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Today is a weekday, so I’m wondering what planet Barack Obama and his followers live on, and why they insist on trying to substitute their delusions for reality. If ObamaWorld is exposed to the light on Earth, will it evaporate as quickly as its ruler’s promises on gun control, Iraq, abortion and FISA?

As I wrote in an earlier piece, Republicans were very involved in ensuring that Barack Obama won the red-state caucuses which account for his slim pledged delegate lead over Senator Clinton. They sent him loads of money and voters, and perhaps taught him the delicate art of election fraud (although from his earlier adventures with Alice Palmer and the State Senate, I’m not sure Oba-Moi needed instruction).

But poor, deluded Oba-Moi still thinks that Republicans will pour into voting booths on Election Day and throw the lever for him. According to Newsweek (and those of us living in the real world), it’s nagahapin.

…As we speak/type/read, the Obama camp is holding a conference call with reporters to unveil “Republicans for Obama,” a branch of its operation designed to show that “Republicans are coming together in support of Senator Obama to bring change to Washington.” That claim was verifiable during the early Democratic primaries, when Republicans willing to crossover and vote in the Democratic contests typically backed Obama over Hillary Clinton by overwhelming margins. Which is why Obama began telling his Obamacan tale in the first place. But now that he’s vying for Republican support against a real, live Republican–a slightly different dynamic–I started to wonder whether the story would still hold up to scrutiny.* Obama may count prominent GOPers like Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, presidential granddaughter Susan Eisenhower, Fairbanks, Alaska Mayor Jim Whitaker, former Iowa Rep. Jim Leach, former Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chaffee and former White House intelligence adviser Rita E. Hauser–all of them namechecked on today’s call–among his announced (or likely) endorsers. But are there enough rank-and-file Republicans whispering their support at Obama rallies to actually make a difference on Election Day?

Nope. Now that their goal is almost achieved – making sure the Democrats nominate the only candidate that could lose to McCain – they are, of course, going to vote for their nominee.


As I discovered from examination the last 18 months of head-to-head general election polls, the answer seems to be “no.” In fact, John McCain’s share of the Democratic vote has typically–and surprisingly–been larger than Obama’s share of the Republican vote. In other words, it’s not that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright scared the Obamacan masses off, as some pundits have theorized–it’s that they never existed (in any unprecedented way) to begin with. In December 2006–before the unfamiliar Illinois senator had officially announced his candidacy–McCain attracted 25 support among Dems versus Obama’s eight percent among Repubs, according to a FOX News poll**. Those numbers tightened over the next few months of polling by various firms, but Obama never established a sustained lead. A February 2007 Quinnipiac survey showed McCain with 17 percent crossover support, for example, versus nine percent for Obama; in a June 2007 sounding by the same outlet, McCain still led 15 percent to 11. During primary season–between December 2007 and April 2008–McCain’s Democratic number typically hovered between 18 and 22. Obama, meanwhile, never climbed higher than 13 percent.

Frankly, this is a surprise to no one who understands how Republicans win elections. They pick the candidate that can appeal to their base AND to the Independents and Democrats that they need to cross the 50.1% threshhold. (They also use every means at their disposal to suppress, discount and switch opposition votes, but this would not be enough for them to win if their choice of candidate was not viable to begin with.) For example, this year, the base wanted Pastor Mike Huckabee, and the Party Leaders said no – and rightly so. If they had listened to their base, they would have gone down in flames in November. Anyone, possibly even Mike Gravel, would have been able to paint Huckabee as an extremist, anti-American lunatic. I mean, the guy wants to rewrite the Constitution to conform to “God’s Laws.” No patriotic American would put up with that nonsense.

Unfortunately, the PKFD has the opposite problem. They are not listening to their base, which, tired of being beaten up by Bush’s steroid-enhanced version of Reaganomics and his Dr. Strangelove version of foreign policy, has picked the most electable candidate in the primaries – Senator Hillary Clinton. No, Party Leaders are turning their backs on reason, common sense and reality, and are choosing to live in ObamaWorld. On that planet, a man with very little experience and a closet full of anti-American crazies can easily beat an experienced soldier with a proven record of moderate stances and working with Democrats. Oh, and on this world, it’s okay to do and say anything to win, it’s okay to praise Republicans and smear Democrats, it’s okay to promote and profit from misogyny and race-baiting, it’s okay to claim votes and delegates from a state in which you deliberately removed yourself from the ballot, and red states are now swing states, whereas real swing states that you need to win the election are now unimportant.

