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We did it, Conflucians! We broke 2,000,000 hits!

Everybody at the Confluence deserves a pat on the back. I’d like to thank Katiebird for holding down the fort during the day while the trolls are marauding, Gary and Mawm for blogging and travelling themselves into exhaustion, myiq2xu for keeping the snark at a healthy level, BostonBoomer for her insights, SM77 for being so damn creative, madamab for learning the fine art of playwriting, and all of the other co-bloggers who drop in from time to time to contribute. And finally, thanks to all of you commenters who have done so much to make this blog a success.


129 Responses

  1. Congratulations riverdaughter & Co. Love to come here each day to learn and laugh.


  2. night, all.

  3. This reminds me of the time I broke 2,000,000 in Centipede!

  4. congrats riverdaughter and every one !!

  5. Great!

  6. {{Group Hug}} !!


  7. Best wishes, rd! The little blog that could!

  8. gq, did you really? I LOVED that game. But never came close to your score.

  9. Nitey, Nite Nite!

    Remember PUMA HAKA 👿

  10. Congratulations, Riverdaughter and the gang! I can’t go to sleep, though, I’m west coast. And GQ, I never got to two million in Centipede, but I did find the princess in Mario. That took two million tries, does that count?

  11. I come here everyday, but I spent too much time with Hillary.com throughout the primaries, so I’m not sure what we are happy about, but I’m game. I’m happy too.

    Being a great success here, is no surprise to me around here, you guys are the best. BRAINS< BRILLIANCE< TALENT< DEDICATION<, HONEST< FUNNY< and fighters all the way,

    Just like someone we all know and love.

  12. Congrats, Conflucians!

  13. wow, that’s a lot of opinions!

  14. YAY!YAY!YAY!

    Riverdaughter, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful, wonderful, intelligent, rational, free-of-bigotry, open, amazing space you’ve created. I’ve never felt more at home on the Internet than at this blog, with this set of people, with the crazily high level (highly crazy? :-)) of spirit in writing and the consistently high quality of conversation.

    (blinking away tears…What, it’s just the dust!)

  15. woo-hoo!!! congratulations everyone!!

  16. michelina: The site hit the 2 million hit mark tonight which is fantastic! We all hung out just to see it happen.

  17. Congratulations RD and all — every revolution would be so lucky as to have 2 million steps on its way to victory.

  18. I am off to bed but that song is going to play in my head all night!

  19. OK, I can go to bed now. Night everyone!!! You guys are the best!!

  20. Wow, what a great saying:

    every revolution would be so lucky as to have 2 million steps on its way to victory.

  21. nite gary

  22. Okay, I have no idea what I just said. I just love my adjectives & adverbs, that’s all. They’re healthy.

    And I’m in great company there:

  23. Yea! Yea!

    I’m going to dream of graciously smacking Nancy Pelosi up the side of the head with my vintage pink ruffled gloves. Shape up, Nancy, stop being such a ninnie!

  24. congratulations!!!!

    2,000,000 and Counting.

    I usually just come and read your reports, articles and the comments.

    You have a user friendly site and by the time the general elections are over you will probably reach

    Thanks for conserving an honest blog.

  25. Congratulations! I’ve been too busy with school to comment recently but I visit multiple times each day. You’re the best! Here is to another 2,000,000 hits.

  26. Thanks Pat — stay up and let’s celebrate — PofEd is getting her fighting gloves ready for the rumble by the Bay.

  27. Cheers and Causmos and Belle REVES!!!!

  28. Wonder if Obama will also bring out the uncle who came home from the war and shut himself up in the attic for 6 months. He is such an idiot.

  29. I’m pretty sure that Uncle was arrested for his relationship with Anne Frank (she like the Chinese athletes was underage.)

  30. Congratulations.

    I have been visiting since you started.

    I mostly lurk but I want you to know I love gals and guys.

    A lot of others do too.

    Best spot on the web.

  31. CONGRATS, ALL!!!!! RD, and all those that post such inspirational posts, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Following someone from Hillary’s website here has been such a blessing!!!!!! Thank you Thank you………..

  32. Saw where the guy who shot the AK State Dem chief had been fired for writing graffiti on a wall, but the wall had been cleaned. Very sad and crazy.

  33. River D — WOW, I am so excited and happy for you and the gang. Truly amazing. Now – lets get to 3M !!

    Sweet dreams everyone !!

