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Tuesday: Let’s keep dancing.

So, here I am, waiting in breathless anticipation of the 200 emails from Clinton’s campaign, leaked by some well meaning campaign staffer who loves her country and only wants what is best for it, ie, a man who spent less time in the senate than most kindergartners spend in their first year of school before he decided he was ready to be president.  And when the sucker finally hits the news stands I’m thinking “This is it?”.  I don’t get it.

Where’s the fire?  Where is the flaming “Oh, $%*&! Unsend!, Unsend! Unsend!” email from Clinton herself?  Where is the email that shows that they were planning to sacrifice to Baal the many babies that were offered up by their all-too-willing parents at campaign events?

There was less panic and self-importance in these emails than you would see from the student director of a high school musical six weeks before the first performance.  “Focus, people!  If we don’t come together as unit, thinking, emoting, tap dancing together as one, what does that say about US and out committment to one another?  We will become nothing but a bunch of selfish individuals throwing up on each other’s shoes at a cast party.  Is that how you want to be remembered?!?!?  I swear to God that if we don’t get it together in the next 24 hours and you don’t show a higher level of committment, I will just walk out on this production.  ”  (Oh, $%@&!  Unsend!, Unsend!, Unsend!)

Jeez, Louise, if this is what passes for disarray these days, I have a bridge The Atlantic might want to buy.  The person who cherry picked these beauties, and who no doubt did it for pure, selfless and patriotic reasons, has no eye for really juicy material.  Where is the snark, the wit?  What these emails say to me is that Clinton failed to hire anyone with that certain flair that would make these emails worth the time it takes to read them.  The seller, er, archivist of these emails has no taste.  She can’t spot the collectible from among the vast body of the ordinary that pass for art these days.


I suppose I shall have to go back to waiting in breathless anticipation of Obama’s VP pick, which he is planning to blast to my iPhone at any moment now.

Chime, already, damn it! Chime!

157 Responses

  1. Paper Tiger

  2. There’s even less than that.

  3. I’ve seen several opinions – some from the right, some from Clinton supporters – that this comes from the Clintons/it will hurt Obama.
    While the first part is BS, I do believe that the topic od BO’s unelectability in the news is not what he’s chose right now. Now can he afford to lash publicly at the Clintons at the height of Unity pony – so – he is in a corner.
    meanwhile, you too can enroll in the noble fight for “Voting Rights for deceased Democrats” – right on Obama’s campaign website!

  4. My question is —who leaked that high school musical director’s e-mail to you?

    Well, so this crisis is no biggie at all. Yesssss!

  5. Karolina: I disagree with you there. It *is* a biggie- for Obama. According to the Obamaphiles, she’s politically dead, DEAD, I say! It’s over. Get over it. He won, she lost, neener-neener-neener. I mean, they shot, stabbed, hung, poisoned and drowned her over and over. Then she was drawn and quartered for good measure. So, why are they bothering to desecrate her grave?
    There are a couple of reasons that I can think of: 1.) His minions are getting restless and without fresh meat they will turn on their master or 2.) They have heard grumblings among the Superdelegates who are talking about a resurrection and they want to nip that baby in the bud by showing everyone how incompetent she was as a manager.
    It’s just that they haven’t got the one crucial email that would do it.
    This is just silly. 200 emails out of millions means nothing except that 99.99% of the time, the campaign was NOT falling apart. It was simply trying to climb Mount Everest with the media, Donna Brazile, Howard Dean and the RBC committee on its back.
    Damn! And she almost pulled it off. That’s not failure. That’s phenomenal success.

  6. From what I’ve seen of the emails, and it isn’t much, I keep thinking to myself, “This is just typical group dynamics! What’s the big deal?”

    I’d heard about the “it’s been great talking to myself” comment months ago. So, she called her team to task? So?

  7. RR: I am giggling with delight and glee! True AND Obie’s crisis is MY celebration! Suddenly…eeeeeevil is funnnnn!

  8. I’m not going to read these emails because I don’t care about these people on her staff. I think that for the most part they did fail Hillary. I bet that Patti Solis Doyle had a hand in leaking these. What they seem to do, surprisingly, is put a lie to their old spin that Hillary was throwing the kitchen sink at Obama. Apparently she wouldn’t and she didn’t. That big old cast iron sink stayed put but don’t be surprised when McCain and co yank it off the wall and hurl it at Obama.

    I wasn’t a PUMA, as I’ve said before, and I’ll admit that I was holding out hope for Hillary as VP. Hopeless hope, it seems. I’m thinking the Obama camp had a hand in leaking these memos and getting this story published. They were hoping it would destroy Hillary once and for all so that they wouldn’t have to answer questions about why she wasn’t the VP pick. But how can they pick anyone associated with Hillary now, like Bayh or Clark? They have smeared the entire team Hillary so now they are stuck with the dregs for VP. Hope they are happy.

  9. I have to agree that this may be a moment in the oh-so-handy “look over there” strategy to keep the media and true-responsible-progressive-Ds busy/satisfied.

  10. Hi Maria, I often read your comments at TL. Happy to see you over here.

  11. The thing they just don’t get is that this whole movement isn’t only about electing Hillary Clinton. It’s about the undemocratic Democratic party and the rigging of the primary to annoint the candidate chosen by the party leaders.

    They can trash the Clintons all day long and it won’t change the fact that they are destroying the party by ignoring the rights and will of the voters.

  12. M Garcia: “But how can they pick anyone associated with Hillary now, like Bayh or Clark?”

    To me the real question is why would “they” want votes from the likes of “us”? Aren’t we simply disgust’n?

    Unity, Hope, Action, Change. O sign to you.

  13. You’re right. Thus far, the “smoking gun” email has yet to appear. 35.716 hits to get to 2 million.

  14. Good morning all!

    Yes, this whole kerfluffle is sad. I took a quick look last night, and from what I saw the only news was that Mark Penn was a lot more precient than the media and cheetos gave him credit for.

    And for anyone to argue that Hillary didn’t appeal to women and working class voters is beyond laughable. At the time they are claiming her campaign was self destructing, she was winning primary after primary and making Obama look like a loser. The only way he could win was by cheating.

    I guess I’ll go read some of the memos at some point, but I’m really disappointed that this is all they have. If anything, as RD said, it just emphasizes the current meme that Obama is unelectable.

  15. Upstate, I just realized why Obama says, “Uh Uh Uh” all the time.

    U nity
    H ope

    He can keep hoping for Unity all day.

  16. So much for all the wasted drool over at the CDS driven sites.

    But I was struck by how Mark Penn predicted Hillary’s demographics so accurately in March 2007. Knowing that he’s such a sleazeball, it’s very possible he did the leak for vindication, “see, I was right all along”, and of course the Atlantic could hardly wait to plonk the blame on Hillary’s ‘managerial incompetence’. They’re just doing this because they’re really scared the superdelegates may change their minds at the last minute and vote for her en masse.

