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Friday: We’re not done yet

I was checking the Kossack Anxiety Index yesterday when I spotted this passage by the proprietor himself about Hillary’s name being placed into nomination:

Some people worry that this would spawn countless “Democrats divided” storylines, but it seems harmless enough. And if it helps bring closure to some of Clinton’s staunchest supporters, so much the better. And if it helps remind the world that the Democratic race came down to a woman and an African American, then that’s just gravy.

It should make for some nice theatrics. A dramatic roll call, with Clinton delegates hopefully sticking with her for the first count, and then unity as the party comes together on the second count.


(Wiping eyes, catching breath, clearing throat)

I don’t know what I find funnier, that they think a symbolic vote is going to satisfy us or that they think we are really just that stupid.  What would be cathartic about a symbolic vote?  Isn’t that the same as no vote at all?  The candidates are virtually *tied* in pledged delegate counts.  Oh, I know that the various state parties have jumped aboard the UNITY! Express and that they’ve convinced delegates to go over to the dark side.  I know there is not a lot of time.  I know that is the cold, hard reality – *now*.  But it may be a completely different playground in 10 days.

Who knows what will happen?  Darragh Murphy has been giving plenty of interviews.  The media is all over this.  It’s getting a lot of attention.  Voters all over the country will start to take notice.  Maybe they *don’t* have two unacceptable choices in the fall.  Maybe they can have a president they can trust after all.  Maybe they can have a champion on *their* side who won’t care if they aren’t Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture.  Maybe they can have a Madame President.  It could happen. Why give up now?

What isn’t impossible must be possible.

One more thing: The insidious Tom Schaller was on To The Point yesterday with a fresh set of Obama talking points.  Yep, the Obama PR guy is a real piece of work.  Projection anyone?  Look, if anyone tells you that the Clintons are trying to “steal” the election, ask them about the 4 MI delegates that were “stolen” from the ones that Clinton “earned” by a guy who wasn’t even on the ballot.  In fact, if the Credentials Committee had acted on the letter that Obama sent to them requesting that Florida and Michigan delegations be restored to full strength, he wouldn’t even be the presumptive nominee.  The final delegate count for that title would change and Obama would have no right to be making these decisions in the first place.  Facts don’t lie:  Neither candidate is the presumptive nominee.  Obama highjacked that title by “stealing” delegates and if *anyone* is stealing the nomination, it is Obama.  He’s a thief and a dishonest and unscrupulous man.

PS To David Shuster:  Just wanted to answer your question about factionalism within our ranks.  There isn’t any.  We are all united in one single purpose: self-determination.  We are committed to having our votes count at the convention this year in spite of the media interference.

166 Responses

  1. “They can’t hurt us” they can’t hurt us” ‘they can’t hurt us” – there must be a lot of this with the B0bots today…..I wonder if Michael Moore will amend his “7 ways we can lose” article in Rolling Stone”

  2. […] Riverdaughter has the reaction from the B0bots to this development: trying – hard – not to […]

  3. Well said, RD. We’re not looking for catharsis, either, I can only speculate about this eleventh-hour effort to bring the bitter, low-information holdouts back into the fold.Oh, to have been a fly on the wall of those meetings.

  4. This article is a great reminder for us to focus on the fact that we’ve made progress, and will continue to make progress. The MSM and Obots want us to focus on ….. eh, who gives a flying f*ck what they want us to focus on. They can all k*ss our buffy @sses!

    Thanks, RD.

  5. It’s amazing how the media and people like Pelosi don’t get it. I don’t do Democratic politics for a living. I’m free to support anyone I want. I’m no McCain supporter. I’m also, definately, no Obama supporter. I don’t think either of the candidates running for President should be President. They keep trying to make this, well, you support McCain because you don’t support Obama. Uh, no. There is a second option. I don’t support either.

  6. Obamanation must be feeling the pain, because the little O-trolls are frantic and furious at all the PUMA blogs

  7. Since when have Democrats fallen in line?

  8. I think my frustration is starting to boil over. I sincerely applaud all your efforts anf the progress you have. made….also the optimism. But unless Obama starts to sink in the polls before the convention, the situation is looking almost hopeless. Of course it was from the start. I just can’t believe that this is really happening.

    I was “born” a democrat and attended my first dem convention when I was 8 while my mother was involved as a volunteer.

    How does O get even 70% of democrats? Why aren’t there more of us? why hasn’t o’s pathetic performance re Georgia turned more people away from him?

  9. Why is it that everybody who argues against the PUMA’s (Pelosi, Shuster, etc.) wears that eyes narrowed, look down your nose smirk? Who in the world would watch that interview and come away with “Oh well, that settles it all for me. I guess I’ll just have to vote for Obama now”? If anything, every time I see one of their condescending attitude on full display, it only hardens my resolve against Obama. If Obama loses this election, I will be watching the coverage on MSNBC, and reading dailyKos again, at least for a few days. I don’t usually take pleasure in other people’s pain, but I have a feeling I will really enjoy it this time. If Obama wins (God forbid), I’m going to disconnect my cable and internet and batten down the hatches for the next four years.

  10. He really said this? “It should make for some nice theatrics. A dramatic roll call, with Clinton delegates hopefully sticking with her for the first count, and then unity as the party comes together on the second count.”


  11. couldn’t agree more. my position against O hardens every day….if that is possible. I am even starting to like McCain, wheras several months aga i detested him.

  12. Unity used to mean a joint ticket. Now it’s just supporting Obama.

    Ya know, people don’t get it. I don’t need to effect the election to feel good about myself or anything. I have no intention of enacting revenge. It’s not about that. They are so clueless. I support Hillary for President. I don’t support Obama or McCain. That’s it. Nothing more.

  13. I want revenge. I want Dean/Pelosi/Brazile/O out of power. If they win, I am no longer a democrat. I would not be associated with their fascism. Time to creat a strong third party in this country.

