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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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We are a virtual movement

There are MILLIONS of us.  This is no exaggeration.

The first day that Darragh Murphy opened her doors on PUMAPac, she got 35,000 hits.  That’s ONLINE hits.  There are many, many more people who aren’t internet addicts who we are contacting every day.  This movement was sparked by the RBC meeting and took off like wildfire. It was always our intention to use the internet and the media to get our word out.

We are very successful.  Now, that may have made the other long time Blogger Boyz nervous and they *think* they can relax because our leadership conference was deliberately closed and small in order to keep infiltrators to a minimum (we *almost* succeeded).  But if I were them, I wouldn’t get too comfy.  We know what our numbers are.  We have databases and we’re not afraid to use them. A virtual movement doesn’t need to get every one of its members in the same place at the same time.  It doesn’t require a year’s worth of planning.  It makes use of the tools at hand.

This is the true revolution that Joe Trippi was referring to when he wrote the book on the subject.  He just never expected it would be carried out by a bunch of old, working class, uneducated, Sino-Peruvian lesbians.

251 Responses

  1. Riverdaughter, did you see SM’s comment on the other post?

    This is the 1001st post!

  2. And ADHD Che Guevara-ish bearded ladies.

    It takes exactly what you’ve described tonight: SELF-DETERMINATION, and the American spirit of preserving Democracy.

    Kudos to everyone – and Murphy was completely on point “WE were the ones no one was expecting!”

  3. Hi everyone – is the show over? Wow, 1001 posts! Holy bananas!

    My husband told me tonight that he was very proud of me for being a part of this movement, and that he felt like the PUMAs are David vs. Goliath. It feels really good to think that I am a small part of the people’s revolt against the forces of fascism within our own party.

    He says no one he talks to has heard of PUMA, but they’re still not excited about Obama at all. So yes, there are millions and millions of people who are feeling what we’re feeling, even though they may not know why.

  4. I’m breaking into a fine boxed Merlot. Would anyone like to join me?

  5. Oh, KB. You crack me up!

    I cooked with some red wine tonight. I believe it was called “Fat Bastard.” Does that count?

  6. I’m still buzzing from this blood orange vodka cocktail I made. I can’t figure out which ingredient did it.

  7. I have been very busy and only wish I could keep up online.

    But I do read even when I can’t comment.

    And I thank you for this post.

    I caught Will and Darragh on MSNBC with that odious slick fathead trying to smack down Darragh by denigrating what PUMApac had raised in funds….notwithstanding that PUMApac is only but one of many groups in this coalition.

    We are millions. Have no doubt. Every one of us who acts is representing so many who can not.

    After Darragh and Will had gone on MSNBC I noticed the very same talking points on other sites, from the fascist trolls pretending to be “progressive” Obamatrons.

    They were all in lockstep with the slick nitwit from MSNBC. Sneering at our numbers.

    Let me assure everyone. If PUMAs were some established group, with a big advance planning period, who had made a huge showing, guess what?

    There would be ZERO COVERAGE. How do I know? Because only a couple of years ago NOW gathered over one MILLION women in DC. I was there. How many of you know there were 1.1 million women marching in DC against Bush’s policies?

    No coverage. Not with the MSM, not with the stinking PIGS of the so-called progressive BLOGS, that is, rank misogynistic MENZ plus self-loathers like Ariana.

    Later I went back to DC, for an antiwar march. It was anemic. I told some of the vendors there about the MILLION PLUS march by NOW. They actually sneered and sniffed, “Oh….Democrats.” So much for the TURD PARTY Naderite types.

    Take what you want from this. I, for one, as a female lifelong DEM, know exactly what is under attack, from all sides.

  8. Murphy was completely on point “WE were the ones no one was expecting!”

    Wow…she said that?

    HAHA~ cool. Way cooler than oPepsibamatrons.

  9. Love you Zee

  10. How is finkster?

  11. riverdaughter, on August 15th, 2008 at 11:24 pm Said:
    I’m still buzzing from this blood orange vodka cocktail I made. I can’t figure out which ingredient did it.

    Is that the pizza sounding cheese cloth cocktail you’re having?

  12. Zee – You are so right. I was part of ONE of the big anti-Iraq war marches in February of 2003 in NYC. There were at least 250,000 of us. The head of the march was in Union Square and the tail was in Times Square. We couldn’t even move more than a few feet every few minutes.

    The only “pro-war” people I saw were a couple of kids with a Justin Timberlake sign. They were pathetic.

    Of course, to listen to the corporate media’s coverage, you would have thought the pro- and anti-war forces were equivalent.

    Same thing happened with the march on DC in 1989. Raygun almost succeeded in overturning Roe V. Wade that time.

  13. I’m just buzzing from being on the radio for an hour. And now the Merlot …..

  14. Zee, yep, our wonderful Murphy said that!

    I don’t we were expecting our own selves to defy the DNC.

  15. omfg. This is definitely the cocktail site.

    I thought I had you all beat with JACK and club soda this rainy night.

    But blood orange?

    I bow.

    When I was playing Dorothy Parker the venue was serving some blood orange cocktail…I was snagging friends to stockpile me some because they were doling it out so stingily. Next party I attended I actually made a batch because I had not gotten my fill. Very tasty beverage.

  16. Are you still letting in Anglo-Mongolian, Keir Hardie-esque, proto-heterosexuals? If so, put me down for a bunch of raffle tickets………….

    More power to your elbow, I say!

  17. “WE were the ones no one was expecting!”

  18. Hee hee. Wow. There is definitely some imbibing going on here. Maybe I should go fix myself a little single malt.

    Be right back. (You know I am not a Kewl Obaman Kid because I didn’t say “brb”.)

  19. I’m doing coke.

  20. the classic kind.

  21. As usual, I was left back on the previous thread, talking to myself about the BTD post. Next time, someone please tell me, OK?

  22. Mawm – LOL!

    Whew. (cough) Smoooooth.

