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Denver, here we come! Fundraiser continued…

Last night, we kicked off the weekend fundraiser to cover the costs of the PUMA HQ and Media Center in Denver.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by Sunday evening.

Friends, we’ve gotten this far on a shoe string. None of us do it for the money, although the fame and glory would be pretty cool.  We are working people, soccer moms, retired, students.  In other words, we are just average people who have a single common goal: self-determination.  We want our voices heard.  We entrusted our delegates and superdelegates with our votes and now we expect them to honor that trust and vote as we instructed them to do in the primaries.  We want them to give us the best presidential ticket for the fall so we can beat the Republicans and unfortunately, that doesn’t include Barack Obama in the number one spot (*hint, hint*, SDs.  There *is* a way out of this mess.).

So, if you want to help us, if you want to join us, if you want others to bask in the reflection of your fame, or infamy, as the case may be, put your money where your votes are and help us take back our country.  Help us with our virtual outreach through the PUMA media center.  Help us with our (wo)man on the street activities to peacefully spread the word, one voter at a time.  Help us make our Beautifhul Protest and Rise event (yes, we have a permit) a thing to remember.  Make this a convention one where the grassroots fire ignites and spreads to every home in America.  Let them know that People United Mean Action.

You can contribute here to help PUMAPac. Or, if you want to direct your money specifically to the coalition, you can use this link to donate to JustSayNoDeal. If you make a contribution, put your location and amount in the comments section here and maybe Carol, our fundraising whip can keep a running total.  PUMAPac’s goal for today is $4000.00.  Hmmm, I can see an inter blog rivalry.  I challenge Alegre’s Corner to out raise us!

BTW, if your checkbook is empty but your ink jet printer is not, take Murphy’s advice and use this weekend to spread the word in your town.  There is an action center where you can print flyers, business cards and other nifty stuff.  This kind of contribution helps get our message out beyond the web.  You can find the action center here.

And I’d like to thank those of you who have contributed to Gary and Mawm’s RV Adventure fund to Denver.  Every tank of gas helps so much.  If you’d like to buy a couple of gallons for Gary and Mawm, use the PayPal button below.  Thanks again for your support.

Tune in tonight on NQR for another edition of Meet Me in Denver with Darragh Murphy and friends for the latest updates and details on our plans.  That starts at 9:00PM EST on blogtalkradio.

153 Responses

  1. OK, I’ll go first.
    Riverdaughter, Central New Jersey
    $50.00 to PUMA Headquarters and Media Center

    Wow, that felt good!
    Try it!

  2. Okie Dokieeeeeeeeee! I’m in for the counting!

    fuzzy, we need some leaning!

    Riverdaughter $50

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  3. Carol: I just donate 20.00 to gary and Mawm. Does this count? I just donated to PUMA pac within the last 10 days.

  4. Let me ask Eddy. Just a minute.

  5. Carol- Not much, but they say every little bit helps…

    Donation amount: $10.00 USD
    Total: $10.00 USD
    Purpose: Puma PAC Contribution
    Reference: Contribute Web Page
    Contributor: Laney

  6. Pat: Thanks so much, Pat! I think you’re covered. 😉

  7. Laney: Where are you from?

  8. RD- Bellingham, Washington State…

  9. Rd- Magic, my name was deleted, thanks, I forget to do it…

  10. Donation Details

    Donation amount: $50.00 USD
    Total: $50.00 USD
    Contributor: Garychapelhill

    so what do we get when we get to 4000. SM have some fun graphics for us???

  11. oh, my donation was to PUMApac by the way 🙂

  12. 25.00 for gary mawm and the denver adventure-have you guys started a PUMA bail fund?

    Confirmation number: 25S394916L561993K. An email with your donation details has been sent to fuzzybeargville@yahoo.com and you
    can print your donation receipt.Your Mailing

    did I do this right?


  13. thanks pat 🙂

  14. It is extremely important to me that I feel even a small part of this movement. Wish I could do more because of the importance of maintaining our sense of democracy and fair play. Having representatives act on behalf of those of us who are unable to attend offers me and others a swelling sense of pride.

    PUMA is our voice in the jungle.

  15. I would have settled for you coming to my house and cleaning it though…. lol

  16. Riverdaughter: Are the contributions for this site being counted distinct from those on the PUMAPAC site? If so, what’s the current total at this site?

  17. oh well my email addr is outed he he gues christina and company will be filling my box with hate…ha ha as I say to all who try to challenge the PUMA movement-



  18. gary: tuck it

  19. PUMA PAC

    laney $10
    gary $50

    Grand Total:


    gary and mawm


    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

    (Eddy said let’s just run the totals for today. He doesn’t want Shuster to come back and call us on older contributions. He might slap Will next time if the numbers aren’t spot on.)

  20. hatshepsut: If you want to contribute to PUMAPac, use the link that will direct you to the PUMAPac page. If you want to contribute to Gary and Mawm’s big adventure, use the paypal donate button on our page.
    Thanks a bunch no matter which one you choose.

  21. Carol: *^%gj&^%$#z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and *&^&lkh$$!!!!!!!!

  22. Don’t forget to tell us where you’re from!!!

  23. Donation Details

    Gary and Mawm Great RV Adventure
    Donation amount: $40.00
    Reference: 2 $40.00

    Denise W
    Massapequa, NY
    United States

  24. fuzzy, you want me to erase your email??? thanks for the donation!!!