Last night, my husband and I were talking about this election cycle, and I said in frustration, “Why are they doing this to us?” Seriously. What have we ever done, except vote for them, send them money, write them letters of support, volunteer and campaign for them? Because we supported Democrats for our entire lives, and because we want our Party to be fair, just and democratic, our punishment is that we must choose between Opportunistic Thug and Scary Warmongering Man?

Sorry, but I’m not breathing the air on ObamaWorld. It rots your brain and destroys your principles. It’s either Hillary or McCain for me.


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  1. 3 shots fired at democratic headquarters in arkansas coming across the news on fox.

  2. Party Chairman in critical condition.

  3. Suspect apprehended.

  4. madamab, perhaps you’d be more comfy at

  5. Where is everyone?

  6. Wow! Thanks for posting that info, Carol.

    NH – LOL! Great site.

  7. Carol – Traffic usually slows down quite about around lunchtime. 🙂

  8. The part I can’t figure out is the way they keep treating Hillary and her supporters (that’s us)

    I understand they think they have some winning strategy of creating a coalition of AA’s,upper income white liberals, independents and holy-rollers.

    I don’t think that dog will hunt, but that’s their strategy.

    I could understand if they kept taking us for granted, figuring we had no place else to go, but that’s not what they’re doing.

    They seem determined to drive us out of the party completely. They keep doing everything they can to piss us off.

  9. Lambert uses the acronym “FKD”. If you pronounce it. . .

  10. “It rots your brain and destroys your principles.” Well, said. thank you. Hoping to share some clear mountain air with the country.

  11. myiq – I know! That’s what I struggle with every day – the WHY?! of this whole thing. I know they want to kick Hillary, Bill and the Clinton Wing out, but WHY?!

    gqmartinez – LOL! I didn’t know that. Great minds…

  12. madamab, this is a great post. I have the same questions. As I said to a friend after a long exchange of email,
    “With Obama every answer is more than a little off.

    This conversation has been very interesting for me. But sort of sad. I always hope someone will explain things so that these bits and pieces make sense. ”

    He’s an Obama supporter. But as you’d expect doesn’t really understand how extremely weak Obama is.

  13. myiq, I keep thinking about the caller last night talking about them paying people to register. What else is going on behind the scenes. Is this why headquarters was moved to Chicago? added to threats—scarey

    Carol, any info on suspect? motivation? Arkansas? I pray for the Chairman and worried about the spin

  14. Obama is in a dark World with all his socialist leaders! Check out my site and see why Obama is so much for corn for fuel and not wanting to drill offshore!

  15. Why am I in moderation in the previous thread?

  16. Madamab, great job as usual. Any chance “Obamaworld” might be a sequel to Kevin Costner’s “Waterworld” — both big budget productions, outrageous convoluted in plot lines, hyped to no end and barely attended by the intended audience. In the end, both would turn out to be flops.

  17. wow, e1 is on fire today … great post!!!

  18. now they are shooting Clinton supporters?? sweet geebus!

  19. Prolix – I think your parallel is right on the money! You can’t MAKE people come to the theatre…or to the voting booth.

    KB – Thanks so much! I just can’t get my mind around what is going on here. I don’t see how this strategy is anything but massively destructive to the country and the Party. The only way it works is if every electoral rule of thumb turns out to be wrong – and as McCain is showing in the polls, the rules are still in effect.

    It is, as the King of Siam would say, a puzzlement.

    Oooh! Think I’ll add that to the post. 🙂

  20. At No Quarter there is a post on how much money and to whom nancy pelosi gave from a pac for the future.
    Very interesting post.
    Didn’t she claim she was inbiased in this election?
    don’t think so.



  21. Apparently the Arkansas Democratic Leader, Gwatney, was a delegate for Clinton.

  22. Got a friend up here in AL who is a die-hard conservative. When he voted in the AL primary he voted for Obama. His reason: To knock HRC out of the Dem contest so whoever the republican was, would face the weaker opponent.

    I hate open primaries…

  23. it’s okay to claim votes and delegates from a state in which you deliberately removed yourself from the ballot, and red states are now swing states, whereas real swing states that you need to win the election are now unimportant.

    Well said madamab. It’s all so surreal. And as to “why?” It’s all about power and money. Pelosi, Dean, Brazile, they do not care about “us.” They are only focused on what they have to gain. Stupidly, it will diminish their strength, not enhance it. Very short-sighted.

