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Where’s the Beef?

The Fundraising continues….

You can contribute here to help PUMAPac. Or, if you want to direct your money specifically to the coalition, you can use this link to donate to JustSayNoDeal. If you make a contribution, put your location and amount in the comments section here and maybe Carol, our fundraising whip can keep a running total. PUMAPac’s goal for today is $4000.00. Hmmm, I can see an inter blog rivalry. I challenge Alegre’s Corner to out raise us!

BTW, if your checkbook is empty but your ink jet printer is not, take Murphy’s advice and use this weekend to spread the word in your town. There is an action center where you can print flyers, business cards and other nifty stuff. This kind of contribution helps get our message out beyond the web. You can find the action center here.

And I’d like to thank those of you who have contributed to Gary and Mawm’s RV Adventure fund to Denver. Every tank of gas helps so much. If you’d like to buy a couple of gallons for Gary and Mawm, use the PayPal button below. Thanks again for your support.

108 Responses

  1. LOL! Awesome!

  2. Ya know that one on the left kinda looks like the front end of an EDSEL to me … hey I am just sayin …

  3. katie – I love Steak ‘n Shake. I just went there 2 days ago. Why did you want to ruin my appetite? 👿

  4. See what I mean ??

  5. Carol, on August 16th, 2008 at 5:31 pm Said:
    PUMAPAC G&M Hillary

    eai $ 50 $ 50
    Dee $100 $100
    WaKonda-Ikwe $ 20
    newindyincal $ 25
    Alison $ 25

    Grand Totals: $510 $445 $10

    You may have just bought G&M their first Tank of Gas!

    Thanks so much everyone!

    fuzzy – we need some leaning and a cause!

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  6. Swanspirit, do you mean a 49 Ford?

    This is an Edsel.

  7. All that I can add is that these people are idiiots!

  8. You really don’t think that BO had an original thought! However, I did read that he has spent over $91MM on advertising in Chicago!


  9. Swanspirit, I never think of that as an Edsel…

  10. Everyone – you have to remember his followers are all fresh out of high school! They have only seen these cars in The Godfather, Porky’s, and American Grafiti.

    If it has not been in a short, music video, or text message they don’t recognize it.


  11. If the stakes weren’t so high this whole election has been downright laughable. Mel Brooks could not have created anything near the quality of nonsense they continue to pour out for this campaign. The geniuses who put this together, along with the Obama clothing sale, are really earning their money in the “public be damned” arena. And who is the target market this is supposed to impress?

    The Obama contributors should be demanding their money back.

  12. $100 million on advertising in Chicago? WHY — When?

  13. Maybe this is just an invite to give him money, Buy American, Buy Me. We know he’s for sale, prancing around for the telecoms & Exelon & corn & markets for juicy SS funds & well, a lot of people.

    I bet Oprah buys one of those $1,000,000 box seats for the coronation. I also see her talking to celebs – Caroline, Scarlett, Hallie – and discussing something innocuous like citizenship or educational trips we took with the kids on summer vacay, then showing it on her big return show in Sept.

    She is such an a@@hole, I wouldn’t watch her now if she was giving a free Prius to every hillbilly over 55 in KY.

  14. Where is Steak & Shake?

    And do the box seats really cost $1,000,000? Holy guacamole!

  15. {{snort!}} Those two graphics side by side are pretty funny. Don’t they have anyone original in their graphics art department?

  16. Actually, I think that logo looks like some Railroad line, I can’t remember right off, but it showed the front of the engine car, Maybe some kind of Flyer. hmmmm, think I’ll check my RR catalogs

  17. Here’s some more petrol for the RV:

    Confirmation number: 90*1908**72**44S
    Donation amount: $25.00 USD
    Total: $25.00 USD
    Purpose: Gary and Mawm’s Great RV Adventure
    Reference: 2
    Contributor: xxxxx x xxxx xx

    I did an edit on the confirm #, didn’t want that going public.

  18. It would be good to keep us updated as to how far we are towards the goal. I mean, just so we know how close we are to the goal.

