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    jmac on It’s All Biden’s F…
    William on It’s All Biden’s F…
    Beata on It’s All Biden’s F…
    William on It’s All Biden’s F…
    William on Pop culture sensations
    Beata on It’s All Biden’s F…
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    • The Wages Of Embarassing Elites Are Death
      Everyone remember the Panama papers? A leak of bank records showing that the ultra-rich are hiding massive wealth, tax-free and often breaking the law to do so? A rather weak set of laws designed to allow tax avoidance by rich people, at that. Found out the other day that the reporter who broke the Panama Papers story was killed by a car bomb. Coincidence, n […]
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Join us tonight on NO WE WON’T

Sheri’s on vacay this week so I’m subbing for her tonight. Our guest tonight will be Diane Mantavoulos, editor at hireheels and co-founder of Just Say No Deal. Join us tonight as we talk about the delegate frenzy, the media coverage and our plans for Denver. Will Bower will be joining us later in the program to update us on activities around the PUMAsphere. Set your catchannels for NO WE WON’T at 8:00PM EST.

For those of you who were listening in and want to followup on the TX caucus issue, see the post at grassrootsnewsucanuse

274 Responses

  1. YAY!!!!! I’ll be listening!

    Just sent you a message – please read & respond?

  2. I will be there!

  3. I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but please read about a Clinton superdelegate that was killed:


  4. WHAT?????

    Capt Picard! Oh Great Esteemed Delegate Elder!!!

    Is that the Arkansas delegate shot???/

    OMG – I’ll read your link now – PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!

  5. Can’t wait for the show! See you all there!

  6. I can’t believe Brad’s camera was stolen/lost/misplaced! We must donate to get a new one in order to finish the film.

  7. While word is spreading fast regarding the cages the Denver police will use to hold arrested protesters, many PUMAs might be unaware of free legal services available to protesters in Denver.

    The People’s Law Project will provide pro-bono attorneys to help jailed protesters during the convention. The group will also staff a hotline where protesters can call for help.

    They’ll also have field teams of neutral legal observers who will attend rallies and videotape protesters’ interaction with police.

    60 lawyers have already attended a Denver training session to learn how they can best help defend protesters who tangle with police.

    I don’t have the hotline number yet, but I’m sure it will be available closer to the convention date. Please help spread the word to any PUMAs who might be heading to Denver.

  8. I think we’re going to hit 2 million tonight. there’s less than 4000 to go. If its a normal night, we’ll have that by morning.

  9. gary; Open the filter and let the trolls in!

  10. gary, how are hits defined?

  11. pat: they must be sleeping…

    robin, I don’t know really…

  12. Oh wow! I think I’ll try to stay up to see us hit 2 million. Where is everyone tonight? I’ve been listening to the radio show.

  13. Oh, I missed it. I totally misread the time!

  14. wow almost 2 million hits! I remember when I first came here (about May 31 or a bit later) the site just hit 1 million!

  15. bb: I am listening too. SM is on now.

  16. Carol is on!!!!

  17. Carol is doing great! She has so many good points. I saw that it is only 49 votes difference in pledged delegates of FL and MI are included. What a joke this who thing is!

  18. Carol was great! Considering.

  19. Katiebird is on!!!!!!

  20. katiebird is on!

  21. Katiebird,

    I love your Kansas accent!! You sounded great.

  22. Eddy says he agrees!

  23. (blushing)

    Mister says, I don’t HAVE an accent!

  24. Eddy was attempting a jail break while you were on.

  25. I hope my question wasn’t too repetitive. But, I was just blown away by the delegate count thing. It knocked everything else out of my mind.

  26. Carol was that you right before me? YOU were great!

  27. I could not detect any accent with katiebird. So cute.

  28. The delegate count is amazing.

  29. Yes! And that is what Eddy says also!

  30. (nodding) Yeah, Pat.

  31. you guys are so brave. My fingers are braver than are my lips.

  32. Carol has erected her own cage for Eddy. Modeled on the ones in Denver.

  33. They knew they had to seat the delegates. They already knew how many Hillary would probably end with. That is why they took the “uncommitted” and her delegates in MI. They needed to cover the spread.

  34. What was the name of the show Heidi will be on tomorrow? I’ve got to listen.

  35. NPR

  36. Actually, Denver called and asked if they could model their cages after Eddy’s.

  37. Carol, you’re right. And that’s especially why he had to take the 4 delegates from her.

  38. Carol: ?><<)(*&!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Pat, it’s on NPR but it’s a certain show. Not Morning Edition. …

  40. This is pretty strong, but I hate Obama.

  41. Great show once again.

  42. Will – ask the Fox News people why they won’t request Obama’s campaign emails.

  43. Men’s swim.

  44. Is it a good idea to talk about the delegate counts? Will it harden Obama against the roll call? And put MORE pressure on Hillary Delegates?

  45. Katiebird,

    It’s not a pronounced accent. It just reminds me of the midwest–my home territory.

    As for the delegate count thing, please read this post at Tom in Paine. It’s excellent and spells out the situation clearly.