    Re: the Arkansas shooting: how long do you think it will take Hillary to be on top of this? I’m sure she already is. She must be good friends with the Arkansian delegate.

  24. madamab:

    Great post. It captures what I’m feeling precisely.

    And every day I think to myself that they can’t come up with any new surprises. And then Hillary gets bumped from her speaking slot on “Women’s Night” by Mark Warner. And Michelle O’s brother will now be speaking. The one who seriously dissed H in the primary. http://www.talkleft.com

    How many slaps to the face do we need?

  25. jjmtacoma – I’m just stunned. What is going on with this election?

    Didn’t Hillary already have a crazed gunman in one of her campaign offices? That guy was proven to be a mentally ill individual. I sincerely hope the same is the case here, and that it is not an Obama supporter who went nuts on a Hillary delegate.

  26. mlhath – I certainly hope Hillary has had enough. I write her every day to tell her to un-suspend. This attempted coup is not to be borne.

  27. madamab, they are going to cheat. They don’t need us to do that. I was reading an article about how voter registrations are through the roof, and the precincts are having trouble keeping up with all of the fraudulent registrations that are flooding them. I believe this is all part of their strategy.
    Driving the Clintons out of the party is what they are up to with all of their other actions.

  28. There is nothing in the news about him being a Clinton delegate. I guess still protecting obama from speculation… but the infamous ‘somebody near the scene’ said he was talking about loosing his job.

  29. madamab, as ususual a great post. I neglected to say that earlier as was watching to find out who the suspect was–

    fif–I agree 100%

    I am sitting here hoping we are not flashing back to the 60s.

    Carol, did you post the link on previous post about the consequences of lying? Thank you.

  30. Mawm – I agree. I think they are going to cheat too, but why do they want to drive the Clintons out of the Party? (And by the way, they are going to find out that no-one out-cheats the Republican Party. They are babes in the woods in comparison.)

    That’s the real question for me. I understand why the Blogger Boyz would want power in the PFKD, thus going along with the coup, but why do the Party Leaders hate Bill and Hill so much? Jealousy? Elitism? Laziness?

    I just don’t get it.

  31. Just a quick whine – can you IMAGINE how this shooting would be handled if the guy was an obama delegate?

  32. Mawn, this report today is that much more jarring after what you and Gary dealt with are dealing with from this weekend. This nightmare is just getting worse because of people’s AMBITION. I have not heard one coherent word about what this group wants to do FOR the country. Anyone who ever listened to any speech given by Hillary or Bill has no doubt about their desire to SERVE.

  33. jjmtacoma, that was why I was desperate to find out who victim and suspect were and worried about the spin—still worried about the spin

  34. madamab & mawm: It might have something to do with motivation for action. While I am pretty sure the Clintons are ok with a little quid pro quo, there does seem to be something for us little people in the work they do.

  35. madamab, because people have affection and respect for the Clintons and that has to be earned? just a thought

  36. I just posted this comment in response to a post at corrente regarding the failure of the Democratic leadership. I think it applies here too.

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming they are stupid.

    The Democratic leadership and the media may not be rocket scientists, but they are smart and well-informed.

    They are all college educated (many or most are from Ivy League and other top universities) and very few inherited their positions.

    Assume they know what they are doing, and the only logical conclusion is they want things the way they are.

    The FISA bill wasn’t passed because the Dem leadership was scared of Bush, it was passed because they wanted it passed.

    We keep seeing the same pattern repeated over and over, year after year. Dem politicians are inept and ineffectual, and the media either reports on the wrong things or gets the right things wrong.

    These people not only seem to egregiously incompetent, but some of the most prominent and powerful act like they are borderline retarded.

    But they not only hold on to their positions, they get promoted and are handsomely rewarded.

    They are enormously successful in achieving their goals.

    Not only do they not care about our goals, in many cases our goals conflict with theirs.

    Am I just being paranoid? Or not paranoid enough?

  37. Phala in NC – I heard Obama and McCain surrogates duking it out last night on some news show. The Obama surrogate was very excited and saying how Obama was going to change everything, turn it all upside down.

    Hubby and I were saying, “Then what? What is Obama going to do for America? And why is turning everything upside down a GOOD thing?”

    You know, our system has worked for more than 200 years. It might be a good idea to fix what’s broken rather than trying to install a whole new Barackracy.

  38. Phala – like minds!

  39. myiq – I absolutely agree. I think it was quite clear when Nancy Pelosi refused to start impeachment proceedings, that despite her claims of wanting to “drain the swamp,” she was never going to go after the big boyz. She was content with people like Gonzales and Libby, while Cheney and Bush, Condi and Rummy stayed totally untouched.

