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    Propertius on Media-Created “Reality…
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First Data Point

Alegre posted this very recently:  Ed Rendell is throwing his support behind Hillary and will vote for her for nomination.  Politickerpa has more details.  Rendell says:

Gov. Ed Rendell, in an interview with PolitickerPA.com today, lauded the resolution reached last week that will allow Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination, before U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) ultimately accepts the party’s presidential nomination.
… I think it’s good not because it will display any disunity, but because  it honors the hard work of so many people who supported Sen. Clinton,” said Rendell, who was one of Clinton’s most visible and vociferous campaigners during the run-up to the state’s April primary. “Many of the Pennsylvania delegates worked their heart out for Sen. Clinton, and they’re excited to cast a vote for her. From my vantage point, that will be closure for them.

“I think it will have the cathartic effect that both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama are hoping to have,” he added.

Hmmm, cathartic or emetic?  I guess it depends on which camp you’re in.  If you’re in the Greek tragedy camp, you’re looking for the tragic hero to undergo some self-reflection of his hubris and come to a state of sophrosyne.  The catharsis is the effect of purging dramatic tension in the audience.  I’ll go for that.

But if you’re an Obamaphile right now, you’re probably feeling queasy.

It could be a sign that the ice is cracking or maybe Rendell is just an outlier.  Still, Charlie Rangell was thrown under the bus last week as was Wes Clark.  So, who knows?  We will have to wait for a second data point to see if there is a trend.  A third would point to a correlation.

Of course, the flood gates would open if negative news came to light about Obama.  Steady, Obamabots, we’ll get the barf bucket.

325 Responses

  1. I heard today that MoveOn.org is reconsidering its endorsement of BO since it’s realizing he won’t win. If you want to encourage them to switch and endorse Hillary, go to:


  2. You can all thank Pat and I.

    We put our foot down and told him “Pay it Forward NOW or we are shipping you out!”

  3. just a thought — if our beloved does accept the VP slot…maybe, just maybe it means she does know something that is a gamechanger… fingers crossed!

  4. IBI: I’m not sure I want to do anything with respect to MoveOn. Let’s just leave them alone to reflect.

  5. indigogrrl: If our beloved thinks there is a game changer, she will not accept VP. It’s a lateral career move. Besides, who wants to be associated with a failure?

  6. but if she accepts the nod for vp does that preclude her from stepping in as the candidate when he implodes??

  7. Indigogrrl, it doesn’t preclude. If anything that might be a cause for her accepting veep. Nevertheless, there’s no rule stating that if she was veep they’d have to choose her as the new candidate.

  8. if someone else is the vp selection and he is removed due to scandal…do they become the candidate? how does it work exactly?

  9. who makes the decision?

  10. don’t get me wrong –I really don’t want her to take a vp nod…. I am just wondering if she did why she would change her mind.

  11. If Obama “implodes” after the convention the only candidate with a chance would be Hillary, whether she is VP or not (she most recently had a national organization). But that’s a silly strategy and I don’t believe in hope. The only way for Hill to be the nominee is to influence the supers and keep Hill’s pledged delegates

  12. The DNC with input from the Party members makes the decision regarding replacement nominees. There’s no rule.

  13. By the way, new New York polling numbers. Enjoy.

    (August 18, 2008): “Obama polling advantage in New York falls by 10 points” – (RCP/Siena)


    New York (Obama + 8 )
    08/11 – 08/14
    Obama – 47%
    McCain – 39%

    New York (Obama +18 )
    07/17 – 07/29
    Obama – 44%
    McCain – 26%

  14. Move On can go to hell!

  15. Guess what Folks there is no mechanism in the constitution for the above senario-the constitution is silent on this I believe it deals only with the president after the inauguration the constitution is only in effect after the “so help me god” the the full weight of the great document takes effect.


  16. indigogrrl: I can’t conceive of any instance where she would feel compelled to change her mind. There’s nothing in it for her or the party. If Obama is on top, the ticket will lose- period. She can’t help either one of their political careers.
    I don’t think it’s going to be offered anyway. Obama seems to be playing by the Bush rules. That is, he and the DNC are going to do whatever they damn well please until they are stopped. Right now, they are under the mistaken impression that they can get away with it. Once they announce the VP pick and it is NOT Hillary, the bottom is going to fall out. So many Clinton supporters are expecting it that it will be a blow. Expect a mass exodus to McCain if Obama is nominated.

  17. the mcgovern eagleton would be the closest to the above senario and the party replaced eagleton after he was sidelined


  18. wish I could “hack” that text message going out on wednesday and put
    her name in just for the heart attacks!

  19. RD – so true.

  20. Single digit lead in NY?…heh….I may have to vote McCain after all…..(not really)

  21. Riverdaughter said: “…the flood gates would open if negative news came to light about Obama.”
    Isn’t Obama his own negative news? Do we really need anything else? This guy must shave in the dark since his inadequacy is so obvious he could not possibly be comfortable looking in the mirror.

  22. Oh, and Carol/Pat…nothing like some “attention” starvation….I knew you could change Ed’s mind.

  23. I will NOT steady Obamabots who are going to puke. NO WAY! I say let them puke on their shoes, their Obama clothes, their Obama buttons and all over their Kool-Aid colored lips. Let them smell the stench. Let them be reminded of this crap-fest called Obamanation!

    NO SIR, I will not hold an Obamabot steady!

  24. Cinie: Oh, I can think of some things that, if proven, could really swing the superdelegates to Clinton. Let’s not forget that Pennsylvania is a big state.

  25. We want the news to go out soon that she is not the pick!

    All those people that want her will decide to join us to make sure he loses!


  26. I will tell you what i think…….I think. Ed. Rendell got a big ear full, from his constituents. And they are pissed.

  27. I think Ed Rendell has seen the numbers from his state and knows Obama is just going to keep sinking.

  28. I threatened to send him back to Pat’s for the weekend!

    He begged to stay! That’s when I gave him the ultimatum – Hillary or Pat!

  29. sadly it was a revelation of eagleton undergoing treatment for depression – america was so uneducated then- with reguard to metal health-


  30. I think Hillary-zila is correct. Too bad more pissed off people are letting their voices be heard NOW instead of in November.

    It’s either Hillary or it will be McCain.

  31. Can someone leak news of Michelle’s treatment for bi-polar disorder–please?

    *no offense to bi-polar people everywhere intended.

  32. Seriously?

  33. The thought of millions of obats hunkered over the porcelian god selling Buicks-all at the same time-LOL! hell

    they did not get their cookie!


  34. Carol & Pat are the reason, those fuzzy handcuffs did the trick!

    Ed Rendell’s a funny guy with the HOUNDs, then his comments here & there – I dunno, I won’t believe it until I see it.

  35. Interesting conversation this evening with some family members who are rabid BO supporters – everything Clinton and/or McCain is abhorent. When I asked who they wanted for VP, low and behold they said HRC. I was shocked. They said they can’t stand her and think she’s immoral (I’m shocked too!!!) but he needs her on the ticket to win. Well, I had to bite my tongue. They know I’m a HRC supporter but they still had the gall to say that, that BO should choose HRC not because she’s a strong candidate or brings a lot of experience but because she’d help him win. I love these people but I was disgusted and severely dissappointed. On top of that they called Bill Clinton a racist. They’ve definitely drunk the koo aid because they never spoke like this before. Their suffering from some serious delusional behavior.

  36. ohioana, I would guess when politicians start ducking their constituents that would qualify as a “tell.”

  37. no conflucians say tonight -sigh!