  46. Sorry all went out to dinner and someone rearended my car missed most of the show-RD you all sounded good!

    I am OK shook up is all the back bumper is scraped up and My Hillary for President Bumper Sticker was shredded-does anyone have an extra one or two I need them to cover up the bumper scrapes!


  47. KB,

    They said the name of the show is “To the Point.” We have a show here called “On Point,” but I’ve never heard of the other one. I might have to listen on line.

  48. fuzzy,

    You were mentioned on the show. SM talked about your nightly meditations.

  49. katie – we are down to the wire. It’s put up or shut up time for all of us. It belongs to Hillary to have her name put into nomination and a roll call. He can’t stop her. I think she is going for it!


  50. Michael: I wish I could send you a new bumper sticker but the only one I have is on my own car. Sorry. And sorry about the accident.

  51. OMG- only a hair shy of 2 million hits


  52. Carol,

    Why is Hillary putting up with all this garbage? That’s what I just can’t understand. Why?

  53. Thanks Pat maybe they have some at Party HQ here in Gville if Christine did not burn them all


    thanks SM I just say what comes from my big fuzzybear heart.

  54. Hey everyone! The show was great. I never call in because I’m too busy listening to everyone else. 🙂

    Michael – so sorry about your accident!

    TOTALLY OT, but did you guys see this? Julia Child worked for the OSS! Holeee cr*p!

    Julia Child OSS Spy

  55. Boston there has to be a plan and I believe Hillary is the one person on the hill who can keep a secret


  56. Yes Madamab both her and her husband worked for the OSS in british India-Ceylon(Shri Lanka) and they did work on the China-burma-India front…Julia was a war hero….


  57. madamab: not at all surprised. Her husband Paul was a diplomat and I recall reading somewhere that Julia was busy in WWII working for the government.

  58. Ah — Tom Paine’s count is the Pledged Delegate Difference of 49.

    (nodding) So we’ve still got to switch the Bogus Super Delegate Endorsements that take him over 2209.

    But the idea originally was that Superdelegates wouldn’t be pressured if the pledged delegate difference was less than 100

  59. RD – I am even more impressed with Julia Child now. 🙂

    Great show! That was crazy about Brad and his equipment being stolen!

  60. rd- great show. I wish I were not such a wimp, i would love to call in

  61. I saw a Discovery Biography around the time she died that talked about her background. I think that’s how she met her husband.

    She led a fascinating life.

  62. KB,

    If they include FL and MI, wouldn’t the required total be higher?

  63. bb: That was such a great article on TominPaine. He really knows how to make his case. I want so much to believe that this delegate count is that much closer. What has been done to Hillary is so wrong. Just having a slight chance that this may save the day lifts my spirits.

  64. I love that guy’s posts. I just wish he would post more often.

  65. With FL & MI in full, remember it’s 2210.

  66. katiebird: It would also not be such a big issue if some of those supers, like mine here in MA abided by the voter count when she took MA by 13 points. But they broke away from that premise and backed him even before we went to the polls. This is so wrong.

  67. bb: And he has such a great dash of with in the articles.

  68. BB, Isn’t the 2209 the new number? I thought it was 2025 without MI & FL and a bit more with the 1/2 vote adjustment.

  69. She is letting them all hang themselves. It’s what the Republicans are saying, they haven’t even taken a shot at him yet, and he has hit the mat! People aren’t interested in what he has to say, because he doesn’t have anything to say.

    They have pulled back the curtain and there’s only a rat with a big megaphone.

    Have you noticed, none of the pundits have described him as a great orator lately? They can’t even choke that one out any longer!


  70. I don’t think we know what the real sd count is. What number of sd would vote for hillary, if they knew that they would be on the winning side. O will take no prisoners if he wins. the sds are not brave enough to take a stand.

  71. Riverdaughter, Thank you so much for working on the Internet radio shows. It’s really doing a lot to bring us together in these last days. And makes information spread much faster.

  72. I have not seen any polls this week. McCain took to the mic today and held a press conference regarding Georgia and Russia. He took command. I am not a fan but I would much prefer him at the helm than Obama if it comes to that. At least he has had experience.

    Are we supposed to just go blindly into the booth to elect this No Nothing thinking that his advisers will carry the water on his behalf? What logic is this?

  73. fuzzy – they probably hit you because of the Hillary sticker. Make them buy you a new one!

    Tell them I said so.

  74. I heard that he will be accompanied in Denver by a contingent of Farrakhan’s bodyguards. That should go over well with the public seeing those guys with the bow ties, wraparound glasses, and no smiles suddenly appear onstage. Scary.

  75. Remember, there are uncommitted SD’s! They are not all spoken for.

  76. OMG, I just went over to Politico and some commenters are saying Hillary killed the Arkansas Democratic chairman.

    These people are out of their freaking minds.

  77. Pat! That can’t be true. Surely someone would stop him from that.

  78. mad – just admit it. Hillary is out killing all of her Super Delegates! How could she lie about it? She must be a Republican like the rest of us!

