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      Kamala Harris and Joe Biden each have terrible records. There is no reason to believe they will do much that is good, and every reason to believe they will do much that is bad. Trump will, at least for Americans, probably be even worse. (It is less clear he will be better for foreigners.) The […]
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Same old, same old, lame old

The intertoobs are buzzing with stories about the holy-roller forum the other night.  One story claims Rev. Rick Warren lied about the “cone of silence” and that McCain cheated because he heard the questions asked of Obama.  The other one says that McCain stole the “cross in the dirt” story from Solzhenitsyn.

First of all, Obamanation is barking up the wrong tree by calling Rev. Warren a liar.  That’s not how to win over his flock, guys.  Didn’t you learn anything from calling the Clintons racists?   How did that work out for ya?  (Can you say “PUMA?” )

Secondly, only McCain knows if that story about his time as a POW is true or not, and bringing it up just highlights that he is a war hero.

McCain has been telling that story for years, so why the fauxrage now? 

Because Obamanation needs to divert attention from his pathetic performance at the forum.

This is the same routine we saw during the primaries after he got a debate ass-whuppin’ by Hillary.


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226 Responses

  1. Wow, those Obamanuts are pathetic. They all went to Obama camp for their indoctrination as attack dogs. Unfortunately, they didn’t get instructions on how to turn off the attack mode and fake a little openness and normal reasoning ability.

  2. Pay close attention. He will soon be shooting Warren the finger.

    Funny, BO wasn’t insulted for 20 years at Trinity!

  3. Carol,

    I’m sure it’s Hillary’s fault. They will just have to figure out how she did it. Maybe she was watching during Obama’s interview and quickly typed all the questions and sent them to McCain’s blackberry. Oh wait, he doesn’t use e-mail. Maybe she sent them to one of his aides’ blackberry.

  4. BB:

    “If Hillary had quit back in February like she should have, Obama would have been better prepared now”


  5. Even if McCain heard the questions (which I doubt) that still doesn’t make Obama’s performance any better — he sucked, just like he sucked in all those debates, just like he sucked at all those press conferences, basically, just like he sucks anytime he doesn’t have a teleprompter. He’s a loser & so is everyone who supports him.

  6. They act like they were playing Jeopardy and someone gave McCain the answers.

    Someone on another site indicated the speech patterns for both candidates were exactly the same with their previous interviews.

    McCain – sharp, crisp, short

    BO – rambling, incoherent, contradictory – within the same sentence.


  7. Big AP feed in my local paper today about the supposed rural softening for BZero, based on talking to oh, at least 2, maybe 3, people in PA. Said Obama was encouraging farmers in Ohio to paint Obama logo on their BARNS.

    Woo, har-de-har-har. Here in Eastern Kentucky we have a lovely campaign to paint quilt designs on barns, and it’s quite popular. I feel sorry for the farmer that would paint an Obama logo on his barn. Ain’t going to happen.

  8. does anyone remember the faith debate in the primaries? Clinton went first I believe, and I don’t think Obama was even in a “cone of silence” he actually got to hear her go first and then give his performance. And if I recall correctly one of the panelists was that loathesome villager, campbell brown. They have some nerve to get pissed off at something his preciousness did already.

  9. Whether McCain heard or not doesn’t matter now, the damage is done and the Obamacons have to make lemonade out of lemons. Instead of whining and crying about the “cone of silence”, they need to spew the usual “Obama is sooo magnificent. Did you see how presidential he looked?!” That kind of false pandering to make him appear great has worked through much of the primaries. People have been falling for it for months now, won’t they continue to believe it? {{{snark}}

  10. However, the press is still kissing his little behind and falling all over themselves in adoring stupefication.

  11. Obama said:

    “I will win. Don’t worry about that,” Obama said to a gathering of approximately 1,300 donors, according to a pool report of the event.

    OK, can I call him presumptuous now???

  12. gch:

    It seemed like 90% of Obama’s debate answers in the primaries were “What Hillary said”

    She always went first.

  13. If you can stomach it and need a really good laugh, at Huffie’s she has up a really large picture of BO walking off the plane with the caption: “Back With a Roar”

    Somehow, I see a small newborn kitten able to gnaw him down starting at the ankles.


  14. Zsa Zsa’s place puts the “fluff” in “fluffer”

    Fluffington Post?

  15. BB: THe story about Gore was on CNN.

  16. Let’s face it: McCain has got Obama’s number.

    He knows he can’t speak without a teleprompter, he knows he lacks clear vision & policies, he knows he’s arrogant, he knows he’s extremely thin-skinned, he knows he plays the race card, he knows his campaign plays dirty to win, he knows he has no life experiences that qualify him for much of anything, and I’ll bet they know he’s dirty. I’m pretty darn sure Obama is a crook, and I’m pretty darn sure McCain knows it, too.

  17. I will win?

    Is this another “I can get H’s supporters/voters” moment?

  18. I need some help. I posted this down thread:

    Does anyone here know where I can find exact information on the PUMA events in Denver?

    I am trying to get all of my days and events planned out. Any help would be appreciated.

  19. puget, keep the pumapac blog bookmarked, they’re on the blogroll to the right. I don’t know if they’ve publicly announced the exact location of PUMA HQ in Denver, but that would be my first stop. I believe they will be opne beginning the weekend before. you can always email murphy there just to be sure.

  20. PSIG: Have you tried the PumaPac site? I don’t think an itinerary has been published yet but it doesn’t hurt to look.

    SOD: Oh Bill’s not voting for “The One” if he can help it.

  21. I shall head over to that site—–thanks!!!

  22. After the invasion of Iraq most liberals claimed to have been against it from the beginning

    If O is elected president and “dissapoints” his base, are those same liberals going to claim lukeworm support/holding their noses kind of thing at the booth?

  23. Either way McCain wins:

    If he had not heard the questions – the more likely version – than he knows what he is talking about and is very sincere, open, coherennt and very confident.

    But if he had heard the questions – very unlikely- , he has a very good memory, can remember very coherently and quickly 🙂

    He is not old at all!!! VERY LUCID!

    You go johnny!

  24. By whining that McCain “cheated”, the Obots are admitting that Obama got his axx handed to him. I didn’t watch any of the forum, but it must have been a debacle if the Obots have to admit defeat. Admitting defeat doesn’t come easily for them.

  25. Obamanation needs to learn to STFU sometimes.

    By making a stink, they have just drawn attention to Obama’s pathetic performance.

    They remind me of a pack of angry chihuahuas

  26. BB:

    “If Hillary had quit back in February like she should have, Obama would have been better prepared now”


    He might need two years tutoring with Condi and then a redo of his ‘Christian’ values to learn if you screw up (using his language he used in church) don’t blame others, man up and accept it. He is a Harvard attorney, there really is no excuse… You can’t say one minute he is ‘The One’ and then say they are being mean and mean Hillary got in his way… NOW it is the Hillary Card?