  19. yeah, I saw this silly thing last night where B.O. declares his interest in Buying Americans—as much as he tries to fit in, its attempts like this—ironically– that make his mindset appear foreign to most of us. Just imagine, by the way, if McCain put out such a thing!

  20. “Buy American” on a political logo is too weird for me.

  21. Andre, I post Carol’s totals at the top of the Right Sidebar

  22. The Ad agency is in Chicago that he used.

  23. By the way, WHAT does that new logo mean? Is he saying he’s the “American” candidate for president?

  24. Oh check it out! The Harley Davidson logo has those little wings.

    Harley Davidson Chrome Logo

  25. Um, why am I in moderation?

    Gotta go. Have a great evening, everyone! PUMA!

  26. I have laundry, dishes, and 1/2 of a yard done.

    When I get back, fuzzy needs to have a big lean going on!

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  27. I think that dopey seal should be
    changed to more accurately read

    Buy American Votes
    Barack Obama

  28. Mary Lou, (giggle)

  29. maybe it’s from being in high school in the 80’s, but it reminds me of the Van Halen Logo:

  30. obsessed with graphics…will somebody sue him?

  31. Maybe everyone has heard this already, but apparently Obama has told Wes Clark he is not welcome at the convention. WTF??!!


  32. BB, that story makes my stomach hurt. But, it illustrates my reasons why Barack Obama will lose this fall. He can’t stop himself. He hates everyone and it shows in his every decision.

  33. When you have to advertise you’re an American, you have a serious problem.

  34. Clark was informed by Barack Obama’s people that there was no reason to come.

    General Clark has been given no role of any kind at the convention.

    Rubbing salt in the wound even more, the “theme” of Wednesday’s Democratic convention agenda is “Securing America.”

    Wesley Clark’s PAC also happens to be called SECURING AMERICA.

  35. Buy American? It should say – Buy AmericanS -since Obama bought off a few Americans himself. (SDs)

  36. Here’s the “Contact Us” website for the DNC, along with a good message for them:


    Your website only mentions Obama’s acceptance speech. Where will Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech be held if she is nominated? When will this be posted? Thanks for any information!!

  37. sorry I have been keeping christina and her people busy and out of our hair I took over her last thread…

    But on to the lean-

    Folks after a day at Yes to Obamocracy

    I have learned -there are only 250 puma’s

    PUMA/JSND is not interested in LGBT issues only womens issues as if there is a difference in human rights or a pecking order!

    (that last Delisious comment came right from Tommy Christopher-who is real close to PUMA big wigs that tell him all the inner workings of the JSND/Puma alliance) I have made the big time I have been noticed by tommy christopher! who I found out is an authurity on healthcare issues when not hacking for Obama!

    I humblely told Tommy that I was pretty high on the puma food chain (hope at least 2 of you agree) and I cannot believe any selfrespecting JSND/Puma would disclose their brand of deoderant to him…

    Now I have come up with a new disease M-POCD!McCain-Puma Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    It is the unhealthy obsession that all democrats in exile (PUMAs)are really McCain supporters and must be exposed and distroyed-call in the darleks!

    so lets donate to Gary and Mawm and Puma Pac to help cure this disease!

    Get out the plastic boys and girls its gonna be a bumpy ride-to Denver!

    Carol how is that for a lean? -Fuzzybear is back!


    carol tote please!

  38. Oh now for a gay reference-

    There is no place like home…(tap tap tap of ruby slippers)

    There is no place like home…(tap tap tap of ruby slippers)

    There is no place like home…(tap tap tap of ruby slippers)

    oh aunty Mawm Gary RD Pat Carol SM I am home
    I am Home
    I swear if I ever go looking for my hearts desire and I cannot find it in my backyard then I really never lost it at all….

    is gonna love you come rain or come shine
    sing it in heaven judy!

  39. BB and Kbird: that piece from Wes Clark goes along with the grumbling from Charlie Rangel yesterday. If the Superdelegates are starting to turn on him, this is the way it’s going to happen. Little grumblings that make Obama unlikeable. You have to make him unpopular before you can say you’re not voting for him.
    Look for more of it.

  40. But wasn’t there recent speculations that Clark is still in the “veep” running? Who the heck knows what’s going on with this travelling circus sideshow.