  38. riverdaughter, I think you are absolutely right, there is a tidal wave of HRC supporters who are waiting to see if she will be respected at the convention and offered the VP slot. I’m one of them. If she is not on the ticket, I plan to accept the McCain campaign’s invitation to be a co-chair of the Dems for McCain in Northern VA, and I think there are many other lifelong Dems who will sign on. It doesn’t mean we’re Republicans, just that we’ve got some common sense. I made it clear to the campaign that I’d be voting straight Dem downticket, and they understood that. So they are trying to pull us in. Meanwhile all I’ve heard from the Obama campaign is that I may be a racist if I don’t send him money.

  39. Pat/Carol, OK, I give up. What is this shtick with “Ed”? Why are you guys sharing this fella or is this symbolic of something else? Please fill me in.

  40. politician who will not discuss politics on the job? that is an oxy-moron if I ever heard one!


  41. The Closer is on!

  42. RD, Do you think the DNC is holding off on the VP choice because they don’t want the delegates and superDs to have a mass exodus to HRC? Do folks really hold out hope that HRC is the VP choice? I thought that was a non starter a long time ago.

  43. elixir Pat and Carol have been sparing over Ed rendell for months Carol has him held hostage-a willing hostage if you listen to MY carol Diamonds!


  44. elixir, from what I can gather, Pat and Carol think Rendell is sexy enough to fight over. Go figure.

  45. The problem is that they should have realized this a long time ago and they wouldn’t have any problems.

    I’m guessing they’re realizing that CAN’T win without us. Too little too late.


    And I have to tell the truth. They are not going to pick Hillary over him. This thing was too contested. To pick Hill over O would f— up the party for years. Even though I’m no longer akin to the Dem party, I would like to see it survive. Let them pick him. Let the Ophiles revel in their “victory”. And then let him crash and burn in the general election.

    Then again that sneaky bastard…. I wouldn’t count him out in the GE. Let’s see how it plays.

  46. Was there anything in the Fox expose on Bama?
    I don’t have TV (by choice).

  47. I’m with you Elixir…I am surprised that there are people out there who would not vote for Obama if Hillary is NOT given the VP. Maybe I’ve been in a hole?

  48. Ed’s a very lucky man, to have Pat aaaand Carol. I don’t know how he can keep up with them. Ed’s kind of cute in an Ernest Borgnine kind of way.

  49. I think Ed is the most popular pol in the area, second only to the the Big–barking–Dawg himself.

  50. @ Cate,

    “I’m with you Elixir…I am surprised that there are people out there who would not vote for Obama if Hillary is NOT given the VP. ” Huh? Who on this blog is voting for Obama? Am I missing something?

  51. Wow RD

    Your post made me relive two of my college courses History of Drama and Comic Spirit. Both dealt with Greek Drama. I don’t know what’s scarrier reliving these two courses or the farce that this vote the party has “allowed” at the convention. Unless it’s genuine it will not help me “get over it.”

  52. @ Fuzzy,

    No Conflucians Say but i thought there was something else on. BTW, don’t forget about PUMA on The Daily Show- check your listings.

  53. I know two people who had bipolar who killed themselves and had to forcibly send one of my best friends to the hospital to prevent them from killing themselves. To me, its not funny to wish bipolar disorder on anyone.

  54. It was reported (NYT editorial) how B.O. has NO PASSION on the economy and even when rattling off statistics fails to note that the good times were under a Democrat. The author thinks he’s failing to score a political point, as if B.O.’ just being modest when the real reason is B.O.’s UTTER REFUSAL to give the Clintons (Bill in this case) credit for anything. So, continuing on his self-defeating ways, he will indeed, defeat himself—i.e., get himself deeated!

    Remember how great Hillary was, especially in the last months of the primary, wrt her passionate speeches on the economy? SHE would beat McCain, possibly even as VP to the cad….oy!

  55. GQ: I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. That’s why I added the disclaimer at the end like I do whenever I make a joke like that.

  56. I am a little paranoid at this stage of the game. I see a trap and a trip in every promise or “positive” comment from the people/politicians supporting BO. They might just want to placate us and distract us from our goal of having Hillary nominated at the convention. Let’s don’t get the guard down.

  57. Ed is busy shutting down those horrifying puppy mills in PA so the Pat and Carol fan club here has to reward him for that.

    He’s also engaged in pushing for waterfront gambling. Campaigning for O seems rather low on his list of priorities. Why is that, I wonder?

  58. gq:

    Speaking of bipolar, did you read the heartbreaking story on page1 of Saturday’s WSJ?

    A Death in the Family

    (I think you can read it without being a subscriber)

  59. Since Pat is not here right now, somebody’s got to stick up for her.

    So listen Carol, if you don’t stop sticking it in Pat’s eye, you will be sent on a three-day vacation to Hawaii with Gov. Richardson.

  60. I’m afraid that the DNC will put HRC in the VP slot at the last minute, hoping for PUMAs to swing behind BO.

  61. OK, I will say it again: I very much doubt H will be either nominated as the D presidential or vpresidential candidate at the convention.

    I also doubt the process will result in the very touted catharsis.

  62. Vice President = emetic

  63. Is shilling for BO anybody’s priority? It’s not Bill’s. It’s Judas’. It’s not the big tub o’ hair gel’s. I think the only one doing it is the one who shouldn’t have to.

    GQ, for the record, I apologize for any offense I’ve caused.

  64. I enjoyed the PUMA roll call rd posted a couple of weeks ago. I went on vacation right after that. So, I was looking at it again tonight. It was so cool. It really reminded me of a roll call for Hillary at the convention with all the states checking in. Anyway, I made of spreadsheet of all the people from each state who actually signed in (I did not count people reporting for relatives and friends in other states, only the people who actually signed in) and the number of electoral college votes from each state. The numbers were so close! According to my calculations, the only states not represented in the roll call were Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. So, I guess, nobama might get the electoral college votes from those 3 which total 11 (Nebraska – 5, ND – 3, SD – 3) and Hillary would get everyone else 535! lol

    That was a great post, rd, thanks for doing it! It was very encouraging to see PUMAs all across the country!

  65. elixir – that was what I’ve been questioning — there are so many rumors ….but no one can make her accept. so if she does …what will it mean.

    I do not want to be put into the position of having to vote against her…but I cannot vote for him under any circumstances.

  66. Ha Ha Elixir…you and I are getting our wires crossed…I know none of us are voting for Obama…I am speaking of the rest of the Clinton Democrats (aka Reagan Democrats) who are not into blogging – you know, regular people out there – you were for Hillary but switched to Obama when she suspended. I am wondering if some of them were holding out hope for Hillary as VP…and when she doesn’t get it, will abandon Obama for McCain.

  67. And in answer to Upstate, I’ll say it again, too: We’ll see.

  68. Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination, before U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) ultimately accepts the party’s presidential nomination.

    I don’t see any indication that this is being taken seriously as a “real vote.” It’s all about: let them get their Hillary ya-yas out and then we can coronate Obama and join hands for the GE. It’s a farce.

  69. Hannity “reported” tonight that B0 was close to choosing Bident thus the rumors of an announcement tomorrow but M0 stepped in and said he needed someone he was more comfortable with Kaine or Sebelius?????!!!!!!!

  70. With his comment, “I will win,” Hillary will be his VP. He has no choice. What do you call someone who trashes someone whose help they need?

    Clinton should be the nominee. No ifs, ands or buts.

  71. I hope he does pick Kaine or Sebelius–they are both weak options who will not help BO.

  72. I wonder who grandma thinks would make a good VP for her grandson….I am sure her opinion matters a great deal to the O campaign.

  73. What do you call someone who trashes someone whose help they need?

    An ex-presidential candidate.

  74. fingers are crossed here

    inexperience +inexperience=change

  75. inexperience+who?=Obama/some dude 2008

  76. Regency, if you are right and I am wrong I will gladly let my dog chew my croc knoc offs (so unfashioanable, I know, but damn are they confy)

  77. “An ex-presidential candiate”, heh.