  17. Mawn, “el que espera desespera”…ask Gary.

  18. Good morning, BB!

    “If anything, as RD said, it just emphasizes the current meme that Obama is unelectable.”

    This is absolutely perfect timing, wouldn’t you say?!

  19. Actions stations…someone is trying to
    tank the delegate role call effort. Please go
    over and place a comment of rate the
    comments, but the good news is the press
    is reporting that Obama wants ‘special’ rules
    for him but they are trying to do a nullification
    of the roll call vote:
    Backers want Clinton nominated at convention
    [Quote]” Bob Mulholland, an undecided California superdelegate, said that means “if a candidate’s got delegates, then both names can be placed in nomination” – and the losing candidate, in this case Clinton, can declare, ” ‘Let’s make it unanimous.’ ”

    Or Clinton can be nominated and a surrogate speaking on her behalf can say, “The senator has declined, but let’s vote on Obama,” he noted.

    A third option is that she won’t allow her name to be nominated at all, he said.” [End Quote]

    Bob Mulholland is trying to make sure the
    delegates don’t vote for Hillary…what would
    be the point of it? We ‘the voters/people
    are not asking for delegates to repeat her
    name, we are asking for
    and that means taking a vote! Hillary isn’t
    afraid! First, they tie her hands behind her
    back in the fight, now they won’t allow her
    in the ring, and if we are successful in getting
    her into the ring…NO VOTE! Give me a F******
    break! Yes, us ‘OLD’ women are going to
    be the swing VOTE…glad you ‘PARTY
    LEADERS’ finally got the memo, but we are
    not good at being played! Mature women
    today are bloggers and are very informed and
    apparently more informed than Donna Brazile,
    Coward Dean and Pelosi (someone wants your

    So, go ahead and coronate him, fix the the
    fight, it won’t go unnoticed and he won’t win. He
    can’t even debate McCain and refused to
    debate Hillary. We can see through Obama…
    he doesn’t fool us, and we won’t do his bidding.
    Fairness and equality have gone out the window
    in this election!

    [Quote] “Clay Dougherty, another San Francisco delegate for Clinton, said that “if the situation were reversed, the Obama people would feel the same.”

    “For the first time in a generation, it’s been a close election … and this was such a unique situation,” he said, in which the first major African American presidential candidate competed with the first major female presidential candidate. “We need to honor both candidates,” he said. ” [End Quote]

    They also mentioned PUMA in passing…

  20. What I don’t get is the Atlantic’s motivation for supporting Obama. I’ve always thought of the Atlantic as a liberal magazine. In fact, I’m a subscriber. Then again, I don’t understand where The Nation is coming from on this either. Are there any people in the media left with even half a brain? Don’t they understand that Obama can’t win and if he does win he is utterly unqualified for the job?

  21. Hey, Woman Voter!

  22. Chevalier, on August 12th, 2008 at 8:30 am Said:

    “But I was struck by how Mark Penn predicted Hillary’s demographics so accurately in March 2007.”

    I believe that this was derived from studying the history of a similar US & world time—1932. These were FDR’s demographics—the forgotten man.

  23. Isn’t this a fairly standard pattern? — the media goes nuts over some supposed Clinton “scandal,” and when we finally see the facts, there’s no there there.


  24. BB, it’s my opinion that the only way any of that makes sense is by buying into conspiracy theories. Fascist ultra-liberals, corporation-owned media, etc.

  25. BB: “Don’t they understand that Obama can’t win and if he does win he is utterly unqualified for the job?”

    No, and I do not blame “them”. O should easily win this cycle. And who knows, with the help of all his troubadours, he may still make it.

    As for qualified…HAC

  26. End of LAST WEEK….
    *Obama goes to Hawaii to spend “TIME” with “TYPICAL
    WHITE GRANNY”! (my quess he will return with the “ORIGINAL” BC Ha! like I believe a WORD out of his mouth)!
    **Edwards story COMES OUT & we GET WARNED ABOUT how an INFLATED EGO can get the BEST of someone.
    ***Hillary camp e-mail’s “LEAKED”. I’m still not 100%
    sure “Carol” (i think) from last week was’nt right when she said Hillary’s people might have been responsible. Her :reserve in coming after Obama would show; & what NEEDS to be said will be said “with-out” her saying it? “If” Patti S/D did it “IT BACK FIRED”.
    ***Finally the last thing I want is for him to PICK HILLARY AS VP!!
    As a NYer & long time supporter; I will not be able to “brush-off” the “attacks” on HER & BILL for Obama’s sack. For themselves..FINE..not for HIM!!

  27. Upstate, I saw your comment in the last thread. I won’t go to her place, but has TMarsh become an anti-PUMA site?

  28. Hi Upstate, I guess they really don’t want voters like us. It’s quite clear, really. The media keeps trying to help Obama while feeding their need to continue to bash Hillary. They aren’t helping though. In fact, all they are doing is making it almost impossible for either of the Clintons to effectively campaign for Obama. Maybe MSM really are only pretending to love Obama because they sure aren’t helping him by enabling his weaknesses.

  29. Whatever the reason for the leak, they got what they wanted since Hillary is being lambasted once again by the MSM. This morning they were deriding the fact that this only illustrates that she lacks “managerial skills” and had little control over the staff making decisions.

    It again takes the spotlight off Obama for his deficiencies while he basks in the Hawaiian sun and puts forward the theme that Hillary is “bad”. This is the perfect set up prior to going into Denver since it shifts once again the narrative of that this loser is just the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    What they fail to point out is that any candidate going up against the first black possibility for president would have met up with the same obstacles. How to go after him without appearing ra&cist. A very delicate situation all around.

    I was struck last night by the woman who called into Riverdaughter and made mention of the fact that her son entering kindergarten had to complete a certain number of days in class before he was passed onto first grade which total more than what Obama has spent in the Senate. This was striking in itself. They should use this more to point out his lack of serious qualifications to be president.

  30. KNYC, I definitely buy into the corporate owned media conspiracy theory. Don’t you? How else can you explain what we have seen this primary? CDS just doesn’t go far enough. It is always about $$ to them.

  31. Mawm, TM is apparently now shilling for Obama. So I guess she now sees racism under every rock. Ironically, I stopped reading her site during the height of the Wright kerfuffle because many of her regular posters were race baiters. But back then that was okay with her. That’s what bugs me the most about this campaign. We now have racists caling us racists because apparently all you need to get out of racism jail is shill for Obama.

  32. Pretty much, Mawn. If memory serves me well, when H endorsed O, TM claimed she was going to do all she could to help defeat McCain.

    Many of her posts and those of her guests and co-posters seem to target PUMA/JSND groups.

    Deadenders, courting ridicule, and now, it would seem, racists. You know… the standard.

    I do not see how TM finds this will help Ds achieve their electoral goals. I find TL’s approach much more constructive.

