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Sunday: Talking SLOOOWWLY to the media

It took me a couple minutes after I first heard the “symbolic vote” meme to figure out what was wrong with it. I have a million different thoughts in my mind at any one time and I have to admit that it took longer than it should have for Hypergraphia to run it through the logic processor in my mind.  But here is what finally popped out:

If it is just a symbolic vote, then why the f%*) is Obama’s campaign team working overtime to intimidate, woo, deceive and invalidate Hillary Clinton’s delegates?

Yeah, mull that over in your head David Shuster.  I don’t think you’re really that dumb.  You just play a blustering, overly aggressive moron on TV.  It’s a nice gig you’ve got going there, spending your evenings manipulating the perception of the average middle aged white guy who cringes at the thought of wimmin in the driver’s seat.

Come on, can’t you guys do better than this?  Obama didn’t have a fricking choice in the matter.  He’s not even the presumptive nominee and you *KNOW* this, DA-VID.  When MI and FL are returned to full strength, as every sentient person knew would have to happen before convention time, the numbers needed to snag that title change and he’s no more presumptive than Hillary.  Neither one of them can win without superdelegates and it’s beginning to sound like Obama’s losing ground with them too. By the way, when they start circulating reports of the snub Obama’s organization gave them about their role at the convention, it means they want to make Obama “unlikeable”.  Two reports is a trend, three reports is a correlation.  I’d say Obama is in a heap of trouble.

Of course you’ve got the bigger billboard and can get your falsified, bullying, totally illogical version of the story out better than I can set the record straight.  But pretty soon, the non-blogger dudes are going to wake up and wonder why it is that a guy who presumably has the whole thing sewn up is pulling out all of the stops to poach every last damn delegate he can get in any dirty, low, underhanded way he can get away with.  I smell fear.

And don’t even get me started on how he won more votes than she did.  The guy couldn’t win CA, NY, NJ, MI, FL, PA, OH, TX or MA.  He’s a predetermined failure for the presidency against McCain.  I know it, she knows it and YOU know it.  The question is, why are you so determined that John Q Public doesn’t know it?

Note to John Q, when it comes to the Obama campaign and the DNC, pay attention to what they *do*, not what they say.

One more thing, David: You may have heard of factional in-fighting but that’s just because you are seeing a division that doesn’t exist.  There are many, many flavors of PUMA out there and we’ve all pulled together to form one coalition called Just Say No Deal.  So, for example, we are Conflucians and PUMAs and we are also part of Just Say No Deal.  It’s an economy of scale thing so we don’t duplicate our efforts.  Not really a very difficult concept.

Fundraising continues today.  PUMAPac’s goal for today is $6000.  All those who have contributed can pat yourselves on the back and go have a picnic.  Everyone else, step up and donate a $10 spot or a yuppie foodstamp.  You can make your donation here.   Little bits were all it took for us to make $4980 yesterday.  Of course, if you can spare more, Murphy will be eternally grateful.  If your checkbook is emty but your inkjet printer is not, Murphy has a whole list of action items you can do this weekend that will be just as effective.  You can also make a donation to Just Say No Deal who is organizing events at the media center.    It can be done.  Thank you very much for your support of our outreach efforts in Denver.  Let’s reset the counter, Carol!

93 Responses

  1. I don’t often see so-called progressive bloggers self-proclaiming being “reality-based” like I used to read a lot. Either it’s because I’m not reading as diverse of blogs as I used to, or they are coming to realize how delusional they have been to support Barack.

  2. Love that video – did that TShirt actually say Obama or die?

    I like your statement, RD – don’t pay too much attention to what is being said, pay attention to what they do. Like working ot to strong arm Hillary’s delegates. The desperation must be setting in big time.

  3. Much of the “reality-based” community is now a “Kool-aid based” cult

  4. Great video.

  5. David Shuster!

    OMG! He wants to be Tweedy so bad,
    he’s taking meds to promote spittle production!

  6. This man is the biggest F*cking Liar I have ever seen in my life and no one calls him on it.



  7. Joshua Green, meanwhile is on Reliable Sources claiming that his article in the Atlantic is going to help unify Hillary Dems behind Obama because we can see with our own eyes how negative her campaign was! What a besotted, blinded fool he is. He also admitted that the Clinton campaign was not “nice” to the media so how could they have expected the press to “help” them? So, they sit there and pretty much admit that they helped Obama, but somehow that is Clinton’s fault because her staff wasn’t nice enough? Oh lord this media is such a scandal. Is there nothing we can do to “dethrone” them?

  8. OT, but I just have to say it: how Riverdaughter manages to get up each day and produce another brilliant piece of analysis is just astonishing! From when that first addictive and eagerly awaited diary makes it appearance then followed by the more brilliance from gary, Boston Boomer, katiebird, SM, madamab, and a host of other contributors, the writing is superb and on the mark.