  78. Just because I thought it was so interesting (sorry about the formatting): No. from ea. state / No. electoral college votes

    state number / electoral college
    alabama 5 9
    alaska 1 3
    arizona 7 10
    arkansas 3 6
    califormia 48 55
    colorado 7 9
    connecticut 9 7
    dc 1 3
    delaware 1 3
    florida 25 27
    georgia 13 15
    hawaii 2 4
    idaho 3 4
    illinois 16 21
    indiana 8 11
    iowa 1 7
    kansas 3 6
    kentucky 6 8
    louisiana 2 9
    maine 2 4
    maryland 8 10
    massachusetts 16 12
    michigan 11 17
    minnesota 9 10
    mississippi 1 6
    missouri 3 11
    montana 3 3
    nebraska 0 5
    nevada 12 5
    new hampshire 4 4
    new jersey 13 15
    new mexico 5 5
    new york 28 31
    north carolina 18 15
    north dakota 0 3
    ohio 14 20
    oklahoma 4 7
    oregon 6 7
    pennsylvania 24 21
    rhode island 3 4
    south carolina 8 8
    south dakota 0 3
    tennessee 11 11
    texas 27 34
    utah 1 5
    vermont 2 3
    virginia 16 13
    washington 17 11
    west virginia 1 5
    wisconsin 6 10
    wyoming 1 3

    puerto rico 2 0

  79. Upstate: Keep your crocs. I’m not saying you’re wrong, simply that I will reserve judgment on the situation until I see it. I’m not of the opinion that it’s all a foregone conclusion. I think we surrender to their narrative when we say it is and that’s all. Why have we fought this hard for 2 months if we’re going to call it gone a week before? No, for me, it’s lost when it’s lost but not until the votes are cast.

  80. Question: will Hillary’s delegates be allowed signs that say “Clinton” or “Hillary” at the convention?

  81. I know there are state signs but I don’t know if there are candidate signs. I take that back. FDR had ’em so their kosher.

  82. but…will they be confiscated at the door by the thugs?

  83. Thanks Regency (I really like my croc-wanna-b’s)

    For a while now, my “fight” has been with the DNC and the need for reform.

    I like your attitude. You are right, lets wait and see.

  84. Ben: They may discourage them but I doubt they’ll outright take the signs away. Cameras and all that.

  85. Regency, agreed—not until the votes are cast. How they are cast (open honest convention) is what I need to see? Stay strong, all. Rumors will be rampant and I find them interesting but we still have work to do.

  86. Everyone know Nancy said we were blessed by God to have Obama at this time, correct?

  87. Nancy still thinks we’re blessed to have combustible engines. She’s really out of her depth.

  88. masslib – Hi!

    DID YOU SEE THAT!??? I think the botox is leaking to her brain.

  89. Yup, O is a blessing, all right.

    All right, Have a good one. See you in the morning.

  90. I am really surprised after what was done to Hill, Corrente has gone full board with the ridiculous “cone of silence” smear. It’s trademark Obama. I sucked at the debate? Well, my opponent cheated, that’s it. I am utterly disappointed that Corrente wasted two or three posts on this nonsense. Rick Warren seemed more Obama leaning than McCain. Gee, attack McCain on the issues, not nonsense.

  91. McCain to announce his vp on Aug 29 in Dayton Ohio. B0 to announce vp as early as Wed according to Fox

  92. Very curious about Rendell in light of the AP shill yesterday re rural PA may be softening up for Obama, but the article was a piece of AP fluff based on interviews of 3 people and an AP prayer to help BZero.

    Didn’t RD refer to this in a post yesterday [can’t think, just got back from hike, weak from hunger]?

  93. Question: will Hillary’s delegates be allowed signs that say “Clinton” or “Hillary” at the convention?

    I doubt it. Hillary signs aren’t even allowed when Hillary is campaigning for O…so I don’t think they would like this on TV by delegates…

  94. Conlfucians: Princess Wears Prada made a very good point yesterday- you do not get what you do not ask for.
    If we never ask for Hillary to be the legitimate nominee, there is no reason for the Superdelegates to give it to us. Why should they put their reputations on the line if there is no public support?
    The thing is, just because Obama looks like he might be the nominee, he will bring disaster to the party because it is my sense that he simply cannot win in November. He is completely lacking the weightiness that makes him a credible presidential persona. As much as I loathe Republicans, John McCain has that something that is totally absent in Obama. That doesn’t mean I intend to vote for him but I understand the feelings of security that others get when McCain makes an appearance.
    The only way to turn this around is if the Democrats give us a ticket that can actually win. And that ticket is Hillary as President and Obama as VP. Indeed, it is logical AND doable. So, why shouldn’t we ask for it? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much Obama has gamed the system because it is the Superdelegates who will decide this thing. So, we ask them to decide for Hillary. It is not outside the realm of possibility. The two candidates are separated by a whisper in pledged delegates.
    Now, no more talk about how impossible it is. Don’t let doubt or fear of looking foolish prevent you from asking for the most sensible solution to the problem. We’re not nuts, wrongheaded or delusional. We are perhaps the only rational people around.
    It can be done. All you need to do is ask and don’t back down.

  95. OT – however, I just read over at D.U. that Leah Daughtry (CEO of the DNC, Pentecostal Minster, head of the convention, and the person who had the bright idea that the Dems start the convention with a church service) IS NOT ALLOWING ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS TO ATTEND.

    Just think – up until a few weeks ago we called ourselves democrats.

  96. Nancy is such a good christian, i’n’t she?

    @ Cate,

    Ha, ha, ha. I guess I’m confused….are you talking to me when you say “you were for Hillary but switched to Obama when she suspended.” I am for Hillary and never switched to Obama. Did you switch, Cate?

    Also, I don’t think there are many Hillary supporters who are hoping for her to get the VP slot, because that means she’ll be busy for four years holding ea parties and photo ops. Nope, I’d rather see my candidate back in the Senate working hard and building her experience for 2012.

  97. Obama is a fool to try and humiliate Warren. Not only will this anger numerous Christians, but he just looks like a whiner. NBC/MSNBC will have to work overtime on this smear, because neither McCain nor Warren will take it lying down, and they have numerous media access points.

  98. ohioana, I loved that post, too — stayed up into the wee hours as people “signed in” from all over the country. It was amazing and beautiful.

    Thanks for taking the time to tally it all up!

  99. Just listen to Will on the andrea shea show on blog talk he was very good and I liked her showshe a right winger but she has a nice show I was treated with more respect there than I was treated at yes to democracy!

    I can tell you I dont support her conservative views but she said she thinks that the right wing talking heads are keeping there mouths shut because they dont want McCain to have to face Hill in November-


  100. I third that, I loved the roll call post for PUMAs. Great one and worth repeating on convention night.

  101. I don’t think Obama is low enough in the polls yet for them to abandon him. But I think they are just living in this 44% dreamworld.

  102. S – when I go to Hawaii with Richardson, we will be searching for BO’s BC. I’ll let you know how that goes!


    And, I promise we will stop in to visit the “typical white grandmother”!

  103. imagine barack waking up michelle in the middle of the night for counsel if the red phone rings at 3am?

    this thought has crossed my mind more than once today.

  104. Regency – What do you call someone who trashes someone whose help they need?

    Senator Obama

  105. HILLARY. …….you……..you……..you…….you…….you…..you…….you…..you…….you…….you………….God help me.

  106. Carol: Heh.

  107. Eek, MO being consulted on the 3:00 a.m. call. That’s the pause that frightens.

  108. Obama: Woman questioner “Feisty”. Eesh.

  109. Thanks, SherryNC and Elixir. I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed that post rd did.

    Yes! Great idea to do it again on convention night! 🙂

  110. Off to bed. Have a great evening.

  111. Reg – The Closer was exceptional again tonight! I love Brenda Leigh Johnson almost as much as I love Hillary! They better damn well give her the Emmy this year!