    They are lazy and corrupt, and Hillary would force them to do their jobs. That’s the only conclusion I can come to…and I still don’t think it’s the whole picture. I think there is a real desire to “reform” the Democratic Party, but to what end, I don’t know.

  40. madamab:

    Clean up in aisle 4!

    Somebody left the door open, and now it’s gonna stink in here for hours.

  41. Myiq – Done…:-) Toldja that air in ObamaWorld was bad for you.

  42. madamab, I already had a tummy ache after the news report and was becoming nauseous

  43. I asked last night for the title of a book I have been looking for. Prolix said he thought it was Dangerous Business. I was looking for a book about influence of a handful of big international corporation. I think some of the answers are here

  44. Obama went to us fundraiser last night and scored $1.4 million, but he didn’t have time for the troops Monday night at Fort Hood.

    He makes me sick.

  45. Thanks madamab

    Good to know that imaginary Republican votes are more important than the votes of women, the white working class, etc… I suppose Obama’s party can now officially be known as the “party formerly know as the Democrats”

  46. MyIq, I agree totally with your thoughts. As with all tribes, the D’s having a common enemy makes the tribe stronger and I believe that Speakerless Pelosi and team have used the typical Bush “villains” as a unifying gel for their own ends. This is not to say the Bush characters aren’t worthy of the title of villain, they certainly are, but keeping them around makes for a convenient set of trolls under the bridge.

  47. ALERT – Fred’s post and link needs to be taken down. It does not belong here. Looks like an effort by Christina to post something stupid (nasty) and racist on rd and then say we are all racist.

    I only watched about 30 seconds of it.

    Please remove it.

  48. Anybody heard anything more about the party chair in AR who was shot? Anything about possible motives?

  49. madamab, great post. “Why?” is an excellent question. The disdain the DNC has for its truly loyal, lifelong members is hard to understand. Is it hubris? Snobbery? I don’t know. I do feel that the intensity has a lot to do with sexism and misogyny. I’ve disagreed and gotten into many intense political discussions with friends and family in the past, but this year is different. There is anger so intense that it feels violent. The contempt I feel from my brother and my father-in-law is akin to being punched. If they thought they could get away with it, they would beat me over this election. I can see it in their eyes and I can feel it in what they say. I never thought of them as progressive thinkers when it came to feminism, but their reactions to me and to PUMA have revealed an intensity to their misogyny that I never knew existed. I wish my own father was alive to explain it all to me. If Hillary Clinton was a male candidate, first of all, she’d be the presumptive nominee right now, and secondly, the party would not be so divided. I really believe that.

  50. I am caught in moderation because I used the word rac**t. I am asking to have fred’s post and video link removed because it is rac*st.

  51. Change you can believe in. Keeping the caucus system.

    The most un-American, un-Democratic, corruptible election system possible.

    Obama’s life-raft.

  52. Dee – I didn’t look. Let me check it out.

  53. Madamab, great as usual. You know, I’ve been aware of the original Republicans for Obama group since early on in the primaries. They were actively promoting crossover voting to support him long before Operation Chaos or Democrat for a Day, news of which first surfaced in Iowa. RFO ran an Anybody But Hillary e-mail campaign and they say they started to encourage Obuhbuh to run. All that makes me wonder, why this new RFO announcement? Who’s behind it? Why now? What do they have to do with the first RFO group? There’s a lot more than meets the eye about all this and from the musings upthread, I’d say an argument could be made that somebody wants the illusion of a 2 party system with a one party reality.

  54. madamab – I think Christina (from last night) had it posted here to make us appear rac*st and then later she will claim on her blog that we support Hillary and PUMA because we allowed fred’s post at rd because we all agree with it.

  55. Yikes! Dee, you were right.

    Sorry, Fred, but that video is too inflammatory for this site. I had to delete your comment.

  56. Dee – Fred is a regular commenter here. I don’t think Cristina had anything to do it.

  57. The person hospitalized in AR after the shooting is Bill Gwatney, State Democratic Party Chairperson. CNN is not yet reporting that he was shot, only that he’s been hospitalized. Other sources are saying he was shot and is in critical condition. He is a superdelegate to the convention and has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

  58. Apparently, the suspect has been shot and taken into custody.

  59. janicen – I am so sorry you are experiencing that type of misogyny in your own family. My dad has a small case of it, as does my brother, but I’ve never felt threatened because of it.