    Just count me in as an “obsessive” as I know I am not the only one here who gravitates to this site frequently, anticipating, yet never disappointed, in the finished product.
    That being said, my appreciation is rewarded each and every time. So “blush” away all you marvelous writers and contributors! Your talents are showing! You have kept us grounded, focused, and sane throughout.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my cold and cynical heart!

  9. Okay, I think maybe this is an appropriate time to jot another little note to the delegates, both pledged, and automatic.

    You are all political people, some more than others, but none of you are naive about the process. That means that you sat and watched what happened this spring, right along with the rest of us. If it didn’t sicken you, then it gave you cause to stop and wonder what your next move should be.

    As much as we would all like to think that public service is al labout public service, for a lot of you, this is your job, and we are talking about your livelihood, the manner in which you pay your bills and support your families.

    So, either jumping on, or getting out of the way of a bandwagon barreling down on democracy can start to take on a different look.

    All that said, if you make a deal with the devil, then you go to hell.. It’s that simple. If you hop on with Obama in Denver, then you have supported fraudulent caucus and primary results. You have silently agreed with sexist, and racist propaganda. You have signed on to the ultimate bullying machine of the DNC. You have said it is okay to push a bonafide candidate out of a legitimate race to further some hidden ( or not so hidden) agenda of the people who are supposed to represent us in our party.

    Did you really mean to do that? Is this really the Democratic Party you want to serve in, and be associated with? Think carefully here, because you already know that a lot of your fellow Democrats have said ,”NO.” and left the party, and a lot more are prepared to do so after Denver.

    Now to your deal. Consider who you are dealing with. Remember that, not only is the opposition party going t do whatever they can to blow you out of the water, but so is a good portion of your own party. You are considering signing on with people who stripped delegates just for speaking their mind, who tried to disenfranchise two large states ( absurd from the beginning), and a candidate who routinely changes direction and throws whoever, and whatever he needs to, under the campaign bus, just to get ahead.

    No matter what you have heard or beleive about PUMA, we are not going away, and if you sign on with the Devil, we will be watching. Think carefully about what you are getting into, and consider just doing the right thing. One scenario, you can sleep at night, and a whole lot of Americans will back you for your courage and forthrightness. Another scenario, you turn the wrong way, and not only does everyone remember, but you wake up to find out who you really jumped in bed with, and it ain’t pretty.

  10. Bob Somerby at Daily Howler described Josh Green’s piece perfectly:

    “A big nothing-burger”

  11. Good Morning!

    Pat, we have sun here so far! I hope you do too. I have to find time to get out in the yard for awhile while it lasts. It also feels like it might get warm! This summer I’m grateful for small favors from the weather gods.

    RD, that video was hypnotic. Very well done.

  12. Anglachel has some new “must-reads” posted

  13. Hey Riverdaughter,

    It’s Matt, did you forget to e-mail me???

    I love this post, my thoughts exactly!!
    It’s was so much symbolic, what with all the threats, replacements, wooing, and thuggish behavior??

    Desperate times cause for desperate measures!!!

  14. Administrative note:

    I’ve been trying to keep up with Links in the Blogroll particularly as people switch to WordPress from Blogger.

    If you know of an out of date link in the blogroll (or if you’ve GOT a blog with an out of date link here), please let me know. Usually I’ll read it in the comments but if you want to be sure my email is katiebird@gmail.com — if you let me know the change I’ll update it right away.

  15. Romney is making mincemeat of Daschle on the issue of “experience vs. judgment” on Stephenopoulous.

    I don’t see how this idiots can continue to say this BS with a straight face. It is sickening.


  16. katiebird:

    I’m not in the blogroll


  17. Matt: No, I didn’t forget to mail you. Maybe something didn’t get sent or got bounced.
    I’ll send another email.

  18. Carol: I watched about 5 minutes of that exchange earlier this morning. Daschle should be given credit to “striving” to make the case and smooth over the “inexperience” charge. Romney, to his credit, kept at him. But after a few minutes I have to turn this stuff off. We are listening to surrogates from both sides attempt to make an argument for these two losers and it becomes more painful than a toothache to watch.

    bb: The sun is shining here as well. I plan on doing the same, get out in the sun and enjoy! Have a neighborhood picnic later today and it should be pleasant.

  19. We are seeing first hand why nothing of significance ever gets done in Congress. These people are so full of crap they stink.

  20. Could someone please explain how getting the nomination could be of any use to Hillary?

    Suppose, for the sake of argument that the Denver convention features a massive floor fight, several ballots, and the eventual nomination of Hillary accompanied by riots in Denver as the factions battle it out in the street. At the end of August, you have a candidate with

    1.) No money
    2.) A massive image problem, caused by her prior endorsement of Obama, which she rescinds.
    3.) Millions of furious Obama supporters who would never vote for her.
    4.) Two months until election day to somehow put this all behind her.

    How could McCain lose in this scenario?

  21. Warrior Princess: Perfectly stated!

  22. MyIQ, I’m so sorry! It’s there now though.

  23. Florida Surfer:

    Perhaps you don’t realize that Hillary accumulated $millions for the GE already?