  23. —Murphy did a very good job, clear and unruffled; however, she shouldn’t hesitate to declare certain queries or statements utterly irrelevant and non-sequitors (e.g., whether she did ever contribute to republicans) and use the moments to say what she wants.

    other: we should write letters (I am) to newspapers that variously declare Clinton “a candidate only in name” or declare B.O. pussywhipped for “granting” Hill”s “demands”—asking them to picture the roles reversed, or indeed, any male who’d won the votes Hillary has putting there name in nomination. Would they EVER be describing the situation as they are with Hillary? Would they dream of such ridicule? We have to point up to them what the hidden or even unconscious sexism consists of!

  24. BB!

    Tell me one thing BTD has been right about this season? The only thing he is good at is reading a poll.

  25. madamnab,

    I was there in NYC for that one, too. With a friend, and we both brought our teen sons, who froze because they would not listen to mom/s and wear enough sweaters, lolol!

    That demo was huge and also ignored. Yes, they either ignore or ridicule. This is why I don’t think we need to rely on either vast numbers…or on avoiding ridicule. They KNOW even our small numbers represent many, because it is so hard for any of us to even maintain our normal lives.

    MAWM..! I adore you, too, and you must come visit in Boston. I wish we could’ve hung out more in NH, but hopefully another time will come.

  26. I guess I’d better pour myself a Dr. Pepper. The only buzz I have left is caffeine.

  27. hatsh – I was watching Lehrer tonight, and they were talking about the Convention. Do you know who was the most objective about it?

    Rich Lowry, the 12-year-old, massive wingnut, editor of the National Review. And yes, he talked about the PUMAs (as did the other guest, a woman from the Washington Post), but did not call us by name. He said that if Obama can’t win the Independents, the working class folks that are neither Democrats nor Republicans, then he can’t win. And if he can’t win the DEMOCRATS that are in the same social and economic class, then Obama will have the same problem with those Independent voters.

    DUH! I’ve been saying this forever. Obama does not have the support Kerry had from his own party. But even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to win without some Indies and Repubs on top of that support. How has that not even been discussed? It’s Election 101.

    Okay, he may try to cheat. If he does win the nomination, we PUMAs should be on the prowl for election fraud by Democrats AND Republicans.

    A PUMA’s work is never done. RRRRoooowwwwrrrr!

  28. it definitely will

  29. bb: email.

    Dare I really drink? I really am buzzing from the show.

  30. madamab:

    DUH! I’ve been saying this forever. Obama does not have the support Kerry had from his own party. But even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to win without some Indies and Repubs on top of that support. How has that not even been discussed? It’s Election 101.

    That’s why I don’t get why we’re labeled “nuts” — we’re trying to stop a disaster. We’re NOT causing it.

  31. Y’all did a great job tonight on the radio — seemed like you were having fun — always a good sign.

  32. Go ahead Katiebird. Do you have to get up early?

  33. katiebird – IACF.

    (It’s Always Clinton’s Fault.)

    That’s all you need to remember.

  34. They label us “nuts” because they are afraid of us. We have the power now. They have to figure out how to get us to vote for The One, and they are finally starting to figure out that it is not going to happen, no matter what they do.

  35. Prolix,

    Thank you. It was fun. After “talking” to people on-line for months, it’s really great to hear the voices.

  36. According to Kos we have 50 members and can’t even fund raise to get to Denver.

    OH, BUT WE CAN VOTE! And NEVER for Obama!

  37. Katiebird – exactly – we’re they “If you do that, you’ll shoot your eye out!” group.

  38. BB – I am reading the post now. It’s typical ignorant BTD. He still thinks we’re all voting for McCain. Wrong! We want Hillary to be the nominee and we don’t want Obama at the top of the ticket. If we are frustrated in our goals, then some of us might vote McCain.

    The commenters are much better-informed than he appears to be.

    Par for the course these days. 🙂

    Meanwhile…what do people think about this?

    1) Hillary un-suspends.
    2) Obama wins nomination and picks Safe Old White Guy as VP. (Boo! Hiss!)
    3) The Republicans attack Obama and damage him beyond repair.
    4) Obama steps down, Hillary takes nomination.
    5) Madame President!

    Could this happen, or am I just drunk on The Macallan?

  39. Shainzona – LOL! Yep, 50 people made this site jump to 2 million in a couple of months.

    50 people are keeping the polls at a dead heat tie between the two presumptives for weeks.

    50 people are writing 20,000 letters a day to superdelegates

    50 people are driving the Democratic affiliated voters DOWN in every state of the country.

  40. Prolix, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how nervous I was. I was throwing up between calls.

  41. Madamab – I gaze into my crystal ball and see the same thing. I don’t like it that Hillary has to clean up their mess after they trashed her so much – but yeah – it’s gonna happen – no doubt.

  42. Katiebird – WTF are you talking about????? You are massively underestimating yourself!

  43. Katiebird,

    No way! I sure hope you’re kidding. We are among friends. No one is listening except pumas and a few idiotic trolls like Christina.

  44. BB said: As usual, I was left back on the previous thread, talking to myself about the BTD post. Next time, someone please tell me, OK?

    Well, hell, BB, I was back there typing [slow typist] a thoughtful, carefully worded reply to your post re BTD, so when I posted & looked up, even you were gone!

  45. Hee! Hillary cleaning up after the DNC’s mess…I see another satire on a budget moment! 🙂

  46. SM,

    I was going to bring up what Lanny Davis said, and I totally forgot to do it. I wanted to ask you about your next creation and see how RD would react.

  47. Madamab, Macallan, a lady of distinguished tastes.

    Katiebird — hehehe, that’s why there is a mute button.

  48. parentofed,

    I’m going to read your comment right now!

  49. MadamAB,

    Obama is a dead-ender and he thinks he’s entitled to the presidency. he’ll take the whole party down. A real Democrat wouldn’t be willing to win the nomination the way he did because they’d be too concerned that they couldn’t win. We can find videotape of Rezko bribing Obama whilst Obama frolicks with Larry Sinclair and Michelle stuffs cash for a vacation home in pillow cases, and he won’t step down. Even if the kids have the video camera.

    Clinton’s playing for 2012. Obama will be persona non grata. I wonder if he’ll get re-elected in 2010. Bet he doesn’t.

  50. Boston, I’m not going to touch Lanny for now. Do I think he’s an Obama clown? Absolutely. Do some Conflucians want to see him dressed as the one I did? No.

    So I’ll keep it there.

  51. Sorry, PofEd, I should have said something, I thought you were gone — usually I’m the one just talking to myself at the tail end of threads.