  79. madamab: Lately I have been pretty much sticking to this blog and maybe one or two others since it just makes me ill to read those comments. They are so hateful and crazy.

  80. Pat,

    There was a new poll of MA this week, and Obama is hemoraging. He is now only 9 points ahead of McCain, down from 23 points in June. I still say Obama will not carry our state.

  81. Hillary, as usual, is tireless in her quest. This guy refused an Obama sticker and what’s a girl to do? Things are pretty nuts out there.

  82. Hill killed her own delegate? What ARE those people smoking!

  83. PJ – The polls I’ve seen are tied. Obama and McCain are neck and neck.

    I am a nervous wreck, sitting here wearing my Hillary t-shirt and biting my nails. I want to hear that Hillary is finally saying “ENOUGH!” and un-suspending her campaign. This charade has gone far enough.

  84. Pat – that’s not funny!

  85. bb: I hope not because in all good conscience I do not want to cast my vote for McCain if I can help it. Only if they appear close in the polls the closing days of the election would I consider voting for him. An Obama win is just too much to bear.

  86. So if you protest lawfully in Denver, you’re in a cage.

    If you break the law, you’re in a cage.

    If you don’t break the law but are deemed by the police to have broken the law, you’re… in a cage.

    (Where am I???)

  87. Carol: You are right, it wasn’t. I apologize.

  88. Carol – LOL!

    I know, it’s just so pathetic and sad. These Clinton-haters must have very empty lives.

  89. There’s some subtle intimidation at work here. Heidi’s on the case. Have a look.

  90. 2914 hits to go to 2 million.

  91. You wonder if some of these people posting with such hate are truly sick. Some of that stuff is mindboggling. I champion freedom of speech but they often take it way over the line.

  92. BB – You know, I think McCain could make NY competitive too. I don’t think he’d win, but he could force Oba-Moi to spend a lot of money just to keep what SHOULD be a reliably blue state…

  93. Pat, My biggest consolation is living in Kansas. Obama could put Sebelius on the ticket. He’ll still lose the state. But, I think Hillary could take it. (at least in my dreams)

  94. Frankly, I don’t think we have to do a thing — Obama will lose the election for himself. He can’t keep his mouth shut.

  95. Regency – Wow! That is subtle. Your name will be called if you don’t fill out that form…which is incredibly detailed – just like a marketing survey.

  96. The difference is that Hillary could easily win. I think the country is hungry for her.

  97. Maybe we should all call the Police Station everyday between now and the Convention to see what the menu will be during our incarceration and put in any special requests to cover any food allergies, diabetes, ice cream vs. yogurt, coke vs. dr. pepper, ……………….


  98. The Obama campaign will stop at nothing. They are in this to win no matter the cost. I just hope that Hillary has some inkling of the respect and admiration we all have for her since she is getting nothing but short shrift from these thugs and the DNC. Imagine rising everyday and having another fist smashed into your face. That is what these tactics are like. Horrible people.

  99. Carol: Are you going to be there? I am so envious.

  100. And what happens if they don’t turn themselves into the Obama campaign?

  101. Only if I win the Mega Millions and then we are all going!

  102. KB – That IS the question, isn’t it? I’m guessing more thuggish threats and intimidation…

  103. Carol: Me too?

  104. I remember Hill in her June 3 speech said ” …what does Hillary want?? Well…. I want the voters respected”

    I think it comes down to that. Hill has too much respect for the voters to back down. Barry and the DNC don’t get that .

  105. I can authoritatively state that katiebird does not have an accent.

    on the other hand – I am from Kansas.

  106. I think I will be on that call tomorrow.

    Pat – absolutely. Eddy says he needs a sandwich.

  107. 🙂 Dee! From where?

  108. We need more hits if we are going to make it to 2 million tonight.

  109. The history books will treat her well. She is a powerful, committed, brilliant woman whose trek may have been painful but in the end she will be considered one of the bravest women of both the 20th and 21st centuries. She will become the beacon for women the world over because she has shown what it takes to be a woman in a man’s world and still maintain her dignity and integrity along the way. A true heroine for the ages.

  110. Carol: Tell Eddy to &^&^%$#$$!!!

  111. I want her to go into the history books as the first woman POTUS.

  112. Pat – you left out the part where she becomes the President of the United States in 2009.

    President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2009 🙂

  113. bb: Same here.

  114. Eddy said :laugh:

  115. It’s time for Hillary to stop pretending ot support Obama and start standing up for the voters.

  116. Eddy said 😥

  117. Yesssss! Hillary 08! We need her NOW, we can’t wait four more years…

  118. while obama talks abou limiting abortions for women who are blue, McCain says no litmus test for his VP:

    WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate John McCain on Wednesday floated the prospect of picking a running mate who supports abortion rights and cited former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge as someone worth considering.

    What were you saying about Roe v Wade trolls????

  119. I wonder if they stock raisinettes out there?

  120. A little post of mine from christine’s website I have them all tied up in little knotzies! I bet christine wishes she never spoke on the radio last night:

    they caled murphy and RD r*cist…

    I thought you would like to know that 53% of Americans felt Senator Obama’s comments about not looking like the presidents on the dollar bill was a racist comment. This poll stated a majority of every demographic except african americans felt this way.