    I thought Obama supporters believed in party unity above all?

  24. To any Delegate or Super Delegate who reads this comment. I don’t think warrior princess comment: “No matter what you have heard or believe about PUMA, we are not going away, and if you sign on with the Devil, we will be watching” is intended to be bullying. But realize that we PUMA strongly believe that Obama would be very bad for this Country and like it or not, we have a hard time believing anyone can genuinely say that they support Obama because he is qualified and would make a great President. So when we say we will be watching, it is because we believe that your support of Obama, if you choose to do so, raises serious question in our minds of your fitness to hold public office. The evidence against Obama is glaring and should you choose to ignore it, then you should consider the consequences. We believe the consequences for supporting Obama, to you and Country, are greater than not supporting him. We will have your back if you support Hillary.

  25. KB – My new address is:


    And – my goodness, Riverdaughter, this is a great way to start my Sunday! Wonderful post and video. 🙂

  26. this may be ot but I thought you would like to learn what fuzzy did on his magical mystery tour as an anti-Obama “gnome” in Obama land.

    Its long but a good read fromthe last post RD your indulgence of me is greatly appreciated!

    Oh and Looks like you were right the MSM just doesnt get the big picture…Gonna be interesting for you lucky folfs in Denver.

    Guess what Fay is on the Way and Power conpany is on allert here in Gville her projected path is over Gainesville so Gary Mawm while you are driving to Denver I will be here keeping the turbines turning and lights burning in gville.

    here it is:
    Morning al I heard that this Evangelical Panderfest was a set up, that is because McCain’s answers were more polished and Mr McCain obviously had been prewarned of the questions, how could his answers be so good?

    Obama was set up it was not his fault blah blah it was an ambush!

    I do not need to watch the forum I have the best sources on it here.

    I cannot believe so many republican and r*cial conspiracies exsist against “the One”.

    I should do a thread on my day as a “tgarden gnome” on an Obama sight I was enlighted on the strength of their conviction that if you do not support them you are “Paid Republican Operative.” Dissent is the hightest form of disloyalty is the O-way or the highway.

    I am afraid gary you are so right, I found were the moonbats really live. The response to every I question I asked is but McShame is worse! Or you guys feelings were hurt so you are going to “ruin” it for the millions that did not vote for your girl.

    They are their own worst enemy, when I offered an Idea that we should work together on down ticket races, they claimed we are not supporting any down ticket dems…One (yes it was polo) asked me to provide one instance of a link from a down ticket dem that is supported by PUMA….

    Thank You Riverdaughter-I gave the the Linda Stender link here at the confluence and talked about Congresswoman Tubbs-Jones and Mr O’Rielly in MA.

    I bet they choked on their own phlem on that last one. If all the sights are as rabid angry as “yes to democracy”, Obama must be scared. They claim we live in an echo chamber but that place doesn’t have carpet or drapes. The angry noise bounces everywhere.

    Another thing I noticed, was that those posters were so busy being bitter that someone may take their cookie away that they do not have the fun we have. there is no book club, no analog to carol and pat mooning ofer their shared boyfriend Ed Rendell…and their is no OT things like Kathy Griffin or old movies.

    I would say that it is a sad place over a,t Yes to Democracy, the commenters there except for me were two dementional. They told me i wasnt a real gay man ad that everyone with the last Name Varvel supported Mr Obama so I obviously stole his Identity.

    The funniest thing they said was that I appeared on the internet in last quarter of 2007 so obviously I was a republican creation….the fact that I could be new to the blogg-a-sphere was inconcievable.

    Its a funny world and Christina does herself a disservice by allowing Polo to post there he uses a thing called “backtrack” to “out and intimidate” anyone who dissents on the sight. Problem is he doesn’t do itvery well becuase he posted a map to my address wrong two times.

    It was quite funny see they kept calling me a repug but he also posted that Igave $ 866.00 to the Hillary Clinton for president fund.

    It was an experience “hanging with the rabid bots” I learned alot.


  27. “Riots in the streets?”

    Are those young, tough Obama supporting males gonna attack a bunch of little old ladies?

    I got $100 on the grandmas!

  28. NH and Warrior Princess – Very well said!

  29. #
    Maria Garcia, on August 17th, 2008 at 10:44 am

    So according to Josh this article was written to help barry. he believes by trashing Hillary he is helping Barry 🙂
    Since when did it become the job of the candidate to treat the press nicely so that they can get favourable news? Isn’t the press supposed to be objective?

  30. Florida surfer that occurred to me too, but I wonder if Hillary could accept Public funds, which would put her about equal to McCain.

  31. myiq2xu: Yes, Anglachel makes some great points once again. I haven’t listened to the Rick Warren interview but from all accounts throughout the web, Barry didn’t do so well.

    Also, I can’t believe he’s giving the cold shoulder to Wesley Clark. That’s a big no-no. I think Barry just lost several thousand more votes by doing that.

