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      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – January 29, 2023 by Tony Wikrent   Altercation: Goodbye and Thanks Eric Alterman, January 27, 2023 [The American Prospect] The key question I want to leave people with is this: Given the lack of guardrails, how far are these people willing to go? Trump is as popular as he was before January 6th and has been invited back on […]
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Cocktail Party on Conflucians Say

Hi, guys! A lot has happened today and where better to discuss it than a cocktail party? Tonight, we’ll be raising funds for the PUMA headquarters in Denver but you can buy a causmo for Hillary too. Join me on Conflucians Say, a special broadcast of NO WE WON’T at 8:30PM EST on blogtalkradio.


******** For those of you who want to follow along here: Welcome to the Cocktail Party at The Scratching Post. We are the hosts of Conflucians Say. Tonight we are having a fundraiser for PUMAPac to cover the costs of the PUMA Headquarters and Media Center in Denver. Causmos are $10.00 but if you’ve got more or less, give what you can. You can buy your Causmo here.

Our bartender, Rico, is to the left of the door. He’s got a special drink tonight that is perfect for the season. It’s a Tomato Water Bloody Mary. Sounds delicious. But you can order anything you want.

Our musical selection is an oldy but goody from George and Ira Gershwin. This song is sparkling and fortells a streak of good luck for our Lady. It’s sparking and fortells good luck.  But  don’t forget, “Luck favors the prepared mind”

We welcome everyone to our parties, including new PUMAs and non PUMAs. But we like to keep the place classy so please check your trigger words at the door with Florence our lovely checkroom attendent. The waiters will be circulating soon with Hawaiian Tuna Tartare with Haas Avocado and Spicy Asian Vinaigrette, Piggy back dates and summer vegetable crudites with Cilantro lime yogurt dip. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

362 Responses

  1. Wow. I don’t know what to say about that NSNBC interview. That guy was trying to apply constant pressure and tear them apart, but they did not buckle under. Still it was difficult to watch.

  2. Riverdaughter

    How can we contact you with new info that would be better to email than to post directly?

  3. That was painful to say the least! I knew they would be brutal to Will and Murphy but that was terrrrrrible!!!!!

    I so wish they had been a bit more prepared with their responses.

    All the coverage I’ve seen today, has to been to paint the messiah as some gracious overtly generous saint and Hillary as ever the coniving bitch and us as stated by Jack Cafferty nothing more than that lunatic fringe group.
    Which they will no doubt continue to do from now until the convention.
    Time to fasten those seat belts!

  4. tristkiss:

    It takes a lot of practice to deal with hostile questioning.

    Shitster’s goal was to throw them off stride and make them look bad.

    Sounds like he failed

  5. It was Schuster, who made the “pimping out Chelsea” comment, so trashing PUMA seems a compliment from him.

  6. Just watched Shuster interview with Daraugh Murphy and Will Bower on Hardball; Shuster was totally confrontational with both of them. They did great and tried very hard to get points across that it was not about just Hillary, but mainly about the DNC and how they managed to rig this election from the very start. Shuster would not accept their statement that this convention was being handled differently from any for the last 100 years. He also tried his best to say that he thought they were really Republicans, mentioned how much money the Pumas had donated to the campaign, as though that should be deciding factor. I truly wish someone would ask him point blank if he is a Democrat and how much money he has donated and to whom. If he is campaigning for Obama, is that really what the show is promoting? I kept thinking about him remarking that Chelsea was being pimped out by her parents and would love to ask him that if, now that so many magazines have pictures of the Obama girls with their parents, does that mean they are now being pimped out?! Talk about wanting to put your foot through the TV!!

    Anyway the Pumas did great and would have done even better, had they pounced upon him and taken the mike away to finish the program!

  7. Oprah is renting a home in Denver during the convention. Bet they invite her onstage. Well why not? Just hope there is enough room to handle those two big oversized egos! This is what will become of the Dem Party with an Obama win.

  8. I wanted to make sure that Will and Murphy saw this:

    I always said that Dan Rather should have taken one for the team when he interviewed Sadam Hussein. Today, I believe that Will should have taken one for the team with his drilling by that piece of sh*t Shuster.


    Good Job. Now let’s make sure everyone knows what an ill prepared commentator he was with all of his facts!

  9. Schuster also claimed that Obama won the popular vote. Excuse me?

  10. LIES!!!

    1# – 6 million is the estimated but not confirmed amount PUMAs raised to eliminate Hillary’s debt – NOT for PUMA!

    2# – HILLARY won the popular vote – been there – done that.

    Whatever diploma David Schuster received his journalism degree from should be revoked. Even Chris Matthews has more credibility than him.

  11. On Lou, Bill Schneider just said it’s a “scripted outcome.”

    Lou Dobbs said: “If it’s a brokered nomination, whether it was brokered before or at the Convention, that still can’t be good for the Democratic Party.”

  12. Schuster is no journalist. He opinionates and presents it as facts. He got fined for the chelsea comment, should have been fired. That whole network is a friggin joke.

  13. On another note – YAY!!! More RD on the radio & drinky-poos!!

  14. myiq2xu:
    Yeah, I would imagine so about the practice. But I fear anyone who does not know what this movement is about and never heard about it before, and was watching that would probably come away seeing things the way Shuster was trying to paint them.

    Luckily MSNBC has lost all credibility at this point, and most people know them for the Obama pushing network that they are, so I don’t think it will matter much. I’m not even sure many people outside the Obama culties are watching that network anymore.

  15. I had subscribed to Time for more than 15 yrs, and cancelled the day they put Obama on the cover as nominee.

    I kept one issue; it’s March 10. On the cover is some vague image, and it said: The Experience Factor, below it the words were: Why scientists say experience isn’t all that important. At the top it said something like The Bill Factor and how it affects Hillary.

    Inside was a pic of a petulant Bill, and a caption gauging how much damage has he done to her. There were pics of a loving O & Michelle.
    There was more, the whole issue was devoted to promoting him, and destroying Hillary. How can you answer & fight this stuff? We have found one way: right here. Come together, make demands for fairness & reform, threaten to withhold our vote.

    I sympathize with Will & Darragh; even seasoned pols have withered under such prejudice and repression.

  16. I’m bummed I missed this program. Hopefully it will be posted somewhere. 😦

  17. Does anyone know the source of the quote by Schuster that Hillary said she does not support groups working against the DNC, “including PUMA?” Is it true? Where did she say it if so?

  18. Be prepared for more of this type of reporting as the MSM has so far invested all their eggs in one basket that to back away from Obama now is not on the table. The one thing we can do is ensure his defeat in November which will include the demise of the current DNC.

    Will and Darragh should be commended for holding to their talking points while Schuster continued to malign them. Their calm attitude in the face of this insult interview was something to behold. I wanted to rip his fu**ing face off!

  19. I think it’s a good idea to not let newspeak get to us and remember when “it wasn’t always decided she would be in nomination”

  20. This has been a rough afternoon, can I get a cocktail now? Something strong.

  21. I feel your frustration parentofed. It’s like we’re in a make-believe world these days, some sort of nightmare that we will wake up from. But that’s not the case. The grand experiment called democracy has failed, at least in the last 3 (including ’08) elections.

  22. Ha ha, so now the media is bashing the Democratic party for “caving” to Hillary. All this crap was just about hating Hillary. They cannot destroy the Clintons and its eating them alive.

  23. Now that I’ve had a few minutes to get my feet back on the ground, the fact that Darragh and WIll looked uncharacteristically overwhelmed by this aggressive schmuck, may be good. They did withstand the attack, and many people can identify with their position in that scenario. It will give people who really feel ignored in this election year the image of not giving in, no matter how bullied they feel by Obama, Obama thuiggy assh*les and the DNC. And the government. And the MSM. And the eceonomy. And yada, yada, yada.

  24. fif – we haven’t seen that in writing – and anyway – THIS IS NOT ABOUT HILLARY ANYMORE.

    It’s about DEMOCRACY. Why are they so afraid of letting the process play out as it has been for 100s of years?

  25. Did anyone see on CNN when talking about Hillary being enter, that old guy on the bus, can’t think of his name right now, but he said that the Obama people might be using some type of electronic voting method at the convention this year. That is, it would eliminate any public showing of support for Hillary. And I supposed if they didn’t get the results they wanted, well it wouldn’t take but a second rate computer hack to “correct” the results.
    He said, he wasn’t sure it would be used, and he at least felt it was doubtful. But c’mon this is the “new” democratic party, and they leave NOTHING to chance! There is a reason they would even consider this. If they think there is even a hint of enough delegates defecting to Hillary, I expect to see this new system put in use.

  26. Dobbs’ guest:

    “If Hillary is at 37%, the Clinton’s are thinking “‘Okay, where do we get the other 13%'”


  27. fif, i’m with you. that should be our number one goal, find that quote, because if its not true, or the source is anonymous and she doesn’t confirm it, then he’s completely making shit up. I can’t imagine if she had actually said that that it wouldn’t be splashed across every news website on the web…

  28. fif,

    I belive this is the quote, it’s an old one, and a “spokesperson,” not Hillary herself:


  29. Oh the Obama supporter on Lou Dobbs is the only one who believes that the Clintons are capable of “wresting” the nomination away from Obama. Does he realilze how ridiculous that sounds? They are so paranoid and they obviously must believe deep down in their souls that there are many superdelegates who were coerced into supporting Obama by the DNC.

