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Saturday: Obama wants to do it himself!

The Self-Esteem Puppets, coming to a school near you!

The Self-Esteem Puppets, coming to a school near you!

RealClearPolitics has the latest on Clinton’s comeback and they wring their hands in angst for Barack Obama:

But the deal Obama struck with Mrs Clinton must have stuck in his craw. The contention, moreover, that it was his idea that her name should be placed into nomination is an insult to our intelligence. By allowing the roll call, Obama has ceded control of what happens on the convention floor.

No doubt Obama decided that a bad agreement was better than none at all but the outcome reeks of appeasement and indicates that, with the polls showing John McCain, improbably, almost level, his bargaining position was weak.

But he was outmaneuvered and the Clinton show in Denver will help lay the foundation for a 2012 presidential bid or, if Obama does emerge victorious, possibly in 2016, when she will still be four years younger than McCain is now.

Even the plan for the former First Lady to cast her own vote for her erstwhile rival and direct her delegates to swing behind the Illinois senator – being spun as a magnanimous gesture of unity – risks undermining Obama. Despite the closeness of the primary battle, he won the nomination; the image of Mrs. Clinton graciously anointing him is exactly what he does not need.

What was Hillary thinking?!  Didn’t she take a whole bunch of child development courses?  She is wrecking Obama’s self-esteem.  How is he ever supposed to feel good about himself if Hillary is standing there all of the time stealing his limelight?  The poor dear.  And what’s worse is that she might even “graciously anoint” him {{gag!}}.

Stand back, people, I think there is a temper tantrum coming on.  Make room for the little tyke and his friends so they don’t hurt themselves when they thrash and roll on the floor screaming, “I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF! I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF!”

Little male egos are so fragile in this developmental stage.  One harsh word could just crush him and damage his self-image forever.  Does Hillary really want that on her conscience?  Oh, we know that he bullied and pushed her voters around and stole her delegates so he could “win”, but boys will be boys, right?

I wonder why no one is worried about Hillary’s self-esteem. After all, the two candidates are separated by less than 100 pledged delegates when the FL and MI contingents are restored to full strength. If it weren’t for the Superdelegates folding at the first sign of Obama and his pals screwing their faces up for a good, long, noisy howl, they might have done the right thing and thrown their weight behind the candidate who actually *earned* the nomination.

Ah, woulda, coulda, shoulda. Well, I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be the Superdelegates 2 years from now, wracked with guilt, waking up in the middle of the night, reaching for that bottle of scotch and wondering where they went wrong. Did they not show enough love? Were they too easy on him? Too lax in their discipline? My guess is that they will think back to that June in 2008 when instead of giving in, they should have given him a four year time out.

Kids: you can’t live with them and you can’t spank them anymore.


On another note: Heidi Li had a perceptive post yesterday.  If the vote is symbolic, it doesn’t count and the voters are just as screwed as they were before.  But we all know that Obama and Dean wouldn’t have even agreed to such a thing if they weren’t forced to by the rules of the party and the process itself.  So, why is Dean allowing the meme to percolate through the media that the vote is “symbolic”?  His attitude is reminiscent of the same passive-aggressiveness that he displayed at the height of the misogynistic media frenzy on Clinton.

Look, I realize that he seems to loathe Hillary Clinton with the same intensity of Sally Quinn.  I think we can all see that he gets more bang for the buck with Barack because, let’s face it, Obama owes the DNC “leadership” big time.  There is no secret about that.  But if Dean cares at all about the party he “runs”, doesn’t he have an obligation to act like he’s impartial?  Isn’t it his responsibility to see that all votes are given equal weight?  Or is it that “All votes are equal but some votes are more equal than others”?  I know it takes the public a couple of days to have one of those, “Hey, wait a minute!” moments, so why not get out in front of it now?  Dean has an opportunity to atone for himself and his party for not standing up for Hillary while the media shredded her during the primaries.  It’s time we held his feet to the fire to make him do it.

Howard, stop the meme now.  We aren’t buying it and it’s strengthening our resolve to take you down in the fall.


It appears that we have spawned a new species: the sustainable cat.


Our friend, Betty-Jean, got some rather bad news recently.  Her daughter who is living with ovarian cancer hasn’t responded to her latest round of chemo.  Last March, Betty-Jean made this moving video about universal healthcare and what it means to her and her family.  Betty-Jean, our thoughts are with you and your daughter, and we pray that her next round of chemo is more successful.

118 Responses

  1. Good morning, Riverdaughter. Events certainly do seem to be moving in the direction we want them to. I wonder, is there still time to give the screaming child a time out? Will the adults reassert their authority?

  2. RD,

    Is that the “real” Joe Trippi who left a comment on the previous thread?

  3. The screaming child is taking a time out, On the beach in Hawaii.

    Poor Obama! Every time he leaves the Continental United States his poll numbers just drop more and more.