  33. Pat: “while he basks in the Hawaiian sun”

    OMG, Pat, that is so “r” !

  34. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/08/11/obamacans-unite/
    Obama-cans Unite

    Republicans for Obama…?

    Yup, we told you he played golf back home with Republicans…Old Flip Flopper Flipper…Shape Shifter

    No Deal: I’m Looking Through You

  35. Morning all! I love this post and the Chile Beany one from last night, which I missed after turning off the computer to watch the TeeVee. 🙂 (The Closer, Baby!)

    Mawm/KNYC, how can you say the corporate owned media is a conspiracy theory? It’s factually true that the media is effectively owned by five giant corporations. Harper’s Magazine had a handy-dandy chart that proved it.

    They were pretending to love Obama just so they could say they weren’t r*cist for switching their love to McCain. This crisis in Georgia, Obama’s tanking numbers and now, Hillary’s memos are just the narrative they need to turn on their former favorite, Barack Obama.

    I agree it’s all about the $$$, but for all they know, Obama could actually be more liberal than they think he is, which would cost them tax money. They’re going to go with the man they know will cater to their needs.

  36. #
    riverdaughter, on August 12th, 2008 at 8:02 am Said:

    It was simply trying to climb Mount Everest with the media, Donna Brazile, Howard Dean and the RBC committee on its back.
    Damn! And she almost pulled it off. That’s not failure. That’s phenomenal success.
    Lets not forget Bo’s surrogates who talked about how Hillary didn’t cry during Katrina or the intimidating of AA superdelegates.

    During the primary I had this image of Hillary in chains and pulling these big stones behind her. That is how it felt like. Hillary against them all. I like to compare Hillary to Romney and Rudy Giuliana. No matter what happened Hillary kept moving forward. She adjusted to the political environment. Still had the same message but changed the way she presented it in the different states.

  37. Hi Karolina!

    Yes, that’s the only way I can make sense of it too. I never thought The Nation was part of the corporatocracy though. They don’t even have ads. They are still a nonprofit, right? Is it just stupidity? I have to admit that I am experiencing politics in a whole new way this year.

  38. Colorado Democrats Threaten Delegate’s

    DENVER, Colo. — An e-mail sent from the Political Director of the Colorado Democratic Party threatened the status of a national delegate, alleging she made “disparaging public remarks” about Sen. Barack Obama.

    Sacha Millstone of Boulder told CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that her comments were critical, but they were not public.

    Millstone acknowledged she was frustrated over how the Obama campaign was treating delegates who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and told a fellow delegate, in what she believed was a private e-mail exchange, that she was not sure she could vote for Obama at the Democratic National Convention later this month

    The other delegate apparently filed a complaint with the state Democratic Party suggesting Millstone lose her status as a delegate.

    Apparently the Political Director of Colorado’s Democratic Party, William Compton, took the suggestion very seriously and told Millstone via e-mail, “You are directed to come in to the Party Headquarters and explain your comments and why you should remain a national delegate…”

    Millstone, who worked on the campaign for Hillary Clinton, considered the e-mail a threat.

    “I think that one of the reasons I got this letter was to intimidate me,” said Millstone. “It sounded very totalitarian. I thought it sounded undemocratic and I was completely shocked.”

    Read The Rest Maybe We Can Send Emails To The News Station

  39. fred – I think it is time that those being threatened and harassed file a complaint with the Fed’s.

    Delegate or No Delegate – intimidation, harassment and threats should be reported.

    This sounds like the KGB operating. I am pretty sure this is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even dead people voting. (gary?????????)


  40. A delegate expresses hesitation in voting for Barack Obama and she gets sent to the principal’s office to explain her comments? What path are we taking here when someone in an e-mail is not allowed to criticize The One and has her comment taken before the Dem committee of Colorado?

    Kind of reminds you of the reign of terror practiced by the Chinese under Mao where neighbors and family were encouraged to report any sign of dissent to the area chieftain and the person was then sent to a reeducation center for remodification.

    Is this a preview of what is to come? God forbid.

  41. UpstateNY,

    I still don’t get it. Just look at how Obama has responded to Russia attacking Georgia. They couldn’t care less what we think, and Obama is talking about UN security council resolution? Duh! Russia is on the security council and has veto power over any resolution. Obama is an idiot! The Nation supposedly didn’t like Bush. Now they want another idiot in the WH? I’m sorry, whether he wins or loses, electing him makes no sense from a “liberal” or any other point of view.

  42. I really don’t think it matters. He is unelectable. He could stand on his head and spell supercalafragilisticexpialadocious backwards and he would still be completely, undeniably, 100% unelectable.

  43. I’m not sure who the real leaker is on these emails but they seem to hurt HRC and I believe that’s the goal. I think this is Chicago-style politics trying to show the delegates that HRC is unelectable. I agree with RD et al that this is much ado about nothing and appear to be pale in comparison to what flies around my office on a daily basis. Buuuut, they still put the spotlight and The Village’s focus back on HRC and how much they think she sucks. Too bad. Interesting (or maybe not) how all this shi* happens while BO is away. BTW where are Michelle and the kids, Hawaii too?

  44. “DownTicket”
    The “Katrina” comment was by Jessi Jackson Jr. & NOT only was it Un-called for , injecting RACE where it doesn’t exist & COMPLETELY “OFF” TOPIC…IT WAS ALSO A FLAT-OUT LIE; that the “ENABLING MSM” dropped-the-ball-on!
    Hillary from what I heard (& somewhat remember); did’nt have TIME TO CRY; because she was too BUSY GETTING INTO then Gov. Patacki’s FACE & pushing him to SEND FROM NY THE “1st” RESCUE HELICOPTERS!!! I believe the # is “9”!
    If anyone is good @ research PLEASE VERIFY!!

  45. This morning Fox seemed to be focusing on how the Edwards affair cost HRC the nomination.


  47. What in that sentence triggered moderation?????

  48. Kim – LOL!

    Elixir – The timing is extremely suspect to me too. However, I think this desperation move by Obama’s camp (leaking the memos) is quite pathetic, and of no interest to anyone who isn’t already an Obaman or a PUMA. It will hardly cause a ripple in the public consciousness. They are used to Hillary’s name being dragged through the mud for no reason and they don’t care any more.

    Moreover, I am sure the superdelegates couldn’t care less about what happened in HRC’s campaign several months ago. Point is, she won the popular vote and came very close to Obama in pledged delegates despite all the forces arrayed against her.

    And despite what Obama tries to prove, there is no question she is more electable than he is. The woman is unquenchable. Anyone with a scrap of intelligence can see that.

  49. Madamb,

    Agreed. I’m wondering who in the Obama camp saw the value in this stunt or is it the kitchen sink theory?

  50. BTW, do we actually know at this point in time what the real delegate (+superD) count is for HRC and BO?

  51. The way I look at it, releasing the emails kept HRC’s name out there a little longer and I think it is backfiring on BO. I want to say okay, you won, why are you still bashing HRC, are you worried?