  32. I cant watch anymore for a while .. and I could only bear to watch snippets of the faith forum thing .. I am doing my best to understand how we as a country feel that we must deeply investigate the inner religious stance of a candidate ; I think that is a violation of separation of church and state and indirectly gives precedence to one religion over all the others . I am also working to get beyond why other issues vital to this country are not so thoroughly investigated and real questions being asked regarding those issues instead . But what occurs to me while I watch .. is that bo is working harder to reach out to voters whose vote he will most likely never get , than he was ever willing to do for votes of those in his own party , who suported Hillary . He and the Brazile gang wrote us off very early in this campaign . I think their resentment of anone who dared to support her runs deep and wide on the other side of the kool aid river . I know I am invisible again, but for being PUMA . Interesting turn of events to say the least .

    ps I donated $10. to Puma Pac but I dont use my real name online very often 🙂

  33. How does Obama expect to woo the fundie vote?

    The only credential he has on religion got thrown under the bus months ago.

    And it wasn’t much of a credential in the first place.

  34. Florida Surfer: Easy. The only solution is a true UNITY ticket with Hillary on top and Obama as VP. But let’s say that Obama doesn’t want that. Hillary has already put away money for her general election that she can’t touch due to FEC regulations. Then, there is always public financing. In fact, she could put McCain in a tight spot because he’s always been an advocate for it. Let him put his money where his mouth is.
    finally, I did a lot of canvassing in PA and NJ both on the floor and on the phone. MOST average American non-zealous Obama supporters were very “soft’ in their support of Obama. It was like a spring fling and they knew it. At the end of the day, they want a nominee who they feel will be effective at governing and who is capable of beating the Republican. If the Zealous Obama philes and AAs desert her, she has the potential of making up for it by poaching moderate suburban women from the GOP.
    The media and the GOP has thrown every thing at Hillary and she still left on a high note. It was the actions of the DNC that deprived her of the nomination. If she comes back as part of a UNITY team (but only in the top spot), the ticket will be unbeatable. If she comes back without Obama but makes an inspired VP choice like Wesley Clark, she will be formidable.
    In any case, it is very doable and I look forward to it.

  35. As usual, by the time I get to reply, I have forgotten what I wanted to say! I’ll try:
    Pat-Great comment! RD and FPers here are the best! Always a great read to be had here.
    delphyne-That shirt was Photoshopped-it really says Vote or Die and was from a few years ago.
    FSurfer-she could take the 85M public financing which O promised to take and then didn’t. She would pick O as VP-his supporters would vote against him? Her backing of him was obviously for the good of the Party. That rioting stuff is just a fantasy of yours. She would run rings around McCain-unlike O’s performance last night-uh, ah, huh?

  36. #
    Florida Surfer, on August 17th, 2008 at 11:00 am Said:

    2 – Well, Hillary has alwasy had a image problem. She was reported to have the highest negatives at the start of the primary but some how more people voted for her than any other person in the history of Democratic primaries.

    Barky is not going to win unless he cheats which is what I think he intends on doing.
    BTW, you shouldn’t forget that Hillary had a bigger coalition than Barky. I believe it would be hard but if anyone can do it, is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Barky is already doing badly.

  37. I’m afraid you may be wrong about one thing, riverdaughter. I think David Shuster may really be that dumb. To make matters worse, his lack of intelligence is compounded by a near-fatal case of CDS, and frequent kool-aid overdoses. He’s the poster boy for the prototypical Obama supporter.

  38. The guy couldn’t win CA, NY, NJ, MI, FL, PA, OH, TX or MA. He’s a predetermined failure for the presidency against McCain.

    G’morning all. Please tell me that this is a guarantee Riverdaughter. Even though he didn’t win these states against Hillary, many of them are firmly in his camp for the GE because “they have no other choice.” The numbers in CA, NY, MA, NJ have him ahead in double digits. I live on the MA/NY line, and there are BO stickers/signs EVERYWHERE. I have to turn away as I drive (or curse at them if I’m feeling ornery).

    Not that I am gung-ho McCain, but the idea of him prevailing after all the corruption and viciousness we have witnessed is abhorrent.

    & Fuzzy: they said the exact same things after the debates with Hillary remember? They gave her the answers ahead of time, because “there’s no way she could know that much,” and especially after the ABC debate: “BO was ambushed!”

    Someone has to do a psychological study on political denial/blindness. The ends to which people go to continue to justify, rationalize and defend this incompetent is truly mind-boggling.

  39. I know the BO VP would be a sure win, but I really hate the stink he brings. I’m into the Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008 state of mind.


  40. in addition to what RD said !!!! and she always says it so beautifully 🙂 the most recent POLLS almost all still show Hillary doing better against McCain than bo …Dont believe the democratic hype against Hillary … even now they still are afraid of her power , and attempt to diminish it (She and Bill ) instead of using it to their own, the Democratic Partys and the Countrys advantage …
    Which in my mind makes them so much the more idiots …but that is indeed what they have done and continue to do .