  34. Carol: Stop!!

  35. SimoFish: XX00

  36. Dammit!!!

    I wanted to be around exactly when we hit 2 mio.

    Congrats to all Conflucians.

  37. I had centipede on an old IBM that had… 540 Kb memory. Yes, Kb.

    This is much more fun.

  38. There is so much scandal in this campaign when all is said and done, Watergate will look like a cabin by the Potomac.

  39. going to see if I can see what happened with Olympics today, check in a little later.

  40. David Chase, creative as he is, could never dream this up.

  41. Prolix: But will there be any journalists honest enough and smart enough to document what has happened?

    ok, gone Olympic hunting…..

  42. PofEd, there are plenty smart enough, but the intellectual honesty will be a challenge.

  43. By the way, did you guys see this – we reached 2,000,000 BEFORE the Presumptive nominee of the DEMOCRATIC Party did.

    —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: Barack Obama
    To: Chevalier
    Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 7:17:28 PM
    Subject: A few hours from now

    You can make history in the next few hours.

    We’re within striking distance of 2 million people owning a piece of this movement.
    I hope you’ll make a contribution today to support a new kind of politics and make history with 2,000,000 donors:

    (yes, agreed it’s different measures)…

  44. By the way, I can’t wait for the documentary on Helen Thomas to air. What a fascinating life, intellectual honest, integrity and she could give BZero a dozen danglies and still have dozens left to pass around.

  45. I sent Helen Thomas an e-mail a few months back and she actually answered back. Great lady!

  46. Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone.

    Mountain Sage

  47. Wow — that is something — she is incredible — I’m always struck by her sense of common decency about things. She is all class!

  48. She had challenged Dana Perino in the daily briefing. Love her!

  49. Yeah, Dana got her undies in a bunch today and wasn’t a happy camper. I love it when she gets all blustery and flummoxed.

  50. Congrats RD and the Conflucians!

  51. Beautiful woman but dumb, dumb, dumb

  52. I don’t think she believes about half the stuff they make her put out there.

  53. I am off to bed. Night guys. Prolix, you make me laugh! It is a great and welcome gift. thanks

  54. I caught a blurb from Fox today that they are already out after Kaine for yesterday’s all time dunderheaded quote about BZero causing the cease fire in Georgia. They are going to ride him like a 25 cent Wal-Mart pony over that one.

  55. Pat, good night and you brighten up all our days everytime you hit the keyboard especially mine.

  56. Congrats rd and others and thanks. I was wandering in the wilderness after five years at the Democratic Underground and was referred to this spot from another x-DUer.

    This has been my first hit every morning since.

  57. Prolix, the question is does that make Kaine more or likely to be VP since he might make B0 seem well-informed by comparison

  58. I really don’t think the Democrats deserve to win. Anti-Clinton was put ahead of everything the Party was supposed to stand for. My feeling is the Dem’s deserve defeat.

  59. masslib are we the only ones still awake?

  60. Can anyone tell me if this is true?

    Lyn // August 14, 2008 at 12:52 am

    I just heard the Bill Gwantey the Dem Leader and SD that was killed today had signed the petition for Hillary on Ed’s show.

  61. Congratulations, RD, and all the other great writers here. You’re my first stop every day. I don’t always comment because I’m on the West Coast and usually there are a couple hundred comments by the time I get to the posts. But you are much appreciated. You’ve saved my sanity this election.

  62. CogDiss, I’ve missed you lately. Ever since the massed fled that other place I haven’t seen you much round the web. How ya doin?

  63. regency, Ed’s show? My brain is working.

  64. isnt

  65. Congratulations and thank you for your leadership. All followers need a leader, that’s why I could never follow BO. He’s no leader.

  66. Phala,

    I have to think he’s out of the running completely for VP. His remark will go down as one of the all time dumb remarks in political history. I can’t believe he’s still on the Convention schedule. It makes him look like an empty headed sychophant who is star struck.