  52. BB: “I still don’t get it.”

    That is because you need to transcend your anger and bitterness before they get a total hold of you.

    Try it, millions of Ds (and Is and Obamacans…sure…) have done it.

    Once you do, it all makes sense.

    Veto power, oy, BB. Seriously, don’t let the politics of yesterday (also called geopolitcal realities) get in the way? Can’t you just hope a little bit? …this tiny…c’mon, try it. Can you at least try for the children?

  53. See how many parallels you can find here:

    updated 1 hour, 12 minutes ago
    BEIJING – A 7-year-old Chinese girl was not good-looking enough for the Olympics opening ceremony, so another little girl with a pixie smile lip-synched “Ode to the Motherland,” an official said.

    In the latest example of the lengths Beijing took for a perfect start to the Summer Games, a member of China’s Politburo asked for the last-minute change to match one girl’s face with another’s voice, the ceremony’s chief music director said in an interview with Beijing Radio.

    “The audience will understand that it’s in the national interest,” Chen Qigang said in a video of the interview posted online Sunday night.

    Good to see the DNC has branched out!


  54. Elixir – I think it was Patti Solis Doyle, and I think it fits the Obama camp’s narrative that her campaign was “bad” and that thus, she can’t be trusted to run the country. He pushed that line all through the primaries because of that 11-state win in February. “She ignored the caucus states OMG she doesn’t care about America!!111!!!”

    If you look at the comments on the site that RD linked to, you’ll see that a couple of Obamans are saying that very thing.

    Amazing what $100 million in Republican funding can do for a guy, isn’t it – it allowed him to spend his money to get lopsided wins in states that will be deep red in November. A less well-funded candidate like Hillary didn’t have a prayer of doing the same, and if she had, she would have been accused of lacking judgment. Of course, that doesn’t even mention the thuggish caucus tactics that went on.

  55. Madamab: She is now more electable than he is, but at the beginning of the primaries, she wasn’t. Obama was the rock star, but his newness is wearing thin. People are seeing him for who he really is and they are not so sure they want him.

  56. I always start my day reading the results of the country wide polls at http://www.electoral-vote.com

    I’m addicted to watching that electoral map. BTW, look at the poll numbers on this day in 2004:

    Kerry 307 Bush 231

    And we all know how that one turned out! Obama’s sinking by the day.

    Anyway, I usually glaze over reading the commentary as the site is SO in the tank for Obama. But here’s his take on the leaked memos:

    “Penn advised her to go brutally negative and emphasize that Obama was not a real American. To her everlasting credit, she didn’t follow his advice and ran a fairly clean campaign mostly emphasizing her positives (“Ready on day 1″) rather than his negatives.”

    That’s high praise from an Obamabot!

  57. No matter what they say, the emails just aren’t the deal they hoped for, she got 18.5 million votes, is that bad campaign?

  58. Carol: what is wrong with being photogenic? specially if it is for the good of the country.

    Is it true what Pat says about you and Ed? Did you really give him cuddies? Antibiotics? c’mon now.

  59. Pat better stop the hate or Eddy will not be back to visit!

  60. Some folks over at TL are saying this may have set the stage for not picking HRC for VP. I don’t agree, I think BO made that decision looooong ago that HRC was not on his short list and has been leaking it ever since.

    As said earlier in this thread, this is just smearing more mud on HRC when she’s tied up and under the bus.

  61. Pat, Carol. heh.

  62. BB: I think the Nation fits into the idea of Ultra-Liberals actually being money-loving fascists with “bleeding” masks on their focused hearts. Whoever it was that compared the Obama story w/ Will Smith’s character in Six Degrees of Separation had her/his brilliant-thinking cap on that evening!

    Mawm: You probably don’t remember, but when I first got to the Confluence, I immediately admitted that I had been extremely suspicious that there was truth to many conspiracy theories as soon as I developed a passionate interest in politics. I even, in one of my first comments, admitted that during these primaries, before I thought that blogging might work for me, had started reading Lyndon LaRouche’s groups’ web site, to try to make some sense of what I saw going on in the MSM. I was reprimanded for bringing up his “VERY BAD” man’s name, but actually I found that his stuff was fairly brilliant and now coming true.

  63. More info on “progressive advocacy groups”…this is a detailed piece with lots of background info…

    Part II:NM AG, “Gutsy Gary” King, Fighting for Transparency re: Non-Profits Like the League of Young Voters and ACORN

    It’s getting interesting here in NM….I touch on Bill Richardson’s possible influence to block AG Gary King’s efforts to have the status of these groups changed to PACs so they will have to reveal all their donors. They claim to be not in the business of not “influencing” and just being advocates…but their actions in NM has King “not buying.”

    He’s bucking a lot of big powers and reportedly is angered by any thought that he might be intimidated by the Democratic Party’s left wing….

  64. It makes him look like an ungrateful brat. Here the woman is, out there campaigning for him and they are still atttempting to tear her down. It just shows me fear, they fear her because they know she is the better candidate.

  65. Kim: “she got 18.5 million votes, is that bad campaign?”

    But the question remains…did she get millions of Obamacans and I’s a la O? O can get H’s voters, right, but can H transcend the poltics of yesterday and unify congress and the nation?

    I din’t think so.

  66. Too bad they’re not leaking any truth about Obama and questions of his birth and citizenship rather than wasting the public’s time leaking emails of Hillary’s campaign. Obama is still not forthcoming about who he is and all his followers can do is continue to trash Hillary. They are so worried about her name in nomination at the convention that they will stop at nothing to insure she is looked at badly. But that is “usual Obama” – he never “wins” anything, just trashes the opponent using any means and pretends he is a “change” politician. I hope the American public will wake up from their deep sleep very soon.

  67. I just tried posting something but it didn’t go through…uh? Poltergeist.

    Anyway here it goes again…..yesterday I got my first “polling” call….boy oh boy. They really, really like me…yeah sure.

    And…Life long D wife is re-registering as an I. Not good for the party, not at all (btw, I didn’t have anything to do with her decission…so leave me alone)

  68. No, when Hillary announced, she was considered the frontunner, but was she? Clinton hatred ran deep, especially for Hillary. Many thought she was too calculating, because she stayed with Bill. Some of the people who voted for BO, would probably never vote for Hillary, simply by virtue of the fact that he is there. They are taking in the “cool” factor of voting for the first AA. They are first time voters, AA’s and youth. But, alot of the Hillary hatred that drove regular dems to BO, has dissipated. They are getting to know BO and he is just a package. They called Bill “Slick Willy”? Obama is the epitome of slick. Buyer’s remorse started to set in, people saw Wright, Ayers, Rezko and Michelle.