  41. parentofed,

    Maybe you had this in mind,

    I’ll leave the parallels to your imaginations.

  42. I woke up last night I must have rolled over on the controller and MSNBC came on and woke me up…I thought I was watching a colorized version of “Duck Soup” you know Moronica for Morons-the Marks brothers-it was only a piece on the obama campaign

    turned off TV rolled over went back to sleep very dissapointed good movie Duck Soup!


  43. RD you are psychic and channeling Shirley McLaine again….its funny women seen to possess psychic powers in the population in greater preportion to straight men maybe this is why it is poo poo’d in the “mainstream” scientific community. If men had womens intuition then the study of psychic abilities would be treated with more respect?



  44. Edwardian, yes, there is a part of me that wonders if this isn’t some ploy to spring out a VP Clark. I’ll feel better [please, Wes, don’t become this jerk’s VP] if Aug 24th Wes Clark has to fly to Umbylaigo for a super–important hush-hush week-long security meeting & will be out of touch.

  45. Hi there—Karolina here:

    $25.00 to PumaPAC

    $25.00 to Gary & Mawm’s Fabulous Adventure


  46. Janet, that’s almost it, very close, I still haven’t looked at the catalogs [can’t stop reading others]. Thanks so very much for that logo.

    Obama reminds me of some little kid that likes a sheriff’s badge with hat & gun or like the kid in Christmas Story, needs a decoder ring with a certificate showing everybody how important he is.

  47. Wow, there was just a powerful segment on CBS News about Obama’s weaknesses in the “Rust Belt” I wish I knew it was coming up. I didn’t catch this one.

  48. OMG I love the Christmas Story. I’d like to see Obama in that Pepto-Bismol-pink bunny costume w/ the attached bunny-head slippers. In fact, I think that is the image of him that I am going to keep in my mind whenever I am forced to think of him.

  49. Hello, why is my comment awaiting moderation?

  50. Never-mind.

  51. Obama has a fake logo, presidential seal, podium, chair and now a clothing line. Shouldn’t his name be “Halston”?

  52. Kbird: BTD just had a post up about how Obama is losing to McCain in Colorado by 3. CO was supposed to go Democrat this year according to Dean’s 50 state strategy.

  53. Michael; My favorite Marx Brothers movie was “A Night at the Opera”. It contained that hilarious scene where they kept shoving people into the tiny stateroom. Kind of reminds me of Obama putting all of us under the bus! Getting a wee bit crowded!

  54. The 50 state strategy: Lessons in how to lose in every one.

  55. RD, Could the dominoes be falling?

  56. Pat, (snort)

  57. Wes Clark — a good VP choice for Hillary.

    Also, contact the Denver news media — ask them where Hillary’s acceptance speech will be held.

  58. According to one talking head on Fox News, McCain’s ads making fun of Obama “presumptuousness” may carry far more resonance with the public when he makes his “acceptance speech” at Mile High Stadium. The thinking is he may have gone just a little too far in the ornamentation department and people are going to be further turned off.

    Of course this will only happen if the supers don’t come through. Clark, Rangel, Jackson, we are appealing to you to do what is right!

  59. OK the lack of comments on this thread bettr mean the plastic is out and being used to help the puma cause!


    Oh I guy called “Polo” said I had stolen Michael P Varvel’s identity and some such nonsense and posting under his name was going to report me or something-what a crock!

  60. RD: I remember reading in more than one place that Denver was chosen as the convention site to “highlight” Obama’s ability to win CO for POTUS, thus representing a major turnaround for us Dems.

    I do feel a little dizzy this campaign.

  61. Clark is not going to be tapped as VP. That statement telling him to essentially stay home and tidy up his medals more than likely was leaked from his office. It only scored another hit by the Obama campaign against a former Hillary supporter.

  62. I’m glad Clark’s office leaked that..it makes BO and his cronies look like the a@@h0les that they are

  63. PAT LOL Halston has too much class … his brand would be closer to ” CREATIONS by CHARO “

  64. my bets are still on Kaine taking one for the team…

    as madamab says “its on purpose” they so WANT to lose

  65. Speaking of a@@holes, the Obama clothing will be designed by the nation’s top designers like Vera Wang. Another designer who specializes in dresses currently sells her for a $500 price tag. You can see these more than likely will not be made available at your neighborhood Target. The line will consist of jeans, tees, dresses, accessories. “Fierce”.