  14. angry artist: You’re starting to sound like an Obama troll on a mission to make us feel helpless. Actually, I would say that yesterday’s events show exactly the opposite. It demonstrates what millions of people can do when they have a common goal and act in a concerted way. We are not helpless.
    And he is sinking in the polls.

  15. angry artist: I am thinking that the polls are not what they seem. Think about it, would you have ever believed the level of media bias? Obama will lose in November, Hillary would win.

  16. PS to Mr. Shuster — yes, I don’t have a lot of money, yes I’m just an “unimportant little person” but for some strange reason I believe that my vote counts. If that means I have to vote for McCain, or a third party or not vote at all in November for the first time in 21 years to prove to the DNC & the msm that my vote counts, then that is what I will do. I will burn this village to save it.

  17. Obamanation needs to learn some people skills.

    If they want our votes, dissing us and trying to piss us off ain’t the optimal strategery.

    But then again, they could line up for blocks to kiss my flabby butt and I still wouldn’t vote for The Precious.

  18. RD: “What isn’t impossible must be possible.”

    I’m going to post that one on my wall. I love it!!

  19. Angry Artist: We don’t want revenge. We want our votes counted, logic to prevail and unity. We’re not looking for a fist fight. We just want to stop the DNC and the Obama camp to stop waging war against its own voters.

  20. BB: I don’t think it is original. I think Sherlock Holmes said it.

  21. Add to that the most recent scolding by ejdionne, jr. (of WaPo fame), who is regularly trashed by Somerby in the DailyHowler. What can possibly be the matter with us, that we don’t sit down and shut up?
    In the meantime, the One splashes around the surf, trying to look like JFK one day, Tiger Woods the next. The guy is a chameleon in more ways than one: change you can believe in.


  22. qaz:

    Just before Super Duper Tuesday the polls showed Obama tied or winning here in Big Smoggy.

    He lost by 10 pts.

  23. I believe the quote by Sherlock was “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.”

  24. LOL, take a look at this:


    She’s the only name not bolded and is the last person mentioned. Hysterical. I thought Tuesday night was Hillary night.

  25. The DNC and the Obama camp may have finally concluded that they should have worried more about the bitter holdouts, or at least listened to the concerns.

  26. Sorry, I was slightly off (story of my life)

    “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains–however improbable–must be the truth>”

  27. This is such an abusive relationship. The Obots get good and drunk and beat us for a while and the next morning tell us how sorry they are and that they love us and need us, and we’re supposed to think, “Oh good! They’ve stopped beating us! They must love us!”

    The cat is out of the bag, the horse is out of the barn, whatever metaphor you want to use, I am done with the Obots, the DNC, Nancy and friends, all of them. The only way I have learned to deal with abusive relationships is to stay as far away from them as I can.

    Damn right we’re united RD. But we have to keep working and maintain the attention of those voters who are only getting their news from the MSM. Lets not let Shuster control the message.

  28. chatblu, on August 15th, 2008 at 8:33 am Said:
    The DNC and the Obama camp may have finally concluded that they should have worried more about the bitter holdouts, or at least listened to the concerns.

    Nah. Here’s what went down, IMO:


  29. Ever notice how media “liberals,” with few exceptions, don’t seem to like any liberal politicians, policies or programs?

    EJ Dionne is a perfect example. With friends like him, who needs enemies?

  30. Clinton backers challenge change to Ky. delegate roster

  31. janicen:

    I’ve said for months that Obots act like domestic abusers.

    They verbally abuse us, tell us we aren’t wanted, then when we leave they stalk us and demand our loyalty.

  32. masslib: Interesting post. Thanks for the link.

  33. Terrific post RD

    or that they think we are really just that stupid.”

    I think they do and it’s been at the core of the problem from the get go….

  34. Angry Artist…

    does your mother support Obama?

    and I agree, it would really take a miracle for Hillary to be (rightfully) nominated…

    I know its not fair, but thats how it is…

  35. myiq2xu, on August 15th, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Exactly…he isn’t a liberal, he just plays one .
    Like 60% of Mo Dowd’s job is to bash women.
    ( The other 40 % is free floating for whoever the Times wants attacked . )

    The fact that EJ Dionne is a “liberal and she’s a woman, is suppose to shore up the legitimacy of the attacks ….” well if a liberal is saying it about a liberal! “…when that’s not the case at all.

    It’s media kabuki…the only media allowed

  36. DownListen: Thank you for that link. Gotta love those Kentucky Democrats!

  37. I just looked to make sure. The Press Release does not bold her name or list her in the title.



  38. Even the NY Daily News is saying that Bambi is a wuss. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


    Meanwhile, any Confluence plans to celebrate Bubba’s b-day? Which just (ahem) happens to be mine too….

  39. I haven’t been to the Cheeto place for ages, but just checked in. Could they be any more irrelevant? Former fighter for liberal values–now utter sellout– Meteor Blades has a diary up abou the whiney open letter to Obama from The Nation (a couple of weeks old?) begging him on bended knee to actually support a few Democratic policies. Apparently MB hasn’t noticed that Obama doesn’t support gay rights, abortion rights, or even social security and health care. MB is sad these days.

  40. Sadly, my mother passed away several years ago. I know in my heat she would not support O or the DNC in what they are doing. She would be working hard for justice and for Hillary.

  41. Oh, and after this latest Georgia / Russia conflict; I feel much more comfortable voting for McCain…

    he showed real leadership this weak: resolute yet reasonable…

    that showed me that experience really is important…

    McCain knew the area, the problems, and the history…
    He actually really impressed me!

  42. Carol,

    The last straw? That camel’s back broke a long time ago. Now each straw is just covering up the mauled body.