  112. ohioana – make sure you bring Ted “out for our Hillary” tomorrow!

  113. Where’s Pat? Eddy wants to know if she approves his decision!

  114. Carol – *fingers crossed* She was so fantastic this episode. I wonder if her and Fritz will eventually progress in their relationship or just break up.

    I’m watching the Middle Man now and it is so funny.

  115. Sleep well, Ohioana.

  116. Masslib: Great article by Bonnie Erbe at US News & World Report. Is there any journalist this primary who consistently has been as fair and intelligent as Erbe? My respect for her has grown by leaps & bounds.

  117. Comment from NQ tonight regarding Fox News Report:

    “Comment by MEchelle Hates America! | 2008-08-18 21:01:20

    I’m still laughing about Oblowme’s story!

    Oblowme visited his Pakistani buddies during college – IN PAKISTAN (not your normal Spring Break choice)

    they are two of his biggest bundlers in this campaign – each raising over $100k

    Oblowme can’t recall where he lived or
    who he lived with in NY

    except for according to Oblowme: a “well-built Pakistani man who did cocaine”, who later ended up living out of dumpsters on the street

    and is now dead

    They spoke to over 400 people from Columbia U

    and nobody remembered Oblowme,

    but they did remember George Stephanopoulas, who graduated the year prior.

    For the love of God!

    This guy could never pass any background check.

    And he wants to be POTUS!!”

  118. MO effectively answering the 3am call–take that to the SD’s. That outta do it.

    Carol– Eddy has spent some quality time out here in Seattle, and you know it! I have been sitting on this information about Ed for days. With my mouth, it wasn’t easy! But he promised some sweet stuff, so I’ve tried hard.

    I tried the hilarious picture link below to contribute to Gary and Mawm-didn’t work. Now what?

  119. Go back to yesterday’s post. The PAY PAL link is up!

    Please do not say “my mouth” and “Ed” in the same sentence. I just got that rash cleared up!

  120. carol: LOL

  121. riverdaughter, on August 18th, 2008 at 10:03 pm Said:

    “Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much Obama has gamed the system because it is the Superdelegates who will decide this thing.”

    True enough, but contesting the RBC May 31 decision, in addition to being a matter of principle and historical importance, could make the SD’s job a little easier. A possible shift of 59 delegates is significant. Sure, it would be a long shot but this whole thing is a long shot anyway. Why not push for a fair starting point for the SD’s.

  122. I’m with RD about Move On. they’ve lost their minds on several occasions IMHO but they went right over the edge in their devotion to the Precious and the fraud of a democratic primary

  123. 200 Super Delegates have not declared!

  124. Oh no. The world renowned Siena poll.

  125. From realclearpolitics :

    Colorado 45.3 45.8 McCain +0.5
    Virginia 45.7 46.3 McCain +0.6
    Missouri 45.0 47.3 McCain +2.3
    Michigan 46.0 42.8 Obama +3.2
    Ohio 45.3 46.8 McCain +1.5
    Florida 45.4 47.2 McCain +1.8

  126. Ras:

    Georgia: McCain Up by Seven

    Illinois: Obama Still Holds Double-Digit Lead at Home

    BO and McGovern have soooooooooo much in common!

  127. Oklahoma McCain
    Texas McCain
    Arkansas McCain
    Georgia McCain

    Does BO know where the South is in his “Southern Strategy”?


  128. Of course Obama’s in the lead in Illinois; all the dead people live there–and they’re likely voters.

  129. if mccain went over 50 then they would dump barack but there just isnt enough data to cut him loose at this point i fear.

  130. what will late deciders do? go to McCain or Obama?

  131. As soon as BO picks Biden or Byah it’s over. I like them both and it isn’t about them. It is when the Hillary supporters face reality.

  132. ben – you know my mantra.

    If they f*ck it up next week:

    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008


  133. does it bother anyone that they keep saying his mother is from Kansas. His grandparents were but left Kansas right after WWII from what I understand. I was a military brat. My dad from GA and mom from AL and was born in AL but I don’t say I’m from AL??? Kansas/Kenya i guess it sounds better than Hawaii/Kenya?

  134. Carol, I’m with you

  135. ben: true, but there is a hell of a lot of info about Obama that hasn’t been brought out yet. We know it, and we know the Republicans know it, so shouldn’t the SD’s know it?

    Just because Obama fluffed off Ayers, Rezko, Meeks, Farrakan, Leah Daughty, Operation Board Games, etc in the primary, doesn’t mean John McCain is going to let him keep fluffing.

  136. Good: KO is playing the race card again!

  137. saw a poll this weekend saying there is a 20 point drop in 18-29 year olds who are sure they will vote in Nov

  138. Carol: And as we well know, ObamaCo only plays the race card when Obama is on the downswing.

  139. PofEd: Which means–always

  140. Let’s see what he has accomplished this week:

    1. “Accused” Rick Warren of allowing McCain to look/listen to the answers in the forum. This should be a winner with the Evangelical Community.
    2. Accused Clarence Thomas of being “inexperienced”. This should be a winner in the black community.
    3. Disinvited Wes Clark to the convention. This should be a winner in the military community.
    4. Was called a “gift from God” by Nasty Nancy. This should be a winner in the left leaning community.
    5. Refused Rangel and Jackson of speaking slots at the convention. This should be a winner with the civil rights community.

    Obviously he is so convinced on his inevitability that he can openly distance himself without fear. He needs to go down for his own sake. This arrogance is unhealthy.

  141. isn’t Rev Wright supposed to have a book tour in Oct?

  142. Good Evening Patty.

  143. Pat, so clear. SD can’t be so stupid or blind not to see this.

  144. Rev. Wright is apparently not releasing a book in October.

  145. they live in the moment…they havent seen the future through all of this.

  146. As for Ed: It just goes to show what a bath, a hot meal, and the love of “good” woman can achieve. Fleeing Texas on the back of a moving van cleared the cobwebs in his head. He is where he should have been all along: back onboard!

  147. Thanks Regency. Try to keep up with truths/myths. Is he not writing one at all?

  148. C’mon, Pat, be fair, he hasn’t alienated Everyone. Scarlett & Ludacris are still invited to the convention.

  149. I just returned from Boston a little while ago and caught only snippets of the Obama profile on Fox. Pretty much fluff stuff but the gaps of when he attended Columbia are telling. He claims he cannot remember where he lived. It was reported at one time it was with a white female college student so I am sure, if true, he does not want to got there for obvious reasons.

    As for the Pakistani connection, very interesting. Now he claims to be an “expert” on their affairs since spending three whole weeks there on summer over 20 years ago. The so called “in depth” look only raised more pertinent questions. Who is this guy really?

  150. Phala: That I’m admittedly not clear on but it isn’t coming out in October if he is.

  151. Pat, dissing Clarence Thomas won’t hurt Obama at all with African American voters. If there is unanimity about any one issue with black people, it’s that Clarence Thomas sucks.

  152. Pat the show did question why he stayed at Trinity when Oprah left to protect her business/image, etc

  153. Regency, on August 18th, 2008 at 8:41 pm Said:

    Wow. That would be pretty amazing if Obama could actually LOSE New York. Even a slim victory is embarrassing. A competent Democrat should never have to fight for places like New York and Massachusetts.

  154. “when I go to Hawaii with Richardson, we will be searching for BO’s BC. I’ll let you know how that goes!”

    LoL 🙂

    No snarks today. I am too happy. If Ed is behind our girl, I bet there will be some others too.