  69. I said this last night…. I think the memos are a twofer… another chance to bash Hillary, but the major reason is to get out front of the “Obama’s childhood in Indonesia” thing…

    Shrum was huffing and puffing on ABC news last night about how this is the same as the r*ce issue… that painting BO as not quite American is just as awful.

    If it should come out that BO has issues over his citizenship, this is the first salvo in trying to minimize the heat….

  70. Kim – I agree that it might have seemed that way, but in reality, Obama was never electable. Reverend Wright was always there, lurking in his background, waiting to pop out and scream “God D*mn America!” The main reason Hillary is, has been and always will be more electable is because we know everything about her already. It was why I supported her starting over a year ago.

    Obviously, Hillary knew about Wright in March of 2007 and, again to her credit, did not do or say anything about it. She does not believe in Dem-on-Dem violence, and it was not her job to expose him.

    The Obama/DNC Conglomerate, however, was never going to vet their Golden One. He was the wedge they were going to use to drive the Clintons out of the Party.

  71. Check this out: These fascist tactics are out of control.

    Colorado Democrats Threaten Delegate’s

    DENVER, Colo. — An e-mail sent from the Political Director of the Colorado Democratic Party threatened the status of a national delegate, alleging she made “disparaging public remarks” about Sen. Barack Obama.

    Sacha Millstone of Boulder told CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that her comments were critical, but they were not public.

    Millstone acknowledged she was frustrated over how the Obama campaign was treating delegates who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and told a fellow delegate, in what she believed was a private e-mail exchange, that she was not sure she could vote for Obama at the Democratic National Convention later this month

    The other delegate apparently filed a complaint with the state Democratic Party suggesting Millstone lose her status as a delegate.

    Apparently the Political Director of Colorado’s Democratic Party, William Compton, took the suggestion very seriously and told Millstone via e-mail, “You are directed to come in to the Party Headquarters and explain your comments and why you should remain a national delegate…”

    Millstone, who worked on the campaign for Hillary Clinton, considered the e-mail a threat.

    “I think that one of the reasons I got this letter was to intimidate me,” said Millstone. “It sounded very totalitarian. I thought it sounded undemocratic and I was completely shocked.”

  72. Slick Willy? Like in down south willy? heh., I hadn’t heard that one, but it is a good one…Well he was way too fond of his willy, I will give “them” that.

    OK, I have wasted enough of your time. I am leaving now. See you later.

  73. Damn that Ed Rendell – he’s sent out a letter trying to get delegates not to sign the nominating petition!


  74. Check this out from Tennessee Guerilla Women:

    Author of Atlantic’s Hit Job on Hillary Lied About Al Gore Too

    Yet over the years, Joshua Green has written enough negative pieces about Hillary Rodham Clinton to make him a charter member in the Chris Matthews club of men who are obsessed with the former First Lady. So now Joshua Green wants us to believe that he has the “empirical truth” about Hilary Rodham Clinton’s historic presidential campaign? Green supports his long ago formed opinions with some 200 leaked emails which were selected from untold tens of thousands of emails for the sole purpose of proving that Green’s disdain for Hillary Rodham Clinton is based on something akin to “truth.”

    There’s lot’s more, give it a look.


  75. myiq, that’s a good piece. As is the Howler on Josh Green and Al Gore that it links to.

  76. Carol, Pat….oh, oh, I think O knows Ed is having a double affair with you too and is blackmailing him to do the kind of things myiq is reporting….

    You better stop it, you two.

    I know, I know, I said I was leaving abd now I am leaving for real. Hound…heh.

  77. madamab – You summed it all up with this:

    The Obama/DNC Conglomerate, however, was never going to vet their Golden One. He was the wedge they were going to use to drive the Clintons out of the Party.

    Obama is, an always will be a tool.


  78. Carol and Pat, how can you guys still see this man with what he is trying to pull right now. Please tell your booty call that the delegates need to sign the petition.

  79. Oops, that was OldCoastie, not myiq….excuse me. Bye.

  80. Madama: I agree. When I first boarded his bus, I thought Hillary was unelectable and even told my mother when she blasted me for not supporting Hillary, that the American people were not at this juncture ready for a woman and especially Hillary. After riding the Obama bus for six months, I came to the conclusion that while many would balk at a woman commander in chief, Obama was completely and totally 100% unelectable. It left me in a quandary for a few months, but I followed my heart and my brain. That led me directly to HRC.

  81. What an amazing turnaround for Ed! He was on some cable network only recently indicating that a rollcall vote for Hillary was not uncalled for and did not oppose the thought of his happening. Now this. He was one of her biggest boosters and he has done an about face in favor of this “unity” baloney to make Obama look good. Can’t abide it.

    Obama is the least qualified candidate EVER and to see party leaders and elders push for him is sickening. They may be “stuck” with him as we are but to come out in full support is so objectionable.

  82. They can trash the Clintons all day long and it won’t change the fact that they are destroying the party by ignoring the rights and will of the voters.

    Bingo Janicen.

  83. Pat, did he say anything to you this weekend to let you know he was going to do such an about face? Surely, you must have done a little bit of talking.

  84. Pat spends 1 weekend with Ed and he goes off message. I will take care of it 👿

  85. Carol, obviously pillow talk is needed. 😀

  86. What is wrong with our party elders? I am still at time totally astonished at their actions. What do they see that we don’t see?

  87. Kim – I applaud you for having the courage to change your mind. It was not your fault that you thought he was more electable. Everyone was saying so, and besides which, you didn’t know about all the radical associations he had.

    Once again, the American people should not have to play amateur detective when it comes to the candidates. The media has simply decided who they want and will protect their choices at any cost. They wanted Obama to be the nominee because he is the weakest against McCain. It’s funny, but Mark Penn picked up on this in March of 2007:

    It is a vast right and left wing conspiracy. Listening to Brit Hume say that Obama is surging while Hillary failed to do X is almost comical and certainly transparent. The right knows Obama is unelectable except perhaps against Attila the Hun, and a third party would come in then anyway.

    I see why that information about Penn’s conflicts of interest was leaked, which led to his resignation. Clearly he knew exactly how to beat Obama.

  88. Oh my goodness, how could I be in moderation? What is up with Spammy?

  89. I do not want this phony “party unity” crap as much as I want to see democracy restored in this country. Or whatever remainder is left after Bush and Obama have eviscerated it. There really are few people left who can be considered “leaders” who stand for something. Just a bunch of mealy mouthed, double talking, disingenuous, self serving, have it both ways politicians interested in their own political survival and fortunes.

    What has this woman done that we don’t know that brings out the treachery in so many? Watching them peel away after so much speechifying of how great she is and how much she has done to then deny her and us of the opportunity of seeing her name entered into the rollcall is outright betrayal.

    Ed can take his “directive” and shove it up his fat a**! The only one standing by Hillary these days is Gerry. So much for “friendship”. And to think that Bill appointed that houndog’s wife to the federal bench. Astonishing!