  43. Thanks Angry Artist…

    sorry to hear that; God Bless her…

  44. The Daily news article is great, shows O to be the whiney little shit that he is.

  45. As we are preoccupied by the politics of the season. We also are having a 3am moment. Its interesting and deafening at the silence from the Obama campaign as Russia invades Georgia. This is a country whose leaders ARE talking to our leaders as Obama wuld have it with Iran. But Medved and Putin calls for a ceasefire as they lie to us and continue to push through Georgia. his morning they’ve attacked journalists, shooting one in the head. What words would Obama use to calm this situation? Is anybody asking as he plays golf in Hawaii?

  46. OMG!! Now I’m really laughing. Kos thinks Obama will choose Tom Daschle as VP. Oh please please please, choose him Barack. That would be so much worse than even John Kerry as VP.

  47. DownListen, on August 15th, 2008 at 8:37 am Said:
    Clinton backers challenge change to Ky. delegate roster

    I hope that is done everywhere. Did anyone find anything more out about those Florida delegates?

  48. Kos is just trying to make Sebelius or Kaine more palatable. Daschle couldn’t even deliver SD.

  49. I am with Angry Artist……..the more the Obambi ‘bots scream, the more determined I am NOT to vote for him. I will vote for McCain…..altho Hillary is still my choice. if it is not to be, the Dems have lost me. Why would we elect Obama……….the country needs a leader, not a rock star. Thank you RD. Nobama……….PUMA

  50. Daschle was as bad as Pelosi when he was minority leader. A complete wuss. Their recipe for leadership is to stand in front of a mic and wag a finger at the WH. Please God, if not Kerry the Daschle. A guaranteed loss in November.

    And where is the hope and change message coming from? Just entertaining the thought of Kerry or Daschle is a harkening back to business as usual. You would think the Cheetos would be blustering over either selection.

  51. Every single day (sometimes several times a day) we see a new story claiming Obama is going to nominate X or Y as his VP.

    It’s all just a game to keep the media buzzing.

    But the voters are zzzzzzzzing

  52. Why are we talking about McCain? We’ve got 10 more days to focus all of our mental, financial, spiritual energies on Hillary getting the candidacy. Let’s keep going systematically forward to our true goal. Hopefully, we won’t have to decide to vote McCain after the Dem convention…

  53. I just watched the Hardball segment over at NQ. I though Murphy and Will did a fantastic job. David Shuster should be fired for being an advocate for Obama. He was absolutely shameless, but Will and Darragh really stood up to him. I can’t believe how calm and reasonable they both remained. And Will did correct Shuster when he claimed that Obama won the popular vote in the primaries.

  54. If Musharif resigns shortly, as has been predicted, another crisis looms once again from that region. Does anyone seriously think that Obama is prepared to handle these multiple eruptions all at once? He could not be bothered to hold one meeting on the committee for Afghanistan since his appointment. His excuse: too busy running for president to have taken the time! His knowledge, substance, and interest is in serious question. This guy is not prepared!

  55. PJ:

    Don’t forget Daschle pushed the AUMF

    What happened to Cheetoville’s “no warmongers” wankfest?

  56. Karolina,

    I so agree with you about McCain. If necessary, I will vote for him (if it’s close in MA), but I don’t have any desire to hear about him or what he is doing. To me, he is just an instrument. I do get very tired of commenters coming on her and praising McCain. That’s not what it’s about for me.

  57. myiq2xu: you are right….it’s all just to keep Obama in the media. Hopefully it will backfire.

  58. I just want this over with. God, I almost hate myself for continuing to have insane hope that somehow this whole nightmare will be over and HRC will be the (rightful) nominee–especially after spending the last few days realizing how desperately we need the US to “get to work” domestically and internationally. To accept that the Democratic Party is going to throw away our chance to avoid catastrophe here and abroad by ensuring we’ll get a failed president (both McCain and Obama will fail miserably; we all know that) is beyond me.

    Ugh. Again, I just want it over with already.

  59. I wouldn’t dream of voting for McCain–he’s awful. If the Democrats nominate the One, then I simply won’t vote for a Presidential candidate in 2008.

  60. Oops! I meant “either” instead of “both McCain and Obama will fail miserably.” Ooh, it’s early here on the West Coast.

  61. BB: I’ve actually wondered many times if there aren’t self-assigned (or otherwise) MCCain promotioners dropping in here.

  62. The problem with hyping the VP pick is that anyone he’s likely to pick would be a huge letdown.

    He’s not picking a big name because he won’t share the spotlight.

    Bill Clinton showed balls and picked Gore, and they campaigned as near-equals.

    Poppy Bush picked an empty suit.

    Gore picked Droopy, who was a drag on his campaign. That pick probably had a lot to do with Donna Brazile-wax

  63. Karolina: While I am unable to send you a link, and I cannot turn up the original article of the Jefferson-Jackson weekrnd at the Weston Hotel, I can refer you to the Sun-Sentinels Briward Politic Blog. Go to the entries of June 14, 2008, beginning with “Obama Campaign Has a Right to Do What It Wants”, and quotes Mike Moskowitz, Dem. State Committeman from Broward Co. as saying “The presidential nominee has a right to choose its own delegates”. Further along, see “Wheeling and Dealing Gets Obama Camo What It Wants” and “Obama Camp Gets FL Delegate Changes That It Wants”. In other words, sign on or ship out, duly elected be damned.

  64. America is starving for leadership. Starving! To seriously contemplate electing into the Oval Office someone whose tenure in the Senate equals a mere 300 days and whose only other publicly held office was the IL legislature which met only 55 days a year is myopic. The issues facing this nation both at home an abroad are overwhelming.

    For voters simply willing to “take a chance” on this guy is breathtaking. We are being sold a bill of goods without a warranty included. He cannot even bring forth one legislative accomplishment that would lead a seriously educated voter to feel at ease. The hullabaloo and hoopla attached to this candidacy is deeply troubling. Particularly when the push is coming from a media that so horribly let us down with Bush. Skepticism should be the message of the day. Instead this promotion is based on a tissue of lies.