  155. Rick Warren was quite critical of Black Liberation Theology and said it used to be popular in South America but had lost credibility and died out there

  156. Pat – go up and read the comments at 10:33 regarding the “expose”.

    It’s hysterical.

  157. Could there be a turning point coming after all? It was only a week or so back that Rendell was urging the PA delegates not to sign onto the petition and Loretta Sanchez was quoted as saying half of the congressional delegates are casting their votes for Hillary. Rather interesting about faces don’t you think?

    And Biden is the one being touted for VP. Had a radio talk show station playing from Boston on my way home and they felt that it was 90% sure it will be him. That Obama probably felt when in Hawaii that he needs someone with a foreign affairs background to be named on the ticket since he did so poorly on explaining his position on the Georgia/Russia conflict while on vacation.

  158. Carol: It is amazing isn’t it? I did not catch the whole program and no one could remember him out of 400 graduate students? What does this mean? Was he there at all? We know he pads resumes but this is really reaching. Holy guacomole!

  159. its going to be evan bayh.

  160. I like when BO stutters and stammers around for 10 minutes on Abortion and then says “let me speak more generally on the subject”.

    I think he should have remembered to tell everyone how “if my daughters make a mistake, I wouldn’t want them punished with a baby”.

    I’m sure McCain has that video in production.

  161. Has anyone seen his Graduation Certificate?

    The Manchurian Candidate

  162. ok, I’m watching the repeat of the obama thing on fox and when they said that the Obama campaign said of his time in NY

    “we actually only have 1 actual address, otherwise just streets and neighborhoods”,

    followed by

    “Barack doesn’t remember the names of a lot of people in his life”

    I nearly lost my mind on the floor in tears. This is too much!!!!

  163. thinking back to law school i can remember where i lived but i dont remember the names of two of the guys because they werent law students. but i wasn’t doing lines every night either.

  164. ben: You think so? He certainly will not overshadow him with charisma.

    I was going to forgo watching the convention debacle but I have now changed my mind. This is going to be a hoot! If nothing else, it will bring out the most creative “snarks” ever recorded! Starting with Monday night with Michelle and brother Craig. Good God!

  165. As soon as BO picks Biden or Byah it’s over. I like them both and it isn’t about them. It is when the Hillary supporters face reality.

    Carol, what do you mean “it’s over?” Do you mean that HRC won’t be on the ticket?

    I also have a question for all: BO “suggested” they seat FL & MI delegations in full, but that has to be approved by the Credentials Committee right? Will that be done before the Convention?

  166. ben – he declared saturday nite that his drug, drinking use was as a teenager. He really has no clue what the truth is.

  167. What in the name of hell are they hiding?

  168. fif: I would think so. How can you call for votes if that has not been decided before the rollcall of states. Unless of course you are counting the additional 7-8 states that are out there who may very well carry the ball down the court. No need to worry about MI or FL after that. All symbolic.

  169. I mean when all of those holdouts figure out that he is the snake he is and doesn’t pick Hillary, they will turn on him and join us.

    I know a dozen people who are only going to vote for him if she is the VP.


  170. kaine or bayh..whoever he picks has to bring something to barack. Biden brings him nothing….such as a state.

  171. Let’s reduce the VP pick that is the easiest to text message:
    B.A.Y.H. That should do it.

  172. Of course now I’m having this sinking feeling that is it Hillary.

  173. ben: But Biden brings him gravitas. Or maybe that would be how I see it since the guy has so many years if experience in that area.

  174. The Credentials Cmte meets the 24th.

  175. I wonder if they will telecast that on C-Span?

  176. I saw 4 PUMA Pac posters on the Upper West Side of Manhattan today. It caught my attention as well as another man walking by. Keep it up PUMAs!

  177. It’s not going to be Hillary. God love her but polling shows she repels as much as she brings. It’s a no-go if she’s not tops.

  178. Didn’t they say at the RBC meeting that the Credentials Committee meets the first day of the convention and that HRC would have to request a hearing?

  179. It doesn’t sound like Kaine has much power in VA. He definitely needs Indiana, but Bayh could barely bring that in for Hillary, how will he help BO that much? Of course, remember the shenanigans in northern IN on election night? I’m sure that the Chicago thugs will guarantee an IN win.

  180. Hmmm….of course there is Sam Nunn. That would send me completely over the edge. He’s a nasty homophobic sob.

  181. Hillary probably promised to pay off his debt just so she would not have to be asked. Besides, we all know Nasty Nancy would never allow this. We need our own floor “surge” to take place. Maybe Petraeous can come back for one night in Denver.

  182. The Credentials Cmte meets on the 24th. They were supposed to meet earlier but couldn’t form a quorum and so no decisions were made.

  183. Here is the line-up.

    Monday nite – MO and Bro piss off most decent human beings

    Tuesday nite – Chelsea, Mom and Hillary bring down the house (I heard Hillary is going to speak in coherent sentences on substantive issues!)

    Wednesday – It’s a shame Clark and McCain are dissed on Veteran’s nite

    Thursday – Bill brings down the house (He will also speak in coherent sentences on substantive issues), The Supers Say NoObama, Vote, Hillary Wins

    Friday – Hillary is coronated.


  184. Didn’t they say at the RBC meeting that the Credentials Committee meets the first day of the convention and that HRC would have to request a hearing?

    She only has to request a hearing if she is going to challenge the RBC decision. I wish Ickes would take it to them–on 5/31 I thought for sure he/she was going to fight it all the way. It was the ultimate violation and what sent me over the edge for good.

  185. Didn’t the credentials committee have to reschedule because not enough people showed up just after B0 requested FL/MI be seated in full–coincidence. thought they rescheduled for just before the convention.

    Hannity on Fox said they had decided on vp (Biden) but MO stepped in and said he needed someone he was more “comfortable” with so who knows. I guess they needed some time to flip/flop or maybe he did consult with his grandmother, too.

  186. fif: I sure do remember those “shenanigans” from Gary, IN. That mayor was so in the tank he was even called out by another mayor whose name I cannot recall but was pretty good looking. They will stoop as low as it takes.

  187. fif, me too

  188. Carol: What about the thousands of worshippers expected n Mile High Stadium on Thursday? Kind of late to expect Michael Jackson to fly in to cover.

  189. Hillary gives Richardson the cold shoulder. Too funny:


  190. It was the Mayor of Hammond, but his name escapes me now. He had hardcore results in numbers in his head. That’s how he caught them.

  191. fif, that’s what I meant about the request. And the RBC decision is also what made me change to Independent that very night. A challenge from HRC would be wonderful, imo.

  192. regency: Now he was cute!

  193. I think I can get Pink Floyd and Ricky Martin at the last minute. That does it for me.

  194. Carol, enjoyed your convention schedule.

  195. I don’t see anything up thread about this so I’ll raise everyone’s blood pressure right before bed. A good part of KO’s show tonight was devoted to the defense of Princess Andrea (name given by one of the commenters on the show as she was a crown Princess in the Kingdom of Russert). KO went after the McCain campaign in a special comment that hit just about everyone who has ever criticized BZero and it was a warning shot to not dare criticize the “NBC family.” He went after McCain on supposed votes that didn’t support veterans with innane points and the requisite, “Sir…”

    One point in KO’s smear tonight of particular interest to PUMAs, he poo-pooed Hillary’s supporters saying something about the 18 million had been reduced to 2 million and then she couldn’t get more than 250 to come to a conference for her supporters in DC. Even when he is crapping all over McCain he can’t help himself to blast Hillary.

    Yes, he was true to form and I don’t know why they don’t have him wearing a TP bib to catch all the crap that spews from is mouth.