  30. I cannot watch this stuff anymore without going ballistic. Not one positive word, not one word of thanks and encouragement for this woman, not one iota of decency at play. And all for the sake of this empty suit. I am having a difficult time dealing with it since the unfairness is so overwhelming.

  31. I’m sure Shitter, sorry schuster, made it up!!!! I can’t believe she said that.

  32. Oh, Shuster is like some wounded Papa Bear. He got singed a little by the fine for the pimping remark. Instead of looking at himself and what he did, he just charges out in blind pain, trying to restore his manhood.

    I’ll bet he & the other a@@holes at MSNBO sit & laugh at Hill & us & consider it a badge of honor to ridicule us.

    Hey, that’s the way I feel about them, but they’re supposed to be friggin journalists.

  33. Pat- I agree with you 100%.

  34. I bet we hear an anouncement soon…

    “attention, attention, theis is direct from the office of the President Presumptive-Elect Barak Obama…effective September 1 2008 the party that supports and loves its dear leader shall take on the Official Name of ‘Congress O Party’ the penalty shall be expulsion to anyone who refers to The Party as the Democrat Party.”

    Make the sign of the” O” our dear and beloved leader demands complete fealty!


  35. Still, with all this unfair coverage of Hillary, O’s polls aren’t that good.

    In a floor fight, she can argue that the 1st amendment has been upended and he is not electable. What has she got to lose? Sometimes, a bloodletting makes for unity. Everybody knows she is the most powerful Democrat alive.

  36. GARY, my Conflucian brother – he IS making that up, because that’s the figure PUMA/Just Say No Deal people have said that is ESTIMATED for retiring Hillary’s debt on the July 4th $20.08 campaign.

  37. Maria Garcia: “Ha ha, so now the media is bashing the Democratic party for “caving” to Hillary. All this crap was just about hating Hillary. They cannot destroy the Clintons and its eating them alive.


  38. Hey fuzzybear.

  39. Carol: O supporters & the media continually practice pop psychology on the Clintons & us. “The Clintons think….” How on God’s green earth would some Obot know what the Clintons think?

  40. Fuzzy – I’ll give them the sign of the F-U.

  41. I wouldn’t worry much about that quote he claimed that Hillary made. He hates Hillary, she got him suspended. He’d love to take her down.

    Besides, if the quote didn’t exist before, best believe it’ll suddenly exist in somebody’s archives.

  42. Maria Garcia: But this whole primary has been nothing but a blood sport. How to “beat” the opposition. How to “bloody” the opponent. Talk of taking her into a back room and only one coming out. “Castration” being applied to a female candidate.
    “Kneecapping” her. “Wrestling” away the nomination.

    If we are upset it is that she is a woman. Treat her with the dignity she deserves. What they do to Hillary, they do to us.

  43. Edwards handed her an unexpected credibility gift.

  44. If you haven’t seen this video, it busted my gut. While satire, truth rings though and through.

  45. fif,
    that wasn’t even the quote “Shyster” gave. It was that she rejects any group that doesn’t work towards electing a democratic Pres. I believe “he” was the one that tried to paint that as saying she was against PUMA because he had gotten at least Will to first say he would be voting for McCain if it comes to that. And he also worded it as though she said she rejects anyone not working to elect Barack Obama, but the actual quote was “A Democrat elected”
    This is what I meant be being a bit more prepared in their responses. Because they could have said right now, we are absolutely committed to getting a democrat; Hillary Clinton the BEST person nominated and elected.

    If nothing else during this season, I’ve have learned that these people will trying and trick and use language in deceitful and detrimental ways, ESPECIALLY on guest they are trying to discredit, and you have to be prepared for ANYTHING when going up against them!

  46. Ha ha, so now the media is bashing the Democratic party for “caving” to Hillary. All this crap was just about hating Hillary. They cannot destroy the Clintons and its eating them alive.

    You know of all the haetful reporting today, I did see one nice bit over on FOX of course. They had a panel over there discussing the nominating process, and said that the capitulating showed how much of a wimp Obama is. They called it a “win” for Hillary today.

    So THAT was nice to see! ^_^

  47. lol, that’s his source!!!! that guy is such a hack, and he is using a guy from some pathetic anti puma blog called rumproast–one of christina’s zombies. it is an unsourced comment from “the campaign”, in other words total bullshit. National Enquirer gets laughed at about the Edwards story, and they actually had witnesses. Plus it was a month ago. before Simo’s video.. Hillary knew they were PUMA, why didn’t she say anything then. Shuster is a fucking hack and a liar.

  48. The Ballad of Barack Obama

    The moment of triumph is here for The One,
    The nomination he expects to have won,
    If he’s so great, then no stature he’ll lose
    If his path to glory I lightly peruse.

    It was in Chicago that he got his start,
    Political corruption there’s a fine art,
    There he began with a state senate seat,
    Whence he’d move on to the national beat.

    Lest his opponents enjoy ballot space,
    His lawyers had them expelled from the race,
    Those who hold competition a sin
    Know that, without it, it’s easy to win.

    Welfare for slum lords he helped to procure,
    And millions in government funding assure;
    While tenants lived in unheated holes,
    Himself he prepared for loftier roles.

    The oval office he had in his sight,
    Although his qualifications were light–
    Or nonexistent, as others would say
    Ambition, however, carried the day.

    He triumphed in Iowa over the field,
    All his opponents but one would soon yield,
    Across the country they went, toe to toe
    In epic battles they went, blow for blow.

    Two delegations were now in dispute,
    And as their states were of no small repute,
    Adjudication had to be made,
    And there the foundations of schism were laid.

    So on the Mile High city converge
    Dissident forces, with numbers to surge.
    Over the faithless party they loom,
    A revolution now in full bloom.

    Let every honest man be deployed
    That at long last there may be destroyed
    The fortress of evil, lest it still stand
    And continue to cast a blight on the land.

    Let the banner of revolt be unfurled,
    And the unholy cabal now be hurled,
    Down from positions of power and perks,
    Where the spirit of dishonesty lurks.

    Down with a loud jeer, down with a thud,
    Must come the party which dragged through the mud
    The voters whom it made bold to mislead
    And which of duplicity planted the seed.

    Down with mendacity, and with the disguise
    Of Democracy, in which it still lies.
    In Denver, now let the tyranny die.
    And be buried there, forever to lie.

  49. That video continues to crack me up! The girl in the video is outstanding in portraying the typical Obamabot. She just missed, “he has nice eyes” to proclaim her reasons for her vote.

  50. plural, on August 14th, 2008 at 7:42 pm Said:

    Gary, plural is right about the source of the quote above. It’s from 7/21ish, and is a generic statement “from the Clinton campaign.” More Party Unity rhetoric that is meaningless.

    SM: I know it’s not about Hillary, and she is a free agent, as am I. As much as I love and support her, hell will freeze over before I cast a vote for that smarmy charlatan thieving hack. Not a trace of ambivalence here folks 🙂

  51. For future reference. the key to giving interviews is to answer the question you want to answer, no matter what question is asked.
    Q: So you’re out to destroy Obuhbuh?
    A: We believe Senator Clinton is the best presidential candidate of either party.
    Q: But the Democrats have elected Obuhbuh.
    A: Senator Clinton received more than 18 million votes in a contest that ended up as a virtual tie. All of those voters, no matter who they voted for, deserve representation at the convention. It is our goal to make that happen.
    Etc., etc., etc.

  52. Oh my God!!! Those kids are hysterical!

  53. Hey everyone – I thought Shuster was pathetic tonight. My husband was shaking his head as we watched Darragh and Will deal with his lies and smears.

    They did really great, and I’m sure that with practice they’ll do even better. What I would like them to point out more is what Darragh said at the end:

    He’s not the nominee. Period.

    Right now, Democrats have a choice between Obama and Clinton. Why would we pick Obama over Clinton? Please give me one good reason. 100 pledged delegates is a tie. Give me another reason.

    Whoops! Gotta go rehearse for tonight’s show. PUMA POWER!!!

  54. In Denver, now let the tyranny die.
    And be buried there, forever to lie.

    Bravo John!

  55. GARY, my Conflucian brother – he IS making that up, because that’s the figure PUMA/Just Say No Deal people have said that is ESTIMATED for retiring Hillary’s debt on the July 4th $20.08 campaign.

    Here again I think is where they were caught off guard. I think Murphy was giving out just what the Puma Pac had brought in, but she didn’t state that was just ONE group out of dozens who’ve collected funds. And Either by design or just misunderstanding they were arguing to different points, Shuster was talking about what was given to Hillary’s funds, though I don’t think he ever plainly stated that but Murphy was I think just talking about what was raised for all the different efforts that the PUMAs are doing.
    And so of course he used the smaller figure of 50 grand to paint us and tiny, insignificant ect….. It was truly terrible what he was doing. But it should not have been a surprise.

  56. I love the way they put themselves out like they are even on the same plane with the Clinton’s.

    Get it, you are overpaid, worthless, uninformed idiots. Trust me, I am a commentator!


  57. Clinie: Or better yet: “Shut the hell up you lying, uninformed, double dealing snake in the grass! You have no idea what the hell you are talking about let alone listen to an answer that just MIGHT find passage into your otherwise abysmal mind! You have no more interest in democracy than Putin, you ignorant fool! So kiss my a**!!!!!”

    Of course this may lead to them cutting off your mic but it will go a long way from preventing an aneurysm from listening and attempting to reply to another discourteous bastard who claims to be objective.

