopefully they’re right/

  77. hey is there a conflucians say on tonight?



  79. FLVoter, “I am also in Ron Klein’s district, but even if he was a SuperD for Clinton I would still not be able to vote for him because of FISA. I kinda like my Constitutional rights in tact”

    I live by the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. I also have a home in New Jersey. I specifically arranged my residency to I could vote in Florida. because I thought my vote would count more there. Little did I know that Obama would come along, and you know the rest.

    I was so happy to get rid of Clay Shaw. I can’t believe that Ron Klein turned out to be such a shmuck!

  80. 1st Lie – 200k showed up just to see his speech. I think it was free sausages, beer and 2 rare rock bands.

  81. FOX News Presidential Character and Conduct–Barack Obama

  82. They skipped whether or not his mother married.

  83. Carol and Pat Johnson – did you see this?!

    Eddy is back on Hillary’s team!

  84. Religion – Islam

  85. Pat it is gone.

  86. sorry on blog talk radio?

    christina asked me to call into her show last night I resisted…But told that blogg talk troll to hlet christina know I would gladly meet her in person she has not responded she has my email through backtrack…

    It is in her court


  87. Rendell will vote for Hillary!


    Madamn President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2009


  88. I got rid of Angry Black Guy.

    SM–great post! I love the graphics. Gary and Maum are lookin’ good.

  89. how much you bett Barak will be nothing like Truman?

    here is a bit of give ’em hell history:

    After President Truman retired from office in 1952, he was left with an income consisting of basically just a U.S.Army pension, reported to have been only $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an “allowance” and, later, a retroactive pension of $25,000 per year.

    When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined,
    stating, “You don’t want me. You want the office of the president, and that doesn’t
    belong to me. It belongs to the American people and it’s not for sale.”

    Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award
    him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it,
    writing, “I don’t consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for
    any award, Congressional or otherwise.”

    We now see that other past presidents, have found a new level of
    success in cashing in on the presidency, resulting in untold wealth. Today,
    many in Congress also have found a way to become quite wealthy while
    enjoying the fruits of their offices. Obviously, political offices are now for sale.

    Good old Harry Truman could have been correct when he observed, “My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a
    politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference. I, for one, believe
    the piano player job to be much more honorable than current politicians.”

    How did we go from Harry to Barry in 60 years? have we fallen so far?


  90. Gotta check out the Fox show on Obama (Presidential 2008 Presidential Character and Conduct: Barack Obama) – much more in-depth than anything I’d seen. Funny friends won’t speak on camera with Fox. 3 week trip to Pakistan at age 20 qualified him to know more about foreign relations than Clinton, McCain, yet nothing in his book?

    We get Obama himself narrating from his book.

  91. fuzzy new post – Rendell voting for Hillary!

  92. My response to the Obamakins who complain that McCain got the faith questions is this: O.K., let B.O. write down the answers he WOULD have given had he had an hour to think about them or however long he needs. We’ll be glad to consider them. Are they saying he’d decide he had a higher paygrade or that the not-for-real work with McCain on finance reform wasn’t his bravest action after all? etc. etc.

    GARYCH: when will you be in Hokie Hills?

  93. Carol, on August 18th, 2008 at 5:03 pm Said:
    I would be careful with that video as there are probably SD’s that received money that Clinton didn’t win their districts, but they endorsed her. That can work both ways.
    Joan, on August 18th, 2008 at 5:14 pm Said:
    Umm…Joe Sestak was a great Hillary supporter before she suspended. He was frequently on tv standing up to the talking heads on her behalf. Are we going to punish everyone who switched later, the same as she did?
    Regency, on August 18th, 2008 at 5:40 pm Said:
    A great companion piece to this one would be one with comparing the amount given to each Super D by Hillary or BO and then stating who they endorsed.

    Carol, I do not think that there is a problem in elected officials voting for a candidate because they truly believe that the candidate is more qualified and likely to be a successful president. The problem I have is when Obama was not known, vetted, or have the experience to be POTUS and is tanking in the polls. there can possibly be no other reason to continue supporting him other than the fact that they’ve been bought.