    That included every age group every gender. The people polled felt that Senator Obama uses race as a wedge issue-source- a poll taken by the Pew Organization. Only 23% of people felt that the McCain Brittany Paris Hilton commercial was racist a minority of every demographic except African Americans.

    I think that part of the problem is a Yankee superiority complex all “bubba’s”/Southerners are racist because all “bubba’s”/Southerners are rasist.

    In Senator Obama’s books he talks openly about rejecting the “white” culture of his upbringing.

    The Problem with all this race baiting is its like inflation the more money in the economy the less it is worth. The more the term of racism is used the less “shock” value it has the term has lost alot of its punch power.

    I have a friend from South Africa grew up during Apartied(the 2 correct pronunciations have the word rhyme with hate or White.) We dont know real racism here in white south Africa the process was raised to a high “art” form.

    Lets take the pencil test- In south africa a pencil in the hair was used to determine which race you were If the pencil stayed in the hair you were black if it fell out you were coloured.

    Then every year the ocunty would publish it statistics on who requested and was granted a change of racial status-that is right people would request an official government review of their racial status black would be reclassified white or colored or on of the half dozen groups that the system had. Coloured would be reclassified and even whites could be reclassifed. It was an evil system and it is thankfully dead.

    Yes we have racism here no it is not PUMA based you should go to the white pride and aryan nations websites(I do not bother) and you will se what real ugly racism still exsists hee in America.

    When faced with real hate and racism then you will know you owe the PUMA’s a big apology.

    I hope I educated you a little tonight because I am tired of hearing myself called a racist because I will not vote for Senator Obama. My family were Quakers and Abolitionist from the revolutionary times through emansipation.

    I follow the great Dr Martin Luther King-“a time will come when a man (or woman) will be judged by the content of his/her character and not the color of his/her skin!”

    I find Obama’s character lacking and his resume thin I cannot support him based on critical and logical thinking….

    What percentage of this country regardless of race is truelly racist today? I say less than 2-3%. So please save the smearing for the real McCoys and do not use this term just to discribe people who’s politics you do not agree with!

    very respectfully

    Michael Varvel

  121. As long as McCain does not choose Lieberman.

  122. gary my comment is in moderation sorry could you release it it is an educational piece on apartied and racism in america I posted on christines site…


  123. I am not running to the kitchen to make a sandwich for any able bodied slug who requests it.

  124. Pat: just put in your request to the Police chief tomorrow. Demand they carry them with their other riot gear so there is no delay in service!

  125. Breaking news!!! Get it out there!
    Obama’s school records have been found. He is listed as Barry Soetoro, father Leo Soetoro, Indonesian citizen, Muslim faith.
    This story is unfolding as we speak by citizen journalists.


  126. Heh, gary. Heh HEH. Obama is more likely to choose an anti-choice VP than McCain!!!

    OMG, my world is freaking upside-down.

  127. Pat – that was not the kind of sandwich Eddy was speaking of.

  128. Pat Johnson, on August 13th, 2008 at 10:29 pm Said:
    bb: I hope not because in all good conscience I do not want to cast my vote for McCain if I can help it. Only if they appear close in the polls the closing days of the election would I consider voting for him. An Obama win is just too much to bear.

    I’m sorry, but as a former Dem fanatic, I have ZERO qualms about voting for a guy who fellow Dems have praised (mccain) over a guy whom I know IS BAD for ALL of us.


    We HAVE to make sure obama’s actions are not condoned in any way by insuring his defeat. If obama wants scorched earth, he’s got it!!!

    The bright side is, I’d take a check and balance republican prez with a democratic majority congress anyday.

  129. wow I have never been in moderation before-

    Also did you know their is no constitutional requirement that a supreme court justice be a lawyer have served as a judge nor be versed in the practice of law?

    I am qualified under the constitution to be a supreme court judge


  130. Roe will not be overturned because the political upheaval will be much to strong to overcome no matter who sits in the Oval Office. And they could do it now if it comes to that. Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, Alito, and possibly Kennedy who has now become the “swing vote”. They make tweak and modify here and there but a complete abandonment of that law would be the doom of whichever party sits in power at the time. Women will just not take this one.

  131. 1835 to go for 2 million.

  132. purple,

    Who cares? Obama is unqualified and unelectable, that is the point. What name he used in grade school is not really important.

  133. destardi: I would only vote McCain if my state shows a close race. I have already primed myself to live with a McCain presidency just as you pointed for he will most assuredly be checked by a Dem congress. I cannot abide the thought of an Obama presidency. If not Hillary, then McCain. At least I know what I am getting.

  134. Pat- McCain will most likely pick Lieberman for Sec of State…

  135. Carol: I just got it.

  136. I want a meatball grinder if someone is taking sandwitch orders…


  137. Michael: I am on the floor with that one!

  138. destardi – if not Hillary, divided government. Works for me. If McCain picks anyone horrible for the Supreme Court, they can grow some cartilage and turn him down. They will have a large majority and should be able to overturn any of his more crazy domestic schemes.