  25. fuzzy – If we make our goal today, I need to be using my “beauti-operator” skills on the lovely Dean for his “whitey” comment yesterday, and I think it’s time for Nancy a new doo – I’ll contribute it for free as she is at a 4% approval rating. What will be the LEAN?

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  26. what did that NY observer say? we did pelosi as deville, I think it was Donna B as Ursula from the little mermaid…lol

  27. Donation Details

    PUMA headquarters and media

    Donation To Puma PAC -$40.00 USD Aug. 10, 2008 Completed
    Donation To Puma PAC -$40.00 USD Aug. 16, 2008 Completed

    Denise W
    Massapequa, NY

  28. Gary and Mawm’s RV adventure: $100.
    Confirmation number: 2YC94606SY821441G.

    Hatshepsut (Mayo), Blacksburg, VA

  29. Confirmation Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Placed on Aug. 16, 2008
    Purpose Puma PAC Headquarters & Media Center
    Donation amount $50.00 USD

    Good morning all — and thank you for the valuable work you are doing, Riverdaughter and colleagues.

  30. hatshepsut, thank you. I wish I could more adeptly express how grateful I am to all of you. Not just for the money, but for being there for me and each other. oh, and hatshep…i’ve been meaning to email, sorry for the delay, we probably will go through bburg on the way, so we’d love to have you on film to take to the convention.

  31. Look at this:


    Even when Obama “fights the smears” he still finds time to smear Hillary. By the way, that speech was ripped off from the Patrick campaign. It’s the exact same speech.

  32. I just donated $25 to PumaPac. Wish I could go to Denver but one of our goddaughters is getting thenmarried and we can’t miss it.

  33. hey did you get my $ 25.00 for the gary and mawm adventure…


    naw leave up my email the box haxs been pretty empty lateley

  34. Oh RD – I am a tad strapped for cash these days. Luckily, my unemployed status will end on Monday.

    So sorry I can’t contribute this weekend, but I hope there will be more fundraisers before the Convention!

  35. from that abc link

    One item the Obama campaign labels a “LIE” is the claim that when Obama ran for state senator, “(i)nstead of stepping aside in deference to (then-state senator Alice) Palmer, Obama decided to fight her for the nomination.”

    This is not a lie, this is true. Palmer had decided to run for Congress, and Obama was tapped to run to replace her. When Palmer lost in the primary, she wanted to stay as a state senator. Obama said no. He had every right to do so, but he decided to fight her for the nomination instead of stepping aside in deference to her.

    Isn’t that the same lie he’s telling about Hillary now? that he is the one that wanted her name in nomination all along? They live by the BIG LIE philosophy ..more they have in common with Bush.

  36. garychapelhill: I may be in NY taking son to college, when would you be coming by B’burg?

    Are you picking up any PUMAs around here? and in that connection, I’d be very glad to know of any, since I do not and I’m probably a loner amongst my colleagues in this regard.

  37. we’re not picking anyone up there, its just kind of on the way. we’re probably just passing through, but would love to get some video, I’ll let you know in email when we’ll be there.

  38. Carol is Nancy really down to 4%? Oh my what a failure that must be! How can she wield any power at the convention? She is less popular than a seaweed and box jellyfish sandwitch!

    Poor Nancy she must be the worst Speaker of the Botox eerrr House ever. yes dean and nancy will def need some special treatment if reach our goal…


  39. Thanks for all you do! And for those of us who can’t get to Denver, we’re counting on you to carry our voices loud & clear 🙂

    Donation amount: $50.00 USD
    Total: $50.00 USD
    Purpose: Denver Convention
    Contributor: fif

    Donation amount: $50.00 USD
    Total: $50.00 USD
    Purpose: Gary and Mawm’s Great RV Adventure
    Reference: 2
    Contributor: fif

  40. This is not a lie, this is true. Palmer had decided to run for Congress, and Obama was tapped to run to replace her. When Palmer lost in the primary, she wanted to stay as a state senator. Obama said no. He had every right to do so, but he decided to fight her for the nomination instead of stepping aside in deference to her.

    Not only is it a lie, but they do not explain the methods he used to “challenge” her. They went over every voter petition to eliminate any and all technically invalid signators (eg: if they put the date in the wrong place). This is just wrong, I don’t care how “strategic” it is. He doesn’t compete straight on. Look at how he debated Hillary. He’d hem and haw in front of her, but was too afraid and/or incapable of defeating her directly. He would wait until the next day, in front of his adoring (bussed in) crowds, and then sneer at her. Again, we know what we saw. They cannot convince us otherwise with double-talk.

  41. Thank you for your contribution to Hillary Clinton for President.
    AMOUNT: $10.00

    Donation amount: $10.00 USD
    Donations coordinator: Puma PAC


    Donation amount: $10.00 USD
    Purpose: Gary and Mawm’s Great RV Adventure

    ….sigh…….wish I could afford more

  42. Wow! You guys are amazing. I am so happy that Gary and Mawm won’t have to panhandle through the panhandles.

  43. Like I’ve said before, is it Swiftboating if it’s true?

    Obama should have just said that Corsi was a well-known conspiracy theorist who doesn’t have a shred of credibility. He should have pointed out some of Corsi’s wacky history. Discredit the messenger and the message is ignored. This approach would have been far more effective than what he’s doing now.