    There is something about Obama that brings out the violent tendencies in a lot of people. I don’t know what happened with that shooter, but there have certainly been a lot of instances of PUMAs being physically threatened and attacked by his supporters.

    It’s bizarre and quite scary to me.

  60. Sorry if I implicated the wrong “fred” but a “fred” posts at No Quarter all of the time who is actually an Obama troll. Honestly, that is why I opened it – I was afraid it would be what it turned out to be.

  61. Thanks madamab. I wish it wasn’t this way. If we could only limit discussions to issues and qualifications we’d all be a lot happier.

  62. The Democratic leadership is corrupt, but that doesn’t mean they are conspiring with the GOP.

    Both parties are corrupt, but the leaders are all pursuing different agendas, because the people they answer to are competing with each other. Even within the parties there are competing interests.

    Unfortunately the voters of both parties aren’t part of those interests.

    Think of them as a bunch of pirates fighting over the loot. They cooperate to steal if from us, but fight each other over how to divide it.

  63. Thanks for the great post madamab,always a breath of fresh air.

  64. Dee – no worries, good catch.

    Janicen – But you see, Obamans aren’t interested in those things. Otherwise, they’d be supporting Hillary, because Obama is a serial flip-flopper who’s still wet behind the ears.

    Obama’s supporters are responding to something we don’t hear, I am convinced. Every speech he made in the primaries was loaded with code words that only the like-minded were attracted to. It’s a marketing-driven approach that is exactly like the one the Republicans have used so effectively to demonize Democrats and liberals.

    Here is an example of what I mean – Language: A Key Mechanism of Control

  65. madamab – you might want to check out the post at NQ about Nancy’s PAC donations and the buying up superDs. No answers really – just more questions.

  66. #Dee, Said:

    Sorry if I implicated the wrong “fred” but a “fred” posts at No Quarter all of the time who is actually an Obama troll. Honestly, that is why I opened it – I was afraid it would be what it turned out to be.

    Yeah, don’t confuse Fred (who arrived after me) with me please!

  67. I won’t – don’t worry.


  68. Hillary talking after or before Casey on Tuesday night?????

    ThePage says:
    Officials say Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey will be a featured speaker Tuesday night at the Democratic convention later this month.
    The Democrat is known for his anti-abortion views, something Obama disagrees with.
    His father, a former Pennsylvania governor, wasn’t given a marquee speaking spot at the ‘92 convention because of similar abortion views.

  69. I read something on NQ that the AR party chief is a Hillary supporter. Also saw (somewhere?) that the shooter tried to enter some church convention further up the street in Little Rock before going into the state party HQ and said something about having lost his job.

    (sigh) I hope there is nothing political involved in this.

  70. jonas – I think I am gonna hurl!

  71. My daily letter to Senator Clinton (it’s different every day):

    Dear Senator Clinton,

    We discovered today that anti-choice Senator Bob Casey will be one of the speakers at the Democratic Convention, and that anti-gay male Mark Warner will be the keynote speaker on the anniversary of the day women finally won the right to vote.

    You, despite your enormous and historic achievements during the primary, are to be shunted aside. Michelle Obama’s brother is given as much weight as you. Michelle’s BROTHER. What in God’s name has he ever done to deserve such an honor?

    And, we noticed that the NEW Democratic platform includes all kinds of bows to the anti-choice movement.

    Is it enough yet?

    Please, Senator, give us the chance to vote for a real Democrat this year, one who understands the meaning of the words “public servant.” We need your leadership now.

    Please un-suspend and take your rightful place at the Convention.

    Thank you very much for your time.

  72. His father, a former Pennsylvania governor, wasn’t given a marquee speaking spot at the ‘92 convention because of similar abortion views.

    WRONG. I wish these outlets would get it right. He wouldn’t endorse the candidate, so he didn’t get the speaking gig. Several other pro-life politicians spoke at that convention.

  73. #manolo minx, on August 13th, 2008 at 3:43 pm Said:

    His father, a former Pennsylvania governor, wasn’t given a marquee speaking spot at the ‘92 convention because of similar abortion views.

    WRONG. I wish these outlets would get it right. He wouldn’t endorse the candidate, so he didn’t get the speaking gig. Several other pro-life politicians spoke at that convention.