  90. For a more effective “pillow talk” with Eddy, hold the pillow firmly over his face and don’t release until he achieves enlightenment

  91. PJ – What has this woman done?

    She won’t sit down. She won’t shut up. She always stands on principle. She keeps winning. And, worst of all, she has scary ladyparts.

    That’s it.

  92. The only thing going into Ed’s fat face is another helping of those Philly cheeseburgers he is so fond of that have expanded his waisteline to gargantuan proportions which may have led him to pay doublefair on those airline flights for a double seat booking!!!

  93. Rendell Pressuring Delegates Not to Support Clinton Nominating Petition

    Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (whose HOUND attempt to counteract the burgeoning Puma Movement flopped at the end of June) has instructed Hillary Clinton’s pledged delegates NOT to sign a petition circulating among some delegates to place Clinton’s name in nomination for a roll call vote in Denver. In an email we obtained yesterday, Mary Isenhour, executive director of the state Democratic Party in Pennsylvania, makes it clear that the message from the top is unequivocal: Shut up and don’t make a move until the big shots tell you what to do.

    TO: All Clinton Delegates

    FROM: Mary Isenhour

    Executive Director

    DATE: August 11, 2008

    RE: Nomination

    If anyone approaches you about signing a petition to place Senator Clinton’s name in nomination at the Democratic National Convention, the Governor has asked me to ask you to refrain from signing such a petition until we know what Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have worked out. As always, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

    Time To Give Ole Ed A Call: 717-787-2500

  94. a pillow won’t do the job. I think you need to apply the entire matress to Ed’s face. Just until he sees reason.


  95. This has the Axelrod machine prints all over it… This is what always happens when he needs to vanquish an opponent. Dig up what ever trash you can find and spin away. He has plenty of help from the compliant press.

  96. I think this year the dems were convinced that Bush’s policies and gaffes were so abhored by the American people that they were a shoo-in regardless of the candidate. Not true anymore. This morning, Fox showed the Repubs screaming for the Dems to come back to work to sign an energy bill. Made anyone with a D by their name look like total and complete elitists. They have been bashing Pelosi all week long for going on her book tour. (Who the hell wants to read Nancy’s book is beyond me)

  97. Starting with Teddy, Leahy, Kerry, the party stalwarts, then Richardson, Edwards, Byrd, and the other so called “leaders” who have worked side by side with her and know her strengths, and now this betrayal by of all people, Rendell, you have to really question what the hell is going on. Do they actually believe that the best thing for this country is Barack Obama?

    It is amazing, and at the same time, extremely disappointing to see these viceroys of the Democratic Party so wholeheartedly through their support behind this neophyte candidate. No one can honestly point to one achievement that he has ever accomplished that would point in the direction of leadership. What the hell is going on here!

    Sore knee and all, I am so pissed off right now I could kick in a wall!

  98. what Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have worked out

    Okay, now what the hell does that mean?

  99. Pat I am soooooooooooo with you on this. It is mind boggling. I almost wonder if he has some dirt on them, or has he threatened that he would divulge that this was a done-deal from the very beginning.

  100. Kim: It means whatever satisfies Barack Obama. I truly loathe this man more and more. An arrogant, belligerent, indifferent, incurious prop! To know that she has to bow down to his whims and arrangements is disgusting. I wouldn’t give him the time of day let alone have to abide by his selfish needs.

    He represents everything I despise.

  101. madamab, on August 12th, 2008 at 10:04 am Said:

    Obviously, Hillary knew about Wright in March of 2007 and, again to her credit, did not do or say anything about it. She does not believe in Dem-on-Dem violence, and it was not her job to expose him.


    This says a lot about Hillary’s character when you consider that in Febraury she could have released all the information she had on BO. She also knew about Edwards affair but said nothing.

  102. Or maybe is just a tactic to get her to release her delegates and make it a done deal.

  103. Pat you just described every ex husband I have ever had.

  104. And you have to wonder, if she knew about the Edwards affair then so did all those other people in the Dem Party. Oh,m but wait, most of them have probably been getting their own little “bit” on the side as well so why bring it up. The DNC had to have known, at least about the rumors. Had this been Hillary having a “cougar moment” they would have rushed to the nearest mic.

    But since most of these idiots cheat anyway just ignore it. Two faced bastards!

  105. Down listen, yeah she had the dirt, but preferred to pull the race card. #$&*(&$)@*($&#*(@&$*()&@(*$&

    Is the DNC stupid? Jesus, I want to curse some more. She wouldn’t release the Rev. Wright stuff, wouldn’t release the Edwards affair, got accused of every vile tactic in the world, but kept herself above it all and oh #*&$)&(#*)$&*(@)&$*(@&

  106. Hey Pat:

    Please don’t disparage our national treasure, philly cheesesteaks. I don’t care what you say about Ed, but tread softly on the cheesesteak meme.

    : )

  107. Kim:

    The rac*st stuff is strangely missing from the memos, isn’t it?

    Supposedly there was an intentional effort to inject Obama’s race into the campaign, so where’s the smoking gun?

  108. I am never voting for Obama. This latest bs by the media has convinced me once and for all that I will actually vote for McCain — not only to deny Obama my vote, but to also try to help beat him. I’m disgusted by this alleged “news” when the media has had to be forcefully, against their will, tepidly (at best) vet Obama. What about that 4 page “race memo” Russert held up at the debate re: Obama. All he had to say was “I didn’t do it” and it was dropped. The heck with Obama & the heck with this whole thing.

  109. mlhath: My apologies about the cheesesteaks! But I am royally p.o.’ed about your governor right now. What the hell is his problem?

    Anyway, I will be busy the rest of the day flooding his office phones with calls. He needs to hear that this “directive” goes against every principle our nation stands for.

  110. Yes, they were missing, because it isn’t there. Do you think for one second that if they were there, they would not be released. It is just BS, and more BS. They don’t have squat in these damn em’s and it is just another ploy to take the heat away from BO’s little vacation. The one where his children don’t see Granny, and the one where Michelle totally disses Granny.

  111. Angie, I forgot all about that, there is so much wrong with this guy, it is hard to remember everything.

  112. “What is wrong with our party elders? I am still at time totally astonished at their actions. What do they see that we don’t see?”

    Kim, I think the question is: What do we see that they don’t see? It’s been obvious to all of us that the DNC has had blinders on since before the primaries began. They don’t want to see anything except what is good for The Big O. Anyone (especially Hillary) being the Democratic nominee is undigestible to them. They have sunk too much time and energy into promoting BO to have it slip through their fingers at convention. They have picked the wrong “bus” this time.

    The Chicago Sun Times has an interesting piece about McCain’s and BO’s reactions to the Russia-Georgia conflict:


  113. I would love to see Obamanation’s internal emails.

    We already saw a memo pushing the race card.

    Can you imagine what else is in there?