    Obama has been Orwellian in his constant attempts to rewrite history in his favor. As usual, he lies when the truth would serve him just as well. I firmly believe he is a pathological in that regard.

  44. fuzzy – yes at 4% and I believe that to be generous.

    Let me know what the beauti- treatments will be. Please stay out of the ^%&%$ zones!

  45. gary – they are trying to rip you a new one over at yes. You are now an evangelical *(^%$)(*!

    Can’t they just be satisfied that we are loser Republicans?

  46. Carol, I’m posting the totals in the sidebar but, I’m leaving for lunch in a few minutes. Do you have the recent donations added up? I’d like to get them posted.

  47. bo has always been a LIAR …
    I spent a great deal of time online getting my radio station up and running and keeping it going .. In my travels this winter I found this
    its great reading http://www.dallasobserver.com/2008-02-28/news/obama-and-me/1 itis an article written by TODD SPIVAK it is a very clear picture of bos beginnings his legislation hijacking in the Illinois State Senate and the story of Alice Palmer , who supports Hillary Clinton . here is a quote from that article
    He was just 35 when in 1996 he won his first bid for political office. Even many of his staunchest supporters, such as Black, still resent the strong-arm tactics Obama employed to win his seat in the Illinois Legislature.

    Obama hired fellow Harvard Law alum and election law expert Thomas Johnson to challenge the nominating petitions of four other candidates, including the popular incumbent, Alice Palmer, a liberal activist who had held the seat for several years, according to an April 2007 Chicago Tribune report.

    Obama found enough flaws in the petition sheets—to appear on the ballot, candidates needed 757 signatures from registered voters living within the district—to knock off all the other Democratic contenders. He won the seat unopposed.

    “A close examination of Obama’s first campaign clouds the image he has cultivated throughout his political career,” wrote Tribune political reporters David Jackson and Ray Long. “The man now running for president on a message of giving a voice to the voiceless first entered public office not by leveling the playing field, but by clearing it.”

    I highly recommend the entire article as there is a wealth of information to be had there 😉

  48. Here’s my donation to PUMA Pac:

    Confirmation number: 2TVxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Donation amount: $10.00 USD
    Total: $10.00 USD
    Purpose: Denver bound baby!
    Contributor: Piper

    Recipient information

    Donations coordinator: Puma PAC
    Contact email: murphy@pumapac.org

    It’s the best I can do for right now.

  49. I drove due east from Denver once, all the way to the far side of Kansas.

    It was about as exciting as watching paint dry, real “Children of the Corn” territory.

    I did learn that the wind rarely stops blowing, but when it does, you don’t want to be there, because it’s “Children of the Corn” territory.

  50. katie – I will do it right now! (I am being forced to clean today.)

  51. Riverdaught / Ladybird-

    Long time/no post. I’ve had my hands full exploiting third world programmers in India to build my new online political journal.

    P.U.M.A. movement is taking off – good for you – bad for Obama. Would you really not back Hillary as V.P.? The office of V.P. is a pretty active one these days. Look at Cheney and Gore. She can leave a very positive mark on society if Dems keep the office for 8 years. Don’t you agree?

    Anyway, – I welcome you guys to check out my site and comment. We are lacking the P.U.M.A. perspective. It’s supposed to be like “Crossfire on the Internet”. My partner is a Right Wing Reaganite. Screen is split right down the middle. Let me know your thoughts. Look forward to it. Answer my question also if you have time.



  52. Hi The Left. Are you our old friend from last spring?

  53. Um, Obama has ZERO intention of asking Hill to be VP, so the point is moot.

  54. Oh, Carol — I’m so sorry!

  55. TL:

    I would back Hillary at anything she decided to do.

    She earned it.

    Obama on the other hand . . .

  56. We’re getting some good reviews for our DC conference:

  57. PUMAPAC G&M Hillary

    Pat $ 20
    fuzzy $ 25
    DeniseW $40 $ 40
    hatshepsut1988 $100
    stillhoping4hill $50
    Superjude $25
    fif $50 $ 50
    kiki $10 $ 10 $10
    Piper $ 10

    Grand Totals: $265 $245 $10

    Thanks Everyone!

    PUMA HAKA :mrgreen:

  58. Goddess Radio is going long today the 1 PM DJ is having a family reunion and cant do her show .. so my house will stay dirty but the music will be beeeyootiful . Tune In Carol it will lift your spirits while you clean and I will say hi to you on the air !!! click here to listen

    Does my regular monthly contribution count?? it isnt much but its… regular… 🙂

  59. I posted my contributions in the “Kicking Back” thread last night: G&M, $25; and also to Puma Pac, $25

    I intended the Puma Pac contribution to be for the HQ & Media Center, but the Paypal link didn’t specify that purpose. Assuming it all goes into the same kitty, tho…

  60. poor christina – Gary I made that donation in honor of her eventual conversion to Puma-that is repairative therapy I can get behind!