  52. Shall I mix you a nice Bloody Fascist? Sicilian blood orange juice + Limoncello.

  53. KB,

    You should definitely read the comments on BTD’s post. They were mostly pro-PUMA and telling BTD he didn’t know what he was talking about.

  54. BB: Uh, it wasn’t all that profound. Just because it was thoughtful & carefully worded, sometimes pablum comes out!

  55. Lori, I forsee Obama having a Ron Paul sort of following/ relevance in the future. Bat-sh*t crazy libertarians in Birkenstocks, yet not part of any sort of reality-based contingency.

  56. You’re ugsome, all right. Take your bloody fascist over to DK. It sounds like it would go fine with Cheetos.

  57. parentofed,

    I’m just thrilled that someone was actually still back there with me!

  58. Dear Madamab

    4) isn’t going to happen – OB STEP down? He would have to be forced out in some way, shape or form.

    Switch from the Macallan…try the Laphroaig.

  59. Prolix – My brother from another mother! Are you drinking something tonight as well? Will Hillary need to clean you up after tonight’s party? 😉

    Lori – You know what, I agree partially, but not entirely. I absolutely think Obama’s ego is the size of all 58 states, but in the end, he’s just a puppet. If the Republicans find something as bad as Edwards’ affair(s) (and how could they not?), you bet your behind he will be gone.

  60. Ram – Forced out is what I meant. 🙂

    Tried the Laphroaig – it was good, but hubby found it too smoky.

    My favorite so far is The Balvenie, but the liquor store around the corner doesn’t stock it. (hic)

  61. Hey check out this post at Real Clear Politics: The Clintons are Here to Stay.


  62. This Merlot I’m drinking is like the LSD of Merlots. You really have to watch how much you drink.

  63. Katiebird,

    Are you seeing colors? Are the walls melting? Ah, the old days!

  64. Boston, This is what I don’t get – the utter snide contempt for past elders (at least the one that are alive.)

  65. madamab & Lori:
    Obama is a weak, weak man, I think he WOULD step down, that he’d be forced to, if some serious infraction comes to light (along the lines of what Lori describes). We can only hope that the amazing Hill and Bill have got the amunition ready and have precisely the exact, perfect amount of time left to make it stick! The nomination nod didn’t come a moment too soon!

    By the way, Rep. “Loretta Sanchez says she’s happy for the chance to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Democratic National Convention—and she predicts that as many AS HALF of the Democrats in the House could join her.”

  66. Not to be Pollyannaish, but the MSM has collective amnesia about this and no one has even mentioned it, but in BZero’s best states he never got more than is polling figures and in his worst states he polled 3-5% higher than his vote totals. If you equate McCain to Hillary’s performance where she consistently did better in the results than her polling numbers because of late deciders, if I were a SD, or a down ticket candidate, I would be having significant buyer’s remorse. Just a thought.

  67. Once a vp nom is voted on, if B0 should step down, wouldn’t vp candidate step into the top slot?

  68. Not this time BB, I learned my lesson the last time. Mister says it’s the Tequila of Boxed Wines. Same difference, I think.

  69. Madamab…..lure hubby out to your nearest Kappy’s (yours will be Cambridge, mine Sudbury) and browse through their single malts…..(I also buy my ‘cooking scotch’ there!)

    With the Indonesian data surfacing, does this mean that we have to call BO, BS? *grins*

  70. madamab, I want what you’re drinking!

  71. SM,

    Are you calling me an “elder?” Oh well, I don’t mind. Bring back those good old days when I could abuse substances besides caffeine!

  72. hatshep – Wow! I love that Loretta Sanchez. She is a fierce PUMA! That’s incredible news. Do you have a link to it?

    Prolix – I agree. These people have to think of their careers. The Dems who attach themselves to Obama don’t seem to be faring well in their elections.


    Phala – Good question! I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think that’s how it works. No one has nominated or voted for the VP. If the nominee steps down, I would think that the VP choice would also be null and void.

  73. Madamab, I’m not having smart juice this evening, but wish I could.

  74. Ames,

    You’re a moron. Run along….

  75. Okay, I just have to clear my chest on this. I am so friggin tired of the media & blogs pretending that the Obots have a lock on green. We know the education, creative class, professional, etc Obot is a schlock stereotype; many of us can surpass most Obots on all those labels.

    Well, I have been taking cloth bags to the grocery since 1972, I was on the ground floor of multiple food co-ops, I used to mill my own damn whole grain flour and buy tofu in big buckets of water, and had a compost pile & organic garden since my marriage. I’ve supported many enviro groups with time & money. I’ve got Mother Earth mags older than most of these Obots. Etc, etc, etc.

    I know each generation thinks it invents sex, and I’m happy as punch that green is the thing, but it is a friggin lie to attribute green to the vapid Obots any more than to youthful Hillary supporters, and certainly more than to many of us older Hillary supporters.

  76. Good somebody had me a Makers on the rocks?

  77. Joaniebone!!!

    Have a virtual drink on me!

    Ram – I am located in NYC, actually – so Cambridge would not be the closest outlet! 🙂 We have a lot of Massachussetts PUMAs here, though…perhaps you are thinking of Pat Johnson?

  78. Parentofed,

    Remember the Whole Earth Catalogue? I used to read it just for fun.

  79. Boston, no, I meant the comtempt they feel for elders like Bill Clinton.

  80. madamab- I think your right. The VP has no votes and would not have been nominated, therefore VP is not a legitimate nominee

  81. I remember the Whole Earth Catalog! It was great.

  82. Pat is nowhere near Cambridge, but I am. I don’t think there is a Cappy’s in Cambridge, but I could be wrong. There is one down the road in Allston though. But I haven’t had a drink since 1982, so like I said, I could be wrong.

  83. Good for you, parentofed! My husband has a massive stockpile of Mother Earth News as well.

    Honestly, the Obots wouldn’t know an original thought if it smacked them in the face, shook them upside down and stole their iPods. That’s why they are taken in by that MLK imitator, Oba-Moi.

  84. Parentofed – AMEN!!!

    How can you be green & vote for Obama? The guy voted for Cousin Cheney’s energy bill!