  27. PSIG there is are afternoon and evening events in a Park on the first day (when MO gives a speech in the pepsi center). There is a NOW party too.

    “The events to acknowledge the New York senator will begin Aug. 25 with Clinton supporters gathering in Confluence Park. The next day, they will march down the convention parade route from 11:45 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., and then more celebrations are planned at Cheesman Park in the afternoon and evening.”Denver Post

  28. If Hillary is so effective as a stumping tool, somebody go get her! She’s clearly more prepared for this whole “srz bznss” thing.

    We can haz Hillary plzz?

  29. Laurie, on August 18th, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Thanks so much. I don’t want to miss any activity!!!

  30. Interesting thing below:

    Important! Pass this on, email and call, etc.

    Very interesting and scary article about information being withheld about *61 and Ayers relationship. The reporter had been told he could view the records and then the right was taken away from him when he got there.

    National Review

  31. Upstate: Yeah, just like 80% or so of all adults over the age of 57 say they were at Woodstock.

    full disclosure: I was in college living alone in an apartment, working my a@@ off that summer & although I was liberal, I didn’t go to Woodstock.

  32. Speaking of nasty, have you read Craig Crawfords disgusting remarks about Hillary and her campaign? I’ve seen a few reports about those e-mails but nothing suggesting what he wrote.

    Puzzling since he usually was one of the fair ones.

  33. Someone posted something about this on TL so I thought I’d look it up. It’s from a New Zealand journalist about BO’s shady dealings in Chicago:

    This is her conclusion:

    Obama is a political psychopath. He exhibits no shame, no matter where his money comes from. On September 5, 2007, the New York Post reported that, “Alexi Giannoulias, who became Illinois state treasurer last year after Obama vouched for him, has pledged to raise $100,000 for the senator’s Oval Office bid.”

    “Giannoulias is so tainted by reputed mob links,” the Post noted, “that several top Illinois Dems, including the state’s speaker of the House and party chairman, refused to endorse him even after he won the Democratic nomination with Obama’s help.”

    If the Democratic party places Obama on the ballot against John McCain, Democratic voters will have no choice in this election. Once the whole truth becomes public, and it will the minute he becomes the nominee, no honest American could support sending Obama and his corrupt gang of cronies to the White House. /

  34. Funny, after 23 debates in which Hillary got the first question, and it got so bad that she actually complained about it , the precious one is complaining about the possibility that his opponent may have had the advantage once. Not to mention that the whole thing is horseshit.

  35. Obama is such a whinner! No matter how many “news readers” say McCain cheated, it does not matter. The cry-baby tantrums proclaiming McCain is a cheater only exposes the MSMs as Obama’s 527s. No facts backing up their “reporting”, no research, no sources beyond the Obama camp. The American poeple are tired of this new kind of journalism and it is being reflected in the polls. Obama, your 15 minutes of fame are quickly running out. We have the DNC to thank for President McCain.

  36. the nature of the questions were told to both, not to mention they were of the sort one could readily guess at a faith forum. B.O. really blew it with his “above my pay grade” reply. The question, of course, is whether, in your judgment, it is at the point of conception that, whatever is conceived, should be accorded the same treatment that is accorded to humans. Instead of saying no, he said, I don’t know and moreover cannot know. He thereby opened himself to granting that its acceptable to take the lives of millions of beings that might, for all he knows, be human. He should have realized the question was not about the god’s eye view (whatever that is) but HIS view, and thus should have said No.

    Note too that in his answers about abortion he ignored arguments that alude to weighing things with the woman’s life and choice…..

  37. Well looky here – McCain camp responds to Andrea Mitchell/NBC’s “cone of silence” inferences:

    McCain camp rebukes NBC:

    Here is the text of the letter:

    August 17, 2008
    Mr. Steve Capus
    President, NBC News
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112


    We are extremely disappointed to see that the level of objectivity at NBC News has fallen so low that reporters are now giving voice to unsubstantiated, partisan claims in order to undercut John Mc

    Nowhere was this more evident than with NBC chief correspondent Andrea Mitchell’s comments on “Meet the Press” this morning. In analyzing last night’s presidential forum at Saddleback Church, Mitchell expressed the Obama campaign spin that John McCain could only have done so well last night because he “may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama.” Here are Andrea Mitchell’s comments in full:

    Mitchell: “The Obama people must feel that he didn’t do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because what they are putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama. He seemed so well-prepared.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 8/17/08)

    Make no mistake: This is a serious charge. Andrea Mitchell is repeating, uncritically, a completely unsubstantiated Obama campaign claim that John McCain somehow cheated in last night’s forum at Saddleback Church. Instead of trying to substantiate this blatant falsehood in any way, Andrea Mitchell felt that she needed to repeat it on air to millions of “Meet the Press” viewers with no indication that 1.) There’s not one shred of evidence that it’s true; 2.) In his official correspondence to both campaigns, Pastor Rick Warren provided both candidates with information regarding the topic areas to be covered, which Barack Obama acknowledged during the forum when asked about Pastor Warren’s idea of an emergency plan for orphans and Obama said, “I cheated a little bit. I actually looked at this idea ahead of time, and I think it is a great idea;” 3.) John McCain actually requested that he and Barack Obama do the forum together on stage at the same time, making these kinds of after-the-fact complaints moot.

    Indeed, instead of taking a critical journalistic approach to this spin, Andrea Mitchell did what has become a pattern for her of simply repeating Obama campaign talking points.

    This is irresponsible journalism and sadly, indicative of the level of objectivity we have witnessed at NBC News this election cycle. Instead of examining the Obama campaign’s spin for truth before reporting it to more than 3 million NBC News viewers, Andrea Mitchell simply passed along Obama campaign conspiracy theories. The fact is that during Senator Obama’s segment at Saddleback last night, Senator McCain was in a motorcade to the event and then held in a green room with no broadcast feed. In the forum, John McCain clearly demonstrated to the American people that he is prepared to be our next President…..

    We are concerned that your News Division is following MSNBC’s lead in abandoning non-partisan coverage of the Presidential race. We would like to request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss our deep concerns about the news standards and level of objectivity at NBC.


    Rick Davis
    Campaign Manager
    John McCain 2008

    Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

  38. Rick can Hillary have you?

  39. Regency that’s interesting-access to anything about Obama always seems to be blocked….
    Birth Cert., Law review articles (if any), Harvard friends, College friends, Harvard thesis, wife’s thesis, Illinois Senate records, just a few ….

  40. OMG, I can’t believe the Obama campaign is so ill-advised as to push this meme.

    I hope McCain’s team lives up to its earlier smarts and uses humor and hits back hard….this kind of whining is SO, SO easy to make fun of.

  41. It’s time for them to have to “out” there so called sources. They just make it up as they go. Sickening. Fire the whole damn bunch of them.