  61. Total: $25.00 USD
    Date: Aug, 10, 2008
    Purpose: Denver Outreach–in memory of Sneakers who had the heart of a puma.
    Contributor: lyn5

  62. The Left: It would send a very bad message to have Hillary as VP. Oh, it would probably bump up Obama’s numbers in the short term. But he will still be at the top of the ticket and that is where the Republicans are going to aim their fire. Ultimately, it wouldn’t be Hillary that was in charge. Plus, I don’t like the sight of a more qualified person working for the less qualified one. It goes against my notions of fairness and merit.
    OTOH, the ticket of Hillary as President and Obama as VP is unbeatable. It *feels* right from a fairness and experience standpoint. The rabid media can’t get any worse for Hillary. There is absolutely nothing they can throw at her at this point that she hasn’t already weathered. If Obama and the DNC hadn’t cheated, rigged and stolen the primaries, she would be an easy nominee. She left on a high note. Voters were still voting for her even though they knew the odds were against her. She has EARNED it. Millions of Republican women will cross over to vote for her, whereas there are no millions of African American Republicans who will cross over to vote for Barack. But putting the two on the same ticket will unify the factions in the party.
    The ticket would be unbeatable. Karl Rove must be very nervous at the prospect that cooler heads will prevail among the SDs and they will hammer out an aggreement. Now all we need is the SDs to come out and suggest it. There needs to be one or two who step up and say that this is the only way of winning. It has to happen soon.

  63. As much as i agree with everything you have said RD , and know it to be true, I would still hate to see Hillary damage her presidency with bo as VP .

    I know she would choose him out of deference to HIS voters and supporters , because that is who she is . I think bo was wrong and was just spreading more manure around when he said “his” supporters wouldn’t vote for her. More of his supporters would certainly vote for her if he was on the ticket , than the other way round . That is basically the only job I think he is qualified for …. manure spreader …

  64. What RD said. 🙂

  65. I think the VP spot for Hillary would establish a ceiling for women that would last into the forseeable future. it would be a huge mistake, for Hillary and for women in general.

  66. carol, if I’m an evangelical hell has officially frozen over. plus I just had to peek over there. The post up now is titled

    “PUMA-the Earmarks of Extremism”

    –I believe he means hallmarks… OMG are they reallly that stupid?

  67. “riverdaughter”
    “If” Obama “dropped-out” after his “speech” on race in March ( a choice HE made instead of answering DIRECT questions) & THEN SHE GAVE HIM “VP” I would have been “COOL” with that!
    SADLY, he did’nt & all these months later the Democratic party is “STUCK” with him. They counted on HER SUPPORTERS to put “PARTY 1st” & they were wrong.
    “Country 1st / party 2nd”!

  68. Gary: It should be claw marks! LOL

  69. Gary – Maybe PUMAs are building a bridge to nowhere! LOL

  70. Much as none of us want bo on any ticket with ahillary, it would be a necessity if Hillary were able to get the nomination……in fact it might be the deciding factor.

  71. madamab—LOL

  72. To Puma’s Carol: $25. to Puma pac last evening. Not much but more to come.

  73. Masslib: if that article is true, the wind leaves the VP sails. I like to think that Clark said No to VP2008 Loser position.

  74. just got a request fm the DNC to partisipate in the stop the “Swift boating of Obama reply below:

    I am appalled-as a former Naval officer and the brother of two serving Naval Officers I am appalled that you use the term “swift boating” on any attack leveled against Senator Obama. Senator Obama never served in any branch of the military. He has never served his country in any way that has not first been self-serving.

    He has missed over 130 votes on the senate floor. He has the one of the highest rate of absenteeism of any Senator. Will Senator Obama call in sick to the white house or will he be to busy campaigning for 2012?

    Get me a vomit bucket-you do a disservice to Senator Kerry and all the Men and Women who have or are now serving in the US Armed service to attach the swift boat attack against an decorated war hero John Kerry to national service dodger Barak Obama. Stop this immediately Senator Obama is not worthy of the men and women serving this country. He is not worthy of their respect, their salute, or their service.
    Senator Obama is different than Bush in one serious way-President bush Obviously Loves America (in his warped way) but hates Americans, Senator Obama Hates America and Hates Americans.

    You see Mr. Obama cannot be “Swift boated” as he would not know a swift boat or Mekong delta warfare if it smacked him between his eyes.

    I support Hillary R Clinton, for President, my loyalty to her is not negotiable nor is it transferable. Loyalty is not a frequent flyer point package. Senator Clinton is free to support the democrat nominee as she promised, unlike Senator Obama she is a Candidate of her word. I have made no such promise; I own my own vote, not Senator Clinton or the Democrat party.

    Michael Varvel-PUMA Power PUMA Proud!

  75. Good afternoon everyone. I am afraid I cannot donate today. I am however working behind the scenes with puma housing. I am in a logistical nightmare lol! Gary and Mawm, did not get an email from you yet. Everyone is working so hard for our movement. I just thought I would check in for any news. I will be back later, see you on the radio chat tonight.

  76. While I would give most anything to see HRC as nominated for our party’s candidate, I am having a hard time seeing Obama OR the Obama supporters accepting BO being #2 behind Hillary. In fact, If the heavens were to split open and the Goddess sent down the message to the SDs to support Hillary, I still feel Dean, Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, et al, would do everything they could to bring her down…they would be the ones saying they would ‘vote McCain’.

  77. Cruising the Louisville CourierJournal website last night, and came upon an article about a Lou conservative Republican who despises Obama and sells anti-O stuff. He’s giving away 1 Million NoBama bumper stickers, figures he’ll lose $50,000 on the deal, doesn’t seem to care.

    When questioned, the Obama campaign feigned nonchalance, and said BZero is trying to rid this country of “crippling partisanship.” Yep, and they call us traitors if anyone here expresses sympathy for McCain.