  58. Just got a letter from Run DeanNC, about someone having the audacity to challenge that Obama is anything but a saint-wants me to take action “against these lies!”

    here is my reply-sorry the time for respect and politeness is over for the fuzzybeargville:

    Sorry you would not tell me the truth about Obama if you saw him heat a live baby in front of its parents. Mr Dean you have no credibility with me. Senator Obama will lose in November I hope you resign in disgrace for what you have done to my party. I hope you crawl back into that hole you crawled out of Mr Brokered BackRoom chairman.

    I am sure the piece is very truthful. I cannot stop anyone from smearing Senator Obama, its karma baby and karma is a bitch! Oh,where were you when the MSM and Obama for America smeared Hillary and Bill Clinton.

    Maybe we will get luck and get the popular vote getter Hillary Clinton as our Nominee if not I predict a Mondale-McGovern type defeat. Just remember you did this you and Donna “Roolz is Roolz” Brazilenut. I cant wait till you lose and the party turns on you!

    Have a nice day-it could be the last one you have until after you resign in November!

    Michael P Varvel

  59. What is the supposed smear? I love a good Obama story on a rainy evening.

  60. Will & Darragh are citizen activists, Shuster is a professional. Any journalist worth his salt would have been thorough, but worked with them. I’m grateful for both our spokespeople.

  61. Pat, your way works, too.

  62. Chicago gangs on the platform of the convention. Looting and stealing and trying to destroy Hillary.

  63. all the good old boys are just afraid that women have finally had it with their crap …it’s like their worst nightmare, Hillary and an army of women and righteous men finally say ENOUGH !

  64. fif, I did some checking on that guy who writes the blog at aol, Tommy Christopher. He’s a major CDSer. He also has a blog on the Obama campaign web site:


    it basically is a training manual to troll our sites

    Trying to untangle the mess is an exercise in futility that I will leave to crusading pre-school teacher Christina Cedeno. For me, it is enough to strip away the disingenuous mission statements, hidden agendas, and PR posturing, and focus on what they do, their raisons d’etre: to smear Barack Obama.

    hmmm where have I heard that name christina before??? oh yea its that little twit who runs yes to democracy. so apparently she’s gettin paid to run her little hate sight….kinda cozy little arrangement they got t here.

    And they want us to believe the clinton campaign gave them a quote??????????????

  65. Sorry all I could not resist-to the tune of the song seven “ladies” stuck in the Lavatory…

    oh oh what can the matter be 7 pundits stuck in the Lav-a-tree stuck there from Sunday till Sat -ter-dee and No body cared they were there!

    Frist to come in whs some hack called shuster his brain and eyes not what they use-ter sat on a handle and thought hed been goose Eeerrr!

    and nobody cared he was there!

    oh oh what can the matter be 7 pundits stuck in the Lav-a-tree stuck there from Sunday till Sat -ter-dee and No body cared they were there!


  66. Obama Camp has just issued a 41 page rebuff of “The Obama Nation”.

    I wonder if it is as detailed denial as his “Fight the Smears” website:

    No way!



    Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

    Because I said so!

    Your Mother wears Army boots!

    No Way Hose’!

    What you talkin’ about Willis?

    It takes one to know one!

    Thursdays are opposite day!


  67. oh got blog talk up remember I am 38 if I call…


  68. Sorry, I left out:

    Nanny, Nanny Boo Boo!

    Take that Back!


  69. Love yah Pat and Carol Diamonds -its payday tommorrow does carol wantsom sugar for the Hillary debt?


  70. Absolutely!

  71. hey how about neener neeener

    that is my favorite actually and just to make it anthropologically correct .. and just so he ‘gets it” the ONLY culturally universal scale is the childhood sing song one that goes
    na NA na NA na … you know that one dont you Carol heheheheh

  72. Carol:

    You forgot “STFU” and “It’s Hillary’s fault”

    Not to mention “You’re a r*cist!”

  73. Damn – you guys have been over there looking!

  74. Not me…………. I am just psychic

  75. …………………………..SUPER….DELEGATES…………………….


    ……………………………….NOT THE PEOPLE……………………….

  76. I just cant stop doing the Happy Dance that her name will be entered …grabs Regency and Pat and carol and RD and anyone else within reach and starts dancin woohoooooooooo

  77. Turn the music off. We can’t hear!

  78. Did anyone ask Christina why BO voted present on teaching children respect for others in schools? I would like to know her answer since she is a teacher?

  79. Can’t hear!

  80. Wow!! That interview on Hardball made me mad enough to come out of my crouching position lurking in the back of the lair. Murphy and Will have nothing to be ashamed of. Schuster was acting like an attack dog not a journalist. There was no interest on his part in learning anything about what is going on. He was only intent on destruction of the messengers. And if there are other people who feel like I do there will a lot of donations to PumaPac tonight.

    Congratulations on the 2,000,000 hits. I get lots of help getting through “my confusions with the help of the Conflucians.” Drink a toast to yourselves.

  81. I was a little late, who else is on besides rd and Mawm?

  82. I hear SM.

  83. I’m on PJ!

  84. (Waving) Me Too!

  85. You guys sound wonderful!

  86. Yeah, AP headline says “Obama strikes back” against the book, and an earlier headline in the same vein. Since AP is in the tank for Obama, this presumably means that the labels of lightweight, scared to debate and chickenshit have traction, and the media wants to present him in a more CIC mode.

    Good luck, shysters. If a 41-page snooze is an example of striking back in a firm manner, your work is cut out for you. Of course, B0 can’t verbally shut up, why should he be any different on paper?

  87. It was better to keep his mouth shut. Now, I want to go buy the book:-)

  88. parentofed – look upstream out my summation of the 41 page report – Carol 8:17 pm

  89. I doubt I could even afford the ingredients!

  90. I don’t care if he was born in a manger and never had an impure thought in his whole lie, er . . life.

    He’s unqualifed and I ain’t votin’ for him.

  91. myiq2xu: lol

  92. Latest polling numbers are great for Barky. McCain just took the lead in Nevada and Colorado.

    Barky’s lead in Minnesota is down to 4 pts from 13 pts in July. His lead in Washington state is a 7 pts after being 16 points in the month of June.

  93. Lawd Amighty, is everyone in the country going to speak at the convention? I bet this big shot at national stardom was promised to SDs in exchange for support, only now they find it was promised to everyone. It’s like some movie, where some girl asks a guy to be at her apartment at 8, but when he gets there, 50 other guys are already there. It’s the Revolving Calvacade of Democratic Pandering Wannbe Stars

  94. Carol: missed that while I went to dinner; my sentiments exactly, you just stated more cleverly than my thoughts.

  95. I’m sorry after being 16 points in the month of July.

  96. parentofed: Funny!

  97. Murphy here — delurking. Thanks Will and everyone. It’s true I’m not a professional (that’s a good one!) I need to learn a lot. But I can confirm that our mailboxes are overflowing with people who want to join and help with the Puma cause.

    Guess I gotta get better at fighting on TV.

    Gotta get back to listening to our Queen and co-hosts on No We Wont.


  98. PofE:

    I’m sure the 99% of America that finds politics about as much fun as getting a tooth drilled will be thrilled by speech after speech after speech filling up primetime for 4 straight days.

    Not to mention the bloviating gasbags having to tell people what they just heard after (and sometimes during) each speech.

    I’m glad I won’t be watching, I have to wash my hair that night.

  99. Pumas are standing strong.

  100. murphy: You looked great! The fu*king son of a bitch Shuster.

  101. murphy and will – Mission Accomplished!

  102. Hi Murphy!!

  103. murphy, you guys were awesome, didn’t take the bait. shuster looked like he was gonna bust a vein in his neck. Plus he’s reduced to taking talking points from the back alleys of the blogosphere. GREAT JOB!!

  104. Murphy, you were terrific. I was awed by your calm and focus. And beauty.

  105. Murphy: We’re so proud of you and Will! You couldn’t have gone to a worse place, and you showed Shuster up as a hateful jerk with a hateful agenda.

  106. Myiq: Don’t wash your hair convention night. Come here & we’ll all get sloshed together, or talk trash for the abstainers.

  107. Ba-rock* is struggling against McCain and ole Johnny Mac hasn’t even started running yet.

    The way it’s going, I would advise McCain to do nothing.

    It’s cheaper and there’s less chance of making a mistake.

    It worked for him in the primaries, didn’t it?

    *cuz he’s dropping like a rock in the polls

  108. Murphy: You did a great job!!!

  109. PofE:

    NFW I’m sitting through 4 days of that!

    I’ll tune in for Hill’s speech and the vote, and unless she wins I’m done watching.

  110. McCain has been a static 42-44 points in the polls without even being coherent so far. Obama has been sliding.

  111. myiq2xu: Not even Michelle?

  112. It looks like “Countdown” will be rerun on MSNBC at 11 p.m. PDT for all those, like me, who didn’t see the interview.

    fif — I’m not sure that there can be any good outcome for the Democrat Party in all of this, regardless of whether the convention is brokered . Barring a huge bombshell prior to the convention that sends the O campaign into a glorious, pyrotechnic, fireball, Obama will be handed the nomination. He might be handed the nomination even if his campaign goes into free-fall. And that will drive the PUMAs away. (I, for one, will not vote for him regardless of what happens at the convention. The only thing the convention will do for me is determine whether I will stay a Democrat.)