    No wonder he’s having a tantrum!

  4. BB: Possibly. His comment details lead back to a Joe Trippi blog and it could very well be him, though I expected a less stripped down frontpage. It seems very KISS. It just goes to show you that you don’t need big production values and a Madison Avenue budget to start your own insurgency. You can do it on a shoe string with volunteers and a whole lottal 13″ MacBooks.

  5. Bostonboomer. I don’t get it. How are events moving in the direction we want., if the deal Hillary struck has her voting for O and releasing her delegates and if the vote is only symbolic and won’t be “registered”?

  6. Yes, I looked at the signature info too. The blog doesn’t seem too fancy, but it seems to be the guy (of course someone else could have posted it). I thought he was supporting Obama wholeheartedly. Maybe not.

  7. Also, the puma movement is doing great things and has accomplished so much, yet I feel that the focal point we should be trying to get out to the media is that O is just unacceptable to many democrats…period…and that will not change.
    Man people really do not care that much about the misogony and corruption…sadly…..but they need to be educated about just how unacceptable o is to us.

  8. angry artist: You should know by now that no one believe that lie about the vote being “symbolic”. Symbolic my ass. If it were symbolic, the Obama camp wouldn’t be taking the Clinton delegates hostage. They really are dirty. But I wouldn’t be too sure that Obama is going to “win” this nomination. His organization and the DNC are not behaving like “winners”. They’re acting like chickenshit cowards.
    Pay attention to what they do, not what they say.

  9. I AM sustainable!!!. You don’t know how my heart leapt with joy when I realized that PUMA will not go quietly into this good night.

    I am Puma. I am strong. And I will be hunting my prey for long after August and November. For as long as I live, I am changed forever!!!!

    Thank you for that Howard, and Barry and Donna. It’s like a weight has been lifted from my soul.

  10. Angry Artist,

    In the first place, I’m not going to believe anything I read about any deal Hillary has made with Obama unless I hear it from her lips while I’m watching her on TV and seeing her lips move. The Obama campaign “leaked” so much disinformation about Hillary during the primaries, that I don’t trust anything I read about her anymore.

    In the second place, as Marc Rubin at Tom in Paine wrote last night, there is no such thing as a “symbolic” vote. If there is a roll call vote, anything can happen. Let’s say Hillary does cast her vote for Obama on the first ballot. If neither of them gets more than 50% of the votes, there will be a second ballot. Anything can happen and it will be on live TV. It’s a long shot, but anything can happen in politics.

    Finally, as Marc Rubin also pointed out, if the DNC and Obama don’t correct this meme that the vote is “symbolic,” they are only going to anger Hillary’s supporters even more. We still have nearly two weeks until the roll call vote. We need to make as much noise as we can until it happens. Again, anything can happen. Politics is serious business. It ain’t beanbag, as the old saying goes.

  11. Riverdaughter. this is why I look at this post every morning. It gives me hope!

  12. BB: Well, he’s more than welcome to come here and comment or guest post if he feels like he has something to add.

  13. I won’t be mollified by a symbolic vote, but then again, then isn’t much of anything the Dems could to do redeem themselves as far as I’m concerned.

    Mountain Sage

  14. From my perspective, if it’s only a “symbolic” vote, then as many delegates can vote for Hillary want to. But… ooops, even if it’s meant to be symbolic, if enough delegates throw their support behind Hillary in a “symbolic” show of support, then she’s the nominee, even if she casts “her” vote for Obama. Right?

  15. Thank you so much bostonboomer! i was going to say … the vote isnt “symbolic” it is very real , are they calling it symbolic to “appease” those are left of the obamanuts? Pun intended 😉 The bo horses A$$ and donkey show is wearing thin …

    OT I will be doing Goddess Radio as usual every SAT AM @10 AM @ http://www.cygnusradio.com and everyome is welcome to listen in and or come visit in chat 🙂 The Eva Cassidy set starts at 10 AM , if you wuold like to enjoy some great brand new music from women indie artists 🙂

  16. The Obama callers don’t even try any more. I received about my 5th call from the Obama/DNC campaign this morning. It started out with, “You are a Barack Obama supporter?” I said, “No.” “Are you a republican or independent?” I replied, “I’ve always been a democrat.” “And you don’t support Barack Obama?” I replied, “I support Hillary Clinton.” He said, “ok,” and hung up.

  17. Who are these weirdos posting gibberish on old threads?

  18. But if Dean cares at all about the party he “runs”, doesn’t he have an obligation to act like he’s impartial?

    Ahhh, and therein lies the problem. I think that’s why he and Obama (and Pelosi and Reid and Brazile) have formed their little “club”. They don’t care about the party – at least the party that used to be. They’re creating their own version of the party, and it doesn’t include impartiality. It only includes their personal agendas of power and control at any cost.

