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Latenight: Pay no attention to what’s said

Have you been to Joe’s bar?  It’s one of those neighborhood hang outs that’s been around forever.  There’s a long gleaming wooden bar that Joe lovingly tends every night with lemon oil and elbow grease. There aren’t any ferns here.  Just small tables in the dusky shadows where you can meet, sit back and have a nitecap.

This has got to be the longest primary season on record and in spite of what the pundits say, the end is still in some doubt.  There is no finished product as of yet.  And the rumors are flying fast and furious.  All we can do is pay attention to what they do and not what they say.  It’s like seeing through a glass darkly.  Soon all will be revealed.

In the meantime, if we focus our attention on this conundrum to the exclusion of everything else, we will miss the music tonight.  There’s a girl on the stage, singing her heart out to a Duke Ellington tune.

Set ’em up, Joe.  We’re almost through with our fundraiser. The end is coming fast.  Or will it be just the beginning of the end?  Let’s hold close to our friends in whom we put our trust and push through this last final wall.

Update: Darragh only needs about $2500 to put this baby to rest by 12:00pm PST.  If you can lend a hand, run, don’t walk to contribute.  The fundraiser will help pay for our online and on the street outreach in Denver.  Oh, and did I mention that The Daily Show will be visiting the PUMA den on Monday, Aug 25?  You’ll want to check out TDS the rest of the week to catch the spoof.

71 Responses

  1. This is from Wikipedia: IMAGINE REAGAN BEING TOLD TO JUST GIVE IN..


    Although Ford had won more primary delegates than Reagan, as well as plurality in popular vote, he did not have enough to secure the nomination, and as the convention opened both candidates were seen as having a chance to win. Because of this, both Ford and Reagan arrived in Kansas City before the convention opened to woo the remaining uncommitted delegates in an effort to secure the nomination. Reagan benefited from his highly committed delegates, notably “Reagan’s Raiders” of the Texas delegation.

  2. If O looses it will be all your fault.

  3. Upstate. I will wear that mantle with pride.

  4. But, Ben, didn’t they call Reagan a b*tch, divisive, cold-blooded, a traitor, destructive – oh, no, wait, that’s what they’re calling Hillary.

    They called Reagan tough, a force to contend with, competitive, popular, much-loved, a star in the party, powerful…..

  5. Upstate: I’m such a naughty girl. I must be spanked.

  6. exactly my point. maybe its just the difference between the parties. democrats are wimps.

  7. There’ve been a couple of Unity letters to the ed in my local paper. I wrote a reply, and today an 86-year gentleman called to tell that he had fought in WWII, was life-long Democrat, and he had never, ever seen anything like this in his life. “They cheated, they stole it from her,” he said. All I could do was agree. Then he thanked me for my letter. Is that sad as hell?

  8. Lets just call it like it is. Hillary would act like Reagan if she were a Republican. But frankly certain wings, factions of the D party are sooo sensitive that if she DARES fight at the convention her future with those factions, wings will be ruined forever. So she has to play along and frankly hope that he will lose…which looks like it will happen and then she can pick up the pieces in 4 years. Repbulicans don’t think that way. They get on with it.

  9. Caught in another Lie! This is big time!


  10. ben, I watched the faith forum thingey….is it me or did Mc outperformed O (policy issues/poltical postions aside)?

    We are so f*cked…..

  11. I like naughty people….just try to be “gooder” next time.

    All right, son has arrived from watching Star Wars, Clone wars with his budies. I will debrief him in the morning.

    GNight, everybody.

  12. you may have been one of a handful that watched it and not phelpsolympics. well, its a long time until the first debate…barry has time to practice saying Osettia.

  13. May I have your attention:

    parentofed’s kid just signed on and contributed $50

    Also, we have a big contributor coming in if we get the PUMAPac donation to $1250. They are taking it to $1500!

    Grand Total:

    $1070.08 PUMAPac

    I need $179.92 for PUMAPac to receive a very generous $250! Who can help?

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  14. heh…I watched it in you tube. All right, Good night for good, this time.

  15. In case it has not been mentioned here already:

    Congratulations to Ellen and Portia.

    Ellen DeGeneres was pro Hillary and Portia de Rossi played in the greatest sitcom in the history of teevee, Arrested Development.

  16. Carol, did you see where my kid just donated $50 to PUMA just now on the earlier thread Afternoon Roundup and Fund Raiser? She just posted at 10:52pm. I mention this becuse she also said some very lovely things about Confluence and about me? When people, especially my daughter, flatter me I like for everyone in the world to see.

    Seriously, she is the greatest daughter and a joy to my life. She is a big reason I stick my neck out and fight.

  17. parentofed – look up 3 posts! Congratulations on a wonderful child!

  18. Congratulations to Ellen and Portia – I love Arrested Development.

    May I have some PUMAPac money in honor of these 2 love birds?

  19. {{parentofed}}

    She sounds wonderful!

