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Monday: Yeah! We did it!

Murphy says we exceeded our fundraising goals for the PUMA Headquarters and Media center by several thousand dollars.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Thank you also for helping Gary and Mawm make it across the country to Denver.  They plan to drop in to visit some of you PUMAs on the way and they will be using the $900.00 we raised to put gas in their RV.  It’s going to be great!

This morning’s post is going to be short as I have to jump in the car and drive back to NJ from NY.  I just heard a segment of NPR’s The Takeaway, called Kettle Corn and Ambivalence.  Andrea Bernstain interviewed voters in Buck’s and Appalachia county Pennsylvania.  You get the sense that people feel they are being forced into voting for Obama and finding they just can’t do it.  One woman said she felt she didn’t have a choice.  Another called Obama a smooth operator.  Yep, we started out this year with an embarrassment of riches and ended with a gold plated trinket.  Congratulations, Karl.

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  1. Smooth operator?

    More like “Smooth move with Ex-Lax”

    Yeah, he da shit!

  2. “Gold plated trinket(s)” can be oh so pretty.

  3. Good morning, RD! It sounds like you had fun yesterday. I’m glad. I just turned on Morning Edition. They usually rerun all the stories.

    The radio show last night was amazing. There have to be lots more Hillary delegates like the ones on the show. It’s just incredible that Howard Dean and the DNC are actually trying to keep Hillary delegates from commu nicating with each other! I’m so glad we are fighting this. The Obama blogs have been played for fools.

  4. “The Obama blogs have been played for fools.”


  5. BB: I corrected the post. It was The Takeaway, not Morning Edition.

  6. That would be NPR’s “The Takeaway”, folks. Not Morning Edition.

  7. RD,

    Thank for that. I don’t think I get that show, but I’ll try to listen to it on line later on.

  8. I am curious: did NPR suggest those people were racist or they didn’t get with the party line?

  9. Hey RD:

    Good pick on Sade

  10. Just came from TL and TM (I visit them both, what can I say)

    Jeralyn doesn’t like Biden’s (sp?) position on gay marriage (but is OK with O?).

    TM has two interesting postings on the “silence cone” non-issue that has the “reality based online community” up in arms. Heh.

  11. oops, I am sorry, was that too edgy? Later “my friends”

  12. One thing that “real” Democrats have learned from Dean and Obama is that money can be raised online.

    Those two phonies raised millions because they have the media megaphone. However it is now becoming clear that real citizens who believe in Democracy have found their voice and with their ability to also raise money online that voice WILL be heard.

    Hey, Obama, WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones that care about ethics and issues. We are the ones that believe in Democracy. We weren’t waiting for you.

    We’ve seen you’re kind all too many times before. Phonies in politics are not a change. It’s same old, same old. And we, are not going to be the same old, same old, support group you and the party always took for granted. We ain’t coming home to poppa guys, get over it.

  13. OMG, Obama is in junior highschool, and he is going to piss off his bud Rick Warren. These losers are actually sending around the meme McCain cheated? Frauds. Shame on Taylor Marsh if she’s promoting that.

  14. Regarding the faith based forum, weren’t some of the questions personal and about one’s perspective to life? How can someone cheat then? The reason why BO did badly is because he has no core beliefs. He changes his mind on issues for the sake of it. He doesn’t think things through or at least try to justify it in a believable way.

  15. Masslib:

    As the McCain campaign phrased it – “McCain wins, Obama whines”

  16. Just to show how weak Barky is, he wants McCain to fight for him. He wants McCain to defend him against the Corsi book “Obama Nation”

  17. These losers are actually sending around the meme McCain cheated?

    Yeah, and Warren was interviewed on CNN last night (by Rick Sanchez) and had to sort of dodge the question of “why did you say there was a ‘cone of silence’ if McCain hadn’t arrived yet so he couldn’t be in one”? (McCain was still in his motorcade on the way at the start, apparently.) I wonder if Warren appreciated having to answer that. Seems irrelevant. FWIW Warren said he’d given each candidate a copy of the first question as well as a list of the general topics they would cover.

  18. Please – this is not a racist comment….but what was wrong with Obama’s makeup in the Warren escapades?

  19. Yeah, calling Warren a liar is a surefire way to win over his flock.

    Kinda like the way calling Hillary supporters racists worked.

  20. Congratulations!! Now PUMA can roar from a great place in Denver!

    As for feeling “forced” to vote for Obama–by the time the GOP gets done with him, they’ll lose THAT feeling and will either stay home or vote McCain…

    In the meantime, while Howard Dean “did a jackass proud” with his comments on NPR radio… embarrassing himself, not only with the race card, but with his telling aside about “even women,” Moyers did an interview which has been reviewed by kenoshaMarge. Prof. Andrew J Bacevich really was great talking about his new book, THE LIMITS OF POWER: THE END OF AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM.