  42. Hey, Rick Davis–BRAVO!

  43. Expect to see Barky “dusting off his shoulders” at a rally and flipping McCain the bird. That was his adult response after getting creamed in the last debate with Hillary.

  44. I think McCain is running a very smart campaign now, and it’s going to get smarter. I can’t surpress my glee over the prospect of watching BO dangling like an idiot this fall.

    Hillary, if you don’t take the nom–PLEASE-run in a third party this fall! I am really not convinced that 2012 is in the cards for her.

  45. All this whining by Obama only makes him look weaker than before, and McCain look stronger than before. Buy, hey, what else do they have?

    Maybe we can help Obama by giving him a Top Ten List Excuses for Bad Performances [mix & match as needed}

    10. Caught food poisoning on fish in Hawaii, so just showing up is brave.
    9. No bathrooms in the limo, so I peed in my pants, and it’s REALLY uncomfortable.
    8. I usually blame it on the white b*tch, where the hell is she when I need her?
    7. Michelle slapped me bad, and it hurts like hell
    6. Keep thinking about my poor old granny stuck there in Hawaii all alone, just being so typical and white.
    5. You think it’s easy, always having to listen to those people screaming under the bus.
    4. Really, all that ass-licking from the media makes my butt sore.
    3. All my best supporters keep dying or getting sick.
    2. Jay-Z hasn’t come out with a new woman-hating song in just days.
    1. It’s not my fault; the DNC knew I was a no-nothing crook and sent me out there anyway. Hey, it’s not my fault.

  46. PofEd — very well done.

    On another subject, your daughter makes me proud for you — I read her comment last night with a big, broad smile ear to ear. Congratulations, as Emerson said in his poem, “You are a success.”

  47. During the primaries, Obamanation controlled the major lefty blogs (and still do) and there wasn’t much in the way of opposition (with PUMA not yet in existence) so they could say what they wanted.

    But now they have to deal with the winger blogs and media, the guys who invented spittle-flecked fauxraging.

  48. whoops, left off the second line to #2, supposed to read:

    #2. Jay-Z hasn’t come out with a b*tch-hating song in just days, and I feel kinda flat.

  49. Wow, that’s a great letter. I wonder if they will get a meeting? Someone really needs to slap down Andrea as well as Schuster and Obamaman.

  50. actually, Warren (cleverly) asked the leading question: WHEN does a (pre-born) baby get full human rights. B.O. should have realized this and gone on to explain that the relevant issue wrt abortion policy is the mother’s rights over her own body.

    Every presidential campaign suppies me with great treasure troves of material for my classes in logic and critical thinking—but this one more than any other I’ve witnessed!

  51. I saw that letter last night and so I watched MTP online last night. The comment panel was lucky to be termed their last string players. They had Josh Green with his “me read Clinton memos” meme, Chucky Todd climbed down out of the tree where he bakes cookies in his spare time and Andrea Mrs. Greenspan Mitchell. Andrea was obviously frothing at the bit to get this out since she led with this tripe. What is lost on these people is that most of the stuff McCain said during the Forum was from his stump speech according to most every other traveling commentator on the other networks.

  52. Prolix: I would like her a lot even if I hadn’t raised her, she is a wonderful young woman. Whip-smart, talented, funny, really nice, great manners, likes to party but sensible, pushes herself to reasonable risks, gorgeous, hard-worker..

    What can I say? It just makes me sick to see so much woman-hating, so much violence, and so much reward for slutty-acting bimbos in our society today.

  53. Obama is the unchallenged champion of Hype, Fluff, and Swill. But, a loser when it come to Truth, Facts or substance.

  54. PofEd, you won’t say this, but I will, “Children mirror their parents.”

  55. he’s already cheesy . . .no additional cheese required!

  56. Regency,

    Richardson is a douche bag.

  57. #
    Marla, on August 18th, 2008 at 12:40 pm Said:

    Nancy Sabet:: spoke with a district level delegate in my congressional district. He told me Hillary had released all her delegates a couple of weeks ago urging them to vote for Obama (present a united front vs the republicans). He will vote for her, though, if she calls on him to vote for her for whatever reason.

    Is there any truth to this or are Barky’s people calling Hillary’s delegates and telling them lies?

  58. He indeed is a douce bag that was just dissed.

  59. Davis inserted a real zinger that we have tried to make all along: the media simply uses whatever the Obama campaign puts out, and reports their release as “news.” There are never any attempts to contact the Hillary or McCain HQ, never any attempt at objective questioning, we saw this over and over during the primary.

    The media don’t serve up news, they serve up propaganda dressed up as news. All that changes is who they run propaganda for; previously it was Bush, now it’s Obama.

  60. “Pay close attention. He will soon be shooting Warren the finger.” — Carol

    Soon he’ll have a new campaign theme: “99 Problems But a POW Ain’t One of Them.”

  61. I’m headed to Denver from California on Friday, with friend in tow. Do we have any sense of how many of us will be there yet?

  62. parentofed – Mommy? Is that you?

  63. Regency– Thanks! I’ll look for the Gore story.

  64. parentofed: I suspect Davis (McCain camp) has been following closely how much of MSM has reported on all things HRC and taken notes. I’m sure they realize that many Hillary supporters are sick of these “news” outlets and are paying attention to anyone with the cojones to call them on it, pronto. Also, it’s likely the McCain camp is still trying to curries some favor within the Hillary-supporter base.

  65. “trying to curries”

    should read: “curry”

  66. Andrea’s official retort to the letter was priceless…”I wasn’t reporting that it was true, I was reporting that the Obama campaign was saying it.”

    Okay, under that standard, I’m saying, “Martians have landed and they come in spaceships bearing the Possum Seal. They speak in a tongue littered with ers, ahs, ughs and ums, therefore, BZero is an alien.”

    Not saying it’s true, but I said it, now report it.

  67. ok if I call Andrea and tell her that she is a lying, washed up, has been, who wouldn’t know journalism if it bit her in the ass, is she going to report that too???

  68. Slightly OT. There is still a lot of buzz that Hillary will release her delegates and vote herself for Obama. I wonder how folks here think about that? I will be more than disappointed, I will be horrified.

    I don’t know that I could ever support her again. I retain the right to change my mind, but Obama is not qualified and I have such a low opinion of him that I would have to seriously question her judgement, same as anyone else. I don’t think such a move on her part would be justifiable.

    I hope its not true.

  69. NH – a lotta disinformation flying around right now… take everything you hear with a giant grain of salt…

  70. OldCoastie, I really hope you are right.

  71. I usually assume that everything I hear is the “ONC” trying to game the situation in any way they feel is beneficial.

    I remain highly suspicious.

  72. Carol: too funny.

    I was a very generous mother, but I placed high standards on the kid [e.g., she had chores, high grades, worked, curfews, boundaries, etc]. She got tons of scholarships, etc.

    When I bought my daughter a new Jeep Sahara for her birthday, my siser started coming around saying,”Mommy, please, $100, please, Mommy.” for a joke. Bad joke
    Okay, no more kid talk today, I promise. Like listening to folks bragging on their grandkids, over & over, enough already.