    Mayor of Gary, IN: Rudy Clay

  196. Will have to practice Hillary’s move. It is PRICELESS

  197. I suppose Oprah could do a “giveaway” show of all of her “favorite” things to the 75,000. Ludacris could sing some of his all time “hits” for three hours. Craig the brother could give instructions on basketball layups. Rev. Wright and Fr. Pfleger could scream anti American duets. Many possibilities to cover the cost.

  198. masslib: I LOVE that video of Hillary dissing Richardson. He looks so stupid as she practically pushes him away. What does he expect–Judas.

  199. Prolix, there should be a medical warning on KO’s show. IMO, NBC and MTP lost a lot of credibility if they had any left to lose

  200. Prolix: We’re talking about the Mayor of Hammond, not Gary.

  201. Thank you, prolix. It is nice to have a name with a face. Rudy Clay I would definitely vote for if I lived in Hammond, IN. Just because he is cute. And yes, I am very superficial.

    KO needs to be fired. He also needs help. Why would the Andrea Mitchell episode call for his segment on “Special Comments”? What a bunch of partisans over there.

  202. I cannot watch the election coverage anymore. Just listening to them prop up this idiot makes me sick to my stomach.

  203. Pat:

    Is that true? KO had a Special Comment on the Andrea Mitchell crapola?

    How deranged is this guy?

  204. After Richardson touched her breast when she pushed him away, he will now be voting for her!

  205. Prolix: gee, I missed the part about KO serving as a POW during wartime…of course that gives him the right to talk down to McCain as if he has a clue. And it continues to amaze me just how s-t-u-p-i-d the Bots are: Schuster focused on the $ PUMA has raised as if that definitively clarifies how many PUMAs there are, and now KO concludes that the number of people at the PUMA convention translates into PUMA votes in November? Between Dean, Pelosi, Brazile and these media lunkheads, I don’t know why I expect more, but they are so obtuse!

  206. Thomas McDermott was the good guy mayor of Hammond and Clay was the holdout mayor of Gary.

    I was spinning that night like a whirling dervish.

  207. I did a Google search: the mayor of Hammond, IN is Tom McDermott. His picture is on the site. A Cutie Patootie!

  208. MABlue; prolix reported that KO did a special comment tonight. The man is nuts! KO, not prolix.

  209. KO played the race card also.

    Once again, I am still waiting for him to break into the Olympics and tear into Dean for using the “whitey” card on Friday.

    I’m pretty sure I remember him hiring a hit on Hillary after she said “white” in describing the demographics of his constituency.

  210. I call eternal shenanigans on IN and NC. Hands down. Can’t prove it, but there was funny stuff done. 250,000 ballots with nothing but presidential preference filled in NC? I don’t buy it. 15,000 votes double counted in NC? Yeah, that’s the least of it.

  211. MABlue, he characterized his comment about McCain being a hypocrite and one of his comments was, “I can’t believe I’m saying this to a 72 year old man, but grow up.” Th beginning of the show was all about the “cone of silence” and how much integrity Princess Andrea has. It was a thinly veiled attack on McCain and Rick Davis for the criticism of Princess Andrea.

  212. I am now so immune to the ra*ce baiting. There is no justification. The candidate is inexperienced and 300 days in the Senate is still less than one year. I would still feel the same way if this were a Biden or Dodd instead of Hillary coming in so close. Experience matters. And this guy is too murky for me.

  213. KO is a class A moron. He is as narcissistic as BO, if not more so. NBC has been in the tank for BO since day one.

  214. Pat, I can accurately be described as nutz, but KO is a deranged dingo where rabies would be a step up for him.

  215. I may be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that when Andrea was pushed to explain her comment about the cone of silence she said she had heard this from the Axelrod people. If true, it just illustrates once again how closely that cable network is in the tank of Obama.

  216. Seeing all the wailing of the O-bots about the charade at Saddleback, I got the feeling Obama bombed badly.

    Apparently, we haven’t seen this much bombing since “Shock and Awe”.

  217. prolix: You are far from being nuz! But if so, I am as in bad shape as you since I laugh out loud at your comments. On second thought, maybe each of us needs an “intervention”. Funny I hadn’t thought of that before. Oh look…..butterflies!!

  218. Pat, that was Princess Andrea’s explanation, that the Obama people said it so she reported that the Obama people were saying it.

    Earlier today Gary typed something along the lines of “I’m saying that Andrea is a has been, washed up hack, now report that.”

  219. My back is killing me from driving back and forth to Boston and it is so humid here I can’t sleep. MABlue, is it humid down there as well? I can hear boomers but no rain as yet.

  220. The only days I want an intervention are those days when it doesn’t pay to chew through the leather straps.

  221. I was going to refrain from watching the convention, but like you pat, It will be a must see. I’m hoping Hillary steals the show and leaves the shallow one behind.

  222. Abortion or Infanticide – BO that pesky little “Present” vote:


    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008


  223. The whole roster over there is disgusting. I thought Rachel Maddow had some political savvy but she drank the Kool Aid and climbed onboard. It always amazes me how easily one can throw their integrity out the window for a chance to make a few bucks. She, of all people, should know better. The others are classified morons but I expected much more from her.

  224. Pat:

    It’s humid here too and it looks like it could rain soon.

  225. prolix: LOL!!!!!!!

  226. Gee you guys have really been at it since I ducked out around 8:30 (reading a student’s doctoral thesis on bias). Can’t read through all of it but…

    Tell, tell about Michelle and bipolar disorder?!!!!

  227. Someone replaced my Sex and the City reruns with an evangelist. What kind of a deal is that?

  228. I just bought the book by David Feddesco on Barack Obama. Could not bring myself to give Corsi a dime as he did the swiftboat piece on Kerry.

  229. Carol: Pay attention. He could be talking STRICTLY to you!

  230. Fox News

  231. Eddy said you are correct. Now, he wants us to get Baptisted together. I suggested we just go and get into the spa together, and I would perform the ceremony.

  232. Carol: &^*LL*^%$$@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *&*)(^%%$@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. Regency, I tried to find the link to an article about AA not voting for downticket dems since people were not voting for B0 at top but haven’t found it. Wonder how those that endorsed B0 are feeling now?

    Do you have a reference for the 15000 double counted? I think it is important that everyone know that eyes will be open in this election

  234. hatshepsut1988 is reading a student’s doctoral thesis on bias and Carol and I are playing “ping pong” with Ed. Carol and I are the “models” for the low information voters they keep talking about.

  235. Obama and Tim Kaine will be having a town hall meeting at E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, VA on Wednesday.

    Is Kaine going to be his VP pick?

    Mountain Sage

  236. Carol, I’ve seen that episode of Sex in the City and the evangelist is really a cross dresser who trades clothes with Kim Cantrell, fun ensues.

  237. How Carrie could have thrown over Aidan for Mr. Big is beyond me. Aidan was so nice and he could make furniture! Big left her hanging how many times. Typical.

  238. but no one’s telling me where to find M.O.’s bipolar problem…..hey, that gives me an idea for adding a verse to Supercalif…

  239. Yeah, but Aidan is now the voice of Applebee’s — bet he gets free refills of his iced tea.

  240. Pat – We all have a PHD on Bias now thanks to BO, MO, the media, ……………….

    I have already dropped off my certificate to have it framed. I’m thinking of getting a tatoo to celebrate my accomplishment where only Eddy will be able to see it.

  241. Yes let it be Kaine. That should give O the much needed experience necessary to complete the ticket. Prior to being Governor, wasn’t he a mayor? And he has been a Gov. for what 3 years?

  242. Mr. Big did his last episode of Criminal Intent last night. That is one good looking hunk of a man. I love him.

  243. Carol: He won’t be staying around long enough to see the ink dry.

  244. Why won’t he be on criminal intent anymore? That’s one of the reasons I watched, to watch him.

  245. Look, they had to dope and threaten the vp choice. It takes time to get the medication stabilized. Give the guy a break.