    The only answer is a PUMA coup!
    Power to the PUMA!

  19. If Obama wants a symbolic vote, I’ll happily send him the “you’re #1” gesture.

  20. Swanspirit,

    Thanks for the link. I’m listening right now. I adore Eva Cassidy.

    People get ready, there’s a train a-comin’

  21. “Despite the closeness of the primary battle, he won the nomination”

    Are there ANY journalists out there who actually know what they are talking about? Isn’t it their responsibility to know the actual facts and rules of the democratic process before they start interpreting and judging it? HE DID NOT WIN THE NOMINATION!!

    Why is this basic fact impossible for them to comprehend? The superdelegates threw him over the top, with much bullying and financial incentive, and he is not the nominee until the damn Convention. I am so tired of reading this misinformation that is repeated everywhere. I guarantee that 99.9% of Americans do not understand how this has worked traditionally and is supposed to play out. That is why the “Hillary needs to get out!” and “Hillary lost!” memes were believed.


    As far as the floor vote goes: do you really really think that the superdelegates, the same weasels and cowards that folded like pancakes (should I say waffles?) in June are going to suddenly find a conscience and a backbone and do the right thing–2 months before the election, upending the Party, & making it look as dysfunctional to the public as it really is? It would ensure a split party and in their eyes, jeopardize the election for sure. I would love nothing more, but I do not see that courage in evidence anywhere.

  22. ben carlson, on August 16th, 2008 at 9:54 am Said:

    LOL! That’s a riot. My sister received many BO calls, and started out explaining her position, then argued her position, and then toyed with them, and finally just shut them down. They must have received a message from the top: “Don’t waste your time arguing with Hillary supporters.”

    I don’t get the calls, but really enjoy the mailings they keep sending me. I get out my markers, post sayings all over the request form, and send it back–prepaid, of course. My little way of sticking it to them.

  23. Ben,

    That’s so funny. They must be getting a lot of pumas on the phone these days.

  24. All good thoughts go out to Betty Jean and her family.

  25. Speaking of Howard Dean, did anyone catch Hannity and Combs last night? The Republicans are going crazy over a “slip” Chairman Dean made in an NPR interview where he referred to the Republican Party as the “White…errrrrr Republican Party”. Then he giggled.

  26. HI there Boston I will say hi to you on air !!!! and put the PUMA GROWL in the soundFX 🙂

  27. Way to keep things divided along racial lines, Chairman Dean.

  28. Good morning.

    RD, I am glad that you finally addressed the truly important subject of Obama’s feelings. I thought that I was the only one taking years off of my life by worrying about baby BO.

    Bostonboomer, thanks for confirming that the roll call vote cannot be mechanically rigged somehow, only by psychologically intimidating or bribing the delegates. I guess that needs to be our focus for the next few days.

    MyIQ, I actively join you in saluting Prince Obama with his symbolic #1 status.

  29. Swanspirit,

    Sounds good. I’m getting relaxed just listening to Eva. I just wish she were still with us.

  30. Good morning, Karolina,

    I’m sure they can rig the vote, but then they will have to face the consequences. A floor fight or walkout of Hillary delegates might be interesting. Just the fact that there is going to be some kind of vote shows that we are having an impact. If we hadn’t kept fighting, Hillary would probably have had to back down. But between the resistance and the polls, Obama had to blink instead.

  31. That video is so touching. Betty Jean is a great example of a true Hillary supporter: strong, genuine, brave and compassionate. This is not a game. This is not MTV. We are talking about real lives that are at stake. These angry young bots do not understand anything about this. They do not know the value of health care or equal wages or job loss. It’s heartbreaking what people endure, and Hillary has listened to stories like this for years. That’s where her passion and inspiration come from. That is also why, as she said, she will never stop fighting. Thank God she’s out there.

    Contrast w/John Kerry: “UHC is a non-starter in the Senate.” Thanks for your empathy John. No wonder BO is your candidate.

  32. mystic4hillpuma, on August 16th, 2008 at 9:59 am Said:

    I think that’s why [Dean] and Obama (and Pelosi and Reid and Brazile) have formed their little “club”. They don’t care about the party – at least the party that used to be. They’re creating their own version of the party, and it doesn’t include impartiality. It only includes their personal agendas of power and control at any cost.

    Yes, I believe that new party could easily be called the Republican Agent Takeover party. Or RAT.

  33. Just the fact that there is going to be some kind of vote shows that we are having an impact. If we hadn’t kept fighting, Hillary would probably have had to back down. But between the resistance and the polls, Obama had to blink instead.

    That’s the beauty of this. Hillary cannot publicly fight for herself, or they would crucify her, but the spontaneous reaction to the corruption that spawned PUMA has confirmed that this is still a democracy, and our actions are making a difference.