  65. Karolina: Make that Broward Political Blog

  66. I used to think the most virulent Obots were really GOP ratfuckers who were paid to infiltrate and cause dissention.

    But Obamanation has not done one damn thing to renounce or rein in the Hillary Hate.

    Could Obama be a ratfucker too?

  67. Could Obama be a ratfucker too?

    Consider His FISA vote.

  68. I almost hate myself for continuing to have insane hope that somehow this whole nightmare will be over and HRC will be the (rightful) nominee

    I’m just the opposite. I feel good when I have done everything I could, right up to the last minute.

  69. Boston Boomer and I are both on the same page. Here in MA, which is essentially a liberal state overall, we will wait until the November election to seriously consider which way to cast our votes. Only if it appears as a close contest would I ever consider voting McCain. If Obama is way ahead my vote one way or the other won’t make the difference. The same for McCain. But if close, McCain gets my vote. No Obama, no DNC, no more validation of a stolen election sanctioned by a party I had revered.

    A message must be sent that “we the people” are not onboard the unity express to nowhere. I have come to accept that I would prefer to live with 4 years of McCain but not so with Obama. A sad commentary since this is the candidate my party deliberately chose over the better qualified and the better prepared candidate overall.

  70. Pat, your observations are (as usual) brilliant.

    Leadership? Sigh. I’ve given up on that since it looks like the Dems will march off the cliff in Denver.

    The best I’m hoping for now is to weather the impending economic/international tsunami over the next four years. So the question is “who will keep the country safer?” My take – certainly not Bambi. Whether that means not voting or voting for someone else is totally a personal choice.

    Choice – remember? Along with freedom and social justice, it was what the Dems were supposed to stand for.

  71. Another discouraging note this morning! Just received the e-mail from Hillary to help pay down her debt, offering a “lucky” someone be chosen to see her speech at the convention and witness Obama’s acceptance speech for the nomination. I’m not as politically astute as most of you, but this sure seems as if she is going along with the charade! It saddens me!

  72. chatblu, I must be doing something wrong—I can’t seem to get tto where the Obama articles tghat you mentioned are.
    This is the URL I’m using:


    then, I’m putting June 14, 2008 in the search place.

  73. wow, obama supporters have been out in full force this past week. I remember them doing that right before they were about to lose a primary.

  74. Lakota:

    I’ll repeat for the umpteenth time, it’s not about Hillary.

    It’s about principles of fairness, equality and self-determination.

    It’s about a sham process and an unqualified empty-suit being selected (not elected) as the nominee.

    It’s about a campaign based on misogyny and false accusations of r*cism.

    Hillary’s campaign exposed the misogyny, she didn’t create it.

    With everything I know about Barack Obama I could not support him even if he had run unopposed.

    Supporting Obama is an endorsement of all the corruption.

  75. That David Shuster Hardball interview laid out the problem with Obama, MSM and the DNC. It is all about the money. If you don’t have alot of money then you do not signify. Without money you shouldn’t have a voice. My husband told me back in January 2008 that Obama was the candidate for the rich. He gets favorable treatment by the MSM because he bought it. He gets backing by high profile dems because he bought them. The rich are backing Obama because he will not change their tax structure. (just look at his economic advisors!) He even voted for Cheney’s energy bill with its give aways to oil companies. Not even McCain did that. MSM is angry at PUMA because Obama cannot buy PUMA votes.

  76. Lakota, I just got the email too, and the language is icky:

    I cannot wait for the lights to come up and the cameras to roll at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. When I join Democrats from across the country who are unified and ready to get to work to elect Barack Obama, I want you there.

    I hope you will take this chance to come and cheer us on!

    So many people have reached out to help us pay down our campaign debt, and I was just overwhelmed by the generous spirit of so many of you. I’m pleased to announce that Leslie of Tacoma, WA won our contest and will be joining me for dinner soon. But so many people participated that I knew I just had to give you another chance. So will you enter today for the chance to join me in Denver?

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an event that will truly make history. I’ll make sure you get great seats to see me speak on Tuesday night when I address the nation and see Senator Obama accept the nomination at Mile High Stadium on Thursday.

    We’re going to have an amazing convention and head into the fall campaign unified and ready to work. And if you contribute today to help us pay down our campaign debt, you might be the one to join me in Denver!

  77. vive:

    It’s called “haka”

    The name comes from a Maori ritual dance intended to intimidate opponents.

    Axelrod is astroturfing the blogosphere again, trying to influence public opinion

  78. Trolls are awake!

  79. FL Voter:

    Obama didn’t buy the media. The same people that own the media bought him.

    They paid for his support in the Dem leadership too.

  80. Supporting Obama is an endorsement of all the corruption.

    That is the bottom line. That’s why no amount of waffling and “negotiating” is going to make any difference. The damage is done, and I will never support him/them. It would be a signal to do the same thing in any election they want. “Go ahead, cheat–I’ll still come around!”

    Absolutely not, and they can stomp their feet, and call me names, and try to dismiss me, none of it matters. My vote, my choice.

  81. Interesting: Good Morning America reports that Hill’s name will be placed in nomination to allow her supporters to vote for her; however, my local news in California reports this but says it’s all because of Obama and his generosity. (Gag)

    I don’t know what to think of anything anymore; I don’t know if I want go to the polls on Nov. 4th – on the other hand, I have a 21 yro daughter who will be voting for the first time; she WAS a Hillary supporter.

    Got the same email from Hill this morning, too, Lakota. She still does need to pay down her debt. Are her hands tied? Probably. They have threatened her. She is probably planning her run in 2012 and she can’t do it without their support. Those are the facts.