  67. What a great group of humans! Congratulations everyone!

  68. agreed was surprised he was even considered and kind of hoped B0’s desire for VA would contribute to a bad decision

  69. Does anyone know about “Ed’s show” that Regency referred to.

  70. In case anyone is interested, a photo taken by an AP photographer of an Indonesian school registration form listing Obama just surfaced. You can see it in the website of the photographer who took it at http://tinyurl.com/6f6yvb. The caption reads: “This registration document, made available on Jan. 24, 2007, by the Fransiskus Assisi school in Jakarta, Indonesia, shows the registration of Barack Obama under the name Barry Soetoro into the Catholic school made by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro. The document lists Barry Soetoro as a Indonesian citizen, born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, and shows his Muslim step-father listed the boy’s religion as Islam. (AP Photo/ Tatan Syuflana)”. You can find the translation here (http://tinyurl.com/6lmvpt). In addition, it means that Barack Obama apparently lied to the Illinois Supreme Court when asked to provide former names, according to this Attorney’s Registration Record (http://tinyurl.com/6k9u7u).

  71. CONGRATULATIONS//////////
    Thank you for this site.
    The people here give me hope for this country.
    You are bright and funny and have such great opinions.
    I learn from you everyday.



  72. Chevalier: We’re within striking distance of 2 million people owning a piece of this movement.

    Well, if Nancy takes that literally, I’ll challenge her with my extremely gracious pink ruffled gloves.

    Phala: No, I don’t know re Ed’s show. Regency?

  73. Re Tim Kaine remarks, they can’t stop laughing over at Fox, and who can blame them?

    Now that Russia/Georgia have resumed fighting, what’s next, Tim? Maybe we can intercept Obami during his morning jog, and have him ask Russia to please stop making the world all oogly today……

  74. talking to myself……… a not uncommon occurrence, but I usually do it in the privacy of my bathroom…….

  75. parentofed, I am still up but thought I was alone

  76. Oh my…congrats to RD and all the bloggers who contribute to this site!

    This blog has been a haven for all of us Hillary supporters and others who were appalled at her treatment and the actions of the DNC, Dean, Pelosi, Brazile and others.

  77. PofEd, while I’m not that good of company with my drooling and all, but I’m still here.

  78. Oh, hi, Phala, I was about ready to give it up…..probably should…

  79. Nancy’s too busy to take your call right now, PoE. She’s writing her next book, titled “Whither Sexism?”, and the cover will have her photograph with the trademark wither-ing look.

  80. Being stuck in a hotel all these weeks, my sleep patterns are now non-existent. I feel like a shift worker who’s been juggled between day and night just about every other day.

  81. Anyone heard anything else about the AK shooting? It really bothered me. They didn’t seem to know each other, why should a Dem official and then not bother anyone else? The killer spoke to people at the Baptist convention, and didn’t bother them. I know violence doesn’t make sense, but I would have thought a person filled with rage over a firing would shoot a lot of folks.

  82. ParentofEd said:
    “…please stop making the world all oogly …”
    Ha,ha, great line.

  83. Chevalier: Nancy should have a spaced-out look, since she evidently didn’t watch any television, visit the Internet, or listen to the radio, or look at magazines for several months.

    Dean either, evidently. I’m beginning to see why the Dems don’t have a handle on the wants & needs of Middle America.

  84. Seriously, even if it were true [which I doubt], wouldn’t you be ashamed to say you’re a major politician that hasn’t seen the news in months? It doesn’t exactly inspire confdence.

  85. PofEd,

    From the AK Blog which is part of the Little Rock paper:

    Johnson had no prior police record, according to the Little Rock police and a motive was still unknown. “This is one of those where we may never know,” said Police Lt. Terry Hastings.

    Immediately after the shooting, police sources said they were working to confirm tentative information that the suspect was a former employee of a Gwatney car dealership. The Little Rock police said, however, at an afternoon news conference that the shooter, whom they did not identify, was NOT a Gwatney employee and, so far as they knew, never had been, contrary to some reports mentioned here earlier in the day. Hastings said they hoped to learn from family more about Johnson’s background.

  86. Prolix, thanks. I read that he was fired from Target, which doesn’t appear to relate to Gwatney. Hell, why don’t these idiots just go jump in the river, and leave other people alone? Isn’t destroying your own life enough?

  87. The Madam Speakerless had a visit from a reporter today that went after her holdings in oil companies among other things. It wasn’t at all a friendly chat.

    She probably got so disgruntled she cracked a new botox crease.

  88. PofEd, the difference between suicide and martyrdom is the amount of press coverage. I guess the postscript to these type of folks is something we will never be able to understand. It’s just a shame they can’t be stopped.

  89. I’ve never tried Botox, but isn’t it funny that using it has become a code word for phony? I know women who use it, and most seem very normal [at least to me], but Nancy does strike one as a big phony.