  73. edwardian: I don’t know if the Obama campaign is smart enough to read our websites, but I can guarantee you the McCain campaign is.

  74. Check out this post from the frenzied Bots at MyDD. This is starting to get really good. I love watching them squirm:

    This from MYDD:

    If true, that’s terrible news for us, because it suggests that even if we can massively outspend McCain, we’re still falling behind.

    For all the money spent in July, there is no evidence that it had much benefit for Obama.

    There’s not much reason to suppose that Obama will end up with a gigantic $$ advantage – maybe 10 or 20 million, give or take a few million.

    So, if the extra millions aren’t keeping Obama in the lead, I wonder how the hell are we going to rebuild the lead?

    I want some good news. Can anybody cheer me up?

    What the heck is going to turn the situation around?

    The DNC Convention? Ohmygosh – it looks like an exercise in futility, with all kinds of mind games being played by the PUMAs.

    I don’t see the convention helping us much at all.

    The VP? Who the heck is going to give Obama a boost? To me, it looks like Hillary is the only one who can get him out of the jam that she created, but he ain’t gonna pick Hillary, so the PUMAs are going to wreak their revenge.

    This is not looking good. The way things are going, I would not be surprised to see McCain win the election by an electoral landslide.

    I’m sure Obama and his family needed a vacation, but it was during his vacation that the poll numbers really started to tank.


  75. ok if I call Andrea and tell her that she is a lying, washed up, has been, who wouldn’t know journalism if it bit her in the ass, is she going to report that too???

    LOL! Andrea is definitely at the top of the CDS list. I am so glad I haven’t had to see her sour puss in a long time. What is wrong with that woman? Why so nasty Andrea? Poor *sweetie*

  76. hello all fuzzy home quick lunch congrats for reaching goal!

    carol you are wonderful…


    not bad for the only 250 puma’s out there

  77. That’s why they call it a non-hug: Judas Richardson tries to hug Hillary ‘I’m not that into you’ Clinton.

    I am having a great time today! That hug-reject is beautiful! She couldn’t pull away from him fast enough. He’s another one I can’t even stand to look at, let alone listen to. Hillary is such a trooper–she’ll do anything for democracy–even half-hug a Judas-pig.

  78. He is such an entitled prick! You don’t complain about a set up (cone of silence) if you haven’t asked pertinent questions ahead of time! I guess that shows what a lazy a** he is that he can’t even ask about the reliability of the system first!

    Not only that, but it’s not like McCain’s questions were so hard….! He probably eats, breathes and sleeps these issues! Obamanut!

  79. fif: a long of revenge being wreaked by only 50 people, don’t you think. I guess it’s just our big old fat asses that make it look like there’s more than 50.

  80. How dare all 8 Pumas try to take Obama down?

  81. 50 is a great increase from a couple of malcontents here and there.

  82. Attention: Fuzzybeargville and the state of Florida are on allert Fay Is on the Way-she is expected to cross Florida on wednesday or thursday as a strong tropical storm or a cat 1 hurricane so it is possible I will be with out power.

    The upside is Christina (yes to democracy) will probably be in the same boat-so both sides have something to cheer about!

    I am on a main system grid that carries power to the police station and several supermarkets so I may be off for only a short time just depends on how long and how strong the storm is.

    Please say a prayer for the ol’ fuzzybear it will be long nights and short days!


  83. A prayer for Fuzzy. Made to order.

  84. I like that fluff and swill business…maybe I can work that into another verse of Supercal…later….

  85. We’ve got some inclement weather in TX. Gotta roll.

  86. Hi Reg 🙂

  87. Fuzzy, plant those big ole fuzzy claws into something, it’ll take more than a Cat 1 to move you.

  88. Michael(Fuzzy),

    Where are YOU?

    I’m in St. Pete.

  89. parentofed: you were just describing me to a T. I thought you might be my long, lost mother.

  90. bye Reg 😦

  91. fuzzy – thank you. Hold on, but if you have to go flying somewhere, make sure you land on a BO supporter.

  92. hi y’all — any word on the HRC debt relief? I’d like to think we’ve made a difference but the email from Big Dawg today has me discouraged.

  93. Catarina!!!! How art thou?

    And no I shouldn’t be on the computer during a storm but I want to say Hi!

  94. Wait a minute, what Big Dawg email. I want a message from Big Dawg!!!

  95. I’m good now step away from the computer!

    and dammit don’t read the email from Big Dawg that’s hitting your mailbox right about now! 😦

    truth is feeling rather ill after reading it myself!

  96. This may be upthread already but Lynette Long and Paula Abeles have created a masterpiece!! Go see it and pass it on PUMAs!

  97. GaryCH: “ok if I call Andrea and tell her that she is a lying, washed up, has been, who wouldn’t know journalism if it bit her in the ass, is she going to report that too???”

    But Gary, that can be verified!

  98. I’m kind of baffled by the whining in Obamaland about the forum with the Rickster.

    Where is the idea that Obama is such a fantastic debater coming from? Didn’t this guy get his tush handed to him by Hillary over and over and over again during the 20+ debates?

    Isn’t he the guy who was running away from debates?

    I remember Hillary challenging him to debate anywhere under a format of his choosing but he said “no thanks”.

    At the last debate in Philadelphia, we here at The Confluence even played a game trying to summarize the beatings Obama took in one sentence.

    Suddenly he can’t lose a debate unless his opponent cheats?

  99. this one …

    Dear IndioGrrl,

    I have played so many roles at so many Democratic National Conventions. I’ve been
    there as a campaign worker, a governor, a keynote speaker, a nominee, a president,
    and a former president.

    But no convention is quite like your first. There is nothing like seeing for the
    first time so many people in one place working toward one common purpose: electing
    the next Democratic president.

    It’s an inspiration, and you don’t want to miss it if you have a chance. So I hope
    you’ll take Hillary up on her offer and contribute by midnight tonight for a chance
    to attend the Denver convention in person. You’ll get to see Hillary speak on
    Tuesday, and Barack Obama — the next president of the United States — on Thursday.

    And I hear Hillary and you will have a chat — I’ll make sure to stop by.

    Enter before midnight tonight for a chance to see me, Hillary, and Barack Obama at
    the convention in Denver next week!

    Join Hillary in Denver. Contribute today:


    I know you’ve always been there for Hillary, and she needs you now as she works to
    pay the small vendors who helped us during the campaign. Hillary’s not going to stop
    fighting for the issues we all care so much about, and she’s going to need you all
    the way.

    And if you contribute before the midnight deadline, you might have the chance to
    join Hillary and me in Denver next week for a truly exciting and historic
    convention. You’re going to get to see an amazing display of Democratic unity in
    person — you don’t want to miss it.