    I am afraid of his warmongering side, though. If he picks Liebermonster, that will show me that he is going full-out neo-con. I will not and cannot support that.

  139. the audicity of giving an antichoice man the keynote speech at the dnc convention … lord, why don’t make us all property again and get it over with.

  140. laney:

    I’m afraid he’ll pick Lieberman for Sec. of Defense. That’s what he’s always wanted.

  141. dakinkat,

    Is Mark Warner anti-choice? I didn’t know that. I knew he was anti-gay rights.

  142. If Obama is elected I see us all sitting in front of a camera a la the Tom Cruise video and behaving in the same insane manner while we extol the virtues of our new Commander in Chief. I hope I am having a good hair day.

  143. It is more important to keep MO out of the WH than it is to keep BO out. She was on tonight talking again about BO not being an elitest because he was brought up by a single mother. I was pretty sure she remarried quickly, and then shipped BO off to live with rich “typical white” granny in Hawaii.

    I’m thinking she is pretty much a f*cking liar!


  144. Prolix: are you here?

    Lex Herald-Leader quotes new SurveyUSA poll in KY:

    McCain lead over Obama widens to 18 points, and, not coincidentally, Mitch’s lead over Lunsford goes to 12 points.

    I’ll bet Lunsford hates Obami as much as I do.

  145. Pat Johnson, on August 13th, 2008 at 10:59 pm Said:
    destardi: I would only vote McCain if my state shows a close race. I have already primed myself to live with a McCain presidency just as you pointed for he will most assuredly be checked by a Dem congress. I cannot abide the thought of an Obama presidency. If not Hillary, then McCain. At least I know what I am getting.


    To be sure, I am not one to cricitize a person’s vote; I just wanted it to be known, that I couldn’t care less if a muppet was running opposite obama, 🙂 I’d still take the muppet.

    I’m holding on to that anger and that disgust after watching the RBC meeting that Saturday a couple short months ago.

    And it’s 25% McCain consideration, vs. 75% DO.NOT.WANT of obama that I take this stand.

    Irrational? Nope. donna brazile, howard dean, axelrod…that’s irrational.

  146. this is the warner whi was married to Liz Taylor? I understand how come the marriage did not last…Liz would not sleep under any roof with a homophobe…


  147. bb: Someone said on an earlier thread that we are confusing Mark Warner with John Warner from VA. John Warner, a Repub, was anti choice.

  148. dakinikat – I’ll bet Oba-Moi uses “The Handmaid’s Tale” as a marital aid, if ya know what I mean.

  149. Hi – skimming comments, noticed curiosity about the NPR show – it is To The Point.

  150. American just dropped the bag fee for Soldiers. I was going up side their heads tomorrow on that one. Thank God I can get my vengence directed toward the DNC.

  151. destardi: We are of one mind.

  152. Thanks, Heidi.

  153. madamab: I loved that book. Now you have despoiled it!

  154. Heidi – take a look at the email back from Dean declaring he “didn’t have his name entered into the nomination because he requested not to.” That is proof positive he had a choice. Where’s Hillary’s? Sound like a good ad to me!

  155. pat, what do you call some one that says we should protect ‘responsible’ choice?

  156. Mark Warner is not anti-choice. The anti-choice guy who is speaking is Bob Casey.

    Mark Warner is not too great on gay rights, but he’s not as bad as JOHN Warner, who used to be married to Liz Taylor.

    You’re welcome. 😉

    Pat – LOL! You just make me howl with laughter. Southern women are awesome. 🙂

  157. parents?

  158. dakinikat: A dickhead.

  159. i guess, he’s supportive, but not an advocate?

  160. Thanks, Heidi!

    good night all! 2,000,000 any second…

  161. madamab-Funny you should mention “A Handmaid’s Tale.” I mentioned to a friend a couple of months ago that it must be one of NObama’s favorite books.

  162. madamab: I am right next door to you in MA! Maybe you mean Carol?

  163. BB- You would think, but a good friend of mine who is a big fund raiser for the Repubs (I don’t hold it against her), claims it will Sec. of State.
    We were talking about it this morning. She thought it was great, I told her McCain would not win over Hillary Dems with that news..

  164. sheesh, i say he should either %h&t or get off the pot, but don’t reward him with key note speech on women’s equality day

  165. BB- You would think, but a good friend of mine who is a big fund raiser for the Repubs (I don’t hold it against her), claims it will Sec. of State.
    We were talking about it this morning. She thought it was great, I told her McCain would not win over Hillary Dems with that choice…

  166. I guess I’m not going to make it to 2 million hits. I’m pooped. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll check and see if we made it.

    Night all. I love you guys.

  167. BB :yawn:

  168. BB :sleep:

  169. We will know when sexism has been erased when we no longer have to worry about MEN making medical and emotional decisions on our behalf.

  170. Carol,

    I hope we don’t hit 2 million until I get back.