  66. Pat any Marks Brothers is a good night for me they dont make comedy like that any more… those guys were funny w/out one wordy dird!

    Carol I hope you have an opinion on the Marks Brothers…


    I believe there is a political cartoonist called Gary Varvel but my family and my fathers were never close and his mother never attended my fathers funeral I doubt we are realated-and maybe that is why he is confused. Gary you are the webworld expert am I in trouble for stealing my own Identity?

  67. indigogrrl: We know whoever he chooses will be done prior to the convention since he will do so by text messaging. One of the stupidest things I have heard so far but hey, that’s me.

    He could select George Clooney himself to join him on the ticket and I simply have no interest. Nothing will change my mind. This guy does not belong in the WH! Period.

  68. And I have to say .. I HAVE TO ..having spent years trying to get our little radio station noticed , the one thing we worked the hardest on and insisted on was that the ARTISTS NAME be the biggest most noticable thing on the web site because we see our purpose as promoting the artists I have designed some logos and done lots of graphics for Artists and Djs along the way
    So i have some experience in logos . While i am not a professional even this stands out to me …

    .. now .. if you look at that logo seal what ever it is the three biggest words are


    those are the words that stand out and you and I know who approved that message

  69. Barack, do you have any solutions to our current energy crisis?

    Answer: No, but check out my logo dude, I. AM. IT!! And hey man, what size dress does the Mrs. wear? I may be able to hook you up.

  70. PJ – you forgot to sprinkle that little oratorical confection with ummms and errs

  71. indigogrrl: He is such an ass!

  72. Obama’s goal, as is indicated for this evening’s “faith forum” is to BRIDGE faith and politics, but we want to keep church and state SEPARATE. Anyway, I need to finish writing the last chapter of a book this evening so I won’t watch that forum–I’m sure the highlights will be broadcast.

  73. Pat Johnson,

    The clothing line is news to me. Why that? Is it all to be branded with the logo? Yikes!

    This reminds me of the pseudo seal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgohQxv5FcE

    Gee, I miss the Ramones. I’m pulling out my plastic now, Michael.

  74. NO really I just invited christina to coffee at the second street bakery (lesbian owned-fair trade organic coffee-vegan chocolat chip cookies) I am sincere here I want to see this lady and let her see me. Even offered to pick up the tab with the money the republicans are paying me to post comments on their site!

    Lets see where this goes…


  75. You werent kidding you were serious there REALLy is a clothing line ..Change you can’t afford


  76. I would rather watch The Kardashian’s on E than to sit through this nonsense tonight. At least you know up front that this family is insane and has been marketed as such. Tonight’s “forum” is a display of perversion. Which one is talking directly to God. This is important for some people. But hey, what do I know?

  77. Pat: “The 50 state strategy: Lessons in how to lose in every one.”


  78. As I posted downstairs, I’m thinking Dollar Store for O’s clothing line because he has definitely been discounted as a presidential candidate. My husband is ceding California to Obama and possibly nine more states if the Dems persist in this idiotic charade.

  79. BZero is selling out America, blatantly audaciously is what the logo says to me. Big bucks to continue the status quo – same group in power as the last eight years. That is why middle and lower classes need not bother voting – their issues are of no importance, aren’t going to be addressed and they would rather we just went away.

    This BIG and BOLD theme has been percolating through the DNC/party “elders” for years. They watched Bu$h et al, saw “we” were held captive by the Baghdad Media – Baghdad Congress and eureka! Our Rats – our “Democratic” leaders saw the promise of untold pillage and knew just the right “empty suit” to foster on us. Look at all the $$$ they have spent – this is a huge fraud. Of course, the Clintons would never go along with what they have planned;hence, they must be killed off. Me thinks they have operated under the wrong assumption – thank God for the internet and the millions and millions of voters who will not stand for this. Confluence, RD and others have really been my only comfort. I will never understand other “D” who are seemingly rolling over for this???