    Contribute before midnight tonight for a chance to join me and Hillary in Denver
    next week:


    Thanks for all the support and help you’ve shown to Hillary. I can tell you that it
    means the world to her.


    Bill Clinton

  100. Hi Catarina, I just sent a little more to Hillary after reading Big Dawgs email…made me feel good. I commented to them how proud we all are of he and Hillary and Chelsea – expecially Hillary.

    Anglachel’s post today made me feel a lot better about what Hillary is doing to support Obama. It makes sense in light of the kind of person she is. And, I might add, she’s a better person than I would ever or could ever be….

  101. Okay, no Big D email reading. Straight to the “Hillary 4 America” folder for posterity.

  102. hiya joaniebone–
    haven’t been around –under major psyops round here
    coupled with hurting myself…. I’ll try to be in touch

  103. I figured somethin was up. I hope you are okay. I’ll call to catch up!

  104. had a freak accident…got stung on my hand by wasps…couldn’t use it for about 2 weeks

  105. can’t type as a leftie!

  106. Okay, finally forced myself to go see the Hillary-Judas hug. Jeez, but she stuck it to him but good. And in such an easy, polite manner. The best part was when she said, “……my longtime friend….”

  107. Cate

    I read Anglachel too.
    And I understand the game very well.

    But I’m disgusted and disheartened and having “abandonment” issues here.
    Logically I know Hillary is doing what she needs to be doing.

    Emotionally-I want to scream and kick someone (Howard Dean, that would be fun. Horses a**!)

    Still entertaining my wild floor-fight fantasy when Harold Ickes comes storming in on a steed.
    Help me.

  108. Have you seen this video, Hillary is touting unity, but Bill keeps mum the whole time?


  109. Hi, y’all. I’m in Hollywood FL with a tropical storm due overnight, P:ower here goes out early and often, so hold a good thought for the beat-up Sunshine State

  110. whomever becomes the VP nominee is who the PTB wanted in the first place…

    you can’t convince me that the DNC couldn’t see this traveling scandalous train wreck heading right down the abyss… there is SOOOO much writing on the wall about this candidate . h@ll most of us knew about all his dirty laundry by early springtime

    …. either that or they wanted to lose all along

  111. chatblu – Good Luck! Stay Safe!

  112. Kim

    thanks for the vid link

    love them.

  113. catarina – Hillary will be riding in on a steed!

  114. Cate, Anglachel’s post on Howard’s “white party” is also brilliant. Does Dean know he’s white? Oh, that’s right, he supports Obama and that makes him a spiritual black brother. All white sins are washed away, and we are made pure in the sight of Obama. Whew, for a minute there I was worried.

    I’m beginning to think that Dean is certifiable, surrounded by a bunch of crooks and/or opportunists.

  115. and NOT a Unity PONY

  116. chatblu,

    My neighborhood too loses power when a mouse farts. I am ready with my ice, flashlights, and battery tv, just in case. Hope we have no problems this time.

  117. no, Carol.
    she doesn’t need a steed.

    “…the sky will open..and the light will come down…”


    hehehe I loved that

  118. Carol
    She’ll just float above the fray…

  119. From our lips to God’s ears!


  120. parentofed, on August 18th, 2008 at 2:27 pm Said:

    Cate, Anglachel’s post on Howard’s “white party” is also brilliant. Does Dean know he’s white? Oh, that’s right, he supports Obama and that makes him a spiritual black brother. All white sins are washed away, and we are made pure in the sight of Obama. Whew, for a minute there I was worried.

    Did anyone see Steve Martin in The Jerk?

    Wasn’t he saying something to the effect of “I was born a poor black boy…”

    Every time I see HD I recall that scene..

  121. Kim, yes, great video. How big are those sniper guns pointed at the Clintons, they don’t look happy about The One, do they? It’s like we keep saying, we want Hillary, and aren’t backing down from her nomination one bit, but this is bigger than just Hillary. She has her job to do as a Democratic politician, we have our job to do to try and save the Democratic Party from a takeover by a bunch of cheats and crooks.

  122. Speaking of GOD
    Nasty Pelosi says GOD sent Obama.

    Ok, I am going to shut up now sorry to be a blog hog.
    later all.

  123. Kim, that’s a great video.

  124. catarina: exactly. A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned that Steve Martin role, and it seems to fit our party more each day.

  125. catarina: hey, there’s lots of space here, enough for all of us to say as much as we want within the confines of RD’s mission. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I’m a blog hog.

  126. From an piece at Politico (BS?):

    “As a candidate whose currency has been his personal story, in choosing his running mate, Obama will also be choosing a narrative.”

    Oy…then it continues

    “How Obama makes his pick, Lehane said, may be almost as important as whom he chooses.

    “Whatever Obama does, this next week needs to appear very well planned, staged, thought out and coherent,” he said. “In other words, the bar will be set high by voters looking for comfort in how he makes decisions — but it should be a high bar he has complete control over.”

    You can count on “staged” Oy, oy, oy.

  127. Yep, it was by Ben Smith (co-author)

  128. Upstate: Guy at Politico might as well forget that advice. His decision is going out in a text message. Best decision made ever, no?

  129. parentofed


    In that case, another thing running thorugh my tiny little brain after the Anglachel article-
    imagine if Dean had been elected POTUS


  130. Upstate: this is politically tone-deaf from the usually more savvy Politico.

    Everyone else is saying his VP pick is not nearly that important, since his campaign is all against Hillary/McCain and all about HIM, not issues or experience, since he doesn’t have either.

    Also, Obama has had numerous staged events, and other than impressing Obots, they’ve turned off the rest of the US.

  131. Funeral for Arkansas Democratic Party Chair Bill Gwatney who was slain last week is today at 2:00 PM central time. Hillary and Bill will be attending. If you are interested in watching it will be streamed live here katv.com

  132. FLvoter: Maybe someday someone will find a way to get FP&L to maintain their lines. I know that one behind my house has been spliced and patched after breaking at least 15 times, and they do not see the necessity of replacing it. It was down for 28 days after Wilma.

  133. Politico seems to be making it clear that Obama is all narrative and staging.

    We know Obama doesn’t like things he doesn’t have complete control over — other candidates and debates, for example.

    The media he is fine with, however.

  134. catarina: I was Edwards supporter, at least until he started attacking Hillary, and I had to question him. A lot of politics is based on perception of individuals, and a lot of that perception inevitably is based on the media.
    What we had to do this year was dig deeper into alternate media, and look more closely at issues. Dean seemed like the anti-Bush for a while, and that’s exactly how they’re trying to ride Obama to a win, now that so much of the country is anti-Bush. You can’t just be anti-something, you also have to offer something. Obama utterly fails that test.

  135. McCain was speaking about a topic he knows well: his own life’s experiences. It’s a real life, not a made-up one like Obama’s. That’s why he did so well, he didn’t have to remember a script somebody else wrote for him.

  136. “Also, Obama has had numerous staged events, and other than impressing Obots, they’ve turned off the rest of the US.”