  171. nite bb

  172. :sleepy:

  173. Some guy doing the key note on women’s equality day?? How typical!

    I won’t be wacthing a moment of that Barry love fest convention until there is a floor fight!

  174. I’m tired of the democrats embracing gay baiters and misogynists, we know we have them in the party, but we don’t need to parade them around like they’re right about anything

  175. I won’t be watching the convention. Only rely on others to give a play by play. Just knowing that Michelle and her brother are speaking on Monday night along with Lady MacPelosi is enough to make me get up and clean those closets I have been promising to do for months.

  176. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to stomach watching Hillary, she looks so obviously forced when she talks about an Obama presidency … she’s lost that authenticity she picked up after NH and it’s getting to me

  177. I’m just looking forward to the day we are released from the keyboard. Who can we sue for this obsession I have developed?

  178. Yes, Michelle’s brother was particularly offensive in his comments on Hillary and the Clintons. That family is laughing all the way to the bank.

  179. KY poll is interesting because it demonstrates that this race is falling back into the usual pattern. Unfortunately for me I watched a documentary about the Supreme Court tonight and they briefly talked about Bush v Gore. What an awful time that way! However, McCain is so much more paltable than Bush. And frankly, Obama and his campaign reminds me so much of Bush/Cheney back then.

  180. Carol: I know what you mean. We are like obsessed with this. I have so many projects awaiting me and my attention span is nil. We come here basically to throw some of the tension and outrage onto another forum. Books are piling up along with the dust bunnies. I could probably write the Dem platform on most of the surfaces. It has been hit or miss unless I know someone is coming over and then it’s back to my Irish housecleaning: under the rugs.

  181. Can someone tell me why Michelle’s brother is speaking ?? Is he nominating her?

  182. ben: Bush/Cheney and the cast of the Sopranos. This is just so much thuggery.

  183. Annetoo: He is the basketball coach for Brown University. I am sure he is being brought on for the “cool kids” and the 20 somethings who may be just “blown away” by his appearance.

  184. I love TM and her guest posts.

    “McCain pretends to be the candidate for …………………… let’s look at his record (link)”

    “McCain pretends to be this or this ………………. let’s look at his record (link)”

    Funny, they never have any links to take a look at BO’s record! I wonder why that is?????????/


  185. parentofed, on August 13th, 2008 at 11:05 pm Said:

    McCain lead over Obama widens to 18 points, and, not coincidentally, Mitch’s lead over Lunsford goes to 12 points.

    I’ll bet Lunsford hates Obami as much as I do.

    Lunsford would wear a Liberace pant suit to the Convention and sing in every piano bar Michelle Pfeiffer style if Hillary was the nominee. Hillary could have sent Howdy Doody McConnell to the great wood chipper in the sky for good.

  186. it’ll be interesting to see what kind of bounce obambam can get, if at all … this georgia/russia thing makes his negatives go way up, and it keeps getting worse, not better….

    only the die hard obamabots talking heads are saying he can handle this with a straight face.

  187. 1178 to go.

  188. Chelsea is presenting Hillary.

    Bro is presenting Sis.

    The Real Nominee is presenting the Faux Nominee.

    The Real President is presenting the Faux Presumptuous President.

    It makes perfect sense to me. Maybe, when I am looking through the metal cage wires and hung up on the barbed wire, it will look even more clear to me. I sure hope Pat calls in her order for raisinettes.

  189. We are so close to that 2 million mark! Maybe Carol and I could play badminton with Eddy for the next 20 minutes and this will put us over the top.

  190. prolix: lol

  191. katiebird – graduated from Great Bend H.S. College at Emporia.

    Currently live on the east coast. I get back to Kansas about every 4-6 weeks to visit parents. They are 86 and 93 years old.

    Where are you?

  192. Someone go over and invite the trollies over. They won’t even realize we are playing them. Shoot, we could even answer some of their assinine questions with one word answers to keep them engaged!

  193. Carol just described Insanity 101 with regard to the convention.

  194. Riverdaughter must groan in the mornings when she revisits these sites.

  195. dakinikat, on August 13th, 2008 at 11:15 pm Said:
    I’m tired of the democrats embracing gay baiters and misogynists, we know we have them in the party, but we don’t need to parade them around like they’re right about anything

    Anyone with walking around sense would treat these folks like the uncle we keep upstairs in the attic. We feed and water him when we have to, we have lots of shiny things to keep his attention and we let him make all the noise he wants, we just keep putting in more insulation so no one else can hear him. We even throw him a drumstick at Thanksgiving. Just don’t him any attention or sooner or later, he’ll want to speak at the Convention too.

  196. Breaking News: Obama School Records Found
    Barry Soetoro: Indonesian Citizen/Religion: Muslim

  197. 85 to go.

  198. My personal spiritual leader Reverand Wright is coming back for an encore in October with his new book. Maybe we could get a pre-release copy for our reading enjoyment during the incarceration.

  199. I bet Oprah would be able to get a copy!

  200. People always refer to KY as a red state, but there are actually more registered Democrats than Republicans. Ky will go blue, but not for just anyone.