  246. by the way, I wanted to just be Hatshepsut, but I seem to recall it said it was taken–hence the addition of some numbers—if they can be removed it’s all to the good, although Hatshie (or Hatchie) is also fine.

    ThatTarpley book on Obama is probably the best of the lot, not that I’ve read Morris’s. The Corsi is a howler—too pathetically bad to believe (I didn’t buy it but was sent it by the Press for some reason)–if one didn’t have other info it would lead one to think B.O. had no problems or pathologies, since this guy resorts to bizarre, meaningless inanities!

  247. Crooks and Liars has attracted a wholesome group of posters. Amato has a post up regarding the VP slot and apparently he does not like Hagel, Kaine, Bayh, etc., and asked the posters their opinion. They are primarily going for Wes Clark. Now I seem to remember that the Obama campaign only a few days ago told Clark he could stay home. Obviously this group has failed to keep up.

  248. I don’t know. But, I really like the other guy – the Sherlock Holmesish dude. I don’t even know his name, but he really became that character.

  249. You guys are too funny. Well, it’s starting to rain and gettin kinda windy here. Hope the storm keeps stalling and gives us Floridians a break.
    Have a good one.

  250. Most of the stuff coming out on Obama is coming from right wing operatives. Feddesco is writing for the National Review which is a right wing magazine. Corsi’s book was portrayed as full of inaccuracies. Feddesco’s was not but it also is not as sensational in its reporting.

  251. Why do we care who is writing it as long as it is accurate?

  252. I will watch anything starring Colin Firth or Clive Owens! Gorgeous!

  253. Corsi’s book is not wholly accurate. But it is the number one best seller on the NYT list of books. A lot of people are buying it.

  254. I don’t need any philosophical rantings as to why BO did it, at this point I just want a straight up left or right, up or down, yes or no, inside or outside………

  255. The Ph.D, it’s actualy on Objectivity, and I truly hope my student pulls through, it’s been like 10 years for her—yeah I can frame all of your certificates, surely you deserve them as well. My specialty is error….Professor of Error.
    So was/is MO bipolar? I think I saw her one day when she was off her medication.

  256. BO is toast!

  257. I have no idea where the bi polar came from with Michelle. It may have been made earlier but I really have no idea nor have I ever heard that before.

  258. I think Reg was trying to make a point that she is usually “off”!

  259. “fast-Eddy” he knows a winner and will stick with the winner every time.

    I agree. That is why he prefers MA to any other state outside of PA. If he can just be “rescued” ………………

  260. Oh God, Alan is trying to justify BO’s pathetic performance.

  261. Texas is his favorite!

  262. Hats, the only thing I know about bi-polar after Saturday night is that neither candidate favors them being able to marry.

  263. Pro – that is hysterical.

  264. Alan Combes is such a waste of time. He is like a lamp they put on the other end of the desk just to create asthetics. He adds absolutely nothing to the dialogue if an when he even bothers to chime in.

  265. I believe it was a remark made in jest on an earlier thread but not positve

  266. Only Alan is not that “bright”!

  267. prolix: Oh my God, you are quick!!

  268. Carol: That was a fast comeback too!

  269. You gotta feel sorry for Alan though, he’s got to try and defend the indefensible and he just comes across as a chihuahua in a stretch wig.

  270. Fox

  271. Carol–on why B.O. did WHAT? you sure won’t find anything philosophical in Corsi—the book is like what you might get if you took 2 pages of information and told some sleezy dimwit rightwinger (pick your favorite) to beef it up into 300 pages pretending to offer nasty-nasty information. It’s pathetic— and unbearable, especially for the reason I noted earlier. I mean I didn’t read all of it , but his idea of a condemnation is to spend pages and pages purporting to show that B.O.’s use of the word “BAMBOOZLED” shows that he plagiarized from some a Spike Lee movie—oh and HOODWINKED, I believe that’s another one: plagiarizer! plagiarizer! oh it’s even much worse, let’s not talk about it..

  272. See if you can pick the “operative” word here:

    The big choice for Mr. Obama, advisers said, was the extent to which he needed to choose someone who would fill perceived holes in his résumé — lack of experience, particularly in foreign policy — versus a candidate who would reinforce his promise of change or one who might help him win a contested state.

  273. perceived??????????//

  274. I am currently reading the latest book by Joyce Carol Oates, “My Sister, My Love”. Her last book, “The Gravediggers Daughter” was great. However, this one is close to 900 pages long. I kind of think she want over by about 600 pages in this one. It is like they wasted an entire tree on this one issue alone.

  275. Carol: Yes. There is nothing “perceived” by it at all. He is totally lacking in experience. Anyone with half a brain could determine that.

  276. hat – got it. I’m not reading any of the books. I am satuated and leaking with all the info I need on this moron.

    Way too much ink, paper and air have been murdered discussing BO.

  277. By the way, Happy Birthday to my Big “D” Democrat, the Big Dawg himself. He’s just hit 62 today and fine as ever.

  278. Happy Birthday, Big Dawg!!!! And many, many happy returns of the day!

  279. Happy Birthday Mr. President!

    I love Peter Lawford!

  280. got frozen out, lost earlier comments…computer glitch…

    Carol–on why B.O. did what? you needn’t fear finding anything philosophical in Corsi. The book is like what you might et if you took 2 pages of information and told some sleezy none-too bright rightwinger (pick your favorite) to beef it up into 300 pages pretending to offer damning info. I mean I didn’t read all of it, but his idea of a condemnation is to spend pages and pages pruporting to show that B.o.’s use of the word “BAMBOOZLED” shows that he plagiarized from some Spike Lee movie—oh and HOODWINKED I believe is another word he allegedly stole: plagiarizer! plagiarizer! oh it’s even much wrose, and unbearable for the reason I mentioned earlier….let’s not even talk about it…

  281. my excuse for typos in my last is that I had lost the previous message which undoubtedly was much better written, and had no patience to check.

  282. hat – we might have to tell your doctorial student.

  283. BZero’s choice, whoever it is, will tell us how much he operates from ego. When you look at the debates or even the Forum Saturday night, he can’t abide being forced into a decision or even coming down four-square on an issue. Of course, he’s never had to make a decision so he’s plowing new ground. I really think the 130 present votes are going to be an albatross before everything is said and done.

  284. Pro – attendence is important.

  285. well look how much trouble he got for one of the few times he actually put a check mark next to the vote—they demonstrated today, I heard, that B.O.’s own people admitted he had “lied” in denying he voted against some Ill law to compel doctor’s to treat live aborted babies.

    It seems to me that “live aborted baby” is an oxymoron. If they botched the abortion, then it’s not aborted, so it seems worded wrong ….Anyway is it obvious that a baby that survived attempts to abort it isn’t already so damaged? Anyway, I can see why one might vote no, but I don’t see why he lied about it…

  286. If Obama suddenly went down, I would be apprehensive if Hillary became the nominee at this point….I think Obama has damaged the Democratic Party brand to the point where it would be even more difficult for her to win.

    Damn Obama and the media for this fiasco…

  287. Seems like he is in trouble in the far left corners of the world:


  288. I didn’t think women could have later term abortions after the 1st trimester. Just asking, I haven’t kept up with it.

  289. insightanalytical—I’d given some thought to this. I think it could only succeed if the reason was so damning that everyone, even his ardent supporters, could see that he was damaged goods. So like, maybe tapes of unlawful acts with Rezco, or perhaps recent drug use—an “Edwardian predicament” wouldn’t suffice, even if there were one, which I’m sure there isn’t. Even another Wright eruption now wouldn’t achieve the acceptance by his followers to switch allegiances, not sure about the superdelegates.