    Why, that’s not Democratic betrayal, sir, if we vote McCain or Third Party, we’re just standing tall to stop the painful crippling.

  78. Cate, did you see my official apology a few threads back been trying and hoping I am forgiven-


  79. Waffles is back from Hawaii yet? Did he stop in and see his “typical White Women” Grandma? I wonder if she could get out form under the Aloha City Buslines long enough to say Obama Alii Nui Alii Nui?


  80. No, Fuzzy, I didn’t see it…but thank you very much. I just kinda dropped out after the other day – hurt feelings, I guess. BUT, I found the courage to post today. You can’t keep a PUMA down you know.

  81. For all the talk of BO’s “magnanimous gesture” in “permitting” a floor vote for Hillary, did he really have a choice? I believe this proves that the delegate petition reached its goal of at least 300 signers, and that Hillary agreed to sign off on it, thus forcing both BO and the DNC to comply. They are left to spin it in a favorable light for themselves, but PUMA knows better! 😉

    Have we had a final tally of the delegate petitioners?

  82. Chicago Injury Lawyers Reach Bus Accident Settlement
    In Chicago, Illinois bus accident attorneys from Cain and Abel, P.C. have reached an insurance policy limits settlement for client WESLEY CLARK stemming from a campaign 2008 crash. The client was supporting the candidate while speaking to the Media in a bus lane. He was hit by the Barak Obama campaign bus that was completing a U turn ; one of many on its route .
    That is the last thing our client remembers until he woke up uninvited to the Democratic National Convention .

  83. Cate: I don’t think so. I think that Dean, Pelosi et al, are in a heap of trouble. They were forced to yield on Hillary’s nomination. They know Obama’s sinking in the polls. They tried getting out in front of it with that Atlantic hit piece. But all it did was show that Hillary wasn’t willing to trash the guy’s reputation in order to win.
    But the biggest reason I think that Obama supporters will come over is because when I was canvassing for Hillary, I got the impression that their support was soft. The non zealous Obama supporter were open to arguments in Hillary’s favor. I saw more than one change their minds about her. Obama to them is like a spring fling. It’s wild and giddy and exhilerating. But mature adults know that it can’t last forever. In the end, I think what they really want is the assurance that the person they elect is able to govern effectively. That’s why I believe that if the SDs can make a convincing case for switching to Hillary, there will be a sigh of relief and many people will LOVE the joint ticket of her on top, him as VP learning on the job. I think he’d make a lousy VP but for the sake of UNITY and in the expectation that his native intelligence will serve him well in the post, I’d be willing to accept it.

  84. swanspirit:

  85. Am on the road right now but will donate both to the PumaPac and to Gary and Mawm great adventure when I get back later today.

  86. Donation Details

    Confirmation number: XXXXXXXXXXXXX6812
    Donation amount: $25.00 USD
    Total: $25.00 USD
    Purpose: Gary and Mawm’s Great RV Adventure
    Reference: 2
    Contributor: dcattorney and husband (BC)

    Here’s 1/8th of a tank of gas. Considering I just received an “invitation” to contribute $50,000 to BO to go to a DC fundraising dinner, this is a bargain!

    Will try to send more, and also more to PumaPAC.

  87. Is that the official convention logo at the top of the thread? I keep seeing circles this year everywhere I turn: Obama, ATT&T, Denver, green groups…..

    I guess everything is earth-friendly, but everything has turned into a Henry Moore sculpture.

  88. Somewhat OT, but I figure people will be interested. TL just posted Cronin’s final report on the inadequacies (to put it mildly) on the caucus system:


  89. I want to acknowledge those that contributed earlier before the drive started this morning:

    Pat for PumaPac
    Cate $25 for PumaPac
    SherryNC $25 for PumaPac $25 for G&M

    I am going to keep those totals separate because I got a call from donna’s mama, and she said she is “watching to make sure we are goin’ by the RULZ!”

    donna had to leave for an unexpected beauti-operator appointment she didn’t know she had!

    PUMAPAC G&M Hillary

    lyn5 $25
    dcattorney $25

    Grand Totals: $290 $295 $10


    PUMA HAKA: :mrgreen:

  90. OMG! I am speechless. Wesley Clark is uninvited to the Democratic National Convention?! Who the F*CK do these people think they are?! Rangel: Out. Clark: Out. Anyone who ever remotely possibly might have supported Bill and Hillary Clinton: Out (including us PUMAs!)

    That’s okay, we have jacked up the bus to maximum height. Plenty of room for the General here.

  91. I just donated $50 to PumaPac and $50 to Gary and Mawm. I’m from central Minnesota

  92. Wesley Clark just got thrown under the bus along with the rest of us! This “convention” is totally getting out of hand. They have made room for Michelle’s brother but not for the likes of Jackson, Clark, and Rangel?

    Please America, wake up! The “hijacking” has reached epic proportions when the voices of those who have had years long service to the party are silenced. Bet they find room for Oprah onstage. She is being credited with bringing 1 million voters onboard but how they calculate that is interesting. This guy needs to go DOWN as fast! I am not a member of the Obama Nation!

  93. PJ – Wait wait wait.

    Oprah, but not Wesley Clark, Chuck Rangel or Jesse Jackson?

    Oh boy. The wingnuts are going to have a field day with this one.