    I’ll bet we only get pics of Obami’s backside as he leaves fundraisers in Lex/Lou. He can’t afford to waste time here. Suits me.

  201. Dee, pretty far from Great Bend — Overland Park. I went to KU for about 12 years but Graduated from Ottawa. My Parents are close to your parents ages. They’re 88 & 84 and live a couple of miles from me.

    Since I’ve worked in Libraries my entire life, I’ve known a lot of people who went to Emporia.

  202. prolix: It is 11:30 and I am screaming laughing out loud! Oh my God! Please point out your uncle for us since he can’t be any crazier than the cast of characters hitting that podium for 4 days and this includes Bill Richardson.

  203. katie – my niece made it out of KU in 4 years. What were you doing for the other 8?

  204. I’m determined to see the 2,000,000 mark no matter what time it happens. Who else is staying up for that?

  205. Carol: Well being a Catholic and all, I’m looking forward to the return of Fr. Pfleger. You have to admit this guy can really move across a stage. Don’t know about you, but there is nothing I love more during a church service than someone screaming:
    God Damn America! Gets me right out of my seat every time!
    I love to dance!

  206. Women’s 4X200 Freestyle Relay – Bronze Yeepee!

  207. parentofed: I’m up for it.

  208. parentofed: I will stay with you. It is like the New Year’s Eve Ball coming down. Where is Dick Clark?

  209. i’ll be up for a while

  210. My crazy uncle was injured in a horribly, freaky ping pong melee and since that day he just looks back and forth. This campaign has been a godsend for him — he taught BZero to give speeches.

  211. The Chinese girls are all underage! What “little” cheaters.

  212. BO must have coached them!

  213. Carol — taking about 2 classes a semester. And working at the Law Library. Mostly. I didn’t actually graduate until about 22 years after my High School Graduation.

  214. Oh and switching majors about 6 times. I graduated with 142 hours.

  215. Well, if I have you ladies to keep me company and tell the janitors to leave me be where I lay, I might just have a few shooters of smart juice.

  216. prolix: You must be so proud!

  217. katiebird – Masters from O.U. Go Sooners. (couldn’t resist)

    Worked in the main and law library at O.U. while in school. Are you a special librarian?

  218. Carol, ALL of them? I heard a couple were missing baby teeth. But ALL of them?

  219. grab the hats and horns, y’all. 26 to go.

  220. You definately have stamina. Congratulations!

  221. The Chinese were hoping that the smog over there would be thick enough to conceal the fact these kids had yet to develop breasts.

  222. No, I moved to Public Libraries 22 years ago. And finished up as the Web Coordinator at the last library. I’m on my own now. June 30 was my last day.

  223. good analogy Prolix

  224. I should have done more with my life. All I have is a measly Associates Degree. And look where it got me. Sitting here. Oh well.

  225. Pat, I didn’t get my BA until I was 42. It’s never too late. And a huge relief when it’s done.

  226. I don’t know, but one girl from last olympics declared she was underage. Why aren’t their medals being stripped. The Chinese really did beat us last night. Their routines were very difficult and great style.

  227. Pat – I’m over educated, and Eddy and I are sitting right here with all of you.

  228. Carol, They did beat us. But, if they were underage, they cheated.

  229. ‘Course it’s also a huge relief to quit working.

  230. Carol, I hear they’re looking for a place to put Oprah on during the convention … can you believe it?

  231. My mother worked at the Fort Worth Public Library for 15 years before she retired. She loved it.

  232. lucky you – all retired and everything

    I am old enough to retire but honestly I don’t know what I would do every day. I have a friend (a librarian btw) who used to say after she retired: “I get up every morning with nothing to do and go to bed with it only half done.”

  233. katiebird: I am really not complaining. With as many books as I have read I always tell myself that I have been all over the world in my head. All my resources went into educating my 4 kids and I retired comfortably enough. Not wealthy, but enough. And my house is free and clear and I am still healthy so all in all not too bad overall.

  234. Pat: I’m completely overeducated and I’m sitting here too …

  235. Oprah makes me sick!

  236. Let’s see: Oprah, the brother, Michelle, Jay Z, the Nation of Islam, Obama himself, this should go done easy.

  237. I meant down.

  238. In a wide-ranging interview with Bay Area radio talk show host Ronn Owens, Pelosi also chastised some of Hillary Clinton’s supporters for being “less than gracious” toward Obama, although she praised the New York senator for rallying behind the party’s nominee.

    Well, I never! Exactly how are we ladies suppose to act when votes aren’t counted and you ‘Madame’ chose to support Obama before the primaries were over! Well, tell us!

  239. Pat, I know what you mean about traveling through books. That’s pretty much how I’ve done it. One of my sisters lived in London for 2 years but things were so crazy with the kids I couldn’t even think about visiting her. And I’ve always wanted to go there.

    It would have been crazy-selfish for me to go.

  240. whoops. miscalculated last time., 321 to go.