  41. I see very, very few Obama stickers in the Ft. Lauderdale area, generally very democ ratic.

  42. Don’t overlook the fact that some McCain supporters are not overly thrilled with him as their candidate. Many Repub women were even on record in stating they would vote for Hillary but would revert back to McCain should it be Obama. I know a few of them. Hillary garnered more positive support than anticipated. Her tenaciousness and total grasp of the issues drove many skeptics into her corner.

    Obama is showing his weaknesses daily. As stated earlier, he should be enjoying a much higher rating in the polls than he does. As it is, he is just about even with McCain and at his best never achieved more than a 4-5 point lead at any time.

    If the public witnesses an open and transparent nominating process, if they feel that should Hillary have the votes fair and square and captures the nomination, any threat of rioting will dissipate since it may be viewed as reason enough to reject him. Only time will tell.

    Temper tantrums are never welcomed at any age. Thuggery is never its own reward. Denver will tell us the real story.

  43. Andrea stated that it was questionable that McCain was actually in the “cone of silence”. These people are hysterical.

    Because they need an ear piece or teleprompter available to formulate a coherent statement, everyone else is cheating if they can speak without one.


  44. fif: Take heart in some small measure, but Obama is dropping significantly in MA polls. Where he once held a commanding lead of between 16-20% over McCain, it has been lowered to 9% as of this week. We are talking MA here which is generally the most liberal, but even with Deval Patrick as his state chairman and close ally, he is not doing all that well.

    Pockets of people are getting summarily turned off.

  45. fif: He didn’t just not win those states. he lost them decisively. That means there are a lot of angry people in those states, states that deliberately moved up their primaries so they wouldn’t have a lot of angry people.
    Now, I’m no clairvoyant but it doesn’t take a lot to lose an election and McCain is about the most attractive Republican that could be running this year. A 10% loss in the popular vote could translate into a 90% loss in electoral college votes. If he loses PA, FL and OH, Obama is toast and the DNC knows it.
    The GOP has a lot of psychological trickery up its sleeves. If Obama wins the nomination, he *will* lose the election. Of that I am absolutely certain. He needs Republicans to win it at this stage and if there is one group that is least likely to respond to the Hopey/Changey message, it’s a Republican.

  46. Just read the WSJ piece. It was great. The NY Times piece, not so much.

    Yes, down in the grass-roots, there are still some sullen stalks. But the vast majority of Hillaryites seem prepared to accept the new accord as an indication that their heroine will get the proper respect. The tanks have turned around.

    Oh, really? On what basis do you say that, Gail? The polls showing Obama’s giant bounce after he “granted” Hillary the barest minimum of what she deserved? (By the way – she’s gotten more delegates since the primaries ended. Woot!)

    We are not sullen and we are not giving up. PUMA!

  47. “FloridaSurfer”
    I share your concerns; but “we” still nedd to move forward.
    I myself feel Obama has FAILED MY INTERVIEW thus far; but he has “1” week to DAZZLE ME!!
    To, Obama / the MSM & the DNC :
    PUMA theme for this week:
    I believe “OUR” DEAD-LINE is AUG 24th Creditials Committee Mtg!!!
    Caucus Fraud/ Busing/Intimidation ALL OF IT NEEDS TO BE HASHED OUT THEN..

  48. Pat & RD: thanks for talking me down. I have spasms of fear re: that possibility. It’s like looking directly at the sun–I can’t even consider that as a reality without wincing and looking away. I even feel supestitious talking about it.

  49. Oh, really? On what basis do you say that, Gail?

    Gail has been totally in the tank and infected with CDS for months. The NY Times has really lost all credibility when it comes to HRC/BO.

  50. Gail Collins joins the pantheum of fools like Rich, Dowd, and Herbert who continue to uphold Obama for the sake of demeaning Hillary. They are loud mouth no nothings, overpaid for the drivel they deliver, and the only reason I can a come up with to account for this slobbering attitude is that in time, particularly with Collins and Dowd, Obama will offer them far more fodder for ridicule than Hillary since they have already been there, done that.

  51. Anyone else notice O’s hair turning gray? I think the pressure’s getting to him. Presidents typically age quite a bit while in office so O would look like Methuselah by the time he was done. Or maybe he just quit using Just for Men?

  52. fif: Think of it this way, if Hillary is nominated, we already have a built in army of volunteers and grassroots organizers who will put their whole heart into getting her elected. Murphy (and others who will will not mention, bwahahahahhh!) have databases FULL of people who will get to work the minute they get the word. We are very powerful.

  53. I have believed for months that the media’s “love” of Obama was really just CDS in disguise.

    I knew that once they pushed Hillary from the race they would begin to turn on Obama.

    I hate being right all the time.

  54. Joan:

    I noticed that too, but I think he may be frosting his hair to appear older.

  55. The NY Times lost credibility with me when they trashed Gore. They continued on that trajectory when they paved Bush’s path into Iraq.