    If Hillary did, by some miracle, wrest the nomination, Obummer’s backers will stay home. So where’s the happy ending? I think the Dems are headed for a loss, no matter. We can thank Dean and his cohorts at the DNC, along with Pelosi, for that. And I hope they get their comeuppance for it following a huge November loss.

  113. Carolyn Mann: I would not be surprised to see a good deal of the Repubs turn to Hillary. Particularly women voters.

  114. PJ:

    I’d rather go hunting with Dick Cheney

  115. Murphy-Thank you for today and all you do everyday!!

  116. Remember how the friggin hypocrites at the A-list blog sites slammed Fox when their people interrupted and made up stuff, etc during interviews? They don’t have problem with Keith & the frat boys doing it now. They really weren’t upset that Mimi was a whore, they were just pissed she wasn’t screwing them.

  117. Murphy I thought you were fabulous—you did not allow that attack dog to throw you off, and you did not get into trying to out-shout him. You looked like the strong, intelligent woman that you are, and you made PUMAs proud. Will was centered too and did not let himself be thrown off either. Great job.

    I had a feeling your and Will’s approachability would be an excellent help for many unhappy people, so I am not surprised that you are getting many responses.

  118. myiq2xu: He is a “fun” person isn’t he?

  119. He was a journalist for NBC and covered the Scooter Libby case very well. But since he joined the frat club at MSNBC he drank the Kool Aid instead. Must be the money talking.

  120. Schuster was reading from several pages of large print notes in front of him during the interview with Dar and Will, I believe.

  121. thanks Lakota and All — I was an obsessive Conflucian before I started Puma PAC and my biggest sadness is that dont have enough time to blog here much anymore — but I lurk ALL THE TIME!

    Riverdaugher’s show is amazing, and how the heck does she know so much about music? Isnt she a molecular biologist or something in her spare time?

    My favorite Confucian saying is: “Always meet insult with uprightness.” It’s a little bland on first blush I know, but it is a POWERFUL response in action. Whenever I succeed at being upright in the face of insult I feel so powerful . . .

  122. murph: We Massachusetts people are so unclassic in our musical tastes. Give us Barry Manilow and ABBA and we are happy!

  123. does anybody remember when shuster tried to play gotcha with that republican congresswoman from tenn? he asked her the name of an injured soldier in her district and she didn’t know. well it turned out he was wrong, the guy was from another district, that’s why she didn’t know. THey actually made him apologize.. He is a total hack.

  124. gary: Marcia Blackwell from Tennessee.

  125. How the hell do idiots like Shuster rise to the top of the ladder so quickly? Does he have a rich and influential daddy or have connections with the other idiots in his fraternity in college? I can’t wait for the day Shuster says something out of line again and next time he should be fired.

  126. here’s a link with the text of his apology:


  127. Mawm is so brilliant.

  128. Isn’t it funny how these bloviating gasbags can be obtuse on some things and yet can cut through the BS when they so choose?

    You might even think they were biased or something.

    “or something” = “paid shills”

  129. What about Neil Diamond and the Captain & Tenille?

  130. missed sorid lives

  131. Neil diamond is a keeper and his tunes stay in your head.

  132. myiq2xu: And Vic Damone and Billie Holliday.

  133. Pat: Billie Holiday is one of the greats!!

  134. 1/2 Fl Voter: And Edith Piaf. I still have the “records”, 33 1/3 if you can believe it.

  135. i’m on hold and i’m getting more and more nervous.

  136. I envy you!!!!

  137. Honora: Here, let me pass you over a Causmo to calm your nerves.

  138. Hang in there Honora!

  139. My family is from Massachusetts, it must be in the blood!!!

  140. katiebird: You are great!

  141. If Shyster was made up that Hillary quote, he should be made to publicly correct himself. He should not be allowed to get away with that.

  142. (blushing)

  143. I often feel like I am reliving the French Revolution.

  144. SOLID performances, daraugh and will. you held your ground. somebody’s gotta act like a professional on camera, and it might as well be you. it sure as hell wasn’t schuster.

  145. how can I compete against Murphy???

  146. Honora: You will do fine. The first time is always difficult.

  147. Salon must be mainlining kool-aid thses days.

    Two new posts over there, both full of “unity”

  148. Pat Johnson, on August 14th, 2008 at 9:21 pm Said:
    murph: We Massachusetts people are so unclassic in our musical tastes. Give us Barry Manilow and ABBA and we are happy!

    Pat, can you be like BTD on that one by adding the disclaimer “speaking for me only”?

  149. The quote is “CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND”—Louis Pasteur, in explaining his discoveries—and is the subject of a published article of mine (that’s how I know)!

  150. Maybe Larry King will want an interview if things keep going the PUMA way…as it gets closer to the election. He is always a great interviewer, IMO.

  151. MABlue: I am so self involved! But I am speaking for me only!

  152. MABlue- Dancing queen is a catchy tune, don’t sell abba short.

  153. Fuzzy is on.

  154. I love Fuzzybear!!!!

  155. MABlue is a more sophisticated music lover from MA. I am so plebian.

  156. They try to portray Hillary as the Angela Lansbury character in the Manchurian Candidate.

  157. Fuzzy has a nice voice.

  158. time is running out for me. maybe next time.

  159. Hatsepshut:

    I prefer “Always cut the cards” – Lazarus Long

  160. Lemme guess, MABlue likes “Boston”

  161. It’s always interesting to listen to people I normally only read, because I always tried to associate a voice behind the writings and then find out how far oft I was.

  162. I like what katiebird said.

  163. My battery died just as the show ended!

  164. Thanks, Pat.

  165. My voice is sexy and sultry, real deep and full. If you believe that then I have a candidate from Chicago to sell to you.

  166. That was great!!!!

  167. Honora: lol

  168. -myiq2xu: Not sure I see the relevance of “always cut the cards” to the Pasteur’s quote–
    by the way, it’s Hat-shep-sut—you know, the one and only female pharoah–
    anyway, I’m buying 10 drinks for everyone!

  169. myiq:

    MABlue is musically confused.

  170. Honora:

    That was great. Now, you’re making it interesting.

  171. Hey fuzzy

  172. hello all, great radio show tonight RD! We are getting close. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication. I love you all

  173. “How the hell do idiots like Shuster rise to the top of the ladder so quickly?”

    Simple, he has the only qualification that matters at MSNBC, he hangs on KO’s every word when he regales him about his days at ESPN and how manly he felt when Suzy Kolber was locking herself in the bathroom to get away from his abuse.

  174. I heard Pat on another show and she sounds just like Roz from Frazier!

  175. Fuzzy, it was so great to hear your voice!

  176. I didn’t see the spot, but I’m sure Shuster is still pissed about being called on the carpet over the “pimping” remark. In fact, I remember hearing these guys[MSNBC] were outraged that women, Clinton supporters, were voicing outrage and “trying to derail a man’s career.”

    Well, you need to have a legit career in order to have it derailed and Shuster’s comment was one of dozens, most of which went unchecked and ignored. Can you imagine if any reporter made a untoward remark about race? But a sexist comment? That’s okay.

    I did see Will on Neil Cavuto, who drilled him but I think he held his own. What still astounds me is these guys just don’t get it or don’t want to get it–the opposition to an unqualified, inexperienced candidate.

    Those who oppose Barack Obama have been called every name in the book. No one seems to accept that loyal Democrats can and would reject a party’s hand-chosen candidate, even when that candidate has proven himself weak and not ready for prime time. The recent comments on the Russia/Georgia conflict is a case in point. What a laboratory to view the candidates, their point of views, their strengths, their weaknesses. Unfortunately for the citizens of Georgia, there is life and limb and liberty to consider. But for the American public [in the short-term at least], we’ve been given a bird’s eye view of leadership abilities.

    Obama looks unsure and frightfully weak. He stumbles and mumbles his way through a response, taking three shots at a position. John McCain looks and sounds Presidential. His statement was clear, unequivocal. I sincerely wish HRC was standing toe to toe with McCain right now because I know she would shine and blow everyone away..

    But if I’m not given a choice by my own party, I know which way I’ll vote in November.

    However, a huge hurrah for all the hard and dedicated workers in the PUMA and Just Say No Movement and all the other organizations involved. Hillary Clinton’s name will be entered into nomination in Denver. It may be staged. It may ultimately be theater. But HRC’s name will be entered, the very least she’s entitled to after winning the popular vote.

    Those who have fought and worked so hard have my utmost respect. Kudos! Bravo and Brava.

    You should all be very proud. You’ve done good, people. Most excellent.

  177. Michael: You sound so nice and sweet.

  178. Hatshepsut:

    I nevr wuz a god speler, sory

    Cutting cards increases the odds of random chance being random. Or as my uncle would say, “Chance favors the stacked deck.”

  179. Donation amount: $500.00 USD
    Total: $500.00 USD
    Purpose: Puma PAC Contribution
    Reference: Contribute Web Page
    Contributor: xxxxxxxxx (WigWag)

    Dedicated to Will Bower and Darragh Murphy for their bravery and for their great work in standing up to that pig, David Shuster.

    Bower, Murphy, Riverdaughter, you guys (and gals) rock!

  180. The publicity is always worthwhile, but I think discussing PUMA with Shuster is like casting ‘pearls before swine’; the MSNBC boys are such gravy-sucking pigs these days. Will and Murphy are really heroic.