  85. Hi Joanie! How was your celebration?

  86. BB: I still use my Nikki Goldbeck cookbooks.

  87. SM,

    Oh, now I get it. I thought you were talking about my LSD reference.

  88. Prolix – every Superdelegate has to be suffering the DNC move to Chicago. many of them are up for office this November and desperately count on the DNC’s funding network.

  89. I can top that. I still have my Laurel’s Kitchen cookbook and my Vegetarian Epicure cookbook.

  90. Boston – LOL!

  91. But the VP is officially accepted by the convention, so I bet he would be the nominee.

    If BO has to resign, probably because of a Operations Board Games indictment, I bet the Dems would go to Gore. We could do a lot worse. I’m pissed at his O endorsement, but I think he’s smart enough this time to reach out to the Clintons.

  92. Hey! That was my LSD reference!

  93. Oh boy – look a troll left a dropping – linking this article.

  94. Madamab…sorry about that, my lack of US geographical knowledge is still startling. I’m thinking that you could fuel a half-way decent social revolution on single malt….to say nothing of merlot!

    I cannot see how obots are equated with smarts, for goodness sake…..there’s enough chunks of intelligence quotient sloshing around this blog to drown the average obot……

  95. Today, I read somewhere that Gore is being considered for VP. I don’t think Obama would pick someone who would outshine him though, which explains why he is considering people like Kaine, Bayh, and Daschle.

  96. I think we’d have to have an emergency convention. Because we’d still need a VP candidate.

    THIS is a dream. Wow.

  97. Bostonboomer, you get me all wrong.

    I joined a Bartcop gathering on IRC years ago. The report from the gathering, was, “The liquor is flowing like the blood of fascists.” So I got to wondering, “What would be a bloody fascist?” Hence the recipe of blood orange juice and limoncello. I was reminded of this when R. said she was drinking a blood orange cocktail.

    My husband is a kool-aid drinker, so I know they are the fascists.

    I know you all are under pressure from Obots and a little trigger-happy, so I won’t take the DK insult personally.



  98. BB: Ha, have those & use them too.

    I have the Diet & Recipes for a Small Planet books [paperback] and The New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook [WTH is the real title of that? I hardly use it, it didn’t age well].

  99. Thanks, hatshepsut!

  100. KB,

    I know, sorry! I just meant that SM’s remark followed directly on my comment referencing acid in response to your reference….

  101. Nah! Gore wouldn’t accept VP, this is just the Obama folks trying to get free, albeit feel-good PR.

  102. GORE GOING FOR VP?????


    If Gore wasn’t interested in running for President again in 2004 and in 2008 (which I would have LOVED if he did) why in the cat-scratch HELL would he want to be VP???

  103. OK, ugsome, but you need to provide a little more context in your comments then. You start throwing around the term “fascist” and people tend to react negatively.

  104. Hi Bostonboomer—

    Just catching up on reading before going to sleep I read the article that you gave a link to , about “Clintons are here to Stay”.

    Why doesn’t anyone seem to believe that Hillary might yet win if they see her as being the one in control, instead of that she will be vindicated because the plan she gave McCain seems to be working and Obama will lose in November?

  105. (giggle) I’m very protective of my LSD references. They only come along about once every 30 years or so….

  106. BB – No freaking WAY would Gore take VP. He’s already said that multiple times.

    Honestly, no one of any consequence wants the VP spot. Most of the Dem “elders” are too smart to want to go down into the Cracks of Doom with the Precious.

    I swear to Jeebus he will pick a Republican. I think it will be Chuck Hagel. He can help Obama program the voting machines. 😉

  107. Hi Karolina,

    I was looking for you earlier. I was hoping to talk you into calling in to our radio show. Maybe tomorrow night?

  108. Hey Folks, this is kinda funny so I have to share. Young Ames is a law student with a site where he proudly declares that he is a contributor to another website — what website you ask?

    Christina’s, the anti-Puma, who else?

  109. Oh, I just pray BO picks Hagel.

  110. Madamab,

    I hear that Kerry really wants it. He thinks he can be the next Cheney. I think Daschle is hoping for that too.

  111. Prolix,


  112. BB, my dreams get better and better. Kerry? Daschle? (dropping to my knees)

  113. KB,

    Can you imagine? It would be a massacre of McGovern/Mondale proportions.

  114. VP went to do some checking because I wanted to clear my mind (not difficult! Ha) before beddy bye. The VP is placed in nomination and needs majority of votes as does Pres nomineee. Last time multiple ballots for vp was 1956. Tradition lets pres nominee choose his vp but in a brokered convention I think all bets would be off and whatever compromise candidates could be agreed on would win

  115. BB, he has a blurb up about our stifling dissent, he wrote a total of about three sentences and I couldn’t see any comments on his site so he’s talking to himself.

  116. Bostonboomer, 10-4. Context provided. As pumapac reminds us, ‘Be wonderful to each other.’

  117. Must go write some pertinent emails re Ky delegate mess. adios, amigos!

  118. Madama, I haven’t done a rosary in years, but I’ll do a novena so that Obama picks Hagel, JUST so I can hear & read the Booger, opps, I mean Blogger Boiz explain that one.

    “Well, well, once he gets int he White House, he’ll be a progressive left liberal…”

    The only progressive thing about Obama is he keeps progessively throwing Democracy under the bus.

  119. Kerry? Starring in “Prince of Darkness II’?

    Ummm don’t think he’d be much good at shooting people in the face with a shotgun…..

  120. BB, Just six months ago I would have cut off all contact with you for that statement. That’s how upside-down things are.

    Now? I totally agree.

  121. kerry or daschle would be “poetic justice” is that the right metaphor?

  122. KAROLINA: I believe that Hillary might yet win—but only if something happens….I doubt that the faith debates tomorrow will reveal anything, but I believe Bill may pull it off just in the nick of time—no traces, and nothing that can plausibly be blamed on anyone…at least not without supernatural appeals…

  123. Prolix – WTF is wrong with these little gnats? Stay on your own site – say what you want there – but leave us alone.

    Jeez, aren’t we just 50 people that are shrieking bands of paranoid holdouts that are sino-peruvian lesbians with Che Guevarish lady beards with ADHD?

  124. Oh. My. Guh.

    Did you see this?