  56. Julie: LOL! They are calling our bluff. So funny. They really can’t believe that a woman and many of her female supporters wouldn’t be happy just getting an honorable mention and then taking her seat so the men-folk can conduct business properly. It’s a notion completely foreign to them. Well, I don’t know what Hillary’s going to do but if Sabato and his buddies think we are just going to “take an old cold tater and wait” until 2012 before we flex our muscle, he’s got another thing coming to him. It’s not going to be us cutting off our noses. It’s going to be us kicking their asses to the curb.

  57. myiq2xu-gray hair at 47 isn’t unusual but I wouldn’t put it past him to artificially up his gravitas level(nor artificially up his youth factor previously).

  58. Slowburn, thanks for the link to the National Review article on the Saddleback “debate.” I agree that McCain won the day. What kept me interested in the whole ordeal was seeing how wordy and out of touch with his feelings Barry was. He goes off on these long, thoughtful, painfully formed answers about everything. It’s as though all his spontaneous responses have to go through several filters before thay can get from his “brain” to his mouth. It drives me nuts.

    McCain was just the opposite. He answered so quickly, seemingly from his gut. Michael P, I don’t think it was rigged, other than the idea that the format favored McCain. He does come off as much more presidential.

    What really P#*@ed me off was the fact that this debate was held at this time. Each candidate was presented as the chosen one. There was no mention of Hillary or the fact that BO is the “presumptive” nominee. I’m so looking forward to Denver. The whole world is going to be amazed to see Hillary RISE!

  59. I was reading from an article about the ‘debate’ last night and the article stated:

    Obama directly praised the pastor at one point. When Warren asked how the Illinois senator defined being rich, Obama joked, “Well, if you’ve got book sales of $25 million,” referring to the Warren’s best-selling works, the most popular of which is called “The Purpose-Driven Life.”

    Warren gave Obama a high-five.

    Did anyone see it? It reminds me of the boys’ club. ugh.

  60. I’m not sure it was praise, mentioning the $25 mil Rick Warren has received for his books. For me there was a twinge of “Warren envy” in Barry’s voice. “I haven’t made that much on MY books.” At least they didn’t fist bump.

  61. RD: I read in Jane Fonda’s book how she frequently ate a cold, plain tater for breakfast. Maybe that explains her Obama support.

    As for sullen, I’m awfully sullen about our sorry-a@@ed press, and I’ve given up on about 98% of them. Forming my own avenue of information sources, thank you very much.

  62. McCain has always been excellent in debates. He has the strategy down pat. Take a few points, hammer them home, don’t get distracted and don’t let the other person frame you.

    He and Hillary would be so much fun to watch – mostly because she’d kick his butt! 🙂

  63. oh, it was a cold, plain Baked tater left over from supper.

  64. rd is absolutely correct in her statement that there are many of us just waiting for the opportunity to get out and behind Hillary if she captures the nomination. This was my entire goal from the beginning since I now had the time to put all my efforts into her win in November. That seed of hope still lurks within. If and when the time comes, I will be first in line in city to push as hard and work as long as it takes to make this a reality.

    Looking across the country, there are many more like me just percolating and waiting for the chance to get out there and make this campaign a success. We may be down, but never count the millions of us out.

  65. Annetoo –

    That’s funny, Shuster wanting to be Mathews. That’s like a cockroach aspiring to become a sewer rat.

  66. I think that I will ‘symbolically” vote for McCain this November. I will also ‘symbolically’ refuse to support any Democratic candidate financially, or with my time/talents.

  67. Watching Obama speak I want to yell, “just spit it out for God’s sake!” Painful.

  68. Brad:

    Why do you insult cockroaches and sewer rats like that?

  69. Marcia Garcia: Oh lord this media is such a scandal. Is there nothing we can do to “dethrone” them?

    Of course there is….stop watching. If they can’t get viewers, they can’t get ratings, they can’t get advertisers, and they can’t pay staff or studio costs.

  70. oooohboy! READ THIS (h/t Vonay @Puma Pac):

    Last night BO said he had joined McCain on this lobbying reform bill. Look what someone dug up.

    The Honorable Barack Obama
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Senator Obama:

    I would like to apologize to you for assuming that your private assurances to me regarding your desire to cooperate in our efforts to negotiate bipartisan lobbying reform legislation were sincere. When you approached me and insisted that despite your leadership”s preference to use the issue to gain a political advantage in the 2006 elections, you were personally committed to achieving a result that would reflect credit on the entire Senate and offer the country a better example of political leadership, I concluded your professed concern for the institution and the public interest was genuine and admirable. Thank you for disabusing me of such notions with your letter to me dated February 2, 2006, which explained your decision to withdraw from our bipartisan discussions. I”m embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics I failed to interpret your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble. Again, sorry for the confusion, but please be assured I won”t make the same mistake again.