    I enjoyed the Puma Blog Talk last night. Someone asked why this was happening? Why is the DNC doing this? To me (and I said only to me) – it’s all about 1. MONEY – it’s all been ‘in the works’ since 2004. Big money; filtered money (think Soros). Money seems to always win in the end. 2. Power – think “get the Clintons out”; think “NEW Democratic Party.

    Just my 2 cents.

  82. Oh – and another thought: When we complain out loud that this nomination thing is not good enough – this may make it look like we are whiners now fer sure and Obama is even more of a saint. As in, just can’t please ’em. What do you think?

  83. Oh please, mentally challenged steveeboy is back. How dumb can this kid be? Talking about liberal policies to support the candidate who is Republican-lite vs. a true progressive.

    steveeboy, get your remedial history book out, and ask mom to read you the definition of “liberal” and “conservative” so you can try to understand. I know it’s hard, but if she reads reaaaally slowly, you might eventually get it.

  84. Things I do not need:

    1. I do not need a “symbolic” vote. As a matter of fact, in a free democracy wouldn’t that be an oxy-moron?

    2. I do not need a “symbolic ” vote to help me “get over it”.

    3. I do not need a “symbolic” vote to make me feel better, as if I need therapy.

    4. I do not need a “symbolic” vote to ignore the thinking part of my brain.

    5. And I especially do not need a “symbolic” vote to make me forget all the @#$#@ that went on during this voting season and vote for BO.

  85. mlhath, on August 15th, 2008 at 10:13 am Said:

    Things I do not need:

    LOL! Well said.

  86. Lakota in GA,

    Be sure to read the Daily News story that was linked above.


    Hillary is looking stronger in the light of Obama backing down on this. Maybe she is taking the right strategy of being “submissive” while continuing to get what she wants. After all, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  87. Admittedly we have no idea of what is actually transpiring behind the scenes. Speculation is all we have to work with. We followed Hillary to the end just as she gave as much as she could to ensure that our voices and concerns were heard. Our admiration skyrocketed tenfold as we were all aware of the brutality she faced and the unfairness directed toward her. We asked and she delivered despite the odds thrown her way. So much to overcome yet she got up each day and refused to back down.

    Whatever she decides I prefer to believe that she would never sell us or herself out. This woman is a fighter! They have stacked the deck from the beginning but she held fast. How much more blood can we extract from one individual before we let her decide the best course for herself? These people are rotten. They are hideous in their pursuit of power. The best we can do for Hillary Clinton is to let her decide for herself which course is the best to follow.

    I may be disappointed in the outcome, and I will never accept her urging us to vote for Obama, but she represents what is the best in us: the ability to reach out and resurrect our better selves in the face of despair. Long live Hillary!

  88. Obama liberals are in favor of expanding faith based initiatives, are against the 4th Amendment, in favor of adding more restrictions to abortion, limit the exercise of the 1st Amendment, in favor of tax breaks to the oil companies, are against Universal Health Care, have no problem with sexism and outright misogyny, are against one person one vote and counting every vote. These are just the beginning. Obama liberals aren’t very liberal at all are they? Hint: this is way the Democratic Party is divided.

  89. Hey Sheri – my answer is, no respect, no $$.

    I can see myself 20 or 30 years down the line as that crazy rich old aunt that you have to be nice to. And I’m warming up to the idea.

  90. Sheri, on August 15th, 2008 at 10:12 am Said:

    Oh – and another thought: When we complain out loud that this nomination thing is not good enough – this may make it look like we are whiners now fer sure and Obama is even more of a saint. As in, just can’t please ‘em. What do you think?

    Sheri: it’s all a charade. They are still trying to dupe us, and we are so much smarter than they think we are. We see right through their false attempts to mimic democracy and insist on true democracy. They will keep pushing their insincere sham, and we will continue to demand authenticity. We are being heard.

  91. Please do not feed the troll

  92. FLVoter, on August 15th, 2008 at 10:15 am Said

    Very articulate, but you are speaking WAY over steveeboy’s head.

  93. myiq 2xu

    To me its a two way street, he bought them, they bought him. Either way its all about the money.

  94. Pat,

    I agree. I have not lost the admiration that grew in me as I watched Hillary during the campaign. I continue to believe that she is fighting for us in the best way she knows how. Now that she has won this battle to have her name placed in nomination, I am even more impressed. As RD said, who knows what can happen between now and the convention. This is one battle we have won, and we may yet win the war.

  95. They have stacked the deck from the beginning but she held fast. How much more blood can we extract from one individual before we let her decide the best course for herself? These people are rotten. They are hideous in their pursuit of power. The best we can do for Hillary Clinton is to let her decide for herself which course is the best to follow.

    Absolutely Pat! We have very little idea of what is going on behind the scenes. Hillary has earned her right to chart her own direction after 35+ years of public service and a brutal campaign. I wish she could don a cape and go down in flames, fighting, but she’s a realist and is focused on getting health care legislation etc. through. I respect whatever choice she makes. Having said that, what the media and bots refuse to understand is that I am not a sheep. I have an independent mind and will make my own choice based on the criteria that are important to me.

  96. Wow – I love the strength of all of you!!!! Now – I feel a bit better this morning and today. I will be out of town for a few days. Thanks for this send off.

    Go PUMAS!!!!!

  97. Pat-Beautifully said!

    “she represents what is the best in us: the ability to reach out and resurrect our better selves in the face of despair.”

    I will remember this today!

  98. It makes me profoundly sad that Hillary still has to be begging for money to pay her debts.

  99. The trolls remind me of my 4 kids when they were younger. Whining, wailing, stomping feet, throwing toys to get my attention and give in to their little demands. It did not work then, it won’t work now. I am a study in indifference when pushed to the wall. An expert at “tuning out”. After awhile they got the message that the tantrums just weren’t going to work. Not in the cards after all.