    Buy American, Vote Obama

    This is Obama’s idea of patriotism – going shopping?!

    Gee, who else famously told Americans to go shopping in a time of crisis? I know his name will come to me…

  125. Bye Parentofed,

    See you tomorrow, I hope.

  126. So when is this VP choice coming out? I’ve been waiting with baited breath for my text! —NOT!

    Hi Sis, the celebration was great! I’m pinching myself over this coming lifechange.

  127. i also agree with comment earlier that down ticket Dems are getting worried by pollnumbers. Actually heard a “talking head” say that downticket dems may have to have enough coat tails to pull B0 across finish line?!!!!! wish I could remember which show. Can you imagine being downticket in that role?

  128. Ram – Literal LOL!

    OMG, please let him pick Kerry. Please please please please….that ticket will not “Kerry” 5 states, INCLUDING Massachussetts.

  129. madamab, just another way hes’ like bush, remember after 9/11 he told everyone they just needed to go shopping? And is everyone else here sick to death of the Roe v Wade argument? They have beat that one into the ground. I read that MCcain was open to a pro-choice veep, while Obama says women who are “blue” shouldn’t be able to make that choice. It makes you wonder why all those abortion rights groups endorsed obama over mccain..

  130. Okay, saw Madamab’s Crack of Doom comment, and had to laugh.

    Still a good chance it may be Bayh, but surely the VP will be Clark, because national security is going to return as a key issue [surprise!] and no one in hell trusts Obama there. He will use Clark, whom I really like and Clark will accept because, although he was a firm Hill supporter, he’s not getting any younger. He probably knows BZero will lose, but it will still give Clark creds as a major player.

    Yeh, I like Clark, but I won’t for Obama/Clark.

  131. Madamab,

    Obama is morphing into Dubya. Is is possible that he really is a Rove trojan horse? The only thing I don’t understand is why isn’t he waiting until he officially has the nomination?

  132. If the planets align, the crayfish start swimming forward and BZero picks Hagel, dentists all over the country will be inundated by Ds and Rs who will have gnashed their teeth to the gums. I don’t believe Hagel could be elected pig trough licker in NE right now.

  133. […] 08.15.08 by semidi Looks the PUMAs touched a seriously-raw nerve for Markos Moulitsas; you don’t show this much glee at perceived failures unless you’re feeling highly threatened by the people who’ve allegedly failed. Riverdaughter posts what I can only view as a response, despite the lack of a link, to Markos’ juvenile sneering. […]

  134. the only way my vote goes to B0 is if a dead or homeless person casts a vote with my name on it.

  135. I thought maybe he would pick Clark because he has that night named after Clark’s PAC, but Clark says what he thinks at every moment and I see Obama picking a yes man.

  136. Phala, snort!

  137. I was going to say they’re probably fitting him for a jumpsuit right now to land o n a carrier like Bush, but I figured a cape is more his style,..

  138. BB—

    I’ve thought about it when listening, but am often so exhausted that I am afraid of getting nervous and sounding awful. Yesterday at the ER & the MD office was not an exception to the rule—most days I’m on the edge of neurotic meltdown due to too much mental stimulation.

    But if I feel even vaguely confident, I will call! Thanks!

    BTW, when I heard you speak, your voice absolutely seemed to match your personality! It’s brilliant, kind and strong.

  139. Gary – You got it! That’s exactly who I meant. 🙂

    BB – I thought my hubby was crazy for saying that Obama was a Rove trojan horse a couple of months ago…but I think he is, although he is probably unaware of the hands pulling the strings. He is so narcissistic 😉 that he thinks he is the one in charge.

    As for asking Obama to be in control of his personality, you tell me: Do narcissists have that kind of control? If so, the stress of the endless campaigning must have broken his. He cannot hide forever – he is the second coming of the Deciderer, and more and more people are beginning to realize it.

  140. Karolina,

    Thank you! I know exactly what you mean about the edge of meltdown state. I’ve been there so many times.

  141. Madamab – thank you, we Anglo-Mongolians do have a sense of humour – really!

    There are some here in MA, who are still hoping BS will take Deval Patrick away from us (PLEASE!) .

    Just think of the election slogan

    “Together We Can Have Change To Believe In’

  142. TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDING: I allude of course to either revelations of acts of moral turpitude or else some technical snafu—
    a side query: what ever happened by the way with the issue regarding citizenship? Something about the required age for the sole parent who is an American citizen having to be an age not met by his mother (at that time)? grasping…but I did read about this from a reputable source….:

  143. Prolix – LOL! You forget, though, that the Obamaboyz think Hagel has “principles” because he’s spoken out against the Iraq war. They would be teh thrilled!

    Oh, and those cheekbones are dreamy!

  144. Masslib: hmmmm. has the sound of truth.

    Let’s face it: Obama needs a strong pol from VA to help him win there, a strong pol from PA to help him win there, one from IN, from OH
    He also needs someone strong on foreign affairs, since he’s weak there.
    He needs someone with strong national security/military since he’s weak there.
    He needs someone strong on economy, since that’s big, and he’s small there.
    He needs someone to help him with thuh wimmin.
    Well, you get my drift…. he needs a lot of help from VP

  145. hatshepsut1988,

    what ever happened by the way with the issue regarding citizenship?

    We don’t talk about those rumors here.

  146. PofEd, Bingo!

  147. read that citizenship question too, but evidently if his parents were not legally married, another law was in effect so very murky

  148. And despite all his efforts, Obama will never win Indiana, Ohio, PA, or VA. It’s just not going to happen. He will not win MA, as I have said many times. Just look how far he has slipped in the polls here, and before the convention!

  149. woops, forgot, apologies all around

  150. gary: yeah, but will MO let him borrow the codpiece for a carrier photo-op?

    Ram: how about: “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun”

  151. Clark would be a great VP choice for either Obama or Clinton.

    Clinton/Clark? Unbeatable.

  152. Sweet dreams everyone—goodnight!

  153. Madamab, in one of the most dunderheaded political moves of all time, back in early 2007 when everyone was getting ready to announce whether or not they were running, Hagel schlepped the entire national press corps out to Omaha to announce — he hadn’t made up his mind whether or not to run.

    Now that’s a profile in courageous stupidity.

  154. g’night, Karolina! Sweet dreams.