    Let’s hope Obama flip-flops on this one really quickly.

  94. Democrats and Their General Election Losing Streak

    In order to break the Democratic Party’s presidential losing streak of only two winners in forty years, it might prove useful for Dean, Pelosi, et al to compare objections and warnings indicated by current polls to those which were flippantly dismissed leading up to each of the Democratic Party’s recent, failed campaigns. Today, the party leaders are ignoring polls indicating that Americans are rejecting what they consider an inexperienced, incompetent Barack Hussein Obama. Democratic leaders are also attempting to ignore PUMAs although they face a certain defeat without them.
    A recent Pew Research poll found that 72 percent of Clinton’s supporters now back Obama. This poll also indicates that some 18 percent of those who backed Clinton in the primaries -which translates to more than 3 million voters (PUMAs)- are already supporting the Republican candidate, John McCain. Another 10 percent – or approximately 1.8 million voters. PUMAs and non PUMAs remain undecided. These Hillary supporters are choosing to remain in the undecided category until the Democratic Convention. At that time, we should see a shift to either Obama or McCain. I would say the latter – more than likely a 60/40 split in McCain’s favor.

  95. Now is the time for these supers to seriously take a look at what the DNC has wrought. Tossing party stalwarts out the window in favor of Ludacris and Jay Z and finding a berth for Michelle’s brother onstage to deliver whatever the hell he is expected to deliver is a gigantic slap in the face. This is the sh*t that Hillary has been up against since the beginning.

    The supers have a duty and owe the voter the opportunity to turn this thing around. Donna, Howard, and Nasty Nancy need to be phased out immediately. Dissing the rear guard does not for “unity” make. The time to act is now!

  96. eaj: Thank you so much for your generosity. In fact, thanks to everyone who has given so far. And if you can’t send filthy lucre, you might want to consider posting flyers in your local grocery store. See the front page post for the link to PUMAPac’s action page.

  97. madamab, are you serious. Oprah is speaking at the convention?????

  98. gary: Only a rumor so far but she has rented a house in Denver for the week of the convention so the “diss” is that she will have some hand in the planning and participation. Just don’t be surprised should this occur. She is being credited for bringing in a million voters during the primary.

  99. Hey gang, check this out from NoQ poster:

    Plagued by infighting, Obamatrons told, Obama’s losing Internet War.

    Lasker’s German pal (WTF) tells him that they are losing the Internet war. He’s right. Penetration figures for anti-Obama messages since the start of August have gone through the roof. It appears that the Obamatrons have not only grossly underestimated the traffic going through the vast network of anti-Obama sites, but also how much of that message is spilling into the rest of blogosphere, via forums and email inboxes… and from there into multiple channels within the MSM media.


    Also, you have to read Uppity’s new post about the brand new irresistible line of OBAMA CLOTHING! It’s hilarious. Are they just begging McCain for a new b*tch slap ad?

  100. FYI
    New (revised) DENVER POLL!!

    PUMA 08 POLL
    Are you a Puma? or WHAT?

    1-PUMA – Denver or BUST!

    2-PUMA – can’t make it but would LOVE to go

    3-PUMA – not interested in doing the Denver insanity!

    4-Not affiliated with any party or PUMA

    5-I’m still a Republican but would vote for Hillary

    6-I am for BHO even though he is hated by so many

    7-Not voting this year

    8-Voting Green or other 3rd Party

    9-I am for McCain even if Hillary gets the Nomination

    10-I am a TROLL

    btw – Stephanie TJONES won the last poll by 2 votes over Clark who I believe won over Nutter by 2 votes! GOOD choices!

  101. Obama also has a new logo out:


    How dumb are these people? Why don’t they just design a new ad that screams: HE’S AMERICAN! REALLY, HE IS!

  102. From Durham, North Carolina –

    $100 to G & M

    $100 to Pumapac

    This was so much fun. I maxed out to Hillary early and have not been able to join in on the fund raising/parties.

    To G & M – I grew up in Kansas, lived in Denver for a couple of years, and lived in Oklahoma for 14 years. I would like to apologize in advance for your upcoming very boring drive. On the other hand – no traffic.

    Maybe one day we can meet…

  103. Hillary Clinton’s name would finally be placed in nomination BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    reposted from politically drunk-ALERT ALERT ALERT


    Media outlets around the nation heralded the news yesterday that Hillary Clinton’s name would finally be placed in nomination and that a roll call would take place at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. The story was considered important because of the 2 months of lobbying by Clinton’s supporters to secure her place on the DNC ballot. Although media outlets were quick to report the news, most were just as quick to overlook the downside to the so-called victory for Clinton. After all, you can’t have a “deal” without concessions by both sides.

    In reality, yesterday’s decision is nothing more than another propagandist message put forth by the Obama campaign and the DNC to attempt to re-attract Clinton supporters back to the Democratic party. Clinton’s name being “placed in nomination” is essentially pointless considering that the agreement also called for Clinton to release her delegates; a move that will all but assure the nomination of Obama. Why Is This Important?

    Simply put, the DNC and Obama campaign have exerted enormous pressure upon both pledged delegates and Superdelegates to support the presumptive nominee. In several cases, such as in Wisconsin and Colorado, State Parties have threatened and attempted to strip the credentials of delegates that have openly criticized Obama or refused to support him. Other delegates who are office holders. Additionally, other delegates have been threatened that the DNC would cut off any campaign funding if they did not fall in line. As a result of Clinton releasing her delegates, it’s safe to say that enough delegates will switch their vote (for the sake of Party influence) so as to create a wide-enough margin to protect Obama’s nomination.