    A Tiny Light in the Darkness…(Prof. Andrew J. Bacevich on Moyers, 8/15))


  21. Something else that just occurred to me. Someone (I wonder how) is putting out the story that McCain’s story about the Vietnamese soldier drawing a cross in the dirt was lifted from Solzhenitsyn.. Now.. I don’t know my history as well as I should but isn’t this actually a very, very old story dating back to the earliest days of Christianity? (And thus if known, may well have been a repeated action taken many times by many people, afterward..) Does this ring a bell to anyone?

    My view is there is no way of telling if McCain’s story is true or not and I mostly think it is irrelevant to politics..

  22. kc $50 PUMAPac

    Grand Total:

    $1810.00 for PUMAPac

    Thanks everyone!

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  23. “McCain wins, Obama whines”

    That will be the headline after the General Election too.

  24. dg, just because a similar story was told by Solzhenitsyn does not make McCain’s account untrue.

    Is it beyond people’s capabilities to think that maybe a lowly Vietnamese guard had READ SOLZHENITSYN????? Ya think?

  25. You can color me shocked now. When I went for my doctor Friday for a checkup, his nurse and I started talking about the economy, price of gas, etc. She shook her head and said that the only chance we had of turning the country around got pushed out in favor of somebody who isn’t qualified. She said she didn’t feel like we had any good choices for President, and she wasn’t going to vote for either one. The DNC and the Obama campaign can tell themselves all they want that nobody is paying attention yet, and Obama’s poll numbers will go up next month. I think they’re dead wrong. People are paying attention right now, and talking politics in places where the subject is usually taboo. I think the closer people look, the worse Obama’s poll numbers are going to get. Contrary to his boastful pronouncements, the more people see of him, the more they DISlike him.

  26. Yeah, calling Warren a liar is a surefire way to win over his flock.

    Looks like someone is going under the bussssssss. lol.

  27. McCains rep sent a sharp reply to Andera Mitchell”s response on MTP, where they said he could here the questions before he came on. Not a very nice letter. LOL

  28. I don’t know if McCain’s story about his prison guard is true or not, and there’s no way to prove it.

    It may have just been a similar experience, with no connection to Solzhenitsyn.

    Obamanation is making a mistake pushing this story because it highlights McCain’s POW experience and they can’t prove he’s lying.

    Not to mention Obama has weak credentials on the plagiarism issue.

  29. Annie em – The good news is BO will be whining to MO in the minivan driving the kids back to the Mansion from Denver.

    Hopefully, the Feds will have moved in on them.

  30. If Obama can’t handle the campaigning which the Repubs really have not started in earnest, how does he think he will handle the Presidency? I don’t want another President that needs to run away on vacation or explains to the American people that it’s “hard”, really hard” to be president. Obama, for the good of the country, you need to step down! You are in over your head!

  31. I don’t think Solzhenitsyn’s book was out at the time McCain was in the POW camp????????

    That people around the world use the same gesture of disrespect would be nothing unusual.

  32. NOT YOUR SWEETIE! on whether or not McCain cheated by actually having coherent answers about his personal beliefs and opinions:

    “What they are doing though, it surpasses attacking george Staphanopoulis from ABC. Now they are saying a man of cloth is lying and contributing to a cheat. I wonder how well will this go over with that audience Obama was so desperate to please? What would reverend Wright do?”


    How stupid and low can they go? I’ll take bets on that one!

  33. RD: “Congratulations, Karl.” Please elaborate (are you thinking what I’m thinking?).

  34. That Nancy! She’s always so hooked in with the ‘little people’, isn’t she?

    That sort of statement just freaks out people like me, who are creeped out by all the invocations of g*d and religion surrounding Obama, and resented by people who really are seriously religious, for presuming that g*d is bothering with a Democratic candidate.

    What a natural tin ear she has.

  35. PLEASE CONTACT ALL HILLARY’S PLEGED DELEGATES IN YOUR STATE. Make sure they are voting for Hillary in the convention. Voters in your district have voted for them to represent the people at your district.

    Here is the link for all the Certified Delegates By State :


  36. from AP:

    “Obama called the U.S. economy a disaster thanks to “John McCain’s president, George W. Bush,” and chided his Republican rival’s campaign team for trying to make him look unpatriotic and weak.”

    WTF? I understand the attempt to portray the two as one, but….isn’t GWB O’s president as well?