  155. Good night, Karolina. Remember to take care of yourself too.

  156. katiebird: I didn’t know there were taboos, nor why one would consider a claim with uncertainty surrounding it a “rumor” as opposed to a claim with uncertainty surrounding it, as are many in the comments. Maybe I missed something as I don’t have time to keep up….

  157. HEY EVERYONE – tomorrow is a full moon lunar eclipse.

    Good things could happen under them, like a SuperDeleggate walk out – HEY, I CAN DREAM RIGHT???

  158. hatshepsut1988,

    From the beginning of this blog, that topic isn’t open for discussion on The Confluence.

    It might be a fine line. But that one is definitely on the other side.

  159. Prolix – I was pretty astounded at that non-event. Obviously there was stuff going on behind the scenes…maybe he was going to run but the Party said NO!

    Ah well, I’m getting sleepy. Night-night everyone!

  160. (waving) Good Night, madamab!

  161. Night Madamab.

  162. Ah! ‘Codpiece, My Lord?’ ‘The Black Russian, I think Baldrick!’

    (sorry, serious Black Adder addict, at work)

    Talking of work, the hospital was rather draining today (BAD medical pun), so I must bid all of you a fond adieu.

    Until the next revolution (I always liked the 1830 one, myself…)

  163. SLOGAN:

    Change in my purse is the only change I believe in.

  164. Parent of ed: He need 5 VPs to make up for how pathetic a P he would be.

  165. I love this from the Real Clear Politics piece:

    “Don’t be fooled by the sweetness-and-light joint statement released by the two campaigns. According to one member of Clinton’s camp, Obama’s “elbow was twisted”. Any future negotiations with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran will probably seem like a picnic.”

    Take that Lanny!!!!!!!!

  166. Goodnight MadamaB!!

  167. Clark did a good job as Fox analyst, too.

    Clark woud be friggin miserable as VP, though. If elected, BZero would cut Clark out cold; he’s already got his team sewn up, he’s disdainful of military people, and Clark would still have to represent & defend the foolishness of Obama. Clark would look like a pitiful sheet flapping in the wind. For a big-o general, that would be tough; just ask Colin Powell.

  168. BB do you have a link to that story?

  169. sm, love the slogan and will think of you every time I drop mine into the bottom and will lol

    regency, that plus he needs to make it exciting enough to give him a bounce–wonder who the “miracle worker” will be ????? your guess?

  170. Night, Madamab!

  171. Phala – I’m gonna go with Jesus. I mean Barack already think he’s God, might as well continue on in that vein. Pelosi better watch out she might be replaced with the Holy Spirit. La Trinidad.

    But on a serious note, if it ain’t our girl, it’s probably Biden.

  172. That Real Clear Politics piece is pretty interesting. But the guy’s no Clinton Fan. He’s all about keeping the Clintons out of the party. I think.

    It’s time for bed, friends! See you tomorrow.


  173. Biden and Obama, what a combination. Two loose lipped gaffe machines who love the credit card companies.

  174. I guess I’d better hit the sack too. Good night all!

  175. Night BB.

  176. any chance he will choose Dodd since Dodd endorsed right after he left campaign and Biden didn’t?

  177. Sleep well, BostonBoomer.

  178. Phala: If he picks Dodd, he might as well buy CountryWide a bus because that scandal will follow them all over the country. Obama-Dodd. What is that? A country?

  179. Good night everybody!

    Love you guys & see you tomorrow!

  180. Got this from Martin’s blog over at Politico on VP choices:

    Halperin looks at the head-vs.-heart dynamic:

    McCain’s head pick: Mitt Romney

    Obama’s head pick: Evan Bayh

    McCain’s heart picks: Lindsey Graham, Tom Ridge

    Obama’s heart picks: Tim Kaine, Kathleen Sebelius

    McCain’s head/heart picks: Joe Lieberman, Bobby Jindal

    Obama’s head/heart picks: Chris Dodd, Joe Biden

  181. Prolix: I’ve talked to some IN folks and they say that Bayh is not as beloved as his father was. He may not be able to carry a state that red. He barely carried it for Hillary.

  182. Reg, I don’t disagree with you there. I don’t really think there is a panacea for BZero.

  183. regency, I , too thought the Countrywide thing probably put him out of the running.

    prolix, that is an excellent analysis. I have not heard much about Lindsey Graham and he has been by his side the whole primary but McCain should win SC VERY easily. He might become Sec of Defense under McCain is my guess or Attorney General since he was a lawyer in military

    We need Hillary but will have so much to do to clean up this mess with Hillary as nominee or more so if not

  184. Prolix, now don’t you feel some sympathy for B0 with such a difficult decision—-bet he never has had to think this hard. lol

  185. Know what I noticed? That campaign memo thing didn’t come out to anything. I mean, it barely lasted Monday before we had more–or less–interesting things to talk about.

  186. Phala, I have as much sympathy for BZero as I do for a yodeler debuting at the Met in an opera.

    You’re right though, I’m sure he’s thinking, “If I could just get McCain thrown off the ballot this wouldn’t be hard at all.”

  187. The campaign e-mails were shiny things to get the attention of the MSM off the vacay. It didn’t work and went the way of the possum seal.

  188. it does seem that “in the big league” it is harder to do although he did his best in the caucuses and I still think it is strange that Edwards left the campaign so suddenly after the SC primary even his staff was surprised, suspicious since he had to know that baby was on the way for the usual 9 months

  189. former congressman that subs for O’reilly was commenting tonight that Kerry went windsurfing and B0 went to Hawaii, “what was wrong with Myrtle Beach (SC)?” does the Dem Party have problem with visuals? see a McCain ad in the works

  190. This story may not get the attention of blogs, like FISA, but BO has changed on another issue: his tax proposal.
    “Senator Barack Obama appears to be altering his proposals for extending Social Security payroll taxes and raising the capital gains tax, by delaying the increases or scaling them back.”
    McCain is doing a good job because he is not afraid of being attacked for “destroying the Democratic Party” or doing and saying “anything” to win. He can be a “monster” for speaking truth.