    The media has done an outstanding job of painting the “deal” as a victory for Clinton supporters, but in reality it is a meaningless and empty gesture that by no means represents the principle of ‘self-determination’. Never in the history of the Democratic Party has a nominee had to make such concessions in order to achieve recognition by the Party. Yet, the Obama campaign and DNC have made it apparent that they are not willing to allow any semblance of Democracy to filter into the convention unless it has been manipulated to their advantage.

    Since January, millions of American’s have fallen prey to a propaganda machine and marketing campaign that has “legitimized” a candidate that has called for unity but has caused severe divisions within the broader base of his own party. Clinton supporters have awoken to a new world in which the traditional spin of the media and party leadership no longer blinds them. I only hope that they can raise their voices loud enough to expose this ridiculous “deal” as just another diversion and distraction from Obama’s new Demockacratic Party.


  104. Yet, the Obama campaign and DNC have made it apparent that they are not willing to allow any semblance of Democracy to filter into the convention unless it has been manipulated to their advantage.

    TskTsk: that’s what I see. Unless there is a miraculous emergence of courage from the delegates, I think they have rigged the entire situation, just as they have during the entire primary election cycle. I would loooove to be proven wrong.

  105. Like I said last night, I like Wes Clark.

    Welcome to the Obama Unity Bus with Waste Management Options, sir. You still have a mission, but, you won’t be sitting on the bus, it’s well, let’s just say it’s undercover.

  106. TskTsk: If Obama’s coronation were a forgone conclusion and such an agreement really existed, his campaign wouldn’t be trying so hard to intimidate Hillary’s delegates into voting for him

    Watch what they *do*, not what they say.

  107. Obama also has a new logo out:

    Saw the button on Politico. It’s weird, I’m not sure what the message is, the connection between the two. Just.. strange.

  108. The campaign is reporting that he has raised 51 million for the month of July. How does this correspond with his droopy poll rating? Wouldn’t you think that all those yahoos sending in money would help increase the poll standing a little higher than 44%? Or am I just spinning from the spin?

  109. Heard someone yesterday or day before, believe he is an AA radio personality, say regarding the polls that this year the coattails of downticket might have to be long enough to pull B0 over the finish line!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that he actually said what many must be thinking. Can’t make the downticket dems feel very secure when they see polls plummetting. As RD said let’s watch what they do.

    BTW, congrats and thanks to all for the posts that I haven’t personally thanked you for. Sooooooo appreciate your time and effort to help fix this mess.

  110. I wonder how much cash on hand the Obama campaign has? the primaries after March seemed to show he had to burn quite a lot of cash just to stagger across the finish line while losing all the big states..

  111. not surprised to hear of an Obama line of clothes….as I already knew, the female line would all be sleeveless,( low cut) dresses….

  112. An Obama clothing line? Christ on a cracker can it get anymore ridiculous than this!!!!

    The Obama brand has unlimited possibilities however:
    1. Obama Hood Ornaments in the shape of his stupid face.
    2. Obama Baby Wipes when you need to wipe the sh*it off the kid’s butt.
    3. Obama Kool Aid (a no brainer)
    4. Obama Pantyhose (perfect when nothing else is handy to wrap around you neck during another famous “speech”)
    5. Obama Waffles (for when you just want to be left alone)
    6. Obama Cigarettes (for those who just desire to RAPIDLY be put out of their misery of the next 4 years)
    7. Obama Board Games (make up your own rulz as you go along!)
    8. Obama Pocket Recorders (who needs FISA?)

    A cottage industry is born!

  113. Another $20 to Denver.

  114. Riverdaughter, I have a question. If Kaine is Obama’s VP choice then I have vowed to become a full fledged opposition member to a Barack Obama presidency. Has there been any effort to create a network for PUMAs in battleground states like Virginia? (I don’t want to know strategy yet until the Dem party completely tosses women’s issues under the bus but I am interested in figuring out who I would network with should this come up in a couple weeks.)

    I understand if you do not want to address this on forum. I can be reached at dazed1821 at aol dot com.

    Again, I just would like to know if we have anything in place. Virginia is a virtual tie and if the new coalition is going to be french Vanilla to the GOP’s Vanilla then I am bound and determined to thwart them(I don’t want them to be able to repeat Kaine and Webb wins).

  115. BO is going to need all the money Hillary has brought him. He had 10,000 ads in Florida and McCain 0. McCain is still ahead.

    Missouri andColorado – McCain
    Virginia – Tied

    I say he did nothing to pay Hillary’s debt. I say she told him to take a flying leap.


  116. Pat Johnson: “The Obama brand has unlimited possibilities”


    But I think you’re precognizant. What you intended as satire will probably become reality after he loses. As I mentioned before, Obama should have a scan code imprinted on his forehead. You need to patent these ideas right NOW!