    Sigh, I think the position of fact-checker or editor has been done away with at most media outlets. 😯

  74. Let’s hope that the nation, when feasting their eyes on the debacle presented as the National Democratic Convention, averts their eyes and puts this puppy to sleep. Who the hell is Michelle Obama’s brother other than a coach of the Brown University Basketball team. He must be up there to ensure the youth vote as a jock. Holy crapola!

    A perfect display of Affirmative Action contestants which should send the Repubs right over the edge! My one piece of advice to Hillary is to make the speech short and get the hell out of there ASAP. Oh wait, they have shortened her speech and delivery time. Watch for the “streaker” in the background. More than likely it is Hillary making the most of the time alloted. Could this get any worse?

  75. Fredster, on August 13th, 2008 at 3:33 pm Said:
    I read something on NQ that the AR party chief is a Hillary supporter.

    My sympathies go out to Gwatney, but he’s already endorsed Obama:

    “That race is over, Gwatney told the group. Clinton’s “not the nominee. He is,” Gwatney said of Obama.”

  76. Had lunch today with a group of ladies and not one is voting for Obama. The nicest thing they could say about him is that he is a “lightweight”. Other than that, over a bottle of wine, the supposition is that he will go down in infamy. Wish I could be as certain.

  77. PJ – I’m so glad you were able to go out, finally! I wish I could be part of the ladies who lunch with you – I’m sure you would have me rolling on the floor! 🙂

  78. BTD thinks Obama will be next president. Oh man.

  79. madamab, on August 13th, 2008 at 3:37 pm Said:

    And, we noticed that the NEW Democratic platform includes all kinds of bows to the anti-choice movement.

    Douglas W. Kmiec, a Republican who is endorsing Obama, is pleased that the Democratic Party is taking “Steps Toward Honoring Life in Their Party Platform”:

    “Barack Obama is a different type of candidate. As he sees it, Roe is not an endorsement of abortion, so much as an affirmation that abortion is a moral question…”


  80. Hillary and Bill send out a statement regarding Chairman Gwatney…good information in that diary.

  81. My sympathies go out to Gwatney, but he’s already endorsed Obama:

    “That race is over, Gwatney told the group. Clinton’s “not the nominee. He is,” Gwatney said of Obama.”

    I don’t see in that article where he, Gwatney, has endorsed Obama.

  82. UpstateNY – BTD has become a joke. Sorry. That’s why I left TL a while ago. The race is tied and he keeps yelling about Obama being a shoo-in.

    Also, he kept the Hillary as VP discussion going long past its expiration date.

  83. Read this at NQ:

    Comment by EJ in PA | 2008-08-13 13:27:04

    Per Congresspedia:


    Bill Gwatney, as a superdelegate, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

  84. Robin – Really, Obama realizes that abortion is a moral question? I can’t stand it.

    Wow, that makes me so mad. Of course, women don’t think abortion is any big deal at all. Really, we just get them whenever we’re feeling blue.

  85. Here is a clip of Hillary talking about how lobbists are people and that they represent nurses, social workers etc. She has guts to say that to a crowd that was totally against any kind of lobbist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Khsg8iKjU
    It starts from 4:26

  86. madamab: We do have a rollicking good time when we get together. We have been friends and neighbors for years, our kids grew up together and we have done all the volunteer work associated with that time in our lives. And they all detest You Know Who! One of them admits to “lurking” on this site and particularly loves your playlets. I was so happy to hear this as I never mentioned the Confluence to any degree other than in passing. She thinks your plays are outstanding!

    She also thinks I would be “perfect” in the role of Nancy! Said I was born to play her. She used to be a beauty queen at one time and we roar with laughter about her days on the runway.

  87. PJ – Wow, that is so nice to hear! See, we PUMAs are EVERYWHERE!

    And I knew you were perfect for Pelosi. I can tell you are a natural. 🙂

  88. Oh, to have been the sommelier at Pat’s luncheon. The wine would have flowed and I’m sure I would be in an ER for a critical case of splitting sides.

  89. Speaking of PUMAs, I just received this email from Will Bower:

    Good afternoon, PUMAs!

    PUMA will be on “Election Headquarters” on FOX News *today* at 5:35pm EST!



    Everybody tune in if you can! (This will be the second time I’ve ever watched Fox News in my life. LOL)

  90. prolix: We would have made room at the table for you! My friend indicated that she loves the byplay on this blog and finds herself laughing out loud at times. I am sure she means when you log in since I have done that many, many times as you well know. But these ladies are laugh out loud funny and you would have fit right in!