  191. has anyone heard anything more about the man shot in Arkansas? I have had errands the last two days

  192. Has anyone looked at his proposals in detail. I read somewhere that the capital gains increase/proposal did not include an exclusion for home sales. Can’t imagine that would be easy to sell

  193. regencyq, everybody I know from IN is a Republican leaner who wanted real bad to vote for a Dem this time, but ‘God Damn America’ really offended them.

  194. I can’t bring myself to go to his site to check it out

  195. Phala, nothing more than they don’t have a motive.

  196. Bob Somerby at Daily Howler called the campaign memos a “big nothing-burger.”

    It generated a record number of hits for The Atlantic though.

    IOW – “They came, they saw, they yawned”

  197. Seriously: I had a feeling you’d–okay not you, but someone–would say that.

    Phala: His website makes me nauseous.

  198. He didn’t make it, Phala.

  199. My son in a moderate republican who was leaning toward Hillary and could not vote for B0s tax plan and when he heard those statements he said , what the #&!!, no way

    The DNC has really underestimated those remarks and his comments about guns and religion, which offended me and I don’t think I fall into either category, add that to be referred to as racist if you aren’t supporting him and there are big chunks of the country that he has “put under the bus”

  200. wrote my emails & decided to see what’s happening.

    VP: Dodd is toast. People are too pissed at their own money problems to have any sympathy with a pol getting off easy. Kaine shot himself in the foot last week, and will need his mouth amputated, he’s gone, baby. I like Biden ok, but he won’t help O enough. I’d hate to see Biden humiliate himself with O.

    For McCain, I think Ridge would be a pretty good choice. He’s likable enough, and he did blow the whistle on the HS color codes & how fruitless the whole Dept was. And it didn’t take him 8 years. Lieberman? No way. Graham: He’s too smirky & gloaty for not this election.

  201. (the guy who was shot, I mean)

  202. PofEd, I hope Biden doesn’t take it. I always thought he would be part of Hillary’s administration in some capacity. Did he ever endorse B0?

  203. Seriously, the guy who shot him is dead too so that whole thing has gone with the both of them.

  204. since the memo fizzled, whatever will the sunday news shows talk about except vps

  205. I hope they show all the misstatements B0 and Kaine made about the Russia/Georgia problem and someone does their research and shows Hillary’s statements from campaign and before

  206. That was terrible about Gwatney. Saw where the guy who shot him was a nice guy, kept to himself, quiet, walked his dog, everybody shocked.

    Except this: He wasn’t married and a married worker at a dental clinic was nice enough to sympathize when he lost a dog. He sent her flowers, candy, etc; when she refused to date him, he got kinda nasty. Didn’t do anything violent, but said stuff, etc. Police didn’t do anything.

    When will people learn that these threats, verbal or physical, against women mean something and often translate into bigger acts?

  207. Chinese gymnasts – what else?

  208. Phala: That depends on whether Hillary has changed her hair recently. If she has, that’ll be the story. If not, it’ll be about how dull her hair is. If Maureen McDowd is writing, it shall be about why Bill Clinton’s isn’t really a man because he’s never experienced her. If it’s not that, it’ll be about how diabolical the Clintons are and what they’ve got up their sleeves.

  209. They’ll talk about how evvilll it is to have a vote/

  210. PofEd, that is so true. It sounds like it was a mental breakdown and not political–after comments on blog last weekend I was worried

  211. Phala, well, everyone has been forced to “endorse,” haven’t they or be thrown to the Independent Party? I don’t know whether he just endorsed or thoroughly prostrated himself.

    I just hope if O is the nominee, he chooses someone I really dislike, maybe a McCaskill. How about Clyburn? Oh,no, it has to be a whitey. Well, I’m disliking a lot of Dems right now, so……

  212. Phala: But that begs the question, why this particular guy?

  213. parentofed, on August 16th, 2008 at 2:04 am Said:

    Kaine shot himself in the foot last week, and will need his mouth amputated


  214. My tv is in danger if McDo is on and I am channel surfing.

  215. Phala: Yeah, it does seem mental. The graffiti he had done at Target was just nasty stuff, no politics. Police found keys at his house that said Gwatney Motors on the keychain, but they may not mean anything, they didn’t know each other.
    What a loss.

  216. regency,that is the ??? that keeps popping in my head.oh, I hope he picks McCaskill so she and his “kansas roots” can “win” Kansas!!!!!!

  217. uh-oh, see I’m turning into Debbie Downer, time to go sleep.

    Prolix; think about writing letters to the KDP, pretty please? I’d like this to go national.

  218. PofEd, how true. Can’t even imagine how his family must feel—loss is never easy—but unexpected and senseless loss just makes it harder, I think

  219. Even with her long career of wtf moments, I really think the scariest thing about MoDo is that she thinks “shoe” rhymes with “go.” That alone should be grounds for firing her, along with her boatload of psychological issues.

  220. I will, the KDP got pretty beaten up on Comment on KY last night.

  221. The blogger boyz went after MoDo and Andy Sullivan today, it’s fun to watch them eat their own.

  222. PofEd, KY may be the tipping point to reverse all this delegate shenanigans. I hope so

  223. What? Why? Don’t tell me, they found out MoDo is female and Sullivan gay and that was enough?

  224. In July, Opinion Research found 9 million Hil’s refusing to support Obama (up from 7 million in June).

    Recently a Quin. poll found no improvement for Obama among Hil’s over the last couple of months.

    Now here is a Pew poll also finding no change in support.
    “The Obama campaign has made no significant headway among former Clinton backers over the past two months. The voting preferences of Clinton’s supporters are virtually identical to earlier polls in June and July.”

    Opinion Research found more Hil ‘holdouts’ than Quin and Pew did. But that must have been methodology rather than a change in voters’ opinions, because ALL THREE polls have been HOLDING STEADY (in Opinion Research, Obama lost 2 million).

    Pew, August 13, 2008:
    “The Obama campaign has made no significant headway among former Clinton backers over the
    past two months. The voting preferences of Clinton’s supporters are virtually identical to
    earlier polls in June and July.”

    “Among the 28% who say they will not support Obama on November 4th, 18% say they will support McCain , 7% don’t yet know who they will support and 3% plan to back another candidate.”

    Quin also found no improvement for BO among Hil’s in recent months.

    Opinion Research, which DID COUNT STAYHOMES, found 9 million total anti-Obamas in July, UP
    from 7 million in June (4 million stayhome, 3 million McCain).