    Joan, the problem I have for those SD who changed after BO “secured the nomination” but before the convention is that it truly was not necessary. BO “secured the nomination” so why switch, unless there was payback for the funds previously received.

    Recency, Hillary did give less to SDs.

    In 2007, Obama gave out $299,000
    Hillary gave ZERO.

    In June 2007, Obama gave to EVERY Democratic member of Congress from Iowa and New Hampshire.

    As of March 28, 2008, Obama’s PAC gave out $710,900 (3x more than Clinton’s $236,100).

    See the companion video:
    Money Changes Everything :: Superdelegates Are For Sale

  94. Excellent video, Geeklove. That’s it in a nutshell.

    Maybe a bit late, but this URL from Opensecrets has a summary of the same facts back in February:


  95. Carol, on August 18th, 2008 at 5:03 pm Said:
    I would be careful with that video as there are probably SD’s that received money that Clinton didn’t win their districts, but they endorsed her. That can work both ways.

    I only know about Mass., but over a dozen SDs endorsed against their district’s vote to support Obama, and 0 endorsed Hillary against their districts.

    Given that Hillary won the popular vote and more than half the congressional districts (at least I think that’s what I read) but Obama has well over half of the SDs, it’s pretty likely that the number of his district-negators is much higher than hers. I don’t know how that ties in with $ numbers. I agree we should be careful but the story is unlikely to catch out Clinton in anything like an equivalent level to him.

  96. Geeklove – thank you for coming!! Anytime I see a new video for you – I try to promote it as much as possible.

  97. Oh! And that Lynette Long piece was from TODAY. After she’d been on puma radio.

    She’s entitled to her opinion, of course, but what is disingenuous about her comment is that as ‘evidence’ she links to Tommy Christopher’s site. He is no friend to PUMAs, that one article in particular is very smeary, and he’s in love with that Christina troll. If she’d linked to someone credible who had reasoned objections to PUMA, that would be one thing. I wouldn’t like it but that’s ok. But linking to TChristopher is just one notch below linking to Olberman to ‘prove’ how bad PUMAs are.

    And in any case, there was no need to make that statement at all. Her article was excitement about Cynthia Ruccia’s new group, she could have made her point without dissing on PUMA at all.

    So as much as we may like her research, I think if it’s possible we’d better confirm as much of it as we can ourselves, before going too public with any of the particulars. Just because the netkidz worship at the altar of Truthiness doesn’t mean it’s ok for us to do.

    (ok, end rant!)

  98. “Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.”
    Kahlil Gibran

    GO PUMA!

    All Americans should be bewildered at the audacity of the “movement” of the DNC… some transformation we have here, it seems more like an unveiling.

  99. Puma Power,

    I, fellow female democrate, am very disappointed in your movement. Old wise tales says there is a time and a place for everything and be wise and pick your battles. We could be stuck with another 4-8 years of economic decline with the Republicans. Does the American people really want that.? I voted for Obama and was a big supporter of the Clinton’s for many years. I and 18 million voters made a decision on what we thought was right. I love Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. The Clinton’s will have a big role in the Obama Administration. The real fight which will have more weight in my opinion is to rally the DNC and RNC have them change rules about the electorial college and delegates. Because the same rules apply in the general elections. It has been this way since the beginning of this country. If you don’t like the how the game is played, then change the rules. At this point the democrats should be united, inorder for all to gain. Let’s not through away our next 4-8 years on something we can all work out together.

  100. Women’s rights?
    Civil Rights?
    Affirmative Action?
    Day care?
    Health Care?
    Social Security?
    Iraq War?
    Clean Energy?

    I agree with Cookie, I don’t want to jeopardize the above issues for one single candidate. If puma power is successful in getting Hillary Clinton on the ticket and removing Obama. Who will win the presidential election? John McCain. Because Obama has a good number of supporters who will be offended by this action. As much as the Hillary Clinton supporters are disappointed now. the democratic party has lost elections because we can’t never seem to unite. The republican party although McCain was not the choice of conservatives now that unity is for the greater good.

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