  34. fif, on August 16th, 2008 at 10:27 am

    You said so well just what I wanted to say.
    I cry every time I see this vid of Betty Jean.

  35. I think Dean now owes us “White” people a historic speech on race, if for no other reason, to eloborate on “black guilt”. Like KO and CM, I know I would definately like it to be read by “school children” for centuries to come.


  36. The Republican sitting in on Hannity last night said, internal poll numbers show BO has a “huge problem with women”.

    I guess they are catching on that the 50 of us over here at PUMA are going to kick some booty!


  37. Swanspirit,

    Eva is the best! Thanks !!
    Thankfully her then boy friend had a professional studio..or we would have even less of one of the greatest of all time . Amazing.

  38. Hey thanks for the shout out, Swanspirit. Have a great day!

  39. You are so very welcome 🙂 ANNETOO I am extremely grateful we have so much music from her .. and ff I totally agree that PUMA and so many others have had a smashing impact on this campaign and the coronation of bo and I am eternally grateful to be even a small a part of this movement .

  40. No wonder Dean was riding around on that bus….they should him get back on it! lol! A GOP gift giving gaffe machine …..or is he stealth PUMA?? lol!

  41. NO problem bostonboomer you are so very welcome !! I am always happy to do it I love it music sustains me … and I love to share !!!


  42. In a similarly minded article on Politico they were saying

    Obama’s decision to accept a roll call vote, which came after weeks of talks with the Clinton camp, doesn’t mean he’ll let the process get out of hand, observers say.


    The convention is about nominating Barack, so his people want to speed through the vote as fast as possible so it won’t take too much TV time,” said a Democratic delegate who plans to vote for Clinton. “They also want to avoid a scenario where she’s leading at any point.”

    So, I guess this will be…just like the primaries.

  43. just jab the knife right into our eyes…hmmm…..alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansas, california…..that’s the order of states. you do the math!

  44. Hillary, Dance with the ones who brung ya!

    From Angelo at Nobama:

    ” When she got to where I was standing I shook her hand and asked her to please put her name into nomination for the convention in Denver. Senator Clinton looked right at me and said “We are definitely taking it to a vote”. When I asked if she had gotten the 300 signatures she needs on the petition, the senator again looked me right in the eye and said “We are taking it to a vote”.

  45. and then Florida comes up awfully quickly after that…

  46. […] the excellent commentary on it by Riverdaughter Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)PUMA feared?(Denver! Denver! Denver!)Clinton Wants […]

  47. EOF – When did the Convention become “about nominating Barack”?

    What a telling quote. Yes, let’s just speed through all that messy voting sh*t and get straight to the coronation.

    How very – Republican.

  48. HillGirl, do you have a link to Angelo’s comment?

  49. Oh and I forgot – GREAT post, RD!

    Here’s my favorite part:

    I wonder why no one is worried about Hillary’s self-esteem. After all, the two candidates are separated by less than 100 pledged delegates when the FL and MI contingents are restored to full strength. If it weren’t for the Superdelegates folding at the first sign of Obama and his pals screwing their faces up for a good, long, noisy howl, they might have done the right thing and thrown their weight behind the candidate who actually *earned* the nomination.

    The thought of anyone worried about Hillary’s self-esteem makes me laugh. Clearly, those pantsuits are made of titanium! 🙂

  50. “The convention is about nominating Barack, so his people want to speed through the vote as fast as possible so it won’t take too much TV time,” said a Democratic delegate who plans to vote for Clinton. “They also want to avoid a scenario where she’s leading at any point.”

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no…the Convention is NOT about “nominating Barack.” The Convention is about giving the delegates a chance to vote as representatives of the people! This has all become a play of the absurd. He is “allowing” Hillary’s name to be put up for a vote (but will rush through it so it doesn’t count). It’s not up to him to allow it. Why doesn’t someone say that publicly? Surely, there are analysts who actually know how the traditional procedure from past elections? Why are they all–and I mean all–repeating these talking points like there are facts?

  51. My word, fellow Conflucians. Yesterday evening, while attending a family gathering, the discussion of the election arose and I was certain I would have to simply remain mute (otherwise “PUMA POWER!” lol). (We’re talking a predominately middle-class AA Texas crowd here.) But, to my absolute astonishment, when one of my friends mentioned Barack the consensus amogst the fold (7 out of 10 folk – honestly!) now wishes Barack Obama was running as VP to Hillary. They concluded (some, of course, reluctantly) that Hillary’s the one who has what it takes to beat McCain in the fall. One of my friends said “I really think McCain loves that fact that he doesn’t have to go against Hillary. [The inference being John would likely not stand a chance against the NY Senator.] Naturally, one or two had to repeat the nonsensical babble of “Yeah, but Hillary did sling a lot of dirt” [during the primary race]. To which another attendee replied (much to my surprise): “And Barack and his people did the same thing. He’s as much a politician as all the others. Surprise.”

    Couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What a difference in just a couple months’ time. Wow! It seems Obama is proving to be his own greatest defect.

  52. those pantsuits are made of titanium!

    LOL! SUPER-HILL!!!!!!!!!

  53. Great story edwardian. Thanks for sharing. People are a lot smarter than the manipulators give them credit for.

  54. I find the news stations are also talking about this convention being a symbolic vote and a coronation for Obama, like that’s the normal process. By talking in that manner the public would never know that this is not a normal process for convention.

    I think we need to get the information out to the public of what the normal process/purpose is for convention based on history and how once again the rules are different for Hillary.

  55. Edwardian – THANK YOU!!! That is great to hear. I have experienced something similar, with friends who are Democrats and liberals but who have never heard of PUMA. None were AA, though. That’s even more amazing considering all the nasty racial attacks Obama perpetrated on Hillary.

    KB – I found the link to that story mentioned by HillGirl. It’s really touching!

    My 15 Seconds With Hillary

  56. So that Hillary never gets ahead of him, they have now instituted a “new alphabetic order” in which to call the states. There will surely be a lottery, in which by some strange coincidence, the causcus states will be ahead in the series!

    I had a good dream going this morning, so I refused to wake up. I dreamed that my sister (Missouri – now a republican state), some friends and I went to see a Hillary event. There weren’t very many people there, and Hillary and team were sitting on the floor across the room from a few bleachers. I didn’t want to move towards here to shake hands because she looked really tired so I just cheered and waved at her. After that I don’t know what happened, but 2 of us got to start talking to her personally. It was really fun because we got to ask her “girlfriend” questions. I don’t remember anything else, but when I woke up I was literally crying from my sleep. (Pat – Eddy told me I was being silly.) All I know is this woman has got to be the President of the United States. We can’t back down, and we can’t let her stop.

    Thank you so much to everyone working so hard to make it happen!


  57. This is terrible. I am reading Hill will only get between 600-1200 votes. It’s like Ben Carlson said. If this is what it’s going to be why bother? It’s like the caucuses all over again.

  58. Masslib – Where are you reading this? Is it a credible source?

    Sorry but I just don’t believe anything about Hillary unless she confirms it herself.

  59. masslib:

    If they’re gonna rob Hillary of the delegates she won, make ’em do in public.

    Maybe we can’t stop ’em, but we can expose ’em

  60. edwardian, on August 16th, 2008 at 11:12 am

    It is amazing that people still believe that Hillary slang a lot of dirt on Bo. Hillary had the dirt but she didn’t wound BO like the msm was saying. She knew about Wright, Edward’s mistress etc. but she was silent.

  61. Good Morning Riverdaughter!!!!

    Wait, so Obama doesn’t want the process getting out of hand??? Who died and made him the messiah? LOL!!
    If I smelled a stench of rigged, or back-room deal roll-call, then there’s no-way I’ll vote for Obama. I wasn’t planning on it anyway.

  62. myiq – Word!

  63. Masslib – It says right there that no one can predict how many votes she’ll get.

    Also, this part makes me laugh:

    “By putting her name in nomination, you’re putting people on the spot,” said former delegate counter Matt Seyfang, adding a second potential drawback: “Having a roll call … just chews into your broadcast time.”

    Yes, and our sponsors will be so pissed! So much product placement, so little time! You know that voting sh*t gets in the way of AT&T’s profits!!!

  64. Carol, on August 16th, 2008 at 11:18 am

    ……All I know is this woman has got to be the President of the United States. We can’t back down, and we can’t let her stop

    Amen, Carol!!!

  65. Surprise, Surprise!

    Obama Flips on Soft Money! I thought BO was the “KING OF $20 DONATIONS”



  66. I don’t know why the delegate count should come as a surprise. I know some people are getting their hopes up about a surprise at the convention, but short of a miracle, nothing is going to change.
    The best we can really hope for is that Clinton supporters make a strong show of support for her and that the DNC knows we are not going away…and certainly not quietly.
    If the media is preoccupied covering stories about how the dems are not united, that takes a lot of the wind from Obama’s sails.
    Our goal should be ZERO bounce. Our goal should be disturbance.
    And PUMAs should be looking at longer range goals than November.

  67. masslib: Never say never. There is still time.

  68. Carol, by the end of reading that story my stomach actually hurts. His so called Open Convention sounds like a real blast for the rich.

  69. Oh Carol…that’s just amazing.

    Cheetos – commence pretzelification!