    In June, Opinion Research’s breakdown was 3 million voting for McCain and 4 million staying home.

    Here is Pew’s current breakdown:

    Among the 28% who say they will not support Obama on November 4th, 18% say they will support McCain , 7% don’t yet know who they will support and 3% plan to back another candidate.

    Note that Pew is not counting stayhomes!

    In my opinion, here are two problems with conventional polling methods in this situation.

    1. ‘Percentage of Democrats’ ignores the fact that many Hil supporters changed their registration away from the Democratic party in protest, starting around April and peaking in June and July. A recent Ras poll showed that FEWER people consider themselves Democrats now than did in early spring; the number who consider themselves Republicans has held steady. The percentage of Democrats supporting Obama may be up — because many of his opponents are no longer Democrats.

    2. Some Hil supporters plan to protest by voting for McCain, but a larger number plan to protest by staying home (or voting third party, writein, etc). Conventional metrics that begin by eliminating everyone except ‘likely voters’ will miss the impact of these stayhomes. (In early June, Opinion Research found 4 million stayhomes to 3 million voting for McCain, totalling 7 million; in early July the total was up to 9 million, three times the margin of victory in 2004).

  225. Seriously, LOL

  226. Seriously,

    It wasn’t anything near that complicated, they both dared to say something the least bit derogatory about the Annointed One.

  227. orangeblossom, quite informative. think a lot in my area will stay at home. found out last week that i can’t write-in 9 (petition has to be submiited by prior date and signed by the candidate)

    As I remarked earlier, I don’t want my name used by a homeless or dead voter so don’t want to stay at home so if the polls are close will have to vote for a Republican for the first time in 3 decades

  228. orangeblossom, “talking heads” mentioned tonight that B0s numbers with men were still low but they looked ok for women but he had internal polls that showed weakness with women (duh!!!!!!)

  229. 9 was a typo

  230. Goodnight all

  231. aw right! all the Sino Peruvian single lesbians, under the bus!. Anglachel’s view on the latest version of the Democratic Party Platform…

    good grief! this gets worse by the day!

  232. We also know now what Hillary’s delegate number is: 1920 by the latest NYT count! Now it can be told! And Gail,Collins finds a fresh insult for us

  233. for the troll patrol – strange troll messages on an old thread from 5/17 about Cokie Roberts… really weird. Abstract alphabet? What the hell is that? I always pay attention to the “recent comments” – trying to catch up with posts I’ve missed and it’s really interesting where these trolls surface. Maybe they’re just trying to see if anyone notices? freaks…

  234. At my first corporate job, I worked as an underling in a dept headed by a guy whose initials were BO. His three daughters’ names started with “B”. He was notorious for demoting people that he couldn’t fire or bully out, and hiring people who were too light for their jobs (including me, but I didn’t know enough to know it at the time).
    A year after I left, I got a phone call from my former direct supervisor, who had been fired by BO around the time that I’d quit. BO had a gambling problem and a mistress. So he embezzled from the company to pay his gambling debts. When the $$ ran out, the mistress left him. And so did the wife, when she found out about the mistress. So the demotions, etc were his way of stopping anyone from discovering his embezzlement. But someone finally did, and BO ended up in the federal pen.
    Must be something about those initials….

  235. Okay, mods, there’s another one on 6/2 -Monday Puma Power who actually posted right before my last comment and said freak, too, and their name has Hussein in it. Please get me out of this nightmare! I beg you, delete ASAP for my own sanity. That was too bizarre.

  236. Hey has anyone been to Hill buzz, corsi just popped obama one. Someone in the National Media has acutally mentioned obama/soetoro’s fake birth certificate. Oh Happy Day

  237. I can’t believe I’m happy about this, but honestly Obama scares the mess out of me.

  238. kiki,
    It would be nice if some simple technicality solved our problem, but the MSM, the DNC and the SDs would overlook anything at this point. An earthquake wouldn’t wake them up. Except maybe a floor fight in Denver!!

  239. THANKS KIKI!!

  240. Clinton proposes troop luggage break

  241. damn I missed the show-well I had to see Anti-puma and drop another house on her thismorning because they still think I am a repug plant here at the confluence. Christina now claims that the term “Jappy” is not r*cist but a sexist term and she is not an anti semite.

    Also it apears another Obamaist “Betty Craker” wanted to soil a PUMA Confrence attender as an anti-semite some one I never herd of so I posted the following are exerpts:

  242. oops in moderation sorry please review thanks alot.


  243. morning all, gotta work but promise to be back later I want too send love to RD and comany…was dragged out by my riends last night to show off my new hair I went from looking like a beatle (not paul) to looking like a buzz cut clone(mawnm gary will get the reference please educate as necessary.)

    lots of love Fuzzyberargville

  244. Nobody good wants to be Obama’s VP. I think Clark took himself out of consideration on purpose. He has talking points the same as Hillary.

    When does the idiot have to pick his VP anyway?

  245. Actually this is exactly who I thought the revolution would empower! Goddesspeed!

  246. yes if Is Obama in Denver-then you will hear thirty-six million shoes (thats eighteen million for the math challenged voters Obaot trolls) heading for the Democrat Party exit on November 4th and that is probably a low ball figure. I bet over half of them will be in heels (five inch sharpies)!

    The party will not be obliterated it will be reborn as the party of FDR and Bill Clinton once again. I will be willing to suffer through 4 years of McCain to get my 8 years of wonderful!

    NObama ever!


  247. I have heard of ‘snatching defeat from the jaws of victory’, but right now the DNC are reaching all the way down victory’s intestinal tract and pulling it out from around the area of the vermiform appendix!

    I think that the words of Oliver Cromwell, addressing the Rump Parliment of 1653 are quite appropriate here:-

    “Ye are a factious Crew and Enemies of all good Government; Ye are a Pack of mercenary Wretches and would, like Esau, Sell your Country for a Mess of Pottage; and like Judas, betray your God for a few Pieces of Money; Is there a single Virtue now remaining amongst you? ”

    “Is there one Vice that you do not possess? Ye have no more Religion than my horse! Gold is your God: Which of you have not bartered your Conscience for Bribes? …..

    Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! “

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