  91. madamab, on August 13th, 2008 at 4:00 pm Said:
    Robin – Really, Obama realizes that abortion is a moral question? I can’t stand it.
    Wow, that makes me so mad. Of course, women don’t think abortion is any big deal at all. Really, we just get them whenever we’re feeling blue.

    Yes, and so nice of him to make accommodations in the platform for pro-lifers.

  92. Madamab:

    I feel as you do when you wrote, “You, despite your enormous and historic achievements during the primary, are to be shunted aside. Michelle Obama’s brother is given as much weight as you. Michelle’s BROTHER. What in God’s name has he ever done to deserve such an honor?”

    But then I thought to myself, “dishonorable people are not fit to give her honor; the honor she has, she earned and no one can take that away from her. ”

    What Hillary has accomplished can only measured in time: she gave birth to a Hillary in all of us, her supporters and we will continue to fight and the struggle will be carried on by our sons and daughters. THEY have only succeeded in giving a visible form to the real evil that we must contend with.

    After the convention, all of us will have a more definite course of action. I am totally in anticipation of the unexpected.

  93. Fox is all I watch when I put on the tv. However, should I get be tempted to start ordering crap from the Fox online store, somebody do me the favor and just shoot me now.

  94. Felizarte: Well said!

  95. Felizarte – that was beautiful. Thank you.

  96. Pat, I would be honored — friends of a discerning friend are always good people.

  97. Brava Felizarte!

  98. Jennifer said: Fredster, that link you posted was talking about the primaries, when Gwatney endorsed Clinton. My point is that he’s since endorsed Obama and isn’t trying to fight for Clinton in Denver.

    Okay, I was just picking it up from NQ. I was moving through the blogs to see what info, if any, others had on the shooting.

  99. Prolix, when I first read your comment, I thought you would be honored to shoot Pat Johnson.

  100. Felizarte – so true. It was amazing to watch and listen to Hillary this past primary. She grew in stature every day and was/is a tremendous source of hope and pride.

    Bill said it best – I can only paraphase – Hillary is a major force to be reckoned with and no one can take that away from her – just the nomination – which may just cost the DNC their party.

  101. Mawm, huh? Oh, I see — we cross posted, I was still all giddy over lunch with her and her friends.

  102. Gary, your “Duh” posts are a real hoot! lol. Please, keep ’em comin’.

  103. I hope Hillary decides she needs to wash her hair or clean out her panty drawer that night…

  104. Why are the pushing BO down our throats? So NOTHING CHANGES! The MSM bigshots are makin’ money in Iraq and have no intention of giving up that $$. Most notably NBC.
    That’s why I have been reading blogs for info and have resorted to watching FOX, hard to believe but true.
    Following the money is usually the answer. Like my Congressman from the 8th District of PA, Patrick Murphy, whose constituents voted for Hillary by a 3 to 1 margin but choose to support BO. He is also on Nancy’s list. It’s always about the $$$$$$$$$! Of course P. Murphy has heard from me in person & by mail. Now it time to write Rendell.

  105. madamab….thanks for another insightful piece!

    Here is what I posted at oohnuance:

    The Hillary or McCain for me mantra is building….more and more people would choose a repub over obama. Why? We
    have a better chance with McCain and a veto-proof congress than with obama, who will cave at every turn. And, I suspect he is really a RIDC (republican in dem’s clothing). His arrogance is sooooo huge, he cannot imagine that anyone would not consider voting for him. Stock in Rose Colored Glasses, Inc. has gone up dramatically this campaign cycle; slowly but surely those are being tossed into the recycling bin as many are actually learning what obama is really about….WINNING and nothing else matters.

    Hillary, please take your 18 million voters and start the New
    Democratic Party, that embraces what the Democratic Party once stood for….the good of America!

  106. Any of you folks heading to Denver had best mind your P’s and Q’s. If they think you are the troublesome sort here is what you have to look forward to. The locals are calling it “Gitmo On The Platte”. (For the Platte River) http://cbs4denver.com/local/denver.protesters.arrested.2.793930.html

    Seriously folks, all of you that are going, please be careful. I have a feeling things are going to get ugly. Well uglier than they all ready are.

  107. Mark Warner is anti-gay?

  108. I’m betting that Kmiec gets on the SCOTUS if The One wins.

  109. Fox just reported via Bill Kristol (poster boy for pastey white guys) that Gen. Powell will speak on Wednesday night of the Convention. He said it was in the works, but it also might be an effort to head it off by Kristol. Just reporting his remarks, and I don’t believe anything he says until 24 hours after it really happens, but he’s also promoting the thought of BZero going with Nunn and McCain going with Lieberman or Ridge.