  114. To my mind this whole email “event” is Much Ado About Nothing. No matter who you are, somewhere you will have emails that are not all goodness and light. And NO ONE wants those emails out. It may have had the express purpose of making H look bad, duh, but everyone can identify with having their email leaked.

    In the long run, I think this will look worse for O.

    I am also a firm believer in ‘what goes around, comes around”. I have spent many years in the corporate business world. Needless to say, I have seen more than my share of a@@….Actually, alot not unlike O. But I have also been privileged to see their downfall. Sometimes it takes awhile, but it almost always happens.

    Hillary willl have her day. It may not be in 2008 as the President. But her supporters will work to change the party. That is hugely significant.

    And she will be all the stronger for 2012.

  115. Can you believe this BS about McCain plagarizing his speech on Russia/Georgia from wikipedia?

    Assuming it’s true, he (or his speechwriter) cribbed a few historical details about Georgia into a speech that was prepared on short notice.

    Isn’t that what reference materials are for?

  116. Uh oh! The Obama/DNC must be blackmailing Ed Rendell about his extracurricular relationships with Pat, Carol, and Joniebone.

  117. myiq2xu, they’re just upset because McCain used a couple of 2- and 3-syllable words that BO supporters didn’t understand. ;o)

  118. myiq:

    So how did they know it was from wikipedia unless they went there to crib for themselves? They are just mad they didn’t think of it first.

  119. oh look! Tim Kaine says that Obama ended the conflict between Georgia and Russia!

    (rolls eyes)

  120. RD’s analogy yesterday was so on point. The party thinks of us as wayward children. They tell us to vote for Obama or we can’t play. Being stubborn, obstinate Americans used to having our way, we keep saying Nope, we don’t like him and we will not play with him.

  121. Heidi Li is up on CNN’s political ticker with the latest Denver Group ad!

    that’s what I like to see!

  122. Pat – I am not letting Ed see your comments. He had already told me they had his %*&%% in a twist – I looked and can report they do! They did find out Eddy is hanging out with me.

  123. Kaine: I guess Hillary was wrong on that too: “The sky will open, the light will come down…

    and by mere words Obama ends a war. Sell me another damn bridge.

  124. The only hypothesis I can come up with for this betrayal is that Hillary herself asked that this process not be fullfilled. That it is not in her best interests to have her name submitted and that she does not intend to sign the petition on her own behalf.

    If true, and again it is only supposition, then as Mawm pointed out yesterday, she needs to come clean now. If her intent is to leave the convention “unified” because this serves her best interests down the road, then she must signal this not through surrogates but in her own words.

    If not, then the nominating process is just a fluke. And shame on politicians like Rendell who are attempting to subvert the process. Too much time and effort has been made on her behalf for this to just be swept under the rug.

    Actually, I do not know what to think anymore.

  125. I agree, Kim. But since we are being treated like disposable laundry, can’t we claim “discrimination”? Seems only fair. Everybody has been so careful about not saying anything the slightest bit “iffy” about BO, but no one seems worried about what we have been called. We have encountered more name-calling than BO has, but we’re supposed to suck it up and play nice. Nope, can’t do it, either.

  126. Carol must be serving something extra in those Smoothies she has been giving to Ed in place of food!

  127. This whole election has been a sham, a hoax and, I have said it before, it will all some out. Politicians cannot keep a secret, it will come out and the Dems will be shamed. I was always proud to be a democrat, now I just hang my head.

  128. Yolanda, haven’t you heard, according to many sources, there is no such thing as reverse discrimination. It does not exist.

  129. Obama has become the latest “trophy wife” for these two faced politicians!

  130. The level of the un-Democratic Party is so frightening, that any minute I expect to receive a letter of ex-communication from the ‘Chosen One’ as the party is now the Obama Party. None believers are not welcomed, all must speak with one voice, no decent, no original ideas and all must worship him directly.

    Those 18 million people that voted for Hillary, they will get over it, once the see the light. If you write anything, other loyal Oboma pods will be directed to turn you in (including your family), resistance is futile…this is now ordinary election…this is ‘The Election’ of the great ‘O’.

    If elected we can forget about Freedom of Speech, we can forget about Freedom of Association, we can forget about ALL OUR LIBERTIES and don’t be surprises if you find yourself in an Obama Nation having been turned in by your own children.

    Honestly, this is really frightening…turning others in with private e-mails?!? OK, Riverdaughter…you and the rest of us will be PAN TOSTADO…so I will start an off shore site to let people know we have been taken as political prisoners as of January 18th 2009 (if Obama is elected)!

  131. Ah, Kim, it must be another one of my pipe dreams, huh?! I guess they must think it just depends on whom is discrediting what group at any specific time. Hmm … must be my “old” democratic values kicking in; I thought that discrimination was discrimination, no matter what color, creed, religion or political beliefs. Thank you, DNC, for now making it clear. *sigh*

  132. Putin will eat Obama alive. Obama could not lead a marching band across a football field without stopping for directions and we are supposed to believe he can lead the free world? They must take the electorate for the biggest bunch of morons! Wait, we did put Bush in office not once but twice so I suppose one could buy into that theory. But I never voted for Bush and I am sure as hell I won’t vote for Obama so I am therefore exempt.

  133. When upset I type too fast, but you get the point… Lord save us and I don’t mean Obama!

  134. MEMO

    To: Travel Agent for Air Force 1/2
    From: David Axelrove
    RE: Press

    The week’s trip to Hawaii is a go. BZero will be spending an hour with his grandmother at the bus depot where they have jacked the bus up so they can have a nice visit.

    We have covered the media with the Olympics and Edwards admitting his lense cap wasn’t exactly covered with his pretend Johnnie-come-lately (no pun intended) videographer.

    Also, just for good measure we have provided a deluge of paper from the Clinton campaign that should have everyone chomping at the bits for the week for added cover. It’s working like a dream and if we are lucky, we’ll have some country invade another one.

    By the way, now that we have visited 49 states, please get busy with the other 8 before the election.

  135. I am just waiting to be “directed” to take down my picture of the Holy Family and replace it with one of Barack, Michelle and the kids! Just waiting for my cellphone to ring.

  136. prolix: Priceless!

  137. […] rivermalkin is a constant source of entertainment. Like today, she is totally dumb-founded why the Atlantic email article is a big deal. Of course, the reason […]

  138. I am so afraid of what will happen if he is elected and I don’t mean, gosh that’s bad. I mean, hiding in the damn closet, the boogeyman is coming.

  139. Kim:

    That’s just silly.

    The boogeyman lives in the closet!

  140. BO is not stupid, but I think that is also the reason why he is such a frightening person to be POTUS. I think he will lie to get what he wants; I think he will twist the truth; I think he will blame others; and I think he will make rash decisions to prove that he is always right. He is frighteningly like what we have had for the last 8 years – but worse – because he is intelligent and because he is a good speaker (if given a script to follow). I hope the closet is big enough for all of us because you are right, Kim … if he is elected, we are facing an Armaggedon of our own making.