    Can you criticize the guy’s policies without being accused of trying to make him look weak? Unpatriotic? Has McCain done that (an honest question since I have not followed McCain’s campaign that closely)?.

  37. McCain was able to answer those questions easily because he knows what he believes and has experience. Obama’s mind changes as quickly and as easily as the wind changing directions….he changes everything right down to the cadence of his speech. No wonder he has to uh and ah trying to decide what tact to take.

    Mountain Sage

  38. Obamanation needs to divert attention from his pathetic performance at the forum.

    This is the same routine we saw during the primaries after he got an ass-whuppin’ by Hillary.

  39. *delurks*

    You get the sense that people feel they are being forced into voting for Obama and finding they just can’t do it.

    This is the feeling here in Bradford County, PA. I’m sure others have experienced this, but I can always tell a potential PUMA by the way they bring up the election. Folks who are Obama supporters bring it up at every chance, and are full of starry-eyed cult behavior. The ones who start edging around the topic of politics are almost always PUMA or potentials.

    Once I started mentioning PUMA – people said, “What’s that?” followed by “That’s how I feel!” I’ve heard it from people in every age group, every gender, every financial level.

    Almost all are (or were) hardcore life-long Democrats. They didn’t join the party just to vote for Obama; they’re the ones who turned out for every election, even in the boring off-years, who were insulted at every turn by Obama, the media, and the Obama Nation and then told they weren’t needed by the party. But now the party wants them to jump on the Unity Pony or else? Pfffttt::::

  40. Hello all! Delurking to ask: What the heck is a cone of silence?

  41. Soupcity: Sound-proof room.

  42. Soupcity:

    You must be young.

    The “cone of silence” was a gag from the old “Get Smart” television show.

  43. Does anyone here know where I can find exact information on the PUMA events in Denver?

  44. If you want to guffaw read Sally Quinn’s incoherent critique of Saddleback in which she says she would rather live in McCain’s world but that Obama was “authentic.” Complete drivel. Isn’t Sally’s world pretty good as it is??

  45. Thanks Guys!! Duh!

  46. By the way, could I be more horrified with this whole “First-Ever Faith Caucus Meetings to be Held at Democratic Convention”? I don’t think I could be, but it’s early yet.

    Someone, please put the evangelicals out of the Convention. Highlight faith if you must, but this goes so far as to be off-putting to, well, everybody else. Namely me! Keep your religion off my future President (and I don’t mean Chuckles, the Silly Candidate).

  47. “ONLY IN AMERICA: the Legend of Barack Obama” hits a bump with “Barack by Night”!

    a short play by artboyusa


    Barack sighed heavily and stared up at the ornate ceiling of the Honolulu Hilton’s Presidential Suite.

    “Don’t worry Pumski” soothed Michelle. “It happens to every guy sometimes”.

    “Well, it never happened to me before” fumed Barack.

    “Huh? Oh, right. Of course not – never” she lied. “Maybe you’re just tired”.

    “Maybe” conceded her husband.

    “Or maybe you’re worried about the polls”.

    “Polls? What polls?”

    “You know, the new ones that show you losing ground to McCain, the ones that have you neck and neck with him, where just a couple of weeks ago you were way out in front – those polls”.

    “Oh – those polls” muttered the Change We’ve Been Looking For. “Yeah”.

    “They don’t look good” said Michelle. “They surely don’t. Maybe they augur a sea change in your – our – fortunes. Maybe the American people are having a second look at you and they don’t like what they see”.

    “But what’s not to like?”

    “Maybe they see someone from a self-regarding metropolitan elite that’s out of touch with their problems and concerns, which, indeed, despises them and the things which matter to them. Maybe they see a guy who’s done very well out of America but who doesn’t seem to like America very much, certainly not as much as he likes himself. Maybe they see an opportunist, a guy on the make who just wants to big himself up and boss other people around. A talker, not a doer. Maybe…”

    “Sheesh, Michelle. Knock it off, will you? What’re you trying to do? Castrate me?”

    “Maybe they think that in a dangerous world, where sudden trouble can erupt at any time, Georgia for example, the country needs a leader who’s done more than give speeches and waves his arms…”

    “Stop it….”

    “Maybe they’re finally starting to get wise to us, to you, and they’re starting to have second thoughts. They’ve had their little fling but now they want to settle down with someone steady…”

    “You know, um, you could do that special thing that I like” suggested Barack. “That might work…”

    “What? Read aloud to you from one of your own books? I don’t really feel like it, Pumski. Sorry”.

    “Alright, fine. I’ll go sleep in the bathtub if that’s what you want”.

    “Don’t forget your pillow”.