  181. A huge round of applause for WigWag!!! Fabulous!

  182. just watched the shuster interview what a hatchet job! that guy is a flatuent gasbag that would not know journalism if it it was dropped on him like house.

    God/dess help me I want to rip of his hean and do both #1 and #2 down his windpipe!


  183. its so funny how all these so called democrats used to decry the likes of O’reilly and wanted to boycott fox, now they cheer on that same behavior. one of the halmarks of the obot is pathological hypocrisy

  184. (((((((((applause))))))))) (((((((cheers)))))))

  185. Yes, our lives have been upended and thrown upside down.

  186. OMG wigwag. you are an angel…I’m speechless

  187. (((((((cheers))))))) (((((((((applause)))))))))

  188. I really want to run into shuster in a dark alley-GRRRR
    Puma Growl-fuzzybeargville

  189. myiq2xu
    But that’s the reverse of the meaning of “chance favors the prepared mind”—far from referring to an increase in the probability of randomness, the point is to be so thoroughly ready that the concentrated WILL TO POWER converts accidental circumstances into deterministic ones (or nearly so).

    This is very much how I see Hillary, by the way, and now I’m hoping that— given this proclivity about her, that she “discovers” a way to USE today’s decision, so that it becomes far more than a gesture of honor!!! Catch my drift?

  190. Hearing an Obama supporter attempt to criticize someone’s public speaking is pretty rich. Heaven forbid a stiff wind should knock over the cue cards or freeze the teleprompter — what then? Off-the-cuff Barack? Talk about sketch comedy.

  191. Thanks for the kind words, but I know it is a small contribution measured against the wonderful work of garychapelhill, Mawm, Riverdaughter and the wonderful people who make this site a refuge for an old curmudgeon like me.

    Money is nothing compared to tenacity and soul. You folks have that in spades!

  192. Tell me- mawm Gary Pat Prpl I think Shuster looked constipated maybe that is his problem -full of sh*t!


  193. I want to type into obamas tele prompter like on bruce almighty!

    evil grin-


  194. Candy Crowley on CNN for second time tonight calling us dead-enders.

  195. WigWag, on August 14th, 2008 at 10:14 pm Said:
    Donation amount: $500.00 USD
    Total: $500.00 USD
    Purpose: Puma PAC Contribution
    Reference: Contribute Web Page
    Contributor: xxxxxxxxx (WigWag)

    Dedicated to Will Bower and Darragh Murphy for their bravery and for their great work in standing up to that pig, David Shuster.

    Bower, Murphy, Riverdaughter, you guys (and gals) rock!


    Wig Wag- THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  196. Some one thinks MO is pregnant-wonder who’s the babies daddy?


    would obama leave a fat wife?

  197. WigWag-Wow! I bow to your generosity!

  198. WigWag: This deadender thinks that you’re great.

  199. Candy Crowley? if you look in the Oxford Dictionary then you find a picture of her next to the word COW!

    she was once a before model for the grapefruit diet!

    sorry all I hate Candy….


  200. Although the spirit of generosity is immeasurable, it contains the deepest element of truth. Through it we touch the most glorious part of our soul.

  201. bruce vilance wrote a joke for steve martin when he hosted the Oscars- Obama could use it during his acceptance speech-

    “hello everyone-I have some good news and some bad news the bad news is I forgot to ck my fly before comming on stage…

    the good news is the camera adds ten pounds…


  202. Now, now, Fuzzert! Let’s leave the Crow be. We have it when they call Hillary needless names, let’s not do it to them. Listen to your better angels. If that fails, just listen to me.

  203. Michael – I would love for you to control Obama’s teleprompter. Typing is the best revenge.

    You know those electronic highway signs that can be programmed to say “traffic delay ahead” or “slippery road conditions”? My husband knows quite a few State of MA DOT guys. One of the fellahs got fired after he got pissed off enough to program a road sign to say “YOU ALL SUCK.”

    It took them a long time to get that message down.

    PUMAs: strong, yet graceful in repose.

  204. arabella you are back I have been praying for your return how are you!


  205. sorry regency you are right but I can honestly say she is schilling for obama just like she did for bush in 2000!

    is that ok?


  206. I’m OK, michael. I’m finishing up a volunteer stint for a not for profit,

  207. Oooh! Imagine if we hacked into Obama’s teleprompter!

    ESPN did it to Charles Barkley, and he read off something like “I am an idiot’ before he realized what they were doing.

  208. come you had to love my paraphrasing of theat c*cker camera joke of course that is a camera joke everyone in the industry knows that the camera adds ten pounds


  209. Fuzzy: Well, that’s obviously okay, but my hamburger protests that kind of comparison–even posthumusly.

  210. how goes it arabella in the job search world?

    I have been visualizing a great job for you….


  211. fuzzy would type in the c*ck errrr camera joke as he spoke before “the promise keepers” they would get a kick out of it or kick him out of their presence-


  212. YAY!!!!! ARABELLA IS BACK!!!

    I used your “graceful/repose” quote and H/T’ed you on the Hillary post I did last week, when I captioned a gorgeous photo taken by PUMA-SF of Hillary at the California fundraiser – where she talked about her delgates.

  213. Regency!! Long time no see! How’s my PUMA baby sister doing?

  214. wish cate were here I would love to intorduce her to my good friend arabella


    really not a jerk

  215. michael – I am taking the rest of August off to do some volunteer projects. I haven’t decided what I want to do next. I’m fortunate in that I can affford to not work for a little while. My husband is very supportive.

    You are such a sweet heart.

  216. Pat Johnson, this is beautiful

    “Although the spirit of generosity is immeasurable, it contains the deepest element of truth. Through it we touch the most glorious part of our soul.”

    May I ask where that came from?

  217. Fuzzy, can I tell you that you sound just like your alias. You sound like you can give a great warm hug.

  218. Lawd Amighty, is everyone in the country going to speak at the convention? I bet this big shot at national stardom was promised to SDs in exchange for support, only now they find it was promised to everyone. It’s like some movie, where some girl asks a guy to be at her apartment at 8, but when he gets there, 50 other guys are already there. It’s the Revolving Calvacade of Democratic Pandering Wannbe Stars

    parentofed — I think he did the same with the VP slot — promised to everyone — that’s why he won’t announce, he knows there will be a lot of people v. mad at him! Besides us, i mean.

    Murphy — I haven’t seen the spot yet, and it sounds like you did wonderfully anyway. But one thing lawyers do when they have to argue before a tough court is have all their other lawyer friends ‘moot’ them. Mooting means they all pretend to be really jerky judges and ask the toughest or (as in this case) most hostile and ridiculous questions possible. Maybe something like that would help get you ready before you have to face the pinheads. Not that you have a lot of spare time. Just something that popped into my head from my lawyer days.

    I think reasonable people suffer on shows like that jerk’s (and the rest) because they have internalized reasonable modes of discussion all their lives. So even when you expect them to act like *sshats, you don’t really expect it.

    The other thing I’ve noticed about the politicians who interview well is that they never answer the question asked. No matter what the question or preceding comment is, they just go right on saying whatever it is they want to say. Eg:

    Pinhead interviewer: Senator Clinton, why do you hate Barack Obama?

    Sen. Clinton: Well, Pinhead, my health care plan will bring affordable coverage to the 41 million people currently uninsured or underinsured in this country.

    I’m NOT saying you need help (haven’t seen the clip yet!) and I’m NOT criticizing anyone — you, Will and Dianne have been great whenever I’ve caught you on the news and I’m always proud to be a PUMA when I’ve seen you guys. Just throwing my little bit of experience into the conversation.

  219. Does anyone know if there is a video of the interview on the internet? The re-run doesn’t come on until 2:00 a.m. here and I don’t think I’m going to make it until then.

    Mountain Sage

  220. how was the volenteering arabella did it restore your soul I love the vol work I used to do at EASE (Escambia Aids Services and Education) I really enjoyed it it restored my soul…


  221. Jeepers, who is going to watch that convention? It sounds like a lot of tiresome gasbags and showboaters.

    Most people don’t follow politics the way we do. Obama, I am so sorry to tell you that there is something going on in China right now.

    Maybe you can get that cute Chinese kid to lip sych the Chinese national anthem for you in Denver.

  222. Michael: I don’t think you are a jerk. I listened to you tonight, you sound like someone who is sweet and lots of fun.

  223. What amazes me is that all the “Talking Heads” seem so afraid that Hillary might steal the nomination from BO. They sure want their anointed one to be nominated. Wait until they witness the power of PUMA!

  224. I assume everyone here is aware that if M.O. is “first ‘lady'” we will find nothing but sleeveless dresses for sale—spring, summer, winter or fall—I absolutely detest them (since my designer days).

  225. I’m going to turn in soon. So nice to see you all!

    I’ve been around widdle kids for the past two weeks, and they wore me out. But I had a great time and raised a lot of money for a cause that is dear to me.

    See you in the morning.

    Love to all


  226. And Phelps wins his sixth gold medal and sets another world record!

  227. Murphy you should have imagined shuster in a pink speedo with a tatoo of “this ones for the boys”… and whe you giggled and he asked what was so funny you could have said ” its either your constipated face or the latent homosexual vibe I get from you…I sereiously you look hike you want to jump will right here on cmera you perv!