  100. I’m so pissed.And I just got to work. And it’s Fri. Crap.

  101. There are issues related to process, and ones related to outcome.

    I don’t care how fair and transparent the process, if the outcome gives us a nominee that’s unacceptable to me I will not vote for that nominee.

    After all, if George Bush had won in 2000 without cheating he would still be the worst President ever.

  102. I agree – anything can happen.

    The fix is in for the nomination but emotions will be high on both sides. The SDs coerced to change their votes to Obama may take courage from all of the delegates still supporting Hillary. They could get their courage back.

    Democracy could take over the convention and it could be the August surprise.

    If the SDs have courage.

  103. Off to work. G’day all!

  104. I firmly believe that if we stand firmly on principle we will win in the end.

    Maybe not this year, maybe not soon even. But we will win.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  105. Karolina: That’s the correct site. Instead of searching, scroll to the bottom to “For older entries click here”. After vthat, keep scrolling down, remembering that you are two months back. Look for the headings that I have listed.

  106. Will the PUMA movement in time become a third political party if the Democratic Party cannot be brought back to recognizing its old democratic values?

  107. The DNC will employ whatever means it takes to keep her from coming anywhere near the nomination. It would be a miracle otherwise. They have planned for this event for years. Carefully orchestrated the date of his acceptance speech to mirror a date when MLK made history. They have pummeled, punished, pushed, pinioned, and plagiarized to get to Denver.

    They follow the polls, they see the signs, they know the risk they took is iffy at best. Yet they will soldier on because to do otherwise would be an affirmation of their infamy. I think they would rather go down to defeat then to admit that the chicanery did not work. These people are bound together by a devil pact and the public will decide if they wish to honor that pact come November.

    But I can not vote for a man who allowed this to be done in his name since the blatancy of this sham will only increase should he be given victory. Character counts. His is on display if anyone cares to take a closer look.

  108. Please download and send in this petition ASAP. There is a petition for Michigan residents and one for everyone else. Please help the citizens of Michigan demand representation.

  109. Pat,

    It certainly appears that the DNC and the “leadership” are willing to lose with Obama rather than let Hillary win. I know I’ll never vote for him. But I do think these next couple of weeks are going to be interesting from the Conflucian/PUMA point of view.

  110. Also, Anglachel has a few more new posts. They are a good morning read:

  111. Tippy, the troll, has slipped in and laid down links to PUMA hate sites.

  112. My moral compass will never allow me to vote for a man I deeply despise. It would be an affront to my own value system and I am who I have to live with in the end.

  113. From a pragmatic point of view, PUMA is smart business.

    It’s obvious that the Dem leadership took us for granted and had no intention of giving us anything in exchange for our support. If anything they intended to fuck us over in pursuit of new voters.

    But they can’t win without us.

    If nothing else, we’re like workers that are striking for higher wages and better benefits.

    UHC is one of the benefits we want.

    If we depended on their generosity and consciences, we would get bumpkus. Even now, the most they offer is that if we support Obama we won’t lose anything we already have.

    That’s what “McCain = repeal Roe” really boils down to, doesn’t it?

  114. Tippy the troll and others like him/her/whatever do a disservice to the campaign and candidate he so vigorously supports. But then someone using the screen name “Tippy” is not one to be taken seriously. We had a dog named Tippy at one time. Not the brightest one of the litter I might add.

  115. gripatriot:

    Ignore our “special” friends and let the bouncers show them which way to the egress.

    They crave attention, so starve their addiction.

  116. I had a canoe named “Tippy” once.

  117. Don’t get me wrong…Hillary is clearly the best candidate, and I sincerely hope she will be the nominee…

    However, I don’t think that is going to happen…and I know its wrong and unfair…

    and given the choice between Obama and McCain, I am leaning McCain as of right now…

  118. Good Morning Everyone. Everyone’s so funny today. I overslept but, I’m catching up.

  119. Like many of you, I, too, received the e-mail from Senator Clinton. Like many of you, I have no idea whether she is sanguine about an arrangement that would be a symbolic gesture and not an actual vote to give her a chance at the nomination. I have no idea what pressure has been brought to bare on her to accept this solution. What is really symbolic about this is that it is being marketed in the media in such a way that it becomes a pat on the head to all those, “ungraciuos Clinton supporters,” as Nancy Pelosi charactrizes it. I don’t do pats on the head. I don’t curtsey and say thank you to abusers. I don’t acquesce to those who would marginalize my vote or my candidate. I will not vote for Senator Obama, or any Democratic candidate who supports him.

  120. myiq2xu, on August 15th, 2008 at 10:04 am Said:
    “It’s about principles of fairness, equality and self-determination.”

    Perfectly expressed. It’s also about making politicians of either party accountable for unprincipled actions. That’s what makes PUMA so very threatening and such a potent new force. We have a lot to be proud of.

  121. EXCALTLY, yeah like a pat on the head and a good girl now behave you know the good of the insert guilt trip term in fashion, makes a diff….the only tangible thing that comes form this is for 12 she can show see when they lie.

  122. DRII, on August 15th, 2008 at 10:51 am

    I think a lot of people feel that way and we’ll see it in Obama’s poll numbers when they take a dip after the convention. Many people are also still holding out hope that Clinton will be his VP which will not happen.

  123. I just pointed out at Corrente that what we are seeing is a pre-convention haka.

    We saw them gin up the HillaryHate before every primary, but Obamanation hasn’t done one since Hillary suspended her campaign.

    This one will be huge, probably the biggest one they’ll ever do.

    That means it’s just starting, so break out the bio-hazard suits and get prepared.

    Tell ’em to bring it, cuz we’re in it to win it.

  124. Morning everyone! Yes, yes, and YES to RD!

    It ain’t over till the votes are cast. And if Hillary’s delegates can’t cast their votes meaningfully, then how can we be satisfied?

    “Oh, you can vote for anyone you want, but our guy’s going to win.”