    John McCain


  71. New Puma headlines:

    Murphy shines in the Wallstreet Journal

    Riverdaughter goes with the flow on Blogg talk radio!

    Where their is a “Will” there is a Way! Shuster revealed as an Obama Shill by murphy and Will

    Gary Mawn the marvelous magical mystery tour stay tuned in Denver!

    I am renewed and refreshed


  72. Some background tidbits on a few “journalists”…

    THE PAST WEEK…Recaps and Rambling Thoughts-August 10-16 (Howard Dean Does a Jackass Proud; A Note on The Atlantic’s Josh Green; Shipler/Shipley; Saddleback)

    Note the tidbits on Green, Shipler and Shipley and their “journalism”–more background on them…



  73. We need to continue to get the truth about Obama broadcasted far and wide. Why would someone who claims to be a reformer endorse Mayor Daley for re-election (after the indictment and conviction of his aides?) There are so many stories about Obama that are left untold and those stories need to be told.

    Mountain Sage

  74. For what it’s worth, AP quotes Tom Ridge as saying Repubs will accept a pro-choice VP.

    Of course, in the same breath, AP says “Rural economic woes may provide opening for Obama.” Those lying jerks pander to BZero at every opportunity.

    Notice one news item is an actual quote from a top player [Ridge] giving his opinion, the other is sheer conjecture manufactured by AP writer Kim Hefling, who spoke to 2 or 3 farmers in PA. That qualifies her to write an opinion piece disguised as a news item that favors Obama. Well, gag me with a spoon….

  75. To parentofed: OH-HO Jane Fonda! You are so funny! You and I know:
    1 – She came to the anti-war movement very late – in 1969 – 4 years AFTER we all started talking about “The Credibility Gap.” 2 – She understands about as much about politics as she did about baseball when she was married to Ted Turner and sitting in those Atlanta stands.

    Cold potato indeed. Is that word supposed to have an e on the end? – At least Dan Quayle knows his proper venue – “Dancing with the Stars” – Fonda should audition.

  76. Another aside. I can’t help myself.

    Has anyone seen the new Obama seal?


  77. SherryNC, on August 17th, 2008 at 12:43 pm Said

    That memo circulated months ago.

    McCain has made some very astute observations and public statements about the Obama tactics and his political ambition being fueled with nothing but lies and rhetoric.

    Should BO actually succeed in coming out the other side of the convention with the nomination in hand, I can’t wait to see the Republican ads.

    I wish he would say who he wants to put in the VP spot, though. If he thinks the only way to stop Hillary from getting the nomination is to put her on the ticket as VP, he will, and I believe that is the ONLY reason he would ever put her on the ticket.

  78. fuzzy–did you get my comment over on hh?

  79. JulieS9164, on August 17th, 2008 at 11:42 am Said:
    okay, this just pissed me off:

    Is it that they are *trying* to motivate us??

    “This convention is Obama’s moment — his hour to welcome America into his home, the Democratic Party — and he deserves to set the table any way he wishes.
    Hillary’s job is to bring a casserole dish and to serve it with a smile.”

  80. Oh dear my sweet little Cameron Rose-niece and godchild and six year old-thought that bucket of paint was for fingerpainting on several wall in house…

    Mother and Father have asked for a sitter-and as the godfather I am the one they are waiting for…

    will be back soon love all I wil recharge my card so I can cough up a few more bucks…

    I’m gay I am old and I may be ugly….but I am here lord I am here..(fuzzy doing whoppi from the color purple)

    Off to avert family disaster and prevent a “time out” on my little niece….

    love fuzzybeargville

  81. @RD:

    Your idea of a “true unity” ticket seems like wishful thinking. I can’t imagine BO accepting the second slot to Hillary, and I doubt you can either, unless you’re not serious in your portraying of him as a petulant, narcissistic, egomaniac. But whatever…

    In the end, I just can’t see how Hillary could come out of the convention with the nomination without the whole thing being a complete trainwreck — something that would make Chicago 68 look like a love fest. The consistent complaint against Obama’s supporters has been that they’re a bunch of mindless bots who can’t reason for themselves and are devoted to Obama for purely emotional reasons. If that critique is correct (and I assume most folks here accept some version of it), then there’s just no way that a significant portion of BO’s followers will have anything to do with Hillary in the aftermath of a violent, divisive, utterly chaotic proceeding that gets her the nomination. That has to put a serious dent in any support Hillary could expect from the voters who favored Obama in the primaries and caucuses. And absent that support, a victory for Clinton in November is a very long shot indeed.

    Add to that the problem of Hillary’s high negatives in nearly all national polls. Her negative image can only be accentuated by a convention in which she can easily be portrayed as a scheming, dishonest, power-mad politician who endorses Obama one day only to work behind the scenes to take him down. The GOP would have an absolute field day beating up on her in the aftermath of a convention that will give them literally hours of choice video of Democrats screaming and fighting among themselves. The tag line would be something along the lines of “Do you really want to turn the country over to a party like this?”