    It would propably have caused him to asphixiate himself on his own phflem


  228. just got in and checked the first couple of posts to find out whether Matthews was back or whether Shuster was on Hardball and whether to stay up to 3 to watch it. will go back and catch up on conversation. RD, so sorry I missed the radio show–am hoping I can play it from archives

  229. SM: (((hugs)))) I’m great. Going through the usual teen tribulations — sans the opposite sex — but I’m good. I hope you’re great, too.

    You sounded so awesome. “Republican Madison Ave. Sexy Thing.”

    You are my shero.

  230. fuzzybear, I am roflmao. that is exactly the look on his face which is why i couldn’t figure how he got the job before he insulted Chelsea–now back to the top

  231. shudder sleeveless dresses but will they be worn over or under your burkas?


  232. WigWag: Not a quote, just what I was feeling.

  233. Been lurking since riverdaughter posted on TM – the first Clinton cocktail hour I saw (the pic of the lady in pink with the flower). Also, saw the first post on PUMA either the first night or next day.

    I’m so impressed with the Confluence – for giving renewed life and links to great pro Hillary blogs. I also appreciate experiencing the latest blog technology on display here.

    The reason I de-cloaked was to respond to fuzzy’s post upthread about MO being pregnant. I have to say I intuited this some time ago – back when they went on their campaign vacation to the islands.

    If this is true then the media will go completely bonkers and there will be even more of an uphill climb for McCain.

    Besides being a PUMA, I’m also a Clinton4McCain [c4M]. (just went to that site for the first time – great blog).

    Fingers crossed MO is *not* expecting.

    Go PUMAs.

  234. my sweet sebringbubba just put in for a transfer to DCF in Gville! mmmmm

    he is so sweet….amazing what can happen between blogging and talking puma…he is a Hill fan too!


  235. You cannot steal what does not belong to someone in the first place! He hasn’t won a thing yet unless I missed something.

    As for the “speakers” appearing on his behalf, I could not care less who they march out there. All a sham. If they thing I am willing to sit through 4 days of happy talk and the splendor of Obama, I would rather pull quills out of my body without anesthesia! This is as good a time as any for me to start putting up my Fall decorations. After all, it is August.

  236. If MO is pregnant then this will be another tether the MSM will be promoting. A baby in the White House! I can’t stand it. So calculating if it is true. One speech uttered 4 years ago and a pregnant wife is all you need to qualify. Sickening!

  237. Here we’ve got a perfect example we should point to by way of illustration of the knee-jerk sexism that goes entirely unremarked!:

    In this evening’s news:
    “Russia rolls over Georgia, Hillary Clinton does the same to Barack Obama. Now we know who’s boss.

    Obama blinked and stands guilty of appeasing Clinton by agreeing to a roll call vote for her nomination. ”

    Would they ever, have they ever, accused the candidate in the lead prior to the convention with being Pussywhipped by a male candidate who put his names in nomination at the convention?

    No! She ought to really whip him!

  238. Reading some of the comments of people who deride the hardcore Hillary supporters, I have to remember this:

    Local Idiot To Post Comment On Internet

    In a statement made to reporters earlier this afternoon, local idiot Brandon Mylenek, 26, announced that at approximately 2:30 a.m. tonight, he plans to post an idiotic comment beneath a video on an Internet website.

    “Later this evening, I intend to watch the video in question, click the ‘reply’ link above the box reserved for user comments, and draft a response, being careful to put as little thought into it as possible, while making sure to use all capital letters and incorrect punctuation,” Mylenek said. “Although I do not yet know exactly what my comment will entail, I can say with a great degree of certainty that it will be incredibly stupid.”

    Mylenek, who rarely in his life has been capable of formulating an idea or opinion worth the amount of oxygen required to express it, went on to guarantee that the text of his comment would be misspelled to the point of incomprehension, that it would defy the laws of both logic and grammar, and that it would allege that several elements of the video are homosexual in nature.

    “The result will be an astonishing combination of ignorance, offensiveness, and sheer idiocy,” Mylenek said.

  239. computer locked up shoot I hope you get this


  240. Candy Crowley called us a few deadenders on CNN awhile ago. I hate these people. They act like they are doing us and Hillary a big favor by putting her name in nomination-which should be standard procedure.

    What disgusting, low-rent, scuzzy, scum-sucking bottom feeders. Yes, I’m so glad I can rant here.

  241. I intuited this some time ago – back when they went on their campaign vacation to the islands.

    (blinking) Pregnant? And you think people would vote based on that. Really?

    I’m really out of step, I think.

  242. Don’t know if any of you have fully digested your evening meal, but there is a comment on Huff Po that brought mine back up again. Someone…..not get ready for this……just commented that Michael Phelps is “the Barack Obama of the Olympics”!!!

    Seriously, can you honestly stand it? This is the kind of tripe we are up against, idiotic commentators and adolescent posters!

    Michael, barf bag please.

  243. MABLue: LOL, love you!

    RegencyG: HUGS back to you – always!

  244. katiebird; Are you kidding, those morning talk shows would be eating this up with a spoon! Maternity outfits, excercise, eating habits, they will run the gamut. We will not only have 24/7 of round the clock Obama but the same alloted time to her!

    I wonder if they still take applications at a cloister?

  245. KB: It’s the Kennedy Mystique. They’re very own John John.

    Oh, ew.

  246. that is hill-lar-i-use MAblue!


  247. I can’t stand it.

  248. Pat – my SuperPUMA sister, that’s of course a LIE, because Michael Phelps has EXPERIENCE.

    Obama’s more like the Chinese “ladies” gymnasts who are illegitimate to particpate in WOMEN’s gymnastics.

  249. this Obama response document is interesting. I don’t know if it was a good idea for them to have stooped to Corsi’s level.

  250. MABlue: I am laughing my head off!

  251. Last Presidential candidate with a pregnant wife – JFK

    They really keep flogging that log, don’t they?

  252. I listened to Hannity on the radio on my drive home tonight. He had 3 callers, all between 18-22 yrs old, all voting for BO. He asked each of them to name three things Obama had accomplished in his life. They could not name one. But they were sooooooooooo excited to be voting for him. One even said he never followed poltics.

  253. The “Barack Obama of the Olympics”?!?

    So he slipped all the other swimmers a mickey and he’s taking steroids? And everyone knows it but he looks good in a speedo so it’s all cool?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so. He’s the fucking “Hillary Clinton of the Olympics” after they threw out the “Barack Obama.” This is the Convention, biatches.

  254. Michelle’s new baby is a test tube baby – even getting pregnant was programmed.

  255. …sleeveless maternity outfits…

  256. Pat, I just looked it up. She’s 43 years old. Wouldn’t she be confined to bed if she was pregnant at that age?

  257. Oh, please say she’s not pregnant! I don’t think I can take it! NObama probably wants a boy….to follow in his footsteps! On second thought, that’s already been done! Oh, please, somebody please wake me when this is over!

  258. I doubt if I am going to be able to get through the next 4 months without have a breakdown. Wonder if when Michelle makes her big “speech” on Monday night she announces that another Baby Barack is en route, just in time for the Inauguration. The crowd will explode, Oprah will be in tears, and Hillary will be shown putting the car seat together backstage!

  259. Pat. Put down your drink. It’s time for us both to switch to water.

  260. Pat, LOL.

  261. Oprah will be in tears, Pat, because The One cheated on her! HA!

  262. Barf bag is right, Pat. I had a friend over tonight and she told me that she watches none of the pol. shows anymore because they upset her so much–lately, me too.

    I am fixing to write Crowley though–not that it will do any good. The head of Comm. at CNN used to work at the DNC years ago and knows the Clintons personally so I am at a loss as to the bashing. Except that I heard yesterday that CNN has exclusive coverage of the floor at the convention–which I refuse to watch.

  263. katiebird: Not necessarily. Elizabeth Edwards was in her late 40’s when she had the last two kids. And the girlfriend Rielle, or whatever name she has adopted for use this month, is 42.

  264. DG: we talked about that today on Conflucians say – I think I said or somebody else said, it’s too contrived – especially since he’s on “vacation.”

  265. “Wonder if when Michelle makes her big “speech” on Monday night she announces that another Baby Barack is en route, just in time for the Inauguration. The crowd will explode, Oprah will be in tears, and Hillary will be shown putting the car seat together backstage!

    Pat – I’m dying. I’m DYIN’! ROTFLMBO!

  266. Edward’s girlfriend was 41…

  267. Well, I can’t find anyone else talking about it. Has anyone seen a link to the rumors?

  268. I don’t think there is a link. Someone here pointed out that as slim as Michelle is she seems to have a bump showing mid waist. Of course it could be the birth certificate they have been hiding for the last few months but this is strictly conjecture. Not that I wouldn’t put it past them to gin up the poll numbers.

  269. Goddess save us. Michelle Obama is still young enough. It would be like Cherie Blair. But I don’t think I could take nine months of “we gave up our comfortable lives to do this” from Michelle.

  270. Pat, keep drinking, you are just getting warmed up. Too funny!

  271. Pat here is a gross of vomit buckets for that one…


  272. hadn’t seen Pat already noted Ms Hunter’s ago, in the 40’s—but I don’t think M.O. is pregnant…I’d wager she’s not…

  273. Of course it could be the birth certificate they have been hiding for the last few months but this is strictly conjecture.”

    Two for two, Pat. Honestly, if you keep this up, I’ll have to start wearing Depends. LOL!

  274. I think if she was pregnant we’d have heard about it by now. Why keep it a secret. Especially if it would make them more likable?