  70. ” This quote from that article By putting her name in nomination, you’re putting people on the spot,” said former delegate counter Matt Seyfang, adding a second potential drawback: “Having a roll call … just chews into your broadcast time.”
    please excuse my sarcasm but other wise I wuold type very BAD WORDS and be banned forever …

    Well lets not let DEMOCRACY interfere with BROADCASTING … after all it hasnt thus far in the MEDIA in THIS campaign

    WHERE do they dig up these total idiots???

  71. In order for Obamanation to be discredited, we need to establish a record that shows Hillary did not “lose,” she was robbed.

    If we allow it to appear that Obama won the nomination fair and square, he will be gone but his supporters and enablers in the party will remain, ready to try again.

  72. RD – if you read that story carefully, several different people say totally different things about what the delegate count could be.

    I don’t think anyone really knows! If we keep sending letters to the SD’s, they might change their minds.

    As Carol would say:


  73. Hill and Bill are going to pull this off! I just know it.


    They are not going to take this BS!

  74. Pure Conjecture Alert

    Just thinking down the chess game that is politics, when BZero loses to McCain, sitting office holders being “primaried by Obanauts,” Dean being deposed at the behest of pitch forks and torches, BrazileNut being eaten by her own hate-ridden bile, and the rest of the Chicago thugs going back to snatching purses and scamming the system, Hillary’s retort to all of it is, “You had your chance!” It has a powerful ring to it in 2012.

    To me, in my full blown conjecture mode, I don’t see any downside no matter what the delegate count is at the convention. Upside is an upset, downside is an unrefutable line of attack come 2012.

    End conjecture mode.

  75. In the middle of the night some lyrics came into my head for a song:

    SUPERDELEGATES -to bar a true vote is atrocious!

    sung to the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and before long I began to write 2-3 stanzas! It really made me laugh!!!!! If anyone wants me to post these kooky lyrics, I might—but remember, they’re kooky (irreverent and funny)!

  76. Carol,

    What a nice dream. Thanks for sharing it.

  77. Went to breakfast this morning with a group (4) friends. All diehard Dems who have voted straight party ticket, both national and state, for years. No one is voting Obama! Not one. They agree that he has “stolen” the nomination, cheated in the caucuses, and disrespected Hillary. And they are not planning at this time to vote McCain either for any troll who may be lurking. What stands out the most for them though is his 300 day Senate tenure. This disturbs them to no end.

    So this week alone I have dined with 9 different women who are adamantly opposed to Obama and are either not planning on voting at all or will go with McCain unless Hillary is the nominee! In MA this is heresy! We are perhaps the most liberal of all states.

    But I need to cut down on my socializing since this is doing nothing for my waistline to be honest. But the mimosas in the morning were delicious!

  78. Carol,

    I released your comment.

  79. After the first day at the convention ……the media ……will tip us off…….of what is really going down.

  80. This is what happened:

    Hillary was given assurances by the SD’s that if she graciously suspended and worked for BO and in the end the numbers weren’t there, they would move to make her the Nominee. BO had his chance. In the end, they know it is Her or Them! Being the selfish, lowlife’s most of them are, they will have to be forced to do the right thing. Even the pundits signed on, because this will give them something to talk about until their tiny brain cells explode one at a time – that should take about 15 seconds.


  81. Hillary-zila: Hate to disagree, but the media could come out and tell us that George Bush is the current president of the US and I would not believe them. They have shown they are nothing but pandering liars and anything they say will be just another Axelrod talking point. Better to just watch the thing unfold.

  82. My goal was that the delegates would actually vote for the candidate they represent.

  83. Riverdaughter, thanks so much for including Betty-Jean’s moving video. She speaks from her heart about our need for universal healthcare in this country. And Hillary is the only one advocating this. No cute and witty wordplay here. This is real, gut wrenching and terrifying.

    It is morally and ethically WRONG that the United States does not provide universal health care for our residents. How can we advocate greater influence in the world for our country when we so blatantly ignore our own people.

    Momma always said, ” . . . judge a person by what she or he does rather than by what she or he says.” This morning I’m taking such a deep breath and grieving for our party and our country . . . and for Betty-Jean and her daughter.

    If there ever has been ONE who “gets it” about our country it is Hillary. I really want to call her by her formal title, The Honorable Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Thank you. We love you. We will continue to support you for the long haul, even if it needs to be 2012 or even 2016. Keep pushing for universal health care. Keep advocating for the people of the United States.

  84. We know how the media is in the tank for Obama and we will know by the spin…what they are really trying to do.

  85. Anyone of a mind to disagree that Obama is all in favor of this latest “spying” request made by President Dagwood?


  86. Carol; All I can say is “in your dreams”?

    (Pat – Eddy told me I was being silly.)

  87. CAROL !!
    that email is incredible I think it should go out to all the SDS and delgates to let them know what is realy going on 🙂 !!

  88. mad – you mean “even when Madame President takes office in 2008”.