    Isn’t it ironic? After she made SOTH, I wrote letter to Fox, Leno, WaPo & tons of places that attacked her for this or that.

    I think Dems cannot stand the thought of losing POTUS yet again, and they made this nominee decision, and they’re all following it to the bitter [!] end. Going for broke, as they say.

  90. I just hope we get some information in this crazy environment right now. My heart goes out to the family–both families–and this was someone the Clinton’s knew well which has to be hard for them, too.

    This is a nightmare and I will wake up right?

  91. Prolix, my brother-in-law is a towboat captain who once saved the life of a woman who had jumped off a bridge into the Ohio. It was night, and he risked his life in the undertow, while she scratched & clawed him. He kept her warm, did everything right.

    One month later, she jumped off the same bridge and killed herself. He didn’t know her from Adam, but he was very hurt and depressed by her suicide. It’s amazing the ways we touch other lives in ways we never learn.

  92. I know I’m silly and all, but I would settle for politicans to just say, “Good government is good politics,” and then follow the prescription. All this who’s zoomin’ who just strikes me as petty and evidences some unsettled playground issues.

  93. MsP’s speech patterns are as irritating as B0s and her eyes bother me so I find it hard to look or listen to her long enough to see if she is making any sense. To think I celebrated when she became Speaker

  94. My uncle shot himself. It devastated whole family. No one expected it.

  95. Phala, what is it about her eyes? Do you think it’s contacts or light sensitivity? Evil?

  96. Bad plastic surgery?

  97. With all that money, she can afford good plastic surgery.

  98. The pain that someone likes that must feel is overwhelming. I’ll never understand it.

  99. My comment was intended for upstream. I’m not waxing poetic about Madam P’s pain.

  100. When I turn into Debbie Downer, it means I’m either drunk or tired, so I better get some sleep. Night all, on this special 2 Million night.

  101. Prolix, what is tragic is that in hindsight the signs are sometimes clearer but I guess it is something we don’t look for or know what to look for

  102. Prolix: hahaha, that was an unintentional funny about the pain of Nancy.

  103. Good night parentofed. I will leave it that for whatever reason, her expression makes her less trustworthy for me.

  104. Madam P reminds me of a lady who taught music in my hometown. She always had that look and that smile that said, “No matter whether I’m smiling or not, I detest you and you are going to do something that I’m not going to like in about 3 seconds.”

  105. Night PofEd — great as always to visit.

  106. Phala, I need to get some shut eye as well — see you tomorrow hopefully.

  107. Prolix, that’s it exactly—-“and you can’t do anything to stop me.” i am just hoping she finds out how wrong she is–look or no look—want tosee if her expression changes with shock

  108. I need your Help: I already posted this at RD:

    I’m being Blocked at ALEGRERIVER, and by : you @ soon
    —————–Who’s blocking me, I’ve been with Alegre for months—————————————–

    Here was my post: what does it MEAN??? something about my HTRML:
    WE’re looking in the wrong direction.

    Being an observer, with NO CLOUT, no money, and NEVER and I mean NEVER voted REPUG in my life, I have a suggestion.

    This POWELL move, very SHREWD< and being a HILL RESPONDER, I KNOW how SHRED this BO campaign is: IT’S AXELROD< WHY Isn’t anyone DIGGING into this man’s past, present and possible connections.

    We’re in the WRONG direction. He’s the real “one”. BO is this man’s manufacutered, marketed “messiah”

    Let’s dig a different HOLE, let’s go after AXELROVE< and see what’s there, and I have a feeling, there’s alot of DIGGING<—-before we come up with something, we’re running out of time. Too many bad connections and too MUCH POWER< Something is THERE.

    AXELROD is the LEADER/BRAINS—– &I don’t have the means.

    ALEGRE< CAMPSKUNK< MADAMB, TEXAN4HILLARY< HEIDI LI<RIVER DAUGHTER< etc……BO is the distraction, not the powerbase, that’s obvious.

    Let’s dig farther, it’s THERE< I just don’t know where.

    sorry for the late post, I work all the time, but I have dedicated my spare time to this.

    AGAIN< a suggestion, that I will pass on and on and on, till it matters.

  109. gnite.

  110. michelina, I saw your post earlier and I think all have gone to sleep. someone that has more expertise than me will pick up your post in am

  111. Congratulations, RD and all. I have yet to meet any Obama voters in my travels – I predict that Obama will be walloped in November – uh, that’s if he gets the nomination.