  20. My congratulations to Ellen & Portia, and best wishes.

  21. The BTR program tonight was great – loved all the guests. I’d spent a long time earlier at Lynette Long’s blog and barely made a dent in reading the massive amount of material she has gathered (so far).

    Whatever else PUMA does after the election, we have GOT to make sure nothing like this can ever happen again. 👿


    This email confirms that you have donated $20.00 USD to Puma PAC

    Donation Details
    Confirmation number: xxxxxxxxxxx
    Donation amount: $20.00 USD
    Total: $20.00 USD
    Purpose: Postcards AND Signs
    Contributor: Sherry

  22. Sherry – thanks for the contribution. I had to hang up at 9. I wanted you to pass on that Fox is now investigating voter fraud – I heard they had over 10k complaints already.

    SherryNC $20

    Grand Total:

    $1090.08 PUMAPac

    I need $159.92 for our donor to kick in $250! Who can help?

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  23. good evening conflucians

  24. got tired of figuring out what was needed for $1500….so…

  25. Carol, I’m not Sheri 😆 ( I think she’s “taggles” here?)

    But hey, it’s great that somebody’s investigating vf! Wish it wasn’t FOX — should be PBS/NPR, actually — but we’ll take what we can get, eh?

    parentofed – I went back a few threads to find your kid’s comments. Beautiful! Gosh, I would be so proud!

  26. hat???????????????

  27. speaking of taggles! hi, Sheri! Fantastic show tonight!

  28. hat – we have the numbers up on the right hand side.

    $160 to take it to $1250

  29. Carol…..Obama thinks that baby was buried.

  30. …yeah?…

  31. Portia was also in one of the greatest shows of the 90s: Ally McBeal. But, yeah, arrested development was a brilliant show. Can’t wait for the movie.

    Btw, something tells me RD is more likely to spank than be spanked.

  32. Supercal!

    Hatshepsut (Mayo), Spouse (terrific), and Offspring (also terrific)

    $180.00 Receipt Number: 4463-8907-7514-1753
    $200.00 Receipt Number: 0222-5673-1766-8523
    $120.00 Receipt Number: 0994-9918-0467-6227


  33. Carol, on August 17th, 2008 at 11:29 pm Said:
    hat – we have the numbers up on the right hand side.

    $160 to take it to $1250

  34. i really wanted to take a lot of calls but i was just to jammed. 😦

  35. ben carson you were channeling me from many threads back this is exactly like the repugs in 1976. I believe if Obama doesnot go down in flames in Denver he will in september and the Hillicrats will rise from the dead and be victorious in 2012!


  36. gqmartinez, on August 17th, 2008 at 11:32 pm Said:

    Btw, something tells me RD is more likely to spank than be spanked.

    Yup! When it comes to O-bots.

    (Clearly speaking for RD)

  37. taggles wish you had time to comment on the McCain-Obama forum gift to us.

  38. OMG!

    Hatshepsut (Mayo) $180
    Super Spouse $200
    Super Offspring $120

    Grand Totals:

    $1590.00 PUMAPac
    $ 725.08 G & M’s Excellent Adventure
    $ 10.00 Hillary
    $ 40.00 Just Say No Deal
    $ 40.00 The Denver Group

    While we love everyone equally here, I do believe in giving out Trophy’s for the top performer!

    Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Hatshepsut Family of Hillary Supporters!

    Thanks so much everyone. Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and America loves you, that I am sure of.

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  39. It really sucks that you can’t buy Ally McBeal on DVD. I keep trying to get the seasons on eBay, but the price keeps going out of my range.

    My power is still out, waiting for guests and going crazy with boredom in the dark. Sigh

  40. sorry he sill go down in flames in November-christina are you listening-Obama will not be president I and I do not have to vote McCain to make this happen!



  42. taggles, you did great with the time you had. Great guests, every one, all with very important info & insights. Better to listen to them than to take calls, imo.

  43. NQ has a nice compilation of media response to the forum last night. Some folks said Obama was “thoughtful” in his answers, Chuckie Todd said Obama is lucky that it happened now and he can bone up for the REAL debates, the best that the I’m-Totally -in -Love-With- Obama Andrew Sullivan could muster was “a draw.”

    Seems like none of them could simply say Obama bombed to the floor of the ocean and stunk to the high heavens.

  44. Here ya go, Carol:

    PUMA HAKA!!!!

    Use PayPal Next Time!
    Our records indicate that you have a PayPal account. For future purchases, use your PayPal account for a faster and more convenient checkout. Your financial information is securely stored and never shared.

    This email confirms that you have donated Puma PAC $170.00 USD using PayPal.
    This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as “PAYPAL *PUMA PAC”.

    Donation Details

    Donation amount: $170.00 USD
    Total: $170.00 USD
    Purpose: PUMAPac
    Contributor: Louis and Marti XXXXXXX

  45. OMG ya are trying to keep me up all night!

    WMCB $170

    Grand Total:


    Thank you soooooooooooo Much!


    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  46. Isn’t Anglachel the best?