  241. Pat, we all take different paths. I kept going back to school part-time (and changed my degree a couple of times) and my husband would get transferred–establish residency–get transferred. We had a good life and it didn’t bother me a lot since I considered myself a lifetime learner until I went back to our HS reunion this summer and talked to my best friend in HS who was doing research.

    Didn’t you mention that your daughter and son-in-law live close by. They sound so nice and you write so well and life is not over for any of us.

  242. Dee – I like that. If you retire, you can join Pat, Eddy and I here on line all day and nite.

    Pat you are overeducated. You are brilliant writer. You should take over writing BO’s speeches for him.

    Here’s an idea, start with his concession speech next Monday…………….. I will give him the weekend to recover from his vacation.

  243. Carol: I don’t for a moment think that Ed is sending messages through you to me. Not his style.

  244. Dee, your comment reminded me that I have a couple of things that HAVE to be done tomorrow. So now I’ve got a list.

  245. Democratic Process O8
    Host Leslie Stevens

    Program Sponsored
    The Educational Foundation for the Integrity
    of the Democratic Process
    Asheville, North Carolina

    Connect-the-Dots Part 1

    Connect-the-Dots Part 2

    Connect-the-Dots Part 3


    Pelosi, watch these clips and see if you can spot yourself in them and how your leadership have impacted the party…for the worse.

  246. Rev. Wright for the invocation?

    Will they install an above ground pool in the convention hall so Leah Daughtery (CEO/Chief of Staff of the DNC and Pentacostal minister) can do some mass dunkings?

  247. Dee: Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. You have no idea what she is like! Eddy is not hers!

  248. I don’t care what the dead sheepskin on the walls bleat or don’t bleat, I can’t think of a more literate, intellectual, fascinating and down right bunch of fun humans as those around me right now. Wouldn’t change of whit of anything — I’m just glad RD affords us a wonderful place to play and be entertained and educated by all the great scribes.

  249. Well, I never. Is it not bad enough we are being called Republicans (even if it is true), now Pelosi is calling us “ungracious”. She really knows how to hit below the belt.

  250. (nodding) What Prolix says…..

  251. Prolix, and the doors don’t close at midnight.

    Carol, reminds me of the remarks Dean made after his appearance in Charlotte!!!!!!

  252. Phala: My daughter is a nurse and my son in law a clinical pharmacist. One son is a VP in a Boston insurance company, another son a manager of a research dept, and the fourth one is a mechanic. Their accomplishments are my reward. But I am not unique since each parent on this blog have done the same and would do it again.

  253. Pat – not me. Too hell with the damn little devils.

  254. I loathe Nancy Pelosi! A millionaire elitist who has no idea what it means to scrimp and sacrifice and she calls us “ungracious”? What is wrong with these people? Prolix, when your “crazy uncle” gets to the convention be sure to tell him to ask her for a date!

  255. Carol, on August 14th, 2008 at 12:02 am Said:
    Well, I never. Is it not bad enough we are being called Republicans (even if it is true), now Pelosi is calling us “ungracious”. She really knows how to hit below the belt.

    LOL! she’s just ticked her book tanked so bad…

  256. We didn’t have a daughter so I was so pleased when my son got married but they don’t live in the same time. My boys were very different and taught me so much—to respect people for the individuals they are if nothing else—and humility! Ha as well as so much pride.

    One of the things that impacted me most was seeing sometimes 4 generations together at Hillary’s rallies.

  257. Eddy is actually commenting under one of the many names on this site. Only I know the real name. He needs his privacy.

  258. Carol: I know better. I remember from blogs way back when you mentioned Ryan. It was sweet and touching about what you used to say to him. See, I do remember the little things.

    But I still want Eddy back!

  259. Pat, he’s been there, got the t-shirt and he said something about the Bay water being warmer and when it comes to treats, he’d take Rice-a-Roni.

  260. prolix; Stop! I am going to wake the neighbors.

  261. Ryan is the true love of my life. But, he is still a damn little devil.

  262. Is Ed penning these posts as “Christina”?

  263. Could be, Could be.

  264. Have we arrived at the magic number yet? I am beginning to fade.

  265. Move over to the next thread!

  266. Last I checked it was about 25 more to go.

  267. author of Obamanation is on Larry King

  268. Katiebird-

    I live in Op , too. What caucus did you attend? I was at Johnson County Community College.

  269. FINALLY!!!!
    Thanks to Will PBower Hillary will be PRESIDENT.

  270. Hi Riverdaughter,
    Regarding your previous post, Maelstrom, on MoDo’s column….please work this as a NYT op-ed piece. We, Pumas, can write the editor demanding a response to MoDo. Hillary is a beloved Senator from NY. It is unconscionable that a hit piece like this goes unrebutted. (Loved meeting you in DC!)

  271. WOW, what a DAY!!!
    shew, it was very hectic and an absolute rollercoaster!
    The MSM is now reporting Hillary will be in nomination. They should catch on to this story in a couple of weeks.

    For anyone who is exhausted, I put up some pics on my blog of “Bush the Sequel” = bambi-soetoro-whoever the hell he is. Hope you get a chuckle


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