  141. So I am not safe anywhere?

  142. Well, he is leading, leading via intimidation and threats (fight the smears set the example of turning in your neighbor, friend or family member). Now the party leaders are echoing his lead, never mind the voters, never mind the process, just coronate him and forget the people.

    Since a delegate (who claims to be uncommitted) said that they were half way to getting the 300 delegates needed to sign, they have now gone out and lobbied them to not allow her a roll call vote. How is that democratic? Why is she the only person in the party’s history to be prevented from having a roll call vote? Because she is a WOMAN? NO, they wouldn’t do it for that? Because he might lose? Could it be because he always has the competition cleared for him, but will leave us with the message that you don’t have to work for it, nor earn it.

    The delegates that sign the letter will be signing it for all future candidates, they will be signing it for all that seek fair and just elections, they will be signing it for all those Americans that died for Liberty and Justice for all. We must support all these delegates that have gone on record, to give Hillary her right as a candidate and as a citizens to not have her rights a bridged by the ‘Party Elite’.

    Today, Hillary is the little guy, the little guy who is being sent to the back of the bus, the little guy who has been told everything is fair, but now we know it isn’t. How is it a fair fight if one fighter is kept outside the ring?

    When they threaten delegates or try to coerce them by taking their credentials away, they are threating the very thing that is America…Free thought, Free Speech, Free people and Free Elections.


  143. What’s wrong with under the bus?

    At least you’ll have all of us to keep you company.

  144. Myiq: We all have to go home sometimes. 👿

  145. Woman Voter – You mean, you’re not a fan of The Chicago Way?

  146. Kim quoted Ed Rendell

    Kim, on August 12th, 2008 at 10:47 am Said:
    what Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have worked out

    Okay, now what the hell does that mean?

    I think it means there is a lot going on behind the scenes – and it is ALL about whether HRC will be VP on the ticket, or not.

    I am not sure what Rendell is up to here, but at least the possibility is open that he is a stalking horse or a mouthpiece. Not sure why or for what reasons he comes forward in this way. He certainly signals they are negotiating behind the scenes, but the nominating petition would seemingly strengthen HRC’s hand, to my mind, but don’t know.

    Ever since June, after an initial dismay that HRC would be VP on the ticket, I have felt comfortably confident that it was a No Deal. I was just glad because I just cannot vote for BO under any, ANY, circumstances, and I don’t want her to go down with the ship. Or worse yet, to my mind, don’t want HRC to go through a BO administration. I do not think that would be good for this country, and come on, a VP’s highest profile, most influential time is as leverage on the ticket, recent experience with Cheney notwithstanding.

    This week I have become sure that the BO campaign knows that their only hope is to get HRC on the ticket. That is their only way forward. I really think there is no other alternative for them. Yeah I don’t think BO likes it, but yet I think he *could* like it because he will always have her to kick around.

    So the questions running in my mind are: will she say yes for salvage of the party, will she say no for her future, will she say yes for hope of pushing her agenda as an advisor (eek, I say a mistake!), will she say no to preserve her agenda through her now uniquely high profile, shored up role in the senate, will she say yes counting on the fact that BO is nonetheless unelectable … the questions on my mind run on like that.

    I think major, hardball arm wrestling of this nature is happening between the campaigns right now. It’s white knuckles time.

    Over the past couple of weeks, Lanny Davis’s article and also Mark Penn’s article on the BO women problem (Penn also floated the solution of HRC as VP) I also cite as backup for my thinking on this. I don’t know if she will take it but the Clinton hand is strong right now because BO has nowhere else viable to go for VP. And that gives me some satisfaction, but you know what – he’ll ‘make her pay’ down the road if she signs on board.

    I pray to god she doesn’t take it. She’s amassed a lot of capital through this year’s process and she has faced down a lot of the flying monkey Clinton hate and proved her mettle famously. Maybe pessimistically I think that would be squandered if she signs on to the BO express.

    It will be harder for me to vote against what on the surface seems like such a great ticket. But I will still not vote for BO because that is what my reason and conscience dictate.

    Had to get that off my chest.

  147. I have been suspecting she will get VP nod any day now. He is TANKING and will HAVE to do it to survive.

    I also suspect that he may have to try that tactic to prevent her delegates (and us) from putting the nomination into her hands.

    Maybe he dragged his feet hoping somebody else would emerge as a good choice. Maybe he dragged his feet so is craziest supporters wouldn’t freak out. Really, if he still has them after FISA, what is the harm in a HRC VP?

    *Speaking only for me* voting against an HRC VP with obama leading the ticket will break my heart on her behalf… but will need to be done anyway.

  148. Perries-

    Agreed. It is simply not the right thing to do to vote for Obama. Under any circumstances.

  149. Sorry Perries! I said the same thing – how very original of me.

    Oh, and my other thought is that they are marching out Rendell & co. to try to head off any further controversy. They are just playing the bad hand in a way that makes it even worse.

    Don’t you wonder if Rendell realizes that telling people to stop makes some of us more resolved?

  150. Not at all jjmtacoma I am so glad to read I’m not the only one thinking just these very things!

    Yeah I do wonder that about Rendell. But I think it is on the next thread gary just recently posted (while I was drafting and posting – doh) that masslib said that Rendell called on Gore to concede back in 2000 and what was that about? Unless Rendell does something else that adds more context, I think it will remain a ‘?’

  151. This is about as relative as White Water.Remember that *smoking gun*;NOT!

  152. I’m sure you’re no longer reading this, but I had to post anyway.


  153. I have a feeling that Bill is speaking on Wednesday because he is going to usher in Hillary as VP.

    I think that is why Hill’s eyes looked so sad.

    I think Bill fixed it both because he does not want his heritage tarnished by his wife splitting the Party, and also because Chelsea wants to enter into politics.

    BO is tanking so badly he has to have Hillary-that is why they published these e-mails to persuade his followers that she did not release tapes etc. IMO

  154. the press’s phony pearl clutch and spin over these e-mails smell of concern troll to me. …if anything they make Hill look good. She’s not at their cutthroat level ….Hillary Rodham Clinton won the most votes when her party and the press sat on her chest and as river daughter says

    There was less panic and self-importance in these emails than you would see from the student director of a high school musical six weeks before the first performance.

    lol! Indeed

  155. Laurie, on August 12th, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    fascinating post

  156. I must disagree with some, but the leaking of the e-mails accomplished one major point and that was a point that could not be talked about during the primary season, That point is about Obamas “roots and American values” . Hillary gets credit for not wanting to go the low road, even if if might cost her the election, and now it get about two days of coverage and the American public gets to think again about if can trust this person. Plus and even though it does not make it right, it reminds white America that Obama is AA and his roots are there and not in America. What could not be talked about in the primary has now been said!

  157. I want to see the emails from BO and the DNC.

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