    I can’t contribute to all our worthy causes right now as I just slapped another semester’s tuition on my credit card for a child who can’t find a job and grants are almost non existent. He is making the Deans list and if he continues, he will get a scholarship(please, please).

    Gary and Mawm – godspeed on your journey – may he keep you safe.

  80. Just hope that clothing line comes out soon as I have a late September wedding to attend and want to plan my wardrobe. Obama hat, dress, shoes, jewelry, undergarments, handbag, cosmetics. I am planning to make my entrance as “Obamazilla”.

  81. # Pat Johnson, Said:

    I would rather watch The Kardashian’s on E than to sit through this nonsense tonight. At least you know up front that this family is insane and has been marketed as such. Tonight’s “forum” is a display of perversion. Which one is talking directly to God. This is important for some people. But hey, what do I know?

    There’s always Cops! 😛

  82. Hey…..careful

  83. Guys and Gals – I have been working all day. My ribcage is taking a beating laughing out loud at all of your comments!

    PUMAPAC G&M Hillary

    Fredster $ 25
    Karolina NYC $25 $ 25

    Grand Totals:

    $535 $495 $ 10

    Come on let’s get this going. We are wayyyyyyyyyy short!

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  84. Moving the totals to the next post!

  85. I’ve always thought that the original Obama logo was inspired by the logo for an Indiana PBS station (Lakeshore Public Television):

    Not so much creativity from the “creative class”.

  86. Put $20 down for me…….buy some PUMA/300 sheilds.


  87. waiting for christina’s reply-

    guess what that POLO fella found out I was gay and a bear he may imply I am close friends with Kathy Griffin next….(sigh season over)

    trying to embarass me off the sight…not working invited christina to my committment ceromony

    this is great now I am just being silly over there


  88. Speaking of unhappy superdelegates, the Sunday NYT has a story about a bunch of them in swing state who want Obama to get more specific about his policies and address economic issues. They complain that he isn’t attracting Hillary’s supporters into the fold. Check out this delusional quote:

    “…his agreement to a roll-call vote on Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy at the convention should bring her disappointed supporters into the fold.”

    Yeah, right. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!


  89. Bonita, on August 16th, 2008 at 6:16 pm Said:
    When you have to advertise you’re an American, you have a serious problem.

    I don’t know if you watch MadTV, but there’s a skit where they have this guy running for president. “Smith Comma John. Human for President.” He does a lot of weird stuff trying to prove he’s not an alien but only ends up making himself look even more inhuman. This is Barack.

    “Barack…Barry…no, Barack…Soetero..we mean Obama for Crown Prince–oh, um, President.”

  90. E=mail the “Contact Us” address for the DNC, along with a good message for them:


    Your website only mentions Obama’s acceptance speech. Where will Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech be held if she is nominated? When will this be posted? Thanks for any information!!

    Also, contact the Denver news media and ask if they know where Hillary’s acceptance speech will be.

  91. Boo: the college bills are a killer; as RD and Murphy mentioned, we can help by circulating info if $ is tight. Your post expresses concerns about how this country has been sold out. I don’t know what the solution is, but PUMA is a start. What is historic about O’s campaign is: he’ll be the first candidate taken DOWN by the Internet, thanks to these sites.

  92. Vera Wang designed these duds? Vera Wang? I’m just stunned. It’s like they just want to show off all those cool people they know, and they don’t give a crap about YOU.
    This is when your poor neighbor wins a little lottery money, and buys a Caddy just to show up your old Chevy. Buys expensive dogs & fancy collars. This is THEIR moment that justifies their very lives, and everyone has to see how much better they are. But they still have no class.

    This is like kids…..just kids showing off….I can’t believe how stupid this is. And they’re trying to IMPRESS US. Jeez.