    Hillary knew her statements were being recorded. There are no “hot mike” situations with the Clintons.

  89. Hey, check this out – Huckabee expects a primo Convention spot.

    His delegate haul: Under 300.

    Double standards, anyone?

  90. I just saw an article headline “Both Parties Reach Out to Middle on Abortion”…Um, Dem’s are already in the middle on abortion, but good for McCain.

  91. Oh, the other headline…”Dems Open to Off-Shore Drilling”….with all this and the Georgia thing, isn’t it safe to say McCain is actually driving the debate in this election? How fricken odd is that given it’s supposed to be a Dem year.

  92. Obamedia is hyperventilating and pearl-clutching over a CNN story asking whether Obama is the Antichrist.

    The whole thing is stupid for two reasons:

    1. They are only calling attention to the issue

    2. The real Antichrist would have actually accomplished something by this point in his life.

  93. Obama would find it difficult to drive the “bus” we all travel under let alone drive the debate! He is much like that kid in class, always leaning over someone’s shoulder “copying” the answers. First from Hillary, now McCain. Not an original thought in his whole body.

  94. myiq2xu: lol

  95. Poignant and heartbreaking video by Billy Jean. I hope and pray her daughter can prevail in her battle with cancer, and I wish Billy Jean and her family peace and strength during this awful time. Best wishes, Billy Jean, and heartfelt sympathy for what your daughter is going through. My mom died from cancer at age 40, so I know how painful it can be. We cannot afford to allow this government to deprive its citizens of the right to affordable, decent, health care, in a single payer system–for everyone. If it takes a woman’s revolution, we really must wage it. And, the first step in that war should be to refuse to vote for Barack Obama, to refuse to collude in the illegitimate Democratic Party theft of our votes, and our representation.

  96. Look at this idiot article:


    The biggest disappointment in this entire process are women like this one.

  97. …gee, so many requests for my silly lyrics…well, I’ll toss them!

  98. masslib: 20 somethings with no sense or taste of history. Kiddie morons!

  99. Billy-Jean would not have any of those problems in Italy.
    Tho late to join European Universal HC systems, It’s in place now and has been for the last 30ish years.

    Despite terrible forbodings from the Right that it would bankrupt the country, it hasn’t, and has become something no-one wants to do without.

    Here in Tuscany it works pretty well, tho they are trying to close down small local hospitals in favor of large new ones. (They call it cost-cutting, locals call it graft to the politicians)(tangenti)

  100. ps-loved Billy Jean on the radio with pagan power-why did they stop?

  101. Obama is the Pet Rock of politics. Two years from now he’ll be just as irrelevant.

  102. Morning!!

    or rather afternoon–slept in. Isn’t it telling that the PUMA movement has done so much in such a short time and is composed of mostly……..women…..
    Thanks to all the men, but I just think it interesting how good women are at organizing and multi-tasking. To me it means that a woman President would be great. No wonder the boys club has tried to keep us out of power for so long.

    Btw, yes, even if the convention doesn’t go the way we want–we must continue (we need each other and the country will really need this movement.) Was watching abit of O’Reilly last night and he had Kasic subbing for him. He said that he had talked to some in the Obama camp and that they were worried about women. Yeah!!
    Also, he had a 527 group clip (the guy that did the Willie Horton ad) and it was pretty devastating. Yes, the Repubs. know everything–they are just holding their fire.

  103. The graphic and theme of this made me want to go to the transcript of one of the funniest things on TV ever – an Angel episode called Smile Time. There, some Public TV puppets (possessed by demons) are singing:

    Self-esteem is for everybody
    self-esteem is for everyone
    you can dream and be anybody,
    but self-esteem is how you get it done

    (as they prepare to suck the life force of all the kids watching them). I thought it was apropos.

  104. I have a faith that something good will come out of that convention in Denver and and when it does, I hope we recognize it for what it is: a confluence of so many disparate and seemingly unconnected pieces put into play by a force greater than all of us.

    I think about all the women throughout history who changed the course of human events: Deborah, Judith, Joan, Elizabeth, Golda and now, Hillary.

  105. something I wrote on newsvine
    When the Client is in pain, does it matter who is at fault?
    One thing is for sure. The unity pony being sold by the DNC and Obama isn’t fixing the problem. If those of you who support Obama have the willingness to explore why “half of the people at this client” might have a legitimate complaint, I invite you to visit and study the materials at the website listed below……Because in my experience, when you leave a client in pain, without regard or concern for their legitimate complaints but instead focus on blame and diversion, you are going to get fired. And that is the very real scenario faced by Obama and the DNC in this election cycle.

    The only question to be answered is if the DNC and Obama are really willing to troubleshoot the real reasons why 1/2 of the client is in pain.