    Yeah, that’s gonna make me feel better. SNORT.

    Kos is just doing massive damage control. Looks like he and his little Cheetos aren’t as powerful as a few pissed-off Sino-Peruvian lesbians with mullets, Che uniforms and cat heads.

  125. I am actually cleaning today! Imagine that! But I am propelled back to the site between a “lick and a promise” style of cleaning since this site keeps me sane.

    The “Tippy canoe” reference just sent me into hysterics!

  126. Just listened to Lee Ann Womack sing. “I Hope You Dance” and it reminded me so much of Hillary. So profound.

  127. Pat Johnson – I am so proud of you! Woot! You clean once every six months whether the house needs it or not, right? 😉

    I was hoping to hear your voice and Carol’s last night. Everyone who called in was great! Maybe next time…

  128. madamab: I could tell by listening to you that you must have a musically trained voice. Very melodic. Are you a trained soprano? So much talent! You really are like a renaissance woman.

  129. Looks like a lot of people are becoming Secret PUMAs. Seen the new Zogby polls?

    “McCain made signifciant gains at Obama’s expense among some of what had been Obama’s strongest demographic groups,” Zogby said.

    His findings:

    -Among voters aged 18-29, Obama lost 16 percent and McCain gained 20. Obama still leads, 49-38;

    -Among women, McCain gained 10 percentage points. Obama now leads 43-38;

    -Among independents, Obama lost an 11 point lead. They’re now tied;

    -Among Democrats, Obama’s support dropped from 83 percent to 74 percent;

    -Among Catholics, Obama lost the 11 point lead he had in July and now trails McCain by 15.


  130. Oh, thanks PJ! Yes, I am a trained soprano. My first loves were opera and theatre. If only I could be a professional opera singer without travelling 9 months out of the year, I’d be doing that. Unfortunately, opportunities are few and candidates are many. Sigh.

  131. Apologies for double posting, but…

    Look at those numbers!! A 26-point swing among Catholic voters, and a 36-point swing with Obama’s much-vaunted “youth vote.”

    And losing a third of your party’s voters–is anyone at the DNC paying attention to this??? Kerry lost with 80+ percent of Dem support (yes, I know he had it stolen, but it should never have been that close). I believe McCain is over 80 with Republicans and that will only go up, guaranteed. BO’s has gone DOWN and I bet that too will change — only it will get worse!

    The tie among independents is especially telling as history shows that they usually swing for “experience” if there’s no incumbent.

    DNC, SDs, are you paying attention?

  132. Good morning everyone so NICE to be off today for and reading here … bo couldnt find his A$$ with both hands LOL sorry had to put that in but those “findings” are not only nice to read they are not surprising … thank you so much for posting them 🙂 I expect they will only get worse as time goes on . I bet a lot of people drew in their breath and went into shock when they saw bo respond to the crisis in Georgia with a weakness and lack of perspective unimaginable in these times . once again he came around closer to McCains stance after Mccain made it clear in which direction to go , and made it glaringly obvious he has no leadership ability and offers only inept stammering and reading from someone else prepared speech . Is that perhaps why he stammers somuch , they arent his words?? God Goddess forbid we have him in any leadership position . I dont think he even qualifies as a Jr Senator
    Hillary would have been sweeping the country by now !

  133. I supported Hillary and would be pleased and relieved if she could pull out a miracle win here. But what really keeps me coming back to this blog is the hope it gives me for the future of our country. Puma has grown from the frustration and hopes of people like me who are looking for “real hope” and “real change”. And rather than playing “follow the leader” new leaders are being created from the grass roots. It is exciting to think that this movement is the start of a the “re-birth of a nation.”

    Pat–I agree with so many of your thoughts.

  134. madamab: Your talent shines! I sincerely believe there is a definite outlet for the playlets aside from our listening enjoyment. I may only be in the class of the untalented but I think I can separate the good from the bad. The playlets are too well done and should appeal to a broader audience. As a NYer you must know someone who could help.

  135. I am spritzing Windex and dusting here on Blight Street but I agree, PUMA is too big to disappear after November. As I have said from the beginning, my goal is that PUMA always has a seat at the table. It is bigger than any one candidate or political party. It is the symbol of democracy at work and wearing its best Sunday outfit.

    Forever PUMA!

  136. Pat – Eddy and I are heading out to El Fenix for lunch. Later, we are going to see Swing Vote. I haven’t done anything for so long, it is criminal (just trying to gin up my credentials to join the Obama camp – the criminal part, get it?)

    Have to get out of the house and not work or read for a while as I have finally hit my limit with this fraudulent BS.

  137. DancingOpossum – Thank you so much for posting those results. They are indeed trendlines that our Party would be wise to take into account.

  138. myiq2xu—yes, we will win. May take longer than we hoped, but we will win. Americans are not patient people but in this case we have to be calm and patient.

    The msm no longer does it’s homework–so they always get our motivation and numbers wrong. It will take time to come out correctly-but it will eventually. I do wish there was a way for us to get information to Bill. He, at least had a microphone and he knows how to use it. In fact, the best communicator I know–I will ask my daughter if she knows a way–or does anybody know how to get info to him.

    I have spent the last hour sending an e-mail to a committed Dem. woman I know who wrote me that she doesn’t like Obama, but doesn’t want McCain. I’ll see what happens with her. I think there are alot like her-don’t like the choices this year so revert back to Dem. .

  139. PJ – After the November election, I will be seeking a publisher for my plays. Thanks so much for your VERY kind words and all your inspirational (and hiliarous) commentary!

    Best Sunday outfit, indeed! PUMA POWER!

  140. The Repubs will stand firmly behind their nominee even if they put Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay on the ticket. They support party over country. The Dems are different since we firmly believe in fairness and equality. It is when we address the fallacy that is being perpetrated that we really exercise the idea of country over party. This is what separates us from the Repubs and those who are damaging the roots of our affiliation. It is what makes us true patriots and citizens.