  117. regarding my previous post, it was Bob Herbet from NY Times

  118. Pat, more Obama products…

    9. Obama Hydraulic Jacks (when the old fashion kind just isn’t enough)
    10. Obama Asbestos Masks (field tested for years by his constituents)
    11. Obama Currency Detergent (co-branded by Rezko)
    12. Obama Fishing Nets (stop those pesky flip and flops)
    13. Obama anti-St. John’s Wart supplement (helps you forget what you did yesterday)
    14. Obama Certificate and Seal Kit (make your own certificates and seals)
    15. Obama Musk for Men (MoDo and Maddow co-host the infomercial)
    16. Obama Disposable Constituents (when you need a crowd — tried and tested for years)
    17. Obama Van Lines (move you and your operations across the country over night)
    18. Obama Easy Button (replaces Staples Easy Button 1.0)

    The possibilities are endless…

  119. prolix: Wonderful as usual! Love #17!

  120. Pat: your idea and a great one it is.

  121. Prolix – LOL!

    About that new Obama symbol – I have a post up at my place.

  122. $25 to PumaPac. Go get ’em!

  123. hatshep I’m in Blacksburg as well. You aren’t alone.

  124. madamab: Fabulous!

  125. I’ m really taken with the Board Game idea. Call it Obama’s Media Monopoly. The games pieces should be little bobble heads of the MSNBC boys and you could build Rezko housing projects and buy delegates in any one of 57 states. Cheating encouraged.

  126. CWaltz: I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

    Let’s direct all of our energies towards getting a fair, open and transparent election. That is our best chance for a satisfactory outcome. Nothing is set in stone yet and we see through a glass darkly right now. Soon, all will be revealed.

  127. Madamab, left a comment over there, but it is 1000% spot on. Great!

  128. Donation amount: $25.00 USD
    Total: $25.00 USD
    Purpose: Puma PAC Contribution
    Reference: Contribute Web Page
    Contributor: Alison

  129. BTW I just got layed off yesterday so now I can go to Denver…can someone hook me up with the site to get info on where to meet the groups ?

  130. Thanks guys! 🙂

  131. I just read Morgan F.’s blog and I confess I am puzzled as to how people who learned to think by watching soap operas , 1/2 hour tv shows, and have sound bites for news, obtain a platform to spew their specious spittle , and we have to splash our faces with cold water after we are finished just skimming what she said . ( ok I like alliteration better than grammar ) . I have to stay right here for a while and calm down . I can’t take it …..
    LOL or i will alliterate myself to an anti -climax and have to apologise to all .

  132. katiebird: Unbelievable! These guys are just the ones to steal the fillings out of your teeth.

  133. Pat:
    Obama is just like the trophy 3rd wife – no matter how much money you make, it can’t keep up with her spending.

  134. on Obama Monopoly…I can envision a Chance Card* entry of the sort:
    Wright makes another embarassing speech, miss one turn and pay fine.
    *it would be too obvious to call them Democratic Race Cards

    CWaltz–good to hear it!

  135. Is that LOGO for real??? seriously ??? NOT a joke?? cmon you must be kiddin …This guy is running for president of what?? The GONG SHOW ??

  136. KB – Change you can Xerox! Wow!

    Kiki said it looks like a 45 rpm record put out by American Airlines. I wonder what their logo looked like back in the day?

  137. if that logo is for real .. then coming next has to be bos face on monopoly money

  138. Okay. Patience has never been my strong suit and I’m getting nervous with all the talk about Kaine being his pick. They’ve been talking about this as a done deal for months and I am just preparing myself for kabuki come the convention. 😉

  139. hatshepsut1988, on August 16th, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Actually, instead of being sent to Jail, I think players could be sent to TUCC to listen to Wright/Pfleger for an hour. Playing the race card would get you out of that. What’s your opinion?

  140. PUMAPAC G&M Hillary

    eai $ 50 $ 50
    Dee $100 $100
    WaKonda-Ikwe $ 20
    newindyincal $ 25
    Alison $ 25

    Grand Totals: $510 $445 $10

    You may have just bought G&M their first Tank of Gas!

    Thanks so much everyone!

    fuzzy – we need some leaning and a cause!

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  141. I’m taking the numbers over to the next post!

    PUMA Haka :mrgreen:

  142. Annie Em: I don’t know about you but I just love it when my pastor gets up on the altar and sceams, “goddamn America” while simulating the dirty boogie! Just something about it. Makes me feel…oh I don’t know….all holy inside!

  143. I am amazed by the Obama-bots obsession with an alleged PUMA McCain Connection.


  144. I did it! You folks keep our spirits up!

    Confirmation number: 45D61381RU017932R.

  145. Oops–forgot the amount: $20.00.

  146. fuzzy: There *is* a connection between some PUMA groups and McCain. There is no question about it because they generally mention his name in their titles. Hey, that’s their business. I think they jumped aboard that train too early but we have no control over who they decide to support.

    But PUMA wasn’t a McCain product. I should know because I was here the day that it started and wrote the first post on the movement. And I guarantee that I have NO interest in voting for McCain.

  147. Pat: BTW, my husband was a Philly firefighter. At the time, Rendell was mayor and made a remark about a female news commentator’s “colored undies and push-up bra”. I think you can add “Eddy’s Undies: They’re not holy inside” to the Obama inventory list. We have enough ideas generated to start a dollar store on Obama’s behalf: “Buy Obama-American”. We can donate the proceeds to PUMA.

  148. Annie Em: And how would he know, right? They are all “hounds” if you follow my drift.

  149. Carol, just donated $20 to PUMAPac … I just wish it could have been twice that amount.

  150. Carol, I forgot something: Barryton, MI

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