  48. Supposedly, Precious and co. have been trying to convince Gore to speak on Thursday but he’s not really onboard. He says that the Party’s going in a new different direction and apparently he isn’t really feeling it.

  49. In fact, Gore might not even attend.

  50. Soupcity: lol. I hadn’t heard that term before either. I thought it was brand new, something that Warren just made up.

    myiq2xu: thank goodness when it was first used it was considered a gag because when I first heard it yesterday I thought it was so lame.

    Please don’t let it catch on. 🙂

  51. Carol, I am unsure which book that story was from, but I do know that he first began to be published in 1962. Solzhenitsyn won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970.

    McCain was a POW through 1973.

  52. Regency,

    Where did you hear that about Gore? That’s interesting and encouraging. Do you have a link?

  53. new post up

  54. Somehow I can’t see McCain reading Sozhenitsyn, but I could be wrong. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if the story is true or not. It’s a dumb story anyway.

  55. Right on PA Lady….my experience exactly. If they bring up the election, chatty chatty, they like Obama (they used to ADORE him but their absolute faith in hopey changey has gotten just a teensy bit shakey). Responses to the Obots are either a long silence, changing the subject, or the occasional out Republican (this is deep blue country) who simply states a preference for McCain.

    I believe that some of the silence is due to fear of being considered racist. There is a constant barrage of discussions about racism, ranging from the racism series on NPR to daily chunks of editorial and opinion pieces in newspapers, magazines, and TV. And you can’t turn on AirObama without hearing constant lectures from hosts and callers on the subject.

    Let me be clear: we have racism in this country–big time. But most progressive Dems and the now extinct species of moderate and liberal Repubs have fought long and hard for civil rights. That includes me and many posters on this blog. So I find the constant hectoring about race to be utterly offensive. And I’m willing to bet even middle of the road folk are starting to feel irritated by the constant references to race as a basis for Obama’s failure to bring more voters on board.

    Of course, my anger is further fueled by the knowledge that a similar focus on sexism and misogyny has not and will not take place.

  56. $15 from me for gas 😉

  57. me too—–rather, decloaking, big Trekkie.

    The OFB is always looking for an excuse. Thank the goddess that your average voter is so much sharper that the MSM.

  58. Nancy Sabet:: spoke with a district level delegate in my congressional district. He told me Hillary had released all her delegates a couple of weeks ago urging them to vote for Obama (present a united front vs the republicans). He will vote for her, though, if she calls on him to vote for her for whatever reason.

  59. myiq2xu, on August 18th, 2008 at 10:45 am Said:

    You must be young.

    The “cone of silence” was a gag from the old “Get Smart” television show

    Agent 00Bama (in late November)

    “Missed it by THAT much!”

  60. georgiapeach, PA lady, salmonrising,

    I have three more anecdotes to add to your comments that make me think Obama will lose big:

    My relatives in Oklahoma (my grandma had 12 kids, so there are a lot of them) are all fourth-generation yellow dogs in a traditionally red state. I don’t believe any of them (one exception, which I’ll get to in a minute) have voted for a Republican, ever, at any level. But all of them are voting McCain this year, or staying home. They hate Obama for the race-baiting and are livid that the party has not stood up for the Clintons.

    My sister is the only Reagan Democrat among us and hasn’t voted for a Democrat since the ’70s. She voted for Hillary in the primary and would have voted for her in the general. But when Obama declared himself the winner, she went red again.

    Out here in California, my husband has been attending wage negotiations between NECA and the IBEW. NECA is an electrical contractors organization and IBEW is the electrical workers union. About a dozen people have been participating in these negotiations, all but one Democrats and strong unionists. Not one person attending these meetings intend to vote for Obama. (And didn’t the casino workers go big for Hillary, even though their union endorsed O?)

    I think Owhiner may lose in a landslide. Not sure who the pollsters are talking to, but the numbers don’t seem to reflect comments I’m hearing among the people I’m talking to, though my lesbian friends are still determined to vote for O. Need arguments to dissuade them. Anyone have any good ones?

  61. gmanedit: it is my belief that karl rove played a role in giving us the weakest possible nominee and he did it by knowing the Democratic Party better than it knows itself. Obama absolutely cannot win in the fall. The Republicans helped fund Obama and made him look unstoppable. Unless the party comes to it’s senses, something that looks unlikely, it will lose the WH this year on what should have been a cakewalk. It badly miscalculated how professional and working women react (we are apalled and now see that we must take action). And this is a result of someone cleverly pitting one faction of the party against another and making sure that the faction that won is the least able to expand outside the party. And the DNC fell for it hook, line and sinker.

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