  290. You know what’s really disturbing? Donna and Obama only paid attention to PUMA blogs the last week because they think they’ll ruin his coronation.

  291. I got some echo effect again the past couple weeks.

  292. Carol, good catch — from what I’ve seen of late, there is considerable disdain in the once utopian world of the O. It’s like moving in with some before you figure out you don’t really know them that well and wish you could have a do over.

  293. carol—yes they can, but there are various restrictions. B.O. would describe them this way, ” a woman can’t just feel blue” in fact he rejects serious psychological risks as insufficient to permit late abortions—-remember that recent flare-up? I don’t see why people suppose he’s so protective of Roe—He claims the abortion rate would go down under his presidency. I’m guessing he’d endorse sending women seeking abortions to faith-based nunneries where they can be “liberated” via BLT.

  294. Prolix, Carrie Underwood has a song about waking up in Vegas married to someone whose last name you don’t know–caught it while channel surfing one night

  295. Hatshepsut, it is another area like his explanation about his FISA vote that someone posted earlier–he supports both sides of an issue even in the same sentence

  296. hat – under what curriculum is “Objectivity”?

  297. Phala, don’t have to be in Vegas for that to happen.

  298. I posted earlier, I was married to an ADD Genuis that was highly philosophical. It was “romantic” in the beginning, and tedious after a while. I see a lot of the same characteristics in BO.

  299. Anyone want to bet McCain gets the question asked first for all of the debates.

  300. That was an interesting little link on the hand-wringing of some B.O. supporters. I wonder if, subliminally, B.O. knows he’s in too deep and doesn’t really want all the headaches, work, and kvetching of being POTUS—-it was a great challenge, and he loved the perks, like the Berlin rally. But the fun factor is diminishing—it must be quite scary for him. The party has really failed the Dems by not being wise enough to gently suggest he try coming back in 4-8 years. Kennedy’s endorsment, among others, made people feel he must be up to it, and with the media behind him, no one excelt Hillary exposed his weaknesses! But they refused to listen to her!

    It took incredible grit and years of immersion and hard work to get where Hill is—mentally–she’s an unbelievable powerhouse of perserverence. She always did like twice as many political engagements as B.O.

  301. Dear , dear Elixir, I made a typo when I wrote “you were for Hillary…” I meant to write “who were for Hillary”. I never meant ‘you.’ Boy, did I ever mess up a post that was just meant to be supportive of what you had just written…the “ha, ha’s” were aimed at me…not you. I am sorry….I apparently have little talent for just tossing off meaningful and clever posts…so, if you happen to be still around reading this thread, please accept my apologies…Cate

  302. Carol-I just noticed your post, maybe I know your ex.
    For anyone not similarly philosophically entrenched it surely would be tedious, and for anyone who was, if competitive and ambitious themselves, the result would likely be a coming to blows! Hence, the Hatshepsut family has only one Philo-Sufferer!

  303. At some point in the real world, a decision has to be made. Like I said earlier – is it up or down, right or left, yes or no, in or out, red or green, daylight or dark………………………………….

  304. I will see ya in the morning. Nite Nite.

  305. Carol:

    That reminds me of the line “I found Mr. Right, too bad his first name is always”

  306. RD! I just saw his word change (same exact FONT HE USES) only in orange linked to a new brand camel Cigs are putting out? Here was this huge ORANGE WORD!!! Just like the political posters he has!!

    check ot the stickers on mini mart doors os places you see that kind of ad — that’s about as subliminal as it gets

  307. It’s crazy he said, “I will win,” if it’s not Hillary.

    Because he CAN’T win w/o her.

  308. You forget. He is crazy–and dim.

  309. Someone explain to me how a male KY Clinton delegate was replaced with a female Obama delegate. I know for a fact that that violates the rules.

  310. Evidently there was an incorrect balance between male and female delegates so when they corrected they didn’t replace with Clinton delegate thus the lawsuit, at least that was my understanding from what I read. Not a smart move in KY

  311. Regency, you mentioned earlier about some 15000 votes in NC being double counted. Do you know where and do you have a reference??? Thanks

  312. http://glendalenewspress.com/articles/2008/08/19/politics/gnp-delegate19.txt

    Read about our local Clinton delegate, 19 years old and will vote for Hillary at the Convention!!! Yes!!!

  313. I am so happy that the tide has turned against Obama, it is to bad that it happened so late and he may still be the democratic nominee-this dog just will not hunt!

    He also uses alot of dangling prepisitions in his debate answers. Many americans find it annoying and distracting in his answers. Senator Obama so does not want to offend anyone he ends up offending everyone who is not a koolaid drinking obat!

    It will be sad to see our party go down in defeat in November-sigh-again. All I can say that this time the DNC did it to us and they will have to pay.

    Nancy Pelosi should not be rewarded with a second term on her speakership. Congresswoman Tubbs Jones should replace Donna Brazile on all committee appointments. Dr Dean should be replaced with Mr Ickes or some other Hillary supporter.

    Then on January 21st we should start working on Hillary2012.

    OF course this assumes that we do not prevail in Denver! THis is looking better everyday but fuzzybeargville is the big believer in plan B.


  314. GM. From the link provided by Carol (I think) at LCoaster:

    “Senator Barack Obama, you are campaigning with the future of the United States, and likely the planet, with this election. Not one more minute off, sir, everything has been handed to you in the environment for this federal contest, you get the fuck out there and fight with everything you have, Jesus, it’s not about you!”

    I guess it is all about performance for “these people”…your polls go down and so, it would seem, the lovefest….

    PS: I love the “future of the ….planet” thing….
    THE PLANET, I tell you… OK, I’ll be good now.

  315. Yes, MSage, it would seem from what the internets are saying that Kaine would be the VP, with Wednesday joint appearance in VA and everything….

    Has anybody gotten the text message yet…it is soooo exciting and innovative and tells me I, the little guy, matter a great deal to O.

    ….plus we “Spanish speakers” love people who join missionaries in Honduras and can say “si se puede” It works every time.
    Obama/Kaine 08.

  316. Just read about the KY male delegate.
    “Is’nt that REVERSE gender bias”??!!

  317. What is it about old posts and “visitors”?

  318. First data point? As a biologist, that’s all I need.

    Things are starting to look good, if you’re not an Obamaphile.

    Hillary is going to be president. If not now, in four years.

    Nice work, pumas.


  319. I read that it’s President Clinton’s Birthday!!
    I’m going to make a donation to HILLARY’s Debt Reduction in his HONOR!!
    Tomorrow Hillary must announce her $$’s for July.
    As I’ve said before my SECRET wish is “it’s paid” & she’ll have enough left over ( since she does’nt want her $$ back) TO CHALLENGE FL&MI!!
    A girl can DREAM can’t She!!

  320. Back to the original topic and Ed Rendell. Look for him to be thrown under the bus very soon.
    From the grumbling that’s going on, seems like downticket Dems aren’t getting the $$ they were promised in return for their endorsements.
    Obama campaign has finally shown it’s true colors-Unity means that all former Clinton supporters will have to go to the back of the line. Duh! Didn’t they see that coming?

  321. Is it really Big Dawg’s birthday??!! I have never gotten over my hero worship of (and lustful craving for) him, never. It has only gotten stronger as I’ve realized what a stellar team he and his wife are. Must donate in his honor…

  322. Prolix, on August 19th, 2008 at 12:13 am Said:
    Carol, I’ve seen that episode of Sex in the City and the evangelist is really a cross dresser who trades clothes with Kim Cantrell, fun ensues.

    The evangelist trades clothes with Kim Cantrell? How could you TELL??

  323. He’s crazy and dim! He’s crazy and dim!

    Thanks for reminding me. Sometimes the brainwashing crosses over.

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