    It would appear that the DNC is willing to make this amateurish mistake for the sake of installing Obama

  106. Betty Jean,

    Big hug to you dear and I won’t give up, not until we get her elected into office and ALL AMERICANS have UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE!

    You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.

  107. My thoughts and prayers are with you Betty Jean.

  108. What a moving statement by Betty-Jean. If people saw people like them talking like this, instead of the crummy ads that flood the airwaves, we’d have Hillary AND healthcare on the way…

  109. there is an obsessional symtom called doing and undoing, the obsessional is wracked with doubt and when he makes a decision he has to consciously or unconsciously undo it, take it back. so, Barack makes the gesture, and then he has to show that it’s just a formality, he hadn’t really done anything. Gore had this problem and so did Kerry. It’s the worst of both, it gets people’s hopes up that he’s a better candidate and then it dashes those hopes.

    Some people hide their intrinsic doubt by playing both sides from the beginning. the thing that may prove Barack is worse is that his undoing makes him look small and petty, it’s over nothing that he has to make his points, usually as qualified, like, likable, enough. And “I wouldn’t say gorgeous.” He either says too little or too much.

    This is also a sign of being a novice, lack of experience, although not everyone learns through experience to shut up before you undo what you just said. He seems to show his truer self through these revelations. There is a diary up at AC on the Atlantic Monthly email story, and it seems as if Barack really didn’t know that Hillary wasn’t out to get him, such a paranoid thought for anyone to have. Now he knows, maybe that’s made a difference, maybe it hasn’t.

  110. This is not a democracy anymore when delegates don’t freely vote. Obama has managed to cultivate an atmosphere of intimidation that he accused the Clintons of using. We could be in big trouble if Hillary doesn’t shout out.

    What is the POINT of a fake democracy and our rights and responsibilities?

    This hyjacking of the process is so bad! Obamans seem to think they have a more viable version of democracy.

    We have been taken over by cult of personality. Our educational system needs CPR, nobody is minding the economy, healthcare is predatory and on and on….

  111. what is AC?

  112. What’s all the to-do? I mean really. They’re letting the little woman speak. Geez.


  113. Billy-Jean would not have any of those problems in Italy.
    Tho late to join European Universal HC systems, It’s in place now and has been for the last 30ish years.

    Despite terrible forbodings from the Right that it would bankrupt the country, it hasn’t, and has become something no-one wants to do without.

    Here in Tuscany it works pretty well, tho they are trying to close down small local hospitals in favor of large new ones. (They call it cost-cutting, locals call it graft to the politicians)(tangenti)

    Dear Laurie,

    The same ‘consolidation’ of hospital facilities is taking place in the UK (I go back every year), as well as the proposal of mega-surgeries (sort of super-sized doctor’s offices). Despite many faults, the NHS is omething which is absolutely vital to the life of the country.

    I work in a facility which is rated as on of the best in the country (‘Solucent’s Top 100’ 6 years out of the last 7), and I cannot tell you how much I would love to see this country with UHC!

  114. Riverdaughter, this was priceless:

    “Little male egos are so fragile in this developmental stage”!! Obamarama certainly cannot handle any “scolding mother”–CNN’s venomous McCafferty’s Hillary description! I should think that’s exactly what BHO’s juvenile ego needs more than anything so he can grasp reality better…

  115. I would like to share with you parts of a NYT times that appeared in my daily newspaper today. Its lomg, but bear with me as it makes a lot of good points. The Headine is ” Democrats worry about battles ahead of Obama” and then goes on ” Democcratic Party leaders in battleground states say Barack Obama’s fight ahead against John McCain looks tougher than they imagined, with Obama vulnerable on multiple fronts despite weeks of cross-country and overseas campaigning…………..These Democrats—15 Governors, members of congress and state party leaders–say Mr. Obama hasn’t converted his popularity among mant Americans into solution to electorial challenges…………undecided Democrats ans independents that he would address their financial anxieties rather than run, by and large, as an agent of change—given that chage, they note, is not an issue…………Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio……It’s fine to tell people about hope and change, but you have to have plenty of concrete, pragmayic ideas that bring hope and change to life…………….Instead of giving big speeches at big stadiums, he needs to give straight-up 10 word answers to people at Wal-Mart about how he would improve their lives…Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen said……..Obama advisers says………his agreement to a roll-call vote on Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy at the Democratuc convention should bring her disappointed supporters into the fold………..Obama has not broken away from Mr.McCain in polling—a reflection, in part,of the hugh numbers of undecided voters across party lines…….said David Plouffe, Mr. Obama’s campaign manager……..I don’t care about national polls”

  116. Please excuse all the above mistakes, I have a hard time reading and typing at the same time. I also wanted to add to the above that the items in this story should be brought to the attention of every super delegate. The only person that will be able to defeat McCain in the fall will be Hillary Clinton.

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