  112. Congratulations… RD and everyone wooohooo.. 2 mil , even when I am too exhausted to post I stop by and read 🙂 , and as always am so grateful for all you do and that you are here. sending Love and hugs

  113. I am so happy that we broke the 2 million hits mark….congrats to all here at the confluence we are having an effect on the conversation and even the MSM is taking notice…


  114. Good Morning and Congratulations Conflucians! 2,000,000 hits!

    A place where people that actually believe in Democracy can gather and converse without the constant interuptions of trollchildren.

    Love ya all!

  115. Thank you all for being there for Hillary and for the Democrat Party it will rise again and re-embrace its core values…


    **Obama even VACATIONS LIKE BUSH!!
    No matter WHAT’S HAPPENING in the WORLD their
    He wants “US” to hire him and yet with the Russia/Georgia situation all I see is “STATEMENTS”
    could be set-up, even in Hawaii)!!
    **HE FAILED THE “3am” CALL TEST!!!

  117. Funny–2,000,000 hits for you on the same day that Obama’s total number of donors hit 2,000,000. Think there’s a connection?


    BTW–The Hillary think–not gonna happen.


  118. tpt/ny, I agree with you. He failed the test. He should have cut his vacay short even if it was only for the cameras. He looks totally weak and uninterested. Is that what people want in a President?

    The world is a dangerous place. We have no time for cults of personality and astroturfed messages of some vague hope and change. We need a leader who knows what is going on and is ready to work. That is Clinton. Obama is neither.

  119. Thanks “Mawm”
    I heard Hannity with Rudy G. referencing Hillary’s “3am ad” & saying how “Obama failed”.
    Where they were “WRONG” is to say “IT DID’NT WORK FOR HER”!!
    I say it “DID” she put it out for Texas & that was the
    START of his “DOWN-TURN”!
    Then Rv. Wright for PA!
    The VOTING PUBLIC “GOT-IT”/ the Dem e-lites DID’NT!
    The NY Post’s COVER had the SAD “SD murder”.
    They said the “shooter” was “heard” saying:
    “I lost my job”
    SOoooooo Sad……
    “We” have to get Hillary to “UN-SUSPEND”; then they

  120. I just went over to Texas Darlin’s site and I see that they have an AP photograph of Barry Soreto’s (not sure of the spelling) school registration form filled in by his adoptive father in Indonesia. His name is different, not Obama. The father states his religion is Muslim. Apparently, the AP has had this photo since last year. Take a look.

  121. Good morning,

    I just checked in with ALEGRERIVER,

    Any idea what this is, I shouldn’t be blocked, is it my computer, or is someone doing it.

    Anyone with Computer smarts know what this is.

  122. CONGRATS!

    Two million thanks to all the tireless contributors whom wielding humor, a bunch of wisdom backed by facts and, when apropos, sprinkling a pinch of salt to make sour stuff seem a little bit more palatable, make possible this wonderful must read blog.


  123. Congrats RD and everyone here! This is always my first stop. Great writing and info. Thanks so much!!!

  124. 2,000,000!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for making me a part of your family.

    Wow – when I came to this blog it had about 12,000 a few months ago – CONGRATS to you Riverdaughter & all Conflucians!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Congrats-must feel wonderful to have left Kos and his Pavlova dog system and now be getting this!!!!:-)

  126. O FaB away O fab away!

    O Weeming 2,000,000 and counting!
    You built it and they came and they always will because of the people here and the great writing, art, and soul!

    in Gar’s above, yeah just go on vacay why dontcha — channel your inner star when we could be looking at the biggest war we have ever seen.
    Hillary & McC now that is a combo…

  127. ps: RD should be Brazile in the FUTURE!

    sez I.

  128. Congrats, Conflucians all!
    I am a mere lurker, but hooray anyway!
    If anybody wants to hear the truly thrilling non-pop original American version of “Wimoweh” (not a soppy lyric to be heard), check out the Weavers’ early-50s version in live concert ,with good ol’ radical Pete Seeger throwing his skinny neck back and giving a triumphant wild holler worthy of our PUMA-ness.

    The lion may sleep tonight, but it’s the lionesses who do all the hunting.

  129. Congratulations! You guys are the best. Thank you so much for giving us a voice and a place.

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