  275. To think that this never ending movie started over 18 months ago and it is not over yet. Like watching The English Patient. I celebrated two wedding anniversaries sitting through that one!

  276. riverdaughter, on August 14th, 2008 at 11:34 pm Said:
    I don’t think I could take nine months of “we gave up our comfortable lives to do this” from Michelle.


    With that alone, you just fucked up my evening. Just the thought.

    I’m going to bed, g’nite.

  277. “PatJ”
    They ended up TIED!!
    He had +’s & -‘s / so did Hillary!!

    I heard tonight that “Jessi Jackson Sr” WILL NOT
    address the convention
    This is the 1st time in years!

  278. katiebird: “Why keep it a secret. Especially if it would make them more likable?”


  279. This is gotta be the most sick and deranged thread I’ve ever seen.

    And I’ve seen some pretty sick and deranged things, stuff that makes “goatse” seem tame.

  280. Am listening to a rebroadcast it is so funny SM is a riot…fuzzybeargville

  281. katiebird: In politics you always time our big announcements. Especially if you are seen dropping in the polls. Or your opponent calls you unqualified. Or Bill Clinton won’t take your calls. That is when they march out the big news.

    As for making either one of them more likable, they would publicly have to renounce one another.

  282. Katiebird:

    Taking Ecstasy wouldn’t make them more likable

  283. and of course no one can criticize a pregnant woman—what might happen–and it proves what a “manlyman”??????!!!!!!

  284. Hello !!! what are you talking about…i read some of the comments..but can’t read them all.
    Any one have FF miles that can help me get to Denver.? I keep changing my mind, 1 day yes, next day maybe, next day ..no…Well today aftyer all thats been going on..i must get myself to Denver. I have a place to stay, but not enough money to spend and money for ticket…so I have 15,000 in FF miles on AA and I need 25,000 so can you help ?

  285. Pat- you are cracking me up!!!! Keep it going.

  286. extasy-K- and GHB and ruffies would not make the Obamas more likeable-


  287. We need better spokespeople. There I said it.

  288. If she is pregnant, then the tape must exist. This is how they get past the tape. Ha ha ha.

  289. Babies are the trend this season. Angelina, Nicole Kidman, Christina Aguilera, a whole host of celebrities. I read this on perezhilton.com. And should this rumor prove true, they may have twins, Hope and Change. Can it get more perfect than this?

  290. Um, why did Schuster argue Obama won the pop vote? That isn’t true. Sounds like Axelrod is spinning again.

  291. Can’t change spokespeople now. The media is familiar with these. It would imply “disarray” and that’s the last thing we need right now.

    Can’t change spokespeople. Can’t refuse an interview. We have limited visibility. That means we must always appear when there’s an opportunity and the people must be familar.

    These are the player; this is the game. 18 seconds on the clock.

  292. Mawm and Gary-besure if you go drive around the pepsi center 7 times bring a big shofar and blow it real hard! maybe the walls and fences will tumble down!


  293. “Hope and Change”?? Pat, stop! I can’t take anymore.

  294. Pat, that was perfect. LOL!!!!!!!!

  295. Schuster did not do his homework. He also accused PUMA pac of raising 6 million dollars and that was what we all had raised to pay off the debt. He also accused Will and Darragh of being Repubs. The whole segment was insulting to them.

  296. WigWag: Thank you very much. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. We promise to put your money to good use. You will not be disappointed.

  297. I thinkl sweetie sue that we need to support will and Murphy – they need a good opposition prep team to get them ready for these interviews- I would have put on my “smug face” and told shuster “I am glad you like hearing your voice when are you gonna shut your piehole and let me answer the soviet ere harrangue you are throwing at me! you flatuent gasbag”

    I would never be invited back


  298. Sweet Sue, I could not disagree more. These are the people most closely aligned with the PUMA movement. Will is a practiced personality but Darragh is just like you and me and millions of others. She speaks from conviction and passion for the cause. I have seen many more camera ready pols get shredded because the person they faced blindsided them from the start. This is what they do.

    And Schuster has an axe to grind. He was not only talking over them he was totally impolite. Will and Darragh speak for us.

  299. I would never be invited back to MSNBC- FOXNews would give me my own show I am sure….

    an O’Rielly style LIberal they could not resist…


  300. My friends, the Denver Group is less than $1,600 away from its $30,000 goal for tomorrow. They want to get a tv ad up and running in time for Denver. If you have a fiver to spare send it their way. We haven’t quite gotten our way yet–anything to good to be real, usually is–but we’re nearly there.

    Between the PUMA Pac and the Denver Group, I’d say our interests are covered, no?

  301. I would never call someone a liar on the air I have a code phrase for this its “That is just not true and you know it”


  302. Here’s an interesting story about Michelle Obama:

    I would like to discuss one specific quote that has me scratching my head. It comes after a question about Mrs. Obama’s children. Is she concerned with what has been said about past First Children, i.e. Chelsea and the Bush girls. I’m thinking, “That is a stupid question. Of course she is. Who wouldn’t be?” Naturally, her answer can be summed up like this, “Yeah. Duh.” Then she said something that gave me pause.

    “Barack and I think about the girls every single day.”

    Wow… Wow. I mean, wow. Now, I will be the first to grant that she may have meant that they think about their girls being placed in this difficult situation every single day. If that is the case, let me state this plainly. I’m getting very tired of interpreting what Michelle Obama may have meant. You know, for an Ivy League lawyer type, she’s not very precise in her verbiage. She must have missed that lecture. Of course when you have fabulous dresses, is being accurate such a big deal? (No, really. It was just plain cute. A black and white number, it had this little belt at the waist.) However, what she said was, “Barack and I think about the girls every single day.”

    Again, wow. That often, huh? I’m sitting here writing for and hour. I have been halting my thought process every 5 minutes to check on the kids, to listen for the kids, to think about the kids. What will I feed the kids? I have every window in the house wide open so that I can listen for cars coming down the street, so that I can watch to make sure that the kids heard the cars coming down the street. If they did, I leave them alone. If they didn’t, I call out the window to say, “Hey! Did you see that car?” That’s what I do for a living. It’s my job.

    They think about their kids every single day. Isn’t that awesome?

  303. When your quarterback fumbles the ball; you send in the sub or whatever. I know nothing about sports.
    Why did Will let David Schuster say-three times- that Barak Obama won the popular vote? And Ms. Murphy was just bad. Would I have been better? Hell, no, and not as photogenic. But it doesn’t help our just cause to pretend that they did a good job. We need smart, tough and articulate professionals to make our case.

  304. Pat, that’s my point. She’s just like you and me. We need people who can be poised and professional on camera. Oh, yeah, and kick ass.

  305. Riverdaughter, it’s the least I can do. My spouse and I maxed out to Clinton. We’d go to jail if we gave any more. This is just another way we can help.

    I’ll try to add a little more before the convention.

  306. Excuse me, but what is so unique about that? My 4 are grown and have left home but I still think of them every single day. It was my job, I was their mother. For this reporter to be so overcome with emotion because the Obama’s think of their kids every single day borders on obsession with this couple.

    Why is this so amazing that it would set them apart from any other responsible parent? Maybe I am interpreting this the wrong way because I am not sure I see the point if there is one.

  307. I do support them and, yes, they need a team to prep and prop them up! But I can’t say they came off well. That little pisher ate their lunch.

  308. Okie Dokie —————– On the way to the mental ward now that someone suggested that MO could be preggers! If she is, it would definately be Rosemary’s Baby!

    I have decided that their idea to march so many people onto the stage is really our first clue that we really have been watching “American Idol”. I just don’t know whether they are going to sing or dance for the title! I just hope what ever body part of an insect they are required to consume is not as distasteful as this entire episode we have been subjected to is.

    I am beginning to believe maybe Reverand Wright had it going on with his “God Damn America” rants. The last 19 months has surely proved his point.

    That said, I am on the way to dreamland in hopes of waking up from this nightmare!


  309. Pat, I must have misunderstood. ’cause I thought she was expressing shock that she only thought about the kids once a day.

  310. katiebird: I am no fan of Michelle Obama but would her answer have been better if she had said, “we think of these kids every minute of the day and night. In fact we take turns staying up all night just to think about them. Why I can hardly get myself dressed in the morning because I spend so much time just thinking about these kids. Actually Barack is having a harder time solving the Russian problem since his mind is constantly on the kids”. Either way her answer would not have suited this reporter.

  311. It is definitely the familiarity younger people have constantly had with reality TV and American Idol that has made it so easy for them to discount the notion of requiring genuine qualifications/knowledge & distinguishing between those who do and those who merely “act” the part—hence, their ready openess to B.O. Now that we can all be seen around the world on YOUTube, have our own homepages…the idea of someone who merely acts like he’s POTUS actually being POTUS is no great leap—What’s next? allowing people who play doctors on TV to perform operations?

  312. Sometimes I love Jerome Armstrong. Check out this diary he recced:


  313. tonight my prayer is dedicated to the people suffering in Georgia and South Ossetia they are pawns in a great game that putin and bush are playing.

    Creator Father Mother god/dess-

    we ask you to silence the guns of war in South Ossetia and Georgia bring peace to that troubled land. Let both sides come to realise that they are pawns used in the clash of the last superpowers

    Let their eyes be opened that they may see they are each others best adovcate. I hope they let go of the fear that makes them enemies.