    In explaining why Obama got his tushy handed to him by McCain yesterday, she puts in writing what disturbs me about Obama precisely and concisely:
    The problem here is that Obama has never had answers and doesn’t give a shit about answers as this campaign is about nothing save gratifying his own ego. There is nothing greater for him than his self-interest. He doesn’t give a damn about Democratic policies as he has stated (again, this is his own formulation) that his supporters are “Obamacans”, not Democrats. His campaign has never been anything besides how wonderful he is and how awful you are if you don’t agree.
    This is just fantastic.

  47. !! Done, Carol — Wow!

  48. Anybody got some love for Gary and Mawm!

    We need $274.92 to take them to $1000!!!!!!!!

    Let’s buy the guys some potato chips and Real Coke!

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  49. I can’t stand it. Hillary treated like a token, nominee. And it, should be the other way around.

  50. MABlue- we all know why Obama is called the presumtive nominee: Media lies and cheating by the DNC RBC.

    There are lots of smaller reasons -promise of big money, gaming the caucus, voter fraud, lack of accountability by the Dem leaders to denounce sexism and Clinton hate, lies by Brazile & the Party – but the media and the RBC have destroyed the Democratic Party this year.

    Obama would have been a nice little sideline story that ended in January/February without this collusion.

  51. MABlue, on August 17th, 2008 at 11:46 pm Said:
    Isn’t Anglachel the best?

    Yes, she is and Hillary is the best, too!
    I’m a Clinton Democrat and a Roosevelt Democrat, too.

  52. I want to recognize Valhalla for contributing earlier in the week $25.

    Thanks so much.

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  53. Do we know what day G&M are leaving for Denver?

  54. what was all that about voter fraud? spanking? I missed a lot of posts….

  55. Dr. Long was on tonight talking about voter fraud. Also, Fox has started an investigation.

    Someone likes spanking – giving and receiving ?????

  56. I’m turning into a pumpkin. ‘Nite all.

    Somebody please find out when Gary & Mawm are setting out on the Great RV Adventure.

  57. Hey folks, throw in some more bucks to G&M’s Great Adventure:

    Donation amount: $25.00 USD
    Total: $25.00 USD
    Purpose: Gary and Mawm’s Great RV Adventure
    Reference: 2
    Contributor: Valhalla

    I just wish it were enough to buy more than a coupla gallons! Well, maybe you guys can stop and drill for oil yourselves on the way.

  58. Valhalla has thrown in $25 for Gary and Mawm’s Excellent Adventure – she is buying them a shovel and hose to dig for oil on the way to Denver!

    Grand Total for Gary and Mawm:


    Good Job!

    I’m heading for sleep. Will catch up in the morning!

    And because I know we will see this again and because I can’t help myself:

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  59. riverdaughter, on August 17th, 2008 at 10:48 pm Said:
    Upstate: I’m such a naughty girl. I must be spanked

    “Volunteers to spank Ms Riverdaughter, one pace forward!”

    (moves to the side quickly, so as not to be killed in the rush….)

  60. Okay, since I have to have nightmares, everyone else can also:

    When he delivers his speech on the last night of the convention, Mr. Obama will not be addressing the crowd from a lone lectern at the edge of the field; he will be standing at the 50-yard line, surrounded by a diverse set of people he has met throughout the campaign, whose presence is intended to signal to viewers at home that people like them are O.K. with Mr. Obama. Ten people selected by the campaign from all corners of the country will meet backstage with Mr. Obama and be shown to the television audience, also intended to convey their comfort level with the senator.


  61. Thank you for that, Carol.

  62. what did RD do to deserve spanking? or was it just for fun?

  63. Carol

    Just donated $50

    receipt # 4565-5612-2436-8084

  64. I was all for Hillary but you guys have changed my mind. Your comments are beginning to sound a little “edgy” for my taste and I can no longer associate with this site. I have contacted my Credit Card Co. to recind the donation. I think you’ve taken this too far.

  65. TL has been getting a lot of freaky ‘bots tonight, and now this obvious concern troll Yolanda — I wonder what happened to get them all riled up?

    Did Axelrod send out another one of his psychic mind pulses to the Obots? Are they freakin’ bc dissing Netrootz hero Clark is going to halve the Cheeto support in one fell swoop? What gives?

  66. Guess what? Since B0 did so poorly in the Saturday Townhall, their surrogates in the media are already blaming someone else for it:

  67. Yolanda, what were you donating toward and how much?

    We’ll make it up in triple.

    Remember…don’t let the door hit you in the ….on your way out.

  68. Yeah, Yolanda…… tell us what you put in and I will personally make up for it!

    Ah, the silence.

    May have to challenge someone else.

  69. Oh and Yolanda, if you could give us the particulars such as a reference number and such. Ya know…just to double check and all. 😆

    Yolanda’s credit card is probably over the limit and her checking account is probably in the red!

  70. Good morning.

  71. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..”you people” need to get a dog or something……Sleeping beauties…..

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