  141. madamab: I am thrilled for you! Your voice has encouraged us so much. The playlets are priceless and so on the mark. I will be waiting for updates as will everyone else on this blog.

  142. angry artist said: “How does O get even 70% of democrats? Why aren’t there more of us? why hasn’t o’s pathetic performance re Georgia turned more people away from him?”

    There is and has been something very fishy about this whole thing. Some kind of blackmail or something, there is just no rational reason why all of these SD are falling in line for Obama. He is not qualified.

  143. […] to be placed in nomination at the Democratic Convention. Sorry, but as Riverdaughter said earlier, “we’re not done yet.” I still smell a rat. ABC News quotes turncoat Lanny Davis as follows: “We are absolutely […]

  144. mad – Thanks so much. Pat is avoiding responding to my previous post about Eddy and I.

  145. Carol: Ed is not into Tex/Mex. He needs to watch his diet. Besides, he has already offered to move the couch since I need to vacuum under there. So no movie for him.

  146. Public opinion rarely shifts dramatically overnight.

    Stories have an immediate impact, but over days and weeks people think about and discuss what they saw and heard, and that’s when the true effect is seen.

    Obama has been stagnant in the polls for months, and is now starting to slip.

    Obamanation will never gin up the hatred of McCain that they did of Hillary.

    First of all, there was already a preexisting CDS that they took advantage of against Hillary, and that does not exist with McCain.

    Secondly, McCain is a Republican, and they won’t turn against their own for a Democrat.

    Lastly, McCain is a man, so there is no place for misogyny. And pretty-boy Barry can’t out-macho a war hero.

  147. Crap–just got a reply back from my friend saying that she is afraid of McCain’s temper and that he will get us into another war right away. Well, another day, another battle. She is in her 70s and of the generation that was more accepting of authority than the boomers are.

  148. Carol: *&*&&^%(##!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $#@#@@!!!!!!!!!

  149. KC – We need to stop worrying about McCain right now and focus on Hillary. The nominee has not yet been chosen.

    Meanwhile – BB has a new post up!

  150. There is no wisdom left in this party, just a bunch of self serving morons who think they “know what is best” for the rest of us. Wisdom, along with fairness and objectivity, are on an unlimited vacation. Let’s just hope they return soon. My only admonition to them can be inscribed on a postcard: ” Wish you were here!”

  151. You know I am really beginning to wonder if it truly is just a symbolic vote. The media and obama people are so intent on making us feel that way, that it must be the opposite.

    I think the SD’s might truly vote for Hillary in Denver.

  152. vive: I want so much to believe your last statement.

  153. Excellent point, myiq–preexisting CDS that is not present with McCain. I hadn’t thought about it like that. Have only seen them try to paint him as old and out of touch, but then he hits them with a zinger. I think McCain is not going to go down as easily as they think.

    Also, I think this week of Barry on vacation will bite them (smacks alot of Bush and his vacations). McCain is making hay while Barry plays.

  154. Brilliantly written article! Perhaps Obama insisted Hillary’s name goes into nomination in order to make it look like he is magnamous (who is he fooling) it was her right all along. I am working twice as hard and am doubly determined now!

  155. In reading Senator Clinton’s email this a.m. I noticed that she says “to elect Barack Obama” and “see Senator Obama accept the nomination” but that she doesn’t specify to which post. Maybe she’s planning to be gracious and allow him the VP spot.

  156. Riverdaughter, amen to everything you said. Ditto, yay, woohoo and amen again!

  157. Pat-spritzing and dusting? My cleaning involves scraping and boiling, then dousing.

    Hunker down, PUMAS. This is going to be a nail-biter of a week. But we have to stay bonded and focused. Resist the urge to think past the convention.

    I love it that KOS is so jealous of RD and PUMA!

  158. Amen, is right and I just saw on the news that Clinton’s name will be put into nomination to avoid pro-Clinton protesters at the convention. I’m still sayin’ no deal.

  159. Puma-SF: We need to heed where these reports are coming from. No one has a clear picture of what is going on and the media needs to keep that narrative on replay. They dismiss us but they know we are a force to be reckoned with. That is why I no longer am able to tolerate what passes for news these day. And frankly, when I do turn it on it is to the Fox Channel. At least it is not Hillary bashing and smirking all day. They produce crap, but it is at least palatable.

    Tune out the voices of speculation. We would all go mad otherwise!

  160. I also want to believe that Hillary will be our Nominee. In case not, I think we all need to take it up several notches after the convention to let the Dem Leaders, Obama and his supporters know that there will be no unity. PUMA will live on and its WAR. WE WILL TAKE THE DEMOCRAT PARTY DOWN.


  162. Anyone has any doubts about why we need an experienced candidate should read about the Russian reaction to the US agreement with Poland regarding placement of an air defense system in Poland. Here’s a brief quote:

    “Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of the Russian general staff told reporters Friday that the agreement exacerbates U.S.-Russian relations that are already tense because of fighting between Georgian and Russian forces. He said the deal “cannot go unpunished. “Poland, by deploying (the system) is exposing itself to a strike — 100 percent,” Interfax quoted Nogovitsyn as saying.”

    Russia is rattling its sabers. The Georgia invasion was just a pre-lim. This situation is really making me uneasy. Obama CANNOT handle this.

  163. LOL-I think one of the reasons I read these threads is to hear the next episode of Pat and Carol and Ed.

  164. Laurie: Then your life must closely mirror ours!!! Not a good thing as Martha Stewart would say.

  165. RD — don’t you just love how they try and pronounce outcomes?

    o is he ever fuming over your smarts gf………!

    hugs! as your place grows and grows into a progressive fab NEWSPAPER!


  166. A symbolic vote is about as cathartic as a faked orgasm.

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