    Agreed, pofed.

    I wonder how the D party will look like post convention.

    I somehow cannot buy the whole unity/catharsis shtick. Just came from TL and BTD has a couple of interesting pieces where the comments do not seem to indicate unity is nowhere around the corner (if at all possible)

    I am starting to believe that the O faction of the party is not going to be able to pull this out, even with the glittery help of its own Cirque du Soleil.

    How PUMA/JSND will affect the GE remains terra incognita to me. Wouldn’t it be a b*tch if he could not get “her voters” after all.

    Sad heh.

  137. well said, parentofed

    Obama can’t even consistently be anti-something.

    Interesting times, as they say.
    Can’t help but wonder what lies ahead for the DNC.

  138. Regency, thanks for the tip. I thought Hillary & Bill would attend, the situation is just so tragic.

  139. pull it out?= pull it? Sorry do not know wich one is correct (probably pull it)

  140. Hey Fuzzy and all the FL Pumas: Y’all hang tight and hope you’ve got your water, batteries, gasoline and a fully charged cellphone! 🙂 Also make sure you have some crackers and (what we called it back home in LA) squirt cheese for fine dining. 😆

  141. What happen to the MEDIA……..Once we could count on it to be fair, objective and not influenced by either side. Now it seem they delight in being bias. They seem to be testing their power to elect a president, by sheer, relentless, dumbing down the public. Hype, fluff and swill is passed out as truth, fact and substance. Where has their awareness of wrong, gone.

  142. If Obabma’s supporters secret plan was to elect John McCain, they couldn’t do a better job of it. Claiming -with absolutely no proof – that McCain stole his POW/cross story is insane.

    The first post I saw on this topic was from DDay at Hullabaloo. It used a phrase like (from memory), “It’s been sugggested that the story appeared in Gulag Archipelago.” Wow – has that been suggested? Too bad there is no way to check it out. If only the book had been published!

    The Gulag Archipelago is in every library in America. If you want to say that the story is cribbed from the book – then quote the book.

    This sort of lazy smear is ludicrous. I mean, what are the chances that two prison guards – oh wait, scratch that, a guard in one story, a prisoner in the other – in identical circumstances – oh wait, scratch that, different situations – do the exact same thing – oh wait, scratch that – similar not the same…

    What they are saying is somebody drew a cross in the dirt and that can only have happened once in the last 2,000 years so McCain made it up. Insane!

    Do these idiots really think that they can get anyone to believe McCain has to embellish his war stories to make them interesting? This isn’t George Bush ducking out of the Guard in Alabama. McCain was indisputably a POW. He was tortured. He did refuse early release. Democrats trying to attack him from that angle better have something better than, “I read on Kos that somebody said that someone else said something about a cross in the dirt too.”

    How on earth did these clowns take over the Democratic Party?

  143. chatblu,

    Yeah, FPL does nothing to maintain lines, but our bill increases almost every quarter. I know what you mean, our power was out for 16 days after Wilma. Thank goodness some friends let us stay at there home (on Seven Isles they got power back within 3 days!) while they were away, so we did not have to do without. Stay safe. The only good thing that may come out of it, is depending on where it hits Lake O may get some much needed rain.

  144. Clinton to rise again at convention

    post some positive comments

  145. Pres Clinton’s comments sure sound like he agrees that the convention in Denver is all for show.

    “You’ll get to see Hillary speak on Tuesday, and Barack Obama — the next president of the United States — on Thursday”

  146. ghostlegpress: Well said.

  147. I couldn’t help myself…I gave when the Big Dawg asked. I also let the campaign know that I want them to fight on the floor of the convention for the nomination. I told them they would be supported by 18 millions voters.

  148. I understand that there is a certain amout of marketing and stagecraft in politics.

    But Obama is all sizzle, no steak

  149. Wow!

    Obama says Clarence Thomas was not qualified to be nominated to the SCOTUS? What makes him think he is qualified to be POTUS?

    Maybe Obama is working on a new campaign: “Got irony?”

  150. Carly Fiorina is in Scranton today, the Rodhams’ hometown to woe Hillary supporters. She will be on Corbett http://www.wilknewsradio.com after 3:30. Coincidentally, after avoiding Corbett for months, Ed Rendell’s office called to ask if Ed could be on Corbett around 5:30. It sounds like the Obama campaign wants to counter Carly’s influence. The PA campaign also sent out a press release criticizing Carly. Carly will hold an open forum at the Clarks Summit Ramada at 7:30 p.m. so local PUMAs have a chance to check her out.

  151. I’m not gonna get bothered by anything Hillary and/or Bill say. They’re like hostages right now.

    Hillary plans on running against McCain (or whoever the GOP nominates to replace him) in 2012 and she knows any hint of disloyalty will be used against her.

    When Obama crashes and burns it won’t be her fault.

    BTW – I’m a pessimist, and I don’t see Hillary getting the nomination this year. I would love to be wrong, but Obamanation has spent too much time and $$$ rigging the nomination to let her win.

  152. myiq2xu —

    I’m with you.

  153. What a beautiful sermon the minister gave at the Gwatney funeral just now.

    So genuine and heartfelt.

  154. myiq:

    I’m with you. At this stage, the DNC CANNOT afford to give the nomination to anyone but Obama. The 2008 nomination is gone.

  155. I don’t believe in pessimism. I’m reserving judgment and seeing what happens.

  156. “Pres Clinton’s comments sure sound like he agrees that the convention in Denver is all for show.

    “You’ll get to see Hillary speak on Tuesday, and Barack Obama — the next president of the United States — on Thursday”

    Bill and Hillary are long term political planners. I remember hearing Bill being asked in 1987 if he was going to run for President. His answer was that Bush could not be defeated but that the economy was going to deteriorate and that Bush would be a one term President. I think Hillary and Bill are using the “Rope-a-dope” strategy now and planning for one term McCain and then 2012.

  157. The advantage to being a pessimist is when we’re wrong it’s a good thing.

    When we’re right we’re prepared.

  158. After Hillary’s performance this year she really will be the “inevitable” nominee in 2012.

    She went into this year’s contest with some high negatives that she has now proven false (divisive, cold & calculating, etc)

  159. The best thing about reserving judgment is that no one can say, “I told ya so.”

  160. plural: I am split-screening the funeral, a real tear-jerker. Bill Clinton is beginning to speak.

  161. Bill is speaking now on katv.com at the funeral

  162. OMG, I just realized!

    Big Dawg’s birthday is tomorrow. Eeep!

  163. Regency, Bill & I share the same birthday! I know you love the Big Dawg so let’s share him!

  164. Well, this is a really sad birthday present. My heart and condolences go out to Mr. Gwatney’s friends and family.

  165. A very reflective, thoughtful Bill Clinton at the funeral. Simple and heartfelt.

  166. “Blazing Saddles” is on CMT and they edited out all the profanity and r*cial epithets.