  93. Logos can be so unwieldy and metaphoric. Most logos get out of hand if they are too symbolic. Every time I see Obama’s I am reminded somehow of that Proctor & Gamble logo that was supposedly linked to satanism.
    Even though that has been debunked http://www.snopes.com/business/alliance/procter.asp somehow when I see that big O my first association is with that round man in the moon logo. So talk of the anti-Christ aside, he or his campaign continue to provide that association (at least to me) with that O logo.
    Of course Hillary’s logo is in a different class because she’s pretty so she can actually have her face in hers – she doesn’t need to be symbolic.
    The flying O reminds me of the old flying A – and that was an oil company. Was it Amoco? Well now that’s British Petroleum even though they’re trying to pretend the initials stand for something else. What does this mean? Buy American gas? I know there are brands that sell American petroleum, but frankly, I think we all will continue to do the same thing – go to the station with the lowest price. His logos are so lame. He has no message. How can anybody compare him to JFK. Thing number one about JFK: he had a sense of humor – about himself especially. If Obama ever DOES get to the White House, Helen Thomas will take him apart like a Peking Duck, stuff him in a pancake, and eat him for breakfast. NOT READY/NO MESSAGE/NOT ELECTABLE. – GO PUMAS!!!

  94. My husband is a retired professor [yeah, a real one, not like The One, music, very Renaissance-y type who thinks B0 is a phony], and many years ago I bought him a poster for his office that everyone loved.

    Penguin picture and Poster says:

    I Cried Because I Had No Shoes, Until I Met a Man Who Had No Class.

    This is Obama to a T, fancy friends, lots of flash, no class, trying to find where to buy it.

  95. “…a man who had no class.”

    That’s so funny! It has 2 meanings for professors. If you don’t have enough students registered and on your roster at this time of year, they cancel your class. So you have no class.

  96. Annie Em said: What is historic about O’s campaign is: he’ll be the first candidate taken DOWN by the Internet, thanks to these sites. YES!!!!

    He was created by bloggers who are mostly paid or they see a career jump. We were not allowed to question his resume’ – we were trashed from the very beginning by his thuggish supporters – it WILL be such a comfort to watch what is really happening now. He is tanking in most polls, in CO, he has no offices in Arkansas, BUT they will still try to pull this off. It is the end of those in power now at the big “D’. Look at the people they are denying participation at the convention…….. this is some fix – IT WILL NOT STAND!

    I have been contributing as much as I can all along to Hillary, PUMA, The Denver Group. Plus, I have two friends, both tepid(I am rabid) Dems who have just recently moved to the Denver area and am encouraging them to participate. They had not been paying attention to what is going on.

  97. Anyhow, parentofed, we had a poster where I used to teach of 3 baby raccoons looking out of a hole in a tree. The caption: “There are those who make things happen. There are those who watch things happen. And there are those who wonder what happened.”

    Hillary and the Pumas are making things happen. Everybody else will wonder what happened. I love D. Murphy and am gonna go there and listen to her now:
    “We are the ones no one expected.”

  98. Still4Hill: really cute poster. And appropriate, too.

  99. Nearly finished with the last chapter so looking up for a moment…

    The Obie duds are dedicated by Versace’s sister.

    From the start I predicted that people would uncover (or create) similarities between B.O.’s emblem and either Islamic symbols or witch-devil worship symbols. (Think of the hoopla over P & G’s toothpaste symbol some years ago). I was wrong, to my knowledge no one has done this with his OM.

  100. I know – wish I could still find it. Meet me at Darragh’s?

  101. Anybody watching the Political Forum with McCain?

  102. I am

  103. Thanks, Katiebird!

  104. Okay, here’s my gary and mawm donation:

    Donation Details

    Donation amount: $100.00 USD
    Total: $100.00 USD
    Purpose: Gary and Mawm’s Great RV Adventure
    Reference: 2
    Contributor: Alice

    Off to do pumapac. Be right back.

  105. Whatever else, Obamination is organized. Today on a NYC subway there were two kids walking through the trains, holding forms in their hands, telling people to sign up to vote…for Obama. I’m not sure how legal that actually is – but they’re doing it. And on the subway they’ve got a captive audience.

  106. Can’t contribute to Hillary or PumaPac as I’m a foreign national (from the land of the original Haka), but I think it’s safe to contribute to Gary and Mawm’s Great RV Adventure – US$20.08.

  107. Just mailed my check for $50 to PUMA Pac! If we pull off a miracle here I will proudly vote for Hillary, but other than that, I’m going 3rd party from here on out.

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