    As the great emansipator said “if I make my enemy my friend they the same do we not just as surely distroy them as with the sword?” Let peace makers rise among them and may they beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.
    So that they may no longer study or engage in war.

    Creator let peace come to this and other lands let our aid be food and clothing and shelter let us be the arsenal of peace and not guns. Let the children of South Ossetia and Georgia play hand in hand with smiling parents watching on. Give them the strength and courage to let go their vengence and hate. So that throught cooperation and trust they can achieve the potential that you have goven them!

    For my puma friends I thank you for their strength as we together struggle on freedom is never free and is valued because it is hard work. Protect our murphy and will give them words and strength. Bless Riverdauughter and Sheri’s show and continue to inspire their words.

    Thank you for bringing back our arabella trefoil safely from her volenteer work her spirit renewed give her a new commission that allows her to feel fufilled and makes best use of her tallents.

    We ask al this and thank you for our many blessings for truely this is a wonerful creation!


    good night all-sweet dreams


  314. I have a confession. Not long after Hillary’s endorsement speech, when PUMA first started I wrote to Will Bowers and asked him if he could use any of my images (I’m an artist) and he said maybe and asked if I would put a PUMA link on my website. At the time I didn’t know what the mission was, I just loved the acronym and I knew he was on to something. When I read the No Obama mission I couldn’t sign up for it. I hadn’t reached that point yet. Of course now I’m way beyond that and I have to say how much I admire people who know what they want and put their ass on the line for what they believe in.

    Thank you PUMA’s. Thank you Denver Group. And thank you “The Confluence” for providing the only spot on the internet where I can read 300 comments and remain thoroughly engaged.

    God bless you all!

    I am Sarah Ferguson and I approve of this message.

  315. Huff Po is reporting that Musharif is ready to step down in a few days and the government is not assuring him safe passage out of the country. Another crisis looming on the horizon.

  316. Hi SarahF!

  317. Amen, Fuzzy.

  318. Obama for america Jawboning to begin a few moments after Musharifs departure-respect and obamism will keep south asia safe! some one get me a vomit bucket….

    Creator father mother god/dess let the cooler heads prevail in Pakistan I do not want to pary to end another war this week!


  319. Regarding the Shuster/Hardball segment.

    The fact that Will and Darragh got ten minutes is significant. It means they’re being taken seriously.

    If I were in their place, I would have brought up the issue of vote fraud and the Texas caucus. Otherwise, it’s hard to answer questions like: “If Hillary is okay with supporting Obama, what’s your problem?”

    Sure, Shuster was trying to ask tough questions but that only makes MSNBC look ridiculous when you contrast this interview with the lightweight thrill-up-my-leg buffooneries of its Obama coverage.

  320. welcome SarahF- you will find your opinion and love of freedom embraced here…

    this is our magnum opus for freedom!


  321. Marybeth;

    I’ve got FF miles on Southwest. Will that help?

    I’ll check back here later.

  322. good night all sweetest of dreams sarah pat and all -fuzzybeargville

  323. nite Michael. I am off to bed as well.

  324. Thank you. I was sent to a Christian camp when I was 15 because my parents found out I was gay. I must say that the redemption I feel now is much better than what I felt when I was *forced* to make Jesus Christ my saviour in front of an audience of 100 people. I was crying because I felt so powerless and so mad but, of course, the audience thought I was overwhelmed by Jesus.

  325. The Duchess of York is a PUMA!

    (I know, I know, I’m sure you’ve heard that before!)

  326. I will never grow tired of hearing it.

  327. “Excuse me, but what is so unique about that? My 4 are grown and have left home but I still think of them every single day. It was my job, I was their mother. For this reporter to be so overcome with emotion because the Obama’s think of their kids every single day borders on obsession with this couple.”

    Yeah, honesly, that’s just wacky. They’re just little kids, who WOULDN’T think about their small children every single day when they don’t see them? WTF? No, everyone else wuld just leave them behind for three months and never stop to wonder, hey, I wonder how the kids are doing.

    Wait for Part 2: “OMG! Obama! He EATS CEREAL!”

  328. I missed the show…I can’t stand looking at these people anymore. I’m glad our guys survived with dignity….

    It’s hard for me to believe that I actually watched these shows and wrote a column years ago for Buzz….h…that other site.
    I can’t do it now!

    I am so hoping that Obama goes downi n flames in the general election. My faith the American voter will be renewed if they see the crap and run from him. I expect the GOP will do the job on him that the media hasn’t done…

  329. I am also ‘bumblebee’. Logged on with another computer and didn’t realize I had posted before. Hmmm…

    Anyway, I like Ripley better, so will try to remember my name as I move around the house! From laptop to PC.

    I can’t seem to get un-hooked from the blog. This is bad and shows a definite lack of restraint and discipline.

  330. Mary Beth: There are PUMAs putting together an frequent flyer miles exchange. It’s several posts back now but I’ll look. Maybe they can help.

    SarahF: You’re not the royal one, right. Fergie! Is that you?

  331. Fuzzy – reading your prayer is like getting a BIG bear-hug that so many of us need. You say everything I feel.

  332. No. I’m the Duchess of Manhattan, not York.

  333. Hey guys, is it me? I don’t see any speaking role for anyone in the progressive caucus, nor any high profile gays, nor any african american congressional women for the convention.

  334. masslib: I just read your post, love it – as ALWAYS – and my point is – IF Obama had won fair & square, with all of our Democratic processes played out winning a FULL MAJORITY of the people, by the people, for the people – then FINE. We are unified & gung-ho and WOO-HOO, YEAH!!!

    But that hasn’t happened.

  335. Masslib: almost everyone you mentioned = under the bus.

  336. Personally, I wouldn’t support Obama either way. I think he completely lacks principles. But, for me, if he’s the nominee, I simply have no dog in the race. Had he picked Hill as VP, I would have voted for her. That’s it.

  337. myiq:
    “This is gotta be the most sick and deranged thread I’ve ever seen.”

    High marks!

    Wigwag, you are a goddess. Thank you so much.

    Hello and Goodnight PUMA family. From an exhausted lurker……I hope to be back soon

  338. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last Constitutionally-eligible man in America, regardless of who is running mate is. Guy’s useless and unqualified, looks even more so with our lady standing next to him. Nope. I’d be even more put-off voting for him if he chose her.

  339. It’s just plain stupid for the guy playing “chicken” with his opponent to keep yelling “Say Uncle” when she’s holding all the cards. Did I mix enough metaphors to get my point across?

  340. Isaac Hayes was the Duke of New York

  341. If Mo is pregnant does any one know if it is a “grudge baby” you know when someone had it in for him?

    Do you need pictures, negatives, and knee pads to get ahead at msnbc>
    It does not seem that you have to be a good journalist.



  342. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last Constitutionally-eligible man in America…

    And the award for best line of the night (ah, early AM actually) goes to regencyg. LOL.

  343. regencyg: I need to meet you. Will you be going to Denver?

    Puma to the Power

  344. I try to keep a peaceful home.
    Didn’t watch the segment. A couple months ago, I was able to find the instructions for my TV. I deleted MSNBC, CNN and other useless channels. I forgot what # channel MSNBC etc.

  345. G. Morning. Oh my.

    So….you reached 2 million while I was not online. Fine be that way (Congratulations all the same).

    Now I will pour myself a third cup of coffee and start doing my Confluence “homework”….really “people” 350?

    ps, why are fellow progressives (assuming K is one) using the N word to refer to us? Go watch Mephisto and thanks for the traffic.

  346. morning fuzzybeargville in the house for a quick note before poping off to work…hope everyone has a good day-


  347. Morning Michael. Have a good one too.

  348. Have a good day Michael and UpstateNY.

    Michael–I heard you last night on the radio show. You have such a nice voice.

  349. Hey, BB, here you are. I see you already used your virtual “magic wand”. How are things?

  350. Good morning all!

    There was a bad infestation of trolls last night on the old threads, worse than the usual carpet crapping.

    “About Us” was hit, as were the ones just before this one.

    Please let Rico know

  351. Some doofus named “rumproast” is doing a hatchet job on the PUMA conference

    RD-Gary-Mawm: you should respond


  352. myiq, not worth my time.

    Ghandi said

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.”

    Seems like we are moving from laugh to attack. Soon we will win!

  353. Clinton adviser on CNN: It was he PUMAs, not us asking for nomination

  354. It seems we made Cnn Political Ticker.
    :Pelosi has described us as “less than noble” and needing an “attitude adjustment.”

    I think the botox has leaked into her brain.

  355. I’ve needed an attitude adjustment for years, so what else is new?

  356. Riverdaughter,

    two quick factual corrections for your commenters, I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether to correct them.

    The quote that Shuster used from Hillary’s campaign was on the record. I’m the one who got the quote.

    Gary pointed out that I have a blog on Obama’s website. It is a community blog, not connected to the campaign, and its purpose is to promote my writing. Unfortunately, the McCain campaign doesn’t allow challenging writing, or I would have one there, too.

    Christina and I are, indeed, friends now.

  357. Tommy, what is not factual about my post? I credit you with the quote, I just don’t believe you is all. If it is on the record then you should be able to tell us who it is so that we can confirm it.

    As for your blog on the Obama site, its not about your politics its about your objectivity as a reporter. Once you post there you can’t be considered a journalist. And saying that it is not connected with the campaign is ridiculous. it is on his website, has a big picture of him and his logo, and links all over his site.

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