    IOW – 90% of the movie

  167. This is so sad.

  168. Bill Clinton said Gwatney intended to have a watch-Hillary-speech party next week in Denver. oh, good grief…

  169. Sophia, only because tomorrow is your birthday! Because as a general rule, he is someone I don’t share.

    But you’re special, born under special stars–so you get a temporary timeshare.

  170. Regency, thank you.

  171. This funeral is really heart-wrenching. We will keep his family in our prayers.

  172. Sophia, only as a public service. He is someone that should be shared among many and enjoyed.

  173. Regency, so true.

  174. jslat // August 18, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    Carly [Fiorina] on Corbett… Corbet’s talking about Hillary & Hillary supporters


    She’s (Carly) now talking about HRC’s effect on electorate

  175. Does someone have Susan Estrich. She is wrong about Hillary. She wouldn’t have refused to have a roll call since it is a tradition. It is not barky’s decision to decide if Hillary should or shouldn’t have her name in nomination.

  176. I majored in history in college, and I know it takes years and years before we can accurately evaluate any person or era.

    But I doubt that the Big Dawg will ever get the credit he deserves.

    He’s definitely one of the top 10 Presidents in my book.

  177. Top ten, easy.

    History’s evaluation of presidents changes all the time, and I often think is more a reflection of the historian’s time than of the president’s.

    We know Bill, and how good he is.

  178. The left better be worried about it’s own holy roller Black Liberation Theology believer who is heading up the Democratic National Convention.

    Must read…it has it all: speaking in tongues, divine healing, Black Liberation Theology, money to Pro-Life organizations. You just can’t make this shit up.

    Mountain Sage

  179. My top 10 (chronologically)

    Teddy Roosevelt
    Wilson (tied with LBJ for 10th)

  180. Does anyone have Susan Estrich’s email?

  181. Bill is fighting with JFK for sexiest President in history. Right now he’s winning, though admittedly he’s had a bit more time to work at it, shame to say.

  182. Very well said! i couldn’t believe when I ran in a story from the orange cheeto disputing McCain story. So, who’s doing the swift boating now?
    As for whining about the debate, let’s just say he is creating another reverend problem for himself.

  183. If’ you’ll excuse my shallowness.

  184. Being a “great” President usually means having the bad luck of a major crisis occuring during your term in office.

  185. The funeral is ending, and it I feel so sad for his family, and the loss of this man. But, I must say, it also leaves me very angry.

    This funeral is very typical of what a funeral at my church would be. I grew up in a traditional Old Regular Baptist Church, baptized as an adult into the Lutheran faith, and have attended a Presbyterian Church for several years. This is who the Obama campaign and the media ridiculed this primary, those of us attending church in these hillbilly areas. These people at this funeral today, me, my family, my friends. People born & living in states considered uncool Middle America, coming together to deal with birth, marriage, and death in a setting of faith.

    I cannot express how much I truly despise Obama, his followers, the DNC, and the party elders for how they have smeared us this year. And I wouldn’t vote for Obama or any of his people if they paid me a million dollars. Ever.

  186. I think Teddy Roosevelt would have been considered a studmuffin if the media discussed such things back then.

  187. Just a quick comment on sneaky tricks by the obots – the text msg of vp is so that the campaign can get all those cell phone #’s & use them in the campaign – get out the vote, donate money, etc. – gotta admit I loathe the b@stard but they sure know how to game – they can send txt reminders to all those slackers to remind them to vote on November 4 –

    Devious ratb@stards aren’t they?

    (don’t usually post but I read about new tactic this in paper & had to pass it on)

  188. reg and myiq, lol

  189. Myiq: Well, the Democratic Party is determined that Bill not get credit for being a great President.

    Jeez Louise, if he had been a Republican, his pic would already be on the $1 bill, the Senate office blg would be renamed in his honor, and we’d be celebrating his birthday as a national holiday.

  190. If historians take the trouble to find out what Bill did while he was president, instead of dithering over the media’s cr*p about him, they’ll know how good he is.

  191. I believe that God exists, but that’s about the extent of my religious beliefs.

    I was raised as a fundie, but I don’t think their conception of God is accurate.

    I think we can find God in many ways, including science.

  192. I am a complete agnostic, but IMO, God is in those good people in Arkansas, if anywhere.

    That funeral was so impressive.

  193. Myiq: I don’t question anyone’s religion or lack of it, or give anyone more or less respect because of it. I certainly don’t agree with my family’s fundamentalist views, but I don’t respect them any less for it.

    I sure as hell didn’t expect a candidate running for President of our country to disrespect me because of mine.

  194. Bill will lose points for Monica, just like LBJ loses points for Vietnam.

    They both fucked up, and it will tarnish their records.

  195. ssmith // August 18, 2008 at 4:17 pm


    said Hillary and president clinton did a great job.. she had worked with them when carly was a ceo…and they were great americans and did a great job as a president for all americans..

  196. Myiq: I hope not; I sure as heck don’t think a moment of illicit passion equals tens of thousand of US deaths, plus hundreds of thousand injuries, not to mention the even larger totals for the Vietnamese and Cambodians.

  197. Everybody f*cks up, it’s how you respond that matters.

    LBJ was a very great president, and the Dems who diss him should be ashamed of themselves.

  198. Part of Bill’s problem with his legacy is that he spent 8 years playing defense against an ascendant GOP.

    Because of that he doesn’t have any big legislative accomplishments. He spent his time trying to hang on to what FDR, HST and LBJ got passed into law.

    But as they say in football, “offense wins games, defense wins championships”

  199. Bill’s infidelity doesn’t tarnish a thing for me. The only reason I even mention it when I write is that inevitably someone will refer to that. It happened, it’s there, but he was still a damned fine president, if an imperfect spouse.

  200. PofE:

    I never said they were equal, I said they were both fuck-ups.

    Without Vietnam LBJ would be the greatest liberal President besides FDR.

    The Great Society, plus Civil Rights, minus Indochina

  201. Ironically, LBJ’s Great Society was greatly expanded by Richard Nixon.

    Then Reagan did everything he could to gut it.

    History is a funny thing.

  202. Actually, if it hadn’t been for Watergate Nixon would have been a pretty good President.

    Domestically he was almost a liberal. and he basically ended the Cold War.

  203. Myiq: What I meant was that I don’t think History will equate the two. I just have a hard time thinking that a sex act will someday diminsh Bill the way the death & destruction of Vietnam will inevitably tarnish LBJ. History will cover the impeachment, but it won’t damage his legacy of peace and prosperity.

  204. Nixon was a great President for the environment.

  205. Yes, he went to China.

    But he didn’t end the Vietnam War.

  206. I think Poppy Bush will go down as one of our better Presidents. The way he handled the Gulf War was textbook for foreign policy.

    But I hope we never have one worse than his son.