  110. Just watched a “News Alert” from Fox News. Bill Kristol is reporting that Colin Powell will make an appearance and speech on Wednesday of the Convention, same night Bill Clinton speaks, to endorse Obama. This is absolutely sickening! This is the guy, Mr. Integrity, who allowed Bush to proceed when he himself had serious doubts about the invasion and this was held against Hillary for her support at that time.

    The other news they reported from “sources inside the Obama campaign” is that the vp choice will more than likely be either Sam Nunn or Joe Biden. McCain may be looking at either Lieberman or Ridge.

  111. I lost all respect for Colin Powell when he did not act with the best intentions for the nation in opposing Bush. Imagine if he had resigned at that moment, how many lives could he have saved. But he went along and now “suffers from angst” as a result. How many generals at that time came out and said this is a huge blunder to invade Iraq yet Powell, who at that time we held in such great esteem, chose silence.

    Now Obama will march him into the spotlight to shore up support but to me, jaded as I am, this is just another ploy for the AA vote since Powell should have learned his lesson the first time. You don’t hand over the reins of governing to a neophyte. Look what it got us last time. Unbelievable!

  112. Check this out, as they continue to try to diminish The Clintons…keep in mind HIllary is speaking Tuesday!!

    Now there’s this: the Tuesday lineup will also include Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, Governors Ted Strickland of Ohio and Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Senator Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania and Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana and Federico Peña, former Mayor of Denver and Secretary of both Energy and Transportation.

    Effin’ losers….

  113. Psstt – sounds more like a choir or a kazoo band

    Maybe everyone will joint hands and hum”We Are Family”.

  114. spelling correction – join not joint

  115. LMAO @ Dee

  116. PssttCmere,

    Bob Casey has been invited to speak on the night that is supposed to be a celebration of women’s rights. Antiabortion Senator Bob Casey!! I hope Hillary refused to speak.

  117. “I lost all respect for Colin Powell when he did not act with the best intentions for the nation in opposing Bush. Imagine if he had resigned at that moment, how many lives could he have saved. But he went along and now “suffers from angst” as a result. How many generals at that time came out and said this is a huge blunder to invade Iraq yet Powell, who at that time we held in such great esteem, chose silence. ”

    Pat – THANK YOU. Ree-da*n-dic-u-lous!

  118. I bet every effort will be made to push her speech out of “prime time” and to make it as short as possible. I will have to stock up on nausea meds that week!!!!!!

  119. “Gary, your “Duh” posts are a real hoot! lol. Please, keep ‘em comin’.”

    Oops! Must’ve conflated and confused madamab’s post for Gary’s. Well, you both make me “LOL”, on a regular basis. Great post, madamab. 🙂

  120. Powell told ABC News. “I am not going to the convention. I have made this clear.”

    After telling ABC News by phone that he would not be going to the Democratic National Convention, Powell ended the conversation without entertaining any follow-up questions as to whether he would be crossing party lines to endorse Obama.

    Oh and while I’m here let me thanks all of you that came by and read my blog! Keep up the good work!

  121. (thought fart) Sebelieus will be Obama’s VP choice…

    I don’t understand what is going on with Kristol… Powell will be no where to be seen… geez!

  122. Wow. The PUMA cages sound like Gitmo-in-the-hills.

  123. No Colin Powell is a good thing….

    Hillary, Bill….start your own party!!

    B-Boomer….Bob Casey? blech…

  124. There’s really no political or ideological difference between Hillary and Obama, sorry. They’re both right-of-center democrats that have basically identical views on all issues save for NAFTA, parts of UHC, and various things that ultimately don’t add up to anything significant.

    Your choice to go either Hillary or McCain reeks far more of personal preference than any sort of integrity on the part of the candidates.

    Personally I used to like Obama because I used to live in Chicago and he seemed like a great progressive candidate that hung around the Palestinian community here. Now he’s veering so much to the right that he and McCain are beginning to look identical.

    At this point I feel like voting third party: http://tinyurl.com/5w9w9v

  125. Obama is still as far left as they come! He’s not moving to center on anything, he’s just changing his words according to whom he is talking!
    Like I said Obama is a far left liberal that has friends like William Ayers as friends.
    I’m not 100% happy with McCain but I think he is the better of these two. Yes I would have voted for Hillary but we all know what happen there..Obama lied his way ahead of her.

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