    Then there’s the difficulty of mounting a national campaign with the resources she has remaining. Even if she has millions in dedicated GE funds, she hasn’t raised a dime since early June except to pay off her primary debt. I doubt she’s got anything like a real field organization left, so it’s tough to see how she can put together a serious GE campaign in the time frame remaining.

    Would I like to see a wild and crazy convention that ends in Hillary’s nomination? Well, it sure would make great television, but I don’t see it delivering a Democrat to the White House in November.

    Well, i’ve got a hurricane to prepare for — time to gas up the generator, grab some fresh batteries, and get ready for a few days without power. At least there will be some great surfing to be had in advance of Fay.

  82. First off, NH, you are right. Keeping a watchful eye should never be interpreted as bullying, it is simply putting the proper check in the proper column, and I beleive a lot of people will be doing that in Denver. As to Hillary being able to come out of Denver with a chance, if nominated… well, win or lose, she and Bill will be blamed for any loss, and they will get no gratitude for any win anyway, so why not try. I beleive that if Obama stays in power in the Dem. party, then Hillary’s days are numbered no matter what, because just like gangs or the mafia, you never leave a strong opponent standing.

    If she accepted with a note to taking public financing, it would not only even the financial playing field with McCain, it would be a final jab at Obama who said he would, then changed (as usual). I would bet money, that if HRC is nominated, she will take in $100 milliion in the first 24 hours. That is less than 45,000 people, conttibuting the max. Do we really think that she doesn’t have, at least, that kind of support?

    One of the truly upsetting parts of all this, is the media’s inability to grasp that we are not Clinton shills, but rather a huge, very diverse gathering of Americans who will simply not stand for what they are perpetrating. Or, maybe they already know that, and it is a little too scary to admit.

  83. Florida Surfer, now you know how we feel. The bottom line is, there ain’t gonna be any unity anyway, so you might as well nominate the strongest candidate. There is nothing Obama can do at this point to become qualified, besides grow up, and that takes time. And that has nothing to do with HRC. One day, Obama’s followers will have to accept that he’s a hologram of a candidate, I just hope it happens sooner than later.

  84. piper yes I will be posting a delisous post after I return…Appears the O-bats think Murphy and Martin are joined at the hip if it so funny…and such a big lie .I do not know what I should do…also they do not like Paula she is such a bad person being a r*cist..

    I think that Obama’s bad showing last night and his lack of traction in the polls has them seeing the hand writing on the walls. They are scared if he should limp through the convention less of a done deal as every hour passes, they are fully aware he will not get the cookie on november 4th.

    Oatmeal rasin, chocolatechip, or lady finger anyone?



  85. JuliieS9164 – I just went to the link you provided & read the article – whole thing kinda just pissed me off too but what really pushed my button was the statement below:

    ‘Hillary’s job is to bring a casserole dish and to serve it with a smile.’

    Where do these idiots come from – Hillary is a former First Lady, an Honorable United States Senator for the State of New York, a former First Lady for the State of Arkansas, and is also a candidate for the President of the United States – this just makes me so angry on so many levels that I can’t articulate them all so will just say my mantra – noway nobama november – 👿

  86. Oh my Florida surfer are you one of Christina ‘s from Yes to democracy? welcome to the land of the moonbat-we are crazy here and the inmates often run the asslym. Everyone be nice to surfer now we want to show Christina that we can be nice to Obama garden gnomes!

    Now FL Surfer you have to be nice to you are a guest in our house if you cannot be nice we will have to scrub you-and we will have our beloved gary backtrack you-and report you the authorities see we are nice here but we are the big girls and boys we play for keeps.

    I am not threatening you but as a courtesy I am giving you the house rules-and as Donna Brazile says the Roolz are the Roolz!

    Gary Mawm I beback as soon as I can Kisses!


  87. I was surfing through the channels today and came to CSPAN where, lo and behold, Howard Dean was shaking hands with admirers and holding court. You could hear people congratulating him. I almost hurled on the spot. How can some democrats be so blind. I’m very confused about this. Hillary is the only logical choice and Dean needs to hit the road.

  88. katiebird….thank you so much for fixing my blogroll link.

    Mountain Sage

  89. Florida Surfer: Would I like to see a wild and crazy convention that ends in Hillary’s nomination? Well, it sure would make great television, but I don’t see it delivering a Democrat to the White House in November.

    I greatly disagree.

    You are showing us here that either the Obama people or the republicans are running scared of Hillary being nominated. I imagine both camps are.

  90. Just a note,does anyone remember back in the spring when the pundits were all trying to figure out why they were having such a hard time getting the polls to accurately reflect the voting? I saw, at least, two interviews where they contended that the problem was that people don’t want to say that they won’t vote for a black man. In some cases, the polls came out different when the respondents thought they were speaking to a black person, as to when they thought the pollster was white.

    Now, think about this, they said there was about a five point desrepancy due to this racial bias. If that is true, then McCain may have been in the lead for a month. What a thought.

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