  207. I read the pro-Obama comments at ABC’s Tapper website, and some idiotic Dem Obama supporter was just trashing the Clintons over him sinking in the polls. He accused them of everything, calling them crooks and discussed TravelGate and their shady AK land deals. Dumba@@ didn’t seem to realize that after years of investigaton and how many millions spent, that nothing was found. We know that if anything had been found, Starr would have used it. Do we have to replay this national trauma with young Dems too ignorant to know what happened?

  208. Some “good” people have been bad Presidents, and vice-versa.

    Hoover and Carter were really good men, but bad Presidents.

    JFK is overrated because he was assassinated, Ford underrated because of Nixon.

  209. Regency – If Bill hadn’t gone off track earlier, he most definately would have strayed when he met up with you. Like my family says, if you lose it and have to take out an ex, go take out the rest of the bad ones. Here in Texas they can only give you one lethal injection – get the most out of it that you can!

    I’m joking for all those over sensitive ones!

  210. I doubt many politicians could withstand the kind of investigation the Clintons went through, and come out squeaky clean, as they did.

  211. I rank Washington as one of the greats because of two things he did as President:

    He retired after 2 terms (a precedent only broken once)

    He decreed that he be called “Mr. President” which is the mildest honorific there is (Congressmen are “the Honorable” )

  212. unsubscribed from Hillary’s email list. If she’s willing to hand over her delegates to the Big Orif*ce, then I think she has sold us out. Not willingly, but same as Richardson sold her out for a chance at the veep spot (slimy worm that he is). This move is not respectful of her supporters.

    Everybody said Gore would run again, after he had the election stolen from him. I think Hillary being the candidate in 2012 is highly unlikely. She should take her shot while she has the chance and the popular vote. Obama and the DNC are going to lose big time in November, no matter what she does. She just hurts herself by backing this phony empty suit that the DNC is trying to force on us.

    Also, well said, ghostlegpress. These Obots need to get outdoors a bit, if they think writing or drawing in the dirt is so unusual a means of communication. And the cross symbolism transcends the language barrier, so it would be an obvious choice.

  213. Carol: I know about the lethal injection business. I’m here, too! I’d feel really guilty were I the reason Big Dawg strayed. I’d get over it, mind you, but I’d feel really guilty between visits.

  214. Regency:

    You shameless hussy! Why don’t I believe you?

  215. Myiq: Because I’m horribly unconvincing most likely. I keep staring at a picture of Big Dawg making Bitter Bill Face and you know what? That is a sexy face.

  216. MYIQ: sorry for not coming earlier. Been out & going bezerk – 1st day of school for PUMA cub, now preparing for Tropical Storm Fay – ay!

    Great graphic & truth be told! It’s all a faux-rage, Obama looked like a kindergartener.

  217. Thanks, fif, for posting the comment/link of MyDD. It absolutely made my day. Maybe the Obamamorons are starting to figure out that they are not going to win without us afterall.

    Thanks, downticket, for the link to Susan Estrich’s piece. I know you disagree with Estrich, but her argument rings kind of true to me. And her argument seems to demonstrate, yet again, how bad Obummer’s judgment is. A $20 million check to Hillary to retire her debt would have been a good investment in showing that he has some political savvy, and would have undoubtedly soothed a lot of the anger among her supporters. Made him look, I don’t know, gracious?

    Thanks also to those who posted the Richardson vid and the Bill & Hill signing autographs vid. Some really good stuff on here today. Love you guys.

  218. Oops, make that last sentence in second graf read: “Would have made him look… gracious.” We all know that gracious he ain’t.

  219. Sen. John McCain “1” Obama “0” enough said! 🙂

  220. A lot of people are spending their free time, a lot of energy and a lot of money to get a roll call for Hillary. I don’t think anyone is going to appreciate her handing it all over to Obama. She will not gain unity and she will loose some precious support.

  221. For those who have not already heard, Bill Hemmer on Fox News is airing an hour long investigative report on Obummer tonight at 8 p.m. EDT. They’re suppose to get into his early years, Rezko, Wright, and other stuff.

  222. Angry – #1, wrong thread.

    #2, There is veritable PROOF that superdelegates sold their vote to Pelosi for Obama. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it’s a duck.

    Pelosi has done NOTHING for our Democracy. After Impeachment is “off the table” – she sold out on FISA, like Obama did, and basically on every Domocratic tenet possible. We will not support a DINO, (Democract In Name Only) – and especially those that BUY & STEAL elections like Republicans do.

    Go yell somewhere else please.

  223. Regency, on August 18th, 2008 at 12:08 pm Said:

    Interesting thing below:

    Important! Pass this on, email and call, etc.

    Very interesting and scary article about information being withheld about *61 and Ayers relationship. The reporter had been told he could view the records and then the right was taken away from him when he got there.

    National Review
    End of the article:

    If you agree, then please write to the president of the University of Illinois system, B. Joseph White. Ask him to take immediate public steps to insure the safety of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records, to release the identity of the Collection’s donor, and above all to swiftly make the Collection available to me, and to the public at large. You can find an email link for White here. Telephone, fax, and mailing addresses for White’s offices can be found here.

  224. This is great. I enjoyed reading this.

    I watched the stutteringly pathetic performance of Obama at the Saddleback forum and I thought the clear winner was neither Obama nor Sen. McCain. It was surely Rev. Rick Warren! Why?

    Uhbama was stutteringly me-andering on and on giving his long-winded Dissertation on Self in response to Rick’s “personal failing” oscar-moment. Precious was saying uh how he abused drugs and alcohol in his uh younger days.

    “I was obsessed, uh you know, Rick, when young, I was obsessed with myself…I couldn’t focus on other people(!)..I uh.. because I was only interested in ME”
    “And then Precious said he had his epiphany when he “grew up adn I discovered that it really wasn’t about ME…and uh I….” and at that point Rick interrupted Him with:

    “I like that…not you…” and the audience erupted into wild applause getting clued in to Obama’s self-inflicted gaffe and Rick’s quick-witted alarm awakening Obambi from hims self-confessed “self-obsession”!

    This was truly a CLASSIC MOMENT that deserves video mega hits. Not to mention Warren’s truly charitable, Christian act of having saved the poor audience from having to listen to yet another torturous lecture on Obama’s self-centred confessions of a humble megalomaniac–which, unhappily, continue to plague less Christians to this day….

    Now we know why Hillary always got the first hard question, while Obama used to look to her for a response to clue in before he formulated his own.

    Obamarama covered up his lack of experience, specificity on issues, and confidence with meandering incompetence camouflaged as “nuisanced introspection and thoughtfulness”. Gimme a break, Sweetie!

    Ah, how we miss Hillary’s succinct intelligence, passion and preparedness on the trail.

    But I guess it’s “above my pay grade” to comment on the DNC’s political sins, ain’t it? Only God can forgive these obamyopic sinners now…

  225. I wondered if you were going to run that? The seal! UGH>>>>>>>>!

    This is a DIGUSTING aspect of this election!

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